Enlightenment Mediated by the Divine Mother and the Archangels – Steve Beckow

Archangel Jophiel by Lily Moses

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Enlightenment Mediated by the Divine Mother and the Archangels

I’ve been saying that our enlightenment experiences are “managed” by the Company of Heaven and giving the examples of my heart opening and sight of the Self.

But recently in the course of other research I came across a passage from the Divine Mother which both confirms their involvement and gives more details on it. From 2018.

The Divine Mother incarnated as Mary, Mother of Jesus

Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow though Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.

Steve: Now, implicit in what you are saying, Mother, is something that hasn’t been really talked about very much and that’s that the archangels or somebody else is managing our enlightenment experiences, timing, intensity… Am I correct in that?

Divine Mother: It is a Board of Directors rather than being, “managed by.” Because that concept, the way that you have phrased it, dear heart, implies that you are being “managed by.” And that is not correct.

Now also know, and it is delightful to speak about this… In the old realm, you know 5-6 years, a decade ago you were in a realm … well, we would put it perhaps in your terminology, of junior partnership with the various realms, particularly the archangelic realm and even your guardian angels and guides.

So very often, the construct was that things were done for you or certain things were placed in front of you. Now I am not saying that there aren’t a great many things that are put in front of you and done for you continually.

But the timing, the pacing (and when I say pace, I mean the sequential unfoldment) of an Enlightenment process is such that of course you have a guardian and usually an Archangel that is working with you so that it is humanly and can we say, soul or esoterically via your universal self, it is managed.

But you are far more involved and engaged in your Enlightenment process in terms of literal, actual, physical, mental, emotional engagement than you have been previously.

This is a good point for a discussion and that is why we have talked this day of this chaos and this bouncing ball of untruth that is constantly in the air of human relationships right now.

But what is happening is that sometimes in terms of your, shall we call it “schedule?” that you are online for a certain upgrade or opening or level of becoming and the human being despite all the nudging and approaching and support tacitly or actually says, “I’m not ready” or “I’m not interested.”


Archangel Jophiel by Lily Moses

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