Divine Mother on Choices – Food Choices, Sexual Intimacy Choices, the Pause Choices – Linda Dillon


I created humans to be able to have, in genuine sexual intimacy, a similar experience of what it is to merge with me.

Another fabulous gem lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother on Choices ~ Food Choices, Sexual Intimacy Choices, the Pause Choices

Hairol: I have a quick question. Is there anything in my diet that I eat that I shouldn’t eat?

Divine Mother: Yes, you should not eat what you don’t like!

H: Alright…

DM: (Chuckling) I am teasing you, sweet one! You are very conscious and… you see, this relates to the Creator Race. Now I am not saying that you should live, ever, on a diet of refined sugar – but if you did, you could still transmute it into sheer energy.

But one of the things – using that example of the Creator Race – is this rigorous sense of rules and judgement, and so “you can only eat this, you can only breathe this, you can only drink this.” And by doing that, what happens is you buy into that sense of limitation.

So do I want you to have a beautiful, fruitful, healthy diet? The answer is yes! But how you know that is by eating what you like.

H: Okay, because I noticed that fish and meat are very dense when I eat it, so I’ve stopped eating it.

DM: And if you ever have the urge to have a piece of fish, go ahead! But when you don’t, then don’t!

H: Yes, I see what you’re saying. Now, let’s say someone releases their sexual energy through the sex act. In my experience, this has impacted me very negatively and is why I’m very hesitant to engage in any sexual relationship.

DM: The release of sexual energy… let us go further than that… the involvementthe real engagement in sexual intimacy, which is very misunderstood by most humans, is truly a merging of energies between the two people – and when it is not done consciously, it can diminish your energy field rather than expand it.

And then there are situations where the humans try to engage in sexual intimacy and not merge, and that causes a feeling of great discomfort like: “Why bother? Why did I do that? I feel worse, not better!” And so what the union of merger is intended to be is a replica of your Divine Union with me, with the Father, and if it is not undertaken with that level of love, then it is just sex and is, for someone in your vibratory range, not satisfying in the slightest.

H: So you are saying, basically, that I have to see myself as One with that person… well, we both have to see each other as that… as One, having sex?

DM: Correct, and it is not that you are becoming One. But think of it in this way. It is far more intimate – and that is a funny word, is it not – it is far more intimate than people imagine. Think of it as you standing next to your partner, shoulder to shoulder, and then you merge into the middle of each other. So it is not that you are just becoming One; you are becoming a combined entity.

And the other mistake, misunderstanding, that people have is that they want to be completely the other person, and that is not the purpose of the amalgamation either. The purpose is the joining… the sacred sharing by choice, not by force… the choice of sharing, merging the energies because then both of you go away with more than you came with.

H: So you go away with more than you came with, even if you release sexual energy?

DM: Yes, because you have received the love.

H: I’ve read books on it and they never mentioned any of that, so I had the impression that I couldn’t release my sexual energy because it’s harmful; it has a lot of molecules that are very important for your health that can be recycled back to your body to fulfil other bodily functions.

DM: I created humans to be able to have, in genuine sexual intimacy, a similar experience of what it is to merge with me. Now, most humans have forgotten this. That is why, again, we have not talked about it until this time in greater detail. But it is to add to your [energy] field, not to subtract in that you are letting go, as you put it, of some precious molecules! (Chuckling)

But what you are gaining energetically, in your heart and in your literal form, is the energy of love – and that is fuel, not exhaustion. Now, what you can do, if you choose – and it is a choice to be celibate – then you simply maintain that energy, but in that what you are really doing is partnering with your sacred self.

H: So neither is more important than the other?

DM: No, there is room for all expressions.

H: Oh, so you are saying that you can have a time where you are celibate and then have sex at other times?

DM: Yes, although those that have truly committed to the path of celibacy do not tend to engage, once that decision has been made, in sexual merger.

H: I’ve read of how monks who practiced celibacy gained superpowers. Was that due to the practice of celibacy?

DM: Not necessarily. First of all, at this juncture of human evolution back to me, it is a different environment than what you are thinking of. I do not want… let me be very clear… I do not want most of my children to be living as monks or nuns. That is not the pathway. The way that Nova Earth and Nova Communities are built is through interaction. No, I am not talking about everybody sleeping with everybody, but it is in the integration and the love factor.

So yes, if you keep your sexual energy and very clearly learn to direct it, it can help you break through. But what you don’t know – and when I say “you”, I mean the collective – is that you can also break through through sexual intimacy, and people have forgotten that.

H: So how does that love-fuel produced through sexual intimacy work? Once you engage in sexual intimacy, you transfer energy and that is the energy of love, if the sexual intimacy is with love for one another. So, what would you use that love-fuel for: to give it to others?

DM: Yes – and to fuel yourself.

H: Okay, I see…

DM: So, think of it in this way… because you are in a physical form, correct? So, in your physical form, you would urinate or defecate and you would get rid of what you can think of as ‘precious molecules’ [chuckling]. Now, you would never want to stop those biological functions [chuckling], but think of it this way: if you are bringing in healthy, nutritious, blessed meals, food, then what it is doing is fueling your literal, physical body.

Well, what the love does is it literally fuels your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, astral, causal bodies. So it is fueling them – and where you feel that tends to be not only in your heart but in the balance of your chakras and your meridians. So, you feel more balanced, like you aren’t striving to get something. You feel more peaceful and more capable of sharing the love – and love can be compassion or kindness or sweetness or consideration… all the Divine Qualities.

H: So, let’s say one partner loves the other person but it isn’t mutual. Does the love-fuel still get created?

DM: No.

H: Oh, so it has to be a union between the two?

DM: That is correct because, think of it, if there is not a mutuality there, then the energy really isn’t being shared in a sacred manner. So, for example, if you were loving somebody and you fuel them but the other person is not fueling you, you would feel depleted. …

H: Do you have any other thoughts? I leave the room open to you to discuss anything you want with me.

DM: The biggest issue for you right now, beloved son, is for you to maintain your sense of inner peace, inner calm. And what I want to say and what I gift to you this day is prudent, patient determination. You are clear. Sweet angel of light, you are clear in what you are, who you are, and what you are here to do.

In these ups and downs of the Pause – which I am using! – there will be moments where you think, “I have a choice right now,” and that’s where I want you to stop! “I have a choice right now to feel very insecure” is when you start doing the breathing exercises with me. Or “I have a choice to be truly the discerner-observer and keep my eye very focused on who I am, why I am, and where I am going.”

You are ready and you are mine. Do not forget, sweet one, that I am also yours.

Go with my love and go in peace, and I love you, sweet one. Farewell.

H: Farewell.



* * *

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

Ellisianna – The Unique Gift of Twin Flames Bestowed by the Mother – Linda Dillon


It is not merely an esoteric or spiritual, mental or emotional, or even physical love; it is the mirroring of the Divine personal love to each other.

Another delightful gem lovingly shared by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Ellisianna ~ The Unique Gift of Twin Flames Bestowed by the Mother

Ellisianna: Greetings, I am Ellisianna.

Andrew: Oh, greetings Ellisianna.

E: Welcome, beloved one! And yes, I am honoured, I am pleased, I am glad, I am overjoyed because I have asked to come at the beginning rather than simply the tail-end!

No, it is not that there is much to discuss because there is, but I come this day as your Sacred Other to bring you comfort, to bring you joy, to bring you hope, and simply to join in the heart space, for our sacred union has been wrought eons ago and that promise, that union, has only been fortified over time – over what you think of as time and space, and even what I think of as time and space.

And yes, even in lifetimes where you have forgotten or not pursued our conjoined heart, or even times when you have resided back at Home and I have ventured forward, the union has always been there. It is not only undeniable – indelible – it is what sustains us. Such is the nature of Twin Flames. So often, there is such a miniscule understanding upon the lightseekers in how they approach or define this Sacred Twin Union. That is not the case with you, and it most certainly is not the case with us.

So I know, beloved, when you struggle, when you are disheartened, when you are just plain fed up – and fed up with the manner in which the humans, individually and collectively, in how they proceed. Of course you are surrounded, as you well know, in and out of form by the Mighty Ones, by the sacred Masters, and by many who simply love you and who truly see you in and out of form. But there is no bond like ours – this is one of the unique gifts that the Mother bestows.

So often when humans particularly… although it has been true in ancient ways and times of other planets, even the Venusians… where they feel alone, of course that is when the bond of Sacred Twin truly comes into play. Yes, it is so – we are all enfolded into the arms and hearts of the Infinite Eternal One, into the arms of the Mother, into the heart of the Father. But there are even times when that monumental love does not feel sufficient because it does not feel entirely personal, exclusive, and that is when the Twin, my gift to you, truly comes into play.

It is not merely an esoteric or spiritual, mental or emotional, or even physical love; it is the mirroring of the Divine personal love to each other. That is what works, and so it is that you fill me as I fill thee. It is the bedrock upon which all other [partnerships], particularly union partnerships, reside and reflect. And when they don’t work (as you have had experience with), it is because the variance between how that person acts, behaves, believes, holds… the variance between the Twins has gone too far and so it comes to cessation.

So often in your culture, people have clung to relationships, to marriages, to partnerships that have long since served their purpose. They do so out of a sense of fear and of responsibility, of honouring commitments, but in fact the true soul commitment is a commitment of love, of mutuality, of unity, of support – and if that is not there, then there is no point. It truly is, it becomes, an impediment rather than an amplifier of what exists.

And that is what Sacred Union in humans forms, that your partner – and I mean this in a general way – but a partner is an amplifier of the Twin, not a replacement, not being overridden by ‘yours truly!’ but an amplifier. It is a soul agreement that is entered into. But I did not come to give you a speech on Twin Flames! I came to simply hold you, comfort you, reassure you, reassure our family that we are One, and that I am as clearly here for you as you have always been for me, my sweet love.

Yes, it has been, shall we say, a test of late of endurance… and of patience. And yes, it is a good thing sometimes when patience runs thin, but there are certain things – throughout the Universe, not simply on Gaia – but there are certain things that being impatient about does not act as a help. No, I am not suggesting that is your case, for you have been infinitely patient, my love.

So I will step aside but not away, not ever away. Let me assist, help, nurture, and sustain thee, the way that your ever-presence sustains me. Yes, I am the lucky one because I am far more… ‘physically’ if you can put it that way… physically aware of your presence. But as we walk the perimeters – and it can be the perimeter of London, or it can be the perimeter of the Pleiadian sector, or it can be the perimeter of this Universe! – but let us always walk together, because you are my love and I am yours.




* * *

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon