YOU AS YOUR LIGHTBODY directly affect physical matter. Your Light Quotient Integrated/Embodied and how all communicates on a Quantum Level… How easily your body processes Quantum Photonic Light, how easily you read the field, how easily you hold LOVE as your every breath…. your ability to “affect” physical matter is very different and simple here….. PHYSICAL MATTER IS A VIBRATIONAL TOOL/RESPONSE… to your Quantum You.  ☼

Photonic Light will make you feel heavy as you are BEcoming Light. Feeling like a drug, activating DMT and other neuro-chemicals necessary for you to see and feel NEW Earth/Multi-Dimensionally…. it also creates a “heaviness” as it goes to where those programs are held and activates them for purification/cleansing/clearing your physical body form (and your physical reality too), so that all can re-code, re-calibrate and re-align on another vibrational dimensional plane of existence…

Our “Old human bodies” were dense and could not VIBRATE at the frequency of Light, at the frequency of NEW EARTH… which is an immense re-writing process….

So honor you/your bodies…. honor your various LIGHTBODIES and intelligent DNA, your higher/highest consciousness you, your Ascended you…. and hold this fully to EXPERIENCE your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE with every breath too…….

Every moment, a reflection back…. of what each is holding and transmitting out. If we are unconscious, we are unaware of all of this. It takes full consciousness to shift your own vibration (energy) and experience a whole new reality “instead”.

Mind-blowing and shifting mindsets, stretching your mind… a huge part of this…. as our human mind was small. Literally, with all Universal/Cosmic Consciousness locked away… inside of us…..

Expansion opens all of this up, for all to REMEMBER again. Awakening is just a small part of this massive process…..

There are phases that are daunting for awhile, challenging for awhile, because we are literally becoming LIGHT BEINGS… from within an ever-evolving physical form that constantly re-calibrates/recodes and goes straight to any density still held… for clearing… so all can Literally become LIGHT’r……

BE patient and stay in-tune…. honor your process above all. You are doing all of this for you, each other, all…….

As all re-birth themselves to become Universes/Higher Selves and “learn” how to Master all as Pure Source Light/Love… in every way…. NEW EARTH becomes where we live, every moment of every “day”….. This takes ALL OF YOU… and for awhile the transitions can be challenging, because they seem to “go against” your whole life, everything you once knew… all you “thought” was true/real…. this all changes…. completely….

NEW EARTH is birthed from within each one of us… it’s nurtured, created, grown, built…. it’s sent out into the world/ethers to return a vibrational reality fully aligned with our highest everything… that’s simple, easy and beyond our “wildest dreams”, yet are our most exquisite dreams…. simply…. yet not for our human aspect…. This is why each must fully be aware of which ASPECT you are BEing in every moment… and learn to shift….

Our every moment is LIVED as a gift, a blessing, a return, to what we’ve invested/put into all as LOVE and supports our next highest realities… and our next and our next and our next…..

Quantum doesn’t “do” the linear routes…. therefore the “how” substantially changes…. because human ego/linear mentalities can’t understand vibrational/Quantum realities…. that go way beyond “just a concept”…. It’s applied physics…..

This equation speaks to how all is here…. Energy and matter… the same thing, yet not to the human aspect…. to us, they are….

Energy in Form….. Form is just that… particle matter taken/taking shape… relative to ENERGY….

Light Encoded Realities: The ability to “affect matter” and call forth the “matter” that supports highest aligned realities…. Which are simple….. as each expand their own Consciousness to hold this “ability” here…..

This is a 12D (activating the 144 Avatar Template) ability…. that all have the cap-ability to “do” with ease…. yet not by being in your head… that actually “disrupts” your Quantum Transmissions…. This is a wide open, heart open, mind open… all-on-board ENERGETICALLY…. from deep within your BODY…. EXPANDED into/as/through the entire Unified Field of Quantum Consciousness… where time/separation and limits no longer exist….. you BEcome the entire Unified Field, where all is easy again…….

NEW EARTH starts as a vision, starts as a possibility, starts as a concept…. and becomes an entire WHOLE PHYSICAL QUANTUM EXPERIENCE…… as each embrace and are truly ready fully to BE NEW EARTHERS here…….

I love you….. Injoy the Magic of this NOW….. as it’s here that you create, activate and open up all of the possibilities yourself. ♥

p.s. To understand how physical matter comes into play, you have to completely shift your entire understanding of “reality”. ☼

Ready for more awesomenss? It’s time to rock it even more. Keep embracing and holding all as LOVE…. We’ve got all kinds of exquisiteness to continue to anchor, hold, create, build and explore together as the LIGHT BEINGS INHABITING NEW EARTH. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.



Transforming 3D Mindsets/Energy into 5D Energy – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art Gratitude painting by Melina Del Mar


Transforming 3D Mindsets/Energy into 5D Energy: Guilt Into Gratitude & Gifts



3D plays in the Guilt game… which robs our joy and instead of being utterly grateful and appreciative for the Gifts that we received (knowledge, clearing/completing karmic timelines, any benefits/support that were necessary for our own “growth”)….

Our/the human ego aspect creates GUILT ENERGY around these Sacred Gifts of Love, which then creates all kind of matrix programs to play out. “I can’t receive” energy… unworthiness energy, victim/narcissistic energy and “preference” of punishment for something, instead of having pure gratitude for all honoring soul agreements here. Instead of thanking your Universe (higher self) for being kind, providing you with an experience necessary to complete old karmic timelines, various types of support along the way, instead of realizing that acceptance and gratitude frees you…. guilt keeps you in a “punishment” cycle and “zero gratitude”….. and robs you of the magnificent realities available, where GRATITUDE allows you to flow from one reality into all new….

3D Consciousness → Guilt
5D Consciousness ☼ Gratitude, Immense Appreciation for the Gifts received…..Now, how do you hold the highest level of consciousness and how do you reciprocate, show respect, pay it forward, acknowledge the Gifts…. how do you be KIND… how do you elevate your consciousness beyond the misery and open up to NEW AMAZING REALITIES…. how do you connect deep inside and open up to TRUST the invisible/unknown … fully re-connected with your own higher self/universe and open up to receive all of the realities that await you too, that can’t come forth as long as you are playing in the “guilt game”… how do you free yourself from the mind-manipulation/3D programs inside…. how do you get excited for what’s next, with needing to know first…. ? These are the questions you ask yourself, then ask yourself why guilt is preferable to happy, free and awesome, magical realities that can only come forth if your heart is truly wide open….. (guilt is heart closed)…. safe fear.

In our private commUNITY, we gather monthly to bring forth old 3D inner-matrix programs to break down/through together, as well as sharing all of the amazingness too. It’s a raw, real … pure gathering of Souls/Light BEings, ready to transcend the old “easier” and contribute to sharing/openness as love for each other through presence, compassion, kindness to self/each other as we all do. Last night we worked with many programs, with Guilt & Judgment being just 2 of these for many. We broke down/through a lot of this programming together, yet this is not the only time “guilt” will emerge…. understanding “guilting programs” and what this ENERGY is, is an important step to understanding how to shift this yourself…. conscious choice to move through the energy and not let it rule your reality because it’s safe/you are scared….. which is a root chakra program/heart closed/mind in a loop cycle, self-punishment game… that we transcend by opening our hearts and re-establishing an inner connection and openness to receive/explore anew……

Inner- (old 3D) Matrix programs can be intense… so it’s important to recognize these things as as they present…. and then do whatever it takes to clear the mindset/belief/”lie”/story/energy….. rather than getting caught up in/perpetuating story that reinforces the unconscious program/”belief”……

Transform that Guilt into Gratitude by focusing on the Gifts received through every experience/exchange… our human focuses on the other… this is a part of becoming conscious again and clearing your physical body of the programming that keeps your body anchored in those old dimensional timelines/realities still…….

We bring 5D (and wayyyyyyy beyond)… THROUGH US… and we live it as it presents for us …. as our HEARTS and MINDS ARE TRULY OPEN and ready to embrace the new/perceived unknown through trust/faith/knowing/deep sacred inner connection…beyond the old limiting programs of our own old 3D consciousness… that we each held within. ♥

p.s. All of these programs/energies are of ALL EXISTENCES, not just this human one here. This is a part of “why” these seem so strong sometimes. It’s a part of each’s Cosmic Akash Clearing Processes…..

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Art Gratitude painting by Melina Del Mar

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known. 

DNA LIGHTBODY and QUANTUM UNIFIED FIELD ALIGNMENT: Divine Abundance Flow – Lisa Transcendence Brown

DNA Eternal Man~ Marie Schwarzer




These Light Codes assist you with further maintaining your own Divine Abundance in fully aligned flow… as you Master your own Energy as full Consciousness/Quantum Consciousness here. ♥

Observe and Realize/SEE, that your Energy, Divinely Aligned is what CREATES all that you “physically” receive. Your own ability to maintain Divine Flow…. is relative to all.

Mastering your own Energy is a KEYCODE activator.

All is activated as you HOLD all as LOVE, as you EMBRACE YOUR OWN PURE SOURCE LIGHT and CHOOSE how you are going to utilize this. This is your Divine Masculine, through the Divine Feminine… the DIRECTOR of your precious energy and “how you use it”, this determines all. ↓
As all realize that our fields, our energy, our Light is what holds all in place….. this is what births/creates, this is what calls all forth and dictates what all call “reality” here.

Energetic Exchange is how NEW Earth works…. it’s an exchange of ENERGY IN MANY FORMS… all emanating from deep sacred Love and Respect. It is an acknowledgement of your own value and an acknowledgement of the value you RECEIVE… there is zero lack involved… that was Old Earth/Unconscious programming….. here…. all is a whole new value system established through each’s experiences to “show”… how our NEW Earth Value Systems work. As you honor and respect yourself fully, you will come to honor and respect each other too. Only your ego/human aspect is unable to understand and come from this place/this space… because the SYSTEM is deeeeeeep deeeeeeep deeeeeeep inside where your SOUL is.

As you/each awakens to start to understand that what’s important changes, priorities change and the value of all changes too. It’s no longer about what anything once was… it’s an honor system of the highest integrity, the highest regard and respect, the purest form of LOVE…. ♥

As all awaken to realize that “I love you” is only spoken by/to humans, needing to “tell others” or “hear this”. For us, LOVE is how we treat each other, love is experienced by how we show each other, love is our ENERGY…. it’s transmitting through our fields, through our DIVINE PRESENCE and our actions….


LOVE is SIMPLE… it’s not complicated. That’s a human program too. LOVE IS KIND, generous and bounitful and there’s zero “taking” in love… love is an outward energy, not a “pulling energy” or a pushy energy, it’s an energy that just “IS”.

Love is PRESENCE… without any need at all.

Divine Abundance is a flow out…. that’s received on a Quantum Level, from every direction and vibrationally, in response to the ENERGY WE HOLD AND SHARE. Divine Abundance is a PRESENCE TOO… and it emanates out through how we direct the energy that flows out of us and how we “alchemize” all.

Divine Flow is natural, organic and easy. It’s not complicated to RECEIVE. It’s also not an expectation or need. It’s a RECOGNITION and a VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE… it’s also a way we SPEAK… energetically.

DIVINE RECEIVING is a vibrational response, on a Universal Level and an Cosmic One. It’s a direct correlation to the ENERGY EACH HOLD….. and naturally/organically transmits out through a DIVINELY ALIGNED PHYSICAL LIGHT BODY AND FIELD.

NEW Earth is how we live… it’s a presence that we hold and the outside becomes a vibrational match to live in. Fully. Vibrant, alive, full of color, inner-active, where abundance is everywhere, with every breath, with every exchange…. it’s a presence that COMMANDS a whole new Life to “magically” (vibrationally) arrive/appear/materialize……

Always available to each, truly ready to transcend all old and HOLD the highest everything here. ♥

Today, I share these Cosmic Codes with you… activated and transmitted to all …. just by opening completely up to RECEIVE and then choosing to live through Divine Abundance Flow too! ♥

Divine Abundance Flow …. is how we live. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



DNA Eternal Man~ Marie Schwarzer

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.

September Multi-Dimensional Energy Report/Overview – Lisa Transcendence Brown


September Multi-Dimensional Energy Report/Overview: SYSTEMIC RECONFIGURATIONS Begin


These new/next sets of Light Codes with this current Cosmic Re-Configurations Release that are about to increase/begin (they started yesterday), yet we’ve not started the “POWER” OF THE LIGHT BLASTING yet… thus far they are quiet, soft and working on a cellular level already, still preparing for the “massiveness” still to come forth…

These work through depth and overall…. to synchronize our Systems, the Systems, all Systems in all new ways. These work with WHOLE BODY SYSTEMS…. a huge restructuring process already underway…. ↓

Microcosm/Macrocosm… see every thing these work with, in every way that you can… in order to truly/fully understand. Expand your own perceptions, open your heart/higher mind consciousness to see …. all new ways… all new possibilities and all new “how” things come to be….. Look at EVERY THING that represents a “System” and you will see what all is “affected”/re-worked by all of these Cosmic Light Codes bellowing in/through constantly, as we continue to accelerate Planetary Evolution here.

The last two weeks have increased Cosmic Upgrades to our bodies, through our LightBodies and each “RECONFIGURATION BLAST” (upgrade), has worked with something different each time.

I’ve not yet shared all of this, because of the vastness of all. Since August, everything “delivered”/activated is like a 30-50 page writing, every couple of days to explain all on a multi-dimensional level, so again, I’ll overview here, and expand upon throughout my continual teachings/sharings, and/or, when I’m able to write the detailed break-down through Light Encoded guidance/support for all….

Acceleration of COLLECTIVE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BODY TEMPLATES & Harmonic Alignment Processes to re-align all with Gaia’s “new” 12D Template in place:

September “kicked off” the next level of a massive re-write/re-configuration process, continuing the previous linear month’s phases of Higher Dimensional Template re-writing/merging processes… first from the 5th/6th/7th/8th Templates “completed” years prior, to accelerate completion processes of the 9th Dimensional Collective/Gaia/Universal Template, to then move into Gaia/Universal/Collective 12D Template Linkups. All extremely intricate organic processes, occurring in phases until each process is complete, where Light Codes for each/all to fully integrate, are also disbursed in stages, where individual vs. collective differs, based upon each’s Individual Evolutionary Phases.

Linearly, Sept/Oct/Nov progressional timelines lead us into an pivotal 11/11/11 – 12/12 Cosmic Gateway Opening. Vibrationally is very different than linear is. All dates, just marker point (nothing we wait on, actually quite the opposite), showing us where we, as a multi-dimensional planet “are headed”, depending on our own overall vibrational/dimensional and what’s available to all who are pro-actively EMBRACING their own Multi-Dimensional Embodiment processes intentionally/consciously here.

August: (In addition to everything else I shared), The next phase of our Simplified Quantum Energetic Commerce System activated to come further on-line, further transitioning each out of their dependency on “form” to an Energetic program/system, built on integrity through exchange out of a Sacred Respect and honor system, where each recognizes “value” in all new ways (the opposite of the old). Each experiences their own personal “reset”, through Zero Point Field and builds a whole new infrastructure and foundation for all new realities fully aligned on a Soul Level here. This also occurs per collective, yet each collective (dimension) experiences this differently, based upon their current phase. A whole new construct replaces the old. Quantum replaces Linear. Energetic replaces fixed. More start to see/understand how Quantum Energy takes form and how to utilize/Direct their own Consciousness through Self-Mastery and how to function AS the Unified Field of Super Consciousness. This transition continues to amplify and accelerate as we go.

9/1: The words “megalomaniac”, which I had to go look up (we have to do this a lot at first, to understand and re-associate how all “truly is” on a multi-dimensional level, rather than a “single dimension” understanding, like we did before we gained access to all again here. Then the words “The Fall of Megalomania”, followed by seeing all this entails…. on every level, again… This also began an immense “Hormonal Re-Write” process, that continues with each influx of Light Codes that “deliver” the next part of the process for our bodies/inner realities/external realities that continues the further out we go across galaxies/through our own Galactic Core.

9/3: The next phase of Hormone System Re-Write Processes began. Whole body recalibration of how all of these work with the higher dimensional physical LightBodies and what all means for carbon-based human bodies too. Inner Heat/Cold temp fluctuations increase, as an important part of various LightBody phases (each phase experiences this differently). More “intense” fluctuation encapsulate each’s 2 Suns, as well as each’s various Galactic Core(s) activating/opening up.

9/5: The activation, recalibration and integration process of ​12D AxioTONAL Lines (Individual and Earth), to dissolve the separation between these dimensions, for all to become ONE dimension now. Completion of this integration led us into the next phase. Poles switch to “Nodes”.

9/6: Light Codes focused on all Living their Highest Dimension Dreams here. New excitement and freedom codes delivered to all fully embracing and transcending human judgment/lack/limitations, fully from within.

9/7: Cosmic Relationships Codes released for Harmonic Re-alignment of all relationships (starting from within). To every thing/each other/self/selves… collapsing/converging all at an even more accelerated rate. Stellar-Soul-Star Codes released activating Higher Dimensional Roles fulfilled by way of Union/Unity Consciousness for all that’s easily aligned, collapsing all that is not vibrational able/ready to/no longer in full alignment on a Soul Level here.

9/9: Zero Point/Reset Point and completion phases in a multitude of ways. Lots of “being instantly done and clearing old programs out, with the “blink of an eye”. Entire realities “gone” with a “poof”.

9/10:  Divine Abundance Flow codes released for integration and full harmonic alignment by each.

9/11: Systemic Re-configurations commence. I’ll write more on this as my own service schedule permits.

Cosmic StarGates/Gateways: We are cycling through many of these almost daily now. One gateway will open, then another, then another … as Light Codes FLOOD through, our ability to travel further, to actually be in multiple dimensions/realities simultaneously, in both the sleep and waking state is mind blowing lately. We can literally “sit” and watch ourselves “leave” and go to the other realities to pre-accomplish all of the “work”, while doing our current realities in Divine Flow here. This has become the “norm” these last few months, so much that I didn’t even notice it. I know I/we are working together in various states, yet to be present within a conversation and have the ability to expand beyond my body and actually walk into a whole new timeline and watch both/several running all simultaneously is way cool. Skipping “frames” to just be standing in a reality, without any recollection of the previous one, has taken on new meaning too. The convergence of multiple dimensions/realities is so seamless… which is a result of the recent Axiotonal Merging process, where the “division” between the 12 dimensions continues to diminish continually, through each’s integration and “Simplistic Processing Speed” (Plasma Crystalline Lightbody).

Seamless is how these new frequencies/realities/templates are… fluid, beautiful and flowing… distortions and disruptions to be observed and resolved by each.

Anything unresolved within, will collapse realities if each is not ready to let completely go/deal, as their own higher aspects here. Observing a ridiculous amount of collective stuff going on, as more hearts open and each learn how to stop pre-judging, as well as stop carrying others with their body/energy/fields.

Heavy/Light/Re-balancing magnetics in every way. High voltage energy is stimulating distortions like crazy for many collectives clearing individual akash systems, as well as deep stuff surfacing for release. Physical body re-coding/re-wiring, throwing many for a loop, as well as Linear to Quantum transitions for human aspects, with extreme challenges regarding their physical bodies and realities, where a deep inner connection has not been established yet.

The ease at which we all can move through timelines now is off the charts. Seeing what’s available and “going for it”, embracing new in every moment, while simply releasing all that is unable to easily align through Unity-Consciousness-Love. Simplicity is KEY and “how” we flow, because  we don’t let our head/ego get involved in things. Energetic Recognition brings new awareness of how our Fields of Consciousness work. The understanding that everything we allow affects all realities and timelines, means we consciously decide what’s acceptable, based upon deep Sacred Respect and love.

Freedom comes as each understand how individual akashes work. Whether conscious or unconscious, all is exactly as each “chose”/designed prior to incarnation/walking in here. This recognition acknowledges each’s free-will-choice in every experience here. As each achieves their own “Return to Full Consciousness”, the etheric cords of attachment dissolve, shifting all into their own Universe here. All of the victim mentalities, dependency and blame goes, as each becomes Sovereign through their own Physical Body Ascension, “leaving” Old Earth completely and beginning their NEW Earth REALities, which evolve from virtual/energetic re-birth that begins as each “achieves” 5th Dimensional Existence fully from within.

These higher dimensional templates activate much higher purposes for each to fulfill here. Each will have to clear their own judgement and open up to all new ways, that look nothing like the old. Challenges are for breaking down/dissolving linear constructs. Excitement is off the charts for entire collectives embracing and living these highest dimensional realities every day. Pure JOY and yes, magic… with every breath. Yes, there are many collectives experiencing heavy duty ego death, which each has to go through for full Ascension/Remembering to occur. Many collectives experiencing complete disrespect, while other collectives understanding and living from deep Sacred Respect.

Love, Unity and your own deep connection will determine your own experiences here. It’s important to realize, not everyone is in the same dimension physically. There’s no other way to say this. It’s all our “jobs” to unify all as Love here. This is our natural organic state/existence. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.

Human Collectives: Relationships Come “Under Fire” – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art: Heart by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America


Human Collectives: Relationships Come “Under Fire”. It’s Evolve Your Relationships “time” (Vibrationally)


We’ve entered a phase, where every aspect of our lives come under “scrutiny” in a way. There is a “rhyme and reason” for “why” and “how” all occurs…. there are infinite purposes… all to align each with their own selves/higher selves/Soul.

These energies continue to take each “deeper” into themselves… to weed through all belief systems that represent separation/unconsciousness and evolve each aspect of each’s life to a much higher state of consciousness than before.

One of these areas is “friends and family”…. of which the human ego has attachments, expectations and “need”. They put their “faith and trust” in others outside, knowing deep inside that all is not PURE.

Betrayal is an energy that brings “disappointment” and “hurt”, which is deep separation from each’s own Pure Source Self-Light…. where there is a distortion carried forth to “this body/now” from all existences…. where each was betrayed/betrayed… held within each’s cells/cellular memory/data-banks… and all of this energy must be cleared from the body for it to raise it’s vibration high enough for Ascended NEW Earth to come forth for each from within.

Betrayal is located in the upper back region of each’s body, the whole section, yet also under the shoulder-blades (where each’s wings are), yet it’s also a Root Chakra program still. There is immense “hurt” and betrayal on a multi-existence level…. of Jesus/Judas, God/Prime Creator & Lucifer, Angelics/Fallen Angels, Galactic Races, LeMUria/Atlantis, Egyptian and so much more… each person holds this energy in their bodies until vibrationally this energy is “triggered” to start to purify/cleanse/purge/release…. Each’s individual journey will determine this, yet we enter a heightened phase where entire collectives shall be “activated” by way of these Cosmic Frequencies to “target” these collective existences to start to clear the body, which play out in each’s physical reality, where ascension has not yet occurred.

Early in my own awakening, I realized how Betrayal worked… I also realized about “friendships” and all the Quantum Entanglement, cords of attachment, inner-twined energies and all of that had to be “undone”. I will post the link at the bottom to an article I wrote then and also included in “Navigating Dimensions” Ascension Guide Book. It was my own realizations and alignment process and a new “how to” live by… and to start to establish new relationships/relation-shifts with those who entered my life, which is a building of all new, on all new energetics of the highest Sacred inner-integrity, respect, honor, kindness, consideration and mutual exchange of energy that supports, inspires and contributes as SOUL FAMILY and STAR Family here. Human ego aspects don’t have the capability to understand this yet, because they’ve not gone to the depths of their own Core, through their own Great Central Sun and Galactic Corridors to REMEMBER how we behave/treat each other, which is showing up for ourselves fully first, then for each other as a part of a whole. Human experience is what teaches each… what’s aligned and pure and what’s not.

We enter a phase where human relationships dis-integrate at an accelerated rate, to make way for much higher consciousness ones. The amount of victim energy, blame energy, hurt energy and even hate energy during these phases can get intense, because the human ego doesn’t understand “why” these things occur… as a part of their own cellular/vibrational frequencies held and transmitted out to call forth those Souls to play this part as a huge clearing and realignment process for them.

This phase is a re-harmonizing…. a tuning process …. to clear constructs/all not in fully harmonic alignment from within each. All of the “external” that’s not aligned, becomes visible by way of actual experience until each can learn to READ ENERGY and choose, Master and stand as their own Sovereign Creator, instead of an ego/victim/blame one.

These energies have to clear each’s body & field. This can be done in a multitude of ways. One can be fully present, observe, identify and truly see how their own ENERGIES CREATED and ALLOWED that… where on a Soul Level they’ve been clearing Karmic timelines and how a Unified Existence does not experience these things….

These are going to “hit home” for many…. take them to depths not “visited” before… this is a very important part of the process. I write this for those who may observe these experiences, to be able to connect deeper and expand perspectives to view from a higher self/Soul Level, rather than unconsciously playing out the “human ego/get caught up in the drama” one.

For many, the drama is what clears their energy… which is full blown “I’m a victim, look what they did to me, I need validation as a victim” duality game… yet the more ego, the more this has to play itself out for each. The more presence, awareness, the easier it is to expand and clear the energy faster/instantly and UNIFY FULLY within….. to restore PEACE and LOVE and to shift vibrationally to a whole new reality/timeline…

This is the forging, the forming of all new relationships… nothing like the old ones were. These are pure… yet the first and most important relationship we all have is with our own SOUL self, as our Highest Aspects…. so that our “new relationships” can be aligned by us…. intentionally and fully conscious.

Our NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS are built, they are constructed and formed over “time”. There’s not one ounce of lack, need or compromise involved. There’s zero dependency and because all agendas are visible, there’s no hidden anything anymore… Our NEW Earth Relationships go through a lot for years, as we come in and out of each other’s lives for awhile, clearing karmic residue, until we’ve cleared the entire timeline and all of the energy we held within. Then we move to “short exchanges”, where there’s a vibrational purpose, yet the relationship can’t fully form, because everyone is in different places, vibrationally…. The only “long term” exchanges we have are with others who are fully aligned within themselves and fully invested in creating and together…. and living by Our NEW Earth Value System… which is nothing like Old Earth’s was.

Each will have to go through these experiences, to “learn” what PURE EXISTENCES are, to “learn” how the human ego works and raise their own vibration high enough to HOLD IT, so their own reality can fully align on a Soul-Star-Light BEing level here. Each exchange will “show” each… what UNITY-LOVE-CONSCIOUSNESS truly is…. where it doesn’t exist yet, where distortions are still held and where each is not yet able to fully stand/exist/live as their own Highest Aspect Selves….

FOR SOME, this will be the most challenging part of the process…. because where there is any unconsciousness, the purposes/reasons/energy can’t be seen… The programs not visible up front, because the person is focused on the external first, instead of living fully in-tune and in-harmony from within yet. Human aspects attach their energy, mentalities, beliefs… “put onto another” and hold expectations, entitlement and “wish and hope” the other person is honest, respectful, considerate and comes from purity, instead of tuning in on an energetic level first to see which multi-dimensional aspect they are inner-acting with, relative to their own vibration/energy and what each is seeking, the patterns/themes for what brings each together… whether they are highest aligned or serving a “lower self” need/lack/agreement….

Human ego gets their feelings hurt… Souls don’t. I hear so many say “my Soul is hurt”. No, that’s your ego. Your Soul is PURE. Everything else is ego…. and a clearing/cleansing process that has to occur…..

Your Soul doesn’t get tired…. your human does… Your Soul is your LightBody and it only depletes when you have to break down programs on a cellular level, linear programs and distortions held within. Over-giving, over-taking, trying too hard, resistance, protection mechanisms, giving your self away to others… instead of holding your own, focusing your own energy and maintaining/managing your own Energy and entire reality as LOVE….. Your POWER comes through full consciousness, yet every aspect not conscious must “deplete”, this is a part of the cellular deconstruction phase…. Your human is too resistant, too tough, so it must be “broken down”. Photonic light will do this for you…. where your fight will finally go… where all of your blame will finally go… where your own separation will finally go…. so that your entire body can fully awaken, shift, come online ….. for your NEW Earth Existence that is PURE.

Your Soul can’t be hurt… Your Soul is awake, aware, conscious, present and in COMMAND as LOVE at all times. The rest is your human ego…. and every reality constructed from this… This is what is being re-worked…. so that each can rebuild all new relationships from DEEP inside that are PURE……. ♥

Observe and take your blinders off, observe and be totally honest with your self. Observe and SEE through your own Higher-Self-Heart-Mind and you will REALize what’s aligned, what’s not and “why” things are occurring in your own reality….. because you created, allowed, believed…. Now you have a CHOICE.

I love you! Get ready. For our highest Star Families to Unite, our Highest Soul Families to Unite… all as Light BEings here… all those egoic, lack based realities must dissolve or be re-aligned if they are to continue into the next timelines….. otherwise the entire timeline will go. As higher selves, we close those old timelines out ourselves, mark those Soul Agreements paid in full and write all new realities, activate all new realities and call forth our own highest aligned realities to experience here. September is a massive Passageway… to bring more together who are truly ready and stepping up…. who are truly ready to invest in creating new together and share together as love too. This can’t occur as long as everyone’s still holding onto the old…. observe your own relationships/yourself…. this will show you everything you need to know here.

Happy magical everything! It’s time to do more awesome! You’ve got this, we’ve got this… Hold the Energy of your highest timelines/realities in place from within you…. so that they can materialize for you too! ♥

Rocking NEW Earth as LOVE,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

This article was my own early days of sharings… on one of my other websites that I wrote on/shared from then. Remember, we are in Cosmic Akash Clearings… where all “Karma”/Matrix Programming is held/was created from…. as those levels of consciousness dissolve/dis-member and all is re-worked through Purity Love. ♥


Art: Heart by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

DNA LIGHTBODY: Hormonal System Re-Writes in Progress – Lisa Transcendence Brown


DNA LIGHTBODY: Hormonal System Re-Writes in Progress, Huge Integration Day… Will Share Extensive Write-Up As it’s Completed



Aloha love family!

Today is another powerful anchoring/integration day… thus far… so honor your body/you as you complete the immense process of all that came through yesterday and blasted us from within … in massive Light.

I have a HUGE writing to share, yet for now… this whole last week, these focus on DNA through a HORMONE SYSTEM RE-WRITE…. that works through every particle of y/our Systems and Glands and organs…. so HOW your body works will be very different….

DNA REWRITES work on a Core Level, a Quantum Level, a genetic and cellular/molecular level… and your own understanding will come as you TUNE INTO YOUR Physical LIGHT/BODY COMPLETELY… listen to it, literally… listen and you’ll hear new words, new explanations… that don’t yet make logical sense, because this is VIBRATIONAL and not an old linear logical experience….

TUNE INTO YOUR ENERGY BODY…. what does it tell you it needs? Has it built itself so high that you can transmit Light with great ease? Is your ENERGY BODY DEPLETED and need rest, need rejuvenation, replenshing space/time?

YOUR LIGHT BODY works on your own Pure Source Light. How you use/SPEND your ENERGY will matter in every way. What you INVEST your ENERGY in…. what you allow in your own VIBRATORY FIELD…. this is beyond important as well.

As you start to PAY attention to what you allow…. you’ll actually start to SEE and UNDERSTAND everything… in all new ways… and how IMPORTANT your Energy/Body is…. and how your own LIGHT dictates all…..

YOUR body has to re-write, re-structure, re-code, re-calibrate constantly, clearing dense programming where it was held/HOUSED in your Sacred Temple Body…. your own little Light Ship….. your NEW EARTH BODY…. are you giving it the love, attention, support and CARE that it requires.. to actually live and exist in multiple dimensions easily?

Right now, lymphatic systems, adrenals, pituitary/pineal, estrogen and testosterone levels are substantially being re-coded/re-worked….Every gland, every secretion, every bio-electrical impulse and chemical in your body is being de-densified and re-working itself through a much higher intelligence than any ego aspect can understand… so have patience, love, respect and listen to your body…… It has to awaken fully and come into/evolve back into full consciousness too.

If you will listen to your body, it will tell you everything you “need” to know. If it doesn’t, then your ego’s in the way and ‘knowing” will actually create an energetic disruption in your process. There is a huge learning-curve to this process… one where we all “learn” that we will understand as we allow ourselves to TUNE IN FULLY, be silent and listen…. observe…. see through our hearts and higher mind consciousness, which is very different than our human mind…. One is receptive/all knowing, the other is pushy, insistent and impatient… and interrupts actually listening/hearing….

DNA RE-WRITES are off the charts on a daily basis now. We are in acceleration processes that make all previous ones look minimal…. Actually sit with this and ask yourself: What do I expect as my DNA completely re-writes itself to something new? What do I expect my body to do as my Higher Selves “move into my body” (descend) and “take over”? Because your ego doesn’t like this part…. yet as your LIGHT EVOLVES, you evolve into your own highest aspects of WHO you TRULY are…. your own SOUL and your ego dissolves….

This is a BEYOND POWERFUL “time” (COSMIC ALIGNMENT PHASE)…. where entire hiSTORIES are re-written anew. Where all that you do desire comes forth, as you transcend your own ego aspects of you.

Your human mind will create resistance and “slow” all down. Surrender your human mind by opening your heart fully, so that your own higher mind can come online easier….

I will share more in detail about the entire LIGHTBODY SYSTEM RE-WRITES, as soon as I get it all written up to share. ♥

P.S. Each dimensional LightBody phase experiences all differently, and everyone is in THEIR OWN PERFECT PLACE…. not always the same…. There are so many different vibrational timelines running now… every dimensional experience relative to each’s LIGHT HELD…. focus on your own Light…your actual physical reality is dependent on this.

I love you! ♥

Have a most magical and amazing day anchoring more of your own Dreams into your physical experiences too! ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.p.s. High frequency photonic waves (with plasma bursts mixed in) are the energy thus far today. Lifting, re-tuning, re-harmonizing all…… ♫


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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September Multi-Dimensional Energy Forecast/Report – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist Junko Kuge


September Multi-Dimensional Energy Forecast/Report


Many are starting to realize that there are multiple dimensions of realities running now. Different collectives, based upon different belief systems (BS), as well as different physical body densities, different LightBody phases, all umbrella’d under a “big matrix” of either Old Earth or NEW. Some have one foot in each…. some teeter-totter back and forth. Yet in coming to fully understand Multi-Dimensional Existence, it’s not a linear understanding, it’s a vibrational one.

We have an Old Earth Matrix Programs, Networks and Systems, comprised of unconscious programming, fear, scarcity, judgment, division, no trust, victim mentalities/give my power away or “power over”, control and boxes of fixed limits and that each still believe. Within this Matrix System, each doesn’t realize yet that they hold these structures in place. The matrix is inside of them, yet they have yet to go inward to dissolve/resolve and come into their power (as LOVE) yet. This one operates at “refusal to change” and “fight” the outside…. as it’s at fault/blame. This collective watches the outside world and believes it as REAL, because it’s basically all that’s visible, as their heart has not opened, so their inner vision has not opened up to see any other realities exist.

We have the Transitory Matrix Programs, Networks and Systems, comprised of partly awake, yet still holding on, still trying to conform to the old ways. This one is still seeking, learning, starting to open up and experience the brilliance of the Higher Dimensional Realms. There is often still some semblance of footing in place, as the human ego does not do well with the “unknown”. This Transitory Phase is important and necessary for each, as it’s where each “builds” their connection with their own Higher Selves, builds a whole new relationship of trust, by starting to believe in what might not yet be visible. This is the FEELING REALM. Where each clears immense unresolved and suppressed feelings from their cellular body, so their LightBody can fully activate to bring them on-line. This phase can take many linear years/even one’s whole lifetime, until each is ready to fully “leave the old” and “move to all new” and let the old completely go. This is where “loss occurs” (a perception only, as how “loss” works on an Quantum/Energetic Level and a Cosmic ONE has very different “truths”. This is where each awakens to Universal Laws that govern realities, not the reverse. Each’s life goes through huge transitions; Relationships, jobs, where each lives… all revolving around “relationship to SELF”, with/as each’s own Higher Self. This is where our Kundalini (Spirit/Soul/Universal LightBody) energy awakens in our bodies… and our physical body begins a massive clearing process, where all matrix/ego constructs start to break down/dissolve, to bring one more into UNION within each’s self.

We have the NEW Earth Matrix Programs, Networks and Systems, comprised of all who have transitioned (or are mostly transitioned), working daily to create, inspire, awaken and birth all anew, anchoring LIGHT within their body vessels and radiating this out into our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WORLD/EARTH to collectively shift entire realities who are ready to come on-board and join, unite, share, contribute as LOVE too. This MATRIX IS VAST WITHIN ITSELF, as it’s comprised of many different Matrixes within it too. Yet nothing like the old, these are all Cosmic, Quantum and Energetic, Vibrational and an intricate networking system within itself. The difference is this ONE/UMBRELLA is built/constructed on/from PURITY – LOVE – CONSCIOUSNESS, and everything emanates from this. Each’s physical body goes through huge template re-writes constantly, bringing each higher dimensional aspect online. First the Light Grid of NEW Earth, then the Crystalline Grid, then the Plasma Crystalline Grid (and many more). Each one’s intricacies overlaying and weaving into the prior one. Each time one steps up/accelerates through vast processes, elevates their consciousness even more, goes deeper into their own depths (SOULar/Galactic) more access is opened up than before. These OPERATING SYSTEMS are very different than the old. These don’t hold duality, so there’s no battle, no struggle, no fight. This is a very different existence, where all flows and functions in UNISON and CONTRIBUTES to a much bigger picture for us all.

Which Matrix System each will “fall under”, will be determined by many things. I write this Quantum Energy Report/Cosmic Energy Report/Earthly Energy Report to address all/as many of these as possible, as Dimensional Experiences are all over the place for many right now.

Transitions are occurring by collectives… and within those collectives, each is in their own personal phase. Initiations and passageways are completed as each clears the ENERGY HELD that kept their body bound to a certain vibrational bandwidth. These bandwidths are broken down in to Dimensions, or Dimensional Timelines or Alternate Realities or whatever each wants to use to describe. The words don’t matter. The Vibrational and Energetic and Physical EXPERIENCE does….

So, I address this by various collectives, then will shift to a different way. Some of what I write/share, addresses many of these simultaneously. The human ego will try to “fit into one”, while in essence it’s all of them, dependent on the “DEGREE”.

For those who have exited and live all NEW EARTH REALITIES, the old is barely visible, if at all. We actually have to “go look” to see what is occurring in the other dimensions, as it doesn’t present itself “often” in our own realities anymore. This is because our realities are completely VIBRATIONAL and ENERGETIC and a RESPONSE to what we hold, tolerate, allow… to what WE CONSCIOUSLY AND INTENTIONALLY CREATE and transmit out by way of LIGHT CODES into/through/across all dimensions…. with our every breath.

There are PURPOSES FOR EVERY EXPERIENCE, a vibrational “reason” why all occurs. Yet it’s not what the human (ego) aspect “thinks”. It’s way more than all of that. So for each to actually see and understand, their hearts and minds have to be completely wide open, otherwise their are judgments, conditions, limits and old mentalities are “in the way” still.

OSCILLATING BACK AND FORTH: Every time we go through a huge collective up-shift, entire collectives will clear old Matrix Programming and where it was still held within cellular memory as imprints before. The DEGREE of this experience will be dependent on how strong the ENERGY is… of the “old” unconscious, fear-based, dualistic programming….

As humans we believed the emotion as REAL(ity)…. because the emotion was sooooooo strong. We believed the “thoughts” as REAL, because the BELIEF ENERGY was sooooooo strong. So much “story” involved (victim). The continual insistence, and “hey, that’s what we learned/were told”, yet as each’s heart fully opens, “that” is no longer true. That was a “figment of our unconscious imagination” …. just a belief… yet to the/our human ego, we still don’t want to BElieve that reality is not as we “thought it was”. WE still don’t want to entertain (inner-tain) the alternatives. Human ego aspects, unconscious/closed heart/closed mind… will insist it “doesn’t have a CHOICE”, BECAUSE It doesn’t LIKE the choices it has, it doesn’t like the ALTERNATIVE, when in essence, “those” are where we each have to GO, to break the power and strength of the old programming, the old constructs… that we each held within. ♥

The human aspect doesn’t understand “LOSS”… and the REASONS this occurs. Loss is the word used to DESCRIBE the dissolving of “that reality” because it was not highest aligned on a SOUL Level, because “that” represented UNCONSCIOUS WAYS, because “that” was safe and represented “holding on” and as “that” goes…. the ENERGY that held all in place is able to unanchor from the physical body, so that further Ascension can occur. Loss is relative to NEED. If we NEED it to be happy, if we NEED it to feel safe, protected or to feel important, powerful… in charge… if we need it, because we have an attachment, it defines us (stories/others/things), then it often HAS TO GO, before we understand “that’s not true”. On a Quantum Level, need is lack and lack is of the 3rd Dimension of Unconsciousness… it represents “zero connection” inside and no faith/trust/relationship with our Universal Higher Self aspects of ourselves….. THIS IS WHY “LOSS” OCCURS, to re-establish what was “Lost” when we all fell from consciousness, the higher dimensional realms… into the Lower Frequency Bandwidth ones…. to live out realities that were an old illusion….. that we worked hard to comply with, got complacent and became complicit in…. through our own “wanting to ignore”/not see…. not leave/move on/ deal and say “no more”, as LOVE.

Cosmic Influxes, blasts, awakenings, RAYS (Radiation) and HARMONIC RE-ALIGNMENT will continue to increase for us all. How we experience this will be relative to the MATRIX THAT OUR BODY HOLDS, how “well” we integrate our own Light into our physical bodies all day every day. How dense/unconscious our physical bodies still are and how much they still have to purify, recode and clear. Our physical body templates are in CONSTANT RE-WRITING PROCESSES now. The denser our physical body, the denser our brain/we are. Literally. The denser our bodies, the more emotional and physical these PHOTONIC LIGHT-BODY processes are. Every CELL in our bodies have to awaken to bring our bodies online with NEW EARTH DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCES, which start with the 5th Dimension and as each learns HOW birthing processes work, Mastering all through Full Consciousness and the DIRECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF QUANTUM ENERGY, a Maturation Process begins. First birthing and playing on NEW Earth, then the 6th Dimension opens up and the 7th and the 8th and so on…. each one of these is a passageway, where each LEARNS HOW TO BECOME A NEW Earth HUman, an entirely new “Species” is born here, as each re-evolves back into all that they “forgot themselves to BE”, and each’s DNA is constantly re-written to each of these Higher Self Aspects, until all LIGHT CODES can be embodied and held for each’s OverSoul/Avatar Body to complete itself. These EM-BODY-ment processes mean that each fully transitions all old with each phase from within. All new realities constantly birthed from within. The old no longer visible, as each shifts their own focus, their own reSOURCES, their own ENERGY, to aligning their own ENTIRE REALITY…. to vibrate into all new realities physically… with their various LightBodies that carry the Soul-Star-Stellar Codes to easily accomplish this.

NOW FOR THE QUANTUM COSMIC ENERGY REPORT (because all of that was important first):

Entire collectives finally starting to experience and see…. by way of the skies, nature, the new colors and hues, softer and more exciting experiences… so much HAPPY… so much, they will not compromise or accept the “old” anymore. No longer acceptable as appropriate… as that’s what kept all re-experiencing the unconscious loops that continue until each is ready to get of “that ride”…. and let go, float and fly!

The deep inner peace, the Beauty, the Magic… the magnificence… it was always here and available…. yet each has to CHOOSE and be totally ready, as what comes up from our own Depths of Hell that awakens with a vengeance, takes everything we’ve got to “make it through. Often wanting off this ship…. because we get tired of the struggle and challenges, that will pass and faster each time, until all struggle energy is gone…. because that was our own Matrix Programming and we get to choose HOW we experience all. Fully Conscious and honoring/allowing the energy to clear, while we stay focused and hold the absolute highest timelines/realities as “real” until it does…. Sometimes just an hour or two, a whole day is a biggie for us.

Many collectives experiencing the immensity of their own Every-Existence Karmic Timelines, which varies based upon the Akashic Levels Clearing at that time. The first level is human karma (unconsciousness), reversing all and learning how not to create new Karma (unconscious acts) anymore. Once this is achieved by each, there will be a period of “No Karma” (often years), while each starts to intentionally create from full consciousness, intentionally act from Love, intentionally hold the new in place…. yet this phase is just a part of the process too. Once that “Level” has been cleared, the next DEEPER LEVEL will begin, then the next and the next and the next…. and with each one, a new Matrix is revealed…..

Human Consciousness first… each’s LightBody activates… then a portion/part of an OverSoul Template that occurs with the completion of each process, gateway, passageway, initiation, graduation, phase…. The DIVINE UNION of one’s Higher Self and Human Self is when Ascension through Higher Consciousness occurs.... which then activates the physical body/Merkaba activating processes…. which occur as each’s cells shake, vibrate, move and blend/merge/sync up with each’s field… to complete “bringing the body through”, all the while, each’s person’s physical reality is TRANSITIONING TOO.

For those newly awakened, for those somewhat awake, for those fully awake…. the ENERGY IS THE SAME. The physical experience is what differs, based upon the physical dimension each’s body is located in, LightBody Template online and emotional/mental/physical density still held, which is what “makes up” each’s individual Matrix Experience here.

Heavy Density/Separation/Unconscious Programming = Intense Waking Up Processes, Catastrophic, Devastating, Chaotic, Heart-Wrenching, Heart-Breaking, Deep hurt and pain coming up. These have the most Karmic Timelines to clear here. (I was one of these). Physical weight and body type has nothing to do with this. This is on a cellular level.

As the BODY CLEARS all of the toxins of all that were eaten, breathed, accepted, allowed, packed into the body (blame, shame, guilt, judgment, compromise, selfishness, greed, manipulation, complacency, ignoring, control, fixed/rigid beliefs, death/dead foods and everything ever ingested/breathed/absorbed into the body…. held within the body… it will start to LIGHT’en, and often get bigger as it does. Lightening up doesn’t mean weight, as your gravitational field with your whole body is changing, physical matter-mass ratio is changing and you start to “float” from inside, so your body will get “heavier” for awhile. Body weight continually changes, as density changes, as the EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS, MENTALITIES, BELIEFS were what were HEAVY… the LACK and the NEED were what were heavy…. all compacted in that body… that now says “enough”.

Your PHYSICAL BODY VIBRATION is the CRUX of all of this. Happy is Light’r. Need is heavy. Kindness opens our hearts, it’s Light’r. Generosity is Light’r. Survival is HEAVY. Protection closes the heart, makes the body Heavier and anchors it in a Lower Dimension = Heavier Density….. Anger is Heavy, Hurt is Heavy, Blame is Heavy, Guilt is Heavy, Shame is Heavy, Judgment is Heavy…. and all of these HEAVY EMOTIONS are what each has to fully clear, for PHYSICAL BODY ASCENSION to come to actually LIVE ON NEW EARTH fully…… now. Obligation is Heavy. Hanging On is Heavy. Pushing/Pulling/Imposing/Bullying/Manipulation…. all Heavy… and as long as these ENERGIES are housed in each’s BODY, the body is HEAVY, no matter how small or skinny it might appear. Just light bigger bodies appear to be Denser. Not always the case. The amount of PROGRAMMING… RESISTANCE/CLOSED HEART… this is what causes the body to go haywire (Quantum), as each’s LIGHT can’t function properly inside of the body, each’s NEW EARTH TEMPLATE can’t come online…..


Old Earth realities continue to “die”, because they were created and held together by DENSE HEAVY PROGRAMS/ENERGIES…. the entire Dimension dies…. and those here to re-birth anew, will be “born again”, yet not as most “think” and there’s not one ounce of duality or human belief systems (BS) involved in this PURE EXPERIENCE where pure love emerges from within and fills our whole body cavity and our NEW EARTH LightBody Template activates …..

NEW EARTH is completely ALIVE and Awake, Gaia is vibrant and merged on a Universal/Galactic Level and all exists through Purity and Beauty and Brilliance… It’s the most Magnificent Magical Experience, that first must be accessed/felt/allowed/experienced from within…. and AS EACH HOLDS this vibration…. outside will start to materialize more and more and more… in response.

Human Matrixes: Breakdown Dissolution/Dissolving process. Aging and death cycles are increasingly accelerated. Mind-Control continues to go. The entire construct for these realities continue to appear to collapse, which is just the dissolution of the physical manifestation of unconscious programming… which is what held all of that in place to start with. This is how all appears when higher dimensional timelines need to open up. It’s a HARMONIC CONVERGENCE, where all must be brought into full Universal/Cosmic Harmony and all not vibrationally aligned cannot “maintain form” anymore.

NEW Earth Matrixes: Strengthen, continue to expand and replace the old. Crystalline/Christed Consciousness is the basis and LOVE is the foundation for all. (Not human need love, as that is Lack still. This is A PURE LOVE, that comes forth as all REMEMBER FULLY AGAIN). Our Star Families, Soul Families, Light Families…. each one of us stepping into our next higher purposes/roles, fulfilling Galactic Missions and anchoring much higher dimensional realities, both individually and “where compatible energy signatures” (this is very different than human realities were), UNIFY to share, support, contribute, accomplish and all receive together…. Distortions create an imbalance vibrationally, therefore the entire reality must be constantly re-tuned/re-calibrated/realigned…. as each is fully RESPONSIBLE for what they transmit out. Too many distortions dissolve the entire reality, which is why it’s so important for each to hold themselves fully accountable for their own ENERGY and not “rely” on others for this. Where there is reliance, this will dissolve as well.

Transitional Matrix: Is where all “learn”… how to be what they already are, how to read the field as Consciousness, how to fulfill their highest roles here, how to dissolve/resolve, how to construct anew, how all human ego programming works and how to clear all of their existences/karmic timelines and not re-create those here. This phase is a long one. It en-Compasses everything, because all duality must be resolved for full UNION TO OCCUR within. Then, more Union processes occur, with each Embodiment Template Building Process. There are infinite Unions, that bring each into FULL DIVINE SACRED PURE UNION here. Each activation of higher consciousness will activate a whole distortion clearing process to begin. The “completion” of this process (often years) is where the Embodiment Process completes.

To complete OverSoul Embodiment/Avatar Embodiment…. all 144 Templates must be activated, the entire physical body cleared, purified, cleansed of any/all existences/distortions not fully in PURE HARMONY on a Cosmic Level from within the physical body form and field. This is a natural and organic process achieved through PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS and the activation/completion of each’s 2222 SOURCE Codes (Cosmic Diamond Light Code Rainbow Body Template first activated by way of geometric Light Codes relative to each vibrational consciousness making up the full template for each).

SEPTEMBER... will be relative to each’s LightBody phase. The 3D LightBody is barely active and has been unable to build. The human body will sustain on things (meat, carbs, social activity and through ignorance of any of this (yet). The 4D LightBody is trying to activate, yet there’s still so much emotional density (Story) held onto and the body can’t fully sustain. 3D/4D Bodies: An immense physical “purging” of lower density emotions/mentalities and where these were anchored on a cellular level in the body will increase in intensity until the STRUCTURES of the cell and whole body template are able to BREAK DOWN THE LINEAR CONSTRUCTS and start to build non-linear Geometric ones. The 5D LightBody is able to GENERATE it’s own Energy, by way of the frequencies each “hears” of their own Universe/Cosmos, which tune the body to higher frequencies constantly, while clearing out “lower vibrational” programs “easier”, because the density of the EMOTIONS have finally been cleared. The passageway for the 5th Dimensional Lightbody and the 6th Dimensional LighBody is each merging with their own Higher Self and starting to step up into INTENTIONAL CONSCIOUS CREATION ROLES, by way of their own Pure Source Light activated and held from inside. There is a “play period, a period of being fully supported, to completely let go and “trust”… and then this will shift, into each moving into fulfilling higher roles here in a multitude of ways. Not just “one” or “two” anymore….

SEPTEMBER will return magnificence, it will uproot and shake that which was needing to be Unearthed… it will awaken more, make more visible, bring more opportunity, dissolve more old, test every limit the human still has, show conditioned programs and more. It will move all MUCH HIGHER and clear DENSE PROGRAMS…. just like before, yet in greater Magnitude… whatever is “buried” shall be “brought into Light” for each to see within themselves, what they could not/didn’t want to see/deal with/resolve through Love before. It will blow portals and gateways of each’s HEART WIDE open, bring FLOODS of anything needing to be FELT forth…. all to open each’s hearts and minds more…. and transition each into their “next new”, whatever phase that is……

SEPTEMBER will prepare many and is preparation phases for those fully conscious…. for October-November-December timelines and template shifting within Gaia and Universally/Galactically too. Not only do we enter more Planetary Cycles that are important (these are INSIDE), it’s also Equinox month, which means massive clearing of the old….. entire collectives “faced” with CHOOSING and holding the much higher vibrational timelines in place, UNTIL ALL CAN COMPLETELY SHIFT… which brings a massive collective up-shift for all. This is a massive passageway, an initiation for entire collectives here… CHOICE POINT for many, yet exhilaration for many too. The EXPERIENCING of the most magnificence, a RETURN to CONSCIOUSNESS and actually experiencing what is considered by many to be “new”. This NEW, is our higher dimensional realities, that all have dreamed of, worked for (through dedication/service/light), a CONVERGENCE OF HIGHER DIMENSIONS THAT WE CALL REALITY…. all merging in the same SPACE as we VIBRATE INTO IT.

COSMIC TIMELINES AND CONTINUAL HARMONIZATION PROCESSES increase every day now. Acceleration of our “new” DNA, where our Light Codes “turn on” in our bodies… more…. and our bodies begin/continue our individual evolutionary processes, organic and natural ones as our own Consciousness awakens and evolves from within us, linking us up to an entire NETWORKING SYSTEM that’s alive, breathing, communicating ENERGETICALLY from within us… with StarGate (Systems) that were also located within our bodies and fields too….

SEPTEMBER WILL UNITE MORE and show each where they still hold diversity, division and separation within. The more unconscious, the more this plays out in each’s own physical/virtual reality… frequency bandwidth occupied…. transmitted and received from each’s body, thoughts, emotions….

SEPTEMBER will offer more possibilities and potentials to all who are truly ready for this. Zero Point Field will “throw” realities at each (appearance)… as becoming Quantum means manuevering, mastering and utlizing/accomplishing each “delivery”, without letting your human-ego limits get involved again. These are “excuses”…. as each will overcome all limits previously (self) imposed/believed. The body no longer a limit, the external no longer a limit… your Consicousness now dictates all….. and expands BEYOND YOUR BODY… yet learning “how” to function “this new way”, is like a toddler that’s just learning to stand up and take it’s first step, or having training wheels on our bike….. The training wheels come off when each is ready to stretch their arms out wide, trust and GO FOR IT…. just as the baby taking that step, wobbly, falling down, maybe a scratch/maybe not and getting up again, MORE AS A HIGHER SELF… ready to conquer all…. from within.

SEPTEMBER IS A PORTAL, A PASSAGEWAY, A GATEWAY… IT OPENS UP DOORS/PORTALS AND CLOSES OUT ALL THAT REPRESENTS UNCONSCIOUSNESS/OLD….. (Every moment technically is, yet each dimension experiences “linear time” differently… so months/years don’t technically matter, as these are human creation too….. so ENERGETICALLY… this PHASE replaces this “time”… VIBRATIONAL EXPERIENCES replace “time”…. or when…. everything is NOW…. the planetary cycles tell us what is going to be focused on…. relationships, foundational structures and beliefs…they tell us which planet rules what, so we know what to be aware of as it presents within us and/or our external reality too…. they tell us what ENERGIES can emerge, yet this is relative to density and light too…. Everything is.

WE have INCREASING Galactic presence, SOULar presence, Planetary Alignment Presence which GOVERNS our presence here. As each’s Cosmos activates inside, then WE become THIS PRESENCE…. here.

SEPTEMBER IS BUT A WORD to explain cosmic/planetary/photonic “times” that are now occurring on a more powerful scale than ever before. Let go of the “fear” and see what each represents for your FOCUS, your dedicated Energy, your own priorities… and “HOW” you spend your energy, contribute your energy, reserve and build your energy, regenerate your energy, replenish your Energy (Body) and you’ll SEE how every moment/month/year is now going to INCREASE AND ACCELERATE what you hold as Light here. It’s going to activate/increase your Light, in your DNA body, within Gaia and Atmospherically too. More bio-electrical impulses, more photonic experiences, more re-writing REALity…… offer more for those truly ready… and unite more truly open to sharing, contributing, participating consciously in creating/building/uniting/BEing OUR NEW EARTH…. here.

I love you…. inJOY the magic inside and outside too…. honor your body’s processes, clear your field of distortions, choose to tune to everything of the highest vibration possible… for easier shifting/tuning processes to occur. ♥

Your NEW Earth Experience is based upon your own generosity, your own gratitude and appreciation, your own deep inner connection, your own inner-power-courage-love, your own “breaking the cycles”, your own refusal to accept the old as your reality anymore, your own ENERGY…. as what you project out/transmit out…. creates your own VIBRATIONAL FEEDBACK for what you experience here. A part of having pre-cogitative abilities (we all do) means you observe your own vibration and then look at what you are creating to experience here. You get a choice, if you are fully conscious…. choose your VIBRATION… the rest, well…. relative to each of our own consciousness here.

Let’s do this awesomeness….. as it’s as abound as much as you/we all create and allow! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Artist Junko Kuge

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Old Earth, NEW Earth, Cosmic LightBody Upgrades & Multi-Dimensional Existence – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Old Earth, NEW Earth, Cosmic LightBody Upgrades & Multi-Dimensional Existence


We have soft frequencies, yet plasma bursts intermittently… with Stellar Light Codes releasing with each burst. High high high frequencies start out our day here… and we always go higher than before. ♫

Many are experiencing immense “breakdown” of their old constructs, beliefs and everything held onto as “real”, hearts bursting wide open….. for some it’s powerful emotions… anger, tears, hurt…. disbelief, disillusionment and a feeling of “loss”, which is an important part of the HEART OPENING PROCESS, an important part of the TUNING PROCESS …. as the body clears the immensity of dense programming…. This was each’s “prison”, this was what “held each” to those old frequency bandwidths that now dissolve/dissipate with the FIRE OF INTENSITY necessary to burn away, blow away and strip away all of those protection mechanisms that “kept each” there.

Those beliefs, those mentalities, those fixed constructs held in place… those all go….. Your entire reality shall be completely RE-DESIGNED…. by you as YOUR HIGHER SELVES, by you, from the DEPTHS AND CORE OF YOUR ENTIRE BEING, by you as your Divine Essence, your Purity “is allowed” to emerge…. and LEAD THE WAY for you.

As those old cellular programs are activated by these COSMIC BARRAGES that flood your systems/body/cells… awakening all that you suppressed/feared feeling…. avoided and “tried to hold onto”….. your whole body will go through a massive TRANSITION PROCESS where Cosmic RAYs (Radiation) obliterate the old…. going straight for your gut, head and heart first… and your spine… then your organs… then deep into your muscles and bones…. your blood….. your oxygen….. your skin, your eyes, your everything….

YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS DNA “IS TURNING ON”… YOUR Higher Dimensional (Codons/Strands)…. your Higher States of Consciousness, where once buried/hidden in “codes” in your bodies… now activate with every breath.

YOUR LIGHTBODY…. this is your SOUL BODY, your SPIRIT Body, your ENERGY BODY….. your Quantum Photonic Light Body….. emerging and merging from within you… to expand from the inside out. Your body…. will go through everything “beyond imaginable”, more than each human mind can comprehend. This process of EVOLVING INTO YOUR HIGHEST SELVES, evolving and dropping/clearing the density held in your bodies (separation/unconscious programming, the entire MATRIX), is beyond immense. It will REQUIRE your support, full attention and respect…..

YOUR EVOLVING BACK into WHO you truly are… and it’s not one thing, it’s a bazillion everythings…. without the distortions anymore.

Your PHYSICAL BODY IS THE KEY….. it’s not something you ignore, judge or control. It is your VESSEL, your LIGHTSHIP, your Sacred Temple, your UNIVERSAL SPACE SUIT, literally… you will float inside as you physically ascend, as gravity goes.

You will start to FEEL density, the heaviness… as photonic light fills your every cell. Working through your joints, your organs and getting heavier for awhile, as you transcend all of that you once held deep within.

Your body won’t conform anymore, it won’t let you ignore or try to suppress anything… it won’t fit into the same old clothes, it won’t allow the POISONS of various foods, chemicals, medications, toxic thoughts/emotions/behavior, that you used to avoid/stay asleep before. It will PURGE LIKE NO OTHER FORCE you’ve ever seen, when these Galactic, Cosmic, SOULar frequencies TARGET your own passive/aggressive, your own compromise, your own parasitic behaviors….. everywhere there is one ounce of LACK…..

Your NEW NERVOUS and IMMUNE SYSTEMS…. all get re-worked, continually…. your heart, brain and spine… experience ELECTRICAL SHOCKS to awaken/jolt awake/wake your body up (it was deeeeeep asleep)… these electrical impulses will “try” to run through your entire NEURAL NETWORK, opening up your NEURAL PATHWAYS, where your own Ancient Knowledge/Universal Knowledge/Higher Mind Consciousness opens up to come through. Every cell of your BODY is involved in this massive process…. of transitioning out of a linear (bound by illusory constraints and “time”), as your entire LIGHTBODY TEMPLATE activates in every particle of your physical body.

YOUR CRYSTALS, YOUR STAR PARTICLES, your AVATAR CONSCIOUSNESS DNA…. activates by way of frequencies activating the “codes” that you hold within. What to “do” with all of this… well, this is your EVERY MOMENT experience here. It’s your learning to MASTER, through REMEMBERING all fulling from within.

The AMNESIA goes both ways. As a sleeping human, your AMNESIA kept you from remembering your highest and purest STATES… YOUR highest and purest YOU’S, yes all of them. You could not remember before, because frankly, you held too much separation, too much story, too much victim, too much blame, too much shame, too much “give my power away”, too much hurt, too much hate, too much lack, too much grief, abandonment, too much “I’m not ready yet”, too much fixation of “out there”, too much selfishness, too much greed, too much compromise, too much judgment, too much everything… and all of this has to clear your body, for your body to PHYSICALLY ASCEND and TRANSCEND the entire 3D/4D frequency bandwidths….. to come to live, breathe and co-exist in 5D (and way beyond) here.

AS YOU EXIT/TRANSITION, AMNESIA is a huge part of this process. You will forget all of the old human reality, as your MEMORIES of PURITY emerge from within you. As your own VEILS lift, as the fog starts to clear, each day is more fog lifting and more ‘NEW’ EVERYTHING…. yet now you have to “learn” how to live/exist/function and become a productive, contributing, caring and integral part of OUR NEW EARTH EXISTENCE here.

AS THE INNER PAIN GOES, new clarity comes through and all NEW (REMEMBERED) is birthed from within you. As you CHOOSE, as you decide, as you let go of your massive judgement, and admit that you don’t have clue about anything, then what you do already know can finally come through. As you stop fighting your own processes, as you stop resisting what you do already know deep inside, as you stop seeking anything “outside”…… and embrace THE TOTALITY THAT YOU ARE, without your ego involved.

AMNESIA BETWEEN THE DIMENSIONS is a huge part of this process…. yet the amnesia goes as you ASCEND your own Consciousness and hold it, until your body can completely re-configure itself and vibrate at the oscillation rate necessary for Physical Body Ascension to occur….. then, your NEW EARTH BODY TEMPLATE activates and all of your other Light Codes, which activate all of your other body templates to start to build do too. The construction/building is then through your every moment ACTION…. in how you show up as a part of our NEW EARTH COMMUNITIES, NEW EARTH CONTRIBUTORS, NEW EARTH LIGHT FAMILY in physical form here.

These next 3 months are PIVOTAL, as hearts blow wide open for many who were unaware they were asleep. It doesn’t matter “how long” anyone has been doing this. That’s a human thing. WE have been doing this forever, for EONS….

BEing awake and Embodiment are two very different things. BEing aware is not enough. What you DO with that matters. Sometimes you pull completely out, about face and completely let go and focus your energy on what CREATES as LOVE. Sometimes you align the reality yourself, because you realize you hold the power to do this NOW. Sometimes you step forth, some times you step back. The one thing none of us do… is IMPOSE….

This is about complete RESPECT for each’s chosen experiences here. Honoring HOW EACH CHOOSES TO AWAKEN and travel their own MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PASSAGEWAYS…. to REMEMBER FULLY AS LOVE HERE. This is about each one of us, taking full ENERGETIC RESPONSIBILITY for OUR SELVES and allowing all others to go figure it out themselves.

“Their Universe” has them. They have their own Higher Selves. When their heart opens, they will able to hear/see/feel/REMEMBER too…..

You can be a guide, without Ego, you can be the EXAMPLE, without Ego (E-GO), you can LEAD THE WAY without Hierarchy, you can SHOW OTHERS without being unkind. YOU CAN and ARE…. A LIGHT…. A BEACON…. so are we/they.

Focus your ENERGY ON YOURSELF and what you are transmitting out, how you show up, what you are sharing, accomplishing, creating and contributing… AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT.

WHEN YOU STAND TALL AS LIGHT AND SHINE AS BRIGHT AS YOU CAN… when LOVE emits from your every cell and field, the rest is not only easy, it’s simple and all comes to you just as easily too. Your heart was closed before, your head was in the way, your duality closed doors and pushed all away. Your little human wasn’t ready before….. Are you now? Your answer will tell you which aspect of you is in charge. In every moment. ♥

I love you!

Get ready. We ain’t seen nuttin’ yet! There’s always more, it’s always accelerating…. as this is what we all signed up for by incarnating/walking into this physical….. yet we transform all and we vibrate into other dimensions with our bodies…. and our experiences are as we HOLD……

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Get onboard this NEW EARTH SHIP…. Keep your hearts and minds wide open. It’s beyond important for us all. ♥


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Multi-Dimensional Physical LightBody Templates – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Multi-Dimensional Physical LightBody Templates Clearing the 3rd/4th Dimensional Frequency Bandwidths to come online with NEW Earth Frequency Bandwidths: Gamma LightBody, 12D LightBody, 144 Avatar LightBody Codes & Frequency Bandwidths


Aloha Love family,

Yesterday was a huge template re-working day for me. I go offline when I’m doing these things and honor the process, without exerting my energy “for others”. I can do things that support the process…. which is minimal and very focused on what needs to be accomplished with little/no exertion, while still accomplishing with what my Energy/Light Body (physical body/energy/integration process) will allow.

For me personally, it was more of a “completion” to the entire August process for the Avatar Body Template. These work on such a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep level, more than I’ve ever experienced before. Through the years, all the different Light Body phases and templates, yes they go deep, “digging and coring” (clearing density/unconscious programming/karmic timelines/more), yet once we complete those cycles of how deeply embedded all is, we begin very different processes.

Our “new” LightBodies work very differently than before. All of these codes work through our whole body to break-down the cellular structure of all “linear” and start a re-building processes that literally takes years to complete. Rewriting our DNA, genetic makeup…. not an “overnight job”. These codes “lay the foundation” of all of our NEW EARTH REALITIES… and what/how we “do” each day here.

These QUANTUM (DNA/MOLECULAR) BUILDING BLOCKS for our new realities, these Quantum Geometrics/Light codes, these markers, these recode/encode as we integrate all and hold it within us fully. As we honor the “breakdown process”, as we honor the times that our bodies are weak to rework all, as we honor the processes that take place on a cellular/sub-atomic molecular level, as PHOTONIC LIGHT ENERGY re-constructs all…. our entire reality also is reworked. Our part in this…. how we participate, how we honor, listen, support and how we learn to “do” everything completely different, all over again….. like nothing our little human ever understood/knew.

Observing these new Avatar Codes…. they are sooooo intricate in how they work. The BUILDING BLOCKS, like Quantum Leggo’s… in geometrics, constantly “moving”, alive and taking new form. Our NEW LIGHTBODIES evolve as we EMBODY, as we hold the immensity of these SOURCE CODES that activate on a Cosmic Level all day every day. Constantly re-working everything….

Our Light Consciousness DNA alive, talking and communicating. It knows what to “do” and “how” all “needs to be done/occur”. It does all of the work for us….. Learning how to communicate with your NEW LightBody, how to MANAGE all… Energetically… how to function in all new ways, how to honor so that your body can do all of this dilligent work daily and move your physical bodies out of the old dimensions for you, so that your particles can activate, vibrate and emit, so that your surroundings can re-work itself vibrationally too, so that your bodies can vibrate at a speed/rate that is mind-blowing to your human aspect…. your multi-dimensional bodies have capabilities and (super-powers), yet through simplicity and grace and ease. These are natural abiltiies that come forth as your heart opens and you learn to open up and share, as you REVERSE EVERYTHING and clear your “karma” yourself.

All human (ego) aspects have immense Karma to clear. All of this held in cellular memory/imprints and spanning all “times” and “existences”….that collapse into ZERO POINT FIELD.

Each Light body template activates higher consciousness to start to come online. The spark, the ignition, the codes/codons, begin the process that is “built” over the separation of time.

The human body held “time” in separation, holding the body to the 3rd/4th Dimension through TEMPLATES that completely (have to) break down. These templates held the structures for the old unconscious realities to be held in place….. all linked up to correlating frequency bandwidths previously maintained by Lower Vibrational Old Earth. The old Lay-Lines of the Earth/each’s Earthly Bodies, the old codes were relative to frequency bandwidths that operated at less than 528 HZ (5th Dimension).

Solfeggio Tones work well with tuning and activating the LightBody. Anything that works vibrationally will assist each with doing this. These correlate with LightBody stages/phases:

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

3rd Dimensional Consciousness: (Frequency Bandwidth 396 HZ Range and below):
The lowest thoughts and emotions, were vibrations (and vibrational physical matter form) that matched the frequencies of 396HZ (or less). When it’s time for each to start to awaken (to being their own Physical Body Ascension Process), the physical body/physical reality activates anything of these frequencies to start to “rattle” (shake/vibrate/appear) by way of feelings, thoughts, emotions, experiences, so that these lower frequency bandwidth programs can come to the surface to be seen/felt/cleared. The 3D Lightbody is “Light” is almost non-existent, as this body runs on “temporary” things that replace how Light feeds the body, controlling and trying to “get through”. The physical body uses “replacements” that won’t work anymore. These things actually deplete the physical Light body, where it becomes dependent on things that minimize feeling and suppress each’s Pure Light from being fully active, so the body’s consciousness is suppressed, until the “codes” inside activate and override the Unconscious Human (Ego) attempt to control/ignore/not listen. Not listening won’t be an option anymore. This body holds “death” in it’s template and timetables that increasing expedite now. Deep emotions and beliefs held this body template together. Held the structures (by way of limiting/fear based beliefs) together. The building blocks of this entire dimension now dissolve, as the codes for them are no longer “valid”. Our densest human bodies lived in this dimension/frequency bandwidth. Carbon-bases, tight muscles, very fixed mentalities/beliefs. There’s no “movability” energetically. This human lives from their head, works hard, plays hard and focuses on “things” it “needs” to accomplish/succeed/survive/live.

This dimension experiences extreme collapses to awaken “each body” from the deep sleep/slumber, in order to “move into” the 4th Dimension of Consciousness. Physical “looks” are able to be manipulated/controlled here. Each’s DNA is preparing to awaken…old human DNA used to dictate, yet no longer in these vibrational frequency bandwidths we are now in. (Ego shuts down/suppresses lower emotions and only feels when it gets hurt. The 3rd Dimensional LightBody will activate to begin the Liberation of blame, shame, fear, guilt, judgment, gossip, drama, victim, power over or believing more or less, inability to forgive, holding on, attachment, dependency, cords, survival mode and more).

4th Dimensional Consciousness: Frequency Bandwidth Range (417 HZ):
This frequency bandwidth operates at 417 HZ range. The physical body, the entire physical reality. One’s Heart is starting to open, therefore confusion begins. The outside world and what all have “worked for” or “tried to achieve” starts to change here. Actual “control” starts to go out the window. Emotions seem to come out of no-where, many start “feeling too much” and overwhelm starts to move in. The body’s nervous system, organs, immune systems start to show “compromise”, yet this is not understood yet. This body template still holds “physical death”, so aging and rapid deceleration start to occur. Each’s Higher Consciousness LightBody (Higher strands of DNA) start to activate, “triggering” a releasing process (some refer to as purging), a clearing and purification process that is as intense as each was deeply embedded in Matrix Programming, as each held the codes for this deep within. As these codes are activated to “play out” in the physical, duality…. the “battle” inside between Heaven and Hell, each’s Devil/Angel, Higher Realms/Lower Realms ensues…. and every moment will be working through duality, all separation that each holds/held, which allowed each to maintain a state of Unconsciousness and “stay asleep” before. This dimensional frequency bandwidth entails much. As it’s where each remains as old body templates break down and all new awakens, and the physical body (density) goes through an immense re-coding process that is mis-understood. This frequency bandwidth, the human ego is still “in charge” and “fighting” the process of transitioning to an all NATURAL and ORGANIC way of EXISTENCE, as well as Learning to Surrender and hear their own Higher Selves. Solar Flares and various Cosmic Frequencies are able to “break through” the old programming, so more can start to hear/see/understand. This frequency bandwidth of Multi-Dimensional Earth is where each starts to choose and learns what consciousness is. It’s also where foods change, the body requires more sleep to wake up, relationships and jobs start to change too. It’s where suppression can be “felt” and where each must “learn” to listen to their HEART over their head.

The transition/completion cycle of the body breaking down all of those old codes, so that one’s LightBody can fully activate (Gamma) to AWAKEN FULLY to start to come ONLINE with NEW EARTH is an immense process. Realities start to distort and while not fully understanding “how all came to be/comes to be/is”, each start to see the old illusions of what each “called reality”. Some will stay in this bandwidth for a long time, fighting, finding their voice, refusing to adhere to the old and starting to “find their NEW way”… which looks nothing like each “thought” all was…..  Each’s LightBody increases activity, where electrical impulses can be felt in the body, spine, nerve endings, heart, brain, under the skin and each body part begins a massive clearing process, to clear the density in the body and physical reality too. Many pull away in this phase, to clear their fields, so awakening is easier, so the body can achieve the 5th Dimensional frequency bandwidth easier too. What “matters” and each’s focus starts to come into question here. Everything gets re-worked, as each starts to align on a heart level, instead of a linear/logical one. Each transitions from a “physical” to an “energy”, where the “etheric realms” start to become visible, as well as each’s focus shifts off the physical onto learning about and working with energy, not realizing fully the extent of “how & why”. There is a “draw” or a “pull” inside. The seeker is birthed to want to know more. All 3D Emotions can no longer be suppressed and are “coming up”, with every heart opening until every ounce of the lower vibrational everything has cleared the body fully).

5th Dimensional Consciousness: Frequency Bandwidth 532 HZ Range:
Each’s whole body has to achieve this on a cellular level. The vibrational matter of each’s body changes substantially for this. Each’s heart opening fully, transmits a much higher frequency, therefor LightBody Tuning is easier here. Cosmic frequencies tune each’s body “faster”. Gamma LightBodies activate and stimulate, so the body can awaken easier. Achieving this with the whole body, every lower vibrational emotion must clear the body, every lower vibrational thought too, every lower vibrational belief/mentality…. that was held in each’s template… comes up for REVIEW. Each’s entire reality does too. As each holds 532HZ has their primary, the lower vibrations can be observed/cleared easily. The physical reality starts to match, yet full physical abundance is different here. It’s through utter and sheer appreciation and inner-connection with all and the realization of how truly abundant we all are. The “building” of all new realities begins for each. The innocent child has birthed. This body template is peaceful, in-tune, ONE with all, yet all new “learning” processes begin. This one appreciates all, loves all… and now Mastery becomes our way. Holding the 5th Dimensional frequency fully, allows all on a cellular/molecular/physical level to “faster”. Because all is ENERGETIC, Frequencies and Energy become our new world. The holding of our 5th Dimensional Essence, allows our Template to build, therefor our Merkaba does too. While holding our highest, ascended states of consciousness, our Merkaba builds itself, both inside of our bodies and out in our fields. StarGate activations and alignments “cause/trigger” our bodies and fields to synchronize, so that our Merkaba can vibrate and spin at such an immense rate, that our physical body actually ascends.

This process takes years of the old structures/templates breaking down, recoding and being reconstructed through vibratory frequencies so that our body can maintain/stay awake through this process. Much sleeping occurs so this non-liner process (Sacred Geometrics) can override the old linear programming our bodies/fields held. As our bodies achieve the ability to function at Gamma Frequencies, our Physical LightBodies no longer need to shut down/sleep as they once did. This is where each starts to lay the foundation of all of their own NEW EARTH REALITIES, where everything is fully birthed from within. Holding the 13th Dimensional Christed Consciousness, allows each’s 5th Dimensional body template to complete/come online.  Re-generation and reversing aging processes increase here, because you’re learning how your LightBody works and you limit your exposure to that which diminishes your Light, drains your light, doesn’t support/amplify your Light. The first linear year(s) of the 5th Dimension are consciously clearing programming, while it not affecting your physical reality anymore.

5th Dimensional Level Template Lock-In:
The next levels will be activated by much higher states of consciousness activating through Keycodes and codons. Multi-Dimensional Light Bodies are activated to come online, which will take years as each LightBody template activates/evolves/builds/completes. The “growing up” phases of “Maturation” as Universal BEings/Light BEings/Higher Selves begins. Learning how to Master and Manage each’s Light, how to “direct” and “transmit Light. How to honor your LightBody, how to charge, replenish, live and work ENERGETICALLY and how to Master the physical, how to anchor much higher dimensional realities into your/this physical and hold it, while your Physical LightBody constantly breaks down old programming, re-codes and restructures your entire Living DNA Make-up, as well as your entire physical reality to match vibrationally too. The codes for each of your other templates will activate…. your 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th body templates… (and higher). Each one of these represented by a different higher self aspect of you, the EMBODIMENT process is immense. Your entire reality must be re-worked/realigned to match these much higher vibrational aspects here.

From the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 22nd Dimensions of Consciousness (there are many others, yet I only mention these for a specific purposes, as all of those up to the 144 are activated by fulfilling the higher purposes of the first 12. I will break this down and explain differently in upcoming articles/sharings/teachings, as is appropriate.

Each one of your 12 HD Templates, has different roles to play here. As the codes for each template activate, those activate 12 additional primary codes… making up the 144 Avatar Consciousness Codes and templates, which are achieved as each steps up fully to fullfil much higher dimensional roles here.

The first 12 are your building blocks, your foundation… these 12 take years to activate and complete. Each one has many different purposes and your ability to MASTER each, will take all of your own precious Light Energy to accomplish/complete. This will directly correlate to your own physical abundance and for anchoring Heaven on Earth so that NEW Earth is your entire reality. It’s where you live as an Oversoul, yet also live as each template activates too. Yet, “how” changes all along the way. Your 6th Dimensional Template is your “worker” as Light. It’s where you step up and utilize your Divine Masculine to accomplish and “direct your Light”. It’s also what re-connects you the the 6th Dimension of all others holding these codes, these Star Systems (Sirian is one).

The building blocks of your new realities, your new foundation that is SOLID AND PURE. The deconstruction of the old and reconstruction of y/our new. Every reality you have, will be re-built by you. Yet not like before. As Light. Pure Light. Through the ENERGY and codes that you transmit out. This is where each become alchemists, everything turns to GOLD and every moment, every reality, everything is constantly birthed anew. Every thing experienced, will be a result of what you consciously transmit out. Everything you receive, relative to the Light that you hold and HOW YOU UTILIZE IT…. as each “learns” a whole new Value System, an intricate one that no longer conforms to the old. These are geometric, Quantum Equations, Algorithms and Mechanics… and you become the Architect, the Engineer, the Builder, the Director, the Producer, the Provider, the Supporter, the Creator of all….. every reality is your baby that you birth, that you take and shape into form, that you release into the “ethers” (Unified Quantum Field), to return a whole new reality back to you… It’s beyond beautiful to experience… to Master, manage, sustain, maintain, maneuver, hold and completely constantly Consciously RE-TUNE, RE-Calibrate and Re-Align all on/through HOLDING much higher frequency realities so that the physical can re-work itself completely….  and materialize a much higher vibrational response easily and “instantaneously”, consistently…. means learning a whole new Existence and “how” to “do” everything all over again…..

Every Dimension operates at a much higher frequency Bandwidth, which means that your physical LightBody will constantly be working to achieve much higher frequency bandwidths. The higher your body can achieve, the easier your every reality becomes. Not in the way that the human “thinks” though. Everything is energetic, so the amount of ENERGY it takes for all is immense. You cut out waste, that which depletes and everything you used to put your focus into… you have to look at everything and realize “that” is what you are creating, “that” determines your entire experience here. “That” is your abundance… and if you waste your energy, don’t appreciate/respect your own energy, you will struggle and it will be more challenging, as your body will remain in the lower frequency bandwidths where “lack” still exists too. You start to realize that all comes forth easily, when you are fully UNIFIED INSIDE. When you are at Peace and magic is within you, clarity and focus are easy….. You realize how important the VIBRATION of where your body is located, what you surround yourself with, this either supports or “takes/drains”. You start to read the FIELD and see the SPIN of all. How fast, how slow, how long it takes for each to process Light Data, how long it takes for each to MOVE ENERGY and how easy it is to do this on a multi-dimensional level through your own Consciousness. Your “new vision” gives you the ability to see across all dimensions, down each vibrational timeline …. how your energy transmits out and “activates” all new realities vibrationally to start to come forth.

You realize everything. Doing it daily…. this is a different “matter”. You realize your entire reality is based upon the vibrational energy that you HOLD and what your body, your thoughts, your energy, your conscious creations and work transmits out too. Touching everything as love…. and activating everything as you do.

As you accomplish each Dimensional aspect, then those realities a part of that dimensional template are activated to ‘start’ to build. Everything you accomplish/do, sets/cements this template in more, as long as it’s highest aligned from within you. Fulfilling all 12D aspects roles, activates the 144 Avatar Consciousness Codes for this template to start to build. Every ACT of love, kindness, benevolence, consideration, respect, contribution and fulfillment, activates another part of this template to “complete” (come online). It takes many linear years of holding and accomplishing, fulfilling and transmitting out only your highest everything for this to occur. First the activation of the Consciousness, then holding and integrating and DOing from this “level” (Space), as your body-field templates are constructed…. which occurs as you fulfill your highest everything here.

The human ego loves to get all caught up in things. Loves to claim. Loves “attention” (or to hide), to “pretend” and impress. This is not about any of those things. This is about your PRESENCE and how you present yourself, how you show up each day, how you contribute, how you embody/hold, how you express yourself, how you maintain, how you stabilize the immensity of these codes/energy and how much you do as fully conscious and how much of the “old” you still hold. This is about a LEVEL OF PURITY, where everything is re-aligned and vibrationally matches this.

Each will “learn” humility as every action becomes humble and humane. As each brings forth the purest form of love that was hidden/buried deep inside, each’s HUmanity returns from within. As each REMEMBERS fully, the veils of the old dissolve. What each has access to evolves, as we do. As PURE SOURCE LIGHT FILLS your veins and every breath.

Every day now, these Cosmic Frequencies increase, the influxes of SOULar and Galactic Plasma Flares/Releases… as Cosmic Rays, Star Codes, SOULar Codes all activate INSIDE OF EACH’S BODY (Light Body), to activate higher consciousness DNA, to awaken each’s body fully… to clear the density of separation, in order to vibrate at an oscillation rate high enough to PHYSICALLY CHANGE DIMENSIONS (CONTINUALLY).

This is going to become more important as we all go. With the recent installation/implementation of new Organic Advanced Biometrics, our Energy/Light Codes/Fields are more readable by each living through our Fields, reading Energy and Light Codes and Transmissions… it’s how we IDENTIFY EACH OTHER, as Star BEings, Star Councils, Light Emissaries/Ambassadors, Guardians, Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers, Peace Keepers, Light Keepers/Holders and Avatars here.

This is done through full presence, zero ego and as the entire Unified Field of Consciousness by each. Our consciousness is not bound to a physical body. Our physical body evolves to support our Consciousness and we expand into the entire field ourselves. Everything in “the field” is readable. It’s simple and all vibrational frequencies that transmit out geometric codes, equations and form that tell us everything we need to know. Our fields, because we are THE FIELD, reads everything within the field. This is how we determine everything. Our decisions, actions and choices, all relative to this. The Ability to TUNE the FIELD and hold it ourselves, just one of our abilities here. The ability to activate everything within our/the field (whether through proximity or distant/virtually), also relative to how we choose to accomplish this. Our capabilities no longer limited, our Physical LightBody/Field all link up to every dimension from here. We can activate simultaneous realities easily, just through observation…..

We emit Light Codes everywhere we go. We EXCHANGE CODES where appropriate, no longer frivolously filling our fields with anything out of “need”. We invest our Energy in what supports the much bigger picture for us all, having to let a lot of the “old everything” go. We READ everything as Light. We see each’s priorities, how much they do care, how much lack still held, any agendas or impurities, as well as those who truly are ready to UNITE and invest fully too.

Avatars don’t get to become Avatars by holding lack in any way. It also means an entire reality re-work, beyond anything the human aspect can comprehend. The human aspect will “think” it understands. This is an empirical journey of actual experience, not a linear/mental one.

Will become more important as we all go. Many will start to understand how “exchanging Light Codes” can accelerate everything easier. By combining and uniting our fields, we can enhance the experience, yet where there is any human ego, this will be tainted and play out lack/distortions still. Power-plays are a part of the human aspect-ego way. Purity is ours. Purity is our Power. We just HOLD this and “no” (to unconsciousness) transmits out for us…. recoding all. ♥

For those utilizing the years of work we’ve all created and made available, this is a start for all…. the next phases will be each consciously choosing to do everything possible and to learn to value themselves and each other, in all new ways, beyond what each did before. HOW YOU VALUE will determine your own abundance here. Deep Sacred Respect is the Key(Code) to this one here.

Each will LEARN to respect and appreciate all …. fully. From the deepest place of their own Soul inside. Where there are limits, conditions or barriers to this, physical experiences will assist with dissolving these. Higher mind consciousness means observing through your heart and seeing what you could not see before and then choosing the absolute highest vibrational thing… especially when it challenges your little human ego….. as this process is important for learning “how” to re-work everything as your own Universal Higher Self. Where your higher self you leads, chooses, acts, decides…. all becomes much easier and DIVINE FLOW is restored. ♥

For Ascending Collectives Transitioning to 5D Realities right now…these next few months are a huge transitional phase within itself. For those preparing to activate their 12th Dimensional Templates, you will start to see more arise/step forth/show up… truly ready to fulfill new roles. The tricky part is “how all fits in”, as a huge synchronization and harmonizing process must occur. There is a huge learning-curve involved with each one of these Higher Dimensional Realties and how all plays out for each. Synch’ing up vibrationally takes more focus, caring, contributing and unity on each’s part. Our highest dimensional relationships look nothing like they did before. Here’s it’s about our common purposes and the roles we have the capability to fulfill, what we have to offer and how much we are willing to show up and contribute, as a part of the “whole” here.

I love you! Today is soft, crystalline and plasma both again…. with plasma flares releasing for hours. Lots of cellular re-workings…. so be patient with yourselves and each other. Honor your LIGHTBODIES and you and see what you have the capability to actually do….. you’ll be surprised at what you see/realize/can do!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Avatar Consciousness Codes encoded in this article (as well as my last many years). This is a Light Encoded activation/teaching for all who are ready to absorb this. ♥


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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NEW SOULar/Star Light Codes Coming Through – Lisa Transcendence Brown

NEW SOULar/Star Light Codes Coming Through: Your Light is Your New Currency, It’s How All Communicates through the Unified Field of Consciousness to Deliver all to You: 144 Avatar Code Transmissions



Exquisite photo creation (DreamLife) by Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Good morning Divine Light BEings!

How Powerful your Light is!!!! How beautiful and exciting and exhilarating!

Shine shine shine like never before! ♥

Okay, I awoke to hearing more Soul-Star Activity, 2 new plasma bursts releasing more Cosmic Rays and SOULar-Star Codes for all to receive. These powerful upgrades to your Light Body / Fields have to be fully integrated for your body/physical reality experience to be EASE.

So, are you fully honoring, supporting and respecting your own LightBody as it does all the work for you? Are you learning HOW to work with and maneuver your own LightBody and field all day every day, so all can be easier for you?

This is beyond mega-important… because if you “ignore” your LightBody, you shut your own Light down, your body can’t integrate, and it will “appear” to go “haywire” (Quantum)…..

As each understands that full Light Integration is required for our physical bodies to live, function and ascend…. that without full integration of our own PURE SOURCE LIGHT, our physical body vessel dies….. each starts to understand “part” of what Physical Body Ascension is. The other part is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL NEW EARTH….. which is where WE, as Ascended Light BEings/Descended Souls/Galactics actually physically live.

Light will fill your Sacred Body Vessel, your beautiful (Space) Suit/Earthly Body and work through every individual cell. It will “pool” and build, as your body prepares for birthing your own NEW Earth and all new realities from within you….. for you to experience in your own physical reality here…..

Your Light won’t be suppressed or ignored anymore. It won’t allow your human aspect to “avoid”. It requires your attention and your highest/deepest level of RESPECT……

Your Light reworks all …
Your Light communicates for you…
Your Light becomes your new “currency” if you will…. because your light brings everything to you…..
It’s also how all create” exchange” on an energetic level here

Your Light requires certain things from you…. one is to learn to MASTER all…… by learning everything all over again and aligning EVERYTHING yourself….. to match the vibration of your PURE SOUL……

Your Light transmits your NEW EARTH realities out…..
Illuminating every step
Shining on all in your own field
And (re)connecting you on a multi-dimensional level
To what was not visible before

Your Light Codes…. this is how you call all to you
How you communicate
How you decipher all

Your Light Codes…. these match your energy signatures up
Your Light Codes communicate FOR YOU…
Living Breathing DNA and an alive field that communicates 24/7

Your Light is your BEACON
It is what speaks for you and activates in every dimension for you too
Your Light is what activates all….. for you…..

Are you honoring, sharing and tuning your own Light?
Are you emitting Light with every breath?
Are you affecting all consciously…. through your activated Light?

Your Light Activates your Merkaba
To Carry/Deliver you/bring NEW Earth into visibility for you
Your Light restructures and activates your StarGate System
Your Light collapses the “distance” between dimensions and merges them all into ONE
Your light sustains your physical body
To Transcend physical death/all

Your Light is your Passageway
Through the Gateways of Ascension and Heavenly NEW EARTH

Is YOUR LIGHT your priority?
It’s how you anchor NEW EARTH into your own physical here….
Through your own BODY and your own FIELD…..

Full surrender of your own separation/ego
Full dissolution of the old
Full is how we do this…. part won’t accomplish this

For each’s transition to NEW EARTH
Where all new REALities await…. because they’ve always been
It’s not that they weren’t here
It’s because you/each/we…. didn’t hold the vibration fully yet.
As you do….. all NEW…. arrives/materializes all around you
New colors, new skies, new aliveness, new experiences
All LIGHT, beautiful, peaceful, pristine, exquisite and yes, magical
Because this is the ENERGY that you hold
It “appears”/became/becomes visible in response to your Light…..
That you hold
That you transmit out
That you breathe
That you emit and share
Just by BEing…. your own Light
Where LOVE is how you exist/live. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
144 Avatar Light Codes transmitted with/through every writing, article, course, interview, sharing, breath….. for each to receive easily…. open your heart fully for this. ♫ ♦ ♥

Exquisite photo creation (DreamLife) by Jean Jean-Luc Bozzoli, a multi-dimensional visionary blessing us with visual access to so many things…. to assist with activating our own Remembering here.

See it inside first, then feel it, know it, breathe it and then get up and share it, transmit it out with every breath….. to connect to the UNIFIED FIELD OF OUR NEW EARTH, with your body, Pure Divine Presence which link you up through your own grids (muscles), energy and field… to re-connect you with as the Unified Light Grids/Network Systems too! ☼ Your every moment matters…. as it dictates your experiences here. 


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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144 Template & Grid – Avatar Consciousness Codes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, with thanks to Kathleen McGowan


144 Template & Grid – Avatar Consciousness Codes: Anchoring & Lock-In Processes Complete: Labyrinth Codes Now Available for Each (12D Template Completed “Early”)


I’ve been offline all week, working with bringing through, holding and integrating “Completion Codes” for our 144 Avatar Consciousness Template Completion Phase. These processes take all of our focus and dedication to fully anchor within us, while simultaneously linking-up with Gaia’s /Galactic/Universal/Cosmic/Multi-Dimension Grids and Templates too. As we continuously bring the Light Encoded Intelligence (Information) through, that which we share with all, disburses these codes out into the Unified Field of Super Consciousness each time we do. These codes, now always available to all, can be translated, shared, transmitted, received by way of various “delivery means”, to assist with acceleration, for all of hUmaNITY here.  

August has been a most important month for us all. All that has occurred on a deeper and more expansive level (Quantum)… wow. No words. Presence through our Breath…. there’s no way to linearly explain the peace, the beauty, the connectedness of all…. when this is where we live, exist and function from, deeply and fully from within.



We not only completed the 9th Dimensional Template with Gaia (Collective), which was a huge surprise, 12D Template Codes also started coming through, pretty much as soon as we completed the 9D Template “Lock-In”. These have not been unlocked within Gaia’s Template for collectives (and by collectives doing this work intentionally). Gaia’s 12D LightBody Template has now also unlocked the 144 OverSoul Avatar Consciousness Codes fully too.

For us to do this multi-dimensional work with Gaia/Cosmically, we have to achieve this within ourselves, hold these much higher levels of consciousness, while fulfilling our higher purposes/roles here too. These mean continual integration and application to our entire lives, as each action we higher-align through, our cellular body/template/field will all reconfigure accordingly too.

While we spend years holding and integrating and clearing any programming not aligned with this, that “process of linear years” is the process where the LightBody begins to “build” the template and constantly synchronize with the “coordinates” necessary to complete “this build”. Through the completion of the 12D Template, we also were able to complete the 144 Avatar Template, which is the OverSoul/Monad Template, syncing up with Gaia and all StarGates, which now makes all available on a collective level “easier”, for all who are truly ready to activate/hold/embody, as each steps up and into those roles, which is what anchor these codes fully in. 

The first set of Avatar Codes for the specific purpose of completing the “Template Build” came through with the 8/11 Eclipse (taking most the week to bring through and complete). The second set of completion codes, became available with 8/18 blast, which took until two days ago to complete (August 22nd). Now these codes will be disseminated continuously, vibrationally activated by each fully embracing this. Bringing through these “new” Labyrinth Key Codes to share with you is exciting! I’ve never heard of them until now. I was working with them for hours, preparing them to share, to further assist all who are also truly ready for this part of their own expansion of consciousness here. 

Observing mass collective awakenings, all who also “do their part” in their own way every day, through sheer dedication and diligence as PURE SOURCE LIGHT, it’s beyond beautiful to observe. Each’s roles important as a part of our “whole”, each holding highest states of consciousness, opening up fully to share unite and contribute in ways that truly make a difference…. it’s beyond exquisite and heart opening for us all! This Divine Networking System of NEW Earth grows stronger every day, with each holding LOVE through each experience and exchange. WE are the GRID. Remember this. 

It’s the most complex I’ve observed/experienced/seen. It’s taken all month to record the data and start to put it together in a way that can activate/assist in various ways. Because this is a vast process of vibrationally activating codes (codons) held our dormant Higher Consciousness DNA, our gridwork, immense akashic/gridwork/cellular clearing processes that are all a part of a “whole”, this one entails each LightBody and Template (which are “built”/constructed over “much linear time”), through each’s level of purity and by way of holding the highest states of consciousness and living this as everyday/every breath life.

Templates take many linear years to “build” and to be brought fully online here. The 144 is especially complex, as it’s a Multi-Dimensional Labyrinth of intricate sequences and codes all woven together, yet continually re-configuring to activate the next-level LightBody for integration, until all 144 LightBody Templates have been achieved. This alone is an immense process, one that I’ll cover/share in additional sharings as we go.

THIS IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for all! In observing everyone’s dedicated focus, intentionally working with all of these Light Codes, intentionally holding these higher states of consciousness and opening up to share with all more, this provides inspiration, support and the information that assists each with choosing to consciously honor their own journey as an important part of our NEW EARTH COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE too! IT ALL PAYS OFF! Keep anchoring and expanding as LOVE and shining your Light (Codes) brighter and more brilliantly too!

First we activate the consciousness, then a whole set of re-coding, re-structuring and re-sequencing processes begin.

While this is not a linear process, it’s a vibrational one, I am breaking it down to as “linear as we can get” to assist with expanding comprehension of how vast each of these template re-writing/re-building processes are.

This works on a Quantum Level, through immense Sacred Geometrics and Light Quotients. I won’t be able to write everything up here. It’s just way too much information and it’s sooooooo deeply entailed, it’s going to take months to put it all together to describe a non-linear (Quantum Process) for how our Evolutionary processes work. I will release in segments, as I always do, preparing “manuals” and “how to’s” for each to utilize for their own journey here. For now… I’ll break this part down, to easier understand a bit.

  • Vibrational activation of a code/codes held deep in each’s cellular body/DNA
  • Physical body/Physical Reality alignment & clearing process
  • Expansion of Consciousness (This can often come before the physical body part)
  • Contraction of Consciousness (To clear out any separation/duality/unconscious programs)
  • Alignment and Unification within
  • Alignment and Unification of each’s (Light)Body and Field of Consciousness
  • Re-alignment of the physical (preferably through Mastery rather than perceived “force/loss”)
  • Hold the new higher state of consciousness until the entire physical realignment process has been accomplished/is complete
  • Materialization of “new”. First holographically, then by way of physical matter in form.
  • Full Embodiment occurs once the “New Level of Higher Consciousness” is held, in every exchange, with every breath, through Purity and by way of transcending all ego/duality aspects/programs, where the full template build for that aspect/consciousness is “complete”. At which time, a final “body-field” and cellular recalibration/reconfiguration process will occur, “setting in” this new template, to merge with the previously restored “Original Template” by each. 

Physical Body Ascension is the completion of each’s 5th Dimensional Body Template as full SOUL Union occurs within. There are processes that take place, from the point of activation, where  each’s LightBody Merkaba starts to “build the whole template”, an intricate process that occurs by continuously going offline and coming back online, while birthing new realities from inside, until this process is complete. The completion of this 5th Dimensional Template is the “beginning”, which then activates “over time”/vibrationally, each’s next higher Density/Dimensional LightBodies, Mastering 12 Dimensions (from much higher levels of consciousness), which in turn activates each’s 144 Avatar/OverSoul Consciousness Template to “begin”. This sets forth a progression of various body templates to awaken/ignite, where each will clear each existence, all distortions, separation, unconscious programming to fully UNIFY all within, and in-turn in their own physical reality too. Each template completion “adds to” the 144 Template Building process. First the consciousness, then clearing of all karmic timelines relative to that consciousness, for harmonic alignment/convergence for each to occur. Our Intelligent Living DNA is working constantly to re-work everything on a multi-dimensional level (for us all).

The processes for these 144 templates are non-linear (Super Quantum) and because of how all geometrically and vibrationally “criss-crosses” and overlays, the depth of providing the light codes for this part will be shared through Love at another vibrational “point in time”. ♥

With Consciousness and our Light-bodies (each phase/aspect has a different one), first we have the activation (often correlating to an expansion of consciousness). This occurs when our bodies reach a certain vibrational frequency, in order to activate the codons/markers held in our dormant higher consciousness DNA, which in-turn activates new levels of consciousness within each. This activation is bio-electrical, creating a “firing off” process that works through PURIFYING our entire body structures, organs, muscles, heart/spine/brain, body parts, skin, flesh, eyes, blood, bones…. you name it. Every part of us, as well as our Field of Consciousness too. How “long” the building/deconstruction/reconstruction phase takes on a cellular level is determined by many things. Physical density, unconscious programming and how expanded each’s field is, being the most relative of these.

Through observing the separation of “time”, once a “code” is activated, the body goes through an entire purification (detox) and harmonic stabilization process, whereas each’s entire reality also must fully re-align. This “begins” the building process for each’s various LightBody phases, as well as Stargate Systems (Merkaba pre-ascension also activating various other Stargates & Systems to come online, after physical body ascension occurs). There is an immense transition process that takes place with this as well.

Through our inner-linked Living/Breathing DNA Consciousness, all must “build”/construct itself, which occurs on a cellular level and links up to our bio-field. An intricate system created, that links each’s LightBody and Fields up with Gaia, Universally, Cosmically, Multi-Dimensionally (and so very much more). All achieved as each HOLDS (Embodies) their own highest level of Expanded (Super) Consciousness, long enough for this immense re-construction process to occur. This includes the breaking down/dissolving processes of all linear constructs and energy/matter that vibrated at the 3rd/4th Dimension (Consciousness) before.

First we have the activation, then an entire Labrynth of processes and phases, trials & tribulations for the human (ego) aspect, gateways/initiations/passageways that are completed as all separation/unconscious programming is dissolved/resolved. This “Light Activation” moves/works through each’s body and field, “talking and communicating”, identifying and recoding all through new/higher dimensional SOULar/STAR Codes. A complete bio-electrical-magnetic re-wiring process occurs “over time”, as each “takes one further offline” from their own connection with the Old Earth Grids held in place from inside, clears the energy held until ZERO POINT FIELD IS ACHIEVED/MAINTAINED, to bring each online further with our NEW EARTH NETWORKING AND GRIDDING SYSTEM. “Each time” is a part of a much bigger picture, as each time is a part of a huge transitory phase. This transitory phase is “completed”, when the entire TEMPLATE PROCESS is complete. The entire template is complete as each lives their entire lives according to these new Universal Cosmic Soul Star Light Codes.

These advanced templates accelerate our next phases we now move into. The 12th Dimensional Template was not (visibly) “scheduled” to come fully online until December, yet we’ve accomplished it “early”. (Credit to EVERYONE for all your “hard” work).

These next few months are going to be moving all continuing with Ascended NEW Earth Existences, into these much higher frequency bandwidths that continually come online with every SOULar/Cosmic Blast, that degradates the “old” at an increasing rate unparalleled by anything we’ve experienced here before. Each’s focus is going to be beyond important. Where each places their energy, will “faster” determine “the next moment” that occurs.

Avatar Consciousness is the entire OverSoul/Monad. It’s the 144 Grids and Codes inner-linked. It is activated the moment each’s physically ascends, which in turn activates (by way of vibrational frequencies), each’s various SOUL aspects/codes, as well as Star Aspects/Systems/Codes. Each activation will “trigger” an immense purification process to occur. This takes place on a deep multi-dimensional DNA/Askashic/Cellular Level, as well as each’s field and entire physical reality as it must be fully realigned too.

It often takes years for each LightBody & StarGate Systems to sync up fully, meanwhile each’s grid (muscles/bones/veins/whole body), is going through an immense process of everything being reconfigured (back) to these new codes. I can look back over my own experiences and see each LightBody and Template and all that went into each, as well as “how long” it took for each to complete. Now, linear is “how long”. Through Light, there’s no time. So, instead of looking at “time”, look at all vibrationally and keep elevating, expanding, holding, stabilizing and “time” will cease to exist, so “time” won’t matter anymore with this. I hope that makes a little sense.

There are many ways to activate any of these codes. Every time one chooses to open up and utilizes any/all of these options, acceleration can occur.

Becoming silent, connecting from deep within, elevating your consciousness and expanding your field, clearing your field, reconnecting with nature/Gaia, as well as SACRED UNION OF FIELDS, allowing each to exchange “codes”. Physically connecting y/our fields allows each the ability to increase this acceleration, especially when it’s accompanied by providing SIMPLIFIED “new processes” to instantly activate and integrate with greater ease. As more come to understand the importance of “Exchanging, Sharing, Receiving and fully Integrating Light Codes”, how each values everything will dramatically change. The higher the vibration, the simpler all is.

Code Holders & Embodiers constantly sharing, automatically transmit these codes. It’s an important part of each’s SoulStar Agreements, to deliver the information/Light Intelligence to assist hUmaNITY with awakening/receiving “faster/easier”. This comes from deep PURE LOVE that transcends all things physical and reconnects all of us as ONE again here.

Yes, unconscious programming becomes visible, yet as each chooses and learns to transform, learns to Master the Physical as their own Higher/Highest Selves, all is shifted vibrationally into much higher timeline experiences for us all. Instant reprogramming is important to shift all quickly as well.

The depths that we each go to, the depths of our entirety…. holding this immensity and sharing it through profound and beautiful energetic exchanges, through the delivery and receiving of Light Codes, through our own Unified Fields and how we consciously transmit all out….


These 144 Codes… they activate each’s OverSoul/Avatar Consciousness, once/as a certain level of purity has been achieved. Always activating, always working… always clearing out all that’s not in harmonic resonance on a Soul Level…. These have become available as higher level possibilities, held within each’s fields, condons activated within each’s cellular blueprint, through intentional conscious creation.

To activate in your own DNA and Field, just speak, with every part of your BEing, and presence:  “I activate my Labyrinth Codes”. Feel this through you. Breathe them through you. Allow your LightBody to activate and be ready to observe and align your own reality as LOVE. Sit with them, allowing your entire vibration to raise/consciousness expand. Honor this fully. It’s important. ♥

Ascending/Transitioning to the 5th Dimension of NEW Earth, means aligning ourselves fully, as well as our entire physical, through Universal/Cosmic/Unity Consciousness. Living and breathing this, then activates each’s 12 Dimensional Divine Blueprints, by way of each EMBODYING and holding the 13th Dimensional Ray of Christed Consciousness in how we each live our lives. From this point, fulfilling much higher soul purposes and galactic missions through our own HUman Roles here, the completion of Mastery Cycles of each of these 12, activates 12 more multi-dimensional codons, which begins the next cycles of “Levels of Embodiment”, referred to as the “Labyrinth Codes”.

As each achieves full completion of their own Divine 12 Templates, the 144 Sacred/Divine Template is activated by way of codes “turning on”, which become visible through each’s actual experiences here. First holographic, each is able to expand their own consciousness to activate these codes. Holding these states of consciousness fully, is how each’s template builds/constructs itself.


Physical body ascension (5th Dimensional Ascended/Descended/Higher Self Embodied Living), is where each has become completely WHOLE AGAIN. This is the merging of higher self and “lower” self, to become ONE with all and begin the next phases, which are immense within themselves.

The death/dissolution of the old, prepares each for beginning to birth all new realities from within. As each begins this vast transition process, they are preparing to awaken all anew and bring that forth from within their own consciousness and REMEMBERING process of re-connecting fully again.

This Awakening brings forth new Light, through the pureness of LOVE, to illuminate each’s individually journey, which moves from a focus on things or a past or present, to a focus on presence and what each has to offer/contribute/share as LOVE, which brings UNITY to all things here. This continual birthing process, is evolution within itself. Birthing through CREATION, a Sacred Experience where all is love, where all is unity, where all is considerate/kind and serves much higher purposes here.

“New” is represented by peace, magic, immense joy, gratitude and appreciation for all. This Divine Essence of our own deeply re-connected state, emanates out to transmit Light Codes that permeate the very fabric of what each calls “reality” to vibrationally recode how the physical actually materializes into “form”.

This continual birthing process, through Divine Creation, and fully aligned with Purity/Pure Creation/SOURCE Energies (from within), activates a “new series” of each’s processes and phases of continual Cellular-Stellar-Solar Light Code activations to begin. From this “moment” (occurs over months/years/each’s whole existence here, where one is truly ready to step fully into the 5th Dimension (and way beyond), with their whole BEing…. all new templates are activated to start to come online. These templates are our Divine Templates, original templates, all converging in one SPACE. Within us. From the completion of each’s 5th Dimensional template, all higher self aspects are awakened, through each’s processes, and every day experiences of integration, holding much higher states of consciousness and re-constructing/re-structuring all.

I actually have much more in-depth information to share, yet the the vastness would literally take me months to sit and put it all together to share/explain, so I’m not even trying right now. Simplifying the complexity of these codes, putting all together in with coherency to explain it for others to activate/utilize/integrate, this part is going to take a bit. Just writing this is an activation within itself, which is why I’m sharing this right now.

p.s. My apologies if I went in circles, kind of like a Labyrinth. lol It took me forever to write this and get it out for all. I’ll edit/fix it later. ♥

With love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, with thanks to Kathleen McGowan

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Accelerated Death Cycles for the Human Body (3D/4D) as “Body-Aging Death” Increases: 5D (Light) Bodies are the Opposite – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Accelerated Death Cycles for the Human Body (3D/4D) as “Body-Aging Death” Increases: 5D (Light) Bodies are the Opposite


I write this to assist with those preparing to transition “out of body”, or those “still here”, as well as having loved ones transition out. This is a “Cosmic/Quantum HOW” all now accelerates and some “why’s”…. for this now.

There are infinite truths…. each “believes” according to their own conditioning, programming and truth. This is different. This is not “human truth”. This is Universal/Cosmic “truth”. This is our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH Existences….. now.

Flow with me, as there are many pieces and parts of the “puzzle”/bigger picture, many fractals to unite, in order to provide “new” (higher dimensional) understanding for the acceleration processes we have now entered into with the integration of 9D Earth Templates, and progressing now to integrate 12D Earth on the Vibrational TimeTables we all set forth for “this now”.

Physical body death occurs where the Light of each’s SOUL is unable to fully integrate within the body, for the whole BEing-Body to transition over to 5D intact.

Life and death cycles are different in 3D/4D … and 5D and what all means/how all occurs is very different too.

The human body has what we call a “Body Clock”, which operates differently in each dimension occupied. These increased timelines dissolving, increase the body’s “aging” process substantially too. In 3D/4D, the human & body operate at a different oscillation rate than the 5D+ body templates do.

Therefore the aging/regeneration process is very different as well. In “the old days”, when the Earth operated at a lower frequency bandwidth, then aging “seemed” normal too. Yet, as the Earth awoke, as it became conscious, our bodies awoke/awaken too. Our “body-clocks” accelerate our aging process when it’s time to transition out of 3D/4D fully, either with or without our bodies.

Human body death occurs for the human body that is not able to transition over to 5D. The determining factor? How awake each’s SOUL is and able to integrate into the body fully, before the body shuts completely down, from being DEPRIVED of the breath of Life/Light.

The carbon-based body was able to sustain before, partly because it used “other things” to keep the body going, for fuel, for energy, that fed the body’s fuel cells differently and temporarily, for that day or those hours or few days. Yet, now the body can’t sustain as it did before, because those things “won’t work” like they did before.

With the vibration of our Earth raising SO high now, the physical body has to raise it’s vibration in order to stay alive and “come along”. Those of us who have already transitioned over, have gone through this immense “death cycle” already, many times… with the amount of density/separation determining “how harsh” the journey/ride/experience is/was.

With the increased oscillation rates of our now Vibratory Earth/Atmospheres, physical body density is “more affected” than before. Accelerated Aging Processes increase for 3D/4D bodies. This will apply to organs, cellularly, skin, body systems, bones, eyes, brain, heart… all. The body will “age” and “seem to be dying”, without out any “plausible” explanation for what it going on. It’s kind of like an energetic “death”, because it is.

This process “reverses” once the 5D body template has fully “installed” and the 3D/4D Body templates are completely re-worked. Then one enters “different” aging/death/rebirth cycles that are energetic, instead of as physical, like before.

Each SOUL chose a body to incarnate into/walk into, for the human experience (some awaken/some asleep & completely veiled), yet Ascension is very different than “being awake”. We could walk in/incarnate/birth in “awake” and still live deep beneath the Veils of Amnesia without any awareness of this. Achieving an Ascended State is the first step that “starts” physical body ascension processes to accelerate even more. For those SOULS UNABLE/NOT CHOOSING to Ascend Fully within this physical incarnation, then “leaving the body” (physical death) occurs, where different cycles begin.

I will go with “re-incarnation” for this explanation, then move to a different one. Once we reach the 5th Dimension with our physical bodies, these cycles no longer exist, as all timelines & existences converge/collapse into ONE, so the “how” changes substantially here.  The death cycle changes from full body death to death of programs held within our cells and regeneration processes, re-birthing processes that constantly occur. Here, every moment is death and rebirth, yet occurring on a different level. There’s no pain or suffering anymore, as there is with 3rd & 4th Density Bodies. Physical pain is a cellular program breaking down and sacred geometric light codes being embedded within the body on a cellular/molecular level. Because of the LightBody, pain is felt differently and is rare, except for huge “extractions”, if you will. When we get deep into the teeth and bones, for the much higher dimensional Light Bodies, it can be intense for awhile, yet even that eventually goes.

For those SOULS unable/not choosing to awaken from inside of their bodies (hearts open fully), then the body experiences actual physical death. Some go through NDE’s, so they can “see & understand” and then “re-enter” the body, to do “life” differently and accelerate their own awakening process, yet they still have to evolve their body, go through the Trials and Tribulations/Initiatory Passageways of EXPERIENCE to clear the programming from the body, so the body can fully awaken and come online/transition over to 5D Earth too.

For those SOULS that “lay dormant” within the body, suppressed and “not allowed” to emerge, then the body shuts down and dies. This is how physical death actually occurs. Each’s LIGHT was stifled/ignored/refused and the body has “no choice” but to do, because the BREATH OF LIGHT and PURE LOVE is what keeps it alive. 1% of Light won’t keep the body alive. The body must BUILD IT’S LIGHT QUOTIENT to 100% to transition over to NEW Earth, which is where each’s LightBody & Merkaba comes in.

For those “not choosing” to awaken fully in this Life-Cycle in order to ascend, then the next processes apply (there are others, yet this is the short version). However awake each became in this life-cycle will determine WHICH DIMENSION they re-incarnate back into when “returning” again. If 3D, deep asleep was the most one was able to accomplish, then that SOUL will re-incarnate/walk back into a 3D Consciousness Experience (Hell), to resolve this separation from Self as Pure Source Light, then transition to 4D (Purgatory), then eventually 5D and beyond.

Souls are not “bound” to linear dimensions like human body’s are. All SOUL merge to become one and the whole Unified Field of Consciousness upon death. It’s the timeline cycles that become relative here. Physical body death is freedom for the SOUL… pure peace, pure love, pure everything… Soul’s do not suffer, that’s the human reality/perception…. Our Soul’s are PURE and do not “live in separation” like human ego aspects believe. That’s all a matrix program too.

Yet, if a SOUL is to re-incarnate to return to this planet to assist in any way, to become a part of “another human experience”, they “return” to the “last dimension” “cleared/achieved” in the previous human cycle, that’s still available on our Multi-Dimensional Earth here. If they were able to “make it to 4D” (Purgatory/Bardo/The Dimension in-between 3rd & 5th/Duality), then they re-enter the 4th Dimension to complete/resolve/dissolve that separation, to transition over to 5D at some point. Those who were able to achieve a certain level of consciousness prior to physical body death, may re-incarnate as our Crystal/Rainbow Children here, yet how awake/conscious the family or circumstances are, is relative to the previous incarnation of life-cycles completed prior to physical body death.

Our beautiful crystal & rainbow children come in with activated codes, different body templates and to awaken others through more purity and love. Their bodies cannot “take” the harshness of unconsciousness, so their bodies will “reject”, fight back, shut down and have a harder time, because the lower vibrations are “out of sync” with their body clocks….

Our body clock operates on “Time Cycles” that correlate to life and death cycles, and in each Dimension/Density, these are different.

Due to the increased VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OF OUR EARTH, these “time cycles” (Life spans) on old earth now “Shorten” considerably.

I will explain a bit here to assist. Every organ, every cell of our body, holds “the separation of time” within it (3D/4D), which makes up our body template and the gridwork within our bodies that dictate the Dimensional Version of Earth Density that we actually walk on/live in/exist in/vibrate at. Our body’s systems, organs, cells, blood, oxygen… every particle of us are a part of a massive SYSTEM that works either in-unison with our beloved Gaia/Universe or SEPARATE from it, which is where separation dictates “time”. This “separation” actually “goes against” all things nature/natural and Universal/Cosmic Laws. This separation, held deep within our bodies, is what actually facilitates “physical body death” to occur.

Our Light awakens through our PURE HEARTS and ignites on a cellular level inside. This ignition can be felt. It’s electrical, hot/cold, energetic…. As our hearts open, our “light” is “released”. It’s more than just our hearts though, it’s every cell of our body that opens up… it’s our neurons, our receptors and every particle of who we are… awakening from inside of our BODY… and it’s an immense process of clearing old deeply held programming/belief systems and where all was “housed”. As our hearts and minds fully open, our light is able to move through our bodies, repairing, tuning and re-calibrating/re-coding everything MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY…. our bodies go through a lot for this to occur.

For those keeping their hearts closed, in protection mode, living in fear and unable to re-connect, the body goes into “starvation mode” as there’s no Light to FEED the body and keep it alive/sustained. This is where each organ starts to fail and the body starts to shut down. This is the body screaming for love, attention, self-care, nature, nurturing, kindness… yet the human-ego won’t listen… other things are more important or it’s an “inconvenience”….

WE’VE ENTERED INTO ACCELERATED DEATH CYCLES… which correlates in various ways. Each dimension is different. For the 3rd/4th Dimensional human body, it will “appear” to go haywire even more. The old ways won’t work AND it won’t make any “sense” to the human either. This is because what is occurring is on a Cosmic/Quantum/Multi-Dimensional/Vibrational level… a cellular level and “the cure” is not as humans “think” or believe…. Human aspects won’t listen, often UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS to get their attention, take their “power” of ignoring/ignorance/refusing to listen/honor away… (ego).

This is a part of the ego death cycle that now accelerates too. As humans, we call it “Dark Night of the Soul”, when in essence, it’s DEATH OF OUR EGO, and everywhere it was “housed” in our bodies… those emotions, those mentalities, those beliefs, those fears, that lack…. all of that “separation” and “duality”… deeeeeep deeeeeep deeeeeeep within. Mass Consciousness Awakenings equates to Mass Ego (and physical) Death too.

What’s important now is to UNDERSTAND many things, and to shift those perceptions from your human perceptions to your own SOUL KNOWING and SEEING… therefore actually shifting your own DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE here.

These ACCELERATION DEATH/REBIRTH CYCLES take on many forms… each dimensional body’s experience different than others…..

These ACCELERATIONS also equate to those NOT CLEARING KARMA IN THIS LIFETIME/LIFE CYCLE…. now start to transition out faster and in greater numbers too. For those Souls transitioning with their bodies, we clear our Karma fully, on every level, which makes up various Akash’s…. Human Karma, Galactic Karma, Abundance Karma, Twin Karma, Relationship Karma, Christed/God/Angelic Karma, Gaia/Elemental Consciousness Karma, Universal and more…. each clearing is necessary for the body to “stay alive”. There is a huge Reversal Process that occurs with each one as well.

What I “offer”/provide (here and through my/our work) is a way for each to REVERSE THIS PROCESS and CLEAR THEIR OWN KARMA easier….  so that either transition can be “easier”… either out of body or with the body. Karma is just unconscious programming held on a cellular level, yet the energy each holds and functions from dictates this. Full ascension of Consciousness will start to clear all human karma, then we don’t “create” anymore… then our bodies get to ascend, we won’t have/experience any “karma” for awhile, then we go deeper on a SOUL level to access all of the other existences of Karma and to clear all of those, before we can achieve Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment here.

HOW DO YOU CLEAR YOUR KARMA —- to Ascend Your Own Consciousness, to then Ascend in the Physical or Transition from a higher dimensional space/place/timeline… so that “IF” you choose to return/re-incarnate back into form “later”, you can come in at a 5D EXPERIENCE to start with….

You open your heart fully, you make amends for all you’ve “done”, you transcend the duality within you and you REVERSE ALL yourself. You actually start to CARE as a SOUL and allow your own light to come through. You find the hugest way that you can contribute, the ways that support HUMANITY/GAIA and elevating Consciousness and you step-up/do from your absolute highest place/aspect of you…. You merge with LOVE inside… you honor your body and all as LOVE, you allow your LIGHT TO ACTIVATE YOUR OWN LIGHTBODY and support your body while it re-codes/re-configures itself to “leave” 3D/4D densities…. You re-connect with YOUR OWN SOUL and let it guide you/tell you what to DO….. there will be small ways and huge ways for you to REDEEM yourself for all.

All of that hate, hurt, victim, being wronged, all that separation… that is what “kills your body” and dims your Light and your body can’t survive without it’s breath…. This breath is CONSCIOUSNESS… it’s ALIVE… and it moves through you, if you will honor it, allow it and increase it, for your body to THRIVE….

The body in “survival mode” functions on very little “connection”. This separation/lack of connection inside, with all things as love is how our bodies physically die.

The 5th Dimension is the literal HEAVEN ON EARTH… yet to get here, it has to awaken within you, birth from within you, through that spark of LIGHT and that LIGHT has to flow through you, without disruptions, without being shut down, ignored or depleted anymore….

Your linear mind/human ego… keeps your body in a 3D/4Density, which still functions within “time”. This separation is how your body dies…. because your body-clock-template still lives in the separation of time still.

There are different types of death…. and all are natural cycles too. For physical body death, the ego maintained control and LOVE could not “move in” fully for the physical body to stay alive. For Physical Body Ascension, you activate a higher state of consciousness and “hold this”, while your body works to clear the density of separation held within. This is where “ego death/dark night” kicks in. For physical body ascension, then the emotional body must “die”, the “mental body” dies, the physical body “dies” differently…. “over the separation of time”. These acceleration cycles, now increase the death/rebirth cycles in each dimension. 5D & above, is different, because the physical body has transcended death, whereas it’s death of the old in every moment and re-birthing the new in every moment too. Birthing new realities into/through conscious creation, birthing new everything… through Unity Love Consciousness…

The cellular body experiences each dimension differently. Each’s Light Quotient dictates the dimension the physical body occupies. How long it takes for the physical body to reverse, repair and move to a re-generative process of cellular de-generation (aging) and re-generation (de-aging), is determined by how much separation is still held.

Each can choose to shift their consciousness and actually affect the physical body/reality to re-generate “faster” and “easier”…. by releasing all ego/separation/programs beliefs intentionally.

I write this because we have entered a “karmic debt” cycle above all others, where each must FORGIVE KARMIC DEBTS fully…. otherwise each is bound to the karmic cycle themselves…. over and over and again and again until all of this energy clear or the body dies and each returns to do it again…..

Forgiveness is for all…. what each is holding onto…. if you desire to be forgiven, you must first fully forgive, as you are unable to fully receive (and integrate your own Light) until you do. Full forgiveness means everything… every action ever done until “this point”. This moment, right here… what each is DOING NOW… this is what matters as this is what dictates the dimension your body is bound to… vibrates at… exists in…. and whether it LIVES IN FULLY UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS with all of life, thriving and free and awake and kind … or if it exits this life cycle and you “return” later…. and what dimension you incarnate into when/as you do.

Right here, right now…. all have the capability to shift… all have the capability to CHOOSE, as each’s EXPERIENCE is a vibrational response to “this”. The more each “holds on” to the old, the “faster” cellular de-generation occurs. The way to re-generate life is through LOVE, PURITY and re-connecting on a SOUL Level… so that your SOUL can breathe through you… fully… and all of the old can dissolve/die easier… without your body going with it… and having to go through “full body death” to wake you up. ♥

p.s. 5D Body templates and above, this means “faster” acceleration of death/rebirth cycles for us as well, yet not a physical organ/body part/ego death, like before… death of old realities/timelines as fast as we create new through our own “breath of life and love” for all of humanity here. Birthing more, birthing “faster and more powerfully than ever before…. Cosmic Birth Cycles increase, Star BEings/Soul BEings/Light BEings awakening “faster” withing their bodies too… for all to REMEMBER FULLY and UNITE as LOVE here to continue to increase/strengthen our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM as we all continue to BUILD/ANCHOR/BRING FORTH/EXPERIENCE more NEW EARTH REALITIES…. so keep holding your light, building your light, sharing your light and uniting all through LOVE, while dissolving/resolving and transcending those old realities/timelines as fast as you can too! 

In every moment, each one of us can always shift, into a much higher state of consciousness and hold that as our new realities here. As we each do, our physical realities/dimensional experiences do too. ♥

5D is where Embodied SOULS live, walk this Earth and work together as love, play like children and fulfill much higher dimensional Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman roles here. It’s where all is in-service to hUmanity, just the level at which we function differs, based upon the levels of consciousness we’ve been able to achieve/maintain within ourselves and with our entire physical reality as well. 9D is where we start to UNITE more, as the Star Councils and Soul Families are ready to work together for the bigger picture for us all. The space between 5D & 9D are important experiences…. for each to “grow up” as Higher Selves/Unified BEings, reconnect with Gaia’s Consciousness/Universal Consciousness and be ready for these phases now…. Each “works” to hold the much higher states of consciousness, Christed/God/Galactic/Celestial/All…. becoming intentional Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Embodied Guardians, Ancient Elders and Celestial Bodies and Various Star Councils (Unified Councils of Light) here.

Remember, 3D/4D/5D and way above… all equate to the metaphoric dimensions of Heaven or Hell on Earth. The physical experience is a vibrational representation by way of each’s experiences now. 2012 Gateways opening up changed this for us all, when Physical Body Ascension became a possibility/”REAL”ity/CHOICE for us all.

3D = Hell EXPERIENCES and Energy
4D = Purgatory/Bardo/In-Between Experiences/Dualistic EXPERIENCES and Energy
5D = Heavenly, magical and beautiful inner-connected EXPERIENCES and Energy

5D opens up all possibilities and much higher dimensions for experiencing here. It’s where we start/the beginning of “after death” cycles…. it’s walking in the waking dream, after sleeping ourselves awake and being thrust/catapulted/shocked and shaken awake too. We’ve completed the 9D Light Body Template in conjunction with Gaia and those achieving this with their bodies will too. Now we move into a 12D template project that is “slated for completion” with the December 2018 Gateway that carries us into January 2019 to accelerate higher dimensional LightBody templates, in order to “achieve” the 2020 timelines set forth before we all birthed/incarnated/walked in/materialized into form here.

I love you! Love your SOUL-Body as it works to evolve at an accelerated rate and DNA re-writing accelerates continually too.

You can REVERSE ALL through your own UNIFIED ENERGY, ACTIONS AND PRESENCE here too. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Accelerating Timelines for Multi-Dimensional, Quantum Collective Consciousness Earth Templates – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art – Ichiro Tsuruta


Accelerating Timelines for Multi-Dimensional, Quantum Collective Consciousness Earth Templates: Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Frequency/Light Holders, KeyCode Holders, WayShowers, Emissaries/Embodied Councils of Light, Grid Stabilizers and all


“New” Cosmic Timetables have become visible/available for us to see and start to activate through our own consciousness, and intentionally participate in anchoring within each one of us, as well as our entire physical reality here too.
These accelerations are to “complete” energetic re-gridding processes, along with Universal Gaia’s Cosmic LightBody and template building, simultaneously, on a “Cosmic Timetable” for TEMPLATE COMPLETION to occur.

These will be accomplished, yet each’s ability to exist in these timelines fully, will be dependent on each’s own Higher Consciousness Soul Embodiment processes and overall vibration, so the body, the physical reality, our focus, priorities, energy… all is beyond important here.

Time-tables are not put out to create a competition or fear anything. They are to provide guidelines, if you will, visibility, for what is available to us all here. Not limits… possibilities… for what each can achieve within themselves and for their entire physical reality experience as well.

Time = Vibration… so understanding, none of this is linear, it’s all Quantum and that the “higher” we go vibrationally, the faster time speeds up/slows down/ceases to exist at all…

Human (E-GO) aspects still living by/within linear time “constraints”, will experience all speeding up to the point that this energy dissipates/breaks…. to come to a space of “Zero Point”, where everything collapses/is created from…

Non-Linears (Quantum LightBodies) function differently, from WITHIN A SPACE, not bound by linear time constructs anymore. For us to re-learn how to function, live, exist this “new way”, with our bodies, is learning to re-vamp our entire lives to accommodate a whole new existence here.

To be able to EXPAND BEYOND TIME and Exist from this SPACE, function from this place, from within all and beyond all simultaneously, takes full Consciousness here. In our fully expanded state, walking, living, breathing, working, inner-acting, is very different than before. As we release the conditions, restraints, constraints, limits, needs and all we were disconnected from before, we open up to all new everything and are able to see it, activate it, call it forth and create it to arrive in our physical as we integrate PURE SOURCE LIGHT to vibrate into that reality simultaneously. Maintaining this is what Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers & Embodiers do. We hold this from our CORE everything and it’s “how” we are…. all of the time. We don’t go in and out of consciousness (contract back down) anymore.

Time is only to observe, to “fit” all of our creations into, to adhere to in order to show up for something that supports all of our higher purposes here…. it’s not a limit… it’s an observation, an awareness to maneuver around/through with ease, love and grace. ♥

Now, these “timeline tables” are to assist others with “seeing” too. What will become available, as each activates/awakens/achieves the vibration of each higher consciousness and holds it for their own bodies to re-code, re-calibrate, re-everything…. These are to assist others with UNDERSTANDING the IMPORTANCE OF ALL OF THIS…. the “reality” of our Multi-Dimensional Earth and “what’s really going on”… on a Cosmic Level here.

To understand, these acceleration codes will “push” our human to step it up even more, to hold more light, to integrate more light, to share more light to BE more Light and anchor more light… constantly and continually… always becoming capable to DO and BE MORE than our little human aspect was. Our bodies go through immense upgrades and re-calibrating processes, so we have to honor, love, respect and “learn” to do everything differently…. it’s ALL NEW WAYS here.

To understand that the “higher we go”, the more the higher dimensional timelines and templates become available to be brought/come online, then the “faster” the lower frequency bandwidths/dimensions collapse/dis-integrate/dissipate/dissolve… from within each and outside too. “How” is relative to how conscious each is and actively participating with this process.

Our human aspect will get excited and say yes! Then when their reality has to be re-worked through higher consciousness, resistance and fear enters in. This is called “separation/duality/unconscious programming”… and it means realizing that your human does not have one ounce of control in how any of this works here. Your Soul/Higher Self is the one “in charge”… as is our Gaia/Universe, which you will merge with/become as well.

These “time-tables” are “from this moment right here” of what’s “scheduled” vibrationally to be brought online… on a multi-dimensional level…. available to each truly ready, embracing and making this a priority too. As new templates are complete, all previous templates will become obsolete, allowed to play out as long as each’s body can sustain this. Physical death is the “end of the 3rd/4th Dimensional experience for that human. The 5th Dimension, a physical reality, is where the body goes through emotional, mental, physical “death” over “time”, for the body to be able to TRANSITION and cross that ‘RAINBOW BRIDGE’ intact. Every cell of the body has to be re-worked (density dropped) for this to occur for each. Collective Physical Body Ascensions increase substantially as we go. As does physical body death, for all who chose not to transition with their bodies and return to the UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS as ONE ENERGY SOURCE. ♥

So, open up for more NEW as our Multi-Dimensional Earth(ly) Bodies continue to re-shape, re-form, re-code and re-grid at an even “higher” acceleration rate than before.

This last week we completed the 9th Dimensional NEW Earth Templates and now we enter the 12th Dimensional LightBody Template for Collectives, Individual and Multi-Dimensional Earth.

We are currently “scheduled”:

  • To integrate these 12th Dimensional Codes through the December 2018 Gateway, which takes a while to complete the entire re-gridding process. The 12th Dimensional Template Codes are being released with this Lion’s Gate Passageway. Integration to be completed in/through January 2019.
  • Our September Equinox month will release/activate the next set of Codes for the next phase of this process. Every moment/month/gateway, star-gate opening (every couple of days right now), will activate/increase these codes for all.
  • The December Gateway/Passageway will release the “final set” of 12th Dimensional Codes for integrating, re-coding, re-calibrating to occur, carrying us through full template integration January 2019. It will also release the 13th(then 14th) Dimensional Christed Template Codes for Universal Earth Gaia’s template to be fully brought online, as well as each individual Soul honoring their own Embodiment processes here. These templates are Collective Templates. Each individual can achieve this themselves, not bound by the collective templates… Collective Templates affect the whole earth differently. Intentional Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers achieve this “first”, as the anchor points for these new templates/grids and by holding this fully, the entire template is completed. This is why y/our roles are so important to honor, as we ARE the template holders of this multi-dimensional experience here. All of us. ♥
  • The 1/1/19 Gateway will unearth/bring through/release the next level of codes to be anchored in by each one of us and within Gaia too. Our God/Galactic/Avatar Consciousness Codes will be enhanced with the next “level” of these codes, which will release within Gaia at that “time” too. The 15-16th+ and 18-19th then 20-21st Dimensional Templates will activate to start coming online the entire linear year of 2018, to reach a “crescendo point” for Avatar/Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes (2222 Codes/22nd Dimension), with collective templates scheduled to come online by 2020, as set forth before any of our incarnating/walking in here.
  • I’ll be sharing more on these/all of this, later as we go.

This “timetable” is a VIBRATIONAL reference point, a way to “see” what possible by/for each one of us, ready and available to each one of us… as each is truly ready for and fully embracing this.

Old Earth timelines will continue to play themselves out for each as long as the vibrations support, which will “shorten” as we go, considerably, because those timelines have already dissolved/collapsed, presenting the opportUNITY for each to transition to higher frequency bandwidth/dimensional existence, as soon as those programs/density are able to clear the physical body fully. Many are fulfilling very important roles in those old timelines still. Respect is important for this. As each no longer desires the EXPERIENCES of those lower frequency bandwidths as “home” anymore, then a new “home” is available…. one where we all exist as love, through Unity and live the brilliance of our NEW Earth too! ♥

p.s. This is not “set in stone”, as multi-dimensional existence is not linear in any way. It’s all vibrational and energetic, so each will “accomplish” according to their own chosen experience here. Many will come through “after”, with forerunners, pioneers, gatekeepers, gridkeepers opening the Portals/Gateways, completing the initiatory Gateways (coming through/out on “the other side” of each), stabilizing and holding these new templates in place with our own bodies and physical realities too.

Focus on you, your own vibration, your experience, your roles… and show others, as love, share with others, from love, hold LIGHT, transmit LIGHT (codes) and honor all for their own chosen journey here. There are always all new timelines available for each. If you get caught up in the “old”, you shut down your own “access” to “your new”… it’s a part of learning to re-focus our own energy and be totally response-able for what we are creating with our OWN FOCUSED ENERGY here.

I love you! Let’s get ready to rock out more awesomeness here! Happy Lion’s Gate and open up to all new codes for expansion, integration and implementation/applying to your own life and through your own Vibrational Existence here! We’ve still got more coming through! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. Those holding higher consciousness (different levels do different things, this is how it works), don’t “wait” to integrate these codes within our templates “later” or “then”, we are already doing this continually to reach the point when our own entire template process is complete, which is often long before the collective template is (days/weeks/months/years). We link up to Gaia/Universe/Galaxies/StarGate Systems and activate/anchor/integrate constantly, to “achieve” as an important part of the collective template “prior”, so that the collective template can be brought on-line for all with greater ease. Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers are always on a different timeline than various collectives are. ♥


Art – Ichiro Tsuruta

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Mind Re-Association ~ NEW Avatar Consciousness Codes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art by Isabelle Bryer

Mind Re-Association: An Early Part of Higher Mind Consciousness and Truly Coming to Understand More on an Energetic-Quantum Level: NEW Avatar Consciousness Codes

In observing mindsets, we start to re-map our entire belief systems, non-linearly… all vibrational and based upon all new realizations and seeing what we could not see before… ENERGETICALLY. This means we are starting to shift our own perceptions, in many ways and start to create a “new networking system” within us… by way of SEEING how things are connected, affected, support, contribute, create… on an energetic level (a Quantum one), instead of a linear one, like before (3rd/4th Dimensional bodies).

Your “new” body, your Light Body, operates and functions very different than your carbon-based human body does/did. Through Light, through Presence, through your deep-inner-connection, you hear/see/feel/know on a whole new level…. another dimension, another version of “reality”, alternate ones…. where what is not visible to the human eye (yet), is visible from deep deep deep inside, (where your Soul/Light Lives).

Accessing the “other dimensions”, takes focus, presence and requires you to maintain that connection in order to truly see, feel, know and understand. Part of this process, is by way of PHOTONIC LIGHT, working through your body and re-coding, re-configuring, re-structuring everything completely differently than it was. You are a very important part of this process, because the more you tune-in (are in-tune), the more you get to participate, consciously and work in unison with your body, for this very important evolutionary process that occurs from within you…. all day every day now.

Re-Association with your own mind, means observing the “lines” that used to connect and re-working these to be “different” understandings than you had before. By looking at a “picture” from inside, you can see the “picture” of how things “work”, which means that you can start to see on a Quantum Level, instead of an old limited, fixed, attached and unconscious one.

For example, how you spend your money. You used to “think” you were buying a product, when in essence, you were receiving a physical thing that you deemed important, and you placed importance on this thing, which then placed a value on this thing, where you then decided to spend your money, that you place value on, on that thing, because you value what?

Used to be, you spent money to buy a thing, yet in evolving our consciousness, we see that we are not buying a thing, we are receiving a physical thing in EXCHANGE for a physical thing we place value on/in, to receive something that then affects our physical vibration.

With this scenario, we get to SEE, that it’s not about the money, it about who/what we are supporting when we spend that money, the purpose of the thing we are “exchanging something for”, this case “physical money”, to gain/acquire/achieve a “thing” that we place value on, and in essence, we’ve purchased physical matter that represents a vibration, our priorities, what we care about and so many other things we could not see before….

All of a sudden, we have NEW AWARENESS, of what our priorities are, what our perceptions are, why we do the things we do and where we come from when we “support”, how we “support, “who” we support….. ourselves, each other, old earth/unconsciousness/fear/lack or New Earth, ourselves, each other, love/Unity/Consciousness/our BE-Loved-d Gaia/Earth, our LightBodies, our Souls or something else….

How we spend our money matters. Our human doesn’t take this into consideration, because it’s fixated on “the thing”, what they are getting, without a clue of what all VIBRATIONALLY MEANS.

On a Quantum Level, how we receive matters too. Why something is given or offered, if there are expectations, hidden agendas, attachments, then we don’t “take” those things, as they are not PURE.

When we see/get to the higher dimensional realities, we start to understand, yes EVERYTHING IS FREE, yet not in the way it once was. It’s “given” or “exchanged” freely, as a means of appreciation, gratitude, respect, support, contribution, caring and a way to accomplish the work we came here to do… it’s nothing like it was when we were unconscious before. Everything has a vibration….

I used “money” for this example, because this is what many focus on, or what gets “attention”, what matters to humans and one of the first questions many want to know. How to make more “money”…. MONEY IS ENERGY, it’s a RESPONSE to our own Vibration, it has a PURPOSE and SUPPORTS OUR NEW EARTH EXISTENCE…. just like anything else. Money is not the “issue” here, our ENERGY IS….. Our priorities, what we truly care about, what we support with it, what we create with it, how we share it and utilize it to make a difference too.

As our PERCEPTIONS CHANGE, our energy changes, our mentalities change, where we come from changes, what we value changes, what inspires us changes, what matters changes, the importance we place on “things” changes and how/what/when we receive changes too, as all is VIBRATIONAL and ENERGY here. Everything is relative to our energy, how much “energy” we put into “things”, how open we are, how much we share and how much karmic/unconscious programming we still carry within us that still has to be cleared.

We have to reverse and re-identify all…. we shift our perceptions, our consciousness off of the physical and onto the VIBRATION and ENERGY of all. We see the lack, the cords, the attachment, the need, the manipulation, the mis-use of power, the words that are masked with “untruths” and we choose not to participate in this behavior anymore.

There are REALities that are based upon FREE, where everything is FREE…. yet our human doesn’t understand what FREE means… because it focuses on the “thing”, instead of the “things” are an ENERGETIC REPRESENTATION of what we hold inside, how much we share, reciprocate, how much we contribute, care… nothing like the Old Earth, where we worked hard for a thing… as what we receive, when we receive, how we receive in completely non-linear…. it comes “out of nowhere”, just like “magic”, from every direction and multiple SOURCES… as we achieve, hit that vibration, portals open and “things come through those portals”…. how cool is that?!!!

We do EVERYTHING THIS WAY… we look at the ENERGY OF ALL, the VIBRATION OF ALL and we determine if “that” is aligned on a Soul Level, is it PURE, does it support fully, is it FREE OF ATTACHMENTS AND CORDS…. does it serve the highest purposes vibrationaly or is it of “the old”…. and this is how we make decisions…. regarding everything.

Every thing in our lives… is about the VIBRATION AND ENERGY and is that open, pure, free and highest aligned? Is it there to contribute, support, share or is there a lack/need/hidden agenda there? Is IT PURE, or does it come from the “root chakra” of lack, survival/just get by/me mode … is it truly FREE?

When we first come into consciousness and see the higher dimensional realms, we do see that everything is supposed to be free, and at some point it will be, as we all come to function from a deep sacred place of connection, caring, support, respect and realize that we all have to contribute, we all have to step-up, we all have to Unite to share what we have access to, for all of hUmaNITY, yet not like humans “think” we do.

There’s no supporting or feeding lack/give to me/do for me ENERGY…there is providing the opportUNITY for each to CHOOSE, to be re-educated on a SOUL LEVEL for what is appropriate ENERGETICALLY and what is not. Kindness, consideration, respect and opening the DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY for each to CHOOSE a different way… this is how all of our Universes work and as we all become the UNIVERSE (and more), these are the ROLES we play here too… as each other’s higher selves, as another UNIVERSE…. opening portals of opportUNITY, sharing ideas, inspiring, creating and uplifting and CARING….

We utilize our re-SOURCES, our gifts (natural abilities), our higher consciousness knowledge/everything to assist, guide and SHOW (WayShowers), allowing each to come to learn to respect, appreciate and step up/forth to contribute, share, be a part of OUR NEW EARTH too…. when they are READY… when their ENERGY SHOWS UP READY… not their human mind in lack/selfish/control mode…. as the answer will be “no” every time, until that energy shifts, that heart opens and they are truly ready to “tow the line”, just like we all did… There’s no coddling or doing the work for others, there is opening up the door of opportUNITY and leaving it open (or closing it if that timeline has played itself out)…..

Re-associating in our MIND is a necessary part of this process for us all. To sit, observe and see the ENERGY of what we are creating, supporting, allowing…. and CHOOSE to SEE differently than before.

Here we care about each other, our planet earth and every sentient being, yet we can also see THE DIMENSION we are in, when there is an exchange and determine if that reality is an old unconscious one to clear an old program (say no/shift the vibration/bring all into full consciousness) and to shift all into into a much higher vibrational one ourselves…. all of us together, or us, if the “others” are not in a place for this yet (vibrational)….

We have no attachment to any realities, to no “thing”…. we have love, kindness, respect, integrity and we care. We can also see the cords of attachment that unconsciousness transmits out, how much lack there is, how much need and how “short term” the exchange needs to be, based upon unconsciousness, or “long term” based upon full consciousness, being in-tune and having common/similar Soul Purposes and Roles to play out together, as long as that TIMELINE remains intact. The moment the vibration changes, the timeline changes too. If there is any duality/unconsciousness, the timeline dissolves/disintegrates/collapses/closes out, unless each is ready to bring all into full consciousness WITHIN THEMSELVES and then together too. The amount of energy this takes, will be relative to each’s consciousness/unconsciousness/programming still held. The more “time” we spend on something, the more energy it takes, the more invested we are in it…. which correlates to physical everything.

For humans, their SOUL is not a tangible thing, it’s not important or valued… their LIGHT is not important, because they do not understand, that their LIGHT feeds their body, keeps it alive, transmits out into the entire external “reality” to “play” a “Virtual-turned-physical” Experience out, from the programs held inside, the beliefs, the frequencies transmitted out…. which is how the external becomes “solid”….

So the question is… Is YOUR SOUL A TANGIBLE THING? Follow the light, the energy, observe and see as far/as much as you can see… to realize more of what you could not yet see before.

What we focus on matters to us, therefore activating “matter” to take form. It is that easy… Yet, for humans they can’t focus their energy/Consciousness and “affect” the physical at-will, because there are so many other programs transmitting from their body… a WIDE RANGE OF CONFUSION…. so the outside doesn’t have a clear signal of “what to do”…. The energies/transmissions of fear, hesitation, lack, not sure or a focus on the physical first, anchor the physical body in an unconscious dimension to play all of those doubts, fear, lack of inner-connectedness-power out…..

Re-mapping/re-associating is KEY for each one of us…. to look at/observe EVERYTHING on an ENERGETIC LEVEL FIRST…… observe “that relationship” or “that job/business”, that home or that Exchange… See the ENERGY, the attachment, the cords, the lack, the need, the purity, the kindness, the respect, the INVESTED ENERGY of each and where there are ENERGETIC IMBALANCES too. See everything….. See that Job that you do, the JOY, the Bliss, the opportUNITIES to make a difference, touch lives, show others how important they are too, how much you care (without lack/needing anything), see how much TIME YOU SPEND ON “THAT”… do you realize that TIME IS ENERGY and all is YOUR INVESTMENT, which EQUATES to your own phsyical reality and everything you call ABUNDANCE here?

The amount of TIME you put into everything, the amount of ENERGY… this is your INVESTMENT, this is your creation of what you VIBRATIONALLY EXPERIENCE here. Do you value others, their TIME/ENERGY too? Do you reciprocate or take take take for you? Do you only show up when YOU want something (human/ego/unconscious programming) or do you SHOW UP to offer, support, contribute and become the NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEMS, STRUCTURES, INFRASTRUCTURES here?

Are you fully INVESTED IN YOUR OWN SOUL here, the SOULS of others, not from a place of lack, yet from a space of love, kindness, support, respect? Are you FULLY INVESTED in your NEW Earth realities, with your precious TIME/ENERGY/BREATH too… do you realize your breath, your chi, your energy, this is your SOUL LIGHT…. that you are either nourishing or depleting, honoring or wasting… as is the ENERGY of all others… do you hold RESPECT for the ENERGY (TIME) OF others, do you VALUE THIS?

Do you love and respect your bodies for all the “work they do” to carry your SOUL LIGHT here? Our bodies go through an IMMENSE PROCESS of repairing and fixing everything we’ve done for our whole human existence here. Those muscles, organs, cells….. all have to UNDO everything we did and clear the separation/linear/unconscious/karmic/every existence codes held inside and re-code with all new ones…. breaking down y/our old mindsets on a cellular level… breaking down those linear constructs on a cellular level, breaking down all of those fixed mentalities, programs and beliefs, all of those limits, that hidden fear, lack of love/self respect/integrity, so that it can LINK UP TO NEW EARTH FULLY…. so that your whole body can vibrate at a frequency high enough to shift into a whole new frequency bandwidth, as that density clears… it’s all that programming….

As you re-map, as your neural pathways open up, as your heart walls dissipate/come down, as your UNIVERSAL MIND comes online, your Universal Heart, Your Gaia’s Heart, Your Cosmic Heart, Higher Selves Hearts…. your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Divine Child, Pure Source Creator aspects awaken from INSIDE OF YOUR BODY, as a part of your Soul…. Sitting and observing and remapping your own associations with how you correlate reality, this is an important part of the process for us all, in order to open up Universal Corridors, Universal Consciousness, which will expand into other consciousnesses, where all ego/separation/duality/distortions are resolved/dissolved for full UNIFICATION to occur.

We been in OverSoul Consciousness/Avatar Consciousness these last years. Yesterday, new codes came through… new Avatar Codes, which will be activated within each, as their body reaches the vibration for these to be activated inside of each’s physical body, until then, they float around in each’s field of Consciousness, for each to expand their consciousness into. Holding this expanded state continually, for the body to re-work itself/re-code itself and for the entire Physical reality to be re-tuned/re-coded for the physical dimension to take new shape to MATCH THIS NEW OVERALL VIBRATION… is up to each one of us… to accomplish/hold/be/do here. There were many different codes activated/released/made available, all relative to wherever each one of us “currently are” vibrationally… each will “receive”/activate these new codes for themselves, as their own consciousness expands from their hearts and out into the UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS for each to hold this space/this state in every exchange here. Embodiment is through Purity, a level of purity that can’t be “given” by another… it’s a purification process by EACH AS A SOUL, of each’s own human ego programs still held within the body, which each must do themselves.

Those of us who do “this”/what we do, we hold/provide/transmit/intentionally activate the Key Codes (Light Encoded Information) to assist each with embracing/choosing/utilizing this. We expand our fields out to connect with yours and when you TUNE IN to RECEIVE… you activate these codes within yourselves “easier”, consciously, instead of having to “wait” until “one day” or after a bazillion experiences to “teach you” what we’ve already “learned” and share with all of hUmaNITY as a part of our own higher purposes/missions/roles here. Every word we write, every exchange, every class we teach… is important, serves a purpose and assists humanity on multi-dimensional levels… as do you. ♥

Honor your body, how it’s shifting vibration, reversing eon’s of existences on a cellular level, as well as building more of your own PURE SOURCE LIGHT from inside. Your Divine Essence, your PURE BREATH…. as you VALUE THIS, you come to VALUE THIS IN OTHERS and you birth a whole new respect, appreciation and connection from within you, to yourself, each other, all of us here… and your whole REALity changes too!

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Codes pouring in since “my” yesterday afternoon, the next phase of this Lion’s Gateway is preparing to open, as the grids charge and we get ready to rock and roll more awesomeness!

p.s. Pay attention to your resistance/your body/your muscles/your heart/your mind… how open/closed you are, how defensive you are, how quick you are to “assume” or blame or “think you know”… how much you trust/don’t trust… live from survival/just get by mode… how much you “take advantage” of others, how much you “take” and don’t reciprocate, where you have an attachment to an outcome before you will trust, listen, do …. where your ego “needs to know first”, before you will listen/honor/do… Pay attention to what inspires you, where you focus your own energy and choose to contribute/don’t, what “matters” to you, what your own priorities are, as these are very visible energetically and on a Quantum Level…. what/where you focus your attention, your thoughts, your energy… this is what you keep re-creating/creating to experience in your own reality here.

KEYCODE: Take your focus off the “thing” and focus on your energy, the energy of “that”, the vibration it represents and then FOCUS YOUR ENERGY on INTENTIONALLY CREATING, so that all you truly need, desire and “deserve” (on a very different level), can come to you easily too! ♥

p.p.p.p.p.p.s. Our LightBodies (Gamma Bodies/Photonic Bodies/Soul Bodies), give us the ability to focus Gamma Energy/Rays with precision and like a tractor beam “pull” realities here. As a Light BEing, you can PULL all into a higher state of consciousness (each other), yet it gets exhausting if you spend all your precious energy “pulling” others who’s hearts/minds are closed and their BODIES are in “resistance” mode, pushing back or hearts closed/walls up… blocking/stopping/not wanting to hear/see/feel/own/shift/deal…. You start realizing that your precious energy can be ore productive creating, sharing, inspiring…. both alone and with others holding/possessing this ENERGY too, this excitement, this openness, this SHARING, SHARING and CONTRIBUTING ENERGY too… This is where we Unite from… as the Light Councils here… as PURE SOURCE LIGHT CREATORS… ready to come together to create/share/expand more….

These recent codes (and all upcoming ones) are activating the EMBODIED UNIFIED COUNCILS OF LIGHT, in physical form here. Ready to step-up/forth and unite in all new ways… to fulfill much higher purposes as Soul-Star-Light BEings here. ♦

We now move into 12D Earth Template … another immense re-gridding, re-structuring, re-coding and re-calibration process for us all, in conjunction with Gaia, as she does this too. All of us as Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Emmisaries/Ambassadors, Guardians, Ancients are doing work on every dimensional level constantly, as well as our walking/waking state here. Keep it up! It’s important for us all. I love and appreciate all that you do as LOVE too! ♥

Remember, re-associate EVERYTHING… nothing is as you once “thought” it was. There’s a Quantum Reality that’s very different and works completely differently too. NEW Earth is a whole new Value System, being re-worked from inside of each one of us/me/you/all here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Art by Isabelle Bryer

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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9th Dimensional NEW Earth Ready to Experience: Codes Released for Anchoring – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Eye of Horus, keeper of the secrets and Egyptian mysteries, embeded in the Octaedron shape, double sided pyramid. Art at Pumayana.


9th Dimensional NEW Earth Ready to Experience: Codes Released for Anchoring, Full Integration and Application by Each – Talk About Leveling UP! Re-Gridding Process Complete! NOW LIVE IT!


The “final” Soul/Star Gate Codes released last week for intentional conscious activation, integration and application for our 9th Dimensional NEW Earth Experiences are now “complete”. Wahoooooo!

This whole year since the December 2017 Gateway opened up, followed by the 1/1 Gateway too, with new codes POURING in, on a daily basis, for us all to integrate fully and apply to how we live our lives here, have been “focused” on many things.

These are just two:

The 2222 Code: Higher Consciousness HUmanity. These work through every cell, SOULar/Star Particle of who we are here and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse…. constantly… as they work through our every breath. Our lungs, oxygen, blood… a purification process above all previous ones, ever experienced here. These continue to release/activate within us, with every Cosmic Harmonic Alignment that now occurs (daily/with Star/Heart-Gates opening up substantially every few days now). These are beyond POWERFUL.

9th Dimensional NEW Earth Codes: The “completion” codes delivered/activated/received last week. These ACTUAL REALITY CODES have been activating all year, in sequences, which is how Geometric Light Codes work. They come through in pieces/increments, we integrate that aspect, clear distortions, then the next “piece” activates/come through/releases for us to accomplish that within us (and our physical reality too).

or easier understanding, the code will activate at one point (let’s say a certain month/gateway period), the cleansing will begin… this can take days, weeks, months, years… for all depends on each one of us, our own separation, density and “how long” it takes us to intentionally and consciously anchor, integrate fully and also apply/incorporate into our own realities, for how we live our actual lives here…. Different “points” of a code can represent the Divine Feminine (which will clear human feminine distortions), then Divine Masculine (which will clear human masculine distortions), Divine Child (which will clear human ego-wounded child then resistant teenager too). Sometimes all 3 can come through (as well as other points I’ll address at some point later), then the next set come through to “bump each up” to the next phase, then the next, then the next…. you get my drift. ♥

Today, we’ve “completed” the phase of all of these codes being “delivered”/made available to each one of us here and anchoring into Gaia’a gridwork/body templates, as well as our own where we, as Guardians, Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers, do this consciously and intentionally) too.

Now, it’s important to understand that we activate the Consciousness Code(s), by way of frequencies, within our own Energy Body/Higher Consciousness Living DNA. Once activated inside, we then expand our consciousness “beyond our bodies” and we hold it there, so that our bodies can re-work, re-calibrate, re-code and clear/cleanse/purify to “match” the new level of consciousness, so that our new LIGHTBODY/(LightShip) can fully (re)construct, achieve this/anchor/integrate/”lock in”…. while our fields are also building/synchronizing constantly, so that “full-linkage/link-up/synchronization” can occur. This full-linkage equates to the body “teleporting” or “materializing” on a much higher dimensional vibrational plane of existence possible before. First the consciousness, then the body, then the physical reality, which is WHY it’s sooooooooooo important to hold the State of Consciousness, so that your LigthBody/StarGate system can do what needs to be done, to accomplish this for your actual PHYSICAL EXPERIENCES here.

Our 9th Dimensional LightBody builds from within our physical bodies, on a cellular level, re-tuning and syncing constantly with our own StarGate System and all StarGates of our BE-LOVED Gaia/Universe/Galaxies/Existences…. and versions of Multi-Dimensional Earth that we live on/in/from too.

Holding the consciousness from our CORE, allows all to re-code for us. We just honor the process, which is an immense one, doing every moment of each day, what’s aligned on a Galactic-Soul Level, for our physical reality to re-shape, re-form, respond vibrationally too! .

We activate a consciousness years prior to our Physical LightBody & StarGate Systems being able to “complete”. The entire process “in-between” is where all is restructured, rebuilt, reformed, re-created, re-coded, re-everything, for our physical reality to become a full vibrational match. As collectives, we “work” to complete this, for us all. As Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers, it’s a very important part of our roles here for us all.

These Recent StarGate/HeartGate/SOULar Codes were for the purposes of a completion cycle, which began eons ago for many of us, working through full consciousness for years. We can open access and live from a state of consciousness for years, yet our bodies have to complete the process ALONG WITH GAIA and our Star Systems… for all to open up/link up/synchronize, for the COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE TO OCCUR. This is what we have completed, the COLLECTIVE AWAKENING and LIVING of this consciousness for the entire DIMENSION TO become a physical experience for us all!

How friggin off the charts awesome!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we’ve all been “working” diligently for years, each in their own way, each stepping up/forth, each uniting, sharing, supporting as the foundation and infrastructures of Our NEW Earth, creating all new Systems, Programs and Ways…. anchoring light, integrating light, transmitting and sharing light, connecting/re-connecting in ways that serve a much higher purpose for us all. Being the Bridges, being the Network/Networking System, forging the paths and constantly integrating all of these Cosmic Ray/Rainbow Codes.

This is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT, and not only have I experienced the immensity of the beauty of these frequencies/energies, all day every day now… I see so many of you experiencing this too! Every moment, not only is 5D NEW Earth available now (magic, bliss, newborn child birthing from within us, magnificent new colors, rainbows and more!), each “next” dimension offers even more!

First our consciousness, holding it, Embodying it, BEing it, Living It, DOing it, with every breath… while our physical bodies cleanse, re-code, re-calibrate, re-everything, as our Merkaba for 5th Dimensional NEW Earth builds for physical body ascension to occur, it then collapses the geometrics and starts re-building through new atomic codes, activating our higher dimensional LightBodies for physical body/reality integration, activating, and as each one is built/constructed, each completion/embodiment process, begins the next LightBody phase for full integration and living to occur. ♥

So, another happy dance (yeah right?! Everyday now!)…. as we all worked hard to anchor 9th Dimensional Earth Templates within our Bodies, hold them and complete the GRID that now makes 9th Dimensional NEW Earth REALities and Experiences possible for us all!

A big ole pat on the back everyone, keeps shining, sharing and BEing fully…. as the next few months will be an extension of this, where BEING/DOING become the next part of this anchoring/completion phase… These next few months, sooooo important… as this Lion’s Gateway blows wide open for us all!


Excited love to you all!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

P.S. These codes are a combination of Sirian, Lyran, Arcturian, Andromedan, Venusian, yes Mars too, LeMUrian, Atlantean, Egyptian/Sphinx/Isis and soooooo much more! We’ve been going through a huge “body flush” (re-tuning through Light Codes rushing our body for huge upgrades) these last few days too… as we continue through this Lion’s Gateway even more…. It’s going to be another powerful and amazing week! Let’s do this loves! Wahoo! This 9DTemplate Re-Gridding Process Completion is a big Deal. It’s Cosmic Happy Dance time again! On to the next ones we go! ♥ 


Eye of Horus, keeper of the secrets and Egyptian mysteries, embeded in the Octaedron shape, double sided pyramid. Art at Pumayana.

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Sleeping Yourself Awake – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Sleeping Yourself Awake

Yes you will… literally… sleep and sleep and sleep and then sleep some more… in order to dissolve the veils of amnesia that you held inside… so that your body can shut down, raise it’s vibration, integrate your light, your body can re-code and re-calibrate, so that your ego-fixated-control-mind can get out of the way and you can “learn” to surrender fully to a process that makes not one ounce of logical sense at all….

This is because Multi-Dimensionality is not logical or linear, it’s Quantum…. vibrational and energetic….

Light codes shut your human body down… on purpose… so that you can “enter” the dream state, whether in the sleep state or waking one…

You’ll be clearing immense timelines and alternate realities that used to be “in your way”, anchoring immense photonic light within you, that will allow you to “travel” through your own consciousness…. everywhere….

Clearing fears and lack and all those barriers that used to be “in your way”… easier when you sleep.

Raising your overall vibration… easier when you rest, get out in nature and when you sleep.

Gaining clarity, connecting, listening and receiving…. easier in that surrendered state, where your linear mind can shut down, therefore your linear cells do too.

Awakening within a dream…. experiencing blissful, magical and pure JOYful dreams… in your waking state, as you walk around and inner-act, through peace within you… and transmit light out as you do.

Experiencing the Dream state in your waking one…. an every day occurrence… as we live on NEW Earth here.

As you REALize what you used to live in wasn’t your highest dimensional reality, it was an unconscious one…. you will choose your highest vibrational experience OVER your “lower vibrational/dimensional” one… because frankly, there’s no point, no joy and they are not fun. Ego represents “hell” and the more you experience this, the more you understand….

Now, your ego, will present challenges… which is just ENERGY TO DISSOLVE/RESOLVE inside… so that you can shift to a much higher vibration inside… and your whole everything can easier align.


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Journey of Awakening to Multi-Dimensionality and Transitioning – Lisa Transcendence Brown


NEW Email Series Coming: Journey of Awakening to Multi-Dimensionality and Transitioning Fully Over to NEW Earth Existence Now


Pack your bags. It’s “time” to MOVE!

​Aloha fellow Star Light BEings!

I’m in the middle of creating a new course for an upcoming event, and in the process, decided that as a part of one of my new books too, that I will start putting out writings publicly to each, that wants to receive and “come along with me”…. through my own Journey of Awakening and Multi-Dimensionality, in a way that I’ve not shared before. Because it’s going to take many emails to share, I’m setting up a completely different space for this.

If you are interested, I’ll be posting the “sign up link”, as I’m only going to send it out to those who specifically want to receive and utilize this for their own self-empowerment/catalyzation and REALizations…. to accelerate shifting and TRANSITIONING TO NEW EARTH REALITIES easier/faster/more (all human perception, yet we have to use words to describe the ease/flow or challenges/ego involved).

This can be an extremely challenging journey and transition, one where if we don’t fully yet understand, then we often take the path/route of “suffering” or “harsh” (ego death), which can be “avoided” for those who are truly ready to embrace NEW EARTH as a WHOLE NEW REALITY/EXISTENCE, and are truly ready dedicate themselves to their own processes from a place/space that allows for each’s EXPERIENCE to be “done” with GRACE, kindness and through consciousness….

If you are interested in JOURNEYING WITH ME and receiving additional information that will assist you with understanding more, in order to intentionally shift and TRANSITION TO NEW EARTH more… then keep an eye out and I’ll post the link when it’s available for you to sign up/register for the emails where I’ll be breaking down many of the transitory processes of awakening and fully transitioning over from Old Earth to NEW.

This is on a Quantum Level though, so I simplify it in a way that is different than the old Linear ways. I provide the KNOWLEDGE (TE-KNOW-ledg-E), which is light encoded, for you to apply to your own chosen Soul experience here.

I love you a bazillion fold! Keep exploring and embracing the magnificence available as you go “all in” too! ♥

p.s. You can always watch my Upcoming Events Page for new announcements and opportunities to receive and participate more. I’ll post the announcement there and a few other places when all is ready….. working on it now. These emails will take you on a journey of awakening even more! ♥

Upcoming Events Page:

p.s. The “name” may change a bit as I continue to create, mold and share. Just watch the upcoming events page or some of my posts and I’ll announce when it’s ready for all to sign up and get started…. journeying… and awakening …. to all of our NEW EARTH REALITIES for living fully here! ♥


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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Constant Increases in Photonic Activity – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Magician Painting – Lightworker by Alma Yamazaki


Constant Increases in Photonic Activity: Recognize Your Own Ego Programs as there is a Zero Tolerance in allowing Ego Timelines to Play Out…. If you want Magic, you have to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to LIVE it…


​Aloha beaYOUtiFUL Love family!

We are again in “high reality dissolving” frequencies, where Diamond Light Codes and Cosmic RAYnbow Codes work through and “up-heave” anything that each might not have resolved fully from within……

This will mean many things…. as these Light Codes “apply” differently, dependent on the Dimensions one occupies/lives in… from within.

These bring magic, amazing, pristine…. and in order for “these energies” to be each’s full experience, anything “not this” will surface/emerge to be felt/seen/observed and how each “chooses” to handle/deal/experience, will be relative to each’s own level of consciousness (Mastery), awareness, realizations and readiness to “deal”, process, move through… dissolve, resolve and shift.

These are PROCESSES…. that we each must “learn” along the way. The AMOUNT OF MAGIC IS REAL/relative to who’s flying your ship/driving your bus/steering your boat/vessel….. your higher self/selves or your ego/fractaled/dis-empowered aspects….

We are in heightened PHOTONIC ACTIVITY that continually increases powerfully as we go… This makes distortions INSTANTLY, blatantly, loudly and easily visible (mind blowing too), while also creating great ease for Quantum Existence… which is how we all function as NEW Earther’s…. (all linear goes, AS ALL IS VIBRATIONAL and about ENERGY here).

We are in increased AKASHIC CLEARINGS… where emotions and memories are exacerbated for cleansing from each’s template and cellular body for transitioning out of lower frequency bandwidths, with our bodies… to literally walk, live and exist on NEW EARTH…. because NEW EARTH emanates from within and materializes in our physical reality as a RESPONSE to us….

We are in… many things… as there are infinite dimensions/timelines currently running and each has their own reality….. because REALity is based upon perception and each’s own transmission through “codes” that “activate” those holographic geometrics to take form and the physical to reshape according to each’s vibratory oscillation…

PHOTONIC REALITIES…. these allow our consciousness to travel easier… for us to collapse/dissolve and clear old timelines, see what we could not see before, open up portals and transverse gateways…. with much greater ease than ever before….

Photonic activity… weakens the human body … for cellular/template re-writing to occur. These work through the body and deconstruct/reconstruct cellularly… from linear to Quantum…. and it’s a huge process, so the more we honor it, the more we become Quantum too.

Increased Cosmic Rays…. these have many purposes and are quite POWERFUL when working through the body too. Nausea, weakness and disorientation are just a small part of what they do.

SOULar/Galactic/Cosmic Activity: Re-writing our DNA on an atomic level requires much down-time until the process is complete. Learning to function “around” all of this, through it, during it, while honoring it…. it’s an immense process within itself.

Days upon days upon days of increasing activity…. and it’s not going to “let up”…. we just shift between activations constantly and continually acclimate to be able to function in all new ways…..

Your POWER comes through your connection…. your purity, your kindness, your respect, your embracing what’s available and your ability to appropriately see/deal with any unconsciousness that presents. There is such beauty in innocence, in caring, in that softness… without one ounce of lack encoded anymore… That “lack” was your ego…. and is what these frequencies activate to dissolve… and every “real”ity that was a part of that… you’ll have to decide how all of that “fits” into your “new picture” of what you desire to experience here.

For the “Ego”… be prepared to not be “welcomed” or “tolerated” anymore. Full Consciousness won’t play with you, won’t “entertain you” and won’t let you keep playing victim or projecting your narcissistic BS out as OKAY anymore…. Why? Because it’s all a PROGRAM… held together by unconscious mentalities and beliefs. (and great dis-respect, which is no longer acceptable in any way). Those mentalities (and Energy) are what you/we/each have to shift. The way we “treat” each other matters…. and attempting to manipulate feelings through projecting, bullying, fear or “I’m a victim” and “stories to convince”, those things don’t work here.

Now, I write the above paragraph, to empower those who choose to utilize it to easier recognize, resolve and shift. Seeing your own EGO is the first part of the process…. the next is the “challenge” for awhile, because it means taking your own power back, as your Higher Self Aspect, standing in your power and learning to fully love and respect yourself, to where you won’t compromise, go small and play in those Ego games anymore. As you do, you’ll stop calling forth those realities to reflect this back as your own Experiences…. So that kindness, respect, consideration and beautiful magical harmonizing frequencies/energies that you want to RECEIVE, this is what you transmit out instead.

It all starts at “HOME”. Home is THE SPACE body occupies and what goes on in THAT SPACE (INSIDE). Home is what you manage and your “yard” is your field… all around you. Your RESPONSIBILITY… you and what you transmit out and allow. It is this SIMPLE.

In observing different timelines of collective energies and clearings, in the UNCONSCIOUS TIMELINES, there’s a lot of defensiveness lately, a lot of excuses, a lot of pointing the finger and extremely heightened emotions where there is any ego stuff still going on. This is a part of the Akashic Clearing that each is going through…. if you are aware of this, you will be aware of “how” to move through these experiences with greater ease. All of the judgment…. let that stuff go. All of the “taking it personal”… let that go too… as it keeps you in a loop-cycle of EGO UNCONSCIOUSNESS…..

In the conscious timelines, there is magic, bliss, beauty and kindness…. the Experiences are just as blissful and magical too. None of that “unconscious stuff”, because we don’t allow it… yes, it is that simple too.

I love you…. grab your reality by the “horns” and deal with yourself…. then deal with each other and lets all come together to live in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS — where the/our/your Ego is unable to exist/live… as that’s an entirely different reality/timeline/dimension….. it’s up to you to PICK! ♥

It’s time for MAGIC, amazingness, and UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS to be EVERYONE’S reality…. at least for all who are truly ready for this…. and for those who are not… that’s okay too. That’s the BEAUTY of MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY… YOU GET TO LIVE OUT WHATEVER REALITY/TIMELINE YOU CREATE AND ALLOW….. pretty rockin’ awesome, ain’t it?

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


The Magician Painting – Lightworker by Alma Yamazaki

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Consciously Clearing Programming From Your Physical Body; a Continual Necessity for Higher Dimensional NEW Earth Existence – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art: Gaia by Nelly Tsenova


Consciously Clearing Programming From Your Physical Body; a Continual Necessity for Higher Dimensional NEW Earth Existence


I see to write/share a bit on this for all who are awakening to all new ways of existing, all new Dimensions of REALities and consciously clearing programming, as the body works to raise it’s vibrational frequency, constantly re-coding, re-tuning, re-calibrating and cleansing old old old ancient everything that was deeply anchored, deeply embedded, deeply held on a cellular level, as each’s LIGHT (Soul/Energy Body) awakens/emerges/integrates within the body template/whole physical form.

At first, we were these beings, humans, all walking in vibrational realities either somewhat, or fully, deep beneath the veils of amnesia, frequency bandwidths, unconscious realms, with dense sleeping human bodies, where we were unable to completely “see” or understand. Each one of us CHOOSING a “human experience” (experiment is our Galactic word), when we’ve reached a certain point of our chosen sleeping journey, it’s “time”, vibrationally” to exit that program, exit that matrix, exit those dimensional realities, frequency bandwidths, timelines… and transition/vibrate/leave …. which is where Physical Body Ascension comes in.

Our human ego will ignore, fight, resist, discount, deflect and not want to listen, believe or “submit”. Our human ego will “fight to the death” to hold on to all linear constructs, all physical tangible, every belief/mentality, because that energy inside is stubborn and often refuses to accept alternate/different realities exist and holy canoli, forbid… alternate dimensions completely. That’s wayyyyyyyyyy too far our there as “real”, just a cool concept…. until it starts to HAPPEN to EACH…. dreaming/experiencing multiple dimensions and the perceived weird/bizarre/challenging begins…..

Our human doesn’t like our realities “messed with”… we had them all nice and tidy, fixed… and they fit into neat little boxes…. they fit into bulleted lists, with pretty charts to explain everything and keep everything straight…. so we could control everything… and then….. Multi-Dimensionality began.

Our body’s and realities “appeared” to start going “sideways”(Quantum) and control became a thing to fight to maintain. Our mind racing and trying to hold on, to keep all in “order”… yet Quantum doesn’t have the same “order” as linear realities do. They are “opposite”….

Our bodies no longer can hold all of those suppressed emotions, our weight and control/safety mechanisms don’t work. Our bodies waking up and starting to act/react differently, with no “linear” explanation, because the REASONS ARE NOT LINEAR…. they are VIBRATIONAL and ENERGETIC and Quantum too…. they are “from another dimension”, if you will…..

EARTH WENT MULTI-DIMENSIONAL a long time ago… now each is awakening to this “truth”. In their own “time” and “way”, as we all chose various paths to awaken through. To understand, we have to “go a different way”… one that’s non-linear and totally Quantum, yet not in the “logical way”. In an “APPLYING QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS” to our realities, and looking at every belief/reality a bazillion ways, from multiple perspectives (infinite ones), to instead see the infinite “picture”, instead of just one fractal…. or even just “two”….

There are many FACETS to our journey of full consciousness, ones that challenge every human perception there is. The physical body awakens and begins a massive “releasing”, cleansing, purification (at first it’s a massive purging process), that never ends, yet it does “evolve” as we do. Our bodies become finely tuned instruments, while also detoxing and clearing massive STORAGE of all of our EXISTENCES from our cells. Our entire body goes through a massive “overhaul” process, as it re-works itself on a multi-dimensional level, as LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS awakens within our veins and runs through our every cell, decoding and re-structuring every nano-particle of “who” we are… from amnesia humans to fully awake SOULS.

This process does not occur “overnight” as our egoic human aspect wants. Photonic Light weaves through our entire BEing, shutting our human body/aspect down to sleep (or at least rest tons), so our bodies can re-work themselves…. from carbon-based linear to Quantum Crystalline Plasma LightBodies working cohesively with our human form. We become “hybrids”, if you will, a culmination of aspects with each having totally different DNA and genetics, non-conforming to human anything….

As our Higher Consciousness DNA awakens inside of us, our bodies feel “movement” (Light Energy/LightBody) as it activates, stimulates and “works” through our forms to completely “change” our DNA, seeking to dissolve/resolve/dismantle all of those linear/fixed/unconscious programs and where they were held/housed inside of our bodies (organs, bones, teeth, muscles, blood, glands, eyes, flesh/skin and all), so that our physical bodies can actually HOLD the IMMENSITY OF THE LIGHT OF OUR SOUL. Our human bodies not capable/equipped to do so, therefore immense re-everything has to occur for MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE and to actually transition over/emerge/experience and fully LIVE on NEW EARTH.

Our human ego aspect resists and rejects anything it can’t explain, prove, control, understand…. It takes our HEARTS OPENING FULLY… not a little bit, but wide open, all of the way, no more excuses, fears, protection mechanisms where our hearts (and minds) can hold onto anything of the old that we allowed to “get in our way” (perception too, just words to explain a process)….

Our human ego is what binds our bodies to the unconscious dimensional realms, where the what used to be metaphors become physically real. The density and constructs of our physical body is what determines the PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS we actually experience/exist in. As we HOLD OUR OWN LIGHT, as we re-connect fully from inside, as we choose to let completely go, our bodies naturally and organically will re-code themselves for us… It is that easy, when we are conscious enough to “get our ego” out of the way and stop needing a logical/linear explanation to appease our human minds….

Our human ego aspect will never accept multi-dimensionality or NEW Earth as a physical place that actually EXISTS NOW…. ONLY OUR SOUL can comprehend this, see this, access this and “make it real”…. only our highest and most expanded us can SEE and REMEMBER fully…. and EXPERIENCE NEW EARTH FULLY in every moment of every day that we perceive as “time”, which is a linear construct we held within our body templates too.

Time ceases to exist, yet our human mind keeps trying to SEPARATE all … into time. Time is a “construct” that we observe, we see it, yet it’s not real… it’s a geometric construct that we maneuver through on a Cosmic Level, no longer “bound” by the constraints, we “adhere” to maintain Quantum Flow in a physical reality that still functions somewhat “in time”. Zero Point Field is where we function from, where all is CREATED VIBRATIONALLY & ENERGETICALLY and transmitted out through the VIBRATION (AND MAGNITUDE) OF OUR WORK, activate multi-dimensional realities that already exist. Our vibration dictates our actual experience, where programming/conditioning is observed as a construct that we held together through limited unconscious mentalities and beliefs. To clear these, our cellular body must fully clear the program, our body template must be restored to our original template, without the distortions of unconsciousness anymore. Through full consciousness, we can observe a program/emotion/reaction/mentality/old linear belief as it presents/needs to clear our body and we honor/allow/support this process fully, no longer needing to engage, believe or hold onto the programming… our body can go through quite an intense releasing process, which is why it’s so important to understand, so that we don’t “try” to hold on and “keep” the program inside or keep regurgitating, replaying, re-cycling, re-creating the reality to play out in our physical, when it’s only a hologram fielding emotions…. supporting/pretending/re-enforcing a belief system… that’s of an old timeline/dimension that represented an old frequency bandwidth that no longer exist to physically exist in.

Observing Collectives Awakening from Auto-Pilot (Deep unconscious programming where “thinking for self” was not fully present… has been quite interesting, to say the least. The amount awakening into “I can’t figure this out, don’t understand, can’t click a link or push a button or do any research” has been mind-blowing, at the magnitude of those who are not used to “thinking for themselves” to figure things out. It’s “wow”-ness on a whole new level at how many are exiting their matrix so fast and the old “do it for me” energy that there is. Yes, another distortion where we say “no” and guide each to figure all out themselves, as a part of learning to “do” for themselves, no longer victims and placing responsibility on others… The amount of “awakened sleeping” is off-the charts, which is awesome, yet the mindsets of “incapability” is equally projected out/believed by each too.

Linear (Left Brain/Control/Fixed) vs. Exploration (Right Brain/Creativity/Trusting/Heart): There is a part of the awakening process, for the strong linear, where EXPLORATION and “taking risks” is not an option, because realities are so “fixed”. The “sure thing”, the “win win situation”, the “making sure first”…. doesn’t do well when it’s time to expand, let go of “safe” and “go off to just explore, trust, experience the magic at the end of the Rainbow and more. This is beyond challenging, because LISTS and linear structures, habits and safety parameters in place were so strong. Letting go to trust and play and take an adventure, without “worry” or control is not the linear way. Every “moment” and “step” defined, when ascending, those definitions dissolve and “thinking” with our hearts is how we start to exist, which means emotions (messy, uncontrolled and “judged” as weak) and “perceived unexplainable” bizarre behaviors, thoughts, experiences, feelings, dreams… start to emerge, which challenge the “reality” of the fixed-linear realities once “perfect and controlled”, with little wiggle room to “fall apart/dissolve”, which no longer works with higher dimensional frequency bandwidths all are having to “learn” how to adapt to/maneuver through/live in now.

3D/4D operated on linear/partial linear, whereas 5D (and wayyyy above) operates on Quantum: In the old Earth realities, the ego/linear created ones based upon the perceptions of “safe, secure and sure”. NEW Earth is a whole new value system, where your “security” is YOU, your contribution, your vibration, your caring, your participation… all as your highest consciousness you. Your security is no longer based upon your human  needs, status, human identities or any physical thing, because of the vibration of our Earth now, those linear created realities are no longer “safe” and “secure”, because realities are are based upon your vested/invested Energy in creating/anchoring/maintaining/sustaining Our NEW Earth fully. The human (ego) aspect will “fall back on” Old Earth habits and programs “as safe”, when in essence they are not safe, as they are built upon lack, separation, duality and need. Linear (human intellect) is no longer safe/stable, as those foundations are continually/increasingly going going gone.

We’ve entered a vibration where “neurotic/neurosis” energy will present for many as well. When realities start shifting/changing in these magnitudes, the distortions are greater to be visible and deal with too. This will be interesting for each to maneuver, as full understanding of multi-dimensionality is KEY to understand the how’s & why’s, without getting caught up in each’s victim mentalities and self-created chaos as realities unravel and work to level out at a different vibrational frequency/whole bandwidth immensely/fast (Quantum)…. Many will be going to the “other extreme” to clear huge distortions, activate new realities, experience the “other polarity”, in order to come to full balance/unity within.

Consciously understanding that each’s body is now in an accelerated matrix clearing phase, which correlates on a Quantum level to the physical reality, not linearly, so “matching up the cause” is not linear either. Humans/ego will try to find the cause, the reason, when all is vibrational and of every-dimension, not just the “thing” their mind can find/locate/affix to (blame/believe). They will look for an “event” or “who” or “what”, when in essence, it’s every existence, every dimensional timeline, every program, every linear construct, every suppression/compromise on a human level and every timeline that’s being cleared, not just the “one” that makes sense. Yet if this appeases the human mind, awesome… until the “next time” that something comes up/occurs to transcend/clear. The constructs of the program is what is clearing, the discordant vibrations that represent “out of alignment” on a Soul Level…. and the reasons/existences/timelines are infinite…. so the “way to clear” easiest/fastest, is to let go of needing to know and instead, honor the body, support the body, observe the vibration/energy and assist with the TUNING PROCESS fully, so that all synchronize/harmonize completely, simply, easily, without the resistance of the ego involved.

As each’s heart opens fully, OVERWHELM is experienced, through different stages/levels along the way. Part is because the previous vibrations we surrounded ourselves with are no longer compatible, part of what we focus our energy on is draining/not supportive, part because of “out of tune” frequencies, when we are tuning to higher dimensions with our Light Bodies, part is because our bodies are re-wiring with Light that courses through us and seeks out every vibration not fully aligned for a cellular/template release, part is because we have not honored enough alone/nurture/me/we time through nature/nurture/rest/sleep, part is because of the amount suppressed energy we are needing to tune/clear and the re-calibration of our nervous system, as it evolves to process more photonic/plasma light, part is because our nervous system releases all of those emotions that represent “ego”/separation/duality/unconscious programming still held within. Moving from a linear reality to a feeling/sensory one, means learning HOW TO PROCESS OUR EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS with our whole body/presence/BEing, through us and out, learning how to observe and learning how to tune in all new ways, not a linear way of functioning….

LEARNING HOW TO PROCESS in all new ways, is the “beginning” of becoming a Quantum Processor, where we process immense Light Energy/Codes just by existing, breathing and observing… the SPEED at which we process, is relative to the amount of developed Crystals (Crystalline LightBody) that we hold, how “matured” they are and how well our physical bodies process/read/decode/re-code Cosmic Light as it activates within us, which will shut the human body down, until full integration has occurred.

Carbon-based human bodies PROCESS thoughts/emotions at a different rate (much slower), which takes more energy/time to process, and dedicated focus too. Where there is any avoidance/victim energy, this process takes longer, because each is not willing to see/deal with the ENERGY AS ALL PRESENTS….

OUR QUANTUM LIGHTBODIES evolve, through immense progressional phases, along the way. Our realities respond on a Quantum level, not a linear one.

Gaining Access to the Cosmic Akash = the Entire Matrix Program/Systems
This veil dissolving and cosmic revelation was/is an important one for us all. This gives each access to SEE the intrinsic matrices that are inner-woven and where these constructs still exist within/for/by each. This returns power to each, to dissolve all ego-linear-beliefs/mentalities, through full consciousness now. Clearing the program from our physical body is necessary for NEW EARTH REALITIES to take their place.

NEW EARTH is where your SOUL LIVES… so in order to live fully on NEW Earth, you become your Soul. It is that simple, yet the process requires DEEP SOUL WORK, where each chooses to delve into the depths, the abyss, the perceived unknown and learn how to float, swim and fly…. surfing the Cosmic Waves, trans-versing SPACE and all “times” to function as a Quantum Light BEing/Pure Source Light in a physical form that’s constantly re-coding, re-calibrating, re-configuring to hold IMMENSE PHOTONIC LIGHT and actually function in a multitude of infinite dimensions, while walking around, working, living in a vibrational physical reality, fully in-service to humanity/mankind.

All dimensions open up inside first, become visible and then start to appear “out there”, as each’s consciousness expands, priorities change, as each’s pineal gland activates and realities distort enough for each to see the illusion/holographic realities and to be able to tell the difference between what is old earth and new, in order to choose NEW EARTH EVERY TIME and realize that ALL NEW EARTH REALITIES require all of our ENERGY, COMMITMENT AND DEDICATION, on a whole new level, as the only way to ANCHOR NEW EARTH into the physical is to LIVE IT, BE IT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN… through intentional alignment, otherwise each “waits” until alignment occurs “for them”, which is not always the comfortable experience. NEW Earth doesn’t just happen for you…. you become it, you are it and you breathe it/birth it into existence, because it is you. ♥

Deeper into/through the Cosmic Rabbit Hole we all further travel…. to awaken even more beauty, freedom and wonder, in order to experience here. Process yourself through anything that comes up to clear/cleanse, as it was your own unconscious programming held deep within… those veils held in place by your own ego/linear constructs, that “kept you” from EXPERIENCING OUR NEW EARTH FULLY… all of the time now. ♥ Those emotions, they are important. First they will represent distortions clearing, then just a way to express/clear, then the PURITY of your DIVINE ESSENCE, which used to be hidden, because you were hiding from your PURE SELF buried deep within.

TRUST TRUST TRUST…. know deeeeeep inside and honor/listen to this, no matter “what the outside” looks like and no matter what your ego aspect sees/says. Your Highest Self, your PUREST you, your happy, vibrant and fully abundant, magnificent, powerful and loving, kind, respectful, sharing YOU, supporting YOU, contributing YOU…. has sooooooooooooooo much to offer, when you get out of your head and go to that PLACE INSIDE that CARES about all of HUmanity, cares about our planet, cares about yourself, each other and is willing to actually DO. This YOU is capable of anything it desires… this is the YOU you listen to and BEcome, the one that was buried deep inside. YOU bring THIS YOU FORTH… when you choose to stop trying to be your old you anymore. ♥

I love love love and appreciate you and am sooooo excited to see all that you are allowing yourself to be fully AS PURE LOVE too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

A Light Encoded Activation Article and Higher Dimensional Consciousness Quantum Teaching Shared with you and all who are truly ready to activate more NEW EARTH REALITIES too! ♥


Art: Gaia by Nelly Tsenova

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Happy Partial Eclipse NEW Moon: How Excited are YOU for this huge Eclipse Gateway Season? – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Eclipse Painting – Eclipse by Cedar Lee @ Fine Art America


Happy Partial Eclipse NEW Moon: How Excited are YOU for this huge Eclipse Gateway Season?


This is an exciting “time” for all of HumaNIty… Eclipses that open more Portals and Gateways for us all! What a beautiful OPPORTUNITY for each, as the old Matrix programs become visible for Transcendence, all new emerges from within!

I’ve been observing the common “response” to planetary alignments, eclipses, solar activity and realized that “all of the warnings” of what is to come… it’s all an Ego Matrix Program too. The “warnings” by some of what to look out for, all creating hesitation and fear, when in essence, all is the OPPOSITE, as every Eclipse, every Planetary alignment, every Solar blast…. these are what EVOLVES EACH from an unconscious human (3D/4D) to a fully conscious one. Another Matrix game…

In observing these Eclipses, the ENERGY IS AMAZING, there is such EXCITEMENT and FREEDOM with each gateway/passageway that presents. Portals and portals and portals opening (heart/mind/whole body), releasing old conditioning, trapped/suppressed emotions and limiting mind constructs/belief systems….. all that each “waits for”, to awaken through… to HAVE A MUCH HIGHER DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE here.

Human ego matrix programs…. exacerbated by increased photonic light.
Conscious Cosmic Soul Star Being Connections here…. increasing every day, as each realizes and starts to LIVE their new truths….

What could be more beautiful? Each sharing, supporting and uniting through love, kindness and consideration, truly ready to BE NEW EARTHERS… in every way, no more hiding, holding back or succumbing to old programming, in any way?

DEEPER SOUL WORK… this is what the human ego fears. The “work” to resolve, dissolve, let go and fulfill highest Soul/Galactic/Avatar Purposes here. Really? Seriously? Look at the distortions that each is projecting out/living, every time they “fear” a planetary alignment occurring.

What does COSMIC ALIGNMENTS and PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS mean? Truly, really? YOU are the entire Universe/Galaxies and the planets, SOLaris, Space… all inside, Gaia too. This means more of who you truly are is going to activate inside of you, and more of who you “are not” (ego matrix constructs) is going to become visible for you to transcend fully from within.

More connections on a Soul Level, where the DEPTHS OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE are visible, because you are wide-open and embracing the magnificence of NEW EARTH to fully EXPERIENCE in EVERY MOMENT here.

More LIGHT, more BEAUTY, more magnificence, as you SEE what you could not see before and realize the amount of POWER you hold, just through PURE PRESENCE and never going small/unconscious ever again.

More LOVE, more kindness, more magical and amazing experiences, as you LIVE THE PURITY OF LOVE in your every exchange.

More abundance, because lack was an old ego matrix construct program that each BELIEVED, SUPPORTED and PARTICIPATED in…. before… in 3D/4D…. which was just a level of (un)consciousness…..

More appreciation, more sharing, more prosperity through OPENNESS and each no longer hiding and UNIFYING/UNITING in all new ways. Inside first, then “out there”, sometimes “out there” for a bit, to show each what’s possible and available as each is truly READY for LIVING more of our highest vibrational realities now…..

The HUMAN EGO MATRIX PROGRAM is to promote fear, warn, create stories of hesitation and “watch out”…. when in essence, this whole EXPERIENCE is each’s SOUL EMERGING from within, each CHOOSING to align their entire life on a Soul Level and EXPERIENCE THE PURE BRILLIANCE that’s available now to each…..

This ECLIPSE PASSAGEWAY, as well as all, is an initiatory gateway…. DEEPER INTO EACH’S SOUL….. deeper into the OCEANS of VASTNESS and Cosmic Infinity, which is the most beautiful LIFE EACH CAN DREAM…. the “fear” is of each’s ego realities, how backwards is that?

“Don’t trust, don’t do this, be careful, urgent/hurry up”…. all Ego Matrix’s….. created and re-enforced by ego aspects unaware there are OPPOSITE REALITIES that are true, ALTERNATE REALITIES and TIMELINES available as each is truly ready to let completely go and surrender/dissolve/understand their own ego programs held deep within.

FREEDOM is from your own programming….. your old beliefs, your old limits, your old need to conform to whatever you convinced yourself of and used to believe, because of living in a 3D/4D frequency bandwidth that is gone.

EMOTIONS: The human aspect fears these, not realizing they are the GATEWAY to purity and only represent matrix programs held on a cellular level. Eventually these become “just ENERGY” that represented old stories of lack and need in some way…. and as they are allowed to clear the body, NEW IS BIRTHED through a profound LOVE that is sooooooooooooooooooo pure, human realities can’t compare.

PHYSICAL PAIN is the body releasing matrix constructs/programs on a cellular level and where “unconscious” programming was held (from all existences), so it can raise it’s vibration…. which the human ego aspect “fears” and tries to fix/control/fit into linear boxes, as well. Cellular/molecular re-configurations, which are a necessary and continual part of our multi-dimensional bodies. The pain will eventually go, as the ego emotions clear/cleanse fully and each is restored their own “original template”, which continually upgrades/re-configures as we go.

CHANGES TO OUR LIVES are FOR us all. These are not a punishment or something to “dread”. These are aligning all with your own SOUL. You did/are doing this, on a SOUL Level, Universal/Cosmic Level. As each UNIFIES on an OverSoul Level, all becomes visible here. When you don’t trust, that’s your EGO, you’ve gone unconscious/separated off inside again. It’s your own Higher Self/Universe/Universal Self/Cosmic Self/God Self that your ego fears/doesn’t want to listen to…..

DEEP INNER CONNECTIONS: The human ego aspect seeks these, yet the moment a REAL one presents, all ego programming is “triggered” (activated), bringing up each’s deepest “fears” (illusions of separation) and where the ego is strong, the human aspect will try to shut down/use protection mechanisms/pretend/avoid/not be SEEN….. all the JUDGMENT surfaces, for what? Why? Let that stuff go…. it’s what binds each to old timelines and unconscious dimensional realities still…..

DEEP INNER CONNECTIONS: Ours are PURE and there’s no game playing (ego), the total opposite of the human ego matrix system realities…. this is a part of the Cosmic Akash Clearing that clears through INCREASED PHOTONIC ACTIVITY… which heightens emotions and exacerbates distortions…. ON PURPOSE… because NEW EARTH is PURE…. so to LIVE here permanently, PURITY is in everything we create, are and do…. every inner-action, every exchange…. ​

The ego plays games, gets caught up in the ego matrix. It takes each observing their own ego to understand this, observing “human exchanges” to really truly see, what is fully conscious and what is not and then determine HOW TO BRING ALL into a higher state of Consciousness, which is how each as an Ascended BEing/Light BEing/Master BEing “does” realities here/now. This is YOUR REALity that you created and hold the entire programming to and the KEY (your Soul) unlocks (keycodes) where your own higher consciousness is “held” inside…. when your heart is TRULY FULLY OPEN, your mind will be too.

Get excited. These Cosmic Rays/Frequencies and Photonic Light Activations are activating your highest dimensional aspects of YOU…. your soul, your galactic, your LeMUrian, your Atlantean, Egyptian, Angelic, Celestial for a whole new existence here. ♥

Remember, the human ego aspect fears what it can’t control…. you don’t need to control this, Organic Natural Evolution/Awakening of our Souls. You just have to be fully on-board (this ship!). Let’s do this loves! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Eclipse Painting – Eclipse by Cedar Lee @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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We’ve Entered Into Huge Template Re-Writing Phase(s) that Affect Everything – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Bhairav-Bhairavi Light Portal


We’ve Entered Into Huge Template Re-Writing Phase(s) that Affect Everything: Your Body, Your Earthly Experience & Cosmic Remembering Processes too as we Continue Through Huge Timeline Splits


July & August Template Upgrades/Rewrites shall be HUGE…

The corridor now underway, we enter into Body Template Rewriting and Deep Re-Gridding Processes, which normally would be this entire week or so, yet because of the magnitude of the phase we are in, with Inner-Eclipse Season and Inner-Planetary Retrogrades (which reverse everything, then reverse again when all goes direct), the importance of these awesome re-writes and body re-configurations on every level, are understood as each tunes into their own Physical LightBody and honors the DEPTH at which these Cosmic Codes work.When Purity of Your Soul is where you function from, then Purity is what you/each require as your entire reality. It IS this SIMPLE. ♥Everything each has cleared recently, represented density/unconscious programming held within, emanating from each’s Cosmic Akashic Recorded Systems of all existences, combined with Infinite Matrixes held within each’s cellular body make-up, that is re-written every time the old is cleared and makes way for “new” to emerge/come through/birth from within, in order for each to physically MOVE into LIVING in Higher Frequency/Consciousness Bandwidths.These MUCH higher bandwidths won’t allow for any old unconscious Matrix Programs to play out, so all of those heightened emotions that many are experiencing, are to clear their own ego distortions of old illusory simulations, which were “practice”, for our “real” realities, if you will.

The “test” of each to actually CHOOSE which existences/timelines they exist in… whether unconscious or conscious, both are important for the purposes that they serve, as a part of the bigger picture here. All of those clearings of unconscious programs, make way for more consciousness to come through, as each completely releases all of the energy that “tied them up” in the stories that they held onto of “real”ity, until each is READy for all new realities to replace those, and let go of the victim mentalities or holding onto old timelines that have dissolved.

This TEMPLATE RE-WRITE focuses on connecting each’s entire heart quadrant area (arm to arm/front to back, not just the physical heart that’s now being opened up fully for many to encompass the whole section of the body that now links up to Gaia Consciousness), while also bringing Higher-Mind-Consciousness further online within each, as well as throat clearings for SPEAKING TRUTH through Purity, while clearing the lower quadrants of the body (organs/intestines/womb), of old “injustices” held onto, control issues, body issues, compromise and succumbing to any manipulation energies, where each was still living out dis-empowered states of unconsciousness before.

BODY CLEARINGS can get intense, where the body still held these old programs and need to be released, for the physical body to be able to vibrate at a higher oscillation rate than before, because of old outdated programs/beliefs/mentalities still held onto by each out of fear of standing in their own power before. The extremes in polarity necessary to purify and cleanse to balance everything out, so that Unity can occur, can be quite intense in various phases, as each awakens to understand “how” the CLEARING OF DISTORTIONS PROCESSES occur on every level and every way, because of HOW MATRIXES WORK…. It’s beyond important for each to learn to TUNE INTO THE BODY and honor whatever phases/processes each is moving in/out of, to accomplish these huge tasks of ENTIRE COLLECTIVES MOVING/SHIFTING/TRANSITIONING OVER to all new existences now.

Continual Acceleration of Matrix Distortions: 
On a multi-dimensional level, we can see distortions on every level and where they were anchored, weaved, embedded and woven to CREATE REALITIES that now reconfigure constantly as each distortion is RECOGNIZED for what it is… a DISTORTED VERSION OF REALITY, a timeline, a vibration, a belief, a mentality carried forth to hold/create what is EXPERIENCED AS REAL….

The immense increase in PHOTONIC ACTIVATIONS, offers so much to us all. The beauty of RECOGNITION means that each now truly has the CAPABILITY of CONSCIOUS CHOICE….

It takes TOTAL PRESENCE TO OBSERVE and truly SEE…. and then to OBSERVE Y/OUR OWN EGO PROGRAMS… by way of our thoughts, feelings/emotions, stories, actions in order to see what we used to ACCEPT AS REALITY and “kept going” by allowing our own energy to “get caught up in that” and keep it going, due to some distorted view/perception and lack energy we held within. The MOMENT WE REALIZE it’s a program, a distorted anything…. that’s the moment we shift our own overall vibration and transmit out the NEW PROGRAM for what will come to play out…..

It’s been a powerful “time” of moving old out, letting all go that’s no longer vibrationally aligned with our “newest” awarenesses, which has created a huge TIMELINE SPLIT that grows vaster as we move into a whole new Unified Timeline that is not affected by the lower timelines, because we leave them and let them play out somewhere else.

THE HARDEST PART FOR THE HUMAN EGO ASPECT is that they cannot see, therefore understanding is limited, so holding on is stronger out of fear. First each’s heart must open fully, then vision comes through…. as each’s human body evolves their own Crystalline LightBody, for holographic access to become the “normal way” of functioning, over the old ways that the “asleep” and dense human body did not physically have the capability to “do”. The fact that this is a PHYSICAL EVOLUTION, as much as it is a CONSCIOUSNESS ONE…. it takes each COMMITTING to doing the DEEP SOUL WORK on their own, before NEW EARTH CAN BECOME A physical reality. Until that time, it’s an etheric “concept” or “nice thought” or “weirdness” that each judges, because it doesn’t “fit into” their/the ego’s perceptions of what anything is…..

INTENSIFYING HEIGHTENED EMOTIONS (are of the EGO Matrix), and just the beginning for many, now powerfully in the THROWS of a huge up-shift right now. These emotions are important to honor, understand and allow, yet HOW WE PROCESS will dictate how all affects our own realities/lives.

The “unequipped” human-ego-aspect will not understand, and frankly, doesn’t want to, as there are built-in resistances and “refusal to listen/see” programs held within. These linear constructs create a MATRIX BODY that “binds” or “continually expands”, to constantly re-align each’s REALities, dependent on how conscious each is within each moment.

The more the human ego aspect tries to hold on, the more every reality is affected, which creates the “collapse effect” that many experience to bring all into full consciousness. Move with me here as we travel through some more “hows”….

Human ego aspects are unaware that everything has/is a Matrix… and intricate, and brilliant SYSTEM for how all realities are created, work and function. The Old Earth Matrix was fixed, harsh, disconnected and held together by each’s fear and lack….. lack of love, lack of respect, lack of integrity, lack of honor, lack of connection, lack of everything…. because of where all emanated/originated from….. this “Lack of Awareness” means that the human aspect SEPARATED their “realities” out and “believed/thought” that they could control each reality separately, not understanding that each is a part of an ENTIRE SYSTEM that IS REALITY….. This SYSTEM is A LIVING MATRIX that breathes, moves, contorts, bends, stretches and reconfigures constantly. It’s an organic and natural one, that is aligned with all as LOVE, aligned on an OverSoul Level, which is a Cosmic One. Human ego aspects are unaware that each reality is inner-twined and that every thought, every breath, every action AFFECTS THEIR ENTIRE REALITY on a whole. The human aspect “thinks” it can control “one reality” or “many realities” and inner-fear with a process that’s already been determined and already AT PLAY and occurring on a COSMIC (Quantum) LEVEL for all. When in fact, on a Cosmic Level, each’s reality is being re-configured, re-calibrated, re-coded to align with our PUREST EXISTENCES by making visible all that is not PURE.

The human ego aspect does not understand that every decision affects the outcome of every reality…. so if one is “separating” out their realities and trying to control any of them/hanging on to old ones and not fully consciousness within each, then every reality is then affected and the TIMELINE ONE EXISTS IN IS PHYSICALLY AFFECTED……

An unconscious choice creates an unconscious reality experience… that then shifts each into an unconscious timeline to experience, until each reality is brought fully into consciousness again. Holding full consciousness for EVERY/ALL REALITIES SIMULTANEOUSLY takes all of our energy when there are distortions present….. because we can see all of our other realities and how this “one” (or many distortions) affect every one of them…. which is why those who are fully conscious will “eliminate” the entire distortion and every one in it, if necessary….. First we offer every opportUNITY FOR EACH TO BRING THEMSELVES and their entire reality into full consciousness, so that we can all UNITE and focus on accomplishing the vastness of what we came here to fulfill/do…. yet, where this is not possible yet, we understand and we will let the entire TIMELINE GO and shift into a completely different one… one that IS FULLY ALIGNED THROUGH PURITY and LOVE and is easier, because it’s each’s ego that distorts everything to start with…

Human aspects do not understand that everything/everyone exist within VIBRATIONAL TIMELINES that are either PURE or not. Our Pure Timelines don’t “allow” for impurities to play out, which means that WE HAVE TO CHOOSE and in order to MOVE TO AN ENTIRELY ALIGNED TIMELINE, we choose to let go of everyone/everything in the old timelines that “need” to play out somewhere else….

Human aspects will try to hold onto their own old realities, affecting every timeline, which means that THE PURE ONES are unable to fully anchor in/materialize into form for very long, because the distortions are still too strong…. which is why others/things will come in and leave, come in and go… materialize and dematerialize, because, the whole body-being was unable to achieve the level of purity overall to hold that reality in place permanently for co-existence to occur.

Our infinite realities are visible holographically and vibrationally by way of TIMELINES that we live in, play out, allow, experience and dictate with our own vibration (level of consciousness) in every moment. If we go unconscious, all of our realities are affected, not just one. This is because realities are vibrational, then physical… which is the “other way around“.

WE don’t have the luxury of allowing others to go unconscious in our realities, because the COST is too great. Everything we’ve dedicated ourselves to, for humanity/all dimensions/each other, our work, our whole everything is vibrational and each in our reality must be fully conscious too. If we see unconsciousness, we call it out (as love), we deal with ours and allow all others to deal with there, which is a part of the re-empowerment/Sovereignty process and each “learning” how to PROCESS THEIR OWN EMOTIONS and DEAL WITH/SHIFT THEIR OWN DISTORTIONS….

Anyone playing in the old, automatically carries wounded/distorted/victim/POWER DISTORTIONSthat each must internally resolve. A massive part of coming into full consciousness is seeing EVERYTHING AS A MATRIX PROGRAM and realizing that the GEOMETRIC MATRIX (GEOMETRIX is my new word), CHANGES when we change our own vibration and what we will allow and INVEST ourselves in…. Old earth realities or NEW…

Unconscious human aspect (ego) cannot understand that the CONSEQUENCES to their choices/actions and ENERGY is an unconscious timeline to live out…. until each becomes conscious, whether intentional or not. Human aspects do not understand EMOTIONS and PHYSICAL PAIN, or their body or realities or anything…. actually. Technically, not meant to be a harsh statement, but a “true” one… because as we all come into full consciousness, we understand, the immensity of the entire ego matrix program….

Right now… the CURRENT TIMELINE SPLIT grows vaster…. PURE OR NOT PURE…. there really is no confusion with this. The “issue” (program) is that human aspects are not ready to actually deal and highest align their own reality on a Soul Level, because of amount of ENERGY that they still hold, which play out in their own realities still.

The BEAUTY is our NEW EXISTENCES and how Pure they actually are, how those who have truly done the deep inner SOUL work intentionally are able to come together to create, accomplish, support, receive, share and contribute substantially, without the ego games and distortions present anymore…. This is because we don’t bring distortions into any of our realities, yet we are very aware when a distortion presents, that we must resolve it immediately within ourselves and our physical reality too. This alignment often means letting completely go and shifting our focus on what is highest aligned, in order to INTENTIONALLY PULL those realities into our physical through our own PURITY EXISTENCE HERE.

When each is going through a template re-write process, to upgrade all realities to “new higher aligned”, it can be challenging because our whole body-field is going through an entire reconfiguration process that CORES through our cellular body and reconstructs the MATRIXES of our whole body and field that has to occur. Linear matrixes break down, while the body “forms” crystalline matrixes and a whole new Plasma Networking System that encompasses every particle/gland/organ/flesh/bone/muscle/skin/oxygen/blood and how the body’s circuitry communicates on a multi-dimensional level, something our carbon-based bodies could not accomplish, because of the matter-to-mass-density-ratio that is ever-changing, as the BODY LIGHTENS and PHOTONIC LIGHT runs through us to constantly recode our DNA/Genetics and entire physical make-up on a continual basis, as more dimensions become available to us all.

We’ve had many powerful activations lately, so honor you and your body, while observing your own reality too. The body will “overwhelm” often, if you allow external stimuli to become to much, don’t allow for enough alone/tuning-time for you, keep bringing/allowing distortions into your own field, especially while your multi-dimensional body is re-tuning itself. The release of all of the suppressed emotions, when photonic light is moving through you and catalyzing a dimensional shift, can become overwhelming to all who do not yet fully understand how their ENERGY BODY WORKS FROM WITHIN THEIR PHYSICAL BODY for multi-dimensional existencehere. Complete re-wiring (and opening) of our neural pathways and pathways to/from our hearts, under the skin and neural receptors/transmitters and how “pain” works in the body waking up fully and releasing all that was housed/stored/held unconsciously before. Fully feeling realities means that we have to FEEL EVERYTHING to re-connect with our highest dimensional existence through Purity, yet to “get here” all that is not PURE LOVE must be cleared/cleansed from our physical bodies and are ALL OF OUR EXISTENCES stored in our cellular bodies, which UNIFIED into our CURRENT body, under your “one roof” for clearing every existence through the human experience, as that is the CULMINATION of all existences playing out in each’s CURRENT REALITIES/TIMELINES NOW.

Observe entire timelines and see what’s distorted in your own Universe/World. The REALIZATION is enough for you to shift the entire timeline yourself. It is that easy…. when you are ready. ♥

I love you all and it’s an exciting time to be in, where each can totally (re)create their entire whole new reality at will…. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

P.S. The reason I am writing lately with “comparisons” of “human ego aspects” not understanding, is because we each AS HIGHER SELVES, have to SEPARATE ALL OUT so that we can SEE it, in order to resolve/dissolve and unify all through love from within. If we cannot see it, we remain unconscious, allowing the program to continue to play itself out. A huge part of this process is observing the polarity between our all human ego programming and our higher/highest consciousness access/knowledge/light intelligence, as all activates inside. I used to write this way, in my early years, and am doing so again, because of entire collectives awakening now. It helps each to see, which returns power to each… ♥

A Light Encoded Activation Article & Higher Consciousness Quantum Teaching Shared for all!


Bhairav-Bhairavi Light Portal

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Unraveling & Untangling Your Mind & Entire Matrix Program(s) from Inside in order to Clear Your Cosmic Akash – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Unraveling & Untangling Your Mind & Entire Matrix Program(s) from Inside in order to Clear Your Cosmic Akash Where all Matrixes are Stored/Housed/Held…


As “old” REALities are unraveled, it’s important to understand certain things, for this journey of exiting/transitioning over to all new REALities can be done consciously or unconsciously, which dictates HOW all is EXPERIENCED by each.

These increases in PHOTONIC LIGHT/ACTIVITY “work through” all. They “work through” and “weave through” and “seek out” our CONSTRUCTS and FOUNDATIONS FOR OUR REALITIES and completely RE-WORK THEM for/with/within us.

The human ego’s auto-response (and primal instinct) is to try harder, to try to hold on, to try to control more, to try to force more, to try to keep it all together, while that inner knowing that all is “slipping” and could “come crashing down/fall apart” in any moment, is a part of many’s process of awakening here, because it’s how the separated-ego dissolves. In a 3D/4D Matrix Construct, there is a feeling that all is unraveling and that no matter how hard we “try”, at some point all is going to give way…. this too is an important part of the awakening process, for in the moment that all gives way, a new way is forged and opened up…. and those ego matrix programs break down even more.

We can’t “tell” the human aspect that their entire reality is going to be re-worked, (because they don’t want to hear it), that all that they’ve “worked hard for”, was just a part of an illusion and that all they “thought”, which is not actually “true”. We can’t “tell” the human aspect HOW DEEP THIS JOURNEY OF OUR SOUL EMERGING TAKES US, because of the amount of resistance, the amount of fight (struggle) to hold on to their current realities, which the human aspect doesn’t want to hear that their whole reality is BUILT on beliefs, emotions and programming held deep within, held together (the glue) by fear, judgment, insistence, stubbornness, refusal to listen to NEW LIGHT INTELLIGENCE that obliterates the old realities as they were. We can’t tell them anything…. we have to GO ON AND SHOW THEM… and just let each figure it out themselves, be ready to open up and listen, learn to APPRECIATE and RESPECT in all new ways….. which only usually occurs once one’s entire reality has “collapsed” (reconfigured through Quantum Light Codes & Geometrics) and they “glimpse” “new truth” to open their hearts to MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE too.

So, because we’ve realized, through repeated realities… that occur over linear years of time, because we’ve shared for years and most were not ready to listen then… we went go on. Because we realize it’s not our job to ‘save’ in the ways others would perceive, that it’s our “job” (agreement to fulfill Soul Purposes & Galactic Missions here) to SHARE THE INFORMATION that assists each with CHOOSING how they desire to actually experience their own Multi-Dimensional Earth Experience, so that is what we’ve done and continue to do.

Human aspects don’t realize, that until their reality is TOUCHED (affected) in a way that GETS THEIR ATTENTION (opens their heart fully), they are completely closed off, don’t want to listen/know or care…. they don’t understand, or care, that their realities have to evolve too and they they have to do this journey, just like we all did… because THEIR SOUL is ready to FULLY AWAKEN FROM WITHIN THEIR BODIES and WALK IN HEAVEN ON EARTH HERE….. now…. They don’t actually care enough to observe their own separation/duality and do anything about it, because it “threatens” their current realities of what they “want” to believe (the appearance of safe/don’t challenge me or make me actually feel or do anything)…. because they live in “real”ities in their heads of “prove to me first” or “let me make sure I’m covered before I open up to listen/share/do”….

Human aspects want to “fix” their realities first, before they actually ACT…. they hold on out of FEARS that they don’t realize are a belief system housed in the cells of their bodies, because they allow the outside reality to dictate, instead of seeing the outside as a REFLECTION BACK of what is already going on inside, and they mastered overriding their feelings, unconsciously overriding their higher self/Universal guidance/selves, by letting their ego-self run the show….. not REALizing that the aspect/voices/energy that they listen to, actually CAUSES the physical to take form, which is what our human aspect calls “experiences” (or “Lessons” to teach the human ego aspect something)…..

Human aspects won’t budge, until the foundation of their realities are rocked, shaken or stirred, until the entire reality distorts or goes “haywire” (Quantum) and their current reality is so overwhelming/VIBRATIONALLY LOUD that they don’t have a choice but to stop, listen or open up to see….. They’ve planted their minds firmly in their current belief systems and are holding on for dear life, pointing the finger (playing out their own victim/blame energy/karma games and scenarios), because their FEARS of actually doing what they know is aligned, appears “worse/harder” than continuing to comply and hold on for dear life to the old ways still…..

Human aspects function from a limited state of consciousness, which correlates to an unconscious state. These unconscious programs and beliefs are each’s akashic records, held deep within each’s cellular body and cleansed/cleared by way of the RELEASE OF THE EMOTIONAL ENERGY STORED, which often is FELT THROUGH PHYSICAL PAIN…. The human aspect avoids this at all costs, fearing pain, fearing feeling, fearing because they judge, fearing being open, looking vulnerable, fearing what they “believe” others think, because they don’t yet understand that “those others” are only speaking/transmitting back what they already hold inside… and the only way to clear the program is to go straight into it, to see it for what it is… a matrix program, a construct, a belief, a story, a need/seeking something to validate/acknowledge, built on ENTIRELY UNCONSCIOUS DIMENSIONS… where every reality is not actually true.

THE ENTIRE MATRIX PROGRAM is an intricate system, woven through each’s life in ways that are only VISIBLE AS ONE OBSERVES FULLY and fully takes the blinders off. The entire MATRIX PROGRAM was housed within each, held together by fears and lack, self-serving agendas that didn’t care a bit about hUmaNITY… because that’s what the Matrix is/was…. It is a program, a simulation, a big ole huge TEST, and initiatory passageway to AWAKEN THROUGH and to… It’s this beautiful and ugly intricacy, that is woven, embedded and incorporated into our lives, because unconsciously, we didn’t have a CLUE…. yet now all will/do….

CLEARING THE COSMIC AKASH…. this is the ENTIRE MATRIX PROGRAM and EVERY SYSTEM built from/on/through UNCONSCIOUSNESS…. the entire 3D/4D perceptions of REALity…. and yes, realities are PERCEPTIONS…. they are subjective and they CHANGE in every nano-second here. The only thing that HELD THEM TOGETHER WAS BELIEF, sub-ordinance, complacency and compliance… and a refusal to actually open our hearts fully to be able to accept and see and then to actually DO SOMETHING…. which means taking full responsibility for what each allows, supports, invests in, participates in and keeps creating to occur….

Every moment now is PHOTONS PHOTONS PHOTONS…. which activate and distort, amplify, enhance, make all louder and allow each all new illusions/dreams/realities to actually WALK IN AND EXPERIENCE HERE…. ones that REPLACE THE OLD ONES, the ones that were allowed to function based upon fears…. photons re-wire and recode our entire physical make-up, giving each the ability to OBSERVE EVERYTHING on a Quantum Level and CHOOSE what they really “want” reality to be….

Human (ego) aspects don’t choose the unknown, don’t like surprises or anything they can’t touch/prove/control…. our realities are the opposite… they are magical, dreamy, beautiful and REAL, yet they are all built on all new foundations of UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS, instead of the separation programs, systems and energies of the old…. Our realities ARRIVE/MATERIALIZE in new colors, enhanced experiences that are PURE…. they support our NEW EARTH EXISTENCES, all of ours, in every way…. and look nothing like the old. Our realities are kind, caring, respectful and everyone shares… not because there is lack and each is in “need”, yet because there is immense abundance, because our hearts are open and we live from a state of consciousness that is infinite abundance… which “shows up” in our realities for us… because we truly care, because we do this work, because we continue, every moment of every day to open those gateways and hold them open, to open those portals and explore, to open up all that’s always available to us all, because we are not making excuses, waiting for others to figure it out/get their selves together, finish playing out their human-ego-programming; Instead, we are honoring everyone’s journey for all that they chose to experience here… and we are honoring ours… fully….

WE didn’t stop because others had doubt, criticized, didn’t believe, reciprocate, support or care enough to want to be a part of NEW EARTH… we went on and we created, birthed and in every moment, anchored immense light within ourselves and our entire physical reality too. We didn’t wait for others to “decide” when it was comfortable, because to the ego, this will never be comfortable (that’s the point), yet as the ego dissolves (is put to bed/rest), it no longer “gets a choice”, because it IS THE ENTIRE MATRIX PROGRAM and it’s on each one of us to REALIZE THIS…. because OUR REALITIES DEPEND ON THIS…. for each one of us…. to change Matrixes…..

Our entire physical body is a massive and intricate SYSTEM that operates on PROGRAMS and CODES… It’s like evolving from Windows 3.1 to a Mac to a Quantum Computer, an intelligent LIFE FORM that processes data, codes and information as LIGHT….. our entire body has a template (Operating System), every organ, muscle, bone, particle has to be re-coded….. from Linear to Quantum…. from fixed to open aligned flow, from a virus to a brilliant intelligence that can’t be “affected” by the old anymore…. our entire body LINKS UP TO OUR FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which at first , for physical body ascension to occur, builds a Merkaba (which occurs over much linear “time), WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY each cell is breaking down linear constructs and building it’s own Merkaba too. Then, for full-blown Multi-Dimensional Quantum Existence… reconstructs to become intricate, constantly changing/evolving StarGate Systems, that communicate with every cell of our bodies, from every cell in our bodies, interchangeably….

Our bodies are constantly clearing old programming, yet eventually instead of it being so physical (and big), it’s just photonic energy dissipating through holographic access through a FIELD. As our bodies reconfigure constantly, we have to adjust how we live our lives here. We have to learn to RESPECT these immense EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES that allow us all to “leave the old”. Yet to leave the old with your body, you have to leave it with your emotions, your mentalities, your fixed beliefs… FIRST, otherwise, your body/reality will re-configure for you, yet your human ego aspect will still be trying to hang on to a reality that no longer exists… which is where “suffering” comes in, because each is disconnected within and re-connection is REQUIRED to TRANSCEND THE OLD FULLY here.

The Evolution of the Consciousness of hUmaNITY is a huge process of ALL of HUmanity waking up. This is where we are now. This is each playing out their own Matrix Programs (which then links up to collectives), to resolve where the programs (emotions/mentalities) are housed in each physical body still. The human ego aspect doesn’t realize that the only way the Entire Matrix is still real, is if they keep it place in their lives, with their unconscious actions, through their fears and that there is an entirely different Matrix Now (Plasma Crystalline Matrix of NEW Earth), and entirely new networking system offering freedom, joy, peace, physical abundance and re-unites us all on a Cosmic Level as Star-Light-Soul BEings here in physical form, that replaces the old ones completely, yet for each to change/switch Matrixes, each has to first realize and accept this. ♥

With love from LeMUria, Our NEW Earth REALities and our HOME STAR SYSTEMS,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. I’m working on a article to share regarding the increased over-stimulation/overwhelm that can occur with these increasing Photonic Light Activations (and will with each phase, yet differently), as each’s body awakens to FEEL more for awhile. Each LightBody phase has a more finely-tuned nervous system/neural networking system and immune system, than it did before. It’s important for each to understand this, so that each can care for/support their body as it evolves through Ascension processes/phases and Multi-Dimensionality as it occurs now. ♫

p.p.s. The ENTIRE Earthly Human Experience is ONE BIG PROGRAM. The illusion/dream that you walk/live/exist in/through, is determined by each. In order to choose consciously, maneuver and master it, each must fully come to accept and understand this. It’s through identifying the vibrational frequency and energy of all, that we can realize which Matrix we are living in/on… Old Earth or NEW (or somewhere in-between for awhile). First each has to acknowledge ….


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known
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COSMIC ENERGY REPORT: June was a “Calm” month, yet July, well ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Flaming June Painting by Frederic Leighton @ King & McGaw


COSMIC ENERGY REPORT: June was a “Calm” month, yet July, well…

At the beginning of June, the message was “Pace Yourselves”… showing us every where we need to re-evaluate our realities, in every way, as it took all deeper into any unconscious programs still held inside, to resolve within, so that the physical can consciously re-configure and re-align.

It was a month of “seeing” where duality, lack, conformity/fear programming still existed, where inner-separation still “slept” and where we allowed this to “play out” in our own physical reality world. It was a month of intentionally shifting our entire reality, to a much higher vibrational, soul-aligned one. It was a month of beauty, peace, magic and resolve…. a “finalization” of many things that we allowed to be real-ity before, that are no longer aligned with our highest consciousness everything…

Where there are still DUALISTIC/SEPARATION/UNCONSCIOUS Programs inside, these continue to be brought to the forefront to be observed/seen, these continue to be a priority for each, to step into their own power, to require that UNITY BE THE ONLY REALITY ACCEPTABLE… yet in order to “do” this, each must be FACED with their own “not PURE love” energy, not respectful energy, not kind and considerate energy, not supporting ourselves and each other AS SOUL Energy, and where there is duality, this will become more extreme, because unconsciousness plays out through ENERGIES of power over, less than/more than, not enough, subtle or blatant manipulation, control and fear-tactics, emotional manipulation (narcissism), threats and more. Just stop, in every moment and observe every part(icle) of your reality, your entire reality and SEE what plays out for you, what your own experiences are… this will tell you everything… the rest is up to you to resolve, shift and expand beyond.

We’ve been “waiting” (not really, as we don’t wait for anything), for this “time” of June, to catapult collectives into this next phase. Why? Because it bring all things hidden into the Light. It makes the Invisible Visible, it shows us what we tolerated as OKay before, that was in no way okay. These Cosmic Frequencies of the 2222 Code, continue to awaken entire collectives, to what IS NOT PURE… “out there” and inside… for this is how all works. The increasing clearing of the Cosmic Akash, in each, within Gaia and our “atmospheres” (inner & outer)… game changers on a whole new level, that continue to accelerate and amplify distortions in every way.

Each is “pushed” to LOOK and actually SEE and take RESPONSE-ABILITY for their own ENERGY and what they keep supporting, allowing, trying to ignore… to PULL EVERY OUNCE OF COURAGE from inside, through their own inner-connection and CHOOSE THE PHYSICAL DIMENSION THEY DESIRE TO ACTUALLY OCCUPY….

REALITY IS SUBJECTIVE… is your mentalities, your beliefs and your ENERGY that transmits these out for each to EXPERIENCE….

OBSERVING what is PERCEIVED AS REALITY… gives each the POWER TO COMPLETELY CHANGE REALITY… in every nano-second…. which is just a small part of how our QUANTUM ABILITIES WORK….

JULY —- begins the eclipses to take each DEEPER INSIDE, to clean house, to dig deep, to connect on a Soul Level and work through, process, resolve all that presents as “not pure love”, “not UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS within and actually MAKE THAT NECESSARY CHOICE….

July — presents all with ALL NEW OPPORTUNITIES… to choose and decide what plays out in the physical to experience…. an old regurgitated one, built on old belief systems that create timeline loop cycles that are allowed to play out until they totally dissolve/collapse… in order for each’s physical body to leave that dimension (eventually or once and for all). July presents all with what they’ve been working for (and HOLDing), on a Soul Level… the next phase or step to support the vastness of HIGHEST DIMENSIONAL REALITIES, that are achieved as each is able to HOLD those states of full consciousness, in order for the physical to re-configure/realign by way of physical matter representation…

July — kicks of a HUGE SHIFT, where each waking up may be scratching their heads, wiping their eyes and find themselves abruptly shocked, shaken or jolted awake…. with NEW REALIZATION that their human aspect didn’t want to/couldn’t yet see, yet as each’s higher aspects emerge from within more, the old unconscious realities are no longer tolerable, allowed and are quickly allowed to just fall away, as each realizes they are not necessary, no longer resonate/align/support where each “is going”…. as each’s PRIORITIES continue to shift and change….

July — accelerates all into whatever each’s focus is. Accelerates atomic codes/DNA awakening, reality re-construction, re-coding with NEW PROGRAMMING that completely replaces the old, outdated, unconscious ones…. The “No more BS” energies continue to INCREASE, where there is ANY DUALITY STILL LEFT…. as each reclaims themselves, their power… the integration of the COSMIC WARRIOR TEMPLATE within Gaia (and each ready for this), amplifies COURAGE on a whole new level…

EACH’S ABILITY to see Reality as a BELIEF… has the power to change their own beliefs. It is that simple, when each is truly ready to embrace how easy QUANTUM EXISTENCES are…. JUST a TUNING of each’s full consciousness to a completely alternate reality, a much different reality, much higher dimensional reality…. and holding THAT as REALity instead, pulling that into the physical, with the amount of “force” (Energy) necessary to “break/dissolve” the energy of the ‘old program’ where it was held within.

Each’s ABILITY to function on a Quantum Level opens up, as linear constructs dissolve. These occur within the brain/nucleus of every cell of our bodies, as the linear constructs of all realities were/are held within. These mega-quantum Cosmic Codes go straight to where those linear constructs existed and re-codes them… on an atomic level, activating DNA re-writes, which work through each’s BODY TEMPLATE, “seeking out” unconscious programs, while simultaneously activating each’s higher consciousness to awaken from INSIDE OF THE BODY, which then reconfigures each’s FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS as well. Most are unaware, that all of the codes are inside and outside and BOTH must be activated and enough time/space allowed for the physical body to FULLY INTEGRATE THESE for the re-writing, re-tuning, re-calibration, re-coding, re-everything process to “complete”. (And then we start again, as this is a never-ending cycle of continual integration, that takes immense dedication on all of our parts to honor, acclimate too, so that our bodies can shift, de-densify and vibration into to a much lighter/higher dimensional frequency bandwidth/octave to actually live in. The air we breathe is different here, the vibrations more pristine, the colors… well, off the charts amazing, the inner-actions, the entire physical reality…. so very different than our drabby, life-draining, soul-sucking old unconscious ones.

The human (ego) aspect is never ready. It’s each’s SOUL that is. This means, re-connecting on a DEEP SACRED SOUL LEVEL for everything to easily align and shift.

July will bring MORE… more of whatever supports FULL AWAKENING and REMEMBERING to occur. Every moment, every experience… has a much higher purpose/point (a gazillion of them). Human aspects don’t actually care, they don’t put themselves out there to look out for each other, they don’t step up for hUmaNITY, they don’t share, they hide, don’t support in ways that actually matter, and they live from separation, lack and fear. These Cosmic Frequencies continue to “go for the gusto/gut”, they challenge the human aspect to WAKE UP, they POINT OUT WHERE ALL IS NOT ALIGNED… and they allow each the CHOICE TO CHOOSE… a fully conscious magnificent and magical, beautiful, abundant, loving, kind, compassionate, considerate, harmonic, joyful experience or one of duality, suffering, harshness, not enough… and every unconscious program that each still thinks they believe…

IF YOUR PRIORITY IS FULL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… then all will be easy, because this is HOW YOU LIVE YOUR EVERY BREATH and every moment of your lives. You care, truly, you step up, you share, you support, you are kind, considerate and you stop playing in the EGO games still….

​July — well, it’s an advancement of our Evolution of Consicousness, Evolution of hUmanity and whatever it takes for each to FIND THEIR HUMANITY… this is what shall present, and continue to present, on every level….

Realities are responsive and not everyone lives in the same dimension anymore. This is a huge realization to wrap your human mind around… your dimensional EXPERIENCE IS YOURS.

AS MORE UNITE… not from a place/space of lack or need, yet instead, fully empowered from within… to combine forces, resources, abilities, ideas, opportunity and share, support each other, our NEW EARTH NETWORK grows…. Yes, it takes us all, not just the ones willing to be visible as the “forerunners”, every one of us…. uniting as DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS, without distortions, without old BS, holding our own and BEING THE ONES…. and together we COMMAND REALITIES with our every breath. As love.

When you stand AS LIGHT and emanate out, stop making excuses for WHO YOU TRULY are, for your accomplishments and for what you do IN-SERVICE for all of hUmaNITY, all gets easier, because you stop compromising anything… ever again. YOU are no longer willing to accept LESS and you no longer live in a fabricated reality in your head that you are not/do not have enough and you stop “just doing enough to get by”… YOU STEP UP and are READY… and this is HOW WE UNITE. ♥

Get ready loves…. This is going to be as SIMPLE or as COMPLICATED as you make it, as easy or as rough as you require/allow, as magnificent or challenging as necessary, dependent on which aspect of you is allowed to be in charge…

This is the week that all starts to align in all new ways… The Solstice was the POINT leading up to NOW. The clearing process, the observation/realization process, the “move the old out yourselves” process…. and now… it’s time to up-shift even more than ever before. I love you! Let’s rock out the awesomeness vibrationally! Quantum Style is how we roll here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. This is just a very small portion, and in no way, touches on the VASTNESS of all that’s occurring on a Cosmic Level and each dimensional plane of existence. I went offline most of June to accomplish/do and move a lot out of my reality too. WE all have to make SPACE for all new realities to arrive…. I’ll share as I have the Energy to do so. The immensity of our Roles continue to increase and the “demands” require that we all re-group and re-calibrate our own realities constantly, so that all can STAY ALIGNED….

p.p.s. I realized the other day, while observing my early days of my body waking up, to share this: Our human aspect was “numb” and parts of us “shut down”. Part of the body awakening to release this, feel fully again… is the “numbness” (metaphors remember), the tingling, as the body wakes up to RELEASE, energy start to move inside, working through the density and immensity of heavy duty programming, the muscles held a lot and go through a rigorous process, the organs, glands, every body part was asleep, held density and must “sleep” to wake up, which is why there is so much sleep to access the other dimensions at first, clear old timelines/body templates, and integrate the ultra-high frequencies of our soul. This can be an ardurous process at times, so be patient, open your minds to alternative understandings and make supporting your own journey/body a priority, however that presents for you. Each phase is different and every moment we are technically in “all of them”, yet the prominent ones will be relative to our own level of consciousness and how much of our Soul we’ve been able to EMBODY and function as, in our every day lives…. for all to be magical, beautiful, amazing… pure peace, love and rainbows too! And yes it can… as each chooses this as “reality”… ♥


Flaming June Painting by Frederic Leighton @ King & McGaw

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Quantum Shifting: As NEW Earth REALities Replace the Old Inside of You – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Quantum Shifting: As NEW Earth REALities Replace the Old Inside of You, You Incorporate NEW Systems & Programs and BE-COME an Important COMPONENT and Integral Part of NEW EARTH SYSTEMS and PROGRAMS that REPLACE the Old Ones too…

THROUGH PURE PRESENCE and a Sacred Divine Connection within ourselves, a whole world opens up, that we (on a human/ego level) did not have the ability to access before.

Through slowing down, pulling away, the observing of the chatter and disruptions to choose to allow these to fall away, allowing/assisting our physical body RAISING IT’S VIBRATION (in order to expand), learning to connect with, AND LISTEN TO, our subtle (at first, then LOUD), ENERGY BODY that SPEAKS… literally…. as there is INFORMATION and Light Intelligence encoded in our DNA, that we can actually HEAR (kind of on a telepathic level), as we allow ourselves to TUNE IN…. COMPLETELY…. ♥

TUNING IN… means that WE ARE CHOOSING to TUNE OUT, the chaos, the noise, the distortions, the disruptions and CHOOSING WHICH DIMENSIONS we are going to PAY ATTENTION TO/FOCUS OUR OWN PRECIOUS SOUL ENERGY ON… so that we can gain/achieve NEW CLARITY, for navigating a HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTUM REALITY that materializes into PHYSICAL FORM….

This TUNING OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS takes TOTAL PRESENCE to achieve…. bringing all of our ENERGY and awareness to ZERO POINT … and holding it here. It means SHIFTING OUR FOCUS, COMPLETELY…. off the external and delving DEEP into the SPACE where our Soul/Higher Dimensional Selves ACTUALLY EXIST…. which is only “out there”, when we perceive it is, when we are disconnect from inside, where we have not ACHIEVED THE ABILITY to go INSIDE to listen/honor/be/do and function from this deeply connected place/space in everything we do…..

This TUNING IN means to TUNE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS to a MUCH HIGHER vibrational frequency, and at first, it’s much “higher” than our human/ego/body/aspect is…. so for awhile, it will seem to be “higher”, when in essence, it’s our own physical body that’s LOWER and it’s our own connection that’s “weak” and it’s our own belief systems that inner-fear with us MAINTAINING this deeply connected EXPANDED STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS in every moment…. so it takes practice, dedication and our awareness that we have to constantly raise our vibration, constantly open our hearts & minds, constantly identify when our hearts/minds have closed again (contraction) as WE LEARN what separation actually is, what duality and unity actually are and we learn (on a human level) HOW TO RESOLVE THESE ourselves…. so that our entire LIFE IS ONE OF UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS where kindness, love, deep connections ON A SOUL LEVEL… prevail.

Human (Ego) aspects don’t respect Energy, their selves or each other’s energy, because ENERGY is a “foreign” thing and doesn’t make any logical sense. At our CORE, WE ARE JUST ENERGY, PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, therefore “not respecting this”, means an unconscious disrespect for ourselves on a Soul Level, as well as all things that exist too. This is a process of LEARNING to (re)connect fully on an energetic level (Quantum), with your self, each other, all things… through your own full consciousness, presence and Divine Inner Connection with/AS ALL THAT IS.

ENERGY must be felt, tuned into and observed (Quantum Observation), where realities are READ through a field of Consciousness, through feeling, hearing, seeing… all vibrationally and through Light Encoded Data that is basically “translated” by each’s SOUL, so in order to READ THE FIELD EASILY, each’s SOUL must be present, fully….. FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AND BEING FULLY TUNED IN…. is REQUIRED for all to make conscious sense, which is Quantum, which is the “opposite” of linear, if you will.

The Depth of Your Connection will dictate the Depth of your Experience and how easy or complicated all is. NEW EARTH IS SIMPLE… it’s not complicated, yet it does push your human to/through all “limits”, because these are belief systems (BS), conditions of the human-ego-mind, because the EGO ASPECT looks “outward” and allows this to DICTATE what REALity is…. instead of REAL=eyes’ing that the external is a mirror, the experience is a response, the physical is a DIMENSION that each occupies, due to their own current Level of Consciousness….

RESPECTING ENERGY: The immense Cosmic Frequencies/Upgrades/Evolutionary DNA re-writes will completely CHANGE how you function and re-write your entire physical reality for you…. (whether you are conscious or not). Where you do no love and respect yourselves/each other, on a Deep Sacred Soul Level, this will play out in your own “reality world”, which breeds lack/scarcity/survival mode… which is the way of the “old”. Where you truly come to connect, deeeeeeeep inside of you, to REALIZE that you are ENERGY in a body, that works hard to reconfigure itself constantly, you will not only accept, love and respect yourself, your energy, all that you are and do… you will (on a whole new level), finally respect and appreciate the ENERGY of others, because you finally realize what CONTRIBUTION is and how our NEW EARTH REALITIES WORK here.

You will start to understand, how it takes us ALL, how each one of us have important roles/missions/purposes here and HOW WE ARE ALL TO UNITE – to CREATE the DIVINE SOURCE NETWORK, the INFRASTRUCTURE, the NEW Systems and NEW Programs that ARE NEW EARTH… which is a living, breathing network, all connected through the Purity of LOVE and Full Consciousness, where lack does not exist, because we’ve resolved this within ourselves and we bring OURSELVES TO THE TABLE and all that we HAVE/ARE and we share, support, inspire and work together AS THE BOND that holds all in place.

As each truly CARES ENOUGH to put themselves out there, to step up to the plate, to go all in FOR A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE that replaces the old one of separation/duality, all new realities are BORN/BIRTHED and allowed to grow into this BEAUTIFUL FLOWER OF LIFE, this beautiful TREE OF LIGHT, this DIVINE EXPERIENCE where HEAVEN is brought forth from within each one of us and as we re-connect, without the distortions, without the offensiveness of the ego, without the “stepping on each other” or imposing or trying to save or change, yet instead…. as we all SHOW UP, as our absolute highest aspects of ourselves, we are able to unite with others who are ALREADY this too, because they are our reflection back/our mirror, our vibrational response to what we have EVOLVED INTO AS LOVE and emanate back how WE live our actual lives here.

Will you meet others who are not yet “as conscious”? Of course you will. It’s your “job” (role/agreement) to expose them to “our multi-dimensional realities” and SHOW THE WAY. It’s what you agreed to, as a SOUL, to assist with awakening, without imposing, forcing or “needing” anything at all. You SHINE YOUR LIGHT, as vibrant and bright as you ARE and allow everyone else to CHOOSE all new realities too…. as they are ready. Focus on yourself, your vibration, your energy and what you have the capability to BE/DO, which will ALWAYS BE MORE than your human aspect believes, is willing to do, is comfortable with…. HOLD YOUR REALITY IN PLACE, so that the entire physical can realign “faster and easier”, vibrationally…. Which is just ONE of our natural abilities as FULLY CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT ENERGY BEINGS here.

Embrace who you are, embrace this entire experience, embrace the perceived unknown (only to your human aspect), embrace the “new”, embrace the body changes and reality changes as your own physical re-codes, re-calibrates, re-configures for you…. and GO ALL IN, for all to DIVINELY RE-ALIGN in response to you. Then, all you have to do is PAY ATTENTION/OBSERVE and then choose what you will/will no longer accept, decide what you are willing to “do” in order to activate and anchor your own HIGHER DIMENSIONAL/CONSCIOUSNESS NEW EARTH REALITIES HERE.

Observe your own judgments, pre-conceived notions and beliefs about what you “think” reality is… as this will substantially change all along the way, constantly and actually, in every nano-second, as you are always recognizing that which no longer resonates, supports, aligns (vibrationally), you are always resolving and ready for “new”, you are always birthing/creating and integrating as your body clears cellular programs that USED to be “in your way” (just words to describe a process). Those mentalities and beliefs, the energy of those, this is what it’s all about…. and as all of those dissipate, NEW ONES REPLACE them completely.

This process is EASY, as each “learns” to TUNE to a much higher vibrational everything from inside and resolve, dissolve, release all that is not ready to fully re-align to match that new higher dimensional reality/timeline/experience. At first it’s challenging, because we each affixed to physical realities that were created/supported by EGO/DUALITY and suppression of consciousness.

Gaia and “Space” are alive and awake, breathing and re-configuring constantly now, just as you/your body is… all in accordance with COSMIC CODES that “look nothing” like your current/old realities…..

Fully Conscious Realities live, breathe, connect through LOVE Consciousness, through our BREATH, through our deep inner-connection with/as ALL AS ONE… all separation falls away and WE REMEMBER ALL THAT WE FORGOT, when we all were unconscious before.

Collectives are awakening in vast “numbers”, to open up fully to REALIZE that NEW EARTH REPLACES OLD, BECAUSE WE ARE NEW EARTH and we’ve re-constructed all new realities aligned on SOUL Level.

As each fully embraces, unites, comes together and ACCEPTS QUANTUM as their own new state, linear ceases to exist. Basically, as you transition from a linear existence to a Quantum one, then you “arrive” where others are awake/conscious too, because you are no longer hiding/playing small/accepting the old as your reality anymore. You are no longer trying to fit into “those realities”, hang onto “those illusions of realities” and you’ve vibrated out of those dimensions/realities of LIMITS to come to walk/function/exist on a Quantum level too (as your own Soul, which is Quantum). Quantum is like the exact opposite of linear, if you will. Transitioning your whole body from a “limited carbon based linear body-reality to a Fully Quantum Multi-Dimensional one, means that you are always honoring what your BODY/SPIRIT/SOUL/ENERGY NEEDS in order to accomplish this VAST EVOLUTION of your Living DNA/Consciousness from within you too, for your NATURAL (Super) Powers to come forth from within you to share, uplift, inspire and embody MORE of who you truly are (Pure Creator Source Energy), so that your entire reality can be re-worked to support your Highest Evolutionary Purposes for all of hUmaNITY here.

Your Evolved Heart-Mind-Energy-Body will work in UNISON as ONE “Intelligent System-Unit”, without any of the old ILLUSORY LIMITS of before. Re-connected with a Living, Breathing, Intelligent Life Force System, connected through an INTRICATE ENERGETIC AND CRYSTALLINE and PLASMA NETWORK, your entire physical body evolves to work cohesively with an entirely new networking system, a Quantum ONE, that bypasses the old Linear Constraints and CREATES a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM, one where you are an important part of our Evolved Highest Consciousness hUmaNITY, united and FOR THE FLOURISHING OF LIFE ON OUR BELOVED PLANET EARTH, together, elevating all from the prisons of their own minds and represented in their external as a reflection to what each has yet to REMEMBER… YOU HAVE THE GIFT of REMEMBERING, that you SHARE with each that you TOUCH, that your Light Codes activate in the FIELDS of OTHERS, when you elevate the field to THE UNIFIED FIELD OF LOVE … out of SEPARATION/DUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS (Unconsciousness), an AWAKENED HEART AND EMBODIED SOUL that does not succumb to unconscious programming anymore….

You understand the difference between HOW SOUL LEVEL LOVE, KINDNESS and RESPECT matters, what supporting yourselves and each other on a SOUL LEVEL means, over a fear-based-human-created-matrix-system that you once believed as “right” (true), one that you once gave your power away to, for a multitude of reasons, because it was your SOUL CHOSEN HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT, that you completely TRANSCEND as you PHYSICALLY ASCEND, often through immense sleep to dissolve your own VEILS of AMNESIA in order to fully awaken INTO A NEW DREAM…

The process of FULLY OPENING OUR HEARTS, goes beyond anything our limited human can understand. It’s an intricate process of weaving through every aspect of our “psyche”, every aspect of our perceived “real”ities, every aspect of our mentalities/beliefs, every aspect of who we “thought” we were, every aspect of what we believed as true, every aspect of how we once constructed our lives, every feeling, every emotion, everything buried/hidden/embedded within us, suppressed on a cellular level and anchored in our physical bodies, which in turn anchored us in the Unconscious Realms of Amnesia, both individually and collectively, in infinite ways…. The process of OPENING OUR EYES TO SEE, means our hearts have to be OPENED FULLY, so that our mind can comprehend the vastness of the entire 3D/4D matrix system, as VISIBILITY IS GRANTED as our Heart, Vibratory Body & Pineal Vision are EXERCISED and UTILIZED to completely discern the difference between a human-ego-program-old-operating-system-database and our “new” Highest Consciousness Quantum Database, that we not only “gain access to again” through our fully awakened Heart/Mind/Body, WE BECOME….

AS EACH is TRULY READY to step back/away and fully observe, with every Awakened CELL that breathes PURE SOURCE LOVE EMANATING FROM THE CORE OF WHERE WE ALL FUNCTION FROM on a Soul/OverSoul Level, the 2222 Code is activated within each on a whole new level, each’s Cosmic Diamond Rainbow LightBody and Templates are activated, for each to step forth as the NEW EARTH LIGHT COUNCILS, re-birthed/re-incarnate/REMEMBERED and FULLY EMBODIED to Unite and Guide, for the RETURNING of a “forgotten” existence, without the distortions of what “life” is…..

Our lives EVOLVE as we do, our REALities Evolve as we do, our Understandings Evolve as we do, our perceptions evolve as we do, our everything evolves as our DNA/Genetics Evolve completely…..

EVERY MOMENT IS EVOLUTION NOW… from infinite unconscious programs to infinite fully conscious ones. It’s not that there are not programs and systems here, there are, as we create ALL NEW PROGRAMS AND SYSTEMS that SUPPORT our NEW EARTH EXISTENCES AND LIVES…

Means that each understand that NEW SYSTEMS AND PROGRAMS are necessary to Evolve hUmaNITY as a WHOLE. These NEW SYSTEMS don’t just “arrive” on their own, WE create them, we rework them, we implement them, we ARE them… WE UNITE to be the INNER-CONNECTED NETWORK OF NEW EARTH…. where EACH is not holding back anymore, out of fear/lack/self-preservation/survival mode unaware that their lack of power/fear energy is what held the old matrix together to start with. This is all a part of the Intricate and Immense Cosmic Akash Clearing Processes that all are currently in now. ♥

It shifts, moves, re-tuned, re-calibrates, re-codes and re-transmits a whole new reality CONSTANTLY, that you can SEE, interpret, influence and understand as YOUR SOUL IS ALLOWED to EMERGE FULLY and integrate within your physical body FULLY and your body is allowed, on a regular and consistent basis to re-work itself to transition from a linear existence to a fully Super Quantum ONE…..

Your NEW EARTH MATRIX is many things…. not just “one”. It’s all COSMIC ENERGY, where all is COMPRISED of components that have to be formed on an organic and natural level, which means every previous constructs have to be completely re-worked by each one of us. Your old body, your old reality, your old everything TRANSITIONS over… as you CROSS OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE and your Rainbow Template is activated, your Diamond/Christed Light Body Templates are activated, your Avatar Consciousness Body Templates are activated (and so very much more). As your Crystalline LightBody is activated, the Crystals within you EVOLVE. As your Plasma LightBody activates, the amount of Photonic Light and Plasma Energy within you, re-work your entire body systems, structures, infrastructures, programs and how your body-field communicate by way of processing Light Codes/Intelligence through you, as your processing speeds alternate constantly, as your entire template/system goes through a continual re-configuration process, as your whole body evolves from a Carbon Based to Quantum Body… your entire existence evolves along with your bodies, as you have many of them that constantly integrate new codes and programs, therefore changing the entire program of the realities you “live” in….

As Purity (Soul) Consciousness activates within each, this begins an immense Quantum Process of shining a Light on (amplifying) all that is not yet PURE and a process of each PURIFYING their own Lives, their own bodies, their entire existence…. which is a part of Diamond Light Code Consciousness, as another part is the Cosmic Prism that is activated, where your body is able to integrate Cosmic Rays into your body template, for your own Rainbow Body Template to start to construct/build/form…. which moves each into a Rainbow Warrior Phase, where each becomes a COSMIC LIGHT BEING…. Star Beings, Star Councils, Soul Councils, Angelic Councils, Christed Councils, Elemental Councils, Galactic Ambassadors/Emissaries and Guardians of our entire NEW EARTH, while still functioning in a physical reality that’s very different from before. These “new” REALities are ones DIVINELY DESIGNED to support/awaken/serve all of hUmanity through FULL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which means SEEING separation, seeing duality, seeing lack of love/respect/kindness/sharing and shifting this THROUGH VIBRATIONAL POWER, which is each’s ABILITY TO COMPLETELY RE-TUNE and SHIFT every reality to a much higher consciousness one.

Just observe the word. Your RESPONSE to all as LOVE, as highest consciousness knowledge, as the Cosmic Light BEing that you are…. Your ABILITY (abilities) to BE LOVE, to BE PURE, to BE KIND, to BE the ONE that HOLDS the absolute highest vibrational realities in place, to BE the ONE that SHOWS the WAYs (WayShower), to BE the example of WHAT NEW EARTH IS, through the way you SHOW up, how you treat others, how you BEhave…. through your own Inner-Connection and REMEMBERING, to not go unconscious anymore… through your own Sharing of your own Light, through your own Divine Essence, without the tainted distortions of playing in the old dualistic unconscious games/plays/illusory realities still…. Embracing and constantly FULL-FILLING your Highest Soul Purposes, your Highest Galactic Missions through the Roles that you play out here.

Your limited, fixed, controlled/controlling, programmed, conditioned and ENTIRE BELIEF SYSTEM was held in place by your own beliefs, your own mentalities, your own conditions, lack of inner-connection, which then correlates to your lack of self-each other love, your lack of abundance, lack of respect, lack of trust/faith/beliefs, lack of working together for a much HIGHER PURPOSE, which is what “drives” the REALity of y/our Soul. As we each come to fulfill our higher purposes, all of that lack mentality goes, replacing all with gratitude, appreciation, kindness, sharing, generosity and the restoration of Balance through a deeply profound PEACE as the Vibration of LOVE (Home Frequency) fills your every cell and emanates from within you and how you live your life, in every moment, now. You believed the old unconscious everything into REALity… you supported, engaged, played the game, allowed it all and now, vibrationally, it is TIME to BELIEVE all new REALITIES INTO YOUR PHYSICAL…. those that HOLD UNITY as a way of life, those that honor the sanctity and sacredness that each forgot, those that PROVIDE for each, a benevolent existence, through each opening their own EYES and actually SEEING everything, then making fully Conscious Choices, through the REALization that HUMANITY EMERGES from within. As each truly realizes that the physical only affects consciousness where it’s allowed to, each chooses to expand their heart-consciousness and AFFECT THE PHYSICAL INSTEAD…. this is a whole new step for hUmaNITY… when each realizes that their consciousness INFLUENCES & DICTATES THE PHYSICAL… instead of the other way around (human limited programming).

Because there is no more hoarding, no more selfishness and everything is shared. Where unconscious humans get “tripped up”, is they don’t understand (can’t see/aren’t caring to see), that we live on a Multi-Dimensional Earth and where there are 3D/4D Matrix programs still at play, this is not true, and that only in a fully 5D (and wayyyyyy above) reality can this be true. The 3D/4D mind (level of consciousness) is still playing in the lack games of control, manipulation, fear, not enough, give power away and survival levels of awakening still. It takes each EXPANDING THEIR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS beyond this SPACE and choosing to observe their own mentalities (ENERGY) to determine which dimension/timeline/reality they are still holding in place, with their own beliefs, with their own energy, with their own fears and continuing to support that which is still dualistic in nature and separation consciousness too. The only realities where there is not enough/we are not enough, is in the old 3D/4D levels of unconsciousness that continue to dissolve, dismantle, deconstruct, collapse the delusions of what realities were believed to be.

Multi-Dimensionals MASTER THE PHYSICAL through OPENNESS, SHARING and through the IMPLEMENTATION OF ALL NEW QUANTUM SYSTEMS AND REALITIES that completely replace the old. These new (HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS) programs and systems, mean that each is OPEN TO LEARNING AND CREATING all new WAYS and that each one is fully contributing to Continually  EXPAND and reconstruct realities to embrace all who are also truly ready to FULLY BE-COME (fulfill) an INTEGRAL PART. Multi-Dimensionals exist in multiple dimensional realities simultaneously, therefore each Level of Consciousness/Dimension is visible, which means the RESPONSE is a multi-dimensional one too. It’s vibrational, quantum and energetic… and recodes/ restructures the reality accordingly… as each is no longer bound to the Physics of Linearity. Our NEW Earth Existence is Quantum, because our Physics are Quantum and every reality is based on this. ♥

This is up to each. Each REALity is derived from all new parameters, new equations and new understandings as to WHAT/HOW REALITY COMES TO BE. As each EMBRACES THEMSELVES FULLY (and each other), ON A SOUL LEVEL, everything changes… as the basis for ALL OF YOUR REALITIES (the foundations) are always built on LOVE… the deepest, purest love, kindness, respect, consideration and openness, where each is RESPONSIBLE for not bringing duality into the picture anymore….

… for realities to reflect this back. Each must DECIDE that their Soul is going to Lead, that their own Universe is going to Lead and that their limited, fear-based, controlling, narcissistic aspects (both as the victim and the manipulator) are not going to influence/control your behavior/beliefs anymore.

THE VIRTUAL REALITY that we each live in/play in/exist in… is a vibrationally visible holographic REFLECTION as to what each holds inside as to WHAT REALITY IS…. It’s a multi-dimensional reality where each can tune their own Consciousness to a whole new reality and activate this to Materialize into the PHYSICAL to actually experience, and get up each day FOCUSED on activating, anchoring, creating “those” QUANTUM LIGHT ENCODED HOLOGRAPHIC REALITIES that are often not yet visible to others, yet becomes visible as each is truly ready to see and step into fulfilling their own highest purposes/roles here too.

Functioning from fear (root chakra) or Imagining what’s possible and KNOWING you have the POWER to “bring that here”, just one DIFFERENCE between Singular or Multi-Dimensional Existence…. As long as you allow fear to rule your decisions, rule your emotions, rule your realities/beliefs, your dreams will be squashed and unable to “manifest” into fruition, because you will give up and not believe, have trust or faith, because you are allowing yourself to LIVE a SEVERED EXISTENCE… where your Pure Source Connection is HOW you activate, awaken and anchor all of those realities here. You do have to choose which existence you are going to ALLOW TO BE REAL FOR YOU.

May & June activate and integrated the “next phase” of this into Gaia’s Template, our Universal Templates, available for each to integrate fully into their own physical body templates too. All each has to do is say that they are ready to integrate (any) template, any codes… and honor the process of sleeping, nature, nurturing and supporting their body naturally and organically in the reconfiguration process as it occurs. The more carbon-based (on an atomic level) each’s body/reality is, the more intense/dramatic the experience can be. This is the ACTIVATION OF your Powerful Inner Courage, Your Powerful Inner Guidance, Your Powerful Inner Connection and your Powerful Ability to transition from Old Earth to NEW too.

Your human will “think” things are “wrong”, or not understand how these IMMENSE ENERGETIC CHANGES occur, so be patient, slow down, honor your body, tune in MORE and when your human feels weird, when your human feels “voidish”, when your human feels the need to control, escape or resist/judge in any way, go deeeeeeeper inside to re-connect with that tiny little space that will grow to be an entire Super Field of Consciousness that you walk and exist in, where everything is BEYOND alive, vibrant, flourishing, pristine, magical, magnificent and AWAKE too!

Take breaks all along the way, stop trying to push “against” a process that can be easy and simple if you allow. See when your energy body is LOW and needs to be activated through inspiration, freedom, simplicity, quiet, connection, fun, happiness and do whatever it takes to shift out of your excuse-making-ego to support your ENERGY BODY so that it can expand from inside of you, more and more and more, so that you can shift and re-tune your ENTIRE VIBRATIONAL BODY to the highest possible, as it’s much easier to maneuver and function with Pure Joy and Grace as you do.

Your immune systems, nervous systems, glands and carrier systems are all being re-worked, with each template reconfiguration that occurs. These become more prominent as we go, and the “down time” necessary for a “whole system re-boot”, for replenishing and building your Light, for rejuvenation, for re-charging and for easier transmitting/receiving/generating changes constantly along the way, based upon your physical body make-up, enhanced Genetics and Crystalline Plasma Quantum LightBody Templates that you’ve integrated thus far … and continue to, powerfully and immensely, as the Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Frequency Holders, Light Keepers, Foundation Builders and HOLDERS of Our NEW Earth. Your Body Templates hold all of NEW Earth’s Codes inside and Synch up with your Field of Consciousness constantly, so that you can continually experience more NEW EARTH NOW.

NEW EARTH is BEYOND Vibrant, much more colorful…. whereas old earth was drabby, neutral and bland… SO MUCH MORE COLOR will become a huge part of your new realities, from soft hues to vibrant colors that pop, appearing in your physical, all around you… in Nature, your skies and your ability to SEE more will continue to enhance as the crystals in your bodies form/evolve more through these Cosmic Light Frequencies and Codes activating 24/7 to re-work your DNA/RNA/Genetics for you. As the veils inside of you dissolve and the foggy groggy phases come & go, as you integrate massive doses/amounts of high frequency Cosmic Photonic Light into your physical body structures (and systems), the veils “outside” of you dissolve too. As you SEE what you could not see before, both of 3D/4D/5D and way above…. you get to CHOOSE…. the dimension/reality/timelines you DESIRE to actually LIVE IN…. as you resolve all duality, lack and separation within you and allow yourself to REMEMBER/RETURN to our PURE EXISTENCES… where love, humility, humanity consciousness, kindness, reciprocation, respect, consideration and the REALIZATION that we are all WORTH MORE than we once believed, that all are worthy, that we are the ONES and that our entire reality will show us everything that we need in order to choose/decide and commit/invest in the ACTUAL PHYSICAL REALITIES/DIMENSIONS we desire to exist in now. Old Earth was each “chasing something”. NEW Earth is the opposite of this…

Your every thought, action and choice….. this is what determines the next “moment”… and what you shall experience… It’s your BELIEFS and what you allow, what you continue to support/create and the POWER that your new REALIZATIONS AFFORD YOU…. which is INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES for a whole new Life, as you choose to release/let go of your old unconscious ones that no longer resonate/align….

I love you! It’s POWER-UP TIME (always) and it’s get ready for another and another and another continual up-shift, as you hold the highest states of consciousness from within you and ONLY ACCEPT these as your own REALities now…. This is a powerful week/Gateway, that opens the Gateways for all of the next phases/initiations (for your human aspect) and REALities that you’ve been integrating the codes within you …. for that “outside” to harmonically realign through a much higher octave than ever before. ♦

Remember… your Highest Consciousness you does not accept unconsciousness as a way of living anymore…. Your Multi-Dimensional You always has Infinite ALTERNATE REALITIES to choose from, that completely replace the old unconscious ones. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

A Light Encoded Activation Article and Multi-Dimensional Quantum Teaching Tool/ReSOURCE shared as LOVE for all. ♥




Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Current Cosmic Energies – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Current Cosmic Energies…

We’ve moved into “contraction” energies, which also go deeeeeep into our cells. We prepare for a huge cellular cleanse and body template re-write/upgrade process, which usually takes several days…. as we work through the gridwork of our EARTH(ly) bodies… strong COSMIC CLEARING PROCESSES “begin”…. The physical body feels more during these frequencies and these can “push” on the body, push energetically, push/squeeze the human heart open… and more. These “drain” our cells on an energetic level and as we complete the template re-write, our cells fill with more light, encoded to much higher dimensional timelines than before. We are nearing ZERO POINT rotation, where all will slow down and come to a halt… and then start back up again, spinning in the opposite direction…. expanding further than ever before…. Some may feel this experience as a VOID = SPACE…. Energy movement is different here. Less movement, more movement… and how you move energetically/energy is too. How ENERGY correlates to feeling any density, heaviness or Light…. these frequencies focus on the GRAVITY of all… where bringing balance in, where restoring balance, where Lightening your Load, where those things “weighing on you”, pulling on you, pushing (ego/separation/duality), become “heavier” and through magnetics, can be FELT and observed easier/more……

Share as we go/flow/know…. ♥ Cosmic Rays and Diamond Light Frequencies, as well as Plasma Gas, are “silently strong” right now as well. ♦

These frequencies are what I call the Comic In-Breath of Gaia… and as we pass through this VORTEX (feeling of squished for some, breathing gets affected too)… all will Lighten up as we start the Cosmic Birthing Canal Process to come out on the other side…..

p.s. We are in HIGH Integration energies right now… as well as each’s stuff surfacing to become visible (inner or outer is the same)…. to see/resolve/deal/shift/transform/transcend and shift from duality to full Unification from within. We may also move through this quickly, as the grids are re-charging again for StarGate alignments to again begin… we shall seeeeee. ☆

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Wide Open StarGate Activity: DAYS of Powerful Cosmic Light Rays & SOULar-Star Codes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Painting Wish On A Star by Janelle Schneider @ Fine Art America


Wide Open StarGate Activity: DAYS of Powerful Cosmic Light Rays & SOULar-Star Codes Activating, Integrating, Re-Calibrating, DNA Re-Coding and Electromagnetic Re-Balancing … In Your Bodies, Earth & Atmospheres… High Photonic Anchoring, Body-Field Ali



BEYOND POWERFUL Comic Upgrades, Enhancements, DNA De-Coding & Re-Coding, Higher Consciousness HUmanity Star-Light Codes for Integration, StarGates Synchronization, Recalibration and Realignments CONTINUE for days…. Yesterday was the most powerful on a DNA Level that I’ve seen/experienced thus far, with today focused on GRAVITY, Magenetics, Stabilization and going higher and higher and higher with our whole body/field.

These massive LIGHT FLUXES re-structure everything on a Quantum atomic/cellular/molecular level…. every reality… the physical… these go straight to each’s INNER WORLDS, to rock, shake, uproot, unhinge, unearth, untangle, unravel and unanchor where old unconscious programs and beliefs were deeply held/embedded within. Whatever it takes to awaken each to CHOOSE TO TRANSITION from Old Earth to NEW from INSIDE….

NEW EARTH IS OUR CURRENT HOME…. yet many still hold veils and unconscious programming still. Fear of letting go and challenging their own belief systems, for it might “mess with their world”… welp, Physical Body Ascension and Multi-Dimensional Existence DOES MESS WITH THE HUMAN REALITY…. because the human ego (Duality/Separation/Unconsciousness) is a PROGRAM that must die/dissolve for UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS TO EXIST and come forth from within each…. fully.

NEW EARTH IS A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE, A WHOLE NEW LIFE…. one FREE from lack, free from constraints, free from fear, free from all that was a part of UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

NEW EARTH is all around you, available to all of us, as each is TRULY READY to embrace, truly ready to make that CHOICE/DECISION to ‘MOVE’ ……

OLD EARTH… is not a place, except by way of physical matter density that is a VIBRATIONAL MATCH. This is things, places, each other… Old Earth is a LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS, a DIMENSION that’s fully or partially still asleep, living beneath the VEILS OF AMNESIA… with each’s BODY…..

OLD Earth is your/each’s EXPERIENCE…. It’s a DIMENSION experiencing “looping timelines” that collapse/merge/dissolve as each is ready to MOVE ON…..

OLD Earth is a fractaled aspect of REALity…. just one fractal of a Multi-Faceted/Multi-Dimensional Earth… where fractaled aspects of sleeping humans still play out unconscious realities, unaware that there are MULTIPLE VERSIONS/DIMENSIONS OF EARTH….

NEW EARTH is where each’s SOUL LIVES now… with a physical form. It’s where us, as Galactic Aspects, Star-Light-BEings live and anchor HIGHER DIMENSIONAL HUMANITY CODES in through our physical bodies and share our HIGHER HEART-MIND INTELLIGENCE (knowledge), abundance, reSOURCES and opportunities with EACH OTHER… where we inspire, create and care….. about each other as COSMIC BEINGS…. here to LIVE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS with every breath….

NEW EARTH IS VIBRATIONAL (where the physical reality returns a vibrational response/match), so each’s must ACHIEVE the vibration fully, by way of INTEGRATING CONSTANTLY in order to acclimate (keep up), embody and WALK ON NEW EARTH in the physical, experiencing the magical, beautiful, amazing, brilliant, simplicity and profound DEEP SACREDNESS available through each of our own DEEP INNER CONNECTIONS….. and transmitted out to reconnect all through PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS here.

NEW EARTH awaits each, is available to each… as each CHOOSES NEW EARTH AS HOME…. as each DECIDES that they are DONE with OLD EARTH WAYS and dedicates/steps up/into fulfilling their own higher/highest purposes/missions/roles.

NEW EARTH is only accessible through a wide open heart and mind, kindness, consideration, respect, integrity (on a SOUL Level), peace and sharing…. everything with each other as ONE. Our every moment is LIVING ALL AS A GIFT, immense appreciation, immense joy, immense love, immense caring, immense sharing, immense kindness, immense unity…. not just “a little bit” or what is “comfortable”… it’s an ALL-IN EXPERIENCE….

NEW EARTH becomes visible at first in different ways… to stretch the HUMAN MIND and bring down those WALLS of PROTECTION that keeps each in survival mode and “protecting” themselves from the virtual perceived unknown…. NEW EARTH IS NOT TO FEAR… OLD EARTH IS EACH’S REPRESENTATION OF THIS…

Making excuses, waiting for “something to happen” or “prove to you”, won’t get you here… YOUR OWN UNIVERSAL/DIVINE/PURE INNER-CONNECTION is the only thing that can. No one can do this for you…. only you can…

For your ego, full surrender of the need to know first, the need for anything first…. full surrender to a process that appears to make no logical sense, because QUANTUM EXISTENCE is only LOGICAL VIBRATIONALLY, ENERGETICALLY, GEOMETRICALLY AND NON-LINEARLY….

Your REALization that OUR NEW EARTH means EVERY THING IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT…. than your old human realities were…. that there is MUCH HIGHER INTELLIGENCE that exists BEYOND YOUR EGO (LIMITED MENTALITIES/BELIEFS)….

Your REALization that your world is going to change, quite substantially, because YOU ON A SOUL LEVEL PRE-DETERMINED ALL/this….

Your REALization that there is an entire DIMENSION/REALITY where peace, love, unity, equality, freedom, infinite abundance, beauty, bliss, magic and a LIVING BREATHING THRIVING EARTH already exists… and that YOU are the one that must TRANSFORM YOUR ENTIRE REALITY to match the vibration of this…..

Your REALization that you are not the only one, there are multitudes of us ALREADY HERE…. doing this… and all is already DONE.

You’ve already DONE THIS…. you’ve already achieved the magnificence of LIVING FULLY ON OUR NEW EARTH…. working together, playing together, existing together through UNITY… already EXISTS…. and that these LIGHT ENCODEMENTS that bombard our bodies, planet and atmospheres now… are for all of us to further continue to anchor, integrate and experience this…..

What is COMING IS A MASSIVE COLLECTIVE UPSHIFT … what we are ANCHORING RIGHT NOW IS THIS…. What we are experiencing daily is the ACCELERATION OF PHOTONIC REALITIES…. that distort, re-tune, re-turn, re-code, make visible and REQUIRE each’s full participation in HOLDING THESE MUCH HIGHER DIMENSIONAL TIMELINES/REALITIES — constantly, continually and fully from within…..

A BEYOND POWERFUL PHASE HAS BEEN ACTIVATED with these last few days Light Encodements/Frequencies that UNLEASHES COSMIC TRANSFORMATION as the PRIORITY for all awakening to see/understand how important all of this is….

We’ve spent days integrating, recalibrating, recoding and delivering that which assists all on this mega-journey of BEING NEW EARTHER’S ….. NOW. Our DIVINE HUMANITY already exists, brought forth from within each and and each’s participation is requested/required, as each is truly ready to join us all here. ♥

I love you… get ready… huge is an understatement for what JUNE’s Cosmic Trigger Point means for us all. ♥ It’s the whole month… not just a moment or a day…. it’s every month, every year, as that is “linear time” and we are not linear, we are Quantum, where we OCCUPY A VIBRATIONAL SPACE as ENERGY…. and we MOVE REALITIES ourselves, we activate realities ourselves, we call forth realities, we re-code realities, we reprogram all…. just BY BEING….. LIGHT and the Purity of WHO WE TRULY ARE…. here. ♦


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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NOW Clearing our Cosmic Akash: Are YOU Truly Ready for YOUR Entire Matrix Reality to Quantum Shift? – Lisa Transcendence Brown


NOW Clearing our Cosmic Akash: Are YOU Truly Ready for YOUR Entire Matrix Reality to Quantum Shift?


This is where we ARE now…. This means HUGE shifts for all. Individually and collectively, in absolutely every way. ♥

A few weeks ago we began clearing the Cosmic Akash. No, I don’t know we have these things/do these things, until we actually “get there” to “do them”, which is what I share with (you) all. This is a HUGE DEAL, because our Cosmic Akash is WHERE THE ENTIRE MATRIX SYSTEM IS/WAS STORED… on a cellular level, inside of our bodies (and our brain), and until my neural pathways opened up this area (painful at first/over weeks), for me to see/understand and be able to share…. I had no clue, HOW all this worked… tis how it works for us all. Access is “granted” within us, as our Physical Plasma Crystalline Light Bodies evolve and activate that “level” of our own Higher/Highest Consciousness DNA through PURITY, which directly affects our/the Physical REALity, for the “PROGRAMS” become visible as we are ready to SEE, as we achieve that vibration and HOLD it through/in/with everything that we are and do.

This is WHERE and HOW our ENTIRE Matrix Program was CREATED and HELD… to form all Matrix Realities (Old Earth/Unconscious and NEW Earth/Crystalline/Plasma/Etheric). How the programs are activated to PLAY OUT, how they came to be, how all takes form and the POWER TO SHIFT THE ENTIRE MATRIX SYSTEM OVER from one to another…. This is what has opened up for all of us now…. (and Quantum Accelerates the “clearing” of “karmic” (unconscious timelines/realities/programs).

We each have a MATRIX FIELD… an intricate WEB, and intricate SYSTEM …. all dictated by our own OVERALL VIBRATION and LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS… that CREATES the entire internal and external realities…. that “tells” the physical what to do, that transmits/receives and CODES all, through advanced Geometrics… that DICTATES what APPEARS to be REAL…..

For the FULLY Conscious Light BEing, this entire Quantum Field of Consciousness is VISIBLE, ACCESS-ABLEE, TUNE-ABLE AND RE-PROGRAMMABLE… Just through presence, awareness, observation…. our Quantum Abilities give us the capability to observe REALity before/prior and as all occurs and TUNE everything to a much higher dimensional reality… and to call that forth to “appear”, arrive, materialize into “our” physical form, into what is PERCEIVED as REALity….. as REALity is vibrational, energetic and takes form in RESPONSE to our own CAPABILITIES to Tune IN and See….. and to CHANGE the ENTIRE VIBRATION…. therefore changing the entire reality…

REALITY on the physical level and REALITY on the Quantum Level, to the human aspect, appears to be two different things… to US… they are the same… yet opposites/backwards…. because of where we FUNCTION FROM….. Human aspects function from the physical, which is slower, more dense and “harder”, because it’s working with the physical that has already taken shape and trying to manipulate/maneuver the physical…. which takes much more effort and energy, because of how much human energy it takes to CHANGE THE FORM/DENSITY OF MATTER…. whereas for us, we function from a Quantum Space of Super Consciousness, where the physical takes new form FOR US… based upon our own Access on a Super Quantum Level… through the correlation of how PHYSICAL MATTER REALITIES TAKE FORM….. which is a response to each’s own Consciousness…..

To see and understand physical dimensions and to have the ABILITY TO CHOOSE, SHIFT AND move in and out of multiple ones simultaneously, consciously, intentionally and maintain the highest consciousness all of the time… takes all of our own Presence and Inner-Connectedness… 24/7, in every experience, every exchange and an immense amount of POWER to HOLD THE ENTIRE COLLECTIVE MATRIX FIELD IN PLACE…. with our consciousness, with our bodies, with everything….. so that the DIMENSION WE OCCUPY WITH OUR CONSCIOUSNESS can affect, dictate and re-code everything in it to the highest vibrational everything and hold it/keep it there… at all times.

WE are the ONES RESPONSIBLE for the entire FIELD… and what occurs/plays out in it. All of us who have been doing “this work” for years/eons/all existences, now HOLD THE NEW EARTH MATRIX FIELD IN PLACE…. while the OLD EARTH MATRIX unravels, collapses, re-codes and does it’s thing…. WE, as Cosmic Light BEings, through an intricate WEB OF LIGHT, tuned to Gaia, each other and all of “space” and “time”…. we affect the physical, consciously, intentionally, with every breath that we breathe…..

This LOVE is PURE and touches/activates the light of all to awaken to emerge, assists all with REMEMBERING again… and anything less… not an option anymore…

The clearing of our COSMIC AKASH, means within Gaia, Universally/Atmospherically, in our Physical Bodies and Physical Realities too. This will AMPLIFY ALL (amp all up), “bigger” than anything any of us have experienced thus far. This clearing runs through the VEINS of our Earth and own Earthly Bodies and Fields, Cosmically Realigning and Harmonizing everything VIBRATIONALLY in the most POWERFUL, subtle and energetic ways….

THE REALITY YOU EXPERIENCE will be dictated by your own LEVEL/SPACE of CONSCIOUSNESS you Occupy and hold….

The REALITY you experience will be the one your body transmits out, your words transmit out, your actions transmit out, your through your own FIELD…. and whether you are fully connected or disconnected from this, will determine the actual physical experience….

The REALITY you call forth to experience, will be/is based upon what you “put out”. Consciously or Consciously…. if you are unaware of your own programs and not fully conscious to shift them IMMEDIATELY, then they will play out in your physical to assist you with WAKING UP from your deep sleep and amnesia, to dissolve those veils inside, to tune you into your own UNIVERSE within you….

Your own Level of Consciousness opens up/calls forth opportUNITY to assist you constantly in fulfilling your highest purposes/missions/roles here. Your separation (ego/unconsciousness) will close the door/portal/gateway, your full consciousness will utilize this for the purposes all serves…

COSMIC AKASH = THE ENTIRE MATRIX: Programs, systems, inner-workings, structures… of ALL REALITIES….. Access to this by each is a GAME CHANGER… for us all. Clearing THIS AKASH from our physical bodies is done by each one of us…. through active participation in anchoring, holding, embodying, BEing and DOing our highest vibrational everything here….. The process can be a natural organic easy one or a harsh one… (harsh is only for the ego aspect, to dissolve/break down those programs/walls/fixed mentalities/unconscious beliefs) and MOVE EACH from old unconscious realities into fully consciousness ones…..

We have individual and collective AKASH’s… many along the way. Each one must be cleared to achieve the ability to consciously clear the/our COSMIC AKASH with great ease. This is like your “cache”, like clearing your entire “history” and constantly starting from scratch/anew.

EMBODIED AVATARS hold the ability to see and clear the Entire Cosmic Akash on every level (Quantum). The physical, mental, emotional and etheric…. as all are ONE to us. We can “look across” every dimensional plane of existence and clear everything, as well as inside of our physical bodies and physical realities, as all are ONE and work simultaneously and in unison from within us here.

Each have the CAPABILITY to shift to Quantum and out of Linear at any time. It takes complete surrender of your human ego aspect, complete surrender of your physical body, complete surrender to honor, allow, release and take full responsibility for your everything, as your Higher Selves and to ONLY participate in, create, allow and support that which is fully aligned in EVERY WAY… no more exceptions, excuses or “taking the short-cut/easy way”… Easy comes as each STOPS RE-CREATING the old over and over and over again and starts LIVING FULLY from their highest state of consciousness IN EVERY MOMENT…..

Clearing those programs of “I’m not ready” to let go of the old and embrace the perceived unknown…. is KEY (KEY CODE) FOR EASE to replace struggle and inner fight. As each truly is fully ready and embracing NEW EARTH as their ENTIRE REALITY … then NEW EARTH APPEARS in the physical, constantly, all around us…. to experience…. as OLD Earth was each’s creation too. ♥

This is a biggie. June 6th is a Cosmic Trigger for us all….. (we don’t “wait” for dates, as that’s linear)… it’s an awareness that COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS catapults all into much higher alternatives than ever before here.

Get ready loves…. I’ll write/share more as we go. Cosmic Body Templates (Rainbow & Diamond) are a much higher vibration than our Ascension Rainbow Body Templates, which all merge into ONE Vast Body Template spanning all. Cosmic Ray blasts and DNA/template upgrades increase substantially in re-TUNE-ing the physical body to bring the physical into a much higher/lighter density through PURIFICATION processes, which will be “off the charts” (human doesn’t get to control anymore). Each’s ability to WEATHER these Cosmic Blasts of mega radiation, mega Rays that bombard our physical when we go “wide open”, as Sun/Star Gates open up, gateways open up, passageways begin…. the IMMENSITY of NECESSITY of INTEGRATION, ACCLIMATION, STABILIZATION AND RE-CALIBRATION of the ELECTRO-MAGNETICS of our entire body/field is about to be ACCELERATED like never before. For those who dedicate to honoring this, it will be much easier…. because you “get it” and you truly care, because you’ve accepted and taken responsibility for fulfilling why you are here on this Earth now. As the Bridgers/Bridgekeepers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers and NETworking system of our Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth, you understand the importance of honoring yourself and all others as LOVE, the POWER that you HOLD as PURE LOVE and the DIFFERENCE YOU CAN MAKE by being, shining, sharing your Light with all, as well as your resources, connections and all that you are GIFTED to have access to…. the purposes and HOW you are to USE/Utilize ALL for the much bigger picture for ALL OF HUmanity here. ♥

I Love you. Thank YOU to all who are on-board fully and holding NEW EARTH FIRMLY IN PLACE. No, we don’t waver…. our foundations are built upon solid foundations that get stronger and more brilliant in every moment of every day. ♥

Let’s do this loves! Anchor those new highest vibrational realities into this physical and HOLD all, share all, support all, connect all…. AS LOVE….. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

A Light Encoded Activation and Quantum Teaching Article to assist all here. ♥


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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New Quantum Pure Source Light – Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Activation -Lisa Transcendence Brown


New Quantum Pure Source Light – Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Activation: YOU FORGOT You Are Connected – It’s Time To Wake UP to Remember…


I have light encoded this writing/recording (as with all that I do), to assist with activating your own Higher Consciousness DNA to awaken further from inside of you. This may put many to sleep, to activate and integrate, to travel, open up energetic portals to remember… as it works on a multi-dimensional level. Honor your body as your bio-electrical LightBody activates, as your energy body ignites to “move” more, to stimulate, clear, cleanse and re-tune for you…. drink plenty of clean water to assist your body with this high vibrational process… (Utilize this as often as you feel, as the more you do, the more you activate. This is a Quantum process, not a linear one). This will further activate your own Ascended NEW Earth vibration/consciousness for anchoring and embodying in your physical body/reality fully. Share this activation/post with others, as the Bridge to NEW Earth and LOVE that you are. ♥

You Forgot: It’s Time to Wake Up to Remember (10 minutes 22 seconds) – Lisa Transcendence Brown 
Close your Eyes, Quiet Your Mind and Open Your Heart to truly see
It is time for you to wake up and remember fully…
I will make it available for free download soon as well. For now you can listen via the player. ♥ 
YOU FORGOT that you are connected

On a Soul Level, Star/Galactic, Sacred Energy Level
With each other, from deep within you and with ALL that IS
You “Lost” YOUR Connection, during your FALL FROM CONSCIOUSNESS
During your incarnation, your journey into your Separation, your chosen human experience
Into Your Individual You… disconnected and often self-centered
Focused on what “you” wanted, “needed” and what made “you” happy,
You FORGOT about everyone else and everything else
When YOU only cared about your human self…

As YOU must AWAKEN fully to REMEMBER fully
To RETURN to Full Consciousness and Full Connection again
Your Heart must open fully
For YOU to Re-CONNECT, with your WHOLE BODY
From deep, deep, deep inside of you
You must open up fully to FEEL, and SEE and REALIZE
That CONNECTION you LOST when you FELL
That CONNECTION AS Pure Source Light
That Connection AS Your Most Pure Divine Essence
That Connection AS ONE

When your ego dissolves and your purest form of you emerges from deep within you
You will Remember
YOU forgot what pureness is
YOU forgot how to truly care
YOU forgot how to treat each other and the Earth and Your Own Self
YOU forgot HOW to CONSIDER all things and each other as Love
YOU forgot how to be open and how to share
YOU forgot what it’s like to truly deeply care
YOU went to sleep
YOU were disconnected
YOU were unconscious
They/That “out there” … That’s YOUR Reflection
Your Mirror
Your Vibrational Response
To what you transmitted out
To what YOU CREATED as “Real”ity
And NOW it’s time to WAKE UP
To SHIFT your own REALity
To TUNE your own REALity
Through Your Own Vibration
Your Energy
HOW you treat your self and each other
Through your own fully conscious energy
By tuning your own thoughts to a Much Higher State of Consciousness
By tuning your own FEELings
By HOW you LIVE your Life and everything that you ARE and DO

YOU went to Sleep
NOW it’s time to fully Wake Up
To Re-connect from DEEP inside
To Remember who you truly are and why you are here on this Multi-Dimensional Earth
To choose the Version (Old or NEW)
Unconscious: Fear, Judgment, Ego, Separation, Selfish, me-first, self-preservation, give power away, blame – or –
Conscious: Pure Love, Unity, CommUNITY, sharing, openness, caring, supporting, stepping forth & stepping up
For YOU to REALize that the “outside” is a vibrational response to your own programs & beliefs
and the Vibration you HOLD
Dictates your physical reality
So in order to shift/change your physical
You must go inside
to shift/change/tune vibrationally
THEN the external will do this for you in response…

It’s TIME NOW to open your heart and mind fully
and let your judgment, your ego, your separation, your lack of power dissolve and fall away
Observe your resistance to full consciousness living
This creates your inner to outer suffering
Which will dissipate when you re-connect fully again from within…

You are here to UNITE
To BE the Anchor Point, the Gatekeeper, the Gridkeeper, the Bridge
You are here to “cross over” to the other side
To get off your ego fence
You are here to step-up
To come together
To Unite
You can’t do this if you go small, dim your Light and hide,
You can’t do this if you stay asleep
Play in unconscious ego games of separation still
You can’t Live on NEW Earth
as long as you maintain Old Earth
as your REALity from inside of you…

Old Earth is Dying
NEW Earth has birthed
Continues to Birth
Continues to become Visible
All around you as you tune to “it” fully from within
To Reach the Vibration of NEW Earth
You must “vibrate” at the frequency to EXPERIENCE “IT”

Your heart, your mind, your body… all of your Energy
All must TUNE to your absolute HIGHEST VIBRATION
for all to become visible, for you to feel, see and experience
Your Body is the “SHIP” that brings you here
The Sacred Vessel for your Physical Body Ascension to occur
For NEW Earth to become your HOME….

It’s time for YOU to REMEMBER fully…. NOW
It is time for you to open up fully and reconnect and allow.
♥ Aloha ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Pace Your Self – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Oracle of Self by Jennifer Michelle Long @ Fine Art America


Pace Your Self …



These Cosmic Gateway openings we are headed into, show themselves to be over the top/off the charts/powerfully immense. For all who dedicate themselves to our Service to HUmanity here…. the message is “Pace Your Selves”…..

Stabilizing is going to be KEY (keycode) here…. for all fully invested with all of their energy in holding the Gridwork for NEW Earth in place…. yes, it’s a full-time job/experience, on top of everything else we do…. so take plenty of YOU/ME time, plenty of nature/nurture/rest/sleep to integrate time, slow way down and go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper inside and maintain your own Soul Connection to flow, expand and hold all vibrationally, while all constantly recalibrates, re-codes, re-harmonizes and re-aligns.

Maintain your presence, open your heart/mind more, utilize those Mastery Tools and honor each’s chosen journey/experience here. BE the Light through your Divine Presence, radiate LOVE from your CORE…. SHOW the Way, as the WayShower you are, honor your own energy and the energy of all others as love too. Support those who are open and ready to receive, awaken all through your own PRESENCE AS PROOF, hold your Light and SHARE the OPPORTUNITY that all have to CHOOSE NEW EARTH as their own realities too.

The old falls away, cracks, crumbles, breaks apart/down, dissipates, dissolves, erupts, explodes/implodes, caves in, crashes, takes a dive, contracts and shuts down… the NEW RISES, expands, radiates, shines bright and LEADS THE WAY to a much higher existence now…. BE the ONE…. and REMEMBER why you are here…. and that you are multi-dimensional… shift into your highest aspects and hold this as your full-time you…..

I love you. Alternate realities and higher timelines… you see and you anchor all from within you…. and you bring the new realities forth as CREATION from within you too.

Share, shine and shift…. ♦ Up up up vibrationally we all continually go……….. ♥


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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Gateway Opening Has Begun – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Gateway Opening Has Begun….


Gateways have activated and started to open up…. I’ll be writing/sharing (where available) as we flow/go/shift/acclimate/anchor/expand…… The last few days we were moving tons out, before this next phase could begin. Uranus in Taurus, in addition to everything else… a huge “Tides are Turning” as waves and waves and waves of massive, powerful Cosmic Frequencies unleash, unanchor, unravel and all takes “new form” through each’s own higher/highest dimensional access/application/implementation in their own realities/lives, from within their own physical bodies…. Stabilization/Balancing from DEEP within is KEY (KEYCODE), so prepare to expand/jump and HOLD NEW EARTH REALITIES with everything you’ve got too! I love you! ♥

Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers/Bridgers/Stabilizers/Frequency Holders/Anchor Points…. here…. we…. goooooooooo. ♥

WE are just “beginning” to open up (over night and this morning upon waking)… time to get busy/started and for many, go to sleep to wake up/dissolve those veils of amnesia and open up access to what was “closed off” (disconnected by way of each’s closed heart/mind)…. so each can feel, see, understand and EXPERIENCE all new exquisiteness in every moment here.
Honor your body…. nature, nurture, rest… it takes BEYOND all of our ENERGY to accomplish these huge feats….

High charging photons and electromagnetics are how we are starting out thus far, after waves and waves and waves of “lifting” and re-balancing (body-field) energies… opening hearts of beautiful SOULs incarnate here to HOLD LOVE… in order to make a difference and SHIFT EVERYTHING out of the “old” and into the new….. So very much love, appreciation and gratitude for each one of you TOO! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Photos taken during 5/15 gateway prep ♦


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Shekinah El Daoud 
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