Is the Heart the Seat of the Soul? – Steve Beckow

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Is the Heart the Seat of the Soul?

It was my experience that the Self was to be found in the “seat of the soul.” That is, the Self or soul “resides” in the deepest reaches of the heart.

I found it after descending, in meditation, down into the heart as far as I could possibly go on Sept. 18, 2018. I’d literally reached the back wall of the heart. And there was the Self, innocent and pure.

I don’t want to go into the whole story of how the experience was truncated so I wouldn’t go off to a cave. The important thing is the treasure map: The Self is to be found in the heart. Seek it in the heart. X marks the spot.

A few days later, Archangel Michael confirmed my experience:

“You have journeyed to the depths of your soul, to the depths of your core. …  And you have discovered, not lack, not criticism, not error, but beauty. Underneath the dross is the full beauty, the power, the gentleness, the sweetness of who you are.
” (1)

Are there any other statements from the Company of Heaven that also confirm the heart as the seat of the soul? It’d be useful to show that looking upon it that way is not a mere figure of speech but an actual reality.

Yes, Matthew Ward confirmed it in 2008: “Your heart [is] the seat of the soul.” (2) And the soul is the same as the Self. So your heart is the seat of the Self.

On another occasion, in 2017, he quoted the God of this universe:

“In one of God’s talks with my mother, He told her, ‘The heart is the seat of the soul.’ The composition of the soul is the energy of love and it is in the heart area where the love sensation is felt. It’s with good reason that you say, ‘I love you with all my heart,’ and add little heart symbols to love notes and send heart-embellished valentines to people especially dear to you.” (3)

Matthew confirms it implicitly in another of his messages:

“The spiritual level on which you will change your leaders from being darkly-ruled themselves to people worthy of being leaders – true leaders with spiritual integrity – is within your hearts. That’s your usual depiction of where love resides, is it not?

“Actually, the sensation of love is a province of the soul, but it has strong physical effects at the heart that instantly spread throughout your entirety to uplift you in spirit, mind and body.” (4)

Is that not pretty much the same as saying love is found in the heart; it must flow; and we get to experience it as it flows through us?

Matthew informed us that focusing on the heart as the seat of the soul can bring us spiritual rewards, which certainly coincides with my experience:

“Remembering that the heart is the ‘seat of the soul’ and envisioning yourself as a glowing star [i.e., the Self] can fill you with the sensation of BEing part of the celestial spheres.” (5)

It can also leave you drowned in an Ocean of Love. I believe that everyone’s experience is custom-tailored to their own spiritual beliefs and ideals. Certainly mine have been.

Looking upon the Self at the seat of the soul filled me with an immense sense of well-being, purity, and innocence that was entirely new to me and definitely a step upward. In Buddhist terms, I was looking at my original face.

And it was temporary. Michael advised me if I wanted to remain in service, then “visit; don’t stay.” (6)

Finally, Michael speaking through Ronna Vezane suggests that the heart is where we’ll find all good things:

“Within your Sacred Heart Center you will find wisdom, compassion, patience, and most important of all, unlimited Sacred Love. … This very moment, as you move into your Sacred Heart Center, you can experience the profound love and compassion of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. …

“We have stressed over and over again, one of the greatest challenges, yet one of the most important tasks to be accomplished in order to step onto the spiral of Ascension, is to maintain a focused point of awareness within your Solar Power Center. In doing so, you will maintain an open passage into the Sacred Heart − thereby allowing the Creator Light to flow freely to and from you.” (7)

Thus it’s by no means a mere figure of speech to think of the heart as the treasure box containing the spiritual wealth we seek. The treasure is to be found two digits right of the breastbone. Dig deep.

Take your awareness on a journey as far into the heart as you can go and see what awaits you there. You have the map. You have the right address.


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LOVE by Amber Lamoreaux @ Pexels


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As a child, I saw fairies and miniature spaceships – Amora Quan Yin

Footsteps painting by Lynne Bellchamber


Have you ever looked back over your life and realized that everything you experienced was leading to something? That this process called life is not just a random series of events but follows an intelligent divine order? Being the founder of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, including Pleiadian Lightwork, has been such an unfolding for me. 

As a child, I saw fairies and miniature spaceships made of blue light in the flowers and bushes. When I closed my eyes in a darkened room, I saw swirling mandalas of multiple bright colors, images, and scenes. Upon awaking or falling into sleep, past-life movies played before me. At age two I consciously remember asking my mother, “Why is Jesus so tall that his head goes up above the ceiling when he comes to see us?”

When she replied, “No one can see Jesus, honey. He died on the cross. And it is not nice to say things that are not true,” I gasped. It was the first time I had realized that other people did not see the things I could see. I felt sad for them; but I knew I was unmistakably right. These visions were as vivid and familiar as the sight of my own mother. I did not have names for all these experiences then, but they were an important part I knew I could share with no one.

Throughout the years, occasional psychic phenomena, which I prefer to call Full Sensory Perception, haunted my otherwise “ordinary” days and nights. I simply learned to live with them. However, by the late seventies during my Saturn Return, the experiences had become more and more frequent, as well as emotionally unnerving. I considered myself an atheist by then, disillusioned with organized religion; but I knew past lives were real because of my lucid, recurring experiences.

In my very first past-life healing session with a regressionist in 1979, much to my chagrin, I found myself on a mountainside meadow with thousands of others as Jesus delivered a sermon. I had told Mr. Brown, the therapist, “I’m here to heal my past lives so I can get on with this one. But don’t you try and convince me of any religious crap because I’m an atheist. I just want these past-life memories to stop invading my life.”

In my “sermon on the mount” regression experience, as Jesus spoke, there suddenly appeared a gigantic spaceship made of stellar blue light just above the woods to his right. Then another spaceship appeared, and another until six of the huge crafts had come and gone. All around me people fell to the ground covering their heads and whimpering. But I stood, hands above my head in ecstasy, silently repeating, “Home, home,” and weeping tears of joy.

With a tug on my garment, my husband cried, “Samantha, get down!” I stood transfixed, unable to move, until I felt a magnetic pull at my third eye and found myself eye to eye with Christ. My third eye was lasered with a beam of the most intense light I had ever seen, followed by a cellular flood of light and energy. I burst into tears of spiritual awakening and joy. I had experienced a cellular awakening, my soul’s remembrance of itself, and enlightenment all at once.  It was years before I understood the connections between the Christ, the Pleiades, Sirius, enlightenment, and spaceships of light.

All of these puzzle pieces put together have led to the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School. It is a contemporization of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School system, which was taught to the Egyptians by the same Pleiadians, Sirians, and Ascended Master who have taught me or should I say, have helped me remember.

During these wondrous and accelerated times, we are being impulsed to live in a sacred way again in unity in diversity; to release all judgments, blame, self-pity, control, attachment, prejudice, greed, and all forms of malevolent behavior, regardless of how subtle it might be. To do so, will make this transitional time more gracious and loving. And self-respect and trust will flourish again. On this planet of co-creation, every thought, attitude, and deed becomes a source of either contributing to the problems or to the solution.

Let us each choose to contribute to the grace and deepening of spiritual evolution on Earth and within All That Is. With, unity of purpose, we shall individually and collectively give birth to a new way of being and living, and the goal of planetary awakening will be achieved.

Whether your awakening is as dramatic as mine has been or not, it is your divine destiny to be the best that you can be. I have learned to be grateful for even the hardships along the way. For they have always led me to a more determined search for higher Truth, and universal law.

May your destiny find you eagerly waiting at the door to the future in love and gratitude.




Footsteps painting by Lynne Bellchamber

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