Exoanthropology is Too Big for a Shoebox – Steve Beckow

Elephant painting by Sascalia

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Exoanthropology is Too Big for a Shoebox


Anthropology focuses on human culture, society, and personality.

Exoanthropology widens the focus to all cultures, societies, and personalities. (1)

It includes civilizations in other galaxies.

It includes those in other dimensions.

It includes past lives.

Such a transformation of paradigm cannot occur within existing contexts, like, for example, empirical materialism. You can’t put an elephant in a shoebox. It won’t fit.

Empirical materialism holds that only what can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled is real. But we know that the Third Dimension – which is what we’re talking about here – is only a small part of the whole truth.

One cannot describe civilizations of higher dimensions within a paradigm that recognizes only our more limited and constricted one. (2)

One cannot fit unseen beings into a context that recognizes only the seen.

And one cannot look at personality from an exoanthropological standpoint without considering the factor of past lives, karma, soul contract, etc., none of which are entertained by empiricists.

For me, empirical materialism has outlived its usefulness.

It was very useful when science was battling for its very existence against religion.

But I’d like it to yield place now to spiritual disciplines, which alone are capable of taking in such things as extraterrestrial civilizations, higher dimensions, unseen realms, and past lives.

Exoanthropology will face the task of describing and measuring the collective consciousness.

It’ll face the task of standardizing languages related to the afterlife dimensions of reality (“the heavens”) and to the physical dimensions – One to Twelve.

Having standardized terminology, it could map the heavens, as far as “mapping” is an apt metaphor.

It could investigate what lies beyond the Twelve Dimensions up to final mergence with the One.

It could include within its field of specialization the description of a cross-cultural spirituality.

It could interpret matters of law in entirely new ways, human rights yielding to divine rights and including all the kingdoms.

It could explore and catalogue such things as healing modalities in other star systems and dimensions, new intellectual and emotional paradigms, viewpoints, and tools. In art, music, dance, architecture, medicine.

Letting go of the empirical-materialist paradigm – the shoebox the elephant won’t fit in – may seem like pulling the ground out from under our feet.

In fact what happens, from my experience, is that we find ourselves no longer oriented towards structures and processes but instead towards flow.

And since the most important things in life and in the higher dimensions are things that flow – like love, bliss, joy, and happiness – I predict that this’ll show up like a distinct improvement in the quality of most people’s lives.


(1)  See “Exo-Anthropology: Anthropology after First Contact,” 

(2) “Dimensions” refers to environments existing at different levels of vibration.

For instance, the end of our migration called “Ascension” will involve leaving the Third and Fourth Dimensions of consciousness behind and entering the vibrational field of the Fifth-Seventh.

There are twelve dimensions to the human domain. After that we get into uncharted territory.



Elephant painting by Sascalia @ Etsy

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah    

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