You Are the Creator of Your Life – Natalie Glasson

You Are the Creator of Your Life
by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 14th December 2018 – Original Source:

Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Arcturians bring forth our consciousness, love and blazing light to support you now. We come forth as a collective to share our power and inspiration with you. You may call upon us whenever you wish to upgrade your entire being, we will do so in harmony with your soul, using our ascension light tools and technology to create powerful and peaceful shifts of transformation within your being. We are present to assist and guide you, we will always present our light to you in support, respect and love for the ascension pathway you are travelling upon.

The energy wave and cycle that is anchoring into the Earth from the inner planes can be simply summarised as the presence of clarity. The ascension energies for 2019 are promoting the presence and experience of clarity within all aspects of your being, reality and life. This means that activations will take place to support you in seeing, sensing and acknowledging with greater clarity and clearness. Being aware of your intuition and inner guidance with clarity and the ability to clearly act upon the wisdom received. Clarity will develop within your relationships especially with yourself, soul and the Creator. Confusion may arise, and this will be an indication of your resistance to the presence of clarity and the shifts it can manifest for you.

You Are Your Life

With the presence of clarity at the forefront of ascension we wish to bring forth our inspiration and insights to further support your awakening of clear thoughts, understanding and truth from within your being. We wish to speak with you about your life, your reality and lifetime. We will share with you now that you are your life, reality and lifetime, this is your truth and when it becomes your experience you begin to tap into a deeper understanding of the world you are living in. Accessing insights that support you with questions that you may hold within you such as, ‘What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? Why am I on the Earth?’

Your Life

In your existence upon the Earth you are a combination of your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, desires, past experiences, future expectations, the presence of your soul, soul group and the Creator as well as the influence of those outside of you in your physical and spiritual reality. You may then experience that you have a life which you engage with every day. This life may seem to have a course, energy, flow and direction of its own. Many people may feel as if their life is happening to them and they are trying to keep up with the demands of their life. Some feel disappointed with their life as if it has been allocated to them without their consent. Others may feel that they have no control of their life or that life is going well, better than they expected.

Allow yourself to contemplate the word, ‘Life,’ or My Life.’ Is it a series of experiences you do not have control of that is outside your body and being? Or is it a pathway of your own creation?

Humanity often thinks of their life as an energy force separate from them that has an existence of its own. If you think of your life as separate from you then you will find it challenging to experience fulfilment, contentment and peace because you are creating that your life controls you and is separate from you. Take a moment to imagine your life as a tangible thing, to give you ideas maybe a pathway, river, monster. What comes to mind as a description of your life?

As we have said you are a combination of your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, desires, past experiences, future expectations, the presence of your soul, soul group and the Creator as well as the influence of those outside of you in your physical and spiritual reality. All of this creates your life, every big and little thing you experience is born from you. The way you perceive your life is also your creation. If you perceive your life as challenging and separate from you this will be your experience. If you perceive your life as your creation, precious and an extension of who you are, this will be your experience. You have built your life to the way it is now and you can change it as well. This can be challenging to receive, however, once you engage with the idea you recognise your power and how you impact your life and experiences from within you.

This is the major key of clarity we, the Arcturians, wish to share with you, ‘You impact, create and design your life from your inner experiences.’ Everything is connected and one in the Universe of the Creator, therefore you are connected and one with your life.

Your Reality

Reality can describe your life, it also describes certain experiences or a series of experiences as well as the way you perceive your life. Reality is what you are actually experiencing and the way you are choosing to experience it. Reality can define the truth that you are experiencing within and outside of your being, it can be as honest or as filled with illusion as you wish it to be. Reality is your awareness of all that you are, all your experiencing and all you are creating. If you focus upon your alignment with your soul and inner essence, this becomes your reality, if you complain and only see the bad in the world then this becomes your reality. Your reality is the way you choose to perceive yourself.

Your Lifetime

Your lifetime is the duration of your existence upon the Earth. This is governed by your soul and the mission your soul has accepted or wishes to achieve on the Earth. While your soul determines the length of your existence upon the Earth, the choices you make and areas you focus upon can impact the quality of your existence and can even cause the soul to reconsider the duration of your lifetime. This is only in extreme cases. Therefore, there is no need to worry about how much time you have upon the Earth, there is a need to trust in your soul and that the choices your soul makes are born from the essence of your soul and for the greatest good for you and all. Time doesn’t exist, you can recognise your lifetime as a constant series of present moments.

While you cannot control your lifetime on the Earth you can recognise that you are the key creator and designer of the life you experience. The combination of all the thoughts, emotions, beliefs etc that you hold within you create your life. You can also recognise you can impact your reality which is the way you perceive, act and react in each present moment. It is now time to realise fully that you are as one with your life and reality, you are the creator and designer, your life and reality is born from within you.

If you wish to change your life and reality there is a need to examine within your being,

Observe how you think and feel about the area you wish to transform.

What beliefs do you hold about the area?

Are you thinking, feeling and believing from a space of love and peace or from a space of illusion, fear, anger, control or something else?

Can you see how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs could be impacting your experiences, either how you act or react, what you create or what you withdraw from?

Are you willing to let go of that which you have realised and create new thoughts, feelings, beliefs about the area you wish to transform? Are you willing to receive healing, from us the Arcturians? We are ready to serve you. Simply call upon our energy now to create light activations of truth, power and peace, allowing you to accept your life and reality as a creation and extension of you.

Everything that you are creates your life,

With divine blessings,


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Core Shift in Gaia and Organic Timeline Restoration – Sandra Walter

Core Shift in Gaia and Organic Timeline Restoration

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our sacred transformational passage is upon us, when deep collective and personal shifts may occur. The embodiment phase is bolstered by the cosmic flows, and this year’s deep cleansing provides the Divine revelation of the True Self for many. This download is long; it summarizes timeline shifts, migrating realities, and a hearts-up for the birthing of a new energy.

We are preparing to migrate all realities to the organic Ascension timelines. It has been a slow migration, building the crystalline pathways which bridge the gap between distorted inorganic timelines and the Christed timelines of organic intent. The frequencies which trigger an accelerated migration occur between the 12-12 and 12-27. It unlocks magnetics within Gaia’s core, which shifts all energy flows to the crystalline grid system, causing expansion.

The shifts created by this energy release may accelerate earth-changes, which also accelerates unity. Let us recognize that deconstruction of the old includes physical changes in these realms. That should not be a surprise, nor an opportunity for sensationalism. The inorganic realities must collapse, just as the time structures must collapse, in order to reveal the new. It is an honor and a blessing to be here to experience both – simultaneously. Starseeds, guide those who forget their hyperdimensional existence.

As I mentioned in the last Gatekeeper’s journal, I have been seeing many departing souls, similar to the visions before 2016 began. Let us focus on the Now service of migrating realities with as much ease and grace as possible.

The energies of 2018 were intended to mature our hearts, reveal the organic Ascension experience and amplify emotional intelligence in the Ascending collective. The Unity in Unity Consciousness will be emphasized, by whatever means needed by the collective consciousness, in 2019. Wayshowing becomes a pure expression of love, compassion, integrity and embodiment as we go through this transformational passage.

Organic Timeline Restoration

For years the Divine Team upstairs have said that 3D technically no longer exists. As with most of this intel, the supportive experiences and documentation eventually come to light. I AM feeling this strongly as I approach my 20th anniversary of delivering messages. Anniversaries are popping up everywhere for me, another indication that timeline shifts are upon us.

We have been running parallel collective realities for quite a while, with a slow divide as the lower realities/timelines drop away (aka division of worlds.) The inorganic timelines embedded in the lower realities were a creation fueled by HUman agreement. Lightworkers and Gaia made the choice during the harmonic convergence of 1987 to engage with the Ascension timelines. Rather than reset in an all-at-once, game-over scenario, we chose to walk through the 2012 Gateway as one, let the old realities dissolve, and experience creating the new.

We get so much more out of the journey this way. We learn to create in unity consciousness while old realities dismantle. We get the experience of transformation through the physical. And we learn time dynamics, honoring free will, and the true power of serving Source through the heart. Brilliant.

Lightworkers engaged in collective ceremony and constant gridwork through the 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3 … for twelve years, ending in the finale of the 12-12-12 when Gaia birthed the higher realm of New Earth. Gaia broke away from the lower timeline reality back in 2011, a few months before the 11-11-11 reignited the Christed Heart flame in all willing vessels. An elegant orchestration of events. The Primary Christed timelines, a creation of our future selves as a possibility of experiencing Ascension for both the planet and physical BEings, began to override the lower and inorganic realities.

The Primary timelines became a physical experience available to all with the August 2017 Solar eclipse. This accelerated the drop-off of energetic support for lower timelines, which have been running on collective agreement. As we hit tipping points in collective awakening, the agreement dissolves in the higher vibration, and those manipulative realities can no longer operate. Old Earth can run for another 100 years if needed; there are benevolent timelines in place to bridge Gaia’s expressions. They can endure only a certain level of photonic light quotient before they collapse. Collective choice will reveal how long those are needed.

Positive photons create order, which can look like chaos as inorganic realities crumble. Apply multidimensional awareness to everything; the lower realities have been called an illusion for good reason. Lower timelines dissolve as we traverse the photon belt, and that activity accelerates as we collectively unify with the intent for peace, harmony, and creating in the highest interests of all concerned. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers begin to remember their higher skills and step into service. We unify with our future selves/Higher Selves during the embodiment phase and reunite with our multidimensional aspects (happening now.) No one is robbed of their Mastery experience; you can have this here and now, or experience it in another system. The honoring of free will is a major lesson in these realms. Mastery requires choice and action.

The Gateways we used to migrate realities to the organic timelines have activated the New Earth Crystalline -based Grid system. It compliments the radical magnetic shifts Gaia goes through to reveal New Earth, and assists in bridging the worlds. This is why we used crystals, sound, new geometries, and rejuvenated skill sets to create it. It is a crystalline, hyperdimensional structure which flows freely between dimensions, planets and star systems, rather than limiting or controlling realities.

Our current service is to bridge the gap between lower realities which are running on empty, and the higher organic realities. We rewrite our collective timelines to have a through-line; to mend the past intention of Ascension with the positive future outcome already taking place.

The positive photonic light promotes collective clearing. We are erasing, realigning huge sections of our past miscreations, distortions, old stories, in order to create an organic flow from past Self to future Self, and merge them in Zero Point.

This is why Lightworkers sense the past as long gone, dissolved, illusionary, like a strange dream dissipating with the New SUNrise. Because it is. Negative emotions cannot be recalled or re-experienced. We release ourselves from the spell. It also makes the lower collective experience feel dull; these realities are past their expiration date. So we turn our focus to the New, in order to unlock the Gates and bridges to the Primary Christed timeline experience.

Crystalline DNA is our body’s bridge between worlds. Christed hearts beam our intention through the DNA creating a passcode to the organic reality already in place. Running a higher vibration in the body turns on more DNA strands, and allows us to experience the higher organic realities. Starseeds have an advantage since we came in with unique codes, however everyone is capable of activating what their body, mind and heart can handle.

A Sacred Gift from Gaia

Gaia is about to give us a major boost from her crystalline core. You may have seen/felt the unlocking of the Living Library during the SUNday Unity Meditations, as the 12-12 Gateways opened. In order to realign the past intent with the inevitable future outcome of Ascension, Gaia will make a shift in her magnetic flow with a cosmic alignment between 12-12 and 12-27.

Cosmic rays are anticipated, however the adjustment is coming from Gaia herself, in order to align more fully with the Primary timelines. The lower timelines have no energetic support, so this event assists the organic reality to become more predominant.

It will cause a reverberation across the dimensions as the organic timeline restoration takes place. It won’t be over in a moment, it will initiate a phase of accelerated migration. This is a core rebirthing to allow the through-line of our past, present and future experience to self-correct.

Migrating denser realities to crystalline level during an Ascension cycle is a brand new experience, so it is unpredictable how this will unfold. We pray, intend and co-create a palpable and peaceful shift.

There may be several jolts felt to the New Earth Grids as time dynamics are adjusted. You may feel sudden rushes of energy or an intense blissy sensation as the organic experience returns. The planetary plate systems are most vulnerable to this expansive light. Just as our physical bodies adjust to hold more of our Higher Self in form, so must Gaia adjust. Remember it is benevolent, since the outward appearance may seem chaotic.

This is well-timed with our embodiment, which is accelerating this activity by quantum effect. The connection to Gaia is strong; she is very present in our hearts. Many will take on a new level of Christ consciousness to stabilize this beautiful new light. We become part of the bridge between worlds in this activity. Anticipate the Divine, this is a very sacred passage for demonstrating Mastery.

Suggestions for this Sacred Passage

Three Day Water Fast. One of the simplest ways to uplevel DNA, gain focus and raise your light quotient is a three day water fast. Just water. Limit screen time (online activity) and distractions for maximum effect. Follow your guidance; your body and path are unique.

Meditation and practices of highest intent. Bring all of your Multidimensional Self to the table right now. Practice radiant, expansive, Godhead-level meditation. Sound, toning and Light language are powerful activators in this Now. Join us for the SUNday Unity Meditations, use that collective support to create the New. We connect offline to practice the organic experience of unity consciousness. The vibration of Love on SUNdays is palpable and healing. That field is there every day to connect with and amplify.

Move your body … and lightbodies. Get those toroidal fields spinning diamond-solar light plasma. Yoga, exercise, dance, walk, whatever you love. Get the energy moving so you release the old timeline entanglements easily and encourage new DNA to reconnect. Play in the nature gym and move the light through Gaia as well. Oxygenate for maximum code-flow and clarity.

To know is to do. Apply Mastery skills of forgiveness, clemency, gratitude, unconditional love, and Ascension in every thought, word, and deed. Contact is stepping up, which requires a level of transparency which may be out of your comfort zone. Be seen, felt and heard as the Crystalline BEing you are. If you are feeling less-than-ready, perfect your intent moment to moment. Everyone gets points for doing the good work.

Connect with Gaia. We haven’t even begun to reveal what return of the the Divine Feminine truly means. Unity breeds unity; as active participants in this co-creation of Ascension, we level up our Creator skills with the unlocking of the Living Library. This isn’t just the revelation of who we were, but of who we are becoming. Be a good midwife and assist in migrating realities to the higher timelines. As Gaia has said; There are no old stories in the New Earth realm. Reflect this in your lifestream and trust your heart.

Anticipate brilliance. Miracles are a natural outcome of embodying pure spirit; expressing as the LoveLight of Source. As we become conduits of our pure Self, embodying the positive photonic plasma, our realities reflect crystalline BEingness (and it makes your skin sparkle). The Creator State is a very different way of BEing; encourage New in every moment.

Opportunities for Unification

We honor the collective experience of being on the bridge; crossing to the unknown, not able to fully grasp what we are becoming. It feels sacred and challenging. The organic reunification of the spirit-soul-form trinity is a pleasure beyond description. The freedom to experience Source-as-Self again is revelation; the highest level of HUman disclosure.

Organic Primary timelines operate in flow time. As they become readily available, let your plans be pliable, stay alert to higher callings in the heart space.

Embodiment takes focus. New light levels, paired with a core shift, can unfold in many ways. Remember we become purified fractals of the whole operation; what happens to Gaia, or the SUN, or the Galaxy, etc. also happens to us, through us, as us. For those who take on the challenge of leveling up, this opportunity feels Divine.

Many asked about invocations to use in ceremony. Here is a Gatekeeper decree for the Now:

We call forth the pure organic Primary Christed timelines of Ascension
to override and overwrite all lower timelines and distortions,
and provide the pure and true organic experience for all willing hearts.

We call forth the positive Photonic Light and Source-encoded plasma
to infuse the cosmic stargates, Solaris, Gaia, kingdoms, elementals and beloved Humanity,
across all timelines, parallel realities seen and unseen,
to puritize and Divinitize all creations to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law.

I open myself as a conduit of Source, the One pure and true Infinite Creator,
to flow the Diamond-Solar Light of revelation, unconditional Love and purification,
through all of these realms, in the highest interests of all concerned.

Higher realms of highest service to the organic Ascension,
unify with us for amplification and acceleration of the migration of realities
and open the crystalline bridges to experience the New Earth, Now.

Sacred Gateways of the pure and true organic Ascension within Gaia, 
HUmanity, kingdoms and elementals, ancient structures and future New Earth realities,
open and flow the Diamond-Solar plasma of Cosmic Christ consciousness
through all of these realms and grant peace, love and Ascension to all willing hearts.

I ordain this under all graces and forces of pure Source consciousness. So it is.

Unified Activities and Markers for this Passage

Wednesday, December 12: The 12-12 anniversary. Connect with Gaia, focus on migrating realities to reveal the Christed timelines for all. A strong day for first Embodiers and Gatekeepers. Get out on Gaia and assist with opening for the influx/outflux.

SUNday December 16: Global Unity Meditations in the photon-bath of Galactic Center. Join us at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Meditate with thousands of Lightworkers for 33 minutes, offline, in your style. Set a reminder and join in, the more hearts the better. Gratitude to those who spread the word. Details HERE.

Monday – Wednesday December 17-19: Earth – SUN – Galactic Center alignment. Not an exact alignment, thus the window of opportunity provided. Strong cosmic energies.

Friday December 21: Solstice at 2:23 PM Pacific Time.

Saturday December 22: Full Moon at 9:50 AM Pacific Time.

SUNday December 23: Global Unity Meditations at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. The greatest Christmas presence we can give the collective is Peace, Love and our Hearts as One force of Source.

SUNday December 30: Global Unity Meditations at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Prepare for the Now Year in Unity with the Light Tribe.

Embodiment is an empowering activity.

No one should be waiting for a day, a moment, a flash, an announcement. Old systems dismantle on a collective level as easily as your old self dismantled during the Ascension process. Breathe. Patience = generosity. Acceleration is anticipated, since time dynamics are connected to magnetic flows, as well as gravity. This has a direct effect on DNA and can be (even more) stimulating. Starseeds with coherent hearts and emotional intelligence are encouraged to balance the collective fields during this passage.

Remember our fields and choices affect outcomes; we assist (not hinder) the expansion of Gaia. The heart can handle much more than the mind. It can also create with clarity from the higher perspective of Love.

I send all of you Love and strength for a Divine and Sacred passage. This is a phase of wonder and brilliance. May we honor it and use the energies to co-create the highest experience for all concerned. Blessings for a truly joyful holiday season. Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,
Note: This is the last post of the year. Weekly inspiration continues via the Newsletter.
Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known.

Echoes of the New Paradigm – Peggy Black & Team

Shakti by Subrata Ghosh @ Tejas Gallery


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family Dec 12, 2018

___________ My Personal Message___________
As the year draws to a close, in reflection it has been a year of intense ups and downs, with lessons and blessings. The entire nation experienced the awesome event of the total Solar eclipse. We observed more individuals taking an active part in our election to bring about a change. We experienced the shock of witnessing the many tragic events and natural disasters and the hardships they bring to others. We are always invited to offer our prayers, our vision and our active participation for change. I am inspired by those who step up and honor the humanity within others, with compassion and action.I personally experienced the intense ups and downs, the lessons and blessings. The days waiting in a hospital for my daughter’s recovery from a heart attack. Once home I realized while in the hospital I had not used any of my tools that the ‘team’ recommends us to use.

I had simply gone unconscious, triggered by my fear. This year I had two visits and several weeks in Kauai assisting another daughter dealing with her grief and the tedious process of downsizing in a big way; I was able to stay present and supportive.This year as also offered satisfaction and success. I launched my new personal website and shared my stories, my art and my connection with the Andara crystals. I completed and published a new Morning Messages “We Are Here” Book Set. I connected with many new clients for private sessions with the ‘team.’ I was able to attend two retreats with my friend, Tom Kenyon. I had the privilege of teaching the power of sound to a wonderful group of Japanese women. I am grateful that I have a busy fulfilling life. My health has been good and I am grateful to be alive and doing this work. January 2nd I will be 77 years old.

I am grateful for all the incredible people I connect with through the personal sessions with the ‘team.’ The sessions seem to be more intense with the information offered. I am so honored to be able to facilitate for those who have questions about personal issues and challenges. If you are interested in booking appointments please contact me. It is a nice way to start the new year. It is my honor to make the ‘team’ available for a private session.   They are very generous with their information which offers clarity, guidance and empowerment.

I am grateful I have been able to share the power of the noble Andara stones and jewelry. I have made it my intention to seed our planet with their energetic properties of expanded and accelerated spiritual awareness, access to universal knowledge, and a bridge between dimensions. So for those of you who know these stones or those who might be interested, please contact me for more information, or visit

I feel so blessed to be a part of our Morning Messages community. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. You and your stories inspire me to continue this work. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Echoes of the New Paradigm
Peggy Black and the ‘team’
We are here to offer our acknowledgement as well as our encouragement. There is a shift in consciousness taking place with your collective. From your everyday, moment to moment experience you might not be aware of this shift. You focus is on the maintenance and preservation of your physical body and the activities of your day-to-day life and responsibilities.In this interface we would like to invite you to expand your point of view in such a manner that you can observe your dimension and the collective consciousness as a mindful witness. For the moment, put aside your judgments and fears, as well as your personal and programmed points of view, and you will become aware that something is taking place on a rather large scale.

Your planet is in the process of a spiritual awakening. When you begin to notice and pay attention to the larger unfolding, you become aware that truly, something is occurring. Most of the shifts and changes have been subtle and have been taking place for a great number of years; the shifts now, however are beginning to be obvious. You are observing the rise of feminine energy stepping up, speaking out and coming forth in leadership positions.

More and more individual earthwalkers are waking up to the realization that they are more than their physical body. They are welcoming a new level of mindfulness within their actions and responses to current events. More and more humans are becoming curious about spiritual   practices, conscious exercises. More and more humans are standing up for the rights of others.

There is a pulse, a surge moving in the collective, urging each individual to wake up. Personal codes are being activated. There is also a resurrection of ancient modalities of sacred traditions being woven into the awareness of how one relates to and effects energy and the quantum field.

There are those who are awakening to the realization that they are more than who they thought themselves to be. They are truly multidimensional beings, aware that reality is a thought, reality is a particle, and reality is a wave. These beings are beginning to ride the energy in a new way. They are beginning to model and sculpt energy with more loving consciousness. They are envisioning and imagining and calling forth this new reality.

Often when individuals or even an entire collective experience intense stress, chaos, turmoil, violence, terrorism or extreme fear, there is a sudden shift of consciousness and awakening within. This shift in consciousness can come with internal as well as outer disturbances and confusion.

You are witnessing the outer disturbance and confusion on your planet, as old patterns and beliefs are being questioned or threatened. Old limited ways of being and acting are being questioned. Humanity is waking up and pushing against the limited, unequal beliefs of the old paradigms.  A caution here, remember what you push against, what you resist will persist.

When a new paradigm is forming in the collective, the energy of the old paradigm appears to become stronger as if knowing it is about to be eliminated.

So the best and most profound way you personally can assist the pulse, this surge of awakening, is to use your creative power and ability as the true alchemist that you are and transmute the negative and misqualified energies. Practice using your imagination, your power, to envision a better more fulfilling world.  Own your power of intention.

Remember it is an illusion that things stay the same. Recognize and realize that your reality is always in flux. Each moment is offered new and ready for the imprint. The conscious or even the unconscious old habits, rigid beliefs, tell the fresh new energy what it is that you expect in your given reality. Each person is actively, in every moment, creating the reality in which they live and believe they exist.

Science and spirituality are merging in the reality that the laws of quantum physics are working through you, whether you believe them or not. You and your collective have the awesome opportunity to anchor, advance, and welcome the truths that are the first echoes of the new paradigm which are becoming apparent.

The spiritual awareness of oneness with all has been in the collective consciousness for centuries as an idea. Now more is being revealed from the scientific realms as proof of this truth. Consider the ideas of entanglement and non-locality. Remember that entanglements occurs when two particles or two individuals are so deeply linked through the quantum field, that one particle or individual can instantaneously connect with the other non-locally, even at great distances.

We realize that this idea and phenomenon is not fully understood at this time, however it is accepted in the scientific realms in quantum mechanics. This means that the physical distance between the particles or perhaps two individual is irrelevant. This realization offers you a quantum leap in your idea of what is possible. Research is beginning to show that the physical world is not as physical as you think it to be. Reality is in fact an illusion. You are surrounded by energy.

This dimension is created by vibrations and frequencies of energy. Your physical body and brain are designed to interface with this field of energy information and translate it into experiences. You are an energy being having this human adventure.

As you acknowledge this truth and partner consciously with your energy self, your divine self, you step into a powerful place of creation. To able to understand this you need to change the way you think of the universe. Think of yourself as a divine creator playing with other divine creators in this realm and dimension.

It is from this perspective that you realize and own that whatever energy you send out as a thought, emotion or word will manifest at some point in some way. This understanding will empower you to join other awake conscious beings energetically no matter their physical location and hold the vision, the intention of a world of balance, a world that honors nature and all living beings. As you know, more and more studies are being done using the power of intention and the energy of words to influence the outcome of a physical event.

When a group of individuals join together in a prayer or meditation focused on a certain outcome, studies show there are positive results. The best thing about this awareness is that individuals as well as groups of dedicated beings can begin to offer a shift. You can and do influence the energy field. Since your planet is facing unprecedented challenges with climate instability, wars, and economic disparity, there has never been a more potent time on your planet for the collective to access within themselves higher realms of potential. This practice begins within and then joins the larger community creating a quantum shift in the world around you.

We invite you to remember that you have the awesome opportunity to anchor, advance, and welcome the first echoes and appearances of the new paradigm that is being called forth. We honor and acknowledge you as creator. Call upon us as well as other non-physical being of light to support you in this awesome work. the ‘team’

©2018 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available


Shakti by Subrata Ghosh @ Tejas Gallery


Becoming a Living Light on 12:12 – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Ascended Master Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins


Becoming a Living Light on 12:12

The true meaning of the season makes its way forward as we enter the 12:12 energy of the Holy Mother, known as Ascension Day in some religions. It is a portal of the Virgin Mary in her perfect posture and 12 strand DNA. The shortest day of the year 12/21/2018 (mirror image of 12:12) asks us to become the extra light that is needed to push thru the dark night of the soul. To become that which we do not see in our lives, To become hope and faith and love starting with self and all life choices. To become a living light no matter what season it is. (The number 12 means a complete cycle of experience. 12 precious stones in the oracle breastplate of the high priest, set in gold with God’s unidentified names. 12 apostles, 12 signs zodiac. The soul attracts that which it needs to learn. Reversal of negativity.)

 As the magic of the season spreads her wings of light, we all come to an interval in time and Heart. Do we allow ourselves to be flooded with Christmases from the past, or Christmases from the future, or do we go within to find the true magic of this Holy season.  All roads lead to the upcoming arrangement of global events whether manmade or destined, the effect is felt. All of life knows they are at a turning point on this earthen journey.

Some sorrow waifs thru our hearts as we see many a splendored thing disappear from the planet earth in the blink of an eye. From this day until 12 full sunrises and sunsets have completed themselves, fill each 24 hour time-slot with one Christmas Wish for another. Known or unknown seen or just felt, spend your wish constructing a world full of love and miracles. Create a grid of stones or an altar; place your written wish for another within, and see it granted in your heart.

For many moons I have acknowledged that 12:12 was a powerful energy portal, an ascension day on many levels. I have gone to many a grotto on that date. It has always been holy and magical to me.  As you set your ‘grid of miracles’ call in Mother Mary to bless all that is within that grid.

Each kindness that you do known or unknown travels thru space and time touching all on its way to the Creator. You touch the very Source with your every action and inaction. Give to those who do not expect it, Give anonymously with passion. Give of your silent prayers to another as you pass them on the street, give without thinking, give in good thoughts and deeds, allowing it to be a way of life not a season

Let The True Light of This Season Radiate through You. Become the master of your fortune by making higher choices that move you into a space of liberty. Be thankful for all that is you. Let the five fingers of self-point you in a new direction that will support and enable you to be all that you were born to be. Stop fighting the currents of your life and drifting from drama to drama (real or imaged).

Spend your time and energy wisely. Become that which you yearn to be in your divine heart. Become the picture in your mind as you embrace the higher credenza of purpose. You do not insult God by trying to be or do better. In the season of Christmas come into your Christ-light with purpose and proposal. Plan to be a better human with a vaster purpose. Listen to the signs via life and hear the future as it signals your attention. At that point of inner sight and universal choice, let your heart be the one to choose with purpose and pure intention. Each and every day listen with your heart and then move into that sacred abode of thought. Choice is the Grand Daddy of all human motion as it consumes humanity 24 hrs. a day. People are always at a point of choice it is their god given destiny.


The Mary code lives within the feminine presence of Light while on earth. All that is feminine in purpose and DNA holds such a recollection. At certain periods in the timelines, her holy presence is etched once again into the hearts of those that have ears to hear and eyes to see and are aligned with a purpose of Light.  She represents all the levels of Sainthood in human form as well as the divine female on earth.

There are deep undertones that sound within her soul. She is the Innocence, the truth, the wisdom and the healing of ‘all that is’ that seeks to know itself. She knows what is to come as a holy woman and prophet. For Blessed she became early in life, destined to hold a divine cipher of such greatness that it has never been fully understood.  Within this Mary Code lives a divinity so resilient of purpose and heart that nothing can outshine it.

The child Mary was gifted with Visions in the form of Dreams at an early age, sometimes they were heavenly other times sometimes hellish. Other young girls of her township saw her as different in agenda and path. She spent much time in the temples of the old teachings of the goddess, finding nooks and crannies and long forgotten power points to spend her dreamy afternoons. She listened,  silent as a  little church-mouse in her secret niches, absorbing all that was spoken in the temple, as it echoed whether meant for her ears or not.  Sponge like she was as she absorbed like an ancient ink blotter all that she could. She innately knew that one day she would have to call upon the information from the deepest part of her soul.

Young and pure yet still an ancient relic of time, she incarnated in this physical plane holding a different vibration of destiny from the very beginning.  She was a giving child so early, giving of her own food and clothing to help others in need. She knew in her heart she was destined for something greater than herself and shared all she had. In her heart of hearts she lived for what was enchanted and mystical of nature. The code of Mary houses ancient enigmas for those that knowingly embrace the light vows and promises from time eternal. When one represents what is light of Creation one is always true to their divine self, honoring the holy light within. Always knowing that the inner soul light and the Divine light are part of the ever moving Holy grids of Heaven.

From a young child on she knew her Destiny did not involve orthodox relationships, truth or understandings. She knew she would birth something big in her future. Her fears were real, her light was enormous, and her future was driven deep into the memory of Earth. Being a Seer of things to come is a great responsibility for anyone at any age. They are ‘privy to possibilities’ as they may fly about in a different path than others. The explanation of the future is multi-dimensional with a trillion possibilities all held within the Quantum Consciousness.  When viewed the future begins to adjust itself, to change its colors, like fall leaves.

This young woman was taught in ways of wisdom and hidden truths that lived within her holy bloodline and ancestral  memory. Her very DNA would glow under a modern day microscope. For her light had to be grand and spacious from the very beginning, for one day she would hold the light of the Christ child and that would forever alter her body, heart and shape her future. Changed she was forever as the light entered her to seed the Christ Child Holy of DNA. Altered in ways that were unknown except to Enoch, She became a holy Vessel of Living Light that held the future of Earth.

The story of Mary wanders around like a corn maze thru time. The truths the myths the maybes, take each person down a personalized trail of thoughts and beliefs.  Her codes are written within the hearts of those that have a special Light within. She was destined to be a Child-Mother of a child-God who was destined to shift and change the world and she held this knowledge in every ounce of her being, waiting for it to come to past, feeling helpless as she watched  powerless in the destined choices of others.

The Mary code asks us to find a place of power, of balance and peace as the human heart watches life unfold with a knowing. Like a vast light being of celestial proportion these Mary Codes allow you to see in divine portion to what is to come, but like Life itself, your intervention will not change the final outcome for all is a mixture of fate and freewill. In this place of grace and reception of divinity in action, is where the Mary Codes live, a place of living change, fluid in heart and love


Ascended Master Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins

Many multidimensional timelines – Christine Day

Artist Ichiro Tsuruta


Pleiadian Message December 2018

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Beloved Ones We Greet You,  Now is the time, like never before for you to allow an inner unfolding within your Heart. This is your time to allow an illumination of your God light to flood your Heart. There are many multidimensional time lines being held within a new Framework supporting your planet. This Framework will be set in motion just previous to New Year in order to support the full anchoring of the ‘Corridor of Light’.

You will be given opportunities to receive multidimensional levels of Blessing, which are capable of being returned to you through the ‘Corridor of Light’. These Blessings will be revealed to you by you calling forth these Blessings consciously, and they will be made manifest through the vastness of your own multidimensional Heart.

Know that the cells of your own Heart will go through a metamorphosis at the time of New Year. There will be the activation of a transmitter within each Heart cell. Through these transmitters the energy of your God Light will be enabled to anchor, and then activate your Heart to another level of transmutation.

This is the time to shine forth the light, your God light within your heart. We witness you as you illuminate.


The Pleiadians


December Ascension Forecast – Energy Update/Flying While Awake – Diane Canfield



December Ascension Forecast – Energy Update/Flying While Awake

by Diane Canfield

December 6, 2018

Blessings Beloveds,

The past few days we have felt like we are leaving the 3rd dimension. This feels as though we are not firmly planted into the ground anymore. I had a prior experience of this back in 2013 while driving 3 hours to see my mother who was in the hospital at the time. I had to pull over many times because when I was driving I actually felt like I was flying above the ground and not attached fully to the ground.I really felt like I was driving a UFO… in one way it was a great feeling but in another not so great. The feeling at that time lasted about a week when ever I would get in my car to drive anywhere. The feeling this time though can come without driving a car… it can happen at any time. There are a LOT of symptoms that go along with this, another one is time slips which are happening now. The feeling of not knowing when something happened, was it yesterday, last night or today. Time jumbling up into ONE.

Some of the symptoms we have been feeling with time slips and feeling disconnected from 3D.

  • Feeling light headed
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling higher than normal
  • Feeling ungrounded
  • Feeling nauseated
  • Felling disconnected from the 3D Earth plane
  • Feeling confused about time.. when what happened, time running together

As I have explained in past articles, I have gone through many experiences others have not, yet everyone will go through everything at some point. This is why I post what I do, so that when it takes place and happens, you can rest assured it is NORMAL in the Ascension process.

This experience that has been ongoing is not one of the more pleasant experiences. I feel because we are so used to being fully attached to planet Earth, that to feel a pull away from her, feels foreign and anxiety ridden. It feels somewhat transcendental yet we feel we must re-attach when it takes place.

I suggest grounding to make this experiences less severe, as grounding makes ALL Ascension Symptoms less severe. Others are reporting to me that they are experiencing this feeling as well.

My psychic gifts tell me this is a preview of what is to come later, when the EVENT takes place and we leave the dense 3D body behind and transform fully into the Light Body. Remember that no symptom or higher consciousness comes to us all at once, there is always a build up that happens to prepare us ahead of time. This is why we experience things many times subtly at first and then a build up can occur.  We can expect more of this feeling of  flying while awake to happen until the Final event takes place.

December Forecast

As December continues many will feel as if what they thought they knew was real is not real. This will affect many relationships as we move more into TRUTH as a whole and come out of what is called individual perception. As we move more into Unity Consciousness we also move more into the Creators Realm, which is the realm of Truth.

As this happens we may become shocked at what is brought to the surface, yet it has been there all along and we could not see it.

As I have moved into the Higher Dimensions and fully accessed my MULTIDIMENSIONAL Self, I have attained access to EVEN higher dimensional states of awareness where more information and TRUTH is available to me. What could not be seen before is now seen. This is the way of crossing dimensional planes of awareness and incorporating it into our consciousness- we then access what we did not have access to before. This will be where everyone is heading as they discard the trappings of 3D and head UP to higher planes of existence.

We are not the only beings moving into these planes, all conscious beings are now moving Dimensions on all planets. All planets are ascending, not just Earth. This is why we see all of the planets heating up. We are in a UNIVERSAL Collective Shift that is taking place on a scale not seen before. This is a time of celebration for all beings everywhere.

My advise for the remaining part of December is to get back in touch with your true self, the self before the conditioning, the programming, the illusions have taken place. This would be how you may have felt in childhood, your real self. Get back in touch with this pure being of light– and delve into this crystal child who is you. Then work to integrate this innocence, wonder and joy back into your life. This is one of the beginning steps to becoming fully awake and then to be able to raise your consciousness to higher levels of Enlightenment.

Through December we will have more Ascension Symptoms coming in, as well as a feeling of everything being stripped away. This feeling is already taking place for many. Everything has to strip away for us to find out what is REAL. Embrace this when it takes place and welcome the upgrades as they come in. Embrace the changes, even though they may be difficult, they lead us to the greatest change of all- The Event with the transformation into the  Light Body.

We can expect high energy dates to come in with Full and New Moons. These usually manifest as upgrades to our awareness.

December dates are as follows

  • New Moon December 7th
  • Full Moon December 22nd

With the full moon coming a day after the Solstice, it promises to be very higher energy Gateway.  The full moon will help to solidify the energy of the Solstice.

December 12th.. High Energy Gateway

December 21st Solstice Gateway… High Energy… Join my Event

More updates coming…

In Service and Love …

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In Service and Love

Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many in person visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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Energetic Exchanges – Adama of Telos through Aurelia

People Painting ~ Socialising by Caroline Street @ Fine Art America.


Aurelia, talking to Ahnahmar – Before we stop this sharing, there is one more thing I want to discuss with you regarding my travels. It concerns me because my energy field is greatly affected.

French people all over the world, and I am told people of Latin origin as well, have similar traditions, automatically hugging and kissing people they meet, even when they meet them for the first time. They do this naturally and lovingly, but without asking if this is comfortable for the other. I am now going to Spain for several weeks, and I am not sure what to expect. Many people feel they do not need to ask permission to grab you to hug you and exchange kisses and heart chakra energies with them. They feel it is a gesture of love and acceptance, but for me it feels more like an invasion and imposition on my energy fields.

In France, in some areas, when people meet, it is the tradition to kiss everyone four times, two times on each cheek, and they insist on doing it whether you appreciate this kind of greeting or not. This practice has nothing to do with love, and it feels like bird pecking, an acquired human habit that feels very strange to me. I don’t relate to this custom. In the USA, it is not the common practice; we usually shake hands with a smile while looking into each other’s eyes. It is also expected by them for others to respond positively to this peck- ing; if they don’t, they get offended or feel rejected. Those who kiss and hug as a greeting are not aware of how this exchange of energies can affect others.

I am very sensitive to this energetic exchange and it is uncomfortable for me. Meeting one or two individuals at a time is not a problem. But when meeting dozens or hundreds of people all at once when I do conferences and workshops, it really affects my level of well being. It is especially disturbing when those who still smoke nicotine come close to me; I feel the nicotine enti- ties pulling the energy right out of my lungs, and my lungs start hurting.

My lungs are particularly sensitive because I come from a family with a history of tuberculosis, and I have suffered from pneumonia and bronchitis several times. I
don’t want to offend anyone, but I cannot allow myself to become weakened with these practices to the extent of becoming sick. That is what happens when I travel outside the USA. If I withdraw or let them know that this is not comfortable for me, they act offended. I am going for several weeks, and I will be meeting thousands of people.

There will be those who try to hug and kiss me because they have an appreciation for what I do, and it is an accepted behavior in their culture. Each time, I feel my energy sucked right out of me. I feel drained when meeting so many people in succession, because I do not have time to recharge. Then when I return home, I am sick and it takes me weeks to recover my life force. How should I handle this without offending anyone? I feel we can love each other deeply without the habit of always siphoning each other’s energies.

Ahnahmar – I will turn this question over to Adama. Adama – I am grateful that you are asking that question so directly, because people need to know and understand this protocol. It all has to do with the honoring of your own energies and the energies of others. We have noticed how much distress this cultural habit of the many people you meet has caused to your physical body when you travel, and we support you fully in this. This is also a fifth dimensional protocol, of a different nature, but an important one.

People need to comprehend that it is not always appropriate to touch someone they do not have an established heart connection with, or do not know well, without first asking for their permission, no matter how good the intention may be. Ultimately, no matter how pure the intentions are, people always take more than they are able to give; it is the nature of this exchange, and there is nothing you can do, except avoid it. It is rarely done on a conscious level. We are not talking about relationships with partners and children or close family members.

For everyone desiring to move into a fifth dimensional vibration, you need to be willing to let go of all your third dimensional cultural traditions and habits that will not support you in the dimension you are seeking. In our culture, we greet each other with a gesture of friendship by bringing the palms of our hands together and touching the area of our heart chakra, and through the eyes, connecting with that person heart to heart by a very gentle bowing of the head and a smile. We do not always need to say anything aloud; the words can be as simple as a telepathic message such as, “May peace be with you,” or something similar. The love and acceptance are sent to each other and received through the heart.

This is all that is needed to demonstrate our love and honoring of the other person(s) we meet. We consider it a great honor to be allowed to touch someone in our dimension other than family members, and we do not do this very often. It is done only when there is a special reason to do so, and ‘always’ with permission. This is the way it is done in our dimension and in most galactic civilizations as well. We have no need to touch each other like you do in your dimension.

Telos Book 3 by Aurelia   
With thanks to Mehroo Fitter


Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission.

Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.

People Painting ~ Socialising by Caroline Street @ Fine Art America.



Care Taker of Earth – Blue Feline by Nalinee Diosara


Spoke to me the great spirit, the grand mind, as I seek clarification regarding the intensity of soul connections:

“Everyone carries a service with them as mirror;

some comes into your path to reflect the light and highest potential within you

while some turns up to bring your shadow into awareness,

one of the services that everyone is conducting… reflections that offer each of you opportunities to grow.”

Many reflections arise within my awareness,shine light into both of my highs and lows.

I offer my gratitude and respect to every soul that reflects all within me.

I offer love to everyone who triggers; laughter and tears, pleasure and pain.

I pay love and respect to everyone.

The Great Mind continues:

“You see, once you leave behind many constructs that you carry,

and observe every emotions and reactions that you have towards those mirrors around you

with clarity and purity of the mind and heart

you will know what it is within that you are transmuting

and shifting.

Beyond the identities or labels that society would give towards the connections

Beyond sense of separations that you may feel

Beyond  the judgement base perceptions

Every mirror that you are seeing

shines and flows through LOVE.

And this is a GIFT

for every soul to realise the process of coming together

of all opposite

of all conflict

of all chaos

into harmony,


and wholeness 




Egyptian Goddess Maat by Nalinee Diosara


Healing Through Time and Space

Dear Souls

What an amazing movement we are flowing through. Fast pace of changes. Rapid flow of releases. This wave bring up a lot of old wounds or pain that you feel it deeply. we know this is beyond our current time and space. Know, dear light that this is a grand opportunity to clear out old chapters that have been weighing us down. The tightness and heaviness on our body will be lifted when we face the fear base constructs within. Feel, dear one and know that nothing can harm us. Feel and allow our heart to guide us in swimming through flow of impermanence.

Remember; whichever it is that we are healing now in this time and space, we are healing our souls via the multidimensional ripple of spirals of creation. Whichever we are transmuting right this moment, we are transforming all of which our being contains beyond this time and space. At any moment when we anchor love into our wounds, love is penetrated through multidimensional time and space of our soul journey.

Fractals of fractals of creations, we are. Everything moves in spiral, including time. As we shift frequencies and create new version of our stories, we rewrite/ encode the new frequencies into the whole – all timeline and space. And yes! this includes past – life as well as the collective consciousness.

You got this, dear souls. Your soul knows this.

Continue to change, shift, empower, and create new chapters.

Deep gratitude and love to all.



The 11:11 shadow and light dance – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


The 11:11 shadow and light dance

The Dove Star Columba spread her holy satin spar wings around November 11 11, 2018. One by one we came together in heart entering a more sacred aspect, a higher aspect and expanded aspect of the human heart. One by one by one we looked into the many reflective mirrors of the Souls around us and saw all the pieces of their heart and soul in completion. Each was a different reflection of light unlike our own. Where we had sparkle they had shadows, where they had light, we had deep healings and spiral stairways to climb. How can you compare one Angel’s wingspan to another’s or one rainbow to another? All are magical in Gods eyes, but human eyes do not always see ‘Holy’.

To shun any part of one’s self or that same reflection in another, is to shun what is holy and what was created in love. Each of us is as Bilbo Baggins on his journey through life we hold on to many parts of the old self as a buffer for future encounters, shielding one from heart pain. This 11 11 was a spirited and complicated completion coming full circle into the first 11:11 in 1992. The dark and the light of the universe, the dark and the light of life, and the dark and the light of self, came together paralleling one another in an Instagram of completion. Lining up side by side creating a stellar barcode that commanded undivided attention.

We all know in our heart of hearts that the light is Supreme in all levels and dimensions of existence we all know that the darkness and the polarities are a dance, a shadow dance of balance that exists within all.

Like Peter Pan either shunning or chasing his own shadow. The shadow dance comes to show you the places within yourself that need loved. Looking to the new expanded version of human heart was issued by Divine command on this 11;11, Allows us to see into the Vortex of time as it swirls in front of us like a dancer with many petticoats and layers of possibilities. Like Nations and countries of commanding power the light and the dark stand as two Admiral’s side by side interweaving Association But continuing to complete separate identities which is important as a new code is created. What drives adversaries to merge in unity is yet to be seen!