What is Ascension? – Amorah Quan Yin

Where Darkness Meets The Light ~ Artist Uildrim @ DeviantArt


Understanding Ascension

by Amorah Quan Yin

What is ascension?

* * *

Ascension is only possible when an individual has attained Christ consciousness. It is commonly thought of as the physical body disappearing into the higher dimensions. And it can happen that way. However, it can also happen with physical body death. For example, there are many yogis who have been known to sit and will their death to happen and in only a few hours it does. When the individual has cleared all karma in the body and raised the frequency high enough they can go through ascension with physical death as well.

When ascension occurs, the individual experiences going through different higher dimensional realms.

I relived a past life ascension a few years ago. I walked into the ocean as my body became lighter and lighter until I experienced myself in a dolphin body. After that I became a lotus. Following this I was a sparkling and brilliant spiral of Light moving up and up until I eventually came into Oneness [with] different realms of higher-dimensional Beings of Light and finally with All That Is.

If a person is holding onto attachment at any level, that person cannot ascend. If a person is holding onto rigid ideas about what will happen, that person cannot ascend. Ascension happens in a spirit of total surrender. And each individual’s ascension experience will be different from other people’s. Many may be very similar but not all. For example, in another lifetime in which I ascended I just started becoming pure Light moving through higher and higher dimensions until the Light exploded like fireworks and I experienced becoming One with the Universe.

Ascension is not meant to be the immediate goal however. When an individual reaches Christ consciousness that person will know what is right for the next step.

It may be going into total seclusion. It could be becoming a teacher and healer. It could be writing. It could be living an ordinary life and holding the energy of Christ consciousness as a living example to others. It could be ascending either physically or through conscious death. And after ascension, the individual will be given many choices about what to do in the higher dimensions. He or she may choose to work as a guide for others still on Earth, or go to Sirius and direct beautiful Light and energy to Earth, or cease direct connection to Earth and work in higher dimensions in service or for just personal higher experiences. What is true is that at that point the individual will know what is right and choose it.

To move in the direction of Christ consciousness and ascension a person must learn to live each moment of each day and night in total Truth.

You must always speak your Truth, learn to love and be compassionate with all people, and have a sincere intention to live as a sovereign being of Light, and in impeccability where you always choose what is right. We can all do this. It is simply a matter of choice from one moment to the next. Sometimes it requires us to speak or do something that we have held fear about. But some Native American tribes had a belief that when they felt fear it was the first thing to be faced and dealt with directly. They knew that the fear stole their Divine Power otherwise. And after a while of living this way, the individual no longer needs courage to face anything. Because doing what is right will be their greatest desire and motivation. Until then, it is step by step, while remembering to be compassionate with yourself as well as others.



Where Darkness Meets The Light ~ Artist Uildrim @ DeviantArt

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