The Seed of Incarnation by Lord Melchizedek – Natalie Glasson

Equine Dreaming – Artist Gill Bustamante @ Sussex Paintings

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The Seed of Incarnation by Lord Melchizedek

Greetings and love, I am Lord Melchizedek, a collective consciousness and overseer of the Universal Level of the Creator’s Universe. I come forth expanding and radiating my energy to connect with all aspects of the Creator. I expand my energy so that I become incarnate within everything merged, synthesized, and embodied within all that is the Creator. I am an expression of all that is the Creator and my purpose is to connect with all that is the Creator. This is the same for you as well.

Today I come forth to alert you to an energy wave anchoring through the Universe of the Creator, into your being, into all beings upon the Earth and Mother Earth herself. This energy wave is known as the seed of incarnation. It supports embodiment and grounding, allowing you to bring the Creator into incarnation upon the Earth. It allows you to bring all that is the Creator into anything you wish to create as well as your own embodiment. This is a beautiful energy and it is much needed now upon the Earth. It supports and facilitates all that you are thinking of and focusing upon in becoming fully manifested upon the Earth. This also means there is a need to bring your attention to that, which serves you. To think thoughts that bring fulfilment, health, joy, love, and ascension to you, to focus upon creating experiences and manifestations that generate success and all you wish to experience upon the Earth. You are constantly in a cycle of receiving the Creators energy, your focus, intentions and your attention supports and facilitate the energy of the Creator in becoming embodied and manifested upon the Earth, whether within your being, through your expression or in physical objects or situations upon the Earth. You are constantly in this cycle of receiving the Creator’s energy and expressing the Creator’s energy.

Why Do You Need the Seed of Incarnation?
The energy wave and the seed signify a very pure and innocent energy from the core of all that is the Creator. It is the purest vibration of manifestation and incarnation upon the Earth, not only does this pure energy support you in bringing the Creator’s energy into embodiment, all you focus upon also advances the embodiment and manifestation process. You become more sensitive, aware, and alert to the embodiment and manifestation process you are moving through. It makes it easier for you to manifest, and allows you to bring higher, pure vibrations of energy into manifestation upon the Earth at a physical level.

It is important I, Lord Melchizedek, share this with you. There is an opportunity through the seed of incarnation to manifest your higher self and your Ascended Master self fully into your physical body because the seed of incarnation makes it easier to manifest and allows you to manifest pure vibrations. This means that by working with the seed of incarnation you allow yourself to embody your higher self and your Ascended Master self through your focus, intention and through receiving this new energy wave. Allow yourself to contemplate this for a few moments. It is like a window in time that allows you to accelerate your ascension so dramatically allowing your Ascended Master self to become embodied within your physical being. The seed of incarnation prepares your physical body and your energy bodies for this manifestation, in truth for any manifestation at a pure higher vibration.

To achieve this process there is simply a need to call upon the seed of incarnation to download and flow over and through your entire being.

Then it is appropriate to state, ‘My purpose with the Seed of Incarnation is to embody my higher self, my Ascended Master self, and the Creator within my physical being now, appropriately and guided by my soul.’

Then allow yourself to imagine the flow of the Seed of Incarnation, its energy flowing over and through your being. It increases and quickens your energy vibration, so you may feel, sense, or acknowledge more light flooding into your entire being. Focus or imagine your higher self, Ascended Master self and the Creative energy is flowing into your being, maybe you will connect with it as a pillar of light, a light body merging with your own or a seed awakening from within your being. Allow yourself to be open-minded as to how this activation takes place within your being.

Continue to focus on experiencing the merge of the Seed of Incarnation and the higher energies within your being.

You will need to focus upon this for several days until you feel the integration is complete.

If you wish to manifest something in your reality, then you can achieve the same process using the statement, it is my purpose with the Seed of Incarnation to manifest ……… (then state what you wish to manifest or bring into embodiment within your being or your reality.)

Your soul will be observing everything, the shifts, transformations, and embodiment that take place, everything will be guided by your soul. Sometimes it may not seem that the incarnation and embodiment you desire has taken place, while other times it may feel far greater than you could possibly imagine. It all depends on your readiness and openness as well as your level of ascension. It is such a fabulous window of opportunity, it is important to make use of this energy wave, known as the Seed of Incarnation, whether it is to advance your own spiritual ascension or to manifest something that will serve you in your reality. Maybe you could achieve this activation for both reasons.

The purpose of the Incarnation is to bring light into manifestation and embodiment, the light of the Creator. The more that each person increases their energy vibration, the easier it is for humanity, Mother Earth, and the Earth as a physical body to achieve the transitions, transformations and ascension process that is so necessary and important at this time.

I, Lord Melchizedek, encourage you to work with the Seed of Incarnation. It is an immensely powerful and potent energy. Remember it brings light into manifestation. Please ensure that your intentions are true, pure and will serve you in your reality.

I thank you,
I am Lord Melchizedek

“Heart of a Lion” and “Roar of Light”, NEW Builder Codes, “The Lion Sleeps No More” and NEW Visibility Codes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lady of Flame art by Silvia Duran

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Lions-Gate Portals and Passageways

While I post this on the actual 8/8, this is so much more than “one day”. This Gateway/Passageway is an entire month, that for me, opened on July 22nd, when the first set of codes came through. Each week since, has been the next set of codes and then the next. We continue this through Gateway completion, which currently I keep seeing is August 26th. Because this is not linear, it’s vibrational/energetic and relative to different dimensions/densities in different ways, then each will unlock, receive, activate in their own way. The KEY is a wide open ready heart…. ♥ Portals open up within us and give us the capability to walk through. The “how” is relative to our own bravery, courage, readiness and willingness to completely let go of all old by way of embracing all new. Then what we “do” vibrationally and energetically will open these portals even more. The “passageway” is our every day, our every act, our focus and what we invest ourselves in fully, to create/accomplish as Love and activate/share more Light to support all in accomplishing, living, being this fully too. Each phase is different and the “how” is completely different too. Each “learns” this as they go. It’s a process that continues to expand and evolve as we each do.

♥ Heart of a Lion ♥

Courage, leadership, finesse …. our Pure Hearts are courageous, bold and often fierce. The difference in ego and Soul/Light is the ENERGY we possess and act from/live. One is abrupt/harsh, the other is through Love, kindness and supports/uplifts/inspires …. Leading the Way as Love. The fierceness is the opposite of the old human ego’s way. It’s a boldness that honors humanity, honors our planet and each other and breaks out of the old to forge a path into all new… which opens up portals to NEW EARTH for all truly ready and fully embracing this life too.

♫ The Lion Sleeps No More ♫

Sirian-Lyran frequencies/energies are some of my favorite ones. These aspects of ourselves are the ones that “Lead the Way” for activating, anchoring and building NEW EARTH REALITIES by way of stepping into immense higher-service roles, connecting through the Energetic Grids of our NEW Earth, crystallizing into form and being the Change-makers as Pure Light Consciousness here. While we have many aspects to embody, these are pure power and knowledge as Love. Once our Lion’s Heart awakens, nothing’s the same ever again and each Lion’s Gateway/Passageway just unlocks the next phase in our own individual Ascension/Multi-Dimensional Experience/Life here. This passageway is one of deeper connections, more pure love and more power too. This is an alchemical time of a combination of energies and codes to awaken new aspects, new realizations, abilities and Dream Realities for each to anchor, activate and live fully from within.

♦ As the NEW Beast Awakens ♥

Achieving balance is key. From one extreme to another for awhile, clearing distortions occurs by way of “purging” to eventually just become a regular organic daily detox process. This then evolves further into a holographic/energetic imprint for each to observe and intentionally consciously clear. We recognize, see, observe, break down, recode and energetically align this deep programming through our own expanded awareness as all becomes visible for us to recognize, resolve, dissolve, dissipate and clear. An actual experience is only necessary where we are unable to do this the moment it becomes visible, otherwise we believe the program into existence instead of recognizing it as a program representing the illusion of separation that it actually is. Many’s “beast” will activate within to bring forth a power to obliterate the old. There will be distortions and imbalances at first, which can be dis-en-heartening to see, as many act out their distortions instead of recognizing what all is… yet within this individual/collective experience, this is a counter-balancing process (and a karmic clearing/reversal process) in order to bring all into harmonic alignment/balance within. For those holding pure harmony and balance inside, as this code activates, then balance is brought to every situation, peace is ushered in/maintained and this powerful Courage/Light can be utilized to create powerful realities to support humanity as a greater whole too.

p.s. I’m not going into the depth of the 666 Beast codes that each human (ego) aspect holds on an atomic level with the carbon-based physical body form that holds the metaphoric/energetic “Mark of the Beast” Codes still. (This is what creates/holds 3D in place for each). The evolution of the human form to Crystalline, literally transforms these codes into Christed Frequencies/Energies/Codes through each’s awakening and full Physical Body Ascension processes. Plasma Crystalline offers NEW Earth as a full-reality-experience by each. This is a whole massive topic/process within itself. The ego aspect is the program that holds the illusions of separation within each. The 666 is each’s atomic codes upon the awakening process beginning through the duration of each’s own individual Ascension Process. Atomic re-writes occur on a sub-atomic/molecular/cellular level, as each embodies Pure Source Light Codes and completes their own Ascension Processes fully, first through the Activation of each’s own Higher States of Consciousness and then with their whole body-form, through the clearing of immense density (and linearity) held in the physical body form, to be able to vibrate at the 5th Dimension of Consciousness fully, which is where NEW Earth not only becomes visible, live-able, create-able and a “whole full-on experience” as well. —- For this specific 8-8 reference, “the NEW Beast” is the Lion’s Heart that opens portals to expanded realities not previously accessible/visible for some before. Lyran-Sirian frequencies recode human codes…. ♫

For “lack” of better wording, the Lion energetically “rivals” the 3D Beast….

p.p.s. We speak in metaphoric/energetics as a reference point to explain actual realities /experiences in which the human aspect brain does not want to accept or see. Quantum is not linear, so we have to differentiate codes energetically in order to explain that which is vibrational/energetic and correlates to actual experiences in non-linear ways. This is on purpose, as the human mind has to be stretched beyond previous limitations and ways of seeing before. Only the Pure Heart can accomplish this and these portals/passageways open up the perfect opportunities for this. ♥

☼ Roar of Light ☼

This code activated/came through on July 22nd, when the Lion’s Gate opened up within my own reality/awareness and “showed” a whole month’s passageway that would progress through weeks of codes activating as we all continued to go/flow….
The actual words were:
A RE-SOUND-ing Roar shall chamber across all Dimensions to “Announce” the Heralding of our NEW Earth as everyone’s reality here….. Where each lives energetically (Dimensional Coordinates) shall be received/activated/understood/experienced/interpreted and affect all in various/different ways….

On 8/1 Rainbow Frequencies ushered in the next Dream Codes, while delivering powerful frequencies/energies for integrating/anchoring/holding too.

8/2-8/7: The entire next week leading up to the 8/8 today were all about NEW VISIBILITY and the many ways this applies to each.

8/8 Codes unlocked: Moral Aptitude and Heart of a Lion ♥

We shall continue this passageway to it’s completion cycle and a new template anchors in.

Today is just a mid-point with many many many more codes yet to unlock/release. So, keep embracing, honoring and integrating these codes fully, as you will need to apply them to your whole life to activate your next NEW EARTH DREAM PHASE for living fully too.

All is through Unity, all is through Love, all is through Purity and all is through Light, which is the pure essence of what we all are. ♥ Live this fully and watch all shift for you as you do. NEW Earth will become visible more every moment as you TUNE YOUR FULL CONSCIOUSNESS to it. ♥

p.p.p.s. We don’t attack or try to destroy each other, berate each other or tear each other down. (That’s an old unconscious ego 3D program). We lift each other up, inspire and honor all as Pure Light. We bring LOVE to/through everything …. to open hearts and awaken/activate Souls through kindness, deep sacred respect and care. Observe your own behavior and see any distortions/programs as they present within you. See them “out there”, yet also observe where they are coming from and the ENERGY PRESENT WITHIN EACH/ALL. This will show you more than your human aspect could see/understand before, and you’ll be able to identify and choose to hold your own Light, while honoring each’s choice for their own reality as well. Lift all higher, to a higher dimensional plane of existence. Your Lightbody has the ability to alchemize all through Love. Bring your Light fully through you and Live this fully too…. and everything will shift FOR YOU and in RESPONSE to you as you do. We are here to create, build and live this together, yet each must choose this fully…. 5th Dimension-12th Dimension is where we do this, so LIVING LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS is necessary, otherwise each “leaves” 5D-12D to go back and play in 3D/4D and NEW EARTH can’t fully be anchored in for those doing this. Hold your highest and observe everything as a part of a whole. Every clearing process allows each to hold more light than was possible before. Releasing 3D/4D tethers is key, otherwise you keep hanging onto these which is what binds you to 3D/4D experiences until you fully let go/move on/release. ♥
With the utmost love, reverence and respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Lady of Flame art by Silvia Duran

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Collectively I Refer to It as “I” – Steve Beckow

Babushka via Dolls In Dolls

* * *

 Collectively I Refer to It as “I”

Everything I can control from my mental laptop, complete with radar, heat sensors, attitude detectors, intuition, etc., is part of that “field of awareness.” Collectively I refer to it as “I.”

Keep in mind that I’ve been outside my body in 1977 so I know my body is operated by a spirit, which, like everything else associated with me, I crudely designate as “I.” So I, the perennial observer, have more than one “I,” just as we have more than one set of clothes.

This spirit that I am literally looks out through these eyes. I watched myself transition from “me” inside my body to “me” outside. It took less than a second, as if I was sucked into position.

Like Jim Carrey in The Mask, once I had the body mask on I couldn’t get it off.

So here “I” am, walking around in a body and wanting to live a good life. What’s most important, now that we’ve gotten the mechanics out of the way?

The way I feel. The way I feel may not determine what I say, but it sure determines how I say it. So much of my day is spent responding to the way I feel, doing something to improve it or enjoy it. Or run from feelings that I don’t like. (1)

* * *

Earlier in the day, I heard in my inner ear: “You can’t become a knower of God until you become a knower of the Self.” This of course is an ancient proverb, common to a number of religions.

Meister Eckhart best captures the sense of us as Babushka dolls – bodies, spirit, soul, God:

“There is a spirit in the soul, untouched by time and flesh, flowing from the Spirit, remaining in the Spirit, itself wholly spiritual.

“In this principle is God, ever verdant, ever flowering in all the joy and glory of His actual Self. Sometimes I have called this principle the Tabernacle of the soul, sometimes a spiritual Light, anon I say it is a Spark.

“But now I say that it is more exalted over this and that than the heavens are exalted above the earth. … It is free of all names and void of all forms. It is one and simple, and no man can in any wise behold it.” (2)

No one can any wise behold the Father perhaps, but not the Self.

We have to burrow down, with our loving awareness, through all these layers of manifested consciousness to find it.

All of that which I described earlier – the environment, the field of awareness, the “I”  – is at its center what we’re looking for (Self, God) and at its peripheries (self), not at all what we’re looking for.

At the periphery, all is hubbub. The Self is refined. You can’t hear it or see it in the midst of chaos – well, not usually, anyways.

We have to journey past those surface layers of the busy “self” to know “the Self.” And then, I hypothesize, we have to burrow into that same Self, in the heart, in the center, to know God.

That’s my hypothesis, having travelled only a small distance on this route this lifetime. That portal is the next place to go for me.

Progressively-deeper Self-Disclosure, Self-Revelation. It’s that way with love as well: We go into deeper and deeper experiences of love.

The heart is in the center. The Self resides in the seat of the soul, the very deepest reach of the heart – also in the center.  We’re always directed (A) inwards and (B) into the center.

My next explorations will be to see if the Self is a portal.  (3)

I’d observe in passing that, for the ordinary, normal, average person (if there is one among this generation), consideration be paid to how to improve the emotional state. That seems to bring the biggest dividends.

But for the flat-out spiritual seeker, which I’m not this lifetime (and often wish I were), I highly recommend burrowing straight into the heart, into the center, and never stopping.

Everything I’ve seen about the discovery of the Self indicates movement from gross to subtle, from busy to still, from loud to silent, from worry to relief, from sorrow to joy. Every time we make that transition from one state to the other, I like to think we’re creating a new neural pathway in the journey to awaken the God within.


(1) OK, OK. I process the feelings I don’t like. See “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process,” December 29, 2018, at

(2) Meister Eckhart in Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy. New York, etc.: Harper and Row, 1970; c1944, 15-6.

(5) Kidding aside, I have to watch out that I don’t end up in a spiritual coma from seeing too much. Spiritual teacher is someone else’s job; spiritual reporter, with occasional visits and explorations, is mine. You, however!!!


Babushka via Dolls In Dolls

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An Incredibly Big Shift in the Human Experience? – Steve Beckow

angel gold orange wings

* * * *

An Incredibly Big Shift in the Human Experience?

Most lightworkers are angels. As such they hail from the Transcendental.

The Transcendental exists above the twelve dimensions, beyond human experience.

Even if they have a favorite dimension to hang out in when mingling with the human population in the twelve dimensions, they still live in the Transcendental.

Michael was telling me in my last reading that what is for us a lifetime is for them an in-breath.

Humans live in the Transcendental once they’ve finished their human experience. Ashtar once acknowledged to me that he did:

Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the fifth dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.

Steve Beckow: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (1)

Those of Sri Ramakrishna’s disciples he called evergreens were to be found – and were seen – in the Transcendental.

I once interviewed a well-known spiritual source, which included questions about the Transcendental. Before the show aired, they removed the part on the Transcendental. It isn’t a subject that many spiritual sources willingly discuss. Why I could only speculate.

We tend to think of this earthly plane, this physical plane or Third Dimension as the only “material” plane. But in fact all twelve dimensions are material planes. Only the Transcendental is not.

We tend to think of sixth-or seventh-chakra enlightenment as entering the Transcendental. In fact it isn’t even exiting the Third Dimension. We have nine more dimensions to go.

I remember thinking to myself that I had no idea what was seen in seventh-chakra enlightenment because what was seen was Transcendental.  Five dimensions later we’re just looking out upon the real Transcendental.

I don’t think people appreciate at least one of the changes in the way the world is and will be. It has always been that people in the astral world could not travel upwards save with special protection. But now, once ascended, we’ll be free to travel to all dimensions. If that is so, it’s an incredibly big shift in the human experience.


(1) “An Introduction to Enlightenment and the Trinity – Part 2/2,” May 14, 2012, at


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Angel of The Morning Sun Part 3 – Lucia Sullivan

African American Art via Pinterest

* * * *

Angel of The Morning Sun (Part 3)
A trilogy of African poems by Lucia Sullivan


”Oh, gentle mother,
With the winds of the basin,
Washing over your face.
You have travelled the heated Savannah,
With so little sleep.
For three hours each night,
You close your tinted eyelashes.
Replaying everything in your huge consciousness of being.
Retaining the knowledge and wisdom of the African horizons,
First kiss.

Holding on to the memories of all you have seen.
Your Ivory jewelry adorns you.
Telling the creatures of the plain,
Your matriarchal worth.
And that the lady has grace,
In the face of all adversity.
The bushes scream for you to taste them.
For you to pull them into your belly.
Hoping you will stay,
Until your teeth began to fall out and lose strength.

As each tooth falls,
A star falls from above the safari.
As if to count down,
The loss of the great mother.
Calling her home,
To the great pyramid in the sky.
Where her ghostly form,
Has wings to fly.
An atmosphere of all knowing.
Her hugeness remains.

Beautiful mother of Africa’s birth,
Watch over us as you enter the gates.
Just as you watched over the plain.
In courage and empathy.
With grace and wisdom.
Guide us with,
Your great spirit.“

*   *   *
Written by Lucia Sullivan copyright 2020 all rights reserved
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New York


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Meditation Practice and Shifting Perception – Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair – ROV


Meditation Practice and Shifting Perception
ROV Moment 54:
Perception can be realized as the innate essence of the mind and heart, by knowing what we perceive as it arises as one with the empty nature of mind, by seeing what we perceive as one with the inherent luminosity, and by feeling what we perceive as one with the infinite compassionate awareness.

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A Walk Down … Uhhh, Where Did Memory Lane Go? – Steve Beckow

Forget-me-not Flowers

* * *

A Walk Down … Uhhh, Where Did Memory Lane Go?

How many people are having memory problems? Raise your hands?

Everyone? Well, then you may be interested in hearing Archangel Michael address mine.

My memory has gotten so bad that I can forget what I was saying in the middle of a sentence, in the course of walking into the kitchen to get something, in the middle of shopping (what did I come here to get?).

How am I to do an interview or be interviewed? There’s no way I can.

Everyone I’ve spoken to is also having memory issues.

My difficulties have been going on since before 2012.  At last I had a detailed discussion with Michael as to what is happening with me.

There may be some differences for you. But you can see both the kinds of memory problems that arise and what the Company of Heaven does about them in the case of lightworkers who need to have and rely on their memories.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 5, 2020. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: I would like to discuss my memory problems in more detail than we usually do. What is behind them, Lord?

Archangel Michael: Well, it is not simply one thing. So we will get into the detail. Let us think of it in terms of three areas.

First of all, as I have said, you are an historian, ancient and current, (1) and there is a part of you that, while you love history in the biggest sense, is also sick and tired of history.

And there is also a part of you that thinks that this reflection, this rear-view mirror analysis of what has transpired is useless and meaningless.

Inside that, there is also part of you that doesn’t think that you particularly want to (and it is a quasi-decision point) that you would particularly want to be remembering everything that has transpired, whether it is 20 years ago or yesterday. So that is one area.

Now, biologically, there is also some, hmmm, shall we say, short-circuiting? Now understand your electrical neural pathways have been enormously increased over the past several years.

But those neural pathways are not always fully activated or completely working.

Now think of it in this way, when there is a fetus, an infant, what is happening is of course that those electrical systems, those neural pathways, the brain function is in development in utero.

What has been happening with you, and with many, is that the reconstruction of those electrical impulses (because that is what memory is; it is keying into current and past events, memories, feelings, emotions) is still in the upgrade process. So there is also biological functioning going on.

The other thing that is going on is that there is some residue of what you would think of as plaque in some of those areas (this is still the biological area) that has gathered in various cavities or crevices of your hemispheres and those are also being cleaned out. (2)

Now what is also happening biologically is that when some of those cleanouts are happening, literally memory is being ejected because it is being freshened up. So think of it as peeling away dead plaque or dead skin. There will be new skin underneath but the memory of that scab is gone. That is some of the biological that is happening.

Then there is what we would call electrical currents. Now, I am not, let me be very clear, suggesting that you attempt or try to turn down anything.

Steve: What does that mean, Lord? Do you mean to turn down an offer from somebody… Is that what you’re meaning?

AAM: No, I will explain. You have a million ideas and then some, running concurrently through your head.

Do not turn down anything! So sometimes you have thought… Well, maybe if I slowed it down a bit, maybe if I paid closer attention to the details of what the input… Because think of it as a constant stream. Think of a computer, a constant stream of input coming into your mechanism called the brain.

Do not turn it down because what you are doing in the upgrades is literally learning how to access what is important to you, what is meaningful to you and, yes, to the collective but we are talking about you at this moment.

And so you don’t want to start, consciously or unconsciously, editing the input into your brain. Now, your heart repair and oxygen flow [as a result of a triple bypass] is helping and has helped this biological issue enormously.

But part of you, as we have also said, and this is an agreement that we have, is that you have agreed and you are living very much in the moment.

One of the difficulties of humans is that they have a proclivity to either live in the past (and it can be recent past or ancient past) or to project themselves and live in the future.

It is a very curious malaise that most of the human race – yes, most of the human race – chooses not to live in the moment. So you are living in the moment. And you say, “Yes, Lord, I’m very willing to live in the moment but I would like to be able to access memories, recent events so that I don’t feel like a fool”

We hear you.

Steve:… Or lose my thought in the middle of a sentence or forget what I’m going into the kitchen for or, oh, it goes on and on… It’s crazy.

AAM: Now, think of the electric blue. Yes, the Porlana C that has been pouring into you. Let us increase it rather than decrease it. What we are doing and we are doing it even now as we are speaking, we are making all those synapses, all those electrical systems, all the upgrade a brilliant neon blue so that the entire brain, all hemispheres, functions will be more clearly firing.

Now the biggest impediment, and I know you, sweet one, the biggest impediment to this being fully effective is concern so let us do our job. You give me the worry and let us proceed with the completion of the upgrade. (3)


(1) My B.A. and M.A. are in History. I also worked as a Historian at Canada’s then-National Museum of Man, now the Canadian Museum of History.

(2) No, I don’t have Altzheimers. We all have some plaque in our brains by the time we hit our Seventies.

(3) So I’m not to worry about any of this. OK!!!!!
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MOVING WITH THE ENERGY – Randall Monk @ Timely Guidance

Melchizedek ~ Gratitude to unknown artist

* * *

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READ LATER – DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDF >> CLICK HERE << See Randall’s website link above

You are going through challenging times, dear ones.  These are the times you incarnated to experience.  These are times of significant personal transformation, should you decide to use them as such.  It is during periods of difficulty that you, as human beings, have the opportunity to expand your consciousness and make quantum leaps in your spiritual development, if you remain conscious and if you employ the necessary tools. 

Challenges are a way of life on planet earth.  For some of you, life’s challenges are like a pothole in the road, and for others, they appear to be the size of your Grand Canyon.  With practice, you can move through life’s ups and downs like a joyful ride on a roller coaster.  You have the ability to manage difficult times with ease and grace.  You determine if your journey is a stressful one or a joyful one.  Being in a human body can be challenging, but it does not have to be.  The key is to remain present, conscious, and flexible.  Be aware of what is happening in the NOW moment and make the necessary adjustments to move with the river of life, rather than against it.  As you move with the energy in this manner, life becomes a joy, and so much easier than when you resist the natural flow.  To do this, you do not need to see far off into the future, just the next step or so.

As you learn to “read” the energy and move in the appropriate direction, you will find yourself in a new world, enjoying the beauty of life as unexpected doors open and magnificent vistas appear on the horizon that were totally unexpected.  Life becomes a sublime experience of ever-expanding joy and bliss.

Each and every one of you has more assistance beyond the veil than you can imagine.  Ask for our help, and it will be given.  However, you must remain conscious to recognize our help when it arrives, for it will come in many forms and through unexpected channels.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek

Randall’s Comments:

I have found that life becomes more complicated when I resist the natural flow of energy.  I’m going to give some examples from my own life experience of how I moved with the energy to illustrate what Melchizedek is referring to.  By the way, I had no idea that I was following the energy until years after my first experience.

Military Draft

When I was 18 years old, and about to graduate from high school, I was concerned about being drafted into the U.S Army and sent to Viet Nam to fight in a war that I did not want to participate in.  I was told that if I went to college or was married with a family, I would not be drafted.  I don’t know if that was true or not, but I thought it was at the time, so I acted accordingly.  I was not ready for college or marriage, so I ruled out those options.  On the other hand, I did not want to be drafted and sent to Viet Nam either.

After giving it some thought, I wondered what would happen if I volunteered – if I enlisted in the Army.   That seemed contrary to what I wanted because I was not interested in being in the military period!  But, since the idea came to mind, I figured that I should at least look into it.  As it turned out, if I enlisted in the Army, I could request two locations where I would like to be stationed, and while it was not guaranteed, I was told that my request would be considered.  I asked for Japan or Germany.  As a result, I was stationed in Germany!  I had a wonderful time (except for the military part) and had the opportunity to visit Switzerland, Belgium, and Holland while I was there.

At the suggestion of my commanding officer, I went to college on the GI Bill after coming back home, as I continued to follow the energy.  The GI Bill was an educational assistance program for ex-military personnel.

Major Life Transition

Much later in life, in December of 2006, the company I had been working for as a wholesale sales representative in the mortgage business declared bankruptcy and went out of business.  I had been in the mortgage business since 1978 in various capacities, so even though I never had a passion for that business, I was comfortable with it.  It gave me a lot of freedom and a good income.  After the company I had been working for went bankrupt, I tried holding on to what I had been doing for 28 plus years, by working for three other companies during 2007.  It wasn’t working; it was evident that the energy had shifted, and it was time for me to do what I had in regards to the military and go where the energy wanted to take me, which was in a completely different direction.

I had planned to step out into the world of self-help, metaphysics, and spirituality as a teacher because I had been studying and practicing those topics since the early 1970s, but I intended to do it gradually.

I decided that it was time to cut my ties with the mortgage industry and move in the direction the energy was taking me, where it was apparent that the Universe wanted me to go.  This was a major, life-altering decision because it required me to reinvent myself.  So here I am, years later continuing to do what I came here to do, sharing knowledge and wisdom garnered over the years.

What I have found is that it is very obvious when we are moving with the energy because there is a nice flow to life.  Things go our way, unexpected doors open, and life is good.  There may be challenges; however, we’re able to deal with them.  It is also obvious when we are not moving with the energy.  Things just don’t go as smoothly, and there are more complications.  When we frequently encounter obstacles, it is the Universe telling us that we need to make an adjustment.  It may be a slight change or a significant life-altering modification.  These practices apply to all areas of life, including relationships, health, and one’s spiritual path, to name a few.

When we are not moving with the natural flow, it’s as if we are swimming upstream, which requires a lot more effort than when we move with the energy.  The more we resist the natural flow, the more energy it requires.


  • Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not working.
  • When events in our life are going smoothly, doors are opening and life is generally good, we are moving with the energy. When things are falling into place with relative ease, we are on the right path and moving with the natural flow of life.
  • If you are coming upon obstacle after obstacle in some area of your life, it may be time to make an adjustment, using your intuition for guidance.
  • If you make a mistake it is no big deal, just make another alteration to your course, just like you would if you were lost in a city. If you need some directions, check with your inner guidance.
  • Sometimes a minor adjustment will make a world of difference, and sometimes a major modification is necessary. Consider your options with an open mind and go with what feels  Writing your options on paper can be very helpful, especially in providing a clear picture.



The fierceness of the Lionsgate portal – Are you ready? – Meline Lafont


Lion ~ via Smithsonian’s Natural Zoo

* * *

The fierceness of the Lionsgate portal ~ Are you ready?


How is everyone doing? Or shall I say, going and moving? For that is what’s happening for sure. We are moving constantly right now on different levels. The level which is most demanding right now is our physical and emotional level. I am sure I am not exaggerating when I say that we haven’t been so conscious of our physical body and emotions than in this moment right now.

We are much more aware of our breathing, of our heart beating, of our pains and grief.  All of these are signals, telling us what is going on and what we still need to take a look at in order to release. Listen to these signals as it is important to not ignore them. These are direct communications with you from a much higher level; these are currently delivered on a physical & emotional level so that you can be aware of what is going on. How else to deliver on the physical level than through our physical body itself?!

The physical is always the last as they say. And rightly so!

Remember back in 2011-2012? The big event of Ascension, the marker and so much more? Well, if you go back to that moment and relive your hopes and your dreams that you have been sending out to the Universe… Was the request of physical ascension not part of it? Was transforming your physical body into a light body not part of it? Were re-embodying Spirit and Higher Self not part of it? YES, I believe so.

Well, we are receiving what we have been sending out to be manifested in this realm… on a physical level since we are experiencing a physical realm.  AND releasing everything from our past and previous lifetimes IS part of it.  That is why emotions are running high and why all of a sudden you can start to cry out of nowhere.

It is hard, it is demanding and so exhausting. But remind yourself every time that the physical is the last and the lowest part of our Being – as seen from a vibrational point of view – and thus it requires the most time and it implies the most intense process.  We are feeling this BIG time.

It is a complex process and there is much more at play behind the scenes that we are not aware of yet. And it is not necessary to be aware of everything, let us be clear about that. We need to be aware of ourselves and we are dealing with a process, that is all for the moment. As we move along it, not through it, we get to know and we become aware of much more. Moving along with it provides insight and awareness as we are in the same line with the process vibrationally. This brings growth and potential!

Moving through it implies an endurance of tolerance but therefore not being in the same line. Resistance lies here to some level because the mind says: okay let’s just get through it as if it is a task, a burden, something that has power over you. As if you have no choice than to just do it.

Realizing the difference is key here to how you experience this physical process.

The Lion’s gate 08-08 :

The intensity of this Gateway will be the most intense – by far.

As we’ve entered the emotional cleansing and healing cycle of all past lifetimes since the first eclipse (Lunar) on June 5th, 2020 – the second eclipse (solar) on June 21, 2020 and the third eclipse (lunar) in 1 month of space on July 5th, 2020  the Lion’s gate brings up the deepest emotions and feelings ever – so far. What makes this superb is that it is not only the deepest level brought up so far, but also in the way it was shown to us.

The intensity behind this arising is powerful! It brought up things you could not even imagine that were still a part of your soul, yet obviously they still are a part of you and that is why it is shown to you. So that you are aware that there still lies a level of it in your emotional field.

Surprise surprise! But an emotional one for sure.

I, personally experienced this gate to be the most difficult one. Feeling creative and so happy but out of the blue – very sudden and unexpected – I started to cry my eyes out as if I experienced a deep loss of someone I love. Every past memory of relationship in this lifetime and past lifetimes were triggered and it all came out like lava out of a volcano. One day goes well, a few after feel very bad to then again rise up to a couple of good days.  Up and down it goes.  Jeez what a rollercoaster of feelings such as anger, disappointment, loss, betrayal, injustice and pain.

What a great way to release and review again. Such a liberating feeling on the one hand but not easy at all.  Tiredness is in the house.

On top of that emotional level we are physically integrating different codes from different Dimensions. This time it is not only from the Star or our Great Central Sun Sirius, but also from a few other stars and planets which have the potential of becoming a Sun soon.

The arrival of higher frequencies and species on a Solar level on these Star realms and Planetary realms have activated these Stars and Planets to become a part of our Planetary ascension. This means because of their ascension and higher embodiment, we are now being assisted by multiple new dimensions, worlds, planets and stars. New Suns will be born and discovered.

So we are receiving much more than we can handle as it seems.. At least this is how we experience it on a physical level. On a Solar level, we have been birthing ourselves more into this realm of existence and so we are embodying a higher form of the Solar Light. It is a great deal we are doing here, do not underestimate what we are performing on a cellular level. There lies great potential here, even though we might not see this yet in our daily experience.

Be faithful and patient, it is in the making and you are the makers of it. All depends on yourself of course, in what way and how much of it will make its way to you in your Earthly realm. Keep your eyes and heart open. And I mean not the fixed eyes but the transparent and flexible eye 😉

The June & July Eclipses brought additional emotional cleansing, as it lies in the line of this cycle.

September equinox 21-09

As usual the September equinox entails much potential as it births new creations and delivers new seeds to create.

But now, being in a Higher alignment with the Solar energies, what you seed as creations and potential will be solely delivered to you at a quicker pace IF and WHEN you are conscious of your Solar awareness and Solar body form. In other words, it is time to start teaching yourself what it is to be a Solar embodiment and to make creations from the SOL power.

This is a power greater than what you have been creating from so far. More inner trust and self reliance are recommended here. It has to come from YOU from now on, to make use of your own power and your own creativity. To build something from your energy and to make your own creation. That is birthing the Solar energy into this world.

The planetary level is to create and to deliver from the power and the energy of what is present. To make use of these forces that are present and make something of it, adding a bit of yourself and your energy to it. The Solar level is to make it on your own and from yourself as an energy. SOL is you, yourself, ITSELF. You are not making something out of another’s creation, out of what is present on Earth or from an already existing energy force. You will make it, create it yourself anew from your own energy BEING and you will deliver this all yourself.

This is something to look forward to. Imagine the force behind this SOLAR consciousness. Just in awe when experiencing it as I write this down. What a power!!!!

May this day be the greatest one ever, to be continued in the Eternal Now.


Méline ❤

Writer: Méline Lafont
Copyright © by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.
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Your Higher Realm Self – Christine Day

female face - Heavenly Light bhy Beholden To Love at DeviantArt

Heavenly Light by Beholden To Love @ DeviantArt

* * *

Hello,  How beautiful the summer has been up here in Grand Marais. I have been enjoying spending hours in the Portals and Gateway. I am aware of the essential role our land in Grand Marais is playing within the higher vibrational connection to the Network Grid. This Grid is holding an ever expanding essence of God light that is actively anchoring deeper on a daily basis throughout our planet.

Pleiadian Message August 2020
Thursday, August 06, 2020

Beloved ones we greet you,   We bring to you a series of transmissions that carry light elements of creation. As you choose to align within your Heart, these transmissions will naturally reconnect you to your Higher Realm Self. Each time you hold your Heart you become more empowered through these realignments.

We are holding the Platform for the Earth and for humanity to move into another level of transmutation. The Network Grid of God light is expanding daily, opening the doorway for you to enter a new realm of consciousness. This is a time for you to reclaim your heritage of light, which has always been an extension of your natural makeup.

This is your time to thrive within a new arena of consciousness. Through your heart you can navigate your way Home. Through your Heart you bypass the 3rd dimensional chaos and become stabilized within a peace and clarity.

All is in hand within the reality of Truth. Reach within your Heart and reclaim moments within the peace and understanding within your Heart.

Be still. Take moments within the stillness of your Heart to build a new equilibrium within yourself. This is your time to create change within yourself.

Love exists within your Heart. Love heals and fortifies your Spirit. Align to the love within your Heart and celebrate in the moments of stillness. We witness you!


The Pleiadians


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


Lion laying down in the shade

Lion via African Wildlife Foundation

* * *



8 am on the 8th day of the 8th month 2020 in the Tibetan and Vedic Traditions

Revati: The Great Womb of Divine Mother

The 8th day of the 8th month at 8am GMT when the moon is in Aries at 8 degrees conjoining Charon falls into the embrace of the 26th Tibetan Gyukar, Namdru and the Goddess of Healing Sowe Lhamo and Shepa Gyeje, the growing of knowledge and wisdom, and the spiritual twenty seventh nakshatra Revati, the female Elephant, and kshiradyapani shakti, or the power of nourishment in the Great Womb of Divine Mother.

The symbol associated with Revati is a drum or mridanga. The drum is a symbol of marking time. So it also draws our attention to timelessness, the vastness of space that is Divine Mother’s Womb and the unity of empty clarity and bliss that is at the heart of freeing us from all suffering. Mercury is the ruling planet of this nakshatra, with Venus exalted reflecting a deep connection with music, dance, drama and sacred literature.

You may feel an overwhelming desire to know your true soul purpose. You may even feel that time is short and all your resources should be dedicated to this goal. There is a deep drive to know the truth of your existence and fulfill your spiritual potential.

The drum symbolizes inner wealth, intuitive gifts and spiritual growth that must be developed in order to progress on the spiritual path. Revati has a moksha temperament with a primary motivation of spiritual liberation. Its animal symbol is a female elephant. Maha Maya the mother of Gautama Buddha had a dream of a white elephant which meant she would conceive a child who would become a world ruler or the Buddha.

In Dzogchen and Mahamudra the ultimate view, meditation and action is that all of us have buddha nature. So there is nothing to meditate on. No meditation and no meditator. If we do not recognize the view there can be no meditation or action. And the ultimate view, that all of us have the buddha nature, is the view of Dzogchen. The view of Dzogchen is beyond words, the emptiness aspect like the sky, the luminosity aspect like the sun and moon, the all-pervasiveness of samsara and nirvana like the sun rays and moon rays. If one realizes the view of emptiness, everything is possible, and this is the impact such a view can have on your experience.

We are being asked to be the Buddha’s child in Divine Mother’s Womb. To conceive the Buddha or Christ within us as a Divine Mother and give birth to freedom from suffering for all through our loving compassionate awareness, clarity, wisdom and kindness.

This requires a new way of being, a new awakening, to one humanity where there is love and compassion for all sentient beings, including all animals and the living essence and heart of this planet, Gaia, our Earth. She, the animals, all human beings are in our hearts because they are us and we are them.

The main deity is  Pushan, the divine nurturer. The shakti is “the power to nourish and liberate others”.

It may be useful to note that Albert Einstein had his natal Venus placed here and during his Venus Dasa wrote the Theory Of Relativity.

So this is a time of change for technology. Technology can no longer be used to destroy and it is time we dismantled all such weapons of destruction in whatever form. This is an era of technology of empathy, technology to alleviate suffering, technology of mridru or the soft nature of the wisdom of ancient cultures, the mystical and the merging of science and spirituality. Much progress has been made in neuroscience for example and understanding the nature of mind and heart. This is a time of retreat and seclusion, of seeking the element of water for nurturing and soothing your empathic sensitive nature. You are already sensing the new skills for the new world, the visionary path that has love, compassion, wisdom and awareness at its heart. You are a protector of the spiritual journey, both here and in the soul’s journey to what lies beyond.

This is a beneficial period for spiritual retreats, activating your ancient knowledge and wisdom from sacred traditions, mystical explorations such as light language, assisting our beloved animal kingdom to find protection and sanctuary, looking after your body, health and hygiene, healing your relationships with those near and dear to you and reaching out in business to those in other lands to form collectives and collaboratives. If you have considered starting a conscious enlightened business or writing a sacred book now is the time to do it. If your inclination is spiritual art get out the materials you need and begin.

It also benefits new research and scientists on the cutting edge of the emerging spiritual technology and neuroscience.

Worldwide there will be turbulence in politics, economics and law, with leaders and dictators having their old archaic traditions challenged while artists, sensitives, starseeds, psychics, shamans, empaths and alchemists working with the invisible world and fabric of what lies beyond the physical will be ambassadors for the new awakened humanitarian empowerment which is rising as the earth’s collective consciousness realizes the need for spiritual initiation and birth. Some unusual leaders will birth and find fame as well as those who are of a philosophical nature with a very charitable heart and good sense of humor. Unpredictability may make many struggling with reality resort to drugs or addictions as a way of covering up their sense of isolation and loneliness. Disruption to film projects, politics and planning will pave the way for humanitarian projects and charity work as the mystical and spiritual work needed begins to be made aware to everyone.

Thirty two stars at the southern end of Pisces make up the Great Womb of Divine Mother, Revati. As such it represents endings and completion and the heralding in of a new spiritual awareness.

It represents activation of mystical power, shakti and spiritual enlightenment through a progressive series of spiritual initiations, rituals and cleansing.

Now is the ideal time to seek out divine connections and healing, spiritual initiation into the Heart of the Goddess, Divine Mother and wisdom and liberation.

You may find yourself in the depths of exploring your soul purpose, and so powerful emotions, even troubled conflicts or depression may arise as your soul sees the world’s remaining outdated structures grimly hanging on to modes of consciousness that no longer serve the divine purpose.

You may feel confused, stressed or even angry at the appalling conditions you find others and animals and the earth’s environment in.

The power of kshiradyapani shakti, or spiritual initiation in the Womb of the Divine Mother is demanding attention and activation.

The female elephant energy within may be aroused. The need to nurture and provide soft, kind, gentle love to this planet can bring a period of a sensitive nervous system, psychic vulnerability and divine restlessness.

Gratitude, courage, purification of eating habits and time to be alone in nature, stillness and silence and spaciousness with your loved ones and divine friends are the best remedies.

If you are reading this then you are likely to have had a past life in ancient Japan, China, Tibet or India, identify with Sirius as the earth’s Spiritual Sun, are realizing your star seed origins, connect with your home planet civilizations on Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus or Andromeda and know that you are in a cycle of rebirth of divine friendships and new relationships including twin flame connections in this year, 2020, of the Tibetan Iron Mouse.

This is the final cycle of the planet, a time when your inter-dimensional awareness is at a peak. The understanding of portals and symbols and how to use them to travel inter-dimensionally is awake.

Angama in the Massai Mara

A pride of Lion close to Angama Mara in the Massai Mara
one of the best places to see big cats ~ Credit Adam Bannister  


Your knowledge of alchemy and natural magic is flowing and your consciousness is already reaching a point of presence in the sounds and light of the fifth element, space, opening the language we call light language to communicate beyond and retrieve information and energy through stillness, silence and spaciousness awareness.

You can touch your deity consciousness, your Light Family, and bring healing to those around you by embodying Goddess and Divine Mother consciousness of loving kindness.

Your path is the Wisdom Path, a simple awareness of being and co-creation where you are aware that the veils cast over our earth with its confusion of politics, economic inequality and grasping has nothing whatsoever to do with your inner essence and everything to do with your perspective. When you fill yourself with compassion and gratitude you will naturally surrender and let go and attract those who will shelter and feed your heart and bring you divine friendship to expand your true self and our shared heart.

You are the Light.

You know the Dynasty of Divine Mother where you embrace the desire of all beings to be spiritually free. The ocean of Divine Mother washes away your fears and bathes you in bliss.

Breathing in, I am bathed in love and kindness, wisdom and compassion,
Breathing out I am bathed in love and kindness, wisdom and compassion.

Be the stillness, silence and spacious awareness of Divine Mother’s Great Womb.

Be that throughout your day and bring that awareness to all beings.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother

Lionsgate-2020-Altair chart


Click on above Link for Speak Your Truth Podcast
Stephen Altair’s background in spirituality has at its foundations the teaching of Buddha, Krishna, and Bodhisattvas, as well as Christ, the Archangels, and Divine Mother. He has been blessed by the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the Dalai Lama as well as many other well-known teachers for over 30 years.

He comes to the fields of transformation, healing, and awakening with over 25 years of formal and intensive mindful and heartful training, a background in teaching and education, and degrees and certifications in counseling and alternative health, business, and mindful and heartful education.
Stephen is co-founder of the Raising Our Vibration Community
with courses on subtle energy meditation as well as books, apps and free global meditations as well as personal consultations available.
Stephen is also a trained Vedic astrologer and brings practical insights to the Lion’s Gate energies from a Vedic and Tibetan perspective.
He will share an activation and transmission “Rainbow Light of Divine Mother” based on subtle energy meditation and the ancient Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Madhyamaka teachings with deep gratitude to all the lineages and all blessings dedicated to your liberation and to the liberation of all those listening.

Available on SoundCloud

Insight into the experience of emptiness – Stephen Altair Shyam

* * *

Wisdom Of Perfection of Emptiness Or The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom

Diary of Saturday 25th July evening to now

Insight into the experience of emptiness

I have been on retreat for some time now, first redoing the Higher Yoga Tantra Avalokiteshvara empowerments that I have done before with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, leading into a Dzogchen 7 Mirrors retreat with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, then a Dream Yoga retreat also with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a Mahamudra course guided by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, the Nectar of Life retreat with Mingyur Rinpoche which I am on at the moment and then a Clear Light Retreat coming up soon with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. I have been very blessed on all occasions to be able to speak with all the teachers concerned and get direct pointing out, some insights from which I include below. May they be of benefit to your practice and I dedicate all benefits from my practices to you and all your loved ones that they may be liberated and freed from suffering.

Mind is emptiness

Mind is clarity

Mind is luminosity

Mind is abundant joy and laughter and no taste

Mind is simplicity

5:42 pm
Listening to Dalai Lama pointing out in Avalokiteshvara empowerment

At 43:24 (published May 30 2020 Day 2 at His Holiness residence)

I was contemplating Bodhisattvas Wisdom is emptiness and Action is compassion

“When you reflect on emptiness you find that ignorance has no foundation”

My mind stopped

Absolutely pure clarity

From 5:42 for some hours

Non meditation

No suffering

Then when I sat to meditate

9:20 to 10:05

Only non-meditation

Not possible to do any practices apart from short dedication refuge and bodhicitta

Already stabilized.

Pure clarity
Lasting for some hours

Infinite Love ~ Keith Allen Kay, Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala

And now it is Sunday morning after the retreat with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche on Nectar of the Path which goes on for the next four days, starting the day the dream yoga retreat finishes. I joined with my wife and I am delighted she is interested. Rinpoche’s humor captivated her. She and my daughter and I watched the beginning at midnight Japan time.

After the ROV gathering which was profound I was reading a book to my daughter Maia on the Planets.

I opened it and saw the sun and perceived that vast emptiness that makes up the cosmos and contemplated the sun and the universe and us and emptiness.

Then the same experience.

Pure clear light.

Clear as in space of emptiness.

Light as in luminosity of awareness.

Non meditation.

Lasting a couple of hours.

The following may assist you.

Empty yet alive.

Exactly that.

Empty yet alive.

You drop from head to heart.

Shift from looking out to looking back until we find awareness looking back at us.

The ground.

You send awareness into a different place from where it normally “sits” above you, or in front in a corner, or behind you, you surrender awareness to the natural flow, and have it go right behind the heart until it finds that emptiness, contentless space, letting go of all thoughts and emotions, sensations and perceptions, until awareness finds awareness.

This is where subtle energy meditation, the feeling is so important.

You let it feel into your body as it is already within, innate, always present, so you discover the ground of awareness, the light of awareness in the heart.

The ground is then to be aware of awareness, meditation is never to be distracted from the ground, and path and conduct are never to be separated from it

Love and blessings

Stephen Altair
Available on Sound Cloud


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Awakening with Annelie Solis - female face

Awakening ~ Artist Annelie Solis

* * *

August Energy Update &
Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter:
☼ When We Live As Light ☼
♥ We can shift anything to a higher vibrational frequency ♥
♫ Keep Living Your Love and Living Your Light ♫
♦ Honor, Support and Respect Your Physical NEW Earth Lightbody fully ♦
Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!


Anchoring NEW Earth Codes and Embodying Light is a massive process on a Physical and Energetic level in every way. We must devote our whole life/body to immense integration processes that occur constantly and shift how we function and live here.

Our NEW Earth Experiences start soft, subtle and so very pure. Pure Peace, Pure Love, innocence, kindness, softness and the ability to inspire, uplift and expand all through our own higher consciousness awareness by observing all and utilizing this information to guide/assist others truly ready to do the same….

Sharing our NEW Earth Experiences is important, as it awakens each’s Soul-Heart and brings “realness” to what’s possible, what’s available, what already exists and what’s simple as each is truly ready to connect from deeper inside and energetically experience the magic and beauty of all from deep within.

Sharing the softness, sharing the kindness, sharing the Living Codes of Divine Intelligence… through our Service Work and in our every day lives…. BEing the Soft one, BEing the Kind one. BEing the ONE that uplifts, inspires, supports, creates beauty and acts as a portal to higher dimensional realms, NEW EARTH Experiences, Source Consciousness and more…. it’s a beautiful life that we Consciously Choose as our own whole reality experience here.

Not all are open to this and we respect this too. This is about respecting everyone’s choices and focusing on what we came here to BE and DO as Light Keepers, as Pure Love and Frequency Holders, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers and so much more.

NEW Earth realities are completely different than old earth ones were. It will take boldness and courage to step out/beyond the old habitual ways to explore all new. Each has to do this for themselves. It’s a part of each becoming the higher/highest vibrational version of themselves and activating NEW EARTH CODES for anchoring Heaven on Earth from deep within. (As is a ridiculous amount of sleep to integrate, clear/merge timelines and more). Our NEW EARTH Lightbodies and Embodiment is how we all do this.

Standing in y/our Power as Love, holding deep Sacred Respect, yet not accepting 3D as an acceptable way anymore is also a part of the process. Every person will have to go inward/inside to get their own answers from their own Universe/Higher Selves as to what is currently highest aligned in every now moment for them. This is not the same for everyone, as everyone is in different places, both Light Quotient wise, density wise, linearity/Quantum-wise and focus-wise…. with each dimension having “different guidelines/rules”, if you will.

Do the deep inner work. Keep going deeper every moment to open up all dimensions from deep within. Be real. Stop pretending, putting on a front, shapeshifting as human egos and playing in the old linear-program-regurgitation games. This global “halt” provides the perfect opportunity for this….

Inside each one of us is this Pure Divine Source of Light. This beautiful Consciousness/Energy and Ultra-High Frequencies that ignite and grow stronger as we embrace this aspect of ourselves from deep within. As we allow ourselves to live from these depths, this Pure Source Consciousness Light… our world/our experience subtly and substantially changes and there are no words that can adequately describe the pure peace, the pure beauty, the simplicity and what it’s like to actually live highest vibrationally aligned.

This FEELING, this CONNECTION, this BEAUTY and Sacred Organic Wisdom/Knowledge/Divine Intelligence… this is what we all bring forth. This is what we live, this is how we see, this is how we show up in the world and in our own actual realities and it’s what makes the difference for us all.

Through this purity, we see all, yet we see the beauty in all too. We see infinite possibilities and potentials, as well as outcomes ….

There is a world of wonder, a world of awe, a world of exceptional beauty deep inside of us all. First the ugly surfaces and yes, it’s beyond uncomfortable, yet it was what bound all to those old dimensional realities before…. and as we each release the energy, as we dissolve/resolve all into inner-peace and love, we shift inside, Energetically and Multi-Dimensionally too. “Out there” starts to look different, feel different, fuzzy, soft and surreal. Our experiences and exchanges are softer, kinder and fluid…. because we’ve released the separation (abrasiveness/abruptness) from this within ourselves…. (yes foggy groggy is a part of anchoring NEW Earth Codes and emerging from density as well).

This NEW EARTH REALITY is available to every one of us when our hearts/minds/body/energy surrender/collapse/converge/merge into ONE. When we are wide open and we function from our deeply connected state, fully present and allowing for beauty to flow out from within, this is our experience. Listening to nature, the birds, smelling the flowers, playing like an innocent child, creating entire realities and accomplishing through service role fulfillment. Creation is pure joy, fulfilling and we get to live these amazing experiences fully too! Truly seeing and caring about ourselves and each other, truly feeling this Sacred Connection with all. Our exchanges are beyond beautiful when we hold this softness and live from Unity Oneness too. ♥

Our Pure Universal Hearts are simple. Let them lead your way. Let your whole body relax and inJOY the simplicity of presence as you TUNE your Consciousness/Energy to a higher, purer, softer, beautiful and peaceful Multi-Dimensional Experience from within you.

For each of you, Thank You for bringing more PURE LOVE through you for our planet, humanity and all open, ready and consciously, intentionally Living NEW EARTH REALITIES FULLY too! Your LIGHT IS VISIBLE in every way, when you BE it, live it, shine it, share it and RAYdiate it out, seamlessly, effortlessly and softly, you gain the ability to touch the hearts of all as pure love here. ♥

In utter and complete gratitude for you, your service, your sharing and your immense contributions too!

p.s. I’ve been putting together a massive mid-year update for the last few months that I’m working to complete. Once I do, it will be made available to all via a dedicated website page, as well as in downloadable PDF format for printing, as the Light Encodements/activations are immense. ♥
With the Utmost Respect, Love, Appreciation and and Reverence for all,

p.p.s. For those that this may assist, on a different vibrational note, I’ll specifically address 3D/4D: ♫♫♫

Planetary Dark Night of the Ego and Illusions of Deep Separation Programming for 3D/4D went full-on January 1st as did the next phases of our NEW Earth Experiences too (Polar Opposites). The “metaphoric”/energetic war began to play out in 3D/4D frequency bandwidths for “the battle” to begin (the first 6 months) which now transitions into “the War” phase (Metaphysical/Galactic/Holy/Star Wars and various Dualistic Existences) manifest in those physical experiences, as 3D/4D still has “control masters” and “submissives” playing out code distortions where these are still housed/held deep within each.

Planetary Liberation from deep states of amnesia accelerates as we go. This occurs within each and is an individual journey of deep soul searching, achieving deep self-awareness and start to shift out of survival mode (fears) that dictated 3D lives before. While a large amount of the planet clears heavy duty (ugly) programs inside, it’s not pretty, it’s loud, it’s chaotic, yet it’s an important global “root chakra/core/primal energy clearing process” that’s necessary for planetary 3D/4D frequency bandwidths to completely dissolve for each to move/shift/transition into the next phase now coming forth. 3D/4D experiences are moving each through their physical body basic chakra system to open up/release those “stuck”/suppressed energies of before. As those frequency bandwidths cycle through the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye/crown… the distortions “acted/played/projected out” are extreme for awhile until polarities dissolve and balance within is achieved. This whole year, these collectives work within this “system”, to open up higher dimensional ones as all of this energy dissipates (hurt/hate/blame/anger and tons more).

5th Dimension and higher do not function from illusory fears, so we are honoring the fear-based systems within each as they clear, while continuing to fulfill higher service roles accomplishing the “New Earth Programs/Systems” aligned with NEW Earth REALities for all. For 3D/4D, fear lets distortions lead and “the Light cannot Lead” with all of that resistance/fight still inside. When the fear is gone, hearts will open and what held each back starts to go too. When the veils/old illusions start clearing, when the fog clears, when each truly FEELS and opens up to what’s possible through inner-freedom and Reconnecting their Consciousness to a different/higher dimensional version of our Earth, everything changes, as the “power” that 3D had is no more…. (Which is why the fight to hold on is so strong, yet fruitless efforts, because the outcome is visible, yet it’s the path of each to “arrive”). Each didn’t realize that they were the ones holding “all of that” it in place through their own insistence and fears, allowing all to occur through heavy duty deep separation programming and more. This will shift when the base/primal energies/instincts clear. Hearts open. Minds open. NEW Remembrance comes forth as the fear is what inhibited each’s inner-connection/power. Imagine all that immense fear clearing…. newfound freedom, newfound hope, new realizations and new desire/drive to accomplish NEW EARTH together… replacing separation programming of before. ♥

Be patient, respectful and kind, as the planet emerges out of a deep sleep/slumber/coma and frees itself from the chains of an “invisible prison” and clears the Galactic Planetary Quarantine Stage that’s pivotal in the various Planetary multi-dimensional phases that come next. These massive collectives fully awakening is what we’ve all been waiting for, yet it’s ugly as fear/separation is what kept all in place and “acting out” is an early phase as well. Conformity is fear and in a 3D story – many in leadership roles played out their roles of greed, abuse, neglect and pure “evil”, if you will. Yes, they took advantage, yes they profited on suffering, yes they used, manipulated, creating distorted systems and totally abused their authority, yes there was a huge imbalance created, which is a part of every planetary awakening process… It’s the whole point at first. New/Higher/Expanded awareness comes when the fear dissipates and each’s heart opens completely up. These higher-heart openings activate portals to NEW EARTH. Each has to get totally fed up with the old before they will open up to NEW EARTH. Each has to get “totally done” with the old before new is more desirable… which is what 2020 “does”…. Opens up Multi-Dimensional opportunities as each is truly ready for this…. The “driving force” at first (Root and Heart) is each being beyond sick of old earth, being beyond fed up, being beyond exhausted, even totally “broken” inside, beyond DONE and no longer willing to accept old earth as the only reality anymore…. forgo, for each, a NEW EARTH REALITY is born, birthed, becomes visible, sought, important and a priority from deep within. ♥

We’ve entered the vibrational frequencies that change all of that….. The old falls completely away, so that the NEW can come through/forth….

NEW EARTH REPLACES OLD EARTH…. and is “birthed” and experienced from deep within each one of us. As all Unite through their own inner-power, inner-connection, inner-light to share, support, uplift and make a bigger different here, entire realities are shifted, entire timelines are shifted… and seeing the “end” from this Quantum Now… it’s beautiful. So keep anchoring and living your own NEW Earth Codes —- as all inner-links up to our Crystalline Grids and Plasma Networking Systems of NEW Earth! ♥

p.s. Are you completely DONE yet with old earth realities or are you still playing in them, trying to hold them in place and continuing to allow them to play out in your own mind/energy/reality/experience still? Each has to be completely done inside, for NEW EARTH portals to fully open up. Once you completely walk through, you won’t choose to go back anymore. (You will be able to “cross over” for short periods, inner-act for short periods (where highest aligned) and for specific purposes in order to Unite more as Love. Eventually you won’t cross over anymore, as your entire reality will be vibrationally/energetically aligned with 12D NEW Earth).

Copyright © 2020 *|Awakening To Remembering|*, All rights reserved.


Awakening ~ Artist Annelie Solis

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

A Time of Purification? – Steve Beckow

Lord Brahma via Getty Images - brahma hindu

Lord Brahma via Getty Images

* * *

A Time of Purification?

Triggers just seem to keep going off. I have to be supervigilant not to launch into extreme thoughts and behavior.

And not to then swing out onto the other extreme and super-protect myself from them, until the guardian again becomes the guard. (1)

How to stay in the middle and yet be strong, resolute, determined? This is truly Giacomond’s territory.

Part of my job is to give a running narrative, an ethnographic account of my passage through this territory and the others leading up to Ascension.

This stretch must be what Homer meant by picturing Odysseus strapped to the mast and letting him hear the siren’s song.

We’re all strapped to the mast and obliged to hear our siren’s song in this stretch of the passage. If you’re like me, our deeply-hidden issues and often-childish thinking are now arising to be seen and acknowledged.

Jesus tells us:

“There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” (2)

I think we’re in the time of self-revelation he spoke of, a time of purification for us. The criminal shall be stopped (this seems to be happening) (3) and the seeker shall be purified?

This time isn’t what St. John of the Cross meant by a “dark night of the soul.” (4) But it’s what we commonly mean by it – a really bad time, a time to hunker down and get through.

There’s very little chance I’m (or anyone else is) going to emerge from this looking good and sounding right, either in our eyes or in others’ eyes.

The desire to look good and sound right is a large part of what keeps a vasana in place. We have to be willing to look bad and sound wrong if we’re to get through this one.

When I look at the vasana that I just went through – or rather am still going through – I can focus on how right I was or how far I take things.

I can be highly principled and yet not acknowledge that the real issue is how far I’m taking matters.

As a justification, in my mind, I’ve taken my Dad’s anger issues and hooked them up with my past-life military background.

I justify my willingness to speak my mind anywhere as being fearlessness. It isn’t.  Except in my own mind. It’s simply bad manners in the eyes of 99.99% of others.

This is me reparenting myself on the matter of my “straight-talking” (another justification). I find reparenting necessary to counter the habitual tendencies. Vigilance without paranoia.

I have this lingering sense that this is not the last core issue that I’ll face. (5)  I’m reminded of Isaiah:

3The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way of the Lord;
Make straight in the desert
A highway for our God.
4Every valley shall be exalted
And every mountain and hill brought low;
The crooked places shall be made straight
And the rough places smooth;
5The glory of the Lord shall be revealed,
And all flesh shall see it together;
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” (6)

I think this is that very process. Increase the energies lifting us up and whatever wants to hold us back rises to protest. But every crooked place shall be made straight, whatever we say or don’t say about it.

My words of comfort are of course that, relieved of the burden of our dark side, we’ll feel radically better, as I did in 2015, basking in love.

This release of old baggage is en-lighten-ment. We’re rising to a new level of vibration both by the effect of the rising energies and by our ability to drop our limiting burdens.

But first they must be exposed to at least our own gaze.


(1) See “Sitting on My Inner Child,” Aug. 6,

(2) Jesus in Matthew 10:26.

(3) See  Trump & the Q Plan – From A to Z in “A Look at What Trump and the Q Team have (Actually) Accomplished,” July 24, 2020, at GAoG does not agree with all the views stated in the video but posts it to point to the series of meetings President Trump ids alleged to have had in 2017 and their purported outcome.

(4) He meant a time in the seeker’s life when all the senses go still, silent, unseeing, etc. One believes one has been abandoned by God.   See Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriguez, trans. Complete Works of St. John of the Cross. Washington: Institute of Carmelite Studies, 1973.

Bernadette Roberts gives a good, succinct description of it:

“In experience, the onset of this process (of God-realization) is the descent of the cloud of unknowing, which, because his former light has gone out and left him in darkness, the contemplative initially interprets as the divine gone into hiding.

“In modern terms, the descent of the cloud is actually the falling away of the ego-center, which leaves us looking into a dark hole, a void or empty space in ourselves. Without the veil of the ego-center, we do not recognize the divine; it is not as we thought if should be. …

“From here on we must feel our way in the dark, and the special eye that allows us to see in the dark opens up at this time.” (Bernadette Roberts, “The Path to No-Self” in Stephan Bodian, ed. Timeless Visions, Healing Voices. Freedom, CA: Crossing Press, 1991, 131.)

This stage being beyond Brahmajnana (seventh-chakra enlightenment), it has to be preliminary to Ascension.

However I don’t think this generation will be obliged to make such a difficult passage. All the rules have changed and our gradual ascent may make the rigors that St. John and Bernadette went through unnecessary.

(5) I already feel the next core issue in line is about shame, embarrassment, humiliation. It’s just waiting for me to be done with anger and fear.

(6) Isaiah 40:3-5.


Lord Brahma via Getty Images

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The Fifth Mystical Law: Maintain Spiritual Congruency – Caroline Myss

angel-light-stairs female face

The Fifth Mystical Law: Maintain Spiritual Congruency

Whether you strike out on the path of consciousness in order to heal yourself or to engage more profoundly in matters of the spirit, one way of describing your goal is to say that you want to become a congruent human being. Congruency can take many forms, but in essence you are congruent when your beliefs match up with your everyday actions and your spiritual practice. Say what you believe and believe what you say; act on your belief and follow through on guidance that comes from inner reflection. In this way, body, mind, and soul finally come into an alignment that allows for the harmony of the graces to flow through you as naturally as your breath. You maintain congruence by honoring the spiritual truths that you have consciously made a part of your interior life.

Truth is its own monitoring device; that is, you can never lie to yourself about compromising a truth. Your biology itself will show signs of the stress when you become incongruent with a truth. Part of us realizes that acknowledgment of a belief – whether private or public – stands as an official commitment to it, if only before our own conscience.

A consciousness left in a fog is incapable of creating any clear path in life, much less of healing anything. There is nothing easy about living a conscious life, but it’s even more treacherous to live an unconscious one.

Simply being as conscious as you can be at each moment is a full-time job, because becoming a conscious person is all about realizing the full potential of the power of choice. Of all the choices that you can make, none is as empowering as the decision to live in a spiritually congruent way.

What you can do:

Practice spiritual congruence by living these truths:

  • You should say only what you believe and believe what you say.
  • Power originates behind your eyes, not in front of your eyes. Once power becomes visible, it evaporates. True power is invisible.
  • Thought precedes the creation of matter. Therefore, your thoughts are instruments of creation as much as your words, deeds, and finances. Become conscious about the quality of your thoughts, because each one sets patterns of cause and effect into motion. Every thought is a tool. Every thought is a prayer.
  • Judgement anchors you to the person or thing you judge, making you its servant. Judge others too harshly and you become their prisoner.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


Sita Daughter of the earth oil painting @ Tom’s Gallery



Dear ones, dearest men and women,

I am Mary Magdalene. I am at home when I am here with you in this country. When I speak to you in this way, through a channel, my soul makes a closer, more intimate connection with the Earth for awhile, and I remember more vividly what it was like to walk here among these fields, these hills and mountains, under this sky. I enjoyed the enormous beauty of nature and the nurturing powers of the Earth.

The natural beauty and power are still present here and can heal you from within. Without words, just by being here, there is a palpable energy that emanates from this country, but also through the people who have lived here over the centuries and have sensed this. There is an opening in this area, a type of portal to another essential vibration that is not of this physical world. I ask you to now be explicitly open to that vibration and to sense it.

You need not feel anything special. Just allow the energy to do its job. It is an energy of both the Earth and the Cosmos that merges here. Let go of all that is tired and old in you. Do not attach yourself to that any longer, do not pay attention to it. The old energy that is there wants to be redeemed, so set it free. You do not even have to wish for it to happen, it does so naturally. But it may be a good idea to say an inner “Yes” that this should happen.

In your life on Earth, all kinds of things occur and sometimes you are at your wits end with what is coming your way. These may be external events, or internal energies and emotions welling up from within you with which you have difficulty. Always know that you, as a human being, do not need to solve these things by yourself. There is a flow within you and around you that helps you. It is not just the flow of your soul, but also comes from a larger circle of loved ones, soul mates, like-minded angels – you are not alone.

Sometimes, you receive a push from the light around you that asks you to do something new, or to give up something old, or to go along with the flow of life even when you do not trust that flow, and this causes you to be momentarily afraid. You doubt if those gentle voices within, or those nudges of love, are to be trusted.

You all have become discouraged. There is a place within you where you feel lonely, imprisoned within walls made of fear and mistrust. Now is the time to soar away, to open the windows of this prison. The Earth and the heavens are calling to you. We are here to release you, but we cannot do it alone, we need your help. You must respond to our call, dare to trust, dare to be open and to feel. All the emotions this liberation process causes in you need to be seen and felt, but for you to not get caught up in them so they can flutter away, free as birds. What has become hidden and concealed in you, what has become clammy and chilly like a dank prison, needs to be aroused by the voice of love and called to the light, but you do not have to do it alone. The light that is calling you is present, but you have to go along with the flow and consent to open yourself.

Imagine that your prison, however you imagine it, has a gate with two guards standing before it. They watch the gate and are your reaction to the pain and fear you have experienced in life, whether it is in this life, or in earlier lives, or both. Look at who is there before your gate. These watchmen feel they do a good job and want to protect you from even more pain. However, in the act of protecting you, they have inadvertently shut you off from life, from feeling, from flowing. Treat these guards with reverence, for they have done great work. Although you might see them as negative figures, they have been the ones who have helped you to survive in this dimension of density and heaviness that existed out there until recently. Address these guards and thank them for their work.

The human psyche is enormously inventive, it will create anything to make life bearable, for example, by shielding you in your sensitivity, by letting you stand in a shadowed corner, because that feels better and safer than what you were used to. All these mechanisms are completely understandable and imaginable from the light of compassion. Everyone has experienced this. All human behaviors that stem from survival mechanisms, where a gate has been closed, are deeply human.

When I talk about the new Earth that is now coming to fruition, that is now awakening through your hearts, then I talk about a reality, a world, which is both deep and deeply human. The new Earth is a world full of warm people who understand each other at a deep level, because they themselves have experienced their humanity to the extreme and lived with it. By humanity, I mean the peaks and valleys of the emotions that are intertwined into your earthly body. By humanity, I mean experiencing the dynamics of change and movement, and then starting over – again and again. By humanity, I mean seeing the similarity in the other person, even if at first glance all you see is the difference. You begin to look for that which you have in common with one another; to begin to communicate with one another from that shared place, and doing that creates unity, brotherhood, sisterhood. This is the love the Earth has waited for so long and that love is born in the hearts of humankind. The new Earth will take form through you, through the awakening heart in you and you and you.

Tell the guards standing at the gate of your prison that it is time for change. Imagine, literally, that you shake their hands or touch their shoulders to thank them for what they have done for you. Feel their strength and their dignity, which is about recognizing the core of light in all the energies within you. The recognition of what you have in common with other people does not only occur in external relationships, but also within yourself.

In the most dark and negative energies there is a core of light, a nucleus of longing for love, a wanting to do good, sometimes even in a very distorted way. Even cruelty and abuse of power stem from a desire for love and the inability to express that in a self-confident, powerful manner; a failure to communicate it in an honest, sincere way. I do not mean to justify such conduct or energies, but I want to evoke understanding and to allow you to feel how the core of all the emotions and behaviors found in humans is the same in everyone. Everyone knows the deep fear that twists and distorts their emotional life. And everyone knows the tendency to want to be in control, to want to have power over life, to want to force others to their will. It is all very human, and it is from this recognition that humanity is the same in all people that something new is born.

See if your guards can step aside and open the gate to release what is hidden. That gate wants to open, because it takes a lot of strength to keep it closed. And what wants to come forth from that gate? Who or what would appear in your life? Allow that to come forth You can see or feel something there by way of a mood or a vibration. Maybe it is a very lovely part of yourself, a part you were afraid was too beautiful and tender for this world and have therefore kept hidden. Or you might see a color or a flower.

It can also be a very powerful part of yourself that wants to now come forth, a part that is strong and determined, grounded, and which has a clear picture of what it wants. You may also see it come out as an animal that helps you to connect with the essence of that energy, so allow that energy to flow freely as something that happens by itself. Feel how, here and now, the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos are encouraging this to happen. And then there you are, finally free, because the shackles of the past can be loosened. You can help one another find where you best fit in when you welcome and allow one another their humanity.

Of course, there are still old mechanisms in all people, and when you open the inner gate, you will encounter them, but give them no more weight than they already have. The old needs time to dissolve. If a tree dies, it remains in the landscape for a very long time, and slowly the organic matter returns to the Earth. But do not continue to live through the old, dead parts in yourself.

It is human and very understandable that you occasionally are sucked into a maelstrom of doubt or sadness, fear or gloom. But look at that with an accepting eye; it is there and you no longer have to hide it; allow others to see it. The light of the new Earth flows through your humanity whenever you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, whenever you are willing to listen to the story of another, and whenever you do not judge, neither yourself nor the other person. And not through spiritual theories, and not through theoretical knowledge, but through the heart, through your humanity. This will give form to the new Earth beneath your feet and in your hearts.

Finally, I would like to ask you to connect with the Earth energy within you; to experience the power of Mother Earth and how she supports you. You are her child, but you are also a teacher, for you bring something new: a light from the heavens. Feel the heavenly power hovering over you like a light that hangs above this circle and shines upon you, exuberant and generous, for no one will be left out. Feel how the forceful beams of light mix, both those from above and below you, and how you are supported by both energies.

Dare to surrender to this stream of light and to make yourself greater. Dare to stand up for who you are. You are beautiful and powerful and graceful. Do not be distracted by old voices that tell you something else – tolerate them, but trust yourself. You are the bearer of a new light on Earth and that is undeniable. I greet you all as guardians of the new Earth.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


Sita Daughter of the earth oil painting @ Tom’s Gallery



Senses and Perception ~ Artist Luisa Villavicencio



Dear men and women,

Welcome to this circle. I am Mary Magdalene. I was once on Earth as a woman who lived and loved, and sometimes despaired and struggled with the very human emotions that you all know so well within yourselves.

I am here today to argue the case for what it means to be human. Many of you are tired of being human. There is a lot of struggle in your hearts, pain and fear from the past, and sometimes weariness, as well as a turning away from true openness, because of what being human on Earth might bring to you. All this is quite understandable, because by coming to Earth, you meet a resistance within that is dictated by memories of past lives and stirred by a nostalgia for Home, a home that you have known in the realms of harmony and light. You all carry those memories inside yourself, and when you come to Earth as a descending soul, your mood can sometimes become very depressed.

Connect with the part of yourself that is struggling here on Earth, and accept that it experiences fear about being here. Your consciousness is not of the Earth; your consciousness is infinite, cosmic, and feels at home in the entire universe. It is here on a visit and only lives temporarily in an earthly body. Acknowledge and receive the part of yourself that is scared to be here, fearful of really taking part in life, and afraid to be open to everything that can be experienced here on Earth. Allow that pain to be there: the doubt, the loneliness, the boredom, the despair. I ask you to open to that wound, because a hurt can be healed only when loving attention flows toward it.

Many of you want to take on the adornments of the spiritual path. But when you reach up high for the light, before you know it, you have left behind the earthly. What you are really encouraged to do, here and now, is to look at the darkness within yourself and to send light to that darkness, which is something that can evoke resistance in you. However, to descend into your own darkness, loneliness, feeling of separateness, is what can give you the most fulfillment. When you do this, you discover who you really are, a carrier of light, someone who can illuminate the darkness.

Now, imagine that the old pain which lives in your souls is gathered within the center of this circle of people. That pain is expressed in so many ways; it can manifest as agitation, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, a sense of disconnect. I ask you to envision, as you all stand in a circle around this old pain, that there is a lighted torch in the hands of each one of you that is extended toward the center of the circle, so this pain can be fully illuminated and seen, and no longer has to hide in the dark.

Allow your light to shine. You are not that pain; you are the one who can relieve the pain and transform it, and that is your true task and mission here on Earth. When you cast your light onto your own darkness in this way, the light also shines toward others and encourages them to do the same. You are then a lightworker; it starts with you. The most profound invitation is there for you to fully accept and embrace your most vulnerable parts, and this is what we have done this week. When you look at the deepest wounds in a person, you will see that they are the same in virtually everyone, man or woman, and come from their need to be known and loved, or come from a feeling of being deprived of love and understanding.

The original purpose of sexuality, of intimacy, is joy, and that encounter is intensely valuable, you might even call it sacred.  When the male and female meet in openness and respect, there will be a union of energies that is literally creative. A child may be born from this union, a wonderful and beautiful new human child. But this meeting is also creative in a deeper sense. On a soul level, you can become enlivened and touched by the soul of another in a way that is intensely enriching for you, and through which you become part of the One without losing your own uniqueness, your individuality. That is the true meaning of an encounter between man and woman. Feel the beauty of this and feel how deeply you desire this, the sacred meaning of sexuality. As a soul, you are always searching for the One, to come home to yourself, to come Home to the divine. You have many names for it, but they always fall short: God, the One, the all that is, the universe, the cosmos.

It is about that longing you feel deep within yourself to abide in unconditional security, to be accepted completely, and to be allowed to express yourself freely. This deep nostalgia lives in everyone and the grand thing about the meeting between husband and wife – or between two love partners, which can also be between two men or two women – the wonderful thing about the sexual encounter, is that you can there experience a glimpse of the One, of unity. In being human, precisely through such polarity – the duality of man and woman – you get a glimpse of Home, of paradise, and you are enriched because of it. Sexuality is meant to be a source of light, a tender dance.

However, especially in the field of sexuality, human beings have become deeply wounded; a distance and hostility has developed between both sexes. People no longer feel at home with the energy of the opposite sex, even when those energies are within themselves. Women have difficulty taking on their masculine energy, their self-confidence, their power. Men struggle to surrender to their feelings, their emotions, to the enjoyment of, and the fusion with, another. How has this come about? It would be a very long story to bring to light all aspects of the evolution of the male and the female energy. But the basic fact is that God, the source of all that is, has given you the freedom to explore and experiment, and to also risk having outcomes in the form of energy that is out of balance. Yet this was necessary so as to actually come to understand who you are and what responsibility has been given to you. You are not a child in the hand of God, you are a God in the making who must learn to take responsibility and to be in balance with all the elements of life.

You are a God in the bud. Feel how you are powerful and autonomous. You are one and indivisible, and although you are inextricably bound to the Source of everything, you are also totally yourself, entirely unique. Allow this knowledge to sink in. You are you and no one else, and that is itself a miracle, a mystery. That is what it is like to be a soul, indivisible and unique; that is what it is like to be a God, a creator: free, independent, autonomous.

Can you fully bear the responsibility of this much autonomy? That is the real question. A part of you does not want to bear that much responsibility, and that part is your shadow. It feels powerless, anxious, separated from the Source. It wants to return Home, like a child who calls for its mother. And very often, romantic sexual relationships are used as a way to come Home – but this does not work.

Home is in you – being your own unique self. To take on your full autonomy is the first step to a mature relationship. Being at home in yourself, resting in your own core, is the condition for a deep joyful relationship with another. But this condition runs counter to the childlike desire that is often looked for in a romantic love relationship, a longing to abide in the other, to completely merge into another, as if the other is an all-knowing parent on whom you can lean as a child. It is precisely in romantic love that the inner child wants to release its own burdens and put them onto another. There is then an emotional dependence and soon both partners become stifled.

The first step to a holy, healing relationship is to fully come home to yourself; to put your arms around the child inside you that went astray and feels lost. Take up your own adult role; the other person can not heal your wounds; you are your own healer, your own light. When you can descend into yourself in this way, accepting yourself deeply and entirely, you are ready to reach out and touch another in openness and wonder. That is step two in building a joyful, abundant relationship. Reach out to the other in wonder, and wonder means there are no expectations, no wanting something and needing nothing, but simply to look with wonder, with interest at the other.

The most beautiful form of romantic love is to marvel, to be attracted to the other, to want to learn and explore the other in the most open and intimate ways. And to do that without wanting to add that person to your worldview, to your ideas; without wanting to shape the other to your expectations, your needs, but to really play together. It is only then can another give themselves, because there is then no pressure or obligation. You are free, the other is free, and you come together voluntarily.

There is then something higher that connects you both, something that rests in the heart. You do not try to change or heal the other, or try to make them better. No, you together celebrate life, and through doing that you are healed. Not through the other, but through yourself and your ability to rest in yourself, and from there to being open to receive from the richness and the abundance of another soul.

I ask you to now do that with your thoughts. Imagine you are completely at peace. Do it physically by going down along your spine, through your heart and your abdomen to your pelvis, and feel that here is the area in your body that is associated with sexuality. Feel this in wonderment and openness without the prejudice, the feelings of shame or impurity, which have been attached to sexuality from society and the past. Feel this area as just as acceptable and neutral as, for example, how a toe on your foot feels. Here is the anchor for your being human, and here, in the area of your abdomen and pelvis, are your basic instincts. It is here that you rest on Earth.

Descend with your consciousness, just be present. Wherever you now are, feel at home with yourself, with whatever human emotions you are struggling. What matters is that you are there for yourself. Your light, your core, can face everything, because it is an immortal light, a light that softens and understands. Fill out your whole aura with this light. Feel truly held in your own divine light, and feel how the universe, God, the Source of all, loves you. That is why it created you, to be as unique as you are. You are fully accepted, you are admired, you are loved, because you are who you are, exactly as you now are.

Look from this state of consciousness to someone you love. It could be your life partner, but also a friend, your child, or your father or mother. Just pick someone who now comes to mind, with whom you now want to connect. While you connect with that person who you see before you, stay completely with yourself; your boundaries are retained, so rest in yourself. Feel easy and comfortable doing that. Breathe quietly into your abdomen and do not feel like you should help or change the other. In fact, you need not do anything at all, simply remain in yourself. Then look with an openness and wonder at that other person. Look at what they radiate as they now are in front of you. When you are observing in this way, you reach out to the other in wonder. You do not have to do anything and the other does not have to do anything. You simply observe what the other looks like, how they move, and what you notice about their energy.

Then you move closer to that person, while your energy field remains around you. From your heart, you feel deeply for this person. Let whatever you feel toward them rise up spontaneously, and observe that with wonder and without judgement. Look at what connects you and what gives you the most vital and joyful connection. Do not look at what does not go so well or collides, and what causes encounters, but look at the highest, lightest, most joyful strand which connects you, in which the energy flows effortlessly between you, and enjoy that. You do not have to do anything with it except to get pleasure from it.

Receive that light for a moment. Feel how the light through that thread flows to your heart and see what that does to you. It brings something new and sparkling into your life, something with which you can move forward, which further enriches you. You will receive it from your being together, while you also allow each other to be free. It is in the wonderment, and in allowing the other to be free, that you meet each other most deeply. That is the purpose of real intimacy.

Step one is to be at home with yourself, to rest in yourself, and to continue to do so even when you are in contact with another. Step two is reaching out in wonder, and not wanting to change or control another, but merely to look, feel, and discover. And step three is enjoying that which flows easily between you when are together. Enjoy that flow and let the other be free.

Relationships on Earth are very precious. It is where you energetically encounter your most intense human emotions. I said in the beginning: “I am here today to be an advocate for being human.” By that I mean, historically, the attempt was often to manifest the divine in yourself by transcending your humanity, by trying to rise above it, and to actually flee from your own emotions by becoming a recluse so as to avoid the bonds of authentic partner relationships. My way to the divine is by being human through relationships, because even though that is where you are most deeply confronted with feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and despair, it is also where you experience wonder, deep joy, connectedness, and an intimacy that is so precious.

When you have once entered into a deep intimate relationship with another soul in human form, it remains forever in your soul memory. When the soul is deeply touched through being human, through being a man and a woman connected through sexuality, then that is truly a gateway to the divine. In this way, the spiritual, the divine light, can really begin to live in people and in human society. Spirituality attains a living, golden radiance, not through being isolated in some realm far above, but precisely through the interplay on Earth between human to human.

I want to thank you for your being here together, the openness with which you are connected from your heart. This is what matters! True spirituality is not about discipline, or developing certain skills or arts that you master. It comes down to that one thing: an open heart, a human heart that itself wants to bow down to its own darkness in wonder and gentleness, and through so doing will also taste the joy of love – warm human love.

Thank you very much.

© Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


Lovers ~ Artist Luisa Villavicencio

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Angel of The Morning Sun Part 2 – Lucia Sullivan

lucia and elephant for poem

A Trilogy of African Poems by Lucia Sullivan
Angel of The Morning Sun Part 2


“Born from the rains of the African safari,
Her birthmarks from her great mother,
Frame her gentle face.
She walks thru the night,
Under a trillion stars.
That glitter stick,
To her fancy eyelashes.

Making way,
For those who follow behind.
Her proboscis reaches out into the night.
Touching the African winds.
Welcoming the great life force that pulls and pushes upon her heaviness.

Reaching out to love the night.
To smell the dust.
The earth.
The green, green, trees.
Of her roaming home.
She listens thru her feet.
The sounds of the safari.

Feeling the chanting of the jungle life.
The conversations of,
Great and small,
Radiating thru her massive legs.
Reaching up,
To her huge heart.
Filling her,
With the compassion of the great Savannah.

She holds the essence of every animal.
Every tree.
Every basin.
Every heart-break of those who are lost to the raw night.
She walks in beauty with the mysterious African night.
Smelling the water that glistens under the stars.
She moves twelve miles,
To drink in her reflection.
Looking closely at the mirror of dim night light,
She sees her intensity and bats her long lashes slowly.

A feminine form.
Reminding her,
Of her own beauty amidst the sacrifices of the night.
Blessed mother,
Walk on.
Walk on.
In the light show of the African,
Dark night.”

*   *   *
Written by Lucia Sullivan copyright 2020 all rights reserved
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New York

SIGNS ON THE PATH – Stephen Altair Shyam

tibetan-buddhist-child-monk at Gallerist by Rijoy Emmanuel @ GALLERIST-face buddhist

Tibetan Buddhist Child Monk @ Gallerist ~ Artist Rijoy Emmanuel

* * *


Diary of Wednesday 22nd July Morning

The last few days I have been contemplating the meditator and the meditation. So I haven’t written in this diary.

Becoming aware of the four yogas of Mahamudra,

One pointedness, simplicity (beyond concept), one taste and non-meditation.

Our practices all involve our differing and complex personalities.

Some people are step-by-step, they need clear steps and processes.

Some are jumpers, jumping up and jumping down the levels.

And some are realizers, who recognize some aspect of the practice from the very beginning so go straight to any level, even the last one. That is rare, and difficult.

I am slow and ponderous, like an ox, taking lots of time, to saturate each level with awareness.

In the beginning I learned shamata. Through Yogananda or the Dalai Lama? No, actually as a child through the Carmelite practice I was trained in. Prayer, awareness of God, trust and have faith. Pretty simple. I was a good child. All I remember of childhood is golden light. The air tasted like that to me. Very simple. And then I had that recurring dream of being a Tibetan monk at the age of 2. Every night, for a year. I remembered OM and the clear light. I must have practiced a lot of dream yoga in my previous life to remember that. It is clear as a bell even today. So I started practice early.

I discovered three stages to shamata practice.

One is a waterfall, where when I meditate there is a lot of experience up and down, one is a river, relaxed, clarity, joy and peace, the mind like a clear blue sunny sky, and one is a lake without waves, where the mind is clear vivid and luminous, filled with bliss and compassion all the time. All day and all night.

This of course is not enlightenment as you are still experiencing, you are still meditating, you are still tasting.

Some months ago the mind stabilized like that. And so I developed even deeper devotion and bodhicitta, praying to the gurus, masters, angels and saints, dedicating all merit to all beings.

Until one day there was no meditation and no meditator. I wrote a poem, a song about it, because there was nothing to say.

The Song of Uncontrived Simplicity.

The mind and heart are uncontrived, in a simple natural state.

Empty, luminous, clear

Such is the nature of ground

Everything arises as emptiness merged with compassion

Awareness and spaciousness

The flow is nectar itself

Such is the path

Self-arising, self-liberated

Naturally present wisdom

Naturally arising kayas

Such is fruition

All is One Taste


All is Gone


Before meditation, in meditation, post meditation and meditator all vanished

And none remained from this meditation on innate essence

Just this song

It was rather odd to be honest. Before this there was a taste.

Then for three days nothing.

This I discovered is very useful.

The beginning of simplicity or going beyond concept.

Meditation and meditator as one.

This is not enlightenment either.

It is a stage of direct realization.

Prior to this I had a dramatic experience, a very full taste.

15th century circa, Tibet, Manjushri, copper alloy, @ Rubin Museum of Art

Here it is

“I sat to do my usual Yoga method of Avalokiteshvara Chenrezig meditation prior to dream yoga practice and at the point of invoking the deity Manjushri sitting on the throne of the snow lion (the deity having the strength of great loving kindness manifesting through me in the lucid dream of the previous night serving the purpose of all hell realm beings and eradicating the misery of those suffering the extremes of heat and cold), as he embraced the female deity of space, invoked from the essence of the pure land of Potalaka, clear white light as the essence of the deity was liberated from his/her heart-mind and entered my crown as a vajra. This meditator ceased to be.

Thereupon light and breath arose spontaneously and light and breath cycled in an uninterrupted flow so that awareness and light and breath travelled together, initially from crown chakra outside the body to the secret chakra in front and then wove a perfect web of light, a perfect sphere of light spontaneously, in front and behind, to left and to right, above and below, as there was no one to weave it and then this transformed into a woven web and then a perfect sphere of rainbow light, boundless and free, infinite and indestructible as if spun from the hearts of the five deities and consorts and their Buddha families themselves.

As it says in the tantras, the outer, inner and secret is like a matrix of an illusory display. It was as if the deities, consorts and families were pointing out the gateways to connect with their proper vessels. Then it was dharmakaya like space, free of elaboration, the great storehouse, the source of everything. There was no volition to finish and no meditation to maintain. This was stable over a long time. Over all my thirty or so dedicated years of meditation this was simply indescribably wordless and my description is a failure to describe the primordial wisdom’s self-occurring awakened awareness.”

I had been taking personal advice from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche after a Dzogchen retreat and then a dream yoga retreat and so all benefits were not of my doing.

I keep dreaming and seeing Manjushri. For years. Why? I keep asking him, why are you here. He answers me like the Rosary of Precious Questions from the Seventh Karmapa.

You whose heart is full of devotion

Who pay homage to me

The eternally youthful

Supreme Deity

Spiritual Doctor

I will change your devotion into ambrosia

Bring gifts and virtues

To all sentient beings

It feels like that. I keep receiving bountiful gifts. And passing them all on to you. However it is just a taste.

So this “no taste” of the last three says was immensely helpful.

Beyond concept and luminosity are not just words. As you know you actually experience them. You become them. That state.

My meditations used to be very long. Now they are shorter.

The quality is very very clear.

Not so much experience.

More realization.

There is still attachment. Today strong vivid emotions of anxiety arose, from where I do not know, as they are very rare these days, somewhat analogous to the sun becoming brighter and the shadows becoming brighter. They are brief like boiling water being greeted by cold water, the moment I turn the lens of awareness towards it they settle and become peaceful.

Emptiness has become very strong. I am sitting here across from my wife and I am not seeing her but more being her. I am she and she is me, we are one. She is not an object of my awareness, she is awareness. She is love and everything about me, in the space and in this world is love.

My waking practice daily is to study Dzogchen (Great Perfection) with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Mahamudra (Great Seal) with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and Madhyamaka (Great Middle Way) with the Dalai Lama. Eternally grateful for the personal connections with them as they point out the way.

Meditation is simply sitting and noting what arises. Tiggles of clear light and rainbow light arise in meditation, dreaming and waking moments. Not stabilized over 24 hours but naturally present. Arising spontaneously.

Dreams on a dream yoga retreat are most insightful pointing out the way.

Lion-riding Manjusri via Pinterest - buddha

Lion-riding Manjushri via Pinterest

Last night in a lucid dream Manjushri’s snow lion/tiger was loose in a hotel and about to kill many people. I was called in to help. I had to make the decision whether to kill the celestial lion, which symbolizes fearlessness or to let it wreak havoc and kill all the people. At that point I became lucid and recognizing the dilemma took a celestial spear and wounded the lion and asked all the people to evacuate. The lion was writhing in pain on its side so I went up to it and spoke to it and healed its side and then asked it to leave, which it did.

It was very profound and in the meditation that followed there was a flow of clear light like a waterfall, then pure realms clear light arising then rainbow light.

I simply sat, aware of understanding leading to direct experience leading to realization. Sutra to Tantra to pith instructions. Even the meditation is pointing out the way to me. Like fear arising or waterfalls it is all simply emptiness. One taste or no taste depending on how you want to look at it. My 2 year old self saw awareness pretty simply. I endeavor to learn from him.

I have found a very naturally arising practice to be blessing the air molecules that they may be liberated. It is as if the guru consciousness, the light of awareness in the heart of all, is alive and dancing in every molecule, love itself, gazing back at me. And after all, we do breathe these molecules so why not bless their liberation prior to inhaling. Why not bless love in all things, all people, all creatures, all air molecules? Life itself becomes a blessing.

As always, I dedicate all the benefits of my practice to you all.

And thank you all for being my teachers.

Love and blessings

Your humble and undoubtedly particularly lazy and slow-as-an-ox student

Stephen Altair
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The Fear of Death Dies – Steve Beckow

-lotus-blossoms-lotus-flowers ART

* * *

The Fear of Death Dies

There has to be an end to fear.

The soul in my 1987 vision did not end up in a bad place but a good place. (1) There had to have been an end to fear for that to have happened.

The chief fear is the fear of death. The truth is that we always, already are immortal. We don’t have to do anything to earn it. It isn’t out ahead of us. Our immortality has always been the case.

So there’s nothing to fear about “death.” (2)

The first time we have a lucid dream or out-of-body experience and see our body as separate from “us,” the ever-present observer, the fear of death dies.

That’s the head vampire.

Now we’re not afraid to risk, gamble, take a chance – not foolishly. Foolishness is born of fear.

But we still have endless fears beyond this chief culprit.

As far as I can see, they mostly center around … loss.

They’re mostly based on the idea that I need something to live and thrive and that that something exists separate from me, outside of me.

None of this is ultimately true (3) and believing it is is what leads to the life we lead. Just look around us. As within, so without. As far as I know, this world we’ve created is the way it is because we believe in death and loss.

They’re revealed ultimately as illusions. They produce a world of high drama.

In my understanding, the truth is that we don’t need anything more than what we already are – love/light – to live and thrive. Proving this has cost some saints their lives. It’s a truth that transcends matter, transcends physical death. It’s an “ultimate” truth.

Merely reading the words has about as much effect as having breakfast. Fills an emptiness for a half hour.

The truth of the statement must be experienced and then realized, just as I realized recently that the 1987 vision I had was in fact the Divine Plan. (4)

So here too, the truth of the fact that there is no death for the soul must also be realized for the fear of death to disappear. But it can happen in an instant (and usually does).

The soul itself does not actually and eternally exist. (5) In the end, it merges in the One again. (6)

Every spiritual commentator has said this: The less we’re attached to, the less we feel fear.  That doesn’t mean we have to live like ascetics. We’re not giving up possessions.  We’re giving up attachments to them.

Several times I’ve faced the fear of losing the site, with all its articles and libraries and databases. It actually took me far less time than I thought it would to feel fine about it.

And the last dissipate-fear technique may as well be from the Almanac of 1853: When you feel fear, stamp your foot. If that’s not enough to send fear flying, stamp it again saying “No!”

Fear is an emotion and it does not stay – unless we keep feeding it. We can alter that emotion; many movies are about the moment of change from fear to courage. (7)

My hypothesis here is that fear ends. Since we know that Ascension will end fear forever, I think mine a pretty safe bet. I’m only advocating ending fear now, before Ascension.


(1) The manner of dying, perhaps. But even there we have instances of afterlife communicatoes telling us about spirit helpers that remove them from their bodies just before two cars collide, etc.

(2)  I watched an individual soul go from God to God in a sacred arc and spiritual spiral. For an account of that vision, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at

(3) It’s relatively true but not absolutely true. Breatharians demonstrate that we don’t need to eat food. The world around us has been built out of the thought energy of our beliefs. If we believe in death and loss, our beliefs will be mirrored in our surroundings.

(4) See “The Vision WAS the Divine Plan for Life,” 

(5) St. Paul describes the last moment of individuality of the person before it merges with God again:

“Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

“… And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son [Self, Christ, Atman] also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.” (St. Paul in I Corinthians 15:24 and 28.)

The drop returns to the Ocean.

(6) The Company of Heaven call this “coming Home” and “the Third Octave.” Conventional wisdom is that one does not return from mergence. But the CoH says, no, we re-emerge whenever there’s a need.

(7) Usually a penny drops. But we can also hasten it by stamping our foot.


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The Fourth Mystical Law: Trust in Divine Paradox, Irony, and Synchronicity – Caroline Myss

The Fourth Mystical Law: Trust in Divine Paradox, Irony, and Synchronicity

Paradox is one of the languages of the Divine, an apparent contradiction that nonetheless contains the truth. The power of a paradox, by its very nature, cannot be captured in a single definition. Paradoxical dynamics are currents that animate the wild cards of our lives, sometimes with such a dramatic force that it gives us pause to consider, “Who could possibly have masterminded such an event?”

Ironic events along with paradoxical ones stand out in our lives, calling us to notice them. They come together with rare, once-in-a-lifetime ingredients that may never coalesce again. These facts alone beckon us to take notice that unusual forces have consciously gathered around us to make that one event happen.

How often has something happened to us that in the moment we think is devastating, only to discover six months or a year later that it was the proverbial “blessing in disguise”? Sometimes the blessing is simply that these events draw us out of our ordinary “sleeping” state; that is, they cause us to wonder about the greater cosmic map, and that’s purpose enough.

The ego is always frightened and cannot discern a blessing from a tragedy, because its only compass is its own survival. As a result, it bases every decision on either what is already knows and its familiar with or what it views as safe. Times of change are about exactly that – a need to change. But changes of circumstance are the illusion, not the intent. You are always the object of change, never your situation. When life presents you with a crossroads and you are not sure what to do, the ego will always fall back on what it has already done. The ego pulls out its resume, which is, paradoxically, exactly the wrong thing to do. Change arrives because you need to move forward, not retreat to the past.

People who look to their past will not do well, because the past is no longer relevant. We can only go forward and toward the fact – and it is a fact – that learning to rely on divine paradox and wisdom will become a great survival grace.

What you can do:

To fall into harmony with divine paradox, irony and synchronicity remember:

  • What is big is really small; what is small is really big.
  • What is frightening is really the safe path; what looks safe is your fear talking.
  • What looks like chaos is actually a future blessing in disguise.
  • Your greatest power is humility; your greatest weakness is humiliation.
  • The mustard seed (one clear soul) has more power than the mountain (a group of people in chaos).
  • The power of prayer and grace – knowing how to work in harmony with the cosmos – influences the whole of life, whereas trying to dominate one person destroys you.
  • Your ego – and not someone else’s – is your most ruthless adversary.

Live these truths. Take them into your life and act on them. Look for these mystical energies in your life and note that they are not accidental but represent dynamics that are cause for a conscious response.


5 Buddhas – photo credit Celine Haeberly @ Unsplash

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The Strongest of the Strong – Steve Beckow

Archangel Faith by Lily Moses - angel

Archangel Faith ~ Artist Lily Moses

* * *

The Strongest of the Strong

Time for a change, a walk in the park, so to speak.

There are many classic paths to enlightenment.

I’d like to divide them into two general types: (1) Those that involve going inward and (2) those that involve going outward.

Those that involve going inward include meditation proper, the awareness path (my chosen path), Zen, etc.

Those that involve going outward include bhakti yoga or devotion and karma yoga or service.

Devotion involves loving the Divine and getting immersed or lost in it so that separation ends. Karma yoga usually means serving the Divine and remaining present to the service.

However, there are no firm boundaries. Karma yogis can get lost in bliss and bhaktas can remain present to service.

The Company of Heaven reminds us that lightworkers have come at this present time to build  Nova Earth, from the ground up. (2)

Lightholders have agreed to enter into enlightenment, which is itself service, different from what lightworkers have signed on for but service notwithstanding.

If I take myself as an example of a servant, I’ve said for myself that heaven can wait. I don’t have to wail and moan about it. I know that heaven – the early Christian name for the Fifth Dimension, the place of “Salvation” – is there for me (and you) when my contract is done so there’s no sense of urgency.

Coming back to worldly matters, we’ll have help with what we do. This current Reval is not the only means by which abundance will be released to the planet. (3)

Apparently, those who prove to have integrity, compassion, and perseverance will receive greater responsibilities related to redistributing that wealth. (4)

They’ll have the opportunity of being part of bringing the starving millions of the planet out of want and neglect, of giving masses of people income security, healthcare benefits, educational access, old-age security, etc.

But the real point I want to make here is that, if you choose the path of service – and you don’t have to; you can rechoose at any moment – then it sets in motion another train of events regarding enlightenment.

The Divine Mother and your archangel will approach your enlightenment with your service agreement in mind.  How it manifests, the degree to which you feel bliss, when it occurs are all up to them and I assert that they will take your service requirements into consideration.

My own example is educational. I’ve had seventh-dimensional and seventh-chakra spiritual experiences but I don’t consider myself enlightened.

Why not? Because the experiences were truncated in order to (A) allow me to remain in sync with my readers, as per my service contract, and (B) not go off to the Himalayas and throw the whole thing over. The degree of my illumination was dictated by the requirements of my service contract.

Moreover, I have another service contract as a pillar. I and others like me have agreed to stay till the end and push the last stragglers onto the train. Does that mean that I don’t benefit from Ascension till the very last? No. I can visit but not stay. (5) These truncated experiences were the visits.

I’m a waiter at the banquet of Ascension. (6) I can nibble on the food as we go along. But after the guests have eaten is when we waiters really get to eat. (I will never escape waiting till … the end.)

No longing is as intense as the longing for enlightenment. But we can moderate that intensity through knowledge. If I know that I’ve agreed to certain service provisions that mean no enlightenment before the invited guests, my longing quiets down and I’m able to carry on.

Blossom’s Federation often calls us lightworkers “the strongest of the strong.” (5) To put aside the deepest longings of our soul, to serve, if I may be permitted to say it, I think you’d have to be among the strongest of the strong.


(1)  Divine Mother: I am bringing you together, I have already brought you together in this sacred circle for the transformation of Gaia, for the transformation of what it means to be Gaian, and for the fulfillment of My Plan. (“The Divine Mother ~ I Have Called You,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2019, at

Jesus: Each of you are the implementers of the Mother’s Plan.

You have been given the insight, the understanding, the tools, the mechanisms, and the will to bring forth your plan within the Mother’s Plan and they are in alignment. Your heart and mind are in the alignment of love.

Now we reignite yet again the will because this is an essential part of the missing piece. It is the will to bring into physicality that which you desire. And how do you express will? It is not through intention, it is through action. (“Jesus’s Call To Action!,” August 6, 2016, at

Archangel Michael: You are our partners. You are the implementers of Nova Earth, the physical builders of Nova Earth embodying, very beautifully, Nova Being. …  You are creating and co-creating with us Nova Earth, new Cities of Light, new centers of peace. (Archangel Michael, “Persistence, Fortitude and Valor Being,” Sept. 17, 2016, channeled by Linda Dillon, Council of Love Saturday Conference Call.)

AAM: So are there new institutions to be built, that reflect love and equality, integrity, and knowing? Yes. But do not forget, you are in the full business of co-creation with us. So this is not arduous, this is not tedious, this is not difficult. (Archangel Michael on the Containment of the Cabal, July 3, 2012, at

(2) Archangel Michael: That is why we have also said, (this is an aside) there will be several waves of abundance. So we give you the allowance and we see how you do. (“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on the Source of Power and Authority, AHWAA, March 9, 2017,” at

AAM: This plan has been an unfoldment for far too long for money to simply be washed down the drain by decisions that are not beneficial either for yourself or for others and for those who will benefit from the abundance programs, plural. (AAM, Aug. 6, 2013.)

AAM: There will be other sources of funding. (Archangel Michael in a personal  reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 27, 2013. Hereafter AAM.)

(3) AAM: Those who are in a position of stewardship, of beginning projects that lead the way to the building and the re-creation of what Nova Earth is truly about … become the spokesbeings for many.  (AAM, May 27, 2016.)

(4) AAM:   It is very simple: Visit; don’t stay. (AAM, May 6, 2013.)

(5) “Starseeds: Waiters at the Banquet of Ascension,” 


NOW … WHAT YOU MUST DO … IS RECALL THIS KNOWING. (Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 11, 2020, at


Archangel Faith ~ Artist Lily Moses

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Every word, every thought, everything which has ever taken place in humanity, can be read in the Akasha Chronicle -Rudolf Steiner


Yin and Yang ~ Artist Luisa Villavicencio

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Every word, every thought, everything which has ever taken place in humanity, can be read in the Akasha Chronicle

Now I am speaking to you, but you would not hear me if my voice were not able to produce vibrations in the air. Thus every word which I utter exists in the air in the form of fine movements. These fine movements of course vanish, but everything which occurs here on earth becomes impressed in that fine substantiality which we experience when reaching the spiritual world. This impression is everlasting. Every word, every thought, everything which has ever taken place in humanity, can be read in the Akasha Chronicle.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 100 – Theosophy and Rosicrucianism: Lecture IV: Man’s Further Destinies in the Spiritual Worlds – Kassel, 19th June, 1907

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Symbols for Healing ~ Artist Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Gallery



Beloved masters, as surely as you live and breathe, you are helping to create either Heaven or hell on Earth. Or many of you may possibly feel that you vacillate somewhere in-between the two. No matter what you believe or how you interpret the ancient teachings, Heaven is a state of mind-consciousness and not somewhere out there in the higher dimensions. It is not only a place you may be eligible to go to when you transcend and leave your present physical vessel, although not a final destination, it is also a state of consciousness that you can create and exist in no matter where you have been, where you are now, or where you are going in the future. You came from a “heavenly place,” and you brought Love/Light with you, along with the ability to create a “heavenly environment” no matter what dimension, world or reality you have chosen to experience.

Hell on Earth is what many of you have been experiencing over these many thousands of years since humanity’s “Fall into unconsciousness.” You have been living in an “unreal world” whereby you are steeped in fear, superstition, feelings of shame, guilt and of being unworthy of love or abundance. You have allowed others to tell you how to think and act, and you have allowed those you thought were wiser than you to take away your power and control your lives. A maelstrom of negative thought forms created by the masses has kept you imprisoned in a world of illusion.

Your real world was designed to be crisp, clear, free-flowing and harmonious, whereby you would traverse the middle path with few obstacles in your way. A beautiful world of peace and plenty where you could freely cocreate in cooperation and harmony with your fellow brothers and sisters on the journey. A place where you would be attuned to all levels of consciousness, as well as connected with all Facets of Creation. A place that was designed to be a Heaven on the material plane of existence. Remember, your mission was to experience the realm of physicality so that the Creator could also experience this wondrous Facet of ITS creation.

The miracle of these times is that the masses are daily awakening in greater and greater numbers. You, the vanguard, have opened the way and set the stage for the monumental transformational process that is affecting all humanity and the planet. Through your tireless efforts, you have anchored the higher frequencies of Light upon and within the Earth, thereby making them available to all those who are ready to open their hearts and step onto the path of heightened awareness and Self-mastery. Each person has the ability to create their own unique Heaven on Earth. That is the miracle of these unparalleled times in which you are living.

You are stretching your spiritual muscles, and you are tapping into the vast resources which have been awaiting you for these many Ages. You are beginning to reclaim the elements and characteristics of your real world. A world that all of you helped to create in the beginning. Down through the multiple dimensions each of you brought with you, stored in your Diamond Core God Cell, all the attributes, virtues and qualities of the twelve Rays – a precious gift from our Father/Mother God. In the beginning, you used your abilities to create many magnificent and wondrous things until, over time, your abilities became diminished, distorted and imperfect because of your fall into the illusional negative environment of the lower dimensions. Thus, you began to create and live in an unreal world, a hellish place of your own making.

The Supreme Creator knows only perfection, and our Father/Mother God parents desire only the very best for all Creation. They do not punish. They do not take sides. They do not know anger or fear. They are filled with and radiate only Love/Light, which comprises compassion, joy and harmony, as well as all things righteous and good. It does not matter what religion you are. It does not matter if you are an atheist, an agnostic or whether you say you hate or deny God. You will never truly die – you only change form. You are immortal.

Remember, you are a refracted Light/Spark of the Creator. You see through a lens made up of vibrational frequencies which are composed of thought forms, intentions and actions resulting in a unique picture of reality you have created over many thousands of lifetimes. You are in the process of reclaiming your higher truth, refining your thoughts and clearing your vision. As you do so, the veils of illusion are slowly dissolving while you gradually build your new version of Heaven on Earth, which will gradually blend and meld with the visions of your spiritual brothers and sisters.

Each phase of the Divine Plan is imprinted holographically upon the Earth’s auric field, and there is a Memory Seed Atom Code designed to ignite within each of you at a specific time – nudging and inspiring you to fulfill your Divine Mission – an integral part of the Grand Plan. It has been carefully orchestrated so that if any one of you abdicates, there is always another brave Soul ready to take your place. The Divine Blueprint for the Earth and humanity will not be denied. It will be brought to fruition. There are many contingency plans with wide parameters, and there is a fail-safe. The forward march of the Ages will proceed as mandated by the Creator and our Father/Mother God.

Throughout the centuries, there have been predictions and prophecies about a New Age of evolution on Earth and within humanity, which has been termed as a passage from instinctual, physical/human beings to INTUITIVE SPIRITUAL/HUMAN BEINGS – a return to your true nature as Divine Sparks of the Creator. One galactic cycle takes approximately 26,000 years to complete, and the Earth and all sentient Beings are being affected as humanity emerges from the darkness into the refined Light and a new cosmic day. A new Golden Age is in the making. A wondrous new Golden Galaxy is in the early formation stages. It will incorporate the refined vibrational frequencies of your successful, earthly experiences, along with the wisdom garnered throughout your many sojourns on the earthly plane – a grand, new Divine Plan sent forth from the Mind and Heart of the Supreme Creator to our Father/Mother God of this Universe.

During the night or dark cycle of past Ages, you sank into density, and your Life/Light Line to your Higher Self and our Father/Mother God was greatly diminished. You were left to your own devices in hopes that you would awaken to your Inner Source (resources) of Spiritual Power. The Divine Plan did not call for you to experience lack, limitation and fear; however, you had to suffer the consequences of your free will actions, the discordant energies you projected out into your world.

We have spoken many times before about the laws of cause and effect or for every action there is a reaction, which results in what is known as negative or positive Karma. For many ages, you, as the en-Lighten-ed ones, have been working diligently to bring into balance your personal karma, ancestral karma, and race karmic influences. That was a major part of the game of duality and polarity – returning to balance and harmony in all Facets of your Beingness. You have struggled with the cross of matter for many Ages. It is wondrous to watch as you slowly return to harmonious frequencies the discordant energies that have kept you off-balance for so long.

As you heal and transmute the thought forms that have kept you captive in your hellish environment of the past, you are once more becoming a Pillar of Light. The cross you bear is becoming a Cross of Light that radiates forth via your Solar Power center from the front and back of your heart chakra. Thus, you are creating a column of Light by which you are beginning to experience the fruits of your labor, as you reclaim your heavenly heritage as an Emissary of Light.

Many of you are wondering what will happen now as the winds of war, conflict and destruction swirl like a dark and heavy cloud around the Earth, touching and affecting everything and everyone. It depends on what you are feeling and thinking, dear ones – what is on your mind and in your heart as to whether you will stand firmly in the Light or add to the negative karmic thought forms that are being created each and every moment. Again, we ask you, are you contributing to the liberating vibrations of Heaven, or the discordant frequencies of hell? We are asking you to no longer sit passively by the wayside and do nothing. You are being asked to stand up and be counted, for your dynamic Life Force energy is needed now as never before.

You are much more powerful than you can imagine, my brave friends, and you are playing an important role in attaining a peaceful solution to a very unsettling world situation. The energy you are radiating forth from your heart center has just as much of an influence on the outcome of the devastating conflicts around the world as those who are on the front lines. You, too, are on the front lines, so to speak, for you have the ability to tap into the pure, unmanifested primal Life Force substance and mold it into powerful thought forms and actions that can overcome any adversity. The brave Souls who have been called to the battlefield, no matter which side they are fighting for, if they are doing so with a desire for true justice for all and with compassion of Spirit for their fellow human beings, instead of hate, a desire for revenge and to enslave or control others, then they are functioning as righteous champions of Light, and the forces of Heaven are with them.

Vast numbers of people around the world are lamenting, why can we not have leaders with integrity who are Spirit-inspired instead of those who are self-serving, seeking power and who do not have the best interests of the masses as their predominant goal?

It is also a sign of the times, beloveds. The great changes that are slowly taking place must begin in the hearts of the people. As your beliefs change and gain power and force, you will build new thought forms of a positive nature. You will insist that your leaders be accountable, have integrity, and are trust-worthy, valiant champions of the people. Your leaders reflect the mindset of the masses. An important part of your life’s mission is to radiate unconditional love to ALL humanity and to the Earth. When that concept becomes the predominant desire of the masses, it will create a powerful thought form that will be added to the collective whole so that it may be used for the highest good of ALL. When you do so, you are in alignment with the Creator’s Divine Plan, and you stand with my Legions of Light as champions of harmonious coexistence on Earth.

When we say you should seek that which is your passion and that which brings you the greatest satisfaction and joy, many of you do not have the slightest idea what that is. We ask you to begin by eliminating those things that are stressful in your life, that which brings you pain and which you dread. You did not become the way you are in a day, a week or a year; however, you can reclaim your empowered, masterful Self much more quickly than you imagine. We have offered you many tools, techniques and information over these past years, but you must make a commitment and prove for yourself that what we offer you are the magical tools you have been seeking.

We have said many times, you must turn knowledge into wisdom or you must come to the realization that something is true and achievable. Realization is when something becomes crystal clear in your mind and you know that it is your truth. Then you must put that truth into action. Knowledge and wisdom overlaid with love and compassion, fueled by focused intent/action, create the power that holds the keys to the universal storehouse of unmanifested potential – potential that is just waiting for you to mold it and create anything you can envision. That is what is waiting for you in your new heavenly world of tomorrow.

It is a time of integration and moving back into balance in all things. Of paramount importance is the reunification of the Father/Mother God Forces within each of you, and eventually all of the Earth. This reunification process will speed up your return to balance and harmony within yourselves. You will, once again, embody both the masculine and feminine attributes, qualities and virtues of the Supreme Creator. No longer fractured and warring within yourselves, but empowered through the combined qualities, attributes and talents of your Divine Self.

The celestial winds of change are sweeping your galaxy and have, at last, reached the Earth. No longer can you ignore the fact that your world is changing moment by moment. You feel that time is speeding up, but it is actually your Earth that is spiraling through space at a faster pace. You are moving into a reality where time is fluid and space is malleable.

Great Beings of Light have come from the far reaches of the Omniverse to observe and assist you in these epochal times of momentous change. We can inspire, direct and assist you, but you and you alone must take the action that will result in Heaven on Earth. Watch for the signs in the sky and the beautiful clouds and sunsets that the angels paint for you. Be sensitive to the nudgings and whispers we send your way, and be aware of all the miracles, large and small, that we arrange for you. We are not out there. We are only a thought and a heartbeat away. I surround and enfold you in my auric field of love and protection. You are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.

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Symbols for Healing ~ Artist Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Gallery

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