The Self: Summer Salad or Crazy Salad? – Steve Beckow

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The Self: Summer Salad or Crazy Salad?

The Self resides in the deepest place of the heart, the seat of the soul.ย 

Notice that one spiritual experience has a person talking about it for years.

I used to say to myself that one spiritual experience a decade would keep me going.

I found myself muttering to myself this morning: โ€œThe Self can be said to โ€˜resideโ€™ at the far end of theย cul de sacย that the heart is.โ€ I was pacing my apartment, lost in thought.

But picking up that train of thought, when we can go forward in the heart no longer, we come upon what our sources called โ€œthe seat of the soul.โ€ Thatโ€™s where the Self โ€œresides.โ€

Matthew Ward, in 2017, quoted the God of this universe:

โ€œIn one of Godโ€™s talks with my mother, He told her, โ€˜The heart is the seat of the soul.โ€™ The composition of the soul is the energy of love and it is in the heart area where the love sensation is felt.โ€ (1)

Looking at matters from the standpoint of the Self, taking its seat in the throneroom of the heart (these are all metaphors), thereโ€™s no problem at all for it. Itโ€™s all-knowing, all-enlightened, blissful, One with Source, etc.

Now take the microscope back somewhat, coming out of the tunnel and the heart. Bringing back into view the spirit consciousness acting through this dense physical body. At this level of density and consciousness, none of the Self is apparent.

As we navigate the streets and shop for dinner, not a thought occurs to us of the Self. Weโ€™re focused on social distancing and not forgetting what we came to get.

Weโ€™re vibrating at too slow or dense a level to bring into the consciousness of the spirit in the body the awareness native to the Self. But listen to what I just said: The Self, the spirit in the body, the body.

Add to these the Oversoul or Higher Self, the intermediate Seventh-Dimensional Self and the eternal Observer, beyond the Self, and we have a real summer salad.

Or is it a crazy salad? How confusing can it get! Will the real me please stand up?

How many selves do we have?

All organizations of the One Consciousness (selves) reside at different vibratory levels of existence.

The spirit operating the body, which itself is usually native to the Fourth Dimension or Astral Plane, is in a Third-Dimensional body, thinking about the Self, which is above dimensions, all the while being seen by the Observer, which is to say, the โ€œIโ€ of awareness, the No-Self beyond the Self, the One.

It all straightens out when we realize that all of these are who we are on different dimensions (or beyond dimensions) due to our bodiesโ€™ different vibrations. Together they constitute our multidimensional Self.

All are real on the dimension or transcendent plane they exist on. All are illusory in terms of the Absolute.

Designing things this way reflects the purpose of life: The task facing each of us is to realize who we are at essence, at which point God meets God.ย  No, we are not any of our bodies, but we have to realize the truth of this statement.

For that ultimate meeting in which God meets God was all of this โ€“ the dimensions, selves, worlds upon worlds โ€“ created.


(1) Matthewโ€™s Message, April 2, 2017.


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