An Incredibly Big Shift in the Human Experience? – Steve Beckow

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An Incredibly Big Shift in the Human Experience?

Most lightworkers are angels. As such they hail from the Transcendental.

The Transcendental exists above the twelve dimensions, beyond human experience.

Even if they have a favorite dimension to hang out in when mingling with the human population in the twelve dimensions, they still live in the Transcendental.

Michael was telling me in my last reading that what is for us a lifetime is for them an in-breath.

Humans live in the Transcendental once theyโ€™ve finished their human experience. Ashtar once acknowledged to me that he did:

Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the fifth dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.

Steve Beckow: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (1)

Those of Sri Ramakrishnaโ€™s disciples he called evergreens were to be found โ€“ and were seen โ€“ in the Transcendental.

I once interviewed a well-known spiritual source, which included questions about the Transcendental. Before the show aired, they removed the part on the Transcendental. It isnโ€™t a subject that many spiritual sources willingly discuss. Why I could only speculate.

We tend to think of this earthly plane, this physical plane or Third Dimension as the only โ€œmaterialโ€ plane. But in fact all twelve dimensions are material planes. Only the Transcendental is not.

We tend to think of sixth-or seventh-chakra enlightenment as entering the Transcendental. In fact it isnโ€™t even exiting the Third Dimension. We have nine more dimensions to go.

I remember thinking to myself that I had no idea what was seen in seventh-chakra enlightenment because what was seen was Transcendental.ย  Five dimensions later weโ€™re just looking out upon the real Transcendental.

I donโ€™t think people appreciate at least one of the changes in the way the world is and will be. It has always been that people in the astral world could not travel upwards save with special protection. But now, once ascended, weโ€™ll be free to travel to all dimensions. If that is so, itโ€™s an incredibly big shift in the human experience.


(1) โ€œAn Introduction to Enlightenment and the Trinity โ€“ Part 2/2,โ€ May 14, 2012, atย


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