The Book of Life


vision iv   2 thoth-djeheuty-diveena-marcus

ART : ‘Thoth-djeheuty’ ~ by Diveena Marcus @ Fine Art America


The Akashic Records are a vast, vast, subject. The complete Records of all that IS, has been, and ever WILL be. They contain all knowledge of earthly existences and the history of the entire cosmos.

They act like a database whereby every single thought, word and action is permanently stored and can be retrieved. Think of it like a library, and somewhere where everything that has EVER existed is kept for all eternity.

There are many different kinds of Akashic Records. These comprise individual personal records – both material and spiritual in nature; higher spiritual truths and teachings as channelled; Akashic Records relating to certain periods of time and history; National Akashic Records; and Akashic Records dealing with the history of our planet and solar systems.

AKASHIC RECORDS 2 WATERCOLOUR-Temple-of-Seti-Abydos-2007-Carrington-Arts

ART : Watercolour ~ ‘Temple of Seti Abydos’ @ Carrington Arts (Right)


In other words, everything that has ever existed or been thought of has left its mark behind. A somewhat sobering thought.

Akashic Records can only be accessed by gifted souls who have developed enough integrity and spirituality in order that they can be entrusted with what are also known as The Books of Life (Book of Truth) and not use any information gathered for their own ends.

Therefore much responsibility is given, in return for complete integrity of the soul, when acting as an Askashic channel.

The reality is that Akashic Records must never be read without a true desire to serve humanity and to give the recipient an awareness and understanding of their path in life.

The Akasha can be read both in person and remotely (distantly).


If a reading of the Akasha is sincerely and genuinely desired then assistance, guidance and knowledge can be very worthwhile in order to further the progress of the soul.

The Akasha can be read on a material level, also, as we are multi-dimensional beings living in a world of both spirit and matter. There may be an underlying problem or blockage, or some kind of fear relating to money, relationships, career and all the other myriad factors that abound in the 21st Century.

I will enter here an extract from Mona Rolfe’s book ‘Man ~ Physical and Spiritual’ to illustrate how the Akashic Records are of note :

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

These teachings were then carried on to other centres in different parts of the world spreading spiritual knowledge and awareness.


”… … since we were born in the Piscean Age and during the time that we live our life in this day of time, that subconscious is partly pre-natal, and beyond that pre-natal time, again we touch the distant past ~ the past of other lives, in which, mirrored deeply on the Akashic Record is the whole picture of the soul and the personality, and its path from the beginning of time’’


initiation sv 8 egypt HEADER


Stone upon stone they raised it up
Till it towered above the sand;
And the walls were carved with symbols and signs
That none could understand.

akashic records 6

‘Tis the Book of Life that was left on Earth
For the time of the world’s rebirth,
When the centuries past
Shall have brought, at last
A light that shall always glow.

akashic records 5 small sphinx

‘Tis the task of four
To unlock the door,
And allow the mist to rise;
When all shall see the eternal tree
Spring upward before their eyes.

akashic records 10

Strive on, my son, till thy work be done
And memories past shall rise,
That thine eyes may know as the past doth grow,
All the signs thou art left to devise;

akashic records 8 air-god-shu

So memory wake and unfold to thine eyes
All the secrets that once were thine,
That this rebirth may bless the Earth,
And remove the debts of time.
August 14th, 1925

akashic records 7 Maat

ART : ‘Maat’


Another connection to the soul’s continuing existence, through life after life after life, is depicted in the Weighing of the Heart, an Egyptian Scene. The Heart should not be heavier than the Feather of Truth, the soul’s Akashic Record of that life. The soul in question is being judged and should not be found wanting. In other words, all the happenings in that incarnation have been noted, and a ‘balance sheet’ set up. Did the ‘good’ deeds outweigh any other kind? Nothing else will do.


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(The ancient Egyptians believed that, when they died, they would be judged on their behaviour during their lifetime before they could be granted a place in the Afterlife. This judgement ceremony was called “Weighing of the Heart” and was recorded in Chapter 125 of the funerar text known as the “Book of the Dead”.)


new egypt the Akhet-sign

The Akhet-sign (the Horizon) and the Rising Sun with the Uraeus, flanked by Ruty, the Twin Lion Gods of “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow”;
Scene from the “House of Eternity” of Queen Nefertari, Valley of the Queens


Below, I give a few brief notes from two of my own Akashic Readings. I have been lucky enough to have had many over the years and these I treasure:

(1) Quote

– 1986-… … ”and we will endeavour to help and guide you and to bring to you inspiration on the pathway of your life. These pathways can be long and arduous, for the soul from its inception into life has no knowledge or awareness of what has gone before.

This is a closed book, the life stretches ahead – an unchartered map which the soul must negotiate with the help of those in spirit who have loved and guided it, and from those in the Earth world who surround it with memories and love from the past. …

… the soul begins to acknowledge life, to desire to be aware again of the spiritual lessons to be learned and at that time the personality begins to seek, looking first at the orthodox religions and then passing them over for the more metaphysical and spiritual teachings”


(2) Quote

– 1984 -… … ”Occasions like these are – are very very beautiful; occasions such as when two souls can join in bringing the forces together like this are considered a privilege and it is that very same privilege that has been awarded – to both you and I – a great privilege that is bestowed on each of our lives – to come together and to talk with one another about life” … …


new website new figures

As can be seen from the above Quotes, these comments are spiritual in nature, although I have also had material content from the Akasha. There is a time and a place for both. Life is ever evolving and changing as is expected, as we journey through each incarnate life.

However, more often than not, an Akashic Reading is spiritual, unless there is a specific desire or request for some clarification on an individual’s material pathway which is bothersome: due to a breakdown, perhaps, of a relationship(s) or some other trauma, difficulties and questions existing at the time. It is only through the Akasha that the most profound insights can be brought forth and acknowledged by the soul.

Although the goal for all of us should be to progress spiritually, there are many people who haven’t, as yet, ignited their spiritual potential and esoteric interests.

Therefore, to recap : The Akashic Records are a permanent and intensive record of who we really ‘are’. No need to worry if we lead a life that is as wholesome and loving as we can make it …

Shekinah El Daoud … ♥ 


“May I live right and well, sure in sight of Ma’at!
May I bring you only joy and pride,
That when the final day comes,
That when my final breath is taken,
I may stand bright in the Hall of Two Truths”

“Lord of the Crossroads, I hail You.
Guide me in life as in death,
May I walk in truth and balance,
That my heart may be pure and light upon the scale”

egyt anubis and ankh sepia

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