RE-BIRTH into SELF – Suzanne Lie



Thursday, September 3, 2020


Dear Arcturians

We, the space-bound members of your Galactic Family, wish to speak with the many human members of our Galactic Family who are now located on the surface of your beloved planet Gaia.

We, the members of the higher dimensions of reality, are often known as,“Your Galactic Family” because we are, indeed, the higher dimensional expressions of the awakened and awakening “humans.”

The many awakened humans on Gaia within this now are actually Galactics who have volunteered to take a human earth vessel to best assist Gaia! Gaia is also known as Mother Earth. Gaia is indeed your Mother as you, “The Awakened Humans on Earth” were once members of those who are now known as “The Galactics.”

We will now assist you to understand how and why you chose to lower your consciousness so that you could limit your “innate fifth dimensional energy fields” into the lower frequencies of the third dimensional human reality on Earth, which is the third dimension.

The third dimensional frequency of reality encompasses the frequencies of reality in which most humans perceive as the “normal” frequency of reality in which human beings, as well as all the plants, animals, waters, earth, as well as all the visual, emotional, third dimensional experiences, that appear to the humans as the “normal” frequency of reality.

Humans who have traveled up into the outer space, or to very higher mountains and/or deep into the earth, would likely, also, have a different experience of what is “normal.”

In fact, as more and more humans expand their consciousness beyond the “third dimensional normal” consciousness, and into the fourth, and especially the fifth dimensions,” have expanded their concept of “normal.”

Then, as more and more Galactics determine that humanity is able to embrace seeing their Star Ships in the sky without fear and/or anger, we Galactics will allow our Ships to be more visual to the “Third-Dimensional Humans” on Earth. By the term “Third-dimensional humans,” we mean the humans who are often unaware that there are higher frequencies of reality.

Fortunately, as more and more humans allow themselves to believe in the higher frequencies of reality, as well as the higher dimensional beings who live in those higher frequencies, more and more humans will slowly, or even quickly, expand their consciousness to encompass the higher dimensions of reality.

As more and more humans are able to allow themselves to believe in the higher dimensional dreams and images that flow into their heart and mind. These higher dimensional thoughts and feelings makes them feel safe and beloved.

Then, more and more humans will begin to allow themselves to believe that there is much, much more to Gaia that they could believe in while they still appear to be limited to their third dimensional states of consciousness.

However, those who are ready, and willing, to assist Gaia’s Earth, will be able to remember to call upon the Fifth Dimensional Galactics to assist them to heal, and re-birth, Gaia’s beautiful planet!!

Unfortunately, many people are NOT aware that they have a Galactic Family that resonates to the higher frequencies of reality. Also, many people do no not, YET, believe in anything that is of the higher frequencies of the Fourth Dimensional dreams, sleep, and creativity, as well as their INNER Remembrance of their own inner Galactic SELF.

Eventually, in a dream, or a very deep meditation, these third dimensional ones begin to sense that  they  believe in Higher Realities! They may not know WHY they suddenly believe, or WHY they have gradually allowed themselves to allow themselves to expand their consciousness into the Higher Worlds of the Higher Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.

They are soon aware that they do not perceive these realities in their daily live. However, they often, or even usually, they have these experiences when they are dreaming, having a peak experience, walking in Nature, looking up into the sky, or deep into the waterway.

At first, they may not remember their dream life, but as they begin to realize that they can “imagine” that there are higher dimensions of reality.

At first, they do not totally believe that they could ever have a higher dimensional experience–and so they do NOT!  But, little-by-little they begin to remember dreams, or see a movie, or talk with a friend, or just look up into the Stars and feel like something is there!

In fact, if they continue to look up into that which they have not yet experienced, they just might begin to remember that long ago, or when they were a child, they had an experience that was unseen, but so very filled with a recognition of a place, a Star Ship, a different place with different looking beings that are filled with love and sparkled with light.

“Could that be real?” they ask themselves.  Then, maybe, they get an answer.  Maybe, they even hear deep inside themselves:


“Of course,

they continue,

we are YOU, and you are US

in a higher frequency of reality!!

YOU have chosen to remember.

Which, it is the beginning of your rebirth into SELF!                                          Message through Suzanne Lie

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