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Communicating with Nature Spirits

This important booklet contains a series of channeled messages from the Devas and Wee Folks. They are well aware that their behaviors and those of Humans affect each other’s Realms and beyond into the Cosmos.

In the past, there have been riffs between the Realms, causing a great Separation.
Many individuals in the other Realms are now stepping forward in hopes of working with awakened Humans on a conscious level.

We all have a great responsibility to clean up the damage we have caused on Earth both physically and with negative thought-forms.

In this booklet, the Devas and Wee Folks introduce themselves to you in hopes that you will band with them to re-create the beauty, peace and joy that is our birthright.

Together we CAN create heaven on earth.

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Communicating with Nature Spirits

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Communicating with Nature Spirits

Foreword by Theresa Crabtree

Message from the Devas

How to Communicate with Devas


Communication Steps

How the Devas Can Assist You

Fairies, Sylphs and Other Wee Folk

Our Roles

Our Rules

Our Needs

Our Hopes

The Importance of Sacred Space

Share the Bounty


This booklet has been created to assist those who would like to communicate and work with Nature Spirits. The Devas, Fairies and other Beings of Light are nearby, waiting for you to call upon them for insight, pleasure and inspiration. They cannot assist with your evolution or desires unless called upon to do so.

Whether your goal is to create a garden, sacred space or wanting to learn more about their Realm, they are available to assist and co-create with you.

All Realms affect each other. When there is imbalance and dis-harmony on one Level, it creates imbalance in the surrounding Realms. Thus, they are here to assist you in gaining inner peace, to balance the areas of Nature where you reside and in your relationships with each other.

Your inner peace creates less stress in their environment. Thus everyone benefits when working together as one unit. Although the Devas are serious about their work of maintaining life forms that help sustain the balance of Nature, they are also playful, creative and highly imaginative when it comes to creating new species.

Devas have been on Earth since before its inception. They are the creative force behind every thing that is physical form. They are the God-Force that many of you pray to when asking for assistance with things pertaining to Nature and the physical realm. You shall learn more about them in the pages that follow.

The Fairies, Sylphs, Gnomes, Leprechauns and other Wee Folks live in cultures similar to Humans. Each has their own bearing on Nature, affecting the balance of all things. Like you, they have free will and are responsible for monitoring their own behavior and how they affect their relationships, society, Nature and the universe.

For centuries, many of the Wee Folks have been at odds with Humans and the other Unseen cultures. Yet within each society there are now individuals who want to set aside their differences and work together to regain balance in Nature and to create peace on earth.

We are excited that you have shown up, with your curiosity piqued and your interest in co-creating sacred spaces in harmony with Nature.

Many blessings to you,

Theresa Crabtree and the Nature Spirits


For years, I have been fortunate to communicate with Beings beyond our Veil of vision. This came through dedicated effort to release fears and change behaviors that kept me bound in the Illusion that “what you see is all there is.”

It is my desire to share what I have learned with you and to instill within you the knowledge that you can do the same and more. Perhaps you already connect consciously with unseen Beings. Know this is a blessing. Nurture and cultivate your communication with all Beings. They are here to assist in our evolution, which also affects their growth and ability to love unconditionally. That is the goal and main purpose for this paradise we call Earth.

In the beginning, there was no separation between Humans, Devas and other Nature Spirits. We worked together, played together and enjoyed the fruits of our creations. It was greed and competition that began the downfall of the “Garden of Eden.” We are in a time now where many on both sides have put down their swords and reached out with open hearts to once again embrace and join together.

This booklet is dedicated to the Devas, Angels, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Brothers and Beings, both seen and unseen in all Realms who have guided and protected me on my Path.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Reverend Theresa “Tre Charah” Crabtree


We wish to thank you for your interest in our Realm. In many ways we are like you, for we come from the same Source. As you look around Nature, you see our creations. Before Earth was created, we were. Many places existed before Earth and we were there.

Our role is to create the physical plane. We initially existed, like you, as one drop of Light in the essence of Source. There came a moment when many chose to “descend” from source in various stages. This happened over an extended period of time. For many eons, we did not exist in physical form. Amongst us, many chose to make further explorations and came up with the concept of physicality. This had never been done before, but we excitedly set about to find a way to do so.

Creation schools were set up as we came together and began the first experiments into individuation. At times we would create on our own, then join in Council to determine what we would co-create. There were many wonderful ideas, some which worked well and others that gave us much entertainment, even though they did not serve well.

As time lapsed, it was decided to create various worlds. This gave us special places to experiment with our creations and to see how they would interact with each other. We would see something in our mind, then “will” it into creation. Initially, there was much chaos, similar to what you can expect in a class full of young children who are given free reign in an art supply store.

Colors were selected by playing with frequencies of light. Molecules were created and moved about in every conceivable fashion to create creatures, rocks and planets. In the beginning, there was no life force in these creations. This came much later when worlds and planets were established among the galaxies.

For you see, before order was created, there was much chaos. Planets collided, gravity was unknown, inbreaths and outbreaths did not exist as we understood it when we were one with Source. All these things were created by us in the Devic Realm.

Through generations, the creation schools became more consolidated. Some schools focused solely on creating planets and galaxies, devising rules that would diminish chaos. The creators of each physical place would decide the general function and properties of each individual space (such as a star), as well as how a group of places, such as a galaxy, would function and interact.

This did not all happen in the “twinkling of an eye” as some historians would like to convince you. The creation period from initial Source to now took such an enormous amount of time in relation to your time-space quadrant that your mind could not grasp the amount of zeroes if written in years.

Our goal was not to get the deed done, but to enjoy the journey. An enormous amount of pleasure came during this process. Because we are not bound by emotions or competition, nothing was ever deemed a failure, although most of what was created was left at the drawing board.

You are now living in one of the successful places that we created. This compilation known as Earth was created by the forces of myriads of Devas who came together sharing many of the facets that were successful in their various creations. Most of what you experience on Earth was first tested, used and explored on other planets and in other galaxies. This is one of the reasons why Star Beings from many other cultures are so interested in your evolution. They/we are your creators and predecessors.

Do not misunderstand us to say that we are God. We, like you, are a fragment of original Source. Some of you remember being a Starseed from other planets. Some of you remember your roots from the Angelic and Devic Realms. This does not make any of you more special than another. It is simply a choice that was made before your incarnation on this plane.

One of the unique features that have been used for eons and in many places is for us, the creators, to enter into our own creation. In order to have a full experience of separation from Source, amnesia was chosen upon entry into this Realm. A “buddy” system was set up to be sure no soul was eternally lost in the amnesia. These are called “soul groups.” Members of the group filter in and out of lifetimes, helping each other to “stay on track.” Often, when a Human meets a member of their soul group, there is a recognition.

There are many levels of soul groups. First, there is the inner circle consisting of a small number of souls who incarnate together in many life cycles. Then there is a large group who come and go intermittently. Other groups overlap for various purposes. It is all quite complex and would boggle the Human mind. Just know that you are connected to a myriad of souls, both on and off planet.

As this time of evolution prepares for a great Transition, many have come to observe and participate. For you see, on Earth, many of us in the Devic Realm have chosen to enter the world we created. Perhaps you are one of us? It is similar to the theatre. We created the stage, the playhouse, the backdrops, the costumes and wrote the play. We then chose to be actors, sometimes playing the lead role while other times being supporting actors.

We are here now to support those who wish to experience physicality with remembrance of their true Source. Many of us in the Devic Realm have a vested interest in Earth, for we were the initial creators of all that you experience, both physical and non-physical. There are others of us who have a concern for what is happening on Earth. For you see, your thoughts and many of your actions affect the other worlds we have created.

Many of you already understand that nuclear weaponry affects other places and spaces. We have permission from the Councils to assist Humans in stopping this practice. However, even among the “enlightened” ones on Earth, “negative” thoughtforms create just as much chaos. Thus, we are motivated to assist any of you who are ready to evolve to a higher frequency of love and kindness.

Understand that the Devic Realm, through the creation schools and with the permission of the Councils, created everything you experience in Nature. Each plant, the color of the sky, every water molecule, all living beings and their interactions are a culmination of our life work.

Throughout your history, many animal and plant species have evolved and disappeared. There are several reasons why this happens. Earth is an experimental laboratory. Many of the living species never interacted before and frankly, they did not blend well together.

Then there were natural catastrophic occurrences that created havoc on various species, such as the fire, brimstone and ashes from volcanoes, comets and space objects crashing onto the surface of the Earth, solar flares and such.  In some instances, Human’s actions have created genetic mutations and the disappearance of many species of plants, animals and insects. This causes an imbalance in Nature. One reason why new species are appearing on the Earth is to  re-balance Nature.

Please know that we do exist and look forward to deeper communication with you. Not only are you our family, coming from the same Source, but we designed the bodies and environment in which you live. We love you. We are you and look forward to our Integration in a future time. Thank you for coming to Earth to play your role and be a part of the Grand Experience we call Life.

We are proud of what we have created and excited to share what works with others, on Earth and beyond.

The Devas


For those of you who are gifted with psychic abilities, it is quite easy to reach us. Call on us and we will be there. Others may sense our presence yet doubt whether a connection has been reached. Most Humans do not and will never believe in our existence. Know that all is well and each of us is on our own Path of discovery and awakening.

In the chapter that follows, we will tell you more about who we are, how we operate and how we can work together. The remainder of this chapter is devoted to those who sense our presence, believe in our existence and wish to connect with us.

First, understand that we reside in a different Realm, which is why most Humans do not see us. In order to see us and to connect clearly through telepathy, our frequencies need to be in alignment. Communication with us is like a radio, unless you tune into a specific frequency, you cannot pick up a radio station. When you begin to get close to the proper channel, you begin to pick up static until the frequency matches and you can hear clearly.

Likewise, in order to communicate clearly with you, we must be on the same frequency. This can happen in three ways. The Devas you are trying to reach must lower their frequency, you must increase your frequency or what happens most often is a combination of both. This is what happens when a psychic “channels” information, she changes her frequency to match the vibration of the Being she is attempting to communicate with.

Matching frequencies requires a tremendous amount of energy and unless you have experience allowing the natural flow of Earth/Sky energy through your body, you would be wise to limit your initial communications to fifteen minutes.

Another way to reach the Devic Realm is through meditation. Be sure to drink at least a glass of water before you begin. Your body is like a battery and is much less efficient when your cells are low on water. Using whatever breathing exercise suits you best, remain in a comfortable position, focusing your attention and intention on our connection.

Ask your Higher Self and Angelic Guides to protect you, allowing only those of the Brotherhood of Light to be allowed in your presence. We wish to advise you not to practice in the use of the Ouija board and to be wary of other methods, including dowsing, which we will address later. These are methods that ornery lower frequency spirits can use to trick you.

When you have successfully made a connection with us, you may feel goose pimples or a vibration go through your body. Some experience ringing in the ears or can “hear” us telepathically. You may notice a fragrance, especially of flowers or an unusual taste in your mouth. Others use automatic writing or typing as a means of communication.

Every person has one or more heightened physical sense. Thus, if you tend to hear sounds that others can’t hear, it is likely you will be able to hear us more than smell the fragrances we emit or to visually see us.

Do not despair if you cannot sense our presence. With practice, you will learn to focus your attention, increase your vibratory rate and connect with us.

Know that we are close to Pure Love and would never ask you to do anything that is harmful to yourself or others. If you have an impulse to do harm or hear advice that does not feel right, know that you have tapped into an ornery spirit. Demand that it leave your presence immediately, never to return. Do not engage with these Beings for they can be quite annoying and create chaos. This is why a prayer for protection is of utmost importance when entering a state of meditation.


One excellent form of communication with us is through the use of dowsing tools, accompanied with your intuition. If you are new to dowsing, consider purchasing Theresa’s publications on this topic or visit for a free download of the booklet, Letter to Robin: A Mini-Course in Pendulum Dowsing by Walt Woods. We recommend that you practice dowsing for several months before relying on the results. In addition, always pay attention to your intuition and gut-instincts, for your body is the best monitor of what is right for you in each moment.

When you want to connect with the Devic Realm, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings of Light, Beings residing on the other side of the Veil or the Higher Selves of other Humans, dowsing tools can assist with this communication. We offer the following suggestions; feel free to adapt whatever method works best for you.


  1. Drink water, wear comfortable clothing, sit or lie in a comfortable position, choose a time when you feel emotionally balanced and are likely not to be interrupted.
  2. Ask your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to protect you during this time, allowing only the right and proper Beings into your presence during this session.
  3. If you are using a dowsing tool, ask the tool to show you a “yes” answer when the connection is made.
  4. Begin to breathe, chant or use mudras to get into a meditative state. Welling up feelings of gratitude and love will help to increase your vibratory rate.
  5. Hold the intention of this meeting clearly in your mind. Call in the Beings of Light you wish to communicate with. Sometimes repeating the name three times will help you to focus, thus allowing us to “hear” your request.
  6. Do not be overly concerned about calling in the “right” members, trust that once we know your agenda, only those needing to be in attendance will remain.
  7. Even if you don’t feel a connection, know we are present. Initially, it may be good for you to talk out loud to us. Often, Humans who are not focused tend to have scattered thoughts, making it hard for us to have a reasonable conversation.
  8. Ask your questions. Those of us in the Devic Realm hold the blueprints to anything that is in physical form. The Angelic Realm holds the knowledge of all this Is, Was and Will Be on Earth and can access the Akashic Records to answer any question your Higher Self permits them to respond to. They are of the highest integrity and “closest to Source” from your perspective.

The Ascended Masters can assist you with Earthly problems, especially those related to emotions, for they have been in Human form and understand what you are going through. Your Cosmic Brothers can assist with questions related to what is happening in the Cosmos. Many of them are currently incarnated on Earth in Human bodies, often as “walk-ins.”

  1. Be mindful of your energy level and keep your sessions from 15-60 minutes. Initially, limit your time to around 15 minutes, for there may be a huge energy drain on your body unless you already operate at a high frequency. You can always return at a later date for future conversations.
  2. Close the session as if you were in a Board Meeting. Thank all who were present and then say good-bye. It is important that you disconnect from each Being or else an energy drain can occur, making you tired.
  3. Re-hydrate and eat protein to increase your stamina. Although you may not notice, a lot of energy flows through you during these sessions.


There are a myriad of ways that we of the Devic Realm, as well as all other Realms, can assist you. Call us in with your focused intention, powered by your passion, and we will be there in the twinkling of an eye.

Understand that we, the Brotherhood of Light, are here to assist with your upliftment. We choose not to work with those who have dark, low frequency agendas. That is our choice, for like Humans, we have free will. We also sit in Council with your Higher Self and the Higher Selves of those who would be immediately affected by your requests. We will present them with your request and possible ways we can answer your call, however, the Higher Self of each individual has the final say in the matter.

Also be aware that when you change your mind, it may take awhile for what we put into motion to abate. For instance, if you have asked to be guided to a new job, we will set whatever circumstances are necessary into motion to make this happen. If you change your mind, there could be a disruption and you may lose your current job or doors to other employment that we were opening to you may suddenly close.

Dream your highest dream while working on releasing fears and undesirable belief codes. This will allow you to create the reality you desire. With empowerment, state your requests, realizing we are now making it happen. No request is too small or too large. Call on us as often as you want. We have no time burdens and are able to be in many places at the same time.

It matters not who you “call in” for we work together as a team. On our plane of existence there is no separation such as you experience on Earth.

Although there is much that we can do together, we are not “residents” on Earth. The actions must begin with you, requesting our help. This is part of the law of “free will.”

The following is a list of ways we can assist you. It is by no means exhaustive or conclusive. Ask for anything and if your Higher Self is in accordance, we will put your request into motion. Keep a vigilant eye, for often your blessings arrive in unexpected ways that you may not recognize.

Gardening questions of any kind: layout of the land, what, when, where or how much to plant, questions related to the needs of each plant from planting a seedling through the harvest and how to prepare your meals.

We can offer suggestions of where to place features such as birdbaths, paths, labyrinths, medicine wheels, seating and dining areas.

We can assist with choosing colors and furnishings when decorating the home, office and garden.

Ask for protection of your land from unwanted Beings and energies, both in the Seen and Unseen Realms.

We can help clear, negate or divert unwanted negative energies, ley lines, thoughtforms and underground waterways.

We can be a liaison of communication between you and the animal Realm.

We can also be a liaison with ancient guardians on your land. Seek specialized help if you have ornery spirits who create havoc and will not leave the property. They have free will and we cannot force them to leave. However, you, as the new occupant, have the power and ability to request their removal, but may need the assistance of a professional to keep you safe. During a session such as this, we can be called in to help.

With your permission, it is a great honor for us to bestow a blessing and increase the energetic frequency of your home, land, work and school locations.

When entering pockets of negatively charged energies, you may request that we bless and re-charge the location. Your will be done, after receiving permission by the Council overseeing that location.

We are also here to offer you abundance in many forms. Ask and we will insert ideas into your thoughts and put into motion whatever means is possible to make your request a reality.


Greetings, we are here as representatives of the cultures that you commonly call fairies, sylphs, gnomes, leprechauns and others too numerous to list here. If you find it too remarkable to believe in our existence, then take the following advice as though we are ambassadors from the Seen world. Like animals, insects and plants, we prefer to be treated with respect and wish that our habitats be left undisturbed by Human hands and machinery.

Similar to Human cultures, each of our cultures has a differing set of opinions, rules and desires. Within each culture, we are made up of individuals, each having free will and our own set of beliefs. So, when we speak to you, know that we are speaking of highest integrity, yet in generalizations, focusing on the good of all. For more information on a specific culture, choose to “tune into” our leaders or research authorized documents written or orally stated by our chosen Human spokespersons.


The roles of each kingdom is wide and varied. Some have specific jobs to perform, while others are here simply for the pleasure of living in this magnificent Realm.

In the beginning when the Earth was initially formed and began the process of habitation of living entities, we all were united as one. There were no boundaries of separation such as who is better than whom. There were no shields of invisibility, for there were no wars or dissention.

The current situation of separation came about as greed and competition escalated. Anger became the deciding factor in some separation situations. Survival was another reason for the current state of affairs.

It has become evident to all cultures in each of the Realms that we must now work together to increase the frequency on Earth or face annihilation and relocation to other planets. That would be a sad day for all of us.

Thus, we have set aside our differences and in many instances, now allow Humans to see us and to communicate with us in order to build better communication and friendship, as we once had in the days of old.

We acknowledge the frailties and wrong-doings of our ancestors and those of us in existence today. We forgive and allow unconditionally the rights and respect due to the Human Realm and offer our hands and hearts in friendship, loyalty and love.

Together we can re-create what we had initially on Earth, although it will never be the same since many of the flora and fauna have undergone tremendous changes, both in your Realm and in ours. We honor those who have gone before us, for their acts of courage and the integrity of their choices, especially to those who laid down their lives for the betterment of All.


We wish to work hand in hand with our brothers of the Human Realm, but many things must occur before this can be so. First, we apologize for the wrong-doings and animosity from those in our Realm from our ancestors to modern times. It is our hope that we can put the war behind us and move forward together in peace.

Second, we request that those who read this take an oath of honor to do all in their power to assist everyone, in all Realms living on Earth and beyond. This includes the lowliest of the low and the mightiest of the might, no matter what their agenda is. This does not mean that we wish for you to endorse them, but to fully recognize that each of us came from the same Source and one day we will return to the Oneness from whence we all came. What we are asking is for us to reunite and to unconditionally love all living Beings, in all Realms.

Third, it is our hope that you do all you can to lessen your fears and belief codes that hinder you from doing what you know is right, in every situation. We wish that each of you have the courage and integrity to speak up and inform your friends, family, neighbors and governmental leaders in regards to issues that affect each and every one of us.

Fourth, we hope that you will choose to be our spokesperson. We are unseen by many, disbelieved to exist by most, yet still have needs that must be met in order for us to continue to survive and thrive in this Realm. It matters not that you speak to others of our existence, for our needs are the same as yours.


Stop the unnecessary removal of trees, bushes and undergrowth.

Stop the use of herbicides and pesticides that choke the life out of all of us.

Stop the unnecessary spraying of chemicals into the air, including chemtrails and factory residue.

Stop polluting the waterways with toxins that should never have been created in the first place.

Leave cloning and DNA modifications in the hands of the Devic Realm.

Use only necessary items, which would close many factories and industries that create only harm. Specifically we are referring to plastics and toxic waste from nuclear weaponry and power plants.

Simplify your lives. Many have grown fat and unhealthy by using automated vehicles instead of working and shopping in areas they can walk to.

Treat animals with kindness, whether they are your pets, work helpers or future meal.

Follow your passion.

Walk with integrity.

Stop idle chatter, speaking only high vibrational words of love and kindness.


In order for all of us to survive the current onslaught of insanity that pervades on Earth, we must all lay down our swords and unite as one.

There are many dark forces at work, in all Realms on Earth and beyond that have a dark agenda, with the goal of creating dis-harmony, dis-ease and chaos on Earth. Their days are numbered, yet it is up to all of us to work together if we wish to see the Earth continue in a healthy, physical form.

It is our wish that you open your eyes and hearts to accept us as your brothers, choosing to work together for the betterment of All.

Many of you who believe in us treat us and our culture as though we are cutesy, flying around aimlessly all day. Although we are often portrayed as playful, know that we are hard at work trying to re-balance our mishaps, as well as those performed in other Realms, including yours.

Fairy and Wee Folks conferences, books and articles are in abundance more than ever. We ask that you make good use of these events to share our concerns and needs with others in your Realm. We need your assistance. It is imperative that we work together to create balance in all areas of concern on Earth.

Due to advanced technology, the ecosystem is in danger of collapse. Due to the advent of television and the ease of transportation, families are scattered across the planet. You have lost your tribe, the power of your existence.

Reclaim your voice in government. You have discovered that the majority of your governments are dangerous and worthless, having enslaved instead of empowering you. Restructure your governments, sit in council and listen to the voice of reason.

Treat all with honor, respect and dignity. We too have learned our lesson and are repentant and striving towards unconditional love of all. It is our hope that we can unite and work together to make Earth the paradise it once was.

Thank you for listening.    The Wee Folks


It is imperative, especially during this time of acceleration, that each person takes time daily for rest, relaxation and respite. Having a place set aside for this purpose helps make this possible.

Your sacred space can include an altar, seating or reclining area, candles, incense, music, gemstones and whatever makes your heart sing. It should be a place set aside from active areas, whenever possible. If there is no space you can set aside in your home, then consider a quiet location outside or at a nearby church. However, it is best to have this space available every day and anytime you need it.

When you enter this space, you are telling the uni-verse that you are here, for a purpose and removing yourself from the busy-ness of the day’s activities.

The purpose of this sacred space is to allow yourself time to think clearly, to set goals, to set the intentions of the day, to rebalance and to role-play situations of anticipated future events. It is a time for you to reflect on your day and your life. It is a time to ask for guidance. It is a time to co-create with Beings from the Other Side, choosing the experiences you wish to create in the future. It is a time to choose the reality you wish to create.

Many wander through this world aimlessly, never taking time to focus on what they wish to experience. Most do not consciously monitor their thoughts, words or actions, simply reacting to whatever circumstances surround them. Emotions are accepted as they come up, without recognition that to some extent, one chooses what they wish to experience and can consciously choose to act rather than react to others and situations that arise.

Daily meditation and quiet time will settle the mind, allowing each person to:

♥  take control of their life

♥  plan their life

♥  choose how to react

♥  discover what is of importance

♥  find their passion

♥  live life to the fullest

Begin today to make this a priority and watch the magic unfold!


We are our brother’s keeper. What happens to one, affects all throughout the uni-verse. Never forget how important you are. Each of us is a living library, a page in the book called Source. We are a part of creation that chose to incarnate on Earth to experience all that she has to offer.

When you come to a realization of who you are, share your knowledge and wisdom with others. When you grow food or know others who have an abundance, share with others. When you have time and energy to spare, assist those who need assistance. For it is in giving that we receive.

What can better sum up this booklet than the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi?

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.  Amen



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Nature Spirits @ Spirit Walk Ministry

Lorella Falconi Fairy

ART : Lorella Falconi


“Believe in the fairies that make dreams come true,

Believe in the wonder of the stars and the moon.

Believe in the magic from the fairies above,

they dance on the flowers and sing the songs of love.

And if you just believe and always stay true,

the fairies will be there to watch over you!”


Nature Spirits

nature spirits

To those who practice animistic religions each plant, each animal and even each rock has a spirit and these spirits, joining together as a body of water or a tract of land, become the elemental energies of the ecology. Nature Spirits are incorporeal beings from non-material dimensions that employ these elemental energies of the Earth in order to bring themselves into manifestation in the material world. Mother Earth abounds with these beings, each type having its own special function to perform, and the Nature Spirits are involved in every aspect of life.

Throughout the world there are folktales and fairytales regarding these creatures and the divine forests and sacred waters that they protect and sanctify and their interactions with the humans who enter into these realms. Different people have different names for the Nature Spirits such as the Irish Sidhe and the German Kobold and some of the English language names you may be familiar with include: boggarts, brownies, elves, goblins, fairies, fauns, gnomes, leprechauns, nymphs, pixies and trolls amongst many others.* Nature Spirits are also called Devas or Shining Ones because of the light they radiate when they manifest into our world.

Sometimes in these folktales the Nature Spirits appear in the stories as a sort of Spirit Guide, helping the hero who enters their realm upon some sacred quest. Where they differ from Spirit Guides is that their main concern is not for the seeker on his journey, but for preserving the spiritual essence of area through which he travels and the Nature Spirit may try to obstruct the hero in his quest if he is seen as a threat to the sanctity of the area.

From a scientific viewpoint these spirits seem to behave in a similar manner to they way we understand atomic particles to behave, moving backwards and forwards in time and space, fluctuating between energy and matter. The theories of quantum physics suggest the possibility of alternative universes and multiple dimensions from which these spirits could be originating and these spirits may embody a “quantum mind” wherein what we would describe as forms of energy may have a conscious awareness and be able to interact with those of different dimensions or even different universes. These spirits cannot be directly observed anymore than atomic particles can be observed, but can only be discerned by the energy footprints they leave, like the glow of fairies in the garden.

*(Although “gremlins” might also be included within the group of “nature spirits” we have chosen to include them under “The Paranormal”, as their manifestations more resemble hauntings rather than spirit apparitions.)

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“To sum up: all nature-spirits are not the same as fairies;

nor are all fairies nature-spirits.

The same applies to the relationship of nature-spirits and the dead.

But we may safely say that a large proportion of nature-spirits became fairies,

while quite a number of the dead in some areas

seem to take on the character of nature-spirits.”

~ Lewis Spence, British Fairy Origins ~

The Elemental Nature Spirits

All things in the material world are made up the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water and contain the nature spirits of these elements within them. These are the nature spirits that interact with the material world, but have their existence in the non-material beyond this plain of existence. When these spirit consciousnesses descend into the material world they manifest in the manner of physical existence within the boundaries of the realm into which they settle. It becomes and elemental spirit according to the element it forms in: In earth it becomes a gnome; in water it becomes an undine, in fire it becomes a salamander; in air it becomes a sylph. Each of these elementals has a distinctive and important part to play in the creation and maintenance of life within the natural world.

Earth Element (Gnomes) — Earth spirits maintain the physical earth and they give us the basic energy of life in its rawest form and they aid in maintaining the physical realm of the earth. Thus, when they meet a human, they take a human form, though short, stocky and thick-set, due to their earthy nature. They help us to become more aware, but remember that they can be tricksters as well.

Water Element (Undines) — Water spirits are found in natural sources of water such as rivers, springs, and the ocean. The water spirits govern magnetism and chemistry and they stimulate our emotions and spiritual impulses. They first appear as a blur of color, but as they manifest they take their form from our imaginations, and often appear mermaid-like.They are infinitely sensual, something to keep in mind if you encounter them. They are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. They have beautiful voices that can be heard over the sound of water. In some legends, undines cannot get a soul unless they marry a man and bear him a child, which often leads to romantic, but tragic consequences.

Air Element (Sylphs) — Air spirits are found in any motion of air, from a light breeze to a tornado. They are composed entirely from wind and thought, and they are the source of all life energy. Sometimes they are depicted as cloud beings. Sylphs are responsible for the myths of “angels”, the winged protectors of the Garden of Eden and they defend the high mountain peaks that are their home. Mercurial and intense they assist humans to develop mental abilities and inspiration.

Fire Element (Salamanders) — Fire spirits are everywhere and they will often first appear as sudden bursts of heat, but when manifest they will take the form of the lizard of the same name. They are responsible for all light, heat, and strong powerful emotions that drive “The Will”. Salamanders when called upon to assist in magick can have a very profound effect upon human nature and while helpful in stimulating energies fire spirits can be temperamental and impulsive.

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Trees are sanctuaries.

Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them,

can learn the truth.

They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach undeterred by particulars,

the ancient law of life.

~ Hermann Hesse ~

Tree Spirits

sacred trees

For all of human existence the humans and the trees have had a special and even spiritual relationship. It is said that the first place man went upon leaving the oceans was up into the trees. Trees offered shelter, food and warmth. Trees became our allies in nature and the Native Americans Indians call them, “Our standing brothers and sisters”. Trees therefore became the center for gatherings to worship and to exchange knowledge. One of the most well known creation myths had at its heart a Tree of Knowledge. In the Book of Genesis, the tree of knowledge was in the Garden of Eden. God forbade man to eat the fruit of this tree which would awaken him to his ability to think and reason for himself. (see: Earth Mother)

Every tribal people had its tales of local and guardian spirits of the tree. These spirits were guardians of the forest, often guarding a treasure or secret within the forest and each of the trees themselves had a connection to a spiritual connection of its own. Trees formed an important part of religious worship and many Sacred Groves served as religious centers throughout the world. It may be of interest to note that with the coming of the patriarchal Church religious gatherings moved from these sacred groves into grottos within the Earth and away from the spirits of the trees once so important to those early peoples reverence for Mother Earth.

Within these sacred trees was thought to reside another type of Nature Spirit, spirits that were of an elemental nature of wood and theses were the Spirits of the Trees. These tree spirits were thought to be of two essences male and female. “Tree Fauns” were the male tree spirits. Tree fauns were said to be wise and kind, but reserved in their dealings with humans. They were sensitive to the emotions of women and would sometimes court their souls. “Tree Nymphs” were the female tree spirits. More playful and adventurous with humans they would often fall in love with a human man. Dryads were the female tree spirits of Greek Mythology. Technically, dryads are the nymphs of oak trees, but the term is now used for all tree nymphs.

Tree Spirits were long-lived, but not immortal. If the tree died, the spirit associated with it died as well. For that reason, the Greek gods punished any mortals who harmed trees without first appeasing the tree spirits. It is highly doubtful that much thought is given today to the idea of mollifying the tree spirits as the great forests of the Earth are being cleared by the machinery of man.

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The groves were God’s first temples.

~William Cullen Bryant~

The Spiritual Properties of Trees

sacred trees

Each tree has a spiritual essence, but there are special trees that appeal to the human condition because of the special properties they bare. For this reason there were certain trees that were seen as holding special dominion over the affairs of man and of nature and sacred groves of trees are of great religious importance to many culture and are the meeting place for activities and rituals. Within the grove all become linked and hidden knowledge is revealed. The trees below are especially symbolic and have been throughout history.

Alder Tree — Associated with water. The catkin bearing alder tree resists decay in its watery habitat and the water spirits or undines love this tree as does the unicorn. The leaves of an alder tree can be made into a tea to treat kidney problems.

Apple Tree — The custodian of wisdom and tree of the soul. Freya, the goddess of wisdom walks through heaven dispensing golden apples to the gods which will give them the gift of wisdom and understanding and the day of the apple tree is Friday (Freya’s day). To grow an apple tree in the garden is a happy omen and the Celts believe that apple trees grow in the Celtic paradise. The apple tree man dwells in the middle of the apple trees and he is the guardian of their fertility and the fairy protector of the spirit of the goddess.

Ash Tree — It is said to be an ancestor of humankind. In Greece powerful families were believed to have come from ash trees. In Norse mythology the sacred ash is believed to be the entire support structure of the universe and even today, in certain places, people will leave tokens of human hair hanging from an ash tree in hopes that their wishes, hopes and desires will be granted. Used in fashioning witch’s wands for healing.

Aspen Tree – The tree of heroes whose crowns of poplar leaves gave them the power not only to visit the Underworld, but also to return safely. The aspen crowns found in ancient burial mounds may have been included to allow the spirits of the deceased to return to be reborn. An aspen leaf placed under the tongue would make the bearer more eloquent, traditionally a gift of the Faerie Queen.

Bay Tree — The tree of healing. It is associated with masculine principles and medicine, music, and the rays of the sun. The bay protects dwellings and gardens. Bay leaves crowned poet, heroes and important men. Grow a bay tree near your house for it protects your dwelling and wards off illness. When a baby is born it is lucky to celebrate by planting a bay tree for the baby’s sake. Never plant a bay tree where vines grow.

Birch Tree — Associated with Lammas tide on August 1, the light of the stars, the moon and the sun. It is a symbol of summer ever returning. It is said the birch is the mother of the oak tree because in prehistoric times it was the birch that prepared the earth floor for the majestic oak to be born. It is said the fairies love this tree in the springtime. Used in fashioning witch’s wands for banishing.

Blackthorn Tree — A winter tree, its fruits, called “sloes”, only ripen after the first frost. The wood of the Blackthorn is traditionally used to make the Irish shillelagh. It represents the influence of fate or outside influences.

Bramble Tree — The fairies love the bramble tree because it is wild and protects the penetration of secluded sacred faerie clearings.

Broom Tree — The properties associated with the broom tree are that of astral travel and flight. The Irish called it the “Physician’s power” because of its diuretic shoots. Sweep your outside ritual areas with it to purify and protect. Burning the blooms and shoots calms the wind. Be cautious if you plant Broom however, it will quickly multiply.

Cedar Tree — Also known as the Tree of Life, Arbor Vitae, Yellow Cedar. Ancient Celts on the mainland used cedar oil to preserve the heads of enemies taken in battle. To draw Earth energy and ground yourself, place the palms of your hands against the ends of the leaves.

Cherry Tree — Symbol of death, rebirth and new awakenings. Wild cherry folklore has unusual associations with the cuckoo, whereby the bird has to eat three good meals of cherries before it may stop singing. Folklore from the north east of Scotland warns against using the cherry tree’s wood for any purpose, as it was considered a witch’s tree. An infusion made of the stalks of the berries is used medicinally to treat bronchitis and anemia.

Elder Tree — Legends said it was unlucky to bring any part of an elder tree into the house because it would bring a death in the family. It actually has a feminine soul. It is magickal, healing and fragrant. If planting an elder tree in the garden remembers it likes to be protected and hidden. In fact all the fairy trees like to be planted at a distant from others.

Fig Tree — The fig tree appears in the story of the Garden of Eden when, after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve covered their nakedness with leaves that are usually said to be from the fig tree. The fig tree has a sacred meaning for Buddhists. According to Buddhist legend, the Buddha, achieved enlightenment while sitting under a bo tree, a kind of fig tree. The bo or bodhi tree remains a symbol of enlightenment.

Fir Tree — The Fir is a very tall slender tree that grows on the upper slopes of mountainous. Fir cones respond to rain by closing and the sun by opening. Fir can see over great distance to the far horizon beyond and below. Fir indicates high views and long sights with clear vision of what is beyond and yet to come.

The Silver Fir Tree — Brings the knowledge of present and past lives into the now. The color silver links to the “silver thread” of awareness of the spiritual journey and the gift of insight.
Hawthorn Tree — This is the most sacred tree to the fairies probably because it is so wild, uncompromising and fragrant. If you sit under the thorn tree on May Day Eve, Samhain Eve and Midsummer Eve you can commune with the fairies.

Hazel Tree — The tree of wishes and tree of the star goddess. It is associated with the Celtic goddess of the stars, Arianrhad, whose image was seen in the stars of the constellation we now know as the constellation of the Corona Borealis. The Hazel is called the tree of wishes because it has the power to grant the hearts desire.

Holly Tree — Symbol of the life force, vitality and immortality. It is considered a lucky tree to grow in the garden because it wards off negative energies. The shiny green leaves represent the vitality of life even in the coldest of times and is used in Yule for this reason. It is lucky to burn dried holly branches but not if their still green. The male holly tree (the prickly one) and the female holly tree (the smooth variegated one) are inhabited by respectfully the Holly Man and the Holly Woman, (the winter guises of the Green Man and the Green Woman.) Used in fashioning witch’s wands for protection.

Juniper Tree — Considered a protective tree and unlucky to cut down a juniper tree. The tree has an abundance of healing properties. Infusions can be made to treat kidney and liver troubles, arthritis, dropsy and help the elderly.

Larch Tree — The larch plays an important role in Siberian mythology where it takes the place of the ash as the World-tree. Their shamans use larch wood to rim their ceremonial drums. The smoke from burning larch is said to ward off evil spirits. Larch may be used for protection and to induce visions.

Laurel Tree — Sacred to Apollo. When the Greek nymph Daphne was being chased by Apollo she asked to be changed into another form and Athena transformed her into a Laurel tree. Much respected in Roman times, the Latin word “laurus” means “praise” and “renowned”. A symbol of wisdom and glory, the Latin “laureate” means “crowned with laurels”, i.e. “poet laureate”.

Lilac Tree — It is the fragrance of the lilac tree that is considered magickal. The fragrance is believed to carry humans into fairyland and the supernal world. English tradition considers the lilac to be an unlucky flower to be brought into the house because it is associated with death, perhaps from the fear of the power of the fragrance of the lilac. It is really quite a beneficiary tree. Its flowers can be eaten and used as a tonic for the nervous system.

Maple Tree — Maple trees meanings includes balance, promise and practicality. The maple is seen as a happy tree, alluring, mystically bringing together all who gather under it’s sheltering branches. Carrying a young child through the branches of a Maple tree was traditionally thought to encourage good health and long life. The Maple is also said to bring lifelong success and abundance.

Mistletoe Tree — Also known as Birdlime, All Heal and Golden Bough. It was the most sacred tree of the Druids, and ruled the Winter Solstice. The berries are poisonous! Bunches of mistletoe can be hung as an all-purpose protective herb. The berries are used in love incenses.

Oak Tree — The tree of truth. It is ancient and wise and has an old spirit. The mistletoe of the oak tree has many magickal properties. It is also a marriage tree, symbolic of the marriage between the god and the goddess. If you dance around the oak tree and wear some of its leaves you will have a long and happy marriage. It is said that if there is a question in your heart that you cannot find the answer to then go to an oak tree and embrace it and ask the spirit of the oak tree to answer your question. If you should know the answer it will be send to you in a prophetic dream. The oak is frequently associated with Gods of thunder and lightening such as Zeus and Thor. This association may be due to the oak’s habit of being hit by lightening during storms.

Olive Tree — The symbol of wisdom and peace. The olive tree was the sacred tree of goddess Athena and Athens, the capital of Greece, took its name from the goddess. Zeus had decreed that the city should be given to the god who offered the most useful gift to the people. Poseidon gave them the horse. Athena struck the bare soil with her spear and caused an olive tree to spring up. The people were so delighted with the olive that Zeus gave the city to Athena and named it after her. Athena is often shown with an olive branch, a symbol of peace and plenty.Ancient Greeks used olive oil to fuel their sacred lamps, while specially aged olive oil was used by the church during weddings and baptisms.

Palm Tree — Palms are the symbols of peace and opportunity. In many historical cultures, palms were also symbols for such victory and fertility. Early Christians used the palm branch to symbolize the victory of the faithful over enemies of the soul. In Judaism, the palm represents peace and plenty.

Pear Tree — The early Germanic peoples would carve runes into the wood of a pear tree. honored by the Northmen. The pear tree is also mentioned in literature and folklore connected with love and temptation. In Greek and Roman mythology pears are the sacred fruit of the goddesses. The Chinese believed it a symbol of immortality.

Pine Tree — The tree of the Sun. Its old title was “the sweetest of woods” and the scent of Pine is useful in the reduction of guilt. Like all evergreen trees which do not lose their leaves or green color during the wintertime, the pine tree stands for immortality. In Japan, the pine tree stands as a tribute to strong character and energy because it holds up against strong winds.

Poplar Tree — The poplar tree is considered the tree of old age and the autumnal equinox . Heracles wore a crown of poplar leaves when he retrieved Cerberus from Hades and the upper surface of the leaves was thus darkened from Hades’ smoky fumes. In Christian lore, the quaking poplar was used to construct Christ’s cross and the leaves of the tree quiver when they remember this fact. The Poplar’s ability to resist and to shield, its association with speech, language and the Winds indicates an ability to endure and conquer.

The White Poplar Tree — The ability to find the spiritual determination to face the hardships of earthly and material life. This tree has the
Rowan Tree — The tree of vision, healing, psychic powers, Rowan is associated with witchcraft and is also known as the Wicken Tree and Witchbane. Twigs and branches of the rowan tree help to bestow protection and runes were carved with sticks from a rowan tree. It is also a tree held dear by the Celtic Goddess Brigid. Rowan is also used during rites of the Moon and for rites of knowledge and divination. This is based on the Celtic calendar of the 13 moons and represents the Moon of astral travel and vision, healing and empowerment.

Willow Tree — Since ancient times the willow tree has been associated with sorrow and death and it is also considered a tree of enchantment. Used in fashioning witch’s wands used for divination.

Yew Tree — Found in ancient cemeteries, this tree is said to grow a root into each corpse in the graveyard and is a symbol of rebirth and may have been used as wood for the “fe” rod, used for measuring of graves and corpses and in the making of shields. It is good medicine for working with past life issues.

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