Focusing on Being Unified in My Life – Steve Beckow

lumens-art-by-jean-luc-at-eye-within-female face water

Lumens ~ Artist Jean-Luc @ Eye Within

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Focusing on Being Unified in My Life

Having made that commitment establishes a beachhead of – not so much understanding as – resolve: “I must unify my life.”

If we were in a growth workshop, I wouldn’t be setting this as a goal for myself. There, we were into dropping all restraints. But we’re in lightwork – service – and different conditions apply.

My first forays out from my beachhead are into observation and consciousness raising.

And the first thing I see is that I differentiate among occasions: I make some more important than others. This scale of importance results in onstage and offstage behavior, with the offstage usually lagging behind.

I resort to metaphors like “Showtime!” to normalize this way of doing things, to help the medicine go down.

So writing is important but what I do over breakfast is not.  My time with you is important but my time with a stranger on the bus is not.

I take it farther. I do everything to protect my space as a hermit so I can write, but I’m seeing that that has an impact on my ability to experience love.

A hermit dodges people. I don’t think you can do that without losing your love for them.

The hermit crab is a perfect metaphor for this condition. Carrying its shell around with it, it dodges others and becomes confined to the tightest of spaces and perpetual solitude (speak of social distancing!). Probably not much love there.

I’m unwittingly promoting disunity and compartmentalization in my life. And that leads to surface thinking, superficial feeling, and habitual behavior: in short, I dull myself out. (2)

It also leads to incongruence: saying one thing and doing another, talking the talk but not walking the walk, etc.

My aim is to be the same with all people. And I’m way, far away from that now.

My powers of concentration have been insufficient to have me feel confident that I can focus on being unified and congruent in my life for an entire day. But I’ll start this day with that resolve.


(1) “Making My Spiritual, Work, and Everyday Life One,” 

(2) Hindus call this dulled out, lethargic condition “thamas.”


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah    


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