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Moving Forward

As it often happens, days after Spirit drops an idea into my head, I am inspired to write about it by a synchronistic event. In this case, I’m moved by a piece on vasanas, or core issues, as posted by Steve Beckow. (1)

In this article, Archangel Michael (AAM) goes into the ins and outs of vasanas – what they are, how to spot them, and how to clear them. He also touches upon this lifetime of mastery for us and our collective desire that we be rid of vasanas once and for all. This is necessary work pre-ascension. In fact, He states (along with Ramana Maharishi) that only in full Ascension is one completely rid of vasanas.

I consider this information to be mandatory for those along a dedicated Ascension path. This piece is particularly important for two reasons.

First, as wayshowers we have been clearing, and clearing, and clearing for years and decades. As AAM has suggested, we’ve been clearing vasanas for ourselves and the collective. However, as “spiritually and emotionally mature” humans the collective has now need to engage in this process for themselves.

The information presented by AAM serves as a one-stop-shop manual for the collective on dealing with vasanas. Most won’t come to it by themselves, at least not yet. However, they will be guided to come to us as spiritual teachers/healers/lightworkers. By dint of our own experience, and our own toolsets we’ll be able to recognise and assist in pointing out their own vasanas to them.

As a Vedic astrologer, it is common for me to identify several vasanas that a client has brought with them simply by looking at their birth charts. As a Reiki Master, the same is true – the energy of the individual portrays the vasanas still held within their personal energy fields (subtle bodies).

This work of assisting others who are drawn to us is a part of the second phase of Ascension which we all agreed upon as Lightworkers. (1) This phase comes as part of the grand cosmic reset which took place astrologically during the period November 2019 – February 2020. This period saw as many as 5 planetary bodies come into alignment (or close alignment) with the galactic core in a conjunction that is historically unprecedented.

This grand cosmic reset event brings us now to the second reason of why AAM’s treatise is important. Most of us lightworkers have now cleared to the point where we are ready to take a quantum leap forward in our own Ascension. Whether it is full ascension or not I don’t know. It also depends on individual soul contracts as to whether we ascend early or later.

During a recent spiritual healing session with a client, my Higher Self (that I still prefer not to name) came forward and merged with me in a manner that was never done before. I found that experience to be very significant for, after all, this is what Ascension is – merging and integration with our Higher aspects whilst physically embodied.

This grand reset also marks the start of the next phase of Ascension – building Nova Earth. After all the work of clearing, after the accountability and exposés, when the false systems are recognised and dismantled by the general collective, what systems are in place to replace the old?

Once again lightworkers are called into leadership by putting these new systems into place now. These systems will be based on divine principles that each of us has experienced personally in our lives. We’ll be inspired to come together in community, local and global, to assist and support each other in bringing new ideas into fruition. (2), (3) The advent of the Reval will be the divine assistance and intervention we need to manifest much of these projects.

With the grand cosmic reset, the energy has indeed shifted. The energetic tide has turned in our favour. No longer do we swim against the current, but now we swim with the current.

Healers may have noticed that healing now proceeds faster and easier than ever before since the start of the new year. Many of us are being called to physically relocate (as I did last year) or make some major changes such as in professions, life partners, etc.

All of these come as a result of clearing our own personal and collective vasanas. For when we clear a vasana we no longer resonate with the people/places/events that the vasana attracted to us and we leave it behind. As we move forward energetically we attract physical people/places/events to match our new energetic frequency.

As the general collective comes to do their own clearing, consciously or unconsciously, they may find their lives spiralling out of control as these abrupt changes take place for them. They may be guided to come to you for advice as Lightworkers. AAM’s discussion is the manual you will need to refer to in many cases. ​


(1) “Archangel Michael: Introduction to Vasanas,”


Spirit Horse ~ Artist Shadowlea-Is

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