Soul merging an inevitable part to restoring divine union within – Linda Grace Antara Ma

Soul merging an inevitable part to restoring divine union within

Accepting and embracing ourself in our human-ness as well as our multidimensionality includes not only healing and re-claiming parts of us, that we have rejected and abandoned, because of childhood trauma, but also includes incorporating aspects of self from higher realms/dimensions/realities such as the ascended masters realm, angelic or devic realms or planetary/star sectors thru integrating our soul´s essence (our complete soul signature), our divine ancestry, galactic and angelic lineages imprints. We are much more than our “limited” self, the personality, that we created our “story” of this incarnation around.

To understand the full scope of this, we also need to understand, that everything is connected with everything. Our galactic and angelic family knows and is taking advantage of this, as they are serving from a different realm and are not currently in the earth plane. To fullfill their divine purpose to serve and assist humanity and the greater plan either as ascended master, angels or galactic beings or collectives of higher consciousness, they can split up their consciousness in many beings (humans) and can serve thru those beings, who will then embody their different divine attributes, rays of light, solar or light encodings from different planetary systems or angelic realms etc.

Currently there are numerous human beings on earth that for example embody divine aspects of Mary Magdalen (ascended master Lady Nada). So when more people claim to be an aspect of Mary Magdalen, this is by all means possible and wanted. I asked Octaviana of Alcyone, a higher aspect of me, which I am in the process of incorporating (melting together with) a questions about this, because I have noticed in the spiritual community, that some persons get really protective and start validating themselves to “prove” themselves as being the only and true aspect of some being or master, when they become aware, that others claim to be an aspect of the “same” being or master. I found her answer so perfect. Ocataviana said.: If someone would tell you and claim also to be an aspect of me, say..  “yes there are indeed infinite me´s, I am honored and I greet me in you”. God/Goddess has infinite expressions, but bottom line it is ONE and the same.

It has been a vital part of my awakening to my divine self to embrace and accept different aspects of myself, to finally “own” who I truly am, which is indeed infinite. In 2007 I merged with a star being from Cassiapeia and during the following years I merged with many lost aspects of my human self (from this and previous incarnations) as well as members of my oversoul (monad), I merged with aspects of various ascended masters of which I carry strong imprints from other incarnations and in 2009 I was contacted by the elohim of grace (there are many other groups of elohim) and went thru months of preparation to finally merge with them, as they told me, that I am originating from this angelic group collective dna. The last years further ascended masters and star beings have entered my life and asked me to embrace and incorporate aspects of them, as this is something we have contracted on before incarnating to serve on this earth plane and support earth in its ascension and transition into the 5D reality of unity consciousness. So there is no contradiction whatsowever in embodying many different beings, as these are all part of the source from which we originate. We will not consciously be aware of each aspects, but those who serve and support us in living our purpose and fulfill our soul plan at this part of our evoltion and timeline will appear and make themselves available and noticeable and “claim” to be incorporated.

When we have stepped back and completely let go of our “story”, which includes a laying down of our shields (the energetic structure, that hold us in 3D linearity), our I Am Presence can take up “command” of our sacred vessel as instruments of divine will, which is an honoring of who we truly are, our divine origin and the greater plan of all-that-is. It is a returning to our “home bandwidth frequency” of divine ecstacy, which is an utterly expanded state and space to be in. We discover that we are already perfect as we are, there is nothing to fix, transform or heal, we are all we ever looked for or yearned for on the external in our search to feel complete and One and loved as who we truly are. We realise that it is all within and that everything that is reflected on and showing up on the outside is only a reflection of what is already “at hand” within, but we need to reclaim it and accept it to incorporate and embody it completely. And this is where the higher aspects of us are coming to our assistence, only to show us and point to the fact, that they are no different to us, they are not separate from us, but truly we are one (already). They do not want us to worship them as something separate from our self, better or more divine than our self, they are us, and we are them. Something, that our mind has difficulties in comprehending other than as a concept.

When we commit ourself to fully let go and surrender to all these aspects of self, whether it be lower shadow human aspects or higher light aspects of self, we return home, we arrive in the heart of hearts, in our inner heart sanctum, the vast and infinite source of love, the omnipresence omnipotent quantum field of all-that-is, that we are. I offer name/vibration readings, where you are given information about which aspects of self, that will support you in realising and embracing your true self, which divine imprints of ascended masters, higher beings of light or angelics, that you carry imprinting of, that calls to be integrated into your being. The rite of using a name vibration as a tool to empowerment and awakening is something used in many various traditions from various native tribes, different religious and spiritual traditions around the world since the beginning of time. If you are contacted and feeling the presence of a certain angel or ascended master or star being do not feel embarassed, do not hesitate to open yourself to this particular aspect of self. I know for myself and many others how challenging it can be to accept and embrace….. especially higher dimensional aspects of self…. ego is right there to put you down, and make a fool of you! Do not buy into that, the powerful overlighting and presence of angels or higher beings of light cannot be fabricated, when tears of recognition roll down your face, they come from a deep remembrance in you of who you truly are. It is like a lost family member or friend reappearing and returning to you… a resurrection of parts of self.  Embrace its gift of love, trust even if ego calls you a “nut”… your heart knows and feels the truth of who you are and the feeling of home. Especially at this last phase of ascension and the incorporation of our I Am Presence, we are called and urged to embrace ourself in our totality as the multidimensional beings of light that we truly are. It is the coronation of this ascension journey into divine unity and oneness. Welcome home.



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Inner-knowing arises thru feeling – Linda Grace Antara Ma


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Inner-knowing arises thru feeling

Truth cannot be accessed thru your intellect… your intellect can understand concepts even complex ones, but to truly realise truth your heart has to be involved…. feeling has to be involved. Your mind is limited by linear thinking, whereas your heart is multidimensional in nature. Your heart doesn´t need to understand the bits and pieces of why and is not bound by logic…. it naturally feels what is true thru direct experience… it cannot be explained nor understood, it simply is. It is more of a witnessing, than a process of active effort to make things believable and truthful. Mind is asking questions after questions, heart listens and feels. Truth can only be heard in the silence of your heart. If you need answers, become silent and listen to your heart. No one “knows” better than your heart. The divine feminine intellegence in you is aligned with the akashic records and accessed thru your heart. And the more you let go of wanting to know (getting out of your mind-body), the more you become “all-knowing” simply by BE-ing present in your heart from moment to moment… in this space of grace, you become one with the omnipresence of god/goddess. And all questioning looses its value.

All that matters is being and expanding in the grace of the present moment. When you are too much in your mindbody, you loose the connection to your soul and the omnipresent field of divine love and get caught up in the mind chatter of the collective mind-body. You loose yourself in past and future and cannot be present in the NOW. And you are stuck in what has defined your past and projects this unconsciously into the future. This is why we keep having things re-occuring, similar patterns happening, similar partners, similar situations taking place. Only by conscious focus in your heart, can you align yourself with source and the divine intellegence, that transcends all-knowing. You become divine intellegence embodied, love incarnate. ~ Linda Grace …

Sacred relationships – a commitment to grow and mentor your partner – Linda Grace Antara Ma

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 Sacred relationships – a commitment to grow and mentor your partner


Entering a sacred relationship is a commitment to show up and be with what ever shows up and not withdraw when things surface, that makes us uncomfortable and fearful. Love also includes granting another the space and freedom to “sit with” and have alone-time to have a deeper look, but when this starts to become a pattern, then it indicates, that there is a failing commitment to solve things mutually as sacred partners on soul´s journey. When we grant the other the gift of being seen in our vulnerability, in our confusion, our fear and our pain, we create a nurturing safe space for healing and growth. We grant each other permission to see our wounds and vulnerability without fear of being judged, but simply being with it, giving it space to be acknowledged and seen for what it is and so true healing can take place…. a healing space of peace, where we can feel safe and trust, that our partner will embrace us and love us in all our facets and supports us in embracing and loving ourselves unconditionally.

Being rejected when offering our partner love and support, when issues show up and we are in our most vulnerable state, will most likely stear up old wounds of being rejected and fears of abandonment in the other. Further it is dismissing the very purpose of the relationship, namely that of growing and evolving together individually and as sacred partners by serving the other, by being there for the other as a caring mentor and loving friend.

Being aware if and when ego is at play in one or both parties isn´t a problem, when this is recognised and accepted by both, which demands 100% honesty and self integrity 24/7. Each much take responsability for their actions and refrain from using their partner as a projection “screen” as a means of denial. However when this is failed by one or both, the gap between the two will tend to grow, as there is no transparancy and authenticity to build a foundation of love on, a lack of trust will deepen the gap between the two, until all foundation is gone.

However when both parties commit to “stay in” and hold a space of love and acceptance, where healing and trust can arise, the true purpose of a sacred relationship is fulfilled and this is what future relationships will be build on and what will turn any disfunctional relationship into something beautiful and powerful, something that will strenghten the sacred bond between them and create divine balance between the divine feminine and masculine within both in authentic service to each other and the Greater Whole thru being mentors to each other. ~ Linda Grace –

Our deepest fears are powerful rites of passage, opportunities to master energy, which is preliminary to our ascension – Linda Grace Antara Ma

Our deepest fears are powerful rites of passage, opportunities to master energy, which is preliminary to our ascension

Last year I went thru the most extreme rite of passage, which was triggered by an accident, where I was faced with my greatest fear and shocked to panic (yes we may think we have conquered our fears, until we come to the level, where we are confronted with death). I immediately knew it was all about releasing myself from the matrix of duality on ALL levels… I went thru many many levels including physical pain that forced me to transcend my deepest fears and all the illusions that duality is based on and to embrace, acknowledge and implement my divinity to one hundred procent and transcend ALL illusion. It went on for 4 days and night where I felt how all my being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies was stripped and released from the matrix. It was energetically so intense that my body shook and trembled uncontrollable so that I could hardly stay in my body and I experienced how I ascended with my body into a different dimension…. During it all I was supported and guided by my spirit guides and I Am Presence how to move my body to help it to shed and release…. I knew that it was ALL in my power thru holding the frequency of my I Am presence to bring myself thru this rite of passage and not allow any fears to intermingle.

As I had mastered one level the next came and step by step I released myself and came out on the other side …. It was 4 days of non stop energetical “tour de force” that was so intense that I still have to rest a lot to regain strength and have the physical wound that started it all heal. And all along in between the different rites I received light upgrades and activations that I am still assimilating. When I was just over the mountain on the 5th day (on new year’s eve … me still lying in the “horizontal”) an incident took place, that gave me the opportunity to “relive” what had just happened to me happen to another person and I was able to support this person and help her thru. I have gathered that many are being challenged beyond their (self inflicted) limits to finally end the game of duality and step into their mastery as sovereign eternal beings of light unrestrained by time and space able to create our reality free of fear, pain and separation able to perform miracles and move matter. All this thru heart/mind focus and creating our reality solely thru choosing our vibration. It is ALL about frequency and we are each and every one given the power to choose. Every one of us.

Extending my love to embrace you all especially those of you who are moving thru the dark valley of illusion being faced with your “worst case scenarios”. Embrace these challenges as gifts, because that is what they truly are – rites of passages to freedom. Choosing each present moment between love or fear which are the two basic frequency bands where reality is played out in duality. There is no 2016 nor was there a 2015… It is all NOW and how and what we experience as reality is all depending on what we radiate and signal to the universe thru our mind/heart focus vibration. Welcome to freedom beloveds…. It’s time. As multidimensional beings we are capable of surfing in between dimensions and parallel realities the same way we walk in and out of a room in a house….this is the essence of what these initiations showed me. On our journey to mastery we will all be faced with our greatest fear, which will offer immesurable gift for us to become embodiments of love and masters of Vibration.  2017 will beg us to finally move completely out of our comfort zones, if we haven´t done so already. Time to trust our wings. Glory glory glory. – Linda Grace

The need for divine feminine leadership – A new year’s message from Mary Magdalen – Linda Grace



The need for divine feminine leadership – A new year’s message from Mary Magdalen

Posted on December 30, 2016 by Linda Grace

Greetings and blessings this is Mary Magdalen, I am here now to bring forth to you a message of great urgency and importance. Beloveds we are standing on the threshold to a new year, a beginning…. to a new era. An era of divine balance and harmony and it is indeed a moment of time, that heralds the return of the divine feminine to this planet, a time where the energy of the divine feminine is urgently needed on the planet to create balance for Gaia and all her children, a shifting from linear thinking into heart aligned feeling. And it is also a beginning of a time where each of you is called into leadership, meaning, that you will no longer act as puppets, but step into the supreme authortity of your heart, which is lead by the divine feminine in you in perfect balance with the divine masculine in you. So when I speak about the importance of feminine leadership, I speak about the necessity to embrace the qualities of the divine feminine and applying them in your life… understanding alone is not enough. There are many misunderstandings of the principles of the divine feminine. The divine feminine doesn´t imply a passive way of being, surrendering YES, but that doesn´t mean that you fall into passivity. Being in the flow of the present moment, trusting in the benevolence of life, following the signs that are given to you from your soul and guides and from the cosmic forces… they all communicate with you, it means being in alignment with the divine feminine tapestry of life, being in tune and online with the power of the goddess. And this energy of the goddess that I speak of is indeed very powerful, so powerful that it has caused a lot of fear in both men and women, because it is thru this power, that you can truly be touched by the omnipresence of God/Goddess, the source of which all life derives.. it is true and authentic and when fully embraced, it has huge impact on that which it touches, which is why, it wasn´t desired on this planet for thousands of years. Anyone that embodied it were seen as a threat to those in power… not without reason. But the time has come, that you reclaim the power of the goddess and to let her take the lead in your life from within your heart, and so you will be enabled access to your divine gifts of intuition and clear-feeling, that is imperative to being in alignment with your soul and divine truth, because truth can only be accessed thru feeling, any attempt to understand spiritual concepts intellectually will fail, as they will only offer a “diminished” understanding of its pure essence and meaning. Truth can only be felt and experienced thru the heart. And so you are asked everyone of you to dare connect with this divine force in you, to let the divine feminine rise in you, to give her voice and freedom to express herself in whatever way she deems right. Trust her, because she will always know what serves your higher good, she will always bring you back on track, if you get lost in the abyss of your thoughts. So when I say female leadership, I don´t suggest, that the divine feminine is superior to the divine masculine, as this will lead to imbalance too. Both the divine feminine and masculine aspect of creation are needed, those are two different expressions, that must be given equal rights and freedom to express themselves to ensure divine balance in the universe, as well as the universe within you. However the divine masculine is connected to the left side of your brain´s hemispheres and so to say works in colloboration with your mind (intellect), whereas the divine feminine is connected with the right hemisphere of your brain, which again is aligned with your heart. The brain’s right hemisphere controls the muscles on the left side of the body including your heart. The seat of your soul is based in your high heart chakra, but your high heart chakra cannot fully operate, until you have created divine balance within your heart chakra. When this is done however, your high heart chakra will start to vibrate in alignment with your divine christ blueprint and connect you to your Adam Kadmon body and all axiatonal lines in your body will re-connect and be configurated to the galactic grid. You will be connected to the divine intellegence of cosmos, Akasha. Needless to say it is paramount and specifically for men to give space for the divine feminine to express itself, because they have more than women been conditioned to follow their mind and to distrust their heart, they have been taught not to trust and give validation to their feelings, not to show and even be ashamed of showing their feelings and so men were “bred” to be the extented arm of the patriachy, the masculine energy in its distorted form. A form that disgraced the divine feminine, that saw the divine feminine as inferior and hence saw women as inferior beings. Men were taught to be leaders as their female counterpart, where seen as incapable of leading, untrustworthy and unable to rationalize and therefore take correct decisions. And women adapted this way of seeing themselves over centuries loosing more and more touch with the divine feminine… feeling incapable to lead, incapable of taking responsability for themselves and in need of a man, that could lead them and sustain them. And those who rebelled and refused to fit into that role, were condemned and bent to their knees, disgraced and killed thru the hand of man.

But as we are entering a new era, the era of the golden age of divine unity, the divine feminine cannot and will not accept to be repressed any longer. She is rissing from the depth of the unconsciouss of the heart of humanity, like a powerful fiery volcanic commitment to take back territory, to find space again in every human heart. The goddess is rising from the womb of Gaia erupting and causing a new consciousness to be born from within the human heart. And this is only the beginning. Because rise she will and she will demand to be heard, she will claim to take the lead thru every human heart, as that is her true nature… executing divine will in service of all-that-is… hand in hand with the divine masculine in its healed form, that is.

So those of you who is still having issues with men, issues of feeling inferior, insecure or disempowered in the company of men, if you hold anger, blame or any negative emotions towards men, I invite you to bring them into the divine feminine flame of iridiscent pink purple light.. make peace with all men, that have betrayed you, that have repressed, abused and condemned you in this life time and all other lifetimes in this realm and beyond. Take this invitation to bring them into the sacred alchemical fire in the womb of the divine goddess, they will find rest and peace in their heart and so will you. And to all the men that have experienced the resentment and anger projected to them by women, who have been afraid and threatened by the power of women and the divine feminine power, bring all these women from this life time and all other timelines in this realm and beyond into the sacred fire, let them resurrect in the flame of the divine feminine, make peace with them and make peace with your inner divine feminine, the goddess in you, that you have turned your back on for lifetime after lifetime because of fear of being looked down on, fear of being persecuted as an accomplice of the goddess. And I ask the women amongst you to also embrace the divine masculine aspect of you, to honor and respect him, especially those who have disowned and turned their back at their masculine aspect. Invite the divine masculine into your life.  Having cleansed yourself hold a ceremony (both men and women) for your divine masculine and your divine feminine to unite and make peace with each other, in whatever way feels beautiful and poweful to you. Bring flowers to the altar of divine union, exchange peace treaties, rings of friendship and the sacred matrimony… being creative and colourful adds flavour and power to the ceremony.  Create a space for them where they can live in harmony in mutual respect in unconditional love and unity in service to each other, only so can they be in service to all-that-is.

Step up beloveds, stand tall in the true power of who you are. Do no longer question your ability, your divine inheritance, but follow the middle path of divine balance in acceptance of all that you are, let all polarities meet in the embrace of your heart.

And dear sisters, let go of the fear of being powerful, of being spotted as a sovereign being in your own right. Don´t let yourself be silenced, don´t dim your light or give your power away to others to lead your life. Your goddess within is there for you, she has your back at all times and you need not be frightened. And if you dare to let her take command of your body, mind and spirit, she will be listened to, she will be honored and respected and taken seriously as a voice of truth, of intellegence and compassion. She will even be asked for her opionion, for her colloboration and decision-making in matters of importance. So it is imperative, that each of you will honor her calling, as frightening as it can be to be touched by her immense power. Trust her, give her back her scepter, because she is required for humanity to make the needed shift and brake-thru to a new consciousness on the planet, as the old world is collapsing. New structures and social values will need to be build up from the ground based on the principles of unity, of all beings as equals, as co-creator gods, each and everyone sovereign beings with unique gifts and talents… a creative expression of God, which will be the force, that will create a sustainable new heaven-on-earth with respect to all life. And the men amongst you are asked to let the divine feminine in you take the lead, to start trusting your feelings and your intuition and let yourself be inspired and guided by the divine intellegence of divine feminine expression of God. The Goddess in you is not going to allow you to suppress her anymore, because you have signed up, beloveds, all of you, men and women, who are currently present on this planet, have signed up to bringing back the divine feminine and restore divine balance on this planet. Balanced female leaders and men lead by their divine feminine are needed to create balance on all levels of society, starting from within your heart. So if you feel the calling, take your postions in leadership whereever you are drawn to, to reinstall a fundament and platform from which the new heaven-on-earth will emerge. This is the year, the year 2017, a year 1 of new beginnings is the year of the rising of the goddess, of the return of the goddess to this planet and she is not going to give in, until the promise is fullfilled and her mission completed to bring back harmony and unity in the heart of humanity. So devote this new year to the goddess within. Devote yourself to serve her, to listen to her and give her expression and voice… to lead your life with passion and purpose in accordance with divine will.  If you honor, respect and celebrate her, so will others. If you accept her and embrace her fully, she will not be ignored by others, but shine in her true power from within your heart in full authority united in christ. Each one of you are carrying different expressions of the divine feminine… I Mary Magdalen as many other female deities and masters of light, that once walked the earth, have sent emanations of ourself onto this earth to those capable of embodying our energy, so we walk beside you and within you. We thank you with our deepest compassion for your courage to step up as true ones, as fearless ones and end the dark ages of patriachal rule. The sisterhood is becoming alive again, feel the immense powerful kinship of the divine feminine rising within you, you are not alone, but supported by the goddess herself in myriad expressions. May you serve her, sister and brother, with a humble heart with respect to all life. You are infinitely loved, you are infinitely powerful. You are a true gift of love to humanity. Keep this truth alive in your heart at all times. Be blessed. I walk amongst you beloveds, always, I am Mary Magdalen.

Transmission received by Linda Grace Antara Ma, Dec. the 30th 2016.



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Solstice healing ritual by Mother Mary: The birthing of divine union and the rebirth of your inner twin – Linda Grace Antara Ma


Mother Mary – unknown artist


Solstice healing ritual by Mother Mary: The birthing of divine union and the rebirth of your inner twin

Greetings beloved lightbearers this is mother Mary coming to you on the ray of divine love of christhood asking you to open your hearts wide open on this glorious solstice day and portal, which is an introduction of a new feminine quality of the golden purple magenta ray of light. It is a divine gift from Creator to accelerate the anchoring of the divine feminine. We applaud you dear ones, so many of you have done much inner work to heal and transform your inner wounds on the divine feminine and to come forward in your vulnerability, which is indeed your greatest strength.. something many of you haven´t dared to do for lifetimes, because of deeply imprinted memories of being silenced, condemned and punished for honoring the goddess in you. It has been said before, and yet it must be said again… to make the shift of consciousness and create divine balance, it is critical that you embrace the divine feminine within in all her aspects. There are some misunderstandings in relation to as how to do so. It is an inner commitment to serve and yes it is no commitment that comes without trials. It is easy to fall back into old patterns, when we are challenged by people or situations that trigger our memory of eons of repression…. patterns of hiding in the background and letting others step forwards and speak up, it is easy to hide behind layers of ego and pretence dressing up in beautiful garments to abstract from your shielded hearts and yet on the inside not giving space for the beauty of the goddess to touch you, not trusting in her guidance, but falling back at what mind is telling you and hence remaining in the comfort zone of what is familiar and what feels safe to you. The divine feminine is about trusting and surrendering in each moment to your feelings and your heart´s divine guidance (intuition). However it is not enough to just trust and listen, but to put it into action, to speak out your truth and express yourself diligently, uncompromisingly and with confidence. Yes this might be frightening, but I assure you, that if you dare to take that leap of faith the blessings bestowed upon you will be infinite, it will strengthen and empower you to express yourself even more. Each time you allow truth to be spoken thru you, each time you follow your heart´s inner promptings you will become more whole, more in alignment with your divine self and overall more balanced. The power of presence of the divine feminine is of outmost importance to create balance and divine union in the heart of humanity and it is urgently needed to stabilize mother earth and the electro magnetic field, as she is going thru very turbulent times shedding thousands of years of patriachal abuse off her skin. Remember dear ones, each one of you are carrying an inner hologram of the planet within your energetical field, and as such you are pillar of lights and anchors for the grid system of the planet, each and every one of you. So when you create divine balance within, you will act as catalysts for mother earth of divine balance and stabilization, which is much needed. As such you are all anchor points.

And how to create this balance beloveds…  first it is necesary to understand that in this universe there is no duality, no higher or lower, there is however divine opposites yin and yang, which the divine feminine and masculine represents in the cosmic hologram. Therefore it is paramount to give both aspects in you due rights to express themselves and co-exist as equals. To understand and discern when which aspect and energy is more appropriate, this however is not complicated, because when the two of them are aligned, the divine feminine in you, will be the aspect in you, which will guide and prompt you how to deal with and act in different situations and interact with others. But there are indeed much contempt towards the divine masculine because of thousands of years of repression, abuse and controle by the patriachal dominion since the fall of Atlantis, which has caused a lot of denial of the divine masculine, especially in the women, but not only in the women, because men equally carry a lot of resentment and shame towards the divine masculine, because of what they have experienced in previous timelines… either being abusers themselves or witnesses to what was exercised by the ruling power, by their fellow brothers, whom they called friends or even family. It is important to face these inner feelings of contempt, pain, of anger and despair. I offer you now the opportunity to heal these wounds and to transform and release the imprint and memories, that you carry in your dna. So you are asked to please connect with the divine ray of golden purple magenta light, connect with you higher self and call on this divine ray of resurrection to cleanse, transmute and consume all energies, that keeps you from honoring and embracing both your divine feminine and divine masculine aspect…. bath in this light, let the pictures and memories wash away…… with the feelings that surface…… of grief, of hopelessness, anger and resentment and disgust… any feelings that may surface, bid them into this light of grace and call upon all aspects of your self, that you have disowned, dishonored and dis-integrated from your being, because they were to hard to bear, to hard to face, to hard to feel. Call them back now to receive the grace, the all-encompassing love, that flows thru this Solstice portal on the golden purple magenta flame from the heart of the divine mother. Make peace with all the people that your wounded divine feminine and masculine aspect attracted on your soul´s journey, with whom you experienced trauma and abuse in whatever form…………..  Now call all fragmented parts of your soul from this timeline, and from all previous timelines and realities and parallel realities to parttake in this healing ceremony. Form a circle with all these beings around you, these fragmented aspects of your self and place yourself in the middle of the circle. Offer each of them your love, send a ray of love from your heart to their heart… one by one…. take your time …… turning to each one of them in the circle offering your gift of love………………………………………….. connect your heart with your higher self, which will create an apex, a pyramid of light, which reaches up to the center of the galaxy, the galactic core and from your heart send the energy downward to the center of earth with divine intent and create a pyramid pointing downwards and anchoring in the earth star core. Now each part, an aspect of self will reconnect with you and anchor in your heart as one. You will see different faces, men and women of different cultures and timelines… all being part of who you are, all carrying memories, experience and imprints, that will now receive divine resurrection thru the divine mother. Express your gratitude to all these aspects of you for having held those energies and memories for such a long time, even for life times, but ask them now to release those energies, so that those lost aspects of you may return home and become one with you and you may return to your innate state of oneness and achieve divine union within and vibrate on the frequency of the 144000 as an embodiment of christ consciousness. Let the energy settle in your heart and expand into your whole being….. breathe it in……… Take as much time as you need to integrate into your totality all those aspects of you.. (make a pause in reading this message if needed)………………… ……………………………

And now let the energy of oneness permeate every cell and atom of your being, let the divine essence of your christ essence take space and command of your sacred vehicle. Now take a seat at the throne of God/dess… your divine feminine as well as your divine masculine side by side as allies and servants of love… as equals with mutual respect and commitment to being of service to each other, to nurture and support the other in any situation. Feel now the frequency of divine balance vibrating thru your every cell, breathe it with every heart beat…. there might still be turbulences or resistance felt in your body, but know that your body is now releasing and cleansing itself and needs time to do so… so be patient with any discordance or resistance that may surface, trust it is leaving your energetic matrix and body and give the needed time for this to happen with trust in your heart. The impact of this light transmission is giving you the needed assistence, so simply be the observer and allow yourself to watch this sacred merging of your divine feminine and divine masculine aspect in your totality… this sacred birthing of your inner twin, the Beloved within, the child that is now born thru the alchemical process of divine union. You will no longer feel the need for external validation and love, when you grant your inner twin the freedom to express its love and honor you as the divine being of love, that in truth you are…. with passion and devotion… and freedom of judgement from your now integrated wounded aspects of you….. you are now free to step up and show up as catalysts of divine union christ consciousness, you are pillars of divine balance to this earth to the frequency of the 144000. Carry this energy into the world with humbled commitment to serve the ONE source from which all life originates, mother/father/god. Thank you beloveds for your devoted hearts to serve your next and this planet on this ascension into Christhood. Blessings from On High. This is Mary, mother divine in all of you. You are immensely loved.

Transmission received by Linda Grace, Dec. 21st 2016

Self Love and The Illusion of Separation – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

unknown artist


Are you willing to invest in profound and genuine wellbeing and discover the vast potential in you that lies dormant beneath the superficiality, the “facade” of who you are NOT. Are you willing to give up your story and surrender to being stripped to the core and realise the truth of who you are. Are you willing to grant yourself the gift of self love and do you value yourself enough to commit fully to go beneath that surface, the illusion of separation and transcend distrust, fear, doubt and the complacency of being run by egoic patterns, that have kept you trapped in fear and suffering for many life times.

When you take a decision to step into your power and realise your true potential, you make a step towards acceptance of all shades of self and hence the moment you commit, you can rest assured, that the issues in you that seeks attention and light will come to the surface and be mirrored back to you. I witness this time and again, when people ask me to work with them.The moment they commit, even days or weeks before the session transformation is ignited and sometimes buttons are pushed and I witness how I become the projection screen for their lacks and fears.

Some are unaware when this happens, because they have triggered it themselves unconsciously. They do not take responsability and take the “run” and in some cases cancel their sessions with all sorts of excuses, which I usually know, read, feel in advance. This is a waste of my time and their time and a valuable opportunity for self growth. This is by no means a judgement, but simply a statement of how unresolved issues surface, when we take a step towards clearing them.

I love to work and support my family (in truth we are One tribe), but I expect to be honored not only a person, but as a divine instrument of love, that is fully commited to serve you. And as such I expect that you too are commited to value yourself enough to co-create this shapeshifting in you, that is needed for you to discover your fullest potential and live the life you yearn for. You cannot run away from your shadows. Better to commit and get it “over with”. And so I welcome you with all my heart, but not until you are truly commited to face your shadows and surrender in divine trust and take responsability instead of projecting your stuff on me, because you are unwilling to face your inner “demons”, which in the first place motivated you to come here.

It is about acceptance, being with what is and if you are commited to get on with it and show up, those “demons” shall surely be transformed into divine particles of love permeating your every BE-ing. If you are in to playing around the bush with your ego, I am not the right person for you. There is no being half commited. If you really want change, you need to take full responsability and commit 100% and I am all there for you. All births are passages of rites,that involves profound challenges and takes guts. But when you look into the face of the “newborn” it is worth it all. I see myself as a spiritual midwife. I am not here to heal or fix you, but to hold the mirror to you and show you, where you are withholding love to self and limiting yourself from being your truest divine human self in acceptance and peace with all that that involves, which will enable you to live a passionate joyfilled life of purpose.

Value yourself enough to commit with all your heart. You are worth it. It is an investment for life and beyond. ~ Linda Grace –

unknown artist

An Ecstatic Merging experience with Master Kuthumi – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim


Master Kuthumi – unknown artist


Back in 2012 I had an awesome experience, which I have never talked publicly about. I will not go into too much detail other than saying, that I went into a merging process with a member from my soul monad/group avatar. It all happened energetically and absolutely telepathically…. we sat on the floor opposite each other 1 and a half to two meters or 6 feet distance… no words spoken and we were guided thru the process by higher beings of light. I was downloaded with a HUGE volume of information relating to our past lives, all our chakras were aligned, soul extensions were retrieved and aligned and we melted together as ONE or rather as the ONE.

It was an ecstatic experience beyond words, that took place outside time and space, so I couldn´t say for sure how much time, how many hours went by… A soul sister of mine was present and felt the whole energies and served as a kind of silent watcher, while the merging took place. My body was trembling and shaking uncontrollably in between, as I was the cauldron for our merging. I was connected to the akashic records and was all-knowing through-out. At a certain point (this happened on two consecutive days) something even more amazing happened on the 2nd night towards the end…. suddenly I saw the person (the man I was merging with) shapeshifting and instead of seeing him I saw what I knew to be ascended master Kuthumi…. my jaw just dropped in awe….. never have I seen such ethereal beauty…. he told me that after our merging the soulmate and I together would embody an aspect of him.

The man I merged with couldn´t do this on his own as Kuthumi´s energy was too powerful neither could I. Well since the merging I feel this soulmate with me at all times, though we have no physical contact whatsoever for years now… I not only feel his energetical presence, but I even feel him in certain parts of my body… for example when I move my hands or my jaw etc. As to Kuthumi it somehow didn´t “click” that I was now embodying an aspect of him.. though I had previously merged with other higher beings of light, amongst others Mary Magdalen and also the Elohim, as each merging is an entirely different experience.

However this summer sitting outside enjoying the starry night I suddenly felt the presence of master Kuthumi soooooo strongly. I sat as I always do in half lotus. He started to telepathically transmit some teachings to me and also showed me or rather moved thru me my hands, so that they went into a mudra and sitting in a certain position similar to how Buddha is sometimes depicted. And I felt how I “slipped” into an energy… into the space of the Absolute. It is a space of pure god consciousness… it is pure stillness… no-thoughts-no mind. He then started to give me some teachings and made clear to me, that there was more to come and that I must share this with others to assist others in connecting with their divinity. I am grateful beyond words for this initiation and divine gift. However I didn´t ask Kuthumi or my guides more about this, as I know the masters and angels always bring us messages and revelations in divine timing, when we are ready for the next stage.

Today I was having a session with a longtime fb friend and dear sister of my heart and I told her about my experience and immediately I felt how I connected with this space and she instantly felt it and went ….. wowwwwwwww and said she got goosebump all over… so I said wonderful if you are able to feel it, so I suggested I keep holding the space and that we dwell in there for some time… well you don´t really want to leave when you are there… lol… but actually the space is within you, so it can never leave you! So I feel it is now time I speak about this and start sharing it. It is the space of the Absolute…. it holds the energy of pure god consciousness or source energy and can connect you to your divinity… This sister was able to feel it, but if one is not able to, the energy will remove all layers (armours) that hinders you from feeling it one by one until you will finally be able to feel it and thus enable you to connect with your divinity.

In deepest gratitude to beloved master Kuthumi. ~ Linda Grace



Art : Pamela Stansberry

A Merging of Sacred Partners – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

unknown artist


Before going to bed last night, throughout the night on dreamstate in my higher aspect and this morning when I woke up I was given some detailed insights and infos on a tantric rite of passage. As a gatekeeper and aspect of Mary Magdalen I carry much sacred wisdom (sacred encodings) about this. I will just tell you a little here. It is about the role of the wom(b)an and her purpose to lead a sacred cleansing ritual for a merging of sacred partners (gatekeepers), that will prepare the two for a merging into One (transcending individuation). It is sacred ancient tantric wisdom, that will be activated when we are ready to step into service. The wom(b)an is the gate keeper and must be understood and honored as such by her partner, this is a preequisite for attaining the gift of this sacred rite. Those that are still bound by egoic lust (triggered by ego and operating from lower chakras) will not have the awareness to understand this truth, nor will they be drawn to melting together with another being and shed their layers of ego to embody the divine (which is a “sacrifice” of self I-dentity) (lower self). They will satisfy in having their physical desires stilled by any one, that attract them physically (or not). There is no or little soul coherence or heart and high heart chakra involved in that process.

Those chelas however who are ready to merge with God/Goddess and willing (ready) to give up their self in service to the Most High will feel a burning soul desire within their high heart to do so (and this will indeed trigger their kundalini fire through a single thought). It is an engraved ancient memory and longing to “return to” and merge with Source, while still in human body. Before this merging can be initiated a sacred cleansing ritual must be performed to be able to “hold” extreme high frequencies of light and must be led by the wom(b)an to prepare her sacred partner (and herself in case she hasn´t done the needed cleansing) to enter her sacred portal and impregnate her with his light codes. The wom(b)an must not be seen as superior or dominant in anyways. There must be a complete mutual honoring of the other as being equal and an openess to serve the other. But because of wom(b)an´s inherent connection to the divine feminine, she has the intuitive feeling and insight to be the leading part, also because she is the sacred cauldron for this merging to take place.

There are different stages to this… there are preliminary rites, that are done with no physical touch at all, but solely thru energetical connection and alignment thru the two, which in many cases will be preliminary to the full merging on all levels of being, all subtle bodies including the physical body. I even got some pretty hot details how to prepare the divine masculine for this… but will leave that out here as not to trigger anyone´s “shame-button) in case they still carry such in their un-conscious and body. However those that only seek sexual temporary satisfaction and release, will not be able nor called to engage in and receive this holy gift and serve the divine.

One will feel when one has encountered the divine counterpart with the needed soul coherence and soul essence compatibility paired with deep soul love, (which of course is a sacred contract between two souls), which to the most part will be of the same soul monad (oversoul) or group avatar.

This doesn´t come out of the blue to me. I have been prepared for this over several years, I have already done parts of this, but there are still levels that couldn´t be completed because I hadn´t met my divine counterpart, that I have contrated to do this with. Just to make it clear. Your sacred tantric consort is not necesarily your twin soul. Your twin soul essence is within you eternally and not until you have balanced your inner divine feminine and masculine will you be ready to meet the divine counterpart on the “outside”, who equally embodies his inner twin and have completed the cymnic marriage. I feel that many start to feel called to this level of transpersonal love and divine service, as they have reached the needed level of consciousness, that will trigger their memory of this sacred contract. It is not something that every soul has contracted to, but the souls who have signed up for this, have served as sacred portals and anchor of higher consciousness through many time lines.

You will feel in your heart if you are one of them. This is not one sole act, but more of a journeying together of two souls, because this rite of passage is a commitment to serve source (God/Goddess) and a deepening the connection to anchor ever increasing frequencies of light. So you may say it is an eternal commitment between two souls, which has nothing to do with a “normal” romantic relationship, however it might involve living together as sacred partners or not. I will share more in divine timing and when guided. Some of you will know that Mary Magdalen and Yeshua were initiates of sacred egyptian tantra. It is indeed ancient wisdom, that is originating beyond this earthly realm.

Linda Grace

unknown artist

The magnetic pull of soul mates – Linda Grace @ Living Joy

Grace Elohim blog

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The magnetic pull of soul mates is sovereign enough to brake down all mind´s idea of a “perfect” mate, so that one is urged to obey and left no choice than to trancend personal preference of physcial appearence, age, culture or any external physical attributes. It is all about soul coherence and vibration. To soul that is all that matters. Your soul doesn´t care about blue eyes or brown eyes or physical form. Nor does it care about your romantic ideas of the ideal wo/man. The magnetic forces at stake will be forcing a coming together on all levels of your being, if according to soul contract. Foremost the souls will join forces on soul level (in the higher realms) and if it is part of the plan a coming together on the physical level will happen consecutively, when and if both parties are open and ready. If ego are given free hands by one or both parties most likely these unions are seen as a “threat” and avoided, because of the profound mirroring, that these soul connections are triggering. Many evolved souls are still resting in toxic relationships, as they still have lessons to learn to come into self love and divine union within and/or in some cases because of vows of eternal love “I will never leave you” contracts from previous incarnations.

Now however is the time for divine unionships to be formed – a new balanced form of relationship, where we see our partner as an integral part of self, as a divine extension of self, not one to make us whole or complete, but to share our wholeness (holyness) with. A unionship where we see and serve our partner as a living embodiment and expression of God/Goddess in his/her own right with no fear of rivalry or competition, but simply being his/her divine mirror and servant of love in its purest transpersonal expression. These unionships go beyond personal agendas of playing “father, mother, child” or “getting engaged and marry” storylines”, but are about anchoring the twinflame energy/divine union into the new earth matrix to assist our beloved earth in turning into a beautiful star of christ unity love.

It is time, it is time to go beyond our personal story and preferances, it is time we grow up and show up as masters of love and trust love, trust our hearts guidance and follow its guidance. It is time that those still holding on to old vows of eternal commitment to certain souls, set themselves free to evolve and follow their souls plan of creating divine union within and become androgynous divine beings of love beyond condition or personal agenda, sacred vessels of divine union and ONE with all of existence. ~ Linda Grace –


Grace Elohim blog

unknown artist


Solstice fire initiation by the Elohim – Grace Elohim @ Living Joy

anna dittman angel

ART : Anna Dittman


Solstice fire initiation by the Elohim

Greetings beloved ones. We are the Elohim. And we come forth on the ray of unity consciousness, on the ray of christhood, because indeed this is the moment for you to embrace your christed self, it is the time for your fire initiation thru the sacred fire of the sun behind the sun at this auspicious moment of time; the last Solstice before the end of this last circle ushering in the new golden age, the time of no-time.  We invite you to open yourself to receive your fire initiation, your baptism to your christed self, as these are the light codes being infused thru the grand cosmic portal at this Solstice. And it is indeed an unprecedented opportunity and gift, a grand dispensation given to initiate and baptize you into your christed self thru the encodings being ushered in thru the Solstice portal…. meaning that you will receive the complete divine blue printing of your christed self and for those who are ready in addition their adam kadmon body (your fully activated lightbody). This has been granted by divine decree to those of you, who have prepared yourself sufficiently by consistent inner work to shed the layers of ego to become servants and chalices of divine will and so it is said and so it shall be done. However there is no one on the planet, that will miss out. The last ones shall be the first, and the first shall be the last. Everyone will receive exactly as much light as his/her vehicle is able to embrace at this point of time without causing any damage or overload in the central nervous system. An overload can be compared with the blowing or burning of a fuse, when too high voltage is applied. Your I Am Presence and ascension team will overlook the process and know the exact proportion, that your system can deal with and that serves you and has been doing so all along.

So you are asked now beloved ones, to breathe deeply in and out for some minutes and let go of all definitions of identity, all concepts of form to connect with your formless state, to become the holy grails, that you have earned thru continual shedding of  the veils of illlusion and in this state of divine surrender to resurrect thru the sacred fire. We ask you to focus on your crown chakra…. feeling it expand and open into the thousandfold lotus with ease and grace……………. now feel the light pouring in filling your vessel with sacred fire love……………… filling every cell, every fibre, every atom of your body and upgrading your dna…………. This proces is not to be understood, only to be embraced and allowed. This light in itself consists of encodings, that hold the divine blueprinting of your awakened christed self (you need not do anything, but let it find its way, it is divine intellegence in its purest form) and as this pouring in of the sacred fire takes place breathe deeply and allow yourself to dissolve into and merge with this light, which is pure god awareness, pure awakened christ consciousness in the highest possible octave, that your system can deal with at this present moment.  You are now bearer of the christ flame, you are servants of divine will in action. You are re-united with your divine inheritance, your original angelic dna. You are El-o-him, co-creator gods each one of you in your own supremacy in obedience and service to your monadic solar source self. We ask you to be conscious of your responsability to serve as such as unwavering pillars of light. You are the torch-bearers, the lighthouses for those still lost in the sea of darkness to find home. Thru your vibration, which is the vibration of christhood and resurrection, you will be able to catapult others into this same frequency, as they open themselves to do so, as the needed vibratory rate for a collective quantum leap has been reached. However it is everyone´s free will to decide whether to ascend in this window of time or not and part of their divine plan, whether this is chosen or not…. thus everyone independently of their present level of awareness, will be given opportunities to do so and you will be the midwifes and the new ascended masters walking on earth; the first ones to ascend and maintaining their bodies in the physical realm. You are the bewinged ones, whose return you have been waiting for. You are the return of the race of the avatars on this planet. The One who acts as One, who serves the ONE, that permeates and sustains all living things. We congratulate you and thank you for all your efforts and all the inner work achieved to fulfill the prophecy of the new golden age. So when we salute you, we salute you, as you. We are no different from you, we are one in heart and soul. We are the golden Ones. So it is written. Be blessed in the light of the Almighty ONE. We are the Elohim.

Received thru Linda Grace Antara Ma thru Elohim June the 19th 2012.


anna dittman angel

ART : Anna Dittman

The return of sacred tantric relationships – Lady Venus through Grace Elohim @ Living Joy

art twin flames ble

unknown artist


The return of sacred tantric relationships and the necessity and importance of being servants to love by Lady Venus

Posted 15/11/2014

The Return of the sacred tantric relationship and the necessity and importance of being servants to love by Lady Venus. Received by Grace Antara Ma november 15th 2014.

Be blessed beloved sister, beloved brother of the ONE, the Beloved in all of you. I am honored to be given this opportunity to speak of the origin and necessity of serving in a sacred relationship. I want to speak to you about the return of the tantric relationship on the new earth. First beloveds I want to remind you of the true origin of serving and its purpose. There has indeed happened a great distortion to the true meaning of a sacred relationship and of tantric union. Because of the abuse of power, because of the neglection and supression of the divine feminine causing humanity to fall out of divine equilibrium, so you have forgotten that indeed you are one and because of this suppression a sort of competition within self between the divine feminine and masculine was created, between mind and heart. Great fear rose in the heart of humanity and you forgot the true meaning of serving, of being a servant to love, of being a servant to your next. You forgot that in serving another, you indeed serve the whole in self.

Divine service thru sacred union was indeed practiced throughout thousands of years in different cultures thru the use of tantra. Not the tantra you have come to know in modern times, where it has often been misunderstood and misused for personal pleasure and this indeed is far from its main purpose. In the times where divine balance was still prospering on this planet, one would only enter a sacred relationship with another only for the means of serving a higher purpose, for serving as embodiments of god and goddess. Those kind of relationships were transpersonal in nature and have nothing in common with the kind of relationship you have come to experience in modern times. I plead you now beloveds to please once and for all let go of your fears, let go of your fear of being used, of being surpressed, of being manipulated, because those are the very energies, that will keep you in separation and will disable you from being of service to humanity. As long as you still vibrate in the bandwidth of ego and personal desires for sexual pleasure, you will more easily be subject to the lower energies of others…. emotionally, sexually and energetically. Those attracted to personal power and controle will detect the signature of fear in your auric field and like parasites take advantage of your divine tantric energy for personal pleasure, which will keep you off track from your true purpose on this planet. 

The tantric relationship of the new earth is one that is based on mutual trust, on mutual respect and uncondtional love. It demands a total surrendering into being of service to your partner, to serve a higher purpose, a purpose that goes beyond the personal. A purpose that transcends egoic desires. When two souls connect with these premises the chakric system of both will instantly align and build a vortex of love. They will so to say become one chakric system, a sacred cauldron and as a result an alchemical reaction will be ignited and activate the pineal gland of both and the outpour of the sacred nectar, Ambrosia, will be released and pour into the high heart and from there illuminate the entire body and auric field of the two. From the high heart space orgasmic waves of liquid light will be triggered and send waves thru all layers of the earth´s crystaline grid and up thru the higher transpersonal chakras and into the lightbody and establish a direct alignment to source, to the cosmic heart of father, mother, god. And a vortex to the power of the vibratory rate of the 144.000 will be formed and activated, a field of pure christ consciousness and any person touched by this vortex will be catapulted into expanded awareness and the next higher octave possible depending on his/her current vibratory rate. In this illuminated space the Beloved in both will dissolve to the point, where they will not be able to identify nor differentiate themself from the other. It is a state of being where you transcend the sense of individuation, a space from which you transcend your story, your body, your gender and any emotions, that are originating from the personal, and a state of being of pure christ presence is forming in the two unrestricted by time and space. 

So beloveds I invite you to trust that nothing will happen to you, if you surrender fully to love, if you commit with all your heart to being a servant to love. Meaning that you refrain from responding to the projections of ego of wanting to feel inferior nor superior, because divine equilibrium and equivalence is essential to being of service in a tantric relationship, as this can only be matched by two souls, that are one and (whole/holy) within themselves, feeling absolute equal within self and within the partnership. Understand that serving another being is the greatest gift, that you can bestow upon self, it is gifting your self as well as gifting your partner, the earth and all life. It is a sign of great spiritual mastery and maturity, that can only be achieved by those, that plead equality with all beings, with all life. So take this step with me out of the matrix of the piscean age, of the patriach dominion, that held you hostage whether man whether woman, you were all hostages to fear and to separation, the women, because they felt surpressed and inferior and the men thru their own surpressing of the divine feminine within, which was caused by their fear of losing power to the divine feminine, which they felt in fear of and inferior to. All because of the lack of understanding, that you are only aspects of each other.

In the emerging of and anchroring of the new earth consciousness, you are demanded to trancend those patterns and concepts of relationship, that you have outgrown thru extended inner work on your ascension path. Refrain from comparing or judging yourself or your partner, but see yourself as a servant and mentor of your next, of your partner. Not being afraid of showing weakness. Many of you feel that you need to show strength, that you need to stand above others to avoid to loose power, to always be one step ahead of the other…. in case you should be deceived, abused or abandoned. Dwelling in those energies will only attract just that. The necessity of letting go of those distorted ideas about relationship is paramount on this stage of your evolution to give space for the tantric sacred relationship, that you all yearn for. For it is indeed your one and only purpose to serve love, to be conduits of divine unconditional love. What beautiful gift, what beautiful blessing are bestowed on those responding to that calling, to those willing to sacrifice their egoic desire and personal need for power and controle. In a tantric sacred relationship there is 100% equality and personal immunity and it is an absurdity to even thinking about being superior or inferior to the other, as you form ONE being, one organism, that together serve as a sacred cauldron for spirit in service of divine will. 

Yes beloveds you are in truth servants of love and that is where you will find your purpose, it is where you will find home, it is where you will find fullfilment and completion. Kneel, kneel before the altar of love, see your partner as an embodiment of love and as a servant to you and devote yourself to serve him/her unconditionally as his/her (w)holy other. And the Beloved in you will encompass you and permeate your whole being and your partner will fall on his/her knees in accordance, if ready to respond to that call, and if he/she is not, it is not the one to form a divine union with. If there is no commitment by the other to respond to the Beloved within you, do not fall back into fear, because only by deeply surrendering to being a servant of love, you shall be the sacred cauldron thru which the Beloved will unite and melt into ONE. And in divine timing your true tantric partner will find you thru the magnetic vibration field emanting from your heart and only by being and vibrating in this frequency the magnetic attraction will take place according to plan. 

There is indeed a great amount of souls on this planet currently holding this vibratory rate of divine service patiently vibrating as true servants of unconditional love standing-by to their tantric partner to turn up, who in some cases are still bound by egoic desire for personal pleasure or in other cases holding on to karmic relationships, that are outlived, but held on to because of old vows of responsability, that are mostly sustained by co-dependence and fear of being abandoned. Let it not divert you, let it not abstract you into becoming impatient. Every encounter and coming together of tantric partners will happen according to plan and in divine timing. There is no way of forcing or speeding up the course of events. Because all such sacred relationships has been agreed on on soul level and even if the coming together of these sacred couples in some case may seem to be delayed, there will be the needed support offered to each and every soul enabling the necesary awareness to be achieved in divine timing. And until having reached the vibratory rate needed to comply into sacred union with your tantric partner, there is still inner work to be done on either side to establish divine equilibrium within self, which is a premise to form a sacred relationship as servants to love. Until you will meet and unite with your tantric partner keep all your focus on the Beloved within, be unwavering beacons of unconditional love, not allowing yourself to being abstracted by personal desires or compromises. 

For you will indeed recognise your tantric monadic partner beyond doubt simply because you will be profoundly telepathic connected, so any of the two that might trying to hide their true feelings and intentions will know this to be in vain, as there is a total coherence of all of the energy bodies of the two and all levels of their being, so they will clearly know, what the other thinks, feels and intents. Any attempt to pretend will be futile, as both will have a sense of being “inside the other” perceiving as the other, the self. There will be no other option left than trusting deeply in your perception, because of the undeniable clarity, that such divine connection will birth in you and the deep soul love, that connects and have connected you to your tantric partner beyond time and space thru eons. It is such sweet enchantment, that you will have no other Option and desire than surrendering and recognising the purpose of your soul connection and union. 

Beloveds, take this invitation to move into the unknown space, into the untamed wilderness and ecstatic realm of divine union, of dissolving into love, the loosing of self to love and returning to source, to the point from which you originated, to the point you are deemed to return to again and again as servants of love in a sacred tantric dance. This is Lady Venus receive my blessing, receive my gratitude for your presence on this beloved earth as divine servants to love. There is no one other, than the One, the Beloved in all of you. Give space to the Beloved in you and encounter and see the Beloved in your next, in everyone that crosses your path and most of all only give yourself to love, to the ONE in another, the one that serves love. You are deeply loved.

Transmission received by Linda Grace November the 15th 2014. Feel free to share with reference to my website

In the 5th dimensional reality consciousness ~ Grace Elohim @ Living Joy

 art Alex Grey..


In the 5th dimensional reality consciousness seducing or aiming to manipulate others to controle them is absolutely absurd. Because of having achieved divine Union within and shedded all layers of ego, we have become fully empathic (clairsentient) and telepathic and thus feel what others think or feel and know their intentions or motivations behind doing things (even if they are unaware of it themselves). Any attempt to seduce or deceive anyone in 5th dimensional awareness will appear rather clumsy or even ridiculous as the “hidden” is obvious. You cannot play around, pretend or hide anything to anyone who is fully telepathic. Words spoken that are not in alignment with your heart and used for the aim of manipulation, will carry a certain “turbulent” frequency that will bear witness, that it is not originating from truth. Hence it is much wiser to use that manipulative energy devoting oneself to become fully authentic and transparent. Love doesn´t tolerate to be manipulated, deceived or controled. If you truly honor another person show it thru pure intentions, transparency and authenticity and by respecting free will. Love is space, freedom and transparency. If these premises are not met, it is not love but ego´s aim to create co-dependency.

As 5th dimensional telepathic clairsentient beings we openly share our feelings and intentions without fear of “loosing face”, or without hiding behind masks or shields of protection. Love can flow and be shared freely and untamed without any hidden desire to having it “paid back” or without necessarily wanting to “partner up” with another or expecting a certain outcome, without placing any conditions on the other. Free will is respected, honored and cultivated thru “playing with open cards” by being openhearted and clear in our thoughts and deeds. We are left no other option than being authentic and true, if what we truly strive for is unconditional love. In the fifth dimensional energy love is ruthlessly amplying and enlightening all shadow “games” of manipulation, all untrue will want to display itself, all lies will strive to come into the light. Such is love in the fifth dimensional reality bandwidth. Be clear of your thoughts, Monitor your intentions and if any doubt, prove whether ego have taken you for a ride…. you might be surprised…. we all know how sophisticated and creative ego can be. No big deal if it has happened… it is never to late to realign with your heart and become transparent and true. ~ Linda Grace –

Fabulous artwork by Alex Grey.

Moving from ego based relationships into transpersonal soul monad union – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim


Moving from ego based relationships into transpersonal soul monad union

Posted 7/5/2014
  1. Moving from ego based relationships into transpersonal Soul monad Union.

    When we balance our inner God and Goddess, our divine masculine with our divine feminine and complete the alchemical union between the two, we embody our twin soul within. We no longer need anyone to complete us, but can freely choose to form a sacred union with one who equally embodies his/her twin essence and this need not be our one and only true twin, but any one, who is embodying unity consciousness and unconditional love. All the romantic ideas of a one true half, that is to complement us, is far away from the truth of matter. Our foremost purpose individually and collectively is to become ONE within with ALL-that-IS and “return” to our original monadic source essence and complete the planetary ascension as physical human embodiments of divine ecstatic beings of love.

    As we move into self love and complete the inner union and embrace the “Beloved” within as “whole ones”, we start to experience deep soul encounters and can no longer act out of the old paradigm. In the light of transparancy there is no seducer nor is their anyone to seduce. There are no conditions only freedom. Even the notion of seducing simply becomes ridiculous, as we communicate telepathically from soul to soul in full transparancy. In its place an ecstatic clarity opens all our channels and we connect from Soul to Soul thru our high heart chakra, which automatically activates our kundalini. We start to align our chakras one by one and melt into presence with each other even when separated by physical distance. (Personally I have experienced this on dream state first and later met the individual in the physical realm on a later point and the intensity of the two experiences were the same).

    In the presence of our soul monad we cannot pretend or even deceive ourselves to be anything other than authentic and integrity with our true self. The feeling of oneness, the feeling of belonging to is indisputable and of such overwhelming intensity, that we are “forced” to surrender. We see our Self in the other and the other in Self. We experience ourself as ONE. There is no mind involved, it is a heartfelt empiric experience, that cannot be rationalized. And if we do, we are catapulted out of our hearts space and disconnec with the other.

    Inevitably there is a tendency of ego to try to figure out what is going on, because it is disempowered and feel completely “lost”, as it has no compatible references to grap back at. Things such as age, gender, life style or physical appearance and preferance loose importance. It is all about vibration, soul coherence and tantric union. And so it is crucial to stay heart centered, when we are blessed with such soul encounters, which is far more than just a romantic relationship, but serving a higher purpose related to the particular soul monad.

    The longing for any outside missing part of self is a residue of thousands of years of duality and separation from God within and based on the misconcept, that we are depending on others to feel loved and that we are separated from each other. Letting go of this illusion is a premise to embrace the wholeness within and become true embodiments of unity consciousness and unconditional love. And as we do so, we will start to encounter members of our Soul monad and unite into one – one by one. With each of these members we form a unique energetical purpose, that serves the rest of the soul monad, which doesn´t necesarily mean forming a partnership. In some cases we will meet in the physical only to serve from the higher realms or even to prepare us energetically for special tasks related to our planetary mission and life purpose. And in some cases we are meant to form tantric relationships of deep union grounding and living the ecstacy, that is our true essence as part of our planetary mission.

    It is important to understand and embrace the blessings, that each encounter offer without wanting to force it in a certain direction, but to be in FULL alignment with our heart… doing so our inner knowing will tell us which kind of purpose each encounter call for. What does your heart say in this NOW… being and flowing with its guidance is the premise to understanding the depth of each encounter…. only heart knows the deeper purpose and calling from our soul untainted by ego. Fear however is the most treasured tool of ego and many feel tempted to “take the run” and withdraw their love, as they can no longer hide behide masks and shields of ego. We can no longer “play around the bush” but only be authentic and real in all that we do. when faced with deep soul encounters, as they are profoundly life and self transforming, because we literally loose our Self to love. But what ecstatic experience awaits thou that surrenders and let him/herself dissolve into the sea of love beyond I-dentity, beyond condition, beyond restriction – a playground of infinite possibilties and immense joy and passion and higher purpose. ~ Linda Grace Antara Ma



Thru feeling we become the seer – Linda Grace @ Grace Elohim

Art Face Eye of Horus

In the new earth energy we are demanded to returning to our original way of seeing, which was applied before the fall of Atlantis, which implies making use of our naturel ability of telepathy and clearvision/clearfeeling. It wasn´t until we collectively dropped in awareness and “got taken over” by our mind (controle), that we started to get misguided. We were no longer in alignment with our heart and no longer in touch with our feelings. And no longer connected to the wisdom of our soul. The patriachal dominion that took power after the Fall of Atlantis mislead us from our feelings and made them non-trustworthy, unreliable and even made it a sign of weekness to feel. And there were good reasons to that. This was the start of “amputating” the divine feminine within and brought us totally out of balance and in disalignment with our heart truth and lead to the separation to God/Goddess, which has been the foundation of duality.

Thru feeling we become the seer. We get into alignment with our highest aspect (our god-self) and the wisdom within our heart. We become independent sovereign beings in our own authority. The seeing “eye of Horus” is active, when we are fully in our heart, as the heart is directly connected to the pineal gland, the center of vision. Whereas when we are in our mind, we want to controle what we see… we look unconsciously or subconsciously for certain outcomes and get deceived as the mind controles and manipulates what we see. We get deprived of truth and misguided.

Only thru feeling shall we become the seer. When we go into our feeling and ask for clarity, we bypass not only ego´s desire to controle what we see, but equally and not the least we bypass mind´s and ego´s desire to know, which is a hidden desire of the mind to manipulate what we see. And the fact is we can never know anything for certain. Truth can only be experienced.

Test this out to gain clarity about certain decisions or to receive visions…. Go into your feeling… let yourself go deep deep deep… no hurry… just feel and see where it takes you…. surrender fully to the feeling WITHOUT engaging your mind… i.e. do not judge or evaluate your feelings in anyway (or what you see or perceive); but remain a neutral witness unattached to any outcome. You may be amazed how much clarity you get.. because when you TRULY feel, you become the experience, you live it and transcend any need to “know it” and it enables you to much easier be at peace with what is and go with the flow and what serves your highest good.

Inside everyone is a visionary, a clairvoyant and gifted being able to communicate with all life and interact with all dimensions and realities. We are intergalactic beings of light and our naturel way of keeping in touch with the universe is thru feeling… it is our direct “line” to our soul, to spirit and all cosmic forces. ~ Linda Grace –


Art Face Eye of Horus

11:11 Portal – Linda Grace @ Grace Elohim

linda grace 7.11.

Prepare yourself these next days for the upcoming 11:11 portal…. use the powerful energy build-up, which is given by divine decree to assist you in becoming empty, naked and shedding the last layers of your illusive self, that need to make way for the omnipresent source of divine love.

Beloveds hold on, be strong at heart, surrender in this hour to the transition and metamorphosis of your self into diamantine photons of love, into a new template, beyond I-dentity, beyond l…imitations of any form and belief. Let go of your self like a falling leaf and trust you will be caught by the hands of the Almighty ONE. What appears as death, is just the circle completing and leaping into and onto a new and higher octave of light. A new evolutionary stage of your being-ness in this multiverse is being birthed right now.

Give in and give up your beloved self to give space for something much grander, much purer and truer than anything you have ever dared to dream of, beyond anything imaginable to your dualistic mind.

You are being reborn as you surrender your self and return to source still in human form, but this time beyond its limitations. Something you have prepared lifetimes for. You are the chalice, the return of the christ en masse, the keys and codes of your adam cadmon diamantine body, that are imprinted in your very being will now be unlocked, which will activate and configurate you to the divine template of your I AM Source Presence.

And behold the return of the bewinged ones is near, hold on beloved ones in this hour of new beginnings. Allow this silent death to take place without resistance, without regret but in full acceptance and faith something much grander is awaiting to be birthed in you. You are the prophecy coming to its fruition. Trust in the inner knowing of your heart, all is in divine order. Do not fear…. let yourself fall into hands of love. Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish. ~ Linda Grace

The Lionsgate of 08.08.08 is open ~ Linda Grace @ Grace Elohim

Linda Grace's photo.


The Lionsgate of 08-08-08 is open…. last night as I lay down my body to rest I felt swept into an incredible vortex of light…. I could see spirals of light spinning with morph speed thru and around me, pyramidal structures and geometrical light patterns forming the gateway and I had intense lucid dreaming throughout the night.

The Lionsgate is a powerful kick-start and trigger to propel us forward onto our highest soul calling and FULLEST divine potential. It is an unprecedented opportunity and divine dispensation of light, that will enable us to let go of all outdated belief systems, negative behavioral patterns, self sabotage, toxic relationships and environments; that hold us back and keeps us small…to give space for new experiences of self and our reality as we have previosly known it.

The divine light encodings being downloaded to the planet will activate our cell memory of all dormant dna, our spiritual siddhis (multidimensional talents) and once again awaken us to our highest soul calling and planetary mission. Time to go centerstage, time to get heard, seen and play for real! Time to take responsability i.e. respond to our abilities and step into our mighty I Am Presence. Time to come together with our soul monad and soul family and co-create as ONE the shared heart vision we came to live and anchor in the new earth consiousness.

Whatever doesn´t serve us in our lives (whether we are conscious about it or not)! will be “torn apart”, whatever pollutes our life and reality will have to disappear from within and onto the external and give way for truth on all levels of existence and that which honors our highest good.

There is no holding back anymore…. the light will not stagger and be merciful when it comes to toxic abusive or negative energy, but sweep thru it and dissolve it ruthlessly… holding onto it, will be similar to clasping onto a sinking ship. Better to let go and go with the flow and simply see where it takes you… be sure the divine orchestration of your soul knows exactly what it does, it makes no mistakes. Trust all is happening to the highest good of all involved allways. Happy Lionsgate and journey into the unknown. ~ Linda Grace –

Message to the Venus Transit- received thru Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

ART : Christine Von Lossberg.

ART : Christine Von Lossberg

Message to the Venus Transit

       received thru Grace Antara Ma June the 5th 2012


Be greeted beloved ones. I am delighted, that this vehicle offers me the opportunity to give voice to my message of love on this auspicious day of the return of Venus and resurrection of the Goddess on planet earth. This is Mary Magdalene, also known as ascended mastress Lady Nada. Today I speak as the daughter of Venus that I am. I and my beloved twinflame beloved Jeshua came to planet earth in times of great darkness to assist our beloved brother Sanat Kumara to guide our younger sister Lady Gaia thru her birth into a radiant star of oneness. This has been a long journey and many of you beloved hearts came along with us as venusian starseeds to anchor the paradisean codes of unconditional love on this planet, as well as many other starseeds from other ascended star systems such as the Pleiades, Arcturus and Sirius which are all 5 dimensional. We agreed a long time ago to bring this planet back on its orbit, as she had got out of tune and lost sight of her destination after the fall of awareness, that took place in Atlantis.

Every single being on this planet carry the seed of paradise, the seed of unconditional love in their heart. And thru this long awaited Venus transit this seed will be brought into full bloom now like a beautiful rose. It is the return and resurrection of the goddess within your heart. This venus transit is also a trigger to remembering the androgynous being that you are and it will indeed catapult you into great change now. Not only in your relationship with yourself but also in your relationship with others. You will transcend the limitations of gender, you will transcend the limitation of separation from your godself and remember your androgynous nature. And with these changes you will start to remember not only who you are, but why you came here and naturally act upon it as your monadic godself. You will be propelled and initiated into your divine purpose and planetary mission. And trust beloved one, if you are supposed to be here on this planet according to your souls plan, there is no way, that you will miss any hint given to you by your soul as to how, when and what to do. This will simply happen without you having to give any thought to it. You will no longer consider IF you should change your job, IF you should leave your relationship, IF you should move to the destination of your heart… you will simply find yourself there, even before you have decided to make the necessary change. Because the universe will cater for these things to take place by connecting you with the divine blueprint of that exact reality of your soul plan. And everything will manifest with ease and grace…. that is… if you allow it by trusting, that whatever is happening in your life, whatever changes that seems to be forced upon you, are according to your souls plan and in coherence with your deepest heart desire and mission on this planet. By being fully present and available to this present moment these changes will happen within a very short window of time and actually you will hardly be able to resist or doubt, as the dominos of your soul plan picks up momentum and propels you into your new life, destination and mission.

You have come a very long way. Many of you feel worn out and tired, which is due to the pivotal changes taking place within your body and within the planetary body itself which in truth is ONE. In this last phase of the mayan cycle you are literally transmuting thousands of years of distorted energies within a very short timeframe increasing exponentially month by month as time is non-linear and the avancement of the light quotient within these last months and the next to come is catalysing this immense changes on all levels of your being. And soon you will no longer see yourself as human beings, but as multimensional eternal beings beyond any limitation… something that some of you can barely dream of now. However there are those who still live in denial and resist with all their being these great changes coming upon them. Do not worry for those, because everyone has their own individual timing for their awakening and thru the enhanced light quotient those who are destined to be here, will awaken, when the mass quotient needed for mass awakening and ascension is reached. So there will be no one left behind, no one who will miss out on anything. Because everything will happen according to divine plan. So please be patient with those who still resist, do not put any pressure on those still in resistance, as this will only increase their fear and resistance to change. Encourage them thru your example of living thru your heart and going with the change and flowing with what is presenting itself in the now. Let silence speak thru your heart to those who resist to hear.

The coming weeks up to the solstice will present you with enough opportunities to make the needed changes and release all that, which you deeply know does not belong in your life anymore, all that which is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming. So you may use these weeks to honor that which needs to be released with ease and grace… not to say that this is the last opportunity, there are always more opportunities, however in this period of time you are offered smooth waters and calm balancing energies to clearly see where you need to make the changes. And when the great portal of the solstice opens whatever has still not been released, will simply be flushed away… likened to a tsunami that takes everything with it, that no longer belongs in your life. So it is indeed your choice beloved one, whether you want it in the soft way or whether you prefer the swift rough tsunami to capsize your life, because that is, what it will do. But as already mentioned, it will only remove that from your life, which you on soul level already has decided to let go off to move into your souls mission here on earth and only that which is according to your divine plan will happen. So please take this opportunity beloved ones and let the waves of change come into your shores and remove all that is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming and which is not belonging in your new life.

You are brave ones indeed and you are all great explorers of the unknown and every single one of you have the needed strength and courage to move thru these unsettled waters of transition to find the calming waters of the new heaven on earth within your hearts. No matter what happens beloved ones in your life, encounter it with love, encounter it without judgement, encounter it with faith and you need not fear anything that happens to you or to your loved ones. There are no mistakes being made, everything, every single event is happening according to divine plan and is orchestrated by your soul and monadic family of light. Just love with all your heart every single moment of this wonderful journey into oneness, into your christed self. You have already arrived beloved ones, though some of you may feel far away from the state of peace that you are so longing for…. harmony and unconditional love and oneness which is who you truly are. In truth you are already there. You have long past the point of no return. Allow yourself to be there now…. in your vibration…. allow yourself to be nourished by your fully awakened christed self standing beside you within just a hand´s reach waiting for you to merge with it.

On this day I ask you beloved ones to consciously connect with the goddess within, the divine feminine, welcome her return and offer her back her throne, offer her trust, offer her respect, offer her your worship and she will resurrect and in doing so the scale of ying and yang will come into balance. The divine masculine will step back and offer her space beside him and return her scepter and they will embrace in a sacred union, in an alchemical marriage and merge into one. And your kundalini will awaken fully and activate and trigger the opening of the thousandfold lotus in your crown and you will merge with you monad and return home to who you are, to unconditional love and oneness. I am Mary Magdalene and I thank you with my heart for listening to my message and for taking the opportunity to love with all your being all that you are and all that is happening in your reality and accepting it all as divine. You are all jewels of the same diamond in the heart of God. Be blessed beloved hearts.

Received thru Grace Elohim June the 5th 2012

Feel welcome to share this transmission in its original form with credits and link to my website.


 ART : Christine Von Lossberg.

Living as your galactcic self ~ Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

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Living as your galactic self.

Posted 6/5/2014

galactic self

From Pretence to Presence…. BE-ing at home with who you truly are…. the divine flow of omnipresence.

Ask yourself the questions who am I really….? Am I the image that others have of me, am I what my parents or my partner want me to be, am I the thoughts that flows thru my mind and continiously hold me in a mindset of what I ought to be or what is expected of me. We build our I-dentity on the ongoing experience we have in the world of polarity….. me versus them (victim/abuser), yesterday versus tomorrow, black and white, good and evil…. a world which is rooted in linearity ….. a timeline going from A to B or from we are born until we die.

However this is the very hoax… there is no time, there isn´t even a me and a you…. there is only the ETERNAL ONE that is omnipresent beyond the A and B, beyond past and future, beyond life and death, beyond the I-dentity and illusion of me and you. But when we live from our mind and intellect solely the omnipresence of God/dess is no longer tangible or even able to live thru us. In the prison of our mind we are caught between worlds of illusion scattering ourself in multiple versions of what we think we ought to be and pretending to being something that we are not.

In the world of polarity we compare, judge and evaluate everything as seen from the mindset of duality, which is the cause to all suffering. What we need to do is to step into our hearts….. a space of unlimited grace beyond restriction, beyond labelling, beyond I-dentification…. In this space we can simply BE with what IS…. aka being in the presence of God/dess within without the need to fix or heal anything.

We do not need to pretend anything, we can strip off all masks, all shields, all roles and props, as there is no self there to disguise or hide or defend …. everything is seen as shades and expressions of the light, all colours are allowed as they all together and only together “shape” the ONE light, that permeates and unites all of existence. We (our self) is no longer in the way and the omnipresence of love can run and flow thru us… like a river… we are no longer in need of wanting to controle or stear the course in the knowing the river will find its way without our “doing”. We have returned home to the space in us, where God/dess is omniPRESENT from the tiniest quantum particle to the infinite galaxies…. no need to pretend, no need to go anywhere, no having to fix and heal “a broken illusive self”, but simply BE-ing here and NOW in the embrace of freedom in a joyous dance and lovestory with Source. ~ Grace Antara Ma

Who are the Elohim ~ Transmitted by the Elohim and Lady Venus thru Grace Antara Ma


Mensajero - Messenger art by Miguel Angel Danzi Artwork

 “Mensajero – Messenger”  ~ by Miguel Angel Danzi Artwork              


Who are the Elohim

The Elohim are mostly described as powerful creator angels or builders of form, who implement God´s will. There are many different rays and groups of Elohim, who each serve a specific purpose and host a different divine quality. One of these groups are the Elohim of grace. They represent the loving, feminine, nurturing power, that redeem, forgive and release, the unconditional love, which together with the divine feminine power restores divine balance and equilibrium. It dissolves not only karma, but also vows and oaths etc. with ease and grace in the alchemical process of establishing divine equilibrium.

The Elohim revealed to me, that we all carry the gene of the Elohim in our original dna. That we are all powerful angels in human form originating from the stars. But that we forgot by the fall of Atlantis, by the fall of awareness and the word human was created.

In Helene Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled. In Genesis 6: we find some quotes about the Elohim:

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply upon the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, The “the sons of God (Elohim) saw daughters of men that they were fair; and they took unto them wives of all which they chose…. There were giant in the earth in those days; and also that when the sons of God (Elohim) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children of them, the same became mighty men of old, men of renown.”

We also find reference to the Elohim in a few verses in the same book to Seth, Methuselah and others living to ages of eight or nine hundred years, which may suggest the length of lifespan of these mighty beings of light.

In Isis Unveiled Blavatsky states:

“Tradition says, and the records of the Great Book explain, that long before the days of Ad-am and his inquisitive wife, He-va, where now are found but salt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over Middle Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range, and its western prolongation. An island, which for its unparallel beauty had no rival in the world was inhabited by the last remnants of the race that preceded ours. This race could live with equal ease in water, air, or fire for it had unlimited control over the elements. These were the “Sons of God;” not those that saw the daughters of men, but the real Elohim, though in the Oriental Kabala they had another name.

Merging with the Elohim

Christmas 2009 I was surprisingly contacted by a group of Elohim, who told me directly, that they wish to merge with me and work with me thru sound healing among other things. The process of merging took about 4 months and I was consistently “pushed” towards acknowledging and expanding more and more into my I Am Presence. From the first contact they said, that I Am Elohim, and also asked me to use the name Elohim, when I feel ready. They said, without me they are not whole and without them I am not whole. In later messages they told me to change my name Alisha to Al-Isha…they said it would totally change the meaning and the vibration of the name. So I did. And as I later went to the computer and googled out the syllables I found… Al from arabic meaning descending from and Isha from sanskrit meaning goddess. I was so delighted and honored to read that, as it all rang true to my heart. And if it would stop here… no…. months later, they contacted me again after a long period of silence (though they had been working consistently with and thru me) and told me to change my name to Grace Elohim, as they said… Grace is who and what you ARE and that I belong to the group of Grace Elohim. Grace Elohim is all about the energy of the Divine Feminine the nurtering, forgiving and compassionate mother – the Divine Feminine, hence Al-Isha. In the start they did not want to convey, which group or ray of Elohim they belonged to, they said it was not of importance at that point of time, which I understand now. The moment I heard this message and the name Grace… my inner knowing KNEW this to be true… it absolutely felt like home and the next day I changed my name Al-Isha to Grace on my facebook account and shared what the Elohim had told me. The reaction of many fb friends was absolutely stunning to say the least, it was truly celebrated and I got so much incredible feedback all agreeing, that this name fitted me perfectly and that this name is representing my true essence. At this point I did not change my name to Elohim (only to Grace )… well…. yes I thought this change was already huge and then this on top on it… so I thought I would go in stages…and so did the Elohim…very smart… lol. Not only had I let go of my limited christian name Linda to embrace my soul’s essence Grace, which was such a liberation, but also a challenge, because ego tends to want to hold on to its illusion of I(dentity), but to accept and acknowledge oneself as being an Elohim challenged any feelings of unworthiness, that I still had. Standing up and standing to I Am Elohim is not something you just do, though I know and feel the truth of it in my heart. It is who and what I Am. It is home. So as a birthday present to self (in sept. 2010) I decided, that it be the right time to finally stand to what and who I Am. To stand to I Am Grace Elohim, no more, no less. Below is an excerpt of the initiation, that I went through as part of the merging process. I share this as I believe, that the time has come, where many will be merging with their angel presence (angel I Am) and Angel family. I have also got evidence of this in the sessions, that I give. Now is the return of the Angel Tribe. Now is the time that the angels walk on earth again, but this time being aware of who they are. The Elohim shared with her, that we are all angels inhabiting a human vessel and that the word human being was created at a time where we had degraded in consciousness and lost the memory of our true origin.

Excerpt of the merging

The Elohim worked with me for a period of 4 months to prepare me for and merge with me. In april 2010 we went into the final phase of the merging. Suddenly the back of my high heart was on fire and my crown which had been influxed with highvibrational energy continously during three days again started to burn with intense fire and the fire spread out to my head, neck, back and then in front of my high heart and chest and radiated from there into my legs, arms, hands ect. Again I saw my wings opening. The burning was so intense it actually felt like fire. The Elohim explained to me, that it is the reason why the merging has to be made step by step to emit overburning. I had to consciously breathe real deeply to anchor the energy into my body and to let fully go. Actually this burning was like icecold and fire burning at the same time. I lay down inoperative on my sofa for a time which seemed endless (as I looked at the clock afterward one and a half hour had passed) and I had so many other sensations, which are difficult to explain, but I will try. I also felt how I somehow slowly melted away. The Elohim explained to me, as they felt my fear….your I is melting away and you become Elohim. The fire spread out to all of my body and ran down the different channels throughout the body. My body shivered and twitched again and again and I also felt a deep fear emerging in me, because of the sensation of dissolving. Though I was afraid, I was able to let go and embrace it, but now and again the fear peeped back. Suddenly I got a shock, as I sensed and saw a snake with my inner eye, not only did I feel the movement of the snake inside of me, but I saw the head of the snake outside but very close to me from inside of me. Difficult to say whether it was actually inside or outside, I saw a huge head of a cobra. After a while it stopped its movement and rested somewhere between my third eye and crown and afterwards I had this totally weird sensation of consciously looking outside of my vessel from the inside, but out of one HUGE eye, I felt like almost my whole head was one eye. It was the sensation of my soul consciously looking out of my body into space. My body vibrated in a very strange and unfamiliar way and I first could not see normally, as I opened my eyes, as my vision was shivering and blured. This was all new and strange, but it was/is surely divine grace entering my life and whole being. Since I decided to stand to who I Am a whole new flow and abundance has entered my life. I am blessed with divine grace each present moment and my heart is overspilling with joy and gratitude for the beauty of existence. Blessings of infinite grace is bestowed upon us each present moment, as soon as we open up to it. It is time now to stand up to who we truly are. No more playing small, no more playing unable and unworthy. We are all we need to BE, if we’d only dare to let go of our fear of not being enough and of the illusion of being separated from God/Goddess.

Enter the flow of life within your heart

and start living the life you dream of

Living Joy is your divine birthright

and what you came here to BE

“BE-ing in the flow of life is what ascension is all about… descending spirit (your divine spark of light) into matter and becoming one with the divine matrix of all-that-is, transcending all individuation, all separation which is intricately of the vibration of the divine feminine. Ascension is the pure surrendering to being one in and with God/Goddess. It is the flowering of creation, a constant making love with all-that-is, that can take place in every cell, every atom of your being, the sacred inner marriage between the divine feminine and masculine. It is the sacred union within and the anchoring of the twinflame energy, that will be the nectar that all humans of the new earth will be nourished by”. Transmitted by the Elohim and Lady Venus thru Grace Antara Ma

I welcome you into this space where spirit flows and nurtures you and invites you to step (back) into your heart – to surrender in acceptance of all shades in you, all the parts and aspects of you, that you have disowned or discredited because of fear, pain or simply because it didn´t fit into what was expected of you and along the way mayby even left you alienated to self and finally got you here.

This is a space to wake up to and to enlighten what no longer belongs to you and serves you, so that the divine in you which includes every bit and inch of you…even and especially the part of you that is lessed loved, may melt into one, the one that you truly are, so that you may enter the divine flow of the universe, the sacred dance of ecstacy, that is reigned by love and by love only. The flowering of the omnipresence of love in you, an infinite space and vibration in you that has always been and that always will be, independently of the ebs and tides of life. The very essence of who you are.

Are you ready to enter heaven-on-earth in you……  come take my hand and I will guide you there, let this be the first step…. come bask in the energy here and learn how I can assist you in discovering and reclaiming this space in you and realign you with your full divine potential. No more playing small, no more dimming your light, no more giving your power away to fear. No more compromises of who you are. No more resistance to simply BE-ing you authentic and naked in coherence with your heart and in honor of your divine spark of light, that shines so bright, if you just accept all shades of you as being expressions of that light.

Love is who and what and why you are.

Your wildest dreams are begging to be lived and they are a pathway to your divine purpose and part of your soul´s plan.

To love nothing is impossible.

The limitations and challenges that you are faced with are invented by your mind and no matter how real they may seem, they are a fatamogana created by ego. Your soul however knows of the infinite potential in you, that enables and gratifies you to live in joy, happiness and abundance…. and successfully living the life you dream of in coherence with the universal forces.

And it starts NOW

Breathe with me into this space of your infinite potential

of light

Give it life and permission to take you over

Let spirit dance thru you

and take you to the most sacred place in you

the holy grail

the kingdom within

of peace, love and abundance

where living joy abides

the space in you where all things are possible

step aside and stop doing

stop intervening and interupting the divine flow


start BE-ing (in) this space

letting go of controle

of the divine flow in you

that is perfectly able to manifest

everything that you ever dreamt of

BE the dream come true

if love can

you can

you came here not to suffer

but to co-create the new heaven-on-earth

sing your heart song

and live in joy and BE

your unique creative expression of all-that-is

Let us begin

as ONE


Mensajero - Messenger art by Miguel Angel Danzi Artwork

Collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your ecstatic body by Mary Magdalene ~ Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

Collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your ecstatic body by Mary Magdalene

Urgent Calling for a collective womb cleansing by Mary Magdalen received by Grace Antara Ma July 22nd 2014:

Beloved sisters, beloved brothers, this is I Mary Magdalene. I great you on behalf of the goddess that lives, breathes and vibrates thru all living beings, thru all living things, the seed that gives birth to everything, nurtures and expands the love, that permeates every living organism on this beloved planet. I call upon you dear ones with urgency in my heart for a collective womb cleansing and reconnection with your deepest ability to feel, to feel with your heart and with every living fibre of your being unfiltered, uncensored, unrestrained and to connect with your ecstatic body, which is often referred to as your pain body. And indeed indeed there are reason why many refer to this divine tool as a pain body…. a divine instrument that was given to you by source to ensure your divine connection and exchange with source at all times. For thousands of years many wars were fought in the name of controle and surpression and male superiority, a battle between mind and heart, between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A battle that left innumerous wounds in you over many many lifetimes, where you allowed yourself to be ruled and controled by a patriach mind structure and belief system, where you allowed yourself to be abused, to be taken advantage of, surpressed and belittled to the point, that you could no longer handle feeling it. This is the main reason why grounding has been and still is a major problem to many women, because throughout history it was necessary for you to either leave your body as a way of avoiding to feel or to close down your ability to feel thru your heart to an absolute minimum for your survival and as a result you disconnected with your ecstatic body, your physical body and planetary body. Yes indeed many of you have been doing intensive inner work to heal those inner wounds and have also become very aware of where it has limited you in the expression of your divine feminine aspect. However a majority of humans currently incarnated only use a very limited part of their ability to feel. To give you an impression of the current situation 90% only use some 10% of their full capacity feeling potential. And some 10% have transformed and reconnected to 90% of their feeling potential. You might say well I do surrender to my feelings, I do feel strongly…. but what does that imply…. you might have learnt to accept and embrace the shadow aspects of self and the pains of the past, but how does it look like when it comes to feeling the ecstacy, that runs thru your veins and expresses itself as your kundalini…. This is the pathway, this is the portal without which you will not be able to feel with your full divine potential and it is with urgency that I invite you to take this step, which is vital for your ascension. Even those amongst you that feel that you have already healed your divine feminine only use a minimum of your entire spectrum to feel, because even though you may have transformed your individual personal wounds, there is still the collective body of the divine feminine, which I refer to as the collective womb, which you are all part of, also those of you currently inhabating a male body. You are connected to this collective womb throughout all times and it is thru this living organism, that you are able to feel (with) all living beings on this planet and beyond. However there is so much pain, so much distress, so much anger stored in this collective body (womb), that you will not be able to truly connect with your full divine potential to love, until these distorted energies of victimhood, of surpression and abuse are transmuted and brought into their “healed form”. The guilt, the shame, the abomination lies upon this body as a dark shadow and you need to strip of this shadow like a snake shedding its skin to rebirth itself.

I ask you to now join me in this healing ritual and to call upon all the women in you, the women that you have embodied and expressed thru thousands of years, of all cultures, of all ages, call upon them to gather with all the women of your lineage of this incarnation, have them join hands, have them unite with the sisterhood, no one is excluded, no one is judged for what she did or what she experienced. Place your hand on your heart and forgive yourself in each one of them for having allowed yourself to be used and abused and taken advantage of, for having allowed yourself to be treated disrespectful, for being dishonored and disempowered, for having allowed yourself to play weak and inable, for having allowed yourself to resign and turning your back at your soul and disconnect with the divine feminine power aspect of self……… all because of fear of being rejected and abandoned. All because of depending on the love of external sources. You may now open your eyes and inner vision again and see the full picture, you may now speak out your truth without fearing the repurcussions, you may now allow yourself to feel again to your full potential and ability, you may now allow yourself to stay “in body” without any need to escape and to feel freely and intensely with your ecstatic body the truth of who you are. Because the past has taught you that nothing has the power to harm you, unless you give your power away. You have grown and learnt that “weakness” can be a means to the greatest of strenghts, you have learnt to trust yourself and stand on your own feet in the middle of a battlefield and survive, you have matured and awakened to the inherent strength that lies within your very essence. And thru the power of forgiveness and genuine compassion and self love you are able to close the wounds of the past in all your female aspects throughout time and space and thereby close the wound of every woman on this planet beyond time and space. Even if you are currently incarnated in a male body all the women you have incarnated as in previous lifetimes will be healed thru this act of self love. Invite those aspects of you that you have discredited, disowned or disconnected with because of shame, because of anger and self condemnation or simply because they were too hard to bear, call them back home to you now, take them into your embrace, hug them and tell them how deeply you love them, share your compassion and let the nectar of forgiveness surround them like a healing cloth. Tell your ecstatic body to let go of all the memories and all the emotions………………………………………………… (breathe deeply as you let go and take as much time as needed until you continue)……………………………………………………….. give thanks to your body for having held those energies to this moment of homecoming, so that you may never forget those lessons gained of victimhood and surpression. Now if you feel ready give yourself permission to feel again in the power of your I Am Presence to your fullest capacity and to fully embody and feel with your ecstatic body and reconnect with the divine feminine, the vibrant living goddess in you and in all living beings. Imagine your womb as as part of a huge womb, the womb of Gaia, the mother of all mothers, (you may envision the entire planet within your womb)………………………….. now see the violet fire of transmutation flaring up and consuming all the memories, all the pictures, all the negative emotions, that held you in victimhood……….. take your time and simply let the pictures, the feelings filter thru you and into the earth without dwelling with them………………… hold the vision until you feel lighter and more at ease….. let the violet fire consume all the energies, that have kept you from expressing and feeling to your fullest capacity. (continue when you feel ready). As you begin to feel free and joyfull envision the sacred cobra awaken and rising in your womb dancing in the violet fire, spiraling higher and higher as it cleans and paves the way for the kundalini and opens the doorway to your ecstatic body and spirit to join forces in your pineal gland……………………………… surrender without fear………. let your self go…………  see the cobra dance and shed its skin rising in a liguid golden dress now shining above your crown twisting and turning before it comes to a rest fully awakened, fully empowered, fully activated orgasmic energy floating your every cell and taking up space in you as you re-turn to your divine essence and vibrate the living ecstacy, the creative life force that created you and all living things and thru which you are connected with all-that-is and of which your body temple was created, your divine vessel, that hosts your soul. Enjoy the expansion in your heart and in every cell and atom of your being………… just float and BE in this space as long as you feel like and continue, when you feel ready. And now that the wound of the divine feminine has been closed, now that the divine goddess in you has found peace within her very being, she can now forgive all the men, that took advantage of her, that abused her, that forced her to her knees, with the understanding that they themselves had wounds on their own divine feminine aspect, that they themselves became subject to their own surpression and were inable to feel,because they had rejected and disconnected with their divine feminine aspect, the goddess within, because they themselves caused their own fall of awareness thru their choice to disconnect from their heart and intuitive side and let themselves be ruled by their egoic mind and masculine aspect of superiority, dominance and controle. Now forgive them, embrace them, hug them and let them feel the love, that they withheld from themselves, the deep surrender that they longed for, that will allow their wound to close…..invite them to start feeling again… thru your compassion and unconditional love ………….. take as much time as needed and continue.

Thru healing the wound in them also the divine masculine in you will find expression in its healed form and so the divine feminine and masculine can merge and unite with one another and surrender into BE-ing beyond feelings of inferiority or superiority, of victim and abuser, but seeing the other as an expression and extension of self. Breathe deeply into this forming vortex of oneness and ecstatic feeling of freefalling into the cosmic womb of expanded growing awareness, a pulsation in sync with all of creation, your true home. Thank you beloved hearts for having the courage to journeying thru time and space of pain and surpression to reclaim your power. Your intuition, your vision and telepathic abilities will increase dramatically as a result of this reconnection with and grounding of your ecstatic body and it will ensure your smooth ascension and embodiment of the omnipresence of god/goddess, your I Am Presence in divine equilibrium and unison with all-that-is. You are deeply loved. Each of you are an immesurable gift to the planet. On the behalf of the sisterhood, this is Mary Magdalene giving honor to the goddess in each one of you for your devoted service. Be blessed.
Received thru Grace Antara Ma, Juli 22nd 2014. Feel free to share with credit and reference to:

Twin Flame Relationships ~ Linda El Lumina @ Grace Elohim

Linda el L blog
Lately I read a lot of posts here on fb originating from a consciousness of separation related to the issue of twinflames giving evidence of a lot of misconcepts to1. the nature and function of twinflame relationships
2. the nature and function of manifestation thru conscious or unconscious thought
3. the nature and function of duality/polarityIt is claimed that forces or entities come inbetween twinflames to destroy their relationship to keep the twinflame couples from anchoring the twinflame energy.Sorry guys such statements are deriving from the illusion of separation and of duality, which are based on the illusion of victim and an abuser… aka us versus them, good versus bad.

First understand that you create your reality thru every thought you give your energy to, thru all the beliefs that you hold. Even if your intellect “knows” about the illusion of separation, it will not be of any good, if you do not cultivate thoughts, that are deriving from an inner knowing of oneness (unity consciousness) within. Even if you are aware of negative limiting thought patterning within your being, you need to monitor your thoughts 24/7 to recondition yourself to thoughts that derive from love~unity consciousness.

There is no one out there who is there to “get you”, that can truly “get you” unless you give your power to such a belief. However if you do, it will be mirrored back to you. As within, so without, as below, so above WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Everything that is existing in your reality is there because you gave it life thru conscious or unconscious thought manifestation. What you manifestate is based on your beliefs and your thoughts. Everything is energy…. every thought (conscious or unconscious), every belief, every spoken word, every deed carries a certain vibration (energy) and your reality is a direct response to that energy meaning that what you experience in your reality is there because you created it by sending out a certain vibration to the universe and the universe magnifies this energy by creating a physical manifestation matching that exact energy in that which you call your reality.

Unfortunately you cannot be a master of your reality, if you act out of the belief, that others are responsible for your reality. When you blame someone or something you give it/them power over you and your reality. When we experience negative things we tend to blame it on someone or something….. whether it be dark forces, negative karma, destiny our childhood, partners etc. As long as you give your energy to such “abusers”, you will make the experience of being a victim. The only way to get rid of such misconcepts is to accept that you created them in the first place and taking responsability for having created them, because of a patterning in you of separation. Your external abusers are just mirrors of your inner “demons”, that are craving to be embraced and loved and return home to love. They are aspects of you, that you have disowned and rejected as being non-deserving of love.

Until you become a full embodiment of all aspects and shades of self all worthy of being loved in full acceptance, you withhold love to parts of self and will not be able to embody unity consciousness and attain divine union within, which is compulsive to experience a harmonious twinflame relationship with self (or for that matter any relationship)…. without being threatened by negative forces from within your twin (a mirror of your internal beliefs) or external entites (dark forces etc.). The belief that you are in need of another person (twinflame) to become whole, is based on the misconcept of separation. Your divine essence of love when fully embodied is ONE with all of existence and un-needy of any other being to complete you. Embracing this oneness, which is nothing more than a vibration within your very being lying dormant in every cell and atom of your being, is what will assure divine equilibrium and union within, where all aspect and parts of you are equally accepted and honored as part of who you are. This is the premise for divine union and as you embody and vibrate in this consciousness all your self created “abusers” will disappear from your reality. The war between intellect and heart has ended, your divine masculine and feminine have become allies of love honoring each other in full acceptance of each other as divine equals. So you may say that when you have achieved divine union within, you embody your twinflame from within your very being. You can form a relationship with any one person, that equally embodies divine union and their inner twinflame and share in your oneness, not out of lack or need of anyone to complement you, but out of the pure pleasure and soul urge to co-create and fulfill your planetary mission to anchor the twinflame energy and unity consciousness whether this person be the part of your soul, that you split from by incarnating or not. Your main soul purpose is to realise your oneness with all of existence and become a divine embodiment of unity consciousness. ~ Linda El Lumina

Linda el L blog

Message from the Council of 13, November 2014. It’s time, it’s time. You are calling yourself home @ Grace Elohim

grace elohim 101.12.

Message from the Council of 13, a galactic message from our space brothers and sisters received by Grace Antara Ma November 2014.

It´s time, it´s time. You are calling yourself home.

Be blessed, beloved masters. This is the Conglomerate of 13, also known as the Council of 13. We are the ones amongst you here and now speaking to you from the higher realms, not to be seen or perceived as some beings different to you. In fact it is you speaking to you. It is a response to the yearning in your heart. You are calling yourself home, you are reminding yourself, that the time is nearing to our coming together, to our reunion. This union is not only to be seen as a coming together in the physcial, yet the ships are ready, the ships are nearing and standing by waiting for the right moment, where we can actually appear (be seen) in your physical reality, this however is dependent on your ability to arrrive home within your self, to acknowledge yourself as a galactic being of light having come to this planet to bring light and anchor christ consciousness. You are far more than that, which you define as a human being, that is only a tiny part of who you are. This is only a role, which you have dressed up as in this time to allow you to make an experience in this physical realm as masters of light, as galactic beings to support this planet in ascending into oneness and reinstalling heaven on earth to this planet, to end the war, the greed exploiting the human heart caused by thousands of years of deterioration of human consciousness.

It has brought you farther and farther away from truth, from the light, that is your divine essence and that which has brought you into life and enabled you to make this earthly experience and now beloved sister, beloved brother, the time, the time of returning home is only a moment away, it is only a decision to be taken within you to accept yourself as a galactic being of light – meaning that you will transcend the misconcept, that you were born into a restricted time frame on this planet living here to finally die thru a linear process of decay… Until you transcend the belief that you are made of solid matter, you will not be able to make the experience of yourself as light, which in truth is what you are made up of…..until you let go of the limited belief that you are bound by the borders of your body and limited by the physical vehicle that you inhabit. It is with urgency beloved masters, that you break the walls of limitations, the limitations that you have been raised to believe in. The borders that have kept you from experiencing yourself as a galactic being of light, which is able to transcend time and space, which is able to create thru focused thought and divine intent from the tiny space of your heart, from the zero point of which all creation takes place. There is no chance of you achieving the necessary vibratory rate as long as you perceive yourself as solid matter limited to a human body. The higher aspect of you are working together with great effort with your galactic sisters and brothers working from the higher realms to allow you to experience more and more of your multidimensionality, as your body is transformed and reconfigurated down to dna level. New pathways are being constructed within your brain, your central nervous system is being recalibrated to responding to new frequencies. This is all an alchemical process that is taken place within your bodies. And some of you struggle a lot, or should we say fight against those frequencies as they are “forcing” you into experiencing yourself far beyond, what you thought possible, tearing down the walls of safety of the limited beliefs, that your ego has guarded so long. However the increased light frequencies are pulling away the foundation, the fundament on which you have built your beliefs about who you are and about your physical reality. And the struggle that some of you are going thru is causing a lot of chaos in your mind and in your life. There is actually a revolution taking place within your mind and therefore some of you cannot seem to find sense in your lives anymore. Where you used to feel clarity, you feel lost and without anything “solid” or concrete to hold on to. Everything is dissolving and crumbling in the increased light pouring into this planet. The waves of the solar storms and rays of light are transforming everything stagnant or solid in nature and frequency. You are forced to leave the sinking ship, which you are aboard.

Yes you asked to embrace the allmighty power, which is your godgiven gift to create an image of yourself as a true master and sovereign being of light in command of your reality and to slip-into that image and live from its frequency in coherence with the cosmic laws. To do this however it is demanded that you let go of two of your most treasured beliefs, namely that time exists and that you are a human being doomed to die. Because it is exactly because of these two beliefs, that you are held in fear and in separation from your godself. It is those two beliefs that keep you trapped in the density and laws of the physical realms. How to transcend these beliefs… ? Yes beloved masters take on your free will to choose and to make use of your imagination and ability to create any reality that you desire. Create an image of yourself as a galactic being of light, eternal, infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent. Treasure this image, cultivate it with your energy and intent each day, because this image will bloom into reality like a flower, that opens and more and more it will become your reality and experience of yourself, depending on your ability… and when we say ability we mean your dedication and intent to create as a sovereign being and you shall be able to bring this image into life in an instant all depending on how much energy, intent and time you limitate yourself to make use of. Remember we told you time does not exist, so if you limitate yourself to believe that time exist, you will make yourself restricted by this in your manifestations. The expanded version of yourself very well knows that time is an illusion, that is held together by your mind construct, which is a part of who you are in this reality. But as we said you are more than this mind construct, as such it is only a tiny part of your human makeup. So beloved masters discern and make use of your energy, of your thoughts in a way that supports you in seeing beyond the limitations, that have kept you trapped to this point. Live from the now, from your heart space, live in the image of your galactic mulitiple self, live in the sovereignty of your galactic I Am Presence. There is no space for excuses anymore, no energy to be wasted on what keeps you trapped in the human experience, because the life you have been living is crumbling down and the more you hold onto it, the faster it crumbles, the more confusion and chaos you will experience within your mind and in your external reality. We tell you this not to put pressure on you, but to encourage you and to remind you, that you are able to take this step this very moment and there is no way that you can fail, if you devote yourself with all your heart to see yourself as who you truly are. But we ask you to let go of the two biggest illusions in your life, namely those of time and death. This will be your freedom and ticket into becoming who you are, into becoming the true creator god, that you are. And you will arrive home and find yourself amongst your galactic family and “their” lightships, that you are waiting for. You will realise that those ships of light are just appearances in physical form of something much grander, namely a great collective of awareness, a conglomerate of different frequencies, that might take form in the physical or not. When you have reached the necessary awareness and vibratory rate you will transcend the need to see and experience those ships in their densified form and experience yourself already “aboard” and understand that these words spoken are spoken from yourself to yourself. That we have never been separated ever. Welcome home, it´s time, it´s time. We envelope you in the diamond rays of light, in the mastery of your galactic being and welcome you aboard. Be blessed.


Transmission received by Grace Antara Ma, november 2014. Feel welcome to pass on and share this transmission with credit and link to my website

grace elohim 101.12.

Transmission for the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd by Archangel Sandalphon @ Grace Elohim


twinflame unionship

Beloved masters, beloved lightservers this is archangel Sandalphon spiraling forwards on the wave of the eclipse portal bringing in the light codes of the balanced energies of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. It is a time of celebration, a time of honoring all that you are… it is a time of bringing your mind and your heart bringing into alignment, it is the time bringing the two hemispheres of your mind into divine balance, so that the inner marriage, the sacred union can take place in you. And it is time to understand that who ever stands in front of you, is a mirror of self. But it is more than that, actually it is God looking at itself, that which looks is exactly the same as that which it is looking at. It is only expressed in a different form. It is only the atoms that are put together in a different physical appearance. This is indeed a concept that is only understood or should I rather say experienced by few on this planet. This is something that can only be experienced thru deep heart connection, thru deep telepathic connection. The energies of this solar eclipse will be like a magnifying glass, that will enable you to see beyond form, because form is a way thru which mind looks at things, whereas the heart feels thru vibration, light and sound that, which mind cannot see. And thru this magnifying glass, which will also act like a sort of caleidoscope, you will be allowed to see things from different perspectives, which again will trigger you to into seeing everything as an expression of the divine in different form. Light, densified light, in all shades, that has come into form to perform this human incarnation to evolve and see itself beyond the physical form and to experience itself beyond I-dentity in its infinite vasts essence, that in truth can take any form. However beloveds as long as you are restricted by seeing things from the limited lense of your mind´s eye without being in direct alignment with your heart and soul/spirit your sense of self will be limited and you will perceive yourself as separated from that “other you” and will not realise that in fact you are one and the same, that there is only one, the One with infinite faces and infinite names, infinite potential of expressing itself, whether it be in sound, form or light. So you are invited beloved ones to embrace the mystery… embracing the great mystery of One, which lives in all of us, which breathes, moves, cries, laughs and even fears itself, because it may be limited by thinking and seeing things from a rational standpoint, trapped in its linear thinking only seeing the world in a limited light spectrum, namely that of black and white, me and you, duality split up individuation… and indeed, there is much more to existence than just that. You are invited now to open yourself to the full light spectrum, to use all your senses, yes…. it is a new experience, it is an emotional exploration, it is allowing yourself moving into deep waters, into the depth of the unconscious, it is moving into virgin undiscovered lands, the innocent pristine grounds of the divine in you, into your purest essence. This part of you, no matter what happened to you in your childhood, no matter how life circumstances molded you, this most sacred part of you, always was and always will be translucent and pure and undistorted. This is the space in you, the inner sanctum where sacred union takes place, when you are willing and able to accept yourself as you are, not discriminating or disowning any part of you, that you judge as being unworthy of love, as not being holy enough. Dear ones there is nothing, nothing that is part of who you are, that is not holy and until you accept all parts of you as being holy, you will not get that sense of wholeness, of belonging to and being one that you long for.
Call back all the abandoned aspects of you, that you left behind some time in your life. Make peace with those aspects of you, that you sent into exile in a far distant space. Bring all those aspects back to you, they belong to you. Even if they carry the face of anger, of disgust, of despair, of fear or rage… they are all holy, as they all originated from source, but those are parts of you, that you have rejected, because they were too hard to face and too hard to handle. Welcome them back, back to the sacred land, back to the virgin grounds of your heart. Offer them your forgiveness and tell them, that they are loved and assure them that you are now ready to accept them and look them into the eye and see the holy corona and bow to them… and say…. “I Am that I Am and you are part of me. I acknowledge you, I love you, we are One”. And so the soil is prepared for the sacred marriage, the sacred union between the divine feminine and divine masculine, the moon and sun, to take place, and the beloved twin within your heart will vibrate, will dance in oneness with god, in oneness with goddess. This will of course change the magnetic vibration of your heart and attract your twinflame, who which will not be limited to that soul, that you separated from as you left source and split into two, but it will attract those souls that are in vibrational alignment and coherence with your soul´s essence, which in most cases will be any one from your soul´s monad but depending on your individual soul contract. However there is also the possibility that it will be a soul not belonging to your soul monad but soul family vibrating on the same sound/light frequency…. i.e. your soul´s vibrations will be compatible and vibrating on the same bandwidth. Be reassured that you will recognise this soul instantly thru your telepathic connection, as full transparency and a synchronization of your emotional bodies are inevitable. There will be no chance given of playing “hide and seek”. All cards will lay open on the grounds before you, whether each part will decide to embrace such a relationship, is a decision, which needs to be made by each soul, as the soul will know that there is no chance of “playing it half”, no chance of hiding parts of self, there is no chance for ego to use the other as a projection screen, as everything will stand in crystal clarity in the mirror of ONE seeing itself, feeling itself in the other, as the other. Those souls that will open to such sacred unions will experience and ecstatic union and kundalini activation, which will instantly catapult them into perceiving themselves as the ONE in the other and feeling itself as one with all living beings… meaning that the sense of self, the sense of I, will vanish and disappear and together they will create a vortex, a space of omnipresence for pure god awareness, a holy ground.. a sacred cauldron in service of spirit, where all sense of individuation is replaced by the omnipresence of God/Goddess. A celebration and honoring of the divine in the other and in all, will become a major focal point, which will give birth to an immense creative potential enabling those twinflame unionships create huge vortices of love, where miracles will become the “ordinary” the naturel way for things to manifest thru conscious intent. And in your expanded awareness you will start to discover the huge power and potential, that is your divine inheritance and understand, that moving a mountain or walking thru walls is no big deal, just a matter of vibrational attunement and as such you will explore this new world, with whole new eyes, with the eyes of the child, that comes to the earth for the first time… and indeed when you have completed this sacred union, you will be standing on the threshold to a new world, a new space of awareness which is infinite and vast and beyond limitations. And you will explore this space in you with boldness and great curiosity like a newborn. I welcome you to the promised land within, beloved ones, as you look into my eyes you look at yourself, remember…… remember child of God. This is Sandalphon. Be blessed.
Transmission received October 20th by Grace Antara Ma. Feel free to share the transmission on fb, other networks, websites or groups you may feel guided to with credit and link to my website:
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