Being Cooped Up in a Form – Steve Beckow


Metatron Sacred Geometry Merkaba

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Being Cooped Up in a Form

While my awareness having expanded beyond the limits of my body is a landmark event, the actual experience itself is quite neutral, almost imperceptible.

It’s as if a storm has stopped and it’s the next morning. All is quiet and renewed.

I feel more relaxed.

I was describing my experience to a friend. I said that I felt confined in my body. Until now, I walked around endlessly with an almost-undetectable but ever-present note of irritation at being cooped up in a form. (1)

I feel ever so much lighter now. I used to be a human body with a spirit, known only as a point of awareness, hidden somewhere within it. Now I’m a bubble of consciousness and I’m the whole of the bubble rather than a point of awareness. All of this is known at the experiential – mainly the feeling – level.

I anticipate the bubble growing in size, but that’s just a guess.

The resistance, the grumbling, the entitlement that I used to feel – and that I despaired of ever being able to reach for cleansing – has now disappeared.

I’ve been invoking universal law to have my merkebah come online.  Is all of this happening as a result of that?

Constant comment gone, restriction within the body gone. I like where this is headed.

But I keep experiencing the fear that this will lead me to a place where I’ll look like a real flake.

Especially because it’s happening while the west coast is blanketed in fires, a pandemic β€œrages,” cities are rioting, an election approaches. And here I am going deeper and deeper into quietude. Am I out of touch with reality?

I might be if I were pursuing my own personal enlightenment. But I’m not pursuing that and I know that my remaining calm and quiet at a time like this IS a contribution, an act of service.

Yes, there is chaos, but the Alliance and the various galactic federations and the Company of Heaven have the matter in hand.

Apart from helping to build the new world that will literally rise from the ashes of the old, I think my best contribution may turn out to be to remain calm and not impede the process.


(1) The Arcturians told me that I had not been in a human body for some time and that I’d had to train for the occasion. I can now appreciate that comment more.

Being Cooped Up in a Form


Metatron Sacred Geometry Merkaba

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