Insight Unfolds – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Meganne Forbes Visionary Artist

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Insight Unfolds

This insight keeps on unfolding.

I’m trying to remake the world in my own image. (1)

Yes. I have preferences. I try to see that the world is as I’d prefer it to be. Definitely.

I certainly need to raise this one to awareness because very soon I’ll have ample money to impact a section of the world.  It wouldn’t be wise to be trying to force the rest of the world to live like me.

I think of myself as multicultural, but I’m really not. I associate with people who are like me and think of the world as populated by people like me.

All of this goes on at a level below awareness. It isn’t till someone like Da Free John shines the light that the critters are seen.

I am trying to rework the world at every level.  At some levels the self-serving bias operates. At other levels I make open recommendations all of which have as their common theme re-making the world more to my liking.

I feel increasing release as I say this. The truth is setting me free from whatever had me hide the truth. I feel a reduction of tension in my facial muscles. I interpret that as meaning I’m on the right track.

In my looking at filters, I overlooked the filter of filters. Narcissus organizes everything. In fact I know a certain quality of my voice that I’ve never been able to identify and the description β€œNarcissus” fits it.

One of its functions is to hide the fact that I’m really wanting to remake the world in my own image. This voice is what the truth is setting me free from.

It’s all a process of stripping away what doesn’t work and unveiling what does. One item at a time; one layer at a time. Some will go faster

I’ve known the natural Self underneath. If that’s our destination, all this other stuff has to go.


(1) See β€œThe Death of Narcissus,” 

Insight Unfolds


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

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