Mother Earth Has a New baby – Susana Tavares ~ Flickr.


Patricia Cota-Robles

On January 1, 2020, we Birthed a New Decade in the full embrace of a powerful Eclipse Series that began on Christmas Day 2019 and was brought to fruition the weekend of January 10-12, 2020. With the completion of that powerful influx of Light the Company of Heaven revealed that during the next ten years Humanity will change the course of history for Mother Earth and ALL her Life. They said that during this decade,  2020 to 2030, Humanity will develop our latent abilities through which we will literally TRANSFIGURE our Earthly Bodies and our outer-world Life experiences into the Heart-based patterns of perfection associated with the 5th-Dimensional New Earth.

The Beings of Light said this incomprehensible Transfiguration will be accomplished through a greatly expanded collaboration between the Company of Heaven and an Awakened Humanity. Our Father-Mother God said this degree of collaboration between Heaven and Earth has never before been attempted. At the time, we had no idea just what that meant, but within a few weeks we began hearing about the “Coronavirus” and what the spread of this unfamiliar virus might mean for people everywhere.

In no time the Covid-19 virus, as it was named, exploded into a pandemic of epic proportions. This caused people around the world to stop everything and to just stay at home in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. This unprecedented forced global time-out created the space for billions of people all over the world to just BE.

This planetary pause allowed the I AM Presence of every person to begin Awakening us in new and previously unknown ways. This greatly affected even the essential workers who did not have the luxury of staying home. Their sacrifices drew the attention of the masses of Humanity in shocking ways that we had previously just taken for granted. This awareness opened our hearts and helped us realize that we are all in this together and that we need each other very much. This realization cleared the space for the I Am Presence of every person to remind us that we are One and that there is no separation.

As days and weeks passed, the Company of Heaven revealed to us the awesome Divine Intervention occurring through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth during the forced time-out. They said the mass consciousness of Humanity was being elevated to NEW levels as Lightworkers around the World finally had the time to orchestrate Virtual Online events which were greatly adding to the Light of the World. That quantum influx of Light recalibrated Humanity’s Earthly Bodies and prepared every person on Earth to be able to safely receive the Light from the most powerful Triple Eclipse Series the World has ever experienced.

We at Era of Peace transcribed these Celestial Sharings in detail and distributed them step by step through our Weekly Vlogs, Monthly Newsletters and Online Webinars. This information is all available on our website FREE of charge, so I will not repeat it here. What I want to share with you today is the miraculous Victory of the events that took place during the apex of the Opening of the Lion’s Gate on August 8, 2020.

The victorious accomplishment of all that has occurred so far this year brought us to a Cosmic Moment that the I AM Presence of every person has been preparing for since our fall from Grace aeons ago. That Glorious Moment occurred during the apex of the Opening of the Lion’s Gate on August 8, 2020. On that sacred and holy day, according to the Company of Heaven, literally hundreds of millions of people consciously participated in that facet of the Divine Plan and every other person on Earth participated through their I AM Presence. As One Unified Breath, Humanity focused on the Opening of the Lion’s Gate and the expansion of the strength and courage of our Heart Flames. A lesser degree of this opportunity occurs every year during the Sun cycle of Leo and the alignment of the Star Sirius, but this year it was different.

This year, due to the monumental shifts that had taken place since the Birth of the New Decade and the forced global time-out, as the Lion’s Gate reached the apex of its opening on August 8th, our Father-Mother God were able to Breathe Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her through the original Lion’s Gate into the Higher 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Lion’s Gate that pulsates in the atmosphere above the New Earth.

As this occurred, for the very first time the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth was able to FULLY integrate at an atomic cellular level into our physical, etheric, mental and emotional Earthly Bodies. Now, this aspect of our own Divinity has far greater access to our conscious mind than ever before.

Once that facet of the Earth’s Ascension through the original Lion’s Gate was God Victoriously accomplished, that Gate was permanently sealed. The precious primal Light substance that has served Humanity through these magnificent Lions for aeons of time was released into unformed primal Light and returned to the very Heart of God for future service to the Light. Now, during the remainder of Earth’s Ascension Process, Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her will be held in the full embrace of the majestic 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Lion’s Gate. Every year we will continue to experience the blessings of this exquisite Lion’s Gate during the alignment of the Sun Cycle of Leo and the Star Sirius.

With the life-transforming integration of Humanity’s I AM Presence which has now occurred, every person’s I AM Presence is now able to intuitively guide us in ways that will be difficult for us to ignore. No longer will the communication from our I AM Presence just be a “still small voice within” striving to be heard and to get our attention. This aspect of our Divinity will now be an ever present Inner Knowing and intuitive guide that will not allow us to comfortably act out of obsolete patterns of separation and duality anymore. Now, we will more tangibly feel the discomfort of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions that are not based in Love. The guidance from our I AM Presence will reveal new ways of responding to the challenges in our life and viable solutions that will create win-win situations and the highest good for all concerned in every situation.

Now today, the Company of Heaven is asking us to join them for an activity of Light that will help the masses of Humanity to tangibly sense and know the greatly amplified assistance we are receiving from our I AM Presence. If you have the Heart Call to do so, please join me now for this sacred opportunity. And we begin.

I AM Amplifying the Integration of My I AM Presence

Patricia Cota-Robles

Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her have Ascended through the Portal of the original Lion’s Gate into the Higher 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Lion’s Gate which pulsates in the atmosphere above the New Earth. On a cellular level, my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth has gently integrated into the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of our Earthly Bodies. Now, on the Holy Breath, I go within to the Divinity of my Heart Flame. I now know that I have successfully walked through the challenges of my Earthly experiences into the Glory of a New Day filled with the full-gathered momentum of Heaven on Earth.

Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory is mine!

The obsolete patterns of separation and duality from the old Earth have been dismantled and are in the process of being Transfigured back into Light. This has cleared the way for our Father-Mother God to infuse the Earth with brand NEW Patterns of Comprehensive Divine Love which will reclaim this Planet. This unfathomable frequency of Divine Love created the sacred space for Humanity’s I AM Presence to at long last take full dominion of our Earthly Bodies.

As I Breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically, the integration of my I AM Presence is being greatly amplified within me. Every electron, every atom, every subatomic particle and wave of my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies and all the spaces in-between the atoms and molecules of these bodies joyously receives and assimilates this NEW multifaceted 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light from my I AM Presence.

As this occurs, my thoughts, feelings, words and actions begin to reflect the Divine Love, Oneness, Harmony, Peace, Abundance and Balance of God. This Transfiguration is changing my physical reality into the Love-based perfection of the New Earth. This is a unique Gift, a sacred opportunity, and it is being presented to every man, woman and child on Earth right here and right now.

I contemplate this Truth and as this Sacred Knowledge resonates within me, my Heart Flame begins to expand and expand. Instantaneously, I AM lifted into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. My feet are planted firmly on Earth. Simultaneously, I AM consciously aware of my Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven, because we are One and there is no separation.

I AM a Being of resplendent Light, now realizing the fullness of that Light on every level of my existence. As I AM lifted up, ALL Life is lifted up with me. Therefore, I know that within my I AM Presence, I AM now ALL of Humanity standing forth and realizing that we are Sons and Daughters of God. This means we are beloved and empowered God Beings in every Realm of Consciousness and that ALL our Father-Mother God have is ours.

With the amplified integration of our I AM Presence, we are now able to Liberate our Father-Mother God’s Light in every physical and chemical interaction within our Earthly Bodies. This is Healing and recalibrating all of the energy bonds within atoms and between atoms to the vibrational frequency of God’s Infinite Physical Perfection.

This Divine Wisdom contains everything necessary to set straight the orbit, spin and electronic charge of every cell, atom and electron of Life on Earth. ALL energy bonds within the atomic realm are now accelerating in vibration toward the frequency of Infinite Physical Perfection. Every cell of Life is now receiving and assimilating the Sacred Knowledge encoded within our I AM Presence and the newly activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA within every person.

Every person’s I AM Presence is now Liberating the Sacred Knowledge within our 5th-Dimensional DNA into every interaction within Humanity and all of the energy bonds therein. These interactions include the relationships of all people, all organizations, all races, all religions and all nations. All of these interactions are now being Liberated into the Harmony of a Higher Order of Being, thus greatly expanding the influence of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth.

Now, through my 5th-Dimensional DNA I AM receiving clearly the Divine Promptings, Ideas and Concepts of my I AM Presence. I know now that I AM a Living, Light-filled Temple of invincible perfection expressing my true state of Enlightened Consciousness as well as Vibrant Health, Infinite Abundance, Eternal Youth, Divine Love, Truth, Peace and Abounding Joy. I AM here and NOW tangibly manifesting my I AM Presence on Earth with every Breath I take.

On the Holy Breath, I now gently return my consciousness to the room. I become aware of my Earthly Bodies and as I Breathe in and out slowly and deeply, I allow the amplified Divine Energies from my I AM Presence to be fully assimilated at a cellular level.

I revel in the Bliss of this moment on Earth and I AM Grateful, I AM Grateful, I AM Eternally Grateful. Beloved Father-Mother God—All That Is—I AM. And so it is.

Dear One, pay attention and your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly to the fulfillment of your Divine Plan and your highest good during this critical moment in Earth’s Ascension process.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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Mother Earth Has a New baby – Susana Tavares ~ Flickr.

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Warriors of Consciousness – Peggy Black

Artist ~ Susan Seddon Boulet

* * *

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family August

My Personal Message

My summer has been cool, damp and slow. Sheltering in place, being very selective when and if I go out to take care of errands. I am certainly missing my family; it has been months since I have seen them. I know that everyone is dealing with these strange changes in our lives. I am very grateful for the continued work with the ‘team’ that fills my day with purpose and delight.

The chaos and disturbances continue to be reported on the news. We are witnessing incredible changes happening on this planet. These changes are felt in the lives of everyone. Many are suffering the effect of the virus or the loss of loved ones, their jobs, their income. Nothing is as it was. We are all having to make adjustments in our lives. It is most difficult to stay positive under these circumstances.

However that is what we are being asked to do: to focus on a new reality, to imagine a reality in which everyone thrives. We are truly at a pivotal point in this transformation of consciousness. What is happening on our planet is unprecedented. We are being given the opportunity to shift and heal our own mental limitation.

The first Harmonic Convergence was 33 years ago on August 16, 1987. The event was organized by José and Lloydine Argüelles and was based on the teachings of the ancient Mayan calendar with the goal of creating greater harmony and coherence within the global community. Long before the internet, smart phones, and social media the Harmonic Convergence was the first globally synchronized event of this nature with people gathered across the planet at well known sites ranging from Stonehenge and Mt. Shasta to Central Park. The Harmonic Convergence 2020 will rekindle this spirit of shared humanity, global unity, peace, and inspired collective action.

Here we are, 33 years after the first Harmonic Convergence and we find ourselves divided, looking at ecological collapse, economic disparity, and a global pandemic, all strong indicators that we are severely out of balance as a species. This is what makes the call for The Harmonic Convergence 2020 so potent and important right now.

A huge cleansing is taking place and this process is causing many to feel unbalanced, fearful, lost, depressed, confused and angry. Realize that distorted beliefs and the limitations of the old paradigms are dissolving. May we continue to hold the vision, may we continue to anchor a new reality that honors everyone. May we continue to send our love and prayers for all those who are battling this virus, as well as all those who are required to be on the front lines of service. Prayers to those who have lost a loved one, may they find comfort.

Now, while we are all at home, might be the perfect time for you to have a reading from the ‘team.’ They are excellent at supporting individuals in clearing old repressed childhood patterns and emotions. If you are ready to experience the freedom this provides, please call and schedule an appointment with the ‘team.’ Their guidance and generous support are so valuable. They offer tools of empowerment as you move through the changes that are happening in your life.

I am so grateful for the incredible support I receive for this community. Your kind words, emails and generous bluesky donations are so appreciated. Thank you! You know who you are. It is so important that we own and acknowledge that we are a powerful community of conscious beings truly supporting the upliftment of our planet. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all.

I offer you blessings of grace and delightful joy.

 Message from the ‘Team’

Warriors of Consciousness
Peggy Black and the ‘team’


We are here offering our love and continued support as you move through this process of awakening. These are incredible times and we celebrate all that is unfolding now on your planet. We realize that you might not feel like celebrating all that is occurring. However, we are inviting you to make the mental shift to find the simplest thing to celebrate with gratitude.

We are observing along with you the continued chaos and upheaval taking place around your planet. It would seem that there is no place of peace anywhere. So we invite you to be that place of peace. We acknowledge that you might not feel like a place of anchored peace. This is true if you are coming from your physical consciousness, your ego consciousness. When you are coming from the truth of your divine consciousness there is always peace.

Now is the time in which you will be invited/forced to come from one aspect of consciousness or the other. It is truly a moment to moment experience. Due to the limited programming of this dimension it is easy to flow with the upsets, the challenges and the chaos. When you look at the events that are happening everywhere it is easy to add your own judgment, prejudice, outrage, or disgust to the situation. We realize it is easy to get plugged in, so to speak.

This is where your awakened skills come in. It is up to you to make a conscious shift in your attitude about what you perceive is happening. From our perspective the chaos and the emotional disturbances are a necessary part of this great awakening.

Each individual has the birthright and the responsibility to choose how they view and translate what they are observing. When a human recognizes that they make a difference, they begin to shift how they respond to what is happening.

Remember that you are a magnificent multidimensional divine being of light. You are embodied in a physical form that has learned to match the energy of this dimension. This 3D reality is a reality of unconscious limitation.

Your ultimate goal is to wake up! Own your power as a human to make a difference by the energy that you offer the collective. Each and every time you shift your limited perspective to a perspective of wholeness you are raising the collective consciousness. Every time you heal or transform a stale limited belief you are adding to the light of the collective consciousness. Every time.

This planet is moving energetically to the fifth dimension. The negative, the darkness, the hatred, the disinformation is fighting to stay in control of the collective consciousness. There are those who feed on these negative misqualified emotions and energy. They do not want a planet of love and light, they do not want a collective of conscious beings who are thriving and honoring the wholeness.

We know that you understand all of this; however we want to offer it here again so that you can see just how important you are to the outcome of what is happening. Trust us when we say there are more and more awakened beings beginning to own their responsibility to the hologame.

This is the most powerful time on your planet for this shift to occur. The galaxy, the universe, has been sending blasts of energy to trigger all those who are still asleep, who are still unconscious.

It is unprecedented that entire global communities are shut down. Everything has stopped. This is what it has taken to get your full attention to the profound changes that you are being invited to call forth. You signed up for this assignment. Only the most dedicated warriors of consciousness were given permission to come forth into human form. You in your divine awareness are unlimited. You and other divine beings together are bringing a shift to this reality.

Remember that every thought, every act of conscious kindness, is added to the scale which will bring the celebrated shift. Each mediation, each offered gratitude, each loving projection will be registered and light the path toward a planet in which everyone is honored, in which everyone thrives.

First all the toxic negative misqualified energies of hateful, heinous darkness must be cleared and uplifted. One thing is true of any darkness, when you shine a light upon it, it disappears. You are that light. You are the truth that stands before all the lies and misinformation that has been the moving negative force on this planet.

The negative, the darkness, is fighting to stay in control, however we assure you that the collective of conscious light beings are many and they are strong in their resolve to heal all that needs healing.

Count yourself as one of leaders who are holding the line, filled with high spirits, ready to encourage, strengthen, and stimulate other like minds. In the quietness of your heart and the stillness of your dwelling you can do this work.

Work in the quantum field. Use your imagination. Remember that your imagination is your superpower. Envision a different scenario, call forth the legions of light to support and assist you. Bless and uplift all the world leaders to awaken to the higher truth.

Create and envision an Alchemist Chamber in your mind; now invite all the world’s billionaires and millionaires to join you in this sacred space. Now invite them to join you in sharing their financial wealth for the good of the planet. You can offer them suggestions, ideas, on ways that their money could truly make a difference. You can be very specific with your ideas. Work with this process for a number of days. Always thank them for joining you in your Alchemist Chamber. Now we invite you to watch the news to see just who gives what to benefit some aspect of the planet. Trust us; there will be results with your work and intentions. Bless any and all of these gifts with your gratitude.

Next, in your imagination envision a stadium and invite conscious beings from all over the world to join you. See or sense this stadium filled with people. Now envision your planet floating in the center of all the conscious beings. Invite everyone present to open their heart and radiate love energy and healing to the world. Imagine if this was done each day by thousands of light beings?

These are just a couple of powerful suggestions with which we invite you to begin to play. Remember you are powerful beyond measure. Use your imagination and create other powerful visions that can and will transform your world. Now is the time for you to come forth and stretch into your powerful abilities. You are unlimited; own this truth; step into your power. This is the time for you to fully emerge.

We are grateful for you and the work that you continue to do. Be sure to include other non-physical divine beings in all your work and service. We love to be invited and included in the arena and hologame. the ‘team’

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Artist ~ Susan Seddon Boulet

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah