Today’s NEW Earth Light Codes Available – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist ~ Yue Wang aka Sakimichan @ DeviantArt

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Today’s NEW Earth Light Codes Available: Visionaries Living Dream Visions, Living Kindness through Generosity (Next Up-Level/Phase)


Since every day is a barrage of Light Codes, NEW Awareness, NEW Opportunities, NEW Everything available to all…. I’m going to see if my service-schedule will support providing certain facets of NEW EARTH CODES on a regular basis for you and all. No promises, as every day presents what’s highest aligned and what we are to “do” to fulfill various roles to support humanity with LIVING NEW EARTH FULLY too…. ♥

Recently, I’ve observed infinite everything as a part of the greater whole. Every dimension visible, our capacity to support/shift/guide/partner with others through Unity Love Purity Consciousness is never-ending and just continues to expand.

When we have human egos, then “no” is ridiculous in how much we have to say this or show this, to stop that programming from playing out. We each have the ability to become conscious within the present moment (zero point) and shift the mindset to something completely else and something that CREATES/SUPPORTS a NEW EARTH REALITY instead of the old old old ones of “before”.

I’ve been observing “perceptions” of what “NEW Earth is” and perceptions of everything and how distorted, skewed, twisted and opposite/backwards the human ego sees/thinks…. and how much energy it takes to unravel from core programming/deeply ingrained mentalities/beliefs…. as well as how easy it is when each is truly wide open, embracing and ready for massive quantum jumps/shifts.

Softness is the greatest thing “missing” when the ego aspect is involved. All of the inner-fight, inner-struggle, inner-resistance and “holding on” is ridiculous as well…

That being said… let’s talk NEW EARTH INSTEAD…. as you are going to see me stop mentioning “old earth” as much, as it’s playing out old karmic timelines and each clearing their own karmic akashes that are still playing in/playing out/living these old codes/programs from deep within.

NEW EARTH is VISIONARIES that have gained access to SEE, multiple/infinite dimensions and infinite versions of “real”ities….. which are just “options/potentials/possibilities” until each fully embraces and activates the CODES for anchoring/accomplishing/Living these magnificent LIVING DREAMS as ACTual Physical Experiences (which is what we refer to as “realities” or illusions or dreams). We also use “timelines” as a word to describe an experience that “appears” to span a certain amount of “linear time”.

NEW EARTH IS DREAM CODES and so very much more. It’s a LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS where your reality reflects a specific “reality”/experience back… NEW EARTH IS EACH’S EXPERIENCE when the experience is PURE HEAVEN from inside…. as well as supports the Evolution of HUmanity through accessing/living much higher states of consciousness than that which we often refer to as 3D/4D. These are LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS as well…. yet each must come to a place deep inside to truly comprehend on every level that “the physical” correlates much differently and how all “appears” (materializes) and is experienced is much different as well….

The opening to NEW EARTH first comes in dream states, lucid dream states and altered states of consciousness to bring the feelings and awareness forth. What comes “after this” is an immense process of YEARS and each’s whole life transitioning from and through different levels of consciousness so that the “reality” can fully shift/evolve too.

NEW EARTH is our REALity when we LIVE THIS WAY, as NEW EARTHERS, as our highest and most beautiful version/aspects of our own selves…..

So now for the today’s “next version” of NEW EARTH CODES:


These codes break down differently, dependent on many things. How they filter through densities and frequency bandwidths is relative to who actually LIVES THESE fully and who “waits” for another day.

Quantum is always THIS NOW. Everything is created, transmitted and arrives in THIS NOW. Everything is always available, yet each’s ENERGY DICTATES how all plays out. Opening up portals, anchoring codes, applying codes, living codes, embodying NEW EARTH TEMPLATES and sharing all as LIGHT is just a small part of the “how”. Kindness, generosity, caring, deep sacred respect, upliftment, unifying visions/dreams to create more that supports HUMANITY in ways that are highest aligned…. is a part of all of our purposes/roles here.

We shift everything through LOVE, softness and our own inner-power as Light. WE shift, converge and unite all as LOVE and by Living this fully here. We also see all and decide what is acceptable, appropriate and supports humanity as a greater whole and we act/live/breathe/come together in ways that are highest aligned too.

So LIVE YOUR LIGHT, SHARE YOUR LIGHT, BUILD YOUR LIGHT AND LIVE YOUR DREAM VISIONS FULLY TOO…. anchor and hold those codes and apply them to every aspect of your life too. ♥

p.s. All each has to do to “unlock these codes” is to open your heart completely/wide, step away from all and observe and then SEE from deep within your own HEART-SOUL how you can be the difference, make a difference, what you have to offer and continually step up/forth to BE THE ONE….. and unite with all doing this fully too!

This is what all is. Call forth your highest, live your highest and treat ALL WITH THE UTMOST RESPECT AND LOVE, including yourself and all that “is not”.

LEAD THE WAY AS LIGHT…. this means LOVE. This means inner-vision, inner-power and inner-drive, determination and SHOW ALL THAT YOU TRULY CARE…. as your energy/actions speak for you. Words do not matter to us, as only human aspects use these to communicate… as do we when we need to explain or activate/unlock codes (new awarenesses and capabilities) that each holds deep within.


With immense love, kindness and deep sacred respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. I’ll share more about Living Dream Visions/REALities as we go….

Close your eyes, come to center, breathe Light through you and out, allow your whole body/being to shift and your heart to open fully for all to dissolve, merge and blend from deep inside of you. ♥


Artist ~ Yue Wang aka Sakimichan @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Message From Your Galactic Family – Suzanne Lie

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Message From Your Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

We, the space bound members of your Galactic Family, wish to speak with the many humans who are now located on the surface of the beloved planet Gaia.  We, the members of the higher dimensions of reality, are often known as “Your Galactic Family” because we are, indeed the higher dimensional expression of  the awakened and awakening “humans.”

In fact, more and more of your “humans” are beginning to awaken to the reality that they are actually Galactic Beings who have volunteered to take a third dimensional earth vessel in order to assist Gaia during Her time of “Great Transmutation.”

Please remember that,  transmutation  does not just mean “change.”  In fact, transmutation means change into a higher frequency of reality. For many eons, we, your Galactic Family could not land on Gaia except in the most secret of manners. Keeping the truth a secret was vital because too many humans were not ready to have that higher dimensional information.

In fact, too many humans would become frightened if they saw one of our Ships as they could only believe that beings from other worlds would come to Earth to take over that reality.  Of course, humans would believe that because their ancestors “took over” the Native Americans when they wanted to expand their area because they believed it “belonged to them.”

In fact, they believe it belonged to them because they took it away from the “native Americans” who were there long before them. Fortunately, some things have gotten much better over the decades, but some things got worse because now humans have the ability to take over more and more of what they want.

How did it occur that the humans tried to take what they wanted instead of become a helpful member of their reality? The first answer was that there was still some, in fact many, humanoids who had not yet remembered that Gaia was a living being and needed to be treated in the same manner that the humans treated others.

But, as you can now see, the humans who wanted “power over others” still wanted to “take over” rather than to “become a member of” the new planetary world that they had discovered.

Hundred of years later, those humans and their offsprings continued with that behavior.  However, as we, your Galactic Family, come to you within this NOW, we are happy to say that many humans are beginning to release their need for “Power over Others.”

Many of these “humans” are actually Galactics who have volunteered to take a human earth vessel to assist Gaia, who is also know as Mother Earth, to expand Her frequency of planetary reality from the innate third dimension into the fourth, and hopefully, even the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

Gaia is indeed your Mother Planet, and you, “The awakened humans on Earth” were once members of those who are now known as “The Galactics.”

Over your many incarnations of returning to your Galactic Family for the “Rest and Relaxation” of a fifth dimensional and beyond realty, helped you to remember the higher worlds while your were wearing a third dimensional vessel.

In fact, more and more of you were able to return to Gaia’s Earth with a “strange” remembrance of a higher dimensional reality that was based one Love and Light! Fortunately, there were some areas of time on Earth in which there was great love, light and creativity.

Unfortunately it was more common to find Gaia inhabited by humans who were destructive and who wanted to have “power over others.” Fortunately, there was also humans who sought to remind humanity of their true higher dimensional heritage.

It was those who remembered their own Higher SELF that greatly assisted other humans to expand their consciousness and remember that they had come to Gaia to assist Her to expand Her Planetary Energy Field to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Of course, the humans who could not remember their own Third Dimensional self often fell into the lies and illusions that the “dark ones” released so that they could have more and more “power over others.”

Also, unfortunately, many of these “power over others” humans became leaders who did NOT care about other people or the planet. These “lost leaders,” as we the Galactic’s call them, came into positions of “Power over Others.”

Because these Lost Ones could not love themselves (and there was many reasons for that lack of love for their self), the Lost  Ones became lost in their own need to have “power over others.”

If only these Lost Ones could remember that if they loved themselves,

they would be able to love others.

It is the ability to love others, not in just a “romantic way,” but to love others in a “respectful” way. But, since the Lost Ones could not love themselves, they were unable to love others.

However, they thought with their broken minds and hearts, if they could have “power over others” then it did not matter if they had “love with other or love within,” because they chose instead to have “Power Over!

What is the solution for this need for “power over?” We, your Galactic Family have asked that question ourselves many, many, time.  Many of our Galactic, have even taken incarnations on Gaia to try to find the answer.

But, the main answer that we could find is that, since Gaia is a “free will planet” each human must find their own way to remember that there are many higher dimensional beings who are circling Gaia with their Star Ships to find a way to assist humans without breaking the “free will” clause.

However, everyone on Earth does not have to “override” the free will clause as only 51% of the humans on Gaia need to be awake enough to remember that there are many frequencies of Gaia’s realty from the lowest third dimensional frequency of reality into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

If only 51% of humanity were able to expand their “innate unconditional love” to encompass

Gaia’s energy field, they could begin the Dawning of a reality based on the higher third, fourth and even fifth dimensional  frequencies of Love and Light!

We, your Galactic Family hear you saying to us, “We have tried and tried to live our lives in Love and Light, but there are so many challenges here.”

We the Galactics wish to totally support you, and we can see that Gaia’s Earth is going through a process of change. “Change” just means to make it different, so we will remind you all that “Transmutation”mean to move the energy fields into a higher frequency.

This transmutation into a higher frequency of Light and Love will greatly assist Gaia in her process of transmutation back to her innate, higher dimensional Planetary SELF! Please remember that Gaia speaks to you all via her weather and via what is occurring on Her planetary SELF.

We, your Galactic Family, see that Gaia, as well as all her beings, including Her human beings, are also going through a process of transmutation into a higher frequency of reality. Yes, we the Galactic, can understand why humanity can feel lost and alone in the midst of the many challenges that beloved Gaia and ALL Her beings are undergoing.

Fortunately, we, your Galactic Family, as well as your own Higher Dimensional SELVES, are aware of the Great Change that is occurring within your NOW! In fact, we, your Galactic Family, are All sending YOU Love and Light.

We are also communicating with the humans who are able to believe it is possible to communicate with Higher Dimensional Beings. YES, we, your own Higher Dimensional Family are ALWAYS with you!

In fact, we invite you to communicate with us so that we can assist you. It is best if you write down your communications, as your 3D brain is just now in the process of remembering how to activate your innate Higher Dimensional SELF!

Please be patient, but do not forget to keep in contact with your Galactic Family, as they are, and will continue, to assist you to remember your Own Higher Dimensional SELF who exists in the Higher Frequencies of Reality!

We await you in your dreams and meditation so that we can best assist you and send you

Unconditional  Love and Higher Dimensional Light

Your Galactic Family

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