My Mandate for This Global Pause was Be in Joy – Narendra Mishra

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My Mandate for This Global Pause was Be in Joy

PictureIt’s been a while since I posted a personal update, and with good reason. I have taken full advantage of the global pause to just simply take a break and enjoy life. And boy am I enjoying life!

Immediately following the local lockdown, the universe insisted that I take an almost complete break from just about everything I would consider my ‘work.’

My brand new hard drive which I had just installed about a month prior suddenly went down, taking with it my astrological software of choice.

With the lockdown I was already cleared of personal sessions- astrological consultations, Reiki sessions, Vedic rituals, etc.

Now, with my astrological software no longer available, the universe was clear in it’s intent- not even remote sessions were to be my lot. Thankfully, I still had the occasional distance Reiki session to do which kept an income stream flowing, and led to some amazing personal insights.

Truthfully, I was and am immensely thankful for the pause. I was utterly exhausted on all levels.

Immediately prior global pandemic, I was recruited as part of a spiritual team to work with clearing the dark entities and energies on the higher dimensional planes. This opportunity gave me tremendous insight into the higher dimensional energetics that was taking place around the world.

However, it was exhausting. Holding high frequencies in this ascending physical body for long periods takes its toll and there is a need for physical rest and recovery.

My mandate for this global pause was clear. Be in Joy. That was the recurring message that was being given to me.

This global pause is the physical manifestation of the quantum, zero-point field. It is the source of creation. Creativity is closely linked to joy, for joy is the closest vibration to the Creator, and the Creator is the Source of creativity.

So, I found myself drawn to being in creative joy. I started back practicing in Indian Classical music,  an art which I love yet often found precious little time to practice. Indian Classical music is creative in its very nature, requiring a constant stream of improvisation within set rules. This practice gave me great joy.

I also found myself cooking! I discovered that I was a half-decent cook. Envisioning new recipes (vegetarian of course) and trying them out was also a source of joy.

And then there came fractals….

Sometime late last year I was drawn to researching fractal geometry, but I didn’t take it on seriously. The most I did was search for a fractal screensaver for my laptop. This eventually led to me purchasing a beautiful fractal geometry app for my iPhone, Frax. I tinkered with it for a day or two then left it alone.

Somehow, in the strangest course of casual conversation with my sacred partner, I remembered the app about a month or two ago and took it out to use one of its images as my phone wallpaper. That was it. I became hooked on creating digital fractal art.

Fractal geometry is sacred geometry. It is the geometry of nature and the universe. Looking at fractals speaks deeply to one’s psyche, emotions and spirit. Fractals embody the spiritual axiom, ‘as above, so below.’ Each section of a fractal is a perfect replica of the whole. It can be scaled infinitely.

Only recently I realised that playing with fractal geometry had something in common with all of my other activities- creativity.

I came to realise that tapping the Source of creativity through any one domain opens the energetic pathways to allow Source creativity to flow in ALL domains. Simply engaging in any creative act allows everyone to receive creative inspiration around the world.

Simply by being in creative joy, lightworkers hold the space for the world’s scientists, economists, engineers, architects, doctors, etc. to become inspired and create new ways of being and doing. This is critical at this stage for building Nova Earth.

Being in Joy at this time further counteracts the fear mongering and chaotic energies that are the weapons of the remaining pockets of cabal resistance. Being in creative joy is truly a win-win situation.

What an assignment the Divine Mother gave us all! To achieve planetary ascension by simply being in Joy.

The Divine Mother has repeatedly asked us to be in joy over the years. As a matter of fact, this was the message she gave to us at our inaugural online meditation and discussion group sessions. I repost that bit here,

“The Divine Mother began with blessing all of us present and reminding us that we were the Guardians of Her planetary Ascension. She stated quite clearly that it is not a difficult task, that it is actually easy and is only accomplished by being in joy.

So there was my mandate over the past few weeks, and boy am I en-Joy-ing it! Thank you, Mother!

To conclude, I’m sharing here some of my own creations using the marvellous Frax app. I hope you find as much joy looking at them as I did creating them.

Much Love and Creative Joy to each and every one of you!

Note ~ To see all of Narendra’s Fractals please see link above

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