Hall of Records – Sekmet & Egypt @ Dragon Rider


Hall of Records

As I was going about my business this evening, I had a visit from Sekmet.

She told me we were going to Egypt tonight and I saw a few flashes of imagery to go along with it. I could have probably relaxed and gone right away, but I had a few things to do first and put it off for about an hour.

When I was ready, and entering into a meditative state, I connected with my God-head Arak, whom I associate with Egypt, being an eagle headed and winged man-god and all. This image of RA is pretty close, to what I see of Arak in my visions, except that the wings are missing…


As Arak, Goddess Sophia and I departed for Egypt. Departed sounds a little off, because we arrived instantaneously. I saw the existing Giza pyramids, but we were not destined to enter into them. Instead, we entered into pyramids and/or temples that were buried in sand. I walked into a room in this temple and there was a circular platform or stage in the center. Within this circle was a pedestal with a spherical object at the top of it.

I, put my hand on the sphere and thousands of images displayed in my perception. It was like a hologram in the room, but may have also just been in my mind. I received the information that as I moved my hand, the images would change. I slid my hand slightly sideways and the images began flipping by. There were too many images to really see what each was, so I tried to focus on one at a time. It appeared that these images were lifetimes, but not necessarily only lifetimes I would associate with myself.

I chose to focus on what, if any role Arak, as an individual, had in history. I saw him/me glowing in golden light standing very tall among the indigenous people, and they were worshiping him. I heard him say (to me) that this deity worship was unavoidable when appearing on-planet, and that it was a mistake to allow that to happen. There were also slaves in abundance, but I feel like this was not at the request of Arak or other God/Goddess visitors, but that the slaves had human ‘handlers’ or captors.

After this vision, Sekmet, Tsei Na Ta Ra and Tjya Na came in, along with some big cats. I greeted them warmly and I realized that Tjya Na is not a faery, but is a sacred Egyptian cat or spirit of such. I used the sphere to look at my daughter’s aspect in Egypt. I saw my daughter (current lifetime) as a princess of sorts (I’m not sure what term would be used in Egyptian culture). She was very regal and very much looked the part. She also had a cat, much like Tjya Na, with her. She wasn’t particularly friendly or warm however. Not surprising for a royal I guess. I didn’t delve into the details, but it was fun to see.


I had the impression that there are several temples like this one around the globe, from multiple cultures. I used the sphere to look at some of these other temples and jumped around from Atlantis to South America, Ireland and other places. They were not identical, but had a similar function. I also had the understanding that the information is the same as what is in the Akashic records. I asked myself (Arak) about a Dragon equivalent. He said Dragons have no need for technology, they are magical beings… I became my Diamond Light Dragon self and filled the entire room with my body. It seemed silly at that point to use the temple as a Dragon. I changed back to my Arak self and a portal opened above our heads. It seemed that passage through a portal that suddenly appears is the right thing to do.

Passing through the portal, we entered into a spacecraft that was shaped like the body of a scarab beetle. It seemed I had an invitation to visit where these Gods and Goddesses came from. I felt the ship rise straight up into space above Gaia. Although it sounded like a great adventure, I said that I had work to do here. Arak said: “You are a Dragon now, do your work.”


I became the Diamond Light Dragon again and dropped back to the pyramids of Giza. I was glowing and beaming bright light and landed on top of the largest pyramid.


The Diamond Light penetrated the pyramid and it began glowing like it was a white-hot stone (or crystal). As it activated, the next pyramid over did the same thing and each beamed light up into the Diamond Light Grid and down into Gaia’s crystal core. I then moved to the structures that were buried in the sand (where I had been prior) and did the same thing. I found myself jumping to Atlantis (under water), Central and South American sites, and others. I realized I shouldn’t be doing this alone. As per my previous Dragon Council experience, I asked the thousands of Dragon’s carrying Diamond Light to join me. Each dragon visited a sacred site, including natural formations such as mountains.


This work not only activated sacred sites and continued the work of connecting the grids, it also helped to activate the ley lines around Gaia.

I realize many of these activations have happened, by many different people and events. Maybe each activation is different somehow and important in their own way?

While doing this, our friend’s dog came onto our deck and barked loudly shocking me out of meditation… Although I was able to go right back, I decided the work was finished for the night anyway. I figured I would star gaze for awhile.

I remembered that one of the images I initially had when Sekmet appeared to me was of a past life in Egypt that didn’t go well. I thought I should investigate that before shutting down.

I asked to see this lifetime and I saw myself as an aid to, or member of, a royal Egyptian family. I was stabbed in the chest by a thief and died, slowly drowning on my own blood. I was important enough in this family that I was to receive traditional royal burial which included embalming and mummification. When I went to this aspect of myself, I realized that he had not detached fully from his body and that he felt he couldn’t leave something undone in that lifetime. The trauma of being stabbed as well as the trauma of embalming, were causing ongoing pain and suffering. When I talked with him, he thought that this attack by the thief had been the previous day (and it was likely days previous in that timeline). I explained the importance of letting go of his burdens and that it was time to go.


At this point Anubis came to guide him into the afterlife. I figured this was important for him, as opposed to passing through a golden doorway or golden tornado as I have done with other aspects of myself. I then asked Archangel Michael to sever the cords connecting to these burdens and to heal these injuries. It was very cool to see Anubis arrive and guide this aspect of myself to the afterlife.

I am hopeful that this lifetime is, or rather was, a factor in my breathing and sinus issues, and that by addressing this, I can let these health issues finally go.



Transforming Fear—A shamanic journey with Anubis ~ Nicki Scully @ Shamanic Journeys

Anubis found guarding the treasury in Tutankhamun’s Tomb, Cairo Museum


Transforming Fear—A shamanic journey with Anubis

Nicki Scully

Following is a guided shamanic journey with the Egyptian god of the underworld, Anubis, Opener of the Way. Anubis is the son of Nephthys and Osiris, and was raised by Isis. Among many other functions, he is the god who looks after miscarried and abandoned children. He guards and protects equally in the day and the night, and knows all the pathways that lead from the darkness into the light. His keen senses and watchful eye assure that no outside forces will endanger you while you do your inner work. I have found him to be a trustworthy guide, teacher and protector, and am honored to share this important process with you.

I suggest that you read this journey before taking it for the first time. Having a trusted friend read it to you works well, or you can do it on your own or make a tape in your own voice, leaving ample space or using the pause button while you do the work. It is also helpful if you determine before you journey what fears you intend to work with, and bring them as strongly into your consciousness as you are able when you are ready to begin.

The Journey

Ground and center yourself with some deep, grounding breaths… Look within and find your eternal heart flame… It will enter your perception, either through imagining, feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, or simply knowing its presence. Feed your heart flame with love, and notice how it grows. Continue feeding your inner heart flame as it intensifies and sends warmth and light throughout your being… Take a moment to recall the fear that has been compelling you… Allow yourself to feel where in your body it is most noticeable. Bring it to the surface of your awareness so that it is more easily available for transformation…

You will become aware of the presence of Anubis just outside the light of your heart flame. He is looking at you from the darkness beyond with glowing eyes. Let your perception come into focus in whatever way works for you; you might see, feel, hear, know, smell, or simply imagine his presence. With your full focus and attention, you can begin to perceive the full presence of his being… He leads you into the darkness, looking over his shoulder occasionally to be sure that you are following him. Anubis guides you through the darkness, deeper and deeper until you come to a river between you and what appears to be a dark, rough hewn land flickering with fire on the other side. You must find your way across this river. As you focus on your strong intention to complete this transformation, you will discover how to cross the river.

When you find yourself on the other side of the river you are struck with the smell of sulfur similar to that of reeking rotten eggs. It takes a great force of your will to enter the large, yet stifling cavern where Anubis directs you. He positions himself as a sentinel while you find your place within and allow your fears to surface. The sulfur reacts as brimstone to flint, and your fears immediately ignite. You must stand in the fires of your own fear as the transformation takes place. Allow yourself to breathe in the acrid smell of the sulfur and stay with this process as you witness the burning transformation of your fears… Anubis appears when the work is complete, and guides you further into the cavern, to a far crevice where there is a small opening you must crawl through that leads into a spacious underground grotto. A shaft of light shines upon flower blossoms protruding from a ledge, nourished by the spray from a waterfall feeding a sacred spring with clear, sweet water.

Anubis at Abydos

Enjoy some time bathing and swimming in the cool, clear waters, rinsing away the last remnants of the sulfur and fear. Anubis will show you where steps have been cut into the rock, and you climb upward until you emerge once again into the bright dawn of a new day. Notice how much lighter you feel. Offer your gratitude to Anubis, and receive any further messages or instructions from this powerful ally and guide. Bring your attention once more to your physical body and ground and center yourself


The above article is published in Nicki’s book ‘Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation’, coauthored with Mark Hallert and available at Hathor’s Mirror

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