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The Golden Age: A Crystalline Ascension

crystalpyramidIn those times of ascension, the crystalline transmission is key in assisting us to remember “We Are One”.

Moving into Gaia Consciousness also called Fifth Dimension, our spiritual/light body become more prominent than our physical body. Our DNA is becoming increasingly crystalline as it is infused with more Light coming from the Central Sun of our Galaxy.

Working with crystals will help activate part of our DNA strands that have been dormant, allowing that Light to be infused in our blood and cells, awakening to higher frequency of consciousness. Many people are experiencing right now what they call “ascension symptoms”. The crystal grid that is now activated on Earth will ease this transition as you connect, meditate and surround yourself and environments with crystals.

Humanity is reaching heights of consciousness that we did not think possible before, when we were locked into the 3D illusion, the Matrix. Our hearts are opening. Everybody is being transformed willingly or not. We can all make the choice to ascend or stay in lower vibration consciousness which have been prevailing for eons. It is a very exciting time on Earth for those who chooses Love over Fear. Remember, you decided to come to Planet Earth, the duality paradigm and to participate in raising the frequency back to Unconditional Love Vibration, creating lasting peace, harmony and union with all there is. Creating the New Earth Paradigm together.

Crystals are keepers of wisdom, knowledge and Light. They carry the Light (wisdom) for millenniums and have been wisely programmed by Ascended Masters, Enlightened Ones and beings of Light throughout time and space, in multi-dimensions.

They have emotional, physical and spiritual healing energies which we are now ready to be accessed on a global consciousness level. It is happening and we are all feeling it; your Soul wants to shine its unconditional light like the Sun, on all that there is and crystals are here to assist you on your human journey to Spiritual Oneness. 


Crystals Activation at Chalice Well by Gaia Earth Star


Crystals Activation at Glastonbury Tor by Gaia Earth Star


Ixchel, Moon Goddess, Ancient Mayan Crystal Skull and Gaia Earth Star at Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona

Please email with your birth details to receive images and pricing of crystals she will recommend you work with to empower and assist you on your soul journey.

Crystalline Gaia Collection includes:

RARE Tibetan Crystal Quartz (Tibet)

Selenite/ Spiritual Light Vibration (Morocco)

Fluorite Green/Purple with Pyrite/ Cleansing and healing the heart/ Manifestation Vibration (China)

Pyrite/ Manifestation/Creativity/Will Power Vibration (China)

Blue Kyanite/ Psychic abilities/ telepathy Vibration (Brazil)

Merkabite Calcite Geodes/ Higher Consciousness Vibration (Morocco)

Kunzite/ Divine Love Vibration (Afghanistan)

Aquamarine/ Goddess Consciousness and Purity Vibration (Afghanistan)

Black Tourmaline/ Grounding and Protective Vibration (Pakistan)

Amethyst/ Intuition/ 3rd eye opening Vibration (Brazil)

Aragonite/ Confidence and Courage Vibration (Morocco)

Moldavite Tektite Pendants/ Multiple Spiritual Awakenings Vibrations (Czech Republic)

Aphophyllite and Stiltbite/ Communication with Spirits, guides and Angels/ Protective Vibration (India)

Green Aphophylite/ Communication with Nature Spirits, guides and Angels/ Protective Vibration (India)

and more!

Rare Crystal Quartz from Tibet:

Time links

Isis Crystal

Self healing Crystal



Record keeper




and more.

Each crystal from “Crystalline Gaia Collection” has been cleansed and activated in Sedona Vortexes, Rennes Le Chateau in South of France, Glastonbury Chalice Well & Tor and Roslin Chapel in Scotland. Gaia also uses sound vibrations such as gong and mantras as well as Sunlight, Moonlight and Raindrops to heightened and amplify each crystal’s original vibration. Your crystal(s) will be attuned to your Soul Purpose and blessed by Gaia Earth Star before it is sent your way.