Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: December 14, 2015 through December 20, 2015

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: December 14, 2015 through December 20, 2015


astrolore 1 14.12.

“The Arrow and the Song” By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.


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Monday, December 14, 2015:

This past weekend may not have been the joyous one you may have been hoping for. If you were lucky enough to avoid depression or a heavy mental outlook, consider yourself fortunate.

For most of us, it was not an easy weekend but here we are with the opportunity to begin anew. Just before 8:00 AM EST, the Moon enters Aquarius, encouraging you to seek solutions to the larger problems outside of your own backyard. You are able to see humanitarian difficulties and you long to step outside of yourself to help. Sit down and make a plan of how you intend to help the world.

We each have a unique ability, inclination, and sensitivity to these issues. You could give a donation to a worthy humanitarian cause or you can help at a local soup kitchen. Perhaps, you can organize an outreach to the homeless in your community. All efforts, big and small, are needed. Your choice may be simpler; perhaps you will commit to showing extra appreciation and kindness to the cashier at the grocery store, or you will bring a cup of hot coffee to the homeless person on the corner, or you will buy shoes for your grandchild to make the season easier for their parents. Whatever you choose; make it a commitment. Don’t allow it to slip through the cracks.

At 10:02 AM EST, the Sun squares Jupiter suggesting that it is important to take some action on an expansion that began in your life in late August. Take a large step forward into expressing humor, expansion, and joy.

At 2:39 PM EST, Mercury sextile Neptune, asks you to open yourself to deep levels of compassion and understanding. Help those in need; you won’t need to look very far to find them.



Tuesday, December 15, 2015:

Tuesday is a day to go in search of unusual, unexpected excitement. This week, you may be open to exploring different possibilities than you wouldn’t have even known existed in the past.

Allow that which you have not allowed. You may be pleasantly surprised at what is readily available.

Let the Universe show you what is a possibility.

Believe what you are told. If the answer is NO, accept that. It may not be the answer that you want. Work on acceptance. This is a day you could make great progress on seeing your situation objectively.

The Aquarius Moon shows us possibilities for the future that are unlike anything from the past. Our minds and hearts must be willing to embrace the future.


Edward Hooper. Fendi y Flair wiki commons


Wednesday, December 16, 2015:

Wednesday morning is best suited to simple routine tasks, the kind you perform out of habit. Clean out your email inbox. Fold your laundry.

Spend the morning on those tasks you know so well that you can allow your mind to detach from the activity. Pay attention to your small quiet voice within of curiosity and creativity. Within the space of habitual tasks, creativity and curiosity can play.

At 12:45 PM EST, the Moon enters Pisces and we are called to turn this energy into the blossoming of internal vision and inspiration.

Ah, that sounds so poetic. Perhaps a poem or a dream is asking to be born. Perhaps, you are being asked to simply trust the process you are in to your higher understanding. Trust the wisdom of your intuition. Take one internal step forward that comes from sheer trust.



Thursday, December 17, 2015:

The Moon continues through Pisces on Thursday. The energy of inspiration and vision remains strong.

What powerfully sets this Thursday apart is a sextile aspect from Venus to Pluto at 6:19 AM EST. This is the closing aspect of a cycle whose goal is to sanction and empower your deepest held values. At this time, you are offered an opportunity to express the full charge of your personal power in relationship to others and to your ability to create necessary and desired resources.

Do you experience yourself as a courageous, powerful person? Do you question your ability to find the courage necessary to express your most authentic and capable self?

Thursday offers the opportunity to release something that is holding you back. Find what is holding you back and release it. It will be easier than you expect if you simply take the action now.



Friday, December 18, 2015:

Consider the seed that you planted last week at the Sagittarius New Moon. Consider what your intention was in planting it. On Friday, we come to the First-Quarter phase of the Moon. At this time, it is important to take a specific and direct action on whatever you began at the New Moon.

Due to the New Moon in Sagittarius, we would expect you to have begun or aspired to an expansion or a major overhaul in your life. Keep in mind that this is only a one-month cycle.

Determine what it was that you started last Friday and now take a clear action to push that situation forward. Did you start a new meditation practice or did you discover a new avenue for fun in your life? The First Quarter Moon is exact at 10:15 AM EST, still in Pisces.

At 4:26 PM EST, the Moon enters Aries and you enter an evening of assertively going after what you want. Determine what it is that you want this weekend; pursue it relentlessly.

This is a perfect evening for dancing or making love. Physical energy is high. Enjoy.



Saturday, December 19, 2015:

With the Moon in Aries all day on Saturday and most of Sunday, you can expect a weekend of high activity. At 1:55 PM EST, Mercury conjunct Pluto, and on Sunday, Mercury will square Uranus. This transit reminds us that Uranus and Pluto are still in a difficult communication with each other.

Remember, what has transformed within you over the course of the past several years. We are still assimilating all that occurred since 2012.

Do not expect the intensity of Saturday to end quickly. On Sunday, Mercury will square Uranus keeping this theme hot with life.

Be ultra aware of how you speak with others and how you respond to the communications of others. Be aware of the assumptions you make and the assumptions others around you are making.

It would be very easy to have verbal battles or conflicts this weekend. As always with difficult aspects, be sure to take extra time in meditation and to be particularly diligent in observing the motion of your own mind.

Do not assume that your assumptions are any more correct in the assumptions others make of you.

Edward Hopper, Fendi y Flair (wiki commons)



Sunday, December 20, 2015:

Thus far, December has been intense and uneasy, and this weekend is certainly no improvement. On Sunday, the Moon leaves Aries behind and enters Taurus at 7:13 PM EST.

On an emotional level, we are ready to stabilize and settle, and yet, with Mercury squaring Uranus on Sunday, following Mercury conjunct Pluto on Saturday, we carry a tremendous amount of depth and intensification throughout the weekend.

Once again, pay careful attention to your communications, to how you speak to others, and to how others perceive you.

It would be easy to have interpersonal problems this weekend. Please, take extra time in meditation, spend time alone, and keep yourself centered, calm, and aware.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.
* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: December 14, 2015 through December 20, 2015




Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: November 17, 2014 through November 23, 2014

astrolore 17.11

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: November 17, 2014 through November 23, 2014

The Nubian Giraffe by Jacques Laurent Agasse

As I write these daily posts, I focus on the simple day-to-day aspects and cycles that continue playing out between the planets.

I want to remind you that in the background there are bigger cycles that we are in the middle of even as we pass through the daily circumstances of our lives.

In mid-December we will be reaching the sixth of seven square aspects between Uranus and Pluto. Over the coming weeks we can expect to experience this building stress.

If you are in the midst of great change in your life I encourage you to contact me for a full personal consultation. Understanding how your individual life is reflecting these huge transformations can deeply enhance and change your experience of the circumstances you are dealing with.

Contact me today!


This week: VOC* Moon

Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or working on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!

Do you have questions about what is appropriate to do or not do during the VOC* moon? A simple way to think about it is to ask a simple question. Do I hope that this activity will amount to something? If the activity does not need to amount to anything go ahead with it! If you have an expectation or desire that this action is going to amount to something, do not do it while the moon is VOC*. Think about the time you bought a book you were certain you were going to love and you never could finish it! Think about the time you bought the perfect article of clothing that you ended up never wearing; that is the moon VOC!

Monday, November 17, 2014 Moon is VOC* (in Virgo) following a Sextile to Saturn at 6:12 AM EST and ending at 2:30 PM EST when the Moon enters Libra.

Wednesday, November 19 2014 Moon is VOC* (is Libra) following a Sextile to Jupiter at 9:25AM EST and ending shortly after midnight – Thursday at 12:30AM EST as the Moon enters Scorpio.

Saturday, November 22, 2014 Moon is VOC* (in Scorpio) following a Conjunction to Saturn at 12:53AM EST and ending at 7:19 AM EST when the Moon enters Virgo.



Monday, November 17, 2014:

We begin the week with the Moon in Virgo going VOC at 6:12AM EST following a Sextile to Saturn. The Moon remains VOC* until she enters Libra at 2:30PM EST. The productive part of our day begins at 2:30PM EST. Shortly before 6 AM EST, Mercury forms a Trine aspect to Chiron, the planet that is referred to as the Wounded Healer. This is an excellent morning to work quietly and internally with your own mind, releasing what must be released, and healing what must be healed. Very often the best way to work with our suffering and pain is to simply allow our selves to acknowledge it, to feel it deeply, and to move forward. Healing does not occur when we try to avoid that which causes us pain.

How would we live our lives differently if we understood that our suffering creates the richest space from which we can support and love others? Human suffering is an experience we each encounter. As we learn to manage our own suffering we learn to understand the suffering of others. Empathy is born. Make a point today to notice the people around you. Imagine how much we can help each other by simply opening our hearts, acknowledging our human vulnerabilities, and being willing to touch the lives of others.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014:

Tuesday we can anticipate wanting/needing to turn our attention to our duties and responsibilities. This day would be well utilized by working hard and paying attention to accomplishment. Trying to enjoy a day of fun and pleasure would surely backfire. Your energy may be low, but keep focused on the energy that you do have, concentrate that energy on the task at hand. Emotionally this may be a stressful day, as we feel constricted by the conjunction between the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. The sun conjunct Saturn at 3:49 AM EST. Think of this as the beginning of a new one year cycle of clearly determining the direction of your vital life force; of brining structure to your inner core essence. The Moon is in Libra making harsh aspects to Pluto and Uranus (and Mars in the early hours of Wednesday morning). It is difficult to bring the Libra energy of diplomacy and balance into the transformative demands of Pluto, Uranus, and Mars. Do not dwell on loneliness or depression, instead focus on whatever projects or tasks needs your most powerful energy and drive.


The Playground by Jacques Lauren Agasse

Wednesday, November 19, 2014:

Wednesday begins with the Moon in diplomatic Libra. Following a Sextile to Jupiter at 9:25AM EST the Libra Moon is VOC* until shortly after midnight Thursday morning when she enters Scorpio. This is a very long VOC*!
I find it helpful to know in advance when we have a full day of Moon the VOC*.
Without the awareness these are days that can be very frustrating as we attempt to get things done, nothing we tackle seems to fit… the fact that this VOC* begins with a Sextile to Jupiter brings a sense of opportunity and enjoyment. If there is any way that you can spend this day without the need for accomplishment, without expectations, and without deadlines you will very likely have a lovely day. Read, meditate, go for a walk in the woods, enjoy time with friends and family!
Most of us do not have the freedom to set our schedules the way we might like to. Clearly we must work with the reality of our lives. It is not that things cannot be accomplished during VOC* Moon, it is just that whatever is accomplished today is not going to amount to much in the long-term. Therefore, if you must work, try to spend the day doing routine unavoidable tasks. You should be able to accomplish a great deal quite easily.


Thursday, November 20, 2014:

Thursday morning we awake with the Moon in Scorpio, our emotions go deep in contemplation and exploration of the darker corners of our soul. Never doubt that the richest part of who you are is hidden in those darkest corners.
At 9:55AM EST Venus Square Neptune. Last week we talked about the renewal of the dream that began in June. The connection between Venus and Neptune, once again bring the topic of dreams to the table. This is a day that will move your dream forward, but not without a bit of conflict. Consider how your currently developing and growing values are at “cross purposes” to that dream?
There are adjustments that must be made. There is adaptability inherent in this aspect that not only allows for but demands forward motion. Consider where you may need a bit of education, some new learning, in order to move the dream forward. Consider as well that what you learn may very well change the dream.
This dream is not, never has been, and never will be solid and unchanging. Allow yourself to see your world with a soft focus. Nothing is as solid as you may imagine! Remember as well that we are in the dark phase of the moon, it is important to keep an internal soft focus.


Friday, November 21, 2014:

Friday the moon is in Scorpio all day and you can expect this to be a very busy day. Mercury Sextile Mars at 9 AM EST.
Your intellectual or mental capacity to advance any project forward is high today. Any conversations or negotiations that need to be had on Friday should be well received. Expect a certain amount of competitiveness on an intellectual level with others. Not in a negative way, but simply the ability to enjoy a good healthy argument between equals. It may be easy to initiate and take advantage of opportunities (involving the intellect) that present them selves. If you work on Monday through Friday to you will end the week on a high note of accomplishment. This aspect will continue into the evening enabling great conversations with intellectual companions and friends. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities that may present themselves on a personal level as well. If something presents itself, simply say yes. Others will also be inclined to say yes, so if you have a question to ask; ask it! If you have an offer to make, make it!


Saturday November 22, 2014:

Saturday everything shifts! The most important news is the Sun entering Sagittarius at 4:37AM EST!
We have a brief VOC* Moon, following a conjunction to Saturn at 12:53AM EST. This will have very little impact as the Moon follows the Sun into Sagittarius at 7:19AM EST. This is a powerful day as the Sun and the Moon join together in a New Moon at 0° Sagittarius at 7:32AM EST!
Stay in bed on Saturday morning until 7:19AM EST! That way you will be getting up with both the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius! Don’t stay home on Saturday, don’t try to get chores done! This is not the day to clean the house, do the shopping, or organize your closets! This is a day to take a trip, plan a trip, or expand your mind through education, spiritual discipline, or cultural experience. Think about the Sun and what it provides: warm, light, and healing energy. Since October 23rd the Sun has been in Scorpio, bringing the light and warmth of the Sun to the dark and hidden corners of our psyche and soul. The Sun will remain in Sagittarius until the evening of December 21st. Now the warmth and light is brought to our need to expand our selves through the expansion of our experience!


Sunday November 23, 2014:

On Sunday plan to kick back and enjoy the new sense of freedom that Sagittarius brings. Indeed, all the intensity of the current ‘big changes’ (Uranus Square Pluto) is sill bubbling beneath the surface, but for now, please enjoy a simple day of pleasure. What seed for future growth have you planted in the past 24 hours? Take time to consider the seed that you planted, to consider what you want to learn or expand over the coming month. Over the next few days you will want to research the place you want to travel to, the new discipline you want to study, the new ideas you want to develop. Today you can enjoy the excitement of beginning something that you know will engage your mind and move you forward in a way that will benefit yourself and, through you, will enhance all of humanity.
This is a highly positive day with the Sagittarius Moon forming free-flowing Trine aspects to both expansive Jupiter in Leo and unconventional Uranus in Aries. An exciting growth oriented day!
Enjoy expanding the most unusual and exciting parts of yourself and your life! Find a way to bring joy to those around you. Allow yourself the experience of free self-expression; encourage it in others. Picture yourself on stage; what qualities do you want to model for others?


Landing at Westminster Bridge by Jacques Laurent Agasse


* in these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*

The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: November 3, 2014 through November 9, 2014

The Sirens by Gustave Moreau


This week starts out slowly but doesn’t stay that way for long.


Monday morning the Moon dreamily passes through Pisces. By midafternoon when the Moon enters Aries life just seems to pick up speed!


We can anticipate some stress on Tuesday as the Aries Moon interacts with the most powerful changes that are rolling through our lives. You will do well to keep an eye on potential irritations, but please don’t give them too much attention.


Pay attention, instead, to the warm flow of healing energy that exists as Venus and the Sun form a Grand Trine to Chiron, the planet of our deepest wounds and our most profound healing. Allow love, light, and warmth to heal your deepest point of sorrow.


Thursday presents us with the creativity of the Taurus Full Moon. It is important to openly express the physical, sensual, and grounded energy of the Earth and human flesh at this solid Full Moon!


Get a massage, cook for your loved ones, make physical contact with the earth, and/or with your own or another human body. Touch your lover, your child, or your friend with devotion and reverence.


Later in the week (Saturday) Mercury leaves Libra behind and enters the deeper, profoundly personal space of Scorpio. Our minds, thoughts, and communications are heading for deeper levels of profound understanding.



This week: The VOC* Moon!


Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or working on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!



Monday November 3, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Trine to Saturn at 4:04 AM EST and ending at 1:52 PM EST as the Moon enters Aries.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Moon is VOC* following an Opposition to Mercury at 8:24 AM EST and ending on at 4:33 PM EST as the Moon enters Taurus.


Friday, November 7, 2014 Moon is VOC* following an Opposition to Saturn at 11:17 AM EST and ending 8:42 PM EST when the Moon enters Gemini.


Sunday, November 9, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Sextile to Jupiter at 11:22 AM EST and ending Monday morning at 3:38 AM EST.




Monday, November 3, 2014:


Allow Monday morning to bring stability to the soft fantasies of yesterday. The Pisces Moon making a free-flowing Trine to Saturn allows us to put some structure right where our emotional nature needs it.

Following the Trine to Saturn at 4:04AM EST the Moon is VOC* until she enters Aries at 1:52PM EST. Keep a low-profile during the VOC*; staying with routine activities will serve you best.

I would expect Monday to be a pleasant day. Following the Moon’s entry into Aries we put our imagination and our dreams aside in order to take action on what is most necessary now.

Venus Trines Chiron at 6:27AM EST and on Wednesday the Sun Trines Chiron; we need to consider these two as one. In thinking about Chiron as our deepest point of pain, please understand that it is within that wounded place that our deepest gifts reside. This week we are able to see the value that is, as compost, beneath our deepest suffering.

When we understand that there is profound value hidden in those hard to touch places we finally see the need to do the deep work of healing. This week that work can come with a simple acceptance of the flow. Work with it. Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be.



Tuesday, November 4, 2014:


Tuesday is likely to be the most stressful day of the week. The places in our lives, that are changing more rapidly than we can easily manage, are being strongly activated as the Aries Moon connects with Pluto and Uranus. Our patience wears thin as we want to be on the other side of this major Life transformation. The Aries Moon can bring up the energy of a screaming infant demanding that it’s needs be fulfilled NOW! Do what you can to not be that person. Spending time alone using physical energy in a direct strong manner can help.

Don’t worry. The change you require is coming. The best thing you can commit to today is the development of patience and the development of courage. It takes true courage to hold steady and trust; and isn’t that what patience is all about?



The Mystic Flower by Gustave Moreau

Wednesday, November 5, 2014:


On Monday we talked about the Sun and Venus trine Chiron. Venus made contact on Monday and the sun makes contact on Wednesday. Clearly these days are connected bringing this energy to be entire first part of this week.

At 2:19PM EST the Trine is exact between the Sun and Chiron. Allow deep healing to be present in your experience. Allow yourself to open the sore spots within to the warmth and love that is simply offered.

The moon is VOC* following an opposition to Mercury from 9:24AM EST until the Moon enters Taurus at 5:33 PM EST.

The evening is ideal for good food and good, solid human connections! Go ahead and spend money on yourself this evening (after 5:33PM EST). Seek ways to support yourself in feeling solidly embodied and beautiful within that body!



Thursday, November 6, 2014:


Full Moon in Taurus!

Thursday is a solid day that encompasses the very best of Taurus! We not only have the Full Moon in Taurus on Thursday, but the Moon also makes lovely aspects to Neptune, Mars, and Pluto.

This is a day that you could get a great deal accomplished; or you could choose to simply enjoy the earthy comfort, stability, and reverence of Taurus. There is energy available to dream, to take action, and to express the full power within this stubborn dependable sign.

From a negative perspective we can see Taurus as slow, stodgy, and boring; but where else could you find the patience, the sensuality, and the dependability of Taurus? On Thursday you can open yourself to a powerful sense of reverence. The touch of Taurus is unlike any other, Taurus touches with reverence; imparting comfort reliably.

Full Moon is exact at 6:23PM EST. Howl.



Friday, November 7, 2014:


The Moon remains in Taurus with an opposition to Saturn at 11:17AM EST. Following that Opposition the Moon is VOC* until she enters Gemini at 8:45PM EST.

Friday is a simple day that does not really amount to much. If there are things that must be accomplished make sure to do them before 11:17AM EST. Actually, I would recommend that you get up early and accomplish all that you possibly can before the moon goes VOC*. You could certainly get more done in these few hours than you could in some full days! You may be stubborn and very hard-working!

During the VOC* period you can still get a great deal accomplished if you focus on routine tasks that simply need to be completed. Don’t spend your time on creative projects or any thing that you expect to grow as you move forward. Keep it to the routine tasks so that you will not be disappointed at the long-term results.

With the moon entering Gemini at 8:45 PM EST it could be difficult to get to sleep on Friday night! Okay so it is Friday! This could be a really fun evening to go out with friends! Enjoy the company of others! Don’t worry about getting home early! Time with others; talking, communicating, bring your natural curiosity to the table; the world is a big place to explore! The exploration that begins tonight will carry you through and into a lovely social weekend!



Saturday November 8, 2014:


This is a weekend of curiosity! Don’t expect those around you to be mature, consistent, or patient! Don’t even look for that kind of energy in yourself or others. The Moon is in Gemini throughout the day highlighting restlessness, curiosity, enthusiasm, and alert intelligence!

Consider Mercury as representing the way we think, what we think about, and how we communicate our thoughts. Mercury entered Libra on September 2nd and has been mostly in Libra since (due to the retrograde ze was in Scorpio between September 27 and October 10). At 6:08PM EST Mercury enters Scorpio, pay attention and you will feel the shift as your thoughts deepen and become more private. We may be less interested, in the coming weeks, in utilizing a diplomatic approach. Our thoughts go to powerful and deep places; we want to connect intellectually in a powerful transformative manner. We are more likely to see the importance of our communications, to understand how significant our words are.

Think about the transformation that would occur in your life if the secrets you hold were suddenly revealed; if others could see the deeper contents of your mind. While Mercury is in Scorpio things may be revealed. Be prepared to find out things that have been kept from your awareness. Be prepared for others to discover some of your more private issues or circumstances. Consider the depth of your mind and the minds of those closest to you. So much is hidden even from ourselves. Work to uncover what can bring the truest transformation to your life through your thinking, communicating mind.



Sunday, November 9, 2014:


Sunday continues the weekend’s great social energy! Please take friends out for brunch on Sunday morning! This is a wonderful time to spend with friends and conversation. You can expect the energy to feel light, inquisitive, curious, and fun. However, with Mercury now in Scorpio, the conversations themselves will have deep meaning. There is serious business beneath the play!

Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Scorpio. Playful energy exists within deep conversation!

Following a Sextile to Jupiter at 11:22 AM EST the Moon is VOC* until early Monday morning.

Think back to August 18, 2014. At that time Venus Conjunct Jupiter, beginning a cycle whose purpose is to expand LOVE. On Sunday we come to the First Quarter Square of this cycle. Consider what began in mid-August; ask yourself what action needs to be taken now to push this cycle in the direction of expanding that love! Make sure an action is taken! The full results will be clear in mid January (Venus Opposes Jupiter) when the creative energy between these two is released into the world or into your life.

Show and express love!


The Unicorns by Gustave Moreau

* in these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: October 13, 2014 through October 19, 2014

Nana by Edouard Manet (1832 - 1883)This week everything seems possible. The struggles of the past months may not be resolved but for the moment we set them aside.Without further ado….This week: The VOC* Moon!


Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or working on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!


Monday, October 13, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Trine to Mercury at 1:58PM EDT, ending at 7:30PM EDT as the Moon enters Cancer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Square to Mercury at 7:27PM EDT and ending at 6:29AM EDT on Thursday October 16, 2014 as the Moon enters Leo.

Saturday, October 18, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Sextile to the Sun at 9:10AM EDT and ending at 7:08PM EDT when the Moon enters Virgo.


Monday, October 13, 2014:

It may surprise you how easy it is to get up and get moving toward work on Monday morning. The Gemini Moon fuels our curiosity and our drive toward interpersonal communications. Go ahead, get interested in the lives others are living. Ask questions; others will be delighted to engage.

The Moon Trine both Mercury and the Sun allows the drive for communication to truly open a flow of energy to whatever we put our attention on. With the Moon Opposing Mars this morning it is easy to push our drive and ambition forward to what needs our attention. At 1:58PM EDT, following a Trine to Mercury, the Moon turns VOC* until she enters Cancer at 7:30 PM EDT.

Monday will be a good evening to spend close to home with your closest loved ones. Nurture those you love with good food and the warmth of your shared history.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014:

Looking back just a few months to the powerful ‘Cycle of Love’: Jupiter and Venus.

On August 18, 2014 a new cycle between them began. Something of value expanded within your mind, your heart, and/or your life. The energy between yourself and a new friend or lover expanded, perhaps there was an opening of financial energy, in some way you felt your world-view enlarge with pleasure.

Consider what you have learned, since then, through that expansion. A lot has changed in this short time. Today we are presented with an opportunity to increase or build on that expansion. We are still in the early stages of this cycle and nothing is certain. If you are presented with an opportunity now, simply say: YES.

A Sextile between Venus and Jupiter suggests that any opportunities offered now are moving us in the direction of increasing the pleasure and value that began in mid-August. Don’t pass up what is presented.

The Moon spends the day in Cancer making contact, this evening, with both Pluto and Uranus. I picture us, all too easily, entering into a state of nostalgia. We are unsettled with our current circumstance, which are still in flux. Our emotional insecurity pushes us into looking to the past for comfort (nostalgia).

Keep in mind that the past is gone, the future calls. We all need a bit of extra kindness this evening. Remember to give kindness to those around you, unreservedly.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014:

Today let’s talk about the Cycle of Passion and Assertive Action.

Consider passion and direct assertive action. The Cycle between Mars and the Sun began in mid-April, 2013. What action did you take it that time? What was the driving passion of your life?


The Fife Player by Edouard Manet (1832-1883)

Whatever began at that time has taken much of your time, attention, and hard work over these past 18 months. Many mistakes have been made along this path. Remember that mistakes are how we learn.

If you are able to remember what began in mid April 2013, consider the mistakes that you have made pursuing that path. Consider what those mistakes have taught you. The New Cycle between Mars and the Sun begins in June 2015. Between now and then you have time to plan for the next push of direct action toward the fulfillment of your personal passion. Prepare now for the New Cycle by releasing the mistakes and the projects that are clearly not serving you at this time.

If you have been chasing rabbits down rabbit holes now is the time to stop. Let go of everything that will not serve the Next Cycle, be ready next June to pursue your deepest passions. Release what isn’t working, carefully research what will support the next forward push!

Third Quarter Moon on Wednesday suggests an edge between our need to nurture and heal others and our desire to create calm, stillness, and peace. With this aspect as well, we are letting go in order to make space for the next Cycle.

Moon is void of course following a square to Mercury at 7:27 PM EDT. Please have a quiet evening, do not engage in intellectual, relational, aggravation. The importance of time alone is suggested.


Thursday, October 16, 2014:

On Thursday at 6:29AM EDT the Moon enters playful, expressive Leo!

This could be an important day for significant Communications. With the Libra Sun conjunct Mercury (yes Mercury is still retrograde) our thinking mind is highly activated. The Sun and Mercury are both in Libra; the thoughts and communications that are calling to us, seek diplomacy, calm, and peace within our dramatically changing relationships. Mercury(retrograde) is also Sextile Mars(in Sagittarius).

Freedom calls; each of us in the situation understand the reality of what has transpired over the past months. Today we are able to have productive and REAL conversations. Things that normally would be difficult to say are more easily expressed now. However, do remember that Mercury is retrograde.

Keep clarity on what is said and how it is understood. Because this conversation is likely to be about re-negotiation, it is fine to have it during Mercury Retrograde. Don’t make decisions from these conversations… just open the door… more talk will follow if you take that first step now.


Friday, October 17, 2014:

Friday looks like a lovely day/a lovely evening.

Enjoy the energy of this day; go out on the town, see live music, go to a show, mingle with people who will expand your way of viewing the world! Do not go to the same restaurant you always go to with the same friends you always go with! No! No! No! This is a day for something new; throw in some excitement, playfulness, and fun! Today’s Leo Moon makes lovely aspects to Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus adds excitement, the unusual, and the unexpected! Jupiter adds a sense of expansion and idealism. The people you meet today could make a lovely impact on your life; pay attention!


Saturday October 18, 2014:

If you are reading this post early in the week be sure to make special plans for the weekend! This is a very pleasant and special Saturday! The Moon is moving through Leo all day! In the course of the morning she makes lovely aspects to Venus, Mars, and the Sun. We will likely want to engage with others on Saturday, this is a very social day! The energy of Leo loves to be seen!

This weekend we are able to allow ourselves to fully express the internal reality of who we truly are! This is NOT a day to hide your light under a barrel.

At 9:10AM EDT, following a Sextile to the Sun, the Leo Moon is VOC* until moving into Virgo at 7:08PM EDT.

The day holds the potential to be active, social, and fun! By evening you will probably want to settle into a quieter routine; alone or with a few close friends.


Sunday, October 19, 2014:

Sunday brings us to the end of a week that has likely been much easier than many we have encountered recently.

On Sunday the Virgo Moon encourages us to get the practical tasks of our lives handled before moving forward into another week!

But before we get into the part of accomplishing anything we can allow ourselves to move slowly into the day. Early in the morning Neptune Opposes the Moon. You will probably want to stay within the space of dreams as long as possible. Go ahead and do that! Sleep late, get up slowly, put on beautiful music, enjoy a morning of calm.

By afternoon the Moon Trine Pluto moves us to accomplish practical tasks that must be done. Prepare for the upcoming week; clean the house, do the laundry, do some meal preparation. This is a great day for practical accomplishment.


A Bar at the Folies-Bergere by Edouard Manet  (1832 - 1883)


* in these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.


Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: September 15, 2014 through September 21, 2014

It has been an amazingly busy weekend ! The post may be a bit abbreviated but  looks like we have a relatively simple week to enjoy!This week’s VOC* Moon!

Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or trying to work on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!


Monday, September 15, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Square to the Sun at 10:05PM EDT, ending at 11:24AM EDT on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 as the Moon enters Cancer.

Thursday, September 18, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Sextile to the Sun at 2:38PM EDT and ending 11:10PM EDT as the Moon enters Leo.

Sunday, September 21, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Sextile to Mercury at 12:34AM EDT and ending at 11:54AM EDT when the Moon enters Virgo.





Monday, September 15, 2014:


Monday is a great day to explore options, ask questions, and engaged your deepest curiosity. Suggest unusual ideas and offer new perspectives.

The week starts with the Moon in Gemini. We may feel restless and flirtatious, enthusiastic and alert. Our emotions may seem highly unstable and deeply exciting.

Do you remember the anxiety or excitement that was on your mind and within your communications last Saturday? On Monday we encounter the same excitement or anxiety although with a more positive and uplifted energy. At 10:05 PM EDT the Gemini Moon reaches its Third Quarter Square followed by a VOC* Moon which will last until Tuesday morning at 11:24 AM EDT. A good night to get to sleep early and enjoy the dreams that arise!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014:


Tuesday begins with the Moon VOC* until she enters Cancer at 11:24AM EDT. Don’t rush to the office as your best work won’t be done until after 11:30AM EDT on Tuesday morning. The day begins slowly; your best bet is to stick to routine tasks until afternoon.

Even then your work may be compromised by the trine between the Moon and Neptune. Allow your imagination to rule the day. Tuesday we will do best to work with our lives through the perspective of intuition, imagination, and the surreal. Do not put hard edges on this day. Allow softness, listen to music that will transport you, spend time in meditation. Open to the mystical and what is unseen.


Girl with Cactus by Carl Hofer




Wednesday, September 17, 2014:


On Wednesday, you can anticipate the need to look more directly at the reality of your situation then you have over the past few days. The Cancer Moon makes difficult aspects to the Square between Pluto and Uranus. Once again it is important that we step back and look at the transformation that has been active in our lives, and on the greater world stage, since the summer of 2012. Simply take a bit of time to appreciate how far your life has brought you since that time.

I don’t often talk about Chiron, but today we must note the opposition between Venus and Chiron. The cycle between them began in April; yes, right in the middle of the Grand Cardinal Cross.

Consider where, in your life, and in your heart, you encountered a sense of being broken in April. At that time, perhaps for the first time, you understood that healing was possible. On Wednesday we reach the opposition between Venus and Chiron, suggesting that you are able to see the reality, the possibility, and the agent of your healing. Your job today is to look directly into the heart of your own woundedness and see the gift of healing that is offered. You may not understand this but that healing gift is already in your hands; offer thanks and accept this gift of healing.



Thursday, September 18, 2014:


Get out of bed 20 minutes earlier today! It will help to smooth some of the early-morning anxiety of getting the family out the door to work and school. The Moon is in moody, emotional Cancer throughout the day making a final aspect (sextile to the Sun) at 2:38PM EDT. With that energy holding steady, the Moon is VOC* until 11:10PM EDT when the Moon enters dramatic, expressive Leo.

Any projects or tasks of importance need to be completed early in the day. The afternoon provides us with an excuse to rest, recuperate, and complete mundane tasks.




Friday, September 19, 2014:


This is a day meant for open expression and playfulness. If you have children in your life take time to focus yourself within that simple Space of childhood. Turn your living room into a tent fort, put on a puppet show! Pretend every interaction is a staged performance! Encounter, and joyfully accept, the largeness of your own heart! Bring generosity to everyone you encounter.

Friday evening would be a great night to go to a show, a concert, or the theater! Go out with friends, have a party! This is a great evening for socialization, for expressing your true nature, for giving and receiving appreciation!


Saturday September 20, 2014:


Saturday continues the expressive pleasures of Friday. The Moon continues through the extroverted and flamboyant sign of Leo. The most negative side of Leo is the tendency toward arrogance and a prideful nature. I had an astrologer once tell me that Leo is loud and arrogant because it is the one sign that deep inside worries the most about its worthiness. The early part of the day brings with it a great deal of excitement as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Trine Uranus! Seek out a worthy stage for your performance this morning! Find a way to deeply express a spark of your creativity from within. The later part of the day may become a bit weighted down with concern, caution, and pessimism.

Make it a point to spend at least a few hours on Saturday alone. Solitude will allow the shift from exuberance to a deeper sense of responsibility.



Sunday, September 21, 2014:


Sunday is the most complicated day of the week! The Moon makes a final aspect (sextile Mercury) at 12:34AM EDT. This ushers us into a VOC* that lasts until 11:54AM EDT when the Moon enters Virgo.

At 9:02AM EDT Venus Sextile Saturn; Venus represents beauty, love, romance, and our own personal values. Saturn represents structure, stabilization, and restriction. The sextile between them offers an opportunity to stabilize our values and our relationships. As this is a closing sextile it offers the opportunity to release restrictions, to let go of things that have held back our sense of beauty, our need for love, romance, and the development of our own individual personal values. In November we will begin a new cycle between these two planets. This will be the rebuilding of solid stable values that more clearly reflect our true nature at this time.

At 11:58 PM EDT Mars squares Neptune. The cycle between Mars and Neptune began in February 2013. Consider where your assertive or sexual energy is unclear or idealized. Fantasy and charisma play a role in how we move forward. Keep your eyes open and understand that there is a lack of clarity that will simply take time to unravel.


Reading and Art by Karl Hofer

Images by Karl Hofer (1878 – 1955)

* In these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.


Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: September 1, 2014 through September 7, 2014

Garden of the Hesperides by Edward Burne-Jones

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: September 1, 2014 through September 7, 2014

The wheel of fortune by Edward Burne JonesConsider the planetary energies of the week ahead and plan your best approach.Do you feel like you are still waiting for the Virgo Sun to bring a bit more stability? Did you expect the productive energy of Virgo to have settled over you and calmed all the tension in your life? When the Sun left Leo for Virgo last week we anticipated our lives becoming more settled and stabilize. It hasn’t really played out that way in my life. How about yours?I suspect it is the approaching Trine between Jupiter (in Leo) and Uranus (in Aries) that may be keeping your solid work focus at bay. This aspect will not perfect until September 28th but is a powerful intensification of expanding individuality and truth that has been building since June 2010. 

Ride with the wave of it. Enjoy that the excitement of Summer hasn’t yet let up!

This week we have several planets changing sign:


On Tuesday Mercury moves into Libra, encouraging our thoughts to move toward diplomacy, romance, and partnerships of all kinds.


On Friday Venus leaves Leo behind to enter Virgo. This will help to increase our appreciation of work and productivity. We are reminded of the value and beauty within efficiency and orderly dedication. We are able to release some of the overriding desire for expressive and constant appreciation. Allow this to settle your ego’s over-riding need for attention.



This week’s VOC* Moon!


I’m going to start providing this information each week to help support the workability of your lives!

Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or trying to work on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!


Monday, September 1, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a sextile to Mercury

at 11:40AM EDT and ending at 1:17AM EDT as the Moon enters idealistic Sagittarius.



Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a trine to Venus

at 2:06PM EDT and ending at 6:15PM EDT as the Moon enters ambitious, hard working Capricorn.



Friday September 5, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a sextile to Mars

at 11:08AM EDT and ending at 7:59PM EDT when the Moon enters quirky, unusual Aquarius.



Sunday September 7, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a square to Mars

at 1:18PM EDT and ending when the Moon enters Pisces at 7:47PM EDT.



Monday, September 1, 2014:


The week begins with a holiday (Labor Day) here in the US. Labor Day is a celebration of the American labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers. Labor Day constitutes a yearly tribute to the contributions workers have made to our strength, prosperity, and well-being. Celebrations generally consist of parades, barbecues and gatherings of all types where you may encounter folks you don’t generally encounter in your everyday life.

The astrological weather supports these gathering with a bit of a twist.

We begin the day with the Moon in Scorpio making her final aspect (a sextile to Mercury) at 11:40AM EDT. The Moon is VOC* from then until she enters Sagittarius at 1:17 PM EDT.

Enjoy the afternoon and evening by enjoying the traditional celebrations in a more non-traditional way. Mingle with people who provide you with a very different sense of the world. Explore Reality and Truth from the perspective of someone who sees the world very differently from you! Open your mind to the vast difference in thought and experience between you and another. Work to remove the barriers in your mind.

The reality, experience, and thinking of those from a different background, culture, or life style is valid and fertile ground for your own personal essential growth.



Tuesday, September 2, 2014:


Tuesday the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. At 7:11AM EDT the Moon reaches her First Quarter Phase. This is the waxing Square aspect of the Moon to the Sun.

At last Monday’s New Moon in Virgo (August 25), consider the seed that you planted, the aspiration you declared. Consider, once again, your intention and now take a specific action to move toward this intended growth; envision and feel your way into your future.

When you wake Tuesday morning the big news is that Mercury has entered Libra. Mercury is currently moving very quickly and has only been in Virgo since August 15th. Your mind has likely been trying to stabilize the wild Fire energy and with Mercury’s entrance into Libra, now seeks the help of companionship. You will notice that your thoughts turn to finding ways to partner more effectively. Consider how the help of another can balance and bring more harmony to your mind. Mercury will remain in Libra until September 27th.

This should be a great time to work with issues of diplomacy and cooperation. You are able to see both sides of the conversation. During this time your mind is not stuck on holding our own perspective irregardless of the reality for the thinking of others. Connect with others, listen closely, and balance your mind.

The Golden Stairs by Edward Burne-Jones


Wednesday, September 3, 2014:


Wednesday brings extremely dynamic energies into our lives! The Virgo Sun forms a waning Trine to Pluto at 12:09 PM EDT. The powerful transformation of who you are and how you present yourself in the world cannot easily be hidden or contained. The response from others is also not easily contained. Strive for internal balance; allow the meticulous care of Virgo to feed the ambition of Pluto in Capricorn.

Pay attention to the way that power dynamics are working in your life. Consider who has power and how do they use it. Consider the areas in your life where you utilize power, how respectful are your dealings with those who have less power than you. Use the empowerment available today to expand your hopes and ambition for the future. If your birthday falls between April 29th – May 3rd, September 2nd – September 5th, or December 31st – January 3rd, this empowerment is more strongly available then for the rest of us.

For all of us power dynamics are important to pay attention to. If these energies are used unconsciously and without integrity, this power will backfire and work against your life. Never forget the importance of using power dynamics consciously and with the highest integrity. Your impact on others is highly significant at this time; far more so than you are likely to understand.

And Moon begins her day in Sagittarius making her final aspect (Moon Trine Venus) at 2:06PM EDT. Following this the moon is VOC*until entering Capricorn at 6:15 PM EDT. This brings you to a serious evening where your mind may be focused on work, ambition, and results.

Be aware, be kind; remember that each action, choice, and decision has lasting significance.


Thursday, September 4, 2014:


If you didn’t read Wednesday’s post go back and take a look. The energy in issues of power and empowerment will linger throughout Thursday.

The Moon is in Capricorn all day offering us a serious day of accomplishment, ambition, and the ability to focus in on the work we need to do.

As the Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus today we are highly aware that you are living, working, and playing in a very different world than you were several years ago.

Many of you are tired. Tired of the hard work of transformation that these past months and years have insisted upon. However, the aspects to the Moon on Thursday will remind you that you are not complete with this process yet. Consider where you resided in your life several years ago. Look at how far you have come, and consider how much further you have to go in this process. The last exact hits of Uranus Square Pluto will come in December 2014 and March 2015. It is interesting to image where we will each find ourselves by mid 2015!


Friday, September 4, 2014:


The Moon begins the day in Capricorn. Ambition, work, and discipline come very naturally. There is much to be accomplished.

At 11:08AM EDT following a sextile to Mars the Moon is VOC* until she enters Aquarius at 7:59 PM EDT; therefore the Capricorn Moon is VOC* between 11:08 AM and 7:59PM EDT. This is a perfect time to catch up on routine tasks!

The significant change on Friday comes at 1:06PM EDT when Venus leaves the playful expression of Leo behind and enters the meticulous, detail-oriented sign of Virgo. Your desire to Play recedes somewhat and you are able to embrace the necessity of precision and efficiency. With Venus in Virgo analytical precision and meticulous detail become something we want more of. We are able to see beyond our ego and envision the beauty in humility and service.

Venus will remain in Virgo until October 10th. Find the areas of your life that need to be perfected in order to perfect the one thing that you have to offer the world as a service. We each have something to give, and at this time in humanities history it is so necessary that we find that skill, perfect it, and offer it as our gift. Seek your own unique gift that the world is waiting for.

At 7:59PM EDT the Moon enters Aquarius, providing us with a lighter more intellectually stimulating evening. Get out with friends (old and new) and explore new, interesting, and wild ideas.



Saturday September 5, 2014:


This certainly has the potential to be a fabulous Saturday! Do something different from your usual routines! Gravitate toward areas that both fear and excite you.

Go somewhere and do something no one expects you to do; do it on your own, with platonic friends, or with a group of like-minded adults.

Go skydiving, mountain climbing, surfing, or jeeping! Whatever you do, make sure it is outside your general way of being, or outside your comfort zone. Surprise yourself. Find a new perspective on your life and your world. Don’t bring your spouse or your lover! Saturday is a day to detach from intimacy and experience your full individuality.

If you allow yourself to simply be ‘an extra’ in someone elses movie you will be resentful and miserable. Don’t let others dictate your day. Bring your truth to this day; your ability to move forward without restraint moves humanity forward in ways you can’t anticipate.



Sunday, September 6, 2014:


Sunday begins with the Moon still in Aquarius. At 1:18PM EDT the Moon squares Mars before going VOC*.

If you were truly able to engage your individuality in an exciting way on Saturday, there could be some difficulty adjusting back into your routines on Sunday.

Keep a low-profile with others as anger or frustration could easily bubble up from below the surface. The VOC* Moon lasts from 1:18PM EDT until 7:47PM EDT, when the Moon enters Pisces.

Saturday evening would be well spent in meditation or prayer. Another excellent option would be to simply watch a great film this evening. Allow yourself to escape the confines of the mundane world. Enjoy sensitivity and rest.

Garden of the Hesperides by Edward Burne-Jones

Images by Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898)

* In these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.


Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: July 21, 2014 through July 27, 2014

atrolore 3 21.7

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: July 21, 2014 through July 27, 2014

Published July 21, 2014.

astrolore 1 21.7

There are no dull moments this season. It’s almost as though we could have put our lives in a jar as the season began (Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere), tightened the lid, violently shock it, and at the end of the season, when we re-open the jar, god knows what will emerge!

Since last April, when Uranus and Pluto had their last full-on contact, Uranus has pulled ahead by a full 4° or more. This week Uranus turns retrograde (at 16° Aries) in preparation for their next meeting in December 2014 at 12° Aries and Capricorn. Uranus, the planet of revolution, sudden change, and upheaval becomes intensified during its retrograde phases. We each will experience a powerful demand for freedom in whatever area holds 16° Aries and whatever house has Aquarius on the cusp.

Mercurys travels bring him into contact with the Uranus & Pluto energies this week, encouraging us to stay in contact with the transformations and upheaval that are occurring at the deepest levels of our being, our relationships, our societies, and our world.

The Sun enters Leo on Tuesday!!

The Leo Sun makes contact with Jupiter on Thursday. It may be difficult to contain the expansive, dramatic, expression that is longing to be released into the world. Yes drama can look many different ways; keep it playful and keep it fun!

I think this week is asking us to face the reality of the intense transformation our lives are demanding of us.

Mars is finally leaving Libra behind after a full eight months. I am sure you have each learned a great deal about yourselves and your relationships during this time.

Given that Libra is an air sign, the contemplation of relationship has been on the level of intellect. We have worked hard to understand our needs, our ability to cooperate in relationships with others; we have been practicing relationship on the level of mind. Now, as Mars enters Scorpio we will see how well we can implement what we have learned when the deepest intensity of shared emotion brings us to our knees.

The New Moon is in Leo on Saturday! Plant the seed that will bring forth the joy that you want to express and spread over the coming month.

What a week!

Monday, July 21, 2014:

Monday morning you will awake to the Moon in Taurus. At 10:13AM EDT the Moon sextiles Sun becoming VOC until she enters Gemini at 12:36PM EDT.

This quickly picks up the pace of the day, getting us off to active start.

At 10:52PM EDT Uranus turns retrograde at 16° Aries. The energy of Uranus tends to be activated by its retrograde cycles. The adage ”Expect the unexpected” is even more powerful while in retrograde motion.

Pay attention to the house placement and any aspects that Uranus is engaged in at this time in your personal horoscope. Admittedly, it is difficult to prepare yourself for the unexpected. How do you prepare for what you can’t imagine?

I would suggest holding lightly to the circumstances and people in our lives. Expect your need for freedom and rebellion to be reawakened in the coming weeks and months. Uranus will be retrograde until December 21, 2014. This will be a time to confront your fears. It is time to look directly at those things that are holding you back from the change that is required in your life. If you are in the wrong career, the wrong relationship, or pursuing the wrong education, Uranus retrograde will make it clear and will insist that it be dealt with. Once you see what is true, you cannot un-see it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014:

On Tuesday the Sun enters Leo! Hallelujah! Here we are at the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere! At this time we realize in our time with this season is limited, we must embrace the warmth and Sun of summer while we have the opportunity. It is time to play, it is time to enjoy what pleasure we can grasp in this world.

This is a time of celebration! We celebrate expression, generosity, and love!

Along with the Sun entering Leo, Uranus is powerfully positioned at his station (16° Aries) and Mercury is opposing Pluto. This sounds to me like the perfect prescription for communications of a shocking and powerful nature. You may hear words spoken or communication delivered that propel you to the freedom you require even as they shatter the world as you know it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014:

astrolore 2 21.7.

On Wednesday we adjust to the bigger world we are seeing as we pass through this amazing time of change. With The Sun and Jupiter together in Leo we feel our personal needs and desires as all powerful. Our compassion and understanding of others doesn’t measure up as our own ego expands and seeks recognition.

Moon is in Gemini making her final aspect (trine to Mars) at 8:53PM EDT. The Gemini Moon is then VOC until she enters Cancer at 11PM EDT. Settle into a sleep with dreams of heart connection, love, and nurturing. Allow your heart to open into love.

“Healing comes from letting there be room for all of ‘this’ to happen: room for grief, room for relief, for misery, for joy.” ~ Pema Chodron

Thursday, July 24, 2014:

The variety of energies that are present on Thursday are very intense. More shocking news, communications, or unusual ideas are activated (Mercury Square Uranus). Our minds, our experiences, and our situations feel bigger than life (Sun conjunct Jupiter). We can see the dream that began in early April expanding (Venus trine Neptune) toward the fulfillment that we be crystal clear in mid-September.

And, the icing on the cake is offered at the end of the day as our minds settled into A welcome stabilization (Mercury trine Saturn).

Emotionally we are highly sensitive with the Moon in Cancer, and yes, that Cancer Moon connects with Pluto Thursday night and with Uranus Friday morning.

Intensity and change do not let up yet.

Friday, July 25, 2014:

The Cancer Moon makes her final aspect (Moon conjunct Mercury) at 9:54AM EDT. The Moon will be VOC until Saturday morning at 10:55 AM EDT. This is a long emotional day of assimilating all the energies from earlier in the week and preparing for Mars’ movement into Scorpio at 10:24PM EDT. After a full eight months of Mars moving through Libra we are ready to let go of that path and move into the next phase of action in our lives. We have learned much regarding our own work in how we relate to others. We are ready to move into a deeper phase. As Mars goes from Libra Scorpio be aware of how easily those you love could become your enemy. You can expect dramatic passionate battles you will have the opportunity to tear the core apart or connect with deep passion. There is no in between with Mars in Scorpio. If you’re not sure where you stand in relationship, be prepared to find out!

Saturday, July 26, 2014:

Saturday morning begins with the Moon still VOC in Cancer. At 10:55 AM EDT the Moon enters Leo and at 6:42 PM EDT the New Moon is exact at 3° Leo. With the Moon, Jupiter, and Sun all gathered together, this is a day made for the birth of drama, generosity, and/or playfulness! Clearly your experience will be determined by where 3° of Leo shows up in your horoscope and what aspects are made from the New Moon to your personal planets.

Take the time on Saturday to clearly determine what you want to bring into your life during this lunar cycle. Prepare yourself to encounter the movement of very large energies; determine how do you aspire to use them. Be clear!

Here’s hoping that your experience and aspirations bring you to playfulness, generosity, and the drama of open expression.

I would be remiss not to mention the danger inherent in over-indulgence. Be careful not to overextend yourself. Don’t expect or demand too much, watch for gluttony, and/or overspending. Enjoy the expansion even as you maintain some caution to keep it in the realm of what is healthy for you and your situation.

This incredibly large Leo energy may be experience as the simple expansion of your heart. Allow yourself to feel how huge and how tender your heart is.

Sunday, July 27, 2014:

Sunday ends the week on a simple note, or at least as simple as it can be with all the expansion of generous heart energy, and all the other complications this week has laid on our plate.

Sunday is about assimilation, relaxing into the expansion, embracing and accepting the change! The Moon is in Leo throughout the day. You want to be seen, acknowledged, and loved deeply. This is a day to gather with friends for uncomplicated enjoyment.

atrolore 3 21.7

images: Tamara de Lempicka (1898 – 1980)

* In these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

The Oracle Report, Thursday, July 10, 2014 @ Galactic Connection

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The Oracle Report, Thursday, July 10, 2014



Image : Night-Blooming Cereus – which blooms only one night ~ from Wise Owl L M Thompson

The Oracle Report, Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (The Goddess of Death) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: stunt overreaction and channel anger productively

Negative Imprint: jealousy, bondage, taking on too much, injustice, rigidity

Positive Imprint: loyalty, playfulness, balance, creativity (especially with writing and music), change to the status quo


This is quite a day, guys. In fact, until the Full Moon on the 12th, the skills of wise owls across the world are needed. The matrix is pushing an emotional maelstrom with Mars’ opposition to the Eris Point and now Mars’ opposition to Eris itself.

The archetypal energy of these battle forces, the twins Mars (Aries) and Eris, tears through things. It prompts a great deal of anger and conflict, even as it tries to work the high end of the energy. On the macro or collective level, the energy produces revelation of truth and social change. On the micro or individual level, the truth about ourselves, others, and our lives in general is shown. Mars and Eris blaze through on their horses, tearing back the veils.

Eris also tends to throw “apples of discord.” In the story, the Trojan War is incited by Eris after she crashes the gods’ party and throws the Apple of Discord. The Apple of Discord is labeled “To the fairest” – which is the same thing at “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?” A fight breaks out and the gods use humanity to solve the matter.

Eris energy makes us want to throw things. She shakes us out of superficial pursuits.

In addition, today’s energy also carries a signature of consecration. The Sabian symbol of the degree of the Sun is “a priest performing a marriage ceremony.” Be wise to what you are committing or vowing. Don’t sacrifice yourself for another and don’t force things.

This energy is most effectively navigated by moving your body. Anger is channeled productively through activity.

This month’s ruling Wisdom Goddesses, Dhumavati and Kali, have a special message today. First off, they are ON IT and they have been all month. They are using the Mars-Eris energy to tear down the systems of enslavement of humanity – even though it looks differently, like the new world order is creating chaos and winning. When it comes to chaos, Kali rules.

The goddesses would like us to know that all of the death, destruction, and ungodliness that the Archons and their minions are inflicting is only taking them down. It saddens us to our souls to watch the suffering and the manipulation, but it is being rectified and we are part of the process. Our mindsets are a tremendous force. The goddesses would like us to take heart and be courageous.

Secondly, they wish us to consider the inverse of what we typically believe. We tend to think we are human beings having a spiritual experience. This is true. But it is also true that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Do you feel the inner shift this produces? We are so brainwashed into thinking that we are puny, powerless humans locked in a cycle of repetitive lives paying for our choices over eons of time. The Mahavidyas call bullshit on that. (Yes, they curse.) We are much greater than this. The goddesses would like us to remember this.

As the emotional maelstrom tries to entangle us, we see through to the bigger truth. We understand that our emotions are triggered and that shadow sides are coming out. Think before you act. If someone acts or lashes out, remember that everyone’s shadow side is being activated right now. We don’t ignore it (because truth is trying to be revealed) but we do not have to engage it or take it head on. It’s a shamanic feat to be able to stop ourselves from overreacting under this energy. If you feel the need to “lob” something back, be wise about it. Throwing an apple of discord has far-reaching consequences.

Let’s carpe diem wise-owl style today.

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Planet Alert July 2014 ~ Mahala Gayle @ Mahala’s Astrology

Summer Visitor by IRA TSANTEKIDOU

ART : ‘Summer Visitor’ ~ Ira Tsantekidou


Planet Alert July 2014

By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on July 5th, 2014

Thank goodness Mercury has gone direct. I don’t know about you but it was an awesome event for me. All kinds of emotional stuff from the past came up for me to look at and release. I know many people experienced letting go of old stuff, which started big time on June 23 and continued until June 29 when the energy finally broke.

I woke up a couple of days ago and realized that Jupiter has been in Cancer, one of the most emotional water signs of the zodiac, for the past year. I think we went through some kind of water-emotional clearing for this past year. Jupiter went into Cancer in June of 2013 and this was when the cycle started. No wonder there have been so many people in chaos. The last time Jupiter was in Cancer was September 11, 2001 and that started a major change on Earth, which has lasted for a little over 12 years. Now we will be starting a new cycle when Jupiter moves into Leo on July 16, 2014.

Leo rules the heart. The positive energy from this sign will be the opening of people’s heart chakras big time. The negative part of this energy could be more heart attacks for people who have closed their heart chakras because of being hurt so much in the past. Sometimes it takes a heart attack for people to open their heart chakra. There must be an easier way to do that. Maybe we can focus on our heart chakras from a meditative state and see it open up like a beautiful pink rose.

Another thing that it is time for us to do is to love ourselves. That is the most important thing we can do right now. I remember the song we used to sing in our church. It was called “I love myself the way I am, there is nothing I need to change. I am beautiful and wonderful and the best me I can be.” Once we learn to love ourselves we will be able to ‘Think With our Hearts’ all the time. What a beautiful world we can create if enough of us learn to totally love ourselves.

Ascension comes from within. We are creating from the inside out. When we perceive that someone is doing something to us, it is just a reflection of what we have created. For many years we have been creating from our subconscious mind and wonder why what we want does not manifest. This is why we have had to release all our old programing so we can become clear channels for God’s love. And who is God-We are. The crystal spark from God is within all of us and is hidden within the sacred chamber of our hearts. This is why it is so important to start thinking with our hearts and to totally love ourselves.

Before we are born we create what we choose to experience in this life-time, and then we are born at the time we choose to come into this Earth plane. This is why Astrology works. It can be used as a road map for what we choose to experience. And then we have the choice of either experiencing the positive or the negative energy of the planets. We have been living in a duality system for a long time and that has been very difficult, especially if you have an afflicted or hard chart. Even the hard charts can be neutralized by love because love is all there is. Now we are on the verge of experiencing Unity Consciousness, or at least some of us are ready to do that because we have been releasing old stuff for so many years.

The Great War that has been going on in our galaxy for so long is finally coming to an end, and the end part is being played out on the Earth. The Earth is still in 4D because that is where the war is being fought. The controllers live on the 4D Earth and they use people who are negative thinking to control us. Once we finish up this war cycle, control will cease to be a problem for those who are manifesting 5D and higher energy. I believe peace will be a manifestation of the 5D Earth. Some people might choose to stay in 4D and continue fighting for a long time because they haven’t learned yet that you don’t win by fighting. You just have to come back to another 3D planet to learn that is not the way to go.

Once we have completed the Ascension process we will be able to manifest energy from 3D to however high we wish to go. We will be considered a miracle to the rest of the Galaxy because we will be the newest and the best creation of the whole Galaxy. Now that is something to work toward. It’s my understanding that 6D is on the frequency of magic and miracles and this is happening all around us right now.

The sun will make a conjunction to Jupiter on July 24, and will square Mars the next two days. Around this time we will probably see more troop movement in the Middle East, or the Ukraine because those areas are ruled by Scorpio and that is where Mars will be moving to on July 25th. Mars and Jupiter also rule the financial system and there might be some kind of money crisis at that time, along with the war in the Middle East, and more fires.

For two months Mars and Saturn will be together in Scorpio. This will not be a good time for the Middle East, which includes Israel. Saturn is the karmic planet and most of the people who live there are living out their karma, one way or another. Saturn has been over the Middle East for two years now and will move into Sagittarius on December 24, 2014. Mars will move into Sagittarius on September 13, 2014.

I had been pondering why the Islamic group that is moving into Iraq call themselves I.S.I.S. I know that it stands for the Islamic State Iraq Syria, but it still spells ISIS who is one of our creator goddesses. Then I got it. The renegade part of the Islamic race has been treating their women in a horrible way for a long time and has totally suppressed them. This is symbolic of the way woman have been put down for thousands of years, at least two thousand years or more, and this group wants to keep it that way. This is the real reason they are fighting, and of course they also want to rule the world.

The Goddess energy started coming in on July 11, 1991 when Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion moved into the sign of Virgo, which is the goddess. This is the only sign in the zodiac that has a woman as its symbol. Venus is considered the planet of love and rules the goddess/love energy, and Neptune is the higher vibration of the goddess energy. We have been working since 1991 to bring women back into their power and to manifest love in our life.

Neptune is considered by Astronomers to be a giant ball of ice. The movie Frozen was all about the destruction of Neptune that happened millions of years ago. Neptune was the first planet created in our solar system and there was a mind war there that destroyed the planet. The planet still existed but it became frozen. After seeing this movie it means to me that Neptune is finally healed, and now it is time for the Earth to be healed. As above, so below! And the ending song was ‘Let it Go, You don’t need it anymore’. Isn’t that what we have been doing for many years now? It’s finally time for everyone to come into their power and to love themselves. We are needed on this beautiful blue ball called Earth.

We are once again experiencing the Cardinal Cross. It happens on July 4-5, and I heard on Coast to Coast that four time-lines are coming together on July 7. I don’t know if we will experience anything on that day although this will start bringing in Unity Consciousness. The energy will continue to be very intense and things of a negative nature may happen. Please don’t get caught up in the war vibration, either personal or worldwide. Thinking and focusing on it is not the way to go. The way to go is to just be who you are, which is a great Being of Light. Manifest love; don’t think about the past, we don’t need it anymore. Live in the Now! Be happy and laugh a lot. Laughter can do a good job of changing any vibration to one of joy. We are here to co-create Heaven on Mother Earth. So Be It!

Thanks to those who ordered Edgar Cayce Past Life Charts. I haven’t quite finished doing them yet so if you have not received yours please be patient. And if I have overlooked anyone because Mercury was retrograde, please let me know. Lots of love and blessings to everyone! Mahala Gayle

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July 2014

Summer Visitor by IRA TSANTEKIDOU