Making My Spiritual, Work, and Everyday Life One – Steve Beckow

heart-of-infinity-anna-ewa-miarczynska-at-fine-art-america - heart

Heart of Infinity ~ Artist Anna Ewa Miarczynska @ Fine Art America


Making My Spiritual, Work, and Everyday Life One

Pandemic, lockdown, race riots, political wars, on and on. More and more I feel thrown back on my own resources, isolated, out of contact with people.

And now I’m choosing to go out of touch with those last few boots on the ground I relied on to give me a modicum of hopefully-unbiased news.

Even they are polarized and shouting about this and that group. Sen Joe McCarthy would have felt at home in the current environment. Adolf Hitler would be exploiting it.

To say that my heart isn’t into it is an understatement.

So, thrust back on my own resources in what looks like outer chaos, (1) I saw that I needed to make one important change in my life to keep my sanity and get through this period. This was the perfect time to do it.

I could no longer support having a life compartmentalized into spiritual, work, and everyday life. I had to make them one and the same. I had to have congruence in my life. I had to integrate everything I knew about myself to shake the cobwebs off of me.

Speaking only for me, I have β€œstreamers,” to use Matthew’s word, inside of me that are prone to conflict, divisiveness, arguing. If I go on compartmentalizing, I leave the door open to perpetual conflict from the divided and self-serving egoic mind. I want to do this; no, I want to do that, all of this happening below everyday awareness and never being spoken about.

There has to be no difference between my spiritual, work, and everyday life.

From this vantage point that looks like a huge undertaking – my personal D-Day.

Immediately the demands of one collide with the requirements of another. The bargaining begins, the bottlenecks arise, and the possibility of conflict ensues.

But the bridge has to be crossed and the sooner I do it, the better.

I have to make my spiritual, work, and everyday life one.


(1) I’m aware that what I propose addresses my inner chaos. As within, so without.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Move beyond the veil of illusion – Christine Day

veiled-woman_by Natasha's Art at Tashat Gallery

Veiled Woman ~ Natasha’s Art @ Tashat Gallery


Pleiadian Message July 2020
Sunday, July 05, 2020

Beloved ones we greet you,Β Β We witness you and salute your steps forward. No matter how things may appear within the illusion in your world, you are making great progress.

Focus on unveiling the series of the old concepts, which your Ego mind very subtly continues to perpetuate within your life. Take moments to witness your humanity and hold yourself with love, patience and compassion. We wish to remind you that there is nothing you need to change within your Human imperfection in order to move into your enlightenment process. As you actively choose moments to reconnect within the vastness of your multidimensional Heart you are simultaneously choosing to deepen your alignment to your purpose for this time.

The Network Grid that is actively becoming more manifest on your planet daily is designed to actively engage and work within your Heart. Playing a role of support by enabling you to move beyond the veil of illusion to an accelerated reconnection to Truth.

Your unique God light is an aspect of the makeup of the Network Grid. As you realign within your multidimensional Heart this reconnection to the Network Grid is destined to realign you to the higher path, an avenue aligning you to Truth. The essence of Truth has always existed within the framework of this vibrational Network grid of God light.

Moment by moment allow your realignment to your multidimensional sacred.

Humanity, as a collective entity are being held within a sacred design of destiny. Each one of you is to play an essential role in the unfolding energy within the drama. Your conscious reflection of β€˜letting go’ will greatly contribute to bringing an end to the illusion. There is to be a shattering of the illusion at a certain juncture, and you are to play a pivotal role in this through the simply process of choosing to let go within a given moment in your day.

We hold love around you as you proceed, step by step.


The Pleiadians


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah