Atlantis ~ I AM that I Am

atlantis 1

I move upon the face of the waters, upon the Earth and within the heavens of the great cosmic universe. My throne is the heart of the sun through which I Manifest my power and give light and life upon My creations. I am the beginning and the end. I live in the hearts of all men and can be plucked as a ripe fruit to give knowledge and understanding to the children of My breath. I am in the wind and the rain, in the fire and the frost and all nature is My house wherein I dwell. Come forth ye reapers and gather in the harvest of My knowledge that the sickness of men may be healed and they may turn again towards My loving embrace.

– β™₯ –

‘Atlantis To The Latter Days’ ~

Inspirationally Dictated to H C Randall-Stevens (El Eros)

by the Masters Oneferu & Adolemy

atlantis-4 by-mary-evans

ART : ‘Atlantis illustration’ by Sir Gerald Hargreaves

Photograph by Mary Evans Picture Library/Everett Collection


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