A Walk Down … Uhhh, Where Did Memory Lane Go? – Steve Beckow

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A Walk Down … Uhhh, Where Did Memory Lane Go?

How many people are having memory problems? Raise your hands?

Everyone? Well, then you may be interested in hearing Archangel Michael address mine.

My memory has gotten so bad that I can forget what I was saying in the middle of a sentence, in the course of walking into the kitchen to get something, in the middle of shopping (what did I come here to get?).

How am I to do an interview or be interviewed? There’s no way I can.

Everyone I’ve spoken to is also having memory issues.

My difficulties have been going on since before 2012.  At last I had a detailed discussion with Michael as to what is happening with me.

There may be some differences for you. But you can see both the kinds of memory problems that arise and what the Company of Heaven does about them in the case of lightworkers who need to have and rely on their memories.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 5, 2020. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: I would like to discuss my memory problems in more detail than we usually do. What is behind them, Lord?

Archangel Michael: Well, it is not simply one thing. So we will get into the detail. Let us think of it in terms of three areas.

First of all, as I have said, you are an historian, ancient and current, (1) and there is a part of you that, while you love history in the biggest sense, is also sick and tired of history.

And there is also a part of you that thinks that this reflection, this rear-view mirror analysis of what has transpired is useless and meaningless.

Inside that, there is also part of you that doesn’t think that you particularly want to (and it is a quasi-decision point) that you would particularly want to be remembering everything that has transpired, whether it is 20 years ago or yesterday. So that is one area.

Now, biologically, there is also some, hmmm, shall we say, short-circuiting? Now understand your electrical neural pathways have been enormously increased over the past several years.

But those neural pathways are not always fully activated or completely working.

Now think of it in this way, when there is a fetus, an infant, what is happening is of course that those electrical systems, those neural pathways, the brain function is in development in utero.

What has been happening with you, and with many, is that the reconstruction of those electrical impulses (because that is what memory is; it is keying into current and past events, memories, feelings, emotions) is still in the upgrade process. So there is also biological functioning going on.

The other thing that is going on is that there is some residue of what you would think of as plaque in some of those areas (this is still the biological area) that has gathered in various cavities or crevices of your hemispheres and those are also being cleaned out. (2)

Now what is also happening biologically is that when some of those cleanouts are happening, literally memory is being ejected because it is being freshened up. So think of it as peeling away dead plaque or dead skin. There will be new skin underneath but the memory of that scab is gone. That is some of the biological that is happening.

Then there is what we would call electrical currents. Now, I am not, let me be very clear, suggesting that you attempt or try to turn down anything.

Steve: What does that mean, Lord? Do you mean to turn down an offer from somebody… Is that what you’re meaning?

AAM: No, I will explain. You have a million ideas and then some, running concurrently through your head.

Do not turn down anything! So sometimes you have thought… Well, maybe if I slowed it down a bit, maybe if I paid closer attention to the details of what the input… Because think of it as a constant stream. Think of a computer, a constant stream of input coming into your mechanism called the brain.

Do not turn it down because what you are doing in the upgrades is literally learning how to access what is important to you, what is meaningful to you and, yes, to the collective but we are talking about you at this moment.

And so you don’t want to start, consciously or unconsciously, editing the input into your brain. Now, your heart repair and oxygen flow [as a result of a triple bypass] is helping and has helped this biological issue enormously.

But part of you, as we have also said, and this is an agreement that we have, is that you have agreed and you are living very much in the moment.

One of the difficulties of humans is that they have a proclivity to either live in the past (and it can be recent past or ancient past) or to project themselves and live in the future.

It is a very curious malaise that most of the human race – yes, most of the human race – chooses not to live in the moment. So you are living in the moment. And you say, “Yes, Lord, I’m very willing to live in the moment but I would like to be able to access memories, recent events so that I don’t feel like a fool”

We hear you.

Steve:… Or lose my thought in the middle of a sentence or forget what I’m going into the kitchen for or, oh, it goes on and on… It’s crazy.

AAM: Now, think of the electric blue. Yes, the Porlana C that has been pouring into you. Let us increase it rather than decrease it. What we are doing and we are doing it even now as we are speaking, we are making all those synapses, all those electrical systems, all the upgrade a brilliant neon blue so that the entire brain, all hemispheres, functions will be more clearly firing.

Now the biggest impediment, and I know you, sweet one, the biggest impediment to this being fully effective is concern so let us do our job. You give me the worry and let us proceed with the completion of the upgrade. (3)


(1) My B.A. and M.A. are in History. I also worked as a Historian at Canada’s then-National Museum of Man, now the Canadian Museum of History.

(2) No, I don’t have Altzheimers. We all have some plaque in our brains by the time we hit our Seventies.

(3) So I’m not to worry about any of this. OK!!!!!

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MOVING WITH THE ENERGY – Randall Monk @ Timely Guidance

Melchizedek ~ Gratitude to unknown artist

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You are going through challenging times, dear ones.  These are the times you incarnated to experience.  These are times of significant personal transformation, should you decide to use them as such.  It is during periods of difficulty that you, as human beings, have the opportunity to expand your consciousness and make quantum leaps in your spiritual development, if you remain conscious and if you employ the necessary tools. 

Challenges are a way of life on planet earth.  For some of you, life’s challenges are like a pothole in the road, and for others, they appear to be the size of your Grand Canyon.  With practice, you can move through life’s ups and downs like a joyful ride on a roller coaster.  You have the ability to manage difficult times with ease and grace.  You determine if your journey is a stressful one or a joyful one.  Being in a human body can be challenging, but it does not have to be.  The key is to remain present, conscious, and flexible.  Be aware of what is happening in the NOW moment and make the necessary adjustments to move with the river of life, rather than against it.  As you move with the energy in this manner, life becomes a joy, and so much easier than when you resist the natural flow.  To do this, you do not need to see far off into the future, just the next step or so.

As you learn to “read” the energy and move in the appropriate direction, you will find yourself in a new world, enjoying the beauty of life as unexpected doors open and magnificent vistas appear on the horizon that were totally unexpected.  Life becomes a sublime experience of ever-expanding joy and bliss.

Each and every one of you has more assistance beyond the veil than you can imagine.  Ask for our help, and it will be given.  However, you must remain conscious to recognize our help when it arrives, for it will come in many forms and through unexpected channels.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek

Randall’s Comments:

I have found that life becomes more complicated when I resist the natural flow of energy.  I’m going to give some examples from my own life experience of how I moved with the energy to illustrate what Melchizedek is referring to.  By the way, I had no idea that I was following the energy until years after my first experience.

Military Draft

When I was 18 years old, and about to graduate from high school, I was concerned about being drafted into the U.S Army and sent to Viet Nam to fight in a war that I did not want to participate in.  I was told that if I went to college or was married with a family, I would not be drafted.  I don’t know if that was true or not, but I thought it was at the time, so I acted accordingly.  I was not ready for college or marriage, so I ruled out those options.  On the other hand, I did not want to be drafted and sent to Viet Nam either.

After giving it some thought, I wondered what would happen if I volunteered – if I enlisted in the Army.   That seemed contrary to what I wanted because I was not interested in being in the military period!  But, since the idea came to mind, I figured that I should at least look into it.  As it turned out, if I enlisted in the Army, I could request two locations where I would like to be stationed, and while it was not guaranteed, I was told that my request would be considered.  I asked for Japan or Germany.  As a result, I was stationed in Germany!  I had a wonderful time (except for the military part) and had the opportunity to visit Switzerland, Belgium, and Holland while I was there.

At the suggestion of my commanding officer, I went to college on the GI Bill after coming back home, as I continued to follow the energy.  The GI Bill was an educational assistance program for ex-military personnel.

Major Life Transition

Much later in life, in December of 2006, the company I had been working for as a wholesale sales representative in the mortgage business declared bankruptcy and went out of business.  I had been in the mortgage business since 1978 in various capacities, so even though I never had a passion for that business, I was comfortable with it.  It gave me a lot of freedom and a good income.  After the company I had been working for went bankrupt, I tried holding on to what I had been doing for 28 plus years, by working for three other companies during 2007.  It wasn’t working; it was evident that the energy had shifted, and it was time for me to do what I had in regards to the military and go where the energy wanted to take me, which was in a completely different direction.

I had planned to step out into the world of self-help, metaphysics, and spirituality as a teacher because I had been studying and practicing those topics since the early 1970s, but I intended to do it gradually.

I decided that it was time to cut my ties with the mortgage industry and move in the direction the energy was taking me, where it was apparent that the Universe wanted me to go.  This was a major, life-altering decision because it required me to reinvent myself.  So here I am, years later continuing to do what I came here to do, sharing knowledge and wisdom garnered over the years.

What I have found is that it is very obvious when we are moving with the energy because there is a nice flow to life.  Things go our way, unexpected doors open, and life is good.  There may be challenges; however, we’re able to deal with them.  It is also obvious when we are not moving with the energy.  Things just don’t go as smoothly, and there are more complications.  When we frequently encounter obstacles, it is the Universe telling us that we need to make an adjustment.  It may be a slight change or a significant life-altering modification.  These practices apply to all areas of life, including relationships, health, and one’s spiritual path, to name a few.

When we are not moving with the natural flow, it’s as if we are swimming upstream, which requires a lot more effort than when we move with the energy.  The more we resist the natural flow, the more energy it requires.


  • Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not working.
  • When events in our life are going smoothly, doors are opening and life is generally good, we are moving with the energy. When things are falling into place with relative ease, we are on the right path and moving with the natural flow of life.
  • If you are coming upon obstacle after obstacle in some area of your life, it may be time to make an adjustment, using your intuition for guidance.
  • If you make a mistake it is no big deal, just make another alteration to your course, just like you would if you were lost in a city. If you need some directions, check with your inner guidance.
  • Sometimes a minor adjustment will make a world of difference, and sometimes a major modification is necessary. Consider your options with an open mind and go with what feels  Writing your options on paper can be very helpful, especially in providing a clear picture.