Quantum Jumps – It Rings True – Ron Head @ Oracles & Healers


Quantum Jumps – It Rings True

We have come to the time for many of you. You feel it. Some of you hear it. You may feel some confusion. You may wonder why you now feel a bit at sea, cut loose, unable to see what lies ahead. You were so sure you knew and now do not. Let us give you an image that may help you understand what is happening.

You have been drifting faster and faster with the flow of inner change, drifting on a rising current. You have survived the occasional whitewater. Now there are those of you who have taken the lead, the forefront, who have reached the first cataract on your journey. You are over the edge and feeling as if in freefall. We hasten to tell you that everything is still proceeding well for you. Do not worry. This is a temporary feeling.

You have been swept by your momentum into new territory for you. And this is a good thing. It will take a short while of trusting the process, trusting your guides, trusting your Higher Selves. But, as always, you will soon get your bearings and find that you are exactly where you should be, though some might find themselves in unexpected surroundings, so to speak.

Please realize that quite often, the results of your efforts are better than you can imagine if you do not insist on exactly what you ask for and nothing else. Your conscious mind can only extrapolate from what it remembers. Very rarely can you dream in quantum jumps from what you know. And quantum jumps are what some of you are engaged in now.

Some of you have asked to take on even more than you originally contracted for this time around. You were anticipating so well that you shrugged and thought you may as well buy the “E ticket ride.” So, as we have urged you often before, buckle your seatbelts and hang on. You are being made ready for what you asked for… or something better.

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The Council – Miraculous You – Ron Head

Art by Mario Duguay


The Council – Miraculous You

We wish to give you a different perspective on some of the earlier information

We wish to give you a different perspective on some of the earlier information that we have stressed in the past few years. We have talked with you about energy. We have spoken about frequency. We have told you repeatedly that everything is made up, in its essence, of energy and frequency become matter. And we have stressed that the meaning of this is that you are energy beings, electro-magnetic energy beings. You are frequency embedded in what is THE energy field. And you have an energy frequency that is, in its ever-changing being, unique in all of creation.

Many of you are beginning to understand this sort of talk now. But today we want to shed a bit of light on how that applies to a certain type of teaching. You have always been asked not to judge others around you. You have been told that they are also exactly like you in their divine nature. And this is, of course, true. But you sometimes, often-times, find it difficult to act consistently on that information. This is because what you observe seems to threaten you or your beliefs in some way.

Now we have explained many times the causes for those threatened feelings, explanations that were true, but today we want to approach the subject a bit differently.

Because you are living in a three-dimensional, material environment, and because you have many of your natural senses dulled or shut down, you see the world as “me” and “not me”. This allows you to see things that seem to be “not me” in ways that you would not see them if you knew, really knew, that they were actually a part of your own field. There is actually an explainable way in which they are not “not me”.

The first thing to understand is that whatever you perceive is actually another set of frequencies in the field that your brain, that wonderful receiver/translator/transmitter, is translating into pictures and sounds and smells, etc., that it then matches up with things that you have perceived previously. You are constructing a replica in your mind. Necessarily, it is NOT an exact replica. Why? What do we mean? We mean that there is no way, for most of you, that you are receiving more than a tiny portion of all of the information that the perceived thing truly is. For instance, that person who just cut you off in traffic is trying desperately to get his child to the hospital, but you don’t know that.

But that is not the point of this message. The point is, you are actually seeing an internal construct. So, when you curse it, or judge it to be anything less than divine, you are showering that energy upon your own energy field. There are frequencies involved that you would not choose, bio-chemicals, as well. You are changing your own being in ways that are counter to your intentions. We can say this because you are reading this message. You see, what you see is ever and always within you. That does not mean that there is nothing over there. It is simply an explanation of the mechanism of your perception.

But understanding this may help you to make changes in your reactions. You may see why, in a very practical way, it would be far better to bless that sight than to condemn it. It is, after all, you. And it is you in much more immediate ways than you perhaps ever imagined.

The change in the frequencies and the bio-chemicals that you produce within yourselves will serve to miraculously change the miracle that is your manifest self. You are manifesting a self you know. And you are a miracle. Even one cell of the being that you are is a miracle. And the trillions of cells that make you do a great many miraculous things without you even being aware of them.

What sort of miracles will you participate in today?

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now. 

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The Council – Now You See It. Now You Don’t – Ron Head @ Oracles & Healers

Artist appreciation


The Council – Now You See It. Now You Don’t.

Not long ago we asked you to accompany us to a quantumly small place. We took you to a place where you could stand upon an electron and use your telescope to see other electrons that were astronomically distant from you. And , of course, what we are doing now is recreating this image in your minds.

You remember that our conclusion was that reality was indeed real. And we will say again that reality is indeed real. So what is all of this talk of “it’s all an illusion?” When you kick the chair leg with your toe, it certainly seems real enough!

Now let us look once more at what your science has discovered. We would also offer you that these are not recent discoveries. Most of this work was done over one hundred years ago. Yet, apples still fall and knock folks on their heads in many of your school books. That is something that is very poorly explained even now, by the way.

On our trip to the infinitely small, we saw that the smallest of what you call particles flash in and out of existence. We mentioned it then, but we did not mention that is happens to all of them at speeds so fast that they would make no sense to you. In other words, the title that we gave to that message, and that our channel did not use, “Now You See It. Now You Don’t”, was very true. So we will use it now.

What does this mean? It means that the reality of the matter that you perceive around you, while truly being matter, never ceases to be in a state of change. Never. No thing, anywhere, is not changing. That huge granite mountain is changing. Your earth is changing.

Now while this is true, it is also very inconvenient. Why? It is inconvenient because thinking about it eventually means that your mind must come to the place of seeing that it is not going to be here at some point. And most of you never allow those thoughts to surface. Again we ask why. It is an obvious fact. The reason is that you do not understand or believe who you are and what that means. And therefore it is a frightening thing. And we will tell you that Truth is never frightening.

Now the mind that thinks it needs to be frightened of this is the mind of the body and the ego. And that mind, those minds, are winking in and out of existence at dizzying rates… from a cosmic perspective. That is an awareness, and it is frightening to that mind. And it does not like being reminded of it.

So what does it do? It clings desperately to permanence. Furniture legs are permanent. Buildings are permanent. Mountains are permanent. And “I” am permanent. Never mind that none of those things are permanent. And now you can plainly see where the illusion lies. The illusion lies in the lies. It is the clinging to a state of being that does not exist.

Now we said that in Truth there is no reason to fear. “Well you just told me that I am going to cease to exist!” No, we did not. We told you that your body will expire, and it will. Even though your science is about to extend your lifetimes to the seeming impossible, they WILL end. Your current life will still reach its “sell by” date.

So let us see why there is no reason to fear. Back we go to the impossibly small place. And we are not going to stand on that electron because it will wink out of existence and back many times while we float here. Look around at all of this impermanence. All of this winking. Now you see it. Now you don’t. What have we failed to point out to you until now?

There is something here that is NOT winking in and out of existence. There is one thing in this universe of impermanence that is not. What is it? Do you see it? No. You do not see it. It is not visible. It has no shape. It has no color. There is a consciousness here that is observing all that exists in its impermanence. And it is knowing the one thing that is permanent. The consciousness is always and ever. Who is that? Who is that? Who?

Now when we answer that question, we eliminate your ability to answer it. And that we will not do. It is something that you MUST find within yourselves. It is why you are where you are. And when we say you, we mean you as in humanity. Who are you? And why are you here? And why do you resist seeing it?


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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The Council – Who Is Looking Out Through Your Eyes? Ron Head @ Oracles & Healers

Art:  Our lady of Hope by artist Takai

Art: Our lady of Hope by artist Takai


The Council – Who Is Looking Out Through Your Eyes?

The Council – Who Is Looking Out Through Your Eyes?

You are a very complex being. You are, in fact, multidimensional. That is something that you will, or perhaps will not, experience soon. But, in the meantime, perhaps we may show you a little something.

Our question for you today is, who is looking out through your eyes? Is it the person who is being made late because of the rain on the streets? Or is it the person who sees the life and love that is nourishing the flowers and trees?

Do you see an unsightly mess on the corner lot? Or do you imagine the beautiful new addition that is being added to the neighborhood?

Is there a screaming toddler interrupting your peace? Or is there a loving mother rushing to the rescue?

In each case, both of those perceivers are within you. Which one have you chosen to be?

We will tell you that no great struggle is necessary for you make that choice. You are the one simply because you have made that choice over and over again. You may at any time choose to make the other – over and over again.

If you are living in the future – “oh this will be so hard to do” – then it will be as you imagine it. If you are here and now, there is only one simple thing to do. The future will take care of itself. In the present, there is no worry. Worry only exists in a future that is informed by the past. Fear is living a future informed by the past. So, what is the easiest way to be in the present?

If you are in gratitude, it means that you are observing what is present now. Do you see? Yes, you can be thankful for something that was past. Yes, you can be thankful for some imagined future. But the best practice is to be thankful for something, anything, in the now. Be thankful for the air you breathe. There will always be something if you look for it.

It is time now for humans to raise their vibration. It was always time, but now is THE time. It is, you might say, time to keep up with the Joneses. Not that you should compare yourself to anyone else, but that you should do what is necessary to put yourself on an upward trajectory.

The question is really whether you choose to be living in what has always been, or living in what might be. Because what might be is being transformed into what will surely be, at least for those who choose it.

The savior of mankind is here, you see. He is, she is, they are, standing all around you. And they are beginning to wake up to that understanding. As an ‘I’, I can make a difference. As ‘we’, we can make all the difference.

And they are beginning to see that they cannot change him, cannot change her. They can only change. That is what they came to do, and they are doing it. They are remembering who they are.

It is very easy to be what you are taught to be, what you are told you are. You may have to rummage around in your inner basement to find any hints of who you really are. But you can begin by being the one who sees the flowers, who hears the birds, who lives in a world that is your own personal best world. And let tomorrow figure out how it can be better.

You are who you are, where you are. You are enough.

 There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.


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The Council – Chaos and Peace – Ron Head @ Oracles & Healers

Art by Mourad Chaaba

Art by Mourad Chaaba


The Council – Chaos and Peace


As this new season begins, let us call your attention to what is and what mostly is not happening in your world.

It was forecast that this time would be chaotic on your world. We told you that most, if not all, of the structures of your societies would begin to crumble, that this is necessary before you can or will rebuild them into the new. And many of you are seeing the beginnings of this. We would like to point out for you what is not happening.

Look around you and see that, in this world that is home to over seven billion of you – and we count only the upright, bi-pedal ones of you that are so overly proud of yourselves as a species – you, personally only interact in a small area with relatively few of your kind. This is true even if you frequent several cities or even continents.

Now, even though that is the case, your idea that you are a globally connected being, in many ways a good idea, has resulted in a kind of addiction to the emotional content of daily bombardments of information from many thousands of miles away. This is carefully sifted and maintained. This is being used to keep you in a feeling of the need for others to take care of you. This is disempowering. Empowerment is not what is desired for you – at least not by those who control your societies.

Now that you are observing this from a level somewhat above your normal perspective, look at you’re your normal day from ‘up here’. There are those who have been hurt, who have been killed, who have lost their every possession, who have literally disappeared. That is true. And we do not in any way wish for anyone not to feel compassion for those people. The rise of compassion in the world is indeed a marvelous thing. But even though those things have happened, and continue to happen every day, we would point something out to you.

Your own world is, in reality, much smaller than the one shown to you, hour by hour, minute by minute, by your media. Your own problems, and all of you have things that for you are problematic, have a far greater effect on your life than any of the things you see from other places. Yet you feel that you must continue to view those things, to listen to those things. You are quite possibly addicted to the emotional chemicals that are produced when you do that. And having your body produce those chemicals hour by hour, day after day, is not good for you. It is not good for you in any way.

This is why you are urged over and over to walk in the woods, to meditate, to take time in the quiet for yourselves. You very much need your body to have the rest and to produce those chemicals that peace and quiet will induce. And you very much need to get in touch with the person who is living their life in your world, with your friends and family, where you are. And you truly do need to know who you are. You truly do need to know that you are a divine being living here for a divine reason. You need to discover your worth, which is immeasurable.

All the noise that you are living in is designed to keep your attention away from that, do you see? Because once you do find it, once you know who you are, your effect upon that larger world will be beyond control.

So consider giving your own life, and the lives of those around you, more attention and love. Consider that you’re here and your now are the most important things in your world. That world will expand when your being grows and demands to be heard and felt.

Find the peace and the love in your hearts. You will find us there as well.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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Art by Mourad Chaaba

Art by Mourad Chaaba

The Council – Progress – Ron Head @ Oracles & Healers


unknown artist


The Council – Progress

Some of you are becoming impatient. Some of you are feeling as if nothing is happening. Others are elated. What accounts for this disparity? We will say that moving from the former group to the latter should be very easy for you right now.

If you are feeling impatient you are looking outside of yourselves and not seeing change, or seeing very little of it. But here is the true state of affairs.

What is truly happening now, and the elated ones see it or feel it, is that the changes that must happen to your inner selves first have an accelerated rate and intensified strength that is unmistakable. You will recall us having said that these changes are the ones that must and will occur first. The outer is always a reflection of the inner. Take heart in the fact that it is not necessary for all of humanity to change. There may not have actually been one hundred monkeys washing potatoes, but the principle that illustrates is valid nevertheless.

It is true that an escalating number of you are waking through what you read, what you hear, and what you see. But it is also true that all of you are psychic beings and you learn a great deal more each day through your simply being immersed in the field of collective consciousness. There is much that you know is true, even though you cannot say how you know. That is because you all know.

The existence of this collective field is known scientifically, so much so that it is actually used to manipulate those who are unconscious of it. Rather than lament that fact, why not use it to do some manipulation of your own? Place thoughts into the field through your own choice. “I choose to empower thoughts of _______ .”

What we wish to stress in this message is that you can, if you wish, focus upon the positive growth in your own selves to a much greater effect than ever before. As you have heard over and again, now is the time. Sometimes it is the time for one thing, and sometimes it is the time for another. Now it is the time for all of the tools, skills, and abilities that you worked for and earned over many lifetimes to be made manifest for the betterment of all. Ask us and we will aid you in this endeavor. Know, however, that priority will be given to what is needed. You quite often have pictures of what you think you need that are somewhat skewed to the flamboyant. All will be yours at the proper times.

You have all very likely heard of the Law of Attraction. We challenge you to begin employing the Law of Excited Expectation. Just a little each day will work wonders.

Good day.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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Happy Holidays – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

art happy

unknown artist

Happy Holidays – The Council

We will point out that we have never asked that the date of a message be included in its content. We do today. This is, according to your calendars, the 23rd of December, 2015. It is about to become the start of another spiral around your sun’s path around the galaxy. And that is not the only reason we bring the date to your attention.

You will begin this next year with a bang. You may not hear the bang, but there will be one. Every planet in your system will be direct at the beginning of this year. You will, in effect, catapult into this next cycle. Remember all the time we told you to grab onto your saddles? Remember when we asked you to keep your hands and arms inside the ride? Well, here we go boys and girls!

Now, in this very short message, we will ask you to do one thing. You have a tradition that many of you observe. You write a list of resolutions for the incoming year. Usually the list gets tossed out within days. Let’s not do that this year. Replace that list with a list of things that you want to have in your life before the end of 2016. Seriously. What do you want your life to be like at this time next year? What do you want to be celebrating the accomplishment of? Be serious about it. Some of you may want to pray over it. Some may want to meditate over it. Whatever you wish to do is fine. But we want all of you to talk it over with us in your quiet moments, then put your lists in envelopes and don’t open them until next December. Can you do that?

Now, we want to thank each and every one of you who have followed us so faithfully and send you our deep love and appreciation for all that you have done. Please continue to hold your light and expect the miracles that you have worked for.

We plan on speaking with you again before the new year, but we know that for many this will be a very busy time. Enjoy!!


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art happy

unknown artist


Reality and Illusion – The Council – Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

art stephen mackey ....

ART : Stephen Mackey

 Reality and Illusion – The Council

Today we will discuss reality and illusion. These are concepts that have actually seemed to take on reversed rolls. But they are concepts and as such are just as real as anything else. And so we will use them as tools to make a point or two, if we may.

Reality to most of you means material, physical, something that may be seen, felt, measured, and so forth. This is remarkable in this time of having known for over 100 years that everything that meets those definitions is truly made up only of energy fields.

Illusory then, or unreal, would be anything that does not meet the above definition, such as feelings, thoughts, concepts, dreams, the non-physical portions of a living being. And you deny the reality of such things even while declaring your belief in their eternal existence.

May we point out that this causes a somewhat self-generated confusion? It is also not so much that these are considered to be opposites, but that the very similarity of their make-up is being overlooked.

You can easily hold the idea that all light is on a spectrum. You can extend that to include sound, heat, etc. But it does not seem to occur to many of you that you ought also to think of the material and non-material on the same lines. You will eventually realize that something can be more material or less material, more solid or less solid, in the same way as something can be more light or less light. These are all descriptions of differing states of energy. And the only ‘real’ difference among them is what sense mechanism you use to perceive and evaluate it. Even then, there are those among you that hear colors, see tones, and feel both.

So – what is real and what is not? It is all real, friends. And it is all useful if you make it so. It can be argued by many that quite a lot of what is ‘unreal’ to many of you is far more useful and valuable than what is deemed ‘real’.

We would ask you to understand that real and valuable are attributes that something may have only in relation to your lives. The value and reality a thing possesses is only what is given to it by you.

And value is only measurable by comparison to something else. There must be more value, and there must be less value. And in order to determine that, it is reasonable that there must be something of ultimate value. What might that be? What is the thing of ultimate value for humankind?

Well, as much as it seems to have been ignored up until now, may we offer that the only thing that would seem to fit that billing is human life. And to the extent that this is not recognized, that is the extent that living in peace with each other cannot happen.

If another person or country has something that someone else values more than the life of those that have it – we think you can see where this leads. If I am so unsure of what I believe that I must deny what another believes at all cost – that leads to the same place, you see.

So what you see around you is a reflection of the interior states of the majority of those around you. Not news, is it? Now, can you change the interior states of all those around you? Some have tried to do that by taking ‘power’ and declaring that it be so. That doesn’t work for long, if at all.

Some go on life-long crusades. And we cannot deny that progress can be made. But when progress is made in that manner, it is because they have ideas and concepts that, when adopted, actually lead to interior changes in those that adopt them. And only when those new concepts are adopted by what you call a critical mass are they able to make great and lasting change on your world.

Now, does this happen? Oh yes! It happens regularly. And most of you could point out periods in your history when it has happened. Well, here it comes again. As has been stated, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. And the freedom, value, and even divinity of human life is an idea whose time has finally arrived.

It is being denied by many even as they pretend to espouse it. The problem, you see, is that if it applies to one, it must apply to all.

And there we will leave this for today. Make this the season when the value of life is celebrated. Blessings to each of you.


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art stephen mackey ....

ART : Stephen Mackey

There is a Great Deal of Talk – The Council – Ron Head @ Oracles ad Healers

Orestes-Bouzon-Paintings-05 art

ART : Orestes Bouzon Paintings

There is a Great Deal of Talk

The Council

There is a great deal of talk in your media about religion vs. religion, nation vs. nation, and race vs. race. Unfortunately, in order for you to define who you are, it is necessary at some point for you to see what you are not, or what you refuse to be. That is just the function of the mirror in your societies. It is not seen clearly that the vast majority of you are using this to say internally, “I am not that. I do not concur!” It is not necessary for you to ‘fight’ anything. It is enough that you be who you define yourselves to be. And toward that end we would make a couple of points.

It is not that the other person, the person of a different skin color is better than you or lesser than you. It is not that the poor are less nor the wealthy better… or worse for that matter. It is not that he or she who does not happen to know all of the things that you know is not as worthy. It is not that they are even different, you see. It is exactly that they are other aspects of the being that you are. It is as if your right hand is declaring war on your left foot. Would that happen?

Actually, it does happen in the sense that one aspect of your consciousness if too often fighting with another. You are a mass of conflicting beliefs. You do not have the ability to be other than what you are, and yet you allow others to tell you what you should be, and you agree with them when they condemn you for not being that.

However, let us also say that the reason that this is a problem for you now is that you are awakening to the realization that this is not how it ought to be. Or rather, you are seeing through the deceit to the truth. You are beginning to suspect that what little did manage to slip through in your revered books is actually true. Those teachers actually said what they meant. I am what they said I am. I can be what they said I can be.

Now, don’t do what has been done before. Don’t think that because you have that realization, if you have it, it means that you need to mount your steed and convert the world. Live your live as the one in realization. That is a more powerful way to teach than any other. Neither does it mean, however, that you ought to hide away and keep your truth a secret.

As you begin to gain more and more understanding of the unity of all, none of that will be an issue for you anyway. Your light will leave its mark everywhere.

Once again we find ourselves explaining what will happen, and at the same time, what is already happening. The problem is these words that you need to string together. What they actually are is the unpacking of a total concept so that it can be re-packaged in your linear way of thinking. Something gets lost in the process, but a great deal gets through, perhaps enough so that some of you can begin to receive the packets for yourselves. You call these the “Aha!” moments we spoke of. You’ll find them inside you. Picture humanity as a student that is a little happy with herself. And picture us as giving her a hug of appreciation.

And that, dear friends, is where we will await you. In deepest love we leave you until next we speak.


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Orestes-Bouzon-Paintings-05 art

ART : Orestes Bouzon Paintings

Consciousness ~ The Council – Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

art gaias-dream-lila-violet

ART : Gaia’s Dream – Lila Violet

Consciousness ~ The Council

Today we will return to a topic that we have discussed before through this channel, although not in this particular forum. We will visit some of the aspects of consciousness and give you some things to think about.

Some words that may be used rather too often are consciousness, awareness, subconscious, and knowledge. We are afraid that avoiding that may not be possible. It is, after all, the subject, and we are limited by your vocabulary regarding that.

Let us begin by stating some things that you will remember us saying before, perhaps too often for some. There will always be those reading or hearing something for the first time, or understanding from new perspectives.

Everything you can possibly perceive with your senses, physical or otherwise, is made up of energy. If it exists, it is energy. If it is energy, it is information. If it is energy, it is in motion. It is in a unified field. It is aware. It is intelligent. You have a multitude of names that you call this. Unfortunately, you tend to take exception when someone else calls it by a different name. And you also tend to personify it.

Now, what this is, is All That Is. We just gave some descriptions of all that is, did we not? So if that is everything that is, and consciousness is, then that must also describe consciousness. If you exist, then it must also describe you. Where the illusion enters the picture is when you think of yourself as a thing separate from that field. In fact, you are in it, and it is in you. You are a part of it, but it is the entirety of you.

Now, in this universal field, there are things of which you are aware, and things of which you are unaware. But all of those things are a part of the field. All of those things are known to that field. Somehow the field that you are a part of knows those things, and yet you do not. We just stated something that seems to be obvious, but is it a truth?

Is there a difference between what is in your knowledge and what is in your awareness? And if something is in the field that makes up the entirety of your being, may you know it? And if not, why not? What would keep you from knowing everything that that you need to, or wish to, know?

If we said that the curtain, the veil, the answer to that question were what you have accepted and believe, would that make sense to you? If we said that the fact that you perceive – actually, misperceive – yourselves as being something apart is what has created that misunderstanding, would that explain it a bit?

Now look around you for a moment. You are looking at things that are a part of that conscious field. They are energy and information. Some of you have the ability to sense this at times, most do not. Some actually are able to communicate with trees, for instance. Most do not believe that possible. There is an example of the kind of belief we mentioned.

When you look around, you are, because of what we are explaining, looking with your awareness at that of which you are unaware. Your consciousness, limited by you, is gazing at your subconscious. The same is true when one part of the field is having a conversation with another part of the field. We will restate that in another way. When one of you is conversing with another of you, then one limited viewpoint is sharing some awareness that it has with another limited viewpoint, or trying to.

Another way to look at it is that each moment the things, animals, and people around you are trying to bring to your attention things that the All has put in your path. These things may answer questions for you. They may add beauty to your day. They may bring about those “Aha!” moments. They may appear as synchronicities. Or they may float past totally unnoticed.

There lies a description of the boundary between your conscious and your subconscious. What do you choose to be aware of? What are you able to be aware of?

Now, hopefully we just moved that boundary a little. Perhaps we made it a bit more porous. What we know that we have done is that we have explained in some part what is happening for all of you.

What is happening is that the physical human being is becoming more and more able to understand. She is becoming more able to see through that curtain. He is less sure that he is only this or only that.

Now, so that you don’t get all deflated by this, may we point out that every one of those whom you call masters has lived where you are and dealt with these issues. And very few of them saw the progress in one or two generations that you have been making. We are your greatest cheerleaders.

If we could be described as readying a celebration party for your ascension, then we would now be searching for the matches to light the candles on the cake.

Don’t forget to look around today.

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ART : Gaia’s Dream – Lila Violet

Let Go – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

Zayasaikhan Sambuu ART

ART : Zayasaikhan Sambuu


The Council

Many of you are going through what seems to you to be a rather bumpy period at this time. You are thinking, “What are they blathering about… a great leap toward a new way of being? I haven’t had a great leap! If anything this is worse.” As we mentioned before, remember that there is a part of you that sees around corners and over obstacles. Unfortunately for your conscious mind, most of you do not have constant access to this when you are dealing with your physical surroundings.

If there is anything that is in your way, anything that is slowing down your progress now, it is imperative, given your intention to make said progress, that you toss it overboard or resolve it before you move on. You aren’t going to get very much further upon the path you have set for yourself without doing this. And if you try, you know how it will go. The further you travel without the resolution, the more difficult the resolution will seem. As an example of this think of the times that it takes humans to manifest a grave illness before they start to look for answers. Is it not the case that many, many opportunities were missed?

Another possible sort of problem you may encounter is the holding on to something that you will need to let go of. You may be being presented with an opportunity that you do not recognize. You may be being shown that you are identifying yourself with yet one more thing that you, in fact, are not. Allow us to point out to you something that you are already very well aware of, but are possibly overlooking in your focus upon what you are interpreting as a problem.

There is absolutely nothing that you are experiencing, or having, or wanting to maintain a hold upon, that is not temporary. Being temporary is what is meant by the term illusion. The only, stress that, the only, thing that you are aware of in your ‘reality’ that is in fact permanent, and therefore real, is yourself. Actually, let’s make that your Self. Everything else is illusory, and therefore can never be held on to. It will change. And the attempt to stop or slow that change is the cause of much, much suffering on your parts.

So, what do you do about that? That has not changed either. And most of you would know exactly what to advise another who asked you that question. If you were asked about a thing or situation, you would most likely respond by saying, “Release it.” You might say, “Look for ways to turn it into a winning situation for everyone.” In any case, you would know to throw massive amounts of love at it. You would know to release all of your expectations, all of your doubts, and all of your fearful thinking about it.

This is the key after all, is it not? Are you not most likely holding on to the past because you cannot see the future and are not confident of what it might be?

Now we cannot show you the future. Because the future is so far removed from what you know that any imagined picture that we could send you would need to be based in images that you know now. And do you know what? That wouldn’t even begin to do it justice. So that is why we are always using flowery descriptions of things “beyond your imagination”. Because it is beyond your imagination. But along the way there are steps you will need to take that are easily imagined if you let go and allow the next necessary steps to take place. Your life will only hold so much. You want or need more. Does not something have to go? Kiss your old car good-bye, thank it for its service, and go car shopping with a free and open heart. Car, job, relationship, or anything else, the same principles apply. And you know this. That is why you love the phrase “Go with the flow” so much.

Now, breathe and make that leap forward we spoke of. You are loved and supported.

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Zayasaikhan Sambuu ART

Expectations – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

art Helena Nelson-Reed.

ART : Helena Nelson Reed


Expectations – The Council

The Council

We wish to discuss today the expectation of, and the reality of, this expected ‘portal’ of ascension that many of you are placing your hopes upon. We think it is a topic that should be understood now so that you do not continue to set yourselves up for such disappointments as you seem to repeatedly do.

In the latter part of your year of 2012, you did this same sort of thing. You built up your expectations and emotional investment to a point that would have been very hard to satisfy, even were most of them to be fulfilled.

Now, it is a good thing to be excited by possibilities. Your emotion is indeed a driving force that cannot be overestimated. It is a high vibration to be in. But placing it on things that are little more than wishful thinking, based upon things that are not in alignment with universal law, will always lead to your disappointment and a sudden lowering of your vibration. Do you see? That which thrives on your low vibrational states could hardly wish for more.

We are not ever saying that none of the things that you hope and intend to occur will eventually occur. We are saying that their manifestation will always depend upon the vibrational signature of the individual or the collective consciousness involved.

If you are considering the manifestations that occur for an individual, then the primary thing that must be considered is that individual’s frequency. And more and more individuals have, are, and will be continue to be experiencing great leaps in their consciousness states and abilities as the energies around your planet rise higher and higher. Many are having what you term kundalini experiences, amazing changes in their dream states, visitations to and from other dimensions, etc.

Of course when you add all that up you get a rise in the collective consciousness, do you not? And that is what drives what you see in the world around you. Every seemingly small step that one of you takes contributes to the advance of all of you. This is absolutely of major importance for you to begin to understand and live by. “What can I do today that will be my contribution?” That is far different from “what will happen on that day that will lift me” Do you see? The one puts you squarely in your own power. The other places the power outside of you. And we submit that this is a condition that you may not wish to continue to allow.

If each of you were living with the understanding of what a marvelous, magical, and powerful being you truly are, would this not be a far different world than it is? Is that not the very description of the New Earth you so desire? So take the power to change things and manifest things, build the world that you want back into your own hands, your own hearts. Do not allow that to be usurped by promises of miraculous things to occur on certain dates. That is not to say that thresholds will never be crossed. It is not to say that marvelous things will not happen. But it does mean that you are the ones that will manifest it, and your own individual life can be changed by you far more easily than you can imagine when you are in that kind of thinking.

You are further along than you think, you know. You have made amazing progress over the last few decades. It is amazing when you consider what an infinitely short amount of time a few decades really is. Even one lifetime, when you understand that you are an eternal being, is like a split second. And here you are on the threshold of an amazing leap in your evolution.

So we urge you to bring your focus back to its most powerful place, here, and its most powerful time, now. You are here. It is now. And this is where the work can be done. “I will make my contribution here and now. I will do what I must do to raise my vibration now.” For some of you that will be a great deal different from what it is for others, and that is alright. Each must take the next step that is before them. It is no use trying to take a next step that is best for another. You have a unique life. You were designed that way. So when you say, “What is my path?” The answer is right at your feet. Do you see? When you say, “What should I do next?” The answer is always before you. This is not a disappointing thing. This is your power place.

Now that we have said all of that, we do wish you to know that this is indeed a very powerful time for your world. Great strides may now be made by each and all of you. And in fact, this is happening for many as we speak. Celebration and gratitude for this fact will not be misplaced. Joy is never misplaced.

Continue moving forward now, secure in the knowing that you are embraced in unconditional love and appreciation for all that you do.

Good day.

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art Helena Nelson-Reed.

You are a creature that is a facet and child of the Divine. Period. ~Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

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You are a creature that is a facet and child of the Divine. Period. – channeled by Ron Head

April 27, 2015


Michael and the Councils of Higher Selves

We said in our last message that we would be addressing the topic of soft power, of your power, of what and how you could best use the energy of the amazing beings that you are becoming.  We shall do that.  Now the channel should be aware that this is not a simple and short topic.  There is nothing completely new that we shall be telling you here, but in this case, we wish to cover much more than we usually do in these short paragraphs. 

It has been the wonderful case that there are many reading these who are relatively new to the ranks of the awakening who need more information than those of you who are already well along in your understanding of light, energy, and how you personally use it.  We trust however that you may read something you had not considered or that will be a welcome reminder.

First, let us explain that when we use the words light, energy, vibration, sound, etc., we are speaking of various manifestations of the same thing.  For us there is no inherent difference.  In fact, for us, you appear as all these things yourselves.  You have a unique light, a unique energy, a unique frequency, a unique sound that is you.  We will be discussing the ways that you may use this to your best effectiveness for yourselves, for the collective, and for the entire self-aware universe.

Now, to begin, let us point out to you that, and your physicists will not argue with this, there is nothing, no thing, in the universe which is made out of anything other than energy.  Your Einstein spent a lifetime proving that.  Actually your Tesla was no second fiddle in the field either.  So there is a universe, in which you live, in which everything you observe consists entirely of energy, and energy is vibration, is frequency.  Let’s look at what that means.  And it might surprise you even though it is quite obvious.

It means that there is nothing that is not affected by every change you make in your own energy.  All you need to make your own experiment for this is a couple of tuning forks, although there are a great many others you could do.  You will be aware already that one tuning fork will set off vibrations in another and that, if they are compatible, ringing one will cause another to ring as well.  Thinking of sound still, you know it expands in all directions from its source, but you need to realize that it is causing change in everything it touches.  The same is true of all energy.  It causes change in everything it touches.  And this will be the basis for everything we discuss.

We will add another short note here.  You are aware that in your dimension distance from the source produces reduced strength of these changes.  In other words the loudness of sound diminishes with distance.  And we will tell you now that, contrary to the obvious, the energy produced by change does not ever cease expanding outward, nor does it ever reach zero.  You can change the state of energy, but you cannot un-create it.  It just is.  Now it may be an exaggeration to say that a butterfly moving its wings in Asia may cause a hurricane in Florida, but it does illustrate the point nicely.  Every thought, every word, and every deed has an effect on everything, everywhere.

This is all very nice to think about, but what does it mean when we bring it back to you, personally?  Let’s spend some time thinking about that.

Let us begin with a change you make in yourself, perhaps in how you react to something, perhaps in your beliefs system, in what you accept as true, or in your perception of your self-worth.  Actually these would all be interrelated.  This would create a change in your personal frequency, in your energy itself.  It would create changes in your DNA.  It would create eventual physical change.  All of this is easily understood by many people today.

Not so easily understood yet is that, because of the unity, because time and space are really illusory, you will have actually changed all of your other aspects, your other selves, as well.  Some of those are living what you perceive as past lives.  Now, it is easy for you to understand that you can have an effect upon your future, but if you followed what we just said, you would see that the changes you make in yourselves also affect your past.  That is contrary to the accepted ‘knowledge’, but it is true nevertheless.

Let us further bring in the idea that everything that exists, even all matter, is made of energy.  All energy is conscious.  Therefore everything is aware and intelligent.  You can easily understand that everything you perceive produces experience and therefore reinforces, contradicts, or teaches new concepts for you.  It follows therefore that everything you, or anyone else, do produces the same in everything that perceives it, and that is the All.  That makes you a major change maker a cutting edge learning tool for the Universe.  Have you ever thought of yourself in that way?

Now, you could be somewhat daunted by such concepts, but we are almost certain that you are not.  Almost everyone who begins to contemplate these thoughts also begins to understand that they are an invaluable and irreplaceable part of All-That-Is.  It matters not what you do, how much you have, or any other of the measuring sticks that you have believed apply to you.  You are a creature that is a facet and child of the Divine.  Period.  End of today’s rather lengthy discussion.

The divine spirit that we are salutes the divine spirit in you this day.  Namasté.

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Now it is your turn. – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

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Now it is your turn. – The Council

The Council

We would discuss with you now the recent lifetime of one who has come home to us. Rather, we would discuss what he was able to bring to your attention, and offer a different perspective than what is generally perceived. We are referring to the master known to you as Masaru Emoto.

This one worked with water, and you usually think of him as showing you that water has consciousness and that it will take on and exhibit for you various forms showing the beauty or lack of same in your thoughts and words. And yes, he did do that. But there was far more importance in his message than that.

If you carry the theme of his work to its logical extreme, there emerges something far more wondrous. You are, most of you, at least somewhat familiar with the idea that you create your own world. You intellectually understand the concept. You may not agree with it all the time, but your mind can understand it.

What this work did was to simply and undeniably illustrate that your thoughts, words, and feelings do physically change the stuff around you. You can, and you do indeed, create the world you live in. The stuff from which your surroundings are created are visibly influenced by those thoughts, words, and feelings.


Now it is your turn. What are you going to do with that knowledge?  You may let it lie and eventually, for the most part, forget it. Or you may decide that this is an idea that, when truly taken to heart, empowers you like no other. You no longer need to imagine that you have an influence on what is around you. You have seen it. He has shown you. He has shown you visible proof that what is in your heart and mind does indeed influence what is. You are that powerful. You are, in fact, so powerful that you do this without even trying.

Imagine how powerful you will be when you do it on purpose.

With unconditional love for who you are, we bid you good day.

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art cosmic female beauty

You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

Magic Wind by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

ART : 'Magic Wind' ~ by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. – The Council

The Councils

It is a time of new beginnings. The channel has begun a new chapter in his life and we will now begin developing a line of information which it is time for you to understand.

We began months ago heading these messages ‘Michael and the Councils’. It seemed that too few were able to maintain interest unless the name of an Archangel was attached to the message. We believe that now you have progressed in your understanding enough for you to be told that all of the messages originate in a level of consciousness that includes your guides, the masters, as you call them, angels, teachers, light beings, and the most divine ones whom you all revere. We will now call ourselves The Council.

Understand that each of you has a council. Each of you sits on a council. As we have spoken before, your council is always in session, and all decisions are unanimous. Nothing is ever decided upon that will affect you and which you have not agrees to. As much as it may seem that way to you from your human perspective, it is just not so. The YOU that has agreed to, and in fact has probably asked for, the experiences in your life has a far greater understanding and goal in mind than you can fathom with your current level of consciousness. That is about to change however. In fact, as we have also said before, that is changing now. The growth much of humanity is going through is now becoming quite evident even though it is, by your reckoning, gradual and subtle.

The object of these messages is, and always has been, to aid you in your growth and help you to remember knowledge which you all carry, but have forgotten how to access. This challenge is being addressed in many other ways, as well. Many of your healers are learning to lead you past your personal blockages, to heal your wounds and tear down your inner walls. Much of the problem has been your inability stop judging yourselves and those you see around you. And there are other things in your way, also. We shall address these as we come to them.

It is time. You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. The time has come for plain talk and for focus on the most important things. We are sorry, but much of what you ‘get’ is just not a priority in the overall picture. We understand that you are living in places where things seem to be important that will be understood later to be less so. We understand that it is not possible for one to concentrate on lofty matters when one is hungry or in great danger. But most of you are not truly in those types of situations. And in fact, you would be amazed to know how many of those who are in them address us more often than many of you do.

So the point of today’s message is that we, as The Council, will now begin addressing questions centered more on aiding you in your quest for greater access to your own higher consciousness. We will not be instructing you in how to meditate, although we will urge you to do so. We will not be espousing any particular beliefs, although we urge you to closely examine them. But we want you to find out who and what you are. And we know that now is time for you to do that.

Now, if it helps you to think of us in terms of Universal Mind, Buddha Mind, Oversoul, or any other thing you wish to call us, please feel free to do so. We do not care. All of these terms, being coined by your human minds, are necessarily limited by your understandings and are therefore less than accurate. Even ‘The Council’ is limiting, but we understand that some name must be chosen. The important piece of information for you to receive today is that the consciousness that we speak from is within you. It is within each one of you. We can be reached by each of you. And in fact, if you all did that, we would have no need at all for these channelings. But there are many levels of awakening, and each must begin where he or she stands.

Good day for now. We will continue soon and much more often. There is much to speak about.

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Magic Wind by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

Be the truth of yourselves. – Channeled by Ron Head ~ Michael with and for the councils

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ART : Archangel Michael


Be the truth of yourselves. – Channeled by Ron Head

light warrior

Michael with and for the councils:

We would speak with you today about a topic which we have not addressed in this space previously.  We are very hopeful that many of you will be helped by what we share with you


We know that there are still quite a large number of those who consider themselves to be lightworkers and star seeds who think of themselves as being alone, cut off, separated from any contact with like minds for conversation and companionship.  Let us address this topic in a way that may help you to change this perception and remedy the situation.


We do wish to make clear that, at least in the vast majority of cases, this is a perception, and not necessarily an accurate one.  And even if accurate, it is easily one that can be remedied by lightworkers both because they have the ability as lightworkers to do so, and because the time has arrived and the energy environment exists for all of you to become aware of one another.


Let us speak of your perception of isolation first.  It is very likely only a perception.  Please understand that.  Now the reasons for that perception vary widely.  And yet there is a sameness about them, as well.  We are, in a way, sorry to inform you that you are protecting yourselves from what you expect to be less than friendly acceptance of your views by those around you.  And it is possible that you might well experience some of that.  But we ask you now several questions.


Except for a few isolated pockets in the world, are you aware that you will not be attacked or killed for your views?  You are holding onto fears that you carry from many past experiences.  They were valid at one time.  They do not serve you now.


Do you not realize that, with the number of you now spread across this planet, the likelihood that you are truly isolated wherever you are is remote?  You are still somewhat of a minority, yes.  But there are quite likely others close to you who are protecting themselves just as you are.  And they feel isolated, too.


And lastly, do you not think that by refusing to hide yourself away any longer you will attract each other, that the feeling of freedom you experience will be worth any amount of sideways glances from others, and that the power of united minds and hearts will not be immense?


Of course, you know that is true.  And you only needed reminding.  Let us tell you today that it is time now.  You are needed now.  And you will be appreciated now.  Stand up.  Stand your ground.  Be the truth of yourselves.  Perhaps cease to be a lightworker.  Be a light warrior.


We are with you.  Always and in all ways, we are with you.  Love to you this day.



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There are universes yet unknown for you to explore. – channeled by Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

art francesca di chiara
ART : Francesca di Chiara


There are universes yet unknown for you to explore. – channeled by Ron Head

surrounding earth

Michael with and for the Councils:

(To me) This has been an exciting and educational month for you. We have been with you each step of the way and you have done well and learned much. There will be further trips to other locations in the future. Prepare for that to manifest.


We will begin by alerting those who are not yet aware of it that you are in the sharply rising energies of the yearly 8/8 Lion’s Gate portal. Those of you who are able to sense these bursts of energy should be aware that this year the increase in intensity will be greater than ever. Coupled with the fact that your base energy signature on the planet is higher than ever, this will make for an interesting time. It is time for you to give some thought to this part of the mechanism of change. These energies arrive in your neighborhood and change the frequency of everything, literally everything, on your world. This includes each and every cell of your being. You are then experiencing a rise in the mental and emotional fields of your being as well. Your consciousness is increased in quality, content, and effectiveness. This accelerates the changes in your outer world.


Now, obviously, it is much more apparent to those who are aware of what is happening. Those who are totally unaware are experiencing greater and greater stress. Many, however, are reaching the threshold of awakening and beginning the journey which most of those reading this have already started. If you are one of those who count yourselves as awakened, then you should also be aware that your journey has just begun. There are universes yet unknown for you to explore, not the least of which is the one inside of you.


We ask you now to refocus on who you truly are and how your being here serves the whole at this crucial time. Understand that it does do so. Even the simple fact that your energy is rising is serving to help raise the vibration of the entire planet. But it is also true that you bring many other needed things to the table. You may be a leader of society. You may be the mother of children. Each of you is contributing something vital. It is not possible for you to see the far, far reaching effects of everything that you do and say. But you are changing a world and the history of this universe. That is an immense and worthy thing.


We ask you now to continue to find those things, those practices and ideas, that will raise your consciousness further each day. Seek also those understandings which will improve your health, for you cannot be as effective if you are not well. Know that fears, feelings of unworthiness, resentments, and anger, especially if they are repressed and unexamined, are detrimental both to your health and your progress. Find ways to discover them and release them from your lives.


There is much great change in the making on your world. You will need all of the centering and calming skills which you have learned. But keep always in mind that the outcome will be far more wonderful than your imaginations have been able to see. As you love to say, just keep on keeping on.


We love you and are always, always in your hearts and in your service. Good day.


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