New Moon Transmission through The Chamber of Light Ascension – Amara Tia Ann

Goddess Isis by Susan Seddon Boulet

Goddess Isis by Susan Seddon Boulet


New Moon Transmission through The Chamber of Light Ascension

Please read ‘Converging towards No-Time, No-Space’ as a prelude to this post, if you have missed it earlier.

As a being originated from the Sirius star system (portal to Milky Way), I thought it was most apt for Goddess Isis to offer her support in bringing through a new ascension wave emitted by a group of galaxies within our local Universe. The body of light coordinating this cross-galactic transmission is an ‘oversight authority’ known to me the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light. To enhance our body’s integration with it, this ultra-refined frequency was stepped-down vibrationally at a star satellite (Chamber of Light Ascension) stationed at the 13th dimensional level of Milky Way before permeating Earth and my consciousness (as the human channel over-light by Isis).

This new moon energy gift is intended to expand our awareness and acceptance of our God-Self and to catalyse the remembrance and re-connection with our respective home planets. Besides offering tremendous healing and activation benefits by themselves, these two effects will also contribute to developing our Claircognizance (all-knowing mind) rapidly.

Listen to : Transmission through Chamber of Light Ascension (6 min)

Or click :Audio Player

* For best results, I suggest listening to the track for a total of 3 times  – on the day before new moon (25th Apr), new moon (26th) and the day after (27th). 

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.



Goddess Isis by Susan Seddon Boulet

Goddess Isis by Susan Seddon Boulet


Converging towards No-Time, No-Space – Amara Tia Ann

splash_of_spring_by_viccolatte-at DeviantArt

Art : Splash of Spring – by Viccolatte @ Deviant Art


Converging towards No-Time, No-Space

Archangel Metatron expounded the concepts of No-Time and No-Space, in the context of 5th dimensional living, during the FLOURISH workshop (March 18-19). I thought I have understood what he was meaning. On hindsight, I probably did so only on an intellectual level! It was not until this couple of weeks that I began to appreciate his teachings vibrationally and experientially. Metatron urged that I share my experiences through this article as a validation of your own inner growth, especially if you too have been working with the inter-galactic transmissions (read post of 25th March ‘Expanding Inter-Galactically from this New Moon’ for elaboration) or connecting with your own galactic masters.

I would describe this inner shift as a convergence of dimensional consciousness experienced through the human psyche and body.

It is as if I have become acutely more aware and comfortable in the presence of the multiple and timeless realities I had lived in and those I am currently creating. The ‘past’ feels as real and alive as my present moments. For example, I feel deeply, in all my body cells, the ancient Earth lineages and traditions I had lived through – Paganism, Celtic, Avalon, Egyptian, Mayan, Incas, Tibetan Buddhism etc – and these ‘revived’ identities are connecting me more intimately with Mother Earth. Interestingly, I am equally aware and totally embrace my star origin (non-matter/beyond Earth) as I continue my frequent telepathic communications with the various galactic masters and councils of light.

In contrast, the ‘future’ is feeling more vague and detached. Each time I tried to paint a desired future scenario in my head, my attention is immediately brought back to the present moment through what feels like a newly developed reflex action for : regaining mental awareness of the co-existing and multiple possible outcomes that can become my next moment. Quite naturally, I tend to energise (project my heart energy onto) those possibilities which feel right and light. These moment-to-moment manifestations have been both fun and precise.

Perhaps you have been experiencing similar shifts into no-time and no- space ? Hope you are enjoying the ongoing upward spiral in consciousness.

These 7 days leading to New Moon of 26th April….

An Avalon goddess revealed this morning that the coming new moon will usher in the next wave of inter- galactic transmission to further awaken our Claircognizance. In preparation for receiving and integrating this energy gift optimally, it will be ideal to journey inward as much as possible in the coming week (19th to 25th April) and experience the healing and positive feelings that will emerge from your stillness  – peace, beauty, gratitude, love and inner joy.

Stay tuned for the new moon message and energy transmission from beyond the Milky Way!

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

splash_of_spring_by_viccolatte-at DeviantArt

Art : Splash of Spring – by Viccolatte @ Deviant Art

Honoring Solitude in this Eclipse Full Moon – The Hathors Speak – Amara Tia Ann


Art : Linzy Arnott


Honoring Solitude in this Eclipse Full Moon – The Hathors Speak

Having worked with the Hathor Goddess for several years now, I have come to associate her Presence with joy, laughter, merriment and celebration. Surprisingly, she came through today with a rather serious and introspective tone, at least that was how I had interpreted her vibes. It felt as if the change from her usual “personality” has to do with the theme of her message.

Although you may feel us as a singular being, we are actually a collective soul which you can imagine as belonging to a sisterhood and priestess order during ancient Egypt. Since ancient times, mankind has come to associate the moon with the sacred feminine energy. This is the reason we, the Hathor Goddesses, have chosen to communicate through the channel on this occasion.

Before we begin our sharing, please bear in mind that all experiences and their interpretations are relative in nature. This is necessarily so since energy frequencies overlay and weave through one another; appearing as separate streams of light to the observer but in truth, have originated from and existed as integrated white light at the heart of the Creator. Thus, relativity in perception of experiences affects the external observer but not to those who view their realities through the eyes of God.  

Accordingly, what we about to share is is best appreciated with the relativity principle in mind. 

If you are well anchored in Oneness and are consciously and happily being so, we would say the physical phenomenon of and affecting the Earth including lunar cycles, eclipses, planetary transits and many others, would have minimal impact on your presence. Despite being in seemingly fluctuating or even unpredictable environments, you have complete power to remain in your chosen emotional and mental state. The common expression ‘in the world but not of it’ would be appropriate to describe your spiritual cultivation thus far and correspondingly, your physical existence on Earth.

On the contrary, if your recent experiences suggest your emotions and thoughts are easily influenced and shaken by your external world and the ‘natural’ phenomenon of Earth, we would recommend spending this full moon and eclipse season in solitude and deep contemplation. Take advantage of the shadowed moon to purify your body and mind, reinforce your psychic shield and deepen your connection with the Creator in you. Focus on convergence, consolidation and integration of your own light. This full moon and lunar eclipse offers a great opportunity for initiating a paradigm shift in your awareness and choice of focus – from being merely an observer of realities to a conscious and masterful creator.             

We are the Hathors”


Full Moon Eclipse Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

You Are Not Your Emotions – Cultivating Awareness On This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Amara Tia Ann


unknown artist


You Are Not Your Emotions – Cultivating Awareness On This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

15ThursdaySep 2016

A lunar eclipse, always coinciding with a full moon, can present a very powerful healing opportunity, especially for releasing and transcending repressed emotions which may have been embedded in our cellular memories for many life times.

My spirit guide Thoth actually used the word ‘sticky’ to describe the nature of human feelings. It is the sticky quality of negative emotions which made them more tangible and identifiable than thoughts, hence serving as ideal catalysts for our spiritual transformation.

Emotions are generated by chemicals in the body and interpreted by the nervous system as to their quality, that is, either uplifting or life draining. The latter type of emotions is generally heavy in carbon (or carbon-like) composition; tends to stick to our nervous system and cellular memories; and causes Light to be trapped within the affected chakra(s).

Light is an agent to awaken our higher intelligence and sharpen our mental and emotional awareness. When Light is constantly being trapped or stuck in any part of our energy system, evolution into greater awareness is hampered. Consequently we continue to attract conditions and situations which cause the body to generate the exact same chemicals which bring about the associated negative feelings, again and again. According to Thoth, the truly effective way for the mind and body neurology to break away from such a vicious cycle is to increase the flow and frequency of Light through our energy system by practising non-attachment to thoughts and emotions.

If we can appreciate the higher purpose of ‘sticky’ emotions as signposts for spiritual growth, we’ll be in a better position to embrace, heal and re-pattern them back to pulsating, moving Light.

Source: Light Synthesis Workshop

(above slide extracted from Light Synthesis Workshop)


At last week’s Light Synthesis Workshop, Thoth shared a simple yet powerful meditation, most appropriate for cultivating mental and emotional awareness. It will also offer the benefit of emotional healing, should you be triggered by tomorrow’s full moon lunar eclipse to re-experience the ‘sticky’ emotions imprinted in your cellular memory.

The best time to perform the meditation is during the eclipse (16 Sept, 16:54 UT to 16 Sept 20:54 UT) or as close to this timing as reasonably possible.


I AM a Pure Channel of Divine Love

  1. Visualise yourself encased in a diamond of light that spins clockwise
  1. Breathe deeply to connect with your mind and body
  1. Say the following prayer:

“I am not my body;

I am not my thoughts;

I am not my emotions.

I AM a spark of Light;

I AM a pure channel of Divine Love;

With the Will of God, I manifest joy and abundance.

And so it is”


  1. Allow the vibrations of the prayer to flow through and across your body and energy field, dissipating and replacing any dense emotions with a renewed sense of calm awareness and inner peace
  1. Emerge from meditation once you sense the diamond of light has stopped spinning


Read posts on previous Full Moon Lunar Eclipses (2013- 2015) :


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


unknown artist

Be Inspired On This New Moon of 11.11 – Lord Maitreya ~ Amara Tia Ann @ ACAST.Me

art CORRECT Cathy McClelland Lightening Owl Meditation

ART of Cathy McClelland


Be Inspired On This New Moon of 11.11 – Lord Maitreya


Annually, on the day of 11.11, the energy portals on Earth will be activated as receptors of incoming galactic pulsating waves to stimulate further expansion of the human consciousness. Other similarly significant days include 12.12 (12th December), 21.12 (21st December). This year’s 11.11 will be doubly active, thanks to the Scorpio New Moon which will occur on the same day.

I am told at GMT 0600 on 11.11, the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood will jointly connect with the Great Pyramid of Giza (King’s Chamber) to create a gigantic column of light serving as an inter-dimensional doorway, bringing through the latest galactic ascension programs.

The activation of the Great Pyramid portal will in turn activate a network of pyramids to disseminate and ground the 11.11 galactic transmission across the Earth. See diagram below as an illustration (extracted from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak).

Picture1 (1)


These ascension codes will accelerate mental reprogramming by transforming the old memory patterns of fear and lack into a higher octave frequency – love and abundance. The day’s planetary vibration of 11.11 will also catalyse our expression of the finer qualities of the symbol ‘11′ – spiritual leader, inspirational teacher, visionary, emissary of light, world peacemaker.


11.11 Meditation to receive galactic ascension programs through Lord Maitreya:

  1. In your stillness, connect with your favourite pyramid(s) on Earth by aligning your heart chakra with the center of this (these) energy portals
  2. Visualise or sense your energy field merging with it (them)
  3. Recite the mantra “Om Maitreya” 3 times, or in multiples of 3 as you wish, to integrate galactic ascension codes and invoke the higher expression of ‘11′ through your thoughts and actions
  4. See or feel yourself leaving the pyramid(s) and bring your consciousness back to the body completely.

More tips:

a) As a Master of joy, Lord Maitreya encourages us to sing the mantra “Om Maitreya” to our own tune, rather than merely reciting it

b) Name ‘Maitreya’ vibrates at number ’11’

c) Best times to perform meditation is GMT 0600 on 11th November or local times 11 AM or 11 PM

May you be inspired to BE and teach Love ! New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

Event Announcement

Final session of “Rising of the Phoenix” workshop, led by Lord Maitreya and Archangel Metatron, happening in Hong Kong 12 December 2015, the next Earth portals activation day! Cantonese translation will be provided. Details HERE.

To receive instant updates of ACAST channeled materials and event news, click FOLLOW tab on right side bar on home page


art CORRECT Cathy McClelland Lightening Owl Meditation

Clearing Out Old Energy Patterns of Fear From Our Bones ~ Amara Tia Ann @ ACAST.ME

website egypt Thoth NEW

ART : Thoth – Artist Unknown


Clearing Out Old Energy Patterns of Fear From Our Bones

During the 2013 Goddess Dance workshops, we worked with Goddess Artemis to release negative karmic imprints from our bones. I realised the great significance of this energy gift from Artemis after listening to Thoth’s teachings at this year’s The New Human Body workshops. He taught:

  • the bone marrow is responsible for producing the blood stem cells which then become either the red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets
  • if the bone marrow cells are imprinted with the old energy patterns of fear, all blood stem cells will naturally inherit this same vibrational pattern to some extent
  • in particular, the ‘contaminated’ red blood cells pose the greatest risk to the body’s inherent state of perfect balance since these blood cells are being circulated around the body to transport Oxygen

Thoth also shared that in the case of adults, most of the new blood stem cells are produced from the rib bones and sternum. To keep these bones healthy and less prone to the negative effects of old memory patterns which may be lingering in the marrow cells, we are strongly encouraged to practise deep breathing regularly to ensure a good flow of Oxygenated blood in the rib cage as well as an abundant inflow of prana (‘chi’, ‘qi’) through the body.

  • To listen to Goddess Artemis’s energy gift – clearing deep seated energy debris from skeletal system, click Artemis Healing 2013 (10 min)
  • Goddess Dance Workshops Audio Kit available for sale, click HERE
  • Details of June (Manila) and October (Melbourne) sessions of The New Human Body workshop HERE

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


website egypt Thoth NEW

“One Is Light,” said Lord Buddha ~ Amara Tia Ann @ ACAST.ME

      MARA DIOP Spiritual Artist.    

ART : Mara Diop

“One Is Light,” said Lord Buddha

18SaturdayApr 2015

As a channel, I am extremely fortunate to have worked with beings of light from across the different sectors of the Universe – Angels, the Elementals, Mother Gaia, Christed Star Beings, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and various Councils of Light. The frequent interaction with this multitude of loving frequencies not only deepened my appreciation of our multi-dimensional nature, I also grew to become familiar with their unique qualities and ‘expertise’.

For instance, when my body needs a quick boost in vitality, I think of Goddess Sekhmet; for immediate release of any lower-ordered entity and implant, I call upon the Arcturian star guides; to nurture my inner child, I work with the Elementals; to support others to reconnect with their stellar self, I invoke the Galactic Council. For my spiritual cultivation towards enlightenment, I almost always work with Lord Gautama Buddha whom many respectfully regard as The Great Illuminator.

I was delighted when Lord Buddha came through on this New Moon with the following teaching.

Buddha lotus***

  • Lord Buddha, conferred with spiritual title of The World Teacher, will overshadow and lead the Wesak Festival Meditation in Singapore on the full moon of 3 May. Go to Program for event details. Register with Andy at Connect with the event to receive Buddha’s golden blessings if you’re unable to join us in person.

Be blessed with Buddha’s golden light on this New Moon!

With Metta, Amara Tia Ann.

Welcoming The Goddesses To Our Heart Space On This Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Amara Tia Ann @ ACAST

fb via isis nefer

Welcoming The Goddesses To Our Heart Space On This Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Amara Tia Ann @ ACAST


Over the past few days, I have been feeling the gracious presence of the Goddesses all around and through me. I sense them everywhere…Lady Mary, Isis, Lakshmi, Ishtar, Green Tara, Sekhmet, Kuan Yin, Ixchel and many more. Through the winds, they sent their songs; on the clouds against the fiery sunset in Singapore, I saw their faces; in the puddles after a downpour, I saw them dancing sensually.

I invited them to my heart space and listened to their insights on the metaphysical meaning of a full moon and the lunar eclipse, such as the one occurring tonight.

Fully reflecting the Sun’s rays, a full moon signifies the Sun (masculine/thoughts) embracing and cherishing his counterpart (the Moon/feminine/emotions) in her role in upholding the dual nature of the Earth and the human body. The moon is at her brightest, roundest and most radiant during the full moon phase as she is…

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Blessings of Oneness – Lord Buddha ~ Amara Tia Ann @ ACAST.Me

buddha grey stone colour buddhabe at tumblr

Blessing of Oneness – Lord Buddha


I have come to understand that the more we think, feel and be Oneness, the better we get at sailing through times of planetary vibrational shifts, without having to manifest or experience chaos and turbulence in our external reality. In this respect, the Teaching of Nothingness I received from Lord Buddha yesterday came at a perfect time as an additional resource to help us anchor and imbibe the ascension energy expected on the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of 23 October 2014 (read more at ‘Optimising the next Ascension Window via the Metatronic Vibration, 15 October).

Coded in Light Language, this teaching from Buddha was originally meant for a dear friend of ours. After reading her feedback, I felt guided to share it on our blog, so more can receive the blessing of Oneness and rebalancing, prior to this Thursday’s Eclipse.

Our friend has shared, “The teaching of Nothingness is indeed profound, and I was compelled  to play the Light transmission many times over, as It sent me into bliss each time.”

Click to listen to transmission (1 minute) : Teaching of Nothingness

The transmission can be translated as:

The World is Nothingness, yet it is Everything.

The Heart is Nothingness, yet it feels the heartbeat of Everything.

The Mind is Nothingness, yet it contains the wisdom of the Heart.

So I Say All is Nothingness, making All the Oneness.

May you too experience deep peace, gratitude and bliss through this wonderful blessing from Buddha. Namaste, Amara Tia Ann.


buddha grey stone colour buddhabe at tumblr

The Name of Your Destiny @ ACAST.Me

new website female.

The Name of Your Destiny @ ACAST.Me


I am totally thankful for Master Kuthumi’s insightful teachings at the recent numerology workshop Self-Mastery Through Understanding Your Number Patterns‘. I would think the greatest take-away for the participants was the realization that despite the term “destiny” being defined as “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future” (Oxford Dictationary), it is possible to change our Destiny Number which encodes the vibrational qualities our soul has chosen to master in the current life time.

The name we were born with contains the vibrational qualities we have planned to become. They are embedded in the sounds of our names and numerologically represented in our personal Destiny Number. However, a plan remains only as a plan. So should we be guided to adopt a new name officially and use it for some considerable time, we will cause our Destiny Number and consequently our…

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Introducing the Galactic Federation of Light ~ Amara Tia Ann @ ACAST.Me


ART : Holly Sierra


Introducing the Galactic Federation of Light

When the student is ready, the Master appears. How true it is!

Following my brief contacts with the Galactic Federation of Light last month, new information about the organisation of our galaxy has just been transmitted by Melchior, the Galactic Logos.

Melchior described his light body as the embodiment of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Similiar to the human aura calibrated with seven different but inter-related layers of light, the galaxy can be viewed as made up of several sectors of dimensional frequencies. Each sector comprises 12 dimensional worlds of its own yet all sectors are inter-connected and integrated as a collective whole (Law of One). There are a total of 6 sectors of progressively increased intelligence, leading back to the Crown Chakra of Melchoir. In other words, there are altogether 72 dimensional worlds existing in the Milky Way Galaxy. Some of us have been referring to the first sector as the ‘lower heavens’, comprising Earth and the star nations of Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, Andromeda and Lyra. For beings of this galaxy, the 72nd dimensional reality is the gateway to Source or the God head. 1

Each sector is governed by a Council, with representatives from each of the constituent star nations. For example, the Galactic Council whom I often serve as a channel for, is the ‘governing body’ for the first sector or the lower heavens.

The organisational structure of the galaxy is fashioned in this same manner with each sector being represented on a governing board known as the Galactic Federation of Light. We can imagine Melchior as the Federation chief.

I have also been told the Galactic Federation of Light will overlight the new workshop planned for the second half of 2014. Details to be announced on the coming Full Moon of 12th July 2014.

Read related post 13 June 2014 : Full Moon Gift from the Galactic Federation of Light.

Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.


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