New Age Leadership is Not Hierarchical – Steve Beckow

Venus with Onyx Heart ~ Artist Susan Seddon Boulet


New Age Leadership is Not Hierarchical

In designing Nova Earth, we want to avoid the pitfalls of the old order. One of those pitfalls is recreating hierarchies, elites, oligarchies.

Michael warns us here: “Don’t get stratified.” (1)

Leadership not Hierarchical

Archangel Michael: What you are doing is learning to operate in a new way. It is a new paradigm for Earth because very often you tend to think of organizations in a very hierarchical manner. (2)

As the head of the corporation, you must have a team. No individual is responsible for the creation or co-creation of Nova Earth. How many times do we have to say to you that we are not a hierarchy; we work cooperatively.

Now, does that mean that no one takes the lead? Of course not. The person who is best suited for that role takes the lead in that spectrum. There needs to be structure; otherwise all you have is chaos. And, you’ve seen enough of that. And, I’m not even talking about sixth-dimensional chaos. You will just simply have mayhem.

So you don’t take someone who is absolutely not only having managerial qualities, but is brilliant in it, and put them in charge of personnel. The IT person knows nothing about providing insurance and health care. So you bring forward a team and that team has to be cohesive and in alignment with what you have termed your mission and purpose, the structure, the belief system of why the company, the institution, the project exists. If they are not, then that is not a good fit. (3)

We are not suggesting that you do not put into operation point people who, depending on their role, assume that responsibility. Now for every person who has a point position, it is important that there be an alternate who is also fully briefed and understands so that if one is not available the other is. That is how you become malleable or flexible. (4)

But do not think that you do not have, and that we do not have the power to bring you, the right people. Or that you do not have in your own divine authority, the ability to call forth, to create and bring to you those people who are a perfect fit.

So that there isn’t an adjustment period, a honeymoon period, a cleaning house period, because that is not…yes, there are going to be adjustments. A team can be your inner circle of six or seven and it can also be an outer circle of thousands – it is still a team.

From the person who wants to sweep the floor at night to the CEO, you are a team. And, each team [member] has equal value. But it is appropriate the CEO does not tell the maintenance how to sweep. And the person who is sweeping does not tell the CEO how to implement the vision. It is all simple. Everybody has a place and every place is critical. (5)

One of the rules of engagement is the sharing of the mantle of power. …

Think of it very much as one person, one vote, but it is more amorphous than that. It has need to be an ebb and flow and an honoring of each person having a piece of that mantle. (6)


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Venus with Onyx Heart ~ Artist Susan Seddon Boulet

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

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