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In Service – Part 1

In the interest of transparency, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty. Let’s talk about the money sent in to the Hope Chest and some of how it gets spent in support of a team member. This is the story of a public servant, the story of a lover madly in love with the notion of making a difference.

It’s my story.

Since I’ve been a team member for 4 years now, let’s talk about me. Nothing about this story is secret, by the way. All of it has been publicly available at all times. Allow me to repeat it here.

I started out with this platform just like everyone else did, in a search on the internet based on my longing for connection.

The connection I was longing for was one so deep and so meaningful it would bring me out of my dream of being isolated and helpless to do anything about what I care about in this world. It would bring me home to family, to purpose, in a way so powerful that even a hardhead like me couldn’t fail to appreciate it.

To prevent this story from becoming a book, allow me to tell it in brief form.

I was reading the blog for a short time, when Steve put out a call to people to realize he was only human and couldn’t reply by email to all who were asking for this.

I emailed “Contact Us” and offered to do email exchanges with folks who just wanted to talk to reduce the pressure he was feeling.

In classic Steve fashion, he invited me to take part in the discussion forum, and from there it was a very short time until he asked me to take a leadership role there.

I accepted this role and have served as co-owner and lead moderator since that time, which was somewhere around the end of 2010.

Let me back up a minute, and explain how I could devote full time (and more than full time) hours to such a task. I’ve been blessed by a husband who worked full time as a truck driver.

Since we traveled together and lived in his work truck, we were living very simply. Since I don’t drive a truck, this left me with plenty of time on my hands during the long hours daily of rolling up and down the road.

Eleven hours a day of driving translates into about 15 or 16 hours a day devoted to working. I was bored and without anything to give me a feeling of worth or productivity. An unlimited wireless internet connection also made this work possible.

I was deliriously happy to find a place to serve! Imagine! A way to actually do something about something I care about!! This, is itself, presented to me as a miracle and not a minor one either.

From the last few months of 2010, through to October 2013, we lived in this way, while I stood as guardian and a loving spaceholder in the forum. This task was one that I did, with love and devotion, for 12+ hours a day every day of the year.

Particularly during the last part of the years in 2011 and in 2012, the email load to do this was often to the tune of hundreds of emails each day.

My inbox overflowed and I plowed through them anyway. In the process, the payoffs for this were mighty. I found the love of community. I found many of my sisters and brothers were out there longing for connection just like me. The Divine Abundance of the love in our community revealed itself to me, and my love for my service grew.

Honestly, there’s no amount of money that could pay me to do this enormous amount of work, or to devote this amount of my life energy to anything. There’s no price tag on what I do for love, nor, apparently, is there any part of me that has enough sense to know if I’m giving too much. Be that as it may, this is the truth of the matter.

It wasn’t until the end of 2012 that I ever received a penny from the Hope Chest. The entire reason I even did so then was based on the fact that everyone insisted I needed to be in physical attendance for the Sedona 2012 Scenario conference. It would be the first time that I had a chance to meet with those I serve, and those I’d been working in alignment with for the previous year or so.

The $2,500 I received to make that appearance possible was sent in to the Hope Chest on my behalf, and I was astounded with the generosity of readers and forum members. Again, the Divine Abundance of the community revealed itself.

I was literally breathless the whole trip out there, and incredulous too. And this was only the beginning of this process of having my heart burst open. I felt like the Grinch who had his heart grow three times its size!

That trip deeply grounded me into the realization of the importance of my service. The love I received there was immense, and as impossible as it seemed before, I got direct evidence of the fact that the love and devotion I give matters. It matters to people! Their love poured out to me and I found my heart actually had physical pain trying to allow it all in.

Thank you to Taka-Chi, who preformed a healing for me with his digerido, blasting me straight in the heart with it and allowing it to expand mightily during the part of the conference that preceded Linda Dillon’s channelings.

Thank you to Linda as well. There were massive amounts of downloads encoded in the words she channeled that day which have taken a long time to integrate. I honor her service and how this has enhanced my own ability to expand into mine.

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(Continued in Part 2.)
Part 2
Fast forward again to the end of 2013. Remember we’re talking about the money here and who receives it and why. After another year of service, of giving 12+ hours a day each day to serve community on a volunteer basis, my husband and I were challenged by fate to survive without his ability to support us.As many may recall, my husband is a Canadian citizen and I’m a US citizen. Our partnership was made possible by the job he held going back and forth over the border pulling loads of product into the US all the time.

Rather than repeat here the long story, which is documented on the blog as well, let me summarize it to explain that he was told at the border he could be refused entry to the US and that this could be either for 5 years or permanently! Since I have been refused entry into Canada, this would be the end of our partnership. (1)

Since this man is not only my sole means of support, but the anchor of my ability to be in a proper environment for the first time in my life, I was devastated by this possibility. We were essentially homeless, this was the most horrendous and frightening thing that could ever happen to us. We were literally sick with grief at the thought that we could be forcibly separated from one another.

Even so, I had no thought of asking for support from the Hope Chest. In my view, at that time, the Hope Chest was for those who were more needy than I, which goes to show how much spiritual arrogance was lodged up in my heart about receiving, and about giving being balanced with receiving in the flow of Divine Abundance.

It was fine so long as I was the giver, but the very thought of needing to receive was a big part of what made me feel sick to the depths of my being.

It took some convincing to make me release the struggle over my worthiness and release my hidden pride to humbly receive the assistance, which was now a necessity to make it possible to make it through the next 8 months. It took that long to get through all the governmental red tape to get my husband a green card that allowed him to work in the US.

This support from the Hope Chest amounted to between $1,000 and $1,500 a month for 8 months, and it was also used to pay for the fees involved for paying for the marriage visa, the mandatory medical exams, and so on and so on. These fees alone totaled in the thousands of dollars when it was all said and done. The Hope Chest also assisted to get us across the country to our new home in Arizona.

Thanks to Margie Laflin, who without ever having laid eyes on me, and based solely on knowing me in the forum, offered us a place to live for free for as long as we needed it.

We lived with her for 6 months while waiting and waiting for the paperwork to go through for us to be able to be independent again. (We miss you, Margie, my beautiful sister!)

Those funds available for team support through the Hope Chest were the major contribution to our survival during this passage. There were also those who sent money to us directly, too many to acknowledge here, but they know who they are.

My gratitude for your personal offerings to help me is endless, oh lovers! Even now, I can’t think of it without weeping. I love you!

Since last July, when my husband finally got situated in a job here in the US, we’ve received funds several times as well, some of which were to support my needs for software, computer repair and upgrades. Without them I could not have done my job.

Always these needs are based on whether or not there are funds for such ‘luxuries’, since the basic needs of a place to live and food to eat come first, and there’s a whole team of us required to provide the level of service you see on this platform.

To round this story up, which is only a sliver of the story of this team, and not even the most dramatic, let me say this. I’ve been so very fortunate to have a stable partner who is the bread-winner and who enables me to be a worker bee in service to you without drawing a paycheck for it.

None of the other members of the team, both present and past, has had this option. Their love, devotion and service has gone on for year after year with whatever other means of sustenance they could come up with.

I think, like me, that their rewards for doing this service are ample enough to sustain the soul. At this time, we’re being asked to bring this to ground and also look to sustaining the body, right here and right now.

In straight physical terms, this includes the costs to sustain the ‘body’ of this platform which takes money to run. It can’t be ‘run on the cheap’ like some have suggested, not if we wish to support the large numbers of visits we get to it every day.

So, I want to acknowledge the support that’s gone on in our community that’s brought us here. I, for one, would have fallen off the back of the wagon last year without the Divine Abundance that community has funneled to us.

I want also to acknowledge the hardheaded, huge-hearted crew of volunteers who refuse to stop and refuse to admit defeat, even while treading water endlessly.

In the end, it’s up to us all to do what we feel called to do. We, your servants, do what we feel called to do, and we will keep doing it too, one way or the other.

If the platform dissolves under our feet, we’ll continue in a far poorer way to do what we feel called to do, perhaps in other connections than in this community if it fails, which is to serve with all our hearts and all our souls throughout this Ascension process and for the good of all.


(1) For those who are unaware of my personal life stories, I haven’t always been well-behaved. I have a record of drug abuse that prevents me from entering Canada.

See my blog bio at our About Staff page for a bit more info. Scroll down and find me there. The good, the bad, the ugly, it’s all out there for all to know. In the interest of transparency, which has always been my concern, it’s all out there.

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Devapriya: The Heart of Transformation ~ Andrea Scully @ The Golden Age of Gaia

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Devapriya: The Heart of Transformation

heart transforming energyRecently we’re hearing a lot about the ‘path of love’. What does it mean to live the path of love? How can one practice this path?

Love goes hand in hand with trust and surrender. Women often naturally find themselves on the path of love, as it fits with the female body energy, which is receptive in the crown and the root chakras and actively giving in the heart. Men mostly feel more drawn to the ‘path of consciousness’ (consciousness equals light) and more easily move with its required discipline and meditative practice, striving for the absolute.

Each of these major paths –the path of love and the path of consciousness – can only lead us up to a certain point. Love without consciousness is blind and illusionary. Consciousness without love is dry and cold. One without the other is incomplete. Thus, for many of us, a time comes when we need to shift and align afresh, in order to keep evolving.

Ultimately, yin and yang have to merge, love and light need to become one. The two faces of God, the Father’s stillness – the absolute, that which never changes, and the Mother’s creation – the relative, that which ever changes, need to melt into ‘love-consciousness’ within us humans, as heaven on earth.

This shifting is beautifully illustrated by the story of Atisha (1). The Indian mystic Osho comments on Atisha in “The Book of Wisdom” (2).

“Atisha is one of the rare Masters, rare in the sense that he was taught by three enlightened masters. It has never happened before, and never since. He was born in India…  In the Himalayas he attained… Then he never came back to India. He moved towards Tibet. He transformed the whole quality of Tibetan consciousness.” (2, 3)

Osho condenses Atisha’s (many) masters to three: one taught no-mind and emptiness (the path of consciousness). The second taught love and compassion (the path of love). And the third taught being love-in-action. I’d like to talk now about the third way, the marriage of consciousness and love, and being love-in-action.

Atisha left many flowers of wisdiom and greatly reformed Tibetan Buddhism. It’s my pleasure to pick what is for me the most beautiful of his flowers and now pass it on to you, my friends. This can be a mighty tool: Atisha’s Heart Meditation (3).

This technique has become my way of life, it has turned into a habit, a wonderful automatism, and it might enrich your life, too.

At first the concept here blows the esoteric western mind. We’re used to drawing in love and light when breathing in, and letting go of suffering and negativity on the out-breath. Actually, from another perspective, by this we add to the negativity of the world when we release this negative energy from our personal energy field and pour it out into the collective.

Atisha teaches it just the other way around: his lesson is to breathe-in pain and suffering, and breathe-out love and joy.

Strange, no? When I first heard of it, I instantly got scared, LOL. It went against the natural human mechanism of avoiding uncomfortable feelings and contradicted many other Lightworker techniques.

But, the Divine Humans’ heart is a huge transformer, it can transmute all energy into love (when we allow it, that is). We don’t need to protect the heart from pain; we need to utilize it in order to heal the pain.

My guidance tells me that there is no greater healing force in this galaxy than the heart of a human who has gone through the deepest darkness of suffering fear-consciousness and arisen to the playful, joyful, lighted heights of love-consciousness.

Atisha’s Heart Meditation is as easy as a technique can be. Instead of fighting against pain, ignoring it, avoiding it, and rejecting it, this way asks that we embrace it, calling all of our soul’s neglected aspects home into our hearts, and allowing the heart to do its job.

The hearts job is ever so simple, its work is transforming all energy into love. It’s as if we all have an built-in violet flame in our hearts; we only need to switch it on for the magic to take place, all by itself. The keyword to this is ‘allowing’.

It works amazingly! I use the heart transformation breath with my everyday pains and fears, my vasanas, with other people’s energies, while watching the news, with practically everything uncomfortable that comes up in me, or arrives for me from the outside world. It’s the perfect way to surrender to whatever life brings, instead of losing my energy in resistance.

I’ve even found it to be successful in a practical way in dramatic situations. It helped fifteen years ago when a man tried to rape me. A strong and heavy fellow, I quickly realized that resistance was futile. I relaxed and became still, and shifted to receiving his energy on the in-breath, allowing them to enter me from down there in the sex and power centers and then I drew them up into my heart.

With this energy, resting within my heart, I emanated love towards his heart. Guess what happened? He lost his desire within thirty seconds. His energy shifted, and in the end, surprisingly, we became friends.

On an even more dramatic occasion, twenty years ago, I was attacked in a park at night. Someone jumped at me from behind, threw me down on my knees and closed my mouth and nose with his hands. He stole my breath, the vehicle spirit uses to travel in and out of the body. Fighting against him cost me most of my remaining oxygen and led nowhere.

I perceived this guy as being empty, as if there was no one at home. There was no energetic presence I could respond to; as if something had switched off his consciousness and used him as a tool while he was somewhere else. I was confronted with a dark hole; there was no perceivable energy, no power, no greed, no intent to do whatsoever with me; except for a determination to keep me cut-off from breathing.

My breath was gone and I gave up on fighting against this no-thing-ness, while I realized that I was about to die. I remember thinking, ‘Ok, if this is what life has to offer now, I accept’, and I relaxed with it from the heart, while relaxing underneath the fellow’s hands. This being was utilizing my next great journey, thus, I thanked him and loved him for this opportunity to move on.

Today I ‘m certain that embracing the situation and loving this man brought him back to consciousness. As if something had suddenly switched on his light again, he became present in the situation, realized that he was about to kill me and shook me back into the body.

I learned the heart-transformer even works without the breath… I’m still alive and more joyfully breathing than ever…

When we don’t take things TO our hearts and carry them as a burden, but embrace them INTO our hearts and allow them to transform, we can get involved without getting attached. A conscious humans’ heart is a blast furnace of transformation; in transformational love-service, even watching the news becomes a prayer.

Starting the heart training with baby steps makes sense. This can be done by breathing in and embracing our personal pains, receiving them right into the heart, and showering love onto and into ourselves on the out-breath. Then we can expand this love, to our family, friends, and our neighbors.

Soon our hearts have become so strong, they can take in all the suffering of the world, and breathe out love, joy and bliss – like a fountain of love pouring out into the world.

We can make a difference, every single moment, and with practice it becomes easy. It’s made my life into a joy-ride. Are you coming along to join this light-play? It’ll change the world!


(1) Atisha Dipamkara Srijnana is said to have studied with 157 masters, from almost all spiritual schools, religions, philosophies, music, logic and arts, known at his time (980-1054).  More on Atisha’s life at

(2) The Book of Wisdom: The Heart of Tibetan Buddhism: Commentaries on Atisha’s Seven Points of Mind Training – Osho
(free pdf-download:


Deva is a long-time moderator at the Golden Age of Gaia forum. She was born and is living now in Germany, but also spent over a decade living in India.


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Aster: Honoring and Mastery ~ Andrea Scully @ Notes From the Center of the Spiral

Art  Dorina Costras via sam carlo ART : Dorina Costras Notes From the Center of the Spiral

Aster: Honoring and Mastery

andrea scully blog

Friday, October 17, 2014
I’m here now and paying attention, so you can stop pressing into my consciousness when I’m trying to go about my daily business. (Laughing.)Aster: It’s you who are pressing into our consciousness! (Laughing!)What would you like to talk about today then?

Aster: We would like to speak as simply as we may about honoring. What we mean by this is to honor your own consciousness and your own experience without insisting on all the separations you place on this in terms of polarity, judgment, and value.

In going about your daily tasks, you’re also ‘going’ everywhere else in your consciousness at the same time, aren’t you? Well, we’d like to point out that this gets separated into this ‘inside/outside’, ‘mundane/sacred’ and other modes of value placements. There’s a sorting going on here, this happens for the most part automatically and under the level of consciousness.

We would ask more attention be brought to this process, that it be brought into a more conscious place. What this will do is bring more ‘light’ into all your activities. This will bring a shift in perception as well, one that is very important for you at this time.

Oh, I think I understand this one.  What you’re suggesting is that I walk the talk about knowing that all activities are actually sacred and that none of them are truly mundane.

Aster: Yes! This is what we’re getting to, but there is more.  This more is your tasking yourself and challenging yourself to model a way of beingness. This modeling is not only for others, it’s for yourself. The habits of a very long period of time are deeply entrenched in you and in your bodies. It’s up to you to bring this out of the darkness of unconsciousness and into the light for transmutation.bigger picture

Andrea, we are outside of you. We are inside of you. We are ONE. We speak of honoring in order to call your attention to a higher level. You’re ready to master this now.

There’s no activity that is outside of what is sacred. Until this is fully integrated, there will continue to be misalignment with what is being manifested for you. This level of personal mastery is within your reach. It is, in fact, within you now, as it is an aspect of all Beings.

At the edge of your perception is the validation in every way of this. We suggest honoring as the way for you to bring your focus to the sacredness that IS, this is a feature of our ONEness and the inherent value of All That Exists.

Again, these concepts are a huge expansion from what you’ve been accustomed to. It takes a certain amount of love and desire for this sort of focus to be maintained. It can be maintained and if you will do this, you will reap benefits within the realm of the miraculous.

All of Creation responds to this being honored as sacred. This is an aspect of LOVE, and is in alignment with the truth and with Divine Laws and Principles. We know that you already know this intellectually, but we’re asking you to take this knowledge and apply it constantly and consistently. If you do this for even a short amount of time, it will become integrated sufficiently to become habit.

When this habit is established, the amount of conscious effort to sustain it will fall off dramatically. We’re here to support this with you. We sing the harmonious tones for you, dear Andrea. Take them and use them to shift yourself into a greater level of mastery.

This is stunning information for me. Yes, I’ve been aware for the longest time of this concept of everything being sacred, as you point out. I’ve managed to have some success with maintaining this focus for short periods of time, but now you’re saying that I will be able to integrate it permanently??

Aster: We say that the energies now present will support this for you. We say we stand ready to sing the energies for you to use in this endeavor. We ask you to proceed now and without delay, as this is our agreement and it is time…

I feel like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon maybe. I’m not so sure I could maintain this sort of focus all the time, but if you say I can I’m willing to try it. I can imagine how this will change up the value placed on many things in my life. Wow. This ought to be interesting!

light tranferAster: We’re here for the support you need with this. There will be a sustained effort needed to bring it into a full integration both consciously and unconsciously. Be patient with the process and stay within emotional and mental constructs that are loving and compassionate.

The focus will wander, but simply bring it back again. It will, we promise, soon be the default setting for your life from now on. There’s nothing that can resist this movement except you yourself deciding not to pursue it.

We already know you will pursue this, as this is our agreement to remind you and to lend our support with providing this energy by our singing for you. This singing is a form of providing the proper vibrational ‘atmosphere’ and all you need to do is use it.

I do feel this vibration you’re speaking of, but I don’t hear it.

Aster: Your personal senses are such that feeling is the prominent one for you. Nevertheless, the closest translation of what we speak of here is one of sound.  Some others among you will hear it, some will see it, some will taste it, some will also feel it like you do.

So, it is back again to honoring what it is that you choose to focus on in each moment. Each moment is sacred, each activity is sacred, each and everything within and without the range of your senses is sacred. And by bringing this to a conscious place and making this state of awareness one that’s habitual, this is the most wondrous and magical shift you can make.

This act of mastery is within your grasp right now!  We attend you with love, and are amazed at how far you’ve come. We’re with you every step along the way.

Thank you! I’m going to do this with your help. Until we meet again, go with love.

Art  Dorina Costras via sam carlo