Free Flowing Creation – Jamye Price

female and child light

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Free Flowing Creation

Freedom brings a flow that is necessary, but ultimately requires some direction for maximum benefit. Creation is that direction.

Your power is an innate, invisible and ineffable Truth. It is the sacred mix ofย Freedomย and Creation: allowing and directing, observing and choosing, sharing and consuming. Life continues.

This mix of opposites, this mix of same, is your full potential realized in form. You are that and you become that continually.

This is your sacred breath, actively taken in, for the air has no other desire than to fill all that would allow it. A void is a desire, silent in its longing and open to share and be shared.

This is your sacred breath, actively sustained within, for the food of life is the interminglingโ€”be it with self, other or ether. Your Life sustainment is as sacred as the release of separation, for you become One over and over in the sharing.

This is your sacred breath, actively released or life decays to destruction, only to be consumed by the hungry desire of another willing to live with a gusto that moves subtle into Life.

Be you the three of One or the liver of none, your sacred breath will cleanse and enliven if you breathe with the courage of taking and the grace of sharing.ย Choiceย and intent paint the scene. That is Free Flowing Creation.

How then do you perceive? What choice is possible to serve your intent? Your intent is the resonance, the same beckoned into your field of awareness.ย It will present or prevent, but it is for you to intuit intent.

Naturally same is drawn, for the building into form requires some such ability to bond. You know this in your physical chemistry as somewhat of a shifting lock and key configuration and it pertains to all life. The lock and key must have a resonance of sameness that magnetize and yet an oppositeness to electrify, to compel movement.

As you perceive your life, you choose based on your intent. What you perceive as possible then directs your flow. How much movement will you allow?

To think outside of the box, to expect miracles, to look beyond the known, is to compel great movement. That is Free Flowing Creation.

Understand your intent clearly, for if you create from fear, need or greed, you create with the force ofย weak bondingย and life becomes open to destruction. There is no judgment in this, forย Life is made to continue and improve. It is innate within the Love from which All Life flows.

Completely allowing, awaiting direction, but unable to be annihilated. The system is fail-safed, so why not breathe it in deeply and create form from Love? That is Free Flowing Creation.

As we sit to Blastย Free Flowing Creation, we are becoming that which we always were, powerful points of Life/Light, illuminating Loveโ€™s Grace into form. We are honoring our choices, the choices of others and the beauty of taking, sharing and releasing/giving cycling through each moment.

We are the gusto that blows through with a force that stirs and stills, forming the sands that welcome the water to safe shore. We are the choice to Love in the midst of opposite, recognizing the innate desire to share within All Life. We are theย courageous Lovers, knowing so deeply our connection to All Life that we perceive the grace within no matter what is shown on the outside.

We are the Ones that live to Love, the meek that would breathe deeply of life to allow even destruction to feed the form of Love. We Know we are powerful in the silence of a sweet breath that builds a quantum storm. Blast on!


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Your Self image versus the real you – Meline Lafont

female faces x 2 art by Adela Stafanov

Artist ~ Adela Stafanov

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A leading and guiding hand during your transformation ~ knowledge for the Transmutation in the process of transformation Step 7: Your Self image versus the real you.

July 05, 2020

Who AM I?ย  This is the question we all have within.ย  It propels us to dive deep within and seek for our nature.ย  For most the quest is held outside of themselves as to where one seeks for who they are in others, in the outer world. Those shall not find who they truly are, yet shall find an image about themselves of who they think they are. This image is created by own thoughts and fed by influences of others.ย  We call this the person – persona or ego.ย  It is who you are incarnated as formed by many influences such as DNA, family, education, thoughts, emotions, experiences, situations, projections,…

It is not YOU.ย  YOU are a BEing and not an individual.

Step 7: This is the most important part in the whole process and it deals with your self-image. Becoming aware, knowing and accepting who you are, who you are meant to be and who you always have been. You are You and nobody else. Nobody is You and nobody will ever become this : know this now and accept it as your true Self and as the truth. Nothing is further from the truth than denying your true Light. For once and for all, become convinced of your true Self and accept it. Know who you are and know yourself like nobody else can. Have faith and release your self-image of who you think you are in your incarnation. This paradox has been instilled and imposed upon you but it is NOT your true self in expression. Take good care of yourself by Lovingly accepting and recognizing your own true Self. Your true Self is on the brink of breaking out and expressing itself fully. You are presently going through this process, and duly reaching the end stage of it.

Writer: Mรฉline Lafont

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Artist ~ Adela Stafanov

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah