Going with the Flow – Steve Beckow


Lotus art painting by John Lautermilch


Going with the Flow

Archangel Michael: You are anchored in what it truly means to be a Nova Being and this will just grow. We do not describe or prescribe it because it will be – and it has need to be – a journey of discovery, of knowing, a depth of knowing, of trust and expansion.  (1)

My way of thinking is shifting. And I submit that the shift is a reflection of the impact of the rising energies on a person, implicit in Michael’s words above.

The way I usually “be” is to act and use the language of action when discussing something. Step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, etc., follow each other as I march to my conclusion. Any intrusion of a feeling state is acknowledged but never explored. It never has the opportunity to open up into a divine state.

But now, influenced as I am by the expansive vibrations, I’m more aware of flow than I am of structure. Flow of course is the paradigm of the higher dimensions. When one is more aware of flow, one’s whole value system shifts.

I now value the very space that I dusted off before as simply a passing attraction, to be sampled and let go of.

I now choose to hang out in the space – and for no reason, except of course how pleasant it feels. Somewhere along the line I must have dropped my childhood accent on doing. (2)

I’m hanging out in happiness right now.  Never have I paid attention to happiness as a space. When I look at it, I see that I feel secure. I feel joyful. I have a hope-filled outlook on my future. I feel buoyant, friendly, welcoming. Happy.

What remains to be said?

No wonder I couldn’t find the experiential realm for looking. Valuing structure above flow, I wasn’t even in the domain I’d need to be in to experience anything.

This domain is not about action. Or if it is, it isn’t about unconscious action.  To someone on the awareness path, it’s about experiencing the flow and sharing one’s noticeings.

Being in the moment, the here and now. Letting go into the river. Going with the flow.

In my view, we go from intellectual knowledge to experiential knowledge, and thence to realized knowledge. Viewed from that angle, going from structure to going with the flow is a definite improvement.

Feeling the emotional states, and later their divine equivalents, is definitely more of what I’m looking for than merely understanding.

However much less to write about. What can one say about a smile?


(1) “Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=283272.

(2) When I was a child, my Dad used to call me a “lazy, no-good good-for-nothing,” which over time persuaded me to become an over-producer.



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I Have It Now – Steve Beckow

A Goodly Company of Spirits by Ethel Le Rossignol @ Cesnur

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I Have It Now

I’d like to think of the higher form of love I rave on about as “heavenly” love.

Why “heavenly”? To the ancient Christians, “heaven” was what we’d today call the higher dimensions; specifically, the “Fifth Dimension.”

It was what followed what Jesus called Redemption, Resurrection, or Salvation, which we call Ascension.

In our present state, we’re Third/Fourth Dimensional beings. We go back and forth – birth, death, birth, death in the Third Dimension, then Fourth Dimension,  then Third Dimension, etc.

The next level up for us is the Fifth Dimension, which we’re said already to be in without realizing it.

In that dimension we no longer need to be born or die. That’s why Hindus call it moksha or liberation. Buddha called it nirvana and freedom from the wheel of birth and death.

The love that I experienced after my heart opening on March 13, 2015 Michael described as Seventh-Dimensional:

Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it?

Archangel Michael: It is the Seventh Dimension. (1)

The Seventh Dimension is the dimension of Christ Consciousness, the Ocean of Love, etc.

I’m in the space of it as we speak, although I was not when I first began to write this article and I cannot tell you when it came upon me. It was quiet and subtle. It’s what Rumi called “the unexpected visitor.” (2)

As I said a few articles back, when you’re in the space of this heavenly, transformative love, nothing else matters.  Transformative love is always breaking news with me.

Constantly, when I’m in this space, I’m faced with a choice to write and jeopardize my connection with the space or stay with it and let go of the writing. I’m a journalist. My choice is always to write. (3)

At a time like this, my lack of a short-term memory doesn’t weigh.  If anything, it makes it easier to melt into this space.

In this space, nothing is lacking. The flow of energy, which we call “love,” carries within it all other pleasurable energies. I can find within it a strand of gratitude, inspiration, bliss.

I become lost in an Ocean of Love again. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this.

One reason people burst out laughing at a moment like this is that they find what has been there all along. They were sitting on a box of gold, to use Eckhart’s metaphor, without knowing it. (4)

We just needed to dig down a bit. Underneath the vasanas, we’ll discover that we’re fine. Deep in the ocean, the hurricane is not felt.

And the deeper we go into the heart, the more peaceful we become, until we reach the end of the line, where shines the Self.

This is the first time I’ve been in the Ocean of Love (originally I was in it in 2015) since seeing the Self (at Xenia in 2018). Little did I know in setting out to look at heavenly love that I’d end up in it.

Jump in, dive in, fall in. Just get into the Ocean of Love, Sri Ramakrishna used to advise. (5)

Why do I need to go to the Fontainebleau in Miami? I have what that is all about right here.

What more can Kovalam Beach, Kerala, offer me than what I feel right now?

Is this not what magic moments, costing thousands of dollars, are all in search of? But I have it without all that.

And I have it now.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.

(2) The Guest House

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

— Jalaluddin Rumi, translation by Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi

(3) All lightworkers here to help with Ascension are already higher dimensional. Why would the Company of Heaven send unascended beings to help with an Ascension?

Apparently, we’ll return to our native settings when our work is done.  There’s no need to worry about achieving a level of enlightenment that we already have and will return to at contract’s end.

(4) A beggar had been sitting by the side of a road for over thirty years. One day a stranger walked by. “Spare some change?” mumbled the beggar, mechanically holding out his old baseball cap.

“I have nothing to give you,” said the stranger. Then he asked: “What’s that you are sitting on?”

“Nothing,” replied the beggar. “Just an old box. I have been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.”

“Ever looked inside?” asked the stranger.

“No,” said the beggar. “What’s the point? There’s nothing in there.”

“Have a look inside,” insisted the stranger.

The beggar managed to pry open the lid. With astonishment, disbelief, and elation, he saw that the box was filled with gold. (Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. Downloaded from http://www.inner-growth.info/power_of_now_tolle/eckhart_tolle_chapter1.htm.)

(5) “You see, the thing is somehow or other to get into the Lake of the Nectar of Immortality. Suppose one person gets into It by propitiating the Deity with hymns and worship, and you are pushed into It. The result will be the same. Both of you will certainly become immortal.” (Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Nikhilananda, Swami, trans. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 217.)

“The ‘Nectar Lake’ is the Lake of Immortality. A man sinking in It does not die, but becomes immortal. … God is the Lake of Nectar, the Ocean of Immortality. … Sinking in It, one does not die, but verily transcends death.” (Ibid., 108.)

Transcends death = Ascends from the Third Dimension, where death reigns, to the Fifth Dimension, where death no longer exists.



spirit-painter-and-medium-ethel-le-rossfemale-face-art-blue-colours (3)

Spirit Painter & Medium Ethel Le Rossignol ~ 1873-1970

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