Do Archangels have Territories? – Steve Beckow

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Archangel and Faith ~ Pamela McCabe


Do Archangels have Territories?

I keep coming upon tidbits from Michael that I have to post. Here are two: One on whether archangels have territories and a second on the phenomenon of celestials incarnating.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 30, 2015.

Steve: Do archangels have responsibility for geographical areas in the universe? Are they responsible for different planets or how does that work?

Archangel Michael: No, but, having said that the focus of our work at different points of time will focus on different geographic areas. So let us use a practical example.

Much of my work – yes, of course-  is done in the areas of disentitlement or disenfranchised situations; therefore much of my work in the, what we would call recent years, [has been] in Africa and in the Middle East.

Does that mean that I restrict myself geographically? No. Certainly not. So are there times when we are working in various quadrants or sectors? Yes. Or with specific groups? Yes.

But it is not restricted to that. So while I am a very focused right now on my primary objective of Peace on Earth on behalf of the Mother/Father One… I am also in other places!

Steve: Good heavens, you’re all over the place.

AAM: I am almost as busy as you, dear heart!

And a second on celestials incarnating and the change of rules with this Ascension.

Archangel Michael, ibid., Oct. 29, 2014.

Archangel Michael: The rarity of the archangels incarnat[ing] is just that. It is a rarity. But let us also say in this time of the unfoldment of the plan on Earth ― and now we are talking about a lifetime because you [humans] did not simply arrive, fully awake and aware, but in this time-frame ― let us think in terms of a hundred years ― of this unfoldment of the Ascension plan of the Mother, all the rules have been changed.

So it is not simply that what is going on upon Gaia is different. What we have done and been up to has also been different. Why do you think we keep harping on the fact that we are in sacred partnership, that we do with you? This is a very big change in the very nature of how we have worked with humanity.

Steve: I thought it was because humanity was growing up.

AAM: It is because humanity is growing up. And you’ve grown up enough to be able to work as co-partners with us. So it is not that we have archangels incarnating all over the multiverse. We do not.

Steve: Okay.

AAM: So the rule … the preference ― I should not even say rule ― the preference of all of us who are archangels, and even seraphim, for example, has changed. 

Now, is that going to hold true for the rest of time or eternity? Well, we have choices. We have not yet decided.

So has it been the norm that it was exceptionally rare for an archangel to incarnate? 

Yes. Are there several now upon planet, as well as ascended ones, as well as enlightened beings? Yes.


Archangel and Faith ~ Pamela McCabe

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