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Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family Oct 17, 2019
My Personal Message

We all seem to be experiencing some intense times. As the weather begins to change and winter is soon to arrive, the cosmic energies are certainly offering all of us the opportunity to clear any old limited patterns, old emotions and old stories that we continue to tell ourselves. We are being supported in transforming dense energy in our lives and affairs. I have certainly been experiencing that in my personal life, and witnessing that in the lives of my family as well the lives of those who have a private session with the ‘team.’

Along with this intense energy that can push us up against our limitation, we experience insights and miracles that allow us to remember that the universe is supporting us to expand into our most magnificent self. One of those miracles last month was to have the car accident with no injuries, and no fire from the leaking gas tank.

The other miracle that assured me I am being supported by the universe happened last week. I was in my health store speaking with the clerk about some health challenges. A couple of days later I received an email from an acquaintance. The email stated that she hoped it was not too bold, however she had overheard my conversation in the health store and that my Hathors (the ‘team’) had come to her several times, asking if she could do some energy work on me, to assist in my healing. Of course I accepted and the session was wonderful.

It is such an incredible reminder that even though we are going through difficult times, there is divine support being sent to us in many forms. I am so grateful for this support.

I will be attending the Tom Kenyon intensive event called “The Upper Rooms” next month in Seattle. I look forward to seeing some of you and sharing a hug and hello. Please come by my room, 1609. These events are always incredible, offering a needed renewal and recharge.

I am personally inviting you to consider having a session with the ‘team’ and allowing yourself to be supported by their gentle words of clarity to your questions and their loving energy. Please give me a call and we can arrange a time for you to have a personal session with the ‘team.’ They are generous with their support and guidance regarding your questions about your future.

I am so blessed to have the personal connection of those who have had sessions with the ‘team.’ Many have become close friends as we travel this life experience together. I am so grateful to be able to do this work and share the ‘team’ messages with you as well as their supportive guidance.

I love to receive your emails, and your kind words about this work. I deeply appreciate your incredible support with the bluesky donations. It is so important that we acknowledge that we are a powerful community of conscious beings truly supporting the upliftment of our planet. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all.

I offer you blessings of grace and delightful joy. Peggy

 Message from the ‘Team’

Dimensional Alchemist
Peggy Black and the ‘team’


We are here to remind you of your magnificence. When embodied in this third dimension of unconscious limitation it might be a bit difficult for you to own that magnificence. These reminders we offer you can trigger your remembrance of who you truly are.

This dimension is very demanding of your attention. You are also responsible for maintaining and caring for your physical body which can be demanding. There are many distractions in this hologame. These distractions keep your consciousness locked into this 3D illusion of space and time.

The goal of being embodied into this reality is to transform and elevate your consciousness while present in this limited reality, to wake up to the game and laugh at the sky.

The drama, the chaos, the negative and misqualified energies are a bit like sticky energy. This sticky energy keeps you engaged, activated and most of the time, unconsciously focused on this limited reality.

The only way energy in this hologame can be transformed is through the consciousness of an awakened being who is residing in this dimension. That is where and when your role comes in.

We often remind you that what you express, feel, or believe is created in matter in this 3D existence. When you are coming from limited beliefs, and patterns as well as negative emotions, that is what is reflected back to you. You are a divine magnificent creator who is here to shake off any limitation and remember how to use your creative power in the most transformative and productive manner possible.

You often speak that in the higher dimensions things will be different, more loving, kinder and more peaceful. You speak of the higher dimensions as a place. We are here to tell you that dimensions are not a place or location.

Dimensions are levels of consciousness. Each dimension vibrates at a different rate or frequency. Imagine that each dimension vibrates higher than the dimension below.

As an individual begins to transform their limited beliefs and live in a more loving, accepting and grateful manner, their consciousness rises. When this occurs they begin to experience a higher dimension; they have a clearer, wider perception of their reality and a greater level of knowing.

They will experience more openness and expansion, greater joy and light heartedness. These emotional states can assist them in again raising their consciousness to an even higher dimension. New skills and awarenesses are made available for the expression of greater personal power and for recognizing the more favorable time and energy in which to create an incredible reality, the reality of your deepest desire for a loving and life sustaining world.

Think of an example of a master, avatar, sage or wise being; become aware of how they lived their life in this 3D reality. They radiated a sense of peace, compassion, understanding and well being. Their teachings were about compassion, forgiveness and love. All of these emotions invite a shift in consciousness, therefore a shift in dimensions.

Many individuals shift into higher states of consciousness and receive a glimpse of another dimension. These momentary glimpses are often considered a paranormal experience. The ideal is to maintain these higher states of consciousness, therefore sustaining the higher dimension to where it becomes the normal.

It is important for those living in 3D to uplift the heavy, dense, negative emotional energy that is weighing you down. Anger, judgment, resentment, bitterness, any limitation in thought or emotion is energy to be transformed. Take action and use all the tools you have available to clear these dense patterns and emotions. If these emotions are stored in your energy field or body you will continue to be triggered by others who are expressing those energies.

Remember that emotions are contagious. If you have stored feelings of fear within and you pass someone on the street or at a social gathering who is feeling fearful, your stored fear will be activated. This is true of any emotion. However if you have consciously cleared old patterns of insecurity, lack, anger or fear, you will not be triggered.

Your job is to clear all negative misqualified emotions that have been repressed and suppressed since perhaps childhood. You are invited to clear these limited emotions with love and without judgment.

Expressing these emotions with sound is a very powerful process. Remember to set the space for this work. Find a place where you will not be disturbed, where you will be comfortable making vocal sounds.

State that “I am fully embodied, anchored to this planet. I am my Divine Self in physical form, always connected to Divine Source.” Now invite Divine Beings of Love and Light, named or unnamed to witness and support you as you transform this emotion (name the emotion). Watch the mind want to tell the story to justify the emotion. Disregard this story. Focus on the release. Now take a breath and make a sound that expresses that emotion of fear, anger, sadness, embarrassment, worry, stress or any limited emotion or belief. Sound until it feels complete. Now name the emotion you would like to put in place of the one you have just cleared – joy, forgiveness, peace of mind, trust, love. Invite or call in that emotion using sound.

We call this tool, this process, energetic and emotional alchemy. It is a tool of a powerful alchemist. You are here in embodiment in this 3D reality to transform the dense energies of misqualified emotions you have experienced. Each time you clear some negative emotion in this manner, not only do you clear it for yourself, you clear some aspect of the collective consciousness. Transforming and transmuting what is dense and negative assists the collective to wake up and become aware. You are that powerful dimensional alchemist.

Remember, when you are radiating emotions of love, joy, compassion, gratitude and appreciation you activate those vibrations in others. This is why humans enjoy seeing couples in love and bliss; they are triggered to feel those emotions and feelings themselves.

Remember it is all one energy, one collective field. So when you heal or transform any aspect, it affects the whole. This is the big work that is being done at this time by you and others who are aware.

So we celebrate you and honor you with our deepest gratitude for the conscious work you are doing. We are available to assist and support you upon your request. the ‘team’

©2019 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Awakening and Illumination : October 2019 to January 2020 – Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


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Image by Diana Wesley


Awakening and Illumination : October 2019 to January 2020

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, posted on 5 October 2019

Beloved Family of Light, we have reached a moment that many of you have waited for, and asked for, for many lifetimes.  There is a wave of Cosmic Light approaching your Planet that will activate a “Great Awakening” on the Earth.  Even now, many of you have felt that wave as it began to approach at the September Equinox.  This energy is so intense that it causes physical symptoms in many as your body seeks to integrate and balance.

This rising energy will be felt at the 10:10 Portal on the 10th of October, and it will continue to intensify at the Major 11:11 Star Gate on the 11th of November.  Then it will continue on to the 12:12 on the 12th of December and the 21:12 on the 21st December (Solstice) and will culminate on the 12th of January (1:12:2020), when Saturn and Pluto move into conjunction in the sign of Capricorn.

At each of these important nexus points, more of the New Divine Masculine will be revealed on the Earth.  It will be the Divine Masculine that will lead the way in creating new structures for the New Earth.  This is the role of the Divine Masculine, to create structure for the flow of the Divine Wisdom of Sophia, the Divine Feminine Essence of Wisdom and Light.  It will indeed be a powerful, intense and awe-inspiring shift on many levels.

10:10 :  Initiation into the “Great Awakening Time Line/Time Spiral”

The great disturbance that so many of you have already begun to feel, is the establishing and energizing of the “Great Awakening Time Line” for October 2019 to January 2020.  When a powerful new time line is energized, other alternate time lines collapse and fall away.

On the 10th of October, the 10:10, this Wave of Awakening will be initiated and will begin the process of bringing forth a new group of souls to join the Planetary Awakening process and accelerate the manifestation of the New Earth.

This may create “shock waves”in the fabric of TimeSpace that can cause physical symptoms.  But know, Beloved Ones, that closing time lines and activating new time lines (time spirals) is an activity that is undertaken with spiritual and collective consensus, as being for the highest good of the Earth at this time.

As the next segment of the Time Line is energized, these “shock waves” may intensify.  It will be these intense waves of Diamond Light Codes, Golden Christ Consciousness Codes and Divine Heart Frequencies from the Angelic and Star Nations that will begin to initiate this “Great Awakening” on Earth.

The First Stirrings of the “Great Awakening”

As this new Time Line begins to energize the “initiations of Light”, there will be two levels of Events.  At the first level, those of you who are way showers and already awakened will be called and “propelled” into wider and greater levels of service on the Planet.  At the second level, very “ordinary” people will suddenly awaken and feel disoriented and shocked as their perception of Reality changed radically, almost overnight.

The large second group of “:awakeners” will need you, the first level of way showers, to guide them through this process.  According to your Soul Contracts, this is the purpose for which you have chosen to be on the Earth at this time.

Beloved Family of Light, this is not the time to shrink back or think “small”.  It is time to step up and be the Self-empowered Beings and Community Leaders that you are.  As you make yourself available for expanded service as a Teacher or Healer, so Spirit will guide those who have need to you.  As you work with these ones, it will also be good to remember how important it also is to take care of yourself and your own process.

As the newly awakened ones shift across into the New Earth Time Line/Spiral, they will feel physical, mental and emotional symptoms that will feel like some kind of “breakdown”, for this is in fact the process of breaking down the old do that the new can emerge.  Their old support systems in the old time line will have collapsed and broken down and they will feel as if they are “falling” into a void of nothingness.  It will be your task to be the Light that guides them to anchor in the New Earth grids and to find their Soul Family or Tribe in this new TimeSpace Reality.

Those of you that are of the first level, the first waved of awakening, will find that you are receiving new understandings and new gifts of healing.  Your Light Body system will accelerate to the point where you will explore and develop new techniques of Quantum Light and Sound Healing similar to those used by Shamanic practitioners to shift and heal energies and soul “fractures”.

The 11:11 Initiations : Star Fire and Angelic Frequencies

in 2017 at the 11:11 Gateway, the Planet received a powerful wave of Angelic Frequencies and Light Codes from the Elohim and the Seraphim.  At this years 11:11 there will be another powerful wave of Light Initiations from the Stellar and Cosmic Councils of Light.  This will be an Initiation of Star Fire Light Codes that will rapidly raise the Frequencies on Earth to accelerate the Awakening that is taking place.

The 11:11 Portal is under the guardianship of the Pleiadians, and is on the same astrological axis as the 5:5 Gateway, that of Taurus and Scorpio, and it is associated with the awakening of the Buddha and with the spiritual energies of the Collective Awareness.

At this time, a powerful transmission of Star Fire Light Codes will be received on Earth in the form of a Light/Sound wave that will be an initiation and an activation of the newly energized New Earth Time Spiral.

This will not be received as a single wave, but as a series of waves each carrying different codes or instructions from the Divine Heart toi activate the New Earth in the consciousness of the Collective.

At this time, those who have agreed at the soul level to awaken, sill be activated by these waves and will suddenly awaken to join this rising wave of new consciousness.

Those of you who work with Light Codes and Language of Light will be empowered and guided to “translate” these “codes” for the benefit of those in your tribe and community.  You may feel guided to paint, draw, sound, sing or dance these Star Fire Codes into physical manifestation.

At this time of the 11:11, the Pleiadians will be very active in working with you to assist you to activate the Human Angelic Template and embody the Soul in Divine Love as proof of this process.  As specialists in In Human/Animal and Plant DNA on Earth, they will guide you through Light Code Activations and Collective Activations.

The Arcturians have also been commissioned to guide a multi-representational group that will work with Earth, including Lyrans, Sirians and Andromedans.  These ones will assist with their particular means of Light communication and connection.

At the 11:11 you may, therefor, feel guided to join a group or community to experience the Star Fire Light Code initiations as a group.  You may also feel drawn to channel these codes in some way and to keep a record of the information that is given to you in these codes in a journal.

The Angelic Beings, the Elohim and Seraphim, will continue to empower transmissions of the Angelic Frequencies of Light and Color to support these initiations and the Awakening process in general.

Time Lines, SpaceTime and Slowing Down the Tempo of Life

Beloved Ones, as the waves of Light Codes arrive on Earth, there will be another “acceleration” in the SpaceTime field as consciousness is raised yet again.

To many this will be perceived as time moving even faster, and they may feel the urge to try to move even faster on the physical plane to “keep up” with the increase in frequency in SpaceTime.

This would not be recommended, Dear Ones, as what is needed is to slow down and allow the body to align with “natural” SpaceTime, which is the natural frequency of Nature (Divine Source Code) on your Planet.

At this time on your Planet you have two expressions of time.  The one is, as mentioned, natural time that spirals in harmony with the SpaceTime field and vibrates at the frequency of the Divine Heart.  The second is “artificial” or “linear” time that is anchored in mechanical illusion and hurtles forward, ever increasing in momentum as it moves further from natural time and the spiral movement of the Galaxy.

That is why it is so beneficial to spend time in Nature.  You allow your cells and your DNA to resonate with natural time and to slow down physically so that you can experience the higher frequencies of Light Codes from the Divine Heart.

To meditate and to do Ceremony in Nature is to align with natural time through focus and intention, and it will assist you to integrate and embody these light codes without undue disturbance to your physical body system, or overstimulation of your nervous system and your emotional and mental bodies.

The Role of the Emerging New Divine Masculine

As these new Star Fire Light Codes are received by the Divine Feminine Sophia consciousness, the Divine Masculine, or rather the New Divine Masculine, will have the task of creating form and structure for this new wisdom to be expressed and experienced.

In this four month period of the Star Fire waves, the planets Saturn and Pluto will be moving towards each other for their “date” of conjunction on the 12th of January 2020.  This movement takes place in the house of Capricorn, a masculine energy.  This magnetic conjunction of Saturn (structure) and Pluto (Transformation) creates a vortex for the dismantling of the old masculine energy structures and the birthing of forms of expression for the New Masculine.

The form and structure of the New Masculine is already emerging in the expression of compassion and love for the Planet that is being expressed through many young people, the Crystal children who are finding their “voice” and expressing what they feel to the older generations.  Soon, they will be joined  by Diamond Children who will have an even stronger expression of the New Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness energy and a need to prepare a path for the New Earth, which is their Soul Mission as representatives of the Diamond Light on Earth.

So, we wish you a wonderful journey into these New Light Codes and new ways of being as you stand on the threshold of this powerful New Earth Time Spiral.  Move forward with confidence and joy, knowing that this is the time that you have waited for!


If you would like to learn more about these incoming Light Codes and share with our Community in a five part online webinar series, please click here to learn more and to reserve your place in the series.



Contemporization of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School – Amora Quan Yin

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Hand of The Gods ~ Flourish by Eksafael @ DeviantArt


Contemporization of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School

by Amorah Quan Yin

In early 1987, while attending a month-long workshop, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light came to me at the end of a group process and led me on an out-of-body journey. During this journey I met four Pleiadian Archangels named Ra, Maat, Ptah, and AnRa.Šwho would change my life, and many others. I was given personal spiritual activations and information, and told these Archangels and their helpers would be working with me throughout the training, and beyond. Their purpose was to teach me movement and hands-on processes that would “enable humans to release neurological holding patterns that must be released in order to handle the upcoming frequency increases on Earth.” This languaging was new to me at the time, but I believed them. Although I did not tend to trust etheric beings, I trusted them at once. They were so loving and clear. Amazing lucid dreamtime with them followed. At night while asleep I worked with them, very consciously, to learn these neurological processes, laser healing technology, and instruction on what was upcoming in the way of spiritual evolution for individuals, and Earth, as a whole. Night after night we would meet and work together in dreamtime. Then I would awaken and write it all down. After the training, they slipped behind the veils to allow me time to integrate and heal. Occasionally they would pop in during healing sessions with clients to assist or give me new instructions.

In August 1993, while on a personal retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs, these beloved, ancient friends and guides returned and brought the Ka teachings. At that time I had never heard of Ka. Ra defined Ka as the “divine double of your physical body that creates an interface between you and your Higher Self. This enables you to finally embody your Higher Self fully and become a Christed Being.” Ra and Ascended Master Jesus Christ worked with me all evening, assisting me in remembering past lives as a temple dreamer in the Egyptian spiritual era. I had agreed with these Pleiadian Archangels, prior to my first physical incarnation, to be the one who would “dream these mystery school teachings into Earth through lucid dreaming and communication with higher-dimensional Light Beings.” Tears and Light encodings flowed simultaneously as I once again anchored this role. This was the step that led to the first Pleiadian Lightwork Intensive, the name given to the healing and teaching aspect of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School that I founded later that year.

A true mystery school is a spiritual system that can take an individual, wherever he/she is in present through all of the steps to enlightenment and ascension. The word mystery does not mean elitism or secrecy. It means that the higher learnings and initiations are not revealed until the individual is properly prepared. It also means that the final stages of every path are truly a mystery that only the seeker can discover for him/herself, once the initiatic preparations have been completed. In other words, the final stage of awakening on everyone’s path comes through self-discovery.

Let me take a moment to clarify one thing. There are numerous mystery school systems on Earth now and in the past. I just happen to be a dreamer/channel/anchor for this one. Each system has equal beauty. There are many avenues to awakening, enlightenment, and ascension. This is only one of those systems to which certain individuals are drawn, while others are drawn elsewhere. This is because the uniqueness and diversity of individuals and frequencies requires uniqueness and diversity in the spiritual systems that lead us all the way home to our true selves.

Dolphin Star Temple is a mystery school system designed to assist participants toward full-body enlightenment, Christ consciousness, and ascension. In doing so, the intention is to glorify and sanctify human third-dimensional reality, by bringing it into full alignment with Divine Truth and Divine Love through all dimensionsŠnot to run away from physical existence. The physical dimension is simply the place where spirits have an opportunity to experience life and its many circumstances, in a sequential manner through time and space. It is the place where higher-dimensional consciousnesses are grounded and experience one thing at a time. And it is the place in which all dimensions and aspects of consciousness can eventually meet and experience Oneness. Therefore, as a mystery school of ascension teachings, participants are encouraged to be life-affirming and to fully embody their Christed Selves. Life is a great gift to our Higher Selves, or Holy Spirits. When our identities return to Truth, we become who we really are, and are released from false identities and ego. Then we are free to exist in the Divine Flow of Oneness through all dimensions with God/Goddess/All That Is.

Our purpose is to assist in bringing about the second coming of Christ en masse: when a minimum of 144,000 humans come into their full, multidimensional alignment, maintaining their Pillars of Light all the time. When at least 144,000 humans have attained Christ Consciousness, an enlightenment wave will be experienced by all living beings on Earth. Everyone will have a brief experience of Divine Truth and enlightenment. Afterward, each human being will be enabled to make a conscious choice, based on that experience, about whether or not to continue in an illusionary, ego-based reality, or to choose a life based upon spiritual growth, Divine Love, and alignment with Divine Truth and the Divine Plan.

The Pleiadian and Sirian Emissaries of Light, in cooperation with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ray of the Ascended Christ, and the Galactic and Intergalactic Federations of Light, have brought about the Ka, Ba, and Merkabah teachings as they once existed in ancient Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt. These ancient mystery schools taught seekers in a specific sequential order. The sequence was/is designed to assure that any student/seeker has always been prepared with whatever teachings, healings, activations, self-help tools, and initiations are needed before moving to a next level. The sequential order is: to be given a) self-help tools for clearing karma and releasing ego-identity, b) meditation techniques, and c) teachings about impeccability; d) to awaken the Divine Ka and embody one’s Higher Self; e) to heal the Ba, or soul, and return it to its essential state of splendor, glory, innocence, love, and connection to Source; f) to heal the cellular structure and clear mutations; g) to clear DNA, or genetic mutations; h) to heal the male/female split and refine sexual energy with loving tantric practice; i) to anchor the Laoesh Shekinah, or Pillar of Light; j) to reconstruct and activate the Merkabah and diamond-lightbody, anchoring one through all dimensions in the sacred geometry of Light. All of this takes place within the City of Light Dolphin Star Temples which are activated and anchored for each intensive.

In ancient times, mystery schools existed in a more obvious and tangible form on Earth. At the height of Egyptian spirituality, for example, the entire culture was centered around the spiritual temples of the mystery school. A person from any walk of life might experience a spiritual awakening, recognize the importance of living in harmlessness and impeccability (to do what one knows is right in every situation), choose to awaken fully and become enlightened, and to align with his or her highest destiny. These types of inner experiences sometimes impulse spiritual seekers to join a mystery school: a system for healing, clearing, and moving through the initiatic path to enlightenment and ascension.

When the people of ancient Egypt experienced this impulse, they would go to the temples for an evaluation by the priests and priestesses. At times the priests and priestesses would give the prospective student assignments to complete before entering the initiatic path in the mystery school temple system. The prospective student was accepted into the mystery school only after he or she had completed assignments, and prepared him/herself by: 1) understanding the difference in ego-identification and identification with the Holy Spirit; 2) made a full commitment to impeccability; 3) learned that the circumstances of his/her life and relationships are teachers; 4) learned enough through meditation to hold safe boundaries; 5) recognized that life choices can no longer be based on emotional reactions such as fear, anger, and revenge.

At that point, the seeker would go before the priestesses of Sekhmet, the lion-headed Goddess. The Sekhmet channels and priestesses were the clairvoyants. Before an applicant was accepted into the temples for training and healing, he/she would stand before these clairvoyants who had highly developed gifts of sight. They knew how to look past the most well-constructed facade to what was beneath it. The Sekhmet priestesses only accepted individuals into the mystery school once they saw: a) that the individual was sincere and willing to be completely exposed on every level with nothing to hide, b) was humble and grateful when ego and karmic agendas were revealed. In other words, if a seeker did not welcome wholeheartedly the knowledge of what needed to be healed, and what habits and attitudes were in need of change, then the individual was not prepared to accept the responsibility of the initiatic path in a mature and safe manner.

Once the seeker had passed through the Sekhmet screening and preparations, he/she would enter the Hathor Temples. There the loving Priestesses of Divine Mother Hathor would begin the process of healing and renewing the emotional and etheric bodies, and the inner child. Until the seeker learned how to love and care for his/her inner child, the innocence and purity necessary for holding Light were not accessible. Hathor explained in a channeling, through me, that the Master Being is actually a balance of the magical child and the mature spiritual adult. When the child and mature adult live in harmony, cooperation, and trust great depths of self-love follow. Then and only then can the higher initiations be approached with any hope of truly divine outcome. This is because the innocence of the child is the balance to Divine Wisdom and knowledge. The purity of the child safely opens the door for Divine Power. The awe and wonder of the child supports the Divine Creativity and Humility of the mature adult. The Hathors used hands-on healing, sacred sound, and mother love to help restore this sacred balance.

The seeker was only sent for higher teachings from the priests and priestesses of Isis, Osiris, Horus, Maat, Ptah, and Thoth when the Hathor priestesses said he/she was ready. Then the Ka activations would begin, alternating with kundalini work, higher teachings and practices, and other individual processes. The Ka is the vehicle through which the individual’s Christ Self interfaces, and becomes one, with the personality and the body consciousness. Next, step-by-step, and initiation-by-initiation, the seeker would progress through the mystery school system, in a sequential order. These ancient temple then, and the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School now, follow this form of sacred protocol as a way of insuring the seeker the greatest hope of attaining the highest goal in integrity and Light. To prematurely learn a psychic skill or multidimensional alignment can lead to misuse of power, possession, and great pain.

A mystery school is a spiritual place and/or teaching, in which a human being can a) learn, b) experience healing and higher states of consciousness, and c) through right action and practice over time, attain to full-body, and all-chakra, enlightenment. After seven initiatic stages of enlightenment have been completed, the initiate moves into the next phase: becoming Christ-conscious. When this final phase has been attained to, and service on Earth completed, the Christ Self may simply choose to raise the frequency of his/her body and ascend, leaving no physical remains behind. The goal in the mystery school, therefore, is to transcend all illusions of limitation on the physical plane, to live in alignment with Divine Truth, and accomplish multidimensional alignment with one’s true self and with God/Goddess/All That Is in surrender to the Divine Flow of Love– in other words, to become the Christ Self.

The initiations along the way are such that the person will be presented with challenges and revelations relative to karma, and tendencies toward misidentification with illusion and ego. As a person meets those challenges and transcends there allurement, then the person moves to the next initiatic level.

Each initiatic level begins with a high experience during which the seeker is given a reference point in where he/she will be when that initiatic level is complete. After the person anchors that reference point, a clearing phase begins. The clearing phase includes life challenges, surfacing of old emotions, past-life karmic patterns and memories, and anything that needs to be recognized, healed, cleared, and transcended. When this is completed, the next level begins and proceeds in a similar manner, until all of the initiatic levels have been mastered.

Pleiadian Lightwork Dolphin Star Temple is one of several mystery school systems on the planet at this time. When you choose to become part of a mystery school system, that choice is intended to be made from a place of knowing inside that it is right for you. A mystery school system should not be chosen from a place of fear of missing out, giving power away to a teacher or system, or from guilt or shame. It should only be chosen from a place of knowing inside that this is what you are drawn to, that you are ready to do your inner work. The right system will evoke enthusiasm and an inner knowing that it is right for you. Whichever system you choose from that place is the best for youŠbut not necessarily for everyone. You must be ready to take responsibility for all actions in your lives, past, present, and future. It is your responsibility to come to any mystery school and its teacher/s with respect and honor of the gift that is being offeredŠbut not from the standpoint of giving any teacher a guru-like responsibility for your life. You come to become a master being, not to be a follower of someone else and make that person your master. And to be a true living Ascended Master, you must first master yourself.

The purpose for any true mystery school system is to facilitate your becoming the best you can be and living as a spiritually sovereign human Christed Self on Earth.



Hand of The Gods ~ Flourish by Eksafael @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

The Light of an awakened consciousness – Marilyn Raffaele

Blue Eye Wonder Cat by A. Andrew Gonzalez


OCTOBER 6, 2019

Welcome dear readers.

You the awakened ones, are rapidly shifting into new levels of awareness while others previously unaware or uninterested in truth become more receptive to examining universal beliefs that affect everyone’s life.

You who already know who and what you are, are leading the way. You are the light for those ready for more, but who remain unaware of exactly what it is they seek. You need not actively protest or engage in outer actions unless guided. Your work as way showers is to hold the Light of truth within at all times carrying it with you into whatever situations you may experience or become aware of.

The Light of an awakened consciousness automatically flows without conscious thought in and as forms of love accompanying every word and action. It may simply be the act of petting a dog, or offering words of comfort to another, but is often simply bearing silent witness to truth when in the midst of or observing discord.

You no longer need to be actively involved in third dimensional discord. Avoid intense watching and listening to the news or gossip. Be aware of what is going on, but do not immerse yourself in it. When you feed consciousness with negativity and problems you align with the energy of them which then begin to manifest as judgement, criticism, and other creations in and of the three dimensional belief system–all the things that you have been working to clear.

Everything is energy and because there is only ONE energy, whatever you energetically align with you automatically draw to you because everything is always seeking Oneness–law of attraction. Those who attain a high level of spiritual consciousness discover that their lives become increasingly harmonious on all levels because their consciousness of Oneness begins to automatically express the harmony, balance, safety, abundance, and completeness etc. embodied within it.

However, it often happens that an individual will choose to accept and attain a consciousness of Oneness, but exclude one or more Divine qualities from that Oneness. Example; “I am whole and complete in every way, but I never have enough money.” Remember, consciousness is always expressing itself and as long as any false belief is a part of one’s consciousness, it will continue to manifest.

An attained consciousness of Divine harmony and wholeness will manifest outwardly in ordinary and practical ways. Example; Being drawn to a particular ad in the phone book or notice on a board for a needed service or a friend recommending a business or a product that is perfect for a project you want to do. If you allow your intuition to guide you, your consciousness of wholeness and harmony will draw to you the right attorney, doctor, plumber, etc., those in alignment with you.

Mind interprets an evolved state of consciousness in practical every day forms a person can relate to. Spiritual living is very practical, much more so than living from the creations of duality and separation which will always manifest in forms of both good and bad.

We wish to speak of remorse. Remorse is the act of passing negative judgement on self with regard to past action or actions from the perspective of a different, often higher awareness than that which was in place at the time of the action or actions. Remorse is an illusion created from energies of separation belief and never has or ever can reflect the reality of any individual.

Many of you are experiencing remorse and guilt as you re-examine your lives in the light of higher awareness. All actions and decisions reflect the attained level of consciousness present at the time of the action. Know that anything you did in the past now causing remorse was simply reflective of an earlier state of consciousness. If you hadn’t evolved beyond it, you wouldn’t even be questioning the past action, you would simply consider it to be right.

Evolution involves the clearing of no longer relevant energies of a lower resonance. Higher frequencies of Light expose old energies still active in cellular memory causing them to surface on one or more levels (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). This allows you to become aware of the particular belief underlying some negative past action. Use this insight to examine, replace the belief with truth, release it, and move on without further indulgence in guilt and remorse. This is how the clearing process works.

A person is only capable of living from their attained level of consciousness. Many pretend to have a evolved state of consciousness, but sooner or later the reality will express and expose itself. An example of this is the rampant psychological, sexual, and physical abuse of women and children that has taken place in organizations through individuals that promote themselves as being in spiritual and loving service.

Remorse reflects the belief that one has failed, done something unforgivable, and is thus not worthy of love. Consciously or unconsciously believing self to be unlovable is the driving force behind the actions of those who act out in violent ways. The energetic resonance of this belief is unknowingly carried from lifetime to lifetime in the cellular memory of an individual until cleared.

Remorse can lock an individual into the belief that they are not worthy of happiness or love, and because everyone is a creator, they continue to create situations that reinforce this false belief. They welcome hardship and emotional suffering, even seeking it because they believe that they deserve it.

Many project their hatred of self on to others as a means of relief– “I will show them I am strong. I will make them respect (fear) me.” Others use drugs or alcohol to ease the inner pain of feeling intense separation. The soul is always seeking oneness but most as of yet do not understand this.

This state of consciousness creates a vicious circle of three dimensional experiences that will continue as long as energetically fed. Programs that foster self esteem both in or out of prisons serve to begin healing the broken hearts of many who commit violent crimes. An excellent example is prison programs that pair homeless dogs needing love and training with prisoners. The resulting partnership is often the very first time a prisoner has ever expressed or felt love.

If or when guilt surfaces, remember that every person has guides, teachers, and incarnates with a contract that they themselves wrote about what they were choosing to experience and learn. Your actions may very well have been a part of some karmic or learning process needed by both. Negative past actions never hurt or effect the reality of the other, but do affect you.

On a practical level, you can apologize whether the person is on this side of the veil or the other. Send Light and see their Light through consciously acknowledging the Divinity of the person or persons involved including self. Be intuitively guided as to what if any, actions are needed. You may be guided to simply do nothing on an outer level, but to do much on the inner.

Learning to love self comes through knowing that self is SELF. A consciousness of Oneness can never be attained if self is left out of the ONE. It is easy to hate self when one’s belief system is based in three dimensional concepts of how one must look, be, or act in order to be acceptable or loveable. This is simply old programing that you have long ago moved beyond. Allow all remaining remnants of it to dissolve into the nothingness that it is.

Choosing to spiritually evolve on earth in three dimensional energy allows for a difficult but intensely valuable evolutionary process. Begin to understand that in reality there are no accidents, mistakes, or victims especially during these powerful times of energetic ascension. Recognize and acknowledge the spiritual ideas that underlay everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell.

This is how you learn to see beyond appearances and is why you chose and were allowed to be on earth at this time.

With love, respect, and recognition…
We are the Arcturian Group 10/6/19



Blue Eye Wonder Cat by A. Andrew Gonzalez

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Understanding Your Attraction to Courage – Caroline Myss

female-face-rainbow-girl-by-ina-wong-at-deviantart (2) FEMALE FACE

Rainbow Girl by Ina Wong @ DeviantArt


Understanding Your Attraction to Courage

From Caroline’s 2011 Salon

Every now and again it’s like sipping nectar to be reminded that this physical life we are living is actually the result of countless invisible circuits of energy, weaving together a veritable landscape of meetings, synchronistic events, appointments, opportunities, cancellations, delayed plane flights, routes you are supposed to take, your personal time schedules, the flights you are “supposed” to be on as opposed to not be on – and so on. We cannot help but live in the Buddha-illusion that we are coordinating our schedules and our meetings, that we are in charge of, well, as much as we can have influence over. Not until a plan is disrupted by something dramatic or something unforeseen and wonderful do you pause for a moment and ask, “Who or what is actually the organizing force in my life?” You rarely – if ever, perhaps – stop to reflect upon the vast scope of all that is involved even within one day of coordinating this magnificent cosmic web that is the energetic landscape of your life. Who could even hold that cosmic web in their head? But that web exists, nonetheless.

The truth is there are so many invisible forces that have a coordinating influence in our lives that the calculations defy human comprehension. Just consider three of the many mystical laws that have become a part of our popular vernacular these days as constant operating principles in your life: Your thoughts influence the quality of your reality; Like attracts like (also known as the Law of Magnetic Attraction); and, What is in one is in the Whole. You could practically spend a lifetime learning to observe the influence and power of one of those laws in your life on a 24/7 basis. Imagine constantly trying to track the influence of your attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, responses, addictions, episodes of greed, anger, and rage, on your life.

And now shift to the unimaginable influence of joy, love, generosity, compassion, including the private thoughts and prayers you may say for those people you watch on the news whose lives are being devastated everyday all over the world. You have no idea how a loving thought or prayer said in private contributes to the cosmic surplus of grace and how that grace is distributed. We will never know that. But if there is any reality to the law of the Tao, which I believe there is, then somehow even the slightest contribution of a loving act contributes to the positive scale of the Tao. In short, everything we do, say, think, and imagine – even privately – matters, regardless of whether we can comprehend the cosmic mathematics of it all.

Archetypes, of course, are a part of the invisible forces that operate behind the scenes. And a part of the archetypal realm includes the universal design of archetypal experiences that are inherent to the human life. That is, each of us will experience cycles of death and rebirth or renewal through the course of our lives. That is a given. Our lives, like nature, are designed to shed the old and constantly renew themselves. Buddha built his brilliant teachings on this, noting that change is constant and a person who does not understand this essential life truth sets him/herself up for a life of self-imposed suffering because they are acting against the natural order of life. You cannot expect life to be other than what it is – and life is an ongoing system of endless change. We change, our bodies change, our attitudes change, our children grow up, our neighborhoods change, our countries change, our world changes. We must engage with change – not walk away from it, not deny that it is happening, and not respond with anger as if changes are only happening to us, though sometimes it can feel that way. And sometimes, without a doubt, the changes are wretchedly painful, as when they include the literal experience of death and the need to rebirth one’s own life. No one said life was easy, right?

Another archetypal experience that is universal is the search for one’s own courage, which is the archetypal experience I want to highlight in this Salon. In order to understand this particular archetypal experience, I have to provide a wider lens into our basic nature.

No one was born courageous but everyone was born with a natural instinct to awaken that inner or core attribute. Courage is an essential ingredient for human survival and if there is one thing every human being is inherently programmed to do, it’s to find a way to survive in this physical world. This instinct is a part of our animal nature. I have to admit that I find the timing of all these television programs about “survivalists” in the so-called wild a curiosity, just as matters of planetary survival and climate change have become critical to those who really understand that surviving as a community of humans is up for grabs. It’s not “show time” – it’s real. That the “collective consciousness” has sensed that issue and converted it to “entertainment” doesn’t surprise me in the least, given the lack of seriousness with which global climate change issues have been received by world governments. But, I digress.

Since as far back as we can travel through ancient literature and cave paintings, we see and read stories of people confronting beasts and either succeeding or failing, returning to their tribes as heroes, or receiving a punishment for acts of cowardice and jealousy (beginning with Cain and Abel). Ancient tribes established this measure of greatness not only with great clarity, but universally: Courage was the inner gold that would prove the true measure of a human being. Without courage, ancient wisdom stories tell us, a man’s character cannot hold intact. He cannot be relied upon to be trustworthy, honest, loyal, for all of these high attributes of the spirit are built upon courage. They require courage, first and foremost. The great ancient teachers, Lao Tzu, Confucius, and even Sun Tzu who wrote, “The Art of War” 2,500 years ago, training warriors to win without having to fight, knew that no man, much less soldier or friend, could be truly trustworthy and loyal, if they had not discovered their own reservoir of courage. Under fire, they would betray their leader – and perhaps even worse, they would betray themselves. They would betray their own beliefs, their own ideas, their own inner direction. And then, how would they go on? How could they ever trust themselves again? And how could they ever look another in the face and say, “Yes, I am trustworthy.”

Part of the archetypal journey written into our souls is the search for our own courage. No human being is truly comfortable living in fear. I am sure this will come as no surprise to any of you, but when I ask people in my audiences why they hesitate to act on their guidance, without a doubt the most common reply is, “Fear.” Fear of what, I ask? Rarely do people actually name the fear, or put a face to the demon. That “act of naming” would require an act of personal courage, incidentally, as the unconscious in each of us recognizes that “naming” the dark force within us is actually a ritual “calling forth the demon.” Naming something gives it form and form gives something “function,” or power and authority. It makes it as real on the outside of our lives as it is on the inside. And once we let a fear “out,” the general belief is that we no longer can control or at least limit the damage it can do in our lives. Thus, people prefer to simply respond with the word, fear, as if it’s all encompassing.

I have long taught that even healing takes enormous courage, which is a realization I gradually grasped after several years in the field of health and healing. When I first began my work in my early 30’s, I made the assumption that any person who was ill or in pain of course wanted to be healed and would do everything he or she had to do to return to a state of health. It’s quite the opposite. I rarely meet a person who has the courage to do everything and anything – and this is not a fact that is financially related. It is a fact that is fully and completely a matter of personal courage. Few people have the courage to actually take on themselves and change the storyline of their lives, a storyline that obviously has characters and plotlines that are dysfunctional. The person who is ill has the lead role, and thus is the most dysfunctional of all. Tragically, it must be said, that often a person has let far too many opportunities to change slip by for lack of courage so that by the time a serious illness does surface, it’s actually too late to make the courageous personal choices that should have been made one or two years earlier. There is such a thing as, “It’s too late,” though we loath to speak about it.

Again, it takes great courage to recognize that you are getting signals to take action within a situation that has become too stressful. Or perhaps you have become far too negative a person and the signals or guidance you are getting is that you need to do something about yourself before it is too late. You are always given some type of warning before your life changes, even when you say to yourself, “I didn’t see this coming.” You may not have seen a car accident coming – true. However, if you reflect upon your inner life for the previous year, you’ll discover that you were experiencing a change in personal perceptions, redirecting you to think a certain way or to perhaps become open to therapy or spiritual direction.

I mentioned this topic in a lecture once and a woman seated toward the front grew increasingly drifty as I was speaking. I could tell that she was detaching from the subject matter so I asked her if she could relate to what I was saying, knowing that she would say, “no.” She said, “no.” She said that her life had had one of those sudden changes I was describing – she was fired from her job – and she never saw it coming. She described herself as a superb employee, always on time for work, devoted to the company, and in her opinion, her firing was due more to her age than to anything else. She felt that even if there was a need for cutbacks, someone younger and more inexperienced should have been fired rather than someone who had the years of experience under her belt that she did. She then added, “What type of guidance was I supposed to receive in my interior world that would have prepared me for that?”

I chose this example because it provides me with a perfect platform to highlight the fact that people always – and I mean always – treat the experience of inner guidance in the same way that they do external advice from a friend, meaning that if you speak with me directly, you will hear me and it will be loud and clear. But I am not an inner voice trying to make my way through your messed up mind-matter. I am not trying to swim through a sea of rubber-banded repressed fears and years of unexpressed emotions and locked down sexual feelings. I am standing right in front of you and the last thing I suffer from is a fear of self-expression.

Contrast that with your inner world and how astonishingly unfamiliar you are with yourself. You hardly know your inner world. Most people have no idea what their archetypal patterns are, for instance. They spend very little time in daily quiet reflection, reviewing the health and quality of their decisions, asking themselves, “What motivated me to say this today?” or “I need to make a major decision tomorrow. What am I feeling and thinking about this decision? What are my thoughts? Are there ethical concerns? Who will be affected by this decision? Am I troubled by a decision I made that has come back to haunt me?” If you believe at all in karma, then you have to at least realize that every decision you make is creating your karma once again. (The reason I do not believe that people actually believe in reincarnation or their own past lives is precisely because of the way they live this one. If they did believe in past lives and in karma, they would be unbelievably mindful and reflective about every single thought and action they initiated, knowing they were building karma for their next life.) Behavior is, at the end of the day, the best evidence of one’s inner theology – not what’s in one’s bookcase, yes?

Back to our woman in the workshop: She was not a person of inner reflection. Rather, she was a person of logic and thus, for her, inner guidance needed to walk, talk, and sound like a human being standing directly in front of her. She had absolutely no sense of that which was not logical. She was terrified of sensual information, information that was intuitive – a sudden knowing that hit the heart or the gut, just like that. It takes a great deal of courage to be wide open to clear, intuitive hits because you cannot argue with your intuition. Unlike your mental system, you cannot make your intuition lie to you. You can, however, bend your mind in any number of directions. You can make up a story about how something happened and even claim you didn’t say something nasty or you can say someone else did say something offensive when, in fact, they didn’t. Tell the story enough times and pretty soon, bingo, your mind can’t tell the difference as to whether the incident in question happened in the physical world or not.

Your intuition, on the other hand, is like truth serum. You often do not like what it communicates to you but you cannot force it to say otherwise. You can create methods of temporary distraction – that’s certainly true. But in the end, intuitive hits win out, because the truth one strives to repress finds a way of incarnating within the events of one’s life. Relationships begin to crumble or your health begins to suffer, for example. It takes a great deal of courage to be clear about your intuitive voice. Your interior matter becomes highly sensitized to that high frequency that can only be described as “truth” – and not just your personal truth. Beyond your personal truth is the realm of “truth” itself, Truth that belongs to the nature of life, separate and apart from your personal life story.

And once again, back to our woman – for the last time. Remember that she could not fathom that she had in any way received any inner guidance that some form of change was coming in her life. For her to acknowledge such a message, it would have had to come in the form of a messenger coming to her door with a warning that she was about to lose her job and further, in order not to lose her job, a list of suggestions would be left on her desk in the morning. She would have had to have guidance that resulted in a happy ending for her. This is the scenario that would validate the reality of inner guidance. But this is the scenario that most people are looking for and it also speaks of the type of guidance that people wait to receive before they take action in life. They cannot imagine themselves acting on anything but logical, clear, specific instructions – emphasis on the word “instructions” – that guarantee a positive and secure outcome. Remember that human beings are in the business of security and safety and nothing about inner guidance seems to offer either of those two outcomes.

Now consider the nature of the Hero archetype, by far one of the leading archetypes of the entire cosmic theater of archetypal figures. Who doesn’t like a great hero? Since ancient times, the Hero has been the leading figure of every society. Look carefully at what the ancients such as Ulysses and Hercules, as well as the medieval Hero, King Arthur, and now our action superheroes such as the Terminator, Spiderman, and others have in common: They all act on intuitive authority/power that requires endless acts of personal courage. They are required to create their own maps in life, to go on their own survival instincts, to rely on their inner resources as well as their wits.

Read the lives of people who survived great or horrendous ordeals, such as the man who cut his arm off in order to free himself from a fall down a cavern while hiking, again his courage blended with his intuitive guidance as he acted on his survival instincts to stay alive. Most survival stories are made from this chemistry of courage and intuition. The combination of the two is the key to a person’s highest potential, whether in the moment or for the whole of their lives.

Every human being longs to know what his or her life would be like if only he or she were truly fearless. It’s ironic that this society of ours is experiencing an epidemic of bullying in our schools these days and the Bully archetype is the opposing force of the Hero. The Bully cannot bear to look at even the potential of vulnerability in another person, much less the potential of courage or personal power. The Bully sees his or her own fear or, in the case of power, sees what cannot be attained from within and therefore must be destroyed. The Bully is on the rise in our society and not only in our schools but in political forces and it is alarming, to say the least. If there was ever a time when personal courage was worth self-review, it is now.

Today we live in a world undergoing a rapid-fire transformation and the impact of the changes in motion are touching all of our lives. If there was ever a time to confront personal fears, it is now. The conscious life is not a life lived in a bookcase but one reflected by the choices we make every second of our life. You are an intuitive, spiritual being and that inner voice is your most valuable resource, far beyond that of any logical, external advice you may hope to guide you in the months and years to come. You are your best guide, as frightening a thought as that might seem most of the time. It remains the truth. So I’ve put together a few questions for personal reflection, as I always do and I hope you’ll take some time with them.

  1. Name your fears.
  2. How many of your fears in life have actually materialized? And if any have, what was your response? Did you find that you broke through those fears?
  3. Do you feel that fear holds you back from making choices you would like to make in life? What are they?
  4. Are you presently receiving guidance to take action in any way? Name that action and write down what your response is – particularly if you are deliberately creating a path of postponement.
  5. Do you consider yourself a courageous person? Sometimes? All the time? Depends on the circumstance?
  6. Has anyone ever come to your rescue in such a way that you thought, “That took courage?”
  7. What do you fear about being healthy?
  8. What does it take courage for you to look at in this changing world of ours? Climate change? The changing situation of the country? The vulnerability of the future?

Remember that we are on a journey together. We are a community of wisdom souls, sharing our learning and our lives, moving through an extraordinary period of history unlike any other time before. It is a privilege to be alive now and you are on this earth now because you matter in ways you will never know. As the brilliant Thomas Merton wrote, “This day will never come again.” We must not waste a day of our lives, not a day, not a moment. Every day is precious. Keep that truth in your heart.




Rainbow Girl by Ina Wong @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah   

Gateway Week: Aligning with the Collective Shift – Sandra Walter

midnight gaia art -by Shadowlea Is - at Fine Art America - female face gaia

Midnight Gaia by Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America


Gateway Week: Aligning with the Collective Shift

Blessings Beloveds

In last week’s lengthy article about the September 30th Timeline Shift, the details of how timelines unfold with cosmic influxes were shared.

An intensification of Divine Love after a timeline shift purifies the memory fields, which are the emotional creations of the collective that create our experience of time. The intensity of emotional clearing and re-alignment of your path with the higher trajectory is the purpose of these clearing energies.

This is the 2020 energies already in play (since mid-year.) Acceleration is ON. We are in a Solar-focused Gateway since the cosmic stargate opening last week. Connect with that SUNspot as it faces Earth, there are information and codes available in this Now.

As noted last week; the intensity is amplified by the collective decision to level up; to remove distortion. Since all is One, we get to feel it and participate. However, it is important to practice FEELING what your choice is with these timeline shifts and purer frequencies.

Rehearse the feeling of bliss, gratitude, global forgiveness and abundance OFTEN. It changes your DNA, your energy fields, and your timeline choice. Then create, light-ground, take action to pull that reality into your lifestream.

October 4 -13: Gateway focus.

:: We are in it ::

The predicted Gateway brings us a SUNspot to play with. Remember this is Divine support; get outside for full-spectrum healing. All is amplified for our choice; bliss states grow stronger, uncomplimentary patterns break apart to be released.

If it is a challenging passage for you, you are not alone. Remember the intensity is pulling apart lesser realities. If you find yourself entangled with them, now is the moment to change lanes. Give yourself the gift of responsible Creation: Feel it, rehearse it, be grateful for all of it.

Utilize your superpower of LOVE. Higher choices,moment to moment. The heart field expands and reveals discord within. Pay attention to any resistance to change and shift what is presenting as uncomplimentary. Be in your Mastery. Mastery is not about control, it is the ability to apply Love to everything until your become a pure conduit of Source.

Our Gateway focus of October 4-13 is delivering a unique brand of positive intensity. A heart-centered reminder to be a responsible Creator: Feel, visualize and FEEL the Primary vibration of the higher 2020 trajectory in this Now.

Pause. Get outside in the Solar flow. Breathe. Feel yourself in your highest expression right here, right now. Practice the New Earth Now experience – it changes your trajectory. Watch and play with the guided New Earth Now workshop from last year. Then send that highest creation through the grids to support the collective.

It is your conscious choice to implement the Freedom codes on behalf of all. Think Global, act local. Entire sections of our collective akashic are being neutralized with these 2020 frequencies and timeline shifts. The acceleration is ON.

Practice Positive Unity Consciousness:

SUNday October 6: SUNday Global Unity Meditations. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at http://www.sandrawalter.com/unity/

SUNday October13: Full Moon at 2:10pm PDT and Global Unity Meditations. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am, 2:11pm (Full Moon) and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at http://www.sandrawalter.com/unity/

Crystalline DNA Mastery class:

Modules 1 & 2 are available. Join us anytime at https://sandrawalter.mykajabi.com/

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with #Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,



Midnight Gaia by Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Self-empowerment of Divine Love – Christine Day

female face baby child art by Annelie Solis

Artist ~ Annelie Solis


Christine’s Message October 2019


There is a golden haze all around our land with the leaves beginning to change color as the colder weather of fall comes in. It feels as though this golden light is mirroring the pure energies of God light that now is embracing all of us. I am excited and exhilarated by the currents of unfolding light that are penetrating our planet and continue to be transmitted from the Sun’s rays, carrying the powerful essence of purity since the shift in mid-September.


Pleiadian Message October 2019

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Beloved Ones we greet you,  There is much to be revealed to you this month. As you choose to reconnect within the vastness of your own Heart, understanding and clarity will be given to you. This is your time for the self-empowerment of divine love to be released through you. This love transmits naturally from your Heart into your physical cells, to create a transmutation of your own unique light to nourish your cells.

Your sacred nature embodies love and as you choose to actively engage within your Heart there is a deep metamorphic process that is taking place within your cells. This is your time to take moments to activate this unfolding within you. This is a self-birthing process of you unfolding by reactivating the Love within.

Be willing to let go and allow the changes to unfold within your life. Consciously celebrate and own your life no matter how it appears within the illusion.

Gratitude for what is in your life brings to you receivership of a higher blessing. This is the time for Blessings to be returned to you. Open up and let go celebrating your path and engaging deeply with all that you have created for yourself at this juncture. Do not regret your experiences that you have created. Simply be a witness to all that you have experienced and now open into all that is about to be revealed to you on your path.

We witness you.


The Pleiadians



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Ascension Shifts at St Michael’s Mount by Archangel Michael – Natalie Glasson

Archangel Michael by Lily Moses


Ascension Shifts at St Michael’s Mount by Archangel Michael
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Natalie: Recently I felt guided to visit the island of St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. Upon arriving in Marazion the view of St Michael’s Mount was spectacular, the sun was shining warmly, and the sky was completely blue. We took a short boat ride over to the island. Even before setting foot upon the island we could feel the crystal-clear refreshing energies of Archangel Michael. After looking around we found a space to settle and invite Archangel Michael forth to guide and enlighten us.

Archangel Michael: Into the sky multiple diamonds of multiple colours flow down into the island of St Michael’s Mount. Each diamond clear and yet colourful is like a puzzle piece, each has a destination, and each has a purpose. The diamonds flow into the network of energy systems of the island of St Michael’s Mount. At the core of the energy systems an energy statue exists, it is a figure in my form, for I am,

Archangel Michael. Each diamond creates my form, my DNA, my templates within this energetic statue, which is alive and active, as if I was fully present upon the Earth. This is a space you can come to meet me, whether you visit physically or energetically. My energy and that of the inner planes is fully anchored into this space for you to experience and draw from. The energy anchored fuels my energetic state or form, it sends sacred and timely light through the energy networks not only into the island, the land beyond, in fact the entire Earth.

What is Being Anchored?

As you sit upon the island of St Michael’s Mount, whether you visit on foot or through the transportation of your awareness, your soul has guided you to be here to exist in my form. If you wish to transport your awareness to the island you may use this invocation to do so.

‘Archangel Michael, I wish to exist in your presence and your energetic form as is anchored into the core of the island of St Michael’s Mount. Please transport my awareness safely and securely to St Michael’s Mount so I may experience the energies anchoring, your form and your expression to me and the world. Thank you and so it is.’ (Close your eyes and allow my energy to surround you, gradually changing the frequency of your energy to vibrate in harmony with me, Archangel Michael.)

You may see within your inner vision my presence or you may simply feel or acknowledge my energy. As you become accustomed to my presence, I ask of you:

What form do you see as you connect into the energies of the island and my presence, Archangel Michael? Meaning what form do you see me as? If this form was to be distributed across the world, what would be distributed? There is no right or wrong answer, you see within me that which is already within yourself. Take some time to contemplate and experience my presence and question to you fully.

More importantly what form do you see yourself in and as? This is a deep and awakening question that the heavens and the divine planes are asking humanity now. You can interpret this question in any way you wish and choose to.  It is through the energetic network and centre of the island of St Michael’s Mount that this question is being asked. This is a point of anchoring, we use it as a divine anchor, you might say to send recipes, ingredients, methods, through the divine planes into the island as an anchor. The sea surrounding the island acts as a cleanser so that the energy can be distributed purely.

Many people are responding, they are visiting the island physically and energetically, sometimes with knowledge of why they are visiting and other times not. People are waiting to receive my energies and that which is coming forth from the divine planes. Each person is being asked:In what form do you see Archangel Michael and most importantly, what form do you see yourself as? These two questions are creating a powerful internal awakening process.

You have come to the island to receive.

We have already anchored that which is for you to receive by your simple presence with me, Archangel Michael, now upon the island, whether you are physically or energetically present. However, you can still make the request to receive that which is necessary and appropriate.

‘Archangel Michael, I wish to exist in your presence and your energetic form as is anchored into the core of the island of St Michael’s Mount. As I exist harmonised with your vibration, please support all aspects and levels of my being in receiving all that is necessary and appropriate now to aid my spiritual and physical existence on the Earth, as well as supporting my ascension. Thank you and so it is.’

You also have the opportunity to receive anything you wish to receive as you exist within the anchor and energy network of the island. You can receive anything you wish, whether it is qualities, special abilities, situations or experiences in your reality or being. Anything in your physical or spiritual reality can be received because as you make the request so you will download and embody the template for this. You can ask for the template to be anchored into your being, and into your subconscious for it to manifest with divine timing.

So, in this moment what do you wish to receive? I invite you to contemplate this, and when you are ready state out loud or in your mind that which you request to receive. I, Archangel Michael will then hear your request and grant the manifestation so you may receive that which is aligned with your soul.

A key to receiving your request is to allow yourself to see yourself beyond that which you are capable of. If you are willing to do this then you will easily receive all you wish for physically and spiritually. To view yourself beyond that which you are already aware of yourself, can be challenging as it is to recognise yourself beyond boundaries and limitations. If you are willing to recognise that in this moment of your life you are limited by fears, blockages and habits, even if you feel completely free and healed, then you will see further than you could possibly imagine. The key to recognising yourself beyond limitations is to acknowledge the limitations you are currently energising. Once acknowledged, you can decide on an action to set yourself free from the limitations or simply realise that your acknowledgment releases the limitations eternally. Recognising yourself beyond limitations allows you to receive openly all that is ready and available for you.

One of the greatest limitations can be a belief that you are unworthy to receive or that you need to work hard to receive all you wish for and require.

I, Archangel Michael, encourage you to take time to be present with me, calling me forth or visiting my energetic anchor at St Michael’s Mount. Let us breathe in harmony and oneness. I am present to bring forth healing, transformation and a greater recognition of self and the Creator.

And so, I will withdraw my voice, I thank you for listening,

I Am Archangel Michael



Archangel Michael by Lily Moses

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


October Ascension Energies-Creative Love – Jamye Price

Whitetail Deer Painting Fall Flame by Crista Forest @ Fine Art America


October Ascension Energies-Creative Love

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Big internal changes. September was a deep and potent shift internally—which often takes time to manifest in the physical—that is helping us to integrate and embody our Infinite Self. This merges the Divine Human more directly and consciously.

As we anchor this higher frequency into physicality, we are amplifying our conscious power to utilize the subtle realm rules of the Law of Resonance. This gives greater access (though we’ve always been working with it, mostly unconsciously) to the vast, subtle, invisible engine that builds worlds.

As you resonate, you create.

September’s energy, even beyond the equinox, was creating more balance within. In the experience of duality, we create (move through time) through the dualistic flow of imbalance/new balance. It’s a neutral expression of creation within this loving universe. More on this in the energies of the final quarter of this Year of Freedom (according to Areon).

Perhaps you noticed old or deep issues “re”surfacing, boundary issues or opportunities for overcoming fears that may have been minor or major from your perspective. The beautiful flow of Life evolving is calling you to a more empowered version of yourself.


The energies of the fourth quarter will be supporting us to Transcend Duality. This is not about avoiding or obliterating duality, it is about integration. Just like two opposite sides are one coin, or the opposite energy of positive and negative charges are one atom.

For you to Transcend Duality, you are integrating the opposites (or separation) within you. What you resist, or what seems opposite is an opportunity for you to grow and create a new wholeness. This creates a powerful creative flow, less separation, more connective Love.


The energy of October was shown to me as Creative Love. I was shown a vision of a heart breaking open, and mending into a stronger structure. When the ego leads, the first reaction to “strengthen” the heart is to build barriers of protection. This can be helpful in the beginning to protect as healing and transformation is occurring—like a cast prohibits movement and access to a broken ankle bone that is mending.

Eventually, you must take the cast off, or instead of helping the healing as it did in the beginning, the cast is now inhibiting the healing. First you may need crutches to support your healing, but you must put a little pressure on it (not too much yet) so it strengthens. Then eventually you need to stop using the crutches altogether in order to best heal.

It’s time to let go of the heart crutches. :o) Love boldly. Love yourself enough to hold healthy boundaries that support your strengthening. Love Life unconditionally within (seek internal forgiveness, which is your internal freedom), even as you honor healthy boundaries in the conditional physical realm.

Honoring the conditions of the physical is the wisdom of “being in the world.” Establishing the unconditionality (freedom) of your inner realm is the wisdom of being “not of” the world.

This interplay is the duality that we experience in the physical realm. Your neutrality is your bridge to connect that duality into the higher layer of Truth that connects those opposites. As you utilize your Creative Love, you are balancing your inner realm with the external experience. Life responds.

I’m seeing energies from September building and supporting, of course. The progression. Asking the question: “Am I loving myself unconditionally in this moment” is helpful to keep nurturing your resonance into a greater flow of Love. When I was filming the monthly video, I saw a deer walk into my backyard, signaling that support of gentleness.

As Areon reminds me often, relax into your flow. Be gentle with the self. Use Love to shift rather than so much effort and you will receive the support that is flow to your more readily. And your effort will feel more inspired, for it is then coming from your infinite wellspring of Love. That’s what you are.

Happy October!



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

SEEING THRU TIME – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


The light shines and reflects opening new angles of perception, intuition and understanding. The new angles of intuitive reflection that are birthed allow one to see through time, illusion and mirages. Everything has shifted to the next realm within the next Cog, within the Wheels of Time, allowing Humanity a New Perspective that is unfolding on a daily basis. Like a puzzle that has changed its framework, what we once pictured is no longer a living truth. Humanities abilities are stretching like Saran Wrap over a television. They are being forced to look at a different angle of time. The eyes reflect and deflect like a kaleidoscope, As the earthen six senses walk down the street of 6th dimensional perception.

Reflections of light vary in their high wire performance as they dance about the Earthly matrix. The sky shows new directions of herself that have been well hidden in clouds of the past. Mankind is lifted to the next level of knowledge, screaming and kicking all the way. Free will free will… he screams, the universe Just Smiles.

There are many of us around the world that hold a position of light, a column of light we have never deserted and always held high. Not because we were voted in, not because we have enough likes or hits. Those that are dedicated to the light are not just dating the ‘Light’ they are energetically and literally married to the Light.

We may be weather-beaten and ancient from one point of interpretation but from the universes point of view we shine brighter than a new baby star. The scars of the soul and the weathering of the humanness, force us to show our underbelly exposing it in faith, Exposing the vulnerable parts of self.  We are stitched together within every fiber of our being with threads of hope, Grace, Courage, truth, wisdom and love. We hold a tapestry of what is destined to come.

We are here to remind you of the permanence of what is light. Like the voting system in America many think their votes do not count and their thoughts do not account for much either. Many think their prayers and heartfelt intentions are just dust in the wind And so it literally seems on many a day. Those that come forth in effort and revival of light do so as The Last Knights barricade, the singular grail knight that awaits.  We all are the living standing stones with a breath, a  heartbeat and a say so! We hold the stronghold in a place of fortitude and determination around the world.

We are all Guardians of the living Grail but the Quest for the Grail has changed in longitude and latitude and placements of time. Like a virtual game that has evolved the old rules no longer apply, the connection is not the same the input and output do not balance each other.



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah    

Light Navigators – Gillian MacBeth Louthan

Artist ~ Karl Bang


Light Navigators

As dimensional fissures become an everyday event we find ourselves sailing down new corridors of time as well as spacial and time expansion. What was long sought within self, within history, and within landmass, now slowly worn away by passing earth time comes to the surface. We have become light Navigators in striations of light that we never knew existed. We are at a cumulative point of coming face-to-face with many aspects of our self on a DNA ancestral level that we personally do not want to admit to.

Days and nights dance together as 24 hours seems to have shortened itself into a more concise point of energy. Like lights slowly dimming in a great hall, one does not always feel or sense the change or shift when sitting in the wings of time. What we see in this new sea of light is yet to be formed like a Loch Ness monster that seeks refuge. Each human has developed bifocal lens Allowing them to see dimensionally, allowing them to see into the past and future riding the time slips as earth’s restorative resonance is changed to fit incoming shifts. Each experience is deciphered with a different code a different program a different index. No two can be compared, like roses in a garden, each has a unique color and scent. Many have become prickly pear of nature as what was one stuffed Rises to the surface to be seen in a sharpness and Clarity that may be too much for most humans.

Love and forgiveness are a great Salve for anything God has created and should be applied generously. Like a wounded lion any criticism could be dangerous, as humanity sees its old wounds and battle scars in the light of a fresh day. The Child of Light that lives within each person seeks to float to the surface effortlessly like an island that has been birthed in the night. The skin of the soul is sensitive, seeking solitude. The being of Light within wishes to come to the surface, like a message in a bottle it wants to be found and opened. Save our souls, SOS, means so much more than what one can write in the sand. For without the souls of the human species a great part of the universe would be void of life

For it is written that you have the grace of creation, the love of the creator, a great light that lives within as a guideline.  All species are aligned with creation but not all species have the developmental ability to love, to weep, to pray, and to mourn.  Humanity is truly and deeply loved by that which first gave it light and life. Even though parents would never admit it there is always a favorite child amongst the siblings and the children of earth are just that.

As the good within humanities heart flails about in its own Sea of Confusion, ancient codes come to the surface, codes of Honor, codes of Truth, codes of the heart and great promises to be kept. The very word promise itself has the vibration of two joining hands joining hearts and joining lights in a comradeship that should hold Through Time. Promises we made to ourselves from Years Gone by now fly by higher than our ability to see. No longer are we bound to what we once promised our god and ourselves.  We are set free to ignite a new line of light, a new passion a new creative fire and Drive.

We all come around the blind corner face-to-face with all dimensional aspects of our own learning and teachings.  Everything now mirrors what we need to address. Most days we would like to just stay home and board the window shut but life demands and she always gets what she wants. Is seeing believing or is the believing in the seeing? So many truths from so many times come forth to show themselves. All are Full of Truth and proof but still most do not believe. Humanity is in a Hologram of its own making. Everyday humanity slices and dices that picture thru every thought every word and every action, changing the format, coloration and saturation of the pixels of one’s life.

As we come closer to the holy days and the holidays of 2019 we are in a place to receive and give blessings.  The skins of so many are newborn of nature everything has been rough on the human senses causing sensitivity and biological upheavals. The holidays comes to heal with the Salve of the season infused with love and kindness. For the Holiness that walks the Earth increases exponentially offering a multitude of Miracles and appearance of  light-filled beings. Humanity does not believe as it once did, this causes a deterioration in the soul. Believing is a Powerful feature of humanity. The ability to believe in the Invisible, to believe in miracles and to believe and trust in each other, is a powerful medicine for personal and planetary healing.



Artist ~ Karl Bang

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Everything is Sacred – Peggy Black & the Team

Portrait Art by Caroline Maniere


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family Sept 19, 2019
 _____________ My Personal Message______________

Our weather is changing from extremely hot to cool fall weather. I have ordered firewood to keep the upstairs warm. This is the time of the year that I dread a little because we set out clocks back an hour and it gets dark earlier plus the cold weather is coming. California does not have extreme season changes, so I know this little complaining is inappropriate.I am truly feeling blessed and protected. I had an incident while driving in which I ran over a bike loading ramp in the road. It lodged under my car and punctured my fuel tank. No spark no fire. I pulled over, heart racing and called 91l. A kind highway patrolman stayed with me till the tow truck arrived. It was certainly a scary experience, however no one was hurt, my car is being repaired, all is well and more. It was just a reminder of how quickly something can unexpectedly happen.

I am starting this new time of the year with a focus on my health. Eating a more plant based diet, making sure that I rest, stay hydrated and enjoy the nature that surrounds me here in the woods.
I plan to incorporate energy tools, flowing colors through my body morning and night. I will also use the power of the violet flame to transmute and transform any health issue.

If you want clarity to any question in your life, please give me a call and we can arrange a time for you to have a personal session with the ‘team.’ They are generous with their support and guidance regarding your questions about your future.

I am so blessed to have the personal connection of those who have had sessions with the ‘team.’ Many have become close friends as we travel this life experience together. I am so grateful to be able to do this work and share the ‘team’ messages with you and their personal support and guidance.

I love to receive you emails, and your kind words about this work. I deeply appreciate your incredible support with the bluesky donations. It is so important that we acknowledge that we are a powerful community of conscious beings truly supporting the upliftment of our planet. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. I offer you blessings of grace and delightful joy. Peggy

Message from the ‘Team’
Everything is Sacred
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here supporting your ever expanding consciousness. We are here reminding you of your personal power to transform energy and therefore transform the reality that you observe. From our vantage point it seems that most earthwalkers observe this reality from a place of helplessness or powerlessness. They feel there is very little that they can do to shift what is occurring, the chaos, the dysfunction and the misqualified energies.We are inviting you to step into your ownership as a divine multidimensional being. It is from that awareness and ownership that you truly have the incredible power and ability to uplift and transform your personal life as well as the collective reality you observe.

Everything is energy and vibration. Everything is connected. There is entrainment and resonance with all. You might feel separate, alone or even isolated from this whole, however you and all others are connected to this web of cosmic energy.

Often you feel the tug, the pull or even the push of the energy that is happening in world events.   Every human being is empathic. Most individuals have found clever ways to shut this ability down. It is too intense to deal with and you have forgotten that you have the gift and ability to transform and transmute the negative and misqualitied energies that you encounter.

We return again and again to remind you of your personal power. Each and every action, word or emotion that you express makes an imprint on this collective consciousness. So what can you do each day to truly make a difference. We know that this is a longing within each of you.

We are inviting you to remember the power of ritual and ceremony. It is the focused intent, being fully present in the moment with your actions and your words.

Realize that ritual is a way that humans hold their reality together. Begin to notice the simple rituals you perform every day. You might not recognize them; however, your life is a series of rituals that you enact unconsciously. The steps you take upon awakening, the tasks you go through to get ready for your day. Each one of those actions is a ritual, begin to consciously make them sacred.

Now imagine that you bring your full attention to the task/ritual. Understand that when you focus your full attention upon an action it becomes sacred, holy, whole. Brushing your teeth can become a sacred and holy action with your attention on the blessings of your teeth and mouth and the ability they offer to your aliveness.

Each action you participate in each day can become a holy and sacred action. These simple actions and conscious rituals will calm the mind and certainly focus the attention. Usually these actions are performed unconsciously so they become mundane. The opportunity to use these personal actions as gifts and blessings is lost.

Humans have forgotten the importance of ritual and ceremony. When you begin to consider your daily activities as sacred/holy and whole, you are contributing to the collective wholeness and sacredness. We know this sounds too simple; however, we want you to remember that your energy and action are always contributing to the collective wholeness and sacredness.

Now let us invite you to take this ability of holding an action as holy and consciously create a personal ceremony or ritual with the action of lighting a simple candle. Pause, place your awareness in your heart and send blessings and gratitude into the collective field.

Imagine when you are selecting your produce in the market, you can consciously and quietly perform a ritual and send a blessing of gratitude to all individuals who make those fruits and vegetables available.

In a ceremony your attention is fully upon the task, performing each action just as it should be. A ceremony is therefore a practice for all of life, a practice in doing everything just as it should be done.  Realize that the practice of ritual and ceremony is like an energy magnet that aligns more and more harmony into the field. It is like a prayer that asks, may everything I do be a ceremony. May I do everything with full attention, full care and full respect for what it represents and serves.

Now you can begin to take this awareness of the power of ritual and total focus and connect it to the larger world experience and nature. Indigenous cultures lived sustainably on the land because they respected the consciousness of the water, the trees, and the land. They honored these sentient beings with ritual and ceremony.

Today you are being invited to begin to perform rituals of gratitude to the living beings that you encounter in the food you eat and the water you drink, as well as in your garden or the nature being that you pass on the street. In holding this encounter as holy and sacred, realize that reality is not as you have been told. There is an intelligence, synchronicity, and morphic resonance at work beyond the human understanding.

It is not that a ceremony or ritual will make different things happen in the world. It is that it can and does mold reality into a form where different things may happen. A ceremony declares the sacredness that you decide to live in harmony with all living and sentient beings.

Earthwalkers have forgotten their connection with the nature beings, with all the green and growing and living things. Recognizing that conscious ceremony and ritual honors that connection, your conscious focus and ritual of gratitude and appreciation offers healing and balance between all living things.

Don’t just make special ceremonies; every act should be a ritual and ceremony. Over time the ceremony or ritual becomes an anchor point for a shift in the reality that you inhabit. You will discover that your life will organize itself around the intention behind the ceremony. Ritual sets the tone for each act and word being aligned with what you want to be, and the world you want to live in. A ceremony makes a place into a shrine, offers a reality in which everything is sacred.

We invite you to begin to use the power of conscious ritual to transform your daily life and therefore transform the collective. You can include an invitation for us and other divine beings to join you in your ceremony. Remember this is a tool for you to use as the powerful multidimensional divine being that you are. the ‘team’

©2019 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available

Portrait Art by Caroline Maniere

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah   

Surrender to Divine Will – Amora Quan Yin @ Dolphin Star Temple

Artist ~ Malinda Prudhomme


Surrender to Divine Will

by Amorah Quan Yin

Living in Surrender to Divine Will is an important commitment for true spiritual seekers. But what is it you are to surrender to? I believe that it is not something outside yourself, but is deep surrender to your own Higher Self, or Holy Spirit. If we are all equal parts of God/Goddess then why would we need to surrender to anyone other than our own true selves?

Who is your own true self?

It is that part of you that has never taken on illusion, hiding, holding back, controlling or being controlled. It is that part of you called “spirit.” In order to find this true self you must first learn to know the difference between ego and spirit. I call this reclaiming your lost identity. …one of our primary goals is to reclaim our lost identity that we have given over to ego personality. Another way of saying this is learning to recognize the difference in Truth and illusion. If you have misplaced your identity into being a victim, in the need to hide your truth from others, in believing in fear or other emotional agendas, in distrust, loss of faith or any other agenda that holds limitation, then you need to reclaim it. In order to do this you must stop believing in the limited illusions. In other words, when your thoughts and emotions are holding these limited ideas you must remind yourself, “This is not my Truth. This is just an old ego illusion that I have been carrying for a long time. I cancel that thought and replace it with _________ (fill in the blank with the appropriate unlimited idea).” When you learn to do this consistently, you can reclaim your true self, your spirit identity, and recognize when illusionary ego personality is present and clear it. The main way of clearing it is through stating a higher truth and simply loving the part of you that has been holding the old ego identity. Love will gradually dissolve the lower frequency of ego illusion.

The other requirement for living in Surrender to Divine Will is making a commitment to living in impeccability.

Impeccability is when you know what is right and what is needed and you choose to do it. This means that even if you feel afraid to speak your Truth or do what is right that you do not let yourself believe in the fear and you say and do the correct thing anyway. Many people give a lot of power away to fear. And the moment fear arises it is an instant excuse to be cowardly. Spirit is not cowardly. Spirit knows the difference in Trust and illusion. And if you want to progress on the spiritual path, you must choose Truth. We all have a place in our souls where we know what is right. Where we know the difference in Trust and illusion. Meditation is the best way to find this place in yourself.

In choosing meditation, books, spiritual path you need to be willing to Surrender to Divine Will.

This means you choose only those spiritual practices that speak to that deep place in your soul that knows what is right for you. What is right for others may not be right for you. And only your true self, or spirit self does know. Surrendering to the Divine Will of your true self means you give up self-doubt and low self esteem and you choose to believe in yourself. To know that you are a beautiful Being of Light and that nothing and no one can ever change that. When you know this Surrender to Divine Will becomes spontaneous, joyful, loving, and really right!



Artist ~ Malinda Prudhomme

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

September Revelations, Balance and Embodiment – Sandra Walter

Unicorn ~ Artist Karol Bak


September Revelations, Balance and Embodiment

Blessings Beloveds

Gratitude for your patience as I integrate in Sedona after weeks of travel, Gatework and speaking engagements. The recap/insights on the Disclosure conference will be posted later this week. For the moment, let us be aware of our presence at a disclosure conference and the higher purpose for that, in regards to the collective timeline shifts. More on that later.

In this Now, the intensifying energies and opportunities presenting in September are a priority.

Gatekeepers did a massive opening and clearing on the night of 9-9, which accelerated the clearing of uncomplimentary activities, relationships, energies, anything which prevents Divine flow with the current grid merge or higher timelines. This is preparation for Equinox, which an amplifier of Divine Balance.

Pay attention to what presents or drops away this week, and throughout this month. Collective timeline shifts are powerful events, and we are gearing up for domino-effect events to reveal a collective awareness of intense change. The balancing act is global. Support balance in your own lifestream as it applies to/compliments the higher Ascension timelines.

Walk through September with your Mastery focused on highest choice. Grace, Ease, Creativity and Flow rule the frequency of the higher experience. There are key cosmic trigger points embedded into these higher timelines. Gate clearings tend to reveal what blocks those transformative turning points. It may be subtle or dramatic, just pay attention. No victimhood, judgment or self-judgment. All is amplified for our benefit and free will choice.

We amplify outcomes with our personal thoughts, emotions, words and deeds. Remember this is on behalf of the Ascension, which is already occurring. The Universal photonic command for order breaks apart what is not in balance. Equinox provides a window (Gateway) for our Higher aspects to do the good work. Keep aligned with creating the New.

You may notice the intensity as we approach the Full Moon on Friday, September 13 at 9:35pm PT. High-level clearings affect all realms. All hearts on deck with the pure intent to dissolve all uncomplimentary agendas, frequencies, control mechanisms of the past. Do this from the diamond-clear Divinely Neutral space of the heart. Let the Light do the good work. Write some high-vibe decrees for the New Earth Now, feel, visualize and amplify the Ascended states of Gaia (already there) and allow the realities to shift as needed for all concerned.

Ascension Symptoms: Embracing Embodiment

Most of you know what photonic light does to the body at this point. (Newbies, review the free ebooks or take a class to catch up.)

  • Tired and wired is normal.
  • Stimulation of the etheric glands in the diaphragm to handle more light (the Buddha belly effect) is normal.
  • Increases in electric and magnetic activity as the torus fields expand are normal.
  • The increasing tones and sensations are normal.
  • Amplification of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels for clearing and lessons is normal.

We get it.

Embodiment requires reconnection of etheric levels of DNA. Embodiment simultaneously causes an acceleration in that reconnection. It can be intense – in a good, mystical, surreal kind of way.

Frequencies and codes are aimed at DNA, because that is how we create our experiences in form.

It is not the DNA controlling the experience, it is your higher consciousness shining through it. When the Higher Self begins the Embodiment process, which is happening collectively this year, it triggers higher trajectories of collective Ascension to occur. Embodiment changes everything, including timeline shifts.

Kindwhile, the cells have to hold a significant higher amount of light to give the palpable experience of Ascension. This is a perfect moment to review and fine-tune your Ascension practices.

Basic practices to stay on the higher trajectory:

Emotional clearing, at any phase of the process. Uncomplimentary thoughts, emotions, habits, addictions have to be consciously resolved and released. This is a HUGE act of service.

The more we clear, the less expression of distortion occurs in the collective realities. It also has a direct effect on the elementals, which are sensitive to collective thought, emotion and clearings through the stargates. If the fires, storms and distortions bother you, please resolve those fears and reactions within. Assist others if you have that skill.

Alignment with the organic realms is key. It demonstrates your choice of reality. Get outside with the pure intent to BE in alignment. Meditate in nature, send love and gratitude to all that is. This grants permission for the pure, organic Ascension codes to activate within your DNA.

SUNlight has changed again. You may have noticed that the SUN has become more crystalline and intense since the last Gateway. The photonic pressure is on for the 2020 clarity to be a collective experience, right now. In our Mastery, we alchemically transform our hearts with these Solar-Diamond-Crystalline-Photonic frequencies. The upgrades are palpable. Turn off your AI gadgets and get out there to receive the pure codes. I was up on Shasta during the last intense geomagnetic storm as the incoming codes surged the grids. Remember a core magnetic shift in Gaia means deep adjustments for our own inner compass. The influxes which elevated the K-index were a response to the magnetic shifts of the August Gateway. This reinforced the grid merge with the the New Earth Crystalline Grids (a bridge to the new realities.)

Lemurian/Inner Earth support is consistent now. Allow connection with these subtle realms, and remember many of these expressions are your past intention merging with your present and future consciousness. It is a side-effect of zero point dynamics: merging of the past-present-future girds reflects the merging of the embodiment phase (past-present-Higher Ascended Self). Note the synchronistic activity of a zero-point merge of the old paradigm (lower timelines), Ascending timelines (present) and New Earth realms (the already created future outcome existing since the 12-12-12.)

Movement, rest and meditation: Rest is necessary to integrate, however the energy fields require movement to expand. It assists with anxieties or stress associated with deep change. Balance the mental, emotional and physical levels with movement, meditation and stress-relieving creativity.

Hydration: Solaris is broadcasting higher levels of photonic-encoded plasma, delivered with increasing intensity as larger stargates and Crystalline grid systems reconnect. (SUN gazing may be challenging some days; be wise with your eyes.)

Plasma influxes make us thirsty, because they are triggering the water in our bodies to change. Some of this incoming plasma is a new form of water, activating the aquifers (and the water in your cells) to hold more photonic light on the planet. Water is key for upgrading the cells and DNA, and activating crystalline structures. Remember this planet is built for Ascension (abundant quartz + water) and those aspects are the easiest to amplify, within and without.

For DNA best practices, check out the Crystalline DNA ebook (free to subscribers) or join the new Crystalline DNA class beginning the week of September 23.

Significant Passages for our Unification & Gate/Gridwork:

September 13: Full Moon at 9:35pm PDT. All hearts on deck with the pure intent to dissolve all uncomplimentary agendas, frequencies, control mechanisms of the past. Divine Neutrality. Feel, visualize and amplify the New Earth Now and decree the realities to express the higher timelines for all concerned.

September 15: SUNday Global Unity Meditations, increasing light levels. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at http://www.sandrawalter.com/unity/

September 18-19: Gate opening for the Equinox influx and collective balance.

September 22: SUNday Global Unity Meditations – prep for Equinox. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at http://www.sandrawalter.com/unity/

September 23: Equinox at 12:50am PT. Global Unity Meditation and collective Gatework. Let the balance unfold with ease and grace.

September 28: New Moon at 11:27am PT. Global Unity meditation.

September 28 – 29: Collective Timeline shift. Strong boost for First Embodiers and collective DNA. Co-create the palpable experience of Ascension across all densities and parallel realities, to the highest level allowed by cosmic law.

September 29: SUNday Global Unity Meditations. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at http://www.sandrawalter.com/unity/

We Create as One

In our Mastery, we shower this planet and all of her life with the highest levels of Divine LoveLight through the awakened Presence of Source in our Hearts. This month holds the possibility for positive, somewhat surprising change. As vehicles for these positive unfoldments, we co-create the amplification of Divine Love in the NOW as a high act of Divine Service.

Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,



Unicorn ~ Artist Karol Bak
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Serapis Bey – From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia

Serapis Bey by Pamela Matthews, Grail Graphics Ascended Master


Lord Serapis Bey:

In fact, I say to all of you that if you are really serious about ascending in this life and if you apply all the Laws of Love with absolute constancy and perseverance, “you can do it.”

With our help and with the help of your “I AM Presence” and your “Higher Mental Body,” nothing is impossible. In fact, it is not only possible but most desirable for your evolution that you do not stay behind in the third dimension very long after the Earth’s Ascension around 2012. This is my promise to you that we will match your efforts in assisting each one of you.

We love you all very dearly and our dedication to assist you is so absolute! Once you discover the real truth about Ascension, you will no longer hesitate to let go of the outmoded lifestyles you have accepted as “normal,” and prepare yourself to live as a true Child of God.

On behalf of those of the Ascension Brotherhood of Luxor who serve with me in that Holy Purpose of holding the Sacred Energies of the Ascension Flame, we send to all of you who read our words of Wisdom, our deepest Love and Mantle of Peace.

I AM Serapis Bey from the Ascension Temple of Luxor!

From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia



Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission.

Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.

With thanks to Mehroo Fitter
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The Call To Be of Service – Caroline Myss

Artist Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art


The Call To Be of Service

The following is from Caroline’s 2015 Salon

A few days ago, I put up the following Facebook post on the topic of service: “To be of service to others through your inner gifts, your intuition, your courage, your talents and your creativity is possible for all those who are willing to respond to the needs of others. Toward this end, you must see yourself as healed, having completed the unfinished business of your past. While you may visit your wounds every now and again, you can no longer emotionally or mentally reside in that contaminated psychic field, continually processing wounds that are decades old. Your focus has to be in the present moment. This is where you power is, and being in the present is what your health requires.”

This post went viral, as the expression goes. In fact, it has turned out to be one of the most read posts in all the years my site has been up. Now that has given me reason to examine the content of this one paragraph and the numerous responses written by all our Facebook followers very carefully. What is so inspirational about the content of this paragraph? So many of the comments were words of agreement such as, “I agree” and “Thank you for this”, so here are my thoughts on why this message struck a cord.

Being of service to other human beings is a calling. It is not a job. It is not a career. It is a calling. And although that “calling” may be packaged as a job or a career, that is merely the vessel your calling requires. Further, the call to be of service does not require a job or a career. All it requires is a healthy you. And even further, by “healthy you”, I do not mean a fully physically healthy you. I mean a “you” who is capable of managing a “healthy” personal agenda when involved in “conscious” acts of service, from volunteer work to your role in any number of service occupations. That’s a high goal to shoot for, I’ll grant you that. But a “calling” is the “high spiritual road”, because in the process of serving others, the situation, job, or occupation will often bring out your own demons as a way of serving your personal growth.

The idea of service has intrigued me for many reasons, far too many to go into in one article. But being of service took on greater significance for me as my professional life flowed organically from doing medical intuitive readings to examining questions about healing: What did people need to know or do or not do or get or whatever in order to heal? Once you start asking those questions, you never stop, because there is no end to that mystery. One question leads to another and then to another and so on. Eventually I realized that unlike the data derived from physical science of the body that are quantifiable, emotional, psychological and spiritual data are subjective moving pieces. A person’s feelings change every day and with those changes, memories shift a bit this way and that. Stories are recalled slightly differently. Intimacy with other people can rise and fall with a phone call. The inner world, in other words, is an endless moving picture.

Yet, even with that, certain patterns – indeed, archetypal patterns – present themselves as consistent within human nature. To wit, we thrive on hope and love and disintegrate without nurturing. We respond better to kindness than abuse. We are tribal by nature. We need community, in other words. And we need to feel that our lives are of value to at least someone other than ourselves. Being of value requires that we are of service, that we are useful in some way. Said differently, we must find a “use” for ourselves, for that is the essence of self-esteem.

And so we ask these questions: For what reason have I been given life? What use am I, Lord? Why have you given me this gift of life? How do you want me to use this precious gift that is my life? Surely I cannot just use this for myself, indulging just my own needs every single day.

I learned from years of observations in the field of healing that having an answer to those questions, that is, feeling you are of value to at least one person, is an essential ingredient to healing. In fact, as I learned when writing Invisible Acts of Power, that became the most essential ingredient of all.

I’m going to share a story or two from Invisible Acts of Power, because the stories people shared with me about acts of service in their life changed my life. Actually, those stories didn’t just change my life; they initiated the beginning of my mystical path in the truest meaning of a living mystical path. This is how it all began for me: I had sent a request out via my web audience asking for stories of experiences of “service”; either how they had been of service to others or how they had experienced an act of service from someone. I anticipated that I would receive maybe one hundred responses but in three days more than 1,200 unbelievably tender, loving, heartbreaking, soul-moving stories filled my email box. I read every single one of them, some of them four or five times, as they were so incredible. (Just as an aside, reading 1,200 plus personal stories of truly exceptional – and at times miraculous – content in a condensed period of time is an extraordinary experience. I got “spiritually high”. No kidding.)

I was completely taken with the experiences people were sharing with me, from the briefest to the longest, from the most dramatic to the simplest. Every one of them felt as if it was alive, pulsating with life. And then one evening, as I was reading one particularly extraordinary story, I realized that these stories were “alive”. They were like human scripture to me, each one a vessel of grace transmitting a story of the power human beings have to help each other make it through the hard passages of life. Many, many things about these stories moved me to tears again and again, but I was especially taken by the simplicity of actions and how little it took to make a huge difference in a person’s life. I could not help but notice that not one person said, “I was looking for a way to be of service and when I saw that homeless person, I thought ‘wow, here’s my chance.’”

These acts of service were spontaneous responses from one human heart to another. Many times, the person giving to the other in need had no idea how much that person needed that kindness in that moment – and no doubt, never would find out. One man wrote to me, for example, and said that he was on his way home with the intention of committing suicide. He stopped at a street corner, pausing to think for a moment about his method. He had pills and a razor blade. As he stood on the corner wondering, “Should I down the pills and then cut my wrist or should I cut my wrist first and then take the pills?” he wrote in his letter to me that a car pulled up to the stop sign. He waited for the car to proceed down the street but then he noticed the driver, a woman, smiling at him. She then waved to him to cross while continuing to smile at him. He said that the warmth of her smile was such that it dispelled any thoughts of suicide right then and there. Her smile gave him hope again in the power of goodness and love. Any one of you could have saved a human being with a smile somewhere along the line in your life. But who would think that a smile could hold the power to save a life?

What is being of service? Looking upon another human being with kindness and compassion and not judgment is a profound act of service and though such a form of service lacks for whistles and bells, this expression of “service” comes from truly understanding the power of your soul and what it means to “look upon another with eyes of grace.”

Writing Invisible Acts of Power turned out to be my own unforeseen portal leading to my life as a contemporary mystic, which I now admit I am. That simply means I dwell in matters of the spirit simultaneously with all that makes up a wondrous physical life. It’s cool. I am intuitively comfortable and spiritually fearless and physically at home in my body. Who could ask for more? And I owe so much to all those wonderful people who opened my eyes to a list of mystical insights, the most important of which I would like to share with all of you:

We are actually “designed” to be of service to each other because we are designed to sense each other’s energy field. That may sound odd but it’s the Truth – not true, but the Truth. Think of your intuitive system as a rose. The speed at which your rose opens – that is, the “speed” at which you become intuitively clear – is directly tied to how comfortable and safe you are with intuitively sensing the needs of others and helping them.

Further, the mystical laws that govern us teach that what we do to each one, we do to the whole. Therefore, even if we did not want to be intuitively sensitive to other people – and all other life – we could not prevent it.
Being of service to others is key to finding meaning and purpose in life. Givers fare far better than takers when it comes to having a meaningful life.

How you are meant to be of service is not necessarily your choice. That is, a “calling” is rarely so much a “conscious” choice as a path that organically unfolds as a result of other events.

When it comes to “health” and service, I am not speaking about physical health but psychic/emotional/psychological/spiritual health. Physical health is the least on the list. You can be ill in bed and of great service to another by passing on wisdom or by how you talk to people who visit you. “Health” should never, ever be defined as how you “feel” physically.

The healthier and more balanced your self-esteem is, the more comfortably and naturally you will sense the vulnerabilities of other people. You will not fear “empowering” another person; whereas, if you are intimidated by others, you will hesitate to listen to your intuitive guidance because you won’t want to help them. Or you will help them but not with the full measure of your heart and intuitive abilities. You will hold back, in other words.

Judging others blocks your intuition. Enough said on that. Just remember that every time you judge someone, someone somewhere is judging you right back.

Holding on to wounds makes you want to see the world “your way”. There is no such world as “your world” except in your own mind. Just remember that. Don’t except too much company in there. And don’t expect your “mind” to help you heal anything because as a rule, it gets you into more trouble than you can imagine. Wounds can generate an attitude that you “deserve” something from others – more time, more care, more sympathy. Every person’s wounds need to be acknowledged by not by every single person. Sometimes an act of service to a wounded person is to stop acknowledging an old wound and move on.

An act of personal and loving self-service is that you stop telling yourself nonsense. Healing is not about forgetting your wounds or pretending everything is okay. Someone on Facebook wrote that my telling people to get into “present time” was “blaming the victim”, although I am not sure how sound and wise advice came across as blaming the victim. The advice to live in present time is wise and healthy life advice. This is where your attention should be. What good is dwelling in the past, focusing on yesterday? Where does that serve you? To be clear, wounds never disappear. They are a part of your life and mixed with wisdom and self-esteem, they become assets in your life of service within the arena of your world. Some people have wounds the size of Mt. Everest. Their childhoods were nightmares. And then there are the day-to-day problems we face. Sometimes we have something to give to others and sometimes we are the ones who need to be taken care of. That’s how life works. Sometimes your self-esteem is up and sometimes it’s down. It’s never always up and it doesn’t have to always be down. Life is a moving picture show. We all go up and down. There is no such thing as being “always” anything – from always healthy to always happy to always sad to always anything. But we cannot allow our wounds to steal the whole of our life.

If your self-esteem is low, if you are seeking attention, your motivation in “serving” will be tainted in some way. This bit of wisdom is as applicable if you are serving as a volunteer or are in a service occupation or you are a caregiver for a family member. Our personal agendas are everything and it is tough work to keep them clean and clear. If you have a personal agenda that is other than what you signed up for, look out. Either whatever you are doing will exhaust you more than it should or it will make you angry because you are not getting enough attention for your efforts or you will become bored. Something will happen that will cause you to be disappointed in your surroundings, as is usually the case when a person is unclear about personal motives. You will likely seek gratitude, attention, appreciation and you will resent the needs of others. I have several examples that I can provide but none are as blatant as the therapist I knew who volunteered to serve on the therapy team for Columbine High School following the murder of all those students. As you can appreciate, several therapists flocked to Columbine, all eager to be a part of this crisis and as usual, power struggles exploded immediately as to what “volunteer” was in charge. This woman became so enmeshed in the power struggles with the other therapists that she was eventually asked to leave, which only infuriated her all the more since she was “volunteering” her time. As the other therapists gained minor notoriety on the news and had interviews with magazines, her rage went off the charts. Within a year, this woman died of a stroke. She literally imploded.

Wisdom about Service

What qualifies as service? To serve another means to be available for what that other person needs. Really, it’s no more than that.
Everything is an expression of service if you have eyes to see life that way. What is not an act of service if your heart is in the right place?

This is a question you should ask yourself before you get into arguments or gossip about someone: How does saying this or doing this serve me or the other person?

You need to be of value to someone other than yourself. Being of value requires that you know what is valuable about you and what your values are. No one can tell you that. No one can tell you what you should know yourself. What do you value about yourself? What are your values? Know thyself and you know your own Universe. It is no one else’s job to tell you who you are. You are in charge of choosing your values and sharing them with others.

Your intuition will thrive the more you find a comfort level with serving others.

Listen-respond-listen to your intuition. Toss a quarter to a homeless person. Don’t pretend you don’t see that person. Your intuitive gut can feel a vulnerable soul. Smile at people when you walk down the street. Smile at yourself, too.

Stay in present time. Remember, all things change in a second. Live in a field of grace at all times.




Artist Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art

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The Art and Need of Love Emanation by Archangel Gabriel – Natalie Glasson

Love Angel by Marija Schwarz @ Fine Art America

The Art and Need of Love Emanation by Archangel Gabriel


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, I, Archangel Gabriel, bring forth the pure and loving vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom as an energy and source of strength and empowerment to support you. Many of you already know the power of love, recognising that a focus upon love encourages awareness of your oneness with the Creator. I, Archangel Gabriel, wish to emphasis to you in my communication today the strength and necessity for a focus upon love; the love of the Creator.

I am known as an Archangel devoted to the embodiment and expression of love. Through the continuously awaking presence of love I support the development of children, the manifestation of creativity, music, art and anything that encourages the soul to sing with joy. When you allow yourself to be truly in the presence of love, meaning as the presence of love, anything and everything is possible. Imagine a world for yourself and others where anything and everything is possible. Love is the embodiment and expression that sets you free.

It is important for me at this stage to state that the love I speak of is the love of the Creator, a love at the source of all that is the Creator. A love akin to the natural rhythm of existence, infinity and creation. When you experience love for yourself, other people, animals, plants and so forth, however strongly you feel this love, it is akin to less the 1% of the Creator’s love that is available and present in the Universe of the Creator. To embody the love of the Creator is a vast mission and yet you are already the embodiment of the Creator’s love, recognition of this is all that is needed. A focus upon love in action, encourages your self-awareness of the love you embody as well as the transformation that can be created in the world around you.

The Need for Love Emanation

As you gaze into your own reality, the realities of those around you and the lives of humanity, it is easy to recognise that love is needed. Love has the power to dissolve anger, to make decisions with clarity, to understand what is best for everyone, to heal physical, emotional and mental wounds, to inspire courage and create oneness. I, Archangel Gabriel invite you to make a list of all the areas of your reality, those around you and the world where love is needed. Think of this as a healing technique for yourself and the world. When you have created your list, you will begin to recognise that love is greatly needed on the Earth now. You know this already without making a list, however your list will allow you to contemplate exactly where and how love can create transformation and a greater recognition of alignment with the Creator. When you recognise the need for the Creator’s love to be present then this fuels your desire to be love in action on the Earth for yourself and others. You begin to realise that it is your responsibility to be love, not only will it be fulfilling for you in a way you had not imagined, it will be fulfilling for others in your presence.

While there are so many areas on the Earth and situations within the civilisation of the Earth that require healing, the love of the Creator has an even greater purpose. The love of the Creator is required to create freedom mentally, emotionally and physically. A freedom in the expression of the Creator, in alignment with the Creator, for all souls on the Earth. This means a freedom to follow your intuition, to create from your inner well of love, to be a presence of love and all it may manifest upon the Earth.

Love is needed to release the limitations and boundaries that hinder the spiritual, mental and emotional growth of humanity. Many people feel trapped and unable to see beyond their current reality. Some are limited by their bodies or minds, by the lack of money or the control of others. Each person also creates limitations for themselves, holding themselves back from all the possibilities they are capable of. Habits within the consciousness of humanity of how to act, react and exist in the world also creates decline or an experience of being trapped. Another hindrance is a focus upon fear, which not only blocks the creation of experiences, it blocks your energy field, chakras and alignment with the Creator. When you are in fear, acting through negative habits, feeling trapped or blocked in any way you are only living a small percentage of the life that is available to you. Freedom can feel as if it is unobtainable.

What is freedom anyway? In my view, it is the experience of existing on the Earth as your truth, following your inner guidance, acting with courage to access fulfilment and being in alignment with the Creator. It is an experience of the divine flow, ease of creation, a strong sense of bliss and a feeling of connection with all, especially yourself. It is a responsibility that sets you free with each moment you dedicate. An experience and existence of being in harmony with yourself, the world and the Universe of the Creator. When you embody and emanate love, you exist in harmony with all that is the Creator, everything in your life becomes harmonious and you experience freedom.  With this process all false beliefs, illusions, negativity and wounds of all forms will be healed and released.

There is a need for humanity to inhale deeply and release all that hinders and blocks them from within their beings and all that controls and limits from outside their bodies. The time to do so is now and love is the key to this healing process.

The Art of Love Emanation

The art or process of love emanation is essential now in this time of Earth’s evolution. Love emanation is to radiate love from your being through your thoughts and actions as well as imagining love emitting from your soul. It is to engage with a sacred and precious space within you which is your divine and intimate relationship and connection with the Creator. When you discover this space within you, you recognise the constant and eternal presence of the Creator and the bountiful abundance of love that is available to you. The key to emanating love is to first connect with this sacred space within you, to experience it fully as a sanctuary. It is a space of rejuvenation, healing and creativity. It is from this space that your power and clarity are born from as well as your inner knowingness. The second key is to be conscious and aware of the presence of love and this sacred space within you as a flow of energy that moves naturally, easily and enjoyably through your body and energy field. You may experience this as feelings of joy, relaxation, positivity, bliss or as sensations in your physical body, you may simply feel like smiling. However, you experience the presence and space of love, it will be an enjoyable state that may create healing, bring clarity and new understandings. Sometimes the presence of love can instigate a powerful release or detoxification of all that no longer serves you, allowing you to reach a space of contentment and peace that was unobtainable before. Once you have accessed the space of love within you, wherever you recognise it to be, and experience the presence or influence of love within your being and body, whether subtly or impactfully, then you can begin love emanation.

Love emanation is to put love into action.

How you put love into action is entirely up to you, it is your opportunity to be creative. The simplest exercise is to imagine yourself as a beacon, light bulb or the sun. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the space of love or the feelings of love as a light or colour that shines outwards. This can become almost like a game, everything you touch is filled with love, everything you think of is empowered by love, every action you take is fuelled by love. Even your choices and decisions are born from the space of love within you. It is a process of transporting the love you experience within you, which may simply be your appreciation and connect with the Creator, into the outside world. This will take practice and constant focus before it becomes second nature. You are already a beacon of love, the process I am encouraging you to experience is to be aware of the power you have within you and how it can impact your world and the world around you powerfully.

To summarise:

The art of emanation is a release of something so precious from within your soul; the love and oneness of your being and the Creator. It is an expansion of yourself beyond what you know love to be and an experience of your powerful loving nature which is infinite and blissfully impactful for all.

First connect with the sacred space of love within you, to experience it fully as a sanctuary.
Be conscious and aware of the presence of love and this sacred space within you.
Put love into action through your thoughts, actions, reaction and a focus on being a beacon.

The Results of Love Emanation

As more and more people focus upon the art of love emanation, they will begin to see the impactful results in their lives and the world around them. Love will be in the air! Situations that seemed unable to be resolved will unfold and be healed. People will act from kindness and peace rather than anger and greed. In truth the world will begin to transform into a reality that all wish for.

The result on an energetic level will be that you and each person practicing the art of love emanation will be transported to the next level of love consciousness for soul, body and mind. This will create monumental changes for all. It is not that you will leave the Earth, it is that you will be more fully present on the Earth as love creating transformation. Through the process of love emanation, you will be guided to face the unknown energy of love, a higher and more profound love than you have ever experienced. You will be invited to move through the presence of love as a journey of discovery, remembering that love is infinite. There is so much still to explore in and as the presence of love.

With loving vibrations,

Archangel Gabriel


Love Angel by Marija Schwarz @ Fine Art America

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Flexibility – Jamye Price

The-Current-of-Life-female face - art by Christina Dehoff

The Current of Life by Christine Dehoff


Blessed Being, you are an ever-changing and ever-expanding aspect of Life. Your change is eased by your willingness to allow the pace (Time) and format (Space) of change to flow with less resistance. Yet, as you deal with the duality of contraction and expansion, your biomechanism reacts and responds with first protection, then choice. It is that protective mechanism that allows you to observe so that your choice then creates an expansion of the Self.

Life merges and emerges anew through you.

As you relax, soften and allow, you are soothing the protective mechanism into a safety of expansion. This is the result of a deep knowing of the loving nurturance of Life. It is a blending of your infinite nature and finite impatience. This is the urgency of the now moment relaxed into all is well. That wellness is the wellspring of Love emerging forth (fourth).

Your present moment is eternally influencing and your future is endless potential.

The courage to release unhealthy control opens you to possibilities beyond current conditions. It is a courageous choice because the biomechanism seeks to sustain life, and therefore maintain conditions, until safety is secured. This allowance creates a freedom that nurtures safety into the Self, creating the flow of least resistance to change.

To soothe the self, soften into a flexibility of the mind and heart. You can boost the flow of the heart and the mind will follow. You can soothe the resistance of the mind and the heart will energize. From either perspective, you are creating connection and coherence within, further empowering your focus.

To soften the mind, soothe the self into perceiving change as safe. Step by step, a small improvement or progress. To trick the mind, overpower the mind or control the mind sustains the information of fear hidden within the intent of improvement. Honor your brilliance and clarity as you determine the next logical progression the mind feels safe to soften.

To boost the flow of the heart, feel into the excitement of anticipation. Anticipation is a recognition of the external aspect of Life awaiting connection with the sacredness of you. The fulfillment of new form, life merging and emerging through you. The mind then follows that excitement.

As we sit to Blast Flexibility, we are preparing the self for easier flow through the continuous changes of Life. We are open to receiving beyond our current imaginings, as the vastness of Life supports life. We are cultivating the courage of change to become the grace of Life weaving our threads of Love into this world. We are open, receiving and giving Love the platform to teach the Truth of human potential. Blast on!



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Our Need for Inspiration – Caroline Myss

Fire Dragon by Typhon 39 @ DeviantArt


Our Need for Inspiration

The following is from Caroline’s 2015 Salon

The human spirit is capable of an endless number of extraordinary feats. It is a dragon slayer, animating its presence within our being to challenge images and thoughts that arise from the depths of our darkness, intent upon reshaping how we see the landscape of our life. Inner dragons can make us see threats on the horizon, even on the most beautiful of days. Our inner dragons often whisper despairing words into our minds and hearts like the spell casters they are, hypnotizing us with familiar memories of grief, abandonment, isolation, and fear.

Our minds have minimal resources to do battle against the onslaught of dragons that have escaped into the hidden passages of our consciousness. Our hearts are even less equipped against the heat of dragon fire. But the human spirit is undefeatable no matter the rage of a dragon, no matter the relentlessness of the opponent. Like the stealth force that it is, the spirit matches every negative thought or image with a counter one: A grace-filled burst of hope, of assistance, a way out, a way through, a reminder of how you made it through the last time a dragon got loose.

Your spirit is by nature an exorcist, inherently expelling dark thoughts that would possess your mind and make it difficult for you to perceive the activity or presence of a blessing unfolding in your life. Your spirit by nature dwells in perceptions of essential goodness. Dragons are always challenging your spirit. They are always trying to get loose, which they can in an instant. And then, just like that, instead of seeing possibilities and wonder, a “dark lens” descends over your consciousness and animates shadow-like perceptions and thoughts and emotions.

We often turn to our mind to battle these dragons: Positive thoughts and the like. But how often do we discover that the mind lacks the resources to break through a “dark lens” because it is itself imprisoned by them? Dragons can hold the mind captive. A dark lens, however, cannot prevent your spirit from seeing clearly. The spirit is that part of you that recognizes the need to seek healing, to find a way out and to keep going until you do. It is indomitable. It will never stop slaying your dragons.

Your spirit is also a dream-maker because human beings must dream. We have to dream and imagine and take flight into the other worlds. We are not meant to dwell in the physical world for long periods of time. We come into the physical world for temporary visits. Most of our consciousness remains in the invisible or timeless realm, the dimension of the cosmos. We create stories and myths and religions that allow us to somehow gain access to that realm while we are here in the physical state. All the while, however, the spirit within us slips easily into this realm through the flying carpet of the imagination.

We must utilize the magic of our spirit-imagination. Why? Why would that be essential to our well-being?

This may seem an odd notion for some, but the truth is our inner balance requires that we enter into transcendent fields of energy; that is, our five senses are simply inadequate when it comes to providing a sufficient “reality” screen through which to view, understand, examine, and interpret the full measure of all the many macro and micro experiences of our lives.

Consider this fact: Most – and I do mean most – of your experiences do not occur in the physical world. The physical world is the caboose on your train, not the engine. Your emotions, your ideas, your perceptions, your visionary thoughts – all that can be described as your “energetic content” – is actually the engine of the whole of your life. Your five senses are worker bees, survival senses that maneuver you around the physical world in service to your inner and far more refined emotional, psychological, psychic, energetic, spiritual, and other subtle senses.

Now, imagine (See? There’s that word again) that you were told that you could no longer have access to your “energetic nature”. From this moment on, the only part of “you” that you can know and rely upon is that part that sees whatever your eyesight is capable of seeing and the same for hearing, touch, taste, and olfactory abilities. You are forbidden to imagine something as a result of what you see or taste or hear. You are not allowed to imagine a garden of roses and lilies as a result of breathing in their fragrance. You are only permitted to breathe, smell, recognize and identify the fragrances and that’s it, because access to your imagination is banned. Now imagine (that wondrous word again) how long you could sustain any degree of balance, patience, self-control, violent rumblings, or just imploding as a result of the actual build-up of your own psychic energy that you are unable to process, examine, utilize, or release. Without having a constant dialogue between your physical world and your energetic nature – most important of which is your imagination – you would actually implode.

Your five senses “report in” to your imagination continually. You are always imagining what this and that is or what someone can do with this seasoning or that color or this musical instrument or that new scarf or this new computer. You exist in a constant dialogue with your imagination (your energetic nature) and you do not even realize it.

Your spirit is also a soldier of endurance. You have no idea what you are capable of enduring until you find yourself in one of those positions that you would not choose to be in. How many times have all of us said, “Oh, I could never handle that,” or “That situation would drive me crazy.” We all have, and who knows how many times. We make those cavalier statements because we have no emotional connection to the situation we are viewing. We are free to come and go from that scenario. It is that quality of “detachment” that allows us to make such sweeping statements.

And we make these detached statements for another reason. Deep in our unconscious, we want those types of situations to keep their distance from our personal lives. Like the way Indian women in India shunned (and in some parts of India continue to shun) widows lest they bring the curse of widowhood to their door (I believe this archetypal sentiment of the shunning of the widow is universal), we shun the life crises of others (or often the people burdened with them), because we fear they may be contagious. We shun poverty-stricken people for many reasons, one of which is the fear that poverty is “contagious”. This superstitious behavior also holds true in people when it comes to good and bad luck: People will avoid those they think of as unlucky and cling to those who they feel the “gods have smiled upon”.

We shun what we perceive as the unendurable. And yet, no amount of psychic shunning can prevent what life or one’s karma will bring to your door when the time comes. And it is then that the spirit in you emerges, as it is the spirit in you that has the capacity to endure what so easily collapses the mind and ego. And when your spirit partners with the love in your heart, you can endure anything. You end up surprising yourself. This is one of the paths in which you become your highest potential.

I have been asked so many times, “What is my highest potential?” Most often the person asking me is hoping that I will say something that will make him or her feel important and special because that is what they are seeking. They want this elusive thing called “highest potential” to be a path to specialness and attention on a grand scale. But your highest potential emerges through life circumstances, and circumstances that demand more of you than you thought possible. Life circumstances do not make you what you are; they reveal what you are to you. And it is in the most challenging of times that you need to merge the power of grace with the power of your spirit and your character. That is the alchemy that unleashes your highest potential.

Your spirit is an endless replenishing of the heart even when you think there is no love left in the heart at all. We have all experienced the empty well feeling for someone and we have all been on the receiving end of someone’s empty well. Yet, how often have we also experienced that empty well refilling itself automatically, one drop at a time, sometimes even when that drop is unwelcomed? Sometimes the unwilling refilling of the well with drops of love clash so painfully with an unforgiving or broken heart. The pain of each returning drop of love is enough to drown you and yet you cannot stop your well from refilling. You simply have to endure the pain of the return of love to your inner well. How paradoxical is that?

The spirit in you will not let you rot into an unloving creature. It constantly refills your well. It is impossible – utterly impossible – for you to not have a surplus of love inside of you. You can choose to freeze that water supply, as I have seen so many people do. But then – not to take this metaphor to the extreme – frozen water breaks the pipes. Apply this metaphor to the arteries/cardiac system. For many, the choice to freeze emotion for whatever reasons is applicable: Broken heart, fear of loving, bitter heart, angry heart, prideful and stubborn heart, punishing wrathful heart – all of the above have what it takes to freeze the water in the well.

And yet, the spirit in you continues to pour water in your well, regardless of how much the ego or mental fear patterns or shattered emotions shut down the heart. It hurts as much to be unloving as it does to be rejected or anything else that happens in a relationship. Human beings are designed to love and are at their worst – if not at risk of becoming barbarians – when love is absent.

Your spirit is constantly filling your well. Only you know what the temperature of the water is in your well. But if there is ice floating in your well, do something about it. And don’t wait.

Let me close this Salon with these final thoughts. Life is too short to make foolish choices. I have learned again and again that it is the spirit within you that is the authentic engine of your life. Love and kindness toward others is far more valuable than can be measured. Never underestimate the value and power of a kind word, an extra minute with someone, a prayer for those suffering in the world who have so much to endure.

And find something each day that inspires you. Read something that lifts your spirit out of your five senses and into a “state at the altar”. Pray like you’re crazy. Expect heaven to solve your problems. But help out the Divine by making bold and brave choices.





Fire Dragon by Typhon 39 @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Multidimensional Frequency – Christine Day

Blessing ~ Art by Meganne Forbes

Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as ‘perfectly imperfect’. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.


Hi,  Life has been at a whirlwind pace as the multidimensional framework within our earth has shifted dramatically since mid August. Our sense of Time has been unearthed through these changes that have dramatically altered our perception of Time from what we have previously known it to be. A huge wave of light has been set in motion across the earth plane to assist us individually in our evolution at this juncture.

Pleiadian Message September 2019

Sep 01, 2019

Beloved Ones We Greet You,   A sacred redesign is underway on your earth plane and we are working as part of the Universal team to bring clarity and understanding to you at this time. The clarity supports you, enables you to be self empowered to actively work in alignment with these new frequencies that will be coming shortly.

This will allow you to actively engage with your Heart to channel through these energies to consciously support a transmutation process within your Heart. Your own Heart has a limitless capacity to fully embrace this divine love frequency. Know that a large aspect of your makeup is love, so that you only need to consciously choose and call this essence forward when it flows onto your earth plane.

There is a sacred call going out to all of you to open up to this essence of love, which engages your Sacred Heart on another level. This is the time for the maturing of your Heart. The essence of this divine light is designed to nourish and open an access doorway within your Heart space.

These new frequencies will be opening and constantly expanding by mid September, heralding in a higher consciousness era for Earth. We offer a sacred sound, which is designed to channel forth this sacred flow of light within your Heart.

Know that you need to take some time to align within your Heart by connecting with both palms on your chest and bringing your awareness to the place you are physically holding. Utilize the Conscious breath. This will align you in readiness to use the Sacred sound.

When you are ready bring the sound, EE NAH ALSTAH placing it where your awareness is connecting within your Heart. (Pronounced EE NAR AL STAR)

Utilize the sound as many times as you need. Let go and allow us to support your integration. Call us forward, giving us permission to work with you if you wish to have our support.

Feel the sound access a streaming light that will create a flow within your Heart, wait until the flow is complete.

Do this daily, taking in the levels and layers of the multidimensional frequency as it expands on your planet.

We witness you and send blessings,

The Pleiadians



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Blessing ~ Art by Meganne Forbes

Sovereignty – Amora Quan Yin @ Dolphin Star Temple

Ascension Goddess by Katherine Skaggs



Excerpt from Oneness: Our Divine Destiny, Chapter 10
by Amorah Quan Yin

Sovereignty means that you are your own ruler or master.

There is no one above you. You only answer to yourself. We are all sovereign beings of light that are equal. You do not need a guru or anyone to tell you what to do. You have it all inside yourself. Whatever you choose, you are the chooser.

At this special time on earth we are moving toward our mastery and full enlightenment. You do not get there by relying on others. Can you imagine being at “heaven’s gate” and being asked why you should get in? You reply, “Well, I was a disciple of  (whomever) and I did everything he/she told me to. ” I think they would say, “Rejected. Go back.”

Many people have this type of co-dependent reliance on others. It could be a marriage partner, a guru, a spiritual teacher, someone who wrote a book, a close friend. These people do not trust their inner knowing and they live in self-doubt and irresponsibility. They always try to do what others say or recommend, so they do not have to become self-reliant. But how can you become enlightened and move toward mastery that way? Mastery means that you have become the master unto yourself, with no superiors. Mastery is sovereignty in action 24/7.

If you live in a way that makes you give away authority to others, you are still the chooser. It is just a very bad choice. You are here to learn to actively become your own master in everything. All answers you need are inside you.  All of them . . .

Power is not an issue about controlling other people or situations. It is about being in your inner power and trusting yourself and your inner guidance.

However, if you never allow yourself to follow inner guidance and you never trust yourself, you are the one who chooses that. You are still the master over your destiny, no matter whether you choose wisely or from the negative ego self. Even if you choose to follow someone else, you are one who chooses. No one else ever controls your life and your choices. Only you do.

What a glorious reality. You are the master of your fate whether you realize it or not! If you do not speak your truth, you make that choice. Someone else may try to intimidate you or make you afraid, but you are the one who chooses to allow this to be your reality. It does not ever matter what another person does. It matters only whether you allow that to control your life or not.



Ascension Goddess by Katherine Skaggs

Gratitude to artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


September Ascension Energies – Infinite Self – Jamye Price

September Ascension Energies – Infinite Self

Video Player



August had a beautiful power to it. We have been moving through some wonderful changes lately and August helped refine more power within by opening us up further to Infinite Time. This may have manifested in patience (I’m timeless), impatience (time’s up), time glitches (where did the time go) and/or deep understanding (multiple timelines).

Maybe it didn’t seem that connected to Time for you, and it seemed more physical: Excitement/fatigue, sleep patterns changing, brain fog or mental over-stimulation, temperature changes in your body (especially localized, like a hot or cold spot). Or perhaps you noticed closure on old issues, new determination, relationships ending or improving.

Overall there was a stronger connection into the subtle flow of Time rather than just the linear flow (it still applies). This has the effect of a greater connection into the power of universal law, so you are utilizing a greater capacity of your inherent power.

During the Lyran Perspective channeling, Areon pointed out that Time is a functionality of our density and that we “hold form” with our storylines – lines of connection that bind us into specific form. Rather than thinking about timelines, observe storylines.

Storylines are the information/reference you hold of Time. They create your identity – a theme of this quarter. As you neutralize “storylines” you release the binds of Time. This includes the past or future expectations holding you in a repetitive form.

This flows beautifully into September as we continue a trajectory of Freedom in 2019.


September’s energy of Infinite Self continues your expansion into your universal nature, your infinite sacredness, your powerful divinity. You’ve always been this, it is the infinite nature of Time which is woven into your substance.

You’ve moved through linearity in many different ways to culminate in this beautiful space/time on Earth. Just as August helped you blend past and future into now, September will help you blend me and them into us.

This is not for the weak of heart. It is for the Angels that know the power of Love in its full spectrum of linear/dual experience. Authentic Love requires great courage when it’s not the easy choice. To find the balance of self and others requires a strength that is willing to allow rather than just control.

You came here to enjoy the beauty of the physical realm and assist humanity’s emergence into fourth density; connection within separation. Many avoid connection in deep ways. To truly observe the self or be vulnerable to another can be frightening for the psyche (July energies helped shift this), so it is often resisted unconsciously. But as you’ve likely experienced, it’s usually easier than expected and definitely worth it.

Your inner connection begins the process.

The layers of separation are obvious, the invisible connection is not. An aspect of Ascension is that it creates an amplification of your intuitive senses to look beyond the obvious into potentials not yet formed. You become the Space that Time manifests through. Time is your vehicle of uniqueness, moment by moment, even as All Time is connected.


You are infinite and finite. Physical density creates the experience of separation, which is a valuable construct, slowing our perception to a pace within Time that linearizes the moments. In each moment is a uniqueness.

You bring a unique aspect of the unity of Life to human form.

Within your physical expression is a subtle, non-physical, less dense aspect. You can call it consciousness, thought, emotion, lightbody, geometry, God, prana or Love, to name a few. I have been taught to focus on Love because it is the connective, binding force of Life. It has often been resisted, misunderstood or undervalued in the current human experience.

In this physical energetic structure, though it is subtle, the information of your connection or separation resides and determines your interaction with Life. Your focus on your own improvement and wholeness is creating a deeper access to the flow of Love here on Earth.

To enhance access to your Infinite nature, become more conscious (less unconscious programming leading you—neutralizing storylines). Become more loving, especially by honoring the sacredness of you, the vehicle through which you experience Life. This then flows out and teaches through the vast subtle field of information.

As people learn they are divine, cherished and powerful, the unconscious fears start to melt and merge into an inner sense of inherent worth. The connection begins. In this month’s video, there are some exercises to enhance this focus of Love on Earth.

There is a powerful reason this month’s energies are called Infinite Self rather than something like infinite divinity.

YOU are that powerful reason.

Areon was explicit that this timeframe will be calling us to more inner power. Look for experiences coming up about valuing yourself, and how you can create a win/win in your interactions. Loving yourself unconditionally within, while honoring the conditions of the physical realm, is the connection of your finite and infinite expression merging.

The courage to connect is a powerful force for humanity. As the compassionate ones start leading, the world really changes. Fear becomes less dominant, people become more creative and integrated with their environment. It is the trajectory of Freedom within and Love throughout.


There is an aspect of September that is amplifying the Divine Feminine within. We all have both masculine and feminine energy within, for they represent the dualistic engine of life in this density. Both energetics are necessary for creation. To enhance more of your Divine Feminine energy, become more allowing of your intuitive flow, nurturing yourself and others (not enabling), creating a deeper connection, allowing the creative to flow and letting go of action just for doing’s sake.

The balance of masculine/feminine energy is a core aspect of empowerment. When you are whole within, the effort and resistance of creation is released. You nurture creation with inspired action. Your excitement is supported like the flow of water downhill.


September feels like a culmination of more clarity as the Infinite Mind and Heart merge into a deeper understanding of the boundless Love within you that releases you from linear Time. (from time to Time) ;o)

Your “new” identity of the Love that you are is becoming clearer and stronger. The space that you hold connects the timelines that tell the story of humanity’s evolution.

As you are moving through this month, observe how life is calling you to Love the separation into connection. You are an immense power.



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

A New Pattern From The Future – Peggy Black & Team

Artist ~ Minjae Lee


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family August 19, 2019
~ My Personal Message ~

This has been a slow and easy month. I willingly allowed myself to nap and rest as often as possible. I am so grateful that my body recovered quickly. Each day has truly felt like a gift.

I have appreciated the care, compassion and professional support of the medical service in my community. The individuals who work each day in the medical profession certainly deserve our praise and gratitude.

I was so grateful and delighted to have my septic system restored. This is a big project and has been on my to-do list for three years. I am still in the process of restoring the garden to its serene beauty.

If you are thinking about having a session with the ‘team’ please contact me and we can arrange a time that will serve you and your questions about your future and the energy you are feeling right now. The ‘team is very generous with the information that they offer.

One of the special opportunities that I value so much is the personal contact and friendships that have been formed from individuals having a private session. It is such an honor to do this work and offer the energy of the ‘team’ to others.

You kind emails, your stories inspire me to continue this work. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

~ Message from the ‘Team’ ~

A New Pattern From The Future
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to once again support your presence in the dense, challenging reality. We invite you to pause, take a deep breath, and acknowledge that all is well and more. It is a simple exercise; however, you will discover that this is a simple method to reset your energy.

In the world of quantum physics, everything is energy. Realize that the tissues and organs of your body are composed of cells, the cells are made up of molecules, the molecules are composed of atoms, atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles and sub-atomic particles are made up of energy!

You are pure energy – light in its most magnificent form and expression. You, as energy, are constantly changing and you actually control it all with your powerful mind and awareness. You are one big stellar and powerful Human Being.

Your entire existence, all matter, all life, all experiences, everything owes its existence in the physical world to energy Absolutely everything is energy.

Right now the energy of your reality is really unpredictable. Humanity is riding chaotic waves and navigating massive energy oscillations. Notice when you go from being peaceful to being frantic, and unfocused.

Remember the importance of resetting your energy. Pause, take a deep breath, place your awareness in your heart and create a coherent energy vibration of compassion, appreciation, love, forgiveness and allow that vibration to radiate out into your personal energy signature. Allow this energy field to surround you and touch all those you encounter. Trust us, the others will feel this calming energy that you offer.

There is an opportunity to create a new earth template. You are a part of the collective consciousness as an awakened and aware multidimensional being who is setting these goals and calling them forth.

Consider for a moment that there are multiple timeline patterns that are crossing your current time line. When this occurs there are opportunities to use these moments as portals of change. With your focused energy and intent you can call forth a new pattern from the future.

Using your focused energy and imagination, envision, invite, summon, or command a reality for this dimension that is life sustaining, honoring for all, an evolution of consciousness. Invite your future self to assist with this creation. Allow yourself to feel this realization, celebrate this realization with gratitude.

Imagine the possibilities that these realities will be carried in your own energy field and act as holographic communication to all that you meet or encounter. In this manner you are seeding the field with awesome future possibilities.

Watch what you focus upon. Where you place your focus is where your energy goes. So don’t feed your energy to a reality that you do not want to continue to create. You are powerful beyond measure. We will continue to remind you of this fact until you truly step into that power. You are here to assist the transformation of this dense dysfunctional reality. There is a future reality awaiting your invitation and command, never doubt that.

Imagine that your desires and dreams come from a future dimension where they already exist. Imagine that it is your future self that is inspiring the desires and the dreams and is willing to show you all the possibilities.

Realize that the future is never fully formed. It is the personal energy of the individual as well as the collective energy of all earthwalkers that call forth a reality that matches their focused energy.

Knowing this and embodying this truth is your mastery. This time is calling you to enter a new level of consciousness of the power of your perceptions and your words. Activating a new awareness of how your inner world affects your outer lives.

We will continue to remind you that you are the creator of your reality. This truth has been expressed in many ways and many languages. We support your understanding and awareness of how truly powerful you are.

We invite you to continue to free yourselves from the limited concepts of linear time by becoming sensitive to your own natural rhythms, and to the galactic support and energy that is being gifted.

Humanity is healing the past and encoding the future by awakening their hearts in the present. Begin to ask yourself how are you encoding the future? What is your focus? Where have you placed your energy and awareness?

With these simple questions you begin to step into your power as creator. Notice when you are engaged in some form of limited thinking, some negative or misqualified thought. Catch yourself quickly and reset your focus. This just takes a little practice before you will begin to see and experience the shifts.

Recognize that many of your limited beliefs have been given to you by others influenced by this 3D field of limitations; these are just old programs in your thinking process. It is time to begin to shift, delete and transform these limitations. First begin to recognize and acknowledge them. Say to yourself, that was certainly a limited thought. Then have fun replacing that limiting thought with an outrageous thought.

This awareness is occurring within the minds and hearts of humanity. Earth and all other living systems have a magnetic field and your scientists are discovering that those energy fields connect you all and actually carry biologically relevant information. You are triggering others codes to awaken and you are also being triggered by others who are awakening to their multidimensional divine self.

Step into your true power and call forth from the future a new template for this time and reality. We acknowledge you for the work and service that you continue to offer. Honor and accept the galactic gifts that are being offered to all those who understand who they are. the ‘team’

©2019 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


Gratitude & thanks to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah
female face colour artist Minjae Lee

Artist ~ Minjae Lee

The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin – Natalie Glasson

Merlin art by Gayliaa @ Radiant Rose Academy


The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

View this message on the website here


Greetings and Love I, Lord Merlin, extend to all  of light aware and awake to connect with my energy and listen to my words. It is a gracious time upon the planet Earth now, as well as the Universe of the Creator. A time of deep blossoming and powerful transitions from duality to integration. A time when love becomes the foundation rather than the goal. For me, Lord Merlin, when love becomes the foundation of all that you are, this is when you recognise the magic within you and that of the Creator. Take a moment to contemplate, is love your goal or your foundation? If love is your goal, then you are continuing to focus upon the embodiment and expression of love. If love is your foundation then you have progressed beyond the conscious awareness of embodiment and expression of love, instead you recognise yourself as love in action within every moment of your reality. Remember that no one can be love in action all the time, there may be times when you feel the opposite of love, notice this as a healing and release process only and not a reflection on how well you are doing in your spiritual evolution.

Merlin’s School

Upon the inner planes, I, Lord Merlin, hold an ashram which is akin to a school of divine magic. My purpose is to guide and enrol souls who feel drawn to me into the divine magic of the Creator, within and around them. To do so is to open their awareness into the divine flow of the Creator, experiencing and integrating this flow into all they create. To be as one with the divine flow of the Creator is a magical and empowering experience which requires the process of mastery to allow for full involvement. Within my ashram we engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality. Deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator are encouraged as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation is at the core of my teachings, encouraging you to live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, with my support you recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create.

My school appears to be within a magical woodland upon the inner planes, the elementals are always present. As are beings that you deem purely magical or fictional. To walk through my ashram is to feel as if you have been transported to another world, akin to a portal where every sight is magical and awe-inspiring. This is of course exactly what happens in my ashram. You will feel a surge as you enter into my ashram on the inner planes, this surge is an awakening of your divine innocence which allows memories of the Creator to flood forth into your awareness.

Lord Merlin’s Six Week Program

Due to the blossoming transition, of which I have spoken, occurring for souls upon the Earth, I wish to open my ashram and school to all souls upon the Earth for a six week transition and ascension awakening program. To enrol in my program of spiritual advancement I share with you an invocation:

‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. It is my wish from my conscious mind to enrol myself in your six week transition and awakening program. If it is my soul’s sacred wish as well, please may my soul give its consent now. I understand that by enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program that I am giving my consent for Lord Merlin to work with me at an energetic level for six weeks and for me to visit his ashram during my sleep state for tuition, guidance and support. In enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program I wish to engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator. I wish to experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator as well as deep blossoming and the release of any false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation so I may live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, my goal is to recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that I am and create.

I understand that Lord Merlin will assist me sometimes with my conscious awareness such as during meditation and other times without my awareness, whichever is most appropriate and valuable for me. I realise that my role is to call upon Lord Merlin as much as I feel guided in the coming weeks, to meditate calling forth Lord Merlin and to hold in my focus the key transitions Lord Merlin wishes to assist me with.

I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the love and support shared with me during this time. Thank you.’

What to Expect

During the six week period from when you first affirm the invocation shared, you may not experience anything different within your reality, being and spiritual evolution, instead transitions will take place within your higher self. Alternatively, you may experience my guidance strongly encouraging you to make changes within your life or being to aid ascension or assist in the transformation of Mother Earth. The more you read the invocation shared and focus on the purpose of the invocation, the easier it will be to recognise transitions within your being. The outcome of my six weeks with you will be precisely what you need to further your spiritual evolution. This may not be the same as what you desire and you may not be able to recognise the transitions taking place, however, everything your soul wishes to manifest, and embodiment will come about.

The Purpose of the Six Week Program

  • I, Lord Merlin, work personally with you to aid your ascension, this can take place within your reality and within my ashram on the inner planes during your sleep state.
  • Connect with and experience the divine flow of the Creator.
  • Contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator.
  • Experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator from within your being as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies currently hindering you.
  • A focus on love as a foundation rather than a goal, therefore being able to live and create from this deep-seated space of love.
  • The ultimate goal, I, Lord Merlin, wish to support you in embodying is the recognition of the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create.

Meditation for Use During the Six Week Program

First focus upon breathing deeply, then allow yourself to repeat the following words: ‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. Please allow me to remain physically present upon the Earth as you transport my awareness to your ashram on the inner planes. Let us enter together into your Chamber of Divine Magic. As we sit together support me in seeing, sensing or acknowledging the divine magic of the Creator within and around me. Please intensify my abilities to recognise the divine magic of the Creator, enhancing my inner trust and inner connection with the truth of the Creator. With each breath I inhale I am connecting on a deeper level with you Lord Merlin, divine magic and the Creator. Thank you.’

I am here to support you in the coming weeks if you wish to invite me forth,

Lord Merlin


Merlin art by Gayliaa @ Radiant Rose Academy
Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah  

August Ascension Energies – Jamye Price

TIME Art and clock


August Ascension Energies – Infinite Time

Video Player



These recent months have been an interesting flow, and the third quarter feels just as energizing. July energies of Infinite Mind seemed to bring a bit of peaceful energy to the detailed discovery of June. Did you notice any new layers of detail in what seemed like an old, old issue? June uncovered some treasure, and July began the process of weaving gold into your field.

In July, I noticed some ungrounded mind attention as the neural changes shifted focus. The eclipses felt like a deep inner connection. If you’re noticing more peace (perhaps that passes all understanding :o), you’re tapping into the deeper flow of Life beneath the obvious surface chaos. Sometimes it’s a roller coaster, all part of the ride.

Tapping into the Infinite Mind is a step in the direction of subtle focus within the physical experience, which is what Ascension is all about. From physical, we integrate a new access of consciousness that has always been there.


The energy of August feels like the silent spiraling explosion of connection, the ah-ha moment of duality neutralized, only to begin the spin of life again as new direction takes over the flow. I see fireworks that create a point of focus expanding, dazzling, only to disappear through time, becoming a memory.

I was given the energy of Infinite Time in August as this quarter of the year offers us a “New Identity” of the divinity we’ve always been. Time is a construct of physical density, a very real experience in our linear density.

The mind is the linearizer.

So as you access more of the Infinite Mind, you unify your energetic structure to support the blending (neutralizing the duality) of the heart/mind connection. This amplifies your powerful electromagnetic informational flow to code the information structure that humanity and all Earthly life resides within.


This is the meek inheriting the Earth. Not the loud overpowering the Earth, the silent empowering Love connection uniting the Earth. The uniqueness within the unity (456) creates the structure of interaction.

As you begin interacting with Life more and more from your divine power, the blending of duality—opposites connecting—you are flooding the information of interaction with empowering Love. Humanity responds, for the connection is always there—invisibly supporting or distorting the divine Love within.

You’ve got all the Time in the world, for it is your moment.

You’ve been given the keys to the kingdom as a sovereign being. The being becomes Time moving.

Go with the flow and flow boldly. Shape the rock formations of life, soothing the resistance that Time creates. It is benevolent and beneficial. You are as infinite as the stars to your eyes, yet you hold them all in your hands and your heart. Only the density of spacetime creates the distance and difference. It is a valuable construct.


Let the universe breathe through you, and let your Love inspire the details. You are the moment, the movement, the magnetic monument that collects attention and expands intention. How your uniqueness infiltrates is first invisible. What do you wish upon the stars?

Does your moment tell the Time of your right to create? Or does it lament what was left to wither within? The flow of linear Time shows growth or decay. Your Infinite Time shows expansion or contraction—where life or death does not define, it inspires.

The separation is only severe when Infinite Time is not near.

What you hold within you, the invisible all, does not look and feel as real. Confuse the Infinite Mind and you separate from Infinite Time. The sacred heart; scared, scarred, surrendered as marred. No union within, no infinite understanding guiding again.

You are the details, your perspective spectacular to spacious form. Time makes you wait and weight as the density contracts, giving death to life. What do you see (sea)? Potential forming as decay gives way—but you must wait (be-cause of weight) for the details to show you path and gait. Step boldly and slowly, allowing patience to nurture fear into fearless. Your infinite nature expands.


How potent is your potential, how spacious your space? Does it envelope or repel? Is one right or left behind? As you discover how both connect, the unknown beckons as the known reckons. The being becoming through wreckage of density discovering Infinite Truth creating.

Time was always yours, and you were always Time’s, multiplying and magnifying the exponential potential. Infinity within. How does your form inform the formless? Could you hold the sacred secret of All within? Always so close yet so far, elusive. The illusion, the Elysium, merely a resonance away, the blur of right/left connected rather than rejected.

Are you mortal or portal? Potential observing frequential density slowing the flowing to a baby’s crawl. As you stand and observe higher ground you see (sea) the elements elude the sense of the dense. How to interact, interfere the patterns of distraction, destruction and fear of construction—All within your heart and your hands, as Time will tell. All is well.

Heaven or help, there is no difference to sea when the finite finds the flow of Time spiraling around again. Pick up where you left off and right your way, as your weight releases the binds the Time from the heavens to your hand.

Thunder claps, clasping and releasing. The sound of silence pierced and seething. The elements of opposites find heat cooling and creating. See the pattern, not just the paternal. See the matter, not just the maternal. For hidden within, the eternal binds—if the light of your eyes finds sense through dense.

Reaction becomes creation, refraction relating. Ride the lion even as liars retract into distraction of hellish destruction. There is always help in hell’s journey of Time repeating. Unwind the whispering wind as it whips past and through, weaving a path of new potential rising to the surface from the depths of the blue.

Speak and seek as you would embolden the meek. Echoes grow softer, penetrating deep; disappearing from sight, the waves wavering for those without eyes to sea.

Who are You to the night, to unite, you knight, and fight the dark? The illusion of hell is that Elysium is available as well. Merely a resonance away, one doorway to All, the keys to the kingdom of all is well. Deep water nourishes and flourishes to flow Life through Time, as the mist lifts the access too blind.

It’s high Time to own your full flow. Beyond the waiting is the weightless well.

“I am Sacred, even when I’m scared. I am Infinite, even when I’m finite. I am All, even when I’m odd.”

You are it all, et al—now and then. Grab infinity and own it within.



Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Trust Yourself – Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene by Jessica Drossin

Trust Yourself

Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene


Dear friends, I am Mary Magdalene. I am your sister, a kindred soul who surrounds you with love and friendship.

You sometimes feel quite alone on your earthly journey, and the separateness seems so real that, at times, you no longer feel connected with the whole: with the light within you; with that which transcends everything earthly and gives life to everything; with the creator, the creative source within you; with the light of your soul that is your soul’s deepest essence.

To feel this light more and more in your earthly life is your mission: what you are meant to do. This light that is in you is not something abstract or general, it is unique, it is your light. You are an individual being with your own colors, your own mosaic of brilliant tones, which are made up of a great many experiences on Earth and elsewhere.

Now imagine that you are that mosaic, that you perceive yourself as a three-dimensional field of every color of emotional content and wisdom. There is this light within you that contains all that, and your earthly body is just one expression of this field of vibrating light. You are much more than your present body. You are very old; you have been on Earth many times already, and you have worn many different bodies.

Take a moment to feel this light within your heart and let it descend through your spine all the way down to your root chakra. Imagine that within this field of light you do not see with your physical eyes, but with your inner eyes. You open your inner eyes, and you look at yourself and the field of energy around you, and you focus on the most luminous, most beautiful, colors. Feel the energy and the power and the wisdom of this field within you, and let it all become grounded into the Earth through your legs and feet.

It is your purpose on Earth to channel your inner light and to let it radiate outward. To connect with your unique inner light, and to let it flow outward through you into the world, is one and the same motion, one single movement. At the moment you feel called upon to open your channel and to follow your intuition, listen to your inner voice. You are being called upon to bring change into the world, into your environment, into daily life, because it is the deepest desire of your soul to express itself in matter. And it is precisely at this time that the soul wants to connect with the earthly reality and to flow into it.

However, there are very many people who clutch on to their light. Certainly, they have had glimpses of inspiration – a feeling, a gentle whisper – that nudges them onward. But when it comes to making a choice to share it with others, they remain standing on the edge. That threshold can become a blockage of resistance based on fear, because you have learned to keep things in, or to even tell yourself to be silent

When you actually do make a life decision to respond to that inner voice, to your intuition, to your channel, is when you are breaking through an old pattern of anxiety and fear that is older than this life itself, and you find yourself within a long history. As a soul, you are in a long-term evolution and you are working more and more to become yourself in circumstances that do not necessarily encourage or support that which is in you. It takes a lot of courage to be yourself in an environment that does not really support you or understands.

Listening to your intuition, to your soul, is therefore an act of bravery, of courage. The threshold or the resistance that you experience within you is something that has accumulated through multiple lives. However, at this time, the chance and opportunity is present to gradually let go of this accumulation so you will be free to express who you are. As long as you do not do so, as long as you hold back – in essence, repress it – you feel at some level trapped and unhappy. You feel like a bird that cannot fly or like a caterpillar that cannot emerge from its cocoon as a butterfly.

Meanwhile, you have amassed, through many lives, a wealth of riches in your heart. That wealth consists not only of knowledge, but also of compassion, emotional depth, understanding, and teaching abilities which now want to take form. Have faith in yourself. Put your trust in the fact that the right conditions are now present in order for you to blossom. Imagine that the inner light of which I spoke now moves to your hands and the tips of your fingers, to your legs and your feet. Allow it to flow outward.

There is safety, and things are now secure enough for you to do so. If you are still struggling with fears, they are, above all, fears from the past. It is necessary to begin by taking a small step forward, to more and more move away from the shadows of the past because only that will convince you of the safety and the possibility of letting your light now radiate. Let that light become concentrated in your throat. Feel the light flow through your throat, your center of communication, thereby creating a connection between your heart and your throat.

I now would like to say something about channeling in general. At this time, it is the intention that the act of channeling produces or expresses a heart-based consciousness. It is not about clairvoyance, not a way to predict or provide visions of the future. It is about expressing heart consciousness, giving voice to love through you as a channel. The throat is the middle between the crown chakra and the heart chakra. When you channel, you receive love from a higher dimension and this love and information that flows through your crown is then carried down and through your open heart. Only an open heart can communicate a higher vibration of love. Crown and heart flow together into your throat in order to be expressed, and that means you need to acknowledge the importance and preciousness of yourself as a channel.

When you channel, it is not about receiving spectacular images or the fact that you are a “clairvoyant”, in the old sense of the word. It is about you helping to put down a new consciousness onto Earth. You know that as a channel you are an essential part of the process and not just a neutral conduit. Your developed heart – developed through many lives by pain and joy – is the messenger. You are the equal of the teacher, or the one who gives you messages. Have awareness of your own dignity and see channeling as a process of collaboration.

The awareness that comes from a higher dimension to you helps you to see things in a broader perspective that is sometimes difficult to do from your earthly consciousness, and that is what the teacher or guide contributes when you channel. But you, when present from your heart, will receive this energy and information through your developed earthly consciousness, which is just as important as their established cosmic consciousness. It is precisely through the union of both that you give valuable information to others.

So, do not doubt yourself. Do not put the teacher or guide you channel above you, but see them as your equal partner. How you express the messages you receive through your heart is important. You, as an earthly receiver, and the guide, as a heavenly messenger, each have a unique perspective on life, but they are both of equal value. It is through the merging of both that you can touch the hearts of people, and you can also find courage, joy, and inspiration well up inside you.

Trust your developed heart, your own wisdom, and experience the joy of being connected. You are totally deserving of it; it is your natural state, so open yourself to that.

Thank you so much for your presence here.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe



Mary Magdalene by Jessica Drossin

Gratitude & appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

New Stargates, Lion’s Gate and the August Shifts – Sandra Walter

Image result for daniela cojocarita art

Dreamlike by Daniela Cojocarita ~ D’Art Studio


New Stargates, Lion’s Gate and the August Shifts

Blessings Beloveds ~

August has always been a powerful month for Ascension upgrades. Some of my most expansive experiences have happened in the second half of August – and this year promises the same.

Many are unifying for the Lion’s Gate (8/8), an ancient Egyptian tradition, which can be a strong heart-opener. The new Sirian Gateway openings since June, and new grid/freedom code activations since July 4 make this a more refined and powerful activation of our hearts and DNA.

Over the next week, we collectively tune in and radiate the pure diamond-crystalline-golden frequencies of the Christed Rays to all of creation. We serve as conduits of that light in this Now, and our collective focus during the 8/8 meditations and gatherings is THE most powerful tool we have at this juncture. Our collective choice ALWAYS amplifies the activations to follow, like collective choice points. Our Unity Meditation will occur at 8:08AM PDT, however anytime on the 8/8 is fine to add your light and intention.

While the 2020 collective trajectory is unshakeable, we utilize the collective Lion’s Gate ceremonies to amplify what occurs in the second half of August.

New Stargates and the mid-August Shift

August 15 – 28 has been on the Gatekeeper radar as a strong alignment point for acceleration.

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, you may have noticed the new gateways opening up – both within Gaia and through the cosmic stargates via Solaris and Sirius since the July 4 activation of the Lemurian/Inner Earth grids.

The activation on July 4 unified the grids and gates in their multidimensional expression.

It created a purer experience of our Ascension, and a brand new energy emerging from Gaia herself (hence the quakes). The standing gate activation is an ancient trigger point for polarity shifts (geomagnetic shifts). These new gate openings thread the light of star systems in service into ancient crystalline structures placed here for the Ascension. This allows Gaia to express her ascended self, thin the veils, release freedom codes (Unity consciousness/Christed codes) and ultimately in our DNA – so we may experience the Ascension in form.

This new energy is our 2020 Gate already in progress, doubling the Christed Timeline energies each month as we approach the December 26 eclipse. It is important to remember this is happening NOW, as the collective timeline shift was a *done deal* since June 4. Even with the attempt to turn the Crystalline Corridor activation into something else on July 4, we have shown the power of the freedom codes, our collective service, and the strength of our embodiment as a unified force of Love. Gratitude to all who continue to disperse those codes and energies through the global grids.

The merging of the Lemurian, New Earth Grids and Crystalline Grid created a zero point dynamic, in order to birth the New. This is the merging of past (Lemurian grids), present (New Earth grids) and future (Crystalline grids) to provide the NOW experience necessary for a pure experience of Ascension. It mirrors your own experience of merging past, present and future in zero point in order to create the pure embodiment of your Christed/crystalline self.

Your heart coherence turns on the crystalline DNA, which is your passkey to these new stargates. This is teaching us to remember our sovereign Creator State, and create from that state to resonate with the higher timelines.

Apply multidimensionality to all of this; you are the micro and the macro. As above, so below, as within, so without.

Photonic flows are powerful through these new gate openings.

You may notice stronger purging effects as the past timelines dissolve from your fields. Realities are either racing to rise up to the higher timeline, or falling away to the lower experience. It is what it is, do your best to choose heart-centered thought, word and service each moment. Many may find themselves unprepared for the acceleration; assist them with the inner work.

As always, the old stories of self must be released in order to experience the full breadth of this expansion. This becomes quite evident as the timelines divide; honor your sacred journey and let the light show you what needs to be shed, changed or loved up to speed. Emotional fields are getting upgraded to handle more LOVE.

Diamond-Photonic: Creating Divine Will

With your command, the Diamond-Photonic shining rays of the Christed heart can be amplified like never before. As we alight our crystalline hearts with this radiant gift from the Living Library of Gaia Sophia, our crystalline rainbow bridge DNA can become a conduit of this next level of light and Ascension. Visualize it, decree it, and feel it as often as possible.

Surrender to the altered states of consciousness which the organic photonic light is producing during this passage. Remember this is a very different state of BEingness. The 144 Crystalline DNA templates are activating in embodiers, which has global effects as they unlock the stargates within to align with strong cosmic currents of supportive and transformative light streams.

Balance and Surrender: Show HUmanity your New Self in progress

Just a reminder: we are walking in many worlds, not the dualistic two. Our Mastery is balance of all aspects of Self-as-Source across the parallel realities. Creativity, grounding in nature, meditation and service all assist the integration of this next level of light. Show the Way of the sacred heart, through your unique authentic expression.

Stronger as ONE

Join us on SUNday for the Global Unity Meditations to launch this next level of our Ascension at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM and 5:11PM Pacific Daylight Time. We will be calling in and forth the amplification of the Diamond-Photonic rays and codes for all willing hearts.

We unite again on Thursday, August 8 at 8:08AM PDT to honor the Lion’s Gate. Details and guided meditation downloads at http:www.sandrawalter.com/unity/

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,



Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Engel by Escume @ DeviantArt

POWER QUESTIONS: Your Answers Can Change Your Life

The following is from Caroline’s 2016 Salon

One of the more difficult truths to convey to people is that changing anything about your life – your health, the direction of your life, the quality of opportunities that you generate, how happy you are – is not that difficult. Change is not dependent upon wealth, as so many people are prone to believe. And it is not a matter of having time or space or energy.

It is a matter of how you organize, see, relate to the “reality” of your life. That’s a huge statement that requires a bit of interpretation. I suspect that if I had said that in a lecture, I would be looking at facial expressions communicating, “What?”

One of the great teachings of Buddha is that change is a dynamic that is always in motion. Everything is always in a state of flux. Our bodies are always changing. The day is in constant movement – seconds turn to minutes and then to hours, with us aging along with each tick of the clock. And as each second passes, just imagine all that happens in the world within that second. It’s incomprehensible. Absolutely incomprehensible. Food is rotting in your refrigerator while political decisions are being made and babies are being born and storms are forming in the oceans. It’s uttering astounding.

And you can’t see any of it. You cannot see anything at all and yet all of it – every single speck of it – somehow has an influence in the flow of the events of your life. It’s one of those wild, outrageous cosmic-sized truths of life. We cannot see any of the power elements that actually influence us. We only see the consequences. We may lose our job, for instance, but we do not actually see the thought processes involved in the decisions that need to take place before we are let go from our occupation. That is the caboose on the train of a decision – not the engine. We never actually witness the engines. They occur in the invisible world – all of them.

Choices, decisions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are the engines that organize our reality. Events that happen cause us to make choices; they are not the choices. A common belief is that life changes come about because of huge events like the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, moving to a new neighborhood, buying a house, marriage or divorce, a new job or job loss, an increase or loss of income. It’s true that such events shift the course of our life but it’s also the case that these events do not happen often, given the length of our lifetime. We may have two or three children, not one a year. We may marry once in our life or twice; hopefully not endlessly. That means a person is either widowed or divorced. Job changes are more frequent these days, as is moving. But few people move annually.

What does happen all the time, however, is conversations with people on all levels, intimate, casual and professional. We read all the time, whether it’s Internet blogs or Facebook chatter, books, newspapers or whatever. And we just notice things. We listen to the chatter in our environment coming from everything around us. We live in the information age, as they say.

All of this constant streaming of human, written and electronic data flowing into our energy field holds the potential to generate new ideas or inspire a thought or stir a desire that sets sparks off in our imagination. Change happens when you let those sparks of imagination take hold of a new idea or, as in the subject of this Salon, answer questions that you do not normally think about. And yet these questions are the sort that invite you to evaluate how you think about your life and the quality of choices you make each day – and why you make those choices. If, for example, you were to decide, “I’m not waiting any more to follow my dreams. No more waiting,” what would you actually do next? By this evening, your life would be on an entirely different trajectory. Imagine that.

I call these Power Questions because they contain the power to change you, to inspire you, to draw you into reflection about what you want in your life and how you see yourself. These questions are not just about what you want. Life is not about taking, having and getting more. We obviously need to survive in life. We need to provide for ourselves and our family. But we also need to tend to the task of becoming a good person. Are we the best person we can be? Again, how you answer that matters. Maybe you feel you are or maybe you will decide there is room for improvement. And if so, how will you (and are you even willing to) do the work? If so, by the end of the day, you will have made a difference in the quality of your life and the lives of all those you encounter for the rest of your life. That’s a big deal.

So, take your time. I took my time creating these questions because they matter. Remember no one needs to see the answers to these questions but you, so be honest with yourself. Some of these questions might pinch a little, but that’s what I want these power questions to do. Otherwise, they are useless. And enjoy the task. Your life could be very different by the end of this Salon.

  1. What is the one thing you have postponed changing about yourself? Are you prepared to make that change now?
  2. Are you a good friend who keeps your word all the time?
  3. Would you offer a good friend much needed (uninvited) advice when you can see he/she is headed for disaster, or remain silent?
  4. Are you open to receiving uninvited counsel from a good friend if the situation were reversed?
  5. Is it more important for you to win the power game or to know the truth?
  6. What is more important to you – wealth or love? (No, you can’t have both so far as this question is concerned.)
  7. Have you explored your creativity to your satisfaction?
  8. Do you dismiss your creative ideas based on financial thinking or lack of time?
  9. Which would you prefer: Losing your creative energy and spark or gaining more free time in your life? (No, you cannot have both so far as this question is concerned.)
  10. Can you actually name a creative project or dream that you would like to pursue now?
  11. What are three very unusual qualities in you that define who you are?
  12. Do you feel that the choices you make allow those qualities to shine? If not, what are you willing to do in your life to let the best of you become the strongest part of you?
  13. Do you consider yourself to have healthy self-esteem?
  14. What three qualities do you appreciate most about yourself?
  15. What are your three greatest personal challenges?
  16. What do most of your close friends consider your greatest personal challenge?
  17. Do you spend your musing time drifting into past regrets, fear of the future or present time concerns?
  18. How much of your day do you dwell in stress and how much is spent in calm waters?
  19. Imagine your life twenty years from now. Close your eyes and drift forward to whatever age you would be twenty years from now. Which of today’s problems and emotional issues are still troubling you twenty years from now? Ten years from now? Five years from now? Three? Even one year from now? How significant can they be?
  20. Would you rather have acknowledgment or love? (And no, you cannot have both because often in life, the pain in a person is self-created because they can’t figure out which one they really need versus want.)
  21. But which do you need: Acknowledgment or love?
  22. Do you find it challenging to acknowledge the gifts and accomplishments of others?
  23. Which do you feel more often: That life has blessed you or that life owes you more? (Everyone tends to answer “I feel both”; however, the operative word in this question is “more”. Which do you feel more often?)
  24. Do you have to remind yourself to count your blessings or does gratitude come naturally?
  25. How sure are you of what you believe in? Spiritually? Politically? Personal values?
  26. Are you someone who stands up for what you believe in?
  27. Would you challenge a person who is critical of a friend?
  28. If you knew someone was telling a lie, what would you do?
  29. Is honesty an important value for you?
  30. Are you as honest with people as you want them to be with you?
  31. Are you someone who thinks that having more money is the solution to your problems in life – and if not all of them, most of them?
  32. Do you often spend from entitlement rather than from necessity?
  33. What makes you feel as if you are “truly alive?”
  34. How often do you feel that way?
  35. Do you generally feel that your life is good?
  36. Do you often hesitate to do what you want because you fear what others might say?
  37. And how often have others actually said something to you?
  38. Whose opinion of your life matters as much to you as your opinion of your life?
  39. How often have you gotten angry at yourself for not doing what you want to do – and then blamed someone else for your lack of courage?
  40. What qualities do you love most in others? And do you tell your family and friends often enough how much you care about them and how much they mean to you?
  41. How many of those do you have in yourself?
  42. We may all die tomorrow. Just because we are not ill does not mean we will live another day. We only have this moment and then the next. We only have each other. We only have each precious moment together. Knowing that truth – and it is a grand cosmic truth – review who you might still be angry with or what issues might still be unresolved and ask yourself if holding on to negative feelings for one more moment is worth it.
  43. If you said yes – even slightly – is holding on to your negativity:
    1. A matter of pride;
    2. Or the thrill or need to get even with that person;
    3. Or the need to get the “other” to acknowledge/witness the pain of the wound;
    4. Or the need to prove that someone unjust was done to you.
  44. None of those goals can ever be met. Very few people care that they hurt you just as you have already forgotten most of the people whom you hurt. You don’t think about them everyday. But imagine someone else dwelling on what you said to them twenty or twenty-five years ago. It’s preposterous. And if one of those people did finally come up to you, after waiting all those years to see you and said, “I’m so angry at you. Do you know what you did to my life because of what you said to me?” More than likely you would say, “Who are you?” Or you would say, if they were a close family member, “I don’t recall saying that at all. I’m sure I never meant to hurt you.” And now that person would be left feeling bereft. Or perhaps even angrier. None of their wounds were validated. But that is the more common scenario. We hold on and hold on only to find out the wicked other has moved on long ago. Or never registered the wound at all. What is true is that every human being has wounds and every human being has wounded someone along the way. Some have left battlefields of wounded people. We do not always get our apologies from the person who stuck the knife in us and we do not always get the opportunity to apologize to the people we owe an apology to for our dark actions and words. But in this world where invisible acts of the heart move through our “inner net” with the speed of “holy light”, the grace of our good deeds finds its way to wounded hearts in need of comfort. And the grace of our kind words are used to create soft thought forms that settle sweetly into minds in turmoil. It is worth letting go to make use of yourself as a vessel of light. You can put that space in yourself to better use.
  45. Is meditation or prayer time a value?
  46. If you had the rare opportunity to encounter experience “God call you by name”, would you say yes?
  47. Would you say yes to becoming a healer if it meant undergoing the Wounded Healer journey of initiation?
  48. How deeply do you really want to know yourself? Do you want to know all the whys about you or just a few?
  49. What are your three greatest fears and of those three, which two do you know you can release at any time?
  50. Finally: What is the dream you are postponing? And if you heard the Divine say, “No more postponing. I gave you that dream for a reason. Act on it,” what would you do? There are no financial guarantees with a dream. All dreams are financial risks. All dreams take courage. And dreams do not have to be great, big, huge. They just have to spark your imagination and make you grateful you are alive.

Now, go through your questions again. I hope you answered them slowly and thoughtfully. I did. It may sound odd, but I took my time with every question. Some of them came from Spiritual Direction work and others from my work with people and others popped into my head as I wrote this. I thought it obvious that many of the questions included a sort of, “Well, and so what are you going to do about this?” or “And, now what?” Next step. I did not feel I had to add that. For example, question 45 asks you if prayer or meditation time is of value to you. Whether you replied yes or no, I assumed you would then spend some time thinking about the value of introducing one or both of those practices into your life. A “no” answer is insufficient because it does not do justice to the significance of what it means to have a prayer/meditation life versus not having one. Having one implies that spending time in reflection and in sacred dialogue matters to you. Invoking grace matters. Having faith in something greater than yourself matters. Hope comes more easily.

I would love some feedback from you with this Salon. I would love to know if these questions really caused any of you to think more deeply about the choices you are making with your life and if any of you actually decided to do something outrageous.

And I send you all a heart full of love as we enter August. I hope you have a lovely final third of the summer.





Engel by Escume @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – Randall Monk @ Timely Guidance

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UNIVERSAL LAWS – The Law Of Cause And Effect

A common saying from the Bible which relates to this law is “You reap what you sow.”

Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause.” — The Kybalion (Hermetic Teachings)

I think we’re all very familiar with this law, which is also known as karma. However, most of us don’t take it into account before we think, speak, or act, which would be like ignoring a posted speed sign while driving.The difference here is that we may not get caught speeding; however, the law of cause and effect ALWAYS comes into play. It most likely will not happen right away, so when we experience the effect we don’t usually put the two together.

Every thought we think is a cause and creates an effect.

Every word we speak is a cause and creates an effect.

Every action we take is a cause and creates an effect.

Every decision we make is a cause and creates an effect. 

Sometimes the effect takes days, weeks, months, years or lifetimes to affect us, and sometimes it affects us instantly.

Practical Practices to Align with The Law of Cause and Effect

Many times when we think of karma or cause and effect we think of negative actions and negative consequences. However, our positive thoughts, feelings, words, and actions have an effect too, and those effects are positive and life-enhancing.

My recommendation is to endeavor to harbor only positive thoughts about yourself, about events in your life, and about other people. To feel good about yourself and life look for the blessing and lesson in every situation – learn from the experience. I encourage you to speak well about yourself and others; to be compassionate for your highest good and the highest good of all; and consider the law of cause and effect before acting.

If you feel that the scales of karma may be out of balance due to your previous thoughts, feelings, and actions, you can influence the scales in your favor by harboring positive thoughts and feelings about yourself and others, and taking positive actions.

Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,


P.S. Universal Laws posts will include:

  1. THE LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS – Everything is connected
  2. THE LAW OF VIBRATION – Everything vibrates
  3. THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE – As above so below
  4. THE LAW OF INSPIRED ACTION – We need to take action to accomplish something
  5. THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – The law of karma
  6. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Like attracts like
  7. THE LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY – Everything is always changing
  8. THE LAW OF RELATIVITY – Everything is neutral, everything is relative
  9. THE LAW OF BALANCE – Creation requires two energies, masculine and feminine
  10. THE LAW OF GENDER – Masculine and feminine
  11. THE LAW OF POLARITY – Everything has an opposite
  12. THE LAW OF RHYTHM – Everything moves in a cycle

©2019 – Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission.  Randall Monk – www.TimelyGuidance.com



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Releasing the Fear of Divine Unification by the Andromedans -Natalie Glasson

Essence ~ Artist Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America


Releasing the Fear of Divine Unification by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Beloved light essence upon the Earth, we are the Andromedans, from the Andromedan Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. You may label us as extra-terrestrial beings; however, we are the light and Creator essence the same as you. We are currently supporting and overseeing the service of all experiencing a deep oneness and contentment in their unite with the Creator. In the vibration of oneness, a great volume of freedom is experienced. Everything that seemed important, essential and of great value simply falls away and one can feel a true resonance within, and a greater experience of expansion. With and within the presence of unity it can be as if one shifts from their current dimension into a different dimension vibration, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while remaining present in their current reality.

As a being on the Earth you are able to link into the vibration and flowing current of the Creator’s light that pours through your being. With the experience and acceptance of oneness you can experience the flowing current of the Creator and its entire network and wealth of presence. We encourage the vibration of oneness because we know it can bring to your being the contentment and bliss you seek to experience. If you can imagine the Creator as a vast and expansive nourishment supply, as soon as you connect into this supply you are able to allow the nourishment to flow throughout your being eternally. You will never want or need for anything else to support your existence because all that is required will be naturally flowing throughout your being.

Our desire to create oneness is connected to bringing the aspects of the Creator together in union and harmony. You are aware of rifts and separation that occurs on the Earth, this can also occur within the Creator’s universe. We are all aspects of the Creator, all wishing to understand, learn and grow, which sometimes means that a certain aspect of disharmony can manifest in order for harmony to reign. Often disharmony manifests due to fear especially fear of the unknown, unidentified and unfamiliar. Fear can also manifest because of a feeling of insecurity, being unsupported or lack of control. With the vibration of oneness, you are able to erase all of these feelings, existing in love within the vibration of love, even if you are alone in your experience or reality. It is often that connection or entering into unknown energies or unfamiliar experiences cause a person to activate fear or withdraw their attention ignoring their divine powerful presence within. We, the Andromedans wish to assist many souls incarnate on the Earth and the inner planes to overcome their fears of the unknown, unfamiliar and unidentified in connection with the Creator. As a being incarnate upon the Earth it is your purpose to embody the Creator, more so to realise you are already an embodiment of the Creator. To release any underlying or unconscious fear of the Creator allows you to access a full realisation of the divine flow of the Creator moving continuously through you.

The Creator

It is true that you are unable to perceive the Creator completely, especially if you are in a physical body and experience the facade of separation. The Creator, when you observe with your mind or your intellect is an unknown energy and a vibration that can be difficult to interpret or even put into words. The Creator appears to be unknown, unfamiliar and undefinable and yet there is something within you that drives you to seek a closer union with the Creator, even though you are not completely certain with what you are uniting. A personal picture or explanation can form within the mind to allow you to focus and give a personality to the Creator, even when there is no personality present. A personal description may not hold the complete truth, although it does offer a source of guidance and centralised focus for you to concentrate upon. In a reality when everything has a form, label and a purpose it can be unthinkable that an energy source which has none of these could be your original essence, your truth and that which you derive from. You are told that all you are experiencing, however solid, is a mirror and a creation from within your being. Reality is therefore an illusion. Instead you are being asked to focus upon something that you cannot grasp, truly understand or categorise. In truth that is the key to experiencing a resonance and oneness with the Creator, it is the moment of surrender.

To Surrender

If you can imagine that you are holding onto and truly believing in all that is your solid and physical reality, then you decide to inhale deeply letting go of your attachment to your reality as you exhale, this is to allow yourself to surrender. In that moment before you surrender you may find fear of the unknown. As you breathe through the fear and accept the process of surrendering you will find peace. Belief in the unknown in itself is an illusion; you are more familiar with the vibration of the Creator than you are the physical reality. Fear of the unknown is only a result of distrust in the constant and eternal support of the Creator. When you believe that the Creator is within you and supports you constantly then there is no need to activate fears as you are aware and have a deep knowingness that you are always provided for in all and every way. It is your belief in your physical reality and your lack of belief in the Creator that causes fear of the unknown. You may recognise that similar fears manifest within your physical experiences, this is to assist you in overcoming your fear of surrendering into the Creator and all that is the Creator.

Allow yourself to observe your reality; are you fearful of change, are you distrusting of people, do you feel you need to control your reality, are you unable to open your mind to there being something more than the Earth? Observe your small fears in your daily life, once recognised, these will give you the opportunity to surrender to the Creator which is actually to realise and accept that you are always provided for and eternally supported.

Surrendering is to accept that you are always provided for and supported.

Recognising the Creator as love is the easiest way to perceive the Creator.

You are Never in Control and are Always the Creator

Many people fear love because again it is to trust almost beyond yourself in something that cannot be defined, grasped or touched. It is the alterations of your being and the expansion or freedom that you may experience that brings up fear, also the experience of not being in control. Are you ready to realise that you have never had control over your reality and experiences and yet you have always been the creator of your reality and experiences? Control and creation are different expressions, when you control something you limit it and believe that you hold the most appropriate knowledge. When you create you manifest from the power, the essence, the truth within your being, connected to a freely flowing current of the Creator’s vibration and abundance that is always provided to you and will never ever be taken away from you. It is important to realise if you are fearful of letting go of control or the unknown transitions that may occur, simply allow yourself to exist in and as the love of the Creator. Love will be all you attract and create, then experiencing amplified love within your being and reality becomes inevitable. How this love manifests maybe unknown but it becomes an exciting journey of wonderful experiences, being guided and supported within every moment of your reality.

It is now time to dissolve illusions of fear and separation as they no longer serve you as you continue to embrace all that is the Creator. I wish to invite you during your meditation time or in your sleep state to invite us the Andromedans to support you in dissolving fears of the unknown, of change and of surrendering, as well as any other fears connected to oneness with the Creator. Now is the time to allow yourself the greatest gift of being at one with the Creator with every breath that you inhale and exhale. Before your meditation or sleep time say;

‘Andromedans, I call upon your support and presence, please work with my energy as you allow your light to flow over and through my being, dissolving, healing and releasing fears of the unknown, of change and of surrendering and any other fears connected to oneness with the Creator. I accept as a gift from myself the reality of being at one with the Creator with every breath that I inhale and exhale. Thank you.’

Allow yourself time to experience the energies, to observe any shifts and realisation that may surface and focus upon your oneness with the Creator.

We are here to support you in this most important healing process,




Gratitude to artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Essence ~ Artist Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America

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