The Self: Summer Salad or Crazy Salad? – Steve Beckow

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The Self: Summer Salad or Crazy Salad?

The Self resides in the deepest place of the heart, the seat of the soul. 

Notice that one spiritual experience has a person talking about it for years.

I used to say to myself that one spiritual experience a decade would keep me going.

I found myself muttering to myself this morning: “The Self can be said to ‘reside’ at the far end of the cul de sac that the heart is.” I was pacing my apartment, lost in thought.

But picking up that train of thought, when we can go forward in the heart no longer, we come upon what our sources called “the seat of the soul.” That’s where the Self “resides.”

Matthew Ward, in 2017, quoted the God of this universe:

“In one of God’s talks with my mother, He told her, ‘The heart is the seat of the soul.’ The composition of the soul is the energy of love and it is in the heart area where the love sensation is felt.” (1)

Looking at matters from the standpoint of the Self, taking its seat in the throneroom of the heart (these are all metaphors), there’s no problem at all for it. It’s all-knowing, all-enlightened, blissful, One with Source, etc.

Now take the microscope back somewhat, coming out of the tunnel and the heart. Bringing back into view the spirit consciousness acting through this dense physical body. At this level of density and consciousness, none of the Self is apparent.

As we navigate the streets and shop for dinner, not a thought occurs to us of the Self. We’re focused on social distancing and not forgetting what we came to get.

We’re vibrating at too slow or dense a level to bring into the consciousness of the spirit in the body the awareness native to the Self. But listen to what I just said: The Self, the spirit in the body, the body.

Add to these the Oversoul or Higher Self, the intermediate Seventh-Dimensional Self and the eternal Observer, beyond the Self, and we have a real summer salad.

Or is it a crazy salad? How confusing can it get! Will the real me please stand up?

How many selves do we have?

All organizations of the One Consciousness (selves) reside at different vibratory levels of existence.

The spirit operating the body, which itself is usually native to the Fourth Dimension or Astral Plane, is in a Third-Dimensional body, thinking about the Self, which is above dimensions, all the while being seen by the Observer, which is to say, the “I” of awareness, the No-Self beyond the Self, the One.

It all straightens out when we realize that all of these are who we are on different dimensions (or beyond dimensions) due to our bodies’ different vibrations. Together they constitute our multidimensional Self.

All are real on the dimension or transcendent plane they exist on. All are illusory in terms of the Absolute.

Designing things this way reflects the purpose of life: The task facing each of us is to realize who we are at essence, at which point God meets God.  No, we are not any of our bodies, but we have to realize the truth of this statement.

For that ultimate meeting in which God meets God was all of this – the dimensions, selves, worlds upon worlds – created.


(1) Matthew’s Message, April 2, 2017.


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Divine Mother – A New Realm of Consciousness – Linda Dillon

Angel of Illumination by Aeoliah’s Visionart Art

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Divine Mother ~ A New Realm of Consciousness

Make no mistake about it, sweet one – the shift is well underway and there is a new realm of consciousness being anchored within the heart and mind of every being.

This beautiful channelled gem is lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ A New Realm of Consciousness

Divine Mother: Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One and Mother of All, Mother of Change and Mother of Constancy, Mother of oceans and skies and mountains, and yes, sweet one, Mother of you.

Come with me, my beloved son, and let us leave any form of duality far behind. It does not need to be an either/or. You are in your process of the full assumption of your Ascended Self, but let me be clear: it is not merely the turning of a switch… yes, which we could do… but it is for you as teacher, as channel, as bringer of the light, as pathfinder and wayshower, to have gone through this process so that as you teach and coach and support and love others, you understand what they are going through, what they are missing, the steps that they haven’t taken, and the incorrect steps that they have.

Yes, there are such things as ‘incorrect steps’. There are many scenic detours, as you well know because you’ve taken some of them, and that is a good thing because people have need to understand the range of their free-choice/free-will decisions. But there are times in human lives when they veer so far into ego, into abuse, and control, and power-seeking that they lose sight that they are part of me.

So do not worry, beloved one. You are absolutely on track. I have given you, I have given this planet, a Pause. No, I did not bring forth the coronavirus, but I am using this situation, adjusting it, to align with my Plan. But in this, I tell you, this Pause has several ways to be dealt with. One way, yes, is through anxiety and uncertainty, but the other is the opportunity to truly delve deeper into the sanctity of your soul and to truly decide, yet again, at a deeper, higher, broader level what is precious to you.

No, not what is precious to me because ipso facto if it is precious to you, it will be precious to me. My sweet son, you are magnificent. Yes, I know you resist when I say this, but I do not create, I do not birth anything that is not of divinity. You know this and you have chosen… no, not ever to abandon being an Andromedan human… but also to integrate into this consolidated whole of who you are, your divine path, which is your human path.

Do not deny your human inclinations. If I did not wish for you to have a human experiment, you and we would not have decided conjointly, in full agreement, to have you incarnated upon this planet during this time of such momentous shift.

Make no mistake about it, sweet one – the shift is well underway and there is a new realm of consciousness being anchored within the heart and mind of every being.

That is why we are keeping them out of the insane chaos. It is so this energy can be anchored. You are doing well. Give your anxiety to me, sweet one. …

Hairol: How do you guys influence things? I’m curious to know.

DM: Think of it this way. Say someone comes across your application. Now, we are not overriding the individual’s free will, but when they look at the page, at the screen, it is infused not only with your energy but with mine.

Very often, they will have a feeling – and sometimes they understand that feeling and sometimes they don’t – but they think “ha, this kid has something; I feel there’s potential here.” And it isn’t simply because of what you have written or your grades or your courses. It is more of an infusion into that person of a ‘wanting to know you more and to explore who you are’.

Now the variable in this is that, for some, it will knock them sideways and they may feel, because of the energy, slightly… I guess you would say ‘floaty’ … but for others, there is a feeling of “we have to look at this further.” So it is a very positive influence – and this influence is exerted not, as we say, to override someone’s intelligence but to complement it, and in that, they also get an infusion of my love.

Now let us be very clear. Both Michael and Gabrielle, particularly Gabrielle, and your own beloved guides are very much involved in this process.

H: Thank you. Mother, what is the source of this pain I’m feeling?

DM: It is a sense of deep vulnerability; it is a sense… and let me penetrate you even as we are talking about it.

Let us stop for a minute. Go into your heart, sweet one, for that is where our conversations take place. Come into your heart… deeper… breathe. [Pause]

The anxiety and panic have a couple of sources, and it is good that we talk about this so that you will not only intellectually understand but let me take it from you.

There is a ‘here-and-now’, shall we call it, panic feeling. Your… and I love this about you, sweet one… your anxiety to get going, to be in the fullness of your Ascended Self, to be in the truth of the alignment with me and with our Plan is so true, so wonderful, that there is a part of you that is terrified. “What if everything I’ve been thinking and planning doesn’t happen? What if it’s all a bunch of lies? What if this coronavirus interferes and the Plan has gone sideways? What if I die?”

Because really, for the first time in your life physically, environmentally, you feel vulnerable – and you are a strong, vibrant young man with a whole life ahead of you. So there is this panic feeling like: “Oh no! What if, what if, what if?”

What if this Pause is to reset everybody so that they cooperate with me, and therefore you? Because I am a little tired of the resistance of humans to love. So that is the first thing.

Now, we are going to talk also about fixing this, but let me explain the second big factor. You have been through this before. You have witnessed the destruction of planets, the destruction of species; you have witnessed the destruction of Lemuria and of Atlantis and of Zahara. And there is part of you… it isn’t so much panic as right on the edge of heartbreak and fearing that this is going to happen again because you know it has happened, and you can’t bear the thought that this ascension into heart-intelligence and into an intergalactic planet… you can’t bear the thought of that not happening.

So it is two-fold: it is some ancient memories that you have lived through – and that you’ve died through! – and then there is the current worry about things coming to fruition as we have planned. So that is what the panic is about.

Now, how do you resolve this? Give it to me! I can absorb your panic, your anxiety, your uncertainty the way a cloud absorbs a droplet of moisture, a single tear. Let me take this from you!

Now, how you do this is to begin by breathing my blue, my blue diamond… Go ahead! And as you feel the sense of calm coming into you, then we switch it to the softest baby pink. Breathe… and I erect my shield around you… and this is like a clear diamond that I am putting entirely around you so that the fear, the panic, the anxiety, and the uncertainty that is in the air simply can’t reach you – because, make no mistake, beloved, it is in the air. Now anchor firmly into Gaia, because I need you on planet.

And repeat this if you should feel anything less than the calm certainty.

H: Can you repeat, Mother?

DM: Yes.

Begin by breathing the blue, the sparkly blue, but calmly… make it a little darker… it is the soft-blue velvet of my cloak… and feel, quite literally, as you’re breathing it that I am wrapping you in my cloak of blue… and yes, it has a hood… deeper… more…

Take a breath of calm… take a nice deep of my calm serenity… fill your lungs all the way down to your solar plexus and breathe out, blow out… whoo! … again… whoo! … all the way down to your pelvis… breathe it out.

Now think of the softest pink clouds that you have ever seen, like cotton batting or a baby’s blanket, and feel as if you are inside this gentle cocoon of pink. Breathe… and breathe pink… softer…

Now feel me absorbing from every cell of your body any feeling of panic, of anxiety… Let me take it. [Pause]

Now feel me erecting around you in a diamond formation with the apexes behind you and in front of you – so it is sealed – a perfectly clear diamond. It glistens but it is not so bright as to blind you. It is like a very thick storm-wood window.

And then we place the sentries around this of Michael and Raphael and Uriel and Jophiel – nothing gets past these Mighty Ones – along with your guides and Gabrielle and I.

You are protected, beloved. It is alright to be uncertain, to the level that you are open to the uncertain miracles in a positive way: “It could be so much better. It could so much grander than I think!”

But I do not want you… and I protect you and I take these feelings of panic. If you should feel the slightest anxiety, repeat this with me. Let the calm descend and anchor in your solar plexus, your heart, and your throat… your throat is very dense.

I am with you. This is not a repeat of other situations. One of the things that you have done when you have decided to come to this planet for this time was because you knew that, this time, we would be successful. So keep your heart and mind focused on that knowing that I give you. This time will be victory!


H: A lot better. Thank you so much!

DM: You are so welcome and you are so loved, sweet one. If you did not have an open, beautiful heart, you would not care! It is you who is showing, as you go forward… what you are doing is showing to the humans what it means to care, not in the way of controlling, but supporting and nurturing and comforting.

H: Thank you, Mother!

DM: You are welcome, dearest heart.



Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah      

The Reason for this Embodiment – Suzanne Lie

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Reason for this Embodiment
Dear Arcturian,

Do you have a message to share with us today?

Yes, we the Arcturians, as well as all of your Galactic Family, always have something to share with our brave Family who has chosen to wear an Earth Vessel within this NOW.

In fact, we the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, Antarians, Lemurians and Venusians, are all working together as ONE Being in order to assist our beloved planet Gaia, also known as Earth, to move into the higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Of course, most of you have heard of the saying, “The Darkest night is just before dawn!” This saying has never been more true than within your NOW on Gaia’s Earth. Fortunately, more and more “humans” are beginning to have dreams about Starship, visions of Star Beings, and some humans are even beginning to remember BEING on a Starship.

Of course, as soon as our “Grounded Ones,” which is the term we give to our courageous Galactic Family Members who have, and/or soon will, volunteer to take a human earth vessel during this NOW of great planetary transmutation.

We say “planetary transmutation” rather than “planetary change,” because the terms “change” and “transmutation” mean very different things. “Change” means that somethings and/or many things will change in an unknown fashion.

On the other hand, “Transmutation” means that this change will allow Gaia, and all Her inhabitants, to have the choice to remember how to “transmute” them selves into a higher frequency of form, matter, brain power, acceptance, knowing and being.

In fact, when the third dimensional beings on Gaia, now known as humans, begin their process of transmuting their third and fourth dimensional forms into their fifth dimensional forms, everything will change.

For one thing, eventually, humanities innate, but not yet experienced, fifth dimensional form, will return. It is within that NOW that humanity will begin to remember, and then, return back to, their Galactic, Multidimensional SELF.

It is then that EVERYTHING will be different.

For one thing, third dimensional “time” will not be the same in the higher frequencies of reality. We, the Galactics, know that many of our “earthly grounded ones” are becoming more and more aware of how  their perception of reality changes with their state of consciousness.  For example, when they are in a “good mood” and are doing something that they enjoy, time seems to “fly” by.

On the other hand, when humans are doing something that they do NOT enjoy, “time seems to go slower and slower.” In fact, they may even “lose track of time,” because they are NOT enjoying what they redoing and want to stop doing it.

On the other hand, when humans are deeply enjoying what they are doing, where they are, and/or who they are with, time “quickly flies by.” In fact one may be surprised to see how much “time” has passed. However, it is not the time that has made their perceptual shift. In was what they were doing with that time that made their  perception of reality, change.

Another thing that influences your perception of time is your “state of consciousness.” For those of you who meditate, read, paint, and have remembered that your own Higher SELF is calling you, time seems to expand, as well as your awareness of what is going on beyond the limitations of the third dimension.,

For one thing, you may feel very different from others who are NOT having those experiences. In fact, many humans are still deeply grounded in the third dimensional “HERE and NOW.” However, you can step out of one version of reality and into a different version of reality by changing your state of consciousness.

Then your thoughts and emotions will resonate to that”state of consciousness.” For example, you may be having a wonderful time, and having a very high state of consciousness. Then suddenly, something happens which frightens you, angers you or lowers your state of consciousness.

It is then that you may begin to plummet  deeper and deeper the uncomfortable emotions of fear, anger, impatience and sorrow. Can you stop this sense of “feeling out of control? ” Yes, you can, especially if you have developed a conscious relationship with your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

This Higher Self is actually, not just your self, but the frequency of consciousness that you have allowed to dwell in your thoughts, emotions, activities and even dreams. Yes, you can remember, your dreams best if you write them down. If you write down, or type, or even tell someone about  your dreams, they will no longer be a secret, but instead they become an important manner in which you can speak to your own SELF.

When you write down your dreams, you can better keep your “state of consciousness” within your awareness.  Also, when, and if you make  a conscious choice to be the Master of our Mind, then you can go inside your “mind” to bring forth the information that you need to have in order to successfully meet each challenge.

When you feel that you have “met a challenge” an empowered and a self loving sensation sweeps into your heart and mind.  This is when your heart and mind can best communicate with each other and with the YOU who is (hopefully) the Masters of your Life.

As your sense of “SELF Mastery” becomes more and more present within your “Sense of SELF” Happiness and SELF MASTERY can meet with PURPOSE AND JOY!

When you feel joyful, it is easier for your to remember your “reason for incarnation,” and to even “believe that you can and will fulfill the promise that you made with your Higher SELF before you took this embodiment!

Blessings to you all

Most of all, we ask  you to remember that:


Who has Chosen to take a earth vessel during this NOW

to assist dear Gaia with Her PLANETARY ASCENSION!



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