Insight into the experience of emptiness – Stephen Altair Shyam

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Wisdom Of Perfection of Emptiness Or The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom

Diary of Saturday 25th July evening to now

Insight into the experience of emptiness

I have been on retreat for some time now, first redoing the Higher Yoga Tantra Avalokiteshvara empowerments that I have done before with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, leading into a Dzogchen 7 Mirrors retreat with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, then a Dream Yoga retreat also with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a Mahamudra course guided by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, the Nectar of Life retreat with Mingyur Rinpoche which I am on at the moment and then a Clear Light Retreat coming up soon with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. I have been very blessed on all occasions to be able to speak with all the teachers concerned and get direct pointing out, some insights from which I include below. May they be of benefit to your practice and I dedicate all benefits from my practices to you and all your loved ones that they may be liberated and freed from suffering.

Mind is emptiness

Mind is clarity

Mind is luminosity

Mind is abundant joy and laughter and no taste

Mind is simplicity

5:42 pm
Listening to Dalai Lama pointing out in Avalokiteshvara empowerment

At 43:24 (published May 30 2020 Day 2 at His Holiness residence)

I was contemplating Bodhisattvas Wisdom is emptiness and Action is compassion

β€œWhen you reflect on emptiness you find that ignorance has no foundation”

My mind stopped

Absolutely pure clarity

From 5:42 for some hours

Non meditation

No suffering

Then when I sat to meditate

9:20 to 10:05

Only non-meditation

Not possible to do any practices apart from short dedication refuge and bodhicitta

Already stabilized.

Pure clarity
Lasting for some hours

Infinite Love ~ Keith Allen Kay, Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala

And now it is Sunday morning after the retreat with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche on Nectar of the Path which goes on for the next four days, starting the day the dream yoga retreat finishes. I joined with my wife and I am delighted she is interested. Rinpoche’s humor captivated her. She and my daughter and I watched the beginning at midnight Japan time.

After the ROV gathering which was profound I was reading a book to my daughter Maia on the Planets.

I opened it and saw the sun and perceived that vast emptiness that makes up the cosmos and contemplated the sun and the universe and us and emptiness.

Then the same experience.

Pure clear light.

Clear as in space of emptiness.

Light as in luminosity of awareness.

Non meditation.

Lasting a couple of hours.

The following may assist you.

Empty yet alive.

Exactly that.

Empty yet alive.

You drop from head to heart.

Shift from looking out to looking back until we find awareness looking back at us.

The ground.

You send awareness into a different place from where it normally “sits” above you, or in front in a corner, or behind you, you surrender awareness to the natural flow, and have it go right behind the heart until it finds that emptiness, contentless space, letting go of all thoughts and emotions, sensations and perceptions, until awareness finds awareness.

This is where subtle energy meditation, the feeling is so important.

You let it feel into your body as it is already within, innate, always present, so you discover the ground of awareness, the light of awareness in the heart.

The ground is then to be aware of awareness, meditation is never to be distracted from the ground, and path and conduct are never to be separated from it

Love and blessings

Stephen Altair
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