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 angel - by Heise Jinyao

ART : Angel ~ by  Heise Jinyao


Spiritual Progress and a Cathar Calling
May 6, 2014

I haven’t written for a while as I was waiting for the inspiration to pop up. Today, May 6, 2014, seems like a good day to share some of my progress; some of it comes from walking my own path and reflecting; some of it from contacting people who have information about my soul path.

This post is in fact partly an update of the account I produced last August under the title My Hero’s Journey.

There has been interesting information communicated to me last month as I did work on the Divine Feminine as part of a virtual class with a small spiritual organization. As I understood back then, when I started learning about the Divine Feminine, I was about to return to the conscious phase of my hero’s journey and enjoy what Joseph Campbell calls the “Gift of the Goddess.” Throughout the class, I was part of a pod, or discussion group, under the tutelage of the Celtic goddess Ceridwen. Things were interesting for a couple of weeks, we shared a lot of insights about astrology and the divine feminine, which dwells in every one of us, and then my interest started to dwindle; drastically. I had started to transcribe The Mother, from Sri Aurobindo, which was part of our reading assignment, but didn’t go any further than chapter one of this small book. It felt very organic, or synchronistic if you will that, at the same time I was taking the class, I had an exchange with my friend Gary, the astrologist whom I mentioned in my Hero’s Journey post. His take on my studying the divine feminine was to the point, well aligned with what I am pursuing. Here is an excerpt of what he shared with me.

Your work on the Divine Feminine sounds very interesting. It accords very well with the placement of Mars in Virgo in your chart in its own house of the 8th; this being in trine aspect to the Ascendant, Saturn and Jupiter. To me, this implies the requirement of developing an enhanced appreciation of the ‘goddess archetype’ and the various gifts she offers. As well as the Hercules and Hippolyta myth, it also accords well with the myth of Isis and Horus, or Mary and Jesus, whereby one gives birth to the spiritual principle within. In your case this is occurring through the expression of courage and heroism towards spiritual transformation due to the location of Mars, and also the Moon, in conjunction to Pluto in the 8th house. Working with the goddess principles is favored further by the placement of Venus in Cancer in the 6th house, in trine aspect to Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th house, which suggests a capacity towards penetrating Maya (or the ‘veil of the goddess’) with the assistance of subjective pursuits such as dreams and meditation.

I don’t know if I penetrated any veil at the time but, based on Joseph Campbell diagram (which I am repositioning below), the spiritual warrior is then supposed to reenter the conscious world and share his or her gift with it. What could this gift be in my case? And what did I learn from the goddess in the end?

The hero's journey

These questions are somehow still open and yet, something quite unusual happened to me, which was definitely a spiritual gift. I was offered in mid-April a soul reading by a person (her name is Judith Kusel http://www.judith-kusel.com) who lives in South Africa. As synchronicity and spiritual complicity would have it, I met her through one of her writings one day, totally unexpectedly, and signed up to follow her blog. The next day, I received a note inviting me to check her biography and services. And the next thing I knew, I had signed up for a soul reading—a Diamond soul reading. There was so much fluidity in what I did and how I did it that it was obviously made to happen.

The most important life episode that Judith highlightened is one that I experienced as a Cathar in early 13th century France. My name then was Raimond de Péreille and I was present during the last few days of what could be considered the extermination of the last of the Cathars. This took place on March 16, 1244, in the form of a pyre which was built and lit on by the armies of the French king, supported by the Pope, interestingly named Innocent III. Over 200 hundred Cathars perished that day, purified that they were a few days earlier in a ceremony called Consolamentum. It appears that I wasn’t one of those who perished in the fire and that I clandestinely escaped, in due time, to accomplish what was then my mission.

cathar Montsegur

I still have a lot to learn about those Christian Cathars and reading The Cathar Prophecy by Mark J.T. Griffin provided a lot of background information, although the author doesn’t seem to know what exactly happened to Sir Raimond de Péreille. It is up to me to find out and put all the pieces of the puzzle together, going back way, way before Cathar time.

In fact, what became clear to me is the connection between the Cathar faith and the history and life of Mary Magdalene after she left Israel, pregnant that she was then with her daughter Tamar. Montségur, the castle that became the last resort of the Cathars, is situated near Carcassonne in southern France; Rennes-le-Chateau, a small village whose name is strongly associated with Mary Magdalene and the hero of Mark J.T. Griffin’s book—a Templar of the Order of St. John of Malta, by the name of Arnaud de Blanchfort—being some 30 miles or so east of Montségur. I could feel or intuit the connection between these different times and people while reading the book. It is now up to me to find about the missing links, which will take me in the first place into the reading of another book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Or will it be, Crusade against the Grail by Otto Rahn?

I did not sense the protective presence of Mary Magdalene over the Cathars by chance or accident and I feel a true connection to her. While exploring what my coach called my “inner sanctuaries” in October of 2011, I came across Mary Magdalene in the second sanctuary, that of Ancestral Memory.

Here is what I wrote in my notes after my session with Lev on October 4, 2011:

Sanctuary of Ancestral Memory
Mary Magdalene comes to mind as she moves from Israel to the south of France. She is wearing a white robe. The symbol in this sanctuary is a dove; a white dove.


I learned since that Mary Magdalene is indeed associated with a white dove; I also remember seeing white linen floating in the wind, as if on a cloth line, in that sanctuary of Ancestral Memory. Again this is not something that came from outside my psyche while reading a fictitious book, but rather from some deep connection I had been nurturing all along and that made ‘its way up’ with the assistance of Lev.

Where is this going to take me? I certainly do not know at this early time, but my spelunker’s gear is on! Please stay tune, my friends, and feel free to share any information that you would deem helpful to me.