What Exciting Energies WE’ve Moved Into! 12D Template Info – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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What Exciting Energies WE’ve Moved Into! 12D Template Info, A Little Bit of 2019, New Unity Template, NEW Everything! Energy Update: Pure Divine Harmonics. ☼



Create, create create… inspire inspire inspire, play play play, explore and inJOY the beauty of each exchange, the opportUNITY to share light, to be light …. to shift anything ready and open to shifting, observing the energies present just to “see”…. what our roles are and how each moment is meant to play out….. FREE FREE FREE…. the more we LIVE THIS MAGICAL DREAM….

(Way back when)… When I first started walking in the magic of our waking dream, AFTER intense clearing, shifting and opening up fully to ALLOW and actually EXPERIENCE … it was surreal, peaceful and just pure magic (inside and out)…. such a gift, such JOY, such magnificence…. and the pure BEAUTY, the innocence, the fun….. of simplicity….. there really were no words to explain or describe… it just has to be EXPERIENCED…. walking in the waking state in a dream world that we forgot/didn’t realize existed, because we were all deep asleep….


Ascension Gateway: Your Stairway to NEW EARTH Heaven ON Earth (from within)

As you ascend (return/remember), you literally disconnect from the old and “walk” into much higher dimensional realities, as you hold your own Ascended State here. It’s a “stepping” process of elevating your own Consciousness through your own LightBody to SEE from beyond the physical and reconnect to the purity and love that YOU ARE and all that you “forgot” when you “fell”/incarnated into physical form/reality to awaken through/to the illusions of what is “not” (anymore)…. to go through Physical Body Ascension (beyond challenging for awhile as we dissolve/resolve our own ego constructs/programs inside and return to a Soul Existence, to then “begin” experiencing and creating/building our own NEW Earth Realities for a full-on Multi-dimensional “real” experience here. This is the shedding of all of those attachments/cords that you held onto and the beginning of your photonic Lightbody processes/phases for clearing physical density, both within your body and external reality, through your own higher states of consciousness and aligning/building/embodying infinite aspects of yourself on every level here.


As each’s LightBody integrates Photonic Light and realities become Universal – Cosmic – Photonic – Plasma – Crystalline – Liquid – Divine Flow… the sleeping to wake up, the clearing out/breaking down all of that heavy duty linear programming that each one of us held that was “in the way” of our Quantum NEW Earth Multi-Dimensional Experiences and Existence here…. the more the “old” moved out….. only to re-appear, every-time we enter a massive re-alignment/re-calibration/re-structuring phase….

This process of HOLDING YOUR HIGHEST EVERYTHING, so that your physical can “complete the restructuring process” too…. it confuses many at first, not realizing how “initiation processes” work (words to describe only). These are “passageways” that are important, so that each can “choose” (human words “free-will”), which reality they most desire….. a FREE, magnificent, magical and pure existence (NEW EARTH) or a repeat of the old, due to some kind of lack of inner connection, lack of trust, lack of commitment, lack of believing in the “invisible” (invisible only because one can’t yet fully see and is learning to trust)…..

This immense and powerful process of RETURNING TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, of breaking down/out of/through those “tough” ones, re-creating your whole life “from scratch” (Zero Point Reset), of literally birthing, creating and building your whole life/reality aligned with our own SOULS, which end up being a magnificent and magical DREAM REALITY that we get the honor of Living here…. The GIFTS that come forth as we step up and into fulfilling our highest purposes/roles here….. The amazingness available to each, as all surrender the “need” for everything to still be “the old way”….. by embracing the “perceived” unknown, by embracing the BEAUTY that we all are, by grabbing reality by the balls and going for it (Quantum Style)…. just get up and do it.. make it happen…. SHOW UP and COME THROUGH… stop making excuses (which is what your ego aspect loves to do, to remain in a dis-empowered state of “not enough” and “it’s others” game…..).

This journey is one of constantly CHOOSING and putting yourself “out there” (stop hiding/pretending/regurgitating without full comprehension), stepping out of your own comfort zones and BE THE DIFFERENCE, BE THE CHANGE, BE THE POWER as LOVE… shine your Light so friggin bright that everyone and everything can HEAR/SEE/FEEL/UNDERSTAND too…… that’ all of this is “theirs” to come to BE and DO too….. Everything, OUR Creation, what we allow, what we contribute, what we transmit out, what we hold, what we keep re-creating, what we believe, what we perceive and ALL A VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE (realities are “returned” to us vibrationally, based upon what we “send out”, as our realities are completely Quantum and non-linear here)…… The ego aspect doesn’t take care in anything it does, doesn’t see beyond itself, doesn’t look at the MUCH BIGGER PICTURE of what is being affected, doesn’t consider all, doesn’t open up to listen/hear/see/understand…. because it lives in a linear reality, boxes and cords of attachments to beliefs, mentalities and all kinds of things that are obsolete in our NEW REALITIES here….


Every moment CAN BE MAGICAL, if we are truly present and OWNING OUR OWN SHIT…. owning our own reality, owing our stuff… owning it all, bring everything into HARMONY/HARMONIC ALIGNMENT (our new 12D Template) ourselves… and recognizing what is unable to tune/align, due to density still “in the way”….. We can shift this, dissolve this, restructure this or move it completely out, whatever is highest aligned/most appropriate IN THE MOMENT…..

QUANTUM is “right now”. Instant…. not “later” or “one day” (when I get around to it, when it’s comfortable or a priority “then”). It’s THIS NOW RIGHT HERE, this vibration right here, this energy right here, this program right here, this belief/mentality right here, this behavior, this openness (or closed off) HEART/MIND/BODY/EVERYTHING… right here. This resistance, this ignorance, this pretending or real everything… right now/present/right here. And ALL IS VISIBLE on an energetic level…. regardless of what is being said/heard/seen/perceived…… ​


What’s up for Linear 2019? EVERYTHING! Everything you Create/Hold/Allow/Participate In/Support…. (Conscious and Unconscious) – Rolling over from December to January:

I have tons to write and share, as my schedule allows/is appropriate…. which I will do, if and when I find the chronological record I kept of the entire Gatekeeper/Gateway 11•11•11 (2018) – 1•11 (2019). (I moved it when I moved my work space recently and so if/when I find it, I’ll see).

For now, I will recap a very “tiny bit” of immense information/codes and new template settings…. to actually share it all would be tons of books and courses and take a good year to cover, so all will be disseminated as I share along the way….

Just a very small part of this “new” 12D Divine Template is:

  • Divine Sovereignty: Owning It/All of it as YOURS and REALLY truly getting it, that you ARE the SOURCE POINT of all CREATION, therefore all that you EXPERIENCE here…… no more victims, persecuting/judging, blaming, playing out victim/perpetrator games/stories/realities anymore… (if you do, you are clearing your lower timelines/versions/aspects/dimensions from deep within you, that created the whole thing to start with)…. Take full RESPONSIBILITY for your own ENERGY, all that you support/create/allow/believe and shift it all vibrationally yourself….
  • AS LOVE: Wow, this one is huge mis-perception. The “twisted” perceptions of “what Love is”….. the ego aspect, twisting according to old programs/programming… PURITY/PURE LOVE is the opposite of what the human aspect “thinks” all is….. Observing these distorted/twisted programs, means WE see the lack/separation/divisiveness/distortions and WE hold the Ability to obliterate, break down, break through, dissolve, resolve, shift all of these distortions ourselves….. we don’t “need” others to do this for us…. and we don’t “need” to keep the distortion going anymore either… because WE LOVE US and EACH OTHER SO COMPLETELY, that we won’t allow those distorted/karmic/unconscious “things” to continue anymore… because if we do… everyone and everything is unconscious still….
  • Break that programming baby! Break it down, break through it, break free…. from INSIDE…. this is a massive part of the process for us all….. DE-PROGRAMMING is just one of the things that are SIMPLE when we function from our SOUL LEVEL INTELLIGENCE, because every word, every energy, every thought, every exchange…. has a living breathing matrix program…. yet one is Linear/fixed/stubborn/holds on/impositional/resistance/not open and the other is kind, loving, respectful, considerate, open, sharing, communicating, caring and in-tune vibrationally with WORKING THROUGH ALL as LOVE….. No one “gets here” by being “ignorant” anymore…. that’s all ego programming (pretend, avoid, run, hide, go small)…… Linear 2019 is BREAKING FREE FROM PROGRAMMING for many, who have never consciously engaged this part of the process….
  • Hold Yourself Accountable (and to a Higher Level of Integrity than ego games): For your Energy, your Contribution, Your (Every) Body’s transmissions (Mental/Physical/Emotional/Energetic)…… and your every ACTION too. REALize that your energy is readable and sends out “codes” (geometric algorithms, equations, signatures, instructions…. to call forth realities to be returned for your own experiences here. If you are not present, really truly observing yourself in every way, open to hearing, open to shifting all… then your ego-body is sending out transmissions of “resistance” which have to be dissipated, broken down, dissolved…. HOW you experience this will be RELATIVE to THE VIBRATIONAL FORCE necessary to break the codes of these obsolete programs down…. for you. Or, you can go deep inside and do it yourself… so that your actual reality can shift/fully align for greater ease to be experienced here. You have to take the “higher road” and let the old go, from within YOU….. It’s all yours…
  • A NEW UNITY GRID/TEMPLATE was Overlaid into the new 12D Template (on 1/11). This NEW TEMPLATE is a whole new platform/codes, that completely replaces all old templates previously in place. A whole new ballgame for us all! 🙂
  • 12/12: A “new” Re-Distribution Template was “installed”/activated for how all occurs on every (multi) Dimensional Level now…… this pertains to EVERYTHING… every aspect of our lives, our beloved Gaia, Universally, Cosmically…. our relationships, how we support ourselves, what/how we receive all VIBRATIONALLY/ENERGETICALLY…. and the old ways won’t work anymore….
  • Intentional Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers: We had to bring all realities into full alignment by the end of 12/31, so that we began the 1/1 as a blank template, wide open and were able to “receive” all of the NEW TEMPLATE CODES that came through for full integration to occur (on 1/6). On 1/6 the NEW BODY TEMPLATE was RESTORED/BROUGHT ONLINE and we resumed, yet with all new realities, all new “assignments”/purposes/roles, that may look nothing like our “before” …. which is exciting, as it’s always going to be “our next phase”….  on 1/11, the template finally “locked in” and we were ready to rock and roll again! ♥ (Yet very differently ….. )
  • The entire month of December was codes upon codes, every day, new gateways opening, new information, new roles, new schematics, new algorithms, new new new…. it was clearing out ALL OLD PROGRAMMING, while “attempting” to unify certain things, important so that we could see many things, while also clearing out obsolete templates that we still held in our own bodies here of any old old old…. which was deep, yet how we each experience is according to our own ability to see every fractal/aspect/version/dimension present…. on every level, from a Quantum State of Consciousness… not a linear one.
  • Sit, process, see and open up to truly COMPREHEND… instead of just repeating/running around/saying words. Open up to new understandings, so that you can actually “explain it” as LOVE. Until you can, you don’t fully get it. How is anyone else supposed to? How are they supposed to FEEL you if you are not able to fully transmit the PURITY OF LOVE, so that “if/when/as” they are ready, they have the FEELING TO REMEMBER… when their head gets out of the way… which could be many linear weeks/months/years, when all that programming has dissolved… Until then BE it… as you are the PROOF that PURE LOVE DOES EXIST and that it IS US… no matter what the “ego” “thinks”……….. you will have to see/deal/get over it all and move on too. IF YOU ARE FULLY ALIGNED INSIDE, THEN YOUR OUTSIDE IS EASY TO ALIGN,even if it’s not comfortable, you will understand all the “why’s” and be okay with everything, because where you come from is your highest and purest place inside…. ♥
  • The 12D Template “unified” all we’ve been working on through our own/collective higher states of consciousness to bring forth more “external realities” that now match what each fully holds from deep inside…..
  • Remember: Quantum is INSTANT…. this will “change” everything that now occurs, because of the “level” we’ve now integrated/the template that Gaia now holds….
  • More self-accountability for each’s ENERGY…. and how this “contributes” to creating/supporting “out there”.
  • More challenges for the ego-matrix-realities… as inner resistance/stubbornness/not fully open becomes more apparent, visible and creates more immense “struggle/suffering” inside for each to choose to STOP and do whatever it takes to get their own heart open… at which point the mind will relax and “stop” the inner fight process that is necessary for working through all of that “separation/duality/unconscious energy/programming” held in each’s old body template still…. Beyond accelerated death/rebirth/phoenix cycles.
  • Continually Increasing Photonic DNA Acceleration/Evolution
  • A more impactful shift from linear to non-linear/Quantum, on every level…
  • More coming to understand how “real”ity is subjective, fractals, perspectives, beliefs and dictated by levels of Consciousness, not the “other way around”…. and that the Physical is the “culmination point” of the “starting point”, which is a Quantum Space, not a linear one.
  • How each is birthing, building, creating, forming, shaping and accomplishing realities that have already occurred (on/from a multi-dimensional state of consciousness, instead of a linear one)…
  • Increased “every level” of akash clearings, which is where various “matrixes” and unconscious/karmic timelines are “housed” within each….
  • More moving from old illusion to dis-illusion to everything’s an illusion to Consciously Creating a new “illusion” through Unity for all of us to live and exist from/in here…
  • It’s all about HARMONY (HARMONICS) now baby! ♫ A harmonized existence that’s Pure. ♥
  • There are now 12 different primary frequency bandwidths running (12D / Dimensions / Density)… which creates a much vaster “gap”…. as 3D can’t see 5D or understand, 4D is working to shift fully over to 5D, 6D – 11D are all Higher Service Dimensions that we fulfill here, with 12D… Pure Divinity/Sovereignty Template… the “lower” dimensions can’t understand the higher ones and the higher ones can see, understand/teach/share/activate accordingly…. to what each fully embodies/holds…. There is a massive “rift” in “processing times”, where linear density takes much longer to process, the more Crystalline/Pure Source Light, the “faster” and more instant/Quantum the processing capabilities are.
  • Online/Offline, Online Offline, Online Offline… Your new crystalline “computer” template is very different than your old carbon based body was…. Operating System Upgrades/re-do’s, Re-configurations, Re-Coding, De-bugging/De-Coding, Re-Booting, “Virus” Defrags, implementing new software programs into your constantly evolving “hardware”…. Transitioning from an old outdated grid/gridding system to a whole new platform/operating/grid system/template… that is “built” in your body/field (DNA) as you surrender/let go and allow/honor your LightBody processes that “need” to occur. Obsolete programs, re-programming, de-programming… new parameters, algorithms, sequences and codes…. all completely re-writing your whole entire existence here…. as you anchor/hold and activate your highest dimensional dreams and “bring them forth” as your own experiences here. For awhile, photonic light blast… down for the count, until you are able to learn to fully acclimate and “flow” on a Quantum level and “learn” how to “be/do” all … all over again (Quantum Linear processing, with your whole body).
  • Just last week, the entire whole grid “dropped away” again. We’ve done this 4 times so far that I’ve consciously participated in, in 3 year linear intervals, every-time we individually/collectively complete a new gridding system with our physical body/whole BEing as Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers here. I’ll share more on this later as this “new grid” is nothing like the previous ones…. whole new ballgame baby!
  • We currently have immense “opposite end of the spectrum” realities running right now… so it’s important to really observe, release all judgment, open your heart more and see through your heart…. and realize there are multiple dimensions of “real”ities running all simultaneously and each oscillatory rate/frequency bandwidth processes at very different processing rates/speeds, due to actual physical density/linearity still held… If you/all can “see” and understand this, it will make things easier to manage/master/maneuver… for all.♥
  • Open, honest, respectful COMMUNICATION is KEY to all… your ability to actually COMMUNICATE openly, kindly and respect the FEELINGS of all, take all into consideration and work through things as LOVE is imperative for any co-joined realities, in order to constantly synchronize and bring all into full vibrational alignment and keep it there, as Quantum realities are shifting, reshaping, collapsing and reconstructing through geometrics CONSTANTLY and relative to the energy/vibration/access of every dimension (holographically and physical)….
  • Soul Contracts evolve to Soul Agreements, the more conscious all are. Observing timelines (the whole timeline from Source Creation Point) gives us the ability to move out of any reality that “goes unconscious”, if all are not open and willing to bring all into full consciousness together here….
  • Geometrical structures and equations of all realities are all being continually re-worked… so the geometric of every reality is constantly moving/taking new form.
  • Increased inner to outer abundance (on every level) for all actively holding their own highest state of consciousness each day and continually stepping up/forth to participate in Conscious Creation and Living as NEW Earth Inhabitants here. We’ve moved into a more Quantum State of Abundance as well…. (whereas the “opposite” occurs for really linear realities, relative to each’s individual journey here). This transition is a complete “restructuring” through inner-matrixes/processes as well….


I’ll write/share as I we go. It’s way to “big” for me to do right now…. NEW DIVINE PARTNERSHIPS (yet not like most “think”), NEW HARMONICS available for each to harmonize easier (consciously), NEW Unity Parameters, New Distribution/Allocation Parameters/Algorithms, NEW PHOTONIC DNA/TEMPLATE CODES ACCELERATING everything, NEW opportunities/rewards for those “putting forth the effort/work” as LIGHT and working/existing/living from PURE/FULL UNITY inside….. NEW gifts for all sharing, NEW RE-STRUCTURING PROCESSES for all realities (powerful Geometrics with all new Equations)…. NEW for all who are OWNING IT ALL…and stop playing in/out the old realities (separation/judgment/blame/division/lack/little picture)….. NEW for all stepping up and fulfilling their own much higher purposes/roles here…. AS YOU TRULY START TO SEE BEYOND YOURSELF/YOUR OWN REALITY and start to actually care, actually be kind, actually make a difference with your actions/presence… with everyone you meet/connect with/pass by…. (no you can’t ignore “it doesn’t exist” in your own reality anymore)…. yet your REALITY is not what you “thought” it was…. or what your head said/what others said/told you… it’s DEEP INSIDE YOU, in all of those dimensions …. your inner-matrix played out “out there”. An Old Earth Matrix or a Crystalline/Christed/Source Code ONE……  ♦


Many are going to be “shocked”/surprised/mind-blown, as inner-veils dissolving processes increase, as a Galactic/Cosmic/Solar Portal opened up on 1/6 announcing that we have activated “Pulsar Technologies”, entering Pulsar Activity…. and observing/listening… these went full blown on 1/8 and have continued to increase daily, which is powerful and off-the charts, in the most magnificent ways! These are massive POWER-UPS for our various states of LightBodies here….


Oh yeah, we’ve also transitioned from “cellular bodies” to full blown “gridwork” for each’s bodies now…. so the “impact” of each’s PHOTONIC DNA EVOLUTION JUST WENT FULL ON FOR WHOLE BODY upgrades continually now…. This is a game changer too…. as each’s LightBody “takes over” (Soul/Photonic/Crystalline/Plasma/Cosmic) processes now dictate each’s physical reality more than ever before. “Learning” to maneuver, function and Master all in all new ways… this is an immense process within itself…. over many “linear years”… as PHOTONIC LIGHTBODY DNA breaks down differently than the human aspect understands…. weakness, radiation, muscles, bones, working through the whole body “cavity” and changing DENSITY constantly…. Heavy/Light becomes a 24/7 photonic experience…. anchoring heavy photonic light means foggy/groggy/lay down/weak…. Each’s body’s grids going “offline” and “online”, back and forth, on/off, on/off, on/off…. crystals shutting down, density getting heavy as RESPONSIBILITY SHIFTS for all……………. brain, spine not working (going Quantum), spine MORE erect (more inner power/linear capabilities), heart being blasted wide open and anything “not in harmony” pouring out…. so each’s heart can stay WIDE OPEN and never shut down/go into protection/hiding mode anymore….. so that all can learn to TRULY CARE on a deeper SOUL LEVEL here….. ​


Every part(icle) of each’s body…. being REWORKED through PHOTONIC LIGHT moving through it, opening up neural pathways, re-configuring the bio-electrical, sub-neural networking systems in each’s body, so that Light (Intelligence) can COMMUNICATE (talk) and activate ‘NEW’ EARTH PROGRAMS and where all was held in each’s “dormant” DNA…. just waiting to awaken the physical body vessel and bring it into full consciousness here…. clearing/dropping/breaking down the linear (ego) density held… from all existences…. to bring each’s BODY fully online with NEW EARTH/MULTI-DIMENSIONAL QUANTUM EXISTENCES…. The body/LightBody is always on, 24/7, working through each’s body/systems/organs/glands and restructuring all new ‘NEW CODES’…. an immense re-birthing cycle that increases and accelerates continually, as the “old dies”, the new emerges/is birthed/moves in to “take it’s place”……………

There is so much more that we “did”/accomplished/brought through/activated/opened up/integrated/disbursed…. that I’ve not included here, because of the amount of Light Encoded “words” it takes to explain…………….. For now, receive the Light Encodements with “these words”/the ENERGY of this whole article. IN-JOY the MAGICAL REALITIES you have CREATED/are continually CREATING as your own NEW EARTH TEMPLATE (your realities), the FOUNDATION for your NEW…. (LOVE, UNITY, PURITY, SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS), your own Divine Template that reflects YOU… Keep playing in the magic of your own CREATIONS, the simplicity and the vibrational return for your own contributions/energy/support/reciprocation/kindness/consideration and LOVE that you share openly in every way, with every one/thing you connect with … all day/every moment/every day too! It’s inspiring, heart expanding, beautiful…. our DIVINELY ALIGNED REALITIES… all flowing in PURE HARMONY with us…..

Keep shining your Light, honoring YOU/your own journey, recognizing your own programs, judgments, limits, excuses, linearity and any attachment/expectation you have still…. of anything “outside of you” to “do” for you…. as that’s the OPPOSITE of our NEW EARTH REALITIES here. ♥ Open up to accept the gifts, opportunities and that which supports/assists you with moving out of your old (transitioning) to your new easier too. If you are still in your head, you are shutting the doors/portals, not in gratitude/appreciation, not connected and feeling from deep inside, not listening/observing/getting it …. which is your own experience, yours to CHOOSE TO SHIFT and open your heart soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wide, that your head is not longer your “issue”/no longer getting in your way… it’s up to you/your Universal/Higher Self SOUL you to be PRESENT, so that you can see/understand and CHOOSE…. Old Linear Realities or NEW Quantum Realities….. Quantum is every direction, vibrational, not fixed and always moving, shifting, changing…. in every nano-second…. a living breathing reality that you breathe into existence from within you here…. ♥ a Full-on inner-active experience! (with all kinds of magic, glitter and sparkly fairy-star-crystal “dust” mixed/sprinkled everywhere!).


Crystalline/Cosmic DNA Harmonics: Tune-IN and Tune-Out

The more mixed, distorted, clear, discombobulated or pure the signal….. is what “matters” in creating/calling forth realities vibrationally here…. The actual “vibration” of the thought, word, action… not what each “thinks”, but where one “thinks/sees/functions” from….

This is different than your old ways. What you tune your consciousness/field/body/energy to…. matters. It dictates the reality you experience here. What you allow in your space/bubble/field/energy…. all up to you. What you tune your energy to. What you contribute your energy/things to. What you support/allow…. keep going…. creates your reality that you actually experience here. LEARNING TO TUNE is a Lightbody Consciousness thing… Tune your Consciousness……… are you able to do this every moment/nano-second here? Tune tune tune… we are constantly re-tuning….. pull away, take care of you. Get up, get busy, transmit/share/reach/touch/shine light….. affect. Learn to MANAGE YOUR LIGHT, build your own light, nurture, elevate, expand, ignite and share your LIGHT…… LEARN how to create, affect, tune and shift all…… fully…………………………….. all from deep within and through your entire presence/body/essence/energy/field……………….. (Disharmony/Distortions will get louder and be more in your face until you can SEE them/hear them and understand/bring all into Unity inside of yourself and dissolve the/your old programs through Sacred Connection Love within yourself).

When you are fully UNIFIED inside, you are the Unified Field of Quantum Consciousness…. when you are linear/not fully present/conscious/aware/in-tune, scattered, chaotic, in drama, fear, blame, playing out narcissistic-ego games… you are transmitting out chaotic distortions that “return” a reality to you…..


FULL PRESENCE, calm, silent, peace….. Responsibility for your ENERGY…. every word you speak, type, don’t speak (thoughts), every emotion, every act…. everything you “send out” into the “ethers”, a vibration (or bazillion vibrations) “telling” “speaking” “saying” through ENCODED INTELLIGENCE what to RETURN to you……………. Are you able to be SO IN TUNE that you can hear/see/feel/know/understand/read the encodments in your own ENTIRE TRANSMISSION in every nano-second? This is how we live/exist here. We are….. and nothing “goes out” that we don’t desire to experience….. a vibrational return through PURITY, sends out Pure Signals, clean ones, all LOVE, all KINDNESS, all Consideration, all RESPONSIBILITY, all GRATITUDE, all Appreciation, all RECIPROCATION, noooooooooooooooooooooooo JUDGMENT, Pure Joy, Pure Observation, Pure Innocence and Brilliance, PURE CONNECTION and we are always OPEN to RECEIVING…. WE DON’T SHUT DOORS/PORTALS, unless they carry the vibrational energy of continued unconscious energy/acts, lack of consideration, entitlement/attachment, expectation or dis-respect…. because if we keep allowing this… it becomes/reflects this as our own reality… and each do have a CHOICE to not accept less than PURE LOVE for us all as reality anymore. The ego aspect loves to pretend it’s not capable, can’t, isn’t… because in order to break through/out of those old programs, they’ve got to go through the discomfort we all went through too…. the discomfort is the fear/doubt/heavy duty energy we held…. yet when/as each move into much higher states of consciousness to come together, to be open to “see”, each starts to understand ….. IT’S ALL ENERGY. Which means… “it’s all ours”. ♥

I love you. Keep playing and creating and exploring and uniting and inJOYing the magic you hold inside too! It’s there… you gotta go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside to “find it” (REMEMBER) AND BRING IT FORTH so that you ENTIRE REALITY is MAGIC TOO! ♥

Grab it baby! Go for it. Jump! Quantum Style! Let’s DO this… EVERYTHING in your reality is yours to see, shift, tune and understand and CREATE…. from your wide open heart/minds space, instead of the limited/fixed/linear one of your human mind/head….. open up all the way! Wide open! ♥

p.s. As are with us all, my roles have shifted quite a bit too. My sharings will shift, my work is shifting, my life is shifting, my purposes are shifting, how I support/contribute is shifting/has already shifted, as we all step into much higher roles and purposes, as well as more magic, amazingness, brilliance, joy, creation, fun and cohesiveness, unity, love, generating/transmitting/receiving through SIMPLICITY and PURE HARMONY here! I am off the charts, super excited and already inJOYing the immensity of inspired creating (and sharing as appropriate), all of these PURE new realities already available and continually coming forth now! These new frequency bandwidths/energies are just soooooo pure and beautiful…. ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


p.s. I’ll share more on the Pulsar Technology/Activations increasing since January 6-8th as well. This will take me a bit, as it affects on every level…. and is relative to each, cellular body, crystalline, plasma, photonic evolution, as well as how all is “affected” with these “new”, much higher bursts blasting through and out of all…. ☼


My Fair Lady Art ~ Vicki Rawlins




This place, this space, the depth of the CORE OF OUR EVERY EVERYTHING…. without the old human programming, mindsets, mentalities, beliefs….

This place, this space, this pure Divine Essence Light…. emanates from our every cell and through our conscious breath … the PURE LOVE that we ARE….

This place, this space… this deeply sacred space….

This place, this space… where all is visible and up to us to choose/shift and dissolve/resolve/clear anything not completely pure within us….. in this very now….

This place, this space…. is available to all who CHOOSE, to shed all of the other BS and LIVE as PURITY too….

This place, this space…. this is where we live from, exist from, occupy and function from… not a place/space we “visit” from time to time….

This place, this space…. is HOME… the frequency and Energy of Pure SOURCE Light, the fully Conscious Creator of all realities, from this place/this space right here.

This place, this space…. we do not stray, we do not go unconscious, our hearts do not close anymore and we never forget again….

This place, this space…. we breathe this through our entire BEing, this Sacred Vessel, our Divine LightBody and Crystalline Structure, through our NEW Earth Bodies and Systems and out to touch all as LOVE too….. to affect all through purity, to SHOW what Purity and Living as our Divine Sacred Soul Self is…

This place, this space…. when we shift “out” in any way, we are out of alignment, so we stop everything and bring all back into full alignment, on a Soul Level… right here, right now… not “later” when it’s convenient…that’s the human ego way…. and we don’t live there anymore….

This place, this space… we HOLD THIS ABOVE ALL… our highest versions and aspects, from within our physical body form…. “they” are not “off out there”, they are all deep inside, when we are maintaining, sustaining, holding fully, with our every breathe….. (Embodiment) and Living AS our highest versions, from within every sacred moment, as the EXAMPLE OF what is possible and “how” to BE this here…..

This place, this space…. offers full expansion, full consciousness, full infinite everything…. and it’s up to each one of us to make this our priority and HOLD THIS AT ALL TIMES…. as this is what Full Consciousness is…. fully awake, fully in-tune, fully aligned and living PURE UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS, with every sacred breath in all that WE ARE and DO…..

HOLD Your Light….. hold it…. BE it…. Keep your heart WIDE OPEN forever… don’t ever close it/protect it again. ♥

Your REALities actually do depend on this… as a multi-dimensional here. ♥

Fully conscious and in-tune…. amazing, most brilliant, beautiful, exquisite, magical and abundant realities here.

If you bring your ego into the picture and shift out of this place, this space, your realities shift vibrationally and “take you back” to an old unconscious one to clear yourself. Recognize this, so that your every reality stays fully aligned and in harmony on every level here.

This “new” 12D template is about full harmony on a much vaster level (cellular/DNA/body/field) than ever before. Anything not in full harmony is visible instantly, which is an out-of-tune reality for you/each of us to tune ourselves….

Yes, we tune realities, through learning how to utilize harmonics here. This takes our full presence and full consciousness here.

I love you………………….. ♥ ♥

Have a most magical and amazing everything. Why? Because we can. No, we don’t ever accept less anymore. That was the old way… the unconscious (karmic timeline) one. And we have not been unconscious for a very long time…. which is why all is beyond exquisite, because we aligned fully inside and we never forget… ever…. Zero compromise on a Soul Level…. IS PURE LOVE FOR US ALL. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Emanating from our own Galactic Core, from our own Divinity, from our deepest Sacred Connection SO massive that nothing can infiltrate this or affect this….. BE YOUR HIGHEST everything…… from the deepest depths…. at all times….. not one moment/breath of anything less.


My Fair Lady Art ~ Vicki Rawlins



Art @ Fanpop



There are no words to describe the REALity of this/our 12D Template (Experience) that harmonizes and aligns our physical body grids/templates/DNA at a much higher frequency than ever before.

What this offers to each is relative to wherever each currently functions from and how aligned all is held from deep within.

If you function from that deep Sacred Connection that allows you the experience of our NEW EARTH here… where from deep inside of you, you see and feel the beauty, you see and feel the connection from within each experience, with every breath…. it’s remarkable how Divine all is, how pure all is, how simple all ….

Silence is GOLDen….. over the years of awakening to hear all of the Cosmic Frequencies that tune all on a Quantum Level, a multi-dimensional level….. that provide light encoded data/information/access to what’s not yet visible…. Experiences are so deeply connected through Pure Presence…. it’s all about OUR EXPERIENCES….

Yesterday, I had a packed day…. lots to do. I got up, did my morning session of tuning through heart consciousness expansion and highest alignment and then headed out… to explore and In-JOY however presented….. accomplishing in a productive and simple flow, honoring however flow needed to occur…. Every moment PURE JOY and BLISS…. and so simple…. nothing’s complicated here.

Stopping at the stores to pick up the things I set out for, deciding not to go all the way into town and sit in the traffic, always in awe at our skies and beauty all around us, a nice dinner to just experience the pink clouds and the magic available through presence…. observing others’ happiness, some “telling their stories” to each other, others in JOY, others struggling with their current situations of transcending their own unconscious programming…. picking up a guy on the side of the road after dark to give him a ride, having a beautiful and organic discussion about “being a minimalist and experiencing expansion and connection from a state of ONEness” (from him), to buying gift cards and leaving them at registers in stores for buying others groceries “randomly”, however they most assist others, to finding a missing cat and returning it to it owner to bring love of “re-connection” through that way….. kind words to all, kind gestures and acts throughout and with every exchange, gifting andaras to some, offering assistance to those who might need/appreciate it….. a whole day of beauty, connection and magic…. (I love that every day is just one whole day of organic, natural and intentional kind acts, touching all as love and experiencing what’s available to us all). The only time we have to shift, is when someone’s ego comes into play… which presents different scenarios of what’s appropriate and ours/not ours to deal with/do. If it’s our current reality, we deal. If it’s others, we respect and see what our role is, as each exchange is different. All is energetic and vibrational…… and responsibility is different here.

These higher frequency bandwidth offer so much to all, as each aligns themselves, tunes themselves and their whole body gridwork to the gridwork of our beloved planet/Gaia, to Universal Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness too….. Clearing the density from our bodies over years, clearing the density of heavy emotions and beliefs, clearing the distortions held within… then PURE pristine, pink, exquisite…. soft, connected and in-tune is how all of our moments are here.

As each fully opens up to move on from the old, let go of the old, choose a-new, hold the highest at all times and REMEMBER through deep sacred connection and breathe this with every breath, speak it with every word and treat each other with kindness, respect and learn to open up to support, share and care in all new ways….. physical realities are aligned by each.

Many “think” this happens “for them”, yet not in the “way” all “think”.

As each CHOOSE…. a whole new reality and life, as each CHOOSE and surrender an ego existence for a PURE ONE, then the physical body (DNA) and physical reality must restructure/be restructured too….. re-formed, re-built, re-aligned in all new ways…..

As each REMEMBERS…. through their wide open hearts and minds… WHAT OUR DEEP CONNECTION FEELS LIKE and actual “experiences” through expansion of consciousness …. everything changes… this is where many collectives are now… OPENING THEIR HEARTS SO FULL ON that the old can finally clear their bodies…… and make way for more SPACE INSIDE … for continual expansion to occur…..

The physical body was too dense, too compacted with unconscious programming, the muscles too tight (grids), the mind too closed, too much resistance before, as the ego holds on “till death” or “collapse” or “surrender” occurs….. The body was deep asleep, suppressed and compressed… will all of that programming held/housed/buried deeeeeeeeeep deeeeeeeep deeeeeeeeep within…. The early releases are mind-blowing and FREEing… finally, all of that “energy”…. wow…. yet this is just the beginning, of a massive tuning process that only accelerates as we all go…. as your LightBody has awakened, through a fervor, and a deep fire has awakened too….. to burn through your body and light a fire (your Kundalini) that will “burn off” all old constantly, that will flush your bodies, detox your bodies and work through every nano-particle of your BEING… reworking all constantly…. to bring all into a much higher state of consciousness than before.

HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY is all of us…. living as PURE LOVE… reconnected as PURE DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS … here in the physical… making a difference in how we actually live our whole lives….

WE ARE IN A PROCESS OF massive veils lifting within each, of each re-constructing their whole life to higher align in all new ways, of each seeing what’s conscious and not, within their own selves, own realities and how much it takes to clear the physical, mental, emotional density/magnetics on an individual level for each’s body to be LIGHT enough to actually live/experience our NEW fully…. without any of the old unconscious ways coming into play ……

The density will go…while your bodies go through a massive overhaul/re-configuration process (continually), as you choose to transcend “all of that” and UNIFY within you, on a much deeper level and HOLD THE HIGHEST EVERYTHING in order to intentionally align all as your HIGHEST ASPECTS here….. Sometimes you don’t “do” anything, you just let all fall away and “go off somewhere else” to play itself out, while you resolve all back into pure love, gratitude and presence…. other times it’s your responsibility (if it’s your reality it is) to fully align all through SOUL LOVE yourself…. and allow all to take shape however is highest aligned too…..

The density, the distortions, the programming…. all within each’s bodies…. to fully clear. Photonic Light re-working all, distorting, bending, expanding, shifting and tweaking all…. on one end we have “distortions”, yet on the “other side” we have LIVING IN AN ACTUAL DREAM….. where the illusion each experiences is relative to each’s own programming and vibration held, level of consciousness held and whether one allows their EGO (aggressive or resistant) to be a part of the picture anymore…. as EVERY MOMENT is CREATED from this vibration…this RIGHT NOW… and every moment is a new “this right now”….. that transmits out into the ethers and calls forth a vibrational return. Whether it be “in your face” or a perception of “later”, which is just another “this right now”, and all you did was “shift” into another “vibrational now”.

Reality is as you insist it to be…. (for the ego). The human aspect tries so hard to “keep reality” in a box, a linear reality…. that does not apply anymore.

We are in QUANTUM REALITIES…. so full heart and mind expansion is necessary for the physical body to come online. The entire genetic/molecular make-up of your physical body must be “converted” from linear to non-linear too. This is an IMMENSE PROCESS that occurs over years and years and years….. and every time you lay down to sleep, every time you cry/have any emotional release, everytime your heart and mind open more, everytime your body “breaks down” or collapses or is weak, is a part of this entire re-configuration process. Everything your BODY DOES is a cleansing process, a re-tuning, an attempt to clear distortions, programs and your entire karmic akash…… Everything your body says… speaks, feels…. every re-action, every breath… beyond important to honor, as your LIGHTBODY IS LIGHT INTELLIGENCE… it knows what to do… it’s your ego that keep getting “in the way”…. so it’s going to be up to you to learn to listen, honor and support your body while it works hard to bring you out of the “old” and into the “new”… constantly and continually…. this is all FOR YOU… and all of us…. as our bodies link up to (and as) the new Systems of our NEW Earth….. as the new…. which is just our PURE US…. Source Consciousness REMEMBERED AND EMBODIED…

PURE SOURCE LIGHT will override all, it will break those linear constructs down. Becoming SOURCE means the complete diss-illusion/dissolving of all old…

Yes, you will be dis-illusioned.
Yes, you will be dis-in-heartened at times.
Yes, you will be confused when you are shifting…
Yes, you won’t identify with any of the old anymore….
Yes, you will get done… be ready to move on… good!
Yes, you will choose… what reality you truly want to experience here….
Yes, you will be recreating, creating and building all new realities that look nothing like your old…
Yes, you will be challenged with your ego in every moment, until you learn how to transcend this fully on your own…
Yes, you will be faced with decisions that bring up every fear…
Yes, you will have emotions emerging for physical cleansing…
Yes, you will feel weird, you are supposed to… you are not your old you, you are your higher selves, that feel different than your old you did…..
Yes, your heart will bust, burst and explode wide open… so it can stay open… and you not close it down anymore…
Yes, your body will do weird things.. this is how the multi-dimensional body works/reconfigures all (non-linearly/vibrationally)
Yes, everyone in your lift may/will go… and new “peeps” will come forth… new soul family, new star family, yet even this is challenging, because now all is vibrational and not everyone is highest and fully aligned all of the time… because everyone is constantly tuning/shifting/expanding and moving into all new…
Yes, the entire FOUNDATION of your reality will change
Yes, you will find you knew nothing…. and everything is completely different than you “thought”
Yes, your job will change, how you support yourself will change, those in your lives will change, your relationships will change….

AS YOU EVOLVE IN LIGHT and come to LIVE AS PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS…. because your old reality did not/was not. ♥

Embrace the magnificence and beauty and magic available with every Sacred Breath… every deeply connected pure breath of full consciousness as you feel it course through you and awaken all fully from within. ♥ Full presence ….. allow yourself the EXPERIENCE…. of multi-dimensionality…. it’s beyond your wildest human dreams, as you anchor your dreams into and through your physical body here. ♥

I love you! In-JOY your new fully too!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Art @ Fanpop

NEW Avatar Consciousness Quantum LightBody DNA Activations – Lisa Transcendence Brown

NEW Avatar Consciousness Quantum LightBody DNA Activations
Updates & Upcoming Events

A Short Activation Video:
You Are ON Multi-Dimensional Earth NOW
(InJOY the traveling experience…)
Aloha Divine Light Family,

Wowwwww at how high and LIGHT these frequencies are. Sooooo supportive of all NEW…. SOOOOOOO SUPPORTIVE to assist each with shifting out of any old and into more heart-based, heart-conscious, heart-connected realities here.

These frequencies…. so pure, so beautiful, so pristine… and when you live full from your PURE HEART…. so easy, so simple…. This 12D template is beyond exquisite. I’ll be sharing as we continue through this powerful Passageways and Star Gate/Gateway openings…. ♥

Ever since the 11/11/11 Gateway opening, we’ve been flooded with wide open influxes of high frequency light…. The only challenges each will experience, will be their own density, their own ego creations, their own limits, mentalities and resistance to multi-dimensional experiences that offer infinite everything …..

PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS Light… allowing each FREEDOM from their own ego constructs held inside….

PURE LOVE…. FREEDOM …. when your ego limits, ego conditions, ego everything dissolves and you reconnect with the PURITY that YOU ARE… through your own breath, peace and wide open heart.

What is not pure becomes visible, can be felt, can be heard and seen…. All of this “ours”…. which means it’s up to each one of us to shift vibrationally, energetically and bring all into a much higher state of consciousness ourselves…. An you/we all can do this… it just takes effort at first, learning how to connect, learning how to be open, learning how to accept, learning how to say no with love, learning how to allow, learning how to initiate and maintain Divine Flow from within each one of our selves….. What’s not pure is clearing each’s body, through an immense purification process.

All of your ego control mechanisms, protection mechanisms, hiding mechanisms, giving your power away, ego primal survival instincts…. become visible for you to see, dissolve, resolve fully from within you.

The physical reality is not what you/our human aspect “thought it was”…. Each will come to understand this more and more and more as we go. The physical reality a part of your illusion as well…. your mentalities, your illusion, your beliefs, your illusion…. and as your body activates/holds more photonic light, integrates more photonic light, the more the illusion shifts/changes/becomes visible…..

As your Photonic LightBody DNA Activates more, your realities start to shift, blend, flip, merge, stretch, bend and become more flexible and fluid, because you are aligning to a much higher vibrational reality, Lighter Density, where what “rules” your reality completely changes….

Today, we are in ultra-high-frequency Pure Divine Harmonics….. where our DNA (& entire Template) is being tuned to pure harmony… it’s quite beautiful to experience and observe….

Every day (moment) is more of this/our 12D Divine Template being brought online, within us, within Gaia and on a Cosmic Level too. So much occurring on a Quantum Level, a multi-dimensional level, to further harmonize and align all’s realities in all new ways as LOVE. (It will take me a bit to get a recap typed up, and in no way include all of the information that has to be “packaged” and disbursed in a multitude of ways…). For now, it’s small updates, so that we can honor our processes, as well as keep up our immense service schedules too. ♥

Below you will find a copy of my post to all via Facebook recently, with information on how to access two new Avatar Consciousness Quantum LightBody DNA activations, specifically written and recorded to assist with clearing unconscious programming, as well as each’s Karmic Akash held within each on a cellular level and within each’s body template, in order to accelerate for all who choose to utilize these for their own multi-dimensional journey here.

Observing (out there in that very far off virtual reality), what is clearing for many, is everything…. from Integrity to each’s words and fulfilling Soul Agreements, to distortions within relationships, ego attachment in every way, entitlement energy, deep emotional cleansings (deep ego/separation programming), to the realization of how much this is each’s own personal experience to Master, by way of returning to living as your highest consciousness you. So many clearing density, deep linear matrix constructs of unconsciousness and separation held within. This is an important part of the process, so if you find yourself challenged, open your heart more and realize the purposes of the challenges…. for there are many of these as each starts to understand how “alternate realities” work and learn how to dissolve/resolve all into/through Pure Love.

The “flip side”…. everything is so simple, so easy, so pure… when we are fully in-tune with all from within. Divine flow, Divine Timing, and Divine everything. Pure Joy and Divine Rhythm in how we move through each moment in Divine Alignment…. This template is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. ♥

Uniting with those who put forth the effort too, who are ready and embracing and stepping up to fulfill their roles… this is not complicated…. Living a life free of ego programming and fixed/limited conditions and beliefs… when we choose this fully, then everything shifts and starts to vibrationally align in all new ways.

Sharing Pure Harmony and Joy with you! ☼
Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai,



Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known.

12D Template Update (Part 2) A Flood of Higher Consciousness Codes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Cosmic Entity by Jason Nguyen @ Reddit


12D Template Update (Part 2)
A Flood of Higher Consciousness Codes

Access to REMEMBRANCE Like Never BEfore
Vibrational Existences “Unleashed”/Released

A Short Activation Video:
Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Evolution (NOW)
Aloha Divine Light Family,

These SOULar/Star/Stellar Light Codes are to accelerate the AWAKENING and EVOLUTION of our HUmaNITY….

This flood is through your bodies….. breathe all through you and out…. keep breathing all through you and out…. open up fully to expand and allow….. ♦

Deep inside each one of us…. the brilliance of our Divine Essence and an immense amount of love that is pure and holds a deep sacred respect and caring for all. The immense process of awakening, ascending and living a multi-dimensional life is an entirely new (Remembered) experience that offers everything, as each is ready to fully embrace and open up to all through LIVING fully as Love.

This PURE LOVE, this is what shifts our entire realities, this is what makes the difference, this is what transitions all from an old earth existence to a NEW Earth existence. This PURE LOVE is a REMEMBERED STATE…. and as we remember, everything changes…. for us, for all around us, for everything in our lives….

Consciousness means living as love … to yourself, each other, our planet and ALL as ONE. Higher Consciousness means living from your ascended and expanded states, which opens up a multi-dimensional existence, one that takes full presence, patience and honoring a deep cellular and DNA Evolutionary process that goes beyond all of our old limited mindsets and ways. Consciousness reconnects us all as PURE LOVE…. where unconsciousness functions from a place/space of separation/duality programming… this is the opposite, so there’s much that occurs to awaken each one of us from a sleeping state.

THIS 12D Template is about RETURNING all to a much higher consciousness state, where UNITY is our foundation, which occurs as ego matrix separation programming is activated to become visible so that each can hear/see/feel it and choose to dissolve it/allow all not of love to fall away or be transformed through ACTS OF LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS….

This 12 Strand DNA Template Accelerates everything.

For the human aspect, deprogramming processes increase at an exponential rate. Where each has been living from programs, this can be beyond confusing until each becomes aware of this. Programs run deep and take full presence to identify, as well as the dissolving of all judgment in order to choose to consciously clear and reprogram all through higher states of consciousness, instead of the habit/ego one.

Heart openings increase…. which is a beautiful thing, yet if it’s old programs coming up, this can be challenging for a bit. The body has soooooo very much to clear, in order to become fully conscious too. Immense DNA and Cellular work increases to assist each with regaining abilities and access to higher consciousness knowledge not previously accessible before.

Gaia’s DNA and Template: This is a game changer for all. As Gaia releases immense programming from the archives of “the old”, huge karmic clearings of a Cosmic Akash, our bodies link up to Gaia through electromagnetics, so as these Cosmic Codes activate to release the old magnetics that held the old together before, our bodies, atmospheres, realities…. what held all together changes for all.

In the unconscious realms, what held all together was separation and duality and unconscious programming. As these frequencies continue to rise, each’s body goes through an immense process of “releasing these magnetics” of the push/pull and control of the old….

Memory, emotions, thoughts and beliefs … all a part of this electro-magnetic clearing, rebalancing and rewriting process. Liken your memory to a an old recording that you put a strong and powerful magnet next to it and it got erased. Look at the power of your human ego emotions when they are heightened and your distortions are surfacing/playing out in your reality to see and clear/resolve/align. Look at your thoughts transmitting from your whole body and communicating through an electromagnetic field. Look at your beliefs as a story, something you learned, were told, acquired and tell yourself. Look at your whole reality as “made up”… a “belief” held so strongly that it became real. Now look at that huge magnet erasing your memories…. all that you held onto before just dissolving (the more human ego, the more an emotional reaction/response to assist with clearing the big energies, so your body can re-tune itself, without all of that programming “in the way”).

As the HEART OF GAIA beats, your heart beats. As the Universe and Cosmos activates in your body, star particles and crystals activate (turn on) and reconnect you again. Every breath, your body awakens more. Every breath reconnecting you to a much higher state of consciousness, which emanates from PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS.

As OUR BODIES, Gaia and our Universe/Cosmos all work together to EVOLVE into a whole new species here, a Cosmic HUman Hybrid, where our DNA is of all of our existences awakened and functioning at optimal efficiency to support much higher purposes and reasons for incarnating/walking in here…. each’s “little human ego” becomes the smallest part of who we truly are…

We are of the stars (Star BEings/Galactics), the Heavens (Christed/God/Angelic/Archangels and more), the Earth (Elementals), the water (Mer-family) …. with existences on every planet, every solar system, every star system, and galaxy, as well as LeMUria, Atlantis, Egyptian….. and the DNA encodements of each of those aspects make up our OVERSOUL and AVATAR BODIES….. here. Now.

As we awaken, our memories return. We still have to clear the immense distortions of every existence, which occurs in our own inner reality and physical reality too. This is an immense process, because our human aspect did not fully understand, because we did not have the ability to see what all truly was and how all came to BE, without the drama and stories of victimhood and blaming and giving our power away.

This 12D Template opens up access to CLEAR MEMORY, unlocking the Akash, bringing together the “puzzle pieces” not previously accessible before…. for many reasons that only matter if you are caught up on the story still.

What this offers is NEW KNOWLEDGE, NEW FREEDOM and NEW POSSIBILITIES for all to awaken and evolve at an even “faster” and more powerful acceleration rate. This is not only exciting, we’ve all worked hard for this, waited for this, dedicated our self to this and previously agreed to all of this on a SOUL LEVEL …

Assist and support your Physical Light Bodies with clearing out any heavy duty programming that kept you/it anchored in unconscious realities (dimensions) before. As your Photonic LightBody recodes, recalibrates and turns codes on, it will be important for you to honor this immense process, as well as the conscious creation/building of all new realities that are highest aligned OVER what your human ego aspect thinks/wants/believes……

LIVING AS LIGHT is a very different reality….. in every way. Y/Our Bodies and Physical Realities go through an immense process to accomplish this.

Yet you, me, all of us… this is how we affect, reconnect and unite all as LOVE HERE. LIVING AS LOVE means you are fully conscious of yourself and all that is in your own reality and you are aligning all yourself. First surrender, to allow yourself to tune/shift and BE….. become this beautiful, magical, kind, generous, respectful, creative, inspiring and uplifting ENERGY and observe your entire reality and yourself….. and shift all from within you fully so that outside can align easier for you. Then you will see what you need to align/do yourself and where you were not coming from your highest place before….. yet the moment you have the awareness… you can. ♥ New realizations, new awareness, new choices, new opportunities all come forth when you are operating at your highest vibration of expanded consciousness here. Your heart, mind and energy all must be fully aligned for this to occur and ALL is through your full presence….. and unified breath.

Through this Beyond Important 12/12 Passageway, open your heart and mind fully and allow your ENERGY BODY to shift. Breathe LOVE through you…. connect from deep within. Open up to your highest vibrational realities and pay attention when your mindsets/energy shifts…..

Bring all into full consciousness (which is LOVE) and be totally wide open and ready for all new realizations and understandings to come through….. be wide open for anything…. don’t limit yourself anymore. Connect with all as LOVE and SHARE THIS LOVE…. share this beauty, kindness and magnificence with every exchange, act, breath…. and recognize if your heart closes, because if it does, your head and drama/fear/separation programming will start to play again… for you to see and shift yourself…

This last week unlocked tons of archives that was not available before. So much information and clarity and REMEMBRANCE and it’s just the beginning …..

Observe distortions. This is an important part of this process so that you can choose to free yourself from your old mindsets and programming and honor your body needing to clear all of that.

Clear your field and honor your LightBody’s tuning processes…. Most of all, embrace these next phases with excitement and KNOWING that as you connect from a much deeper place inside that you are REMEMBERING as fast as you allow yourself to.

I’ll put out more updates as we go. I’m not sure when. If you sign up for updates, watch my website or Facebook pages, you’ll be able to do this yourself and read/receive as I get all put together and send it out.

I love you and appreciate all that you are doing through your highest states too. It’s important and makes a difference. Keep shining your light and sharing your LOVE to touch the lives of all other too. Keep contributing through your presence and your own ACTS and reJOYce at what comes forth as you/we all do. ♥

InJOY the short activation video for what goes on with our bodies as they awaken…. and our physical realities too. ♥
Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Cosmic Entity by Jason Nguyen @ Reddit

Gateways are Open: (Part 1) 12D Template Update – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Gateways are Open: 12D Template Update
Gaia’s 12-Strand DNA Has Activated Throughout – Part 1

Massive StarGate Openings Continue Increasing Harmonics “Bombardment” for Multi-Dimensional Earth Evolution to Advance/Accelerate So Much More

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

All is occurring in Divine Order…. exactly as we all pre-agreed. This 12D DNA Template opens up everything… to assist with evolving all at an increasing accelerated rate into our much higher consciousness HUmaNITY here.

These continually immense Stargate openings and floods of light – encoded data/information all of these years, these have also opened up so very much more, for us all, on a multi-dimensional level here. Observing how “quickly” all is shifting, on a Quantum Level…. is just “wow”.

This whole time, as well as this linear year, especially these last few linear months, have been leading up to this vibrational alignment now. This is THE absolute most important StarGate Opening, Activation, Upgrade and Integration of Cosmic Harmonics that we’ve experienced thus far. (This whole month, specific “trigger points” activating “the next” and then “the next” array of StarGate Openings and Light Codes release, being vibrationally activated where “that code” is held (asleep) in each one of our body templates, as well as our Vibratory Fields. Spontaneous or Intentional Conscious Expansion activates the recoding and reconfiguration process to begin within each. These set off a “string of events” relative to each’s current processes/phases/purposes/agreements here).

Since the 11/11/11 Gateway “Blast-Off”, as well as every linear day this month…. sooooooo much more awareness and REMEMBERINGS flooding through. Each will awaken through their own processes here. All of the “codes” for this are held in each’s DNA…. to be activated vibrationally when those “codes” are “ready” to “turn on”.

Yesterday, the 12 strand DNA codes lit up within Gaia (which means our Earthly bodies that link up to the Earth do this too). This 12D Template is a “building process”, which restores knowledge and access that was not yet available by each, due to inner veils, inner matrixes, inner density and programs of separation still held and fixed, limited ego constructs and beliefs.

As we all progress, our roles here continually shift, expand and change. This month accelerates this for all again. Each’s contribution to HUmanity, a multi-dimensional one….. and how we all agreed to “come here” and fulfill these much higher purposes and roles, by way of anchoring all within our physical body and physical reality too, as well as how we show up in our every day lives and come through.

This 12DNA Strand Template affects/means so very much for all.

For those not yet understanding how Consciousness (Higher or “Lower” Unconsciousness) affects (is relative) to all DNA, part of my role all of these years was to re-educate all through much higher states of Consciousness, which is on a Quantum Level, not a linear one. Through continual “exposure” and Light Encoded Data being transmitted through our work and by us… each truly open to receive, does so, as is aligned for each.

Those who have been open and embracing/choosing to accelerate, are doing so with as much ease and grace as is possible, as when the physical body/reality has to clear density at an accelerated rate, it can get quite intense/inundating, which means honoring this process even more.

Part of the physical body upgrades, are a complete overhaul of all systems and how the body communicates, processes light codes, clears distortions/density, purifies, reconfigures on a DNA and genetic/atomic/molecular level, as well as responds to increasing high frequency Cosmic Harmonics and Symphonics that tune each’s Plasma Crystalline Photonic Physical Lightbody, which is an immense merging, unification and integration process that continually accelerates nervous systems/immune systems/oxygen/blood/lymphatic system re-writes, as each cell works consciously to encode through advanced geometrics, while breaking the human body’s genome down. These bio-molecular rewrites take immense energy to complete.

Those resisting, judging and not accepting, are having their own experience in a very different way. This is how awakening works.

This process can be (is) challenging through various early steps along the way, as the purpose is to accelerate continual dissolving of all ego programming and a reworking of each’s inner matrix system to transition from Old Earth to New. Ego constructs (Unconscious programming and physical body density (not weight, density), is what bound all to an unconscious version of Earth before. To ascend back into a higher consciousness reality (NEW Earth), is an immense process that doesn’t conform to any human realities at all.

The transition process is one that takes our whole existence up until each’s “current now”.

What does this mean?

These assist each with consciously aligning their entire life experience on a Soul Level

As Multi-Dimensionality moves to the forefront, the “old” as we all knew it will inherently and instinctively change. The “old” was all of our unconscious realities, held together by each still holding (playing out) those mentalities, limits and belief systems, emanating from deeply embedded unconscious programs held on a cellular level. The “new” is a much higher level of consciousness that each comes to awaken and hold, through every moment experiences here.

NEW EARTH is our Multi-Dimensional Earth…. available to all who are truly ready to fully embrace, truly ready to let go of all old, truly ready to surrender every ounce of EGO constructs and truly ready to step into, and fulfill, much higher Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman Roles here.

NEW Earth is all around you…. yet only accessible from deep within. It’s a vibrational existence that literally, materializes in physical form, as an energetic and vibrational response to your own expanded states of Consciousness. First starting as a holographic reality, the ability to “call all forth” and “make it real” is by way of each’s own dedicated Unified existing by becoming your own Higher/Highest Selves.

The ability to sustain, maintain, flourish and experience the MAGIC, BLISS and JOY, the infinite abundance and all that’s available, is dependent on each’s ability to integrate photonic light fully and hold much higher states of consciousness while the physical (body/reality) re-writes itself….. literally…. on a cellular, genetic and molecular/atomic level…. by way of these immense codes that flood through constantly and await each to honor this deeply sacred process of GALACTIC SOUL/PURE SOURCE LIGHT EMBODIMENT here.

This is our presence, our essence, our purity… and how we all live from pure Unity Consciousness LOVE in every way. This 12D LightBody DNA Template is the most prolific harmonic alignment process any of us have experienced thus far…. how each will experience, will be relative to each’s current level of consciousness and physical body/reality density still held…. and how “fast” awakening affects current realities.

For the human ego/unconscious reality, this will turn “worlds” upside down. This will completely collapse so very many realities (from the inside out), because they were not birthed from/created from/aligned with SOUL LOVE…. a different kind of love that human ego aspects function from….

These shift the FOUNDATIONS of realities…. this is what TEMPLATE re-writes do. They re-write, restructure and reconfigure entire realities on a cosmic level, a Quantum level and a multi-dimensional level…. not a linear (ego) one.

First the codes activate inside of each’s body, open up new levels of consciousness, “triggering” every distortion relative to that aspect/existence/code to be cleared/dissolved/resolved/aligned from within…. These photonic codes work through each’s body, breaking down the old linear constructs and then rebuilding all through much higher states of consciousness coding…. which is nothing like carbon-based atoms/DNA codes were…. as these constantly shift, move, breathe, reshape… like crystals taking form when the vibration changes… this is how each’s body and whole reality responds here. Sacred Geometrics replace linear everything.

Fluid, adaptive and constantly re-coding…. in every moment, new codes, which means “New DNA/RNA Codes”, new realities, new perceptions, new opportunities, new everything…..

What the human aspect does not understand, is that as these Cosmic Harmonic Codes “turn on”, the obsolete codes of the old (unconscious ego built) realities …. these dissolve, disintegrate, break down in each’s bones, muscles, flesh, blood, oxygen, organs, heart, brain, spine…. every particle of each’s multi-dimensional evolving body (and field), and the body requires a ridiculous amount of rest, alone time, sleep to clear each’s field of consciousness, so that each’s body can raise/elevate it’s consciousness BACK to full consciousness here. Photonic Light shuts the human body down. Literally, as well as jacks it up, temps change, vision and hearing shifts/changes, balance/gravity shifts/changes…. and so very much more.

This is a RETURNING…. a REMEMBERING of all we forgot while physically anchored with our bodies before, in entire frequency bandwidths that blanketed each in a state of amnesia…. and these Cosmic/SOULar fluctuations “disrupt” those signals/frequencies, so that higher frequencies can activate/be heard/received as each’s heart fully opens for their LightBody DNA to activate and “take over”, which overrides the lower frequency bandwidths of before. Exiting 3D and 4D fully with your body (Ascension) occurs as each awakens to and through accessing/holding much higher states of consciousness than before. This is an every-moment process….

Gravity goes as ascension and a recalibration/re-balancing of inner to magnetics occurs, as well as while the body recodes and links up to the Gridwork of NEW Earth, disconnecting from the old. As each learns to acclimate, this will subside (sometimes taking years), so patience and honoring your Sacred Body Vessel is beyond important for all.

This 12 Strand DNA Template has been coming online all of this linear year, if you will, accelerating after the June 2018 Equinox … which accelerates all considerably, which was slated for completing this “online” phase this month…. which we are deep in the middle of now. This Upgraded Collective/Universal/Gaia template “replaces” each’s old realities…. by restructuring the foundation that all emanates from, is built upon and functions from. It is a Quantum platform for all new higher aligned realities…. as each is truly ready to come online fully now here. ♥

This template unlocks new codes at a much more accelerated rate. This up-heaves all things “ego” (unconsciousness/programming)…. which is the point. This also aligns all realities “faster”, so depending on density, physical matter mass, space/light ratios within each, is to how this takes place for each.

If you are integrating fully every day, as your priority, focusing your energy on creating, applying higher consciousness to your entire life, sustaining and supporting our highest consciousness evolution/realities here, then this will support you in the most magical and beautiful ways.

If your ego aspect is focused on “the old” and trying to hang on and resisting, fighting, unconsciously investing your etheric and/or physical matter energy in the old, attempting to recreate from unconscious programming (karmic akash), those realities are a part of the “collapse” and dissolution process that now accelerates for all.

P.S. Tomorrow, part 2 of this update will be emailed out to all who receive these newsletters/updates. The information is way to vast to put out in one writing/update. I’m breaking it down to make it easier to read and therefore absorb and integrate. ♥

Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

LIGHT KEEPERS (AND MORE) – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Angelic Flower of Life by Olga Kuczer



You/We have been “working” in-service (forever) to anchor these immense light codes here, to hold them and to distribute them, how is most appropriate and aligned on a Galactic Soul Level for us all…….

For many, you feel challenged, because you’ve entered into all new phases you were not aware of before…. be patient, honor your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY and hang in there…. this is a beyond important part of the process, even if it doesn’t “look like it” to anyone else…. you get it/you understand… deep inside of you that what you are DOING is important… honor this… and your realities will re-align easier FOR YOU… as you hold all as LOVE FROM DEEP WITHIN YOU and allow the old to fall away………

For many, you are experiencing the magic, the bliss…. the amazingness of our Crystalline NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE…. this is just the beginning of all… yet this too, is just a “prep” phase of stepping into much higher purposes and roles here…. and you will know HOW/ when…. so honor and inJOY the experience and listen/observe inside…. your moments won’t come “in advance” for awhile, as you/we all have to learn how to listen/trust and REMEMBER how all comes to be CREATED… in order to step into the RESPONSIBILITY PHASES that come next……. where you become a much more integral part of our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM, infrastructure…. as a part of the various LIGHT COUNCILS here.

For many, you are challenged, your entire reality may “appear” to be upside down, inside out, going sideways and even feel like they are collapsing…. this is just to your ego aspect that doesn’t understand/cannot see and holds resistance to OUR NEW…. (heart/mind closed), which is what creates the INTENSITY…..

Re-Structuring of our realities as all ALIGNS …. completely and in all new ways….. occurs for each one of us…. exactly as all “needs to occur” to align all on our EARTH to a much higher dimensional version of REALITIES… a Multi-Dimensional Earth…. which is very different than old earth was…. without the limits, conditions, beliefs and programs….

PHYSICAL REALITY RE-ALIGNMENT…. is an immense undertaking and process that adheres to Cosmic & Universal Codes…. that OVERRIDE all human ego/karmic timelines…. only necessary to play out where one is unable to bring all into full consciousness themselves……

A karmic reality/timeline is a result of ALL EXISTENCES…. not just the “one” you can think of or see…… and in order to shift OUT OF THESE, you/we all must be fully conscious here.

This 12D Template…. it rewrites all…… it aligns all….. It doesn’t matter what your human ego wants or thinks…… These higher dimensional re-writes are to REMOVE THE POWER of the EGO constructs/realities that do not serve our HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS REALities here….. Any ego programming… this is the whole point…. so the more you come from your ego/separation/duality, the rougher/more confusing all of this will be……. only your HEART/SOUL/HIGHER SELF ASPECT can understand….. and even that is “limited access”, which only returns through an immense PURIFICATION PROCESS of your whole body and whole life…..

This 12D Template…. it’s the BEGINNING for us all…. a whole new, much higher dimensional template that reconnects all/more on a Cosmic/Universal Level and through Pure Love Consciousness/Unity Consciousness, which can only be accessed within you when your own ego dissolves…..

This 12D Template…. it’s POWERFUL and all of GAIA and atmospherically is INVOLVED in this. Your WHOLE BODY is an electromagnetic/bio-electrical system that links up on a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LEVEL….. so every Light Code, every Source Code, every Sacred Geometric and Crystalline/Plasma/SOULar activation…. re-codes all simultaneously…… an enhanced GEOMETRIC SYSTEM that functions completely different than all old realities of “before”.

All is QUANTUM HERE….. everything…. every breath creates/communicates….. every thought, every word, every action…. and your own LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS DICTATES your actual experiences here……

Everything your human ego “thinks” it can control…. not an option… as this is not an ego-driven reality anymore (that was all an illusion)….. that is your old way and it will only keep you frustrated, scratching your head, fighting and in “struggle/survival”/primal mode…. Only by way of opening your heart all of the way and ACCEPTING that which your human mind cannot yet comprehend, will this be “easy”, and even then…. if there is immense density/distortions to clear…. it will still be challenging, yet “how” you experience will be different, because of where you function from within.

I love you…. Get ready….. it’s always “just the beginning”…. and this one… the biggest yet. 

More love, more brilliance, more amazingness, more magic, more kindness, more unity, more of whatever you hold and transmit out….. is returned as what all call “experiences” here.

NEW EARTH REALITIES…. these are available to all who are truly ready to fully embrace and BE our NEW here….. Open up completely and allow your NEW TO COME FORTH from within you, birth from within you, appear in your external too. ☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Angelic Flower of Life by Olga Kuczer

12D Harmonic Re-Alignment Processes Accelerate – Lisa Transcendence Brown


12D Harmonic Re-Alignment Processes Accelerate: Pay Attention (Observe)

Take care in the story lines you are playing out…. these show you your mentality and the programs you are carrying out, subscribing too and still holding programming for within you. Clear your body’s density of the separation… by observing when you shift out of PURE LOVE and back into an old anything…..

This is a massive clearing time for anything not 12D…. old realities not aligned, bring them into full vibrational alignment yourself.
Old Soul Contracts… all that no longer serves your highest everything/purposes…. clear them/close them out yourself.

Soul Agreements replace Soul Contracts…. I’ll write on this soon.

Observe everything that is of the old…. when you are functioning from your highest states of Consciousness/aspects of YOU, you won’t continue to participate in, support, feed your energy into “that” or play in the fear based programming that YOUR CELLS HOLD….. you will see all for what it is….. and you will CHOOSE to open your heart wide open and shift all BACK INTO LOVE and PURITY yourself…..

Your REALity… your perceptions, how you view/see all. Tune to a much higher frequency bandwidth and you’ll see things from many other perspectives, not just the one your human ego sees…. as there are a gazillion timelines/realities available… you get to CHOOSE the one you anchor/hold/transmit/experience here…..

Your REALities are vibrational….. ENERGETIC RESPONSES…. in physical form or not… they are the same on a Quantum Level…..

Pay attention to the words you speak/think and the energy of all. This affects, creates and “activates” your own realities to play out for you…. if not in this vibrational now… another vibrational now, a vibrational return ….

I’m working on a Light Encoded Activation and Clearing to assist with collective shifts out of the old as well…. A new one will also be released via Soul Shine with Lauren Galey in a couple of weeks for the special annual Solstice Event, the other I will make available via various announcements for all who follow my work/newsletters/website/FB pages…. All are Light Encoded, so they work on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Level…. and go straight for programming… to assist each with CONSCIOUS SHIFTING/CLEARING yourself……

NEW EARTH ….. is subtle at first, experienced in silence and deep inner-connection from a total heart expanded space… where your mind is open and you are totally present within you and observing as your highest selves/your higher self you…. and REMEMBERING what you forgot when you incarnated/walked in here……

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing this… or what you knew before. This is different… this goes beyond your human comprehension. This is a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE and a Multi-Dimensional Earth Experience…. NOW. FOR ALL…..

I love you. Choose your own reality and check your ego at the door (gates of Heaven, literally)…. Judgment ….. all the “stuff”, it’s gotta go. You can’t bring it with you… to cross over to “the other side”…… your heart/Soul/Body must be pure….. in every way….. otherwise it’s inner-mittent… you won’t be able to sustain, because your physical body is too dense and will anchor you in 3D/4D until you clear all of that programming of your Old Earth Matrix from your body, which is the whole thing….. ☼

As we continue to complete and bring this Collective 12D Template online with Gaia/our bodies….. everything shifts. It’s supposed to….. it has to…. all pre-determined prior to incarnation/walking in/teleporting in…. you/we are just playing your part of transitioning and holding/creating/building and BEing our new everything here. ♥

I love you! Happy magical everything! Keep embracing the MAGIC and releasing/recognizing/clearing all that’s not…. only you can.
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Collective Magical Portal Wide Open for All – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ricinus Communis ~ The fairy of the castor bean plant by Nancy Farmer


Collective Magical Portal Wide Open for All…..

Gateways have been opening last few hours… getting stronger…. ☼

Massive Cosmic Rays increasing (radiation on a cellular level)…. produced by way of photonic activity, plasma energies, atomic codes and all kinds of “re” everything going on…… ☼

Powerful “blasts” of crystalline….. every code we can fathom…. yep, gonna be another powerful day to activate and integrate fully….. honor your physical LightBody, as well as how your physical reality “presents”…..

We have more activating for each to harmonize and converge…. as well as magical portals opening up and all kinds of multi-dimensional shifting…. observe and SEE and CHOOSE and shift, allow…. create…. let go, embrace…. as your EVERY MOMENT shows you/presents for you….

InJOY your magical carpet ride into much higher frequency bandwidths of realities/existences too!!!!!!

Bliss, love, peace and joy….. through purity… tis how we roll. ♫

p.s. All through the “linear years”, we’ve had immense magic/magical portals open up. These are for each of us to embrace, activate and bring forth all from within…. This collective one was way cool…. it was all of us, clearing out old distortions, uniting our energies/gifts and amplifying all, while coming together to create and then going apart, then coming together and then apart again…. showing the power we each hold individually and how this is accelerated/increased/amplified as we all come together in our POWER as PURITY LOVE and create, inspire, share to bring forth/activate/affect more……

So…. open up fully and step up into your own higher self roles, integrate fully and bring forth your own higher consciousness, higher dimensional magic to sprinkle, radiate, spread and unite as is vibrationally aligned through synergy and harmonics here.

p.s. When you do your part, you receive based upon what you are BEing vibrationally….. nothing is “handed to us” on a “silver platter… yet it is…. it’s different….. it’s a vibrational and energetic response on a Universal/Cosmic Quantum Multi-Dimensional Level….. to how we show up as Light and Love here.

Each receives based upon vibrational contribution and presence, openness, sharing and purity… ☼




“Magic” is just ONE Natural Part of Our Multi-Dimensional Experience Here – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Wiz Kid meets the Wizard by John Hoesman


“Magic” is just ONE Natural Part of Our Multi-Dimensional Experience Here

Magic. Such a simple and overused word….. yet, magic is exactly that…. a feeling and experience of our Multi-Dimensional Experience/Existence here…..

Magic emanates from within. Magic is a KNOWING that we hold, it’s a sparkly, tingly, excitement… an ENERGY that we reconnect with from deep within.

Magic is a part of our ancient heritages… the ones that are pure. Clearing the distortions of these, is a part of the unconscious realms, which is also a part of our awakening and remembering process here.

Magic is a/our natural and REMEMBERED STATE…. is an energy and a frequency that we function from, it’s how we live our lives…. it’s fun, exuberant, vibrant, full of life, mystical and available when we are open and living this way…. from deep deep deep within.
Magic is a part of MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY……. it’s where we become the magician and alchemist here. It’s where we create, inspire and “do the magical things”…. on a Quantum Heart Consciousness Level…..

Magic is where the higher dimensional realms open up, it’s full of and comes from all of our GIFTS…. and activates infinite abundance. ​

Magic occurs when OUR VIBRATION IS HIGH and when we’ve cleared out/shifted out of those unconscious ego programs of our own separation we held within. Magic occurs when WE LET GO and get out of the way and UNIFY through openness, love, purity and “no more resistance”, protection and ego-based programmed/conditioned fears….. ​
Magic is in/through our every sacred breath, as we play, as we breathe and we inJOY through our innocence and purity here….

Magic is a multi-dimensional convergence here….. where we experience LIGHT in our own reality…. over the density of before….

Magic is through the Gift that WE ARE and sharing this with all….. Magic is SEEING the GIFT in ALL and not going unconscious to “forget” anymore…..
Magic is a part of our NEW EARTH QUANTUM EXISTENCE here…. magic is a part of our “super human” gifts, abilities that we bring forth from all of our existences here….

Magic is free and light and a SURPRISE…. MAGIC is through our own REMEMBERED CONNECTION…. and it’s simple, it’s not complicated like it was with our human ego aspect mind……

Magic is a PRESENCE….. ours. It’s natural, organic, Light and Free and open and sharing and kind…. it’s considerate, respectful, curious and ready to explore and awaken through “new”, which is just our REMEMBERED STATE when we are truly ready with our whole BEing here…..
Magic is available to each one of us…. as we are ready…. and it “appears”, just like “magic” in our everything….. in our lives, our experiences, in our feelings, in others, in things…. because all is the ENERGY OF MAGIC…. and this…. this was always available and laying dormant…. deep deep within each one of us to find, locate, access, activate and bring forth from within us and transmit out into our external dimensions to experience fully….. here…. now…. always…. again. ♥

Magic is just one small part of our RETURNING to Full Consciousness again/here. ♦

Magic occurs as we maintain purity, Harmonic and Divine Alignment and flow, and are in-tune in every way. ♫
Embrace your magic, the magic, all magic, the magic of all fully…. bring it forth from within you …. and yes, it will “appear” in your physical as you do! ♥

I love you! Have a most magical and amazing everything….. as a part of your own NEW Earth Experience here too. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Wiz Kid meets the Wizard by John Hoesman



Today’s Cosmic Gateway/StarGate Openings – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Subtle Space by Jean-Luc Bozzoli @ Eye Within


Today’s Cosmic Gateway/StarGate Openings: Updates posted in “real-time” on FB….. LightBody DNA Upgrades/Rewrites Accelerate...

11:11:11 (Again) Today

“Today” is the next StarGate/Gateway opening… which has already begun…

We had 2 days of linear capabilities….. to utilize the energy of/accomplish and do as is highest aligned…. and now we’ve entered into powerful DNA upgrades/re-writes and shifting magnetics again…..

Off the charts already, and just starting…. just opening up…. just getting BUZZY…. with high voltage electromagnetic whirring, stirring, charging and hyper-stimulating ……

Various Quantum LightBody activations…. Plasma flares can be heard/seen too….. new tonal cords activating, as well as re-balancing processes…..

Grids activating as of a few hours ago…. increasing quite powerfully too. Crystals jingling, Light Cells zooming…. even “shaking” where massive amounts of photonic light charges up.

We are in for a powerfully activate day/few days of Cosmic & Photonic Activity/Expansion/Re-write/Upgrades…. hold onto your “hats” and let go…. all at the same time….

Here. We. Go. ♫ ♫ ♫

Update as/if my schedule allows….. it’s quite beautiful. Embrace, honor and allow…. Integration is key. Acclimating is too. These do much… in every way…. ☼

Honor your LightBody ☼ and you…. while creating, inspiring and fulfilling your highest roles as Love here too! In-JOY!

More NEW Earth awakens within each with these important Light Codes…. let go of your judgment and old perceptions. They only hold you to an old reality…. the old no longer applies and “won’t work” here. 

It’s “blast off time” baby…… InJOY the magic, brilliance, amazingness and magnificence that’s available to all fully embracing and fully living our HIGHEST DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE here. 

Sacred love and deep respect for each’s personal awakening and DNA evolution experience here,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

December’s Energy Update/Report/Overview: 12D Divine Template – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Divine Wisdom Painting by Shiloh Sophia McCloud @ Fine Art America


December’s Energy Update/Report/Overview: 12D Divine Template -Re-Calibration, Re-Coding, Re-Alignment Processes Increase


Divine Timing
Divine Flow
Divine Presence and Existence
Divine Sacred Union with/as the entire Universe/Cosmos

Each’s DEEP Sacred Connection, through purity, through simplicity, through pure peace…

In order for your Quantum LightBody (Plasma/Crystalline) Energy (which is the LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL), the LIGHT that transforms all back into PURE LOVE…. all that is not THIS goes through an immense TUNING PROCESS… that not only “never ends”, continues to amplify, continues to increase, continues to “take over” and dissolve all that used to be “your ego/separation/programs” held on a cellular/atomic/molecular level….

Returning all to DIVINE NATURAL ORGANIC ORDER…. returning all to the LEVEL OF PURITY necessary for NEW EARTH TO ACTUALLY EXIST, means that everything you hold, everything you are, everything you believe, experience and have…. must be fully aligned with this….

Returning all to YOUR PUREST EXISTENCES means that you must be able to EXIST from this place, this space of ZERO POINT… the “point” of all CREATION, the “point” of inception, the “point” of nothingness and be able to birth anew constantly and continually…. from deep inside of you.

Returning all to LOVE means that you cleanse, you clear, you resolve, you transform, transmute and dissolve all that is not PURE LOVE from within you…..

Returning all to DIVINE ORDER and DIVINE FLOW… means that this is where you function from within you…. so fully IN-TUNE that all is natural, simple, easy and fully aligned all of the “time”, which means your VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE is always in tune in absolutely every way…..

Sounds like a huge task and undertaking, doesn’t it? Well it is… and it’s going on INSIDE OF YOU constantly…. so that you can “learn” to see and understand what DIVINE ALIGNMENT truly is and for you to DO YOUR PART by intentionally and consciously aligning all yourself…..

THIS IS WHAT YOUR PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY DOES… it constantly breaks down the old, constantly re-writes your entire reality, constantly reconstructs your reality for you…. it is LIGHT FREQUENCIES….. Cosmic/Universal/Symphonies that grow stronger every day… that tune tune tune…. constantly…..

TUNING PROCESSES for each’s LIGHTBODY take precedence over all that your human ego created/wants…. tuning processes put your body to sleep, wake it up and unify it with all…. shut your human down, gives you energy to function and also depletes when you’ve expended all of this LIGHT ENERGY… so it’s beyond important that you LEARN how your LIGHTBODY WORKS and FUNCTIONS…. so that you can “learn” how to manage (Master) your “new” realities …. which are not linear… they are Quantum…. as you are on a Galactic Soul Level….

Your carbon-based body functioned very differently than your UNIVERSAL/COSMIC LIGHTBODY does…. how it works…. so completely different than your old 3D/4D body was.

THESE ENERGIES that came through with the 11/11/11 Gateway are all about DIVINE ALIGNMENT…. in absolutely every way.

Divine LIGHT….. you BEcoming DIVINITY in the purest form…. which means for this to occur, your physical body and physical reality, literally… have to all be re-worked….. every cell, every carbon-based atom, every molecule and particle of who/what you “thought” you were, every particle (physical matter) changes vibratory rates…. constantly….. as these vibratory and oscillatory rates dictate everything….

Your “old” carbon-based human body…. how it “handles” this immense constant TUNING PROCESS is determined by many things… every belief you hold not fully in alignment from the absolute HIGHEST PLACE…. will “show up” in different ways, dependent on “how this needs to occur” to re-work/re-code/re-calibrate/re-configure all on/from a Quantum Level…. not a linear one.

Your “old” 3D and 4D bodies…. these can’t “walk” NEW EARTH…. the density, the vibration, the programs housed in your old bodies and held in place by your limited ego aspect…. these are what anchored you in the lower frequency bandwidths and versions of Old Earth…..

If you pay attention, you will notice your immune system and your nervous system constantly being reworked. You will notice “feeling” DENSITY, HEAVINESS OR LIGHT. You will notice, more and more, what is and isn’t fully vibrationally in resonance or aligned. You will notice when things are simple and easy and when your ego gets involved/complicates all….. and INTERRUPTS DIVINE FLOW…..

If you pay attention, you will notice how your FEELINGS are changing, your beliefs are changing, how what resonates is changing…. you will note YOU changing… on a DNA LEVEL… how your body is acting/re-acting differently …. how much you feel ENERGY more….. how much the ENERGY OF ALL “AFFECTS YOU”…. how much you can tolerate/not, what inspires you/uplifts you or “pulls you back” to the old…..

You will notice how things are different… if you truly step back, go silent and just OBSERVE…. you will REALIZE how nothing is the same as it “once was”…. and how all is EVOLVING NATURALLY AND ORGANICALLY…. and how disruptive your/others’ EGOs are…. (out of tune)…..

You will REALIZE how all is not linear anymore… how all is based on your FEELINGS and what your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY NEEDS/WANTS….. different foods, more nature, more alone time, to be surrounded by that which FEEDS your spirit/soul/light (happiness/joy/peace/magic/love)…. and you will REALIZE WHAT DOES NOT….. which means that you have a decision to make in order to fully align all yourself….. and keep it aligned…. which is a huge part of the process of transitioning over from Old Earth to NEW….. it’s you CHOOSING TO ALIGN ALL and hold this DIVINE ALIGNMENT fully from inside… ♥

DIVINE ALIGNMENT…. a massive re-tuning process… a massive re-coding/re-calibration process that is not as “massive” once each has completed the initial passageways of fully waking up and ASCENDING THE BODY by descending as higher selves and MERGING AS ONE in that physical form you call your body…. which is your DIVINE SACRED VESSEL that holds your IMMENSE LIGHT as a Soul, as a Star BEing, as a Galactic here…..

Your human ego aspect does not fully respect…. takes things for-granted and functions from a place/space of “disconnect”. This harmonizing process occurs on a COSMIC LEVEL… which is much more powerful than your human ego is… in EVERY WAY…. these cosmic frequencies ARE YOU…. IN YOUR PUREST FORM…. which basically bring the CODES of all of your HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTENCES from all other spaces/time/places “HERE”… by way of LIGHT TRAVEL… if you will.

This LIGHT TRAVEL is beyond your human comprehension…. yet, through your highest states of consciousness…. it’s simple, easy and totally understood… By being totally IN-TUNE on a Quantum Level, you can actually observe/watch/see/feel the LIGHT CODES communicating and “traveling” across all perceptions of different dimensions, all the perceptions of all “other existences” from this SPACE right here. You can observe Quantum Light Codes all in a SIMULTANEOUS EXISTENCE working and re-writing and re-coding constantly…. You can OBSERVE the Galactic Codes being “transmitted and received” …… “from outer space” if you will (perception) and inside your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY…. recoding all on a genetic/DNA LEVEL for you/us all… AS LOVE. ♥

These constant photonic plasma energies that increase 24/7 now, increase our DNA EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES beyond anything we’ve experienced here thus far…. these 24/7 Light Upgrades continue to increase/intensify…. so continual integration and acclimation are KEY. If your physical body is not honored for what it’s telling you (screaming at the human ego aspect), then it will shut down and stop working… so it’s beyond IMPORTANT that you HONOR THESE PROCESSES that increase substantially now.

Your physical body will continually go through immense Evolutionary process that occurs in phases and processes… relative to where you currently function from… vibrationally, energetically and by way of density and light.

​Density & Light Quotient & Vibratory/Oscillatory Rate = Dimensions Occupied & Experienced

Dependent on how easily your physical body processes these Cosmic Light Codes, will determine all. The immense “crystalline” process is how your body takes these LIGHT CODES and processes light with your physical form. These crystals are “formed” over many linear years/your whole existence here… this has been occurring all along, it’s not “new”, it’s just stronger/more powerful and more accelerated, because of the frequencies we are now always in…..

Every aspect of your Soul/OverSoul…. All of your Divine Aspects, all of your Galactic/StarBEing Aspects, all of your Elemental Aspects…. each one having different DNA Codes…. In order to EMBODY fully, your DNA is constantly re-writing itself and CHANGING…. your whole body must awaken through each CELL…. every PARTicle of you must REMEMBER and become fully conscious too. The DNA of your Christed Aspect, your God Particle, your LeMUrian, Your Atlantean, Your Egyptian, Your Arcturian, Your Venusian, Your Sirian, Your Pleiadian, Your Angelic/Celestial (a bazillion aspects, all with different frequencies/tonal chords/energies)…. all ENCODED in the LIGHT that activates 24/7 of every day. The ESSENCES of PURITY…. these “trigger” your own distortions to become visible….. these SHOW YOU what’s not fully aligned on the highest dimensional level… so that you can CHOOSE and consciously SHIFT your own vibration/energy…which determines which dimension/reality/version of Earth you experience/exist in/live in here…..

YOUR MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LIGHTBODY is very different than your old carbon-based human one was. It’s not going to feel like, or function like your 3D (even 4D) one….. Each dimension has a different LightBody phase…. so you will experience/feel what your human perceives as “weird” and “not you”. This is because it isn’t your human you, it’s your Ascended Aspects…. merging within you as your Consciousness Evolves into something “completely different”.

Your LIGHTBODY is a whole new experience within itself….. it will “require” things that your human dismisses, avoids and resists/makes excuses for…… As your INTELLIGENT CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY comes online, your human (ego) aspect dissolves.

Leaving “the old behind”:
All that was of your previous states of consciousness, become your unconscious realities…. and the moment you realize this, your REALity inside changes, which means outside will shift/change too. For the human ego aspect, this brings fear “of the unknown”, because it can’t be “controlled”. For the in-tune ONE, the ONE that is ready for ‘new’ (higher dimensional realities), you’ll close out any karmic/unconscious timelines and open up for much higher dimensional/vibrational realities to come forth/through (materialize in your physical).

Your multi-dimensional higher aspect you…. has the CAPABILITY to work with infinite timelines on a Quantum Level…. this is what your completed LightBody Templates provide for you. This is what your Crystalline LightBody, your Ascended State provides…. this is what your “new access” allows…. your ability to SEE INFINITE TIMELINES and much higher dimensional realities…. in order for you to anchor/hold/create/integrate the codes for fully…. which is a very different WAY than your limited human ego aspect reality used to work/be…..

The fact that your new INNER-VISION gives you “new/advanced” capabilities is exciting and the possibilities are endless too! The beauty is that if a reality isn’t fully aligned, you can let it go (de-materialize) just as easily, because you are not attached to anything…. which means that new, much higher aligned realities (portals) can open up to “come through”.

You finally “GET IT”… and how your energy dictates, your openness dictates, your actions dictate and determine the physical reality here… You SEE through the StarGates of your UNIFIED HEART/MIND/BODY …. that as you complete each integration process, that your reality actually changes…. inside. Your “super powers” and “advanced capabilities” return…. and it’s SOOOOOO SIMPLE. You also see how important your vibration is and all that you allow contributes/affects your entire reality here.

YOU don’t live in a single, limited dimension anymore…. The MAGIC of MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY has occurred.

DECEMBER IS DIVINE TEMPLATES, DIVINE UNIONS and ALL THAT IS SACRED RETURNED…. The UNION of 12D Templates is a merging process that activates the 144 within all who accomplish this fully, with all of their bodies….

WHEN is vibrational. It’s not linear time, it’s LIGHT TRAVEL, so “when” is relative to LIGHT QUOTIENT/LIGHTBODY PHASES/LIGHT EMBODIMENT…. and the level of PURITY each functions from. When is as each is truly ready, fully embraces and decides, chooses, commits and surrenders fully to multi-dimensional evolution, which dissolves the entire unconscious Matrix program and template held within. WHEN is NOW, yet “how fast” will be determined by how much ego/matrix program each still holds within the whole body template….. and how “easily” each opens up to NEW EARTH FULLY as a WHOLE NEW REALITY that looks nothing like 3D/4D realities did…..

HOW FAST is how ever long it takes each to fully integrate and shift, fully open up and transcend the “old” fully from within…. The more resistance, the “longer” (and rougher) all takes/is.

All is relative to each’s mindsets/energy and whether this is a COOPERATIVE process, where the “unknown” is an accepted reality, until each gains the ability to see/function on a Quantum Level and Master the Physical as PURE SOURCE LIGHT here. It’s only “unknown” to the human ego aspect. It’s not only “known” and understood as your higher self, you’ve waited for this magnificence, “worked hard” for this…. it’s EXCITING, peaceful, easy, simple…. because it’s a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to your highest dimensional realities that you currently hold fully from inside and a vibrational RETURN to how you “show up” every moment of every “day” to fulfill your highest Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman Roles here….

PURE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS…. lives an abundant and brilliant, vibrant, inner-connected, peaceful, kind, contributory, respectful and SIMPLE LIFE….. as each comes from this place inside, all Karma is automatically cleared/reversed…. because you are not playing in unconscious realities anymore…..

You come together in DIVINE SACRED UNION with all….. that is ready for this…. You can tell, as it’s all vibrational, energetic and visible. Yes, there is a huge synchronization process of aligning on an energetic level, yet you can tell what to INVEST your VALUABLE ENERGY in and what to allow to fall away….. (or move it out yourself, if you created/allowed a Karmic Timeline to come into play).

DIVINE SACRED UNION occurs within YOU… it’s a quiet, subtle, silent and profound UNION that words can’t explain. It’s beyond PURE and the amount of LOVE you have the capability to hold, share, transmit and unify is BEYOND too. Our PURE LOVE is very different than human ego love was…. which is misunderstood until each can experience/REMEMBER THIS LOVE fully from DEEP INSIDE too….. which is where we are at now…. for EACH TO REMEMBER PURE LOVE…. from deep within that SACRED SPACE… and to “learn” to HOLD THIS in every exchange and to not separate off (heart closes) to go unconscious ever again.

This PURE LOVE is how we RECOGNIZE each other here, as Angels and Star BEings, as Light BEings here. It’s READABLE, felt, visible through our ENERGY transmitted out (fields). It’s soft, kind and supportive and respectful and it doesn’t carry the distortions of the human ego/old matrix programs like “before”. We each can recognize our signatures and it’s a RE-UNION in the most fun and exciting ways….. and it’s how we come together to CREATE more together, because “we get it” and what WE INVEST is ourselves/all that we have/are…. what we share is all….. what we receive is a Quantum Vibrational Response….. to what we hold/share/offer/contribute/unite/are.​

This 12D Body-Field Divine StarGate Template has been building/constructing/coming online for years (linearly), with a huge collective activation through Gaia, for this last June or July to initiate a template build that lays the foundation for all new, much higher dimensional realities here. It will also accelerate the “collapse” of the old, “faster and more powerful” than ever before. Every template completion moves the old out “faster”. This occurs INSIDE of each…. the outside is the reflection back, so that what is INSIDE is visible, as well as returning a DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE relative to each’s current level of consciousness each functions from (as well as clearing out massive akashes held on a cellular level until all karmic timelines have been cleared).

Your Evolving LightBody DNA, Christed/Crystalline/Cosmic/Universal/Divine Templates are constantly working to restructure REALities that are fully aligned on an OverSoul Level, which is where your Avatar You Functions from. This is where you ARE SOURCE of all, not just words… yet instead your presence and the ENERGY YOU HOLD AND TRANSMIT OUT… with your every breath… words are only necessary to communicate in order to DELIVER INFORMATION (Light Encodements) or for the human aspect can’t read/communicate energetically through full consciousness here. Words carry data, light intelligence… for they are energy too. They transmit the vibration of the current level of consciousness each functions from….. making all audible/visible by LIGHT BEINGS, that communicate/read the FIELD on a bio-electrical level (electromagnetically). Photonic Light increases this capability….. so each’s Photonic LightBody has this capability naturally….

YOUR NEW REALITIES are communicated through THE UNIFIED FIELD OF QUANTUM PHOTONIC CONSCIOUSNESS…. which is very different than your/all old earth realities were. By each tuning in fully through a Quantum State of Consciousness, each is able to self-disconnect from the old. This will allow each to SHIFT GRIDS/Gridding Systems easily… and align to the grids of NEW EARTH fully….. which increases the POWER OF NEW EARTH GRIDDING TEMPLATES…. because your whole body links up/syncs up fully. You shift with your whole body’s consciousness/ grid/template……

Now that more are bringing their whole body’s gridding systems online with Our Divine NEW Earth Universal & Cosmic Templates, more are fulfilling Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper duties/roles here, which SHIFTS the distribution of all. This REDISTRIBUTES everything in all new ways. How each receives, what each receives, when each receives….

As the old templates continue to go offline/dissolve, support for unconscious matrix realities diminishes as well. The human ego aspect will go to panic, fear and desperation, not understanding how all works now. Multi-Dimensional realities replace “one dimensional” ones…. ♥

This is a powerful phase/month/transition/integration period….. where we constantly go higher and higher and higher in frequency bandwidths…. where our multi-dimensional Physical LightBodies are constantly integrating and re-writing realities on a Quantum Level…. where sleep/wakes states are inter-changeable, where merging/blending and fluid flowing is continual, where all Conscious on multi-dimensional level are constantly anchoring, creating, uniting in a multitude of ways….. ​

It’s “time” to “clean house” again:
We go through this every huge up-shift, as we each move the old timelines out and welcome in the new. While this is “every moment”, the “bigger ones” occur with every huge gateway opening/completion phase/process…. and December is the ‘MOTHER’ of these….

So, are you ready? Really really really ready? Are you grabbing your new and anchoring it fully, from deep inside of you? Are you WIDE OPEN and holding your highest everything too? Remember, this is how we always do it! 🙂

More as we flow….. have a most exquisite Gateway/Passageway.
Immense love, gratitude, respect and kindness to/for all of us here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Divine Wisdom Painting by Shiloh Sophia McCloud @ Fine Art America

Higher Consciousness is NEW Real-izations – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Applying this NEW KNOWLEDGE to how you live your life here….. What are YOU vibrationally aligning YOURSELF to?


Do you really really really, really really really, really really really SEE and fully UNDERSTAND from deep WITHIN YOU as to what you are constantly vibrationally aligning yourself/your reality to/with…. in order to EXPERIENCE here?

Do you really really really step wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back from all and OBSERVE YOURSELF and what you participate in, what you support and what you allow?

Do you really really really hold YOURSELF to your absolute highest level of consciousness WITH EVERY BREATH…. which will mean… every ACT-ion…. every act….. IS EVERY ACT highest aligned in absolutely every way?

This will be the determining FACTor of all….. as “this” is what determines Old Earth or NEW…. for each one of us and you.

Do you really really really OBSERVE YOURSELF to see what LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS you FUNCTION FROM…. all of the time…. in EVERY MOMENT….. if you do, then awesome, because this means that your REALity is BEyond magical, amazing and DIVINE in every way… This means you’ve REMEMBERED FULLY and where you exist and function from is PURE DIVINE SACRED LOVE and PURE UNITY FROM WITHIN you too…. this means that you have fully aligned your entire REALity, every relationship, your physical world stuff and you…. and YOU LIVE a Quantum Life… a fully vibrational and energetic life…. always fully aligned on a Soul Level, on a Cosmic/Universal Level…. and that you don’t function from any distorted matrix ego programs any more….

It means that your ENTIRE LIFE REFLECTS BACK to you…. the PURITY that you are…. a fully abundant reality that MATCHES your own brilliance and contributions to HUmaNITY… because you finally REMEMBERED all of the reasons and purposes of why you CHOSE to be here on this MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH NOW…..

It means that you live, exist and breathe…. in UNISON with our BE-LOVE-d Gaia, our Universe and the entire Cosmos too. It means you BREATHE the BREATH OF LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE and UNITY…. from deep within you…. through you… and out…. to touch all as love and tune your entire reality for you…..

It means that you exist from your PUREST PLACE with every act, with every thought, with every breath….. It means that you see the MUCH BIGGER PICTURE and you totally understand, with every breath…. that your contributions and support, your UNION through HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS, your acts…. support a much higher consciousness HUmaNITY….

It means that you SEE BEYOND that “thing” and your little ego self…. to hold a DEEP DIVINE SACRED LOVE, RESPECT and INTEGRITY from deep within you…. a very “different” one that used to align on an ego level… this one REQUIRES that you govern yourself and that you hold yourself to a much higher place…. in every moment, with every act, in every exchange…

It means that you REALLY REALLY REALLY, really really really, really really really GET IT… with every cell of your body, with every breath that you take… that you breathe FULL CONSCIOUSNESS through you… and you shift vibrationally, you shift your own ENERGY… you hold yourself to this highest place….. until you function from this place, this SPACE….. as your new and natural, organic, simple, easy way…..

It’s beyond beautiful, exquisite, magical and so SOFT…. it’s not harsh in any way. It is PURE POWER, because you bring your own POWER from deep within… which means that the “physical” is aligned by you….. and matches what you HOLD, what you transmit out… what you ARE… in this every moment here/now….

THIS MOMENT…. This breath creates, this act creates, this thought creates, this…. and it’s either PURE, it’s either UNITY, it’s either DIVINE LOVE and RESPECT…. or it’s not. It is this SIMPLE. ♥


Continue to In-JOY the brilliance of your NEW, much higher dimensional earth experience fully too! So very much love… ♥

From the Divinity within me, from the depth of my Purest Light/Heart/Soul to yours….. ☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

A massive re-tuning and re-calibrating process underway – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lotus Art by Nicholas Roerich


We are on Day 3 of “Over Stimulation” (Hyper Excited Quantum Cells) of the whole body… this works with re-vamping OVERALL SYSTEMS … a massive re-tuning and re-calibrating process underway…. (Nervous systems, immune systems, as well as Crystalline LighBody upgrades), massive Gamma/Cosmic Rays…. constantly “higher and higher” on the Symphonics Scale… gravity shifts and electromagnetic re-balancing increases in every way. Super charging our systems. Full Integration is KEY. Massive photon(ic) charging and building up…. massive “overhauls” in the works…. high high high frequencies working through everything.

Honor your Physical LightBody and embrace your NEW… your creations, the inspiration the opportunities…. hold immense gratitude for all … we’ve been accelerating quite substantially all 3 days…. as we continually move into/through this New Moon re-set point and prepare for more MASSIVE GATEWAYS TO OPEN as we move through and into the POWER OF this mega 11•11•11 Gateway that’s continually opening daily….

I’m not sure how much I’ll be online to write/share… each day will depend on what feels appropriate/aligned. As a Gatekeeper, our priorities are different… we share in the various ways that support each dimension in different ways… I’ll post updates in posts/newsletters, as well as in-person for the live events.

We move into a massive anchoring phase… a stabilization phase… and our ability to “open” these gateways and bring through the codes and embody them takes all of our focus. Every reality has to support in ways that are nothing like the “old”….

Are you ready, excited and embracing with everything that you ARE? Oh yeah baby. Let’s rock this like a STAR! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. If you honor what your body “tells you” it will be “easier”. It’s beyond challenging when there’s much density to re-work and massive cellular re-writes that “need to occur”. Clearing heaving duty programming, as well as detoxing the body, as well as recoding all through higher light frequencies on a DNA level can become quite immense… My early years were BEYOND TOUGH… I could barely function at all. Excruciating pain, discomfort was an understatement, yet when I stopped “fighting” or trying to “control” the process and SURRENDERED… everything started to shift…. so listen to your body and support it in every way. 


Song of the Morning by Nicholas Roerich

Telepathy Replaces Spoken Word Communication – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Heart ~ by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

Telepathy Replaces Spoken Word Communication: Reading & Responding to a Transmitting Vibrational Energetic Quantum Field of Consciousness (or Unconsciousness)


It’s been interesting all of these years, observing the evolution of our experiences, as we BEcome the Unified Field of Super Consciousness here. How we communicate and exist is very different. It’s all Energetic, on a Quantum Level (Soul)… and READING Quantum Energy through our own inner-connected Consciousness…. Everything is “VISIBLE”, by way of an electromagnetic field, by way of the Vibration changing, by way of Quantum Mechanics and Geometrics, by way of “Light Codes” and so very much more.

“Thoughts” are vibrational energy transmitted and visible/audible differently….
E-Motions are vibrational energy transmitted and visible/audible differently…
Words are vibrational energy transmitted and readable differently…
Heart closed transmits a much “lower/discordant” frequency Energy than Pure Heart Consciousness/Openness does…

Your FIELD TRANSMITS everything FOR YOU….. for all to hear/see/feel read…

Human aspects mis-interpret, because of the lens/fractal that they “view” through…
​Quantum Light BEings see the whole field… all fractals of the entire Matrix… as ONE.​

I’ve been observing all of the judgment of those who communicate by way of Spoken Word…. and those who function as the UNIFIED FIELD through a deep inner-connected SPACE AND HEIGHTENED EXPANDED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS… and there is a huge communication gap on the human ego part… because of their own disconnected state, they cannot “read” Energy, they cannot comprehend or understand on an energetic level, they are not in-tune vibrationally/energetically, which creates a distortion within itself. What humans understand is very different, due to the programs and old unconscious beliefs/mentalities/discordant energy still held and applied.

Many recent exchanges and comments of judgment on humans’ parts about “we are not listening” or we are being rude or we aren’t giving another the chance to speak… when it’s quite the opposite of “truth”. We don’t need the words, we’ve already read the field, we’ve already “read their minds”, because “though energy” is visible long before the words are ever formed…. Our “telepathic abilities” are beyond “enhanced” on a human level, give us the ability to see/read/understand and RESPOND BEFORE the human aspect has even formed the words or sentence… and we are responding at “our rate” of communication, which is Quantum… not a linear one.

I remember in my early days, how we all talked over each other out of excitement and “getting all faster” and sharing from our hearts, how we all had to “stop” the “wait until it’s your turn to speak”… we came to understand vibrational/energetic communication and that communication was “non-linear” …. therefore our conversations were often “all at the same time” too. We’d laugh at how much information there was and how we were all speaking at the same time…. eventually we learned to communicate “differently”… it took years though, as how communication is “processed and formed” by the carbon-based human aspect and us as Light BEings….. totally opposites and the “Speed of Light” for us applies….

Recent inner-actions with various “others” have shown much. One person was unaware that her “mind could be read” and her thoughts were “not her own” anymore, and that she couldn’t “hide anything”…. Another didn’t understand that we often answer “before” “they” ever speak, because we’ve already “heard, compulated and formed a response”…. We actually “don’t hear” them talking until after we’ve answered… because of the “delay” across different dimensions…. Our Quantum Plasma Crystalline LightBodies give us this ability…. to process a ridiculous amount of “Light Data” all simultaneously through PRESENCE within a FIELD….. that’s “readable”, visible, audible on a Quantum Level….

I stopped using the word telepathy once I realized how limited it was…. because it’s a human word of wanting to learn how, when in essence the “learning” is in BEing and Presence and total connection with all ….. Our “abilities” are natural, organic and simple… they are a part of how we function here…. So we don’t “stop” to form a word or thought or sentence…. like when we were “human” before.

As LIGHT BEINGS we LIVE through a PHOTONIC FIELD…. a Quantum Field… a Unified Field… A Field of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, and anything not in full alignment on a vibrational/energetic level is LOUD and easy to see. The human mind takes “forever” to compulate (think) because of the “rate at which” it processes…. Neural pathways have not opened completely up for the Universal Mind to have access/understand yet… which is a part of each’s Physical Lightbody Evolution here.

It’s misunderstood, how we communicate… as it’s direct and straight to the point (cellular program). Quantum Intelligence & Access is very different than our old ways…. Unconsciousness is a PROGRAM that’s not acceptable as a “way of BEing anymore”…

Our ROLES AS LIGHT BEINGS HERE is not to cater to the old, not to feed the old, not to agree to the old, not to support the old, not to “pretend” the old is okay… because it’s not…. By the human ego aspect, WE are often mis-read… we are often mis-understood.. because WE don’t play in the old programs ONE LITTLE BIT….. Our roles here are to identify/recognize and SHIFT ALL to a much higher state of consciousness than before. We provide information, through the transmission of our LIGHT CODES…. out into the FIELD and through the UNIFIED FIELD of Super Consciousness to activate/be received as all are “ready”…. which often “takes awhile”, due to density/light quotients and “how long” it takes one to open up to “learn new” and process the data for full integration…..

We don’t concern ourselves with the judgment of others…. that’s their limits and lack of respect. Our roles are to “challenge” each’s old reality and open them up to “new”, a much higher dimensional, much higher consciousness, a whole “new” real-ity…. alternate realities… Judgment just means one is not ready to fully understand. The human ego doesn’t want to “learn”… which is the opposite of this evolutionary process…. where MUCH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS KNOWLEDGE (Light Codes) rewrite/replace all Old Earth ways….. Until one is actually READY TO LEARN, all falls on closed hearts, closed minds, deaf ears…. This is a process of LEARNING NEW in every moment, yet in a much different way than before…. It’s “learning” what RESONATES ON A HEART & SOUL LEVEL… not what appears to make logical sense…. “Logic” comes “later”, through the activation of Quantum Mechanics/Algorithms/Geometrics activated on a cellular level THROUGH CONSCIOUSNESS… It’s a much different type of Logic… it’s Quantum Equations correlating in a very different way…. Our “new way” is all telepathic. We only SPEAK when something needs to be explained (taught) or to Consciously Create… to communicate on a “human level”, where one/each is not fully able to communicate/read through Quantum Energetics themselves….

When all of our hearts are wide open, our minds are too… our Energy relaxes (is SOFT) and is able to hear/see/feel “new information”… When all are FUNCTIONING AS LIGHT, AS LOVE… then all is SIMPLE… it’s not complicated at all. There’s no BS, everything is very “real” and our focus is very different than before. We are not focused on “the old”, we are not focused on “saving”, fixing or trying to convince anyone of anything… Their Universe/Higher Selves “has got them” and each is having the experience “necessary” and important for their own current DIMENSIONAL PHASE they are in…. We are anchoring, creating and DOING REALITIES on a QUANTUM LEVEL too… we are not catering to the lack programs, the stories each keeps creating as reality…. we honor and respect each’s current place/space, because we understand HOW ALL WORKS ON A QUANTUM LEVEL… on a multi-dimensional one…

I’ve been observing each dimension for years, observing “how” each is woken up through their own experiences, how each “chooses” and “creates” their own realities here…. I gained respect a long time ago for each to have their own experience perfectly here…. and to not take other’s REALities and Response-Abilities on as my own. I learned to RESPECT DIVINE ORDER… through understanding all….

As Guardians, our roles are very different… we don’t impose or force or even try to convince… we make the LIGHT ENCODED INFORMATION AVAILABLE and we allow each to determine when/if it’s important for them. Our roles are to BE THE LIGHT, to HOLD THE NEW IN PLACE… We unite when there is a SYNERGY present, where we cohesively have higher purposes together, where each is ready to fulfill their highest roles/purposes/missions AS LOVE here too….. Otherwise, it’s a karmic/unconscious program, which serves no purpose at all…

Our lives, our homes, our bodies… all Sacred Temples … our whole existence is one of DEEP SACRED CONNECTION AND RESPECT…. The human ego aspect doesn’t hold this yet… so there will always be a “rift”… because the field can’t UNIFY until all hearts/minds/energy can align vibrationally in every way….. The human ego’s body transmits discordant frequencies that disrupt/confuse the FIELD…. the amount of ENERGY IT TAKES TO HOLD A FIELD IN PLACE is immense. The more unconsciousness there is, the more LIGHT ENERGY NECESSARY TO OVERRIDE and TUNE THE FIELD….

Many of us live lives of solace, silence and solitude … in order to accomplish the ridiculous amount of “service work” we came here to do. We don’t invite or fill our field with unconsciousness that takes all of our ENERGY…. it doesn’t serve any of our highest purposes here. When we do come together, there’s a much bigger purpose…. we all have roles, we all have things to unite/contribute and FROM THAT share….. Our silence is not silent… it’s constant COMM-UNION (Communication through Union) on a SOUL/Galactic/Cosmic Level…. a very different existence than before…. our ability to dedicate our lives to full service rests upon that which is not audible/visible to the human aspect yet….

Many are coming into “learning” how Unity Consciousness “works”. This is done in many ways. BEing exposed to that which is “not of full UNITY and LOVE” is just one end of the polarity spectrum to show each WHAT IS and IS NOT…. Without an actual EXPERIENCE, the human aspect cannot “see” or understand… because there is not yet enough “DATA TO COMPUTE”…. The human aspect does not understand EXPERIENCE and how that correlates on a multi-dimensional level here. EXPERIENCING A REALITY is what gives each the “data” to understand and then TUNE and CHOOSE a different vibrational reality/timeline…. Until each is exposed to PURITY, it’s not understood. Until each is EXPOSED to all of the different VARIABLES that make up the DYNAMICS of an EQUATION… there’s not enough DATA to process…..

Each’s Plasma Crystalline LightBody gives each the ABILITY to PROCESS LIGHT DATA at various/different rates…. The more “evolved” one’s Plasma Crystalline LightBody is, the faster/easier/simultaneous the PROCESSING RATE is…. It is this easy… What’s “not easy” are all of the experiences necessary to dissolve the EGO constructs that inner-fear with this NATURAL ORDER/DIVINE EVOLUTION that’s accelerating 24/7 now…. What is easy is once each actually DECIDES that they are truly ready to LEARN…. truly ready to open up/listen and shift their own ways of “thinking”… and fully align all on a Soul Level… and start to come from HONOR to a process that “needs to” occur (is already occurring). What’s “not easy” at first, is all that it takes to anchor & integrate fully and to function in the physical while we do. There’s a HUGE LEARNING CURVE to all… that will challenge every ounce of human programming and linear constructs still held.

What is EASY is when each fully surrenders their own EGO, where FULL UNIFICATION CAN ACTUALLY OCCUR…..

OUR WAY of communicating is through TRANSMISSIONS …. that are “readable”…. in every way. It’s challenging to “do” anything with humans that don’t function this way yet, because of how we have to communicate differently…. it takes so many words to explain the complexity of the geometrics involved in one “thought” or belief. One thing can take an hour to break down “every piece and part” of the “equation”… because a “thought” and “belief” has an entire equation for how all is formulated… and we have to break down the equation of the entire matrix around that belief and then reconstruct the whole thing based upon a whole new “standard”/foundation of reality (Christed/Crystalline Matrix)… aligned on a Universal/Cosmic Soul Level….which is PURITY AND LOVE. ♥

FOR US, it’s not complicated… for the human it is… because we are breaking down the CONSTRUCTS of the whole belief system (Matrixes)… and reconstructing it (New Earth Quantum Matrix)…. which is immense. ♥

So, start to pay attention to how you communicate, how you listen to (FEEL) words and “believe” or how you listen to the energy/tone/frequency/vibration instead…. Our very presence is LIGHT LANGUAGE… everything we speak/transmit is this…. the words and the “delay” (AND RECEIVING) is different. We function on a Quantum Level… not a linear one… Quantum is “Instant”… linear takes much longer and is only relative through Quantum Linear Geometrics… which is “connecting the dots” non-linearly….. with all of the Pieces and parts of the whole equation…. For the human aspect, the “whole picture” is not visible yet, yet the human aspect will not understand this, because of what’s visible is still beyond each’s own Veils of Amnesia still held within.

We remove the veils… because we live beyond them…. WE see the whole Matrix… all of them. ♥

YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES are based upon YOUR ENERGY and where you function from. Shift where you function from and your REALity shifts too. ♥

I love you! Powerful upgrades 24/7 working through every one of our systems lately… which is important… honor your Physical LightBodies re-wiring, re-coding, re-calibrating and tuning process. It’s mega important for us all. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. The more Light Embodied… the more “telepathic”… so “words” have a different purpose here.


Heart ~ by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

November Energy Is Going To Continue To Build – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist ~ Kaya Singer


November Energy Is Going To Continue To Build: Focus is on Re-Working Your/The Entire Matrix Programs & Systems: Increased Magnetics Shift Balance (More Avatar Consciousness Codes with Increasing Cosmic Activity)



Understanding how your body and field ARE your entire Matrix… Yours. Completely.

Understanding the magnetics of your body and how every cell within you LINKS UP to an intricate SYSTEM … a huge “ball” of Geometrics (Your Universe) and how this links up to the Extended Reality, as well as how your body is the CENTER of it all. (Center of your Universe).

Understanding that you are an entire Universe and that the entire COSMOS is within you (small at first) and how what “used to only be in your Energy Field” is activated 24/7 …. to shift how all of this works…

Understanding how there is a CODE inside of you that “turns on” (is activated), which simultaneously communicates with a CODE in your field (and vise-versa, as all is simultaneous) and how THESE CODES reconfigure your entire everything for you…..

Understanding how these Cosmic Frequencies “target” those codes (on purpose/pre-determined by your own Galactic Soul) to “turn on” and reconfigure your entire DNA/Genetic make-up to ALL NEW CODES…

Understanding how you are not “just a human being”, you are a Galactic, an Angelic, an Elemental and a bazillion aspects as a part of your OVERSOUL…. and that the DNA CODES for each one of these “rest” inside of you to AWAKEN and COME ALIVE….NOW.

Understanding that you are a UNIVERSAL COSMIC LIGHT BEING, PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS in your PUREST FORM…. and that body you are in, those identities you have, those things/others you attach to….. all of that is CHANGING….. huge.

Understanding from DEEP inside of you…. that all of the systems and programs you once adhered to and believed, that as you fully AWAKEN to who you truly are (not that body or those stories you tell yourself or those things)…. that everything you thought you once knew, that everything that used to hold meaning…. will completely change…..

Understanding the immense POWER, KNOWLEDGE and CAPACITY FOR LOVE that you hold AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT is beyond immense….

Understanding that in order to RETURN YOU to INFINITE, “that old” will “cease to exist” within you….. and be REPLACED BY ALL NEW…. brought forth from deep within you… and YOU will completely RE-WRITE your whole REALity from deep within….

Your human aspect (E-go) will have fear and lack programs still. It will not matter, as those dissolve, your NEW AWARENESS will override all of that… trust and know and feel your “truth” inside….. FEEL what you KNOW… and open completely up to NEW that doesn’t look anything like your old…..

Understanding that you will transition out of your old… from your old fear based matrix to your Crystalline Grids & Systems of NEW Earth….

Allow yourself to DREAM… IMAGINE what your NEW EARTH is like…. SEE the beauty, see the UNITY, see the FREEDOM, see the PURITY, see the LOVE, the HARMONY, the PEACE…. and see that this can only occur if YOU ARE BEING THIS…. SEE that your NEW EARTH BECOMES VISIBLE as you LIVE IT…. as you CHOOSE the new over the old…. as you are ready for the magnificence, you will start to make the changes in your own lives…. and you will REALIZE how you held the old in place before…. with your fears…. that old earth matrix was your own Soul Suppression, by way of you supporting a belief, a system, a program that no longer supports your FREE and PURE you.

SEE and FEEL your LOVE for all as ONE, SEE and FEEL your LOVE for yourself and each other, SEE and FEEL your LOVE for Gaia, our BELOVED Earth, our BELOVED Children, our BELOVED animals…. SEE and FEEL your NEW REALITIES all built on LOVE, all emanating from Love, all UNIFIED THROUGH LOVE that comes from DEEP inside of YOU…

YOU are the ONE that has to let the excuses go, the ability for FEAR to RULE any part of your own reality…. YOU are the ONE that must SEE & FEEL your NEW… in order to actually EXPERIENCE IT, as it’s BIRTHED/BORN/BROUGHT FORTH from DEEP WITHIN YOU…. and SHARED… OUT.

YOU are the ONE that held all of that programming before, the one that believed it and kept re-creating it in your own Matrix Reality World….. now YOU are the ONE that transcends all of that SEPARATION fully from within…. ​

​This morning when I awoke, I was observing each’s Merkaba building through our advanced bio-metrics, and linking up to the NEW EARTH GRID for this COLLECTIVE ASCENSION occurring right now. I was observing the restructuring of each’s reality, in accordance with much HIGHER TRUTHS now REMEMBERED by each from within…. It was beautiful. A massive geometric gridwork of linking all up…. words just can’t describe… so YOU SEE IT…. SEE EACH’S MERKABA/STARGATE SYSTEM and SEE each that is a part of our NEW EARTH EQUATION here…. SEE all of the HEARTS AND SOULS AWAKENED and “arriving” to also LIVE AS LOVE…. to be THE LIGHT… ready to JOIN IN UNION, to create, build/re-build and to anchor much higher vibrational timelines/realities in this physical here….

YOU SEE IT…. YOU FEEL IT…. SEE YOUR OWN…. see your inner matrix re-working to fully align with LOVE. See your inner world, your inner Universe, your inner realities all shifting HUGE. SEE with every part of you, FEEL with EVERY PARTICLE OF YOU… YOUR NEW…

NOW HOLD THIS FEELING… THIS VISION… THIS KNOWING and THIS REMEMBRANCE of what you are here to BE and DO. HOLD THIS as YOUR NEW REALITY, so that when you do every act, when you make every decision, when you engage and connect, YOU REMEMBER YOUR PART that you AGREED TO on a SOUL LEVEL… yes, it is that important…. for us all… that you/all REMEMBER NOW.

THESE Energies are going to continue to build, increase, accelerate and shift all to a much higher vibrational everything and re-work all to fully align on a SOUL LEVEL…. NEW EARTH IS WHERE ALL SOULS LIVE… it’s a very different reality, literally…. it’s PEACEFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND PURE JOY, because the “inhabitants” live by ALL NEW CODES… ones that honor each other, ones that support HUmaNITY and all as LOVE….

Uniting is FOR HUMANITY…. a Harmonized Existence where PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS is the basis (and the glue) for all. ♫ 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY Unites AS THE NEW ♫

I love you… ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

​p.s. The increase in shifting magnetics through each’s bio-electromagnetic and plasma energy cellular bodies and fields shall continue to increase substantially … this will (intentionally) throw the “old” out of balance in more extreme ways, while re-balancing the “scales” in many ways, as well as unanchoring each from their own 3D/4D Realities (Levels of Density/Consciousness) to shift/move each over to their own 5D Crystalline/Christed/Energetic Matrix, where realities are no longer “fixed”, yet instead built fully on Divine Inner Connection and as ONE. The “uprooting” process can be challenging, because of how “strong” the “hold” of the “old” is embedded deep inside of each. This process shall assist with “re-planting” each in different realities (dimensions)…. be patient, honor, open up and observe… SHIFT WITH IT ALL… notice any inner-fight or struggle for you to resolve/dissolve yourself. Meanwhile, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, WayShowers, NEW Earth Stabilizers and Frequency Holders all anchor/hold/embody and work with 5D – 12D Templates and Grids for all of us here. ♥

P.P.S. For the sake of this article, I am using the “original” Merkaba & Flower of Life Geometrics and minimal linkage points for visual stimulation/connection. We have been in wayyyyyyyyyy more intricate and advanced geometrics for years (Diamond/Crystalline/StarGate & So much more), yet our body template geometrics “build” upon previous templates, once all has re-worked itself for physical body ascension to occur. Template building alone, is an intricate process, an overlay of many/every geometric, all creating a cohesion to inner-link and work together as one DYNAMIC INTELLIGENT SYSTEM…. each of which link up to each other in infinite ways, which is a part of what “creates” multi-dimensional access with our whole body/fields here. ♥

October’s Re-Structuring Processes: Non-Stop DNA/Template Re-Coding – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Gratitude to artist


October’s Re-Structuring Processes: Non-Stop DNA/Template Re-Coding


As Your Perceptions of REALities Shift …
As YOUR Energy Shifts … As You Let Go of the Games of Separation YOU Kept Playing Out…
It’s only “others”, if they are playing in it too…
Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

This is a POWERFUL MONTH dedicated to many UP-SHIFTS…. Template UP-GRADES and RE-WRITES are off the charts… I don’t even hardly write Energy Reports anymore, because I’d have to be online 24/7 to say the same thing over and over again. I did this for years in the beginning, to bring awareness to each of their own LightBody and NEW Earth here. That’s not my primary/only role anymore, other than when it feels appropriate/aligned… as we have so many roles we are constantly fulfilling here.

“WE are getting blasted, Photonic (Galactic Soul) Upgrades are off the Charts, Cosmic Stellar-Star-Light Codes are bombarding all…. DNA Recoding is in Quantum Acceleration mode…. REALities are being re-written/re-aligned…. these are just a very small portion of what’s “going down” 24/7 every day now”…. This is what I’d have to write every moment…

WE learn to continually integrate and acclimate and cut everything out that does not fully support in higher purposes/highest aligned realities in every way…. HOW these correlate are an individual and personal experience and where there are masses going through similar experiences, these make up the infinite collectives….

I’ve been observing overall themes, based upon various collectives… with each in very different places/spaces, relative to each’s current EMBODIMENT… Now, we can look at this like “the human is EGO embodied”, whereas the Light BEing is Higher/Highest Consciousness Embodied…. if this helps to “see” a bit more. What we learn to SEE are the traits, the mannerisms, the mindsets, the amount of ego matrix separation programs still visible and where we each hold ourselves accountable for BEING our highest aspects all of the time, or where WE go unconscious around a situation or story/thing still….

Look at yourself, what can “trigger” (activate) you to go unconscious, close your heart and behave like a victim or over-impose/project, or cause you to lack deep sacred LOVE and RESPECT? Where are you still “expecting” something from OUTSIDE vs. standing as your HIGHEST YOU AS THE EXAMPLE…. LEADING AS Love…. and no longer compromising to play out unconscious roles here still?

We are constantly increasing LIGHT QUOTIENTS to move each out of the “victim/perpetrator” duality game that each still holds energy for…. an ego-matrix construct….. for the SOLE PURPOSE of collapsing those identity constructs … to the whole frequency bandwidth …. Some of you play the “protector”, the “Savior”, the Martyr even… which is also a distortion amplified for YOU TO SEE…. some of you love to play the “blame game” and hold onto “stories” of another “time” (separation) that’s not “real” in this moment here… unless you keep playing it out… keep re-creating it to occur… keep allowing it and giving your power away… then, it is. This is the “game of duality”…. that each continues until going so deeeeeeeep inside that that separation dissolves and each REALIZES it was YOUR ENERGY that created/allowed that to still BE…..

When your VIEW changes, when your perspectives change and you see ALL AS SOVEREIGN…. all living THEIR OWN REALITY OUT perfect for them… you’ll stop “inner-twining” your REALITIES and you’ll stand as SOVEREIGN here….. and RESPECT THEIR REALITY, RESPECT YOUR REALITY and then CHOOSE…. what you desire your OWN EXPERIENCE to BE here…. because “this” is what you are creating/re-creating… one from PURE SOURCE POWER-LOVE…. or one from the “lack” programming (disconnected state/fear energy) you are still holding inside….

These LIGHT CODES/ENERGIES are beyond powerful…. they pack a bazillion punches if you are holding anything NOT PURE…. this is the WHOLE POINT of Cosmic Light Codes… they “collapse/re-construct” your old realities for you…. they make distortions LOUD and IN YOUR FACE… so you can see them, dissolve them, resolve them… and they point you INWARD EVERY TIME… If this is not where you are going, then you are PROJECTING Unconscious BEhaviors out…. these transmissions convolute the field…

Clarity comes in the SILENCE or in the middle of a massive distortion so loud you can’t ignore it anymore and once you’ve cleared/Transcended the entire program fully from within.

Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers, WayShowers and Source Light Holders… our priority is UNITY in every way. Human aspects are constantly challenged, because the ego constructs are separation within itself. Living AS YOUR HIGHEST VERSION OF YOU in every moment means you are OBSERVING AND GOVERNING yourself, YOUR ENERGY FULLY… in EVERY MOMENT… and you are not playing out the unconscious programs from within you anymore…. you also are not inviting them into your own reality and allowing them to suck/drain your precious energy like before. Yes, ego “sucks” (in every way), as it takes soooooooooo much ENERGY to BE in a REALity with the ego. The relentless stories of lack…. instead of taking that ENERGY and FOCUSING it on Conscious Creation, Contribution and BEing the CHANGE, both together and by your self.

The DROP-OFF of the lower timelines (again, because entire collectives are going through this powerfully now), means that this occurs WITHIN YOU…. and shows up in your external… for you to see/experience…. All of those heightened E=MOTIONS are the energy that was suppressed on your cellular level, all of the programming you still held, all of the stories, separation, identities…. THIS IS YOUR ENTIRE INNER MATRIX TO TRANSCEND… and it’s not “on anyone else”, like the human ego loves to believe/proclaim… it’s on you/we/all of us…. to transcend within ourselves and unite as Sovereign Light BEings – in our FULLY REMEMBERED STATE (which is no one is a victim in any way)…. (As your Crystalline LightBody evolves on a DNA/Celluar/Whole Template level, you “switch over” to a Crystalline/Christed Matrix that replaces the old one…)

What the human aspect does not understand is that each one of us is always supported to STEP INTO OUR POWER in order to dissolve the old programming held. Everywhere we are not doing this yet, this is what becomes visible… and your “test” (passageway) is to see if you will EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS MORE and come from your absolute highest place, as your highest aspect/version of you… without the ego-stories and HOLD ALL AS LOVE, instead of re-entering the old to play out again and again and again….

I’ve been observing masses continuing with the “words”…. “I survived” or “I was a victim of…”, not realizing the CLAIMING is the CONTINUED IDENTIFICATION… and the “holding on” is a mentality, a separation, a story (ENERGY)… that reinforces duality to continue to play out for those “in that story-line”….

I went through this for my entire unconscious/asleep human life. I had SO MUCH ENERGY CAUGHT UP IN THE STORY that I could not see…… I was so blinded by my emotions, carrying soooooooo much, that my virtual prison was “my ego me”. I had to CHOOSE one day… to step completely BEYOND, to choose to let completely go, so that I could finally be happy and free….. I see sooooo many now in their own phases of being caught up in “titles” and various “identities”, even when waking up to higher self aspects… “affixing” to those too. This is human ego matrix constructs still….. let the words go……. let it all go….. RETURN TO THAT PUREST PLACE DEEP INSIDE OF YOU… where none of that exists….

You are and ENERGETIC BEING in a body that takes shape in the form you chose here. You, as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, have no identities…. not even all of the higher selves or the ego… these are all just ASPECTS…. fractals of your OVERSOUL…. that when all merge into ONE… you are nothing but PURE SOURCE LIGHT….. with zero lack in any way….. the rest is your human ego and you playing this out throughout your day…. or living as your brilliant and magnificent LIGHT…..

The REALITY you EXPERIENCE will be relative to your own aspects, versions and ability to maintain a UNIFIED SPACE INSIDE where you don’t fractal off anymore…. Observe your IDENTITY to different dimensions…. 3D or 4D or 5D or above… and let all of this go too. We only break it down to understand it, so we can dissolve the separation, not continue to live out more separation through those fractals too. Each is a level of consciousness that we hold, each is a space we occupy, each is a vibration….. If you get caught up in the separation, it’s your separation inside…. WHEN YOU ARE YOUR HIGHEST VERSION OF YOU… you won’t care about any of “that”…. only to teach/share/re-educate as love, only a way to explain…. not a linear-head thing…… a SOUL thing….

Where do you still have an IDENTITY TO 3D/4D realities as yours still? This is going to be important for you to observe/see and realize where you are not completely whole, completely ONE and holding a space as SOVEREIGN…. all of the time. When you go small, you’ve separated off…. and RECOGNITION OF THIS is what gives you the ability to expand and stay expanded here. You observe You… “that” is your feedback loop, your vibrational return, your mirror, your reflection….. of what you still hold/hold….. and if it’s not the absolute highest vibrational everything, then you must go inside and “find it” and resolve it yourself to expand beyond it and collapse/dissolve it yourself….. OCTOBER has been a non-stop 24/7 upgrade/integration process. Even the 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY Code that “used” to blast us “here and there”, now is 24/7… which is pushing our bodies hard for this 12D template reconfiguration process that accelerates exponentially for all……

Elevate your focus BEYOND EVEN 5D, which is where each awaken to the beauty, magnificence and magic that’s available… yet then moves into much higher dimensional roles of SERVICE. The newly awakened will stay in 5D to play/let go and prepare, it’s a FREEDOM SPACE, where play and magic are the new reality for a bit, as each shifts to a REMEMBERED STATE OF HOW ALL IS SUPPOSED TO BE… where all forgot, while living beneath the Veils… There is an integration process that occurs here, as each’s LightBody recodes for each to step into fulfilling much higher Soul Purpose/Galactic Mission Roles. This is a transition phase as well. Honor each’s place/space, while honoring yours fully as well.

Let go of all JUDGMENT. There is a process of “growing up” as Universes/Higher Selves, which is also a challenging one for awhile, because now, the physical is each’s to fully MASTER…. where physical matter is a vibrational response to what each creates/allows. BEing UP-LEVELED to (RE)Master this… is one of the most challenging parts of the process (besides all that our bodies go through while our DNA re-writes and our bodies/fields go through continual re-calibrations, re-configurations and re-alignment processes too). ALL is a MASSIVE “learning curve” for awhile….

For the ego aspect, its always on the outside looking in and judging by way of trying to apply “old linear constructs, beliefs and limited/partial data”, unable to see the bigger/whole picture instead of the fractaled view. For the higher self aspect, they are always meeting judgment. This is a duality that is only resolved as each is “standing in these Universal shoes” and faced with having to “do this” themselves too. Transcending all duality means you see the duality and you transcend it. What other’s “do” is their experience…. YOU SHINE YOUR LIGHT BRIGHT.

Each will gain the RESPECT as they do the journey BEYOND THE VEILS themselves… as it’s our own experiences that “teach us”…… and through this experience we start to finally understand and REALIZE how important each of our roles are here. Uniting is “tricky”, because it’s vibrational and we all have to love simplicity, silence, peace and creation… we all have to clear our own karmic timelines/existences and not bring all this forth, we all have to inJOY each other’s energy/presence, which is not always the case, especially if there’s any ego, as the ego separates off from the whole, can’t see the bigger picture and can’t stay focused/in-tune on an energetic/higher consciousness level….

There is PURE JOY in full consciousness…in creation, yet each must be totally RESPONSIBLE for their own ENERGY in every way…. and the vibration we function from and hold with our bodies/fields… this affects all, which is why we don’t fill our fields with that which pulls/pushes/drains and functions from a place of separation within….. because it affects all realities.

It is “time” for all to cut the cords of attachment to every identity…. because none of those are you… and saying the words are just wasted energy if you have to run around constantly “telling everyone”… JUST BE IT. YOUR ENERGY WILL SPEAK FOR YOU. ♥

BE THE EXAMPLE, the Wayshower… by showing HOW this is done… instead of trying to convince others… you convince them when they see it/feel it… you are the PROOF. Your words represent you, energetically, transmitting your energy, which is READABLE by all who are energetically in-tune. Here, words serve a much higher energetic higher purpose of transmitting Light Codes (organically and naturally), not what they used to for human aspects that need words to explain/understand. We actually do not “waste” our precious and sacred chi energy… Speaking has a specific purpose that must be highest aligned too.

Our Existence is ENERGETIC. Your presence is what speaks here. Your Divine Essence… this is what makes the difference…. BE YOUR LIGHT and recognize your own ego/separation/constructs still held… and dissolve these through unification from within you… and let all of those OLD REALITIES GO….. keep the ones that support, flourish and uplift, inspire and support you/your/our new, in return for the support you put in…. a vibrational return for your own contributing energy… the rest will remain in the old frequency bandwidths, and as each is ready to up-shift vibrationally, they/it/all will. Trust, know, honor, respect, allow….

You/WE are not in the “old ways” anymore. This is a vibrational existence where you/we/all shift frequency bandwidths by way of what you/we/all hold/transmit/do/allow…. with your whole body/energy/field, so if your bodies’ vibrations/energy is low, it’s going to be more challenging. This is a constant re-tuning process, of integrating much higher dimensional realms from within our bodies and holding THIS, AS OUR NOW REALITY HERE.

This is an important phase of the 12D template building process, which requires more from each one of us, vibrationally/physically/energetically…. don’t be surprised if all previous realities fall away…. they are supposed to if they are not your highest aligned realities, so that all new ones can come forth… and you are the one that creates/holds the codes for your new ones… Which are all ENERGETIC AND VIBRATIONAL. ♥ p.s.

Now, while I write all of this, the excitement and revelations as much higher vibrational timelines present and unfold are beyond beautiful. We see soooooo many standing as love, uniting and awakening to a NEW LIFE BEYOND the old…. by BEing it…. fully. To see all hold LOVE as the basis, instead of separation like before. To see Gatekeepers and WayShowers emerging like never before. So many working for years in the background, now stepping up/forth to be visible, unite and contribute in all ways to BE the DIFFERENCE here…. Open your hearts and minds (eye/inner vision) to see what is not visible if your heart/mind are closed/fixed….. be prepared for a massive shift INSIDE… as this is where all occurs first… and “then” out there. ♥

Own your own programming… then shift it and align all from inside yourself. It is that easy…. if you are truly ready for “new” to come forth to match your new vibration (Energy) now. ♥
Abundant and Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥

p.p.s. We are again in the middle of reworking the website, to make it easier to navigate, as well as housing the ever expanding immensity and vastness of all that we do too. We will be adding more programs and opportunities for each to accelerate with greater ease, relative to all of the dimensional realities currently running… which is a task within itself. Everyone in such different places and spaces, we provide infinite options for each to choose from to support their own current phase, as well as activating and anchoring much higher dimensional realities into this physical now. ♥ InJOY the infinite reSOURCEs with love. ♥ (Thank you for your consideration as we move, shift, change and upgrade all continually for awhile, in order to constantly realign to our vibrational NOWs). ♥


Gratitude to artist

Your Higher Intelligence Quantum LightBody: Communicating with Your Advanced Cosmic DNA – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Dreaming in Colour ~ Josephine Wall


Your Higher Intelligence Quantum LightBody: Communicating with Your Advanced Cosmic DNA

Cosmic waves initialize… yet we also have uber-high frequencies going straight for our nervous systems to upgrade more/again. There’s a WHOLE LOT going on in every way. Our body parts (eyes/ears/heart)…. organs, flesh/skin…. pineal, spine… everything getting LIT UP… for some, you may feel tingling (as the body stimulates/wakes up). Any distortions will be “activated” to start to “play out” where visibility is not “inside first”…. The massiveness of how these work on the whole body…. doing this for years… I’m used to it… yet, these…. still are very different….

Over the last few years…. “softer, deeper, more powerful” …

For those “new” to their LightBody…. electrical stimulation is “normal”. Any “blockages” (linear/ego/constructs) get broken down with these… if the “blockages” are “too big/dense”, then physical pain can build around the area as your Light Codes attempt to communicate/work through the density, break down the programming and so very much more…. as your LIGHTBODY establishes a whole new COMMUNICATION SYSTEM and PROCESSES….working through your neural networking systems in your body/brain…. (and sub-neural too).

There is a “grid”, a “mesh” that is the “formation” of your reality … the foundation for which you function from…. this is a part of how your REALity takes FORM….

The old gridding systems were built on old data, old programs, old information, old codes… all obsolete and “out dated”….

The NEW (Earth) gridding systems are VERY DIFFERENT… and on a cellular/molecular/sub-atomic level…. wayyyyyyy deep in your DNA…. these Cosmic Codes are re-working EVERYTHING……….

This MASSIVE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS falls so far OUTSIDE the SCOPE of human comprehension, yet you, as your highest version/aspect of you… you get this, you know this…. and it’s what you CAME HERE FOR… to be a part of…. to anchor/integrate/embody…. here.

From within YOUR PHYSICAL FORM…. your organic, living, breathing NEW PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY…. an intelligent bio-electrical suit so finely tuned…. so that your immense LIGHT CODES can fully integrate within every molecule of your body…..

Every moment for us is integrating the immensity of these magnanimous codes…. and learning how to function all over again … a-new…. This process takes immense dedication, patience and LOVE for all of us … to accomplish… every day here.

Honor your ever-evolving Quantum LightBody…. whatever phase it is in….. it needs your support, your cooperation…. as it’s YOU in purest form… LIGHT. ENERGY. LOVE. PURITY. NEW. HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS EVERYTHING…. working it’s way through you… to merge fully, giving you access to more than you ever had as a limited human aspect…..

This is your INFINITE YOU….. the one not living in lack, fear or distorted programs anymore…. this YOU is PURE….

PURE Joy, Pure Love, Pure kindness, Pure Deep Sacred Respect and Connected with ALL from deep within you…..

This YOU flourishes, this YOU is so abundant in every way, because you REMEMBER all and you understand in all new ways. You EXPERIENCE REALity very differently than your little human aspect did…. with exuberance, vitality…. full of bliss and magic with every peaceful breath….

Your NEW REALities are birthed from within you and as all UNITE to share…. as all UNIFY to uplift, support, inspire and BE THE NEW…. a whole new world is created, energetic brick by brick, stone by stone… building our new together….

I love you…. Embrace fully…. and be ready to step up and into all new roles again/soon too. ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼☼☼


Dreaming in Colour ~ Josephine Wall

“New” Access to Our “NEW” COSMIC Sun ☼ – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist Beverly Dyer


“New” Access to Our “NEW” COSMIC Sun ☼

First let me say, that it took me awhile to “see” what all was. Around the 10/10 (Divine Alignment date, as well as many other things, setting off a “chain” of Cosmic Gateways through the rest of our 2018 linear year….), we got “whammied” with frequencies and tones that I’d not heard in a really long time, yet to a magnitude that exceeded the depth of what we’d activated to/through before… my words to a new assistant.. “These are going to “hurt”… these go deeeeeeeeep, unaware that that mean “me too”, to the degree that it did. Normally, I am just aware… not this time though….

First a barrage of 2222 Codes, a massive blast of every crystalline, every cosmic ray, every nervous system, every neural network, our immune system… everything got whammied with these. These are “veil removals” beyond veil removals… as well as everything else…. The loudest, clearest frequencies… overtook my whole body/head… and continued and continued and continued blaring the clearest signals ever…. I knew this was a biggie… and remembered writing a few weeks back of what was coming….

First my voice went, then straight into my breathing and head (2222 does this). I had to teach/hold a 12 hour event the next day… and I was getting knocked on my butt…. so off to bed I went, “hoping” and speaking to my Universal/Cosmic Light Body to get me through, please… and I went to sleep, the furthest traveling I’ve ever done/gone… so far beyond galaxies… it’s like I was outside all galaxies…. and “coming back” was just as heavy… it took me forever to come back into my body fully… and gain my bearings for where I was… when this was… who I was… no semblance of any comprehension of “this reality”…. then back out I went….

Now, all through the years, will all of the activation on a SOULar level, the activation of my/the Great Central Sun, through the Galactic Core many linear years ago… this time, was through both of these…. SOULaris, the Great Central Sun, the Galactic Core and to the Cosmic Sun… the POWER OF THIS IS IMMENSE… and words can’t touch/express…

My early years, when my body became the Sun, hearing/experiencing Solar Activity in “real time” as it occurs… this puts that to shame. And that dominated my reality… this… well, I’m still figuring out how to function and experience these Cosmic SUN Codes that are activating off the charts in my brain 24/7 non-stop and barely letting up. It’s about acclimating so I can function again, in all new ways…

I held my event and the last few hours were intense. I’d drained my physical LightBody of my own Life Force/Chi and depleted every ounce of me, to pass out and honor my body’s need to rebuilt, replenish and do what it needed to do. My head exploding (I went through this early years with my Universal Mind coming online. At that time, that was intense, cranial expansion, mouth/teeth/brain expansion, like my head was in a vice grip and nothing brought relief… so I learned to adapt and handle it until it passed…. then when my neural pathways/Universal Corridors of my brain started to open up (2010-2013), my brain exploding, literally, with plasma bursts…. was a whole new experience…. which eventually concluded after my “Eye of Horus” opened, all ancient centers opened, with the words “You are about to become the Sun, you’ll be fine” and one final explosion went off, taking everything I had to get through it in a surrendered state, not bringing fear in to inner-fear with the process that needed to complete. Since then, it’s been all kinds of other things…. where neural plasma bursts have become the daily norm and “no biggie”, as they represent/assist with multi-dimensional existence, fulfilling our highest purposes, as a part of our DNA Evolving … until this last week….

My brain firing off massive plasma bursts and frequencies that just can’t be described… around the clock, 24/7…. with such POWER…. day after day…. two days ago, I couldn’t do anything, so I got back in the bed and I slept and I slept and I slept… and when I awoke, my whole body had completed the tuning process…. and I felt better…. while the plasma energy continues…. still not aware of “what this was”, yet I’ve learned to “wait” until I do… sometimes it takes a week or two… and that’s okay… I share it as I know… and I’m sure more info is coming and I’ll share it as is appropriate too.

So, here’s a little… THIS IS THE/OUR COSMIC SUN (a “new” Sun, if you will) …. which is “way beyond” the Great Central Sun and Galactic Core and is “reached” through both of those/comes through both of those… from within each one of us, through our own multi-dimensional cosmic portals that we hold inside… and open/activate as/when it’s our vibrational time.

These release COSMIC SUN CODES for the/our Cosmic SOULAR LightBody, which is a far advancement from our other LightBodies (for me, after Avatar and Photonic LightBody/Embodiment). There is a progression that occurs with our Higher Consciousness DNA through various LightBody Levels:
Universal LightBody/Rainbow DNA
Crystalline LightBody DNA
Great Central Sun DNA
Galactic Core DNA
Original Template Restoration DNA Distortions Cleared/Earth 3 Opens up
Purity Consciousness Template
Cosmic Diamond Rainbow LightBody DNA/Template
Cosmic Kundalini July 2017
Cosmic Heart 1/1/2018
Cosmic Womb 3/31/18
Cosmic Mind/Brain 10/10/18 – now… (we are still undergoing these immense upgrades/codes)….
​Now, obviously, there is SOOOOOOO much more, yet for now… I’m keeping it simple. The immensity of this…. and yet we are still DEEPLY integrating…

I “knew” something was up when my calendar shifted and “cleared” for the whole week of the previous commitments I would have had… they got “moved”… this always happens when we are going to be “down for the count”. A couple of weeks ago, my schedule cleared for 4 days. Every “time” I “think” I’m going to get tons of service work done, I’m flat out… and Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper duties always come first….

We’ve reached COSMIC SOULAR EARTH… this is a part of our 12D template progression that continues to accelerate through the December Gateways, where a completion cycle occurs. This whole October has been a transition phase as well. We are re-experiencing a 3D/4D Drop-off, just as we did individually many linear years ago, with the 2012 Gateway. Yet, this cycle is entire frequency bandwidths and everything in it… on a collective level this time….

I will share more as we go as to how this affects all on a cosmic/multi-dimensional/physical level as well. Anytime we go through this huge of an upgrade/up-Leveling, it takes us awhile to re-acclimate and get to where we can function at our mega-quantum rate….

The depth, power and clarity of these cosmic tones and frequencies, the “punch” that they pack is immeasurable…. I can see “new clarity” coming “fast and furious” in all new ways, I can see old lower frequency bandwidths just being obliterated/falling away…. all that “held” the old together… going…. for Higher Consciousness to step in and “take it’s place”.

We are in the vibrations of RE-FORM and bringing forth “the new” … more than ever. We are in vibrational frequency bandwidths where each’s HUmaNITY emerges, and caring about each other and our Earth Gaia takes precedence over the “rules” and “systems” of the decrepit old….

The “days” of trying to adhere to ways that don’t support the uplifting and support of each other… just because “someone” said… won’t be okay anymore… You won’t be able to idly sit on the sidelines and pretend anymore…. and you won’t want to…. You won’t be able to ignore injustice and that which destroys the LIGHT that is the SOUL of ALL…. you will actually CARE from a whole new place… because if you don’t, you’ll be the one affected… it won’t be “someone else” anymore….

In place of the old, is our NEW… our NEW Earth… our NEW World… birthed, nurtured, grown and released into the world to touch the lives of all as LOVE… the innovations, ideas and knowledge that can FREE all… supported and shared…. as more start to truly REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND…. and become an important part of our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEMS…. The Star BEings, the Crystal Children/Crystalline/Christed Lights, the Rainbow Love Warriors, the Ambassadors, Emissaries, the PURE ONES holding the CODES for HUmanity with every breath… Do not fool yourself into “thinking” you are the only one or just a few…. WE are EVERYWHERE… and as more step up/step forth to UNITE… we form the NEW TOGETHER… as the Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers…. the Bridgers… the Stabilizers…. the Embodiers… the Councils… incarnate/in physical form here… on this multi-dimensional ever-evolving Earth… from all other places/spaces/existences/galaxies/planets/solar systems… here. ♥

What’s next? Stay Tuned… as it’s ALWAYS MORE AWESOME than it was “before”…. ☼ Keep looking UP…. keep stepping up… keep leveling up…. shifting up…. it’s important for us all. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. I didn’t yet know (remember) that there was a Cosmic Sun. I’ve never heard of it here… yet there is… and now we have access to it on a DNA Level as Cosmic Portals/Light BEings…. and all of the Cosmic Light Codes it offers too! ☼ (The photo is my capture yesterday)…. ♥

P.P.S. I don’t know if I shared this before or not, so I will here. For the last few years, I’ve noticed that our Sun is a Portal for “things to come through”. Just like within us, the external sun is too. I’ve been observing clouds and other things emanate from the center of the sun and “come through” and out…. so observe and see what you see…. ☼

Artist Beverly Dyer


Day 3 of Mega-Power Photonic DNA Re-Writes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist Karol Bak


Day 3 of Mega-Power Photonic DNA Re-Writes:
You Can Fight & Struggle or You Can Surrender Fully… and Embrace

♥ Living FROM and IN The Higher Realms ♥
Consciously CHOOSING HEAVEN as Actual REALity
Full Ego Surrender: You are going to be hearing this more and more and more… Until you do not “need” to hear it anymore…
Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

We are again in Day 3 of a massive Cosmic Up-Shift. Blasting Photonic Light, more powerful and deep than we’ve experienced thus far. It’s beyond beautiful to experience, because of what it brings forth for us all. The LIGHT OF OUR WHOLE SOUL… in our human body form. We are in a paramount “time” (vibrational experience), which is always continually “true”. Every moment we continue to acclimate to much higher frequency bandwidths existences…. much higher than our previous one, yet “how” we experience this is different for us all… Each one of us have a “higher realms” and “lower realms” that exists within us, in our bodies, until we “merge” them both as one, by dissolving the “lower realms” that once existed as “REAL”ity… and choose all new realities aligned on a SOUL LEVEL…. which means constantly re-aligning all in our own every-moment/every-day lives, until all is aligned… then we just “keep it there”.

I realized last night, in my subtle quiet, always surrendered unified, soft magnificent existence… that I do not have a “higher realms” anymore. It’s been this way for years, yet I just “realized” it. It’s often so subtle and pure, that we don’t even realize to the extent all is.

I live IN the Higher Realms fully…. my every moment is “the higher realms” that we all “seek” in the beginning, when we start to awaken/wake up to “something else”. The early (linear) years of “channeling” and connecting UP to “the higher realms from within” (to activate our own DNA to our own higher/highest selves), the years of “practicing” HOW to be a higher self, how to live this as my life, how to maintain, sustain and HOLD these frequencies/vibrations, how to HOLD THIS SPACE, how to OCCUPY HEAVEN FULLY FROM WITHIN ME…. these last 2 years have been PURE HEAVEN… literally… This is because I spent years in a “fully surrendered” state, honoring my Lightbody evolution and shifting my priorities huge. I stopped fighting a process that was pre-destined long before incarnating/walking in here. I stopped resisting and making excuses and “trying not to hear/see”…. and I finally CHOSE and changed my life, by consciously up-shifting myself constantly, on a multi-dimensional level….

The reason I share this with you, is because we all came here to EXPERIENCE THE ABSOLUTE MOST EXQUISITE EVERYTHING…. and we do this by FULLY SURRENDERING on an ego level, to come to EXIST from this magnificent SPACE inside…. where PURE LOVE EMANATES and RADIATES OUT.

Naturally and organically, there is no “trying” here. There’s no pretending, no putting on a front, no need to impress, no need for anything at all. We are really really real, as Love.

All JUST IS…. and it’s beautiful and pristine…. because I ALLOW IT TO BE…. I don’t “fight” the exquisiteness OF MY HIGHEST EVERYTHING and how easy all can be…. I share this with you, because each one of us HAVE THIS CAPABILITY to live these PRISTINE LIVES that are completely PURE… where UNITY and LOVE and FULL CONSCIOUSNESS are the BASIS of our ENTIRE REALITY… where immense, deep, sacred everything exists…. where every moment, every breath is GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION AND SO DEEPLY CONNECTED WITH ALL FROM DEEP WITHIN… that we no longer “choose” the old ways as our own realities here. Multi-Dimensional Existence is not for the “faint hearted”, if you will. We do have to make a choice, in every moment, to LIVE OUR OWN REALITIES AS OUR HIGHEST ASPECTS/VERSIONS of ourselves and to DICTATE all ourselves…. as LOVE….

You will not see us participating in unconscious realities, playing out karmic timelines, living as victims or in lack, because all of that is/was an EGO game…. that each perpetuates for themselves….

You will not see us playing in the “Judgment Game” and wasting/spending/investing our energy “in the old” realities that are “dead”. You will not see us all caught up in the BS of ego fights, trying to convince anyone of anything at all….

You will not see us suffering in any way, because we resolved our own EGO aspects fully, and not only allowed our Higher Selves to COME THROUGH, we called all forth, asked for it and embraced it as it did…. We stepped up, in every moment and we still do…. as our Highest Everything and this is how we live our lives… in every moment here.

We learned to truly care, truly respect, truly be kind and truly UNITE ALL AS LOVE… We learned because we were willing to do whatever it took to REMEMBER fully here.

NEW EARTH IS A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE where each LIVE as NEW Earth with every breath. Multi-Dimensionality RETURNS A PHYSICAL PLANE THAT REFLECTS BACK VIBRATIONALLY exactly what we hold…. and each are having a multi-dimensional earth experience here.

Our Priorities become visible, by way of how we show up… how we engage, how we transmit/contribute to the greater whole…. Our priorities are LOVE, UNITY, KINDNESS and PEACE… our priorities are HOLDING THIS ABOVE ALL… and resolving/dissolving any separation/unconscious programming the moment it presents… right then. We don’t let it linger or keep going, to become a reality that plays out a timeline that’s going to collapse because it already did. We shift all into a much higher state of consciousness AND we honor each’s choice for their realities, experiences and “returns” vibrationally too. We don’t all have to be in the same “SPACE” in illusory “time”. We don’t ever have to come into contact, unless it’s fully/highest aligned. We don’t even care, because we know that all is vibrational, so we call forth the highest everything and we let go of all that is not…. because we’ve “learned” how all of this goes…. We don’t “need” any reality…. and because we don’t, our realities can then be ones that bring pure JOY, bliss and magic… the most amazing everything, because OUR PRIORITY is LIVING HEAVE ON EARTH with our every breath…. and we do this by surrendering our whole lives fully, to lives/existences in FULL SERVICE to HUmaNITY and all of us … as pure LOVE here.

In your every moment, look at your whole life, look at your whole reality and SEE what you are focused on, invested in and what you keep creating/allowing yourself to experience here.

Your answers will be SIMPLE… yet your EGO won’t “like” what it sees…. which means you will have to DECIDE which version of a reality/timeline you desire as your own REALity here. And then “live it” for it to become your current reality all of the time… Your heart, mind and WHOLE BEING, all of you, every particle of you… must be on-board, present and all-in…. otherwise you’ll be functioning from a space of separation and the awesome stuff can’t come forth, because you are still playing out fractaled realities from within yourself.

YOUR NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE births from within your body. Literally. Your body will fill up with photonic light, your own “new” Higher Consciousness DNA is activated by way of integrating these photonic Light Codes, accomplished through your fully “surrendered” state. Once your current integration process is complete (usually about 3 days with these biggies for me), then we awaken and get up and we focus our energy on accomplishing what we “see” is important for all as ONE here. Your LOVE for all of us, Gaia and on every multi-dimensional level… this is what “drives you”, this is what keeps you going… your LIGHT inside is your fuel, your PURE SOURCE ENERGY is pure creation and expression through a level of PURITY that holds no “ego tainting”, if you will…. Your LIGHT is visible and it is felt by each in your presence and receiving what you transmit out organically and naturally through your own Electromagnetic Unified Field of Full (Super) Consciousness….. and elevated state of existence where all is ONE in every way, where all are fully capable too, where all are already “this too”….

For those I meet/come into contact with, I can see the beauty, the possibilities, the purity of their heart/soul too. I can also see who’s Living as their own purity and who’s still hiding behind their own pretense of walls, protection mechanisms and unconscious programming still and self-imposed stories and limits still.

I can BE that ENERGY that radiates love and allows them to open up and accept their own highest everything, if they are truly ready. Not all are, as they still “live” “real”ities from competition, blame, finger pointing and excuses, fearing their own power, fearing judgment, fearing being “seen” truly, fear of being vulnerable, fear of loss of control…. still trying to manipulate/control their own realities, still trying to hold onto the old and still applying “old beliefs and values” that are the “opposite” of “ours”.

I respect all, yet, where there’s any E-GO, there’s so much resistance, so much going on, so much unconsciousness still going on within, so much inner-matrix programming still present, that continuing any reality together is not really productive, because of all of the resistance, insistence and inner-fight/struggle, that if we continue to surround ourselves with this, it affects all of our realities here, so we choose to let those fall away and go play their own realities out with others matching that consciousness, until all are truly ready to fully shift into full timelines where UNITY and LOVE and PURITY is the CORE of all.

There is actually a visible “dividing line” between Unity Consciousness and Separation Consciousness, because the two cannot exists within the same SPACE. These are opposite polarities…. opposing energies… and how these realities play out will be dependent on the current moment/purpose of the reality/exchange. Unconsciousness will always want to “win”. Fully unified consciousness is not trying to “win” anything…. it’s not a contest and there’s no need to “prove” anything at all. For us, it’s easy. Peace is easy. Kindness is easy. Working together as LOVE is easy. There’s no ego. It is that easy. If the ego is brought in, then “easy goes”. All becomes a struggle, chaotic and about something other than UNITY, LOVE and PURITY. All gets convoluted, shifts out of HARMONIC ALIGNMENT and vibrationally “re-enters” a lower frequency bandwidth. It’s like being pulled DOWN … literally. WE PULL UP. We pull others UP into a higher state… it takes alot of energy to PULL, so eventually we stop pulling.

WE just BE. WE BE “this”. WE BE pure.. WE BE bliss. WE BE magic. WE BE PEACE… WE BE and we allow all others to BE however they choose to BE…. yet, if there’s any ego, then we let it go to go BE somewhere else…. we maintain our SPACE …. we HOLD this above all…. It can BE this EASY, as all allow all to BE. ♥

Our work is SERVICE…. so all wanting to know what “Job” they will do… it won’t matter what you do, it’s where you come from and how you show up…. what you DO will be what supports our highest everything, what brings the most JOY to all, what inspires, uplifts, brings FREEDOM, PEACE and MORE LOVE forth for all. It won’t be “just one thing”, it will be EVERY thing that you do.

Our SOUL PURPOSES and Galactic Missions and HUman Roles here: LOVE, UNITY, FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AND NEW EARTH… our every moment is fulfilling this…. so a surrendered E-GO is necessary for us to fulfill and live our most exquisite everything, as our ego is the “thing” that stops all of this….. Walking IN the Higher Realms is a Multi-Dimensional EXPERIENCE. Living in the Higher/Highest Realms means Living and BEing Your Highest Aspects of yourselves…. so that your whole REALity can return HEAVEN to you…. subtly, quietly, softly, easily… because you ALLOW it too…. ♥ Your Heaven, my Heaven… they might “look different”, yet they are not. Heaven is pure JOY and built/lived through UNITY… FULLY… so it doesn’t matter “what” it is…. what matters is how we live, treat each other and that we’ve fully REMEMBERED here. Our heaven is LOVE…. the purest form of LOVE possible. There’s no ego. ♥

If you are “judging” other’s Heaven, it’s gonna take you awhile to experience your own. Judgment closes the door on your highest dimensional everything here. It stops you from your most amazing and magical everything…. It’s vibrationally “time” to BE excited, to open up and let go, to embrace your NEW fully, to allow yourself all that you desire …. on a SOUL LEVEL… and surrender to your own DREAMS becoming REAL too. ♥

I had to choose, you have to choose, we all do. This is how all works…
Live YOUR Heaven and keep making Magic!
Abundant blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥



Artist Karol Bak

NEW EARTHERS – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Dragon Wave – The Wave of Change by Jean-Luc Bozzoli Visionary Art @ Eyewithin




NEW Earthers are not focused on Old. NEW Earthers are focused on NEW. Creating, inspiring, uplifting and calling out the BS that each “try” to continue to BE-LIE-ve that’s no longer “true”. Check your “stories you tell”… these are what you have convinced yourself of…. as all open up to ALL NEW POSSIBILITIES AND STEP INTO THEIR OWN POWER AS LOVE…. all new REALities come forth. Get your ass up and DO! Bring those awesome realities forth, share for A MUCH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY… your old is your old, your programming, your stuff…… look at “your stuff” and see if you are holding YOURSELF TO YOUR HIGHEST PLACE from inside, if YOU are BEing your HIGHEST ASPECT of who you TRULY ARE… or if you went unconscious, closed your heart and “stepped outside” of yourself to unify/co-mingle your ENERGY in something that supports your own victim mentalities still….. Only the ego is a victim. Your Higher Self is not…. Your Higher SELF is just fine, happy and completely not interested in “any of that”. There’s absolutely NO JOY in unconscious anything….

Your HAPPY PLACE is not in “all that stuff”. Your HAPPY PLACE is peaceful, kind, loving, supportive, excited, inspired, creative, explorative and a part of something MUCH BIGGER for us all!


YOUR Purest YOU, your most magnificent YOU, this is what you bring forth and share. All of the ideas, all of that which supports our NEW EARTH….you bring THIS FORTH and you SHARE….

YOU ARE FULLY CAPABLE WHEN YOU ALLOW YOURSELF THE FREEDOM to embrace fully and BE all that you truly are inside. When you stop telling yourself that you are not and you connect from a much deeper place and REMEMBER THE BRILLIANCE yourself…. when your HEART OPENS FULLY and your mind synchronizes with THIS…. when YOU ARE READY for your own NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES… they will come forth from within YOU….. and your outside/external will start to align with THIS!

YOUR ENERGY…. this is what dictates your own experiences here.

YOUR EVERYTHING…. transmit your REALities out for you to “see” (energy/matter/form… all the same thing)…. a RETURN to what you hold inside and where you “put” your energy, your everything……………….. all YOURS.

Want togetherness, unity and kindness, compassion and support? THEN BE IT…..
Want Peace, Unity and LOVE in every exchange? Then BE it in every moment….
Want abundance and all that supports you? THEN RECONNECT DEEP INSIDE AND FIND YOUR OWN ABUNDANT YOU….. AND SHARE THIS…. from a place of PURE GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION for what your ego could not see…..
Want NEW EARTH to BE YOUR REALITY in every moment too? THEN BE NEW EARTH…
It is “that easy” to DO. ♥

I love you. Get ready baby! We’ve got more awesomeness to anchor, hold, create, share and experience in every moment here!

LET GO OF YOUR JUDGMENT. This stops you from all the exquisiteness that’s already always available….

Your REALity…. your CREATION…. ♦
Exactly what you create, hold and allow… and DO. ☺
Shift shift shift shift shift shift shift ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

There is an entire NETWORK of NEW EARTHERS…. YOU HAVE TO CONNECT UP FROM INSIDE…. and show up as your highest aspect of you to become an integral, important, contributing part of this networking system…. As you do, you’ll SEE HOW all works… then the rest is up to you and your vibration/energy… that’s what connects you up/in. ♥ As you achieve the overall vibration, you “vibrate” into your new realities and “they” materialize in response to you! ♥ Gotta love our exquisite realities!!!!!!!!! ♥



Dragon Wave – The Wave of Change by Jean-Luc Bozzoli Visionary Art @ Eyewithin

Get Ready to Leave Entire Timelines and Shift into all NEW Ones – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Elizabeth by Escume @ DeviantArt


Get Ready to Leave Entire Timelines and Shift into all NEW Ones


All of the “work” each has been doing… by way of letting go, seeing, observing, resolving energy, focusing energy, creating, exploring, playing, shifting and choosing ALL NEW and ONLY THE HIGHEST as an option…. this is meant for YOU!

This is a biggie…. it means everyone/everything no longer aligned with your highest everything “goes”….. if you are holding onto the old…. this may be very uncomfortable…. so see where you are not fully in alignment inside …. see where you are still maintaining separation within you (this creates “suffering” for each that can only be Transcended as each is truly ready to “move on”).

This is BEYOND A BIGGY…. A QUANTUM JUMP/LEAP like never before… only “bound” by that programming you still hold…. so observe, resolve, dissolve and get ready to shift, with your whole body, with your whole reality (everything within you) and SEE the external re-aligning to “this”.

This is beyond a biggy, because there will be many still playing out old karmic timelines for themselves… and you will have to decide if you are going to continue to play in these “loop cycles” until you completely exhaust, give out, break down… or the reality completely collapses (which is a resolution of separation for unification on a higher dimensional timeline from within).

Your LightBody will not tolerate the old, won’t be able to process “as it did before”, so you are the one that must take great care on where you “put” your energy, what you tie your energy up in… because this is re-creating/creating realities for you to experience here. Only when you get done are you done. Until then, you are not done.

You are going to SEE a massive UP-Shift…. the “division” always becomes more vast than before. This one is a COLLECTIVE TRANSITION, as well as an individual one…. This one (like all collective upshifts), means leaving ALL REALities that no longer serve your highest Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman Roles here…..

“When” things occur for each depends on THE LEVEL OF DENSITY still held, by way of programming… both on a physical and energetic level, as they are the same here/now.

You can look at physical matter, you can look at Energy and see what it represents to you. You can look at your own level of respect on a SOUL LEVEL and see where you are still playing out the lack games inside and how this correlates/shows up in your own reality world for you to Transcend fully from within. Unification is the KEY to all here….

NEW EARTH REALITIES don’t hold suffering, don’t hold lack in any way…. does lack present? Does fear present? Does “holding onto the old ways” present? Sometimes. Not like it did in the 3rd/4th Dimension when we were working through our own heavy-duty stuff on a very physical level/emotional level. When you function as your Higher Selves, you see all as programming, conditions and limits still held… which is a mentality, a belief, a story, an excuse, not to stand in their own POWER and out of the victim mentalities, that were identities and safety mechanisms before.

You won’t be popular with ego aspects. You are not supposed to be. You are here to be a LIGHT and a WAYSHOWER …. to show the way… and keep going…leaving the doors/portals open, so each can choose to travel the passageway themselves… as/whenever they are ready to do so, just like you are doing/have done… this is how it all works.

You are here to share the knowledge, to hold the CODES that transmit on a Quantum Level through your/the Unified Field of Full Consciousness… and let all just “float around” until each is ready to open up to RECEIVE/ALLOW/SHIFT themselves….

You are here to awaken as an EXAMPLE…. of what’s possible, what’s available and join with those who are doing the same in their own realities too……

You can hang on and get drug back into the old if you want to…. yet if you are fully conscious, you won’t choose this, because it means discomfort, suffering and repeating Karmic Timelines, which deplete your energy/LightBody, therefore affecting your entire reality, both energetic and physical, because they are the same.

Honor and respect is allowing each their own reality….. and honoring yours fully too. Uniting when these are highest aligned…. as each is truly ready to stand as their own Divine Light BEing self too…. The most kind way of assisting others is to inspire them to “do it for themselves”, to reconnect with their own SOUL/SOURCE ASPECT… there is no other feeling more PURE than when Divine Union occurs within….. All of the lack falls away, all of the excuses and all of the “reasons” for not enough/can’t do too….

Holding all with compassion, treating all with love, kindness and respect for the reality each is choosing to “play out” …… HERE yours is to choose your realities, to live from your pure place of JOY…. and to SHOW OTHERS HOW EASY IT IS… when they are truly ready to do this themselves….

These times will tough for the E-GO… as collectively a whole system is dissolving/dismantling within each’s inner-matrix that is reflected in the external one. These are ENTIRE FREQUENCY BANDWIDTHS… entire dimensions…. and each living within those too. Each will experience on a Soul Level what they came here to experience/be/do. As will you/we/all of us…..

THERE ARE NOW 12 DIMENSIONS available in the physical for each to live out…. To wrap your mind around all of this takes shifting to your own highest states of consciousness, your own Quantum Space and observe…. how different each one of these dimensions are playing out. For those living and existing within a 12D Template/Frequency Bandwidth, realities are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy different than those still playing out duality within themselves (3D/4D). 5D is where all awaken to/through and then start building the other templates within themselves for the higher dimensions, by way of fulfilling Service roles… 12D is full service, yet not in the way many “think”. This is because so many still hold lack programming/separation within themselves (therefor seeing others from a lack space too), trying to apply a 3D/4D, even 5D mentality to a 12D reality…. which is not possible….

Now, technically, nobody cares about 5D or 12D and which “dimension” we are all in. It’s a level of consciousness that we operate from in our everyday lives, by way of fulfilling our roles here. Unification can occur at all times, yet if someone is in “the happy re-birthed child phase” of 5D, playing and loving just being happy and in JOY, their focus is not on all of the work we actually agreed to do here… therefore 5D playing and 12D Full-Service, still have a bit of a hard time co-existing… as “growing up as Higher Selves/Universes/Galactics” and learning how to live in the physical, fully abundant, reciprocal, generous, kind, respectful on every level… is a part of the 5D to 12D process of Multi-Dimensionality, that begins the moment one physically ascends.

12D is Sovereign Souls, Galactic Light BEings, Pure Souls who have anchored Heaven within themselves and also aligned their entire physical reality with this. 12D is full-service, as Humanitarians (old earth/new earth humanitarians are different too), Avatars holding a state of consciousness in every way…. operating from a deep Sacred Level of Respect, Unity-Love-Consciousness and sharing that the ego aspect is unwilling to do….

This UP-SHIFT is going to “separate” out many… in order to UP-shift masses to a whole new dimensional experience…. those who are ready to step up into fulfilling much higher roles here. For those transitioning out of 3D/4D bandwidths, 5D is FREEDOM and pure joy from all of the old, therefore there is a “transition period” allowing each to bask and play and be free …. and then the higher dimensional aspects awaken for Embodiment Passageways to begin…..

YOUR REALITY will mean transcending ALL JUDGEMENT from within you, all the previous limits and mindsets (Energy) that you held through separation before… and up-leveling yourself, which means ENTIRE TIMELINES GO….. and being totally okay with where everyone currently is, because they are living out their own Soul’s choices/experiences on a human level here. Now, the human ego will say “I didn’t choose this, I don’t want this’, yet yes you/we all did. Accepting this means shifting out of those “victims to incarnating on a F’d up earth” mentalities and realizing that those old versions of earth are not the only ones available to each/all. There are much higher dimensional versions of Earth available, yet no-one can access them with the mindset that “that’s not real” or “I can’t” or “prove it to me first” or “I’d rather hold onto safe/fear/lack realities instead”.

This is a TOUGH JOURNEY for the ego…. which means that dissolving our ego means the “toughness” goes…. This is a SIMPLE JOURNEY for the FULLY CONSCIOUS, because we are not playing in the old ego games anymore….

FROM THIS MOMENT NOW…. this is all you need. This space right here…. everything awaits you to be ready, open and choosing too. Yes you can, because you already did. Only your ego gets in the way of this.

GET READY FOR A MASSIVE COLLECTIVE SHIFT…. FIRST INSIDE then out there… Close your eyes, go deep within and FIND IT…. it’s there. Then allow your LightBody Tuning processes and integration processes to complete and then get up and focus your energy, your reSOURCEs and what you DO have the capABILITY to DO… you’ll be surprised when you stop making excuses and JUMP too. ♥

With love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. To all who are newly experiencing 5D bliss and magic… Welcome! We are soooooo excited you’ve REMEMBERED the magic you hold and how to live the magic too! 


Elizabeth by Escume @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.

THIS WEEK is BEyond Important: We Move Into StarGate Alignments & Massive Up-Shifting- Lisa Transcendence Brown

THIS WEEK is BEyond Important: We Move Into StarGate Alignments & Massive Up-Shifting as “Old” Collapses at WARP SPEED for Unification on a much higher Dimensional Timeline to Occur


Every Equinox and Solstice are a massive Passageways of clearing out all old, all that no longer vibrationally/energetically is now highest aligned, to make way for ALL NEW to come forth/come through… Portals!

For all who have fully integrated the immensity of these Cosmic Light Codes, that are released for each based upon “current vibrational placement”, much higher timelines are becoming available for each. By holding your own highest state of consciousness, while clearing out any old outdated programming on cellular/field level, you are going to LOVE this next week. Because, you’ve been clearing the separation within you that was CREATING the old realities to even BE.

Opening up portals to all new, is done THROUGH YOU…. The passageways are completion phases to move all old out, to activate and anchor more Light within you, for a Dimensional SHIFT to physically occur…. in your own REALity, because your consciousness dictates REALity and “causes” (tells) Matter how to take form…. your holding the highest everything, no matter what your current physical “says”, is how you shift from one timeline to various “alternate reality” ones.

Consciousness is birthed through LOVE. Consciousness is you as Pure Source Light. Consciousness is you fully awake and SHIFTING all from within you FULLY… so that your PHYSICAL CAN FULLY ALIGN … SIMPLY… EASILY… ORGANICALLY… NATURALLY… without your ego getting in the way at all.

As your heart fully opens, your mind opens up too. As you LIVE a PURE EXISTENCE, where LOVE dictates your choices, where Purity is the “deciding factor” in how you CHOOSE… where APPLYing the KNOWLEDGE of higher/highest consciousness to your every moment of your actual life… YOUR ENERGY SHIFTS…. therefore, your reality starts to shift vibrationally too.

AS you step into your POWER as LOVE, as you Hold Your Light in every way, as You Embrace your own Divinity, treat all as Sacred, from deep respect inside… how you show up & treat others, how you behave changes…. THIS IS HOW you break the cycles of your old ways, patterns, beliefs, actions, energy….. and REVERSE everything (which activates your geometrics/equasional field) to take new form/shape… how you activate your own FIELD to transmit out across all dimensions/timelines/existences…. how you COLLAPSE SEPARATION into this Zero Point Space and Unify all BACK INTO LOVE… which collapses all not aligned from a much higher dimensional plane within you….. this UNIFICATION is what activates all of those realities that support you, all of those realities aligned with your highest versions/aspects of you….. to come forth to greet you/meet you….. be open for you…. because you were the one not open before…. so none of this could before…. yet now…..

This next week/10 days… is timeline collapsing time. I use “time” as a reference word, as there is no time…. yet I don’t have another word in this moment… so it’s the one I choose to use.

THIS NOW SPACE…. this is where all CONVERGES… this is where all arrives/comes to BE. As each starts to truly REALIZE how NEW Earth functions, the Energies it’s built upon and what holds all in place, how all is an intricate SYSTEM that is vibrational…. you tune your vibration, your LIGHTBODY, your whole body-field to all new vibrations for a whole new reality to open up/come forth…….

THIS IS A POWERFUL WEEK… we enter into… passing “through” this Harvest Full Moon… reap the rewards of your integration/embodiment, you efforts, your contributions, your caring, your sharing, your own Unified Existence, your own Energy… and understand the PURPOSE of everything…

Now, I mention this for those who are just waking up to how QUANTUM works… Warp Speed refers to Light… Warp Speed = Force = the immensity/intensity that all occurs/comes through/goes….. We are in a huge COLLECTIVE UP-SHIFT…. which will refer to the magnitude at which all occurs. If you exist and function on a Quantum Level, then your experience is going to be VERY DIFFERENT than if you function/exist on a linear level. Linear doesn’t work here….. that was the “old”. Everything is vibrational, geometric, algorithms/equations (Quantum Mechanics) = Applied Physics to your own entire existence/life. Integration is KEY…. as all becomes easier AFTER Integration is complete…. Everything is the opposite/in reverse of our old ways….. ♥

Every Equinox & Solstice… once we get through the “trigger points” where all of our new light codes have been released and integrated fully… the phase after is the “result” of the entire whole linear month up to that “point”….. Gateways wide open, always now… more and more and more than ever before. This is how we roll… full steam ahead… letting go, barreling through… and anchoring all new realities through our own applications ….

I love you! Get ready baby! It’s Quantum Warping into more NEW EARTH REALities! NOW.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

P.S. Massive Sirian Portal opened up (again). InJOY! ♥


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.





YOU AS YOUR LIGHTBODY directly affect physical matter. Your Light Quotient Integrated/Embodied and how all communicates on a Quantum Level… How easily your body processes Quantum Photonic Light, how easily you read the field, how easily you hold LOVE as your every breath…. your ability to “affect” physical matter is very different and simple here….. PHYSICAL MATTER IS A VIBRATIONAL TOOL/RESPONSE… to your Quantum You.  ☼

Photonic Light will make you feel heavy as you are BEcoming Light. Feeling like a drug, activating DMT and other neuro-chemicals necessary for you to see and feel NEW Earth/Multi-Dimensionally…. it also creates a “heaviness” as it goes to where those programs are held and activates them for purification/cleansing/clearing your physical body form (and your physical reality too), so that all can re-code, re-calibrate and re-align on another vibrational dimensional plane of existence…

Our “Old human bodies” were dense and could not VIBRATE at the frequency of Light, at the frequency of NEW EARTH… which is an immense re-writing process….

So honor you/your bodies…. honor your various LIGHTBODIES and intelligent DNA, your higher/highest consciousness you, your Ascended you…. and hold this fully to EXPERIENCE your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE with every breath too…….

Every moment, a reflection back…. of what each is holding and transmitting out. If we are unconscious, we are unaware of all of this. It takes full consciousness to shift your own vibration (energy) and experience a whole new reality “instead”.

Mind-blowing and shifting mindsets, stretching your mind… a huge part of this…. as our human mind was small. Literally, with all Universal/Cosmic Consciousness locked away… inside of us…..

Expansion opens all of this up, for all to REMEMBER again. Awakening is just a small part of this massive process…..

There are phases that are daunting for awhile, challenging for awhile, because we are literally becoming LIGHT BEINGS… from within an ever-evolving physical form that constantly re-calibrates/recodes and goes straight to any density still held… for clearing… so all can Literally become LIGHT’r……

BE patient and stay in-tune…. honor your process above all. You are doing all of this for you, each other, all…….

As all re-birth themselves to become Universes/Higher Selves and “learn” how to Master all as Pure Source Light/Love… in every way…. NEW EARTH becomes where we live, every moment of every “day”….. This takes ALL OF YOU… and for awhile the transitions can be challenging, because they seem to “go against” your whole life, everything you once knew… all you “thought” was true/real…. this all changes…. completely….

NEW EARTH is birthed from within each one of us… it’s nurtured, created, grown, built…. it’s sent out into the world/ethers to return a vibrational reality fully aligned with our highest everything… that’s simple, easy and beyond our “wildest dreams”, yet are our most exquisite dreams…. simply…. yet not for our human aspect…. This is why each must fully be aware of which ASPECT you are BEing in every moment… and learn to shift….

Our every moment is LIVED as a gift, a blessing, a return, to what we’ve invested/put into all as LOVE and supports our next highest realities… and our next and our next and our next…..

Quantum doesn’t “do” the linear routes…. therefore the “how” substantially changes…. because human ego/linear mentalities can’t understand vibrational/Quantum realities…. that go way beyond “just a concept”…. It’s applied physics…..

This equation speaks to how all is here…. Energy and matter… the same thing, yet not to the human aspect…. to us, they are….

Energy in Form….. Form is just that… particle matter taken/taking shape… relative to ENERGY….

Light Encoded Realities: The ability to “affect matter” and call forth the “matter” that supports highest aligned realities…. Which are simple….. as each expand their own Consciousness to hold this “ability” here…..

This is a 12D (activating the 144 Avatar Template) ability…. that all have the cap-ability to “do” with ease…. yet not by being in your head… that actually “disrupts” your Quantum Transmissions…. This is a wide open, heart open, mind open… all-on-board ENERGETICALLY…. from deep within your BODY…. EXPANDED into/as/through the entire Unified Field of Quantum Consciousness… where time/separation and limits no longer exist….. you BEcome the entire Unified Field, where all is easy again…….

NEW EARTH starts as a vision, starts as a possibility, starts as a concept…. and becomes an entire WHOLE PHYSICAL QUANTUM EXPERIENCE…… as each embrace and are truly ready fully to BE NEW EARTHERS here…….

I love you….. Injoy the Magic of this NOW….. as it’s here that you create, activate and open up all of the possibilities yourself. ♥

p.s. To understand how physical matter comes into play, you have to completely shift your entire understanding of “reality”. ☼

Ready for more awesomenss? It’s time to rock it even more. Keep embracing and holding all as LOVE…. We’ve got all kinds of exquisiteness to continue to anchor, hold, create, build and explore together as the LIGHT BEINGS INHABITING NEW EARTH. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.


Transforming 3D Mindsets/Energy into 5D Energy – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art Gratitude painting by Melina Del Mar


Transforming 3D Mindsets/Energy into 5D Energy: Guilt Into Gratitude & Gifts



3D plays in the Guilt game… which robs our joy and instead of being utterly grateful and appreciative for the Gifts that we received (knowledge, clearing/completing karmic timelines, any benefits/support that were necessary for our own “growth”)….

Our/the human ego aspect creates GUILT ENERGY around these Sacred Gifts of Love, which then creates all kind of matrix programs to play out. “I can’t receive” energy… unworthiness energy, victim/narcissistic energy and “preference” of punishment for something, instead of having pure gratitude for all honoring soul agreements here. Instead of thanking your Universe (higher self) for being kind, providing you with an experience necessary to complete old karmic timelines, various types of support along the way, instead of realizing that acceptance and gratitude frees you…. guilt keeps you in a “punishment” cycle and “zero gratitude”….. and robs you of the magnificent realities available, where GRATITUDE allows you to flow from one reality into all new….

3D Consciousness → Guilt
5D Consciousness ☼ Gratitude, Immense Appreciation for the Gifts received…..Now, how do you hold the highest level of consciousness and how do you reciprocate, show respect, pay it forward, acknowledge the Gifts…. how do you be KIND… how do you elevate your consciousness beyond the misery and open up to NEW AMAZING REALITIES…. how do you connect deep inside and open up to TRUST the invisible/unknown … fully re-connected with your own higher self/universe and open up to receive all of the realities that await you too, that can’t come forth as long as you are playing in the “guilt game”… how do you free yourself from the mind-manipulation/3D programs inside…. how do you get excited for what’s next, with needing to know first…. ? These are the questions you ask yourself, then ask yourself why guilt is preferable to happy, free and awesome, magical realities that can only come forth if your heart is truly wide open….. (guilt is heart closed)…. safe fear.

In our private commUNITY, we gather monthly to bring forth old 3D inner-matrix programs to break down/through together, as well as sharing all of the amazingness too. It’s a raw, real … pure gathering of Souls/Light BEings, ready to transcend the old “easier” and contribute to sharing/openness as love for each other through presence, compassion, kindness to self/each other as we all do. Last night we worked with many programs, with Guilt & Judgment being just 2 of these for many. We broke down/through a lot of this programming together, yet this is not the only time “guilt” will emerge…. understanding “guilting programs” and what this ENERGY is, is an important step to understanding how to shift this yourself…. conscious choice to move through the energy and not let it rule your reality because it’s safe/you are scared….. which is a root chakra program/heart closed/mind in a loop cycle, self-punishment game… that we transcend by opening our hearts and re-establishing an inner connection and openness to receive/explore anew……

Inner- (old 3D) Matrix programs can be intense… so it’s important to recognize these things as as they present…. and then do whatever it takes to clear the mindset/belief/”lie”/story/energy….. rather than getting caught up in/perpetuating story that reinforces the unconscious program/”belief”……

Transform that Guilt into Gratitude by focusing on the Gifts received through every experience/exchange… our human focuses on the other… this is a part of becoming conscious again and clearing your physical body of the programming that keeps your body anchored in those old dimensional timelines/realities still…….

We bring 5D (and wayyyyyyy beyond)… THROUGH US… and we live it as it presents for us …. as our HEARTS and MINDS ARE TRULY OPEN and ready to embrace the new/perceived unknown through trust/faith/knowing/deep sacred inner connection…beyond the old limiting programs of our own old 3D consciousness… that we each held within. ♥

p.s. All of these programs/energies are of ALL EXISTENCES, not just this human one here. This is a part of “why” these seem so strong sometimes. It’s a part of each’s Cosmic Akash Clearing Processes…..

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Art Gratitude painting by Melina Del Mar

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known. 

DNA LIGHTBODY and QUANTUM UNIFIED FIELD ALIGNMENT: Divine Abundance Flow – Lisa Transcendence Brown

DNA Eternal Man~ Marie Schwarzer




These Light Codes assist you with further maintaining your own Divine Abundance in fully aligned flow… as you Master your own Energy as full Consciousness/Quantum Consciousness here. ♥

Observe and Realize/SEE, that your Energy, Divinely Aligned is what CREATES all that you “physically” receive. Your own ability to maintain Divine Flow…. is relative to all.

Mastering your own Energy is a KEYCODE activator.

All is activated as you HOLD all as LOVE, as you EMBRACE YOUR OWN PURE SOURCE LIGHT and CHOOSE how you are going to utilize this. This is your Divine Masculine, through the Divine Feminine… the DIRECTOR of your precious energy and “how you use it”, this determines all. ↓
As all realize that our fields, our energy, our Light is what holds all in place….. this is what births/creates, this is what calls all forth and dictates what all call “reality” here.

Energetic Exchange is how NEW Earth works…. it’s an exchange of ENERGY IN MANY FORMS… all emanating from deep sacred Love and Respect. It is an acknowledgement of your own value and an acknowledgement of the value you RECEIVE… there is zero lack involved… that was Old Earth/Unconscious programming….. here…. all is a whole new value system established through each’s experiences to “show”… how our NEW Earth Value Systems work. As you honor and respect yourself fully, you will come to honor and respect each other too. Only your ego/human aspect is unable to understand and come from this place/this space… because the SYSTEM is deeeeeeep deeeeeeep deeeeeeep inside where your SOUL is.

As you/each awakens to start to understand that what’s important changes, priorities change and the value of all changes too. It’s no longer about what anything once was… it’s an honor system of the highest integrity, the highest regard and respect, the purest form of LOVE…. ♥

As all awaken to realize that “I love you” is only spoken by/to humans, needing to “tell others” or “hear this”. For us, LOVE is how we treat each other, love is experienced by how we show each other, love is our ENERGY…. it’s transmitting through our fields, through our DIVINE PRESENCE and our actions….


LOVE is SIMPLE… it’s not complicated. That’s a human program too. LOVE IS KIND, generous and bounitful and there’s zero “taking” in love… love is an outward energy, not a “pulling energy” or a pushy energy, it’s an energy that just “IS”.

Love is PRESENCE… without any need at all.

Divine Abundance is a flow out…. that’s received on a Quantum Level, from every direction and vibrationally, in response to the ENERGY WE HOLD AND SHARE. Divine Abundance is a PRESENCE TOO… and it emanates out through how we direct the energy that flows out of us and how we “alchemize” all.

Divine Flow is natural, organic and easy. It’s not complicated to RECEIVE. It’s also not an expectation or need. It’s a RECOGNITION and a VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE… it’s also a way we SPEAK… energetically.

DIVINE RECEIVING is a vibrational response, on a Universal Level and an Cosmic One. It’s a direct correlation to the ENERGY EACH HOLD….. and naturally/organically transmits out through a DIVINELY ALIGNED PHYSICAL LIGHT BODY AND FIELD.

NEW Earth is how we live… it’s a presence that we hold and the outside becomes a vibrational match to live in. Fully. Vibrant, alive, full of color, inner-active, where abundance is everywhere, with every breath, with every exchange…. it’s a presence that COMMANDS a whole new Life to “magically” (vibrationally) arrive/appear/materialize……

Always available to each, truly ready to transcend all old and HOLD the highest everything here. ♥

Today, I share these Cosmic Codes with you… activated and transmitted to all …. just by opening completely up to RECEIVE and then choosing to live through Divine Abundance Flow too! ♥

Divine Abundance Flow …. is how we live. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



DNA Eternal Man~ Marie Schwarzer

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.

September Multi-Dimensional Energy Report/Overview – Lisa Transcendence Brown


September Multi-Dimensional Energy Report/Overview: SYSTEMIC RECONFIGURATIONS Begin


These new/next sets of Light Codes with this current Cosmic Re-Configurations Release that are about to increase/begin (they started yesterday), yet we’ve not started the “POWER” OF THE LIGHT BLASTING yet… thus far they are quiet, soft and working on a cellular level already, still preparing for the “massiveness” still to come forth…

These work through depth and overall…. to synchronize our Systems, the Systems, all Systems in all new ways. These work with WHOLE BODY SYSTEMS…. a huge restructuring process already underway…. ↓

Microcosm/Macrocosm… see every thing these work with, in every way that you can… in order to truly/fully understand. Expand your own perceptions, open your heart/higher mind consciousness to see …. all new ways… all new possibilities and all new “how” things come to be….. Look at EVERY THING that represents a “System” and you will see what all is “affected”/re-worked by all of these Cosmic Light Codes bellowing in/through constantly, as we continue to accelerate Planetary Evolution here.

The last two weeks have increased Cosmic Upgrades to our bodies, through our LightBodies and each “RECONFIGURATION BLAST” (upgrade), has worked with something different each time.

I’ve not yet shared all of this, because of the vastness of all. Since August, everything “delivered”/activated is like a 30-50 page writing, every couple of days to explain all on a multi-dimensional level, so again, I’ll overview here, and expand upon throughout my continual teachings/sharings, and/or, when I’m able to write the detailed break-down through Light Encoded guidance/support for all….

Acceleration of COLLECTIVE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BODY TEMPLATES & Harmonic Alignment Processes to re-align all with Gaia’s “new” 12D Template in place:

September “kicked off” the next level of a massive re-write/re-configuration process, continuing the previous linear month’s phases of Higher Dimensional Template re-writing/merging processes… first from the 5th/6th/7th/8th Templates “completed” years prior, to accelerate completion processes of the 9th Dimensional Collective/Gaia/Universal Template, to then move into Gaia/Universal/Collective 12D Template Linkups. All extremely intricate organic processes, occurring in phases until each process is complete, where Light Codes for each/all to fully integrate, are also disbursed in stages, where individual vs. collective differs, based upon each’s Individual Evolutionary Phases.

Linearly, Sept/Oct/Nov progressional timelines lead us into an pivotal 11/11/11 – 12/12 Cosmic Gateway Opening. Vibrationally is very different than linear is. All dates, just marker point (nothing we wait on, actually quite the opposite), showing us where we, as a multi-dimensional planet “are headed”, depending on our own overall vibrational/dimensional and what’s available to all who are pro-actively EMBRACING their own Multi-Dimensional Embodiment processes intentionally/consciously here.

August: (In addition to everything else I shared), The next phase of our Simplified Quantum Energetic Commerce System activated to come further on-line, further transitioning each out of their dependency on “form” to an Energetic program/system, built on integrity through exchange out of a Sacred Respect and honor system, where each recognizes “value” in all new ways (the opposite of the old). Each experiences their own personal “reset”, through Zero Point Field and builds a whole new infrastructure and foundation for all new realities fully aligned on a Soul Level here. This also occurs per collective, yet each collective (dimension) experiences this differently, based upon their current phase. A whole new construct replaces the old. Quantum replaces Linear. Energetic replaces fixed. More start to see/understand how Quantum Energy takes form and how to utilize/Direct their own Consciousness through Self-Mastery and how to function AS the Unified Field of Super Consciousness. This transition continues to amplify and accelerate as we go.

9/1: The words “megalomaniac”, which I had to go look up (we have to do this a lot at first, to understand and re-associate how all “truly is” on a multi-dimensional level, rather than a “single dimension” understanding, like we did before we gained access to all again here. Then the words “The Fall of Megalomania”, followed by seeing all this entails…. on every level, again… This also began an immense “Hormonal Re-Write” process, that continues with each influx of Light Codes that “deliver” the next part of the process for our bodies/inner realities/external realities that continues the further out we go across galaxies/through our own Galactic Core.

9/3: The next phase of Hormone System Re-Write Processes began. Whole body recalibration of how all of these work with the higher dimensional physical LightBodies and what all means for carbon-based human bodies too. Inner Heat/Cold temp fluctuations increase, as an important part of various LightBody phases (each phase experiences this differently). More “intense” fluctuation encapsulate each’s 2 Suns, as well as each’s various Galactic Core(s) activating/opening up.

9/5: The activation, recalibration and integration process of ​12D AxioTONAL Lines (Individual and Earth), to dissolve the separation between these dimensions, for all to become ONE dimension now. Completion of this integration led us into the next phase. Poles switch to “Nodes”.

9/6: Light Codes focused on all Living their Highest Dimension Dreams here. New excitement and freedom codes delivered to all fully embracing and transcending human judgment/lack/limitations, fully from within.

9/7: Cosmic Relationships Codes released for Harmonic Re-alignment of all relationships (starting from within). To every thing/each other/self/selves… collapsing/converging all at an even more accelerated rate. Stellar-Soul-Star Codes released activating Higher Dimensional Roles fulfilled by way of Union/Unity Consciousness for all that’s easily aligned, collapsing all that is not vibrational able/ready to/no longer in full alignment on a Soul Level here.

9/9: Zero Point/Reset Point and completion phases in a multitude of ways. Lots of “being instantly done and clearing old programs out, with the “blink of an eye”. Entire realities “gone” with a “poof”.

9/10:  Divine Abundance Flow codes released for integration and full harmonic alignment by each.

9/11: Systemic Re-configurations commence. I’ll write more on this as my own service schedule permits.

Cosmic StarGates/Gateways: We are cycling through many of these almost daily now. One gateway will open, then another, then another … as Light Codes FLOOD through, our ability to travel further, to actually be in multiple dimensions/realities simultaneously, in both the sleep and waking state is mind blowing lately. We can literally “sit” and watch ourselves “leave” and go to the other realities to pre-accomplish all of the “work”, while doing our current realities in Divine Flow here. This has become the “norm” these last few months, so much that I didn’t even notice it. I know I/we are working together in various states, yet to be present within a conversation and have the ability to expand beyond my body and actually walk into a whole new timeline and watch both/several running all simultaneously is way cool. Skipping “frames” to just be standing in a reality, without any recollection of the previous one, has taken on new meaning too. The convergence of multiple dimensions/realities is so seamless… which is a result of the recent Axiotonal Merging process, where the “division” between the 12 dimensions continues to diminish continually, through each’s integration and “Simplistic Processing Speed” (Plasma Crystalline Lightbody).

Seamless is how these new frequencies/realities/templates are… fluid, beautiful and flowing… distortions and disruptions to be observed and resolved by each.

Anything unresolved within, will collapse realities if each is not ready to let completely go/deal, as their own higher aspects here. Observing a ridiculous amount of collective stuff going on, as more hearts open and each learn how to stop pre-judging, as well as stop carrying others with their body/energy/fields.

Heavy/Light/Re-balancing magnetics in every way. High voltage energy is stimulating distortions like crazy for many collectives clearing individual akash systems, as well as deep stuff surfacing for release. Physical body re-coding/re-wiring, throwing many for a loop, as well as Linear to Quantum transitions for human aspects, with extreme challenges regarding their physical bodies and realities, where a deep inner connection has not been established yet.

The ease at which we all can move through timelines now is off the charts. Seeing what’s available and “going for it”, embracing new in every moment, while simply releasing all that is unable to easily align through Unity-Consciousness-Love. Simplicity is KEY and “how” we flow, because  we don’t let our head/ego get involved in things. Energetic Recognition brings new awareness of how our Fields of Consciousness work. The understanding that everything we allow affects all realities and timelines, means we consciously decide what’s acceptable, based upon deep Sacred Respect and love.

Freedom comes as each understand how individual akashes work. Whether conscious or unconscious, all is exactly as each “chose”/designed prior to incarnation/walking in here. This recognition acknowledges each’s free-will-choice in every experience here. As each achieves their own “Return to Full Consciousness”, the etheric cords of attachment dissolve, shifting all into their own Universe here. All of the victim mentalities, dependency and blame goes, as each becomes Sovereign through their own Physical Body Ascension, “leaving” Old Earth completely and beginning their NEW Earth REALities, which evolve from virtual/energetic re-birth that begins as each “achieves” 5th Dimensional Existence fully from within.

These higher dimensional templates activate much higher purposes for each to fulfill here. Each will have to clear their own judgement and open up to all new ways, that look nothing like the old. Challenges are for breaking down/dissolving linear constructs. Excitement is off the charts for entire collectives embracing and living these highest dimensional realities every day. Pure JOY and yes, magic… with every breath. Yes, there are many collectives experiencing heavy duty ego death, which each has to go through for full Ascension/Remembering to occur. Many collectives experiencing complete disrespect, while other collectives understanding and living from deep Sacred Respect.

Love, Unity and your own deep connection will determine your own experiences here. It’s important to realize, not everyone is in the same dimension physically. There’s no other way to say this. It’s all our “jobs” to unify all as Love here. This is our natural organic state/existence. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.

Human Collectives: Relationships Come “Under Fire” – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art: Heart by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America


Human Collectives: Relationships Come “Under Fire”. It’s Evolve Your Relationships “time” (Vibrationally)


We’ve entered a phase, where every aspect of our lives come under “scrutiny” in a way. There is a “rhyme and reason” for “why” and “how” all occurs…. there are infinite purposes… all to align each with their own selves/higher selves/Soul.

These energies continue to take each “deeper” into themselves… to weed through all belief systems that represent separation/unconsciousness and evolve each aspect of each’s life to a much higher state of consciousness than before.

One of these areas is “friends and family”…. of which the human ego has attachments, expectations and “need”. They put their “faith and trust” in others outside, knowing deep inside that all is not PURE.

Betrayal is an energy that brings “disappointment” and “hurt”, which is deep separation from each’s own Pure Source Self-Light…. where there is a distortion carried forth to “this body/now” from all existences…. where each was betrayed/betrayed… held within each’s cells/cellular memory/data-banks… and all of this energy must be cleared from the body for it to raise it’s vibration high enough for Ascended NEW Earth to come forth for each from within.

Betrayal is located in the upper back region of each’s body, the whole section, yet also under the shoulder-blades (where each’s wings are), yet it’s also a Root Chakra program still. There is immense “hurt” and betrayal on a multi-existence level…. of Jesus/Judas, God/Prime Creator & Lucifer, Angelics/Fallen Angels, Galactic Races, LeMUria/Atlantis, Egyptian and so much more… each person holds this energy in their bodies until vibrationally this energy is “triggered” to start to purify/cleanse/purge/release…. Each’s individual journey will determine this, yet we enter a heightened phase where entire collectives shall be “activated” by way of these Cosmic Frequencies to “target” these collective existences to start to clear the body, which play out in each’s physical reality, where ascension has not yet occurred.

Early in my own awakening, I realized how Betrayal worked… I also realized about “friendships” and all the Quantum Entanglement, cords of attachment, inner-twined energies and all of that had to be “undone”. I will post the link at the bottom to an article I wrote then and also included in “Navigating Dimensions” Ascension Guide Book. It was my own realizations and alignment process and a new “how to” live by… and to start to establish new relationships/relation-shifts with those who entered my life, which is a building of all new, on all new energetics of the highest Sacred inner-integrity, respect, honor, kindness, consideration and mutual exchange of energy that supports, inspires and contributes as SOUL FAMILY and STAR Family here. Human ego aspects don’t have the capability to understand this yet, because they’ve not gone to the depths of their own Core, through their own Great Central Sun and Galactic Corridors to REMEMBER how we behave/treat each other, which is showing up for ourselves fully first, then for each other as a part of a whole. Human experience is what teaches each… what’s aligned and pure and what’s not.

We enter a phase where human relationships dis-integrate at an accelerated rate, to make way for much higher consciousness ones. The amount of victim energy, blame energy, hurt energy and even hate energy during these phases can get intense, because the human ego doesn’t understand “why” these things occur… as a part of their own cellular/vibrational frequencies held and transmitted out to call forth those Souls to play this part as a huge clearing and realignment process for them.

This phase is a re-harmonizing…. a tuning process …. to clear constructs/all not in fully harmonic alignment from within each. All of the “external” that’s not aligned, becomes visible by way of actual experience until each can learn to READ ENERGY and choose, Master and stand as their own Sovereign Creator, instead of an ego/victim/blame one.

These energies have to clear each’s body & field. This can be done in a multitude of ways. One can be fully present, observe, identify and truly see how their own ENERGIES CREATED and ALLOWED that… where on a Soul Level they’ve been clearing Karmic timelines and how a Unified Existence does not experience these things….

These are going to “hit home” for many…. take them to depths not “visited” before… this is a very important part of the process. I write this for those who may observe these experiences, to be able to connect deeper and expand perspectives to view from a higher self/Soul Level, rather than unconsciously playing out the “human ego/get caught up in the drama” one.

For many, the drama is what clears their energy… which is full blown “I’m a victim, look what they did to me, I need validation as a victim” duality game… yet the more ego, the more this has to play itself out for each. The more presence, awareness, the easier it is to expand and clear the energy faster/instantly and UNIFY FULLY within….. to restore PEACE and LOVE and to shift vibrationally to a whole new reality/timeline…

This is the forging, the forming of all new relationships… nothing like the old ones were. These are pure… yet the first and most important relationship we all have is with our own SOUL self, as our Highest Aspects…. so that our “new relationships” can be aligned by us…. intentionally and fully conscious.

Our NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS are built, they are constructed and formed over “time”. There’s not one ounce of lack, need or compromise involved. There’s zero dependency and because all agendas are visible, there’s no hidden anything anymore… Our NEW Earth Relationships go through a lot for years, as we come in and out of each other’s lives for awhile, clearing karmic residue, until we’ve cleared the entire timeline and all of the energy we held within. Then we move to “short exchanges”, where there’s a vibrational purpose, yet the relationship can’t fully form, because everyone is in different places, vibrationally…. The only “long term” exchanges we have are with others who are fully aligned within themselves and fully invested in creating and together…. and living by Our NEW Earth Value System… which is nothing like Old Earth’s was.

Each will have to go through these experiences, to “learn” what PURE EXISTENCES are, to “learn” how the human ego works and raise their own vibration high enough to HOLD IT, so their own reality can fully align on a Soul-Star-Light BEing level here. Each exchange will “show” each… what UNITY-LOVE-CONSCIOUSNESS truly is…. where it doesn’t exist yet, where distortions are still held and where each is not yet able to fully stand/exist/live as their own Highest Aspect Selves….

FOR SOME, this will be the most challenging part of the process…. because where there is any unconsciousness, the purposes/reasons/energy can’t be seen… The programs not visible up front, because the person is focused on the external first, instead of living fully in-tune and in-harmony from within yet. Human aspects attach their energy, mentalities, beliefs… “put onto another” and hold expectations, entitlement and “wish and hope” the other person is honest, respectful, considerate and comes from purity, instead of tuning in on an energetic level first to see which multi-dimensional aspect they are inner-acting with, relative to their own vibration/energy and what each is seeking, the patterns/themes for what brings each together… whether they are highest aligned or serving a “lower self” need/lack/agreement….

Human ego gets their feelings hurt… Souls don’t. I hear so many say “my Soul is hurt”. No, that’s your ego. Your Soul is PURE. Everything else is ego…. and a clearing/cleansing process that has to occur…..

Your Soul doesn’t get tired…. your human does… Your Soul is your LightBody and it only depletes when you have to break down programs on a cellular level, linear programs and distortions held within. Over-giving, over-taking, trying too hard, resistance, protection mechanisms, giving your self away to others… instead of holding your own, focusing your own energy and maintaining/managing your own Energy and entire reality as LOVE….. Your POWER comes through full consciousness, yet every aspect not conscious must “deplete”, this is a part of the cellular deconstruction phase…. Your human is too resistant, too tough, so it must be “broken down”. Photonic light will do this for you…. where your fight will finally go… where all of your blame will finally go… where your own separation will finally go…. so that your entire body can fully awaken, shift, come online ….. for your NEW Earth Existence that is PURE.

Your Soul can’t be hurt… Your Soul is awake, aware, conscious, present and in COMMAND as LOVE at all times. The rest is your human ego…. and every reality constructed from this… This is what is being re-worked…. so that each can rebuild all new relationships from DEEP inside that are PURE……. ♥

Observe and take your blinders off, observe and be totally honest with your self. Observe and SEE through your own Higher-Self-Heart-Mind and you will REALize what’s aligned, what’s not and “why” things are occurring in your own reality….. because you created, allowed, believed…. Now you have a CHOICE.

I love you! Get ready. For our highest Star Families to Unite, our Highest Soul Families to Unite… all as Light BEings here… all those egoic, lack based realities must dissolve or be re-aligned if they are to continue into the next timelines….. otherwise the entire timeline will go. As higher selves, we close those old timelines out ourselves, mark those Soul Agreements paid in full and write all new realities, activate all new realities and call forth our own highest aligned realities to experience here. September is a massive Passageway… to bring more together who are truly ready and stepping up…. who are truly ready to invest in creating new together and share together as love too. This can’t occur as long as everyone’s still holding onto the old…. observe your own relationships/yourself…. this will show you everything you need to know here.

Happy magical everything! It’s time to do more awesome! You’ve got this, we’ve got this… Hold the Energy of your highest timelines/realities in place from within you…. so that they can materialize for you too! ♥

Rocking NEW Earth as LOVE,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

This article was my own early days of sharings… on one of my other websites that I wrote on/shared from then. Remember, we are in Cosmic Akash Clearings… where all “Karma”/Matrix Programming is held/was created from…. as those levels of consciousness dissolve/dis-member and all is re-worked through Purity Love. ♥


Art: Heart by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

DNA LIGHTBODY: Hormonal System Re-Writes in Progress – Lisa Transcendence Brown


DNA LIGHTBODY: Hormonal System Re-Writes in Progress, Huge Integration Day… Will Share Extensive Write-Up As it’s Completed



Aloha love family!

Today is another powerful anchoring/integration day… thus far… so honor your body/you as you complete the immense process of all that came through yesterday and blasted us from within … in massive Light.

I have a HUGE writing to share, yet for now… this whole last week, these focus on DNA through a HORMONE SYSTEM RE-WRITE…. that works through every particle of y/our Systems and Glands and organs…. so HOW your body works will be very different….

DNA REWRITES work on a Core Level, a Quantum Level, a genetic and cellular/molecular level… and your own understanding will come as you TUNE INTO YOUR Physical LIGHT/BODY COMPLETELY… listen to it, literally… listen and you’ll hear new words, new explanations… that don’t yet make logical sense, because this is VIBRATIONAL and not an old linear logical experience….

TUNE INTO YOUR ENERGY BODY…. what does it tell you it needs? Has it built itself so high that you can transmit Light with great ease? Is your ENERGY BODY DEPLETED and need rest, need rejuvenation, replenshing space/time?

YOUR LIGHT BODY works on your own Pure Source Light. How you use/SPEND your ENERGY will matter in every way. What you INVEST your ENERGY in…. what you allow in your own VIBRATORY FIELD…. this is beyond important as well.

As you start to PAY attention to what you allow…. you’ll actually start to SEE and UNDERSTAND everything… in all new ways… and how IMPORTANT your Energy/Body is…. and how your own LIGHT dictates all…..

YOUR body has to re-write, re-structure, re-code, re-calibrate constantly, clearing dense programming where it was held/HOUSED in your Sacred Temple Body…. your own little Light Ship….. your NEW EARTH BODY…. are you giving it the love, attention, support and CARE that it requires.. to actually live and exist in multiple dimensions easily?

Right now, lymphatic systems, adrenals, pituitary/pineal, estrogen and testosterone levels are substantially being re-coded/re-worked….Every gland, every secretion, every bio-electrical impulse and chemical in your body is being de-densified and re-working itself through a much higher intelligence than any ego aspect can understand… so have patience, love, respect and listen to your body…… It has to awaken fully and come into/evolve back into full consciousness too.

If you will listen to your body, it will tell you everything you “need” to know. If it doesn’t, then your ego’s in the way and ‘knowing” will actually create an energetic disruption in your process. There is a huge learning-curve to this process… one where we all “learn” that we will understand as we allow ourselves to TUNE IN FULLY, be silent and listen…. observe…. see through our hearts and higher mind consciousness, which is very different than our human mind…. One is receptive/all knowing, the other is pushy, insistent and impatient… and interrupts actually listening/hearing….

DNA RE-WRITES are off the charts on a daily basis now. We are in acceleration processes that make all previous ones look minimal…. Actually sit with this and ask yourself: What do I expect as my DNA completely re-writes itself to something new? What do I expect my body to do as my Higher Selves “move into my body” (descend) and “take over”? Because your ego doesn’t like this part…. yet as your LIGHT EVOLVES, you evolve into your own highest aspects of WHO you TRULY are…. your own SOUL and your ego dissolves….

This is a BEYOND POWERFUL “time” (COSMIC ALIGNMENT PHASE)…. where entire hiSTORIES are re-written anew. Where all that you do desire comes forth, as you transcend your own ego aspects of you.

Your human mind will create resistance and “slow” all down. Surrender your human mind by opening your heart fully, so that your own higher mind can come online easier….

I will share more in detail about the entire LIGHTBODY SYSTEM RE-WRITES, as soon as I get it all written up to share. ♥

P.S. Each dimensional LightBody phase experiences all differently, and everyone is in THEIR OWN PERFECT PLACE…. not always the same…. There are so many different vibrational timelines running now… every dimensional experience relative to each’s LIGHT HELD…. focus on your own Light…your actual physical reality is dependent on this.

I love you! ♥

Have a most magical and amazing day anchoring more of your own Dreams into your physical experiences too! ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.p.s. High frequency photonic waves (with plasma bursts mixed in) are the energy thus far today. Lifting, re-tuning, re-harmonizing all…… ♫


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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September Multi-Dimensional Energy Forecast/Report – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist Junko Kuge


September Multi-Dimensional Energy Forecast/Report


Many are starting to realize that there are multiple dimensions of realities running now. Different collectives, based upon different belief systems (BS), as well as different physical body densities, different LightBody phases, all umbrella’d under a “big matrix” of either Old Earth or NEW. Some have one foot in each…. some teeter-totter back and forth. Yet in coming to fully understand Multi-Dimensional Existence, it’s not a linear understanding, it’s a vibrational one.

We have an Old Earth Matrix Programs, Networks and Systems, comprised of unconscious programming, fear, scarcity, judgment, division, no trust, victim mentalities/give my power away or “power over”, control and boxes of fixed limits and that each still believe. Within this Matrix System, each doesn’t realize yet that they hold these structures in place. The matrix is inside of them, yet they have yet to go inward to dissolve/resolve and come into their power (as LOVE) yet. This one operates at “refusal to change” and “fight” the outside…. as it’s at fault/blame. This collective watches the outside world and believes it as REAL, because it’s basically all that’s visible, as their heart has not opened, so their inner vision has not opened up to see any other realities exist.

We have the Transitory Matrix Programs, Networks and Systems, comprised of partly awake, yet still holding on, still trying to conform to the old ways. This one is still seeking, learning, starting to open up and experience the brilliance of the Higher Dimensional Realms. There is often still some semblance of footing in place, as the human ego does not do well with the “unknown”. This Transitory Phase is important and necessary for each, as it’s where each “builds” their connection with their own Higher Selves, builds a whole new relationship of trust, by starting to believe in what might not yet be visible. This is the FEELING REALM. Where each clears immense unresolved and suppressed feelings from their cellular body, so their LightBody can fully activate to bring them on-line. This phase can take many linear years/even one’s whole lifetime, until each is ready to fully “leave the old” and “move to all new” and let the old completely go. This is where “loss occurs” (a perception only, as how “loss” works on an Quantum/Energetic Level and a Cosmic ONE has very different “truths”. This is where each awakens to Universal Laws that govern realities, not the reverse. Each’s life goes through huge transitions; Relationships, jobs, where each lives… all revolving around “relationship to SELF”, with/as each’s own Higher Self. This is where our Kundalini (Spirit/Soul/Universal LightBody) energy awakens in our bodies… and our physical body begins a massive clearing process, where all matrix/ego constructs start to break down/dissolve, to bring one more into UNION within each’s self.

We have the NEW Earth Matrix Programs, Networks and Systems, comprised of all who have transitioned (or are mostly transitioned), working daily to create, inspire, awaken and birth all anew, anchoring LIGHT within their body vessels and radiating this out into our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WORLD/EARTH to collectively shift entire realities who are ready to come on-board and join, unite, share, contribute as LOVE too. This MATRIX IS VAST WITHIN ITSELF, as it’s comprised of many different Matrixes within it too. Yet nothing like the old, these are all Cosmic, Quantum and Energetic, Vibrational and an intricate networking system within itself. The difference is this ONE/UMBRELLA is built/constructed on/from PURITY – LOVE – CONSCIOUSNESS, and everything emanates from this. Each’s physical body goes through huge template re-writes constantly, bringing each higher dimensional aspect online. First the Light Grid of NEW Earth, then the Crystalline Grid, then the Plasma Crystalline Grid (and many more). Each one’s intricacies overlaying and weaving into the prior one. Each time one steps up/accelerates through vast processes, elevates their consciousness even more, goes deeper into their own depths (SOULar/Galactic) more access is opened up than before. These OPERATING SYSTEMS are very different than the old. These don’t hold duality, so there’s no battle, no struggle, no fight. This is a very different existence, where all flows and functions in UNISON and CONTRIBUTES to a much bigger picture for us all.

Which Matrix System each will “fall under”, will be determined by many things. I write this Quantum Energy Report/Cosmic Energy Report/Earthly Energy Report to address all/as many of these as possible, as Dimensional Experiences are all over the place for many right now.

Transitions are occurring by collectives… and within those collectives, each is in their own personal phase. Initiations and passageways are completed as each clears the ENERGY HELD that kept their body bound to a certain vibrational bandwidth. These bandwidths are broken down in to Dimensions, or Dimensional Timelines or Alternate Realities or whatever each wants to use to describe. The words don’t matter. The Vibrational and Energetic and Physical EXPERIENCE does….

So, I address this by various collectives, then will shift to a different way. Some of what I write/share, addresses many of these simultaneously. The human ego will try to “fit into one”, while in essence it’s all of them, dependent on the “DEGREE”.

For those who have exited and live all NEW EARTH REALITIES, the old is barely visible, if at all. We actually have to “go look” to see what is occurring in the other dimensions, as it doesn’t present itself “often” in our own realities anymore. This is because our realities are completely VIBRATIONAL and ENERGETIC and a RESPONSE to what we hold, tolerate, allow… to what WE CONSCIOUSLY AND INTENTIONALLY CREATE and transmit out by way of LIGHT CODES into/through/across all dimensions…. with our every breath.

There are PURPOSES FOR EVERY EXPERIENCE, a vibrational “reason” why all occurs. Yet it’s not what the human (ego) aspect “thinks”. It’s way more than all of that. So for each to actually see and understand, their hearts and minds have to be completely wide open, otherwise their are judgments, conditions, limits and old mentalities are “in the way” still.

OSCILLATING BACK AND FORTH: Every time we go through a huge collective up-shift, entire collectives will clear old Matrix Programming and where it was still held within cellular memory as imprints before. The DEGREE of this experience will be dependent on how strong the ENERGY is… of the “old” unconscious, fear-based, dualistic programming….

As humans we believed the emotion as REAL(ity)…. because the emotion was sooooooo strong. We believed the “thoughts” as REAL, because the BELIEF ENERGY was sooooooo strong. So much “story” involved (victim). The continual insistence, and “hey, that’s what we learned/were told”, yet as each’s heart fully opens, “that” is no longer true. That was a “figment of our unconscious imagination” …. just a belief… yet to the/our human ego, we still don’t want to BElieve that reality is not as we “thought it was”. WE still don’t want to entertain (inner-tain) the alternatives. Human ego aspects, unconscious/closed heart/closed mind… will insist it “doesn’t have a CHOICE”, BECAUSE It doesn’t LIKE the choices it has, it doesn’t like the ALTERNATIVE, when in essence, “those” are where we each have to GO, to break the power and strength of the old programming, the old constructs… that we each held within. ♥

The human aspect doesn’t understand “LOSS”… and the REASONS this occurs. Loss is the word used to DESCRIBE the dissolving of “that reality” because it was not highest aligned on a SOUL Level, because “that” represented UNCONSCIOUS WAYS, because “that” was safe and represented “holding on” and as “that” goes…. the ENERGY that held all in place is able to unanchor from the physical body, so that further Ascension can occur. Loss is relative to NEED. If we NEED it to be happy, if we NEED it to feel safe, protected or to feel important, powerful… in charge… if we need it, because we have an attachment, it defines us (stories/others/things), then it often HAS TO GO, before we understand “that’s not true”. On a Quantum Level, need is lack and lack is of the 3rd Dimension of Unconsciousness… it represents “zero connection” inside and no faith/trust/relationship with our Universal Higher Self aspects of ourselves….. THIS IS WHY “LOSS” OCCURS, to re-establish what was “Lost” when we all fell from consciousness, the higher dimensional realms… into the Lower Frequency Bandwidth ones…. to live out realities that were an old illusion….. that we worked hard to comply with, got complacent and became complicit in…. through our own “wanting to ignore”/not see…. not leave/move on/ deal and say “no more”, as LOVE.

Cosmic Influxes, blasts, awakenings, RAYS (Radiation) and HARMONIC RE-ALIGNMENT will continue to increase for us all. How we experience this will be relative to the MATRIX THAT OUR BODY HOLDS, how “well” we integrate our own Light into our physical bodies all day every day. How dense/unconscious our physical bodies still are and how much they still have to purify, recode and clear. Our physical body templates are in CONSTANT RE-WRITING PROCESSES now. The denser our physical body, the denser our brain/we are. Literally. The denser our bodies, the more emotional and physical these PHOTONIC LIGHT-BODY processes are. Every CELL in our bodies have to awaken to bring our bodies online with NEW EARTH DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCES, which start with the 5th Dimension and as each learns HOW birthing processes work, Mastering all through Full Consciousness and the DIRECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF QUANTUM ENERGY, a Maturation Process begins. First birthing and playing on NEW Earth, then the 6th Dimension opens up and the 7th and the 8th and so on…. each one of these is a passageway, where each LEARNS HOW TO BECOME A NEW Earth HUman, an entirely new “Species” is born here, as each re-evolves back into all that they “forgot themselves to BE”, and each’s DNA is constantly re-written to each of these Higher Self Aspects, until all LIGHT CODES can be embodied and held for each’s OverSoul/Avatar Body to complete itself. These EM-BODY-ment processes mean that each fully transitions all old with each phase from within. All new realities constantly birthed from within. The old no longer visible, as each shifts their own focus, their own reSOURCES, their own ENERGY, to aligning their own ENTIRE REALITY…. to vibrate into all new realities physically… with their various LightBodies that carry the Soul-Star-Stellar Codes to easily accomplish this.

NOW FOR THE QUANTUM COSMIC ENERGY REPORT (because all of that was important first):

Entire collectives finally starting to experience and see…. by way of the skies, nature, the new colors and hues, softer and more exciting experiences… so much HAPPY… so much, they will not compromise or accept the “old” anymore. No longer acceptable as appropriate… as that’s what kept all re-experiencing the unconscious loops that continue until each is ready to get of “that ride”…. and let go, float and fly!

The deep inner peace, the Beauty, the Magic… the magnificence… it was always here and available…. yet each has to CHOOSE and be totally ready, as what comes up from our own Depths of Hell that awakens with a vengeance, takes everything we’ve got to “make it through. Often wanting off this ship…. because we get tired of the struggle and challenges, that will pass and faster each time, until all struggle energy is gone…. because that was our own Matrix Programming and we get to choose HOW we experience all. Fully Conscious and honoring/allowing the energy to clear, while we stay focused and hold the absolute highest timelines/realities as “real” until it does…. Sometimes just an hour or two, a whole day is a biggie for us.

Many collectives experiencing the immensity of their own Every-Existence Karmic Timelines, which varies based upon the Akashic Levels Clearing at that time. The first level is human karma (unconsciousness), reversing all and learning how not to create new Karma (unconscious acts) anymore. Once this is achieved by each, there will be a period of “No Karma” (often years), while each starts to intentionally create from full consciousness, intentionally act from Love, intentionally hold the new in place…. yet this phase is just a part of the process too. Once that “Level” has been cleared, the next DEEPER LEVEL will begin, then the next and the next and the next…. and with each one, a new Matrix is revealed…..

Human Consciousness first… each’s LightBody activates… then a portion/part of an OverSoul Template that occurs with the completion of each process, gateway, passageway, initiation, graduation, phase…. The DIVINE UNION of one’s Higher Self and Human Self is when Ascension through Higher Consciousness occurs.... which then activates the physical body/Merkaba activating processes…. which occur as each’s cells shake, vibrate, move and blend/merge/sync up with each’s field… to complete “bringing the body through”, all the while, each’s person’s physical reality is TRANSITIONING TOO.

For those newly awakened, for those somewhat awake, for those fully awake…. the ENERGY IS THE SAME. The physical experience is what differs, based upon the physical dimension each’s body is located in, LightBody Template online and emotional/mental/physical density still held, which is what “makes up” each’s individual Matrix Experience here.

Heavy Density/Separation/Unconscious Programming = Intense Waking Up Processes, Catastrophic, Devastating, Chaotic, Heart-Wrenching, Heart-Breaking, Deep hurt and pain coming up. These have the most Karmic Timelines to clear here. (I was one of these). Physical weight and body type has nothing to do with this. This is on a cellular level.

As the BODY CLEARS all of the toxins of all that were eaten, breathed, accepted, allowed, packed into the body (blame, shame, guilt, judgment, compromise, selfishness, greed, manipulation, complacency, ignoring, control, fixed/rigid beliefs, death/dead foods and everything ever ingested/breathed/absorbed into the body…. held within the body… it will start to LIGHT’en, and often get bigger as it does. Lightening up doesn’t mean weight, as your gravitational field with your whole body is changing, physical matter-mass ratio is changing and you start to “float” from inside, so your body will get “heavier” for awhile. Body weight continually changes, as density changes, as the EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS, MENTALITIES, BELIEFS were what were HEAVY… the LACK and the NEED were what were heavy…. all compacted in that body… that now says “enough”.

Your PHYSICAL BODY VIBRATION is the CRUX of all of this. Happy is Light’r. Need is heavy. Kindness opens our hearts, it’s Light’r. Generosity is Light’r. Survival is HEAVY. Protection closes the heart, makes the body Heavier and anchors it in a Lower Dimension = Heavier Density….. Anger is Heavy, Hurt is Heavy, Blame is Heavy, Guilt is Heavy, Shame is Heavy, Judgment is Heavy…. and all of these HEAVY EMOTIONS are what each has to fully clear, for PHYSICAL BODY ASCENSION to come to actually LIVE ON NEW EARTH fully…… now. Obligation is Heavy. Hanging On is Heavy. Pushing/Pulling/Imposing/Bullying/Manipulation…. all Heavy… and as long as these ENERGIES are housed in each’s BODY, the body is HEAVY, no matter how small or skinny it might appear. Just light bigger bodies appear to be Denser. Not always the case. The amount of PROGRAMMING… RESISTANCE/CLOSED HEART… this is what causes the body to go haywire (Quantum), as each’s LIGHT can’t function properly inside of the body, each’s NEW EARTH TEMPLATE can’t come online…..


Old Earth realities continue to “die”, because they were created and held together by DENSE HEAVY PROGRAMS/ENERGIES…. the entire Dimension dies…. and those here to re-birth anew, will be “born again”, yet not as most “think” and there’s not one ounce of duality or human belief systems (BS) involved in this PURE EXPERIENCE where pure love emerges from within and fills our whole body cavity and our NEW EARTH LightBody Template activates …..

NEW EARTH is completely ALIVE and Awake, Gaia is vibrant and merged on a Universal/Galactic Level and all exists through Purity and Beauty and Brilliance… It’s the most Magnificent Magical Experience, that first must be accessed/felt/allowed/experienced from within…. and AS EACH HOLDS this vibration…. outside will start to materialize more and more and more… in response.

Human Matrixes: Breakdown Dissolution/Dissolving process. Aging and death cycles are increasingly accelerated. Mind-Control continues to go. The entire construct for these realities continue to appear to collapse, which is just the dissolution of the physical manifestation of unconscious programming… which is what held all of that in place to start with. This is how all appears when higher dimensional timelines need to open up. It’s a HARMONIC CONVERGENCE, where all must be brought into full Universal/Cosmic Harmony and all not vibrationally aligned cannot “maintain form” anymore.

NEW Earth Matrixes: Strengthen, continue to expand and replace the old. Crystalline/Christed Consciousness is the basis and LOVE is the foundation for all. (Not human need love, as that is Lack still. This is A PURE LOVE, that comes forth as all REMEMBER FULLY AGAIN). Our Star Families, Soul Families, Light Families…. each one of us stepping into our next higher purposes/roles, fulfilling Galactic Missions and anchoring much higher dimensional realities, both individually and “where compatible energy signatures” (this is very different than human realities were), UNIFY to share, support, contribute, accomplish and all receive together…. Distortions create an imbalance vibrationally, therefore the entire reality must be constantly re-tuned/re-calibrated/realigned…. as each is fully RESPONSIBLE for what they transmit out. Too many distortions dissolve the entire reality, which is why it’s so important for each to hold themselves fully accountable for their own ENERGY and not “rely” on others for this. Where there is reliance, this will dissolve as well.

Transitional Matrix: Is where all “learn”… how to be what they already are, how to read the field as Consciousness, how to fulfill their highest roles here, how to dissolve/resolve, how to construct anew, how all human ego programming works and how to clear all of their existences/karmic timelines and not re-create those here. This phase is a long one. It en-Compasses everything, because all duality must be resolved for full UNION TO OCCUR within. Then, more Union processes occur, with each Embodiment Template Building Process. There are infinite Unions, that bring each into FULL DIVINE SACRED PURE UNION here. Each activation of higher consciousness will activate a whole distortion clearing process to begin. The “completion” of this process (often years) is where the Embodiment Process completes.

To complete OverSoul Embodiment/Avatar Embodiment…. all 144 Templates must be activated, the entire physical body cleared, purified, cleansed of any/all existences/distortions not fully in PURE HARMONY on a Cosmic Level from within the physical body form and field. This is a natural and organic process achieved through PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS and the activation/completion of each’s 2222 SOURCE Codes (Cosmic Diamond Light Code Rainbow Body Template first activated by way of geometric Light Codes relative to each vibrational consciousness making up the full template for each).

SEPTEMBER... will be relative to each’s LightBody phase. The 3D LightBody is barely active and has been unable to build. The human body will sustain on things (meat, carbs, social activity and through ignorance of any of this (yet). The 4D LightBody is trying to activate, yet there’s still so much emotional density (Story) held onto and the body can’t fully sustain. 3D/4D Bodies: An immense physical “purging” of lower density emotions/mentalities and where these were anchored on a cellular level in the body will increase in intensity until the STRUCTURES of the cell and whole body template are able to BREAK DOWN THE LINEAR CONSTRUCTS and start to build non-linear Geometric ones. The 5D LightBody is able to GENERATE it’s own Energy, by way of the frequencies each “hears” of their own Universe/Cosmos, which tune the body to higher frequencies constantly, while clearing out “lower vibrational” programs “easier”, because the density of the EMOTIONS have finally been cleared. The passageway for the 5th Dimensional Lightbody and the 6th Dimensional LighBody is each merging with their own Higher Self and starting to step up into INTENTIONAL CONSCIOUS CREATION ROLES, by way of their own Pure Source Light activated and held from inside. There is a “play period, a period of being fully supported, to completely let go and “trust”… and then this will shift, into each moving into fulfilling higher roles here in a multitude of ways. Not just “one” or “two” anymore….

SEPTEMBER will return magnificence, it will uproot and shake that which was needing to be Unearthed… it will awaken more, make more visible, bring more opportunity, dissolve more old, test every limit the human still has, show conditioned programs and more. It will move all MUCH HIGHER and clear DENSE PROGRAMS…. just like before, yet in greater Magnitude… whatever is “buried” shall be “brought into Light” for each to see within themselves, what they could not/didn’t want to see/deal with/resolve through Love before. It will blow portals and gateways of each’s HEART WIDE open, bring FLOODS of anything needing to be FELT forth…. all to open each’s hearts and minds more…. and transition each into their “next new”, whatever phase that is……

SEPTEMBER will prepare many and is preparation phases for those fully conscious…. for October-November-December timelines and template shifting within Gaia and Universally/Galactically too. Not only do we enter more Planetary Cycles that are important (these are INSIDE), it’s also Equinox month, which means massive clearing of the old….. entire collectives “faced” with CHOOSING and holding the much higher vibrational timelines in place, UNTIL ALL CAN COMPLETELY SHIFT… which brings a massive collective up-shift for all. This is a massive passageway, an initiation for entire collectives here… CHOICE POINT for many, yet exhilaration for many too. The EXPERIENCING of the most magnificence, a RETURN to CONSCIOUSNESS and actually experiencing what is considered by many to be “new”. This NEW, is our higher dimensional realities, that all have dreamed of, worked for (through dedication/service/light), a CONVERGENCE OF HIGHER DIMENSIONS THAT WE CALL REALITY…. all merging in the same SPACE as we VIBRATE INTO IT.

COSMIC TIMELINES AND CONTINUAL HARMONIZATION PROCESSES increase every day now. Acceleration of our “new” DNA, where our Light Codes “turn on” in our bodies… more…. and our bodies begin/continue our individual evolutionary processes, organic and natural ones as our own Consciousness awakens and evolves from within us, linking us up to an entire NETWORKING SYSTEM that’s alive, breathing, communicating ENERGETICALLY from within us… with StarGate (Systems) that were also located within our bodies and fields too….

SEPTEMBER WILL UNITE MORE and show each where they still hold diversity, division and separation within. The more unconscious, the more this plays out in each’s own physical/virtual reality… frequency bandwidth occupied…. transmitted and received from each’s body, thoughts, emotions….

SEPTEMBER will offer more possibilities and potentials to all who are truly ready for this. Zero Point Field will “throw” realities at each (appearance)… as becoming Quantum means manuevering, mastering and utlizing/accomplishing each “delivery”, without letting your human-ego limits get involved again. These are “excuses”…. as each will overcome all limits previously (self) imposed/believed. The body no longer a limit, the external no longer a limit… your Consicousness now dictates all….. and expands BEYOND YOUR BODY… yet learning “how” to function “this new way”, is like a toddler that’s just learning to stand up and take it’s first step, or having training wheels on our bike….. The training wheels come off when each is ready to stretch their arms out wide, trust and GO FOR IT…. just as the baby taking that step, wobbly, falling down, maybe a scratch/maybe not and getting up again, MORE AS A HIGHER SELF… ready to conquer all…. from within.

SEPTEMBER IS A PORTAL, A PASSAGEWAY, A GATEWAY… IT OPENS UP DOORS/PORTALS AND CLOSES OUT ALL THAT REPRESENTS UNCONSCIOUSNESS/OLD….. (Every moment technically is, yet each dimension experiences “linear time” differently… so months/years don’t technically matter, as these are human creation too….. so ENERGETICALLY… this PHASE replaces this “time”… VIBRATIONAL EXPERIENCES replace “time”…. or when…. everything is NOW…. the planetary cycles tell us what is going to be focused on…. relationships, foundational structures and beliefs…they tell us which planet rules what, so we know what to be aware of as it presents within us and/or our external reality too…. they tell us what ENERGIES can emerge, yet this is relative to density and light too…. Everything is.

WE have INCREASING Galactic presence, SOULar presence, Planetary Alignment Presence which GOVERNS our presence here. As each’s Cosmos activates inside, then WE become THIS PRESENCE…. here.

SEPTEMBER IS BUT A WORD to explain cosmic/planetary/photonic “times” that are now occurring on a more powerful scale than ever before. Let go of the “fear” and see what each represents for your FOCUS, your dedicated Energy, your own priorities… and “HOW” you spend your energy, contribute your energy, reserve and build your energy, regenerate your energy, replenish your Energy (Body) and you’ll SEE how every moment/month/year is now going to INCREASE AND ACCELERATE what you hold as Light here. It’s going to activate/increase your Light, in your DNA body, within Gaia and Atmospherically too. More bio-electrical impulses, more photonic experiences, more re-writing REALity…… offer more for those truly ready… and unite more truly open to sharing, contributing, participating consciously in creating/building/uniting/BEing OUR NEW EARTH…. here.

I love you…. inJOY the magic inside and outside too…. honor your body’s processes, clear your field of distortions, choose to tune to everything of the highest vibration possible… for easier shifting/tuning processes to occur. ♥

Your NEW Earth Experience is based upon your own generosity, your own gratitude and appreciation, your own deep inner connection, your own inner-power-courage-love, your own “breaking the cycles”, your own refusal to accept the old as your reality anymore, your own ENERGY…. as what you project out/transmit out…. creates your own VIBRATIONAL FEEDBACK for what you experience here. A part of having pre-cogitative abilities (we all do) means you observe your own vibration and then look at what you are creating to experience here. You get a choice, if you are fully conscious…. choose your VIBRATION… the rest, well…. relative to each of our own consciousness here.

Let’s do this awesomeness….. as it’s as abound as much as you/we all create and allow! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Artist Junko Kuge

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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