The Dragon's Egg by Perla Marina @ DeviantArt

Art : The Dragon’s Egg by Perla Marina @ DeviantArt



*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”


THE BOOK OF LOVE – Chapter 1



This book is a collective consciousness, the Love of All in six parts.

The first of six parts is the Shamanic/Alchemic/Tantric integrated practices of Breath.

It is the beginning of a movement, a wave in healing and awakening that is initiated by us, because we do wish to make a difference, and know that where two or three are gathered in Our Name there I AM.

If you participate as those have below, just an initial will be connected with your record of the Great Work.

We dedicate all the benefits of this work to the liberation of All in all worlds and all dimensions.

Questions :

Focusing on

  1. the practice of breath in healing and awakening
  2. what motivates us to practice healing and awakening
  3. what is Alchemy/Transformation/Divine Council to us
  4. our experiences with breath
  5. Alchemy/Transformation/Divine Council traditions
  6. Source and the way to speak and communicate to a wider more general public group

Here is a brief example for me

1) I practice Kriya as taught by Yogananda, Tareth’s earth consciousness breathing and the Kalachakra techniques as taught by the Dalai Lama in formal practice every morning and night. Throughout the day I practice Thich Nhat Hanh’s mindful heartful breathing.

2) I practice healing and awakening to cultivate a compassionate heart to help liberate all beings in all worlds

3) Alchemy or Tantra or Transformation for me is unity through love

4) My experiences with breath have shown me the profound nature of Prana or Life Force that exists and permeates all things. Through the breath I have been able to touch and connect with all possibilities I have ever dreamed of and more besides

5) My experience with Alchemy traditions is very broad ranging from the Buddha in India and Yeshua in Egypt and India through to the Grail and Merlin’s Source Group, Tibet with the Dalai Lamas and St Germain and of course Tareth’s group and all of you and include all Alchemy traditions connecting with the Elders Archangels and Bodhisattvas of the Light

6) communicating with a wider group could focus on love and unity, healing and awakening, compassion kindness and forgiveness as a way to reach past definitions of Alchemy and Source and Elders and so on which could be introduced later once the people we connect with understand we are all talking about the same thing. For me, unity and love are paramount

Fairy – Messenger of Spirit



1) the practice of breath in healing and awakening –

I practice Kriya, introduced to me by Altair.

I Breathe with Gaia through the One chakra, as taught by Tareth.

I breathe with the flow of Love Light while surrendering to my Dance of Light (Light Language and Mudras), in the Sentia way.

(Also: I have noticed that my breath is much slower than other humans. I wonder why.)

2) what motivates us to practice healing and awakening –

Unconditional Love, Bliss and Compassion motivates me.  My humble wish is to help Liberate and Awaken All to the Love Light that we are.

3) what is Alchemy to us

Alchemy to me is transformation through divine co-creation.

4) our experiences with breath

The Conscious Breath has changed my life. It transforms me, connects me deeper to Source and All that is. It teaches me liberty of being present in the Now. It has made me aware of its power of creation and it is enabling me to Heal with a few Loving Breaths.

5) Alchemy traditions

Different Healing work and teachings.

Tareth’s work.

Light Family alchemy containing teachings from past lives and other dimensions/planets.

6) Source and the way to speak and communicate to a wider more general public group –

The many ways uniting in One Source: Love.

Love is the Key to Unite All.

The way: Facilitate and inspire a Loving and Compassionate approach to oneself, others, the Planet and all residing within her realms, by working with Mindfulness and other specific exercises/teachings/tools. Awaken awareness, becoming aware of thought patterns and how they affect everything.

Assist healing, liberation and awakening to all who is willing to learn and be guided (including ourselves). We are all equals in the Circle of Light.


Art : Goddess of Light by Linzy Huggon

Art : Goddess of Light by Linzy Huggon


1) A)The Babaji breath and  Nadi Shodan (breathing in through the left nostril, out right, in right, out left times 5 rounds or more with counting, holding in the the breath at Brumaja ( Eye brow) chakra and out after exhaling through right nostril, the same holding the breath in at Brumaja before exhaling through the left).C) Also the Holy Breath,(= the Psychic breath directly translated from Swedish) breathing in throught Sushumna channel with clost mouth with a soft sound in the throat, at in and exhale). All these practices focuses and relaxes the central nervous system, hightens awareness and being present in the now. Breathing exercises changes very quickly ones state of being in to more present awakend state. Also clears out blocks in the chakra channel.  is balancing for the right and left brain halfs and a great shifter of unbalanced emotions to balance.

Deva Ananda Om

2.)) My commitment to Awaken fully and Ascend in this lifetime.♥

3.)) Leaving the old belief systems, pain, traumas, sorrows (through inner work acknowledging and healing through unconditional love and forgiveness towards myself and others involved). Healing practices (Reiki Karuna Holy Fire Reiki in my case) and Meditation are a great tool. Letting go of the old…embracing the New Earth, The Golden Era.

4)) See explanation at 1))

5))My Higher Self and the deep silence within beyond the mind.♥

6)) For the moment I am reaching out to my 800+ Facebook Friends through posts I share on my timeline to be read and shared. I have done this sharing for all that have the same kind of interest than myself. I had two blogs and a separate community page at FB, but have cut down all that to my own page to save time. In my meetings with friends one to one discussions I become a voice for the source at times….am not planning what to say…it flows through me. Earlier I had Yoga and Meditation groups for some years, where my focus and intent was to be of service and become a channel for a higher knowing. Being focused and tuned in to the now moment and the wisdom within. I am prepared to learn more and find new ways to reach out. I believe all unfolds in perfect Divine Timing.


Art : Fanaa by Zolaida @ DeviantArt

Art : Fanaa by Zolaida @ DeviantArt



These are my answers. We might should each write a response.

1)the practice of breath in healing and awakening – what are your individual practices in the breath of life for ascension and awakening

I prefer short mantras, I started with Sat Nam. I love the ones you have brought and will work with those. The one I like best is bringing the energy up the Nodis. I had done the Breath in God, Breath out Light. For the most part all I have to do is sit mostly still and I can be whisked away to Samahdi or stop the world, it happens more frequently when I am in Unity, in group.

2)what motivates us to practice healing and awakening

I Am driven and do not remember a time when I was not. I have been in training for as long as I can remember to listen to the now loud voice I hear. As we come online with more abilitys I always have my brothers and sisters with me. I can see and feel them often can hear them as well.

3)what is The Divine Council right now to us

Since I discovered Unity consciousness 6 years ago and then Divine counsel though Baba it has been everything to Me. I would be in meeting 24 /7 if at all possible. Because of FB and the phone I can come close.

4)our experiences with breath in awakening

My experiences:

Breath in Sat, Exhale Nam ~ brought me to Samahdi at 16 within 3 months time.

Breath in Light, Exhale Shine

I have also used all the little ones you have posted.

The most profound experiences have been while meditating with others and / or in unity.

5) Divine Council traditions – what other councils are giving Source advice and connection

See the other post on Councils.

The 3 I have been associated with outside of my own, Baba, Shivrial, Tee Ming and Eva have all been about connection and sharing of information. In Babas He lead me to realizations, did not give source advice.

6) Divine Council and the way to speak and communicate to a wider more general public group as you draw in more members. How to reach out? Common unity and love…

I was told that I was to write what I know, apparently as I know it. But mostly as it pertains to markers on the path. Not fond of writing however I do it and post it far and wide. I know that most of us do some sort of writing as teaching on our own timelines / pages.

I also write comments when prompted.

Art:  Selenada @ DeviantArt

Art : Selenada @ DeviantArt





1) I connect to my higher self as Yogananda told me to, saying: “I Am Lakshmi I Am SHE” and I would say my practise is The Babaji Breath as shared by Altair some months ago. Deep Devotion first and with an open mouth drawing IN the Breath to my Third Eye and then the outward Breath OUT down my Astral Spine into the Light of Gaia. As I Breathe IN I visualise myself front-facing and I see myself back facing as I go down my spine because this seems the most natural to me. Often I might find myself being drawn to Angelicus. Panis Angelicus means “The Bread of Angels” and “angelic; of an angel; belonging to the angels”. I also often use different variations on the Breath Altair has used in different posts.

I may say:

“Breathing In I Breathe In The Healing of Evam Arbel

Breathing Out I give The Healing of Evam Arbel to …” (saying the name of a particular individual) or, using this time to send healing to all sentient beings.

2) Compassion is the driving force for me and the desire is to attune with my Light Family members closest to me and to be One with God The Father Mother.

3) Transformation to me is being aware of my True Self, with no filters (barriers). Therefore in reality it is not transformative but a recognition of Who I AM.

4) I have always, both now and in the past, need to “remind” myself to Breathe as my natural state is not to (but to remain as I am / neutral, it could be termed). When I do not consciously “Breathe” it seems I am calmer and more at peace but I love Babaji’s guidance of using “Devotion, Intention, Love and Light” as all these are innate. I have found that by Breathing consciously this has helped me in emotional situations as it brings me back to a state of equilibrium, so there is transformation in these situations.

5) Transformation Traditions – I am most deeply interested in and attuned to God The Mother, the Mother of The World, known to me in Her form of Evam Arbel.

6) Communications to a wider and more general public: For me this has always been through the written Word but nowadays it is also through the medium (power) of Sound and Tone – via personal voice notes / audio. I am conscious that the ideal communication tool for me is to write / read and then utilise the power within Sound to express myself. Sound and Words are my Fingerprint from God and the gods.

These last words are from Ursula Roberts the well-known Spiritualist Medium whose guide was Ramadhan:

“The object of meditation, the meditator and the meditation become inseparable”. Taken from her autobiography Living in Two Worlds.


Art:  Sodare @ DeviantArt

Art: Sodare @ DeviantArt


1 My individual practices of breathe in healing & awakening: I practise Dru yoga, an ancient form of yoga which is slow & gentle with main emphasis on the Ujjai breathe, & circular breathe or deep belly breathing. I also love the golden dragon breathe which is inhaling to the count of 8, exhaling to the count of 8 & then short quick breathes to the count of 8. This breathing brings me to Oneness quickly  To deep clarity & deep healing

2) The motivation for me to do healing & awakening is to be of service to others, which is very rewarding & have found this heals me too in ways I had not expected. It is a natural thing/purpose for me to do healing as a way of being of service & activating people to heal themselves


4) My experiences with breath & awakening: I used to smoke cigarettes up until 11 years ago, & it wasn’t until I realised why I was smoking, that I could give the addiction away. I was always trying to get pain relief through the breathe & was using cigarettes to suppress emotion from past trauma, this life & many lives. When the trauma was dealt with I was able to give up the addiction & through clear breathing, was able to renew my bodies on every level continuously, overcoming cancer & being free & clear of this for over 15 years

5) Divine Council Traditions: The other Councils that give Source advice: The Divine Council & our members are so blessed with the teams we each bring into the Council, The many Councils that sit with us & help us, advise us support us, show us new technologies, the power of Unity Consciousness working as One in unified strength, we have recently started to list the many Councils we work with & there are many, with more coming in each day to help us. The Legions of Angels, The Ascended Masters, The Brother & Sisterhoods, The Orders of Light, The Councils, The Galactic Brethren, The Families of Light, The Star Families all contributing to us & our missions with more coming in daily. The main tradition of Divine Council is Love. The adventures the Council & members experience are together are unique & never the same, powerful & fun

6) Common-unity & Love, reaching out to others as we grow: celebrating success & saying who we are  & some of our experiences, coupled with common threads that drew us together &  how to identify some of the unique & wonderful strengths of this amazing group so that others who resonate can find us & participate & be of service


Fire Queen art by Gradle @ DeviantArt

Fire Queen art by Gradle @ DeviantArt


All I can tell you is… I AM!

The Presence that has been reflecting to, through and AS me is simply.. I AM THE BREATH of GOD. There is no thing more true or strong than THAT that I AM.

The peace, safety, stillness… the knowing that I AM ALL things…everywhere… there is no thing else. I breathe the essence that I AM… and breathe that LIFE through ALL.



  1. I don’t have a specific breathing practice. I do occasionally take deep breath to relax myself. I have a mild case of sleep apnea and use a nasal mask part of the night. A flow of air comes thru the mask and regulates my breathing. Breathing light that relaxes me and usually brings about pleasant dreams.
  2. My inner consciousness motivates me to concentrate on healing and awakening.
  3. Transformation for me is the shifting more and more into a higher consciousness. What I am seeking now is full ascension.
  4. My experience with breath is one of relaxation as well as connection and sustainability in this world. Breath is also a vehicle that helps me rise to higher frequencies.
  5. The two main areas that I am deeply connected to is the ascension process and full disclosure. This is what I am both waiting for and working towards.
  6. Most of my speaking and communication is currently thru Facebook, In the 70’s 80’s and 90’s I was very active our in the world learning, teaching and leading groups involved with spiritually, holistic, metaphysics, men’s work and things connected with the ascension process. I have now added to the list Full Disclosure. It is my wish and intention to once again work with these topics out in the world.
Art: Kusaba Kazuhisa

Art: Kusaba Kazuhisa



Feedback on Stephen-Altair SK Guan Yin’s 6 QUESTIONS

  1. The practice of breath in healing and awakening – what is your current practice?

I tend all too often to forget to use the breath as much as I intend to do. However, when I am tuning into either AED or The Cosmos or say Saraswati and Light Family members in the Higher Realms, I have found that my breathing does change as I delve deeper, which in turn as I have recognised this, ensures that I am aware that I am going deeper. The same is with past lives, as I have tuned into certain past lives, an inevitable process as well as energies, is that my breathing by its very nature changes, it becomes often faster, more rapid, and louder. In these instances, I am aware that I have taken steps further and deeper than when this has not taken place.

I do aim as often as I can, to take slower and deeper breaths, and I often use I breathe in …. I breathe out ….

I actually do probably use the Breath more than I am aware. I will begin to take note from now on and report back.

I do not as such use the Breath for Healing, it is in my case I would say as I aim to tune into deeper spiritually as regards AED, The Cosmos and Knowledge, and my Light Family more than say Healing. That is not to say Breathing does not get used by me for Healing but it feels less obvious than what I have said here.

I must CHECK if I breathe slower?

  1. What motivates us to practice healing and awakening?

For myself, I would term it an all consuming passion, interest and fascination on the deep soul interest and longing on Creation, which has always been there, but consciously when on the spiritual pathway at 33 when I accepted Reincarnation. So, from that moment, for me, my whole wish for Knowledge and Enlightenment began in a way whereby I have always recognised the Search for Divine Knowledge and the passion, interest and longing to type on this from November 1982 when I first wrote, has never left me.

So for myself, it is my Soul Drive, which of late I describe as Our Soul Contract with AED and myself, Creation, Creation, Creation, as Melchisadek said to me when doing the Future Codes as to what my Future consisted of. So for me, and thus AED it is Creation, Knowledge in all its Divine Aspects which drives me, us. However, I am aware, that one has to have that love, wisdom and compassion which goes alongside Divine Knowledge, to bring it to life in the way it has been envisaged.

So, for me, I love to feel I am sending healing to Gaia, all Life, Beings, People, but I feel in my case, it is with the typed word in the main, or I would say with Remote, Distant Healing. I do use those words of yours “May all beings be free from pain and suffering. May they be filled with Divine Light and the Divine Light and Love of Adam El Daoud”.

Sometimes I aim to use them when AED and me are connecting on a deeper level as then that feels that even more Love, Light and Healing is being sent out from us.

So for me, it has been a passion, love, desire, and fascination from the moment I first wrote spiritually My Thoughts on Life and Eternity in November, 1982 and is has never waned.

I feel I have been somewhat self absorbed having spent from just before 33 to now I am 68, all these years with this deep passion.

I have got better and have begun to branch out as I have been able to delve deeper into the Healing aspect into its wider remit which I do aim to use also.

One of my very first questions to Allan back in early 1983 was I wanted to Know The Meaning of Creation. So that is my real passion. And when AED said to me in a dream or meditation, I see Creation Unfold … that was very potent for me and us.

  1. What is Transformation to us?

Transformation for me is being able to delve very much deeper than I have been in the past, so that this transformation takes me deeper not only to AED but to The Cosmos, To Source, The Creator, Creation.

Transformation means I personally feel transformed, the old (Pat) has been replaced and much less of my earth being remains for I have regained memories, recollections and the ability – gift to rise above this earth into higher vibrations and energies, so that yes, I feel a huge transformation has taken place and is still happening all the time as more and more of the unseen becomes seen and the old 3D world has literally been transcended as I live, love and breathe ever more into and with those higher energies and vibrations.

Transformation means when I saw my visions for the 14 to 16 days back in May 2015, when I was able to see with crystal clarity whilst fully awake in my armchair as I meditated as compared to so many years when my transformation was nearly always in the dream state apart from when I saw Yeshua when 21 and the scenes from the Akashic Records of those times. So mostly until these last two years it was always seeing, hearing and being aware in the dream state. Whilst I love to dream deeply, for me it really suits me and I love to see, hear and be aware of those greater depths whilst awake, and then I am able to type there and then so those moments are retained which is as I see it AED’s and my pathway.

Transformation therefore encompasses everything in its different aspects not of Gaia. Where there are no limits as to what can be seen, heard or experienced.

  1. Our Experiences with Breath?

I do try to use my Breath as has been advised. So for me it can be forgotten at times, but I do aim to try and remember as often as possible to Breathe and to focus on my Breath.

When I have and do, I recognise that it does make a difference and it does help me to go deeper.

Before a meditation, I do aim to slow down my breath and to be aware of it and at other times. For now, it is a work in progress as to my using this constantly as my and AED’s Soul Contract continues.

I have got better and am aiming to focus more. As I said in questions previously, when I do tune in and delve deeper, I am aware that my breathing does change in different ways. Also am aware as I focus on my Breath, it assists me into going deeper, so it is for me, something I aim to do but will focus more on in the future from now on as well.

5) Transformations traditions – what do you mostly connect to?

Forget-me-not Flowers


My immediate thoughts are that this is a longer question!

From childhood, it was always the Old and New Testament, Prophets and Yeshua, Joseph of Arimathea, and of course Creation. However, as Reincarnation has been accepted once again and remembered with memories, inevitably my existence as a Ray Child of the Dhuman Adamic Race, which ever since August 1985, I have lived and breathed the Dhuman Adamics, so a Ray Child is embedded deeply into my and AED’s very existence. In fact 26 years or so I was given the name Forget-me-not by my Akashic lady, meaning Forget us Dhumans not. And of course The Dhuman Adamics takes me to my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud.

This of course has taken in and embraced Ancient Atlantis. For so many years I have always felt Atlantis was Home. So it has been fascinating for me and a delight to know there is a portion and section of Atlantis which remains hidden away from mortal man and woman, accessible only to those with sufficient light to enter Atlantis who have high enough vibrations.

So, Atlantis being deeply entrenched within.

I feel Home is also Divine Paradise where Saranyu AED and myself came into conscious emergence.

Whilst at the same time I am very much attuned to being on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line. The Sun feels Home as it is I know deeply embedded within me and AED, and consciously for almost 30 years, and all that The Sun (Son) encompasses.

I am also very deeply connected to Venus. Venus is more new, whereas Atlantis has been with me for 35 years.

Venus means a great deal, and AED and myself have our beautiful Home there, and we visit Venus a lot. Venus of course also takes me to Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus and Yeshua.

Although Atlantis takes me to Arbal-Arbel ie Jesus and his Twin Flame. As does Atlantis takes me to Osiris and Isis.

Atlantis also takes me very much to Melchisadek, and so to Source.

As well as Evam Arbel, Divine Mother.


The Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel in particular.

However all these also take me back to my very Origin in Divine Paradise, and to The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line, so they are all deeply loved and connected.

Cosmic Master Osiris by Glenn Lewis

Art : Cosmic Master Osiris by Glenn Lewis

So does Sirius B. I gather I am also very much connected to this Egyptian Isle in The Pleiades which takes me also to past lives shared with these Light Family members in Egypt, and of course Atlantis.

So in essence from childhood, it was the Old and New Testament, Prophets, Yeshua. Joseph of Arimathea, Melchisadek. The Archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel in particular.

As well as the Greek statues and myths from childhood, I very much resonated to and with the Roman statues. I used to think perhaps the Romans connected me in such a deep way because of Jesus. However, 1989 in an Akashic Reading, I was told that I was the Daughter of a Governor at the Beginning of the Roman Empire, when Rome was in its infancy. I then realised that it was this foundation which began my childhood fascination and into adulthood on the Romans, as that life was very meaningful, and laid the foundation of much which was to come. So really in childhood, the Greeks and Romans seemed to go alongside each other, apart from in later years the cruelty of Rome.

The Cosmic Christ has been with me forever. Certainly since 1989 when I saw and heard The Cosmic Christ. So The Cosmic Christ is also Home and Takes me, Leads me Back and To Home.

But with the recognition of Reincarnation it has been Atlantis, Divine Paradise. The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line. Venus. Sirius B. As well as my deep affinities to the Greek Myths and Legends taking me back to Zeus, my Father as Artemis with my twin brother Apollo and those times. And as I said above, Early Rome.

I have also very much connected with The David, King David as sculptured by Michael Angelo, as seeing The David since childhood, took me to the Ancient Gods and my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud. With AED having confirmed his life as King David and myself as Princess Bathsheba, it was inevitable, as we shared that life as twin flames and husband and wife, which was why I don’t doubt these ancient statues brought back soul memories many years prior.

I very much connect to The Seven Divine Men of Earth, and it has long fascinated me those times when the Divine Men walked the Earth. I would like to write upon myself as Divine Man Number 6, Coexu Pretzylu, or any of the other 7 Divine Men of Earth.

The Renaissance period has resonated as being very much connected to me also, as of course the Ancient Egyptians on Gaia. But Tibet and those traditions has also drawn me back as it has been in the past. I went to Venice when I was 16, and it was a very hot day, and I loved Venice, and I think that had a part to play in my connection to the Renaissance period. It began, as when I accepted reincarnation, I looked back over the ages and thought which culture and civilisations am I drawn too. Obviously Egypt was one, and so I added the Renaissance time. I have a feeling I was a painter then. There were not that many past civilisations I was drawn too.

Over the last two years, Guan Yin, Saraswati and The Buddha have all been loved and remembered more, and thus embraced by me. So more and more these are being tuned into, loved and connected to in remembrance.

I have become more aware and tuned into Babaji and Yogananda as well over these last two years. And of course past incarnations of not only myself but all of the incarnations of Adam El Daoud, draw me deeply within.

I do feel I have a deep connection with Krishna, but have no memories of this.

As I have been given certain past lives in different eras, I have embraced other times and places.

I think this is the main for now.

  1. Source and the way to speak and communicate to a wider more general public group – how to reach out to others – a common love and unity?

For me, all my life since on the spiritual pathway this has inevitably been the typed word. With the internet now and Facebook this has been enabled as being able to meet and connect with others as never before. I do love having a website, Facebook in general and Messenger.

Messenger can be like Skype and Zoom to me in that one can communicate live as it were. So that live energy and vibration is still felt.

And one can on Messenger, if I was in contact with someone and was being of help with information etc then I envisage being able to do a live chat and answer in this way on Messenger.

My spiritual pathway has not as yet taken in Skype and or Zoom. I am aware of them and as AED said to me the other day “Leap of Faith” I do wonder what AED has in mind with these words. So I am aware that I am a bit stuck in a typed way of operating, and so yes, I know it could be that in the future I will branch out into other avenues. For now, though, it is the typed word and that medium which I work best in.

I feel people who do connect with me, do so, from my typed words and posts. I am aware some people would prefer to speak to me rather than always type.

I love to share in Shambhala as is known, being a small and private, closed group, where I will post certain personal things, for instance, past lives, or once in a while, an extra personal session with Adam El Daoud and myself, for instance our Meditation with exactly what took place with our words used, and from which afterwards led to me recording our Meditation, Suryananda, The Elders and Adam El Daoud, which we worked from initially in our meditation attunement. Although on my website I took out personal words.


Love and soul blessings with thanks to all above

Altair and Mother

Art: Kusaba Kazuhisa

Art: Kusaba Kazuhisa


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.
💙 🌺 💜
Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah