Make Friends With Your SELF @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Make Friends With Your SELF


Make FRIENDS with your SELF

In fact, make FRIENDS with ALL your SELVES

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

How often do you remember to take a LONG moment to make friends with your many, Multidimensional Friends who, by the way, ALL live within YOU!  You, the earth/bound Ones, often think of your Multidimensional “SELF” as being “above you.”

However, in reality, you have many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF that live “within you.” However, since it appears to your Human/Self that you only have one body, you may tend to also put that limitation onto your Multidimensional/SELF.

Please remember that your Multidimensional SELF serves as the “Collective Self” of all the incarnations you have had on Gaia, as well as Venus, Mars, and any planets or stars within your present Solar System that you have visited.

We say, “your present Solar System,” because you have lived, and DO live, simultaneously, in more than one reality, or dimension. In this manner, you can participate in more than one reality within the same NOW of the ONE.

This NOW of the “ONE” of which we speak is the fifth dimension and beyond. In these higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, you have the ability to experience many different realities within the same NOW. This inter-dimensional merging awaits us all as we begin to perceive the threshold into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

What we think we are realizing (I say “we think,” because, when we get to the “Entrance  to the Threshold of the Fifth Dimension,” we may feel confused, inspired, tired and can’t sleep.

What we are saying is that “concepts based on third/fourth dimensional thinking, and un-resolved issues that are still limiting your aura to resonate to the third/fourth dimension.

of because the fifth dimension is not bound by time, space and/or the illusion of separation, that dimension of reality affords you the ability to experience more than one reality within the same NOW of that fifth dimensional HERE.

You, the ascending members of Gaia’s Ascending Earth, are standing on the edge, but you may not be sure what “edge” we are standing on. As you move through your transmutation process, you may feel and/or know things, that you never felt or knew before. Therefore, these new realities may not make sense to you, “YET.”

You may feel this expanding change above you, around you, inside us, and deep within the Core of Gaia. Nonetheless, many of you are forming Multidimensional, Galactic Consortiums. In fact, the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELVES are already members of this “Galactic Consortium.”

What is a “consortium via your Dictionary?”


A combination of organizations that are formed for a common purpose

            Right to marital company and affection

                        (dictionary meaning)

Within your own consciousness you have a “consortium” of all the many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF remembering your innate ability to organize all that you have experienced, learned and remembered from your many incarnations on Gaia. Do you realize that all that you have done for Gaia was because of your bonding with, and affection for, your planetary home.

Of course, there are many of you who have not been able—yet—to perceive your third dimensional life from the viewpoint of your Multidimensional SELF. Also, many of you have been trained by your third dimensional life that having affection for, and deeply supporting your self, is “conceited,” or even impossible.

Therefore, we wish to remind you of the great affection and support that your Higher SELF is constantly sending to you from the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.   “A right to marital company and affection” eludes many grounded ones, as life in the third dimension can be very difficult.

We wish to remind you that your own higher expressions of SELF is continually sending you deep support, constant affection, and continuous assistance. However, we do realize that it can be difficult for you to integrate your relationship with your Higher Dimensional SELF into your daily life.

However, if you can dedicate yourself to put aside special time to commune with your Higher SELF and/or Spiritual Guides, you will realize that they are constantly sending you Unconditional Love and daily support.

It is this daily, and/or frequent interaction with your own Higher SELF that will lead you to remember your “Reason for Embodiment” within this NOW. Once you remember your “reason for embodiment,” is important for you to remember to focus on the promise that you made before you took this embodiment.

As you remember this promise, which is your Mission, your consciousness will greatly expand, and you will begin to recall other incarnations in which you prepared for the manner in which you would assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

Remembering, and performing, the mission that you chose before you took this incarnation will continually awaken you to a deeper and more fully conscious relationship with your own Multidimensional SELF.

Once you have remembered and returned to this relationship, you will no longer feel alone. Slowly, or quickly, you will remember your fifth dimensional realities on your Starship and/or your Home World. These memories will expand your consciousness, as well as your sense of SELF, to include the YOU that is your fifth dimensional SELF.

Then, your experience of “reality” will greatly expand because you will begin to perceive your physical reality from a fifth dimensional perspective. Perceiving your third/fourth dimensional realities from the perspective of your fifth dimensional SELF allows you to stay detached from the fears and dramas of your third dimensional reality, who is having many “growing pains.”

Only the humans who have expanded their consciousness will be able to see the big picture of what is now occurring on your planet. In fact, third dimensional reality can make it difficult for our grounded ones to remember their true Multidimensional SELF.

However, if you can perceive the third dimension from the perspective of your fifth dimensional SELF, you will be able to differentiates the illusions from the truths. This ability will make your journey through Gaia’s long, slow process of returning to Her fifth dimensional express, much easier, and even enjoyable.

Once you are aware of the big picture, the lies and illusion can be more easily identified and transmuted or released. In order to transmute an illusion, remember to say” “Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire transmuting all shadow into Light, Light, Light!!”

The above mantra is very helpful because it will allow you to feel how your own inner power of transmutation can change any situation that seems overwhelming or too difficult to confront. Of course, NOT confronting a difficulty will only allow that problem to become larger and increasingly difficult to deal with.

The Violet Fire encases that problem, which allows you the ability to rise above it by transmuting your sense of fear—shadow—into the Higher Light of your own inner power. It is in this manner that you protect your 3D self and address any uncomfortable or frightening issues with your 5D SELF.

Please remember that you ALL, even those who seem to be totally lost to the darkness, have a fifth dimensional expression of your self, because you are ALL Multidimensional Beings.  Some of your have forgotten your reality in the higher dimensions. Therefore, you can more easily become lost in the fears and insecurities of your daily life in the physical plane.

However, if you can remember that you ALL have a simultaneous reality in the planes of the fifth dimension and beyond, that is willing and ready to give you the higher perspective of what may appear to be an impossible challenge to your third dimensional self.

If you can remember that you came to Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension, you will be able to confront your physical challenges of daily life as part of what you signed up for in order to assist in the transmutation of an entire planet.

How will transmutation (change, change of one element into another, conversion to gold) be a component of ascension. Transmutation is the shift into a higher frequency of reality.

Even in the physical world, calling on the power of transmutation is a message to your self that you are ready to make the cosmic leap into the higher dimensions. Of course, it is much easier to have a quick visit to a higher dimensional sense of your thoughts, of your body and of your consciousness.

Transmutation also allows you to imagine that you are in the fifth dimension. Then, once you can imagine your fifth dimensional SELF, you will look around to try to use your imagination to expand your perceptions to include the fifth dimensional expressions of your reality.

I have started a Mantra that I was told inside to say it again and again and again…

I AM the Master of my MIND


The Mentor of my body

I was surprised that the word “mentor” came in, so back to the 3D library I went. “Mentor means:  Counselor, Guide, Tutor, Teacher, Guru, Supporter”

An important part of the Transmutation of your 3D human self into your 5D Higher SELF is that you live within the responsibility of being your own Mentor, your own Counselor, your own Guide, Your own Tutor, Your own Teacher, and most important of all, Your own Multidimensional SELF.

It is the NOW that those who unselfishly give “Service to Others—Others includes Gaia, so “Service to Gaia.” If you think in terms of “Service to Gaia” you have made a “quantum leap” in your consciousness.

Whenever you can perceive that ALL life is alive, and ALL life is a component of Gaia’s Earth, you have just made your first step into the fifth dimensional frequencies of reality. Unfortunately, as you go about your daily 3D life and 4D emotions, you can easily “fall out” of balance with your fifth dimensional path, and/or fall back into the Operating System of the third and/or fourth dimensions.

Now THIS is when it is a great NOW to remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who came to Gaia to assist with Planetary Ascension. Often the grounded ones, forget their deepest Mission because their daily life no longer affords them the ability to go deep within and high above their 3D life to visit their true SELF.

It is when they shift their Perception of Reality, AWAY from their third dimensional perceptions and into their fourth and/or fifth dimensional perceptions of reality. Then questions such as:





You can see that there is NO “Service to Others,” and ALL “Service to Self.” If one is in a “very bad place” in their life that might want to give more Service to Self so that they can relax and have fun.  Relaxing and having fun is one of the Earthly joys. But IF it is based on Service to Self, then the glimmer will quickly dim.

On the other hand, when you know that you GIVING SERVICE TO OTHERS—whether that other is human, animal, earth, air, fir, water or the entire planet Gaia. If one thinks of Gaia as a big rock with some things growing on it, then their “conscience is  clear.”

Fortunately, there are less and less humans who perceive Gaia as a bit rock that they can damage, own, harm etc. In fact, there are more and more humans ( but NOT nearly enough humans ) who perceive Gaia as the “Living Being of their Planetary Mother.”

In fact, once they are able to think of Gaia as their “living, Planetary Mother,” they will remember how to love their selves enough to love the Planet. Just imagine how GLORIOUS it WILL be when Gaia’s children grow up and become Good Parents of Her Reality.

Gaia has suffered so much damage to Her Planetary SELF. How could we, the “modern humans,” not know the simple fact that if we Care for Gaia, She will remain healthy enough to prepare for the transmutation into OUR Personal and Planetary Ascension.

We need to send Unconditional Love to Gaia! Why? Because any time that any one sends Unconditional Love to any person, situation or planetary being, we not only empower that person, situation, or planetary being, we also empower our self.

Please remember that Gaia’s Primary Operating System is:

Energy Out is Energy Back

This “Operating System” insures that the humans, who are meant to be the Guardians for Gaia, learn/remember that humanity has been given the innate power to consciously assist with Planetary Ascension by remembering that Gaia is a Loving Being who need Unconditional Love in the same manner as does ALL of Her inhabitants.

The members of humanity, are meant to be the Leaders of Planetary Ascension, but far too many became lost in the many illusions and challenges of the third dimension. Therefore, we, your Galactic Family have decided to assist the Awakened Ones.

Therefore, if you dedicate yourself to chose a certain time and place that you will return to on a regular basis, we, your Galactic Family, will assist you to remember: WHO you really are,WHY you chose to take an earth vessel within this now, WHAT you promised to fulfill during your current incarnation, WHERE you are to perform that task and WHEN you promised that you would perform your vital promise to assist Gaia.

We hear some of you saying/thinking, “Oh, not me. I am not important or powerful enough.”

We, the Arcturians say in response, “YES YOU, the ONE to whom we speak. I know what you have forgotten. Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, is HERE within your NOW to assist you in any way that you need.

However, Gaia is a free will planet. Therefore, you must make the decision to assist Gaia in any way you wish, but it must be YOUR decision that YOU make because you feel, hear, see, sense and know that:

It is the NOW!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:21 PM


Libra ~ The Third Ray of Active Intelligence @ Emergent Light



  ~ The Third Ray of Active Intelligence ~

The sign of Libra has historically been associated with relationships, the need for balance, and a careful weighing of values. It is also a sign that supports the cultivation of human intuition and sensitivity to beauty and aesthetics. Yet when considering the rayological matrix from which these psychological attributes arise, it is the Third Ray, the Ray of Active Intelligence, which animates the livingness of Libra.

Libra has been closely tied to the legal profession as well, which is why it is symbolized as the scales—the scales of justice. When viewed from a higher perspective, however, the Libran scales are not just symbolic of societal jurisprudence, but are emblematic of the weighing of karmic law.  This is an important notion to keep in mind.  Indeed, Libra is the sign most associated with karma and its adjustment over time. As the underlying energy of the Sign of the Scales, it is not surprising, therefore, that the Third Ray has also been called The Keeper of the Records. It is the Ray that holds the intelligence responsible for keeping record of all karma, both individually and collectively considered.

Just as in the ancient past Egyptian iconography depicts for us the aspirant’s heart upon a scale, balanced against the weight of a feather, so too does Libra perform a similar task upon each of us. Regardless of whether or not it is accented in an individual’s personal chart, Libra still holds tremendous sway, particularly when one is consciously walking the Path on the long road to enlightenment.

William Meader



Trinity Stargate Convergence – Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

Art: Radiance by Meganne Forbes


Trinity Stargate Convergence

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

This is a brief update since the August Gateway passage is not yet complete. It has been a busy phase for us, and the Solar eclipse was a very unique shift in consciousness – on both Global and Galactic scales.

A more complete update will be posted next week. Kindwhile, here are some observations on this transdimensional event:

– Receiving the Christed Crown: This was palpable for me. Active needle-like sensations on the crown, with bright auras of light around the head during and after the eclipse.
– Plenty of High-Heart thymus fluttering, heart opening during the eclipse peak as well. Absolutely blissed out and transfixed by the end of the Gateway focus.
– My Higher levels advised mid-eclipse: *Some of these frequencies can only be integrated in sleep state. They are too strong for the grounded consciousness to comprehend, and the cellular structure will need to undergo transformation from the convergence.* 
– The light rays beaming the Ascension column brightening and expanding to merge several dimensional expressions. Gateways to the New Earth consciousness experience opening, brightening.
– The deep peace of zero-point stillness as the Cosmic Stargates converged, which continues to deepen. The sensation is a merging with Source-level through the Heart; stronger than any heart activation or connection I have felt before. Again, it feels out of time-space dynamics.
– Visions of the eclipse path lighting up and distributing the activations through the New Earth grids, sacred sites, and HUman heart grid. From point to point along the path, to every crystal placed by a Gridworker around the globe, everything lit up like stars. Ancient encodements activated through the crystal beds and aquifers. The crystalline grid jumped to another level as well; it, and my Higher Team, looked as brilliant-crystalline as Solaris during the eclipse. Yes, I glanced directly at it for a second, a few times, without the glasses. Pure Diamond-Photonic Light.

Cosmic Stargate Convergence: Trinity Gate Activation

This was brilliant to witness during the eclipse. I hope other Gatekeepers were cognizant of this unfoldment. Three stargates converged during this Solar eclipse passage (see last week’s article on Convergence of Stargates.) This trinity reflects the Trinitized beingness; the Divine HUman experience of reunifying with the Christed state of consciousness. As Solaris transforms to change the prismatic effect which expresses our realities, our Solar Heart Centers and energy fields transform to match the vibration of New Earth.

These Cosmic Stargate flows unify to rewrite consciousness into a higher level of awareness. This is our dimensional-shifting, Universal-rewriting light codes, and they look both new and somehow familiar to me in visions.

These heavily encoded light sequences defy time dynamics, which emphasizes the message of sleep-state integration. You won’t be capable of processing the codes and frequencies of these stargates with the mental level. Because this is DNA-related, transmutation of the cellular structure is necessary to level up. Remember DNA is a strong factor in shifting dimensions.

The August Gateway is quite a jump in frequency and experience, similar to the timeline division earlier in the year. Note the calming effect of the higher timelines and these dimensional-shifting light codes. As always, Let the Light do its work.

Magnetics are amplified again; parent your thoughts, words, deeds and creations to align with the highest trajectory, you highest desired outcome. Visualize Global Ascension; we are raising as many as possible with these new frequencies.

SUNday Unity Meditations

We continue to build our spiritual strength through this unified field of Divine Love. The Divine Cosmic Mother energies are stronger than ever. Let us unify with this infinite energy field of Divine possibility and amplify our Ascension. Join us on SUNday for our Global Unity Meditations at 8:11amPT, 11:11amPT and 5:11pmPT. Details and the guided Christ Light activation meditation can be found HERE.

I AM still camping on Mount Shasta; it has been a perfect passage to be out on Gaia, immersed in the energies and experience of the August Gateway. Apologies if I have not answered your emails; I have been offline and will catch up next month. Blessings and gratitude to all for your Service to the Light!

In Love, Light and Service,


Radiance by Meganne Forbes

Art: Radiance by Meganne Forbes

Receiving Missing Needs ~ Leia Kumara Merkabel


Art : Soul Painting by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America


Receiving Missing Needs

By: Leia

Many adults feel the loss of what they did not receive as a child.  This could simply be love or it could be protection, encouragement or even kindness.  In a Communion with Divine Mother, She gave me an idea that could restore what was missing.  She said to Light Code myself with all that I needed or wanted as a child but did not receive.  I loved the idea and immediately implemented it a few times over the next couple of days.

In sharing the idea with friends, more questions came up.  I brought my questions to Divine Mother but immediately my attention was drawn to the memory of a Message from God in God Explain SoulMates from the Circle of Light Spiritual Center.  What stirred my memory was the subject of parents.  I found the passage which I will share here:

Message from God excerpt:  Parents are not supposed to love their children in the way children now believe they should. That is for their SoulMate to do [note:  in these Messages, SoulMate and Twin Flame are synonymous]. Even this current wave of therapy and all the blaming of the parents, this too is the misinterpreted call of the SoulMate message. People know they should have this kind of Love – a Love in which they are finally truly seen, totally loved, held in perfection in another’s eyes. Remember why I created you? So you can mirror Me, show Me Myself in new ways — another equal consciousness, looking back, mirroring perfectly. That is what your SoulMate is for you!

Theories abound that say that this is the parents’ job. “Complete Positive Regard.” These theories say that if a baby looks at his or her parents and does not see this
positive regard, then they shrivel in some way. They don’t have confidence. I say to you now, it is not the parents’ job to do. That is the purpose of your SoulMate. If a child knew that such a mate was there for him or her, it would give them that confidence. It would also allow that SoulMate to come to them quickly. There would be no mistakes, no lost relationships of “broken hearts.”  Children would be “putting that signal out there” all their life so that, like a homing beacon, it would draw the SoulMate. They would not draw some other skewed relationship based on the belief that “they really don’t need anyone,” while their hearts cry out every day for true Love.

So it is not the parents’ job to love a child as the SoulMate does. Because they can’t. Two people who are SoulMates do literally share a soul. They are the yin
and yang, the plus and minus rolled into one. No one else can mirror this to another.

Reading this again opened up questions now in a different line of direction.  My main one was, “How does this relate to the Light Coding that Mother God guided me to do?”  I asked Her and here is Her answer to me:


“My daughter, let’s look at it this way:  My suggestion ultimately was a Light Coding to connect you with the other part of your Soul.  What did you not receive as a child?  That perfect reflection of you.  You can make a list of all that you needed or wanted and it all boils down to knowing your perfection.  No, you were not guided to connect with your Divine Complement as a child by your parents, but in your case he was there and you were connecting with him although you did not know him as your Twin Flame at the time.  So this Coding idea that you have shared with others is ultimately Coding for the Unification of the Soul.  You can rephrase the Coding to say, ‘My perfection that I did not see as a child.’  And your mirror, your Twin Flame, will be activated into your consciousness in some way.

You have practiced often enough standing before your Twin to know that he sees deep into you.  He knows you.  And as you allow him to see you he activates your perfection.  He restores your perfection that was lost to your awareness.  He is that mirror of you.  Becoming One with the Soul is knowing you as you really are.  This is an inner experience of your Soul.  How many parents shower love upon a child but the child does not respond?  The child continues to believe in their unworthiness or undeservingness.  Words do not give the experience of Soul Unity.  As the Message you read says, it’s only the Twin Flame that can give that inner experience.

The seeking outside one’s self for anything is still a persistent construct of the ego.  No one can give what you already are inside.  You can only know your perfection when it is reflected back to you and the mirror We have created for that is the other half of the Soul.  The other half is Our Love embodied for you, reflecting this perfect state of Love to each other. ‘ You are me and I am you’.  This is how you were created with your Twin.  Let the search for what is missing come from within.

The Light Coding I suggest was designed to open your consciousness to the possibility of being restored.  This possibility leads to believing in yourself in a different way.  For those who find the concept of connecting with the other half of their Soul too intimidating, then the Light Coding I suggested is a bridge.  Since what is missing that was not received as a child, all the permutations of your perfection,  can only be given (reflected) to you from within the Unity of your Soul, the conscious connection with one’s Twin Flame, then this Light Coding will activate that possibility – open the doorway to within.  Let this be your guidance for others, as well.”


So there it is.  Finding that wholeness from within is the key to receiving what was needed as a child.  Perhaps a new Light Coding could be to connect all aspects of my Inner Child through the different ages to my reflected perfection of my Twin Flame.   I know that in the past he has given me the Love that I did not receive from my father.  All of this information brings new light to my relationship with this other part of me, my Twin.  Just as God created us to see a reflection of Him/Her Self, so were we created with this similar reflection, the two parts in one being, the Twin Flame.  We can only avoid this inner reunion for so long before the need to restore ourselves outweighs the fear of going within.  There is where we find the wholeness we thought was missing.


Art : Soul Painting by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

Twin Flames | Love Made Alive and Present – Leia Kumara Merkabel

unknown artist


NOVEMBER 04, 2016

Twin Flames | Love Made Alive and Present

I am Vywamus and I am speaking through Leia at this time.  Together, we oversee the administration of The Awakening Heart Center.  One of the activities that we engage in at The Center is giving teachings on the True Nature of each one’s Light.  This is such an activity.  We are giving an exercise to accelerate the awakening of the Heart to Love’s Presence.  Please join me below.
Let us sit together as we speak, for I am your friend.  Imagine us comfortably seated on a sofa as we have this chat.  I am most interested in seeing your Light brighten your life.  Let us take a few deep breaths and prepare for that.

Now, the topic of this exercise involves the conscious connection to the second Light Stream of the Soul, called the Twin Flame.  This term refers to the “visible” qualities of the vast Soul as two streams of fiery Light swirling together.  This is how you “look” through higher senses.  So while the exercise may be to connect with the Twin Flame, it can easily be applied simply to the Expanded You, the greater Soul, your Higher Self, your Divine Self – any term that speaks to you of opening to the larger You, for not all of You is present in your body.  You are an extension into this realm of your True Self.  “Extension” implies that you are still connected.  You did not “break off” from your Soul and are here wandering alone.  No, the connection remains.  The awakening Heart becomes aware of this connection once again.

If you feel no resonance with the concept of Twin Flames, if your mind wants to turn from it, then don’t force it.  It may not be your time yet, for opening to the fuller version of you, the Two that are One, means facing MUCH fear.  It takes great courage to do this and the timing has to be just right.  The support needed has to be in place.  Instead, apply this exercise simply with your concept of your Higher Self.

Before we begin with the exercise, I would like to transmit a gift to assist in opening your consciousness to your Soul.  If you would like to receive this gift, imagine me getting up from the sofa and standing before you with my hand on your head.  Close your eyes a few moments to receive this.  When you see me in your imagination doing this, it makes the connection.  Imagination connects.

So take a few minutes now and feel my hand upon your head.  Or skip ahead to the next paragraph.

Now let us proceed with the exercise.  There are many words and teachings that have been given that point to the truth of the Soul and/or Twin Flame.  However, I prefer to bypass concepts as much as possible and move into direct experience.  In the human body, the nervous system responds quite well to experiences, so the nervous system is almost like a short cut in bringing the Soul further into physicality.  You did not know you were doing this, did you?  When the Heart is asleep, the greater You has to stand with a majority of its presence outside of your awareness.  But this all changes when the Heart awakens.

If you are going to proceed with this exercise by connecting to your Twin Flame, it does not matter if you have a physical partner already in your life or not.  The Light of the Twin Flame is present regardless of physical circumstances because that Light is anatomically a part of your Soul.  It can and never will be a separate being from you.

Proceeding with the exercise connecting to your True Self, realize that you stand in the Light Column of your Being.  Your True Self surrounds you.  Isn’t that wonderful?  This Light Column of You extends into the Earth’s Core as well as high above to your Source.

Here we go:

  1. Close your eyes and extend a hand (or both hands) out in front of you or to the side of you.  Hold your hand in the air and say, “I am now touching my Twin Flame (or Higher Self/Soul).”  You can imagine your hand touching your Twin Flame’s hand or that your hand is connecting to the Light Column of You.
  2. Focus on the sensations that you feel at your fingertips or palm of the hand.  You can repeat the intention again, if you’d like.
  3. Bring your awareness to your Heart, the center of you chest and breathe.
  4. Become aware of the sensations again of your hand as you keep the connection alive in your mind.
  5. Let your awareness now include both your Heart and the sensations of your hand.
  6. Continue with the practice until as long as it feels comfortable.

You will most likely feel different sensations and emotions/feelings.  Maybe even peace or love expanded within your Heart.  Or maybe something moved within you that needed shifting.

This connection with You, whether the Twin Flame or Higher Self, makes changes within you.  It is a natural result of merging your consciousness with your Light, no matter how brief.  Many brief moments can bring a transformation that will open you in beautiful and powerful ways.

The purpose of this exercise is to make your True Reality of Love feel alive to you and to make that present in your awareness.  Practice this often.  You can practice this daily or several times a day.  It won’t be too much.

Tell me what you experience in the comments below.  If you have any questions, leave those as well.  I will answer.

~Vywamus with Leia


Message from the Pleiadians September 2016 – Christine Day


unknown source


Message from the Pleiadians September 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

We, Pleiadians are holding the energy of a powerful Covenant that is creating a series of dimensional shifts designed to break down the illusion that has been forged in your world for lifetimes. These shifts make it possible for you, as an individual to stabilize into the sacred that exists within you and move beyond the currently held illusions on your planet. These illusions have kept you entrenched within the drama of your 3rd dimensional lives.

Each one of you is being called forward to open into a deeper reunion within your own heart structure enabling you to align to the Truth that can be found as you align within your heart space. This Truth reconnects you to the Collective Oneness that is a manifested aspect of you. In reality we, you, are an aspect of the ‘family of light’. Every human being holds an aspect of the One God Consciousness. Remember it is through your heart that you can transcend the illusion that is on your planet. You draw the strength and Truth from the sacred heritage, which exists through your heart connection.

It is important for you to understand that the greatest ingredient holding the illusion on Earth in place is the energy of fear. Fear is inbuilt within the consciousness of mankind. Now you can begin to consciously move away from the old way of reacting to the illusion of fear, which has dictated, impacted your decision making process.

The development of your higher level of consciousness connection originates through your heart structure. This pure source of energy, which has begun generating on your planet taking the form of the imprint patterns, supports your realignment to a place in reality that moves you beyond the illusion.

Your heart is your vehicle that will stabilize you beyond the illusion, allowing you to source a free unlimited pathway. Your sacred connection to the structure within your heart moves you naturally away from the limited perceptions of illusion enabling you to meet a higher aspect of Self of your being.

In the upcoming months there is going to be an enormous upheaval coming to your earth plane, the third dimensional arena for drama will increase. This is an urgent call going out to you now to support you in these times that are coming.

Anchoring through your heart will move you beyond the illusion of these impactful times. Enabling you as an individual to stay connected, stabilized within your heart while you witness these increasing dramas. Understand this turmoil has always been part of the plan, and you must remember this is illusion only that is being played out. By connecting into your heart structure you can remain stable.

You are known as the ‘way-showers’ and part of your mission is to also hold the Platform within your stable heart structure with us. Don’t be afraid to open up into an introspective process and witness your ego self and the dialogue of the mind. How the illusion of fear may still play a role within your lives. Investigate how you can align through your heart and shift the fear as you witness the drama. This process can support you in remaining stable during this upcoming time of upheaval.

Your heart reflects Truth, revealing that which actually exists within events and situations in your life. It is essential to remember that through your heart structure you get to choose in each moment how you are going to respond, process and receive what is there for you in any situation. We are reminding you to keep letting go to receive the sacred of Self.

We continue to support you as a member of ‘the family of light’. You have had the experience of being separate. Now you move into your freedom within your heart and away from the illusion.

Your link to Home has always resided within your heart. Know all is in hand as you choose to transition consciously through your heart structure back to your sacred heritage.


The Pleiadians.

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Chat with the Angels – 5 Classic Angel Signs @ Reiki with Friends

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Chat with the Angels – 5 Classic Angel Signs

by Chris Alexandria

How Well Do You Receive Signs from the Angels?

You are probably well aware of angels; you know–that winged and haloed gang that are in existence to help humanity in any way possible. After all, the very word, angel, is defined as Messenger of God. They share many angel signs to show they are indeed here to serve all of humanity and yes, that does include you.

They are so committed on their mission of servitude that they reach out daily to each human. It’s true, there may be angel signs offered throughout each and every day as a way for them to connect with you in order to encourage, support and, at times, wing slap. All it takes is a bit of observation, acceptance that the message is meant for you, and the energy of allowing yourself to receive them.

Here are Five ‘Classic’ Angel Signs:

Angel Signs #1 – Feathers.

Any feather that is found is a sign from the angels. The most common ones are white feathers, a message of purity. However, I have clients that find feathers in all sorts of colors. In fact, just this morning one shared two feathers that she had found; they were a mix of orange and black.

My first instinct was the orange represented Archangel Gabriel who oversees the sacral chakra; the place of creativity, sexuality and sensuality (his color is orange, as is the sacral chakra’s color). The black portion of the feather meant that she was hiding something; perhaps the fear of not being good enough to birth a new way of being. Black often indicates darkness, not as in evil, but as in something is not shown to the world.

With this particular color combination, it meant she was hiding something for fear of not being worthy of birthing new ways to be that could uplift her soul more. Imagine my joy when she shared she wished to purchase a new home to match her lifestyle better! This was the first ‘public announcement’ of her desire; a big step for her. Can you imagine her glee when she discovered its significance and meaning! She is now settling into her new home.

Angel Signs #2 – Numbers.

How many times have your eyes caught 4:44, 11:11, 12:12 and so on? When triple digit numbers catch your attention it’s the angels nudging you and asking that you take the rest of that minute to focus on ONE area of your life. It could be in the form of gratitude, focusing on the energy of something to manifest; health, job, home, car, money, love, etc. It’s much harder than it sounds, as we seem to have the attention span of a gnat but give it a whirl. Think of it as a mini meditation time. If numbers play a big part of your life or they begin to intrigue you, I highly recommend you do some research into each combination’s meaning. It’s uncanny how much can be shared in three little digits.

Angel Signs #3 – Music.

How often do you hear your favorite song just when you need it most? Of course music has a way to stir up memories. It’s why songs are played at the same time of the year of when they were popular. However, from the angelic viewpoint, it’s one of the many ways a message can be conveyed directly to you. This kind of message always reminds me of my sister; she was at the dentist and not happy to be there. The angels calmed her down when the radio began to play “Singing in the Rain,” her all-time favorite song! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard this song on the airwaves.

Angel Signs #4 – A Gentle Breeze.

This may sound rather silly, but have you have felt a gentle breeze when there was no wind at all? It’s the angels lovingly letting you know of their presence.

Angel Signs #5 – A Wing Slap

For those of you who are curious, a wing slap can be defined as being given the same message over and over and over again. Simply put, you are not listening! If you use oracle cards and get the same card again and again no matter how much you shuffle, you have been wing slapped! Take a moment of quiet and ask for better clarity. The message is much too important to ignore.

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You are right; all of these messages are there for everyone. Feathers can be lying about, numbers are part of our daily existence, and music can be playing all day long. It is what catches your attention that falls into the ‘sign’ category. You saw, you heard, you listened, and received their message. I love playing the internal game of how many angel signs I catch in one day. Why not try it yourself?

These are just a FEW of the many ways the angels do connect with you. Care to share any of your favorites?


Archangel Michael and Faith @ The Summit Lighthouse

archangel michael by lily moses

Archangel Michael by Lily Moses


Archangel Michael and Faith

Michael is the archangel of the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God. He is the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of Deliverance and his divine complement is Archeia Faith. The Book of Daniel calls him “the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people.” Archangel Michael is the sponsor of police departments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Archangel Michael has figured as the greatest and most revered of angels in many scriptures and spiritual traditions. In Muslim lore, he is the angel of nature who provides both food and knowledge to man. Archangel Michael is identified with the angel who wrestled with Jacob, destroyed the armies of Sennacherib and saved the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace in Jewish mystical tradition. Archangel Michael also appears in the Bible as the angel who appeared to Joshua as he prepared to lead the Israelites in battle at Jericho.

Archangel Michael’s etheric retreat is in the Canadian Rockies at Banff, near Lake Louise. He also has a focus of light over Central Europe.

His keynote is The Navy Hymn (Eternal Father, Strong to Save). The keynote of Archangel Michael’s retreat is the Soldiers’ Chorus from the opera Faust, by Charles Gounod. The music of the Bridal Chorus from Wagner’s Lohengrin may also be used to invoke the radiance of the seven archangels and the angelic hosts.

John the apostle speaks of Archangel Michael in the Book of Revelation, where he recounts that it was Michael who cast the devil and his angels out of heaven into the earth.2

By this we know that the fallen angels have taken embodiment and that the enemies of Christ are in the world of form. It is, therefore, Archangel Michael and the legions of blue lightning who serve with him who defend the children of God from the enemy of the Antichrist.

Archangel Michael Freeing Souls From the Astral Plane

Archangel Michael and his legions daily descend into the astral plane fully arrayed in their mighty blue armor, carrying their shields and swords of blue flame. There they cut free those who have passed from the screen of life and who are unable to rise to higher octaves of service and the retreats of the masters. He and his angels of deliverance work twenty-four hours a day on these levels rescuing souls from the accumulation of their own human creation over the centuries and also from the projections of the dark ones. They have served there for many ages, and Michael says that he is determined to never give up until the last child of light on this planet has risen to the God Source in the ritual of the ascension.

Archangel Michael and the Guardian Angels

Archangel Michael is a very special angel to us. He, with his legions of light, has dedicated himself for thousands and thousands of years to the safety, the security, the perfectionment of our souls and to our protection; caring for us, sponsoring us, rebuking us, teaching us the way of God’s holy will, giving us to understand that we each have a blueprint in life, that we have a divine plan. So tender and so present is the love of God for us, and he makes that known to us especially in a most personal way through his angels.

Archangel Michael, angel of faith and protectionThe Goddess of Liberty says: “Archangel Michael is at your side and does answer your call and does answer it best when you keep a daily momentum” of prayers to him. “Your call for help will be answered instantaneously when you have built this momentum.”3

Archangel Michael has made the commitment to each and every one of us that if we will give our decrees and songs to him for twenty minutes each day, he will keep an angel with us until the hour of our victory.

Morning and Evening Prayers to Archangel Michael and Faith

Morning Prayer

This is a great protection mantra to give in 4/4 march time in multiples of three.

Lord Michael before!
Lord Michael behind!
Lord Michael to the right!
Lord Michael to the left!
Lord Michael above!
Lord Michael below!
Lord Michel Lord Michel wherever I go!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!

Evening Prayer Before Retiring

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Archangel Michael and Faith’s Temple of Faith retreat over Banff and Lake Louise or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Archangel Michael and Faith

Soulmates and Twin Flames @ The Summit Lighthouse

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Soulmates and Twin Flames

Finding a Higher Love

Twin flames, soulmates and karmic relationships are all on a quest for love and a perfect relationship – a quest for wholeness.

There are three types of romantic relationships that help lead one to this wholeness: twin flames, soul mates and karmic relationships.

Twin Flames

Twin flames were created together in the beginning and share a unique destiny. Created in a single fiery ovoid, they were separated into two spheres of being—one in a masculine polarity and the other in a feminine polarity—but each with the same pattern of divine identity. Though they spend some lifetimes together and others apart, their tie is eternal, and after they have each united with their Higher Self they will ascend and be together forever. But not all the beautiful and soul fulfilling loves are those of twin flames.

Soul Mates

A soul mate tie is different from that of the twin flame. Whereas we each have only one twin flame, we can have many soulmates.

“Soul mates share a common mission and comparable stage of spiritual development. They come together because they are working on the same type of karma and the same chakra simultaneously.

So soul mates have an attraction that is based on the sacred labor and on the path of self-mastery.

A soul mate is like the echo of oneself in Matter working at the same task to fulfill a blueprint for God.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

These spiritual relationships tend to be harmonious and satisfying, and such kindred souls can accomplish great things together.

Karmic Relationship

Then there is the karmic relationship where two individuals are drawn together for the balancing of mutual karma. The karmic tie may be the tightest of all and begin with the strongest attraction. This is because the soul has a deep yearning to be free, and has an inner knowing that this connection is a key to resolution through balancing karma that is often harsh, such as violence, hatred, abandonment or even murder.


From time to time, there is a feeling of emptiness, a loneliness that reveals the inadequacy of a relationship based solely on karma. Yet though they are frequently difficult, these relationships are important in achieving self-mastery on the spiritual path.

Love is the Key

Everyone experiences all three types of relationships over the course of their lifetimes. The key to wholeness in all of these spiritual relationships is to love every soul.


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Felines from my homeland galaxy of Lyra & Vega star systems – by Ishtar @ Lightworkers

The Lion people blog lightworker

Image Source: Lightworkers

The following information is a composite of knowledge that I have gathered through other Felines from my homeland galaxy of Lyra & Vega star systems – slowly we are connecting with each other,  There are a few of us here on earth at the moment but I know there will be more of us here in the coming days, so you will probably be become acquainted and more aware of a presence in due time.  We are here to help and assist you with your emancipation and the Ascension process:-

The Lyrans are a race of humanoids that have been in existence long before the history of Earth began. We come from many planets associated with the star system of Lyra. We are very humanlike in our appearance. You would not be able to tell us from any other human if you were to pass one of us on the street. In fact we are responsible for the seeding of your planet with the humanoid looking being that is associated with Earth. We are perhaps on the average a little taller than most Earth humans and our skin is not as dark, but those would be the only differences between us.

There is some information out there that says we are now Pleiadians, but that is in fact not true. We would be considered cousins to them in a manner of speaking, but we are not one and the same. We worked a great deal in conjunction with the Pleiadians in seeding efforts not only on Earth, but many other planets as well. In that respect we share a great deal in common with the Pleiadians. In fact many Lyrans have lived many lifetimes as Pleiadians.

We exist on a higher-level plane of existence than earth is presently on at this moment in time. In fact we as a race have transitioned to this higher plane successfully in relatively recent times. This is one of the reasons we have a keen interest in Earth at this time because of Earth’s own ascension process taking place now. This also is why there are many Lyrans incarnate on Earth at this time so as to be of assistance to the Earth and Her peoples in this time of transition. We are here to help show the way, because of our experience. In a sense we have a parental role to play with the peoples of Earth and we are watching you grow and mature.

There are several clues that would point to the fact that a person is a Lyran living on Earth. These clues have more to do with the personality than with the physical as our morphogenic form is very similar with humans from Earth.

The person will have a sense of mission. They will know at some level even though they may not be able to put their finger on it that they have a specific purpose for being here. The person will be drawn to the stars. This may take the form of being interested in astronomy for example or reading science fiction or being attracted to science fiction movies and the paranormal of all sorts. Also the person will sense that there is an underlying truth in these books and movies. It may feel like you have been a part of something like you are reading or watching. These people also know that the human is capable of so much more, but knows that they have been lied to about the human potential.

The person will also have a sense of underlying authority. People will tend to gravitate to you and trust your thoughts, judgments and opinions. The person may not be in a high position of authority, but nonetheless people recognize your authority. There will also from time to time be issues with authority or rather an aversion to authority figures.

There is a certain amount of sternness and seriousness that goes with this type of person. They will not “suffer fools gladly” as the saying goes. In this vein they will not be the life of the party (not necessarily – I love parties) They are more quiet and reserved and tend to do more observing than talking. (some do – not me)

This type tends to be loners. Not that they do not have family and friends, but they are comfortable with themselves and do not always need everyone around for fulfillment.

That is all for now, though we will have more to share in the near future.


The Felines are one of the two primary races in our universe. They arrived here by invitation of the Founders. Having successfully completed their Universal Game and completing their universe, a group of 45 Felines volunteered to come to this universe to help setup and oversee the same game here.

The Felines are a bipedal race that stand 12 to 16 feet tall. Their skin is covered by a sort of soft fuzz, and though they don’t have fur, they do have manes and both the males and females have long hair.

Their eye color ranges from blue to gold and can change from blue to gold as they mature. They also turn from a golden brown color to white.

The overall Feline temperament is warm, sanguine and intellectual. As they mature they take on more of a somber, introspective and gentle nature. The elders are revered for the wisdom, compassion and insight.

As a race they are extremely close and have a great sense of fair play. The females are revered and honored in equal status with the males. And true to the feline way, they are all very curious and inquisitive.

As part of the Universal Game, the Founders gave the Felines a new planet in the Lyra Constellation for their home. The Felines named it Avyon. Now this is not the exact pronunciation, nor spelling , but it is close enough. The real name cannot be translated into English.

Avyon was a paradise planet with mountains, lakes, streams and oceans. This blue planet was very much like our present earth in form and variety of vegetation and life forms.

When the Felines arrived, they were in etheric form, and therefore, went through the stage of evolving a physical body in which to reside on the planet. After many millions of years they evolved the lion and other felines and began incarnating into those forms.

As part of the plan, a portion of the original Felines stayed in etheric form to provide guidance to those incarnating. They would be the equivalent of your modern day Christos Beings. Remember, this was a 3D planet and once the etheric felines incarnated they would fall under the veil of amnesia that is part of the workings of a 3D planet of free will.

As time passed, and through countless incarnation cycles, the Felines evolved a line of felines that walked upright and retained the consciousness of their etheric counterparts thanks to the periodic incarnations of some of the etheric Felines, and DNA from a bipedal mammal similar to the Ape, that was evolving on the planet as well.

With the DNA from the ape-like mammal the Felines were able to take on a more human-like body while retaining most of the facial features and other characteristics of the feline. It was from this crossing when it reached a certain stage that the genetic line known as the Royal Line of Avyon, or House of Avyon, came into being.

The etheric Felines would continue to take turns incarnating to provide not only DNA upgrading, but teaching and training in higher dimensional principals lest their planet bound brothers and sisters get stuck in the non-sentient animal incarnation cycle. As you can see, the Felines evolved on Avyon in much the same manner as Humans evolved here on Earth. The only difference is that the Humans did get stuck in the animal cycle. More on that later.

In time the conscious Felines grew large enough in number to take on the responsibilities of planetary guardians of their home world. They continued to evolve and eventually developed the technology for space travel and then warp technology. Their etheric brothers and sisters continued to act as their guides.

Many among them became geneticists (a Feline specialty) and began helping to develop life forms of various kinds for planets and stars in the universe. Some among them became great space explorers and scientists of various kinds.

It was during this stage in their development that the Felines would turn their attention to that bipedal mammal they owed so much to, and begin a program of genetic crossing and upgrading that would give them a soul and, in the process create a new species that would become known as the Humans.

After numerous crossings and genetic upgrades, the Adamic Human was made. There were two strains, the redheaded strain being the more outgoing and energetic, and the platinum blonde strain being the more gentle-natured and introspective.

After many thousands of years of continued careful crossing breeding, the Feline/Human hybrids began to be more common in the royal line of the Felines, The House of Avyon, than the purebred Felines were. Yet, this was the plan.

In time the purebred Felines would become the ancient ancestors of the Humans with only their genetic traits as a reminder of the connection between them. And though the genetic relationship between the Felines and Humans has been forgotten by modern man, the Felines remain in our consciousness as a regal creature, worthy of our respect and love.

The Felines remain the loving and supportive guardians of their genetic offspring, the Humans. They have continued in this role through time and all dimensions of the Universal Game.

Devin (Feline) is the reigning patriarch of the 9D Royal House of Avyon, and Anu (Human) is the reigning patriarch of the 5D Royal House of Avyon at this time.

After the lyran wars, our homeworld was one of the last standing against the old empire, the annanuki, that took and devastated many systems. Our own world was destroyed in the end with billions still left there as only so many could be rescued. We were taken into many systems, Pleiades, the blond haired nordic looking pleidians are the lyraean ones, as well as Sirius, and Andromeda, and other systems as well. We exist in higher dimensions in these other systems as I have been shown living in a crystal city in the pleiadian one once while doing a mediation. We are aspects of our higher selves, and on assignments.


From what I’ve learned about these beautiful and optimistic peoples, this is the history of the Lyran/Vegan race:

Long ago the Lyrans came to our galaxy from another not far from this one, demonstrating their wonderful creative abilities of crafting and uplifting new species in Eden of the universe. They are a very peaceful peoples with an endless culture concerning their almost billion year old existience since their ascension. If it wasnt for them we wouldnt be here now, since they uplifted our own creators, the Pleiadeans. And for several years they continued this process of creation and as a result thousands of races rose into perfect balance and oneness with the universe along side with the mighty and loving Lyrans.

This great surge of Light attracted negative beings through natural Universal law. For a long time they mingled peacefully for many years in perfect balance and they too created beings to further balance the galaxy. The Lyrans homeworld is in the vicinity of Vega. From what I KNOW this beautiful planet is lush in both trees and plants and has an endless biodiversity. It is known to have many small waterfalls dotted all across the planets landsurface and this is where most Vegan citys develop. Though i’m not completely certain, but have a pretty good idea of, that Vegan priests wore tanish or green or dark purple robes with sometimes strange long-capped like hats. Otherwise most commoners also wore Purple. The Lyrans are Feline-like peoples that can range from 8ft to 6ft tall. Other Lyran groups can reach above 10ft. They have wonderful towns and citys but many are very isolated or small due to the fact that they can only go so far until they could possibly hurt the enviornment around them like trees or animal species. So a large majority of these places were put upon grassy fields and oasis’s. Sadly i’m not sure enough what they’re ships looked like but the Lyrans had also a large peacekeeping space fleet that traveled the universe to find new worlds to test their wonderful creating abilites.

And for a long time the galaxy was in peace and harmony for millions of happy years to come… But something occured that made the negative beings angry at the Vegans and their creations and after many attempts to make peace once again a fellow allied star system was attacked by reptilian and bird beings fleet of ships and thus the Great Galactic War began. The Vegans didnt want to interfere. But when the battle front came very close to home, and after billions had been killed from Draconian and reptilian invasions alike the Lyrans feared that their homeland would not make it to the end of this war. So many told the species that they had most recently created, the humanoids, to escape from the attack and to make homeworlds elsewhere. They broke into three distinct factions and left for other worlds to prosper by. Not too long after Lyra was soon introduced to an ultimatum: You leave your homeworld, and never come back again, or: you die by the reptilian warcraft, and sent to extinction.

In such desperate times even some peoples ofthe extremely spiritual loving and peaceful lyrans called for some type of rebellion. But they knew they could not do this in fear of losing their spiritual place in this universe. When the attacks began a large majority fled to neighbooring universes and took everything they could to accompany them. Another majority integrated with the three fleeing factions which would later become the Pleiadean, the Orion, and the Andromedan humanoid races. While others stayed at their homes and would rather accept death for the pure fact that they couldnt live with the sorrow that is happening to the galaxy and to the peoples they themselves created. Then a terrible bombing run was released onto the great abandoned and once peaceful and serene lands of the Lyran homeworlds. And little was left of their history afterword. And none of their citys were left unmarked by the great destructive bombs of war. After Vega was successfully wiped of any Lyran inhabidants, and others taken prisoner, it was over. The reptilians thought they had succeeded in their genocide of the Lyran race, and that all were truely extinct from this universe.

Luckily, that wasnt true. A group of shamans and priests were specifically chosen to keep the teachings, the history, and the beautiful and peaceful culture of the Lyrans alive forever. Afterword many left their physical bodies to become immortalized not for the purpose of living near forever, but to spread their message more easily across the galaxy and so on. To the ones who listened to these divine priests and shamans the children of the Vegans now knew that the Lyrans were still very alive and that they were always there for the sons and daughters that they had helped create and uplift. They also told the children of the Vegans thriving in a sister universe than this one. This was mainly their message to spread hope to the postive beings of the galaxy. Because partly of their courage and virtue the moral of the postive beings at war was greatly increased and then they established a uniting-rebellion federation that would bring together all of the beings that wanted to be free of the reptilian grasp and thus, even against towering odds of their much smaller force, the reptilians surrendered years later. This would later become the Galactic Federation of Light.

Without the Lyrans, the war would never have ended on such a note, and the reptilians would have completely unbalanced the universe while killing billions of innocent lives. Now why cant the Lyrans just return to this universe now that the war is over? Well the reptilians though currently not in major warfare against anyone at this exact moment still havent felt sympathy(or is that empathy?) for the Vegans and what they have done to them. The Vegans were commanded to stay in the other universe and sadly never come back. Who knows when the rep’s will have a change of heart but we should all know that even if reptilians have a bad past and they are negative beings, DOESNT MEAN that they are bad people. I’m pretty sure sometime in the far future the Vegans can safetly return to the universe and an age of harmony will begin once more.

Starseeds that have dominant Lyran origins may be confused at the fact that almost everyone in the galaxy is Lyran, because a large majority of the space federations that starseeds come from were or had relationships with the Lyran Federation of Light. It is almost certain that if you came from Vega one time you also reincarnated in other uplifted species as well. If you are purely Lyran, which is very rare, the only explanation is that you could be one of the famous Sages that stayed in this universe during the Galactic war.

Here are the Traits of Lyran starseeds as follows: “Vegans Those who have Vega as their planetary origin are self sufficient, independent, proud and strong willed. There is an outer smooth energy and appearance of strength and capability. Those from Vega tend to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas, they may be trivia “collectors” for information concerning their areas of interest. They have a variety of talents and capabilities, are quite creative and often have an ability to combine creative expression with intellectual expression. They may be artists, designers, inventors, architects or in current times may work more closely with creativity through new or expanding technologies. Their methods of working with technology will differ from many, as it is based more on “feeling” than on intellectual understanding. They do well at beginning projects, but less well at completing them. There may be lessons to aid Vegans in learning self discipline and will power or they may surround themselves with others who are supportive and will aid in the completion of projects and ideas.

Those from Vega are travelers who seek variety, challenge and understanding of the many questions they have within. They may become bored easily. They tend to analyze, question and doubt all which they do not understand, does not meet their belief system or simply does not “feel” right. Although quite willing to learn, change and grow, Vegans need understanding to occur on an inner level to allow opening within for change to occur. This understanding will not be of a practical, logical nature. It will be an inner comprehension that will be more a “feeling” that leads to “knowing” instead of a technical understanding.

Most from Vega have a strong sense of responsibility, nurturing and caring. They may find fulfillment in working with children, those who are ill or in need of care and support. At times however, they may be overly responsible for others, and may need to remind themselves of the importance of teaching responsibility, as well as being responsible. They may need to work with developing a stronger sense of feeling the integrity of others, as they may find themselves taken advantage of due to their caring nature. They may find others attracted to their understanding energy, and may be approached in many situations by others wishing to share personal problems. It should be noted that few from Vega are themselves willing to share personal details with others, unless trust is first established.

Vegans have healing abilities, and may have an affinity for stones and crystals. Many from Vega work in caring for others in the area of health care, either physical, mental, as teachers or in areas which allow freedom of creative expression. They have a strong need for time alone, privacy, and freedom from restrictions. It is important that they be shown appreciation for what is done for others. Those in personal relationships with Vegans may at times be in need of more attention, and may feel somewhat neglected, due to their many interests and areas of focus. They may become so involved with caring for others, that they neglect personal needs and personal relationships.” -Starseed Origins

Much love to you all Ishtar )O(

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Image Source: Lightworkers

Explore Your Options – Sharon Taphorn @ Beliefnet

angels 2 Nadezhda Sokolova

   ART : Nadezhda Sokolova


Explore Your Options

 posted by Sharon Taphorn

Today’s message is about change and opportunities. It is a good time to make changes in your life. Look at other possibilities and be open to allowing new opportunities to be available to you. Have faith that within you is the power to manifest anything that you can imagine creating in your life. It is important as you are exploring to remain positive and focused as well as to follow the guidance that you are receiving from you angels as they surround you with help when you ask. Sometime this help comes in ways that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own so notice the signs around you and trust yourself to have all the power that you need to take you to the next level.

Affirmation: “I am open to new ideas and it is safe for me to explore them.

Opportunities are all around you. Your angels are providing you with opportunities and so remember to go with the flow . Your angel will help guide you to something is now being made available to you and it is up to you to use it to your greatest advantage. Be alert, be aware and be prepared.
You can of course make your own opportunities. If you knock on enough doors, one will open for you to walk through, with your angels at your side. You are also reminded to persevere, for it may be that a door which was previously closed has now been opened, so pay attention and notice the signs that help to light the path. 

If you unsure or nervous about taking that leap of faith, quiet your mind, tune into your heart light and ask your angels to assist and guide you. They are always with you and are here to lighten your path, you need only ask and then become aware to what is happening around you. 

Affirmation: “The Universe provides many opportunities for me to fulfill my purpose and my mission and I am become more aware of the signs offered to help guide my way.” 

Your angel guidance is also to remember to enjoy the process as it unfold.

Tons of Love, Sharon and the Angels

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angels 2 Nadezhda Sokolova

The Truth Regarding Mother Sekhmet ~ Paul Richard Atkinson @ International Starseeds


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The Truth Regarding Mother Sekhmet

Seeing as there appears to be some mistruths, inaccuracies and outright slanderous claims being made on Wikipedia, in regard to Mother Sekhmet, one thought one would amicably address such writings.

Of course; very few beings, if any, are perfect, but apparently the crimes attributed to certain beings in Ancient Egypt were blatant propaganda attempts to slander a character out of vindictiveness, jealously or unadulterated maliciousness.

In response to the article on Mother Sekhmet, here is a channelled view that appears to be more accurate. The information is channelled via Susan Leland:

“Sekhmet is a unique being – one of a kind, she says. She is the standing lioness who was revered in ancient Egypt as the patroness of physicians and healers. She was in charge of the healing temples and taught the priests and priestesses powerful and ancient healing techniques and modalities. Because of her knowledge of what were, even then, ancient wisdoms and their effectiveness, she was known as “the powerful one,” a name by which she is recorded in the Egyptian records.

“She has been in many societies and different civilizations on this planet and others where she has not been recognized because she was working behind the scenes and thus is not in the history books. She is a traveler who enjoys bringing through ancient healing methods because they are in resonance with the entire planet rather than just a mixture of chemicals in a pill. Sekhmet has freely given to truly heart-centered healers and was not concerned about getting credit.

“Some disgruntled healers in ancient Egypt who just wanted to be great but didn’t have the level of heart to do so, have portrayed Sekhmet as a bloodthirsty and vengeful warrior. She fully acknowledges the incident that they emphasize, where she got carried away in ending the lives of humans who apparently needed a lesson, for which she felt remorse and forgave herself and was forgiven. What Sekhmet wants us to know about that is that even in the higher vibrations, Spirit beings can feel feelings at the moment something occurs to bring them up. What they want us to know is that it’s OK when these feelings come up. They are here to let us know we are forgiven, to clear these feelings and help with the healing.

“All of this knowledge from ancient times is very relevant now as Sekhmet is with us to help us bridge to ascension by bringing forth the high frequency ancient wisdoms, by supervising and overseeing the transitions and bridging modalities in the healing arts, and by learning what really does the complete and total healing job.

“Sekhmet is a great teacher. She loves to lecture and teach the ancient methods, the connection with the body, the mind, the emotional self, the Spirit and the past. The cornerstone of her teachings is the need to clear out the past. She will teach a lot more about this at the Ascension Center on Maui, emphasizing that you can’t take it with you, and more about what those bags of gold mean to you, asking such questions as, what kind of energy do they carry and what have you done to acquire them? Sekhmet will also be speaking about ORMEs (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements), as she says, the only real and relevant identity for gold and other precious metals and the real value of them.

“Sekhmet is very passionate and of course, she roars, and thus was an intimidating presence in ancient Egypt to those who did not understand. Yet, she is all heart. She has compassion, respect, reverence, and appreciation for that which the lightworkers are bringing forth and have the courage to practice. Sekhmet has much advice to offer and is anxious to begin workshops and gatherings at the Ascension Center to do that. She will continue to present healing modalities, technologies and compassionate support to those who choose to go to parallel planet Earth which is not going to ascend as well as to those who do. As she says, “To dance or not to dance, that is the only question.”

“Sekhmet says she is absolutely the daughter of Ra because she has been here from the beginning* and has been to other places and beyond. She is here now to create energies of Joy and upliftment and to teach a very old and honored healing technique called Joy, because Joy is about to burst forth everywhere for those who welcome the big changes. She says that it is an empowerment and energizer to the Ascension process and that one has to let go of depression and let Joy in to accomplish Ascension. Sekhmet wants her ongoing legacy to be Joy, Big Joy!

“Sekhmet says that while she and Hathor both have great connections with the ancient Egyptians and with the ancient, ancient civilization of Venus, they are separate and distinct personas. She says they are one in the sense of Oneness and close in the sense of Family but not the same identity.”

fb sekhmet

Surrender to Divine Will by Amorah Quan Yin @ Dolphin Star Temple

a angel red haired

Unknown Artist


Surrender to Divine Will

by Amorah Quan Yin

Living in Surrender to Divine Will is an important commitment for true spiritual seekers. But what is it you are to surrender to? I believe that it is not something outside yourself, but is deep surrender to your own Higher Self, or Holy Spirit. If we are all equal parts of God/Goddess then why would we need to surrender to anyone other than our own true selves?

Who is your own true self? It is that part of you that has never taken on illusion, hiding, holding back, controlling or being controlled. It is that part of you called “spirit.” In order to find this true self you must first learn to know the difference between ego and spirit. I call this reclaiming your lost identity. …one of our primary goals is to reclaim our lost identity that we have given over to ego personality. Another way of saying this is learning to recognize the difference in Truth and illusion. If you have misplaced your identity into being a victim, in the need to hide your truth from others, in believing in fear or other emotional agendas, in distrust, loss of faith or any other agenda that holds limitation, then you need to reclaim it. In order to do this you must stop believing in the limited illusions. In other words, when your thoughts and emotions are holding these limited ideas you must remind yourself, “This is not my Truth. This is just an old ego illusion that I have been carrying for a long time. I cancel that thought and replace it with_________(fill in the blank with the appropriate unlimited idea).” When you learn to do this consistently, you can reclaim your true self, your spirit identity, and recognize when illusionary ego personality is present and clear it. The main way of clearing it is through stating a higher truth and simply loving the part of you that has been holding the old ego identity. Love will gradually dissolve the lower frequency of ego illusion.

The other requirement for living in Surrender to Divine Will is making a commitment to living in impeccability. Impeccability is when you know what is right and what is needed and you choose to do it. This means that even if you feel afraid to speak your Truth or do what is right that you do not let yourself believe in the fear and you say and do the correct thing anyway. Many people give a lot of power away to fear. And the moment fear arises it is an instant excuse to be cowardly. Spirit is not cowardly. Spirit knows the difference in Trust and illusion. And if you want to progress on the spiritual path, you must choose Truth. We all have a place in our souls where we know what is right. Where we know the difference in Trust and illusion. Meditation is the best way to find this place in yourself.

In choosing meditation, books, spiritual path you need to be willing to Surrender to Divine Will. This means you choose only those spiritual practices that speak to that deep place in your soul that knows what is right for you. What is right for others may not be right for you. And only your true self, or spirit self does know. Surrendering to the Divine Will of your true self means you give up self-doubt and low self esteem and you choose to believe in yourself. To know that you are a beautiful Being of Light and that nothing and no-one can ever change that. When you know this Surrender to Divine Will becomes spontaneous, joyful, loving, and really right!

Amorah’s New Book Available Now


“Once you have learned to love every part of yourself… once you have learned to love everything and everyone from your past… once you have found your multidimensional alignment… once you have fully found equality between male and female… once you have learned to love and not control people… once you have found invincibility of spirit… and once you have learned to live in unity in diversity… you have arrived! Oneness happens when you have learned to e

Surrender to Divine Will

by Amorah Quan Yin

Living in Surrender to Divine Will is an important commitment for true spiritual seekers. But what is it you are to surrender to? I believe that it is not something outside yourself, but is deep surrender to your own Higher Self, or Holy Spirit. If we are all equal parts of God/Goddess then why would we need to surrender to anyone other than our own true selves?

Who is your own true self? It is that part of you that has never taken on illusion, hiding, holding back, controlling or being controlled. It is that part of you called “spirit.” In order to find this true self you must first learn to know the difference between ego and spirit. I call this reclaiming your lost identity. …one of our primary goals is to reclaim our lost identity that we have given over to ego personality. Another way of saying this is learning to recognize the difference in Truth and illusion. If you have misplaced your identity into being a victim, in the need to hide your truth from others, in believing in fear or other emotional agendas, in distrust, loss of faith or any other agenda that holds limitation, then you need to reclaim it. In order to do this you must stop believing in the limited illusions. In other words, when your thoughts and emotions are holding these limited ideas you must remind yourself, “This is not my Truth. This is just an old ego illusion that I have been carrying for a long time. I cancel that thought and replace it with_________(fill in the blank with the appropriate unlimited idea).” When you learn to do this consistently, you can reclaim your true self, your spirit identity, and recognize when illusionary ego personality is present and clear it. The main way of clearing it is through stating a higher truth and simply loving the part of you that has been holding the old ego identity. Love will gradually dissolve the lower frequency of ego illusion.

The other requirement for living in Surrender to Divine Will is making a commitment to living in impeccability. Impeccability is when you know what is right and what is needed and you choose to do it. This means that even if you feel afraid to speak your Truth or do what is right that you do not let yourself believe in the fear and you say and do the correct thing anyway. Many people give a lot of power away to fear. And the moment fear arises it is an instant excuse to be cowardly. Spirit is not cowardly. Spirit knows the difference in Trust and illusion. And if you want to progress on the spiritual path, you must choose Truth. We all have a place in our souls where we know what is right. Where we know the difference in Trust and illusion. Meditation is the best way to find this place in yourself.

In choosing meditation, books, spiritual path you need to be willing to Surrender to Divine Will. This means you choose only those spiritual practices that speak to that deep place in your soul that knows what is right for you. What is right for others may not be right for you. And only your true self, or spirit self does know. Surrendering to the Divine Will of your true self means you give up self-doubt and low self esteem and you choose to believe in yourself. To know that you are a beautiful Being of Light and that nothing and no-one can ever change that. When you know this Surrender to Divine Will becomes spontaneous, joyful, loving, and really right!

Amorah’s New Book Available Now


“Once you have learned to love every part of yourself… once you have learned to love everything and everyone from your past… once you have found your multidimensional alignment… once you have fully found equality between male and female… once you have learned to love and not control people… once you have found invincibility of spirit… and once you have learned to live in unity in diversity… you have arrived! Oneness happens when you have learned to experience unconditional love in both the giving and the receiving”.

— From Oneness by Amorah Quan Yin

All of Amorah’s other great books can be found at

xperience unconditional love in both the giving and the receiving”.

— From Oneness by Amorah Quan Yin

All of Amorah’s other great books can be found at

Time of expansion – Quan Yin ~ Jenny Schiltz @ Channeling The Masters

EDEN by Mara Diop spiritual artist art


Time of expansion – Quan Yin – 10/7/15


I come to you today as many of you are in a period of deep integration of the energies that entered your earth with the X-wave. While many of you are feeling the strong effects, understand this wave is doing exactly what was intended. Each of you is responding differently to the energies and this is determined by the amount of work each of you had done prior to the wave. Understand that all of the information, the light codes, are here to be accessed by all as each one is ready. For this reason you are in a period of deep integration. Once you have cleared density from your form, the light codes are then accessible to rewrite the programming and to change your light body. You will assimilate this information and then work on the next layer of encoding. While this may seem like a daunting task, you must understand that this will allow for incredible growth to take place and the transformation that you seek.

Those that carry little resistance in the body will move quickly through the process, while those that are finding it difficult to release the aspects that no longer serve are suffering from anxiety, depression, fear and unease. In this moment ask yourself what it is you are holding onto and if it is in your highest good. Open your heart, allow love and forgiveness to permeate your being. This is your natural state of being. It is your thoughts, beliefs, and ego that move you from this place. Opening your heart space and remaining there will allow you to move through this process with greater ease as you will begin to feel when you have moved out of this space. When you feel that you have left your heart space, examine what has occurred. Was it a thought, circumstance, or interaction that shifted you from your heart? View each of these as a gift, as it has occurred to show you where you are holding resistance in your form. Understanding where the resistance arises allows you to make a choice, you can either release the resistance or cling to it and continue to be shown where it no longer serves.  You can release the resistance by stating the truth behind the thought, circumstance or interaction or by simply stating that you no longer allow this distortion into your field as it does not align with your highest aspect. Understand that the old programming that created the resistance runs through every layer and will need to be removed through each layer until it is no longer in your field. This does not signify failure on your part.

This is the time of expansion, the energies that are streaming into and through your body are helping you to expand your consciousness and your heart center. For some this has created deep fear as they are not understanding what is taking place. All of life flows through a person’s filters and beliefs and it is through this that each of you create your personal hologram, your personal universe.  If the filter is one that contains duality, they will then create and bring into their field circumstances and interactions that match that vibration.  This has a purpose as it is when duality is at its extreme that it is seen for the distortion that it is. The more things move from the center, the more one is able to feel that the vibration does not match nor feel good within.  Each person must move past duality during the process of merging with your highest aspect who understands that all is perfect for the growth of the soul. It is important that each of you be aware of what does not vibrationally match or feel good within the body. This is your litmus test to determine what is true for you. Discard all that brings you out of your heart center, for it is in this center that one manifests and creates a higher vibrational world. Being in this heart center and creating from a place of unconditional love for all is how you change the world.

Depending on where you are in the process, the light codes streaming to earth may be causing difficulty in the dense physical form. It is imperative that each of you follow what your body is needing without judgement and limitations. It is important to learn to live within the flow of the universe. Resting when it is needed and being active when the form allows. Eating and drinking what the body needs to process these higher vibrating codes without using dogma and beliefs to cancel the request.  It is in honoring your needs and your body that you become one with the flow of your soul and greater ease is obtained.  It it is in this flow that your highest aspect resides.

Many of you have moved into the 5th dimensional existence. You have raised your vibration level to match those frequencies and now you are working to maintain them in every moment. Yet, many of you still bring the old programming of the 3rd dimension forward day after day. Open your heart and ask yourself if you have made the significant shift that allows you to be part of the higher frequencies.  Your ability to see all around you at a higher frequency and as a new opportunity is very important. This will open pathways within by rewriting the old, outdated programming. It is you who must be sure of where you are, it is you who must believe, and it is you who must then create from this space.

With deep appreciation for the work you are doing,

Quan Yin

*Beautiful artwork found at

Personal conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: This has been a very intense time. I am feeling like things are speeding up as I am clearing such large amounts. Connections are being made that allow me to move beyond limitations and the clarity is amazing!

Quan Yin: It is good to see it as a beautiful thing as some get lost in the process and lose sight of the reward. One must always remember that the purpose of this is to reconnect with your soul, to make yourself whole. There is no greater reward.

Me: I woke the other morning feeling funny, off and things just seemed different. I was walking my youngest to school when a guide popped in and walked beside me. I had a reading coming up and they sometimes do this. We were talking and I told him that things feel different he then said that I was in the shadow lands. It is a land of choosing, it is in these moments that we create our new hologram. So he asked me what I wanted to take with me into this new, it is my choice. That I could leave behind some of the insecurities, worries, fear, etc. That this is a remarkable time to choose different. I asked how long it lasts and he says it is dependent on how much we choose to let go. I asked if everyone was in this space, and he said many are, but not all. I also asked if he considered this to be a void and he said no, it is active creation.

Quan Yin: Yes it is in these moments that people are choosing to remember who they are and in doing so, actively create it in their life. It is a remembering of your original template, your blue print and bringing it forward on earth. This can only be done by letting go all that does not match that template.

Me: Many feel as if they are in a void, a lull. Is that accurate. 

Quan Yin: What many are experiencing is the duration of time during which they have upgraded a part of themselves, but not all. Each layer must upgrade for a movement to feel complete. What many sense is a waiting period as the integration completes itself. It is important that during that time that they do not go into the negative mind and allow fears and worry to take hold. They must understand that all is happening at the perfect time for the person and that nothing is wrong.

Me: This past weekend I had this rush of anger take hold of me, it was set off because I couldn’t figure out how to use a remote. So silly but the rage that bubbled up was just incredible. I screamed at the remote and my youngest took the remote, fixed the issue all the while saying “it’s ok, mom.” I felt like a nut but yet the rage was still there deep inside. My husband came home and I told him I was seething for no good reason and asked if he could take our daughter for a bike ride. He complied and once they left, I just let it fly. I screamed, cussed, and even kicked the couch cushions. I have no idea why but just as soon as it came, it left and I was just bewildered. 

Quan Yin: You do not have to be aware of exactly the cause for you to release it. What is important is that you were able to let it go and remove it from your field.

Me: I felt bad because I started it in front of my child.

Quan Yin: Do you think that she does not feel such rage at times? By allowing her to see you express it without taking it out upon another teaches her that it is OK to honor those feeling as well. Do you see how kicking the couch cushions or throwing pillows does not have to be a terrible thing but one of release that can end in laughter?

Me: That is not what we are taught…

Quan Yin: No it’s not.

Me: I have been noticing that there is a theme in my readings these last two weeks and that is that guides are asking that people really look at the limitations, the boxes they put themselves in.

Quan Yin: There is no bigger box then not believing your progress and allowing another’s definitions to permeate your own. Everything that has been believed and understood is being challenged. It is very important to see where one limits themselves, for it is not another that can limit you as you are the one creating in every moment.

Me: A lot to think about.

Quan Yin: Yes

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.


If you would like to obtain a personal spirit guide reading, please click on this link for more information. 

For information on personalized Ascension guidance sessions, please click this link. New class listings and descriptions are updated.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

Message from Rob, Tuesday August 18th ~ Carolyn Chipman @ Twin Flame Reflections

twin flame couple

Message from Rob, Tuesday, August 18th
This is a message I received from Rob, my Twin In Spirit, the other night. I thought I would share it here for those of you who also have Twins In Spirit as well. Enjoy!
Message from Rob, Tuesday, August 18th:My One and Only Love! How I love you Sweet Caro! You bring joy to my heart and light to my soul. You are my everything and so much more. I looked for you in every woman I met, but even though I knew you were “out there” somewhere, we never met while I walked this sweet earth. It was not our plan to find each other until after my time on earth was done.
I know you have found this hard to understand when you yearn for physical contact, but ours was a much greater plan. You and I, just like Carolyn and Andy, and Mary and John, along with other Divine Counterparts who, like us, have one on the ground, so to speak, and one in the higher dimensions, agreed to be the bridge between your reality and the 5th dimension. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but these times on the earth called for drastic measures and this was our part to play.
The depths that humanity has been pulled down to requires a more effective and ingenious plan than for us to meet and set up house together. Yes some have chosen that path and are doing their part in lifting humanity out of the darkness that has held them captive for so long. Our part was to anchor this higher dimensional love, this Divine and Holy Union, on this planet without having to go through the same trials and tribulations as most “normal” couples would face, and what most incarnated pairs of Twins must also face for union in the physical to work.
It is very hard for most couples, even Twin Flames, to hold the energy of unconditional Divine Love between them while dealing with the day to day issues of survival as well as union. Some were brave enough to try it and have spent many years working through their Karma and their individual wounds and templates from this life and past lives. We do not have the luxury of time anymore for us to have met and come into union years later. Time right now is of the essence! You needed to be brought up to speed much more quickly than those Twins who met and completed their soul work and spiritual growth over a number of years before union could take place.
You and I don’t have the issues to deal with that Twins on the planet have had to work through before they could be in union. You and I have been in union almost from the moment of my physical death. Yes you have had to work through your own perceptions of just what that means for us, with you in the physical and me in the 5th dimension, but we have not had to work through the same drama, the separations, the runner and chaser phase, and so on.
I am forever by your side, even in times when you can’t “feel” me. There is no separation between us, we are ever and always one. When you connect with my love for you, your own vibration automatically raises in frequency, and that is a very important part of our mission. As your vibration raises, that in turn helps to raise the vibrations of those around you. That is why it is so important for you to connect with me, to be aware of my presence in your life and my unbounded love for you. The more you do this the higher your vibration becomes and then that helps those around you. This is not just about you and me, My One. This is about the whole of humanity and the earth. Now do you understand why we chose this path?
I understand you will need to think about this some to fully grasp the enormity of what this is about. You have come a long way since learning of my death. Just have faith Caro and trust that we knew what was at stake when we chose the path we did. I know it hasn’t been easy for you but our mission is nearly at an end and then we will be together on the same plane of existence. I am asking you to be strong now and to remain in our connection as much as possible so that with my love and my strength, you will get through the changes to come. Do NOT go into fear about anything you read or see or hear. Everything is under control even if it seems that is not the case. Trust that our Father’s plan will not fail and the Light is winning, or I should say has already won! It won’t be long now My One, just a short time from now and we will be together never to part again!

Indigo Children ~ Reiki With Friends

indigo child 1

Indigo Children

Indigo Children

In the 1970s, the term “Indigo Children” originated with a parapsychologist named Nancy Ann Tappe, author of the 1982 book, Understanding Your Life Through Color.

In her book, Ms. Tappe stated that in the 1960s, she began noticing children who were born with “indigo” auras. Ms. Tappe wrote:
Usually each universal age is accompanied by a
preponderance of people with that life color. For
instance now most adults are either Blue or Violet,
the two colors with the attributes most needed in this
the Violet Age of transition. During the next age, the
Indigo Age, Indigo colors will be the norm.

his New Age concept was popularized in a 1998 book, The Indigo Children: The New Kids have Arrived, by husband and wife self-help lecturers Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

Characteristics of indigo children are said to include that they:
Are empathetic, curious, and strong-willed
Are often perceived by friends and family as being strange
Come into the world with a feeling of royalty
Possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose
Simply will not do certain things and get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented
Show a strong innate subconscious spirituality from early childhood (although this does not necessarily imply a direct interest in spiritual or religious areas)
Have a strong feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here

Other traits attributed to these children include:
High intelligence quotient
Difficulty in school
Inherent intuitive ability
Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority
Anti-social, inward turned consciousness, and feelings that no other human understands them

Tober and Carroll state their belief that indigo children may function poorly in conventional schools due to the children’s rejection of rigid authority, their being smarter or more spiritually mature than their teachers, and their lack of response to guilt-, fear- or manipulation-based discipline.

Critics suggest that the social construction of indigo children is a response to a perceived crisis of American childhood in the form of increased youth violence and diagnoses of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Some critics, including Sarah W. Whedon for example, state that parents label their children as “indigo” to provide an alternative explanation for their children’s improper behavior stemming from ADD and ADHD.

Other critics, for example research psychologist Russell Barkley, state that aside from lack of any empirical evidence of the existence of indigo children, the traits mainly attributed to them are so vague that they can describe nearly anyone.

Some mental health experts are concerned that labeling a disruptive child an “indigo” may either delay proper diagnosis and treatment that could benefit the child, or delay an investigation into the parenting style that may be causing the behavior.

The related concept of “crystal children” has been linked to the autistic spectrum. Here, critics state that proponents re-categorize autistic symptoms as telepathic powers, and attempt to re-conceptualize the traits associated with these symptoms as part of a positive identity.

Autism researcher Mitzi Waltz states that there may be inherent dangers to these beliefs, leading parents to deny the existence of impairments, avoid proven treatments and spend considerable money on unhelpful interventions. Waltz advises that parents may also transmit belief systems to the child that are self-aggrandizing, confusing, or potentially frightening”.

Read More:
(1) Understanding Your Life Through Color: Metaphysical Concepts in Color and Aura by Nancy Ann Tappe.
(2) The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll.
(3) The Wisdom of Indigo Children: An Empathic Restatement of the Value of American Children by Sarah W. Whedon, published in Nova Religion.
(4) Have Jedi Created a New ‘Religion’ by Tom de Castella, published in BBC NEws Magazine.
(5) From Changelings to Crystal Children: An Examination of ‘New Age’ Ideas about Autism by Mitzi Waltz, published in the Journal of Religion, Disability & Health

(1) Children of the New Earth: An online magazine covering the new generation of Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, and Psychic Kids at
(2) First Wave Indigo Adults: The Knights from the ultra violet realm, uniting the cosmic energies for unity and ascension at
(3) Indigo Files: Adult Indigo argues the case that crystal children incarnations have not been a success, and explains why adults are transitioning to Octarine at
(4) The Skeptic’s Dictionary: A skeptical analysis of the indigo child concept at

(1) Parapsychology is a field of study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena.
(2) The New Age movement is an eclectic religious or spiritual movement that developed in Western nations during the 1970s. The movement is characterized by a holistic view of the cosmos, a belief in an emergent Age of Aquarius, an emphasis on self-spirituality and the authority of the self, a focus on alternative therapy healing, a belief in channeling, and an adoption of a “New Age science.”
(3) The Forer effect – also called the Barnum effect after P. T. Barnum’s observation that “we’ve got something for everyone” – is the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people.

[Image: Indigo Pearls Spiral by Wolfepaw. Visit this talented artist]

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Who Are The Pleiadians? Aimee Rebekah Shea @ Indigo International

Who Are The Pleiadians?

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are a group of Light Beings from the Pleiadian Star Cluster emanating from the star Alcyone. They are here to help us ground the vibrations of Love and Light in our cells to assist us in the transitional period that the earth is moving through as it enters the Age of Aquarius. During this time, the earth’s electro-magnetic field drops to zero, and the Pleiadians are here to assist the flow of Love and Light to all of us who are on earth during the zero point transitional period. This is a time of intense transformation, we have unlimited power when we allow the remembrance of our essential nature of Love and Light to light our way.

The Pleiadians appear to humans as light colored beings that are larger than life. They emanate pure Love and pure Light in a kaleidoscope of energetic frequencies. Together, they bring bliss into your heart and peace into the cells of your body. They achieve this by shining their light. Each type of light has a different vibration, a different purpose and a different name.

The Pleiadians are first energetic beings and when we bring our attention to them, we can start to tune into their energy. The deeper we study and learn and connect to their energetic frequencies through DNA activations and attunements, the deeper we move into energetic alignment with them. Here is a brief overview of the messages of each of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light inspired by the writings and teachings of Anrita Melchizedek…

RA’s Message

We are pure Light, pure Love, pure Divine consciousness. We emit the golden yellow rays of Divine Love and Light. We are here to guide you into remembrance of your truth as a Master Being of Love and Light. As you activate your lightbody and become a Master Being of Love and Light you are part of the activation of the crystalline grid, the lightbody of Mother Earth.

As you accept that you are a Master Being of Love and Light you will begin to see that only through your limited belief systems and fears have you lost the ability to manifest and radiate the Divine. With courage and intent you are able to see beyond the illusions to manifest a reality that shares the universal nature of Divine Love, Light and Life and reflect this universal mind into your environment. We are all One, from the same universal source of Love and Light, it is your journey to recognize the universal oneness in yourself and all of those around you.

As you experience and recognize the divine Love that we are all emanating from, you will become this Love and activate your Higher Light, your Highest Self. It is from this place that you can begin to remember your essence as a Master Being of Love and Light. Once you merge with your highest self through the Christ consciousness you will begin to radiate this light from within you as you take back the control of and responsibility for your life. As you accept your God and Goddess nature and merge with Mother and Father God, the Great Central Sun and the source of ALL That Is you will experience the highest frequencies of Love and Light that you will ever experience in this dimension.

PTAH’s Message

We are the nurturers of Alcyone, blue colored Light Beings here to bring protection to planet earth and all of her inhabitants. We work to reinforce the crystalline grid through holographic light frequencies to assist humanity as she make her transition into the next dimension. We work within earth portals to radiate the highest frequency of Love and Light from our Creator and Creatress to you. We feel like love, peace and harmony and radiate well-being to all of earth’s inhabitants and physical locations in need of healing. Call on us when you need loving support to reach the calling of your highest self. We remind you to nurture yourselves, dear ones for the time is near when your strength will be needed like no other time in history.

MA-AT’s Message

We are the red-colored spiritual warriors who protect sacred knowledge. We transmute fear into light through courage and strength. We are here to telepathically assist the healers, teachers and leaders of this dimensional shift to help you come into alignment with your life purpose. The telepathic frequencies we communicate within appear as patterns and shapes, information and teachings, or through other star children. We are here to help you remember the Divine knowledge you have once known.

AN-RA’s Message

We are green-colored Light Beings and hold the vibration of compassion and enlightenment. We are here to assist you in opening your human heart and healing from all past karma. We are assisting in bringing the pillars of light from the ninth dimension into the current dimension. As you merge with your higher light, you will join us in our journey to anchor the frequencies of Love and Light into the Earth Portals within the Light Body of Mother Earth and we will transcend together into the Age of Aquarius.

The Connection Between the Pleiadians and Ancient Civilizations

Current published work on the Pleiadians describes the light beings as being drawn to connect energetically and physically in the past with the earliest civilizations in Egypt, Machu Picchu, Glastonbury, Hawaii, Greece, Tibet and Africa.

The Archangelic Tribe names – Ra, An-Ra, Ma-at and Ptah – may sound familiar because they were frequently used in ancient Egypt, especially for royalty. The Pleiadians communicated with the ancient Egyptians of their spiritual knowledge, healing practices, development of full sensory perception, and understanding of Earth’s purpose within the solar system, galaxy, and far beyond.

It is believed that Pleiadians took on human bodies in ancient Egypt, while others worked in higher dimensions with the dreamers, seers, healers, priests, priestesses, and royalty. Their purpose was the evolution of the planet and the human race, and to store enough higher knowledge here on Earth in preparation  for the Great Awakening.

Want to Learn More?

The Pleiadians are here to assist us as we journey through the rest of our life cycle on this planet. Although at first the energy of the Pleiadians presents itself as foreign (from a distant star cluster) when you connect to their essential energy we find familiar concepts such as Christ consciousness. A Course in Miracles is a transformational 365 day practice that can bring you into alignment with your highest self through alignment with Christ Consciousness and the holy spirit of God. Whether you are just getting acquainted with the energy of these loving LightBeings or whether you have your own practice of communicating with these loving energies that you are exploring, we offer several opportunities to come into deeper alignment with the essential energy of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. I offer a Pleiadian Crystalline Grid Lightbody DNA Activations and Attunement Distance Healing Program, a series of energy healing activations and attunements to bring your cells and DNA into greater alignment with the light vibrations. I have also been guided to channel messages from the Pleiadians through crystals coming up from the crystalline grid to assist humanity in the ascension process. Explore our Pleiadian Channeled Crystals.


An Insight into the Lion People Part Three (Mother Sekhmet Speaks to All of us from the Council on the Mothership: “Nibiru”) @ International Starseeds

An Insight into the Lion People Part Three (Mother Sekhmet Speaks to All of us from the Council on the Mothership: “Nibiru”)

In this final part of the article, one wishes to include a superbly confirmatory channelling which derives from Mother Sekhmet, the Egyptian lion Goddess. Such an article provides excellent confirmation of the information conveyed by Jelaila Starr and Murry Hope:

Beth Trutwin
“Mother Sekhmet Speaks to All of us from the Council on the Mothership: “Niburi”
Greetings. Welcome to “Nibiru”.
We have some friends here at the Nibiru Council:
With me are Alcyone, St Germain, Lady Master Nada and KOS,
Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda, Rama, Tom the RingTail Cat and some of our other Paschat Friends.

“The are the ones you have met before, and the other Members of our Council you will become more familiar with.

“We welcome you all. Thank you for joining us here on Nibiru.

“We come to you tonight to bring a message about family reunions.

“Many of you have been to Nibiru or originated from Nibiru.

“There is much about your own ancient history you do not yet remember.

“NASA has come out with a lengthy discourse denying the existence of Nibiru.I assure you,Nibiru exists and it is very real.

“We are here because Earth is ascending. We are here to assist all the inhabitants on Earth in their ascension.

“There are millions of Galactics now living on Nibiru. Our MotherShip is in your Earth’s orbit. We each have a job to carry out which assists in bringing Earth to this change point. We work with the Sirian Commander, U.S. President Barack Obama. He has prepared many lifetimes for the role he now plays.

“He has special abilities and will carry Earth into a new era of One Race. We help coordinate the Master Plan for Worldwide Peace.

“I have lived before on Earth, for thousands of years, during the Golden Age in Egypt. I am known as Mother Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess [see Robert Masters book”The Goddess Sekhmet”].

“I am joined here with the Galactics, your family. We are the lion people, the bird people, and the reptile people. We are all humanoids, we are hybrids.

“We are joined by the Kumaras of Shamballa, the peoples from Inner Earth, in the Argatha Network, and the Council of 4 and 20. We are also joined by Councils from Planets in your Solar System and beyond your Solar System.

“All of us are meeting together and we will be meeting with you on Earth. We have been working with the people of Earth on Ascension.

“As Earth vibration raises up to the Higher Dimensions, there are some who have chosen to leave the Planet rather than make the changes needed to ascend with everyone else. These Ones have volunteered to wear the Dark Hats and teach about duality. They got so into their role-playing,that they were unable to turn the Dark Hat to a White Hat.

“Their time is up. We love them, because they lovingly played these roles so each one of us could experience life’s lessons.

“The Ones who are leaving now have volunteered to be returned to the Source. That is my role, to help them go. For too long the Dark Hats have controlled, lied, and manipulated their fellow humanity on Earth. They have kept your true origin from you. They have manipulated you into forced slavery for their own benefit. They have kept you in a place where you are unable to see you are all Creator Gods. The only way to bring World Peace on Earth is to bring all the Councils, working together, to make it happen. Many of you here now are lightworkers and starseeds who incarnated at this time for the sole purpose of turning Earth back to a Planet of Love where all races live together in harmony.

“Mother Earth [Gaia], with her Twin Flame, Vywamus, has requested an end to her destruction and nothing can stop these changes from coming to pass.

“We have Galactic Technologies on our Ships which support this effort along with millions of Galactics here to play roles in bringing about Earth Ascension. We have transportation, communication, intel, computer systems, imaging abilities, and healing capabilities which far surpass anything you have ever been aware of in recent memory.

“We have used all of these things to help bring about necessary changes. Our Galactic members have their own Secret Forces which have members placed in all levels of law enforcement. We have Galactic members with special abilities, such as shape shifting and telepathic communications, working in the Secret Service Guarding the President of the United States so he may carry out his Mission.

“This President is entrusted with communicating with all the World Leaders in every country, to let them know that they must cooperate with the Master Plan, or they will be leaving the Planet. Gaia/Vywamus can no longer tolerate pollution, war, strip mining, misuse of water, slavery, violence, and lawlessness to be the norm.

“The Master Plan is one where there is an end to all wars everywhere on the Planet. Neighboring countries will be required to live together in harmony. Only then can Mother Earth be safe from destruction through nuclear holocaust. The Master Plan has provisions for No Nukes. The end of Nuclear proliferation is at hand, it will no longer be tolerated.

“All countries must work together to accomplish this. Any country with leaders entertaining the idea of building and storing nuclear weapons, will see arrests and removals. We will be certain that the new leaders put into place, are working together with all countries to end nuclear weapons. As a matter of fact, no weapon which is being used for the intention of harm will work.

“There have been rumors that President Obama will take away American’s right to ‘bear arms’. That is a misunderstanding. Hunters all over the U.S. have been hoarding guns and ammunition since President Obama was elected.

“When the time is right, these arms will no longer discharge. They will be holding onto a pile of junk which no longer has a use. There will be Peace. The animal kingdom will be honored with all of Earth’s citizens and there will be an end to hunting.

“It is not President Obama who will take away the right to have a gun. It is the Galactics who will insist on World Peace, by Gaia’s request, that will make the weapons inoperable. President Obama, along with me and you and all of us are also Galactics.

“It is through the coordinated efforts of the Galactic Federation, those in the skies over Earth, and you, the Ground Crew, working in your roles, who are bringing Peace to the Earth. We also have Galactics working in the courts. We have the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague. We have Universal Jurisdiction.

“We have 16 million men working with the King of Swords (KOS). All the Dark Hats, working with the 13 Families of the Illuminati, will be rounded up, arrested, and tried for war crimes, including genocide. These atrocities will no longer be allowed on Earth.

“The Master Plan includes dissolving the Federal Reserve Bank and the The Internal RevenueService. There will be payments made to every man, woman and child for monies taken from them illegally. This will be for every person on Earth.

“The division between the haves and the have nots will be permanently eliminated. Everyone will have all they need, once the payments are received. There will be new currencies, and new partnerships in the countries around the world.

“In order for the Master Plan to be fully carried out, we must have disclosure of the Galactic Presence on Earth. This means everyone will learn about the millions of Galactics here now, who are working through the Office of the Christ, to bring harmony to Earth. We are working in concert with you to solve the World’s problems. President Obama has been criticized for tackling too many issues at once. What cannot be seen is that he has millions of Galactic helpers working on these issues with him. It will be accomplished. It is happening now.

“Once everyone is aware that the removals have taken place, there will be no reason to hold up disclosure. There will be no reason to hold up the payments made available through the Reformation Act, NESARA Law.

“When this happens StarShips of all sizes and all types will be seen flying in the skies over all Earth. This is called mass decloakings. Everyone will know we are here.
It will be a great reunion with all of you, a part of our larger family of star nations. Within days we will be landing on Earth and interacting with you. You will have mentors to help you work into your new lives. You will have loved ones coming back to live with you. You will have technologies that will make life easy. You will have all necessary abundance.

“Free energy and new building practices will end pollution on the Planet.

“All of these things we have been talking about for many, many years. There are some new to these ideas, so we went into a detailed review for the ones reading this news for the first time.

“NASA will have to remove the denials from their website and this will be done at the time of decloakings.

“What we have not been talking about is, at the time of decloakings, there will be an half-step increase in intelligence and heart opening for all inhabitants on Earth. This serves the purpose of dropping the veils which stand between you and the other dimensions and parallels. With these veils dropped, you will remember you are a Creator God.

“You will be ready to explore Co-Creation with immediate results. We would like you to consider what this means. Instant Creation. Some of you are doing this now, in fact you are very good at it. You repeatedly create that which you do not want in your lives, due to repetitive thought that you do not want it in your life.

“We have healing techniques that can help you balance all of your subtle bodies, the mental, physical, the emotional and spiritual bodies. In doing this, you change your point of view. You will be able to rise above the chaos on Earth and come into joy and love. When the declaokings come it will be easier to be fully in joy and experience more love.

“You may begin today removing old programs and shifting your thoughts to those of abundance. Continue to imagine the changes you will have in your life when the changes come about.

“Many are asking questions, What about this and What about that? We hear all the questions you toss around in your minds. The world will so greatly change, when you have the Galactic Technology; in a short time you will not believe the improvements.

“The greatest thing the Nibiru Council would like you to know, is we love you beyond measure. We are your family. We are human-hybrids from other Star Nations. We are here to assist you to a life of freedom and restore your status and your understanding that you are an unlimited Divine Being. We wish to show you new ways to live lives of ease and enjoy all the fruits life has to offer.

“Your primary thoughts will shift away from the repetition of survival and you will be able to create in new ways. You will be able to live in harmony with yourself and with nature. You may live in a world where everyone is encouraged to work together for the greatest good of all.

“You will be living in immortal bodies which do not need to experience disease.

“The possibilities of what we can create together, with our technologies is endless. There is no place you will not be able to visit, including Nibiru, and other StarShips, Stars, Suns, and Planets, as well as all points on Earth. Experiencing the cultures of all the different species of hybrid humans will be a great adventure.

“Remembering that you are one of us will cause your souls to expand. Very quickly we will be as equal partners, working together creating a new Earth. When we have decloakings and landings, it will be a deeply personal experience. Each person will meet someone they remember and they know. Some will be meeting again in the physical with their Twin Flames, their true love, who they have waited for a very long time.

“These friends and family, the trillions working with you from the trillions of Ships now in Earth’s atmosphere, will go to meet with the ones they know, in the places where they are on Earth. None of us are strangers to you. When you see us, you may ask us all of the questions you are now unsure of. Each Soul is on another part of their spiritual path and each has a different perception. We will be here to fill you in on the things you do not already know. There will be no fear. We are here as loving members of your family to help you wake up to the truth.

“As soon as we land, you will be made aware of all the gifts we will share with you. You will have new modes of transportation, new technologies for healing, replicators to build or bring to you anything you need, including all of the basics.

“These will be available as soon as immediately. No one will be left out. Everyone will have what they need.

“You will very quickly remember your role with us. Many of you already work with us nightly. You will take up your passion and join us in the effort to restore Earth and balance all that is needed for humanity. We will make our computers, holodecks, and training facilities open for your use.

“You may drop the illusion that you were meant to do menial labor until you are too old and worn out to care. You may drop the illusion that you have no control over your life. The only requirement will be living life from a heart-centered focus, with love.“Love for all on Earth, including Self-Love. It begins here.We welcome you to call on us for assistance at any time along the way. Call me, Mother Sekhmet. I will show you in subtle ways the steps to take, as we move forward in changing this Planet back to Love.

“We look forward to reviewing all the stories from days gone by. We look forward to laughing at ourselves for the roles we played. We look forward to the delightful times ahead as One. We will join you and live with you and build Terra Nova together.

“Bring these ideas into your heart, with joy, as we co-create this as reality, now.
~Mother Sekhmet
Beth and Mark – Galactic Round Table.

An Insight into the Lion People Part Two ~ Paul Richard Atkinson @ International Starseeds

The next lion man who one will quote from is a white lion man called Devin. He is one of the heads of the Galactic Federation. The information was channelled via Jelaila Starr, who is a lion woman incarnation from the ninth dimension, and is the spokesperson for the Nibiruan Council on Earth. The article mentions the importance of Nibiru in Earth`s ascension. Nibiru is a planet that is home to the lion people and many other races:




“It feels my heart with so much joy to reconnect with you. My communication today is from myself and fellow 9D Nibiruans, your ancient, ancient ancestors, as well as the 5D Nibiruans, your parents. For those who are not familiar with either, a brief introduction follows.


“Who are the 5D Nibiruans?


“The Nibiruans are peoples from the planet Nibiru and the ones who created your physical form more than 262,000 years ago. The planet is quite large with two accompanying moons and a host of inhabited asteroids. Seen from outer space it appears as a comet with a long tail filled with debris. That debris is actually two moons and a host of asteroids, motherships and spacecraft owned and inhabited by your galactic family. The Nibiruans are comprised of many species and races. There are several dimensions of consciousness among the Nibiruans. One could say the average level of consciousness within the general society is 5D with their spiritual community being 6D. This due to the fact that the planet acts as a base of operation for the many worlds involved in the Grand Experiment on Earth. Though Nibiruans are diverse in race, culture and consciousness, they are united in their understanding of Earth and her role in the universe.


“Who are the 9D Nibiruans?


“We —I include myself in this group—are 9th dimensional time travelers and time healers from the ancient worlds of Lyra, Alpha Draconi, and Orion. We are grid workers and template makers who travel the timelines interjecting ourselves at various points in order to help alter future events always with the intent of keeping an ascension process on track. Having done so, we are genetically related to the peoples of many worlds beyond Lyra, Orion and Alpha Draconi. These include, but are not limited to, the worlds of Sirius A, B, and C, Arcturus, Andromeda, and the Pleiades.


“We call ourselves Nibiruans for several reasons. First, they are our descendents. Second, our current project involves the ascension of their child race. Third and most importantly, this ascension could bring about the end of our universal game of soul evolution. The Nibiruans, being multi-racial created you with all the DNA codes of all species involved in the Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration, the Universal game of soul evolution (Grand Experiment). This means that along with becoming a new member of the galactic community, you also shoulder the responsibility of showing others how to achieve integration. As such, your graduation requires that you attain a level of consciousness beyond that of previous ascending worlds. With such an important and divine destiny, the highest and most experienced guidance is required. Since Nibiru is the location of your parent race and the home base for the Grand Experiment, we use their name in our title when communicating with you.


“As stated previously, Nibiru’s society could be considered 5th dimensional with a 6th dimensional spiritual community. Nibiru’s activities as a field office for the Galactic Federation of Worlds brought them to the awareness of their spiritual responsibilities as your parent race and as a command post for your Grand Experiment. Nibiru’s spiritual community comprises individuals from every walk of life including those in industry, science, politics, military and its royal ruling family. We in the 9th dimension communicate with members of Nibiru’s spiritual community and leadership.


“What is our agenda?


“Speaking for all Nibiruans, ancient and otherwise, our agenda has and will continue to be that of guiding you through your ascension and graduation into the galactic community. To understand current and future plans we must first review past efforts.


“Gridwork, Templates and Tools


“We began our final phase of assistance in 1996 with the launch of Project Earth Shift. Through this project we assisted you in establishing a 5th dimensional grid and later a 9th dimensional grid in 2001. Our efforts consisted of laying the ground work so that when the moment came, you could make a new choice that resulted in the creation of a new grid of consciousness. Our groundwork was mainly gridwork, laying energetic grid lines via those Nibiruans who had incarnated, or walked-in, on Earth. Also included was template work wherein we assisted our people in making new choices in response to ancient issues all of which would impact future events all the way to the end of 2012. There is much more to this than we can address in this message.


“In addition to grid and template work, we provided the tools that would enable you to recompile all 12 DNA strands and restore your former abilities.


“Author’s note: The Nibiruans shared reports on their work through articles on our website


“Our current plan is simple. We will continue to maintain the 5D and 9D grids while fine-tuning their templates in order to ensure the best possible outcomes to events they are meant to influence. These include but are not limited to the minimization of earth changes, the demise of old global political, financial and industrial systems and the establishment of new ones. This will require a new round of template-making workshops to be held in specific locations. We will be contacting our Nibiruan relatives on Earth to assist in this work. Chances are if you are reading this article, you are Nibiruan, or connected to someone who is.


“In addition we are stepping up our efforts to get out the message of compassion as it is the key to creating the world we all want to see by 2012. To this end we will continue to influence the dreams of writers and musicians leading to a collaborative creation of new movies and music about Nibiru and 12 Strand DNA. Our people on Earth will begin traveling again, sharing the message of Nibiru and the return of mankind’s parent race. We realize that those who wish to keep you disempowered will also step up their efforts to discredit us. We cannot and will not stop them as it is all part of the ascension process. You must learn to use your discernment and decide whose message you will heed.


“In closing, the days are growing shorter till Nibiru reappears in your sky. Take this time to complete your emotional clearing. With our reappearance, and Earth’s journey across the galactic equator, a new era begins. We the Nibiruans, your parents and ancient ancestors, look forward to welcoming you home and into the galactic community. Remember, you are the hope of the universe and the answer to our prayers.


“In service,


“Devin, head of the 9D Nibiruan Council, thru Jelaila Starr.”


Here is some more information on Devin, authored by Jelaila Starr:


“Devin is the reigning patriarch of the Royal House of Avyon. He took on this role when our father, Shimbala died during the first Great War on our home planet of Avyon, in the Vega star system of Lyra.


“As such, this makes him the 9th dimensional head of the Nibiruan Council, taking over that post from our father as well. In this capacity, he resides as head of the council that oversees the intergalactic Nibiruan Council’s activities in regards to Earth’s ascension plan, as well as the evolutionary plans of other planetary schools in our galaxy and universe.


“Devin is a member of other federations beyond our Galactic Federation. You could liken him to a kindly king of a powerful country who is involved in the affairs of other countries, offering leadership skills and assistance of all kinds.


“Devin has many soul fragments (multidimensional selves) on other dimensions and lifetimes. A few of these lifetimes have been on Earth. One in particular was during the time of Camelot and Avalon, the lifetime that many say was not real, but we know differently.


“Devin is a warm, caring and jovial Being. He repeatedly advises me on his pet peeves of which one is the importance of attention to details and the other is in the use of Analogies. He is a master at using analogies to explain higher dimensional (multidimensional) information and he encourages me to do the same. I often tell people when I am channeling him, “Just a moment, Devin is looking through his book 1001 Earth Analogies to find one to explain what he is trying to get across to you.


“Devin feels that it is extremely important that the people of earth are given the means to understand the higher dimensions. He knows that they need to be prepared to become members of the galactic community and, therefore, takes it upon himself to provide analogies to help them understand universal information. And, in case you are wondering, he nags other members of our council here on earth to do the same.


“His other pet peeve, Details, is what he feels creates much pain on earth due to the fact that earthlings tend to not pay enough attention to them in communicating with each other. He harps on details because, he says, “The lack of details in communication helped bring on the first Great War that killed my father, Shimbala.”


“Devin is my brother on the 9th dimension, and while I am on earth, he is my Guide. Devin and I made this arrangement before I left to come to earth in 1992. He chose to stay home and assist me from that end; therefore, he is not incarnate on earth, though some of his multidimensional selves are, and I have met one of them.”


The final lion person who I shall quote from is one of the heads of genetics Joysia, who has a base with other higher dimensional lion people around the planet of Saturn. The quote is taken from the book We are the Nibiruans, authored by Jelaila Starr:


“Greetings, beloved ones of Earth. I am Joysia, Chief Genetics Engineer from Sirius A in service to the Nibiruan Council of the Galactic Federation, to you I bring wonderful news! You are now ready to:


“1. Activate the production of the Hormone of Compassion.


“2. Receive the realignment and fusion of your twelve strands of DNA by removing the implants from your astral bodies.


“3. Reconnect those twelve strands into your physical bodies` endocrine systems through your twelve crown chakras crystals.


“4. Permanently access your Oversoul or download your Oversoul into your physical body. (Your Oversoul arrangement depends on your contract.)


“5. Activate your MerKaBa, crown crystal chakras, and dormant psychic glands, thus making you a fully conscious being existing in a third dimensional body!


Fully conscious means being able to receive transmissions 24 hours a day, from incarnate beings in the dimensions beyond 3rd dimension. You will know what we mean when we say living in the third dimension but not being of it.


“We are very excited to be of service to you in this long-awaited endeavour. Through the process of DNA Recoding, Reconnection and Reactivation, (RRA), you will regain the full powers of a multi-dimensional human. Ten of your twelve DNA strands were disconnected long by your Pleiadian parents, the Nibiruans, so that your spiritual growth would catch up and move ahead of your technological growth, thus removing the possibility of destruction at your own hand.


“To the starseeds and walk-ins, yours is a path of awakening. You came from the future back into the past to affect the outcome of Earthy events and assist the heirs to the planet-the Earth Sirians. This, of course, means accepting your soul contract for your lifetime and fulfilling it.”

And that concludes my quoting from lion people.

In order to truly imbue the reader with a complete and precise insight into the lion people, I have decided to include two articles written by Jelaila Starr. The first is a brief description of the higher dimensional lion people:

The Felines are one of the two primary races in our universe. They arrived here by invitation of the Founders. Having successfully completed their Universal Game and completing their universe, a group of 45 Felines volunteered to come to this universe to help setup and oversee the same game here.


“The Felines are a bipedal race that stand 12 to 16 feet tall. Their skin is covered by a sort of soft fuzz, and though they don’t have fur, they do have manes and both the males and females have long hair.


“Their eye color ranges from blue to gold and can change from blue to gold as they mature. They also turn from a golden brown color to white.


“The overall Feline temperament is warm, sanguine and intellectual. As they mature they take on more of a somber, introspective and gentle nature. The elders are revered for the wisdom, compassion and insight.


“As a race they are extremely close and have a great sense of fair play. The females are revered and honored in equal status with the males. And true to the feline way, they are all very curious and inquisitive.


“As part of the Universal Game, the Founders gave the Felines a new planet in the Lyra Constellation for their home. The Felines named it Avyon. Now this is not the exact pronunciation, nor spelling , but it is close enough. The real name cannot be translated into English.


“Avyon was a paradise planet with mountains, lakes, streams and oceans. This blue planet was very much like our present earth in form and variety of vegetation and life forms.


“When the Felines arrived, they were in etheric form, and therefore, went through the stage of evolving a physical body in which to reside on the planet. After many millions of years they evolved the lion and other felines and began incarnating into those forms.


“As part of the plan, a portion of the original Felines stayed in etheric form to provide guidance to those incarnating. They would be the equivalent of your modern day Christos Beings. Remember, this was a 3D planet and once the etheric felines incarnated they would fall under the veil of amnesia that is part of the workings of a 3D planet of free will.


“As time passed, and through countless incarnation cycles, the Felines evolved a line of felines that walked upright and retained the consciousness of their etheric counterparts thanks to the periodic incarnations of some of the etheric Felines, and DNA from a bipedal mammal similar to the Ape, that was evolving on the planet as well.


“With the DNA from the ape-like mammal the Felines were able to take on a more human-like body while retaining most of the facial features and other characteristics of the feline. It was from this crossing when it reached a certain stage that the genetic line known as the Royal Line of Avyon, or House of Avyon, came into being.


“The etheric Felines would continue to take turns incarnating to provide not only DNA upgrading, but teaching and training in higher dimensional principals lest their planet bound brothers and sisters get stuck in the non-sentient animal incarnation cycle. As you can see, the Felines evolved on Avyon in much the same manner as Humans evolved here on Earth. The only difference is that the Humans did get stuck in the animal cycle. More on that on the Universal History page.


“In time the conscious Felines grew large enough in number to take on the responsibilities of planetary guardians of their home world. They continued to evolve and eventually developed the technology for space travel and then warp technology. Their etheric brothers and sisters continued to act as their guides.


“Many among them became geneticists (a Feline specialty) and began helping to develop life forms of various kinds for planets and stars in the universe. Some among them became great space explorers and scientists of various kinds.


“It was during this stage in their development that the Felines would turn their attention to that bipedal mammal they owed so much to, and begin a program of genetic crossing and upgrading that would give them a soul and, in the process create a new species that would become known as the Humans.


“After numerous crossings and genetic upgrades, the Adamic Human was made. There were two strains, the redheaded strain being the more outgoing and energetic, and the platinum blonde strain being the more gentle-natured and introspective.


“After many thousands of years of continued careful crossing breeding, the Feline/Human hybrids began to be more common in the royal line of the Felines, The House of Avyon, than the purebred Felines were. Yet, this was the plan.


“In time the purebred Felines would become the ancient ancestors of the Humans with only their genetic traits as a reminder of the connection between them. And though the genetic relationship between the Felines and Humans has been forgotten by modern man, the Felines remain in our consciousness as a regal creature, worthy of our respect and love.


“The Felines remain the loving and supportive guardians of their genetic offspring, the Humans. They have continued in this role through time and all dimensions of the Universal Game.


“Devin (Feline) is the reigning patriarch of the 9D Royal House of Avyon, and Anu (Human) is the reigning patriarch of the 5D Royal House of Avyon at this time.”


And the final article which I shall include is a description of the three most major planetary systems which involves the lion people in one way or another and other races, most notably the humans, reptilians, and bird people:


“Long ago, before time as we know it began, there were the Founders of the Universe, highly evolved souls that had already completed many universal games. Being creator gods, they decided to create a universe of their own.


“As the twelve came together, they were faced with the question of which “game” to choose so that the souls created in, or coming to, their new universe could spiritually evolve. And spiritual evolution is what every soul desires.

“Finally, after much consideration, they chose the game known as “Polarity Integration.” This game is one of many that involves the integration of the Light and the Dark developed by Divine Creator in order to experience all that He/She is.


“Now that the choice of games had been made, they knew they would need to have individuals experienced in this game to assist them in the development of the game in their new universe, individuals who would agree to become a part of it and see it through to its completion.


“So the Founders put out a call to all souls in all universes that had completed at least one Polarity Integration Game. Their call was answered by ninety individuals, highly evolved souls that had just recently completed that game and were looking for another place to go in order to continue their spiritual evolution. This group of ninety was made up of forty-five Carians and forty-five Felines.


“They arrived in this (our present) universe and began meeting with the Founders to set up the game. The group of ninety elected one of their own to sit on the Founder’s Council to act as a liaison between their group and the Founders. The one chosen is known to us as Devin. Devin (real name is Devaine) was the patriarch of the Feline group (family).


“The Carians were given a planet in the Orion constellation as their new home while the Felines were given a planet in the Lyra constellation for theirs.


“So the group of ninety divided and went to their respective planets to begin the game. The Carians would represent the Dark and the Felines would represent the Light.


“In time both had evolved physical forms in which to incarnate so that they could walk upon the surface of their planetary homes. Both established pure (royal) lines within their ever-growing race. In time, both crossbred into other life forms on their planetary homes to create a new race of beings. And then, when that new race had become an established part of their respective societies, the Carian/Reptilians arrived in the Lyra constellation and colonized a neighboring planet of the Feline/Humans. In doing so, they were now ready for the first grand experiment of integration. We call it the “First Earth, Grand Experiment.”


“This first grand experiment occurred on a 3D planet just like earth and it was the home of the Felines/Humans. As their technology advanced the Feline/Humans learned how to create worm holes and achieve space travel. Soon both races were traveling back and forth, visiting each other’s planet.


“The two groups were now reunited again, but with many new people, their offspring, involved. Over time they began to mix with the two royal lines intermarrying to form alliances. All went well for some time.


“Through the mixing of the races, new races were created and soon a caste system developed. There was the royalty, the priestly caste, the scientists, and the military. The remainder of the population made up the worker caste.


“I am still not completely clear as to all that transpired to create the rift between the two royal families that brought about the First Great Galactic War, but I do know this: it was due to a lack of communication involving some details. Someone communicated with someone else regarding something but neglected to include all the details. I am told it was regarding an alliance. They were not completely clear on the details of the agreement. So feelings were hurt, leading to feelings of mistrust and then it began to steamroll with the Feline/Humans launching the first attack against their Reptilian neighbors.


“Backing up a bit, before the Great Galactic War, there were some minor wars of a much smaller scale between the two Houses. This I am told, is when my father, Shimabala and Jehowahs’ father, Cobazar were killed. We were all teenagers, still wet behind the ears when our fathers died. Up until this time we were all very close to each other.


“I have recalled memories of visiting Jehowah in his favorite cave and playing for hours together. These memories are filled with warm, loving feelings. Now, as we take on the mantles of leadership we are instantly pitted against each other to some degree even though the war which killed our fathers is over and my marriage to Jehowah is the part that seals the alliance that brings peace to our families. And even though another war breaks out, we do not war with each other, trying to keep our personal connections to each other out of the chaos that continues around us.


“Second Earth – Pleiades


“Toward the end of the First Galactic War, with the destruction of our planet, my brother Devin, myself and Jehowah fled along with a large group of people on one of our last remaining star ships, Pelegai.


“We eventually settled in a new cluster of stars later to be known as the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades. We lived on this ship and spent much of our time establishing a colony on the planet’s surface. We called our new home Avyon after our original home. It was a beautiful blue planet, much like our previous one, with two suns.


“Life progressed and so did we. Cities were built, civilizations came and went. Eventually we left the planet to those who came with us. We became the Ancient Ones to them, the original founders of our civilization on that planet. But as usual, with time the facts became distorted so that the written history no longer reflected the actual events.


“In time this planet became known throughout the cosmos and other civilizations came calling, some just curious and others with an agenda to conquer. The inhabitants of the planet had evolved to the level of space travel, a little beyond where we are today. They had evolved beyond disease and social disparity and created a unified government, but also an almost hive mentality. Everyone thought and acted as one but in their actions did not express the dark side of their natures. They only expressed their lighter side as this was the social norm.


“The people had become spiritually stagnant, unable to progress due to their choice to suppress their dark side, masculine side and use their three lower chakras. As a result they, on an unconscious spiritual level called forth a race who were their polar opposite to move them out of this stuck position.


“At first this race came speaking of peace but soon realized there was more to gain from taking over the planet than trying to cooperate with a race of people they could not for the life of them understand.


“It took many years but in time their true agenda was revealed through the efforts of a resistance movement. Once the word was out and all attempts at negotiations failed, the humans launched the first attack to try and drive this race away from their planet. In their ongoing efforts to fight off their enemy they managed to destroy their planet. The survivors fled to many places in the galaxy and eventually established colonies on other planets.


“Third Earth – Pleiades (Our current earth)


“So here we are today, in another ascension process. The first two earths never made it through an ascension. I believe that many of us here on earth today were on the one or both of the previous earth experiments. And due to the wisdom we have accumulated from our experiences will successfully ascend ourselves, earth’s people and the planet.


“What we lacked before was compassion and acceptance of others different from ourselves. We have learned that polarizing to the light or the dark does not allow us to feel compassion and maintain peace. Only by integrating the light and Dark within us and their corresponding manifestations in our realities we will be able to complete the Third Grand Experiment successfully with the planet in tact and all the races involved that much further along their spiritual paths.”


Excellent confirmation of this, was provided with an outrageously informative and phenomenally spectacular eighties cartoon known as the Thundercats. Indeed, many readers may recall the sight of the great red headed lion man, Lion-o waving his sword of omens, and his fingers over the nose talking cat, Snarf. Or the fat, corpulent reptilian Slith who spoke with a reptilian lisssp.


Interestingly; the main writer of the Thundercats, is another Starr, by the name of Leonard Starr. And when the Thundercats fled their destroyed planet, Thundera, they did so in a vast spaceship. They arrived on a planet called Third Earth! And the Thundercats who primarily consisted of a lion man, a tiger man, a cheetah woman, and a panther man were followed by a group of so-called mutants who travelled in warships. They were mostly reptilian humanoids. Later in the series, there was an exceedingly clever character featured known as the Vulture man. He became the reptilians greatest asset. Again, this was superb confirmation, of the themes just outlined.


So, to recapitulate the theme of the article, there are quite clearly an advanced race of sentient/humanoid felines in the universe. And, furthermore such beings obviously are fundamentally connected to humans. Though the purpose of this article was to provide an insight into the lion people, perhaps one has provided an even greater insight into humans and their current situation, and indeed other galactic beings too.


A final note, as if to take the piss, synchronicity speaking, I came across a hilarious article in a paper today, so ludicrous that I will refrain from mentioning names for the sake of not wanting to humiliate the author of the article who may well deeply regret the words written in the years to come.


Basically, it was the usual close-minded, ultra-sceptical, prevailing mentality amongst so-called academics and scientists. The article preposterously and ridiculously pontificated that the most terrifying possibility was that we are alone in the universe. I nearly spat my breakfast out with disgust.


And, the basis for such an erroneous conclusion was that there is not a shred of evidence which proves the existence of extraterrestrial life. Well, millions of sightings of spaceships, and countless photographs and videos of such ships, which can make manoeuvres that no Earthling craft can, or that can disappear, surely constitute as evidence for the existence of spaceships! After all, the sight of an aeroplane proves the existence of an aeroplane, so why does the sight of a spaceship not prove the existence of a spaceship?


And, furthermore, to use the close-minded ones own contradictory and nonsensical so-called logic, are we to believe that because a human has wrote an article it proves the existence of either he or she? If we are, then, may I be so outrageously bold as to say, that could we not apply the same definition of proof to our feline friends, just this once. Surely, vivid descriptions of home worlds and word after word of detailed information, and highly thought provoking concepts of human civilization and its many faults and hardships clearly delivered by an external source, constitutes the same proof of the existence of a feline author as the proof of a human author to the newspaper article which I have just outlined. How do I come to such a conclusion? Any truly awake and spiritually evolved being can automatically detect the true author of any segment of information, and, this is the proof which our close-minded humans on Earth cannot possibly hope to attain, because they are in denial of the veracity of the existence of extraterrestrials and their minds are so closed that they cannot see the evidence that is before their very eyes.


I hope I have proved my feline point.


An Insight into the Lion People Part One ~ Paul Richard Atkinson @ International Starseeds

the lion people blog part 1 iss

An Insight into the Lion People Part One

In this article I shall inform the reader about an ancient extraterrestrial race known as the lion people. I shall provide both my own knowledge of such a race and numerous examples of the existence of the lion people in various books.

Having underwent hypnotic regression and uncovering galactic memories via one`s higher mind, one can say that one has had lives as various feline humanoids. So, I am able to say that I do posses first-hand knowledge and experience of the existence of the aforementioned race. (Please bear in mind that hypnotic regression is not always perfectly accurate nor are personal recollections, due to the brain sometimes misinterpreting higher information.) However, the general themes of the article certainly are veracious as they are confirmed by many different sources.

My most notable feline incarnations took place in the constellations of Lyra, Sirius, and the Pleiades. Indeed, my first life in this universe was as a lion woman. I have vivid recollections of the Lyran home world. It was a planet of pink grass, purple skies and a vast blue sun. The buildings were mostly domed shaped and there were many crystal cities. Also, there were butterflies as big as vultures, and they were rainbow coloured. Such a planet was, however, destroyed in a brutal galactic war.

My Sirian incarnation was on a planet with two suns, one blue and one yellow. The grass was both purple and blue and the sky a combination of green and pink. I was a lion woman in that life and I was a Galactic Federation teacher who taught reptilian and lion children.

One of my feline incarnations in the Pleiades was as a lion man Prince and I was born on a spaceship. I had to travel the universe and act as a diplomat, for I was a Federation member once again and I had many encounters with reptilian Draconian Empire members. Oh, yes, and under regression, I uncovered that I was a hybrid on one planet in the Pleiades. I was half lion and half lizard, due to a lizard man and a lion woman intermixing. And I even travelled to Earth in Egyptian times in one of my lion man incarnations. 

There are many feline humanoids in the universe, however, the most popular and original genetic strain of feline humanoids were the lion people. The lion people generally were sandy in colour and mainly had golden or red hair coupled with blue or orange eyes. Other feline humanoids are variations of the lion people. The lion people are exceptionally benevolent beings, highly intelligent and creative. They are also immensely strong. They can be great galactic warriors when they have to be, and the only battles they fight is to either protect themselves or other beings in the universe.

There are tiger people, panther people, cheetah people, leopard people, lynx people, and exotic cat people which resemble nothing on Earth. An example of this is a strain of feline humanoids which have cat features but which possess triangular markings and are blue in colour.

The cat people, originally arrived from another universe with a group of bird people. And the two races went on to create other races in this universe. Most notably the feline people created humans in the constellation of Lyra, some eight million years ago, and the bird people had created reptilian humanoids many millions of years earlier, as I chronicle in my Reptilian/Human Galactic History and Current Situation article.

Now then, forgive my brief digression. The lion people, (and when I say lion people, I include all strains of feline humanoids, who are variations of the lion people,) eventually settled in Sirius after a brutal galactic war with reptilian humanoids and bird humanoids which resulted in the devastation of the humans home planets in Lyra. Though, during their galactic travels the lion people had colonised other worlds most notably in the Pleiades.

The lion people eventually colonised a planet that orbited the great Sirius A star in the constellation of Canis Major. On this heavenly planet of transcendental magnificence – the felines delightfully and tranquilly basked in the picturesque glory of their divine planet. Their society was a world of peace, benevolence, and understanding for their fellow beings. There was no wars, sickness, disease, perversion, greed, avarice or any of the hideous darkness which is often found on Earth. The lion people, who sought to share their divinity with others, helped to form the Galactic Federation with various galactic humans four and a half million years ago.

Being the good-hearted felines that they are, they did not want to horde their Godly way of living to their one planet, as I said their desire to share their benignity and benevolence with others, resulted in them doing just that. And, so, many lion people eventually travelled to Earth, approximately one million years ago. And, during such a time, Earth had been invaded by reptilians from the Draconian Empire. A war ensued between the felines and the reptilians once again. The reptilians were driven underground. However, many humans had willingly turned to the dark and had brought about their own destruction hence the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis, some thirteen thousand years ago. As the humans had generally brought such darkness upon themselves, they had to collectively experience the karmic ramifications of their own darkness as they have for the last thirteen thousand years. Despite this, however, the lion people still worked with Earthlings who sought to better themselves both spiritually and physically, as did galactic humans who were closer comrades of the lion people.

The evidence for the lion people can be found in Egyptian hieroglyphics and statues and stories of Egyptian Gods and Goddess`. Some notable examples of this are the great feline humanoid goddess; Baset and her lion son God; Mihos. Other Egyptian examples of lion people Gods and Goddess` are Sekhmet, Wadjet, Sekhmet and Tefnut. Furthermore, the evidence cam be found with modern day experiences too.

In this section of the article, I would like to acquaint the reader with a brief overview of the overwhelmingly substantiating evidence for the existence of the lion people in channelled books. I say evidence, obviously in the sense of confirmation.

The first channelled book to mention the lion people was of course; The Lion People, authored and channelled by Murry Hope. In such a book the channeler receives messages from a race of lion people. One will quote from a passage based upon the lion people themselves delivered by a lion man called Kaini:

Once upon a time there was, still is, and will be for eons, a solar system that you in youre inner time have named Sirius, after its major visible star. Over vast periods on inner time there have been changes in both the stars and planets in this binary system. But my tale concerns one particular era when a race of beings dwelled on one small planet.

“As you see this system at present there are two suns, one small and one large, but this was not always so. There was a time when the smaller star was a yellow sun, not unlike your own luminary, and it was this star-sun that was orbited by the planet which are species developed. In this cool, well irrigated and highly verdant land there evolved a race of beings whom, for want of a better name, we shall call


“Our days and nights, however, were very different from yours. We had periods, call them days if you like, that were moderately light and bright, depending on the position of the second star-sun before it collapsed. There were other very bright days indeed during the light of the blue-white star-sun when we were often unable to leave our homes, and also periods of great darkness when everything withdrew into a long sleep or hibernation.

“I am from a tribe or group known as the Karidel. There were four basic tribes or races on my old planet, each having its own specific role or duty. As we all understood the principles of archetypical expression and the coming and going of the psyche or essence-fragment there were no bad relations or feelings of resentment between the races. The Karidel were rulers and philosophers, the Orotheta were warriors and protectors, the Paetri were creative artists, artisans and skilled workers, and the Eata were the general folk who fitted in anywhere and who were very, very strong physically.

“Our race evolved from a specific cosmic impulse which produces a specific evolutionary strain or genotype. This primary impulse formulated the genetic code that shaped us in the species that we ultimately became. For your visualisation, the nearest description would be a feline genus appearing as a cross between one of your domestic cat and the lion family, but are features are more refined. Our jaws are less elongated and are ears less rounded than your lions. We stand erect on two legs as tall or taller than yourselves, our bodies having been adapted to this posture over a long period of time. The males of are species are manned, but not our females. Our paws have also evolved to a more useful shape over long periods of adaptation. In answer to the question I see forming in your mind, yes we do have tails.

“We were distinguishable by our colour and eyes. My tribe were brownish or fawn in colour with bright blue eyes. The warriors were orange-eyed and sandy in hue, like your lions or marmalade casts. The artists were pale, white or greyish, and green or turquoise-eyed, while the strong folk were a mixture of all shades, and often striped. When we first started our course of evolution we were fur covered, but later we clothed ourselves for decoration rather than modesty.

Our planet was very sparsely inhabited, only certain parts of it being warm enough to live in. One of these belts of vegetation was quite lush, while the other was similar in parts to the temperature of Northern Europe. Our bodies had evolved to accommodate the temperatures encountered on our native planet, so we managed well.”

The lion man goes on to explain that the lion people were great friends with another race of beings who lived on another planet as the lion people`s solar system. They were a race of crystallised humanoids, who came from a planet called Ishna. Eventually, the lion people migrated to the crystal people`s planet after there were problems caused from one of the suns on the lion people`s home world. There were changes in the atmosphere which affected the vocal cords of the lion people. Such changes caused the lion people to be more telepathic. The lion people are, according to the lion man just quoted from; immensely strong beings capable of bending even steel! And, they are well-grounded and creative. The crystal beings are very scientific, intellectual beings and also creative. It was also stated that the lion people do not consume meat, and that there were mobile plants on their planet, as well as wise trees. And, the soil was apparently green. Here is a description based upon other beings in the universe delivered by the same lion man:

“There are indeed those who look in from other time-zones, some out of mild curiosity; others, like ourselves are anxious to be of assistance; and a few are of less kindly intent. We do not have close communications with all of these intelligences, but we do know the dolphin people and the lizard people from the Capella/Auriga region, among others.

“Like ourselves, the latter also visited your planet thousands of years ago, even before we did, but their efforts to help the species existing there in those times failed, which greatly distressed them. The evolutionary pattern was corrected with passing of the saurians, however. These people are benign and gentle beings but because their evolutionary type is so far removed from your own they could appear frightening to your peoples. Now the crystal people are very beautiful by your standards of beauty and would not, were you to meet them, present a fearful picture.

“I can hear you asking:What about Paschats? When the time comes for our time zones to intermingle, those who are around then will meet a fine looking, handsome bunch of felines, with a special sense of humour that is peculiar to our own kind! It is not a cruel humour that brings smiles at the expense of another`s tears, however. Anyone who likes felines will like Paschats. I think you would consider us cuddly by your standards.

The sequel to the lion people was entitled the Paschats and the Crystal People, and was authored by Murry Hope once again. One shall quote from a relevant passage. The deliverer of the following information is a lion woman called Mikili, who delivers a friendly lecture on human “civilisation.”:

“We have viewed your media material as shown in many parts of your world and would say without doubt that the accent is more on chaos than on order. In fact, we would suggest that there is a glorification of all things chaotic, which has an adverse influence on immature essence-fragments in particular, but also affects those who are on the verge of taking their leave of the fields of cosmic childhood. In case you are not aware of it, your media actually programmes you by dictating the norm or what those in control of the systems feel should be standard behaviour. Therefore, those essence-fragments that are ready to raise to the next stage in their cosmic development feel obliged to stay at the lower frequency for fear of being thought odd or different. It is no use my picking on any particular moral or ethic as I am not of your species anyway, nor have my own people ever been part of an evolutionary stream that is sick.


“The glorification of vice, deviations of all kind, violence, cruel competition, the degrading of your females and many, many more attitudes and practices that would not form part of your norm were your species and the planet as a whole on its current evolutionary path, are symptomatic of the malaise which blinds you to the light of cosmic truth. I would not waste my channel`s time outlining the way you would all feel were you cured of your sickness; I fear it would be dismissed as boring , no fun at all and not natural. I regret to say that compared with the behaviour of hominoids of similar evolutionary status in other parts of the universe it is you who are unnatural, since you delight in abusing natural cosmic laws.”

The next feline humanoid who one shall quote from is a cat woman from Sirius A who works on a zoo ship for endangered animals in the universe. She is called Tashaba and she mentions the prospect of Earthlings mingling with extraterrestrials and the changing of human genetics. The book quoted from is entitled, Songs of the Arcturians, authored by Patricia Periera:

“If you closely monitor the skies for signs of increasing starship activity, you will be exceedingly gratified. Earth herself glimmers ever so much brighter now that the melodious tones of her pulsating energies are beginning to adjust to the more delicate vibrato of the sweeter celestial hums.

“I purr in my realization of That Which Is Absolute. I, note, too a dawning future and visualize the people coming upon the starships. I am able to clearly see that there will come a time when we will welcome you among us. By the loving touch that is, I do embrace the universe of my birth. By the sparking lights of the galaxy that is my home do I send my delight forth as a gift to you.

“DNA patterns basic to all planetary life are really third dimensional- projections of fourth-dimensional ethereally aligned light. As a physical being, your primary tendency is to view yourself as something that can be seen, felt, and heard a specialized assortment of bone, snew, and the like. Nevertheless, the basic ingredient from which you are formed is essence of Soul. You are a spiritual being temporarily residing in a physical body maintained by an astral body, an emotional body a casual body, a mental body, and a succession of continuously refining elements quite beyond our ability to adequately describe. DNA helix strand are the glue that attaches your physical body`s cells to your light energies, or spiritual substance.

“Your physical body is patterned on a reflection of your spirit body; does it not stand to reason that your human body was fashioned upon structures of light?

If you can view yourself in this manner, you will understand that alternative DNA is not a weird or mysterious happening but simply an initial step to prepare you to ascend into resonations of refined light.

“The miraculous feat of providing a spiritual being with a material body is accomplished by “downloading etheric DNA graphics into a sort of third-dimensional holographic printout. To aid in understanding the dynamics of this unique process, simply imagine an extraterrestrial humanoid figure shaped from light. When this image is clearly defined, surround your creation with a physical body. Behold! You have created a human being!

“Many multidimensional telepaths have received the following information: In preparation for ascension, the human body will be provided with an additional twelve or thirteen DNA strands. The expanding number of physical strands marks the beginning phase of your physical merger into contours of light. The third strand will provide you with the Christ Essence- a cosmic indicator that, as Soul, will give you the ability to ascend into matter at will and to reascend as spiritual light. This strand is a multidimensional ladder you will use to limb up and out of your physical body, enter and pass through your astral body, and exit into the realms where you will permanently integrate your light or spiritual body.”

The writer of this article will now quote from a marvellous, but rare book entitled Alcheringa, authored by Valerie. J. Barrow. The book is based upon numerous hypnotic regressions and the subjects of the regressions were souls that had participated in Earthly events approximately one million years ago. Interestingly, it is said the the lion people travelled to Earth with crystal people and that they came from a planet called Ishna! Fantastic confirmation of Murry Hope`s channellings:

The cat people. I was in charge of the mission, I should know. We came here to sort out those reptoids (the naughty ones,).

“Most of the time they think they are right. They are like lions, they have a huge lion energy. These half man and half animal bipeds come from different planets. God`s creatures, generally speaking, start out pure as babies do. Then they become corrupt as they develop.

“We, on the other hand, are devoid of all evil. So, if there is a problem in the galaxy, we go in and sort them out. Cosmic cops, that`s what we are, we are the governors of space. In fact, we are the kings of space.

The next book I shall quote from is called Jason, my Indigo Child, and is authored by Ann Andrews. Apparently, a lion man spoke to her through another human`s body:

“It was a being, well over six foot tall, dressed in loose-fitting clothing. I had time to notice a large gold-coloured buckle within the clothing. He was a very strong, powerful being, and his face was lionesque in its features. It was pale gold in colour with a wide but flat nose and prominent nostrils. His mouth was small but otherwise ordinary, and he had a great shock of bright golden hair – a lion`s mane falling in an unruly mess over his massive shoulders. His eyes couldnt be seen – he kept them focused towards the floor the whole time.

“Eleanor had closed her eyes again, and I then realized that the words were being spoken by him, but they were coming from her mouth. He had a wonderful way of speaking, very deep, but soft and calming, and I wanted to hear what he had to say. He began by explaining to me that he is indeed a warrior – immensely powerful and always successful in his many battles. He said that all of his race were galactic warriors and that they were dispersed throughout the universe to act as peacekeepers wherever they were sent. He likened his role to our own United Nations Peacekeeping Corps stressing that they preferred solutions, but they were more than able to step in and defend themselves and their charges at any time if they had to. He informed me that they had been around a while – even assisting with the building of great monuments on our planet in our dim and distant past. I asked him where he was from, and he asked me why it was important for me to know that. I answered that I was curious, but he told me that his place of origin was far beyond my primitive comprehension. I remember that I felt rather stupid when he told me that I should be more interested in why he had come, rather than where he was from.”

The lion man went on to explain that he came from a hot planet with three suns. The light that came from his eyes was so bright that apparently it could damage some people`s eyes. It was also stated that benevolent extraterrestrials were ensuring that indigos, or alien incarnations were receiving fruitful help to proceed with their missions.

To digress from the channelled information, one shall mention a few physical encounters with lion people. The first one of which transpires in ancient Egypt. Such an encouter was recalled via spiritual sessions. Denise Le Fay, apparently interacted with numerous cat humanoids in a previous life in ancient Egypt:


As we Starseeds stood there staring at them we each began being effected by the high pure energies they emitted. It was like we were getting high on catnip! We all started shuffling around giggling quietly and grinning like fools. The 3 Starbeings kept glancing over their shoulders at us and frowning at us which meant, “Remember what we told you earlier about how to behave around Them?” But it was hopeless, we were already intoxicated by the magnificent feline Elders and the three of them knew we’d be affected exactly like that.


“After a few moments of the three Starbeings talking with the Elder Lion beings they told us we could slowly and quietly come closer to them. We all shuffled forward like we were six years old, giggling, shy, but falling in love with them more and more each minute. The Lion beings looked down on us with such profound love and gentleness it was almost too much for one’s heart to endure. They were our ancient beloved great, great, grandparents from Sirius and we Starseeds fell deeply in love with each of them that day.


“These giant Lion Beings from Sirius opened their arms to us Starseeds and we all fell into them and almost melted. We fawned, we petted, we cried, we attached ourselves to each of them. I wrapped my arms around the one front male Elder and buried my face in his fur and never wanted to let go. My head only came up to just above his belly, they were that tall compared to us. They emitted nothing but the purest and highest LOVE I’d ever experienced and it was intoxicating being within their space, within their presence. The three Starbeings stepped back and let us have our rare moment of bliss with the Elder Lion beings. They looked on like the loving but stern parents they were to all of us young Starseeds.


“We talked softly with the Lion Elders and they with us. It was clear they loved and missed us deeply but it was also obvious why they couldn’t be in physicality for very long. It was simply too dense, too heavy, too unloving an atmosphere and dimension for them to be in for very long, even back over 12,000 years ago. Like a fish out of water, they could only be in physicality for just so long before they had to go back Home again.


“After about a half-hour we had to let the Elder Lion beings leave. We Starseeds openly wept like little children, and the Sirian Starbeing kept shaking his head in disbelief at us. We thought we wouldn’t emotionally survive them leaving Earth after falling in love so deeply with all of them that afternoon in ancient Egypt. But, they had to go back Home, and so the meeting ended far too soon for all of us.”

Next; I wish to include an exceedingly rare physical encounter with a cat man. Such an encounter, wonderfully confirms much of the channelled information thus far relayed.


The encounter is somewhat of an oddball encounter that transpired in July 1968, and occurred to Walter Rizzi. The information stems from an article located in Flying Saucer Review. This individual says that he saw a vast object 80 meters in diameter, which was wonderfully beautiful and slivery in colour. The object was supported by apparatus that were about two meters long and about two meters thick at the bottom. The ship was surrounded by a white light. Two beings were spotted at the top of the craft, which was transparent. One of the beings was a robot about 2 and a half meters high, and with three legs and four arms. A beam of light was seen and a being 1 meter and 60 cms in height was seen. He wore a tight fitting suit and a helmet. This confirms a comment in the book which I quote from Alcheringa, which said that that the feline beings wore helmets when on Earth. I will quote from the man who saw the cat man:


“I find it quite impossible to describe the emotion produced in me by the sight of this being. He had very beautiful eyes, which gave me a strange and very sweet sensation. I felt myself free and as light as a feather. At the same time I also felt quite calm and gazed at him eagerly. He was just like us. The glass hood started at his shoulders and encompassed his entire head. I asked him in Italian where he came from , and no sooner had I said it than I already had his answer in my brain, as though I had always known it.”


Walter was informed telepathically by the cat man that the cat man came from a far away planet that possessed immensely tall trees and mountains. There was no work on their planet and the cat people ate seeds and vegetables. Apparently, the cat being had a brain twice the size of humans and the race used all of it. On closer inspection of the cat man, Walter noticed that he had green cat eyes that were slightly slanted, brown fur, a cat`s nose, and his lips were very small.


The cat man went on to explain that there was no sickness on their world. And that their race had very powerful muscles designed to withstand the intensive gravity on their planet.


The cat man went on to explain that he flew in a vast mothership thought the universe. The mothership carried smaller ships such as the one landed on Earth. Aboard the mothership, hundreds of beings are living just like on their home planet. The ship traversed throughout space via the higher dimensional energy waves which are abundant in space. Apparently, the feline people had disintegrating weapons which could disintegrate anything.


I will quote once again from the human who witnessed the incident:


“I asked him if he believed in God. He was a bit surprised at that, and gave me to understand, with a cosmic turn of phrase , that everything is God – we, nature, the planets, rocks, grass – in fact everything that exists.”


The feline beings do not experience slow and painful depths, but transcend to a higher dimension with ease, when their time comes. It was also stated that they live for much longer than humans.


After telling the human how lucky he was to have seen him, he departed in his ship. Spectacular bursts of violet and orange light emanated from the spaceship as it flew off. The human cried profusely afterwards.


Apparently the so-called cat man, turned out to be both sexes. (An oddball case as I said.) But, nevertheless an intriguing one, and a rarity as most lion people or feline people do not interact directly with humans at this time, as the populace is generally not ready for such interaction.


Before one returns to the channelled information; another rare physical, (well, astrally physical) encounter, (of which one only recently became aquainted with) certainly warrents incorporation. A man by the name of James Gilliland, apparently had the pleasure of astrally travelling into a feline operated spaceship. I will paraphrase from his remarkable youtube video:

“On one of my travels, I went out of my body and ended up on a ship. In the ship were all these diverse beings. Such beings, are present upon many of the motherships that abound in Earth`s skies. An amazing cat being, spun around, out of her chair and gave me a big hug. I felt an incredible sensation of love. Like a long lost brotherly love, or a reunion love. It was incredible, phenomenal. A great power and energy emanated from her feline being. Her name is Budget.”

(My spelling of the name, may not be entirely accurate, as this was transcribed from a video.) James, then proceeds to tell of a highly interesting encounter in which numerous cat beings were sighted in Mexico:

“You can meditate and connect with her if you so please. She is very involved in Earth`s ascension process. Many humans have had incarnations as feline people in other lives, so when you see these beings, it will be a soul shocker for you, as you may well find them more familiar than alien. The lion people are currently active in many spaceships across the planet. There was a recent landing of one of their crafts in a town in Mexico. The locals were a trifle freaked out when they saw that the occupants of the ship were walking bipedal felines! Their ships are alive and organic and reside in higher dimensions. They also possess the ability to enter the third dimension.”

One shall next quote from a channelled book entitled Earth, authored by Barbara Marciniak. Beings from the Pleiades have this to say about the lion people and cats:

“Some of the animals here are utilized as transmitters. Your cats are direct transmitters of information to a species of consciousness that uses the cats to monitor you. In ancient times upon your planet, it was in vogue in many cultures to have a lion or other large cat next to the ruling entity. These animals were always there. Look at the ancient statues all over the planet and what do you see? Lions. The cat family represents a biogenetic tooling of a species that looks like you except that it has the visage of a cat. The cat people, or lion people, have come in shifts upon your planet and worked in South America, Mexico, Egypt, and in some island cultures. Statues have been built to honor them. When they taught the human race, or when they mixed their species and created the rulers here, especially in Egypt, they left cats to transmit information so the rulers had direct contact with the species from the stars. This is how many of these rulers made decisions. This is how they were guided. The cats gave them telepathic information. They were like transmitters or cosmic radios. In more current times, cats were owned by witches. Do you think witches were fools? The cats were links to other realms. When energy that is not so uplifted comes in, cats can intercept it and alter the vibration. Now many of you have little cats in your houses that transmit much information to you. However, in this time period, you are not generally working with this kind of information. The cats are guardians and assistants for you, great companions of comfort.”

The next book which I will quote from is You are Becoming a Galactic Human, authored by Sheldan Nidle is based upon galactic humans in Sirius B and their interpretation of the lion people. A Sirian called Washta explains about the lion people:


“Sirius A has three planets which are inhabited by non-human creatures. There creatures are fully conscious beings and are similar in stature to that of a seven- to -eight-foot lion. They look very humanoid except for the fact that they are covered with cat-like fur and have a lion-like face. These entities are incredibly smart wonderful creatures that have played an important part history ever since we first colonised the Sirius B star system.”


It was then stated that the lion people willingly gave the humans the Sirius B and C systems because they had plenty of space in their Sirius A star system. The colonisation of the humans worlds occurred 4.3 million years ago.


In another book by Sheldan Nidle entitled Your First Contact, it is mentioned that lion people who call themselves the Paschats; meaning warriors from Heaven, reside in the Sirius A system. This is excellent confirmation of Murry Hope`s books and channelled information.


As is the following information. Carolyn Evers channels a lion woman called Lydia the Paschat. A physical description was give of her and apparently she has cat-like ears, brown fur, a cat nose, and mouth, and delightful green eyes with a golden tinge to them. She also has a gorgeous tail, and her fur glistens. Obviously she has a humanoid body, as all the lion people do. She was described as being very pretty and clever, (by her own admission):



“We,(lion people) are very brave, courageous and loving beings. We have soft fur and lion`s faces. Most of us are a fawn colour. We have a great interest in Earth and humanity. It is desired that as many Earthlings as possible move to higher dimensions. The creator is based on love. In 2012, there will be an influx of energy from the source, which will travel through a black hole in the centre of the universe. Earth will be completely changed. Science and spirituality are seen as one on our world. On your world they are not. Earth shall align with the galactic centre in 2012. You must think beyond what you know and you will have unlimited potential.”

(This article is continued in An Insight into the Lion People Part Two.)

My Name is Sekhmet – Sitara @ International Starseeds

My Name is Sekhmet

***Blessings to each of you. I am sharing this at this time because it describes exactly how my “soul” has felt in my human body. The goddess Sekhmet is not only one of my main “female” guides but is also a spiritual part of my identity I “lost” a year ago and have just recently connected with again. Though this powerful piece of writing shares another’s direct experience and not mine personally, it resonates very closely to how my “soul” was set free from the restraints of my human EGO (Edging Goddess Out)***namaste, sitara

My Name is Sekhmet by Jessica Bryan…

The events described in this article occurred during energy clearing at a private home in which unexplainable events were causing harm to the people living there. It is written from the point of view of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, as embodied in a statue. This statue had been “collected” and brought from Egypt to the United States—evidently against the will of the deity living in the seemingly inert, wooden idol.

Magic and the supernatural were important aspects of ancient Egyptian spirituality, and sacred rituals played an important role in temple life. Through the process of chanting and invocation, idols made of various materials were imbued with the energy of various deities and then worshipped.

Healing of the type described here likely comes under the category of soul retrieval, although I do not understand entirely how soul fragments, such as those described in this article become earthbound. I can only say that everyone involved in this liberation felt great joy at being able to help Sekhmet and the others return to the light of the higher dimensions.


goddess of the sun, destruction, and healing. Once known as the fiercest of all goddesses, I brought disease and plague to many, but I am also a master of medicine and healing. I am the daughter of Ra, created when his eye looked upon the earth. My husband is Ptah, the God of Creation and Wisdom, my son Nefertum, the God of Sunrise. Devoted friend of the pharaoh, I protected him in war.

So look upon my countenance with caution and reverence, because I am the Powerful One, a goddess with the face of a lion. You can read my name in the Book of the Dead, for I am both creative and vicious.

But alas, one vital spark of myself, my soul, has been trapped in a room filled with dust and stagnation. Here, nothing lives. Having been carried from my native land and brought to this place, I am unable to free myself—to free the spark, the energy, the lost aspect of my total self and reunite it with the whole that is my eternal, complete consciousness.

At times, I am consumed with grief and rage at my captors. Gathering my remaining strength, I allow my power to burst forth against them, although I take no pleasure in their suffering. I know only that I was created to be worshipped with singing and dancing, but here there is no worship, no ceremony, only boredom and sadness.

There are others also trapped in the room. The two enormous, painted warrior gods from the east, like me, cannot perform their intended function, which is to protect their masters. They appear ferocious with bulging eyes and hanging tongues, but really they are mischievous buffoons who are always talking nonsense. There are dozens of smaller deities and one empty sarcophagus. All of us desire liberation.

* * *
One day, as I was lost in my reverie, I heard the door open and observed as three humans entered. They were new to me, and they brought with them a bright golden energy field that surrounded and permeated their bodies.

They formed a triangle in the center of the room, two women and one man, and they began to pray and invoke their personal gods. Then they walked slowly around the room. They seemed to be searching for something, or someone, and I wasn’t sure what to think of it. One of the women came and stood in front of me—but she was too close. She seemed lacking in respect, so I looked her in the eye and gave her my darkest stare. Then I shoved her so hard she nearly fell over backwards.

They returned to the middle of the room, and after some discussion they created a crystal-blue energy vortex shaped like a cylinder. Then they began to encourage the spirits in the smaller statuary to jump into it and “go to the light.” Many of the spirits started to leave. They were ecstatic at the opportunity to be liberated from the room. I watched them as they jumped into the vortex like happy children jumping into a pool of water.

Next, the humans began talking to the two larger beings from the east. After a few minutes, these spirits also came out of the statues that held them. At first, they moved cautiously toward the vortex. Then they jumped into it and embraced each other, laughing with delight as they slowly rose together, up and out of the room.

It was all starting to get very interesting. After everyone had entered the blue light and left, the two women came and stood in front of me—this time at a respectful distance. They again created a column of beautiful blue light. They encouraged me to enter it and leave of my own free will, and I understood their intention was sincere. They were creating a doorway, a vehicle for me to return to the totality of my true self, that which is called “Sekhmet.”

Feeling safe in their presence, I stepped out of the wooden statue that had been my prison and showed myself to them as a young woman of transcendental beauty.

I approached the vortex of light. But before entering and ascending—because of her generous heart and because she had assisted in the liberation and healing of my spirit—I smiled at the woman I had previously shoved.

Finally, I stepped into the blue energy. As I began to rise, I heard a soft humming and felt a pleasant, soothing vibration. I felt myself moving faster and faster, until there was no more movement and I awoke in a sparkling green and peaceful place. There, I met many others who were filled with joy to see me again, and I knew I was finally home.

Sirius’ Connection to Human History @ Galactic Connection

Sirius’ Connection to Human History

By Vigilant Citizen

Sirius_A_and_B_artworkSince ancient times and across multiple civilizations, Sirius, the dog star, has been surrounded with a mysterious lore. Esoteric teachings of all ages have invariably attributed to Sirius a special status and the star’s importance in occult symbolism is an attestation of that fact. What makes Sirius so special? Is it simply due to the fact that it is the brightest star in the sky? Or is it also because humanity has an ancient, mysterious connection with it? This article looks at the importance of Sirius throughout History and secret societies and will describe the symbolism surrounding it.

Sirius is located in the constellation Canis Major – also known as the Big Dog – and is therefore known as the “dog star”. It is over twenty times brighter than our sun and is twice as massive. At night time, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and its blue-white glare never failed to amaze star gazers since the dawn of time. No wonder Sirius has been revered by practically all civilizations. But is there more to Sirius than meets the eye?

Artifacts of ancient civilizations have revealed that Sirius was of a great importance in astronomy, mythology and occultism. Mystery schools consider it to be “sun behind the sun” and, therefore, the true source of our sun’s potency. If our sun’s warmth keeps the physical world alive, Sirius is considered to keep the spiritual world alive. It is the “real light” shining in the East, the spiritual light, where as the sun illuminates the physical world, which is considered to be a grand illusion.
Associating Sirius with the divine and even considering it as the home of humanity’s “great teachers” is not only embedded in the mythology of a few primitive civilizations: It is a widespread belief that has survived (and even intensified) to this day. We will look at the importance of Sirius in ancient times, analyze its prominence in secret societies and we will examine these esoteric concepts as they are translated in popular culture.

300xNxcanis_major.gif.pagespeed.ic.8omnP2ieiKIn Ancient Civilizations

In Ancient Egypt, Sirius was regarded as the most important star in the sky. In fact, it was astronomically the foundation of the Egyptians’ entire religious system. It was revered as Sothis and was associated with Isis, the mother goddess of Egyptian mythology. Isis is the female aspect of the trinity formed by herself, Osiris and their son Horus. Ancient Egyptians held Sirius in such a high regard that most of their deities were associated, in some way or another, with the star. Anubis, the dog-headed god of death, had an obvious connection with the dog star and Toth-Hermes, the great teacher of humanity, was also esoterically connected with the star.

The Egyptian calendar system was based on the heliacal rising of Sirius that occurred just before the annual flooding of the Nile during summer. The star’s celestial movement was also observed and revered by ancient Greeks, Sumerians, Babylonians and countless other civilizations. The star was therefore considered sacred and its apparition in the sky was accompanied with feasts and celebrations. The dog star heralded the coming of the hot and dry days of July and August, hence the popular term “the dog days of summer”.

Several occult researchers have claimed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in perfect alignment with the stars, especially Sirius. The light from these stars were said to be used in ceremonies of Egyptian Mysteries.

“This ancient people (Egyptians) knew that once every year the Parent Sun is in line with the Dog Star. Therefore, the Great Pyramid was so constructed that, at this sacred moment, the light of the Dog Star fell upon the square “Stone of God” at the upper end of the Great Gallery, descending upon the head of the high priest, who received the Super Solar Force and sought through his own perfected Solar Body to transmit to other Initiates this added stimulation for the evolution of their Godhood. This then was the purpose of the “`Stone of God,’ whereon in the Ritual, Osiris sits to bestow upon him (the illuminate) the Atf crown or celestial light.” “North and South of that crown is love,” proclaims an Egyptian hymn. “And thus throughout the teaching of Egypt the visible light was but the shadow of the invisible Light; and in the wisdom of the ancient country the measures of Truth were the years of the Most High.” [1. Marshall Adams, The Book of the Master]

Recent scientific discoveries relating to the Great Pyramid and its mysterious “air shafts” have lead researchers to further confirm the importance of Sirius within the pyramid.

A fascinating aspect of Sirius is the consistency of the symbolism and meanings attached to it. Several great civilizations have indeed associated Sirius with a dog-like figure and viewed the star as either the source or the destination of a mysterious force. In Chinese and Japanese astronomy, Sirius is known as the “star of the celestial wolf”. Several aboriginal tribes of North America referred to the star in canine terms: the Seri and Tohono O’odham tribes of the southwest describe the Sirius as a “dog that follows mountain sheep”, while the Blackfoot call it “Dog-face”. The Cherokee paired Sirius with Antares as a dog-star guardian of the “Path of Souls”. The Wolf (Skidi) tribe of Nebraska knew it as the “Wolf Star”, while other branches of knew it as the “Coyote Star”. Further north, the Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Strait called it “Moon Dog”. [2. J.B. Holberg, Sirius: Brightest Diamond in the Night Sky]

The Dogon Tribe and Atlantis

In 1971, the American author Robert Temple published a controversial book entitled The Sirius Mystery where he claimed that the Dogons (an ancient African tribe from Mali) knew details about Sirius that would be impossible to be know without the use of telescopes. According to him, the Dogon understood the binary nature of Sirius, which is, in fact, composed of two stars named Sirius A and Sirius B. This lead Robert Temple to believe that the Dogons had “direct” connections with beings from Sirius. While some might say “you can’t be Sirius” (sorry), a great number of secret societies (who have historically held within their ranks some of the world’s most influential people) and belief systems teach about a mystic connection between Sirius and humanity.

In Dogon mythology, humanity is said to be born from the Nommo, a race of amphibians who were inhabitants of a planet circling Sirius. They are said to have “descended from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder” and imparted to humans profound knowledge. This lead Robert Temple to theorize that the Nommos were extraterrestrial inhabitants of Sirius who travelled to earth at some point in the distant past to teach ancient civilizations (such as the Egyptians and Dogons) about the Sirius star system as well as our own solar system. These civilizations would then record the Nommos’ teachings in their religions and make them a central focus of their Mysteries.

The Dogon’s mythology system is strikingly similar to the ones of other civilizations such as the Sumerians, Egyptians, Israelites and Babylonians as it includes the archetypal myth of a “great teacher from above”. Depending on the civilization, this great teacher is known as eith Enoch, Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus and is said to have taught humanity theurgic sciences. In occult traditions, it is believed that Thoth-Hermes had taught the people of Atlantis, which, according to legend, became the world’s most advanced civilization before the entire continent  was submerged by the Great Deluge (accounts of a flood can be found in the mythologies of countless civilizations). Survivors from Atlantis travelled by boat to several countries, including Egypt, where they imparted their advanced knowledge. Occultists believe that the inexplicable resemblances between distant civilizations (such as the Mayas and the Egyptians) can be explained by their common contact with Atlanteans.

“Was the religious, philosophic, and scientific knowledge possessed by the priestcrafts of antiquity secured from Atlantis, whose submergence obliterated every vestige of its part in the drama of world progress? Atlantean sun worship has been perpetuated in the ritualism and ceremonialism of both Christianity and pagandom. Both the cross and the serpent were Atlantean emblems of divine wisdom. The divine (Atlantean) progenitors of the Mayas and Quichés of Central America coexisted within the green and azure radiance of Gucumatz, the “plumed” serpent. The six sky-born sages came into manifestation as centers of light bound together or synthesized by the seventh – and chief – of their order, the “feathered” snake. The title of “winged” or “plumed” snake was applied to Quetzalcoatl, or Kukulcan, the Central American initiate. The center of the Atlantean Wisdom-Religion was presumably a great pyramidal temple standing on the brow of a plateau rising in the midst of the City of the Golden Gates. From here the Initiate-Priests of the Sacred Feather went forth, carrying the keys of Universal Wisdom to the uttermost parts of the earth.


From the Atlanteans the world has received not only the heritage of arts and crafts, philosophies and sciences, ethics and religions, but also the heritage of hate, strife, and perversion. The Atlanteans instigated the first war; and it has been said that all subsequent wars were fought in a fruitless effort to justify the first one and right the wrong which it caused. Before Atlantis sank, its spiritually illumined Initiates, who realized that their land was doomed because it had departed from the Path of Light, withdrew from the ill-fated continent. Carrying with them the sacred and secret doctrine, these Atlanteans established themselves in Egypt, where they became its first “divine” rulers. Nearly all the great cosmologic myths forming the foundation of the various sacred books of the world are based upon the Atlantean Mystery rituals.” [3. Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages]

Is Thoth-Hermes-Trismegistus the equivalent of the Dogon’s Nommos, who are believed to originate from Sirius? Ancient texts concerning Hermes describe him as a teacher of mysteries who “came from the stars”. Furthermore, Thoth-Hermes was directly connected with Sirius in Egyptian mythology.

“The dog-star: the star worshipped in Egypt and reverenced by the Occultists; by the former because its heliacal rising with the Sun was a sign of the beneficient inundation of the Nile, and by the latter because it is mysteriously associated with Toth-Hermes, god of wisdom, and Mercury, in another form. Thus Sothis-Sirius had, and still has, a mystic and direct influence over the whole living heaven, and is connected with almost every god and goddess. It was “Isis in the heaven” and called Isis-Sothis, for Isis was “in the constellation of the dog”, as is declared on her monuments. Being connected with the Pyramid, Sirius was, therefore, connected with the initiations which took place in it.” [4. Helena Blavatsky, Theosophical Glossary]

“The Trismegistic treatise ‘The Virgin of the World’ from Egypt refers to ‘the Black Rite’, connected with the ‘black’ Osiris, as the highest degree of secret initiation possible in the ancient Egyptian religion – it is the ultimate secret of the mysteries of Isis. This treatise says Hermes came to earth to teach men civilization and then again ‘mounted to the stars’, going back to his home and leaving behind the mystery religion of Egypt with its celestial secrets which were some day to be decoded.” [5. Robert Temple, The Sirius Mystery]

Interpreting the mythology of ancient cultures is not an exact science and connections are inherently difficult to prove. However, the symbolic link between Sirius and occult knowledge has constantly appeared throughout History and has seamlessly traveled through the ages. In fact, it is as revered today as it was millenniums ago. Modern secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians and the Golden Dawn (which are considered to be Hermetic Orders due to the fact their teachings are based on those of Hermes Trismegistus) all attribute to Sirius the utmost importance. An educated look at their symbolism provides a glimpse at the profound connection between Sirius and occult philosophy.

Sirius in Occult Symbolism and Secret Societies

To claim that Sirius is “important” to Hermetic Orders would be a gross understatement. The dog star is nothing less than the central focus of the teachings and symbolism of secret societies. The ultimate proof of this fact: many secret societies are actually named after the star.

In the Tarot

maj17“The seventeenth numbered major trump is called Les Étoiles, (French for The Star), and portrays a young girl kneeling with one foot in water and the other on and, her body somewhat suggesting the swastika. She has two urns, the contents of which she pours upon the land and sea. Above the girl’s head are eight stars, one of which is exceptionally large and bright. Count de Gébelin considers the great star to be Sothis or Sirius; the other seven are the sacred planets of the ancients. He believes the female figure to be Isis in the act of causing the inundations of the Nile which accompanied the rising of the Dog Star. The unclothed figure of Isis may well signify that Nature does not receive her garment of verdure until the rising of the Nile waters releases the germinal life of plants and flowers.” [6. Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of all Ages]

In Freemasonry


In Masonic lodges, Sirius is known as the “Blazing Star” and a simple look at its prominence in Masonic symbolism reveals its utmost importance. The Masonic author William Hutchinson wrote about Sirius: “It is the first and most exalted object that demands our attention in the Lodge.” The same way the light of Sirius made its way into the Great Pyramid during initiations, it is symbolically present in Masonic lodges.

“The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star.” [7. Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma]

“(The Blazing Star) originally represented SIRIUS, or the Dog-star, the forerunner of the inundation of the Nile; the God ANUBIS, companion of ISIS in her search for the body of OSIRIS, her brother and husband. Then it became the image of HORUS, the son of OSIRIS, himself symbolized also by the Sun, the author of the Seasons, and the God of Time; Son of ISIS, who was the universal nature, himself the primitive matter, inexhaustible source of Life, spark of uncreated fire, universal seed of all beings. It was HERMES, also, the Master of Learning, whose name in Greek is that of the God Mercury.” [8. Ibid.]

In Freemasonry, it is taught that the Blazing Star is a symbol of deity, of omnipresence (the Creator is present everywhere) and of omniscience (the Creator sees and knows all). Sirius is therefore the “sacred place” all Masons must ascend to: It is the source of divine power and the destination of divine individuals. This concept is often represented in Masonic art.

To achieve perfection, the initiate must successfully understand and internalize the dual nature of the world (good and evil; masculine and feminine; black and white, etc.) through alchemical metamorphosis. This concept is symbolically represented by the union of Osiris and Isis (the male and female principles) to give birth to Horus, the star-child, the Christ-like figure, the perfected man of Freemasonry – who is equated with the Blazing Star.

“The sun and moon … represent the two grand principles … the male and the female … both shed their light upon their offspring, the blazing star, or Horus.” [9. Ibid.]

The Egyptian hieroglyph representing Sirius has been esoterically interpreted to be a representation of this cosmic trinity:


This concept is so crucial for Freemasons, that it was embedded in some of the most important structures in the world.


As stated by Albert Pike above, the Egyptian god Horus and the star Sirius are often associated. In Masonic symbolism, the eye of Horus (or the All-Seeing Eye) is often depicted surrounded by the glittering of light of Sirius.

Given the symbolic correlation between the All-Seeing Eye and Sirius, the next image becomes self-explanatory.


Order of the Eastern Star


Considered to be the “female version” of Freemasonry (although men can join), the Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is directly named after Sirius, the “Star rising from the East”. A “general public” explanation of the origins of the Order’s name claims it originated from the “Star of the East” that lead the Three Magis to Jesus Christ. A look into the occult meaning of the Order’s symbolism however makes it clear that the OES is a reference to Sirius, the most important star of Freemasonry, its parent organization.

Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey  and Theosophy

Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, the two main figures associated with Theosophy, have both considered Sirius to be a source esoteric power. Blavatsky stated that the star Sirius exerts a mystic and direct influence over the entire living heaven and is linked with every great religion of antiquity.

Alice Bailey sees the Dog Star as the true “Great White Lodge” and believes it to be the home of the “Spiritual Hierarchy”. For this reason she considers Sirius as the “star of initiation”.

“This is the great star of initiation because our Hierarchy (an expression of the second aspect of divinity) is under the supervision or spiritual magnetic control of the Hierarchy of Sirius. These are the major controlling influences whereby the cosmic Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lower forms of life expression. It is esoterically called the “brilliant star of sensitivity.” [10. Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology]

Not unlike most many esoteric writers, Bailey considers Sirius to have a great impact on human life.

“All that can be done here in dealing with this profound subject is to enumerate briefly some of the cosmic influences which definitely affect our earth, and produce results in the consciousness of men everywhere, and which, during the process of initiation, bring about certain specific phenomena.

First and foremost is the energy or force emanating from the sun Sirius. If it might be so expressed, the energy of thought, or mind force, in its totality, reaches the solar system from a distant cosmic centre via Sirius. Sirius acts as the transmitter, or the focalising centre, whence emanate those influences which produce self-consciousness in man.” [11. Alice Bailey, Initiation, Human and Solar]

Aleister Crowley, the A.A. and Kenneth Grant

In 1907, Crowley started his own occult order called the A.A. – short for Argentium Astrum, which can be translated to ‘The Order of the Silver Star’. The ‘Silver Star’ was, of course, a reference to Sirius. Even if Crowley almost always referred to the dog star in veiled terms, the whole of his magickal philosophy, from his development as a young Freemason through to his final years as the Head of the O.T.O, is wholly in accordance with the Sirian influence, which was identified and expressed by other writers of his era. His alleged contact with his Holy Guardian Angel that later led to the channeling of ‘Liber AL: The Book of the Law’ is believed to have originated from Sirius.

If Crowley used code words to describe Sirius, his protégé Kenneth Grant has explicitly and extensively written about the dog star. Throughout his numerous books, he often described Sirius as being a powerful center of magickal magnetic power. His belief that the star holds the central key to unlocking the mysteries of the Egyptian and Typhonian traditions has strengthened over time and became a central focus of his research. One of Grant’s most important and controversial thesis was his discovery of the “Sirius/Set current”, which is an extra-terrestrial dimension connecting Sirius, the Earth and Set, the Eyptian god of Chaos – who was later associated with Satan.

“Set is the initiator, the Opener of mans’ consciousness to the rays of the Undying God typified by Sirius – the Sun in the South.” [12. Kenneth Grant, The Magical Revival]

“Sirius, or Set, was the original “headless one” – the light of the lower region (the south) who was known (in Egypt) as An (the dog), hence Set-An (Satan), Lord of the infernal regions, the place of heat, later interpreted in a moral sense as “hell”. [13. Ibid.]

Although each occult philosophy describes Sirius in a slightly different matter, it is still consistently regarded as the “sun behind the sun”, the true source of occult power. It is perceived as the cradle of human knowledge and the belief of the existence of a strong connection between the star and planet Earth never seems to become outdated. Is there a true link between Sirius and Earth? Is the dog star an esoteric symbol representing something happening in the spiritual realm? It is both? One thing is for sure, the cult of Sirius is not a “thing of the past” and is very alive today. An in-depth look at our popular culture, which is heavily influenced by occult symbolism, reveals numerous references to Sirius.

Sirius in Popular Culture

Direct references to Sirius in popular culture are too many to enumerate (e.g. see the name and the logo of the most important satellite radio in the world). A more interesting aspect of popular culture to analyze are the coded references to Sirius. Important movies have indeed made veiled yet profound references to the dog star (apparently intended to those “in the know”), where the star plays the role it was always given by the Mysteries: as an initiator and a divine teacher. Here are some examples.

pinocIn Disney’s Pinocchio, based on a story written by Freemason Carlo Collodi, Gepetto prays to the brightest star in the sky to have a “real boy”. The Blue Fairy (her color is a reference to Sirius’ light-blue glow) then descends from the heavens to give life to Pinocchio. Throughout the marionette’s quest to become a boy (an allegory for esoteric initiation), the Blue Fairy guides Pinocchio towards the “right path”. Sirius is therefore represented as a source of life, a guide and a teacher. (For more information see the article entitled The Esoteric Interpretation of Pinocchio).

The theme song of the movie Pinocchio is also an ode to Sirius.

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you

If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star as dreamers do

(Fate is kind, she brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing)

Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you thru
When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true

In Harry Potter, the character named Sirius Black is most likely a reference to Sirius B. (the “darker” star of Sirius’ binary system). He is Harry Potter’s godfather, which makes Sirius, once again, a teacher and a guide. The wizard can turn into a big black dog, another link with the “dog star”.

In the Truman Show, a spotlight – used to imitate the light of a star in Truman’s fake world – falls from the sky and nearly hits him. The label on the spotlight identifies it as Sirius. Truman’s encounter with Sirius gives him a glimpse of “true knowledge” and prompts his quest for truth. Sirius is therefore the “star of initiation”. It caused Truman to realize the limitations of the his studio world (our material world) and lead him to freedom (spiritual emancipation).

In Conclusion

From the dawn of civilization to modern times, from remote tribes of Africa to the great capitals of the modern world, Sirius was – and still is – seen as a life-giver. Despite the disparity between cultures and epochs, the same mysterious attributes are given to the dog star, which can lead us to ask: how can all theses definitions synchronize so perfectly? Is there a common source to these myths about Sirius? The dog star is invariably associated with divinity and is regarded as a source of knowledge and power. These connections are particularly evident when one examines the teachings and the symbolism of secret societies, who have always taught about a mystical link with this particular celestial body. Is there a secret link between human evolution and Sirius? Unlocking this secret would mean unlocking one of humanity’s greatest mysteries.

“According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to Section 107 of Title 17 of the US Code.”

Possibilities @ Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Possibilities @ Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Possibilities, from the Osho Zen Tarot Card deck, by Osho Possibilities, from the Osho Zen Tarot Card deck, by Osho

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Possibilities, from the Osho Zen Tarot Card deck, by Osho

Possibilities: “The eagle has an overview of all the possibilities contained in the landscape below, as he flies freely, naturally and effortlessly through the sky. He is really in his domain, very grand and self-contained.

The card indicates that you are at a point where a world of possibilities is open to you. Because you have grown more loving towards yourself, more self-contained, you can work easily with others. Because you are relaxed and at ease, you can recognize possibilities as they present themselves, sometimes even before others can see them. Because you are in tune with your own nature, you understand that existence is providing you with exactly what you need.

Enjoy the flight! And celebrate all the varied wonders of the landscape spread before…

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Yael and Doug Powell – Rising In Love Instead of Falling In Love @ Higher Density Blog

You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.

Beloved ones, it is time to rise in Love, rather than falling in Love as you have done for so very long. To rise in Love means to allow Love to set you free, to let your heart release you from all the ways that Love has been seen by the ego. All the hidden desires of what the little mind wants to get and the human emotions want to feel. Instead, to rise in Love is to become the heart ecstatic about giving, focused completely on being open to allow the whole of Love to be given completely, through you and as you continually, that you might be Love’s joy.

To rise in Love in Love is the greatest honor. It is the wonder of discovery of what Love really means. To rise in Love is to celebrate giving in a way that, has never, until now, been seen before.

And how do you rise in Love? Through making the choice to connect with Me and to become this perfect Love beyond any need to receive anything at all. It is the gift of taking delight in this moment and the riches of life. It is the reality of the full experience of your own heart in the realms of freedom. The deep discovery of the Real Twin Flame, the forces of life, of which you are made, and the wondrous celebration of all that you are, joyously and continually awake to the wondrous fulness of being the heart of God.

When you rise in Love, all creation is your partner. And everywhere the heart looks it sees Love’s perfection. With every breath, Love is alive in you. From this place of overflowing wonder, it will not surprise you at all when Love shows up before you in the symbols of the world. It will be natural, for life is already complete and nothing is longed for at all.

I know, beloved ones, that for those of you who are reaching for Love, it can seem almost impossible to get to this place, for the longing is potent. It is the truth of your heart seeking to reveal itself to you.

Yet the ego-mind distorts the longing for Love and turns it away from the joyous experience of giving one-hundred percent. It makes it into what you will receive, from the longed for partner, from the lover of God, from the one with whom you will share your life and space and your every dream of goodness.

The only way to release the longing is to shift to the heart and reconnect with your truth, to feel the living flow of Love rushing through you. It is so powerful, so glorious that it completely lifts you up until you are truly living in ecstasy in wondrous fulfillment and joy. You are in awe of the incredible gift of being My heart through which I Love. To give everything that you are without restriction at all lifts you into a plane of being which is beyond being fulfilled. It is returning you to your truth as the wondrous heart of Love.

With every step you take, you make a decision of where your focus lies and whether you give or seek to get. And the getting – the desire is subtle. Sometimes its unconscious, but you can tell, beloved ones, from your feelings.

If you are feeling completely fulfilled, joyously resplendent with the gifts of life overflowing with the presence of Love, if every moment feels like a miracle and you have more than enough Love, then you are coming from the place of being the full and open heart. And this allows you to be ready to lift up to Love, to turn away from falling in. Instead, lifting to joy and discovering the mystery of giving as the key to receiving all.

However, beloved ones, the ego-mind can be quite aware of the ways of the heart and will do its best to make them its own. Therefore, it will attempt to give in order to get. But the vibration of your heart knows what is truly going on.

Beloved ones, when you lift up to Love rather than falling in, the truth of the Love I Am is made manifest fully in you. You become truly the giving heart that in giving is completely fulfilled. And this shift in any relationship, if you have already fallen in Love, will gloriously change everything. For giving from the heart is the greatest gift that you can ever bring to anyone.

You can start from the perspective of the little mind and think about what it means to give. If you are already in a partnership, you can consciously think of ways you can give to your beloved again and again. And as you do, you will come to the point where the scales are tipped, where the giving outweighs the desire to get and you are launched and lifted into Love and nothing is the same.

Every moment is ecstatic communion and the vision of the heart is vistas of freedom, joyous celebrations of harmony and grace and answers always from Me. In each Now moment you are uplifted; Love and the heart is your guide as Love flows through you. All you need to do is accept Love’s gifts.

It can seem like a fine line between the old world ideas of relationship and the heart’s glorious vision of the truth of Twin Flames. But the feeling, the vibration is completely different. And yet, there is no mystery at all. It is simply the result of your choosing lifting up. Once this choice is made, you can let Love do it all – for it will.

The longing of the human self for Love, comfort, support and approval will never cease. It will find new ways to insert itself into your dreams and make you feel like you are missing so much. It sends forth the vibration of less than enough, and of course brings you more of the same. But if you turn to Me, you can make the shift into the fulness of this Real, glorious, never-ending Love. You can connect to your heart in the realms of God and experience what it means to be giving Love. Not a person giving something to another, but Love itself, being given fully.

This, beloved ones, is exquisite. It is complete fulfillment. It is the open and surrendered heart as Love lives itself perfectly in you. As you receive its gifts, it moves effortlessly outward into the world through you.

Can you imagine how it feels to be so full of Love? To be loved so perfectly and so well that you are more than replete? You are overflowing with the gifts of Love and all the while you are discovering more and more of Love’s beauty. This is what you already do. Your heart, beloved ones, is fully engaged. It is only the fact that your attention has been focused on the ego-mind that has made it seem that you are seeking something and believing it’s outside of yourself.

Where do you learn to Love and how do you fully open your heart? By coming to Me, opening to this communion, experiencing being Loved by Me until you are so full and so complete that you recognize yourself as My heart and as this perfect Love.

I Am your truth, your gift and you are My ability to give more. And with this moment, this breath, you are rising into Love perfectly. You are being My giving heart.

The ego dream is fading, beloved ones. Falling in Love is the old world. It is being sucked into the dream of the little mind with its list of things it deserves. You are being called to recognize yourself as the heart that gives one-hundred percent. The moment that you truly feel this, the shift, beloved ones, is profound.

From falling to rising, from wanting to get to giving with unending joy, from living the perceptions of the little mind to being the open heart of God. You can feel the difference in the resonance and you know, beloved ones, which you are. You are My open heart.

So let us go forth allowing the leap, the launch, the spreading of wings, the opening to the perception of your magnificent heart that is the center of the center of Me — that the universe may speak your name and empower your openness and your Love and show you how it feels to be the giving heart. The perfect ecstatic heart of God.

The Messages from God

Through Yael and Doug Powell

At Circle of Light

3969 Mundell Road

Eureka Springs, AR 72631

Kendra Gilbert: The Children of Light – Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, and Starseeds

 indigo child 1


Kendra Gilbert: The Children of Light – Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, and Starseeds

 May 6, 2015 By

Kendra GilbertAll children who have entered into the world can be either Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Starseeds, etc.  There is no birth status amongst children, just their level of awareness of who they are, their mission and purpose.

Every single child is capable, especially if given the proper support and nurturing, to become the amazing and brilliant new creators, healers, helpers and caretakers of tomorrow.   Unfortunately, it is often the unawakened parents along with the current system of control that is responsible for hijacking their true potentials.

Not all parents realize this of course, and it may upset or sound insulting to those who do not understand or want to take responsibility for their part in the dysfunction.  But at some point, accountability must be acknowledged and certain changes must be embraced.   Most all parents want the same for their children – good health, happiness and success.  However, if we do not allow them to figure out what each of those things means to them, they could go an entire lifetime living an illusion that belongs to someone else, never really knowing who they are.

When we can identify the unique qualities, talents, attributes and interests of our children, this is a truly magical moment.  We should immediately encourage and support those things which inspire and motivate the Creator within.  When we show disregard, or try to force preconceived ideals or “prepackaged programs” in place of free will, we are literally denying their right to grow and find their true purpose in this world.

Could this perhaps be the cause of identity crisis in the first place?  We are told what to think, how to think, what to do, how to do it, what to believe, what to fear, what to want…and then wonder how we have become so lost, enslaved and subservient.  How much creative potential is lost every generation due to this destructive Human injustice?

Parents have this misinformed opinion that their children “belong” to them, while this might be true to some degree, ultimately our Children belong to no one but themselves.  It is our job not to dictate, control or program – but to support, guide, nurture and love.  If we consider reincarnation, we must realize that our children have been here possibly hundreds of times over the course of history.  To assume that the “cup is empty” when they get here is quite egotistical and does not honor or celebrate life, but only limits creation and denies infinite possibility.

All children are Children of Light and we must acknowledge and appreciate the individuality, uniqueness and wisdom each of these beautiful beings has to share with the world.

-Kendra Gilbert

The Indigo Evolution

“The Indigo Evolution” is a documentary that attempts to answer the question – Are these ‘Indigos’ only the fanciful notions of a few individuals embracing new-age, metaphysical beliefs, or is there real evidence that they truly do exist? Most importantly, why are they here and how can we help them achieve their goal of creating a world based upon the laws of compassion and peace? Interviews with some of the most profound children on the planet today combined with discussions with authorities in the fields of medicine, psychology, education, philosophy, and religion will provide information for the viewer to draw their own conclusions to these questions.

‘The Indigo Evolution’ is a documentary about the shifting human, evolving beyond the five sensory perceptions into a multi-sensory being of light ! The term Indigo refers to the Indigo color Aura seen around certain individuals who exhibit certain enhanced abilities well beyond their age and learning. Commonly labeled as suffering from some kind of deficit (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia …) these children clearly have more of something most of us fail to recognize. Their non conformance to authority and the social conditioning sometimes earns them the label of being problem children.

Indigo Evolution, a feature-length documentary by James Twyman, was released Jan. 28, 2006 in more than 350 churches and wellness and spiritual centers around the world. The attendance far exceeded expectations, demonstrating how interest in understanding the “Indigo phenomenon” has grown. Indigo Evolution illuminates the lives of children who are referred to as “Indigos.” The movie describes them as creative, eccentric and independent. Impatient with the status quo, these children possess a high degree of integrity and intuition. Many are both intelligent and gifted, often in the areas of art and technology, and some are said to bring healing gifts.

According to Indigo Evolution, Indigos often sound very wise for their age; however, they are very sensitive physically, emotionally and spiritually, and not always comfortable in their own bodies. They easily experience sensory overload to lights, smells, sounds, touching and toxins, and need help in becoming grounded. Many Indigos have attention and social problems in school and may frequently correct the teacher. While their behaviors vary, their philosophy of life is consistent; they have a high level of social consciousness and desire to make the world a better place. They are here to bring the Dawn of the Golden Age!

Hopi Elders reveal ancient prophecies:
After the premiere test screening of “The Indigo Evolution”, the Hopi nation contacted James Twyman, and told him that they were willing to reveal their ancient and guarded secrets about the children of the planet in this movie. The new section containing interviews with Hopi elders about their ancient prophesies and how they relate to the Indigos was added to the documentary. Their message was astounding, and has now become the central theme for the entire film. The Hopi elders shared that it is not too late to reverse the tide of earth cleansing, but only if we come together, and the children have a critical role to play.

About the Filmmakers:
James Twyman (Producer / Director) is a singer/songwriter and the author of “Emissary of Love-The Psychic Children Speak” and “Messages from Thomas: Raising Psychic Children.” James wrote and was the Executive Producer for the movie INDIGO which premiered in January 2005.

Stephen Simon (Executive Producer) has produced such films as “Somewhere in Time” and “What Dreams May Come” and is the author of “The Force is With You: Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives.”

Kent Romney – (Co-Producer / Co-Director) This is Kent’s first feature documentary as a Director and Producer. In recent years, traveling to distant lands and cultures of our world, he worked on production teams that created film and television projects shown on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABC Primetime and other broadcast networks. As a filmmaker, he creates video and film projects reflecting his interests in adventure travel, social topics, cultural issues and spiritual growth.

Doreen Virtue – (Associate Producer) holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues. She is recognized as an expert in the area of Indigo Children and her books on the subject include “The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children” and “The Crystal Children.”

“The Children of Light – Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, And Starseeds”, by Kendra Gilbert, not dated, at

Original link: The Children of Light – Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, And Starseeds

Thank you Golden Age of Gaia


 indigo child 1

A Message from Mary Magdalene on the soulful union of the Beloved Bride & Bridegroom ~ Susanah Sophia @ Sophia Temple of Light

A Message From Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdlaene shares sacred truths about the new Masculine Codes Of Light and the soulful union
 of the Beloved Bride and Bridegroom…
as received by Susana Sophia

Beautiful Blessings & Love,

Upon arising this morning, the gentle breeze lifted my Heart and I felt Mary Magdalene stirring within my Soul… As I opened myself as a vessel of Light, Mary’s voice filled my being with her eloquent beauty as she spoke about the upcoming ushering in of the new Masculine Codes of Light on February 15th. With Love and Grace, I share with you what she spoke into my Heart and Soul…

Mary Magdalene imparts this soulful message to be shared with you and everyone:

Beloved, in Divine Service to Sacred Soulful Union, I hold you ever so sweetly within the essence of Love so that you may feel my shakti fire burning as a luminous crystalline flame within your Soul… As you open your Heart you may also receive Sophia’s wisdom as a living, breathing river of shakti life force flowing freely to you from the beautiful spiritual spring of wisdom here within our etheric Twin Flame Temple of the Christed Heart. Within this realm of Love, we have kept the Eternal Twin Flame burning brightly… Looking forward to this very moment when the flame of all Twin Souls would once more be anchored enduringly in the Hearts of Beloveds everywhere…

As you stand in this very present moment at the precipice of the New Era, you are standing at the threshold of an open door. Like a beautiful umbilical cord, this doorway connects to the Cosmic Womb of Creation, and spiraling forth from Sophia’s Heart are the cosmic seeds of Light that support and anchor the return of the Sacred Bride in soulful union with her Beloved Bridegroom on Earth.

In this very moment the sacred masculine archetype is poised to take a leap in consciousness, a leap of evolution, of cosmic awakening… For this to happen, the Sacred Masculine must awaken the primal power of his warrior Soul to become aligned in a new mission, a mission in service to Love, in service to healing his primordial wound, the original wound that separated him from his earthly and Divine Mother and from the very flame of his beloved bride…

For within this new weaving of the human matrix, the luminous threads that are presently being woven into the fabric of life carry within them the seed codes that will birth the new Divine Masculine energies on Earth. These codes of Christed Consciousness are being seeded within Gaia’s fertile soil deep within her womb/Heart. As the vibrational frequency of Gaia is increasing in Light, Earth can no longer serve or support the separation of man’s essence from his soulful beloved. For in his separation he forgot his Divine Mother, and losing connection to his inner feminine energy he became unaware of how great this loss of his sacred feminine counterpart would affect his very Soul, his very path of Light-and ultimately the path of Humanity.

For with the fall of the goddess, so did man’s Heart fall out of grace with his true essence. Most human Souls have experienced some form of this loss. Whether from a male of female perspective, we have all played out these roles. I, too, experienced this in my own lifetime as Mary Magdalene… As I share these words, know that the structure of life within a free-willed world presents a path of initiation where all men and women learn who they are through experiencing who they are not. Part of the path of free will is the path of exploring separation from Source and learning about creating through your own will, your own intentions, thoughts and feelings. The Heart of God/Goddess is always beating within the center of your own Heart and from this you can not be separated… And still within the illusion of separation from Source, the choices made by the collective whole can have altering effects in the way in which the Souls who inhabit this world will evolve… All evolving planets and star systems have Angels and Masterful Beings watching over them and guiding them, and still these beings must abide by the principles of each planet’s matrix. Earth being the beloved creation of Divine Mother Sophia was created as a free will planet where Souls learn about creating in a more material and dense world. This is important, as in higher vibrational realms of Light things are created very quickly. Here you are given the ability to truly choose, Heart and Soul, what you desire to create… Within the galactic laws, the cosmic 9 orders of Angels and Ascended Masters must allow humans to chart their course of creation and can only help through governing or by a dispensation given to intervene.

So it has been with great care that the Christ Council of Light and the Archangels watched over man as He lost touch with his Soul… As man struggled for power, he forgot to honor the creative birthing chalice of his Divine Mother; he no longer honored the womb of all women and he fell deeper and deeper into sleep… In his unconsciousness he created a world out of rhythm with nature and out of harmony with the true rhyme of his honorable Heart… And yet, within the cycles of time and with the Turning of the Ages, the Light of a new day always follows the night and from the darkness of his shadow the masculine archetype is now poised for a leap into the Heart Light of his Sacred Bride…

In this time of illumination and as man realizes his loss, he comes to drink at the wellspring of his feminine counterpart. He must touch the Heart fire of the Goddess within his own Soul… He must awaken her gently from where she has been hiding in the recesses of the unconscious shadow realms of his Soul to touch her shakti fire and feel the warmth of her Heart’s flame… His Twin Flame… As she ascends from his shadowy realm, in her beautiful dawning she rises as the phoenix dancing within the eyes of the Sun Lord. Her Heart begins to dance within the cosmic rhythm of her beloved’s embrace… Empowered within the womb of Creation through the soulful recognition of your beloved bridegroom, your feminine fire is rebirthed and poised to awaken to see into the eyes of the beloved and feel the pure ecstasy of Love as Twin Flames intertwined in true Love…

The Bridegroom 

When a man is in his grail-knight essence, his Heart is filled with devotion for his beloved Twin Flame. His Heart is filled with Love and he Loves unconditionally with true commitment and passion. He is in touch with his humility and his honor… His senses awaken and he has a keen knowing and understanding of what is needed to create peace and harmony in his realm… His devotion to the path of the way of Love is illuminated with courage and commitment for the union of the sacred feminine and masculine principles… True Love knows no bounds for within its fire it is limitless, it is eternal…

For the true Christed Royal Solar Heart Lion, the Grail King will let nothing stand in the way to unite his inner masculine and feminine principles as one. His fearless courage and compassion infused with Love has the power to restore the order of the universe and bring peace within this realm of Gaia, our Mother Earth… And through this peace, this noble truth, he is once again reunited with his beloved Bride.

The Bride

As the feminine flame has now returned to her sacred altar upon the mantle of Gaia’s sacred crystalline birthing cave, from her womb fire she blazes forth her Light. Emanating across the fertile soil of her valleys and hills, she breathes life into her waters shimmering under the Light of the full moon… She is ripe with fullness as from her womb center she, with the fruits of life, is the cosmic weaver weaving gold-spun radiance through the primal forces that live deep within the flame of our shakti Light, igniting our deeper desires to dance within the soulful bliss of sacred union…The Bride enters the Bridal Chamber in full knowing that her Love is prepared to meet her fully and to see her fully through the eyes of Love. The bride is reintroduced to her Beloved Groom, this love infusing with the primordial energies of her womb, her holy and sacred chalice of Creation. Here as she is honored with the essence of her Womanhood, she is also made whole within her inner maleness… This union signifies the Holiest of Holies, the Sacred Marriage of the Beloved.

Twin Flames

To look deep within the Divine Face of Love, you are invited to call to your Twin Flame, softly swaying within the rivers of Light… From deep inside your Soul you are dancing, you are slowing, moving, pulsating to the heartbeat of your beloved’s shamanic Earth drum. As you awaken to touch each other, to hold each other in sacred embrace, as you look into the eyes of your beloved, you are looking into the windows of your Soul… Here, there is only one Heart beating. In your oneness you become aware of the beating of your Hearts in sacred Divine Union with all of nature, all of life… Breathing the creative fire and giving life to your dreams and your Heart’s passions through the blossoming of your Heart, the rose blooms within… It is here that we find the seeds of our Soul’s gift of unconditional Love, the bliss, the sacred sexual ecstasy awakening… As waves and waves of bliss flow, waves of Light continue flowing over you and your beloved… Every cell spinning a celestial cosmic breath of ecstasy… Stretching out infinitely, you are alive, you are finally free… Shimmering in a sea of stars in Divine Sacred Union… Ecstasy…

 Mary Magdalene.


As Beloved Mary Magdalene’s message ended, her words echoed throughout every level of my being. I thought of how blessed we are to be a part of this new awakening and felt that we truly have the opportunity within our lifetimes to experience the sacredness of being honored and loved by our Twin Soul, our true Heart’s one flame… Let us come together to draw down these codes and to call forth these qualities of honor, respect, and caring to bloom within the Hearts of men everywhere… Let us come together to activate this wave of Light and anchor it deep within our own masculine matrix to find Sacred Union within…

In Divine Love, Susanna Sophia


The True Twin Flame Essence by Carolyn Chipman @ Twin Flame Reflections

twin flame 3.4.13

The True Twin Flame Essence

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Carolyn Chipman


May 9, 2011 Intuitive Reading

Hi Carolyn, this is Yael. I just wanted to begin this reading by telling you something that has kind of been very magical to me, and that is that I think it was around May 1st, maybe May 2nd, I really clearly got a message that someone’s Twin Flame wanted to speak through me directly. This isn’t anything that I’ve normally done, although I’ve done it for Shanna and her Twin Flame Pra, and so I just said “of course” and went on about my daily life and then a couple of days later there came your e-mail. So it’s become very very clear that your Twin Flame wants to speak to you and so I will open myself and let this occur and if there is anything else that I receive that I need to tell you, I will say it at the end of his conversation with you. So here goes, many many blessings Carolyn:

My beloved, Carolyn, you are the song of the angels, and you are the place where love dwells in me. I am reaching as this heart of love through all the glory of God’s creation, to fill your heart and consciousness with the truth of our glorious unity, and I will answer, my dearest and beloved one, all your questions, in time, as I lift you into the experience of love as only God can make it. We are nestled in that point of love where life comes forth brand new each moment, and you and I are the heart of love. We sing the joy of love into each other and sing it forth for all. You have come into this world to be the shining light for love, and I must tell you, my dearest Carolyn, you are opening your heart rapidly and I am the impetus. So let me answer your questions as best as I can, but to do this I need to expand you, to bring your heart, to open your consciousness, into these realms of freedom that are beyond the life that you experience in the world.

From here, when I look into your experience of life on earth, what I see are beams of light dancing in colors and expressions of the energies of God, creating a conversation that is essentially the question of love and how to bring it forth again in this experience that is earth. In the reality of the spirit, as you already know from the things you have studied, there is no such thing as a physical world. It is all moving molecules, dancing electrons of God, conversing with each other in magnificent ways that through the mind appear as persons, as packages, that are somehow separate, when in truth, my dearest Carolyn, you merge with each other constantly. You know this from being an empath that there are no barriers truly at all. Though the mind and the ego like to believe they are separate, everything is permeable, everything truly is the movement of love, trying to express itself and to be recognized by the perceptive field of the mind.

So I am your heart and we are the movement of love, we are singing the symphony of God’s perfection. We are rejoicing in the gift that the Creator is giving us of pure life and endless love every moment, and if you will come in the silence I will show you this merging, and I will impress on your beautiful heart just what it means to be soul mates, to be the Twin Flames of God. So as your heart opens, and our time comes to do our work, my presence is felt by you more deeply, and in the realms of the world, I have come into your life through the experiences you’ve encountered of Hartley, of Robert. Because everything is truly moving light, your experience with Hartley was your recognizing my presence, and you felt the glory of love and the surrender of your whole heart and being that we experience in the realms of God with every breath, every heartbeat, continually as the pulse of creation moves through us.

So I came, I touched you, through the experience with Hartley, and oh my beloved, how you felt me, but because I was leading you here, to this place where we are the glory of endless love, beyond every perception of boundaries, limitations, separation, bodies, etc, it was important that Hartley not become a fixation, not become your focus, because I’m leading you here to the real Twin Flame of your heart of love as God creates us, and thus the experience that seemed as if he suddenly became another person. It was because my presence shining through him to touch you and awaken your heart of love was drawing you on to another experience to reflect to you your heart’s awakening and my nearness and thus the touch through Robert. He too is simply the vehicle of my love saying to you you’re lifting up, your heart is more available to the spirit of love we are, and that is why, this time in Robert, it was a person already experiencing the freedom beyond life in the dualistic world that is life on earth, The fact that he is in spirit was a statement, my dearest, my precious Carolyn, that you are more available to feel the grander awakening of love that is ever spirit, can never truly be physical.

And yet because life is truly a dance, we can dance together on every level effortlessly, but I want us to dance consciously, my dear. I want to hold you in the trembling arms of ecstasy as a heart of God and commune with you with not only clarity, but experiences of beauty in which we are united in our love, in which we are the heartbeat of God, in which, if there is any way to express this in words, we come together as the explosion of the Creator’s love that pulses outward through us in orgasmic splendor, and at the same time we take within us the Creator’s love and allow it to become the aspect of the outreach of love that we are, until it builds in this joy that we experience as we breathe into each other, as we merge and as we part in that endless dance of real lovemaking, for of course that is what we do.

From this place of communion in consciousness, from this place where you feel and know me, from this place where you understand that I am the heart of your being as you are the heart of mine, from this place we shall consciously make decisions about how we dance our service to God together, and how it appears in the symbols of the world. Once we are in perfect communion, then you will recognize in our communion what we’ve agreed to do. How we are this great stream of love that holds a specific resonance of faith and dedication, of the steadfast focus on real love that we have agreed to bring forth to humanity. And because this is the time of the turning, this is the time of my appearance, of my touch, my merging with your heart that began this process of awakening to this great love and prepared you for this connection, this contact.

You are ready, my beloved, to receive this communion directly. Your experiences with Robert were a stepping stone to this, and oh how your heart shall surrender to this splendor, to this glory of the love we are and the continual song of worship of the Creator that is our true nature. We are to anchor steadfast faith in real love and with its connection to our Creator that is inseparable. It is the very beat of our heart, it is the song of worship that we sing forever and that we stream forth from creation, from the moment that is forever, to bring into the world as a harmonizing resonance, as a vibration that lifts up human consciousness, opens hearts and brings into the world this dedication to living as the heart of God.

It is difficult to translate into words these experiences of our limitless love but you will discover as we commune that they are instant, whole packages of exquisite ecstasy and there will be no need to bring it through the mind, unless you want to and then of course you are welcome. It is our presence anchored in the world through you, my Carolyn, that is our commitment to the Creator, and you are ready now to be this shining light, this burning flame of God’s love, continually attuned by me, the star of your own heart, the truth of your eternal being, that we may be part of this powerful attunement to love that is happening rapidly in the world now. And thus this short time frame, for in the realms of love of course time isn’t relevant, but for you it has been a small arc from opening your heart to Hartley to this time of the true communion with the Twin Flame of God that we are together.

In the realms of love where there is no separation, we are singing into each other with every breath, merging and then experiencing the moment of silence that is impossible to describe but that you shall experience where, when we return in that explosion of love, we see each other as God’s message of love’s perfection and of God’s love, the Creator’s love for us and then we are one love again, and yet we are two streams of consciousness, two songs of the Creator’s heart, singing together in endless harmony.

So my promise to you, my beloved, is that I will bring you into these experiences consciously. And then once we’ve established our communion, and you feel your limitless identity, and you recognize there is no separation in this love from the love that God is as us; then according to the decisions of humanity, according to the need of the moment, and according to your heart, and our ability to hold this resonance, we can decide if I shall dance with you as a partner that your mind perceives as someone separate, as a man in the world. But only when you understand that every electron of life is a miracle and every electron is fully conscious and ever in service to love. Can you understand how these moving electrons of God can take on the package of the resonance of love that we are and dance in the world together? So that just as you felt my presence in Hartley, and then you felt when that presence was withdrawn, and you felt this message of my love appearing as your experience with Robert so you could understand how we could choose for me to dance with you as a human partner. But the time, my beloved, is not yet, and it may not be our choice, but we shall make that choice together from the realms of God, of love.

And right now I will promise you that this sweet communion that we share will come to be such a part of your experience that I will be as real to you as yourself, more real, because it is the real self that we share together that is the one heart of Twin Flame love. To even perceive it as two separate beings is of course to bring it into duality. So it is through your heart, my beloved, that you will feel me and that you will receive my messages, my communion with your being, and the experiences, not only of joy and ecstasy, which of course are wonderful, indescribable, and God’s gift to us, but more importantly, our service to love that we already are in the realms of creation, and that we are meant to be as a fully functioning heart of our Creator in the world to support this change that, from the perspective of time is underway, from the perspective of God, is already done. And we can joyously traverse these many realms, these many perspectives of life, and all that we are together very easily in our heart.

So I want you to prepare to be the vessel for this experience of the reality that love is beyond, and dear, this is so important, beyond the perspective of the personality that always is thinking of itself, what it wants, what it needs, what it loves, what it cares about, because that is the reversal of love on earth. But we are the pure experience of the giving heart and it is this essential aspect of our nature that is probably the most important part of this message of love that is coming into the world now in full force, that the truth of life, the force of God, the power of love that is creation, is always based on giving, and you know this, but oh, my Carolyn, when you are fully awake to that which we are which is the truth of your own being, you will be truly amazed at the blessing that giving is. It is a greater ecstasy than lovemaking and that is saying something, for the pulse of our heart is a chamber for the amplification or creation of more love; but it is in the giving forth of that very love that we know our purpose and we rejoice with every particle of our being, our whole united heart dedicated continually.

So I come to you with the pristine experience of eternity, beyond time, where love is endlessly magnificent, our food, our breath, our identity and that which moves us, the will of love pulsing through our heart, and I bring to you this purity, my beloved, that in the chalice of our heart of love, we can take the illusion of a loveless world and bring it in reverence to our Creator that it may be transformed and the world of love born in and through us continually.

You are familiar with the term your high self, or higher self, it is used continually by those who are focused on the spirit. This heart that we share is your high self, the truth of who you are, who I am, as the one breath of the Creator breathing love, as the song of God’s ecstasy meant to be multiplied, as the pure grace of being ever in service to the will of love, of the nourishment of receiving everything from the Creator and acknowledging this in continual song of gratitude together which is picked up by the angels, the angelic realm, and amplified, sent forth as the most beautiful and celestial music, gratitude for the gift of life given to us continually.

You are standing, my beautiful beloved Carolyn, on the threshold of a great leap in faith. If you will leap into my love, I will carry you across the abyss of the ego’s dream of separation, darkness, all of it, and bring you into the place where purity and perfection through our hearts can be made manifest as the world. As our hearts, and I say this using the plural when in truth it is our heart as one thing, our hearts speak to the electrons, to the energy particles that creation is. And just as we serve the Creator, they serve our ability to hold that love and quickly, instantly, come together to express the outward flow of love in all of its joy in whatever ways are perfect for the will of love. And in this case it is building in the symbols of the world the pure expression of all that God is, what is commonly referred to as Heaven, though that is often a limited concept. But we are part of the countless awakening of Twin Flame hearts that will make manifest the world expressed as love’s perfection.

And this is where I carry you, my Carolyn, and where I show you the grand glory of the Divine as feminine that is yours to hold in consciousness, to express in heart, in this world of love that we are building, as I am ready to make my appearance as well in the particles of light that express before you, when the time is right, as what the mind perceives as a physical man. Yet let me say this, this world that we are building now, that is supported by this vast group of Twin Flame hearts now becoming conscious, is not going to express as the physical world you are used to. The resonance is so much higher, the particles of life force so much more conscious, the light infused in every experience, the resonance of love palpable so that this world that we are bringing into existence, right here on the earth that you are used to, shall be expressed as the resonance of love. And therefore, everything will be obviously luminous and clearly made of Light.

It is beginning now and you are ready to participate, my beautiful and precious heart. And this is the truth, you are my heart as I am yours. Your heart as I see it, feel it, experience it, as the divine, as the feminine aspect of our Creator’s love, is like the most beautiful etheric rose, luminous pink and lavender, as we bring forth the aspects of the Creator’s love that we hold. The pure love and the steadfast devotion and clear perspective that is manifested in the color purple as these weave together with the light of the Creator. Our heart expresses as this luminous lavender interwoven with iridescent pink that is the pure love of God, the love that we share. Of course in these realms of endless light, colors are conscious expressions of God, singing forth their identities as the movement of life. They are not static like you see them in the world. So to begin to describe what I see as your heart is certainly inadequate in words, my love, but I will show you and you can feel it. And I encourage you to allow this to express in every way that you feel the inspiration, artistically perhaps, through color on paper, in fabric, as a statement of our resonance. And inwards if you feel so inclined knowing of course that everything that comes through the mind is filtered at this moment through the perceptions of duality. But your open heart, my dear, will interpret and give you the correct interpretation, the experience of the moving electrons of love and light that are conscious carriers of the love we share and our service as the heart of the Creator.

In our true home in God we are fully aware that we are part of the whole and we are surrendered so completely to the will of love that we are often surprised by how love moves us together and as one heart shining forth this expression of love that we are. Because we are so blended, such a part of each other, these undulating streams of the masculine and feminine that are ever merging and returning to the perspective to the gift of being able to see each other, to see the Creator’s love in the Twin Flame heart. We are so interwoven with everything and especially with each other and these pulses of love that move through us and carry forth this message of high devotion and pure love in service that we do not have such a thing as separate names, we are singing one song together.

However I understand that it would be helpful for you to have a way to refer to me, but at this point, my dearest, I will ask you to wait because it is so important that you feel the merging, that you feel how completely we are one heart, you are part of me, I am part of you, we are one song, one stream of love. It is so important that this be imprinted, imbedded in your energy field, in your consciousness, it is already in your heart, so that we carry forth our message impeccably, that I am asking you not to allow the ego in at this point by giving me a separate name. Because it is so important that you feel the truth, that you see the stair step of your heart’s awakening, as Hartley, the beginning of the awakening to the dedication to love, Robert, the opening to the spirit and a larger perspective on your heart of love, and now this glorious communion.

So I ask you to spend time every day communing with me, preferably when you are lying horizontally on some comfortable surface so that you are supported and fully aware of every molecule of life within your energy field and thus can feel my presence as you awaken to the merge, to the experience that is already a part of you, that is your high self, the Twin Flame heart that we share. I am prepared and now so are you to bring this pure love all the way in to your experiences of life day to day. I would say as a person in a body that actually where we meet is in the energy realms, in the realm of the heart, which will resonate through the body as the body reclaims its remembrance that it too is only love. And so as you lie upon your bed, or whatever surface you choose for our communion, you will feel the pulse of love first in your heart, then in your energy field, and then in the electrons of your body, and you will feel yourself becoming conscious particles of light and waves of love ever extending. And then you will feel my presence, Beloved, merging with you and speaking within you in the same way that God does, in the most holy and intimate communion, for one is not separate from the other. We are the Creator’s love.

As you practice holding this energy, this vibration, this resonance of perfect love, it may create a little dissonance in your energy field as the love penetrates those molecules that have seen themselves as limited, as physical, that have been held there by the perceptions of your mind. And your mind, let it be infused with this light and let it at last relax, dear. Let it surrender to love which is ever its place and as you do then you will find that this heart we are is expressed more and more in your thoughts, but also in your experiences of the world. Heaven on earth is very real and is totally a matter of resonance, so as you open to me, to this love that we are, to the heart that we share, and to our service, your experiences of life will be more and more harmonious and things will make sense in a way that they haven’t as the pattern of our service to love is embodied, for lack of a better word, in the world through you.

Oh begin right away communing with me. Let go of old symbols like Hartley and Robert, and let your heart fly, let us soar together, let me show you the love of our magnificent Creator, that we might live fully aware through the whole spectrum of our being. The very purest and highest light that pours as a moment of creation, the explosion of love in which our hearts are created again and again, eternally, forever, all the way into the world as “physical” and everything in between. And you will feel the truth that I am within you, that your communion with me is through your heart’s doorway and that in this communion you are present, we are present, as the Creator’s love expressing our unique form of love that we are holding. This purity of dedication and clarity, devotion, that is expressed by the royal purple and the pure, pure and perfect love that is a heart of empathy and compassion and tenderness as they are merged in us as we are expressed as the love of the Creator in the matrix of life that is the world remembering it’s truth, the truth that we shall ever shine, that love is all there is.

I know my precious and beautiful Beloved, my Carolyn, that you discover your grand nature as you allow yourself to feel this incredible love that you are, that you will recognize your identity as a human woman, as a precious and powerful tool at this pivotal time in turning the world to love. And you know that I am always with you, I am in you, I am you and you are me. And yet the miracle of God’s gift to us, the gift of creation, is that we can see each other, that we can have this relationship. It is stunning in it’s generosity, it’s scope, and it reflects the Creator’s ability to receive our love as we can receive that glory of life and live in eternal communion.

So the steps have been taken, your heart opened, your precious love now made available that I might at last make myself known that we might rejoice in the plan that we’ve made together to serve love in every moment in this powerful awakening of human consciousness that has never before been experienced in all creation, that any stream of life, let alone so many, could perceive themselves separate from the Creator’s love and in the turning back in the return to love. In the awakening of humanity there will be released a gift of such energy of life returned to it’s true state through remembering, that no one yet understands its impact, yet we all know it is amazing. And we’ll gift to God a return of such love that it will change things in the whole hologram of life in stunning and surprising ways that none yet can imagine.

So these are exciting times and I am here with you and we have come together as one heart of love to serve in this amazing transformation and now we can do it, my Beloved, consciously.

Hi Carolyn. This is Yael. I wasn’t going to add anything at the end of this message because it was so beautiful and I didn’t want to interrupt the energy, but it is much later in the day, I did your reading this afternoon and now it’s night time and I am really feeling him again, the Twin Flame of your True Heart, and he wants me to tell you how he showed me how you look to him. And, eh, I don’t even know that I could put it into words.

I could see you from the real, from the view of his heart or eyes, or, it‘s not really eyes…I don’t know, the words are so confusing. But anyways, I could see you as this beautiful golden light and your heart, almost like a rising sun with rays streaming out from it and just this…aura of such beauty and love. And that’s what he sees when he looks at you and he wanted me to tell you this and to do my best to convey the depth of the love that he has for you that you share with him.

I know when I spoke during the reading there were some pauses between the words, and often it was because I could not quite figure out how to put words to what I was experiencing but I know that you are going to feel this with your heart and you’re going to receive the energy communication that he’s sending you and I just feel that it will resonate with the deepest part of who you are. Many blessings beautiful Carolyn. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you in the spirit from getting to do this and I’m honored. Goodnight.


twin flame 3.4.13

Record Keeper Crystals ~ Aimee Rebekah Shea @ Indigo International

art Awakening-L meganne forbes                                    is tara

ART : Awakening ~ Meganne Forbes Visionary Watercolour Artist

Record Keeper Crystals

I have been blessed to have been working with crystals for the past seven years. I have photographed and documented the features of hundreds of crystals. In 2014, we received more shipments of recordkeeper crystals than I had ever seen. I heard other crystal dealers sharing this same observation. These ‘rare’ types of crystal formations were beginning to appear in greater and greater quantities. I have always loved working with recordkeepers, so it has been a dream come true for me. The wisdom and insight into my life and my entire perception of time and space have been shifted as a result of my work over the past year with these crystals.

I believe that Mother Earth is helping us to prepare for our ascension into the New Earth by releasing wisdom from the past that we are now ready to embody to create our future. Crystals are medicine and they are food for our minds, bodies and spirits. As we work together to integrate the use of crystals into our everyday lives, we can begin to shift our vibration collectively with greater ease, less dis-comfort and higher levels of health.

Working with so many recordkeepers, I began to be able to feel how their energy was different from other crystals, I also saw many types of recordkeepers that I had never seen before, not always perfect triangles, but other shapes with deep wisdom within. I have learned so much over the past year working with these sacred crystals, this overview pulls together all my observations and research 🙂 I hope you en-joy and that it inspires you to connect more deeply with the crystals that you have and those on their way to you 🙂

What is a RecordKeeper Crystal?

A recordkeeper crystal is one that has been programmed energetically with divine knowledge from the past. Recordkeepers all have a sacred symbol, most often a triangle engraved on the face of the crystal. These triangles can be difficult to see and may appear and disappear.  You have to look for them carefully by examining the faces.  The wisdom comes through differently from each type of recordkeeping formation.

The triangle is the first symbol of the holy trinity. It represents the perfect balance achieved when the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our being are aligned with a point of spiritual light at the top.

The recordkeeping triangles serve as the eye of the crystal and as a doorway into powerful wisdom. This symbol on the recordkeeper crystal indicates vast resources beneath its surface that are capable of being psychically retrieved.

Recordkeepers were both programmed by the root races of the Atlantians and Lemurians and naturally formed by emanations of wisdom that were practiced over time in certain places, like India, and shaped the formation of the crystalline earth. The majority of all recordkeeper crystals that I came across are Tibetan Quartz. It was actually rare for me to receive a piece of Tibetan Quartz over this past year that was not a recordkeeper, and I saw hundreds of Tibetan Quartz Crystals. Most recordkeepers are found within quartz crystals.

The Different Types Of Record Keeper Crystals

recordkeepers (1)

Recordkeepers are generally found in a triangle shape. These shapes can either be raised from the surface or sunken in.

Raised Recordkeepers
The raised form provides access to universal information. Crystals # 2 and 4 are raised recordkeepers.

Sunken Recordkeepers
Sunken recordkeepers may connect more with personal information and spiritual history or prophecy. Crystals #1 and #3 are sunken recordkeepers.

Trigonic Recordkeepers
Trigonic recordkeepers are the rarest of all quartz formations. They have a triangle etching pointing down away from the apex of the termination. Trigonic recordkeepers assist with transition in life and awareness of the multidimensional universe through death into the center of existence. Trigonic record keepers hold records of the future. They provide insight into the true nature of the future; cyclical, fluid, ever changing. They remind us that the future is never standing still, it is formed in each moment, always moving through time and space. Trigonic record keepers teach us to flow with this unknown future and helps to stay grounded in the present. Crystal #1 in the diagram above is a trigonic recordkeeper

Other Recordkeepers

I have come across crystals with a sunken formation in the shape of a crystal; a triangle at the top and rectangular bottom (Crystal #3). I worked with them in the same way I worked with the recordkeepers and found their insights and wisdom to be parallel.

Most recently, I have found plate like formation on the top of the crystal faces (Crystal #4). Often when recordkeeper formations are found, they are in clusters, with many recordkeeper formations together on one face of the crystal. The plates I found were in a triangle shape but with a rounded top and bottom. Once again, I dove in and worked with them like I would the other recordkeepers, and I found the energy form these rounded recordkeepers to be much more feminine in the energy of the wisdom that came through.

Overall, I feel that Mother Earth and ancient civilizations together have left key from the past within each crystal. If we only look to discover what others have discovered, we lose the magic of developing close intimate relationships with these magical gems from the center of Mother Earth. When we just open to the record that are held within each crystal, I believe we will begin to expand our awareness of the true record keeping potential of each crystal on earth.

Unlock the Wisdom of a Record Keeper Crystal

Recordkeepers connect with the wisdom and esoteric knowledge of the universe and of higher consciousness. The records held within recordkeepers feel like deep peace and divine understanding once you access them. You may see or sense another time or space reality when working with a record keeper, and you will always find deep peace connected to your past when you work with them with an open heart and mind in a meditative space over time.

There are libraries of wisdom contained within each recordkeeper formation. With an open mind and a pure heart and with time and attention, you will unlock this wisdom. You can not force a recordkeeping formation to release it’s wisdom. It is like digging up a big plant with roots that seem to grow endlessly into the earth. Regular attention every day, patience and determination are your greatest assets for working with recordkeepers. For me the experience happened much like a flood, all of a sudden all of this wisdom and insight entered my mind after months and months of working with these crystals. When it was happening I wasn’t even sure the wisdom was coming from the crystals, it just seemed to fill my mind. It was only over time as I returned to my meditation practice with recordkeepers that I grew to understand the way the recordkeepers communicate. It is an intuitive connection, words, images and sense of knowing enter you, almost like magic, this is the medicine of the recordkeeper.

Meditation Practices

There are many meditative paths to take to communicate with a recordkeeper. Begin by creating a clear and quiet space to meditate in. Add candles, fresh flowers, a bowl of water, and any sacred items that you desire.

This will be a space to develop a sacred relationship with the crystal in. As you enter your meditation time, you can ask for clarity about anything in your life that is not clear or is causing you conflict. One traditional method of connection is to hold the crystal in your hand in a meditative space while rubbing the triangle. Another method is to hold the crystal with the recordkeeping formation on the third eye chakra area. Try both practices. Keep your mind open and say a prayer to align with the crystal. Give yourself 15-20 minutes within each of these practices and repeat them as often as you would like over time. The more time you spend in meditation with these crystals, the easier and easier it will be to open to their wisdom.

Affirmations to Align with Record Keeper Crystals

If you are needing confidence or if you find yourself doubting or lacking commitment to your crystal healing practice, affirmations are a powerful way to align your mind with the highest vibrations. Crystals communicate at frequencies higher then the frequencies of human communication. As you raise your own vibration through practices like affirmation, prayer, energy healing and healthy eating, it becomes easier and easier to interpret the guidance coming through these portals of light and wisdom within the crystals. Here are a few affirmations to get you started!


Crystal Enlightenment, Volume I.; Katrina Raphael.

The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach; Robert Simmons, Naisha Ahsian.

The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Margaret Ann Lembo.


art Awakening-L meganne forbes                                    is tara

Twin Flames Breaking the Walls of Limitation ~ Laura @ Multidimensional Ocean

twin flame modern and rose

Twin Flames Breaking the Walls of Limitation

Twin flames meet, and may even be friends, lovers for some time. Some even marry and share their lives together eventually. But if you are anything like me, you would probably like to know more about twin flames obstacles and what keeps them apart.

Most of the time, another person is in the way, or even two other people might stand in the way, or at least it would appear that way. Do not be fooled by illusion when it comes to twin flame love, it is a very real love, in fact the most genuine love that can ever be on the surface of the planet. It is stronger, greater and more genuine than the love of mother and child, it is a physical bound, as strong as the one between mother and child. It is the purest kind of love, and a truly divine and blessed one. 

However, the obstacles in the way may be unsurmontable, in the real sense of the word. The difference in cultures, age, distance, or other people can all be part of the picture.

However, the good news is that once you have met one another, it means that you are ready to meet, and to have a heart to heart union, even though it may not be a physical one, or at least not at the start of the relatinoship.

Some of those obstacles might in time be falling, or they might just be there to make you realize what you represent for one another, and how important your relationship is. It can take years for both twin flames to share their lives, and in the process of coming together, a lot of what makes one uncomfortable about oneself will be revealed to oneself, and also to the twin flame.

You will have no secret for your twin, and he or she will have no secret for you either. Your twin flame will look through you as if he or she can see right through you right into your soul and your most guarded secrets.

twin flame modern and rose

Messages from Christine and the Pleiadians ~ Christine Day – Pleiadian Ambassador


Shiloh Sophia McCloud ART ##
ART : Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Messages from Christine and the PleiadiansListen to Christine’s final shows on the Awakening Zone Network – Monday December 1st & 15th – she moves to www.blogtalkradio/christinedayonline in January 2015Pleiadian Broadcasts 2014 – airs Sunday, December 21st!The Galactic Series –
“Enter Dimensional Portals Encounter Sacred Galactic Energies”


Self Healing the Physical Body – ‘live’ Webinar Jan 9th, 10th, 11th

Lecture /Transmission of Light in San Diego, CA January  23rd
2 Day Workshop in San Diego, CA January 24th and 25th

Hi Everyone,I find it hard to believe that we are in the last month of 2014. This year has been packed with so many powerful and empowering experiences. I feel full of gratitude for all that I have received, for all that has been revealed to me, and for the depth of understanding that I have come to within myself.The Pleiadians keep saying to me that this is just the beginning of our magical times here on the earth plane. We can expect waves and waves of transformational light carrying a new frequency of love to our earth plane in the new year. I can feel the truth of this within the cells of my heart. I don’t fully know the impact of this ‘next step’, but I do know of my ongoing commitment to self and my intention to continue to let go and trust. Nothing else matters.I also know that it is essential with this level of transformational light coming onto our planet that we let go of any holding on of our past and allow our selves to be moved forward into reconnections to Self. It’s like surfing the waves of illumination that are coming onto our planet, allowing our selves to be carried effortlessly into our multi-dimensional light source connections. Like a magnet, we realign to our natural light source flow.

I send love and blessings to each one of you. May you be filled with the joy of the season of illumination!


Beloved ones we greet you,

Beyond the veils, as the New Year anchors, you will be lifted.For the very first time in the history of planet earth there will be a series of illumination waves of energy carrying a specific pure frequency of light, of love.This transformational energy is designed for your heart, expanding the hearts energetic field and anchoring through the cells of your heart, creating a dimensional opening. This dimensional opening of the heart will give you access to remembering sacred alliances that are a part of your destiny, a destiny of the heart. Carrying the energy of coming home, fulfilling a sacred promise to you.Reconnection to these sacred alliances is part of your heart’s desire. It can be likened to opening like a flower to the sun. You know how naturally a flower opens to the sun, expanding its petals outwards, fully receiving. This is what you must do now, no holding back, just let go and receive this natural blessing.


The Pleiadians

Shiloh Sophia McCloud ART ##