The blue dragon – Lucia Sullivan


“The blue dragon blows by the Ocean at night.
Reaching with fire,
Under bright light,
Star night…
Protecting the jewels and the light.
The blue dragon loves.
The blue dragon;
Fights.” (Goodnight)

*   *   *

Written by Lucia Sullivan copyright 2020 all rights reserved
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New York


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St. Germaine – The Delightful Journey of Becoming and Never-ending Expansion – Linda Dillon



Scan the wide variety of what lies ahead, what lies before you, and then, beloved, choose what makes your heart sing… not a quiet hum; yes, that is nice, that is pleasant… but go for what makes your heart thunder like a full-blown band!

This wonderful gem is lovingly shared by Alex from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

St. Germaine ~ The Delightful Journey of Becoming and Never-ending Expansion

Greetings, I am St. Germaine. Welcome! Welcome, sweet brother, amethyst and amethyst, more amethyst, oh, a little magenta and grayelsha, a little emerald… yes, you are a rainbow of delight! And I step forward not in front of but with your beloved circle this day.

And I step forward to invite you on your journey of fulfilment, of becoming, of laughter, of joy, of sweetness, of expansion. I step forward to offer you my company as we all gather in this forward thrust, in this level of becoming that has literally never been seen upon this planet.

It is not a matter, beloved one, of returning to the starting point of the Creator Race. It is a matter of hurtling past; no, not going so fast that you cannot smell the perfume in the air, and touch the grass with your wings, or feel the sun on your face. For what is speed, what is time, what is movement except for these illusions, these ways of explaining expansion and growth that the human race has come up with?

Oh, they are good explanations, but at the same time they are limiting. They have edges, and there are no edges to what is possible. There are no edges to what you are capable of – and competent, by the way – at creating, birthing, and bringing forth. And yes, the biggest thing that you have been birthing of late is your own sweet self into the new reality of the new Alex – into the new reality of Nova Gaian upon Nova Earth.

But now it is time to look around and say, “What’s next?” And to do so with such a sense of jubilation, to do so with such a sense, yes, of course, of excitement, but also of calm knowing not only of where you choose to direct your energies but of where you are directing your energies.

It is one thing to dream, my brother, and as you well know, I am a fabulous dreamer, and we enter into the violet dream and into the expansion of Oneness continually, constantly, repeatedly for, frankly, where else would you wish to live! But this life – and every life – is but a journey, a delightful journey of expansion… of infinite, eternal, never-ending expansion.

So really, the true question comes down to: out of that Infinity of All, where do you wish, where do you choose to expand into?

Yes, it is so that humanity, this collective, is in a process not only of rebirth, yes, of manifestation, but also of incredible chaos far worse than when I walked the Earth! And even at that time, I said: “This is ridiculous. I am leaving and never coming back!” Well, of course, I am probably going to eat my words shortly! [Laughing]

But the point is, in this morass of chaos and, at the same time, in this expanse of infinite possibilities, where do you, my beloved friend, sweet brother of amethyst, where do you choose not only to place or direct your energies but what excites you? What lights up your entire being with the mere thought of what lies ahead?

Yes, I am very aware of this practice that human beings stick to called “maintenance” – and I am not suggesting for a single moment that maintenance is not important, of course it is; it is spiritual and physical, mental, emotional cleanliness, for when you head out on the adventure of your lifetime, of course you want to be clean and polished and ready.

But maintenance is not a life; it is simply a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual practice. So the adventure, the journey, the exploration – which you have been on, as intergalactic, forever! – the question is: “Where next?”

I do not come this day to direct you. I come to offer you not only my heart – and of course the I AM Presence – but to offer you my presence as we begin again on the delightful journey of becoming. Scan the wide variety of what lies ahead, what lies before you, and then, beloved, choose what makes your heart sing… not a quiet hum; yes, that is nice, that is pleasant… but go for what makes your heart thunder like a full-blown band!

You are a being of music, sound, and light. You are an ‘entrainer’. This is the core of who you are. Now I am not suggesting that it is quite yet time to hit the road, but it most certainly is time to be making your plan – and implementing it – for your sacred expansion. The universe, the multiverse… the Omniverse awaits – and so do I!

I am with you in all ways, in all forms, in all vibratory realities. I am with you.

Go with my love. Farewell.

* * *

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

PLEASE HELP US IF YOU CAN – Patricia Cota-Robles

light wings angel


Patricia Cota-Robles

August 19, 2020

Hi Precious Heart, I hope you are staying healthy and safe. I AM holding you in my heart and prayers during this incredibly powerful but, simultaneously, challenging time. What is occurring on Earth this year is an experience for which we have all been preparing for Lifetimes. According to the Company of Heaven, we are each fulfilling a unique facet of this unprecedented Divine Plan. They want us to KNOW that within our Heart Flame we ALL have the knowledge, skill, strength and courage we need to succeed God Victoriously. That is true even though at times outer appearances seem contrary to that Truth. Our Father-Mother God are encouraging us to “Be at Peace and Trust, ALL is in Divine Order.”

As I shared in a previous Newsletter, we at Era of Peace have been holding the sacred space for God’s Will and Divine Order as we surrender to the Immaculate Concept of whatever the Divine Plan is for this Cosmic Moment. Humanity is cocreating this life-transforming phase of Earth’s Ascension process, so not even the Company of Heaven knew exactly how the Divine Mission for the 34th Annual World Congress on Illumination would be accomplished logistically this year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is now clear that in 2020, the 34th WCI will be a very different type of event. Of course, we are disappointed that we will not be meeting physically with Lightworkers around the World this year, but the facet of the Divine Plan we are ALL being asked to empower energetically in 2020 is monumental.

For the first time ever, we at Era of Peace are going to cocreate, with the Company of Heaven, a Live Virtual Online event that will allow the hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers around the World who have not been able to physically attend the World Congress on Illumination to join us via the Internet. These Precious Ones have been tuning in with us in consciousness year after year from their locations all over the Planet. After the World Congress, I share with all of them what occurred during the event in our Newsletter. This year, they will be able to join us virtually in real time.

In order for each and every person to be able to add their magnificent Light and the powerful abilities they have been acquiring for Lifetimes to this monumental phase of the Divine Plan, we are going to offer access to the Live Virtual Online 34th World Congress on Illumination FREE OF CHARGE to everyone who is interested.

This will be a six day event from October 17-22, 2020. Every day we will have a two-hour Live Online presentation where the Company of Heaven will guide us step by step through this unfolding Divine Plan. We are just beginning to grasp the magnitude of what will occur through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth during this time. The Company of Heaven said the terminology that Humanity can most easily relate to is that we will cocreate a PLANETARY REBOOT that will catapult Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into frequencies of Light beyond anything we have ever been able to safely assimilate. This will create the sacred space for a quantum shift involving every person, place, condition and thing now manifesting in the world of form.

We are in the process of organizing this epic Cosmic Event and the Live Online Virtual Event that will assist the I AM Presence of every person and the entire Company of Heaven to bring this facet of Earth’s Ascension process into tangible manifestation. We will be sharing information about this event as it is revealed to us by the Company of Heaven through our Weekly Vlogs, our Newsletters and our Website. Once the Registration page for the 34th WCI is set up on our website, we will send you an email so that you can register.

This is a very costly venture and we are asking for your help. Your financial donations will provide the means by which we at Era of Peace will be able to share this information from On High FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who is interested. In return, we invoke the Infinite Flow of God’s Abundance into your life in appreciation for all that you have done and are doing for us and the World.

We are very aware that you have many choices as to where you give your financial Gifts. It is with deep humility and gratitude that we accept your donations. Please help us in any way you can at this time, and if your Heart resonates with this essential facet of the Divine Plan and the Lightwork of Era of Peace, please include us in your monthly donations.

To donate just click on this link:

Remember we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization; therefore your donations are tax deductible if you live in the USA.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles


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