Spring Blessings – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Enlightenment by DawnstarW @DeviantArt


Spring Blessings

Finally the blessings of spring make themselves known. First in tiny increments, then a few more particles, then soft breezes that seek a heart to fill. Favorable energies finally ‘come a knock’n’ at our doors. This year those who have never put an ounce of effort in our direction, will bring a bounty of unexpected provision in serendipitous ways.  In 2018 you were asked to climb and climb and climb again; above fear, above emotions, enduring deep water and debris.  You watched your world change its landscape right in front of your eyes, happening in moments not decades.  You felt helpless to change the outcome of what appeared to be fated.  You were stretched and pulled about like a shrunk sweater. You have changed forever never to return to who you once were.  You sit perched on a new olive branch of heart awaiting a signal from Noah/Noaa, it’s safe to go home. A mighty surge of blessedness washes upon earth souls escorting all to road of recovery and reconnection. As with all beginnings they must be experienced within the inner corridors of the heart.

The Blessings of this year travel to every shore on earth, in waves of Love.  The more thoughts you have of blessing self and others, the easier the Light connection will be made.  Thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude beckon this wave of blessedness; thoughts of negativity repel it.  The fruits of all past labors of life and love can be now tasted.  What was once thought to be lost is found! Energy spent in helping others was placed into a universal account that has accrued mighty proportions. Nothing was ever lost or wasted.  All actions of inherent goodness have been recorded and accounted for by the Cosmic abacus. All time spent in kind thoughts for others has been exponentially lengthened and multiplied beyond earth’s ability to count. A great amount of heavenly rewards finds itself headed for earth and those who have never stopped trying.


Enlightenment by DawnstarW @DeviantArt

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A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift – Jim Self & Roxane Burnett

Rainbow painting ~ And So We Dance by Maria Hathaway Spencer


Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend .  Metatron: Good afternoon. It is I, Metatron. Let us begin with a dialogue. Do you have questions?

Jim: Yes. Could you please give me feedback on if I’m understanding the use of the ninth Ray correctly? Let’s say I found a healthy cell in the body, for example in the liver. If I then added the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays to make it stable yet flexible and mobile and tapped the cell so it would begin to vibrate as a sound frequency. Then used the ninth Ray to vibrate it through all the cells of the liver to create health throughout it. Would that be an application of the ninth Ray?

Metatron: Absolutely. You see, the purpose of all the Rays is one of creation and aligning that creation with Source directly. By impregnating your cell with the energetics of the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays, and adding the sound frequencies of the ninth Ray, it more fully provides an operative schematic for the cellular system to come into full alignment with Source. The result would be healing because, if the cell had any disruptive energetics, by using this process there would then be coherency. You would term it as healing.

Jim: In other words; by amplifying a healthy cell using these four Rays, that healthy cell would start to vibrate at a level where it would affect all the less healthy cells, and bring about an alignment?

Metatron: Yes. If you used it on a healthy cell the result would be even more coherency, which would then affect the entire organ, and then the body. There is a resonance that occurs with sound. There are sound currents within the human body. When that resonance is interjected into the human form, it affects the entire body.

Jim: If you took a new stem cell that had no identification as yet and vibrated it with the Rays, would that vibration, because of its lack of identity, begin to move through all of the body?

Metatron: Yes. You see, when you are embodied for any length of time, you begin to operate within limits. In reality, there are no limits. It is beautiful, is it not, the creative process that is so unlimited and far-reaching?

Jim: It’s elegant.

Metatron: It is a beauty to behold.

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Archangel Metatron as they prepare to teach a class together.
We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Metatron to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

Next week: The Ninth Ray

This is an excerpt from the interactive book, A Course in Mastering Alchemy – Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett



Rainbow painting ~ And So We Dance by Maria Hathaway Spencer

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Family reunion of cosmic proportion – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Artist ~ Luisa Villavicencio


Family reunion of cosmic proportion

We enter a phase of light that demands our attention and our heartfelt letting go of what still entangles us like chicken wire gone awry. We feel like Briar Rabbit allowing the thorny entanglements to keep us separate from a place of peace, a place of receiving, and our accrued blessings while on Earth and in earth form. As the energy begins to encircle us like a family reunion of cosmic proportion and multidimensional cousins, we are asked to ingest many past enzymes of what we still feel was an injustice. Letting go of the haunting Past, in our Dna, our words, our family, and our bloodline, through time and space.

As Earth rewrites herself into a simpler code of acceptance all the snares and entrapments of past thinking’s now come to a place where they cannot cross the line in the proverbial sands of time. The holy Waters of all that is love, now ask you to purify with a deep sigh of relief. Every living person on Earth holds the truth that lives deep in the fabric of their soul. A truth that is so interwoven that they could not separate themselves from it. A truth that is sharp like a sword but gentle and loving like a mother’s touch. As we all expand the horizons of what we perceive to be truth; past truths are set free to become one with the all that seeks to become more.

Truth is a living entity that shapeshifts information, aligning with the evolution and elevation of the various human needs. Truth is different for each species. Within the human DNA 144 strands of Galactic truth wind themselves around the very core of our being. As we evolve into a place of seeing truth from a higher perspective and different angle the puzzle piece of life move into new positions. Truths scampers by us as a fleeting specter. Truth speaks to us from the molecules within the water that we drink, the food that we eat and the air that we breathe. Truth has become a cruel mistress as she shifts and turns like a sharp Mountain Road taking us to the edge of what we know our self to be and what we will become in the future.

How do we as humans with ancient codes of Honor deal with the fact that truth molts around us, as all lets go of the ‘white feather of Justice’, stripping us naked, within that truth. Truth has been our friend for many years on Earth as she evolves and sheds her skin of the old paradigm we wonder how we will fit into our ever-changing world.

When we were children our parents often lied to us to keep us from danger and to keep us in a place of believing in Magic. As we grow in future and stature we come to a place that shows us that many of our feathers of Truth were plucked from a different bird, some mythical creature obviously. As we come to the vibration of 20/20 we will be given hindsight, future sight, insight and access to that which is out of sight. Many of the truths slip away without even being noticed. Some of the truths dance in front of us seductively lifting veils teasing us, other truths wave goodbye without remorse.

Whether this world is real or an illusion or a Collective dream-field does not matter we must play with, in, and upon her giving our best, Giving our all, Giving our highest heart intention. Whether this is our one and only time on this Earthly paradise or we spread our self-thin throughout the Galaxy does not matter. For we as a species are asked within our divine blueprint to give 100%, to believe 100%, to be 100% light and invested in our future. At that place within a great Deluge of truths, an emotional tsunami is created and we are asked to release what we once so believed that now weighs us down. Like a child that releases the belief and the magic of Santa, we are asked to set free what was cemented in time as our truths. Throughout all time we have given a hundred percent of our heart, mind, body and soul to that which we believed. The feather of Truth has many layers and lacey aspects that overlap one another; there are family truths, lovers truths, historical truths, neighborhood truths, and Country truths, planetary truths and so on.

As the 5th dimensional galactic human is birthed in 2020 a biological evolution will occur that allows all that was perceived to be human and lesser to fill a place and seat of Honor. Finally Humanity will reach a place of realizing and remembering the purpose of existence. Why this changes you wonder? This code of realization was written into the diagrams and the blueprint of humankind as a Fail-Safe code.

Gravity, electromagnetics and other forms of energies tied to the old policy, shift, they do not follow the rules of earthly engagement or physics. Systematic laws are fragmented and repositioned as space, time and earth amend each other in a very noticeable fashion. Energy is transferred back and forth thru time and between stellar points of power. Humanity releases the need for spatial order as it dances to a new echo of time. Electro and bio-chemical imprints have been transferred into sacred housings.

A great gift awaits those that have been strong enough to stay on the path of light during its involution and evolution. The gifts of what is holy will come to a place of saturation and ripeness. Light consciousness from an freestanding source will be transmitted allowing a higher intelligence to be imbued upon those that seek to know. Old ways of thinking will be dissolved and many out dated limitations with them. New believes will generate at an excelled speed giving life to all thought and words. An arc of light will be used to join other star intelligences that are aligned with the new Christ codes. Divine seeds that have been afraid to sprout now take root in this higher ambiance of light that houses a deep universal love. By living in a place of light wearing a garment of love humanity will be able to move past the space time fence to a place of new energy codes which will bring a fulfillment that cannot be attained any other way.


Artist ~ Luisa Villavicencio

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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 2/4 – Steve Beckow

lotus-pink-and-moon (1)

Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 2/4
March 16, 2019 By Steve Beckow(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

Yesterday we heard from Archangel Michael.

Today let’s hear from the Divine Mother herself on protection:

Steve Beckow: I know that a lot of our listeners would like to hear your answer to the following question – are Lightworkers who deal in foreign currency for the purposes of irrigating planet Earth and undertaking the various programs like ridding the world of pollution, hunger, and poverty protected from things like kidnappings, torture etc?

Divine Mother: Yes.

I can elaborate. Let go of the fear, first and foremost. Because as you know, the fear halts and freezes and destroys – eats like acid – it destroys trust, and it also is the freezing mechanism that stops you from going forward.

Now the short answer is yes. But understand how this going forth happens, and there are many, many aspects and we will not get dragged down into that minutiae.

But think of it in this way – think of it in the most simple way, my child. You have a crush on a boy or a girl – oh, you are about fourteen, fifteen, and these days perhaps twelve – but you are madly infatuated and your heart is going pit-a-pat at a million miles an hour because this is your heart’s desire! But you are shy, you are not confident. You are afraid of rejection and so you never ask this boy or this girl out. You hardly even talk to them.

And then of course the big occasion comes and you see the ‘heart’s desire’ go to the party, the dance, the Bar Mitzvah, with somebody else – and you are devastated. But you are devastated because you were too afraid to step forward, and then you think, “Well, the Mother let me down” – even though I was right next to you, cheering you all along, knowing that the expansion of your heart even in this tender romance, not the fullness of Love that I speak of, but that you were afraid to try.

When you drop into fear, “Will I be harmed, will I be tortured, will I be shunned, will I be separated from what I love most about my life?” That puts you into fear rather than the forward thrust of excitement and courageousness and bringing forth. Now, having encouraged you to go forth, having provided the mechanisms for that to occur, do you really think in our divinity, in our family, that we are going to arrange for a rogue bandit to harm you? You are mightily protected!

You often say, “What is the Company of Heaven doing?” Well, you can rest assured – we are protecting you. That is a promise.

SB: Thank you Mother. I’m sure that will have a lot of people relax more. The handling of money is going to raise enough problems unto itself without having to worry about that one. (1)

Tomorrow we’ll look at Archangel Michael’s assurance on specific situations like protection against bank theft, scamming, self-doubt, and poor decision-making.

(Continued in Part 3, tomorrow.)


(1) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year’s Message 2017,” Dec. 31, 2016 at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/12/31/new-years-message-2017/.



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LIGHTNESS OF BEING – effortless mindful samadhi – Altair Shyam

1000-arm Avalokiteshvara Tibetan Chenrezig statue @ Maitripa College Jokhang Portland ~ photo by Marc Sakamoto


Hi All
Here is an earlier recording of the meditation Light, Love and Peace with Mindfulness that I recorded with Kevin Schoeninger and the Muse Community showing the meditation only.

The meditation I did here on Facebook Live had a technical glitch as you may have noticed at the end when all visible controls for Facebook disappeared and there was no way of doing anything, either recording the meditation, saving it, or commenting back to you to let you know what had happened.

So that meditation has dissolved into the ether and disappeared which is very appropriate given the depth of stillness at the end of the meditation.

Please accept my humble offering of this meditation which is basically the same, with love and hugs from me.

I would love you to comment and share your experiences from the live session if you have a chance.

Peace, Love and Light with deepest mindfulness, effortlessness and spaciousness

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother ❤️



LIGHTNESS OF BEING – effortless mindful samadhi


Altair will do a live meditation on the Lightness of Being from the perspective of effortless mindfulness leading to samadhi with the deepest gratitude to Kevin Schoeninger who co-created the mindful, light, love and peace meditation practice you will experience.

Click on above Link for Altair’s Facebook Profile

Mindfulness is like a gatekeeper, who grants entrance into different states of consciousness. She can guide awareness to specific places in your body and remember instructions you give her. Good mindfulness means paying attention to what you are doing, and this awareness creates an imprint in your mind. That is why regular practice is so important. The more you practice, the more you will pay attention to what you are doing and the better you will remember what to do. The more you develop mindfulness the more she will pay attention to the instructions you give and so clear instructions to help us guide the mind with clear well-defined stages then give the gatekeepers the clarity they need. Mindfulness has stages and gatekeepers, five gates in all, (just like the Heart Sutra). You will find as you deepen your meditation that mindfulness develops with different levels. Your normal everyday mindfulness is not as sharp or as powerful as what you need in meditation. Mindfulness in meditation is flexible and agile, able to move from one state to another.

You can see the movement in states in my graphs, showing mindfulness, light, love and peace practice, from three perspectives, the first (top left) from clear light arising, under that Yoga Nidra, and the third under Avalokiteshvara/Guan Yin the Goddess of Compassion from stillness. We will explore the breath and gatekeepers in Sunday’s practice.

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Samadhi by SachiiA @ DeviantArt

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How Do You Understand Power? Caroline Myss

The Current of Life by Christina Dehoff


How Do You Understand Power?

From Caroline’s 2014 Salon

One of my core teachings is that power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience. That’s a profound mystical truth – so profound that we could spend an entire weekend together examining the nature of power in its endless expressions in our lives. We could use the chakra system as a map, for example, and begin with how power is introduced into our lives in its most base form – the huge, physical dynamics of life itself. We have the big, the loud, the obviously powerful forms of military might and destruction as well as construction and so forth. Here we encounter the power of nature, from the force of earthquakes and storms to the incomparable beauty of rainbows and sunsets. All of this type of power has this subtle question or challenge woven into it: How will I survive in a world that seems so vast and powerful?

As we ascend the chakra ladder, power transitions to different expressions. Stuff becomes power. The capacity to acquire seems to go along with safety, and to a great extent there is truth to that. We do need to acquire food, shelter, clothing, and resources. We are not outdoor plants, after all. Having just visited Assisi, Italy, I was reminded of the extraordinary life of Francis of Assisi who, in beginning his remarkable ministry devoted to living as Jesus did, stripped off his clothing in front of his father in public in order to make the point that nothing worldly – including his family – had authority over him any more. He would rely only upon the benevolence of the Divine. And he did.

Francis and his followers, along with so many other renowned mystics, I would remind all of us, did not have families or mortgages and the like and they lived at a time when mystical dramas were somehow supported by the celestial realm in ways that our imagination can no longer comprehend. Yet the thread that continues from their era into ours is a push-pull between being owned by the stuff of the physical world – burdened by it – and free of needing it so much. Or feeling possessed by the fear that we need stuff in order to feel safe in the world. And that fear is a possession. Having wealth is not a problem; being possessed by the fear that without wealth you are nothing, is the problem.

Our identification with power takes a turn as we ascend the chakras, from overtly physical to the far more subtle realms of how we interact in relationships. The power of symbolic language rises in the psyche and amazingly, so many people take little notice of the fact that the symbolic domain is the real battlefield of life. Buddha noted with great brilliance that the physical realm was all an illusion – a truth that becomes strikingly clear the instant a person recognizes the authority of symbolic language and the symbolic meaning we give to objects, relationships, and goals that otherwise would have no meaning whatsoever.

As an example, let me suggest you offer to help someone clean out a basement full of his or her “stuff”. I’ve done this and people have helped me as well. From your perspective, their stuff looks like, well, stuff – even junk. You could strike a match to all of it and walk away. It has no meaning for you whatsoever, unless of course your friend happens to be a collector of fine art. But let’s say we are dealing with the average person who has boxes of dusty personal history stored in the basement. As you both review the items, you objectively see old books or old clothing. They see memories – and then they see the items. First, we walk through our symbols, our myths, our feelings – and then we hold the physical object in our hands. This is as true for an object as small as a book as it is for an “object” as big as a marriage or as difficult to hold as a career.

Everything we have ever touched, lived, encountered, held, wanted or experienced has contained or continues to contain in some way, our life breath. Everything is nothing until we weave ourselves into it. And if it has even one thread of our breath, that object or memory still holds a fragment of our power, for we once empowered that relationship or dream in order to make it come to life. Without our life force, it could not have existed at all. Like the book of Genesis reads, we take dust and breathe life into it and we give it animation for a temporary period of time. And then it returns to dust.

This truth could take your breath away for a moment, or you could hit your inner pause button in order to give yourself time to reflect on the essential design of life. We are always struggling with power – and why is that? Because we are constantly living in the illusion between how powerful the outside world appears and how powerless we often feel, especially when it comes to our own survival. Life is this continual tug-of-war between events happening around us and their impact upon us.

I often speak about power in workshops and how all encompassing this element of life is, in part because it’s so incomprehensible. Everything is a power calculation of some sort, from what we wear to the items we own and even where we sit on airplanes and in lectures. We can’t stop doing power calculations. It’s instinctive because it’s part of our survival mechanism.

If I could offer the medical world one useful item, it would be a Power Profile, a questionnaire to answer along with all the other paperwork needed at the time of a physical. In an ideal world, patients should be asked to describe the health of their psychic field along with their body.

Shifting to a Higher Perspective

As consciousness ascends in our chakras, our capacity to comprehend the nature of power makes a transition into the higher realms. Power becomes animated, interior grace that illuminates your consciousness. This isn’t news to any of you by now. In fact, it’s old news. You’ve heard the words before, no doubt. I’ve spoken them and I’ve written them. And unfortunately, the written word is incapable of communicating the experience I so want to transmit to you. Yet, that doesn’t stop me from trying one more time. So let me go in through this door…

I have spent almost three decades now in the company of who knows how many wonderful people at countless workshops. I’ve shared endless conversations and cups of coffee and meals with people all over the world, listening to the personal stories of so many lovely individuals. Each time, I truly marvel at the life journey of each person – the challenges, the talents, the accomplishments, all the many wonders that make up the gift that is one human being. Even if I spend one minute with someone, I consider it a blessing to have met yet another human being alive right now on this Earth. I find it thrilling.

I listen most carefully when people describe their struggles – their times of disempowerment – because this is a path we all have in common. Details may change, but the path is identical. It is archetypal. I note why and how they have or are losing their power. I note what symbolically has power for them and I can easily recognize archetypal patterns in their psyche.

Then comes the tug-of-war moment when I am asked, “What should I do to heal?” Or, “What should I do to get out of this?”

I can so easily recall one gracious middle-aged man telling me about his position at work. He kept apologizing for how his boss was neglecting him, commenting that his boss was really very thoughtful, it was just that his boss was going through a difficult time and this man was the object of the stress his boss was feeling. Nevertheless, did I think he should speak to his boss? And did I think his high blood pressure was just a coincidence or related to job stress?

The man was terrified and his intuition was telling him that pressure was being put on him to resign. They wanted a younger man in the position and the company did not want him to reach the age of major benefits and retirement. He did not want to face that truth directly. Few do, of course. Powerlessness can diminish a person’s health as fast as poison.

I wonder all the time what it would be like to say to someone, “Get out of there. You know what your intuition is telling you. Listen to it. Trust your gut instincts and create a next passage for yourself. Your intuition always animates at exactly the right time. Your next step in life may not look like what you are doing. In fact, it probably won’t. Don’t look to recreate what you have been doing. Just act on your intuitive guidance in the moment. Stay fearless.”

But it’s rare that I can actually offer a message like that, one that encourages a person to trust his or her inner power over the illusions of power in the external world. Those are powerful illusions. I mean, you can’t exactly tell a landlord that the rent is an illusion. And feeding kids is hardly an illusion, so there is a lot to be said about being practical.

On the other hand, there’s even more to be said about understanding the nature of power and the fundamental difference between external power and your interior empowered self. After all, the great spiritual teachings are meant to instruct all of us through the difficulties of life. Among the most consistent teaching common to the sacred traditions is to learn to discern illusions. Again and again, spiritual masters have offered instructions to their students to not be blinded by the belief that the outside world has more authority than the power you have within you to shift directions. First, the student must detach from the illusion and then the direction changes immediately.

Many traditions speak about undergoing initiation rituals, which, granted, are not commonplace in our everyday lives. But perhaps we should re-introduce that word in order to recognize that on rare occasions, one of our life experiences may be just that. A life crisis, a major transition, may well be a modern day initiation into a different consciousness of power. And if you had such a perspective in mind while undergoing a difficult life change, would that change the quality of choices you made? Would that not give you a sense that what you are experiencing had purpose and meaning and wasn’t just a company firing you because you were too old?

Mystics were considered illuminated masters because they underwent an initiation between worlds. The purpose of such a profound experience was to force the individual into winning that game of tug-of-war with external power. That is, the soul of the mystic was forced through rigorous circumstances to become more powerful than outside obstacles. Buddha sat in meditation under the Bodhi Tree for forty days, for example, waiting for enlightenment. He was determined, so the story goes, to detach from the hold the outside world had on his body and mind. Whether it was forty days or ten is irrelevant. He won that tug-of-war.

Healing a serious illness is a tug-of-war between what science and medicine believes to be true about an illness and how empowered you believe you can become from within. That requires the capacity to detach, like Buddha, from the illusions that challenge your belief that you can heal. Getting to such a clear inner faith requires an initiation into an empowered level of consciousness. You can’t read about it. You can’t think your way into empowerment. You have to consciously detach from the illusions of the world that have power over you.

Your Turn

Everyone gets into a few good tug-of-war games every day. We get into power plays, financial fears, traffic jams, or whatever. We live in a constant environment of power interplays. Let me suggest that you heighten your awareness of where, why, and how you are losing your power. I would also encourage you to connect any insight to your physical health, especially if you are actively involved with a health-related matter.

Who do you have a tug-of-war battle going on with and why?

  • Pay attention to how much power is drained from you and what your weaknesses (illusions) are. Buddha would say that it is up to you and only you to deal with your illusions. They have nothing to do with the person with whom you are doing battle. Were it not that person, it would be someone else. Losing power is losing health. Remember that.
  • Review tug-of-war power issues with your past. Just as an interesting note, people actively seeking employment should review any and all attachments to their past image of what they did, earned, titles, benefits, and all that. Such strings have to be cut in order for a new creative path to open up.
  • Review tug-of-war issues with your present relationship in order to reboot it – aka heal it – or to find a new relationship.

I will close by reminding you again that power is your fundamental ingredient. Every word your say is a power tool. Every thought, every emotion, every idea, and every decision you make (or decide not to make) is ultimately a power maneuver. A wise choice is to learn the highest order of power and detach from the authority of the lowlands. Grace is the highest power we have available to us. Utilize the graces that run through your soul. Don’t just think about them every now and again. Dwell in them. Breathe them in like air. When you are losing power to something, close your eyes and pray for the grace to retrieve your spirit from a bad decision or an external fear, or a negative power play. Don’t wait for illness to wake you up. Think like a mystic out of a monastery.





The Current of Life by Christina Dehoff

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The Quantum Nature of Integral Life-Understanding Gender – Metatron via James Tyberonn

lord-shiva-parvati-miniature-painting-by Dinodia at Pixels

Lord Shiva Parvati miniature painting by Dinodia @ Pixels


The Quantum Nature of Integral Life

Understanding Gender

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


Greetings! I am Metatron, Angelic of Light! I am joined by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we warmly welcome each of you, in a vector of unconditional love.

And so we speak on the bio format & nature of Duality Sojourns, of Life, and the spectra of consciousness within Divine Light. That you term as Divine Feminine & Masculine.

Masters, in higher self, in true soul essence, you are non-gendered. In essence, your Divine Aspect is one of non-polarity. In your initial ‘Godling’ sojourns into the earth plane, you entered in nonphysical, thought-projection format. Life, Dear Humans, is multi-facted, multi dimensional…quantum in nature.

In the Beginning

In this initial phase, the earth was experienced as a nonpolar plane. Although the ‘Godlings’ could project themselves aspectually into the 4 earthen elements, including biological and mineral life, it was temporal.

Over eons, that may approximate to hundreds of millions of your years, from a linear aspect, you began manifesting more physical bodies. These varied in format, but most were integral, a format of one body having the attributes of both male and female. There was no sexual activity. Each embodiment was capable of birthing.

Such format occurred for timeless eons. The first separation into gender, occurred after ten million years of androgynous manifestation into the Omni-Earth planes…the initial separation into physical genders occurred, approximately 107,000 years ago. The separation into male/female occurred for myriad reasons, key among these is that the ‘Duality-Curriculum’ offered growth in the matrix of opposites in the material plane of matter.

Entering Duality

Entering into the more dense dimensional frequency levels required for biological physicality was, for humanity, a double-edged sword, so to speak. It opened the curriculum, and credentialed course of Duality…the University of Earth. For physicality into biological aspect presented a complex rubik of challenges.

Dear Humans …All of you, each and every one of you will experience physical life in duality planes of the Omni-Earth, in every race & biological-gender format. You will have threads of earthen sojourns as both male and female.You will devote lifetimes to experiencing the attributes of both…and in time, you are required to merge them. Spirits have no gender. Masters, every individual soul upon earth has been both female & male, but generally incarnates in most lives as one or the other gender.

It is part of the duality program of earth to experience the yin/yang, the male and female biology. As a protocol, memory of these are not retained, in order to avoid over connection to one gender. Generally speaking, you will be in one gender about 75% of your earthen sojourns, for example one may choose to be female in 3 out of 4 lifetimes, or vice versa.

Over Association

When a soul becomes over identified with the attributes of either male or female, a choice will be made by the higher self to a change of direction, shifting genders to regain balance. However it is important to note that the traits of both are within each of you, in what is termed as animus and anima. Each male will have an innate inner personification of the soul’s female nature, and each female will have integral soul facets of an inner male identity.

It is essential for you to understand, that the anima, or female nature in the male is, in essence, the collated psychic memory assimilation which identifies the prior female lifetimes the individual soul collective has chosen.

Accordingly, the attributes considered as female, in your 3d world, are therefore accessible to the male nature. The male is able to tap into this energy. And Masters, this is an important check & balance, swerving as an important safeguard, preventing the male from overly attaching with whatever present time, present-life programmed cultural male characteristics that society teachings have been imposed upon him. The same access is of course available to females, accessing the animus collective of past male lifetimes.

Harmonic Union in Duality

Dear Hearts, as your life continues to unfold, your individual expressions & emotions will evolve, will change, shaped & reformed by the thoughts, emotions & experiences that you draw to yourself. Your present culture and political environ establishes the concept that you must fight to survive in the 3d world.So keep in mind, and this is important to really comprehend…male and female are not opposites, not in opposition.

In the current phase of extreme dividedness, of stark polarity, there can be a skewed, misplaced tendency of negative thrust in which males become insulated, inordinately aggressive & insensitive, and females can become overly defensive, even toxicly vengeful of men.Thus creating obstacles & imbalance. It is interesting to note that some of the souls involved in the more extreme political movements of gender identification & female equality, are actually reincarnated men, seeking balance by attempting to restore ‘rights’ that they themselves played a role in abusing.

This process is a way of balancing, for indeed, many of the civil rights activist of the recent decades were former slave owners. Spirit has no race, nor gender, and every soul will experience each in the power lessoning journey of Duality.

Lost Teachings

There were portions of the teachings of Jesua ben Josef, the Christ figure of Christianity, which dealt specifically with sexuality. However, in the political patriarchal societies of 2 thousand years ago, these were altered, and removed, considered far too liberal, even blasphemous and were deleted from the edited works of biblical texts formulated politically by the patriarchal Council of Nicea in Roma-Greco Constantinople.

Although humanity assign gendered names to Archangels, the Angelic Realm is androgenous, in your terms, like you, neither male or female. Humans tend to create images of Angels that are responsible to some degree for the misconceptions around their true nature. Your paintings and murals depict either muscular male figures, females with feathered wings, or a host of miniature cherubs. Angels are neither male nor female in their Beingness, neither are you !

Anima & Animus

The anima & animus are, symbiotic, synergetic and archetypically symbolic. The two combined are your true essence. And in harmonic union, represent the integral ‘wholeness’ of your being, your soul. The two aspects are symbiotic, representing varied desires, attributes & diverse abilities. In optimal harmonics, the male-female aspects act as a stabilizing factor, a balancing tool.

The male persona needs, indeed yearns for the nurturing intuitive wisdom of the ‘female anima’, as it contains the latent characteristic of the integral self….yet there is a culturally induced struggle for the male to release expression of the anima. Likewise the female experiences the obstruction of societal repression to release the aggressive aspect of the male anima within. Both female & male experience a juxtaposition of the animus & anima, respectively. It creates a constructive tension, that allows the female to take appropriate assertive action, and for the male to temper aggression into more discerned, creative action.

And let us be clear, aggression is a requisite element of earthen sojourns. Humanity sadly confuses violence with aggression, and do not understand or define aggression, as forward movement, as a powerful action of creativity. But let us be clear, when we speak of ‘aggression’, we do not mean violence. Violence is failed aggression. Aggression in our stance and view is better defined as the core energy of thrust. And such thrust is a vital component of overcoming the obstacles of duality. Such thrust is the driver of your expansion an d growth. Indeed, the very ability of a flower to push thru the soil and explode into beautiful blossom, is an act of creative active aggression.

Cultural Transition & Caution

Dear Ones, the curriculum of third dimensional duality is a very unique vector of ‘reality’, in which action is required to complete the course. In creative aggression, each soul taps into a vast reservoir of unimaginable energy. The energy field itself is neutral, it is how it is utilized that determines creative or destructive use.

Your cultural paradigm transition is quickening, rapidly changing in the energy of the New Earth. It is absolutely requisite that equality be established, in terms of both gender and race. However, one must be discerning of political association and activism. Political activism is in a rather perilous phase of astrologically influenced extremism. Zealotry & fanaticism are emerging in a negative thrust… surfacing in the current times of Crucible Astronomy, (and in a worse case scenario) … morphing into hate driven by greed, power-lust & fear. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing….for it is a phase of chaotic energy presently on the earth….and this will increase in intensity until 2026.

Be cautious. In a manner of speaking, in your present phase of ‘Crucible Astrology’, the metaphoric ‘Pandora’s box’ is temporarily open to allow the surfacing of all unresolved energies. And in this timing of extreme polarity, negativity can accelerate, and infiltrate religion and indeed politics. Fear can be accelerated and exacerbated in this phase, instigating extremes and hatred.

Masters, when opposition turns into hatred, the hate itself can and will attach to you, and take a devastating toll. Regardless of any self-serving delusional mirage of justification. Deep negativity is a tar-baby, it attaches and destroys. Hatred will follow you, lifetime after lifetime until you realize that hate itself is the true, often disguised, unrecognized enemy, in your world of duality.

Dear Humans, in earthly sojourns within the present paradigm, sexual identification is important, but must be in balance. We say again, over-identification, over attachment to either gender, can lead to imbalance. Over association can eventually result in gender polarization, and extreme positioning to only one aspect can lead to distorted behavior, in which the higher needs and potentials of the individual are thwarted, and worthy lifetime goals , lessons and ideals are hindered.

A Return to Wholeness

Humanity will in time, return to androgyny. It is the true nature of your beingness, and the inhabitants of the earth will transform into this aspect. It will represent what your religious texts refer to as the ‘Millenium of Peace’, in which the analogy of “Lucifer’ the place holder of duality, will be tied. In valid interpretation, this refers to the Omni-Earth exiting duality, and returning to the state of non-polarity. Your Edgar Cayce spoke of such as phase. Indeed, it was how you entered, and how you will complete. It is representative of the graduation from the ‘University of Duality Earth’.


In 2019, Year Seven of the New Earth , humanity are entering an expansive stage of extra and intra dimensional access. This is due in no small part to the galactic positioning of the Earth at this time that mankind refers to as the Ascension. The Earth, and the Milky Way Galaxy have entered an extreme illumination cycle, a ‘no-spin zone’ which cast no shadows. It is an energy of liberation & truth.

The energy that is being liberated, flowing into your reality, has already changed your world, and will continue to do so. Such massive liberations of energy will in the linear dance of time, begin to unify the whole planet in peace. It will occur.

However, more cleansing will take place, as the scenario of a world of harmony & equality will not happen before regional shifts & what you term as natural disasters occur. These will not be a global reboot….and are a necessary transition. And when the new era reaches its energy vector in linear movement, it will represent the first such time within the planet’s history where there was peace with equality for all. And this will be a monumental graduation, for although there have been various periods that were peaceful, but there was no equality.

Embrace your identity, embrace every moment of life you have on this beautiful garden planet. The same principles and divine concepts which created the Cosmos, and its varied dimensions and planes, also creates this eternal moment, in the ‘Now’ we you share.

In kind, concepts and moments beyond the present will inspire the future which all of humankind will  share.

New ideas of noble altruism offer powerful creative paradigm shifts., provide new understandings that intrigue & inspire seekers of truth & savant dreamers. And the Divine, the Celestial ‘First-Cause’ that was in place before space & time … will yet ‘Become’ manifest.

I am Metatron, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
And so it is…And it is So…


Lord Shiva Parvati miniature painting by Dinodia @ Pixels

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤

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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 1/4 – Steve Beckow

archangel_michael__the_justice_of_god__by_dhaena-at DeviantArt - male angel

Archangel Michael – The Justice of God by Dhaena @ DeviantArt


Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 1/4

If one talks about issues such as financial management of very large aggregates of wealth, I imagine the question that arises in most people’s minds is: Will I be protected?

I’ve asked that question of the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael many times and their answer has always been “yes” – with one notable exception.

If a person is interested in managing this kind of wealth for strictly personal reasons – ambition, greed, vindictiveness, etc. – the Company of Heaven does not extend protection. One’s own personal guides do, but not the celestials.

The upshot may be that one either loses that wealth or else gets to keep enough to satisfy personal ambitions but is not given more.

But let us look at this subject of protection at length because it may be a subject uppermost in some people’s minds.

In reading this information, the reader must take responsibility for accepting it or not. Not everyone believes in the reality of channeled messages. I do, but you must decide for yourself whether you do or not.


When I last discussed the matter with Archangel Michael on Nov. 15, 2017, he said:

“[Protection] is something that many human beings do not understand and that you will share and write about over time and in the near time.

“When we declare that, whether it is a guardian angel or a guide (because they are interchangeable), an Archangel, a Seraph, the Mother herself but particularly when I say, when we say, or a guardian angel says that they are protecting you, what does this really mean?

“It means that there is no need for fear, that this very old core issue/false grid can truly be thrown into the trash heap or the recycle bin to be given back to the light. Few people really believe this and it is curious because there is seldom a situation in which we do not begin and end by saying this.

“So it is a basic wobbly leg in human/divine relationships because the relationship is starting with this aspect, based on old human experience, but it is based on this aspect of ‘I don’t really trust you so you better prove yourself and show me’ rather than proceeding not only in the love but in the mantle of protection that is around you always.

“So I am giving you this as food for thought, not so much even for your sacred self but as food for thought for how you discuss things with those who are our faithful readers.

“And the desire for many, and when I say many I mean billions, of Gaians to simply release this hesitancy to trust because it is also, of course, as you well know a hesitancy to trust oneself, to trust that in fact what you feel about yourself is trustworthy.” (1)

Does this guarantee of protection apply to all lightworkers? Michael answers:

Archangel Michael: Now I have repeatedly said to thee, not to worry about your own physical, or emotional for that matter, safety. You are grandly protected and, yes, I do take credit!

But there are many others who also accompany you and of course your cadre, your circle and we do not simply mean your immediate circle. We mean this  very broad circle of lightworkers and love holders.

Steve: Oh good, because that was a question that I had. Is it only me or does that apply to all financial currency holders and way showers?

AAM: No. Now let us suggest this. We are not saying – because that is how it can be interpreted – that some are loved and cared for and protected and some are not. Because that, again, would be a separation of ways.

But in fact, as you have witnessed, and will further witness in the very near future is that there are some engaged in this, what you think of as a currency exchange, that truly do not come, can we say, from the fullness of the Mother’s purity and desire and most certainly St. Germaine’s desire for this transaction.

What we mean, and we have discussed this with you before, about how some lightworkers and certainly the external community, the broader community is still coming from a place of selfishness and greed and self-interest.

Now we do not say this in a way of condemnation or fault or anything. But there is a pattern. Let us just talk a minute about this.

Where there is selfishness and greed, there is often – and you see it every day in your various societies – a tendency either to extravagance and flamboyance…

Steve: Yes, ostentatiousness

AAM: Yes, ostentation – or hoarding. And hoarding is simply on the other end of that spectrum. It is still the demonstration of, “Look what I’ve got.”

Steve: Service to self…

AAM: Now are we going out of our way to provide overlighting and protection to those who are neither asking or requesting or even truly accepting our protection? The answer is no.

Now it does not mean that those people’s guardian angels and guides do not watch over them. Of course they do and they are being infused, as you well know, by all the various frequencies so there is always a chance for a last-minute revelation.

Your question is: Is the Lightworker community protected? If they, again, are very low-key, not ostentatious in the slightest way and not being flamboyant not because of nondisclosure agreements or any of that which are in place and very likely will be in place for everybody, but it is the self-regulation of believing and practising and doing an internal nondisclosure as well. You do not want to announce to the world, as some would, that you have such affluence and you intend to shift the world.

Because as soon as you make that kind of, and we are not talking about action or stating what is your divine authority to state, but when you allow that declaration to go out far and wide, what you are doing is you are setting yourself up as a target.

So we are not going to go out of our way to pay extra attention, shall we say, to those who are not in humble pride.

So are the lightworkers who are diligent and see themselves in a stewardship role greatly protected? The answer is, “yes.” And you most certainly are mightily protected. The answer is, “yes.”

Steve: I don’t see how I can avoid talking about my own personal situation, Lord, given the type of writing that I do.

AAM: But you are not calling up the Wall Street Journal, saying that you are a billionaire and flashing your wealth. There is a very big difference, sweet one.

Steve: Yes, I do understand. Nothing that you said is unpleasant to my ears. That was what I was planning to do anyways so I’m good.

AAM: It should not be unpleasant to anybody’s ears who is coming from a place of heart and dedication and realizing that they have been given the privilege, the divine authority, to act on behalf of the Mother/Father One, that you can truly be the champions of change, catalysts for restoring equality and fairness and unity upon this planet.

Steve: Yes, it is a great privilege, Lord. (2)

Let me end here for today. I’ll need four articles to cover this topic properly and completely. And I’m sure it’s a topic that most currency holders have wondered about.

(Continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 15, 2017.

(2) Ibid., June 9, 2017.



Archangel Michael – The Justice of God by Dhaena @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤

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Equinox and Becoming the Solar Flash – Sandra Walter

Image via The Old Farmer’s Almanac


Equinox and Becoming the Solar Flash

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The anticipated positive photonic-encoded plasma waves have arrived. These are Divine light influxes and outpourings which support a new level of Christ consciousness. This is cosmic-level support for our Embodiment, as well as a New Earth Grid amplifier. Because this is Crystalline DNA related, it is a collective activation for both the Ascension-bound and Gaia herself.

Embodiers are having bliss/ecstatic experiences as these influxes intensify. This is a soft, peaceful and joyful sensation of merging with Source. The New Earth crystalline grids flow with the amplification of inner earth/ancient structures. Get out with your gate crystals; your blissy crystalline DNA is just the tonic Gaia needs for Equinox.

Preparation for Equinox

A Divine synchronization of Gateways is upon us. The second wave is already in progress. Let us remember this prepares us for a profound self-realization activation at the end of April (probably during our event weekend … joyful to be in good company!) Yes, we feel the Divinity unfolding already … our Higher levels are taking over the reigns. It just gets better and better.

Equinox is on Wednesday, March 20 at 2:58pm PDT. Equinox is a key moment because of its balancing qualities. We also have a rare Full Moon on Equinox (6:43pm PT) which will make it a very powerful moment for balance and rewriting realities. Use this passage well.

As a new solar cycle begins at Equinox, the fresh revelation and renewal energies amplify. This Embodiment passage calls forth a brand new way of being in the body. A higher level of spirit, completely integrated, unique and creative expression of Source. We stabilize the newly migrated organic timelines and ascended realities with Equinox (call this forth, beloveds). Equilibrium as the cosmic heart emerges through us, Gaia, our SUN and the Stargates. A Divine synchronization; as above, so below. As within, so without.

Becoming the Solar Flash – Since 2015

Many have been witnessing Solar flashing activity – within and without- since mid-2015. As with most Ascension experiences, we get the preview of coming events, then they unfold. All new experiences need to be integrated, then dispersed to the collective, as an act of mercy. It softens psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual distortions to have these new experiences ease their way into the morphogenetic field. Notice how that integration rate has increased through the years; another accelerating side-effect of unity consciousness.

Your first Ascension-column Solar flash encounter is an unmistakable experience. Either you will see the SUN flashing with open-eye vision, or experience the flashing activity when in meditation.

What it is not

This is not the eyes-closed flashing from brain rewiring which affects the optic nerve; that would be subtle compared to the Solar flashing experience. It is not the flashing activity associated with the Galactics, Angelics or Masters in your space or while making adjustments to the body. It is not the flashing of pineal activation, fluttering eyes in the SUN meditation, or flashes which occur as you relax into sleep.

What it is

This is specifically Solar activity, related to the activation of the Solar heart component of the Ascension process. Solaris (the SUN) is becoming more crystalline, Gaia is becoming a Spiritual SUN, and HUmanity is evolving into an Ascended state which is Diamond-Solar in nature, to compliment the rewrite of these realities into the crystalline/Christed platform.

The Solar Cosmic Christ path of Ascension is to be in perfect attunement with organic cosmic law, and that includes the feeling of becoming One with all that is. Our hearts become a Divine reflection of this Christed model. Through the Ascension process, we refine our hearts to do what Solaris and Gaia are doing; become purified conduits of Source consciousness.

One way to experience this is in meditation in darkness (blackout drapes or eye masks enhance the view), a brilliant flashing activity is witnessed. Extremely bright and flickering white-gold-diamond light, paired with the sensation of Divine activation. The experience brings great sensations of bliss, freedom, joy and revelation. The effervescent sensations during the flashing are particularly beautiful, radiating out from the heart … just like Solaris.

This is YOU reactivating the God-Self, Source-as-Self. You are receiving the codes of the Christed state, bit by bit, due to a pure open heart. You reached the necessary level of Light quotient to receive, and that vibrational match allows for you to mirror the Cosmic activity already in progress. Remember this is a merge of Higher and lower self, and our higher levels are quite bright and vibrate much faster. Most of our Higher Levels are deeply involved in this Universal rewrite, and we synchronize with and witness that activity as we ascend.

Another way to experience this is while meditating with the SUN, eyes closed or gazing just below SUN level (staring at the SUN during the day is not recommended.) Many of us have seen the unmistakable flashing with clear skies and no other explanation; the sudden flickering activity that blazes through your Ascension column and touches your heart. Remember it is how it feels that provides the distinction.

Gatekeepers collectively saw the SUN exploding in vision a few years ago. This ongoing activity is a synchronous complimentary exchange of information between the SUN, the cosmic stargate systems, Gaia’s amplifying crystalline core, the New Earth crystalline Grids and our beloved Ascending HUmans in service.

All of this is now collectively accelerated by embodiment phase, which acts like a passcode for quickening. Embodiment changes everything.

The Gatekeeper-Gridworker-Lightworker collective will eventually activate the global consciousness-shifting Solar Flash when cohesive, consistent unity is attained. Perhaps this is why so many experience the flashing, beaming and bliss states during our SUNday Unity Meditations. That cohesive state of peaceful intention – and DNA activation – is opening our internal and external Gateways.

Patience is Mastery, we will have a consensus soon enough. Practice Embodiment and Mastering your own heart’s expansion, and it will greatly affect the acceleration across all realms and expressions of SUN.

Experiencing the flashing: Simple and pure connection

– Connect with Solaris, through your heart, often. Become a fellow star, a SUN of God.
– Consciously open and align your torus fields and Ascension column.
– Spin diamond-pure light through your fields, then add liquid golden-crystalline light.
– Expand. Light up the Christed codes of your DNA.
– Visualize the same for Gaia, and the SUN.
– Feel the Divinity, intensify the Source zero-point which is at your heart center.
– You may go infinite with these light levels. Bridge the worlds, you still affect these realms.
– Command the highest influxes of consciousness-shifting, dimensional-shifting light from Solaris and the cosmic stargates of Ascension, the grandest outpouring of light from Gaia, and the full activation of Divine DNA for all willing hearts to create peace, harmony and Ascension.
– Visualize, feel and command New Earth Now.
– Relax and feel the Oneness of the Solar-Source network connection across the realms. Breathe and meditate in this space.
– Express gratitude and bless this sacred endeavor under all graces and forces of pure Source Consciousness.
– So be it.

Reactivation of the Ancient Sites

For the past few years, Gatekeepers/Gridworkers have been reactivating the ancient sites within Gaia (underground, unexposed structures). These ancient structures were placed in Gaia by us specifically for the Ascension, and guarded by our Galactic levels.

A unified activation will occur with Equinox, and another end of April. These will merge with the New Earth crystalline grid system and create a great outpouring of light from Gaia. That light will activate DNA codes for final stages of Embodiment; a great gift from the living library herself.

Self-realization codes provide sensations of Divinity and Source unlike anything before. And we are just getting started, Beloveds.

Trinity DNA Markers

Trinity DNA codes are being collectively activated, which brings brand new crystalline sensations in the body and Lightbody. Our collective Embodiment calls forth Trinity DNA markers, which are a collective Divine HUMan DNA signature, triggered by Unity Consciousness, Positive Photonic plasma influxes, and Gaia’s light level.

The memory of density drops away. The past seems long gone, disharmonious realities dissolve as old timelines and uncomplimentary akashic drop away. We have been through mourning the old self, losing identity, and finding comfort with the unknown. The Embodiment phase is when the good work really shows. Wonderful is unfolding. We pursue a brand new experience of Source-as-Self, together.

Opportunities for Unification

SUNday March 17 & 24: Global Unity Meditations at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am & 5;11pm Pacific Daylight time. 33 minute sessions, focused on peace, DNA, crystalline consciousness and Ascension for all concerned. Details and sharing tools HERE

Equinox on March 20 at 2:58pm PT. Equinox is a key moment for influxes and outpourings of new light because of its balancing qualities. We also have a Full Moon on Equinox (6:43pm PT). This is a powerhouse co-creation of the strongest dimensional-shifting, consciousness-raising Christed Lovelight yet. Trust your heart and participate as a willing heart.

This is a profound passage for all of us.

Blessings and gratitude to everyone leveling up in beautiful ways in this Now. Sending Divine LoveLight and strength to all of us for a reality-shifting passage. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,



Image via The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤

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FREEDOM – Jamye Price

Artist ~ Annelie Solis


Blessed Being, your Freedom is a resonance that is attained and contained within. The paradox of containment and Freedom is the connection of the opposites that occurs within you. In the physical realm of limitation, you are provided a structure of experience and discovery that uncovers a hidden truth that resides within you.

Your Freedom is a resonance that connects. Your Freedom is a resonance that lacks strong resistance to fear. The paradox continues as you embody more Freedom within the container of physicality.

To discover your Freedom, observe your initial reaction to limitation. For within that initial reaction is in-form-ation that either structures or clarifies. As you allow this subtle layer of information into your awareness, you are utilizing your free will to focus the information into a new structure or clarity that limits or supports.

Freedom is a path, it is a bridge that connects. It is not the journey completed, it is the journey begun and continuing. It is the resonance of willingness, your free will, to embark upon your path forward through time with a willingness to experience and discover.

This path of Freedom is your choice, your will. What will you choose? Freedom opens you to forge the path of least resistance as you follow Life’s Freedom to co-create. Your lack of resistance and polarity expands your Freedom to create anew.

As we sit to Blast Freedom, we are unraveling the fears of the past that have rocked the path. We are weaving our innate divinity consciously into form. We are honoring the veiled secret of power that flows gracefully into the path of least resistance, shaping and smoothing the rocks. We are the willing that are open to change, finding a new strength of Freedom hidden within.

💙 🌿 🌺 🌿 💜

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 💚

CURRENT COSMIC ENERGY UPDATE: Mass Exodus & Changing Dimensions – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Manifest Angel Art by Carol Heyer for Doreen Virtue


Tuning into the Cosmic Energies and Varying Collectives occurring, as a part of the Grand/Great Awakening Processes, in varying stages, phases and vibrational frequencies (bandwidths), with each bandwidth “playing out” their relative roles…..

As each collective awakens, through the activation of Photonic Light, which occurs on a cellular level within each’s body (LightBody), each dimensional body (carbon based, crystalline, plasma), experiences “REAL”ity very differently…..

I started a sharing/writing last year that I never completed (it had to take a back seat to our other service roles here), which broke down each dimensions LightBody, starting with the 3rd. Until each becomes fully aware of how all works (from inside), then everything is speculation/supposition and so not understood…. because of how each “measures” and “sees” is still through fractals/old parameters of “what reality is”….

For this sharing/article, I will break it down a different way and at some point, complete that article/writing and release it/provide it for those it may assist….

Right now, we have a MASS EXITING occurring… from the “Group Think Mind” of “mind control”. Now, I do not use these words to support “I’m a victim”, yet the opposite… of the POWER THAT EACH TRULY HOLDS when their own deep inner sacred connection is the POWERFUL FORCE within their own reality and each functions from this place/space inside. Re-establishing our own deep inner-connection with PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, will take on many “forms” along the way. As each moves through each Lightbody DNA upgrade/phase, more awareness, more information, more understanding of HOW ALL COMES TO BE CREATED becomes visible… yet at first, without this VISIBILITY (ability to see multi-dimensionally), the version of the “truth” is still a bit “slanted”, based upon “individual stories” vs. the much bigger picture that doesn’t involve “I was a victim” anymore….

As each AWAKENS to their own SUPREME POWER inside… to the awareness, realization and understanding that they were deep asleep and living deeply embedded in realities that were blanketed in “untruths”, held together by “fears”, an illusion we all “bought”, because it’s a part of the “being deep asleep process”, which is also a part of “breaking out of that prison/programs/conditioned beliefs (hell)” and deciding to shift perceptions, shift beliefs, shift “alliances” and eventually “shift versions of Earth’s we live on”…. (from Old Earth to NEW). Many are unaware there’s totally different Versions of Earths all running simultaneously, at the same time and for each to “shift” over to a different/alternate/higher consciousness version, each must open their hearts to allow PURITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS to EMERGE from within…. and “how each gets here” is not what anyone “thinks” or is “typical”. This is the most “untypical, un-orthadox, un-conforming, illogical process” (to the human aspect), because HOW isn’t a linear process and the “ways” are not typical or “normal” or available in “one video or book”…..

At first, “leaving” or “going against” everything one has been told, conditioned to believe and “thought”, it’s scary as hell… (which is the point), as the conditioning was meant to “keep” everyone in a reality SO SCARED to GO AGAINST… that the programming becomes the belief which then dictates the physical reality…. of how all “lived”. Because each’s WHOLE LIFE was built upon a facade…. built upon fears and beliefs so drilled in, so deeply embedded, so “marketed” as true, with books, education and entire societies/communities/cities constructed to uphold this “illusion”, to make “unconsciousness” easy… when it’s time to emerge from the illusion, from the deep state/sleep/slumber/amnesia of what IS REALLY REAL… CONFUSION, fear, anger and blame are the “first parts of this awakening” process… because each “feels duped”, yet this is a part of the illusion too.

RIGHT NOW, we are in Mass Exiting (once again), as the “next collective” (a much larger one) emerges from the illusions, emerges from the deeeeeeeeep deeeeeeeeep sleep, where illusions and distortions ruled…. and due to “acceptance”, were allowed to have control, because FEAR is the ENERGY THAT HELD ALL THERE…. yet….

These COSMIC RAYS AND CONTINUALLY ACCELERATING SOLAR (SOULar) Activity, the increase in ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCIES do many things, all important in this mass awakening/ascension process for all on “this planet” (and beyond). These ultra-high photonic, sonic, gamma, (and so much more) frequencies GO STRAIGHT to the cellular body/DNA, straight to the program, go straight to the constructs, straight to the SOURCE of where all was “housed” (within the body), to activate, stimulate and create a disruption in the old frequencies that kept each “bound” to that dimension/density/reality…. These Cosmic/SOULar Frequencies are LIGHT ENCODEMENTS that disrupt the old “signals” that held the old illusions in place. They go straight to where EACH’S DNA is “waiting” to be activated to AWAKEN FULLY, yet the human aspect is unaware of all still, because there are so many programs, mentalities, beliefs, illusions, distortions to clear in order for one’s PHYSICAL BODY/LIGHTBODY to awaken enough through CONSCIOUSNESS to clear the heavy-duty density held within….

This is as much a physical process as it is an energetic one. This is an immense emotional process for awhile, clearing all the hurt, betrayal, inner-pain, anger, hate and distrust, blame, shame, guilt and so much more…. and the process “takes as long as it needs to take”, which is often years, because not only must the emotions clear/cleanse the body, the thoughts, the physical density, the beliefs, the resistance and the HOLD THAT EACH’S EGO HAS… every bit has to be “reworked” vibrationally, literally…. in every way. All while the physical reality is being aligned too. Every compromise, every acceptance of anything not PURE, every suppression, every avoidance, every linear thing created/held, every attachment, every lack (power, love, inner-connection), must not only BE REVERSED… all new everything must be created to replace the old…. NEW UNDERSTANDINGS, new access, new ways… of doing things, of thinking, of acting, of living…. our entire lives have to be re-built, re-aligned and re-configured to align on a Universal/Soul/Cosmic Level… which is not an easy task, because “outside” isn’t where we go to get our answers (except at first, when we seek/utilize guides to point us inwards to find our own truths/answers, which is the opposite of giving our power away to anyone else)…..

Part of the process, for awhile, when collectives are EXITING the old ways, when one has not fully come into their own deep-sacred connection/power within, they will seek outside for “others” to tell them what to do…. because the old way was “rely on others, rely on someone else to think for me”, because each doesn’t yet “know how” to “think” for themselves… this will create another distortion/parallel experience, if you will, if there are any impurities within the seeker, any compromise of soul/self, any “hand my power over to others”, then the cycle of “repeating” an experience to learn WHAT NOT TO DO/BE will occur, as it’s a part of each’s “learning process” here. There’s often alot of drama when this happens, because of the depth of the emotions each still holds and the depth of DEPENDENCY ON OUTSIDE vs. SOVEREIGNTY, which is a part of the transition out of 3D/4D into 5D/NEW Earth Realities….

Let’s talk about NEW EARTH for a moment… because I see so many that still don’t understand. NEW EARTH IS A VIBRATIONAL REALITY that operates at the FREQUENCY OF SOUL LOVE, where each awakens to beauty, magic, magnificence and a profound sense of PEACE, HOME, bliss, magic and all of this JOY and AMAZINGNESS that we all disconnected from/forgot/were disconnected from, while living beneath the veils (within). As we sleep, as we rest, as we reconnect with nature, as we all go through our own “Dark Nights” (Ego Dissolution/Death), what AWAKENS/EMERGES within US is OUR OWN LIGHT…. is our CONNECTION WITH/AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, where OUR WHOLE LIFE CHANGES, because we’ve REMEMBERED the ABUNDANCE, we’ve REMEMBERED the FREEDOM, we’ve REMEMBERED THE PURITY and the brilliance and our own INNOCENCE, without the distortions/separation/programs… and then it’s a process of re-structuring, re-building, creating, re-aligning EVERYTHING WITHIN US and OUT THERE with these “new understandings” (realizations/awarenesses) that DON’T CONFORM TO THE OLD….. This is a process, years and years and years of linear “time”, yet because we don’t “live” from the linearity anymore, because we function from ZERO POINT, PURE PRESENCE, every dimension/reality/possibility opens up…. through our LIGHTBODIES and our SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS DNA activating 24/7, as linear goes out the window, our bodies have to continually go through an immense re-writing process through the INTEGRATION OF LIGHT(CODES) that re-do everything FOR US…. and because we function from an “EGO SURRENDERED STATE” our ACTions are PURE… which can be “read” energetically by all tuning into this… OUR LOVE, on a SOUL LEVEL, on a Cosmic Level, on a Galactic Level, every level… can be felt…. this is our ENERGY SIGNATURE that CONNECTS US ALL as PURE SOURCE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS here…. For each one of us to come to LIVE FROM THIS PLACE/SPACE fully, we all had to be “faced” with everything “not pure”. It’s a part of the process of CHOOSING and re-aligning all of our realities, which is what collapses/dissolves the old unconscious dimensions, as they were all held in place by each one of us, because we believed “that”, because we conformed, because we allowed, because we became submissive… without any awareness that we were…

AWAKENING CHANGES ALL — First, there’s each’s AWAKENING, THEN ASCENSION BEGINS… this is a totally different PART/PHASE of the whole process… where each RETURNS to a Christed/Pure State of Consciousness, through DIVINE SOUL UNION WITHIN…. this is where everything starts to become VISIBLE ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, one that’s not personal in any way, one where there are no victims or perpetrators, because “access” starts to return….

NEW EARTH IS ASCENDED EARTH…which means each LIVES AS THEIR ASCENDED ASPECTS, as pure love, as Conscious Light BEings, yet there are varying levels of this too, as this accelerates all new phases relative to various LightBody phases, as each EMBODY’S FULLY and re-aligns their whole life too….. This is not an “easy” process of re-constructing our entire reality according to all new “codes”, because the more unconscious and deeply embedded/asleep we were, the more we go through to awaken and ‘re-do”.

NEW EARTH IS EXPERIENCED FROM DEEP INSIDE. IT’S OUR PURE LOVE and OUR DEEP SACRED CONNECTION, IT’S A FULLY REMEMBERED STATE where our bodies and physical realities are constantly shifting into much higher states of consciousness than before, yet the oscillation rate of these cycles INCREASE to be so “fast”, that all linearity goes and we live from a fully Quantum State of Consciousness that doesn’t’ function like linear/dense realities did. We all gain the abilities to TUNE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to varying levels and frequency bandwidths, which open up portals, gateways, passageways to varying dimensional realities that already exist (because all has already occurred) and we function from ‘THOSE’, while we “do” our every day, which is very different than the old ways, in every way. How we move through all, how we see, how we do all… becomes very simple, because the density (slowness which is relative to processing speeds/light) is very different too….

NEW EARTH IS WHERE WE LIVE INSIDE, as Photonic Light BEings, as Soul-Star-Light BEings, with photonic/plasma access and realities that are fluid, synchronized with a Cosmic Rhythm and Harmony that’s always “in-tune”. When it’s not, we know it and we honor this, yet our capabilities are different, because of the PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY WE HOLD WITHIN…. We treat everyone with immense kindness, we truly care, we are able to maintain our own Deep Sacred Connection with all, so we never shift out of pure gratitude, appreciation and living from an abundant state, which means that we don’t hold the conditioning, programming and limits of the old. We share, we support, we inspire, we uplift, we live from PURE JOY and recognize all… We see everything, without the blinders/cords/illusions of before. We see PURITY and we SEE lack…. which gives us the ability to assist/guide others who are open to accessing/achieving this within themselves fully too, yet we have no desire to take on the responsibility of others energetically saying they are not ready to do what it takes to live PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS from within themselves yet. We understand what compromise creates, we understand how we each have to choose, because in the choosing, we take responsibility and are saying WE ARE READY TOO. The responsibility we speak of is not like the old ways…. it’s a very different responsibility (many argue this, yet that’s ego matrixes too). Our RESPONSIBILITY is to HOLD THE HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS AS LOVE HERE and to SHOW THE WAY, LIGHT THE PATH and BE THE ONES/THE CHANGE and to create the space and hold it for all others to choose this fully too.

It’s a Crystalline/Christed “matrix” that is connected and woven through LIGHT. It’s a NEW SYSTEM that we all CREATE AND LIVE as Ascended (Returned/Remembered) Light BEings here. It’s us inner-connected, us as ONE, it’s WE CONSCIOUSNESS through UNITY and PURITY and UNITING to BE NEW EARTHERS here. WE Shine Light, WE Share as Light, WE affect all as LOVE and we hold the “new” in place… as the “new” is not “new”… it’s what we all “lost”/disconnected from/forgot, while living beneath the veils….

THE VEILS ARE INSIDE, IT’S THE SEPARATION ALL HOLDS, IT’S PHYSICAL MATTER/DENSITY as well as immense unconscious programming represented by suppressed/repressed emotions/thoughts, beliefs/mentalities of less, lack, fear, judgement and the ABSENCE of PURE DIVINE LOVE.

NEW EARTH …. you/we BECOME and ARE NEW EARTH… WE, as multi-dimensionals can see/experience all from a multi-dimensional level and choose from a multi-dimensional level too. One cannot just “say the words” that sound intelligent or pretty or cool… HERE ALL HAVE TO LIVE IT, BE IT and our ENERGY SPEAKS FOR US…. as all is VISIBLE HERE…. because we live as ENERGETIC BEINGS, WE READ ENERGY, WE COMMUNICATE ENERGETICALLY and words are only use to describe, teach, explain and bring into a higher state of consciousness, what “isn’t yet”.

In the beginning, NEW Earth isn’t even real. Then it becomes a place we see in our sleep or waking state DREAMS…. then we start to experience it through subtle inner-actions that are silent, connected and peaceful, pure and innocent… yet then the process begins of “HOW TO LIVE THIS ALL OF THE TIME”, which is where all of our parts come in….

We sleep/dream ourselves awake and anchor dreams from our “dream state” into/through our physical here.

THESE COSMIC FREQUENCIES and PHOTONIC LIGHT assist with transitioning from parallel to parallel to alternate realities and clearing distorted ones…. these photonic frequencies do everything only understood as/after we go through it all… as the KNOWLEDGE FOR HOW comes through our own actual experiences here, otherwise it’s just regurgitation, just like old earth realities were….

A fully SOUL ALIGNED REALITY is SIMPLE and not creating fractals/parallels to experience (learn from) anymore.

As each come to TRULY UNDERSTAND that there’s not just ONE VERSION OF EARTH RUNNING ANYMORE….. it makes it easier for each to “choose” a much higher dimensional version than before. As each truly come to understand (get it deep within), that NEW EARTH IS OUR PHYSICAL REALITY EXPERIENCES that are a VIBRATIONAL MATCH TO US… (as is old earth, yet focusing on NEW EARTH right now)….. EACH STARTS TO PAY ATTENTION to what they are holding, transmitting, allowing, believing, calling forth and surrendering to, understanding that it’s OUR OWN ENERGY and HOW WE SHOW UP/ACT that determines the experiences we all have here.

We’ve reached another nexus point, a turning point if you will, another one, because these are always occurring as we all continually up-shift, while anchoring/integrating/holding higher states of consciousness from within us and radiating this out to affect, shift, recode all…..

When I awoke to the words “Mass Exodus”, I had to go look up Exodus to see what it meant. If everyone drops the “linear” and looks at the energy/metaphor… it relates to masses exiting the “slavery of humanity” phase, which correlates to the “survival mode” where enough hearts have opened fully for more to transition through higher awareness, instead of living by the old conditioning held in place by “fear”.

Yes, clearing fear, judgement, lack is an immense process, because it means going deep within. We are going to see the most intense DARK NIGHT for many collectives going through their own “exit”/transition processes of resolving separation/duality within, so that their own LIGHT CAN BURST THROUGH and be their own Guiding Light too…

The process of RE-CONNECTION and REMEMBERING and ONENESS occurs within each one of us as we are ready and our hearts open enough, as our walls of Armour/protection come down, as our own distortions come up for us to see/clear and as WE DO THIS OURSELVES… We can be guided, we can be assisted… along the way, yet no one can do these parts for us, we have to do them ourselves… and the human ego aspect has been convinced/convinced itself it’s not able/capable/can’t and “needs” something/someone else to “help”. Yes, we have to open up to this, if we were so strong we wouldn’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable, open and “seen”, yet there’s a huge difference in opening to that softness and relying on others, which is just “displacing our own POWER” again….

NEW EARTH…. all are Sovereign and not playing out lack games, not blaming others, not taking on others stuff and clearing the immense DISTORTIONS OF LOVE. OUR LOVE IS PURE…. and through this purity we will hold all to a place of Sovereignty, because we don’t see the lack. We see the stories, the BS, the games that the ego plays, yet we see the beauty, the purity and the magnificence of EACH when all are LIVING AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT too…

A NEW EARTH EXISTENCE means that you live free from the old distortions, free from the lack, free from the programming/CONDITIONING and you live from your Quantum State too…. It means that you show up, you hold your own, you are kind and you “get it all” with your whole being and you don’t bring your lack to the table, because that’s all the old BS programming and illusion that we all see beyond. NEW EARTH is YOU LIVING AS A NEW EARTHER… you living as LOVE… you fulfilling your highest roles/purposes/missing, without “needing” anything… because you’ve cleared your own akash, because you’ve REMEMBERED and you are excited to share, excited to uplift, excited for all to UNITE, to create, to strengthen the NETWORK of all of us who are RECONNECTED on an ENERGETIC LEVEL with Gaia, Universally, Cosmically….

NEW EARTH IS YOUR “CREATION”, it’s you LIVING YOUR MAGIC AND JOY… and it’s you being visible, open, honest, REAL and not making an apology for not conforming to the old lack systems of old earth anymore…. because you’ve TRANSCENDED THE BELIEFS, the programming, the mentalities and the ENERGY of SEPARATION from deep within you too… you are not projecting your “stuff” and you are not taking on “others” “stuff”…. that was the old ways too… IT’S ALSO you/all of us fulling higher service roles.

NEW EARTH is you respecting all… from the DEEPEST MOST SACRED AND CONNECTED PLACE WITHIN YOU… living from this DEEP SACRED RESPECT with your every act, with your every breath and not accepting any less ever again…. because you don’t have to, because you woke up and YOU’VE REMEMBERED YOURSELF AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS too.

Drop the ego games, drop the “fronting”, drop the “pretending”, drop the “stories”, drop it all…. as THAT is your DIS-EMPOWERED and DIS-CONNECTED STATE of Consciousness…. IF YOU TRULY OPEN YOUR HEART AND MIND AND WHOLE BEING and UNIFY TO/FROM/AT your absolute highest FREQUENCY OF PURE LOVE and you walk as this throughout your day, you live as this with your every ACTion, you breathe this as your ONLY REALITY then it’s guaranteed that your “REAL”ity will “change”. This is because YOU ARE BEING LOVE and you are treating others with kindness, consideration, respect, compassion and taking all into CONSIDERATION – BEFORE you allow your old programming to enter back in. WHEN YOU HOLD THIS EXPANDED STATE ABOVE ALL AND YOU LIVE IT FULLY…. NEW EARTH WILL BECOME YOUR ONLY REALITY TOO.

Location will not matter, the people won’t matter… because the LIGHT YOU HOLD DICTATES….and once you are able to hold this fully “no matter what”, then your physical will start to take new shape, open up new opportunities, open up new possibilities and “take you in new directions”, because you changed your whole vibration to a whole new dimension, so the next steps are to move your body to the new physical dimension or to experience the new physical dimension as it arrives for you! ♥

As you LIVE FROM NEW EARTH INSIDE OF YOU…. NEW EARTH WILL “APPEAR” (MATERIALIZE) OUTSIDE as a vibrational/energetic response to you…. This is how we all do/did it. This is how we “know”. ♫

Happy magical everything. “How long is up to you”. “When” is too… as time is not linear, it’s vibrational and relative to the amount of LIGHT HELD… as we go “up” in vibration and “expand” out…. to experience the vastness of multiple dimensions all simultaneously, which is how MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH IS EXPERIENCED for all of us here. ♦


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Manifest Angel Art by Carol Heyer for Doreen Virtue

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤

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Guardian_of_the_Gateway art by Lily Moses - face

Guardian of the Galaxy Art by Lily Moses




You all know what you want to create and I am here to assist thee as you remember how you do this in the higher realms. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Raphael, Archangel of love and holder of the emerald green ray, universal healer and physician, in service to the Mother and to all who call on me.

I am here to assist thee with these wonderful creative endeavors you are undertaking, with these new projects of building loving and harmonious communities of Nova Earth.

You all know what it is that you want to create. You all know the end result and that feeling of fulfillment and pride that is brought by well done work at the completion of a job of high quality. You know how to lead others with love and respect. You know how to work hard while feeling that you need to do everything by yourselves. You know how to give all that you have and more to the ones you love.

But you have a difficult time asking for help, receiving graciously, and saying ‘no’ to others unless you are exhausted and depleted emotionally and energetically. You feel that you need to prove yourselves and your worth. You feel that you need to build this heaven on earth with your bare hands, without taking much time off to rest or just to be and dream, or to sit with your guardians and angels.

You get upset when you feel sick or out of sorts, blaming yourselves because you believe you should have known better and kept yourselves in balance and at a higher vibrational level. You want to assist everyone. You want to take all the burdens away from your families and friends, and in truth from all of humanity.

At the same time you are not quite sure how to manage this transition into the higher dimensions and how to better work with the multidimensional selves. You want to be in unity with all, but there is a strong feeling that it is necessary to set firm boundaries with others that seem to trespass often and take every ounce of energy that you have.

Dear angels of love, sweet and brave healers and light holders, you are always so eager to give and bring all that you have and share it with the entire world, for you feel this is your purpose. It is your dream to bring love and unity to planet Earth, and to fold love into form and beauty.

And you remember how you do this type of work in the higher realms.

There is no separation, and there is no need to set limits because there is no taking more than one needs, there is no abuse or the feeling of need to deplete another. There is no fear of lack, and the notion of not enough or of limitation doesn’t exist because everyone has access to the Source, to the warehouse of plenty, to the infinite abundance.

But in the lower and denser dimensions where one feels separated and severed from the Source, and where many of the humans have completely lost the awareness that their abundance rests within their own power, those then feel that they are entitled to ask for it and take it from the ones that have it. And you are very happy to give all, thus neglecting the clues that your souls and bodies give you, that it is not wise to do so.

Dear hearts, you need to stand up and honor your selves and to learn to say ‘no’ without apologies and much explanations and negotiations. Even if it is not clear at the time why you can’t seem to agree to push yourselves over the limits, know that your higher selves know why and that it will become apparent to you. For the most part it is a question of respecting the need of every being to learn and evolve according to their plan.

Let go of any guilt; let go of trying to justify and defend your decision. Sit quietly within your sweet hearts and feel the peace enfolding you while making the loving choice to honor your soul, and your entire being. This is not selfishness, this is loving and nurturing yourselves first so that you can better stand tall and strong and then assist everyone else.

Call on me and on everyone here in the higher realm to assist thee with releasing all these last few blocks that are distracting you and still standing between your desires and the fulfillment of your creations.

I will leave you now with my love and peace. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

Permission Given to Share ~ Thank you Linda Dillon 

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 💚


THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT – A Story of Ascension – Suzanne Lie


A Story of Ascension

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

I just had a dream in which I was guiding all these people somewhere. We were on a dirt pathway, but I could not see much beyond either side of the Pathway.

Then, we came to an area where there was a small wooden fence with a small wooden gate, which was closed. However, we keep walking, and when we were closer to the gate, it automatically opened by itself. At that moment I awoke.

This dream occurred during an afternoon nap, which was quite short. Nonetheless, the dream somehow seemed very significant, so I am asking you to please assist me to understand the meaning of that dream.

Dear Suzille,

We are happy to assist you. There was an earlier part to the dream that you did not remember in which you were asked to lead. You did not know where you would be leading or why you were chosen. However, you were certain that you were chosen to lead, and you were happy to do so.

At first, there were just a few people, but as you continued to walk across the somewhat parched land, more and more people entered the group by joining in the line of slowing walking people.

Everyone politely waited for the line to move almost past them and joined at the end of the line. This behavior was somewhat different, as people would usually just join the line. However, in this case, everyone politely waited until the line passed them, and then they joined at the back of the line.

The reason why we state this seemingly unimportant fact is to point out that everyone was patient until it was their NOW to join into the line just before it passed them. However, there were also other people who saw the line of people calmly, and even lovingly, walking towards an unknown destination.

Those who walked at the beginning of the ever-expanding line never looked back, and seemed to appear that there was some form of inner instructions, and/or inner voice, that was guiding them to guide the others.

When the front of this line met the long, short fence with the small gate, the gate automatically opened. None of the people appeared to be shocked by the gate that seemed to open itself, and calmly, one-by-one walked through the opened gate.

It was then that something quite unusual happens. As the people walked through the opened gate, the ones who had not yet gone through the gate could no longer see them. Stranger yet, the people behind those who had gone through the gate did not seem upset or shock by the disappearance of those who when through the gate.

In fact, everyone remained calm, and continued their “walk towards the gate.” Then, they all calmly walked through that gate, at which time, they would become invisible to all those who had not yet gone through the gate.

The line appeared to grow longer and longer as more and more people dropped what they were doing and joined the line. In fact, even those who seemed too far away to even see the line was somehow joining the end of the line.

Eventually, it was seemingly impossible to determine how long the line was, as more and more people dropped what they were doing to join this ever-growing line. However, eventually, the people in the line began to realize that somehow they were changing.

They seemed to become almost translucent, but everyone could still perceive the members of the line, as well as the new members that were joining the line. Finally, those at the front or back of line could not perceive each other.

In fact, more and more of the people in the line were losing their physical density and looking more and more like they were not of flesh and bones but appeared to be more of light, which wavered with their movement.

However, it also appeared that, somehow, the beginning of the line was merging with the people of the line. Hence, the line became to look less like a group of individual physical people and more like an ever-extending line of golden light beings.

It was when each person had that revelation that they looked up into the sky. They did not understand why they looked up into the sky, but as soon as they did so, each person seemed to “lift up” and float upwards towards an unknown destination.

It was amazing that each person was free of all fear. In fact, it gradually became evident that only those who could release ALL fear could even join the line while it still appeared to be physical.

In fact, the release of all fear was actually what allowed the people to even perceive that there was a long line of people, or parched soil, or a distant fence, or a gate that opened to an increasingly stronger golden light.

Gradually, more and more of the people were able to expand their perceptions to include this mysterious even. There were, of course, some that did not see the ever-expanding line of people or the fact that the soil was parched, or that there was a line running through the parched soil.

These people could not see much outside of their “third-dimensional life” and their “third-dimensional chores.” They did not seem to notice that the soil was parched, that many people were gathering into an increasingly long line, that these people seemed to have a destination, and especially that the people in the line seemed to be transformed into some form of a “golden being.”

Of course, these Lost Ones did not even see the “something different happened.” They just kept “their nose to the grindstone” and carried on about their daily tasked like they had always done. They saw NO difference, therefore, they experienced NO difference.

These ones did not notice that the members of the line began to look upwards toward a huge sphere of light that seemed to be totally still in far distant skies. In fact, these lost ones did not often look into the sky, as they had to keep their “nose to the grindstone” and work hard to survive.

Therefore, these Lost Ones never saw that another, higher, lighter, even golden, the reality was called them to remember. However, those in the every growing “Line of Light” were looking up. And, as they looked up, they saw something or was it, someone, in the faraway circle of golden light.

Yes, it was a “something” that seemed to be as alive as if it were a “someone.” This something/someone was a huge, in fact growing huger and huger, circular orb of immense Golden Light.

Some of the people in the long line became frightened by that Gold Orb of Light and scattered across the parched land. However, many, many of the people gathered together to form the huge circle of light that now seemed to be the shadow of something far, far away and high, high above.

Then the people began to realize that nothing was inside the circle of light, but the parched land. Then, slowly, the parched land became greener and greener. Trees sprouted from the once parched land, and reached higher and higher into the sky.

Birds instantly flew for the once fogging and dense sky to chip on the newly sprouted trees, which were not the size of ancient Redwood Trees. The insects were the first to join the trees, to be followed by the birds. Shortly after that the deer and other land creatures appeared within this ever-expanding “Circle of Life.”

It was then that the people ran to gather all their loved ones, forgetting the many “things” that they once thought of as “important.” Once the people had gathered their beloved people, and non-human family members, they too entered this ever-expanding circle.

In fact, soon, almost beyond the limitations of time, this “Circle of Life” encircled all that they could see, feel, hear and even imagine. It was then that the Circle became bigger and bigger.

In fact, the circle was now so large that the humans could not see beyond the circle, nor did they want to. Within this Circle of Life was all they really needed, all that they loved. However, it was NOT all that they loved, for as they settled into “living in the Circle of Life” the feeling of LOVE began to embrace all life.

Yes, even the trees, the water, the sky, the earth, the light, and the darkness was filled with LOVE. It was then that the title of “Circle of Light” was replaced with the knowledge that it was the “Circle of LOVE.” Some people took longer to make this transition because they had not known too much about love.”

Fortunately, their concept of LOVE was quickly re-learned as they walked through, laid down on, laughed with their friends and family within this ever-expanding Circle. Some people began to wonder if this miracle had only happened to their area, or if this Light had encircled the entire planet.

Then, some open-hearted ones said, “All the world must know of this great change. Also, we must discover if others are also experiencing this miracle or if it is just our area.” Therefore, many people volunteered to travel through their world to tell every living being that a great change had come to Earth.

It was then that the “Lost Ones” said “NO!” If we tell others about our change, then they will come here to try to take over our land. Then, something very strange began to occur. All the people who wanted to hide this beautiful Earth from others began to disappear. At first, no one knew what happened to these “lost ones” as they were called.

However, those who lovingly welcomed more and more people to join their new world discovered that this “new world” seemed to grow larger and larger in order to provide adequately for ALL the people that could calibrate their consciousness to the frequency of that reality.

Gradually, the people began to realize that this world, which was indeed very real, was also a frequency of reality. They also learned that only those who could align their consciousness with that frequency of reality could even perceive that that reality existed.

At first, almost as if it was a form of introduction, everyone could perceive this higher frequency of reality.

However, only those who could maintain that frequency of consciousness could perceive that frequency of reality. This was NOT that ones had to be “good enough” to enter this reality. What was happening was that only those who could perceive the reality could experience reality.

What the people finally discovered, is that “PERCEPTION IS DEPENDING ON ONE’s STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.” Therefore, those could expand their personal consciousness into what they had discovered was the frequency of the fifth dimension, could consciously perceive this “New Earth,” as they began to call it.

New Earth was not actually a place. New Earth was actually a frequency of reality! The concept of “frequency of reality” was baffling to many people. Therefore, these people tended to slip in to and out of this “New Earth,” as many were calling it.

Eventually, the people began to learn and/or remember their other fifth dimensional realities, which were usually on the Galactic Starships that had once looked like huge orbs of light in the sky.

Unfortunately, those who could not remember their other, higher dimensional realities and lifetimes, had great difficulty holding on to the memory of that long line through the parched land that eventually let them to the moment of decision in which they had to choose to listen to their third dimensional fearful self OR their fifth dimensional Being of LIGHT.

Those who had chosen to “choose to remember” that which had always been “impossible” in their third life, had great difficulty fully accepting, loving, communicating with and believing in their true, fifth-dimensional SELF.

Slowly, and sometimes quickly, the planetary frequencies of the first through the third dimension began to separate from the planetary frequency of the fifth dimension. Some of the humans openly and constantly embraced the “operating system” of the fifth dimension, which was based on Love and Light for ALL life.

These humans not only flourished but more and more began to interact with and even visit the fifth dimension and beyond realities. These open-minded and open-hearted people began to remember more and more about their own Multidimensional SELF that resonated to MANY different realities on many different planets and Star Ships.

Many of these people were among the first ones to fully awaken to their Higher SELVES, as well as their first, and repeated visits to third dimensional Gaia to assist Her Planetary SELF to ascend from the resonance of the third/fourth resonance of expression into the fifth/and beyond resonance of expression.

Unfortunately, many, many people forgot the NOW in which they could remember they are their true SELF. It is for this reason that we, the members of the many Galactic Nations, will return again and again to speed the awakening of humanity.

We do want you all to know, that we, the members of the Milky Way Rescue team, will NOT allow humanity to destroy our beloved planetary friend Gaia. We say this, not as a treat to those who care more for themselves than they care for all the life forms on beloved Gaia.

We know that these beings cannot be healed and will eventually need to be relocated to one of the lower dimensional “learning planets” (which much like a Kindergarten) to take these lost ones back to their beginnings in hope that they will be able to be healed.

When they are relocated, they will no longer be able to harm Gaia. Unfortunately, according to our calculations, Gaia will not be able to ascend until these “laggards” as they are called are returned to their own homeworlds, where they will need to be “educated to remember their SELF.”

We Galactics know that the ascending humans are very anxious for these dark ones in human clothing to be taken from their planet. However, there are so many of these Laggards in high positions on your planet, that their removal will NOT be easy.

In the meantime, we ask that ALL the awakened humans on Gaia send “Unconditional Love and Violet Fire” to the Laggards. We know that to send love and light to beings that are destroying your world is VERY challenging.

However, if you look at your history books, most if not all, of your Ascended Masters had to directly interface with a “being of the darkness,” and many of them ended up with very difficult lives and challenging deaths.

We, your Galactic Family, look forward to the NOW in which the humans of your world learn how to heal the Lost Ones, rather than fighting with them. Fighting can create a low energy field for the one who is “fighting” for the Light.

Blessings, we will return. In fact, WE, your Galactic Family never will, and never have left you.

Blessings to you, the brave, fifth-dimensional beings of LIGHT who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia.

We are the Galactic Members of your Galactic Home Worlds

We are always with you as WE ARE YOU!!

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Ascending Gaia – Suzanne Lie

female face tree spirit

Female Face Tree Spirit


Thursday, March 7, 2019
Ascending Gaia from Your Galactic Family – through Sue Lie

Your Galactic Family, through Sue Lie

We now wish to talk about the initial phases of being on a fifth dimensional reality, ship or planet. A fifth-dimensional reality does not need a “place” and you can live within your consciousness.

A fifth dimensional ship is a Galactic Starship, which can be cloaked to the 3D world, or we can choose to briefly reveal itself. However, we cloak again quickly so as not to frighten humans who are not aware of us. We separate “reality,” “ship” and “planet,” because the reality is the manner in which different people perceive the same planet’s ascension process.

Our Starships are usually cloaked for the protection of those who would be so frightened to see them in their sky that they would want to “shoot down” the Ship.

However, third dimensional weapons CANNOT harm our fifth dimensional Ships, but the weapons that frightened humans send towards our fifth dimensional Ships will simply fall back down into Earth’s gravity, which could cause damage to Gaia and Her inhabitants.

On the other hand, we often show our higher fourth and fifth-dimensional frequency for the humans who are beginning to expand their perceptions into the fourth and fifth dimensions. Therefore, humans with higher states of consciousness may occasionally perceive one of our Ships.

However, we mostly stay away from any third dimensional exposure to Earth, as there are too many people in that frequency of reality who would become frightened or would try to shoot us down. As we have stated, they could not “shoot us down,” but they may frighten others, or their weapons could hit something else and harm others.

The perception of “reality” is specific to each person’s state of mind and level of consciousness. Fortunately, some people have spent their lives finding ways to educate people that Gaia is a living being and that humanity has been treating it VERY poorly.

These humans people see the planet as a place where they can take what they want to have, no matter what the cost to the planet, and do what they want to do, no matter what cost there is to Gaia.

These people are often called the Illuminati, or the Dark Ones, or those who live via “power over others” with no concern for others. Sometimes there are leaders who do not care about the planet or even the people who live on it.

These Dark Ones only care about themselves, their own money, and their own power over others. Unfortunately, sometimes these “power over” people have found a way to hold a position of power.

These humans will NOT be able to even perceive the higher dimensions of reality, much less enter into that fourth/fifth dimensional vibrational world or starship. On the other hand, more and more of the “awakened ones” have expanded their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions, are answering to Gaia’s SOS.

These advanced beings are so dedicated to Gaia, and Her efforts to ascend Her Planetary Self, that they will actually come to planet Earth to assist with this Planetary Ascension.

Also, any time a planet is able to ascend—raise its resonant frequency to the fifth dimension—the entire Solar System benefits from the flow of fifth dimensional light.

We Galactics applaud the valiant attempts of the “Awakened Ones” who are participating in the great honor of merging their higher fourth and fifth dimensional personal consciousness to assist Gaia’s as she expands Her Planetary Consciousness into the upper fourth and fifth dimensional of reality.

If you have found this inter-dimensional message and have taken your “earth time” to read it, you are likely among those who are remembering, and awakening to your own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

We Pleiadians, as well as our Arcturian and other Galactic friends, thank you for your “higher dimensional service.” Please remember that Gaia is a “planetary school” who is to teach humanity that “energy out is energy back.”

Therefore, whatever energy fields humanity sends out from their consciousness, thoughts, and actions, will fill Gaia’s Planetary Aura. You may have noticed that some times you walk through a place and feel great peace, unconditional love, and calm.

Likely Nature is at Her best and the creatures, or humans, of that area, are happy and dedicated to creating loving, reality for themselves, their families, friends and general areas.

Gaia has Her planetary consciousness to assist Her “students/humans” to release the third/fourth dimensional illusion of “time and space” Once that illusion is released, Gaia and Her inhabitants will remember how to return to their fifth dimensional Operating System of Here and NOW.

We realize that many humans only think of planet Earth as a “thing.” Therefore, they do NOT feel the harm that they are doing to their planet. In fact, many of these humans are concerned about any loss in their bank statements

However, money will NOT show them how to love ALL life and treat planet Earth as a living breathing being. Too often these lost ones, who can only find their own greed, willing and purposefully harm Gaia’s fragile planet and environment so that they can “make more money.”

However, that money will NOT stop Global Warming (unless that money is spent on saving Gaia from humanity’s great destruction.

We, your Galactic Family, want to remind you that we are HERE within your NOW to assist you with this evolutionary shift. We also want you to know that we will NOT allow you to destroy planet Earth.

If we need to land our Ships and tell you to change your ways, we will. Yes, we know that the dark ones will have their bombs ready to shoot at us. However, these dark ones will not be able to harm us because we resonate the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension does NOT have time and space as you know it on third dimensional Earth. There is only HERE and only NOW. Therefore, one cannot plan what they will do in the future or benefit from any dark plans made in the past.

In fact, the time/based mind is overridden by the love/based heart. And, if the heart is NOT love based, it will be like a watch that you cannot wind. You can throw the watch on the floor, or stamp it with your foot, but harming the watch will NOT change time.

In the same manner, the dark ones plan to be “masters OVER” will do great harm to the planet that they live on. However, since they are filled with hate and power-over they can only harm third dimensional Earth, as they cannot perceive anything beyond their own third dimensional thoughts of “power over.”

They must buy or steal beautiful pictures with their money, but they do NOT have the heart to create these pictures inside and place them on a canvas. Inside these lost ones is only the need to have “power over others.”

These lost ones do not know that energy out will, eventually, return to the sender. Therefore they do not know that in their present, or in a future life, they can only live within the limitations of their third dimensional need to have “power over others.”

The fifth dimensional resonates to a frequency that is beyond their “power over others” mind or their heart that is devoid of all love. Power may be able to grow, but what is planted will eventually die without love.

It is true that your planet, especially the United States, has a darkness that appears to have settled in and, too often, taken power over. However. The darkest night precedes the dawn, and the dawn will ALWAYS come.

Also, the state of consciousness of the humans on the planet has a great impact on Gaia. For one thing, humans with a higher state of consciousness KNOW that Gaia is a living being and need humanity to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension.
Each day, more and more humans are answering Gaia’s call for assistance. Also, as Gaia returns to Her innate higher fourth and fifth dimensional resonance, the dark ones will NOT be able to remain on Ascending Gaia.

These dark ones will NOT be able to withstand the fifth dimensional light and will need to return fully to their innate lower fourth dimensional reality. However, as long as humanity allows a lower fourth dimensional reality to remain unloved and unhealed, there WILL be darkness.

However, we, the members of Gaia’s Galactic Family, will not allow Gaia to be destroyed. Yes, the third and lower fourth dimensional beings, as many of these destructive ones are not of humanity but from other dark planets, will destroy the lower shell of Gaia’s third dimensional Self.

But what the dark one does not know is that the “cracking and release” of the third/lower fourth illusion of Earth, it necessary for the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of reality to “Birth into Enlightenment.”

Then, the BIRTH of fifth dimensional Earth will release the “embryonic sack” in which fifth dimensional Earth has been preparing for birth! Then, the Crystal Core of Gaia will:

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, the Violet Light
Transforming ALL shadow into Light, Light, Light!

The dark ones will need to escape to their dark homeworlds and the Inner Light of the awakening ones of Earth will burst into their fifth dimensional Light!

“When will this occur?” we hear you ask.
It will occur within the NOW of the ONE
“How will we when it is the Now of the ONE?” you ask again.

This will occur to each of you within the NOW in which you say and live:

I NOW surrender ALL control of my physical body to my SOUL!

Within that NOW you will become ONE with your SELF
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SACRED DREAMING – All is Sacred – Altair Shyam

Moon Over Kaaba by Felicity LeFevre @ Fine Art America



All is sacred.

That includes our dreamspaces which can give us powerful insight into our unmanifested awareness.

My dream of last night is shown in the picture.

I was with my daughter Maia standing beside a Sufi Master of the Whirling Dervish Order Mevlevi devoted to Rumi.

He pointed out across the sands we were standing on and said “That is the Sea of Galilee and that is the boat we must travel upon to meet the Master.”

Then he pointed to the waters spouting out of the sands in the shape of a torus and said “Those are the sacred waters which nurture the earth.”

I understood Rumi’s message

“For them it is the Sama
of this world and the other.
Even more for the circle of dancers
within the Sama
Who turn and have, in their midst,
their own Ka’aba.”

that the Sama or dance and music of life is a spiraling, ascending mystical journey in life through peace and love to light or the Great Perfection of Being and what lies beyond.

That as we turn towards truth (the boat that takes us to the farther shore across the sea of Galilee) by the power of love (represented by Maia in my dream) that we desert the ego (the sands and the water rising up through the dry sand) find the truth and arrive at this perfection, God, Source or the Shore Beyond. We then return from this experience daily (dying daily in our meditation and prayer to the ego) and can give love and service to all of creation.

Tanura ~ Whirling Dervishes by YamPuff @ DeviantArt


This dream was represented in my practices today shown by the two graphs.

The top graph is a mindful awareness practice in a crowded train (I was seated, eyes closed) with a simple focused attention on the nimitta or signs that arose in my consciousness. It was very surreal to be honest. Witnessing Presence. Sharing love with all in the train.

The graph below is a pranayama energy breathing practice similar to the guided one Kevin Schoeninger does in a crowded thoroughfare with children moving back and forth, with a simple focused attention on elevated energy, love expanding and stillness. Bringing Light, Love and Peace to the children of the world.

I am experimenting with being in places where there is a lot of movement and hustle and bustle to test my attention and awareness and effortlessness and ability to love and be of service to all.

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother ❤️


Image may contain: ocean, water and outdoor


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TWO ANGELS – Michael Lotus

art-angels-by-rola-chang - faces

Artist ~ Rola Chang


Opened the door to another world
And the gloom of the night as the veil
Lay down on the shoulders when from heaven
Two angels came for me ..
I am told by the Star to leave
Measured is the hour and on the ship
The Soul will rise to never remember
The Way back.


Click on above Link to Michael’s Website
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Own This Realization – Peggy Black & Team

Artist Innervalue @ DeviantArt

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family March 11, 2019

___________ My Personal Message___________

We are still experiencing rain and more rain. I hold on to the thought that spring is just around the corner. In fact, we have set our clocks forward an hour, which always makes me feel good. I know so many parts of our country and our planet are still experiencing extreme weather conditions.  We are invited to remember our connection with the elements and the elementals as well as our true connection with all of nature. It is so easy to forget that we are a part of all that surrounds us.This has been a rich month in connecting with more and more individuals of this incredible community. I am so grateful and honored to be able to offer personal sessions with my beloved ‘team.’ They are so generous with their information which offers clarity, guidance, and empowerment. If you are interested in booking appointments please contact me.

There has been a wave of new subscribers to the Morning Messages and this precious community of conscious beings. Each time I receive a notice that someone has just subscribed I express my gratitude and offer blessings to that person. We had people joining us from Brazil, Philippines, New Zealand and Israel as well as the United States. Thank you for sharing this site with your friends and other sites on the internet.

You and your stories inspire me to continue this work. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I have also had the opportunity to share with others the stories and energy of the Andara stones. I have made it my intention to seed our planet with their energetic properties of expanded and accelerated spiritual awareness, access to universal knowledge, and the ability to bridge between dimensions. So for those of you who know these stones or those who might be interested, please contact me for more information, peggyblack@aol.com or visit http://www.peggyblack.com.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Own This Realization
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here, offering insights, invitations and reminders of how to navigate your daily experiences. We observe how easily earthwalkers become distracted and even a bit scattered in their focus. Many we have observed look for those distractions on purpose because what they are experiencing feels too uncomfortable or even impossible to change or shift.

We would like to remind you that the third dimension reality with which you interface and upon which you are focused is always responding to your energy. When you consider for a moment all of the many earthwalkers also focusing their energy on this screen of reality, you begin to understand who and what is creating all that you are observing and experiencing, namely the collective conditional consciousness of the majority.

Remember that each day, you have the opportunity to start out with a fresh, expanded, unlimited, expression of your intentions and desires. Remind yourself that you are an awake, aware divine being that is powerful beyond measure. Let us assure you that if you say, think, begin to express and own this realization, it will shift the reality you experience regardless of what is observed in the struggles and challenges in the collective.

We would like you to realize that these negative challenges, struggles and injustices are actually offering everyone the opportunity to use their divine creative ability to clear, transform and transmute these examples of negative and misqualified energy.

Things are not getting worse; it is simply that the chaos, injustice and negativity are no longer hidden, covert, covered up and in the shadows. These expressions are being exposed in order to be transformed. Unfortunately, those who are not awake or aware continue to add to these dysfunctions by their judgments and resistance. They focus on what they don’t like, don’t want and therefore offer their energy to the very things they are opposed too.

Remember, you are a part of the awakened collective consciousness expressing a new and higher vision of what is possible. You are intended to be the visionary and the activator of divine truths calling them forward, inviting their manifestation and creation.

The energy of this awareness is opening the eyes, the heart and the clarity of more people allowing them to realize that many long held beliefs and patterns in society are neither true nor acceptable.

There is a tremendous shift taking place in the collective consciousness and you are an active part of seeding that shift. So stay true to your knowing and awareness, focus on what you desire to come forth, in your personal life as well as the larger picture unfolding on your planet.

Do not allow yourself to fall into despair or depression because of what you are witnessing; allow these things to be reminders as well as opportunities to step up and offer your awakened light as you spiritually shine. This does not mean that you will never feel sad or discouraged but rather means that as a conscious divine being, you understand that your first step is to acknowledge the truth which underlies the appearance and take the human action that may be necessary.

No matter what you might be observing or experiencing in the moment that is in contrast to your vision or intention, it is the true ability of a divine creator in a physical form to maintain their focus for the good, the life sustaining and life enhancing realities to come forth.

So your focus is important for sure; however we would also like to remind you as an energy being in a physical form and body, you must remember to recharge, especially when some experience at work or in your home may drain your energy. A heated conversation, your worry about others or some situation, frustration, anger or impatience will certainly disconnect you from your creative energy and ability. These events serve to distract you from your higher knowing and your sense of divine essence.

So say to yourself, I am aware that I am aware. This simple statement reminds you to wake up to what you are giving your energy to, pause, take a few deep and conscious breaths, shake off the negative, sound your feelings, hum. These tools and suggestions will cause a shift in your focus, making sure that you shift your focus from the upset, the challenge, the situation to a clear intention and image of what you would desire to experience if you could create the perfect outcome.

Each time you make that shift and change your focus, you are anchoring the higher frequencies into your energy body. Imagine that you can breathe in these higher frequencies as you are recharging. There are many ways to recharge, and each individual will find the best and most comfortable way to do this. Whether in realty or within your imagination, you can pause, close your eyes and pretend, imagine, sense or feel like you are in some lovely place in nature, the woods, by the oceans, in a garden. Create or find this imaginary place so that you can call it up, especially when you want a shift in your energy.

Universal and divine consciousness has been seeded on your planet by the masters. This level of consciousness is available to everyone in this dimension who is willing to access this frequency. Allow yourself to remember that this is your birthright, to understand your connection to the divine higher energy of ascension available to you now. Allow and welcome your own personal evolution, invite this aspect, call it forth by your words and actions. Trust your divine self, your higher self, to guide and inspire.

At this time be aware and mindful that you are continuing to expand into your own personal true understanding of your divine essence as a multidimensional being. Notice what leaves you depressed or exhausted and realize this is a good sign because it alerts you that you are misaligned with what you want and intend to create.

We invite you to relax into the process of your personal ascension and continued awakening. Trust that it is unfolding. Know that in each step of your process you are lighting the way for others to follow. You are transforming your experience of this and anchoring and seeding more light each and every time you act in partnership with your divine consciousness.

We are here to serve and support you, call upon us and other non-physical beings of higher consciousness of love. the ‘team’

©2019 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available

Artist Innervalue @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤

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What Unites Us All – Steve Beckow

🧡 OM AUM Shiva Canvas Painting by Sundance @ Glow Road 🧡


What Unites Us All

I like to remind myself from time to time what I basically know to be true.

Basic truth is the result of realized knowledge, knowledge that’s so deep it remains known for certain. The depth of the experience washes away all doubt and hesitation.  Not at any time thereafter do we usually doubt what we saw or felt at that time.

Michael had this to say about this kind of knowledge:

“In that, of the knowing of the universe, it is not merely knowing as information for its own sake [i.e., intellectual knowledge]. It is knowing as bedrock, as foundational to how you proceed [i.e., as realized knowledge] and, in this, how you share this deeper knowing, this deeper awareness with others, and your encouragement with them, to not get distracted.” (1)

Yes, bedrock, foundational knowledge we can count on.

The vision I had on Feb. 13, 1987 is an example. (2)

On that day, while driving my car, I was removed from time and shown a kind of divine movie. It featured the Self, the Child of God, leaving the Father and living in the domain of the Mother until it realized Itself. It then rushed back and merged with the Father again.

The overwhelming bliss I felt as I watched this tableau unfold allowed me to know without question who each actor in the play was and their relationship to each other – with certainty, without hesitancy.  Jesus said that bliss, the great Comforter, would bring all things to remembrance.

The lesson: The purpose of life is for us to realize who we are. At that moment, God meets God and for that meeting was all of this created. As Hindus say, life is a leela or divine play. There is only the One.

After the mergence of the Self in the One, I said to myself, “Now I know one thing: Enlightenment is the purpose of life.” At that, the vision disappeared.

So the first piece of bedrock knowledge would be the precipitate of that 1987 vision.

What else do I know for certain? I know that the most desirable thing in life is perpetually to live in the experience of sacred, divine, or transformative love.  (3) True love, real love, call it whatever you wish, it’s a higher-dimensional love (5th through 7th and on forever) that we don’t normally experience.

There’s nothing in any lower dimension that compares with it. I know that love for certain and have experienced it copiously (it is, by its nature, copious, embracing everything). I also know that at some point we’ll all experience it and I can’t wait.

What else? I know that I, at my essence, am innocent and pure. Big shift. Big let-go. (4)

Goodbye, “original sin.” Hello,” original innocence.”

I know that I’m not my body and that “I” survive physical death – quite nicely. Just get up and walk on. (5)

I know that physical death does not have to be painful. We can be snatched away from bad accidents, for example, before they happen. We don’t need to go through the experience of them necessarily. I know a lot about what awaits us after “death” and it’s very comforting to know it.


I’m starting to slow down in my list here. What’s that? Four things I know for sure in life? It doesn’t seem like a lot, does it?

What do I know, not realizationally, but experientially?

I know that our feelings are what decide whether we’ll act or not. Our ideas may form the content of our action and determine our direction but the trigger is our feelings.

Therefore if I want to raise my own vibration, which spiritual evolution is all about, I’d do well to raise the quality of my feelings – by every way I know.

What do I know intellectually?

On the intellectual level, I put highest credence in what the Divine Mother has told me and all of us – that She is the One, about her relationship with the Father on lower layers of Reality (below the One), that the Trimurthy is the gunas, that the seven-chakra system is only third-dimensional and doesn’t last, that Ascension is Sahaja Samadhi, etc., etc.

The Divine Mother is ultimate for me at the intellectual level. I regard her as not just an authority but the Source of authority. (6) At higher levels, I don’t feel the need for any other authority than my own.

And then I have a few ideas of my own, which you could count on one hand. (7)

OK, that’s my foundational, bedrock knowing – knowing at the highest levels such as realization. Or the best available knowledge at, say, the intellectual level.


What picture emerges?

The picture is one of a vast sweep of history – which others call spiritual evolution – proceeding in the direction of increasing Light, leading on to our realization that we are God.

Countless new beings are being born each moment, as Archangel Michael told us.

Archangel Michael: This is something that we have never really talked about before. In the Mother’s infinite creation there are still billions of those sparks of light being birthed to this day.

Steve Beckow:  And these are the seraphim or all of the angels?

AAM: No, all the angelics, if you take it as a very large group. (8)

We’re all of us joined together in a common evolutionary journey from God to God. Some are leading; some are following. Some are helping; some are being helped. But all are going forward, with “scenic detours.”

In this case, we serve Ascension, but the example that our star family sets in assisting us is that all of us are brothers and sisters and helping one is helping All.

We’re here to serve the ascension of Gaia and all her inhabitants. We’re lightworkers.

If we look closely at what it means to be a lightworker – quiet the mind and look into the matter – I think we’ll find that at rock bottom a lightworker has an unbreakable agreement with themselves to always go forward into the Light – and the Love that it is. They serve the Light that we all are.

So, in a practical sense, if I were to summarize what all of this foundational knowledge leads to in regards to you and me, I’d say: What unites us both, and what unites us all, for me is: An unbreakable agreement to always go forward into the Light and Love that we all are, as we know and feel them.


(1) “Archangel Michael Explains What Happened at Xenia,” September 22, 2018, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/09/22/archangel-michael-explains-what-happened-at-xenia/.

(2) For a more detailed description of that experience, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/

(3) I know this from the heart opening I had on March 13, 2017. There’s an inner tsunami of love which flows in the heart, carrying one to an Ocean of Love. Copiousness is its quality and nature.

(4) The event at Xenia Retreat Centre, Sept. 18, 2018, showed me that. In meditation, I “travelled” through the portal of the heart, the hridayam, past the level at which the vasanas operate, into its depths to the seat of the soul, where I found the Self.

(5) I knew that from an out-of-body experience I had in 1977. Again foundational knowledge.

(6) The Father is, in material terms, still and silent. Only the Mother has sound and movement. So, when we speak to the Mother, provided the circumstances are credible, we’re getting as close to Source as we’re ever going to get. She is the Voice in the Wilderness that He is. She is the Voice in the Silence, the noise of many waters, Aum/Amen. But that’s a different discussion.

(7) Two fingers, actually. The notion that awareness varies inversely proportional to muscular tension in the body and the upset clearing process. That’s about it on my good ideas.

(8) “Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom (Repost),” Aug. 11, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/08/11/archangel-michael-on-the-angelic-kingdom-repost/.


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🧡 OM AUM Shiva Canvas Painting by Sundance @ Glow Road 🧡

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤


A clearing process as we prepare for a massive shift – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Today I mourn, yet not in the ways most would “think”. I “mourn” for all still holding onto the “old” linear ways, the old programming, the old structures of realities that are about to accelerate a “collapse” mode like never before…. for those still trying to “measure” reality according to the old parameters, conditioning and fixed limitations that created the whole world of separation to start with…..

I observe those who don’t yet fully understand and keep the old games going from this lack of understanding (and energy of separation/fears still held within).

I observe those using the words “Consciousness”, yet still playing out dualistic realities, finger pointing, creating drama, persecuting (distortion of Christed Consciousness), not fully comprehending what LOVE/PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS is…. because they are still in their heads about everything… because they are letting judgment, fears and unconscious programming rule their own inner-reality still.

I mourn for those who are still trying to hold the standards of what’s okay to the old structures and systems and not living from their own deep sacred connection and HUmanity inside yet….

I mourn for those who create “suffering” by holding on, resistance and separation still… While understanding this is my own clearing process from my own template and grids of my own body, cellular programs I still held where I identify with anyone being a victim to anything here (ego programming)…. Because I do understand how all of this works and how the human ego does not like change, how it resists and refuses to surrender and how those constructs have to go, as they held the old in place…. and that as each is truly ready to live their own HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS LIFE, they will no longer hold those programs/conditions/constructs “as reality” anymore ….

Today is a “transition day” as we now move into a massive phase that focuses on “ripping down, dismantling, deconstructing the old realities” built on fear, held together by fear and allowed to occur because of each still functioning from separation within….

One of the things we come to understand as we all gain access to entire matrixes, akashes and how all is…. is how all occurs in order to SHIFT EVERYTHING out of fear and into UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS REALITIES here. The human ego is the separation and it’s what keeps the old going until one of a few things happens…. either complete collapse of that reality, which collapses the ego’s hold, or conscious dissolution, where each CHOOSES to break those realities, programs and constructs down from within and reconstruct, recreate REALity with all “new” codes (rules, if you will). These “new” parameters are based upon what is HUMANE, based upon LOVE and UNITY, not the old human ways….. The linear human looks at the rules and determines realities to this, believes the programs, conditioning and old belief systems, INSTEAD of LOOKING DEEP WITHIN to find what’s highest aligned, to SEE what’s ALIGNED ON A SOUL LEVEL instead…..

Today I mourn what is to come, yet I totally understand it all. For that which I mourn is 3D/4D mindsets that do not yet understand and actually perpetuate/create the “suffering” that is about to occur for so many…. because this is a part of “ego death” and transition out of the old and into the new…. where LOVE is the foundation and basis of all…. where the old no longer applies, in any way, capacity or form.

Today, I do not mourn, as this is a part of LIBERATION that occurs as each breaks through/out/away…. my heart opens further to HOLD JOY and EXCITEMENT for what comes next. I “see” what’s possible, what’s already occurred and a UNIFIED EXISTENCE where HUMANITARIANS dictate, where kindness, compassion and deep sacred respect OVER-RIDE THOSE BS PROGRAMS THAT SO MANY STILL HOLD ONTO…. because their fear/judgment is currently greater than their inner-connection, because their energy gets caught up in distraction, chaos and blame/duality still….. which creates the separation within each… which is the POINT of how all occurs to break/dissolve/resolve that ENERGY each still holds within…………

Today I no longer mourn (believe me, it’s fleeting and only occurs right before a massive shift), because mourning is a human ego program too…. where I’m not seeing the why’s and hows, yet I am…. I’m just honoring the ENERGY of SEPARATION as it leaves my own body vessel right now…. the energetic tears, energetic hurt, energetic sorrow…. these are not reality, these are cellular cleansings that held my own body to that, which is a part of a collective clearing/cleansing occurring right now. Right now, I celebrate the freedom possible for each truly ready to transcend…. all of that programming, all of those “measuring” programs of linear/fixed constructs that are not a part of 5D+/NEW Earth Realities here…… (12D is the epitome of no more linear in any way). I observe the 3rd/4th Dimension (Levels of Consciousness/Density), and the 5th (and way above) and I see the much bigger picture, what we all agreed to, what we are all here to fulfill, how all occurs/plays out and I honor this for us all….

A massive overnight process of powerful photonic light and clearing of immense timelines, awakening to seeing tons of old in “virtual land” to show me what still exists for so many, while observing “what’s coming” and how all goes down…… The whole few hours that I’ve been awake, because I chose to “stay under” and work through the photonic energies to clear, clear, clear, observing the massiveness of all…… to awaken to humans still holding on so tightly to the old… it’s challenging on an emotional level to “know/see” so much sometimes, yet none of us came here to use the old as the “parameters” for NEW EARTH….. So I do get it, I do see, I do understand and in this moment, I do honor my need to mourn all that’s about to occur, so that others can get it to and awaken to remember fully here.

In this moment, I honor the heaviness in my heart, which is a rarity, because we don’t “feel” this stuff like human aspects do, once it’s cleared our physical Lightbodies, yet today’s is quite huge. Because of the DEPTHS that we now function from, the DEPTHS OF LOVE that we hold, the DEPTHS and VASTNESS… all that old stuff’s gotta go. WE can’t move on if we still hold it inside, so as we prepare to do a massive shift (Quantum Jumps a gazillion fold huger than ever before), I honor the release of this ENERGY …. that’s just old programming that was anchored/housed in my own physical body still. (p.s. the moment I honored, the moment all started to clear, so I decided to write to assist others with this too).

I embrace FULLY…. all that’s available to us all, all of the magnificence that makes up 99.9% of reality, with that 1% that presents every time we are about to shift. March is a biggie… so nothing of the old gets to come along…. so look at your own realities inside, your own old programs, the constructs and foundation of your own reality and see where you still maintain anything not fully and highest aligned within you…………… as this MARCH EQUINOX PASSAGEWAY has begun.

p.s. I only wrote this to assist others who might want to mourn old stuff too and clear that programming in preparation for the frequencies bombardment to bring all into COMPLETE DIVINE HARMONICS within all…. The level of harmony/harmonizing since December that’s available is just “no words can explain”… and so anything “not in harmony” within us “must go”.

PURE DIVINE COSMIC HARMONY is our NEW EARTH WAY…. anything “not this” becomes visible, can be FELT and observed and tuned easily, if we are the one’s conscious and choosing this ourselves…. The question is: Who wouldn’t? The answer says it all….

I love you. Clearing process complete. A few hours of harmonizing, writing to share and now to shift, as the grids have been charging for hours….. preparing…. high frequencies sing in unison ♫….. as the old is already gone/clear, as if it never happened…that’s how quick/simple all is. ♥

NOW IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE and honor/respect each’s own process here…. and open those GATEWAYS Wide Open… holding them open as all are ready to come through too. GATEWAYS ARE OPEN… with grids charging for all to come online at a much higher frequency than before.

March, the whole month is a massive passageway. I will write more about the passageway and how the Gateways will open after the Equinox too….. Hold your highest everything. It’s important for us all as LOVE here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Current Energy Update: Here we go. Everything’s opening up! 

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Chakra Goddess Crown by Carol Herzer

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The multidimensional Framework of light – Christine Day

Heart Peace Mandala by Cheryl Fox @ Fine Art America


Pleiadian Message March 2019

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Beloved ones we greet you,  There is much to celebrate at this juncture. This celebration is about you and your sacred place, which you hold on planet Earth. You are actively engaged with the frequency of Truth and understanding as the multidimensional Framework of light, within your planet, is being prepared to be made manifest. Each one of you holds the platform of this Framework within your Heart’s multidimensional unique signature frequency. This has been activated, whether you are aware of this process or not. The ‘wheel turns’ and you are have always been an aspect as this spoke of the wheel.

Take the time to open your awareness through your Heart and move it outwards into a higher space, which exists within your Heart. This opening is there, like a doorway and it awaits your conscious reconnection to this realm of your light. Be within your Heart and let go. Through letting go with the conscious breath you reach outwards / inwards towards the sacred elements of Home.

Utilize your vastness that has always coexisted with your human self. We witness you and hold you always within the collective communion of light that exists within this entire resident Universe.


The Pleiadians


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What’s Happening Here? Steve Beckow

Beauty of Women art by Vladimir Volegov


What’s Happening Here?

I was about to write this to an editor, when I realized I was speaking more widely.

“We need more and more writers given the task that lies ahead – and more and more of them, women.

“It’ll have to be ‘training on the job.’  Everyone is invited to do whatever they can to help.

“Quicker promotion appears than in the private commercial sector because the field is so specialized (lightworkers in partnership with the celestials and galactics) and the need is so great.”

We occupy a specialized niche. We’re a group of lightworkers who are allowing themselves to be guided in their service by credible channeled messages from celestials and galactics.

Very few in the general public believe in the veracity of our sources. I’m content speaking just to this group. I have no need to expand beyond its boundaries.

That having been said, AAM has also told us that the lightworker family will expand.

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow: And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?

AAM: Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (1)

Just imagine Disclosure. The ships have landed and galactics are walking the streets. People will want to know: What’s the deal here? Will they eat us? Are they taking us over? All kinds of questions will be asked and the fear of uncertainty and the unknown could run rampant.

To calm their fears, we’ll need communicators who can tell the public – accurately – what’s happening here.

And Disclosure is only one area in which we’ll need writers (and presenters, artists, and researchers, etc.).

Combine that with the well-discussed fact that this is a time of the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. That translates into needing women writers to make the general public aware of the need to come out from under patriarchy.

As far back as 2010, Mathew Ward commented:

“The feminine, or goddess energy that is pouring in to balance the masculine energy that dominated Earth’s residents for millennia is giving women everywhere inner strength, courage, confidence and determination to rise above their former status of inferiority or as possessions, a status imposed by those cultures and lands where males are considered superior.

“We do not mean that you will become a female-dominated society – you won’t – or that the goddess energy is not affecting men too – indeed it is; otherwise, this energy in-pouring would only provoke conflict between the sexes instead of accomplishing a balance of the two energies within the peoples.

“However, it is the change in women’s self-perception – from acceptance of subjugation to recognition of self-worth and the growing awareness that their combined power is a force for love, peace and harmony – that is entering the collective consciousness and moving your world ever closer to the Golden Age.” (2)

It’s time for men to step aside and allow women an opportunity to set the policy for the global community.

And equally we need people who can write about it.


(1) “Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, ” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/09/archangel-michael-a-global-reset-of-values-part-22/.

(2) Matthew’s Message, March 29, 2010, athttps://matthewbooks.com.


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Beauty of Women art by Vladimir Volegov = female face flower

Beauty of Women art by Vladimir Volegov

Activating Your Divine Skills & Abilities – Natalie Glasson

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt Frieze of Eight Women Gathering Apples 1876 @ Tate


Activating Your Divine Skills and Abilities

by Lord Merlin
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 8th March 2019 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Dear ones, I am Lord Merlin, I come forth with love, truth, and inspiration to share with you. I wish to encourage you to move quickly along your ascension pathway. It is important during this stage of ascension which is dedicated to your cultivating and empowering your intimate relationship with the Creator, that you appreciate all that you are and have in this present moment. I, Lord Merlin, am especially speaking of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual skills and abilities as well as the talents that are unseen by you. It is essential to appreciate, value and honour yourself and all you manifest as upon the Earth now, as in doing so you are celebrating your relationship with and as the Creator. When you allow yourself to be fully present with the Creator you see yourself beyond your limitations and the beliefs that hinder and tether you to a certain idea of yourself.

The Role of Your Guides

Each soul upon the Earth has a large community of guides who assist and support them throughout their lifetime. Some guides are more prominent and influential, while others are unknown to you and yet offer a valuable service of support. Most people have more than 12 guides within their community of guides. Each guide holds a special service, purpose, and role of assisting you in your spiritual and physical evolution upon the Earth.

Your guides have a very important purpose and role; they are a reflection of all that is your truth. Your guides see, sense and acknowledge you as the expanded, powerful, limitless, Creator expression that you are. They hold this vision of your truth within their beings and project it to you constantly. Each time you communicate with any of your guides, whether you are aware of their names/presence or not, they activate your truth from within your being, encouraging you to be the expression of the Creator you are. Communicating and connecting with your guides is akin to seeing your expansive Creator self in the mirror or witnessing all you are capable of. The skills and abilities you recognise within your guides are also present within you; their role is to remind you of who you truly are.

‘My beloved community of guides, I call upon you all to surround me now with your presence and loving energy. Please support me in receiving the energy, light, love, and wisdom you wish for me to accept and acknowledge now. I recognise all you share with me is a reflection of the truth and Creator presence of my being. As I receive your energy, connecting with you all on a deeper level, I am connecting with myself in new, inspirational and limitless ways. I invite you all to demonstrate to me the skills and abilities I embody, that are waiting to emerge and be recognised by me to support my ascension. In love and thanks.’

Allow yourself to focus upon your breathing, imagining each breathe you inhale the light, love, and truth of your community of guides. Know that your community of guides who have been with you since before your birth onto the Earth are activating the presence of the Creator within you now.

Self/Creator Appreciation

Appreciating yourself could be likened to loving yourself unconditionally which awakens your self and Creator expression. The self-appreciation, I, Lord Merlin speak of is to honour and respect the presence of the Creator within you and that this presence has an expression as well as manifestation through you. Allow yourself to contemplate for a moment,

What do I appreciate about my physical body?

What do I appreciate about my mind and emotions?

What do I appreciate about my spiritual abilities and evolution?

What do I appreciate about my relationship with the Creator?

What talents, skills and abilities, already in embodiment within me do I appreciate?

When you honour even the smallest or seemingly insignificant aspect of yourself you are recognising the presence of the Creator within you and inviting the presence of the Creator to further activate from within your being. It is as if you are lighting or recognising small candles within you which will merge to become the beacon of light you are. The more you can recognise aspects of yourself each day that you honour and value the more you will allow yourself to recognise the presence of the Creator within you and your presence with the Creator. My direction to you is not about admiring yourself nor worshiping the Creator, neither am I inviting you to energise illusions about yourself. My mission is to support you in recognising, being present with and observing yourself beyond limitations as the true evolving expression of the Creator that you are and have the ability to manifest as.

Activating Your Skills and Abilities

Once you are able to see yourself in a true light and likeness then you will be able to delve deeper into your being, relationship with the Creator and recognise the skills and abilities available within you to utilise. Recognising your skills, abilities, and talents of a spiritual or physical nature goes hand in hand with cultivating your presence with the Creator.

It is important to contemplate, what is it like for you or what could it be like for you to realise more fully the presence of the Creator within you and moving through you? If you had to imagine and describe your relationship with the Creator, the Creator presence within you, what would you see, sense or acknowledge? While your relationship with the Creator is constantly evolving and never stays the same, you can cultivate and obtain an inner knowingness of your bond with the Creator which is unwavering. Your inner knowingness is akin to the spark of light from which multiple skills and abilities manifest.

Take a moment to imagine, sense or acknowledge the presence of the Creator within you. Send your love and respect to the presence of the Creator in whichever form it manifests. Simply allow your entire being to exist in harmony with the presence of the Creator within you as if a deep integration is taking place. Then say out loud or within your mind, ‘I fully open my mind, senses and entire being to acknowledging, accepting and perceiving the presence of the Creator within me and how this manifests through my being as beautiful and empowering skills, abilities and talents which serve me and all.’ Take time to simply be present, observant and aware of the presence of the Creator within you constantly changing and transforming, moving throughout your being and inspiring new expressions.

New skills and abilities are waiting to emerge from within your being, the only limitation and hinderance is your limited view of yourself. The more you can recognise the presence of the Creator within you, the more you will expand your perspective of yourself, acknowledging that the Creator moves through you and inspires powerful, inspirational abilities, which may even be beyond your current thought process. In this stage of ascension make it your mission to serve yourself by honouring and appreciating all you are in this present moment, recognising your magnificence as well as recognising the presence of the Creator in constant inhabitation within your being. In doing so you will empower yourself, move beyond limitations and illusions, as well as learn to engage with yourself and the Creator in a new existing, fulfilling way.

Take time to visualise and imagine the presence of the Creator flowing with power and beauty throughout your being, allowing yourself to recognise the reality that dawns in your visualisation or imagination. A reality filled with you expressing the most sacred, empowering and fulfilling abilities, skills and talents.

In loving respect and honour,

Lord Merlin

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Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt Frieze of Eight Women Gathering Apples 1876 @ Tate

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Formless Creation – Sharon Lyn Shepard


March 7, 2019
Formless Creation

While sitting quietly in the pre-dawn morning, I was observing the subtle rippling energies within and around me. At some point, I noticed the soft iridescent petals of a flower drawing together to form a rose. This rose was not opening from a bud as we are accustomed. The petals were drawing themselves together to form itself from the essence of the unseen. I watched with fascination as the rose came into form, undulated for awhile, and then dissolved back into the primordial source of creation.

The beauty of this moment held my attention with a new appreciation of creation. A huge smile of awareness spread across my face. Every cell within me lit up with this new realization. Creation does not need to follow a linear pattern, from seed to manifestation to death. Free of the time/space continuum, it has the ability to draw to itself that which it desires to experience without the need to maintain form. Creation is alive and constantly thriving whether we see it or not. Life exists whether it is in form, or formless.

I realized how intent humans are on the result rather than the miraculous process of creation. How we only value form despite the fact that most of creation does not have, nor maintain form. It is only the human perspective that holds form in place. The purity of our consciousness does not require form. Indeed we enjoy playing with form, but it is not a requirement of life.

I could share more words with my creative musings, but that will only take us more deeply into the human’s need to mentally understand that which exists beyond understanding. Instead, I leave you with this question:

How much life experience are we missing by only focusing on form and how much more can we allow?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”


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The Right Use of Will – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Calamity by Cashile @ DeviantArt


The Right Use of Will


The recent health challenge that I went through was extremely painful when it was happening. Let me stop there. TMI, TMI. (1)

It had numerous effects on me.

Don’t forget I had pain from my chest area already and then additional pain from my abdomen.   And somehow pain drains the energy away. For whatever reason, I only had energy to stagger around the apartment.

It drove me to seek comfort from the Mother. There was no one else to turn to in my condition. That connection was made and I feel it even as we speak.

Just as they say, pain can be a road to God. And often is, I imagine.

That’s one positive benefit.

Pain was also an amazing clarifier.

Distractions and unimportant matters dropped away in the face of it. Amazing how the head clears and the attention focuses. I wish I could be that way without the pain.

But in fact I am. And that’s one thing I realized from this experience. We tend to leave out of the conversation the thing which missing, undoes all our efforts: the will.

I don’t clear my head and focus in because I don’t choose to. I don’t have the will to do it. I’m “willing” something else – whatever it was I did. That’s the basic truth of the matter.

And if I do have the will and do choose, my commitment can be weak. I make the effort and then stop.  I’m therefore willing to stop.

We speak about “taking personal responsibility,” which is an important aspect of will.  But do we increase the magnification further and look at the choice to exert the will or not to?

If we agree so far, then how we create our own world becomes clearer. We act on certain matters and don’t on others and little by little we create a world of own choosing from it. Our outer world mirrors our inner reality.

Just as ceratin sea creatures build a wall out of individual grains of sand, so we build our walls one act at a time.

Let’s leave aside the outer world for a moment. Let’s look at the inner world of our thoughts and feelings. At present, we allow our thoughts and feelings to lead us, and overlook the will. Or pretend we do. But in the end it’s the will that decides the matter.

That’s the secret, I think, of the discipline of self-command.  It’s what the Buddha was pointing at when he talked of “the right use of will.”

The truth is so amazingly simple. I think that we tend at times to refuse to see it. Or the blazing rush of our lives makes our attention a mite shallow, too shallow to see the truth. Well, it was that way for me anyways.

I make the world out of the acts I do every day. I act in ways that I will myself to act. The world that results is the creation of all of my acts.  If I’m not happy with the world I created, talk to management.


(1) Too much information.



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Calamity by Cashile @ DeviantArt


Light From Within – Michael Lotus

Amore – A. Andrew Gonzalez


Light From Within


Light from Within, open the windows
And look into Eternity
How many roads! We are not alone
Make a step into the Way, into the Milky one
Life is a Dream. Here everything is possible
Imagine the world where you’ve never been
Give me your palm and open your heart –
Together we’ll take off into the sky.
Here together with the birds we’ll soar freely
Believe in your wings – instantly you’ll be wherever you want
There are no barriers and we will dance on the tops.
Heaven is only for those who allowed themselves
the madness
Know, there is nothing more important than our feelings
May the winds carry us into that world where
We always were together.
The Ray in the Darkness
Dawn is close
Do you see the lights of Home?
If the candle goes out in the night
The Light – it’s you, remember!
Heaven is only for those who allowed themselves
the madness
Know, there is nothing more important than our feelings
May the winds carry us into that world where
We always were together.
There I will reveal for you the secrets of all lives
The stellar Light will pave the way for us to the crystal world
Instantly we’ll turn into two bright suns
These we are, just remember…
Michael Lotus

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Kuthumi painting by Glenn Lewis @ Ascension Healing



Treat yourself with kindness, and then, knowing the joy, the purity, the sweetness of how that feels, then you are able and eager to share that kindness with others…

Time for Kindness to Be the Operating System


Saturday Conference Call 03-02-2019

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love


So, let’s begin this beautiful, beautiful spring day by sinking into, into your heart. It’s the funniest thing in Florida, that in springtime, because we have green all year round, it seems that many of the trees shed their leaves in spring. And so, I want you to have this picture of a single beautiful leaf, still green, floating down from the very top of the boughs of the trees, just riding the currents of air, as it comes to caress and to touch and to rest on Mother Earth. And that’s what I want you to do is let that leaf come down, down, down and rest on the seat of your soul, on the base of your heart chakra.

So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of green, and it’s the green of spring, and it’s the green of love, it’s the green of Archangel Raphael’s Emerald Elixir, it’s the green of your heart, it’s the green of the 13th Octave, and it’s the green of new beginnings. So, rest on that floor, of Gaia’s floor of green.

And emanating out of that, feel your beautiful Pink Flame, that sparkly Pink Diamond energy that is the core, and the truth, and the might, and the power of who you are. And then surrounding, spiraling around your Pink Flame, counter-clockwise, feel the Mother’s Blue Diamond spiraling up, caressing your pink but not overriding it.

And then, feel the Father’s Gold Diamond spiraling clockwise, intertwining with the Blue Diamond and supporting your Pink Diamond. And feel the brilliance of your tri-flame, from the bottom of your heart, coming up through your thymus, your high heart, your throat, your head, your brain, right out of your crown…let’s bring it up to the ceiling. All three flames equal and radiant, sparkling and energized. Now, bring it back down but feel the warmth and feel the energy right there in your heart, in the seat of your soul.

And now, let’s work with the ray of the magenta. Kuthumi is asking that we go together to the 13th Octave even prior to beginning our time together. So, put your fingertips together, make a bridge, an electrical circuit, and feel yourself…click, click, click, click, click…fully anchored in the heart of Mother/Father/One, fully anchored in the heart of Gaia, fully anchored in the totality of your being, fully present in every aspect, every dimension, every reality in your body, feet firmly planted on this beautiful earth.

It’s a great time to be alive. Sometimes I feel like there was this phenomenal, huge lottery and that each of us was lucky enough to have one of those winning numbers so that we got to be here at this time of such phenomenal, magnificent change…of the shift, quite literally…the shift in what it means to be human. This isn’t just a minor transition, this is fundamental, and it’s a fundamental restoration, and it’s the restoration of you, and I, and of the planet, and all the beings who occupy this planet…and far beyond. So, rest in your heart and thank yourself, congratulate yourself…you won! And you get to be here, you get to be a massive, huge, agent and angel of change. And you do that by claiming your ascended self, the fullness of who you are.

Now, let’s breathe plum, that beautiful color that looks magenta-e, purple-e, blue-red depending on how the light is shining and touching it. And let’s bite into that plum, with that orangey-gold richness…that fruit that nourishes…the gold of joy, the gold of Gabrielle, the gold of Yahweh, and in many ways, the gold of Kuthumi. But, let’s breathe magenta, let’s breathe that plum…smell the fragrance and the richness of that ripe fruit. Breathe it in, breathe it in through your nose and let that scent and that color, that ray, fill your head…it’s a very strong, exotic, rich scent.

And then, bring that plum down into your throat. Let is soothe and heal your blue chakra; let it reinforce and reinvigorate your ability to embrace change. And bring it down your arms, turn your skin into plum skin. And your heart…make you great big Valentine’s heart the color of a rich plum, and feel the tip of that heart join with your halion and your yellow seat of your will, and bring the plum into your umbilical, and your tummy, and your pubic, and your root, down your legs, into your feet. And see, coming out of your feet, as if you’re simply giving the entire planet a bath of the color of plum. Let it penetrate you. Let it fill your central column, over your spine, activating your occipitals, the hemispheres of your brain…particularly left…take a minute, breathe it in…come on. Now, bring it to your pituitary, and your pineal, and then up to your crown. Feel it blending with your beautiful amethyst, the violet, the purple.

Go up into your 14th, and 15th, and 16th chakras and feel how different working with this ray of plum, feel how different it is than, say, working with the emerald, or the pink, or the gold. There’s a calmness about it, and it feels tangible, substantial, and relax, and allow this gift to simply fill you. Don’t rush it, enjoy it.


Greetings, I AM Kuthumi, brother of your journey, brother of compassion, brother of kindness, brother of learning, brother of tenderness. And I welcome all of you because it does not matter what ray you occupy, or what planet you emanate from, or what dimension you prefer to lie in, for that is the beauty of our Mother and Father’s creation…is it not? It is the substantial diversity…you never see one of the rays of the rainbow trying to edge out yet another ray. For, is it not glorious when you witness all the colors, and all the splendor, and all the delight?

And yes, I thank you for heeding my call and for inviting me this day to step forward. Yes, you might say in humility or modesty, but what I would say is, “I step forward in joy to proclaim, not only the Mother’s new beginning but, sweet angels of light, your new beginning! For you step forth in the beauty and splendor of your ray, your self, your plan, your path, your dreams, your desires, and your fulfillment.”

I wish to speak to you for a few minutes only about kindness. And yes, long ago I have given this channel that mantra ‘Kindness Counts’ and it has been adopted by many of you. But now it is time for kindness to become the operating system, the default, for every single human being upon the planet and far beyond. You know, you sometimes think, you say, “Oh, where are our star brothers and sisters? When will I see the boots on the ground?” What you don’t think about too often is that there are many human beings that have also put their boots on the ground elsewhere, on other planetaries, and other ships, in other realms, and other realities. Now, of course, these beings have advanced, and they know the meaning of kindness, and how that operates, and what it looks like, and how it behaves.

But, I mention this simply to extend to you the expansion of imagination, the expansion of potential, of what is possible…not in some distant future but right now, in your life, in this time, in this realm that you occupy, regardless of what dimension you are slipping in and out of.

There has been a grave, grave disregard for the simplicity of kindness, and there is often a very mistaken opinion, a sense of arrogance, that in order to be kind you must demean and reduce yourself. Nothing could be further from truth! For, in fact, kindness, the gentleness, the compassion of heart, of being, of manner, of expression, of every action that you take, it demands expansion because you are extending, not over-extending, but extending the truth, the might, the vibration, the sound, the color, the ray, of who you are.

Kindness is not merely compassion…although compassion includes kindness…it is the caring and this has been lost. There are so many humans who say, “Well, I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what you feel, I don’t care!” And they proceed in violation, in abuse, in abhorrence, because not to care is to literally say ‘what the Mother has created, what I have the honor to occupy the planet with, doesn’t matter, doesn’t count.’ It is the supreme act of arrogance, of ego, to state or pretend that one doesn’t care.

Caring is the trait of all angels, all ascended realms, all ascended beings, and caring is never myopic. And the other thing that I wish to say…‘caring, gentle caring, nurturing, kindness to your sacred self is paramount and you need to…I implore you…to do whatever it takes to be kind to yourself. Yes, as Archangel Raphael has said, put yourself first because when you put others in front of you…and I’m not saying that there are not circumstances where, of course, you put somebody else in front of you, that is kindness and compassion as well. But, as a daily diet, as a modus operandi of how to live, if you are not kind, if you are not the mentor, the example, the living, breathing entity guiding you to you, then how can you possibly, genuinely, deeply, profoundly, be kind to anyone else? It will only be a portion, a percentage, a modicum, of the truth of what you are capable of. And my beloved brothers and sisters, you are capable of so much, and yes, much more than even you are thinking. You are sacred.

If you came upon the most precious object in the museum, in the Taj Mahal, in the Temple of Luxor, you would teach it kindness because you are living, breathing entities, and you would be gentle and respectful, and you would make sure you did not chip, or crack, or break such a sacred object. You would stand in awe at the creations. And yet, beloveds, do you do this to yourself? Do you treat yourself with the utmost care, respect, gentleness, honoring, that you deserve?

If you came upon a bird with a broken wing, you would hold it in your hands, and nurture it, and send it the healing love, and you would be kind even if it meant ultimately that this bird would pass out of its form, you would do so with kindness and love.

Well sweet ones, many of you have been the birds with the broken wings, and your wings are healing, and you are getting ready to fly! But what enables that to happen is that you treat yourself with kindness…and then, knowing the joy, the purity, the sweetness of how that feels, then you are able and eager to share that kindness with others, even those who have been most abusive because very often they are the ones that have forgotten that kindness counts, and what kindness, true gentleness, feels like.

So, I come this day and every day, as your quiet, or perhaps not so quiet brother, to ask and implore, to guide and beseech, to treat yourself with loving kindness, And if you do not know how, if you have forgotten somehow, turn to me, turn to the east and ask…for I will be honored to assist you in ways that are kind to you, that are helpful to you, that are practical and applicable to you, because you are loved, and you are cherished, and you are important. You are valued and you are valuable; you are worthy; you are precious.

Go with my love, and go with my kindness. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.



Kuthumi painting by Glenn Lewis @ Ascension Healing

Permission Given to Share – Thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤


Conversation With the Arcturians – Suzanne Lie

Summer Fantasy by Dorina Costras @ Redbubble


Monday, March 4, 2019

Conversation With the Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie- 3-4 -19


Dear Arcturians,

I just meditated and, I saw myself trying to swim up from the bottom of a deep pond. However, I seemed to get stuck somewhere in the middle of the pond. I guess that means that I am stuck in the middle but in the middle of what?

Dearest Suzille,

We are the Arcturians here to answer your question. The middle of the pond means that you are “in between where you have been and where you are going.” You know where you have been, but you do not know where you are going. Is that correct?

Dear Arcturians,

I had not thought of my not knowing where I am going, but I realize now that what you have said is true. I know that I am moving, shifting, changing, but I don’t really know where I am going, or doing, with these changes.

I also realize that I have been saying to the “universe” and to my own Higher Self that, “I am tired. I don’t want to do this anymore.” However, I did not specifically say what I am tired of, or where I would like to go.

Therefore, my incomplete requests, or were they complaints, have put me “in-between” where I have been and where I am going. Therefore, I think I should begin with “where I have been.”

“Dear Arcturians, Where have I been? What I mean by that questions is “Where have I been in my consciousness?”


Dear Suzille, all of you, our Galactic Beings who have volunteered to wear third-dimensional expressions of SELF, has been on a fast and furious ride. Sometimes you have greatly enjoyed this ride, but sometimes you need a break in order to allow what has been flowing into, and through, your thoughts and emotions to settle into the areas of your body, mind, and consciousness.

Within this necessary break, you can listen to your SELF, who is your own Higher Guidance. It is in this manner that you can more fully understand the information that you have been receiving.

How many times have you said, “I need a break?” You may wonder why you feel so tired, or think that you have failed in some manner. However, in reality, you, our brave volunteers to take an earth vessel, have been quite successful in your task of recognizing that you are much, much more than the physical body that encompasses your true Multidimensional SELF.

When you ask for a break, you give an SOS to your Higher SELF. Then your Higher SELF, who knows that you need this break, not just to rest, but to also integrate the higher messages you have been receiving into your physical brain, heart, and body.

“Taking a break” is an important component of expanding your consciousness beyond your third/fourth-dimensional reality and into your fifth-dimensional reality. This break allows you to realize how much you miss connecting with us, the Arcturian and your Higher SELF—who are actually ONE.

You see, all of you, our Galactic Family, have taken physical forms to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Then you are faced with the challenge of learning, which is actually remembering, how to integrate your Higher SELF and your physical self into ONE.

This integration of your third/fourth-dimensional physical self and your fifth dimension and beyond SELF is not an easy challenge. But, how else can you remember you are true Multidimensional SELF.  When you finally “take this break” from your daily third dimensional chores and responsibilities, you can more easily connect, and/or reconnect with us, your Higher expressions of SELF?

Sometimes your daily 3D life becomes so difficult or encompassing that you take your “multidimensional phone” off the hook. But, then you may YOU wonder why the phone Interdimensional phone stopped ringing!

What is important for you, our volunteers to take a 3D body to assist with Planetary Ascension, to take a break once in a while and “just be human!” However, you may ask yourself, “What do I want to take a break from?”

We, the Arcturians, will ask you NOW, “What do you want to take a break from?”

That is a real question, and we ask that you ponder your answer and then get back to us, the members of your own Higher SELF.

“OK,” we hear you say to yourself, “I will now ponder what it is that I need a break from.”

“Worry” is one of the things that we see many of our grounded ones need to ponder and release! “I want to take a break from worry,” you may say. However, you man not so sure what “taking a break from worry” means. Therefore, we the Arcturians offer you may consider that:

“It is the NOW for me to go deep inside my physical, as well as my higher dimensional SELF so that I can more completely feel the waves of “Higher Dimensional LIGHT energy that are increasingly flowing into dear Gaia, as well as into ALL of Gaia’s planetary beings.”

“You have all heard of the saying, ‘The Darkest Night is just before DAWN,’ as well as “The further you bend down, the higher you can jump.” We, your Galactic Family would like to remind you that:

IT IS the NOW for ALL our beloved volunteers to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, to bend down further and further into your own Darkness so that you can move THROUGH that darkness and INTO the Light!

We the Arcturians, ask that YOU go deeply through your darkness so that you can more easily go deeply into your own higher consciousness, your own HigherThoughtsand your own Emotions, to find your own Higher Light that resides inside your own Higher SELF!

It is in this manner that you will find that component of your self who does not yet remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Being!

We also ask that you NOW go deep inside your fears, your doubts, your self-judgments, your hidden anger, and your forgotten sadness. Then give them your


We, the Arcturians, promise you that if you have found this message, and taken the time to read it, YOU are ready to LOVE YOUR SELF UNCONDITIONALLY. We realize that it is very difficult for our beloved “volunteers to take an earth vessel” to remember your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

We, the Arcturians and your Galactic Family, realize—and remember from our own incarnations—how easy it is to fall into fear, sorrow, worry, and self-judgment. In fact, it is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family have come to you within this NOW (which means the NOW in which you receive and decide to read our message) to remind you that:

YOU are a wonderful Multidimensional Being who has, a great sacrifice, chosen to take an earth vessel to assist dear Gaia. Mother Earth has been gravely mistreated and is having more and more difficulty with Her own Planetary Healing.

Therefore, Gaia NEEDS YOU! YOU—yes, you—the one who has somehow received and has chosen to read this message!

We, the Arcturians and your Galactic Family, want you to know that we recognize how difficult it can be to choose to recognize the dark ones who are greatly damaging Gaia in order to gain their own “power over others.”

We, your Galactic Family, realize that YOU have chosen to incarnate in this NOW in order to assist dearly beloved Gaia.

We, your Galactic Family, want you to know that Gaia/planet Earth is considered to be one of the greatest jewels of all the many realities that have had the courage to dip their frequency into the low frequency of the third dimension.

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that there are many, many, more expression of reality that resonates to higher dimensions. Most humans have called these dimensions

Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, have come into your awareness within this NOW to remind you again and again that YOU have chosen to take an earth vessel within this NOW to assist Gaia through Her difficult challenge of “Planetary Ascension.”

Just as a human woman goes to a doctor to assist her with the birth of her human child, we ask YOU to recognize how Gaia has come to you to assist to assist Her with Her Planetary Birth into a higher frequency of reality.

Gaia has been inhabited by humans for many eons. When the humans where in their early stages, they worshiped Gaia for many years and cycles of time. However, the “modern age” has given humanity the ability to destroy their own planetary home.

Many of the reasons for this destruction were due to ignorance as to how they were damaging Gaia, but the main reason that humanity has so greatly damaged Gaia is that they, humanity, did not think of Earth as a living being.

Many “modern” humans thought of Earth as a thing that is somehow indestructible. Therefore, they think it is fine to throw trash into the great oceans, fill the skies with many chemtrails, ruin the land with bombs and “poisons to grow plants quicker and larger, and drop trash into the ocean and other waterways.

We, the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, Venusians, Antarians and other members of our greater Galactic Family, call you NOW to PLEASE Save your Mother Planet NOW!

We end this message with a powerful quote:

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it!”

George Orwell.

Please stay tunned into our next Webinar, which is upcoming soon!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:45 PM


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤

March Quantum Energy Report/Overview/Update – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Buddha Painting by Melissa Bordeaux @ DeviantArt


In one aspect, it’s almost impossible to do an all-encompassing Energy Report these last many years, just because of How Much is going on Energetically, on every level, and how all correlates on a multi-dimensional level too. Remember, each dimension/frequency bandwidth of existence, experiences “reality” very differently…. and since all is relative to each’s level(s) of consciousness and LightBody phases, as well as current templates, the “how” is as vast as the topic is. So, for the sake of touching on a few “areas” that are “heightened” on a collective (which means for those individuals within that specific collective experience), I’ll touch on many things… to assist with “seeing the bigger picture”, from various dimensional/dimensional spaces that are “possible”, yet only for those who are occupying/Living that experience/possibility as their own here…. ♥

Now that we are running 12D Templates/Frequency Bandwidths/Densities, the Spectrum is much more vast…
The higher all go/function from, the more SIMPLICITY we live from inside. Simplifying all is an important and continual part of this process. Simplify your lives. Simplify completely. Love is SIMPLE. Your ego, attachments and old programs/beliefs, these are what “complicate all”. Bring yourself to full presence (Zero point) and return to PURE PEACE…. keep it simple. It’s only chaotic, dramatic and crazy if you spin out (ego). Clear the emotions, clear the victim energy, clear the blame game/finger pointing, return to LOVE within and SEE what an APPROPRIATE RESPONSE is from your highest/deepest aligned place inside….. When we are dealing with ego-matrix programs, we strip them down to the CORE ENERGY and look at the mentalities, the lack of power, the lack of love, the lack of respect, the lack of whatever it is… and we DEAL with the ENERGY from that deeply place/space inside, where all is CONNECTED and IN-TUNE as ONE and we flow from this SPACE… instead of the immense chaos/lack/game playing of the ego energy/mind…..
Closing out Old Chapters Entirely as NEW Ones BEgin for All
HUGE timeline/reality shifts…. BOTH on individual and collective ones too. February brought through a whole new up-shift/anchoring in, where all doing the deep inner work, aligning their own realities through higher consciousness… felt/experienced the PALPABLE difference energetically….. ALL NEW AVAILABLE for all embracing fully …. Closing out old Chapters as NEW ONES open up…. March is even more exciting energy for all fulfilling Soul aligned roles here.
Dependency vs. Sovereignty
This is a biggie and one that’s become prevalant in these vibrational frequencies for various collectives transitioning out of the old and into 5th Dimension (and higher) as their existence and way of living fully now. 5D, while it’s the innocent child being re-birthed from within, it’s also merging on a Soul Level, where dualtiy dissolves and Unity Consciousness begins. Being MERGED on a Soul Level means being fully Sovereign and not seeking anything outside anymore. COMPLETELY ONE …. where your body, your gifts, your skills, your own deep sacred connection guides you…. there’s no more dependency on anyone or anything. There is UNITY, where each UNITE to see if realities are fully aligned, to contribute, create, receive relative to support/contribution and live from the bliss, magic and abundance available to all living from a fully REMEMBERED STATE…. now “learning” through Experience, through observation and fully conscious choice, realities are very different. We receive relative to how we show up, as well as fulfill our much higher purposes/missions/roles here. Clearing programming, clearing karmic timelines… this takes on new form too. When we first come through (Merkaba/Ascension), we are in-pure-love with all…. Yet we still have to MASTER the entire Physical REALITY…. from a Quantum Level, not a linear one. This transition takes much “time”, because of how our DNA/Genetics work, how our body templates are BUILT as WE HOLD the new as our only reality and the old falls away, as we tune, as we shift, as we re-do everything…. to be aligned on a Soul Level, instead of a human one…. The MORE UNIFIED we are inside, the more outside is too…. There’s nothing “out there” we didn’t create, which means that we have the POWER to RE-CREATE it all… and align all ourselves…. There’s not one ounce of DEPENDENCY … which was a 3D/4D Level of Consciousness/Experience…. that dissolves as all unify and become fully Sovereign inside to REMEMBER how all “came to be” and what’s possible/available now is INFINITE…. and totally a Conscious Choice/Act that activates much higher dimensional/vibrational realities to come forth, because we actually live from realities that have already occurred and in this current space/now, we are “doing” that which has already been done, so all is simple…. Having access to “the perceived” future, it’s not the future, it’s this now in a different vibration… HOLOGRAPHIC ACCESS ROCKS… which is why it’s so important for all who “can see”, to share the knowledge, information … for those who can’t yet…. All the information (technology) on everything, from DNA/Genetics to “how to” on various things…. The vast population doesn’t understand what we bring forth “is the perceived future” and the codes, templates and “answers” for our highest dimensional version of NEW EARTH…. It doesn’t matter, because as each steps up and forth to fulfill their current calling/higher purposes/roles… WE ARE THE NEW… all of us…. yet each must be SOVEREIGN within, otherwise there is lack program still playing, which distorts the whole thing. PURITY is how all gain access again. It’s in our own DNA/Physical LightBodies and through a UNIFIED EXISTENCE of kindness, offering, doing our parts…. we hold all in place and invite/inspire all others to do the same in their own reality too. SOVEREIGNTY replaces dependency, yet this is a transition process for each as well…. (I have much more to share on this, and will as is appropriate along the way).
Peace and Ease vs. Chaos and Confusion
Find your CENTER…. go so deep inside that you RE-CONNECT FULLY and hold this above all. Deep inside is where we funtion from here. The depths at which are available now are just “wow”. At first, the human ego aspect avoids this, because it doesn’t want to see/feel/deal…. yet as each go through their own “lack of connection” and all the ego-matrix programming inside (cellular level/DENSITY) that has to be cleared, constantly, the ability to shift entire realities in the “blink of an eye” are mind-blowing, because all is Quantum/non-linear…. First, each must “learn” to come to this place/space inside and HOLD THIS NO MATTER WHAT…. which is the challenge at first, because there’s still so much that has to be worked through/cleared. Do whatever it takes to get to this place/this space…. get out in nature, pull away, clear your field… completely. Tune in from deep inside and ALLOW YOURSELF to just BE….. allow the stories/drama/energy to dissolve/fall away… and from this place/this space/this deep connection… your own PURITY WILL EMERGE, your trust/faith will return, your innate deep KNOWING… this will bring you PURE PEACE and from this place/this SPACE…. you can DECIDE how you want to proceed….. ♥

Divine Presence
The absolute most beautiful, pristine and beautiful everything…. can be FELT…. words not necessary, EVERYTHING is SIMPLE… and visible as well. Functioning from a place/space of Divine Presence is a Quantum State … where your own Divine Essence and Purity emanate out and affect the external through peace, love, kindness, deep sacred respect… and where your POWER is SOFT, yet very understood. We don’t have to “pull our power out” unless someone’s ego enters in. Sometimes the response is just kindness, compassion, other times we have to be a stronger force to break that programming down…. Yet, our response is not egoic, it’s PURE LOVE and every ACTion is an act of Pure Love too… for all of us…. which means not playing the human ego matrix games…. That’s the old realities… which were all unconscious. Now full Consciousness is the only acceptable reality, for us all, because THIS IS LOVE. ♥
An Empowered State vs. a Victim Mentality (Give Power Away)
The human ego loves to play out duality scenarios, which is just a clearing of discordant, dis-illusioned, distorted versions of REALties still held by each. Let’s face it, building and living a whole human reality to then have to shift into a whole new one that is “the opposite”, is immense. Up to the 5th Dimension, is all duality realities of “out there”. The 5th Dimension returns all to “it’s all inside”, where every dimension opens up/is…. which is how “outside” becomes multi-dimensional too. We LIVE from all of those dimensions within us, so we can “see” them out there. The deeper we go, the more vast all is… the more depth, the more expanded, the more in-tune, the simpler all is… because “out there” is our own reflection back… so if out there is not awesome, then we go inside to access the programming, break it down/dissolve it and elevate our own consciousness BACK to full consciousness/full responsibility/full accountability/full everything again. No more fractals, no more distortions, no more lack or give our power away…. Every time one does, then this creates a timeline/reality/experience, a karmic one to have to turn around and experience/clear again…. until each is “done” with this as a reality….. As each come to fully comprehend the immensity of all, how the Old Matrix was held in place by each within and how this correlates to collectives, as well as the old Earth Matrix and NEW Earth Matrixes (very different/opposites of the old)…. the transition over (Rainbow Bridge) is through Consciousness first… then the physical can be re-aligned as a vibrational response… by each. This is HOW our NEW EARTH MATRIX is held in place… by EACH LIVING THEIR OWN RECONNECTED REALITY fully…. connected within, connected with all, connected with each other AS LOVE… which is a whole new ballgame, because it means each “holding their own” fully….

Remember, everything 3D/4D is “lack of deep connected Source Love (Light) (which correlates to fear/judgment/criticism/blame), lack of inner-power/courage, lack of trust/faith, lack of integrity/honor (Soul Level), lack of respect, lack of connection/kindness/consideration/caring, full of attachments/cords…. 5D is reversing all of this and is a RETURNING to LOVE, yet not human love, that’s the opposite… this is the PUREST LOVE of ALL… which takes many forms along the way. It’s EXPERIENCED by FEELING and REMEMBERING what we all forgot/lost/disconnected from when we chose a 3D incarnation/body to do our own human experience to awaken through….. and clear all of that DENSITY fully… and from deep inside is the only way to do this…
Heart/Soul Connections Deepen through “New Depths” of Divine Soul Union
Our own Divine Soul Union continues to take us to “new depths”. It becomes the most beautiful, heart expanding and wondrous experience… to open up access to HEAVEN inside and to be able to LIVE THIS FULLY, as we all consciously choose to no longer choose/allow the vibrational versions of “hell” or “less” to “be reality” anymore….

Reconnecting with our BE-LOVE-d Gaia/Earth/Universe, our own Universe fully…. reconnecting and FEELING the abundance, feeling the love, feeling the magic, feeling the magnificence… there are no words for the actual experience of REMEMBERING…. deeply and with our whole being here.

The KEY is to HOLD THIS FEELING, this level of Purity, this Level of Remembering, this level of GRATITUDE with our every breath… and to breathe this GRATITUDE OUT… in all of the ways that we have available…. with every ACT, with every exchange, with every moment…

GRATITUDE REPLACES LACK… so the flow of energy shifts…. Lack “pulls”, resists, pushes away and creates lack filled realities to experience here. IMMENSE GRATITUDE is an outflow of energy, a pouring out of the most PURE LOVE… that needs, lack, wants for nothing at all. It is this place, this space that ORGANICALLY AND NATURALLY AND EASILY CREATES (transmits codes on a multi-dimensional level) to call forth all of those REALities aligned with Generosity, kindness, compassion, respect and UNITY….. GENEROSITY WIPES OUT LACK…. it obliterates is. Yet it’s up to EACH to come to LIVE FROM THIS PLACE/SPACE INSIDE and transmit this out with every breath/act. ♥

GAIA’S VIBRATION/ENERGY will assist you with REMEMBERING…. YOU have to CHOOSE to utilize this to elevate/expand/open your heart fully and raise your whole (physical body/energy) vibration high enough to RECONNECT/REMEMBER inside…. and then hold this long enough for your physical to recode, re-calibrate, realign as a VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE to your WHOLE VIBRATION ….

Where many “get tripped up” (don’t fully comprehend yet), is the moment your body’s vibration drops, the moment your heart closes, the moment you go unconsicous, the moment you disconnect, the moment you forget…. the moment your body drops/vibrates at the 3rd/4th Dimension again…. This is a process of keeping your heart open wide/fully, wide open, your mind open wide and maintaining your highest level of Consciousness long enough to PULL YOUR BODY into a higher dimension to actuall EXPERIENCE THE PHYSICAL REALITY…. Your body VIBRATES at various oscillating frequencies which determine the dimension it occupies…. If your heart closes, if you go back to sleep, if you forget, you immediately “transmit out/call forth” a reality to EXPERIENCE in order to CLEAR THAT ENERGY/PROGRAM…. and once you have, your body will vibrate at a higher oscillatory rate, which can be quite intense at first, until you get the “hang of” your multi-dimensional Light Body and how all “works” on a Quantum Level here.

Do whatever it takes to hold, maintain, sustain expansion… and when you contract back down, realize your heart is closed (which gives your mind control again). Get your heart open to your soft place and OBSERVE the programming you have playing, the emotions, the mentalities, the perceptions, the lack, the fears, the beliefs and REMEMBER that YOU CAN SHIFT ALL THROUGH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS here….. It’s just one of your Super-Powers that rock awesomeness!
The Depth of Feeling (Whole new level opened up)
We have really entered ‘NEW DEPTHS’…. and wow is an understatement…. Each according to their own physical body density to light ratio…. at first, the depths are messy and ugly, because there is so much programming held. Yet, beyond all of this is the absolute most magical, amazing, pristine and exquisite everything… each’s HEAVEN… literally…. we live/walk in Heaven on Earth as our own phsycial realities/experience here. It’s not without “work”, yet we don’t mind, because we SEE and UNDERSTAND what’s possible/available to us all, when we all are truly READY to anchoring the highest dimensional realms, by fullfilling our highest Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/Roles here…. It’s the most ful-filling that there is… to LIVE THE MAGNIFICENCE while working in Service to support, uplift, inspire, assist all of HUmaNITY with accomplishing the same. Our “work” looks nothing like the old ways… yes, we pour our hearts and Souls into everything, because we care, we see, we understand and we DO want everyone to LIVE THESE REALITIES TOO, yet we also understand and honor (as Guardians) that each has to fully choose this too (free-will). Letting go of the lack stories of everything else being “more important” or as an “excuse”… It doesn’t take any THING to do this… Just our fully open hearts and minds, listening and full surrender of our human ego aspect…. to live/exist in unison and usher in NEW EARTH with great ease by honoring the immensity of these upgrades and transition processes that replace the old realities completely………….

Even with full-connection, it can be challenging at various times, because linear/ego constructs are being “broken down” and re-written with Quantum ones… that function very differently than all old did….. our physcial bodies and physical realities go through a massive transition process. Being on-board fully and fully connected is the only way to do this with any ease (and grace) at all. Eventually, all is simple… so honor whatever your physical LightBody says… it’s MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT than your human aspect is. It already knows. It’s trying to get you to listen, as is with all. ♥
Infinite Potentials and Possibilities
Are always available to all embracing, ready and choosing consciously…. The human ego lives in limits and no options, one reality, fixed and focused on “out there”, believes the distortions of feelings, programmed beliefs, mentalities instead of the FEELING/KNOWING THROUGH DEEP INNER-CONNECTION WITHIN…. For the “other dimensions” to open up, our HEARTS AND MINDS MUST BE OPEN/IN-TUNE FULLY… otherwise the portals/doors are closed, because of refusal/insistance energies that get in the way of access to alternative realties … because the human ego aspect doesn’t like the alternatives or what is sees… so it “refuses” to listen/see/do/deal/shift inside…. which keeps the karmic loop cycle going until that “reality” becomes too much/breaks or dissolves…. to move each toward/into a more Soul-aligned reality where there’s more freedom, more joy, more love, more kindness, more caring, more connection and less of the old BS that kept each there because of the amount of fear/power of the belief energy still held within……………
Continually Shifting Value Systems
What each values will change as more tune in on an energetic level and reconnect inside. What 3D Consciousness valued is very different than what 5D (and way beyond) values…. What’s important changes, how we see each other, how we see period… all changes as we do inside. As we reconnect and REMEMBER, we start to understand on a whole new level and the old stories, identities and lack programming goes…. We start to truly care about each other, because we truly care about ourselves, we truly love ourselves, respect ourselves, are kind to ourselves, honor ourselves and no longer choose “compromise” or “less” as what all perceive as REALity here. Reality is not a thing, it’s what each BELIEVE and HOLD AS REALITY here. When/As EACH HOLD LOVE, the purest form of LOVE that there is (Soul-Star-Light BEing Love) as REALITY…. then the transmission, energy of each changes too. The VASTNESS of all becomes INFINITE and everything opens up fully and lack is no longer REALity, it’s a lie we all told ourselves and lived out because of this. THE MOMENT ALL TRULY GET IT and REALize that REALity can BE anything we DESIRE IT TO BE… then each HOLDS PURE LOVE AS THE ONLY REALITY where all is fully aligned with this…. There’s no longer compromise, there’s no longer believing or accepting less… because that was the UNCONSCIOUS REALMS OF REALITIES and we don’t live there anymore (within). As our LIGHTBODY “takes over” (Energy Body) our realities all become ENERGETIC in every way. Being TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR ENERGY and what you invest all in, what you support, what you receive…the whole thing changes… as you learn to RESPECT THE ENERGY OF EACH/ALL, because if you don’t, you won’t have any and this is where your abundance comes from. This is what you USE to CREATE and Build/Align all of your NEW EARTH REALITIES here…. and if you don’t hold the highest level of respect, love, honor, integrity, kindness, caring, consideration and “NO, that’s no longer acceptable as REALity”, then your reality is affected…. in every way. 5D and above function the opposite of the old ones did. It’s up to each to open up to learn/see, in order to CHOOSE which version they actually EXPERIENCE here.
Re-Distribution Template Accelerates
The 12D Template that we completed all through January was an immense array of many templates all unified into ONE. I have hundreds and hundreds of pages that I’ve written, that are vast within themselves, with the drawings and codes and sequences and multitudes of templates involved, yet there’s no way for me to put it all together and make it available (especially with my service-work schedule), so I do all in pieces/parts/as we go, until I can accomplish this for us all.

The first template that we completed (understanding how what we do correlates to all realities is a whole different discussion/understanding as to “how/when” all occurs. None of this is linear, it’s all encoded, geometric and based upon each’s DNA, LightBody phases and what templates each have been able to complete thus far. Because it’s not linear, because it’s all vibrational and energetic, then each will be activating all of this, all along the way. Where we get into “activating the consciousness” and living it and realigning/rebuilding/reconstructing our entire life according to this, this is the template building process, that by way of my own observation of my whole life, others and how all the processes and phases work…. The “standard” (on a Quantum level) is from the point of the Consciousness activating (Conception/Inception) to Living/aligning fully (Gestation) to Convergence/Completion is 1 1/2 to 2 linear years. Some will take longer, because of “how” they do their own Awakening/Ascension/Embodiment Evolution/Experience here. Some might “appear” faster, because they only “see” certain things and don’t understand the processes and Levels of Consciousness and how this correlates to all. I only share this, not to create a linear “game”… yet to explain that it takes “linear time” to build a whole template that is fully highest/Soul/Cosmically aligned…. The ‘MOMENT’ of Expansion/Seeing/Experiencing the Expansion to see… then BEGINS a massive “overhaul” process on a DNA/Genetics Level, where each’s whole physical LightBody has to then “be built”, which is done simultaneously in correlation with the physical reality… so all is SYNCHRONIZED AS ONE… For pre-ascension, this will correlate to one’s Merkaba. After Ascension (Consciousness first, then over linear years, full body Ascension occurs)…. each enters a whole new set of processes and phases…. that fully activate one’s entire StarGate System, which is a whole new massive process within itself. What’s important to understand/realize/comprehend, is that each must choose and dedicate their own everything to doing this… otherwise the journey is beyond rough, challenging and even perceived as devastating/harsh… yet in essence, all of this is the ego’s resistance creating the harshness experienced in order to break down all that programming that “gets in the way” of the simple way available to each.

Now, by prefacing, JUST ONE of the 12D Templates that fully anchored in… is a RE-DISTRIBUTION TEMPLATE that affects everything on every level…. To understand, it takes expanding our hearts and minds, to understand that this whole thing was PRE-DETERMINED/PRE-DESIGNED by each one of us on a Soul/Galactic Level, before ever incarnating/walking in here. WE have ACHIEVED a MASSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT that supports HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY, yet pulls support from the old. This RE-DISTRIBUTION TEMPLATE re-distributes all… The perception of POWER, ABUNDANCE, KNOWLEDGE, SYSTEMS, STRUCTURES OF REALITIES and accelerates the continued “dissolution/collapse” of 3D/4D Realities … where were created/built relative to levels of UNCONSCIOUSNESS and held in place by this by each as well. This “new” template overrides how all “works” from before. 3D/4D becomes more challenging, constrained and “horrific” is the word, because it has to… it’s the metaphoric/literal HELL and prison (see my December activation regarding clearing this). 4D is where each “sit/stay/live”, while working through duality within, heavy duty programming in the physical body and learn all new ways, as well as open up to 5D (Consciousness) as our NEW EARTH here. Every moment, every experience, every thing a “test” to see which version of reality, which dimension each will CHOOSE/BELIEVE/ALLOW/SUPPORT… the choice alone is relative to Density/DNA and what each values/believes/desires more… This is where each works through their own “lack of connection” within and as each strengthens that connection, they move into 5D realities through establishing/maintaining Consciousness/Connection and this being where one functions from, instead of a separated/dualistic/disconnected state (ego). The 12D template amplifies and accelerates the dissolution/dismantling processes of 3D, within each, so that all can transition over according to their own pre-determined/chosen experience here. You will see those 5D+ assisting, yet not sitting/waiting, as they/we are all living/building/constructing and BEing the gridwork, new systems, NEW EARTHER’S through our own deep sacred connections, because NEW EARTH IS OUR ONLY REALITY, which is where all have to come to within themselves too.

12D Template is completed within each, which linked up to Gaia/Universally/Cosmically in every way. It’s a massive process, where starting with 5D (re-birth/merging), where each dimension beyond that is higher levels of Service as Pure Source Consciousness Light, more Unify, more abundance, more everything that’s available to all fully living this too. 12D redistributes… from 3D to 5D+…. The incentive for each is BY WAY OF WHAT ALL RECEIVE when living as your highest aspects, versions of you… this vibration/energy transmits out and calls forth a vibrational match to support you and all doing this too. It’s a very different reality that on of the old. Where the structures, infrastructures, templates, all… are all held together, operate from and work/flow together cohesively, in-tune and full harmony with the highest levels of consciousnesses to create peace, unity, love in everything… and as each LIVES THIS, this is how NEW EARTH BECOMES EVERYONE’S REALITY here. ♥

12D is a HUmanitarian Template (living this for years, not one act or just a few. It’s every aspect of our lives. 12D is ONLY NEW EARTH and transitioning all over to this. 12D is a deeply Sacred Template and PURE DIVINE HARMONY on a DNA LEVEL, beyond even what 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 11D were. (Incomprehensible, yet it’s just BEYOND). 12D is the holding of all of those others in place for linear years… 5D begins the process. 6D is where all start “working” in service fully. This is not an ego anything. These are levels of Consciousness through Purity and Service as a Light Keeper, Gatekeeper, Gridkeeper, Emissary, Ambassador, Sacred/Holy/Christed One, as Pure Source Creator Consciousness, as Divinity, as a Bridger/Bridgekeeper, as a Universal/Cosmic Light BEing, as a Starseed that’s grown up to be the Galactic Councils by way of roles we fulfill here, as a Guardian and while each is holding 10D/11D/12D fully (Avatar/OverSoul Consciousness), so that the 144 OverSoul Templates can “lock in”… a massive process that cannot be done through the human mind…. it’s a fully Quantum State of Consciousness that dictates reality here. These are maturation levels of all moving into Divine Partnership roles and where Divine Union is on a whole new level, looking nothing like human ones did. Your presence/energy/acts and current reality will reflect all back vibrationally as you/each hold/achieve all fully from within. The BEING IT FULLY, HOLDING IT FULLY (EMBODIMENT) is how each’s templates (in the physical LightBody and field) are organically constructed according to Quantum Dynamics, Algorithms, Equations, Ratios, Schematics, Geometrics and more… A whole “new” Living Matrix that shifts/changes/is tuned constantly, vibrationally and the moment all is/does, the holographic reality does as well… and “then” the physical can take form ….. Quantum is INSTANT… Linear takes “forever”… because of the amount of density/linearity affects each’s LightBody processing speeds…. ☼

Physical LightBodies/DNA
Photonic Light reworks all, dissolves all, restructures all. Photonic Light is the Light of our Soul, Pure Source Consciousness and “how” all gets done. Photonic Light works through each’s DNA, on an atomic level that can only be understood by all who can “see” and “read Light Codes” and DNA. Part of our roles is to re-educate and assist HUmaNITY with understanding and changing how all is perceived/treated… and many of us work to provide the information, as well as re-educate through highest levels of consciousness, which provides the technology/information for how all works/what’s “really” going on… yet proportionate to how it’s received, supported and how it’s valued/applied… which takes each being AFFECTED by the immensity of PHOTONIC LIGHT before many are “ready” to listen to something that’s not linear-logical or defined by the “old ways” anymore….

This is a whole new level of QUANTUM EXISTENCE where each’s physical body and physical reality are dictated by PHOTONIC LIGHT. These next phases of accelerating and exponential blasts (particles/waves) of PHOTONIC ACTIVITY increasing substantially change everything.

Realities have DNA. DNA is “changed” by photonic Light, simply because our SOUL (Galactic/Source Consciousness) have “different DNA” than our human aspect did. PHOTONIC LIGHT can’t be “treated” and it can’t be ignored. It DETERMINES ALL.. so it takes each opening up to listening, learning all new and SUPPORTING all of this, instead of ignoring, resisting, fighting and “pretending” it’s something else…. It takes ACCEPTING that nothing is as anyone “thought” and this “whole new ballgame” takes each shifting out of the old into the “new” with openness and readiness that doesn’t conform to the old in any way at all….

Photonic Light is ALIVE…. Consciousness is ALIVE and all breathes, lives and moves in UNISON AS ONE… All is LIVING INTELLIGENCE that can only be “read” by those in-tune with this…. How each “delivers” the information is relative to whether there is any ego/old limitations/old programs still. Removing ourselves from that place/space and coming from PURITY is how the “clean signals” transmit, which makes all easier for us all here. Distorted signals activate distortions. Purity speaks/transmits purity. Transmissions “tell” the Field how to react. When WE are functioning AS THE UNIFIED FIELD OF PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, then we see/read/feel/understand all simultaneously and so our response is realative to this. What’s “appropriate” is dependent on the transmissions/energy present and what’s highest aligned for all.
Atomic & Nuclear
We’ve been in these frequencies for eons/years, yet we moved into a more accelerated phase again. Basically, so I don’t have to write out a book here, I’ll keep it simple. We are in ATOMIC LEVEL frequencies constantly now. Not just the Occasional activation like “before”. Now collectives CONDONS have been activated to “turn on”, kind of like a whole dimension just got whammied, because it’s “their time” to awaken on a whole new level and start upshifting at an accelerated rate too. For human ego matrix programming (disharmony), then when we hit “atomic frequencies”, which oscillate constantly, then anger/outbursts/huge emotional releases are a result. This is part of the Askashic Clearing for each, as well as a massive tuning process (DNA Distortions/Degradation/Harmonics), so that once the clearing/synchronization process is complete, more harmony, more peace, more inner-connected love can be experienced by each. 3D/4D – Atomic can be felt by heat/cold temps changing (massive subject of what all is occurring on an Atomic/Quantum level here) = NUCLEAR REACTOR… is the term that’s relative here. For 5D+ we become NUCLEAR (QUANTUM) GENERATORS where we generate our own energy (LightBody), through photosynthesis and other means where our Photonic atoms/cells “hit each other” and produce PHOTONIC AND PLASMA energy that fuels our LIGHTBODIES as well as tune our physical realities, in addition to how we Quantum Jump vastly with great ease, because we don’t have the human programming/linearity/density in our bodies like before. Our NUCLEAR is not an emotional thing. Ours is spanning galaxies and our ability to travel and work from a DNA Level gives us the capability to do all with great ease here.
Linear (Density) vs. Quantum (Photonic Light)
The more linear, the more density. The more Photonic Light, the more Quantum we are, which means we process at a ridiculous rate and don’t have the delays and distortions of before. The carbon-based body has a lot to break down, reconfigure, reconstruct and to open neural pathways, rewire, reconfigure how the physical body handles immense bio-electrical, bio-magnetic, bio-kinetic, bio-plasmic energies…. The human mind/body can’t make the “connections” yet, because it’s still a very physical process of clearing distortions/density out. As each’s LightBody is allowed to “take over”, it creates/opens these neural pathways, creating a whole new sub-neural networking system and more. The whole physical body has a massive undertaking that it goes through, to transition from a 3D/4D reality to a 5D+/Multi-Dimensional one.
Relationships (on Every Level)
Your relationships to everyone, every thing, yourself come into scrutiny and under “review” all along the way. 3D/4D is a Karmic Reality, yet the “levels” of this is not understood until 12D/OverSoul/Avatar Consciousness comes online for each. Even up to 12D, even through Consciousness, we are still playing many of these out, yet just shorter lived and we are conscious while we do. We understand we are in a place to achieve/complete various levels of Consciousness, while we clear these and honor our Soul Agreements by fulfilling certain roles here. 3D is unconscious, so all is “Contracts” being completed. 5D is coming into consciousness of this, yet the whole physical has to now be aligned, so 6D-11D into 12D is very different than the previous, because of how each correlates on every level. Because this is an EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS, each level of consciousness is much higher than the previous one. Every moment “is more conscious” than the previous one, yet the RATE AT WHICH WE CYCLE is very different. The higher the level of Conscientiousness, the “faster” we cycle through. From taking years to moments, to this MOMENT NOW, to seeing from the highest dimensions, we get to choose what realities we desire to experience, which to enter into/or not… because we can see the “future timeline” already collapsed, based upon the current vibration/energies, we can negate the whole experience as love and fully conscious. It’s not an avoidance, like the human ego does. It’s by being responsible for focusing our energy in order to fulfill our highest everything for all of us here. We won’t “invest” our energy in that which has already collapsed/is unconscious/karmic, unless we see can see the “reasons” (beneficial) and the agreements we are to fulfill together here. Every reality is about what we are all Consciously Creating and Contributing, with each being fully Sovereign and fully invested in every way too. Anything less is Karmic and we don’t have to choose those experiences anymore. We all can make a much bigger impact/difference as our highest versions here. We understand this, so we hold ourselves and everyone to this. ♥ This is love for us all. ♥
Fulfilling (Full FEELing) Highest Levels of Soul Agreements
This is not only the most fulfilling, it also returns the greatest “rewards”. Intentionally, consciously and fully holding the highest level of integrity and honor to our highest level agreements is HOW all becomes simple and easy and immensely abundant in every way here…. The human aspect does not understand “how” abundance works. It’s a process, just like all is… and completely non-linear in every way….. As more choose to step forth/step up and unite, support, reciprocate, fulfill, then this beyond beautiful tapestry of LIGHT emanates through all and creates this beautiful network/gridwork that supports everyone in all new ways. Some are completing/fulfilling some challenging ones, which we all have to do along the way. This is not an “easy” journey at first. It takes our total commitment to maintaining our highest everything, which is beyond easy if this is our current level we function from. If not, then part of the process is clearing all that out. Every thing is a part of a much bigger picture. When we each can see this, then we understand the IMPORTANCE of what we agreed to come here and fulfill. Our hearts burst wide open with love for all of HUmaNITY and get up each day to honor this fully. Each phase is different, so it’s important for all to release judgement/criticism and focus on themselves. Outside is only your distraction if you allow it to be… ♥
Veils Dissolving/Breaking out of/through that Programming…. Consciously: Overriding the old with your own “New”
Holding your highest states of consciousness means that you understand on a Quantum Level that your physical body DNA (LightBody) and physical reality are all being re-coded to MATCH… so you hold this, above all… you don’t “go back”… unless you have something to resolved/dissolve/learn (Remember) within you… so that “the next time”, you choose easier, without the lack (disconnected state/doubt)…. This is a process of KNOWING above all and HOLDING that above all and ALLOWING all to come into full alignment, while you align all yourself. It takes both. Heavy duty programming can be intense at first. Yet with each time it gets easier until it’s no longer an issue anymore. This is a reversal process… once each embraces fully, all gets sooooooo much easier, then all turns into magic, fun and pure bliss, joy and elation as you activate more new realities to come forth!
Consciousness is PURE LOVE: Expanded Consciousness is Re-Creating, (Re)Building and (Re)Aligning all Intentionally/fully through/with/as the Purity of Pure Source Consciousness Light (which is Purity Love)
This is about functioning from much Higher level of intelligence than the/our human aspect was/is. This is about you BEING your highest version/aspects of all as LOVE here, which means you won’t accept unconsciousness as REALity anymore and you realize you have the POWER to bring anything into full consciousness, if it’s ready/meant to be…. some times it’s not and that’s okay too. We honor all here and respect all as Divinely aligned/timed. This is about learning/understanding when to let go/move on and when to invest your energy beyond the current moment in anything. Some things you will. Some things you won’t. The beauty is that when you are fully consciousness (LOVE), you get to choose and call forth much higher aligned realities constantly, because you are not holding on to anything from any kind of lack inside of you.

Connected with all through Sacred Breath and “tuning” where all is Pure, Innocent and Kind here. This is where we live from 5D+. Each level is just more Quantum than the one before, so all is more energetic, easier and realities are tuned through consciousness instead of the old ways of struggle and challenge (linear). Our processing speeds increase substantially with each, which is done through our Photonic LightBodies/DNA/Templates as we honor this process first, the rest is easier in response.
Understanding Vibrational Alignment of Realities
New earth is VERY different than old… purposes, visions, contributions, sharing, caring, creating, supporting, inspiring and getting all done…. We all work from a much bigger picture where it’s all about fulfilling highest service roles, yet “current moment” for those in supporting roles, that don’t have access to the bigger picture beyond their own current Universal Access yet. WE all BECOME NEW EARTH, so that our whole life is aligned with the ENERGIES OF NEW EARTH…. NEW EARTH shifts, moves and breathes, it’s inner-connected and with each “Cosmic Re-calculation”, all is re-tuned to be MORE IN HARMONY than before. It’s where all is one SIMULATIONS MOMENT… so the “future” is not the future anymore… the Past is not the past… all is but a different vibrational version of the same continuous moment… and if we desire a “different reality”, from within this moment, this space (time to the linear aspect), we shift our own vibration, tune our own reality and consciousness to a much higher vibrational frequency …. which basically “changes the channel” or frequency (bandwidth) to then “dial” new coordinates or transmit out a different tone/frequency to shift the external reality to this new vibration/tone too….

Every experience, every moment is a RESULT OF THIS NOW… When each expand into all other timelines/existences and see, we can clear that instantly and not “carry it forth” to re-create “other realities” to arrive/materialize. Where many get confused is they don’t yet understand/comprehend (can’t see) that if something’s NOT AWESOME and pure magic/love, then it’s the “result” of “previous” vibrations (acts, thoughts/other existences) and the ONLY WAY TO RESOLVE/CLEAR “that” is from this moment/space/vibration here…. TO AFFECT REALITY THROUGH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS means to take all into account, see all and SHIFT ALL YOURSELF….. this is where each’s POWER IS…. and it teaches each “what not do do”, because each can see what they are “creating” will vibrationally come back around/be returned and the higher we go vibrationally, means “faster” and “with more force” to get each’s attention/wake each up to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for everything they think, do, contribute to, support, allow…. because it creates each’s own experience as well as affecting everyone in that collective too. Leaving the old, transcending the old means “lessinging” the hold, the power that the “old had” and re-focusing your/our energy on the collective we do want to eperience as REALity here (old earth or new).

Karmic is just a “return” of unconsciousness… it a clearing of each’s Akash (which there are many). To stop creating Karmic Timelines means to stop functioning from a heart/mind closed space and to take full responsibility for your ENERGY/ACtions in every way.
Vibrational “receiving” (non-linear) Quantum
NEW EARTH IS NOT LINEAR… it’s vibrational… so the more density, the more linearity the more challenging all of this is…. Keeping the old stories going gets heavy and keeps each anchored in those dimensions/realities too. Identities to the old, even the whole frequency bandwidth affects all. You can SEE all, yet your own current reality can be very different to everything else. This is a part of multi-dimensional. Your own experience can be whatever you make it/create it to be. You do have to be fully conscious, or you experience the result of the other instead…

The higher we go, the more we receive… as all is relative to the dimension we occupy through full consciousness here. The more LOVE you hold, the more PURITY you function from, the MORE YOU FULFILL THOSE HIGHEST ROLES, the more you receive vibrationally…. it’s simple physics. Where many get confused is because the “think a certain thing”, as well as “thinking” the act alone is what creates. It’s the tone, the vibration, the purity of CONSCIOUSNESS of the ACT. So all those working hard, trying to save and trying to fix back to the old ways… those vibrations just create the same old thing…. It’s the ENERGY that matters… the depth of LOVE without any lack/need involved…. there’s no “trying”. There is BEing and DOing…. ♥ Then there is RECEIVING in vibrational response, when/as each achieves the vibration fully for their whole body to “arrive” in the dimension/reality where “that already exists”. Here we work with MATERIALIZATION, because on a Quantum level it’s all “taking form”…. and the form it takes and “how” all comes to be.
Quantum/Divine Presence: Pure Patience, Divine Timing, Divine Quantum Flow, Pure Trust/Knowing/Seeing/Flowing/Allowing
Quantum States of Consciousness are avaialable to all through Pure Divine Presence. The ability to Live/Exist from this space, completely, is a massive DNA re-writing process that occurs over each’s “whole life” through “current moment” here. It’s a massive Photonic process…that can be explained simply by those who live/experience this as “normal everyday” life/ways of BEing and by those who have completely re-aligned their own lives fully in accordance to this….

The “FUTURE” OF HUMANITY is in our DNA, yet it’s only the “future” if you function through linearity. It’s our NOW… Everyone has to LIVE THIS FULLY… NOW… and this is how all COMES TO BE… the ACTUALIZING is by each BEING their Ascended Embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness with every breath here. The Actualizing is by each ACTUALLY LIVING THIS… it is this simple. Only the human mind will complicate (convolute) it….. because of what is required by each to RETURN to full consciousness, LIVE full Consciousness… it’s not complicated, yet it will challenge every linear/ego program you’ve got in order for you to LIVE NEW EARTH FULLY with all of us here. ♥
Divine Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence:
Two totally different things…. You sit with these and you see what you see/feel/know… PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS is INFINITE INTELLIGENCE available to us all, deeply embedded in us all… and awakened through the activation of LIGHT CODES/ENCODEMENTS that are done naturally and organically with the continued acceleration of PHOTONIC HIGH FREQUENCY LIGHT, as well as those of us that are able to activate through the conscious transmission of LIGHT by way of speaking, through our fields, our work and sharings, which is why you resonate with certain things, are drawn to certain things, utilize certain things, surround yourself with certain things… Everything is an activation of some sort. The KEY(CODE) is to understand “how” and then surround yourself/immerse yourself fully in all that supports getting your physical body’s vibration as high as you can, sleeping to integrate, rest to support your re-configuring nervous/immune systems, as well as supports you/while you support in return.

Learning out RECIPROCATION is beyond important, because of how all works on an energetic level here.

Lack is closed heart/mind and pulls/resists/imposes. Pure LOVE just is and emanates out from within. It’s a transmission through our fields, exchanges, words, work… WHEN ALL ARE SOVEREIGN, their energy is balanced, sustains and doesn’t push/pull or impose. It’s SOFT and inspiring and beautiful and a GIFT… co-existing from this space makes everything simple and easy for us all here. ♥
I know this was long, yet I’m writing less, because of my own current phase and managing all of the realities and how I/WE all fulfill service roles changes with every Up-leveling/Template re-write we accomplish here. These last few month’s entering a whole new LightBody phase, means I have to constantly shift all too. Utilize this to assist you, as it will cover topics relative to NEW EARTH/QUANTUM EXISTENCE, regardless of “when”…. it’s always relative, because this is not linear in any capacity. These CODES always apply, just differently as we all go. Once integrated, then it’s just more new codes. 🙂

In closing, be completely excited for “new” to come as you step into your fulfilling your higher service roles here too. See what YOU NEED for your physical LIGHTBODIES and honor this fully. Get out in nature, do whatever it takes to clear your field, to raise your own vibration, open your heart, observe programming and resolve/clear this within yourself, to UNIFY inside, to come to peace, to create, uplift inspire, while honoring YOUR ENERGY/BODY/FIELD/SPACE …. Look at all you have to offer (it’s simple, not complicated). Look at your skills, your abilities and just open your heart to care. Let go of attachment/cords, do from your place/space that’s not in lack at all…. come together, unite, create…. and make sure you get plenty of me/we/be time so that you can. Own it all then choose…. let go of all that no longer a benefit to your highest dimensional experience here. That which you allow becomes your reality, so check and see what you keep allowing and what stories you keep telling yourself/believing and where you are functioning from… RE-CONNECT and REMEMBER… this is where we live from here. ♥

Immense Love and appreciation to ALL for your fulfilling your roles as LightKeepers here too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Buddha Painting by Melissa Bordeaux @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤
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YOUR HOME – Michael Lotus


Night Goddess by Escume (Anna Dittmann) @ DeviantArt


Your home is in the four winds
Your garden is about four flowers
Your joyous laugh
Is heard every spring,
And every night you ascend to heaven
As a New Star.
The grass hides the road in your forest
Your footprint does not dare touch the wave,
The beast at your feet-
Is your biggest friend
And the morning wind blows away
A song from your lips.
Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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Crown Chakra – Sahasrara Chakra Spiritual Art @ GGDigitalCreationsUK @ Etsy


Altair will share the process of surrender to the light of awakening, the love of Divine Mother and the stillness of emptiness of Being and entering into Source, which is the wisdom of realizing there is no beginning and no end.
This is a meditation that has arisen from a collaboration
with Kevin Schoeninger
Love and Blessings
Altair and Mother

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