Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Being Light painting by Rebecca Ra artpal.

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Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter

NEW EARTH = Beautiful, Soft, Living Visions and Dreams
☼ NEW EARTH is Y/Our Experience when we live as our Pure Soul-Light ☼
Anchoring more Pure Love within and RAYdiating out to Unite all as LOVE too!

☼ Quantum Energy Expansion and Support ☼
New Gifted Audio Activation + Consciousness Shifting Updates
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Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

When I started my own journey/path/experience, I had no clue about any of this. I was one of the strongest and weakest at the same time, because I lived from immense duality and separation consciousness inside of me, without expanded awareness that I was living from deep programming of “what reality was”, which was an extremely distorted version of all, because this is what 3D Old Earth is….

With all Ascension journeys, everything comes into play. Absolutely Everything. There’s not one “stone left un-turned” as we each go deep deep deep within and start to vibrationally align ourselves and our own whole lives. Not only is this process completely life-changing, it’s path altering and life-shifting in every way as well. It’s a re-prioritizing of everything and a vast restructuring/realignment process, as NEW Earth has a completely different Value/Operating System than old earth realities did.

The turning point for me, was when I stopped fighting my own Light/”Higher Self”/Soul and released my own inner-resistance and all preconceived notions that I understood/knew anything at all. I came to understand/realize/see that it was my own human ego aspect that was my own separation, my own dualism and the aspect of me that held out for some semblance of “control”, finger pointed/judged/blamed everyone else, which just exacerbated my own reality collapses, because my own heart was welded shut and always in this perception that everything “out there” was a threat. This mentality/inner belief system that I had running was what caused me to always be in protection/fight/flight/fear-based mode (zero trust), which meant my mind was fixed/closed/rampant, which meant that I was bound to never-ending loop cycles (karmic timelines) as a response to this. I was on “holding on so tight” to a mirage, an illusion of what I “thought” reality was, as well as functioning from immense distortions that only became visible as my own heart opened fully and completely to REMEMBER EVERYTHING again. Once I allowed my whole being/self to expand and shift to a completely different dimensional place/space inside, I was able to view all from completely different perspectives and accept things my ego aspect didn’t want to, let go of things my ego aspect didn’t want, do things my ego aspect didn’t want, because there was a “new me” present and “in charge”.

I share this, because “on the other side” of all of that inner-fight, duality and chaos (separation programming) is a whole new reality for us all. It truly represents pure HEAVEN…. literally, because we’ve dissolved/resolved all of that inner struggle, fight and resistance to PURE PEACE, PURE LIGHT and PURE LOVE and we’ve given ourselves PERMISSION to accept an entirely NEW REALITY that is simple and not complicated like before. We each were the ones “in the way” of having this absolutely beautiful EXPERIENCE (and new life), because our minds/fight/survival modes bound us to the old “karmic cycles” that only dissolve when we allow them to. We were the ones making excuses, found/listed every reason against and fought tooth and nail to hold onto the “old ways” that we “believed” into realness…. and we were the only ones that could open up to allow a full body/full consciousness/energy shift.

WE each are the ONES that have to do the deep deep deep inner exploration/work in order to expand through our own wide open hearts to be able to shift to a much “higher” level of Consciousness than our human-ego-aspect was. The “reward” is un-explainable in human words… we can only describe and share our own experiences while Living Our Own Light fully, which Lights the Way for us all.

The “work” means going so deep within ourselves that nothing is hidden and that we don’t turn a blind-eye to what’s going on inside of us anymore. It means we are not fighting ourselves, judging ourselves and resisting/suppressing those FEELings that are ready to emerge/come forth from within. It means opening up to all NEW, as within that “new” (human aspects call this the unknown, yet it’s actually quite the opposite)… is NEW opportunities, new possibilities, new potentials, new ideas, new visions, new adventures, new experiences, new choices and new decisions to make… that go completely beyond the old 3D (Old Earth) perceptions/constructs of what “reality” is….

This is not a “thing” to fear or shy away from, yet something we instead fully embrace. Once we get the hang of it, we actually inJOY it, as breaking our own programs/programming brings NEW FREEDOM and activates DREAM REALITY CODES (NEW EARTH) that were “hidden” (encoded) within our own Light BEing DNA.

Photonic Light (aka Ultra-High Frequencies) activate these NEW CODES for all of us. We do have to be WIDE OPEN to all of this, otherwise we resist and inner-fear with this very important acceleration/upgrade process. As we embrace fully, we each start to find shifting so much easier and start to reclaim our natural powers/gifts/abilities for shifting entire timelines/realities ourselves.

All of our NEW Earth realities will ask that we each step up to create all anew, bring into form, build and support the implementation of all new programs and systems that empower humanity in all new ways, completely different than everything was before. This means the formation of all new relationships, the Union of all in Service and as Pure Light, the anchoring of immense Light Codes within our bodies/realities and the application of all new “rules” relative to humanitarian templates aligned with Source Consciousness/12D.

Part of the shift from 3D/4D to 5D+, is moving from Linear Consciousness to Quantum States of Consciousness from deep inside (and with our whole body/BEing) and by making the necessary changes for shifting timelines with our entire body/lives. This means each of us shifting from our head to our pure hearts to open up inner portals to NEW EARTH REALities which naturally and organically unlocks encoded knowledge within our own DNA.

NEW EARTH IS A LIVING DREAM REALITY vibrationally available to everyone through their own Pure Heart Connected Consciousness. Every now moment will present each with a choice of which dimensional timeline to anchor/hold/experience, which is affected by way of each’s vibration, energy, focus, level of Consciousness and acts.

The ego aspect perceives NEW Earth completely differently than all actually is. This is because it can only be understood through actual experience of living through our own pure heart connection and seeing everything from a much more expanded view. This expanded vision gives each new capabilities to realign entire realities on a Soul Level instead of a human ego one.

NEW EARTH is a living Unity-Based Reciprocal Consciousness. It’s transmitted out by each one of us through our own Light, while showing up as kindness, generosity, compassionate, caring, respectful Energy that treats all with the utmost respect. Yes, you/we see deep heavy duty programming, yet through Full Consciousness, we each also have the ability to bring this into Light/Visibility in order to break down, dismantle, dissolve, resolve, unify and shift to a much higher state of Consciousness, therefore shifting the entire belief/mentality/reality/energy to a completely different one.

A Total Shift in Consciousness means a total and complete shift in “reality”, a total shift in perceptions, a total shift in focus, priorities and what we align with as well. This total inner-shift in Consciousness is how we each open up access to all new timelines and the realities that we often refer to as “Our NEW EARTH”. It’s a new, improved and updated/upgraded version that honors each as a SOUL, while the old stifled, suppressed and did everything possible to minimize and diminish this. Our NEW Celebrates the beautiful energy of all of our LIGHT, all that we each have to offer through Unification, Pure Presence and Pure Hearts. It takes the best of all and combines it, redistributes all differently, as well as opening up vast opportunities for each to explore all new realities/ways that are completely different than the old.

NEW: I’ve recently completed a September-December Energy Focus and included a gifted new Special Quantum LightBody DNA Activation Recording for all in resonance to utilize in shifting and clearing out Old Earth programming held/housed within the physical body template still. Here’s the main page link to access these (and other new articles) as well. ♥

p.s. If you want to keep up with that which I share to support, keep an eye on my website as all of my gifted offerings and updates are posted there. My Light Letters are an additional opportUNITY to receive directly via email. You may sign up here if this speaks to your heart too.

Thank you for your own Beautiful Light and for bringing more love to the planet through your own presence and conscious acts too. It’s beautiful and exciting to see so many stepping up/forth to implement and facilitate great change, to uplift and share and unite to accomplish new realities, new programs, new systems and new ways that support humanity as a greater whole too. ♥
Keep Embracing, Honoring, Building, Shining and Sharing Your Light as Love,


Being Light painting by Rebecca Ra @ artpal.

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Quantum Materialization is an Organic Light Technology Ability – Lisa Transcendence Brown



Quantum Materialization is an Organic Light Technology Ability…
Quantum REALities open everything up for all. All new possibilities, All NEW “realities” that did not exist within the 3D Concept of what “reality” was.

Quantum REALities are very different than previous ones were. These are no longer BOUND by linear limits, mindsets or fixed/set/restricting beliefs of before anymore.

Quantum REALities offer infinite potentials AND INFINITE REALITIES that already multi-dimensionally exist, yet the “how” is different BECAUSE of how all works on a Quantum Level….

Quantum REALities are SIMPLE, yet there are infinite moving pieces and parts and much to “gather” and “bring together” for the entire Geometric Equation and Vibrational/Energetic REALity to materialize into/through ACTual form….

Living Quantum Multi-Dimensional REALities with every ounce of Pure Love that we each ARE is how NEW EARTH REALITIES become ‘real’.

Quantum Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth REALities materialize into form from an Organic Quantum Holographic/Morphogenic Field visible through each’s own Quantum Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Access… and it’s this ACCESS that allows all to become visible and REAL so that the physical can become a vibrational match and create an ACTual “return”.

Multi-Dimensional REALities have constructs, yet these are different than old earth realities were. These REALITIES are created, built and maintained through ENERGETIC AND VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT with each’s own highest states of Consciousness (Pure Source Consciousness Light) and what holds the Quantum Dynamics/Mechanics/Constructs in place is each’s own Full Consciousness…. as Consciousness is the CONSTRUCT if you will…. as Consciousness holds the geometrics (Quantum Equations) for “reality” and by each holding the ENERGY IN PLACE, the reality is held in place as well. ♥

So hold your highest while living your Purest Light fully and embrace all NEW from deep within. Focus on your NEW EARTH REALITIES and DO from your beautiful BEing-Presence and Higher Heart-Mind Consciousness, as full Embodiment is “How” NEW EARTH materializes into form and becomes your whole experience here. ♥

Keep anchoring the codes, integrating the codes and applying the codes to your NEW LIFE. Yes it’s an immense process, yet as you fulfill your highest service roles (as LOVE), you are honoring and Consciously fulfilling your highest Soul-Star-Light Agreements, which supports all of hUmaNITY and our beloved planet Gaia as LOVE too.

We each hold the codes and templates for NEW EARTH within us all. Share, shine, affect, shift, evolve and Unite with all living this fully and truly ready to come together to accomplish all that we came here to BE AND DO AS PURE LOVE and THE LIGHT KEEPERS of our NEW EARTH too.  ♥

With kindness, love and deep sacred respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

P.S. This is about each LIVING FROM WAY BEYOND the Linear-Limited Constructs and Out-Dated Systems of distorted 3D.

Image via Lisa

September – December 2020 Quantum Energy Focus – Lisa Transcendence Brown

September – December 2020 Quantum Energy Focus: Releasing the Old Earth Gridding Systems from Our Body Templates and Fields


Physical Body Purification Processes, Clearings and Upgrades
Whole Body Gridding Systems and Templates
Embodying NEW Earth Consciousness
Linking up to Gaia’s, Crystalline, Plasma, Universal, Cosmic and Galactic Energetic Gridding Systems and Templates
Everything must clear the body first (and completely)
September will have a focus, then October will progress to the next stage, November will progress the next phase and December will be a massive completion month…. (4 month template restructuring process in vibrational alignment with all things NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS)
Increasing Photonics, Cosmic Rays, Gamma Frequencies and Solar Flare/CME Activity intentionally “target” (accelerate) DNA re-writes as a part of each’s Galactic-Soul Agreement for Service Role Fulfillment as PURE DIVINE LOVE here

Free-Falling (this correlates differently based upon dimension)
*** For those working through their own Expanded Consciousness/Deep Soul Connection, this will make sense. For those “new to these parts”, be patient, open up to listen/trust/honor/respect/allow your own Energy/LightBody/Higher Self/Source Consciousness from deep within you and “get out of your head” about everything. Tune INTO your own Body’s Consciousness to FEEL and Shift to a much more expanded space from within you too.

These next several months are beyond important and relative to all of the next phases that come after this. Since everything is progressional, certain phases must be completed with our whole Body and Fields Templates and Systems, before moving onto the next phase and the next and the next….

To fully comprehend that all is HELD/HOUSED within the physical body and maintained by what each ENERGETICALLY hold, allow and transmit out through each’s own energetic reality and field, brings all new awareness for each, as to how all works on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Level, as all is ENERGETIC, which is how physical realities/experiences take on all new meaning too. Virtual Realities are included in this, as they play a part of each’s holographic reality and what affects each’s Morphogenic reality/experience/field).

NEW EARTH IS A LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS that we all LIVE from THROUGH our own inner-connected CONSCIOUSNESS from deep deep deep within. As we live/experience from this sacred place/space inside, our entire REALITY/EXPERIENCE links up via an immense intricate energetic gridding system so that all within our own Expanded EXPERIENCE BECOMES NEW EARTH TOO.

This INTRICATE ENERGETIC GRIDDING SYSTEM is often referred to as a matrix, lattice or grid. This immense lattice/grid/matrix is a part of deeply intricate systems that all inner-link together, via an energetic webbing system, creating an entire MASSIVE TEMPLATE SYSTEM that operates/works/functions in conjunction with whatever dimension/version of Earth that each’s WHOLE BODY CONSCIOUSNESS LINKS UP TO. This is Multi-Dimensional, completely NON-LINEAR in any way, therefore Multi-Dimensional Vision/awareness/expansion/perspectives are necessary to understand from a more expansive, heart-soul connected space that we occupy as we continually disconnect from the old and reconnect up to the gridding system of NEW EARTH, which is HOUSED WITHIN OUR OWN WHOLE BODY TEMPLATES AND SYSTEMS and activated by Light Frequencies that “speak” to Quantum Encodements in our 12-Strand DNA.

Old Earth was built upon, and held together by, a 3D Matrix Program and Systems that supported all realities “ego separation”.
NEW Earth is built upon a whole new foundation, the building blocks of a whole new reality and core value system that looks nothing like Old Earth realities did. This is an intricate living breathing Template System that’s created/built/held together byway of each LIVING THEIR HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS FULLY AND ALIGNING EVERY REALITY TO THIS…
The human ego aspect will judge all of this. WE all have to go/move beyond all of that. This takes deepening our inner connection to FEEL what’s highest aligned, energetically appropriate and to honor a process that goes beyond the linear mindsets of 3D/4D. There is a whole body/being surrendering process that allows our bodies grids and neural networking systems to relax so completely that our body can “do this” without the disruptions and resistance that creates each’s own inner struggle and eventually immense physical/emotional “pain”. These even have very important purposes in releasing the deepest programming and distortions from the physical body so that Lightbody Tuning and re-calibration can occur. This is not a process to fear, resist or try to control … as those energies are the ones the body is working hard to release so that it can raise it’s vibrational frequency (atomic spin rate cycle) to one for the body to literally vibrate out of that dimension/timeline/frequency bandwidth and into one of pure peace, ease and love.

Every dimension has completely different TEMPLATES AND GRIDDING SYSTEMS that work/function very differently than the previous ones, with each even more intricate than the previous ones were. With the integration of Diamond Light Code Consciousness, Cosmic Rays/Rainbow Frequencies, Plasma Energies and more, the physical body goes through rigorous changes to bring it online with NEW EARTH FREQUENCY BANDWIDTHS via a linkage system that can only be viewed through each’s own Lightbody Consciousness.

NEW EARTH Crystalline/Plasma Templates/Grids/Systems all function, co-exist and work cohesively together in Unison and Divine Harmony AS ONE. Because these are non-linear, they build upon a whole new ENERGETIC Foundation with all new structures and ENTIRELY NEW SYSTEMS aligned with NEW EARTH SYSTEMS AND CODES which are APPLIED/INCORPORATED by each and how each lives their own whole entire everyday life.
NEW EARTH “ENERGETIC BUILDING BLOCKS” create a WHOLE NEW FOUNDATION that becomes SOLID through Living Divine Energetics, Divine Harmonics and Divine Alignment throughout each’s every NOW MOMENT day. Every moment presents infinite opportunities for each to choose to live/exist/function from a much higher (Pure) place and implement all new ways that create, support, assist and transition all over to ways that support humanity as a greater whole and through a PURE LOVE that can’t be explained, only felt and experienced from deep within.

At first/for awhile, each gains access by way of what “appears” to be a “puzzle piece” (aspect of a multi-dimensional code), yet the “whole thing” is not visible/viable or available yet. This is because that’s just ONE CODE of an immense LIVING TEMPLATE SYSTEM, where only one piece/code/fractal is activated vibrationally “at a time” until the new awareness/realization has been fully incorporated/applied, which is what then activates the “next new code” to become available/visible for each to decipher/decode and apply to their own whole/entire life. This then activates the next and the next and the next, which can equate to several years for the WHOLE TEMPLATE/REALITY to come into fruition (solidify in the physical), as templates often take years to complete, as these are done through LIVING QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS.

How “fast” all occurs is relative to QUANTUM (Energetic) “time-frames”/timelines if you will, which is an energetic response to “how many pieces and parts” have been united/merged (brought into ONENESS) and held together in place for the holographic photo/visual/picture to become ALCHEMIZED and ACTUALIZED into “reality” (each’s experience). This “holding in place” as LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS is a part of the Embodiment process. It’s when each will no longer accept “the old ways” as reality in their own individual reality/experience anymore and “goes on” to create/build/accomplish NEW EARTH REALITIES IN ACCORDANCE WITH A WHOLE NEW GRIDDING SYSTEM… forgo the importance of these next few months for each/all.

When every “piece” has been delicately, kindly and lovingly put into play/place (and held/EMBODIED FULLY), the whole photo/picture/hologram/reality can be seen and become VIABLE as each’s own NEW EARTH Life/Experience. This is just a part of HOW we CREATE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL/QUANTUM REALITIES/EXPERIENCES by utilizing our CONSCIOUSNESS (expanded inner-vision, love, expanded awareness and intentional conscious creation/acts) to AFFECT REALITY on an Energetic Level instead of “pushing against/fighting/struggling and applying resistance to that which can be as SIMPLE AS WE EACH ORGANICALLY and CONSCIOUSLY ALLOW.

LIVING Holographic/Quantum/Morphogenic NEW EARTH Realities are Vibrational/Geometric/Energetic various “pieces and parts” that fit together when the vibrations/energetics finally “match up” to create a whole new vibrational/energetic/Quantum Experience/Whole.

NEW Earth is OUR EXPERIENCE through our own full and deeply connected SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, where expansion is always present, as is ONENESS WITH ALL FROM DEEP WITHIN and where OBSERVING THE ENERGY OF ALL (just SEEING and FEELing through the Purity of our own Heart-Light-Souls) gives us the capability to see pure beauty, create from this pure beauty and live from this pure beauty too.

The rest is programming, which means that each is RESPONSIBLE for their own Conscious Behavior/reality/experience and DOES HAVE THE CAPABILITY to go deeper inside to expand, shift, tune and live this fully too. These natural and organic abilities come forth as each’s Universal Heart (in the center of their chest) opens fully to allow for a new reality and stops fighting to hold onto the old ways held in place by each’s own separation, fear and obliviousness. Vision is restored via each’s pineal gland as their Universal and Crystalline hearts start to come online with NEW Earth. This is an immense progressional process as well, as each’s body Template, Grids, Systems and DNA go through an immense repair process through continual detoxing and decalicification of deep emotional and trauma program toxicity necessary for physical body ascension to occur.

Each’s heart/mind/body/energy ALL have to be “on-board” (Unified = Operating at the same vibrational frequency bandwidth) for this. This is a complete, and fully Conscious, ego-surrender process (ego death is another term). Ego surrender creates a soft experience. Ego death creates harsh/rough ones. These are an organic part of the death cycles creating a portal opening for re-birth cycles to occur. Each dimension experiences these differently, which is relative to how “physical” or energetic all is. The denser the density, the rougher/harsher/more emotional/physical all is. The Lighter the density/dimension, the more all is “just energy” and not as “big of a deal”.

Every new dimension/template rewrite process will “trigger” the next ego death/surrender/dissolution process INSIDE to occur. 3D/4D this is harsh/rough/tough, because of how all’s identities are tied to this/all. 5D-9D has more awareness and does this willingly, while also re-aligning the external AT WILL to align all with this. 10D-12D it’s barely a blip on the radar, as all is simultaneous, just energetic, and a space to honor until each integration and body template building process is complete. As each Consciously Chooses to always maintain energetic/vibrational alignment with Pure Source Consciousness, this means that realities are “not allowed” to get out of alignment and if they “try”, they are aligned by each with ease and grace, because this is how each lives their whole life. 12D is where Divine Alignment GOVERNS all.

FOR NEW EARTH TO BE each’s ACTual reality/experience, then each must be open, ready, embracing, honoring and choosing to LIVE THIS FULLY from deep within. Otherwise, an old earth experience is the alternative.

Our reality is the opposite of all old earth ones. The Purity, Beauty and Infinite Abundance of NEW Earth is all that we know and old earth is blatantly and loudly distorted, resistant and completely out of alignment with this. Photonic Light amplifies all, so when we LIVE FROM OUR PHOTONIC LIGHTBODY FULLY, all is visible through the electromagnetic fields and everything is JUST ENERGY, where all are capable of shifting, tuning and realigning all as Pure LOVE Consciousness from deep within.

Everyone does have to “do this” themselves. Everyone does have to truly care and show up in a way that matters… which is AS THEIR OWN LIGHT, so that Unification is easy and creating/living all new realities ALIGNED WITH EACH’S HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS is as well.

It’s from this SPACE OF DEEP SACRED RESPECT AND HONOR that we all HOLD OUR NEW IN PLACE and allow all to flow in whatever direction, be in whatever vibration/energy each chooses to experience, while honoring ours fully and equally as well. This beautiful realization alone brings freedom and simplicity, as we understand how VIBRATIONAL SPACE WORKS, how ENERGETIC SPACE WORKS and how different vibrations within the same space do and don’t work as well. WE GAIN THE CAPACITY to shift the vibration, shift the energy, shift all to a much higher vibrational place/space/timeline, which means we are able to EXPERIENCE A MUCH HIGHER VIBRATIONAL/ENERGETIC TIMELINE the moment we DO this ourselves….. as our MORPHOGENIC FIELD will INSTANTLY shift to RESPOND to this as well, which is HOW QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS IS LIVED to directly affect THE FIELD that creates a vibrational response/return to what EACH HOLD/BREATHE/EMBODY/LIVE, as a part of MORPHOGENIC REALITIES… which are NEW EARTH REALITIES AS WELL.WE EACH gain the capacity/capability to transition, transform and morph every reality into NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS which changes the entire DYNAMIC of the reality from linear to Quantum, where softness replaces harsh/fixed, where simplicity replaces complicated, where kindness replaces selfishness/greed, where deep sacred respect is in everything and no one is incapable, because everyone has the ability to STOP and open their hearts fully and CHOOSE TO LET THE OLD FALL AWAY/DISSOLVE and ALLOW all new to come forth from deep within their own hearts (Souls) too. THE RECOGNITION of this alone, lends to how easy all CAN BE or how “hard” each continues to try to make it by holding onto the old with all their might and still living from their head and what surrender to the perceived unknown represents to them. This alone creating a whole-body struggle, resistance and a polarizing energy that only serves to keep one bound to the old loop cycle mentalities ensuring inner combustion/implosion/collapsing “at some point”, which is just another “Zero Point” that occurs within a different vibrational NOW.

To understand that until each fully HOLDS NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS FULLY, then 3D Old Earth is still present within the body template, binding the physical body form to those “realities” (experiences) still. Because the programming (codes) exist within the body’s cellular structure, organs, flesh, bones, teeth, glands, blood and skin then it will (still) exist “out there” somewhere as a vibrational/experiential response until the entire HOLOGRAPHIC BODY-FIELD TEMPLATE is REWORKED.

THE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT EACH’S WHOLE BODY HOLDS is the one experienced and presenting for each…

Forgo, the next few months and the super-importance for CONSCIOUSLY SUPPORTING Y/OUR PHYSICAL LIGHTBODIES in an immense recoding process “needing” to complete this linear year, for all truly embracing NEW EARTH AS REALITY and desiring all new to replace the old ways … from this current vibrational/energetic NOW.

January – August was “just prep” for what comes next for each. August was pivotal in unlocking the codes for the next phases. By the end of August a new template system was activated, with the entire old grid “falling away”, completely dissolving and shifting all to a whole new vibrational place/space.



Observing Gaia’s Template Progression and each’s body linking up to this, repeated observation shows that due to density levels and how the carbon-based body works, that it will take intentional, repeated and proactive focus daily over these next 3 months of continual honoring this immense clearing/upgrade/reconfiguration process prior to the December Gateways (starts in November) kicking off new templates/codes coming through for integrating fully and in alignment with the next phase of NEW EARTH TEMPLATES LOCKING IN BY THEN END OF DECEMBER and prior to January 1 of 2021… and yes, I’m using linear here, which is on purpose. ♥

The last week of August… all of the GRIDS OF GAIA/UNIVERSALLY underwent a massive reconfiguration process to unlock and anchor the codes for these next phases…. THE TRANSITION OF ENTIRE COLLECTIVES entering the next phase of their own ASCENSION PROCESSES as a part of UN-tethering from OLD EARTH and fully re-connecting their CONSCIOUSNESS to the TEMPLATE and GRIDDING SYSTEMS of OUR NEW EARTH.

There is a period of expansion processes that occur with this. Suspended Animation, floating and being completely disconnected from all things vibrating at the frequencies of Old Earth are aslo a part of different TEMPLATE REWRITES that will increasingly accelerate each individual Ascension Processes as well.

At the end of this article, I will link two of my own Physical Body Ascension and personal Light-Merkaba Experiences from 2013 for those that might benefit/utilize/feel resonance with this. We are in various catapulting cycles that accelerate Humanity these next few months even more. For many collectives, this September – December passageway is their individual 2012 completion cycle and because there are so many experiencing this, it becomes a massive collective shift/experience as well. For some, this is also a 7 year completion cycle, as well as this entire linear year of 2020 beginning a whole new 10 year Wave-Cycle, and other linear cycles that correlate vibrationally/differently on a Quantum Level to various Ascension, Multi-Dimensional, Evolutionary and NEW EARTH realities as well. There are also 30 year, 40 year, 50 year and 60 year cycle completions and THOUSANDS OF YEARS cycles completing as well. Because “time” is only linear in 3D/4D, then when it’s “time” for cycles to complete, all of those “times” collapse/converge into ONE and in a way, cease to exist anymore. It’s only each’s holding on, that creates a disruption/distortion/distraction that “attempts” to interrupt this CONVERGENCE CYCLE, forgo the intensity of inner-fearing with the natural flow and order of all.

September 1 kicked off a massive PHYSICAL BODY/REALITY CLEARING PROCESS that will take the next few months (progressionally) to complete, where each is fully focused, honoring and assisting their body with this immense process. It’s not always comfortable for the human ego aspect, yet it’s beyond important, so listen to your body, ENERGETIC and PHYSICAL, as it will “tell you” what it needs and it’s up to you to listen, honor, support and surrender your old mindsets of what everything is…. or “how” all of this occurs, as it won’t fit into the linear perceptions, which creates resistance and works “against” the organic, natural upgrade processes that require rest, sleep, love, nature, care, compassion, kindness and zero resistance to a process that’s DNA reconfiguration related, instead of “what someone did or a memory of something that the human aspect loves to try to “find” as a “cause”.

The EVOLUTION OF OUR PLANETS INHABITANTS means that each awakens in all of the ways necessary to achieve an immense DNA REWRITE/RECONFIGURATION PROCESS that moves through infinite phases and experiences that take years to complete, because of how cellular reconfiguration and linearity/density occur/exist.Since nothing is linear and all is vibrational/energetic, then this will be available and important for anyone at any “time” that this speaks on a Soul Level to each’s own heart. Everything we do/share is to support and assist humanity with anchoring much higher dimensional frequency photonic light within our physical body forms for Living NEW Earth fully and uniting to create, build, and accomplish all new through Unity Consciousness Love and Oneness too.

I’ve written a powerful Quantum Crystalline Plasma LightBody DNA Consciousness Activation to support and assist with Consciously Releasing Old Earth Gridding Systems from our Physical Body and Fields. Once I have it recorded, I’ll make that available to all too.

This specific activation is important to do as often as you feel called. What I see is that the next 3 months are about intentionally doing this/allowing this, in conjunction with Gaia, so that that ease can replace struggle and strife. Cosmic Upgrades and rewrites are ALL FOCUSED on bringing everyone and everything into absolute highest vibrational alignment so that we all can live and fulfill our highest service roles as Pure Love by being Pure Light and Living the magnificence of NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS REALITIES fully too.

p.s. Because of how deeply embedded and strong the ego separation programming is (at first and for years), the dismantling of body templates and grids is just as immense. Every time we consciously and intentionally “do” that which is highest aligns, this assists with a re-writing process, as well as transitioning out of one “reality” into all whole new ones. In order to break down/break through all that deep programming, we can continually “do” whatever “gets in there” for us and assist us with opening our hearts easier, shifting easier, expanding easier and letting go/moving on easier too. WE are the ones that get to decide what this is (or works for us). Remember, it’s not linear, so your head won’t understand what works and what does not. Only your pure heart can feel this and know. It’s up to each one of us to FEEL, listen and move beyond any judgments, limited perceptions and stories we are hanging onto that bind us to fixed mentalities of before…

I’m seeing many that do not yet comprehend that NEW EARTH is not a specific place/location, yet everywhere/every reality experienced through our Highest States of Consciousness. This is our Original Consciousness, Source Consciousness and an Organic Consciousness that’s always natural and aligned with Sacred Divine Creation and Flow. NEW Earth is a Living Consciousness. NEW Earth is our experience when we live as fully Expanded Consciousness and ultra-high-frequency Light from deep deep deep inside. NEW Earth is where WE are, as WE are NEW Earth, as well as the Portals and Gateways for NEW Earth too.

August’s regridding processes created a “deletion point” and wiped immense akashes that were still housed within various locations of the planet and each’s physical body too, previously held within an old earth gridding system, now obsolete and for lack of better wording “switches over” to a crystalline grid and plasma networking system that replaces old earth. This prepared and made way for all to shift to a place of INTENTIONALLY CONSCIOUSLY RELEASING OLD EARTH AS A WHOLE, while supporting and assisting THE PHYSICAL BODY WHILE it goes through this unwrangling, untangling, unraveling, untethering, unattaching, unlearning and releasing where all was mangled, twisted, inner-woven and entangled within the physical body and field before.

This is a biggy when it comes to physical body ascension and feeling gravity go while experiencing expansion to such a degree that every ounce of you lets completely go. This takes IMMENSE AND TOTAL TRUST, total surrender to allow all to naturally and organically align geometrically and create a new vibrational rotational spin rate that leaves your mind blown.

For the human aspect, their inner “reality” goes into a free-fall when their perception of reality starts to collapse. This creates an Energetic Tailspin. The ego’s fear-based reaction is to try to buckle down and hang on tighter, stronger, which creates an “opposing energy” of suffering and “being drug through it” (hell). This FREE-FALL THOUGH is an important part of each’s own individual Ascension Process, where when we completely let go… we “appear to fall”, surrender and then we “float”…. as our Merkaba kicks in and takes over, creating a feeling and experience of Suspended Animation for awhile. This is also ZERO POINT, where nothing and everything exist within the same space. This also where many will SPONTANEOUSLY EXPAND AS PURE CONSCIOUSNESS to RETURN to original zero point, go back before the creation of all, re-experience the “original falls”, as well REMEMBER EVERYTHING from beyond the human reality and all of existence as it came to be. This is not only pivotal, it’s profound and it rocks our entire reality/world inside…. and also brings us into the 5th Dimension where NEW EARTH not only becomes a possibility, it already exists and then our every NOW MOMENT is spent accomplishing living this.


Merkaba: A Weightless, Timeless Bubble
Merkaba: Suspended Animation – Zero Gravity Field Inside
The importance of an ACTIVATION is that you mean it, open your heart/whole body/BEing completely UP to allow it to work for/with, feel it and speak it with every ounce of you and FEEL it fully from deep within and throughout all of you. You/WE can SPEAK, THINK OR FEEL – ANY WORDS (ENERGY) with our whole being, which then “cycles” through our cells, body, template and creates a “restructuring process” to start to occur. EVERY TIME WE DO THIS, we SPEAK directly to the program/cells/cellular memory and CONSCIOUSNESS where “that”/all is held. WE can REPROGRAM OUR BODIES (in every way), starting with our cells and when that LIGHT activates, it then catalyzes/activates/alchemizes our cellular imprints to start to re-work, re-lease, re-configure and re-create/re-do/re-align all. When we SPEAK, THINK, FEEL PURE LOVE, we activate our Crystals in our Bodies, which begin a cleansing/purification process and link our bodies up to the CRYSTALLINE GRIDS OF NEW EARTH. WE have a Crystalline Gridding System within our bodies, yet this DEVELOPS OVER MUCH LINEAR “TIME”. These crystals are re-programmable and they increase our PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which is a frequency/energy for living NEW EARTH. Crystalline Consciousness and Christed Consciousness are the same, just different words to describe in different ways. This is a SACRED ENERGY, yet also a part of our LeMUrian and Atlantean Aspects that we bring forth (as well as all of the capabilities/gifts/knowledge) to affect, support and assist with transitions from Old Earth Consciousness to NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS/LIFE. The more we TUNE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS TO that which speaks to, supports and is an EXPRESSION OF OUR PURE LIGHT SOUL, the more we activate this Consciousness within our physical body form and RAYdiate this out to CREATE our entire new reality as Love. Below I offer a small ACTIVATION PHRASE that you can utilize to support and assist, yet you CREATE YOUR OWN and FEEL IT EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK IT…. to facilitate an energetic/vibrational/dimensional/Consciousness SHIFT within you, SO THAT OUT THERE can re-align according to this. ♥

Speak to your body/energy/consciousness and say:

(The more you do any activation, the more it “works” on a cellular/Quantum Level for you). You decide what this is. This is the beauty of how SIMPLE ALL IS). Just really mean it with all of you. This matters, as if you don’t FEEL THE WORDS they won’t “work”, as you don’t actually care or believe).

In the meantime, I’ll work to finish up and record the activation that I wrote and share this with everyone to support/assist when it’s available for all to choose to utilize and further accelerate your own DNA re-writes and activate more NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS CODES ready to be activated from deep within. ♥
From my Heart and Soul to yours and with the deepest respect, reverence and love,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Note: There will be MANY MANY MANY more Light Codes increasingly constantly flooding through, to further support, assist, recode and reconfigure and realign realities through all new awarenesses, information and new ways to apply to all of our lives… so be completely open and embrace all that SUPPORTS YOU HOLDING AND ACCOMPLISHING THIS FULLY from within you. Don’t get “fixed” on anything. Open up more for flow, ease, simplicity and for shifting without resistance from deep deep deep within. I will share as appropriate, as so many others do as well. Yet you hold everything inside of you. We can activate/assist, yet you are the ONE that does all of this yourself, through your own deepening Sacred Connection, listening and trusting/honoring what you hear/see/feel as HIGHEST from within you too. Mega love! ♥


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Today’s NEW Earth Light Codes Available – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist ~ Yue Wang aka Sakimichan @ DeviantArt

* * *

Today’s NEW Earth Light Codes Available: Visionaries Living Dream Visions, Living Kindness through Generosity (Next Up-Level/Phase)


Since every day is a barrage of Light Codes, NEW Awareness, NEW Opportunities, NEW Everything available to all…. I’m going to see if my service-schedule will support providing certain facets of NEW EARTH CODES on a regular basis for you and all. No promises, as every day presents what’s highest aligned and what we are to “do” to fulfill various roles to support humanity with LIVING NEW EARTH FULLY too…. ♥

Recently, I’ve observed infinite everything as a part of the greater whole. Every dimension visible, our capacity to support/shift/guide/partner with others through Unity Love Purity Consciousness is never-ending and just continues to expand.

When we have human egos, then “no” is ridiculous in how much we have to say this or show this, to stop that programming from playing out. We each have the ability to become conscious within the present moment (zero point) and shift the mindset to something completely else and something that CREATES/SUPPORTS a NEW EARTH REALITY instead of the old old old ones of “before”.

I’ve been observing “perceptions” of what “NEW Earth is” and perceptions of everything and how distorted, skewed, twisted and opposite/backwards the human ego sees/thinks…. and how much energy it takes to unravel from core programming/deeply ingrained mentalities/beliefs…. as well as how easy it is when each is truly wide open, embracing and ready for massive quantum jumps/shifts.

Softness is the greatest thing “missing” when the ego aspect is involved. All of the inner-fight, inner-struggle, inner-resistance and “holding on” is ridiculous as well…

That being said… let’s talk NEW EARTH INSTEAD…. as you are going to see me stop mentioning “old earth” as much, as it’s playing out old karmic timelines and each clearing their own karmic akashes that are still playing in/playing out/living these old codes/programs from deep within.

NEW EARTH is VISIONARIES that have gained access to SEE, multiple/infinite dimensions and infinite versions of “real”ities….. which are just “options/potentials/possibilities” until each fully embraces and activates the CODES for anchoring/accomplishing/Living these magnificent LIVING DREAMS as ACTual Physical Experiences (which is what we refer to as “realities” or illusions or dreams). We also use “timelines” as a word to describe an experience that “appears” to span a certain amount of “linear time”.

NEW EARTH IS DREAM CODES and so very much more. It’s a LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS where your reality reflects a specific “reality”/experience back… NEW EARTH IS EACH’S EXPERIENCE when the experience is PURE HEAVEN from inside…. as well as supports the Evolution of HUmanity through accessing/living much higher states of consciousness than that which we often refer to as 3D/4D. These are LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS as well…. yet each must come to a place deep inside to truly comprehend on every level that “the physical” correlates much differently and how all “appears” (materializes) and is experienced is much different as well….

The opening to NEW EARTH first comes in dream states, lucid dream states and altered states of consciousness to bring the feelings and awareness forth. What comes “after this” is an immense process of YEARS and each’s whole life transitioning from and through different levels of consciousness so that the “reality” can fully shift/evolve too.

NEW EARTH is our REALity when we LIVE THIS WAY, as NEW EARTHERS, as our highest and most beautiful version/aspects of our own selves…..

So now for the today’s “next version” of NEW EARTH CODES:


These codes break down differently, dependent on many things. How they filter through densities and frequency bandwidths is relative to who actually LIVES THESE fully and who “waits” for another day.

Quantum is always THIS NOW. Everything is created, transmitted and arrives in THIS NOW. Everything is always available, yet each’s ENERGY DICTATES how all plays out. Opening up portals, anchoring codes, applying codes, living codes, embodying NEW EARTH TEMPLATES and sharing all as LIGHT is just a small part of the “how”. Kindness, generosity, caring, deep sacred respect, upliftment, unifying visions/dreams to create more that supports HUMANITY in ways that are highest aligned…. is a part of all of our purposes/roles here.

We shift everything through LOVE, softness and our own inner-power as Light. WE shift, converge and unite all as LOVE and by Living this fully here. We also see all and decide what is acceptable, appropriate and supports humanity as a greater whole and we act/live/breathe/come together in ways that are highest aligned too.

So LIVE YOUR LIGHT, SHARE YOUR LIGHT, BUILD YOUR LIGHT AND LIVE YOUR DREAM VISIONS FULLY TOO…. anchor and hold those codes and apply them to every aspect of your life too. ♥

p.s. All each has to do to “unlock these codes” is to open your heart completely/wide, step away from all and observe and then SEE from deep within your own HEART-SOUL how you can be the difference, make a difference, what you have to offer and continually step up/forth to BE THE ONE….. and unite with all doing this fully too!

This is what all is. Call forth your highest, live your highest and treat ALL WITH THE UTMOST RESPECT AND LOVE, including yourself and all that “is not”.

LEAD THE WAY AS LIGHT…. this means LOVE. This means inner-vision, inner-power and inner-drive, determination and SHOW ALL THAT YOU TRULY CARE…. as your energy/actions speak for you. Words do not matter to us, as only human aspects use these to communicate… as do we when we need to explain or activate/unlock codes (new awarenesses and capabilities) that each holds deep within.


With immense love, kindness and deep sacred respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. I’ll share more about Living Dream Visions/REALities as we go….

Close your eyes, come to center, breathe Light through you and out, allow your whole body/being to shift and your heart to open fully for all to dissolve, merge and blend from deep inside of you. ♥


Artist ~ Yue Wang aka Sakimichan @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Mid-Year Quantum Energy Update on Multi-Dimensional Awakenings: – Lisa Transcendence Brown

* * *

Mid-Year Quantum Energy Update on Multi-Dimensional Awakenings: Ascended NEW Earth Light Codes, Optical Illusions and Living Dreams… What’s Next?


♥ Global/Cosmic/Universal/Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Re-Set Powerfully Underway
♥ Increased Multi-System Dismantling for NEW Earth Systems to Replace
♥ Every Reality is BEing RE-Worked, From the Inside Out

(Printable PDF Version at the end) ~ See Lisa’s website
The last several months have been power packed with all new NEW Earth Light Codes for each to fully integrate within, delve into the depths, go deeper within and awaken through/to all new realities that exist BEYOND the OLD 3D EARTH ones… all which become Illusions and Dreams as we all go.

This year, the FREEDOM CODES expanded into SO VERY MUCH MORE…. which I’ll share a bit after I speak to a few other things relative to a Multi-Dimensional Awakening process and then separate phases of Physical Body Ascension for NEW EARTH to become actual LIVE-ABLE REALites for all…

It’s important to understand that every dimension experiences very different realities… so in order to speak to these, we have to “be-bop” around…. moving from dimension to dimension (Living in/from different vibrational frequency bandwidths) and bringing all into focus/a picture/a visual… so each can grasp the magnitude of all. To simplify, means going into great detail, on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional Level and break apart every code, the intricacies of all… or we can keep it simple in nature and just speak to that topic and honor each’s ability to open completely to all new understandings, all new ways and then take it upon themselves to go deeper inside in order to expand, understand, see and explore…

Light Codes are multi-faceted, multi-tiered, multi-dimensional and Quantum in Nature…. completely non-linear in every way. These are activated now at an at even more unprecedented accelerating rate, especially with the completion of July’s new QUANTUM TIMETABLES in conjunction with Gaia’s Template and relative to the Sirian/Galactic Gateways (wow!). We’ve also had THE MOST PURE AND POWERFUL TONES go out Multi-Dimensionally…. beyond beautiful codes for CELEBRATING NEW EARTH REALITIES and more peace being anchored and lived from within our own individual/collective MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH Experiences too.


I’ve looked at sharing this information in the most condensed way possible and the amount of information/codes daily, just make it virtually impossible… so I’ll recap a few and leave it up to each to see… as the importance of these NEW EARTH CODES completely reconfigure everyone’s perception of reality (and Multi-Dimensional experience) in every way.

It’s beyond important to realize that the human aspect will JUDGE and RESIST every part of this. It’s beyond important to surrender/move beyond all Judgments and inner-resistance in order to shift to a completely different place/space inside, otherwise “doing” this will be the opposite of ease and grace. ♥

I sometimes bring in polarity to explain QUANTUM ENERGY, as giving examples is the easiest way for each to energetically tune-in and see. We do not live from duality, yet when necessary, we do use it to explain and expand. We merge the opposing energies to create a “new energy” of Unity-Oneness, where all is a part of a much bigger picture and a part of a greater whole. Each piece and part can be broken down and the “pieces” put back together completely differently than before. This is a part of Quantum Existence, where entire realities are consciously dismantled and consciously put back together completely differently than before. This is also what the whole planet is in the middle of right now. An immense Quantum Re-write of all realities…. ☼

AN ILLUSORY REALITY of immense separation was a part of every human experience, which is a part of what all came here to fully Transcend. This density reality was created as a RESULT of what we all agreed to prior to incarnating/walking in here. This “reality”, while illusory in ENERGETICS, was our whole life and we each lived it, believed it, participated in it and were an integral part of the “whole thing” for as long as that was our current purpose. There comes a point where new awarenesses, new abilities and much higher aligned purposes are ready to come forth and it’s “time” to move out of those old realities/beliefs and into all new ones, yet our human ego aspect fights this with everything it’s got, so it’s up to each one of us to REALize this and shift out of this resistant place/space inside.

3D we all lived/believed. 4D we did too. We never “fit in there”, yet we all “tried” in some way, forgo “survival” and many other things. I put these two dimensions together (3D/4D), as they are “Pre-Ascension timelines”, whereas 5D is our Ascension of Consciousness and 6D+ is where Physical Body Ascension occurs. Post-physical-body-ascension timelines are very different than “Pre-Ascension” ones. There is an Ascension of Consciousness first (the bliss, magic and peace of 5D), which is also where NEW Earth portals start to open up inside, making much higher dimensional timelines available for each. As this is energetically achieved, the Physical Body then undergoes an immense alchemical LIGHTBODY DNA activation process which opens up portals for living NEW EARTH REALITIES fully as each fulfills much higher service roles for HUmanity. Post-Ascension is a whole new ball-game/experience. Ascension is SOUL UNIFICATION and is just the beginning when we are referring to NEW EARTH REALITIES/EXPERIENCES.

NEW EARTH IS HEAVENLY REALITIES where the codes are activated/anchored/housed and transmitted out by each. These are LIVING CODES. So you/we each must LIVE THEM FULLY for them to “take effect”. ♦ There is ONLY LIGHT… the rest is deep programming and the Old Illusion/dream. There’s all new ones ready to replace/upgrade those, as each is truly ready to open completely up to them. ☼

Alright… here we go:

Let’s Talk Old Earth and NEW EARTH for a moment….

First, NEW EARTH is not fully livable by the human ego aspect/carbon-based body as it’s not yet considered “real”. It’s not yet available as a reality, because it’s only accessible through each’s deeply-inner-connected and Sacred – Expanded-Consciousness….

It starts as a “figment of our imagination”, SOFT, SURREAL and that which is not deemed possible (or real), as well as “just too far fetched”, as it does not fit into the old parameters of what the human ego aspect created/believed “reality” is…. (yet knew all along).

There are immense and extreme alchemical, biological, bio-physical and bio-electromagnetic processes that each must go through before these possibilities and Super-Consciousness abilities open completely up…. and what the 3rd/4th Dimensions of our planet is going through right now is the clearing of Deeeeeep ILLUSIONS OF SEPARATION, deep foundational/core/root programming, heavy duty density and immense reconfiguration processes of the entire physical reality/body to vibrationally and energetically align all on a SOUL/Universal/Cosmic Level through the dissolution of deep heavy duty conditioning/belief systems previously held “as real”.

3D is based upon a focus on the physical with energies of lack/need/power/control mechanisms/attachment/statuses/idolizing/relationships/identities/stories/drama/chaos and more) and allows fear/separation/misuse of power/authority to lead/rule. 3D Strives to “achieve” human realities that feed lower chakra energies of “me first”, selfishness, greed and appears to “not have a heart” or pretends to, yet it’s obvious that priorities are not Unity Consciousness, even if they “mimic” this.
4D is a transition phase where each awakens to new awareness in the midst of the chaos, confusion, dualistic realities, starts the inner work, seeking esoteric/star/soul/higher self knowledge and learns to open their heart, gifts/abilities come forth, yet each remains in realities of struggle with their physical body in order to further awaken OUT OF 3D REALITIES. This is where self-awareness comes forth and “one foot in/one foot out” starts. It’s also where the ACTIVATION of each’s ENERGY BODY to start to emerge from a deep state of amnesia/coma/slumber/forgotten state through an immense transitional process of learning to open up to listening and honoring each’s own higher guidance, in order to feel, respect and trust in the “invisible ENERGETIC Realms” without separation, resistance or fear anymore. Foggy Groggy, Confusion and Immense Emotional Clearings, as well as Physical Body changes (DNA repair) are all a part of this. All of this is done completely from within, as all of the dimensions are INSIDE and the way “to them” is ENERGETICALLY OR PHYSICALLY through all…. every reality, every belief, every dimension….. which is where Expansion of Heart-Light-Consciousness comes in and priorities start to shift.

REALities are not as all “thought” before… they are illusions, dreams and beliefs (nightmares are 3D karmic/akashic/unconscious timeline clearing processes), all transmitted out from each’s cellular body by way of various vibrational frequencies… that “tell” out there what to return for each to see, for each to experience… which is relative to QUANTUM REALITIES…. not linear ones.

3D is linear. 4D is transitioning from linear to vibrational/energetic/non-linear, yet there’s immense physical density and linearity that has to physically and energetically clear…. 5D opens up more access to all other dimensions, yet this starts in the 4th dimension where each still lives from ego/separation…. as each still has to work through immense and deeply in-grained ego-dissolution processes from within for SOUL EMBODIMENT to occur (5D Experience).


It’s BEYOND important to comprehend/understand/realize/remember that what occurs in 3D/4D is the opposite of NEW Earth Earth experiences/realities.

Some examples that 3D/4D (Old Earth) will experience are fighting, duality, challenges, constraints, tightening restrictions, illness/disease, debilitating realities, power-plays, victim/survivor scenarios, finger pointing/blame games, fear tactics through emotional manipulation/narcissism, not enough/scarcity or the opposite by way of over-achiever/over-abundance for awhile, criticism/judgment, blind loyalty, hierarchy/pedestals, attachment/holding on and believing everything they’re told, asking others what to do, living by fixed beliefs and rules.

5D+ will experience Pure Peace, Pure Sacred Connection, Pure Love, Pure Kindness, Deep Sacred Respect, Magical Experiences and appreciate everything as a gift, seeing the purposes in all and not wasting/taking anything for-granted, because of how inner-connected all is through Love. Abundance is different and supports Service to Humanity and Light, so as each fully lives this, everything to support comes forth, with infinite realities opening up the more all is shared.

While one strangles/constricts/threatens and uses fear to control the other functions from a Space of Consciousness that’s free. A part of this process is each REMEMBERING that each must choose to free themselves from deep inside, which means moving to a place of Sovereignty instead of the old ways of dependency and reliancy like before.

5D-12D is FREEDOM and literally a LIVING DREAM…. it’s literally HEAVEN and PURE PEACE inside… and it’s where each lives/works in service from this beautiful HEAVENly place INSIDE…. creating all new realities that are Soul/Highest/Light aligned….. a rebuilding, reforming, recreating all “from scratch” (Zero Point). It’s where all Live (Heaven) while doing all of this Service Work AS PURE LIGHT that supports, uplifts, inspires humanity through the sharing of immense LIGHT CODES (Knowledge, Abilities, Gifts and ENERGY/Consciousness) that accelerates through Super Consciousness… the ability for each to fully anchor, integrate and apply these NEW EARTH LIGHT CODES to every aspect of each’s whole life, forgo CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH as an actual full experience…

Which is why we call this “Anchoring NEW EARTH and Birthing NEW Earth from Within”, as you/we/each literally BIRTH NEW EARTH WITH OUR BODIES, awakening to new knowledge, new understandings, new abilities, gifts, wonders and awe and doing the deep-inner-work and service-work daily to accomplish all that’s available to everyone fully embracing these ways is “how” we live our lives… a completely different way than “old earth” lives were…

While 3D/4D and each dimension lives out/plays out ego-drama, ego power-plays, fears, illusions of separation, completes Unconscious Soul Contracts and more, the ability to utilize Conscious Choice starts in 4D and with each Conscious Choice a “reversal/inversion process” occurs. This is what Consciously activates each’s Merkaba to start to build/construct… for Physical Body Ascension to actually occur. This takes years… as every unconscious human belief system must be brought into “the Light” and the Polarity Consciously Reversed by each in order to experience inner UNIFICATION…. a merging process which is what ACTIVATES HEAVENS GATES TO OPEN INSIDE…. and each’s experience to become HEAVEN too.

PURE PEACE will flood through and finally, each realizes that which could not logically be explained or understood. Because it’s not a location outside, it’s a connection inside, a REMEMBRANCE and an EXPERIENCE INSIDE that words cannot adequately explain.

PURE Beauty, Simplicity and PURE LOVE…. just pours forth and out. A Love that Transcends all things human…. a LOVE SO PURE… that nothing will ever be the same ever again. In this moment, distortions become visible and understood…. and the next phase begins… each actively anchoring, integrating and LIVING NEW EARTH LIGHTCODES while creating/building/sharing/supporting/guiding/assisting and LIVING AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT…. Which starts at 5D and goes all the way back to 12D… which is where we all arrive/end up as we accomplish what we came here to BE and DO as Light Beings/Light Family, Star BEings/Star Family and the Code Keepers, Frequency & Template Holders and Crystalline Grid/Plasma Networking Systems of OUR NEW EARTH.

At first, it’s a daunting task, because so much of us is REQUIRED. Just like we gave our 3D personal realities 100% of our time/energy/love/dedication/resources… we now must do the same thing for 5D-12D Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth. By the time we get to this place, our human aspect is tired, tired of fighting, tired of working, tired of trying, just plain tired, wore out, exhausted and fed up. It already worked so very hard to build/accomplish all that the human ego reality said was possible, yet still a man-made dream always just beyond reach and woven by an intentionally impossible matrix-webbing-system created to bind each to an illusion of happiness, invisible limits, invisible control mechanisms, survival-mode thinking, competition, judgement and accomplishing ego things such as ownership, titles, money, statuses and more. The never-ending loop cycle, UNTIL awakening slap-dab in the middle of an intricate “diabolical” illusion begins… then the unraveling accelerates….

5D-12D is the opposite of that. It’s LIVING PURE JOY FULLY and not being defined by those things in any way anymore. It’s where all are important, all are precious, all are capable and equal too, yet the human ego aspect separates off from this, because it has too much “fear” of the “unknown” and “thinks” it has to “control” everything, is convinced it’s incapable (even the inflated ego experiences this), which in essence is the very thing that creates separation from NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES to start with.


Here, all is Simple, beautiful and filled with Pure JOY through continually expanding Service to HUmanity as Love. It’s a matter of realizing that each’s Soul/Cosmos/Universe/LightBody dictates all and the importance of full ego-surrender for our inner-fight and struggle to dissolve. This alone opens portals within for each one of us to begin to LIVE OUR MOST BEAUTIFUL REALITIES without playing out the old anymore. Yes, each is literally “exchanging their whole life” for a “whole new one”. This part, the human ego aspect has an issue with, as it doesn’t want to “let go” or “believe”, forgo immense inner resistance, inner suffering, inner struggle, inner challenges and discomfort, because where each is “not ready to fully open up and commit” this re-creates an old earth experience again.

5D is within. 6D – 12D is too (as is 3D/4D). To be able to see, observe and understand means that each must go completely deep within and sit with this…. and re-learn everything all over again. It’s only through each’s DEEP SACRED CONNECTION AND FULL REMEMBRANCE through full Consciousness where all becomes possible and visible again. Every ACT is energetic, vibrational and “sends out” into the perceived “Ethers” (Each’s SUPER CONSCIOUS/QUANTUM FIELD)…. therefore “creating” a vibrational return for each to experience. (Mirror effect).

3D Consciousness has no ability to see, as vision (Pineal Access) has not been fully restored through Pure-Heart-Consciousness and physical body de-calcification processes, therefore functioning and operating is from/under illusions of fear, separation, manipulation, hidden agendas and control. The intricacies of the web (matrix) is deep and so inner-woven, so inner-connected…. the only way to see it, clear it and transcend it is by going DEEP inward to start to break all of this programming down, break through/out of the old illusions and open up to all new ones and start to pay attention when each’s fear/protection mechanisms/ego/body goes into “resistance” mode and starts “locking down” out of old beliefs/fears/illusions/programs again and implement ways of consciously releasing this. This is an immense inner to outer process each must do themselves in order to transcend THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION from deep within. In 3D/4D perceptions, Oneness is a concept, a word, not felt/understood/lived. This only becomes “reality” 5D and above.


NEW Earth is not a specific place, it’s an Ascended version of reality that’s highest aligned with Purity, Vibrational Frequencies and Universal/Cosmic Light Codes that change/shift all from a linear perception to a full-blown Multi-Dimensional / Quantum one. It’s each’s ACTual ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE through Super Consciousness where the physical reality/experience changes constantly and is relative to different Geometric Light Codes and Quantum Equations available in every nano-second….. And where all is ENERGY FIRST … and the physical is a “result”.

These Quantum Light Codes, when activated, have a multitude of different “focuses and outcomes”, yet in 3D they translate to one thing, in 4D another, 5D another, 6D, 7D, 8D and all the way up to 12D and BEyond… another….. and another and another…

In observing the Quantum Dynamics of each moving intricate Code, they are multi-faceted with inner-dimensional, inner-connected, constantly expanding, changing shapes, sides, sizes, numerics, metrics and more.

NEW Earth has infinite aspects and versions of realities, where none are linear or fixed. These versions represent many things and will all be different, depending on each’s Level of Consciousness, current access, Visions/Dreams and Service Roles, as well as focuses and that which each came here to fulfill as Light.


Imagine a Living Breathing Sacred Geometry that keeps spinning, morphing and “shape-shifting” into different images, shapes, directions expanding, contracting and changing the codes intermittently, constantly, re-coding everything with every sacred breath… Every breath expands this geometric and causes the codes to “move”… every breath, thought and act “cause” it to move apart and come back together in different ways each time…. and every different “sequence” creates a completely different reality…… This is a small example of “how these Quantum Codes for Quantum Realities work”….

Each’s ability to fully and completely TUNE THEIR ENERGY AND FULL CONSCIOUSNESS to all new realities and HOLD THIS FULLY… is a pat of how these “codes” are able come together to “create”. Every act further solidifies (or disintegrates), every breath breathes LIFE into the REALITY EXPERIENCE… Each is literally creating with every (Sacred) Breath…

Your ability to consciously “instruct Light codes” with your Consciousness/Energy to come together in specific ways is just one of your Creator-Source-Consciousness abilities here.

ACTIVATION EXERCISE: ♦ Diamond Light Code Quantum Consciousness VISUAL EXPERIENCE ♦

From inside, see a Moving Geometric Prism with INFINITE inner-connected sides of varying refracted light. Every side has different codes, numbers, colors, sounds/tones/hues and energetics to make up different equations and converges different frequency bandwidths based upon “how they come together”… Depending on your own Vibrational Frequency/Energy/Consciousness, your ability to breathe Light Codes into LIFE, breathe Light Codes as Consciousness, breathe Light Codes into CREATION/Reality/Your Experience is through your/each’s ability to stay fully connected, completely in-tune and ability to maintain/sustain a fully expanded state…. which comes with every density clearing, every act of full Consciousness (kindness/respect/love), every reality created to support humanity to returning back to 12D/Source Consciousness/Living NEW Earth fully with great joy, simplicity and ease….. SEE the Prism Fractals and Geometrics expanding and the codes changing, see it re-merging various fractals and coming together to create a much bigger picture than ever before. See how it fits together and when it cannot, see when something is “in the way” of these pieces/parts/geometrics/fractals being able to CONVERGE into ONE working, breathing, living Consciousness…so that all can fully vibrationally align and come together with great ease… SEE what creates a disruption, causing a new fractalization to occur, see a cohesive kaleidoscope and feel the peace when vibrational harmony is achieved. See and feel how chaos energies work with these, see and feel how simple all is when the ego mind is still and you are fully connected with the actual experience…. Realize that every facet is a fractal and in order to see the much bigger picture, these fractals all have to be visible at the same time. As like a mirror, they reflect back what each believes which creates the optical illusion that most perceive as “real”.

Now see the Kaleidoscope of Colors of the rainbow, see 12 shades of blue, 12 shades of red/pink, 12 shades of yellow/gold, 12 shades of purple, green…. Varying tones of white, black, silver and grays… and realize that the Rainbow/Diamond/Plasma Spectrum of NEW Earth is vast and offers more color, vibrancy, frequencies (tones), hues and depth to our actual experiences as our bodies hold more Light


While we “see” in a multitude of ways, this is just one example that might assist those who are still in the phases of gaining inner-to-outer vision capabilities and learning to decipher all through Open-Heart-Connected-Higher-Mind Consciousness….
Your FEELING is how you start. Each learn to discern, disconnect and reconnect through Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, instead of believing Unconscious Programmed Distortions like before. Work through the emotions/feelings in Conscious Ways, honoring the important clearing/resolving/dissolving/unification/purification processes, so that clarity can come as veils blocking your 3rd Eye/Pineal access dissolve. This is a massive process, so be kind to yourself, each other and as your inner/overall/body frequency rises, new information/knowledge/wisdom will come forth. Vision will enhance, clarity will too. SEEing all from inside, replaces “out there”, other than to observe/learn/teach the ENERGY of all so that all can ACTIVATE/UTILIZE SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS (Quantum) and move beyond the linear limits that 3D/4D held.

See this screen above….. now see each as a different version of the same reality and each one experiencing completely different too. The same scenario, different outcomes. The same options, different experiences …. and see each frame as a fractal, just ONE FRAME of a much bigger picture… and without every piece and part, without being able to SEE/OBSERVE every frame, one only has a very small portion of the bigger/whole picture… THIS IS HOW QUANTUM REALITIES WORK. The more expanded, the more frames/aspects/versions/realities/timelines/possibilities/options we see. The more in-tune, the more choice each has to “pick an experience” instead of experiencing without choice. The more expanded and consciously aware we are of the WHOLE PICTURE, the less judgement, the less personal, the more abilities everyone has…. YET SEEING is through our HEARTS…. so if our hearts are closed, our minds are closed and we are binding ourself to just one frame, instead of infinite ones that we can just “hop” (Quantum Jump) over to…. with the blink of an eye…. ♥


I use these images to assist with a visual of what’s not linear or “possible” according to the old human realities, yet beyond occurring constantly and within each fully in this experience now. Early phases and different phases along the way, there’s no understanding, recognition, awareness until much later (many many years often) until one/each reaches a certain vibrational frequency with their body, as well as a new level of Consciousness through various types of Expansion States. Even once one becomes aware, there must be multiple/a multitude of experiences in order to comprehend the complexity of all, as EXPERIENCE is actually required for each to ACTually gain access to the “how to” and all the pieces/parts that make up various infinite wholes.

As each “approaches” 5D, then a “squeezing effect” occurs, which can be on again/off again over many years. This correlates to everything within our experience, both outside and inside as well. Breathing and that which “weighted us down”, that which we are to release/let go of and that which no longer serves our highest existences comes up for review. Financial realities are a part of this, as is all of our relationships. Our “jobs”/careers/life path undergo immense shifts/changes as a part of this too. Our “status” changes, as does our physical body “health” as we prepare to undergo the most immense Multi-Dimensional journey there is. This is each moving into “the birth canal”, moving through “Dark Night” of Ego Separation preparing to transition through death/rebirth cycles that increase until full Zero Point has been achieved. This is a part of vibrational alignment and a deep cellular purging/cleansing process as well.

The severity of this process lessens as each fully releases their own inner resistance to Ascension processes and shifts to a “conscious participation” and ego-surrendered states. This is also where the Rainbow Bridge activates for each to transition over to NEW EARTH REALITIES through full Consciousness.


Our ability to read multi-dimensionally, decipher, decode, translate, focus/direct and recode REALITIES through our own SUPER CONSCIOUSNESSES is just one of our infinite abilities here. Each must tune completely in and FEEL everything… and stop trying to “think” realities like before. This is a PROCESSING OF LIGHT INFORMATION with our whole body, Living DIVINE INTELLIGENCE and our ability to remain open in every way. It’s also our ability to SEE though our PURE HEARTS, which activates and opens up our pineal gland vision for seeing and experiencing NEW Earth and Holographic Realities to become visible in a multitude of ways. We do this by not getting caught up in the ego drama games and expanding BEYOND ALL OF THAT to see a much bigger picture from within. It’s not that we don’t see all dimensions, it’s that we understand the purposes of all and respect “how” all is vibrationally aligned, how each’s Soul Embodiment processes work and the journey of awakening and ascension that each must experience for themselves.

NEW EARTH is accessible to all through Deepening Source Consciousness Connections to live Purity, Love, Kindness, Compassion and Sacred Care. It’s what we all came here to LIVE FULLY, yet the Keys are located within. As are the Codes…. and we each “learn” how to unlock all through filling our entire reality with all that’s highest aligned, surrounding ourselves with that which vibrationally and energetically supports and dedicating ourselves to LIVING A WHOLE NEW EARTH LIFE.

NEW EARTH IS OUR WHOLE EXPERIENCE when we LIVE from our absolute Purest Place from deep inside. It’s everywhere we go and ARE, because WE ARE NEW EARTH LIGHT BEINGS, LIVING this Consciousness fully… and we create NEW Earth Experiences with our every Sacred Breath and Act.

FLIPPING AND MERGING (Geometric Inversions – Constant)

Waking State/Sleep State/Dreamstate/DreamSpace/Daydream State/Lucid Dream State, fully Surrendered States, Altered States, Expanded States … These are all ways to open up access to higher dimensional realities from within. Part imagination, ingenuity/creativity/inspiration, heart listening, connecting with nature/Gaia, complete openness and deepening our own inner-connection are a must. Heart openings and feeling more starts first. Inner vision is by way of using your imagination and getting out of your head in every way. It’s also by feeling and seeing what does not appear to be visible, which provides each one of us with new information to interpret in all new ways.


Inner Vision access occurs as our heart opens along the way. It starts as “blips” to guide us, show us what our human aspect could not yet see and assist us with learning to trust our deep inner-knowing, so that we can maneuver Multi-Dimensional Earth. As we deepen our Pure Heart Consciousness Connections, open up to explore all new, these “vibrational holograms” start as “puzzle pieces” to assist our human aspect more. Every time we listen, every time we open up, every time we “act” according to our own Higher Self/Future Self/Universal Guidance, we activate a higher dimensional vibrational reality to start to come forth. Every pure act to honor what we see and know deep within, that which we are guided/shown, further activates “new realities” and the more we live this way, the more continues to come forth. We do have to “check our ego at the door” and put our separation aside, resolving the separation within us and choose to live much higher aligned.

We each must learn to trust our inner knowings and inner visions that present, as well as those images, words, feelings, songs and weird things that make no logical sense. These are “Quantum Codes” popping in, if you will. You’ve hit a vibration to open them up, now you have to apply this new knowledge and honor what you hear/see/feel/know before you get “more”. Your higher self aspect/guidance becomes your “new best friend”. You talk to yourself like a crazy person (and you answer yourself back). You see what others often cannot see yet (the invisible realms) and you hear that which is only audible to you, yet when you connect with others of like vibration, it’s soooooooooooooooooooo awesome, because they can hear/see/feel too! That’s when the Soul/Spirit/Star/Light Party begins!

The Key is to achieve a new higher vibrational frequency with your whole body/being and to hold this as long as you can. This will “trigger”/activate a cellular detox/cleanse of “lower vibrational frequencies”/programs held within. This will correlate to things changing in your life. With every higher vibrational shift, you are able to shift/move your Consciousness into a new reality/timeline and after any emotional/physical/cellular cleansing and tuning processes, your body will get to come along too.

First, there will be an array of spontaneous expansions and “blips” that will occur sporadically over many many years. You might not even notice, because it’s so subtle and intermittent for awhile. The more Universal-Heart connected you become, the more this will occur. As you learn to integrate and hold higher frequency light with your whole body/being/field fully, “out there” will become a vibrational match when you stop going back to the old. Because your physical body and field have an energetic template/blueprint, your whole body-field template must undergo an immense deconstructing/reconstructing/re-building process through an intricacy of upgrades/rewrites/re-calibrations that occur as your Lightbody activates new codes and redesigns/re-configures your human body/reality for you. Your NEW Earth LightBody is your access to living Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth ACTual REALities with ease. This constant re-coding process takes all of your love, care, respect, patience, support and conscious participation. With each full re-write, your body will accomplish a new Quantum Cellular Atomic Spin Rate in order to vibrate into a different frequency bandwidth delivering to you a whole new Multi-Dimensional experience.


Every Code has different sequences all within the same code. One sequence will “apply” to 3D, another to 4D, others to 5D -12D+. When you take these codes and reconfigure/re-interpret them, they create a different reality than the previous/other one(s). When you are “comparing” 3D to 5D to explain/see/understand, they will often be polar opposites. Another reconfiguration creates a new reality and another and another and another, forgo vast differences in “reality”, as expansion creates infinite alternates that “rival” the old in every way.

The codes I’m sharing below, are multi-faceted and do not apply linearly as I’ve written here. They work on a Multi-Dimensional (Quantum Level), relative to physical body density and how Light filters through density/realms. At any time one can open their heart ALL OF THE WAY to surrender every ounce of resistance/thought and allow their entire Energy/Body/Consciousness to shift to a whole new/different timeline/reality/dimension/dream/illusion/experience….

As each’s Heart Consciousness expands through complete openness, deepening inner-sacred-connection, listening and observation, new awareness comes forth which facilitates a shift in awareness, a shift in perceptions, a shift Energetically, a shift in Gravity and in Consciousness. This surrendered expansion creates a vibrational space to open up completely different/new understandings, mentalities, perspectives, realizations and viewpoints which then support the ability to shift the “reality” to a completely different one inside.

Everyone has this capability, yet not all will utilize their own Higher States of Consciousness, as being a victim/holding onto 3D ways still holds something each still thinks they desire/seek/need and illusory “control/safe”. As each starts to comprehend that 3D is an ego mindset of separation that plays out realities that can be energetically recognized by representing a virtual prison/nightmare/hell, then each will gain the ability to also understand that an entire “mentality/energy/perception shift” through Consciousness can open up a whole new reality/perception/understanding that the only way “that can exist” is if each still keeps “playing in it”. What each is actually experiencing is “E-motions” and the discomfort of new awarenesses and the result of fear-based realities, which is very different than love-based ones.

Each must do the deep inner-work of reconnecting to REMEMBER ALL AS LOVE. No one “outside” can tell each what to do… as this imposes on “free will” and requires each’s acceptance, permission, compliance and fear to keep those “realities of separation” in-tact. The result of REMEMBRANCE is kindness, caring, deep sacred respect … emanating from a space of Unity within. Yes, deep emotions will surface, yes deep hurt. Yes there’s anger and so very much more, yet “how” we handle this is up to us. Eventually the immensity of all of those emotions of separation dissolve and the “gift” in all becomes visible. While, the human ego aspect loves to impose it’s opinions, judge, and yes, gossip/finger point/degrade others or themselves as a way to inflate/demoralize, here we boost each other, lift each other up, inspire and support each other as Light Family and respectfully discuss that which is not highest vibrationally aligned for the soul purpose of resolving it and shifting it to something completely different, alchemizing all through Pure Love.

This is not a competition or right/wrong/duality thing. We are here to usher in NEW EARTH AS A LIGHT FAMILY, each fulfilling our roles in our own ways, while honoring everyone else doing the same. We don’t tear each other down. We Live Pure Hearts, kind, respectful and caring…. showing what kindness is, showing what unity is, showing what ONENESS IS, by leading the way AS THIS. ♥

EARTH CURRENTLY VIBRATES OUT THE FREQUENCIES FOR 12 DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS offering a multitude of completely different dimensional experiences for all aware of this. The more each whole-heartedly tunes to the beauty of all, the more experience reflects this back… The more in-tune, the more beautiful. Yes, there’s unconscious realities, yet each one of us have the ability to bring all into full consciousness ourselves, without battling, fighting and show-boating…. The kind thing to do is to present opportunities and respect each’s choices/decisions, while honoring ours fully too.

NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES are always available to all. Tune your energy/consciousness to the softness, the beauty and open up to allow this to be your full experience too.

There are a bazillion NEW EARTH REALITIES available and everything is inner-linked. When you tune into the Crystalline/Plasma gridding/networking systems of NEW EARTH and transmit out through these, you have the ability to experience “reality” from any level of consciousness you are able to access from deep within you. ♥

Through our own actual experiences and advanced inner-vision, we come to realize that our whole body/being can vibrate at a frequency bandwidth equal to NEW EARTH…. and as we hold this Ascended State of Consciousness fully, it becomes our entire reality/experience here. Living all as a gift enhances every experience even more. The awe in the realization that NEW Earth was always here and available to us all. We all just had to REMEMBER again. ♥

A M.A.S.S.I.V.E. part of this entire process is each constantly going DEEPER INSIDE to see, going deeper inside to open up, going deeper inside to observe, going deeper inside to figure all out through your own higher/highest states of Expanded Consciousness and shifting your entire inner-reality/perceptions to a whole new place, which becomes a new starting point, which is what we refer to as “Zero Point”. This is the point of Conscious Creation because you take your new realizations and you create from a new vibrational place.

There’s no more “tell me what to do or how to think”or telling others what to do or how to think. You’ll have to figure it all out yourself through your own Source Consciousness Connection/Guidance, as you must be the one that chooses to release your own resistance and resolve your own separation inside in order to REMEMBER again.

Now for a small amount of the Multi-Dimensional/Multi-Faceted/Quantum Light Codes that have activated the last few months. I will list different Dimensional aspects that a specific Code applies to, yet this is not limited, it’s simply a vast tool/guideline/reference point. Each must figure this out for their own self.

I’m encapsulating many energies as I share. While non-linear, I intentionally list some dates that different codes “unlocked”, showing a succession of that code evolving into the next and the next and the next, to show the progression of many different codes as Light Consciousness, as well as how all filters through various densities creating infinite possibilities/experiences relative to frequency bandwidths. Once a code is released/becomes available, anyone can unlock that code from deep within through full Expansion of Consciousness. It’s a natural organic process that occurs when each’s heart/mind/energy is completely open and ready for this.

Every code activated will present/show each where they do/don’t FULLY live certain things inside … They will show you where you still hold out/hold back or function from a lack of trust still, or are waiting for something else to occur before you will “do what you know” inside.

Light Codes activate, unlock, unravel, solidify and re-code based upon each’s current level of Consciousness held…


Rainbow Light Body

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah.   

“Heart of a Lion” and “Roar of Light”, NEW Builder Codes, “The Lion Sleeps No More” and NEW Visibility Codes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lady of Flame art by Silvia Duran

* * * *


Lions-Gate Portals and Passageways

While I post this on the actual 8/8, this is so much more than “one day”. This Gateway/Passageway is an entire month, that for me, opened on July 22nd, when the first set of codes came through. Each week since, has been the next set of codes and then the next. We continue this through Gateway completion, which currently I keep seeing is August 26th. Because this is not linear, it’s vibrational/energetic and relative to different dimensions/densities in different ways, then each will unlock, receive, activate in their own way. The KEY is a wide open ready heart…. ♥ Portals open up within us and give us the capability to walk through. The “how” is relative to our own bravery, courage, readiness and willingness to completely let go of all old by way of embracing all new. Then what we “do” vibrationally and energetically will open these portals even more. The “passageway” is our every day, our every act, our focus and what we invest ourselves in fully, to create/accomplish as Love and activate/share more Light to support all in accomplishing, living, being this fully too. Each phase is different and the “how” is completely different too. Each “learns” this as they go. It’s a process that continues to expand and evolve as we each do.

♥ Heart of a Lion ♥

Courage, leadership, finesse …. our Pure Hearts are courageous, bold and often fierce. The difference in ego and Soul/Light is the ENERGY we possess and act from/live. One is abrupt/harsh, the other is through Love, kindness and supports/uplifts/inspires …. Leading the Way as Love. The fierceness is the opposite of the old human ego’s way. It’s a boldness that honors humanity, honors our planet and each other and breaks out of the old to forge a path into all new… which opens up portals to NEW EARTH for all truly ready and fully embracing this life too.

♫ The Lion Sleeps No More ♫

Sirian-Lyran frequencies/energies are some of my favorite ones. These aspects of ourselves are the ones that “Lead the Way” for activating, anchoring and building NEW EARTH REALITIES by way of stepping into immense higher-service roles, connecting through the Energetic Grids of our NEW Earth, crystallizing into form and being the Change-makers as Pure Light Consciousness here. While we have many aspects to embody, these are pure power and knowledge as Love. Once our Lion’s Heart awakens, nothing’s the same ever again and each Lion’s Gateway/Passageway just unlocks the next phase in our own individual Ascension/Multi-Dimensional Experience/Life here. This passageway is one of deeper connections, more pure love and more power too. This is an alchemical time of a combination of energies and codes to awaken new aspects, new realizations, abilities and Dream Realities for each to anchor, activate and live fully from within.

♦ As the NEW Beast Awakens ♥

Achieving balance is key. From one extreme to another for awhile, clearing distortions occurs by way of “purging” to eventually just become a regular organic daily detox process. This then evolves further into a holographic/energetic imprint for each to observe and intentionally consciously clear. We recognize, see, observe, break down, recode and energetically align this deep programming through our own expanded awareness as all becomes visible for us to recognize, resolve, dissolve, dissipate and clear. An actual experience is only necessary where we are unable to do this the moment it becomes visible, otherwise we believe the program into existence instead of recognizing it as a program representing the illusion of separation that it actually is. Many’s “beast” will activate within to bring forth a power to obliterate the old. There will be distortions and imbalances at first, which can be dis-en-heartening to see, as many act out their distortions instead of recognizing what all is… yet within this individual/collective experience, this is a counter-balancing process (and a karmic clearing/reversal process) in order to bring all into harmonic alignment/balance within. For those holding pure harmony and balance inside, as this code activates, then balance is brought to every situation, peace is ushered in/maintained and this powerful Courage/Light can be utilized to create powerful realities to support humanity as a greater whole too.

p.s. I’m not going into the depth of the 666 Beast codes that each human (ego) aspect holds on an atomic level with the carbon-based physical body form that holds the metaphoric/energetic “Mark of the Beast” Codes still. (This is what creates/holds 3D in place for each). The evolution of the human form to Crystalline, literally transforms these codes into Christed Frequencies/Energies/Codes through each’s awakening and full Physical Body Ascension processes. Plasma Crystalline offers NEW Earth as a full-reality-experience by each. This is a whole massive topic/process within itself. The ego aspect is the program that holds the illusions of separation within each. The 666 is each’s atomic codes upon the awakening process beginning through the duration of each’s own individual Ascension Process. Atomic re-writes occur on a sub-atomic/molecular/cellular level, as each embodies Pure Source Light Codes and completes their own Ascension Processes fully, first through the Activation of each’s own Higher States of Consciousness and then with their whole body-form, through the clearing of immense density (and linearity) held in the physical body form, to be able to vibrate at the 5th Dimension of Consciousness fully, which is where NEW Earth not only becomes visible, live-able, create-able and a “whole full-on experience” as well. —- For this specific 8-8 reference, “the NEW Beast” is the Lion’s Heart that opens portals to expanded realities not previously accessible/visible for some before. Lyran-Sirian frequencies recode human codes…. ♫

For “lack” of better wording, the Lion energetically “rivals” the 3D Beast….

p.p.s. We speak in metaphoric/energetics as a reference point to explain actual realities /experiences in which the human aspect brain does not want to accept or see. Quantum is not linear, so we have to differentiate codes energetically in order to explain that which is vibrational/energetic and correlates to actual experiences in non-linear ways. This is on purpose, as the human mind has to be stretched beyond previous limitations and ways of seeing before. Only the Pure Heart can accomplish this and these portals/passageways open up the perfect opportunities for this. ♥

☼ Roar of Light ☼

This code activated/came through on July 22nd, when the Lion’s Gate opened up within my own reality/awareness and “showed” a whole month’s passageway that would progress through weeks of codes activating as we all continued to go/flow….
The actual words were:
A RE-SOUND-ing Roar shall chamber across all Dimensions to “Announce” the Heralding of our NEW Earth as everyone’s reality here….. Where each lives energetically (Dimensional Coordinates) shall be received/activated/understood/experienced/interpreted and affect all in various/different ways….

On 8/1 Rainbow Frequencies ushered in the next Dream Codes, while delivering powerful frequencies/energies for integrating/anchoring/holding too.

8/2-8/7: The entire next week leading up to the 8/8 today were all about NEW VISIBILITY and the many ways this applies to each.

8/8 Codes unlocked: Moral Aptitude and Heart of a Lion ♥

We shall continue this passageway to it’s completion cycle and a new template anchors in.

Today is just a mid-point with many many many more codes yet to unlock/release. So, keep embracing, honoring and integrating these codes fully, as you will need to apply them to your whole life to activate your next NEW EARTH DREAM PHASE for living fully too.

All is through Unity, all is through Love, all is through Purity and all is through Light, which is the pure essence of what we all are. ♥ Live this fully and watch all shift for you as you do. NEW Earth will become visible more every moment as you TUNE YOUR FULL CONSCIOUSNESS to it. ♥

p.p.p.s. We don’t attack or try to destroy each other, berate each other or tear each other down. (That’s an old unconscious ego 3D program). We lift each other up, inspire and honor all as Pure Light. We bring LOVE to/through everything …. to open hearts and awaken/activate Souls through kindness, deep sacred respect and care. Observe your own behavior and see any distortions/programs as they present within you. See them “out there”, yet also observe where they are coming from and the ENERGY PRESENT WITHIN EACH/ALL. This will show you more than your human aspect could see/understand before, and you’ll be able to identify and choose to hold your own Light, while honoring each’s choice for their own reality as well. Lift all higher, to a higher dimensional plane of existence. Your Lightbody has the ability to alchemize all through Love. Bring your Light fully through you and Live this fully too…. and everything will shift FOR YOU and in RESPONSE to you as you do. We are here to create, build and live this together, yet each must choose this fully…. 5th Dimension-12th Dimension is where we do this, so LIVING LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS is necessary, otherwise each “leaves” 5D-12D to go back and play in 3D/4D and NEW EARTH can’t fully be anchored in for those doing this. Hold your highest and observe everything as a part of a whole. Every clearing process allows each to hold more light than was possible before. Releasing 3D/4D tethers is key, otherwise you keep hanging onto these which is what binds you to 3D/4D experiences until you fully let go/move on/release. ♥
With the utmost love, reverence and respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Lady of Flame art by Silvia Duran

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Awakening with Annelie Solis - female face

Awakening ~ Artist Annelie Solis

* * *

August Energy Update &
Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter:
☼ When We Live As Light ☼
♥ We can shift anything to a higher vibrational frequency ♥
♫ Keep Living Your Love and Living Your Light ♫
♦ Honor, Support and Respect Your Physical NEW Earth Lightbody fully ♦
Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!


Anchoring NEW Earth Codes and Embodying Light is a massive process on a Physical and Energetic level in every way. We must devote our whole life/body to immense integration processes that occur constantly and shift how we function and live here.

Our NEW Earth Experiences start soft, subtle and so very pure. Pure Peace, Pure Love, innocence, kindness, softness and the ability to inspire, uplift and expand all through our own higher consciousness awareness by observing all and utilizing this information to guide/assist others truly ready to do the same….

Sharing our NEW Earth Experiences is important, as it awakens each’s Soul-Heart and brings “realness” to what’s possible, what’s available, what already exists and what’s simple as each is truly ready to connect from deeper inside and energetically experience the magic and beauty of all from deep within.

Sharing the softness, sharing the kindness, sharing the Living Codes of Divine Intelligence… through our Service Work and in our every day lives…. BEing the Soft one, BEing the Kind one. BEing the ONE that uplifts, inspires, supports, creates beauty and acts as a portal to higher dimensional realms, NEW EARTH Experiences, Source Consciousness and more…. it’s a beautiful life that we Consciously Choose as our own whole reality experience here.

Not all are open to this and we respect this too. This is about respecting everyone’s choices and focusing on what we came here to BE and DO as Light Keepers, as Pure Love and Frequency Holders, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers and so much more.

NEW Earth realities are completely different than old earth ones were. It will take boldness and courage to step out/beyond the old habitual ways to explore all new. Each has to do this for themselves. It’s a part of each becoming the higher/highest vibrational version of themselves and activating NEW EARTH CODES for anchoring Heaven on Earth from deep within. (As is a ridiculous amount of sleep to integrate, clear/merge timelines and more). Our NEW EARTH Lightbodies and Embodiment is how we all do this.

Standing in y/our Power as Love, holding deep Sacred Respect, yet not accepting 3D as an acceptable way anymore is also a part of the process. Every person will have to go inward/inside to get their own answers from their own Universe/Higher Selves as to what is currently highest aligned in every now moment for them. This is not the same for everyone, as everyone is in different places, both Light Quotient wise, density wise, linearity/Quantum-wise and focus-wise…. with each dimension having “different guidelines/rules”, if you will.

Do the deep inner work. Keep going deeper every moment to open up all dimensions from deep within. Be real. Stop pretending, putting on a front, shapeshifting as human egos and playing in the old linear-program-regurgitation games. This global “halt” provides the perfect opportunity for this….

Inside each one of us is this Pure Divine Source of Light. This beautiful Consciousness/Energy and Ultra-High Frequencies that ignite and grow stronger as we embrace this aspect of ourselves from deep within. As we allow ourselves to live from these depths, this Pure Source Consciousness Light… our world/our experience subtly and substantially changes and there are no words that can adequately describe the pure peace, the pure beauty, the simplicity and what it’s like to actually live highest vibrationally aligned.

This FEELING, this CONNECTION, this BEAUTY and Sacred Organic Wisdom/Knowledge/Divine Intelligence… this is what we all bring forth. This is what we live, this is how we see, this is how we show up in the world and in our own actual realities and it’s what makes the difference for us all.

Through this purity, we see all, yet we see the beauty in all too. We see infinite possibilities and potentials, as well as outcomes ….

There is a world of wonder, a world of awe, a world of exceptional beauty deep inside of us all. First the ugly surfaces and yes, it’s beyond uncomfortable, yet it was what bound all to those old dimensional realities before…. and as we each release the energy, as we dissolve/resolve all into inner-peace and love, we shift inside, Energetically and Multi-Dimensionally too. “Out there” starts to look different, feel different, fuzzy, soft and surreal. Our experiences and exchanges are softer, kinder and fluid…. because we’ve released the separation (abrasiveness/abruptness) from this within ourselves…. (yes foggy groggy is a part of anchoring NEW Earth Codes and emerging from density as well).

This NEW EARTH REALITY is available to every one of us when our hearts/minds/body/energy surrender/collapse/converge/merge into ONE. When we are wide open and we function from our deeply connected state, fully present and allowing for beauty to flow out from within, this is our experience. Listening to nature, the birds, smelling the flowers, playing like an innocent child, creating entire realities and accomplishing through service role fulfillment. Creation is pure joy, fulfilling and we get to live these amazing experiences fully too! Truly seeing and caring about ourselves and each other, truly feeling this Sacred Connection with all. Our exchanges are beyond beautiful when we hold this softness and live from Unity Oneness too. ♥

Our Pure Universal Hearts are simple. Let them lead your way. Let your whole body relax and inJOY the simplicity of presence as you TUNE your Consciousness/Energy to a higher, purer, softer, beautiful and peaceful Multi-Dimensional Experience from within you.

For each of you, Thank You for bringing more PURE LOVE through you for our planet, humanity and all open, ready and consciously, intentionally Living NEW EARTH REALITIES FULLY too! Your LIGHT IS VISIBLE in every way, when you BE it, live it, shine it, share it and RAYdiate it out, seamlessly, effortlessly and softly, you gain the ability to touch the hearts of all as pure love here. ♥

In utter and complete gratitude for you, your service, your sharing and your immense contributions too!

p.s. I’ve been putting together a massive mid-year update for the last few months that I’m working to complete. Once I do, it will be made available to all via a dedicated website page, as well as in downloadable PDF format for printing, as the Light Encodements/activations are immense. ♥
With the Utmost Respect, Love, Appreciation and and Reverence for all,

p.p.s. For those that this may assist, on a different vibrational note, I’ll specifically address 3D/4D: ♫♫♫

Planetary Dark Night of the Ego and Illusions of Deep Separation Programming for 3D/4D went full-on January 1st as did the next phases of our NEW Earth Experiences too (Polar Opposites). The “metaphoric”/energetic war began to play out in 3D/4D frequency bandwidths for “the battle” to begin (the first 6 months) which now transitions into “the War” phase (Metaphysical/Galactic/Holy/Star Wars and various Dualistic Existences) manifest in those physical experiences, as 3D/4D still has “control masters” and “submissives” playing out code distortions where these are still housed/held deep within each.

Planetary Liberation from deep states of amnesia accelerates as we go. This occurs within each and is an individual journey of deep soul searching, achieving deep self-awareness and start to shift out of survival mode (fears) that dictated 3D lives before. While a large amount of the planet clears heavy duty (ugly) programs inside, it’s not pretty, it’s loud, it’s chaotic, yet it’s an important global “root chakra/core/primal energy clearing process” that’s necessary for planetary 3D/4D frequency bandwidths to completely dissolve for each to move/shift/transition into the next phase now coming forth. 3D/4D experiences are moving each through their physical body basic chakra system to open up/release those “stuck”/suppressed energies of before. As those frequency bandwidths cycle through the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye/crown… the distortions “acted/played/projected out” are extreme for awhile until polarities dissolve and balance within is achieved. This whole year, these collectives work within this “system”, to open up higher dimensional ones as all of this energy dissipates (hurt/hate/blame/anger and tons more).

5th Dimension and higher do not function from illusory fears, so we are honoring the fear-based systems within each as they clear, while continuing to fulfill higher service roles accomplishing the “New Earth Programs/Systems” aligned with NEW Earth REALities for all. For 3D/4D, fear lets distortions lead and “the Light cannot Lead” with all of that resistance/fight still inside. When the fear is gone, hearts will open and what held each back starts to go too. When the veils/old illusions start clearing, when the fog clears, when each truly FEELS and opens up to what’s possible through inner-freedom and Reconnecting their Consciousness to a different/higher dimensional version of our Earth, everything changes, as the “power” that 3D had is no more…. (Which is why the fight to hold on is so strong, yet fruitless efforts, because the outcome is visible, yet it’s the path of each to “arrive”). Each didn’t realize that they were the ones holding “all of that” it in place through their own insistence and fears, allowing all to occur through heavy duty deep separation programming and more. This will shift when the base/primal energies/instincts clear. Hearts open. Minds open. NEW Remembrance comes forth as the fear is what inhibited each’s inner-connection/power. Imagine all that immense fear clearing…. newfound freedom, newfound hope, new realizations and new desire/drive to accomplish NEW EARTH together… replacing separation programming of before. ♥

Be patient, respectful and kind, as the planet emerges out of a deep sleep/slumber/coma and frees itself from the chains of an “invisible prison” and clears the Galactic Planetary Quarantine Stage that’s pivotal in the various Planetary multi-dimensional phases that come next. These massive collectives fully awakening is what we’ve all been waiting for, yet it’s ugly as fear/separation is what kept all in place and “acting out” is an early phase as well. Conformity is fear and in a 3D story – many in leadership roles played out their roles of greed, abuse, neglect and pure “evil”, if you will. Yes, they took advantage, yes they profited on suffering, yes they used, manipulated, creating distorted systems and totally abused their authority, yes there was a huge imbalance created, which is a part of every planetary awakening process… It’s the whole point at first. New/Higher/Expanded awareness comes when the fear dissipates and each’s heart opens completely up. These higher-heart openings activate portals to NEW EARTH. Each has to get totally fed up with the old before they will open up to NEW EARTH. Each has to get “totally done” with the old before new is more desirable… which is what 2020 “does”…. Opens up Multi-Dimensional opportunities as each is truly ready for this…. The “driving force” at first (Root and Heart) is each being beyond sick of old earth, being beyond fed up, being beyond exhausted, even totally “broken” inside, beyond DONE and no longer willing to accept old earth as the only reality anymore…. forgo, for each, a NEW EARTH REALITY is born, birthed, becomes visible, sought, important and a priority from deep within. ♥

We’ve entered the vibrational frequencies that change all of that….. The old falls completely away, so that the NEW can come through/forth….

NEW EARTH REPLACES OLD EARTH…. and is “birthed” and experienced from deep within each one of us. As all Unite through their own inner-power, inner-connection, inner-light to share, support, uplift and make a bigger different here, entire realities are shifted, entire timelines are shifted… and seeing the “end” from this Quantum Now… it’s beautiful. So keep anchoring and living your own NEW Earth Codes —- as all inner-links up to our Crystalline Grids and Plasma Networking Systems of NEW Earth! ♥

p.s. Are you completely DONE yet with old earth realities or are you still playing in them, trying to hold them in place and continuing to allow them to play out in your own mind/energy/reality/experience still? Each has to be completely done inside, for NEW EARTH portals to fully open up. Once you completely walk through, you won’t choose to go back anymore. (You will be able to “cross over” for short periods, inner-act for short periods (where highest aligned) and for specific purposes in order to Unite more as Love. Eventually you won’t cross over anymore, as your entire reality will be vibrationally/energetically aligned with 12D NEW Earth).

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Awakening ~ Artist Annelie Solis

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter: Thank You for Your Service as Light – Lisa Transcendence Brown

god-goddess-stone-wall-panel-at-the-house-of-artusa-london-part-face-female face

God-Goddess Stone Wall Panel @ The House of Artusa, London


Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter: Thank You for Your Service as Light


Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

I was observing what is important to say to you right now… and saw to thank each one of you and everyone for Living your Highest as Light, for Showing the Way (Wayshowers), for HOLDing immense unlocked NEW EARTH Codes and Templates within your own body-field-form (Embodiment) and maintaining openness, love, kindness, generosity, compassion and care, while standing in immense inner-strength/power to “Lead the Way” and BEing relentless in your focus and dedication to LIVE a Unified Existence (Oneness), while assisting with various transitional phases that present along the way.

Thank you for UNITING as vibrationally and energetically appropriate/aligned… for working, creating, coexisting through Divine Sacred Union and NEW EARTH Partnerships too….

Thank you for LIVING ONENESS and for REMEMBERING all as Love, REMEMBERING why we are all here and for applying “NEW” to everything you live, breathe, speak and do…. opening up huge portals and passageways of infinite possibilities and potentials for all to embrace and actualize too!

Thank you for REMEMBERING that all is THROUGH Unity, and that division and duality are just so all can see, clear immense distortions and to assist with the deep inner work through immense (previously) “invisible” programming, conditioning, illusions of separation and self-imposed limitations through believing fears, distorted/linear perceptions and fixed beliefs/matrix programs that separate all from this.

Thank you for Shining Light on all that was perceived as “dark” and for dissolving (Transcending) the separation you once held, hid from and didn’t want to see… and for busting through those strong defense/protection mechanisms that were your binding to 3D realities too.

Thank you for being the EXAMPLE, for Living your Pure Divine Essence and for diminishing the veils of separation within you that were previously present while still functioning and living from an amnesia (forgotten) state.

Thank you for CHOOSING LIGHT as your only way….

Thank you for being the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL … as delving into the depths and transversing through the ever-winding rabbit hole (vortex) is a massive process that inner-twines, weaves, takes infinite turns and presents distortions after distortions until each “gets the hang” of multi-dimensional realities and realizes there are entirely all new realities available when each is truly ready for this….

Thank you for encouraging all to do the deep inner work and to shine and share their own light fully too!

There are no words great enough … ♥

Thank you for your ability to RESPECT where everyone is and understand how all works….. to empower each around you through your presence and unwavering dedication and commitment to HOLDING NEW EARTH REALities in place…

Thank you for your willingness to LIGHT THE WAY and honor each’s own decision to walk through/come through when it’s their time to unite as LOVE and explore/discover/create/build NEW EARTH REALITIES together too….

Thank you for your realizations that each must also do the deep deep deep inner work themselves and that each must come into their own realizations from inside, while working through immense separation and duality programming held within the carbon-based physical body still… (this too is activating codes, with every emotional release emanating from an old mentality/belief).

It’s beautiful how with every opportUNITY that presents, you SHOW UP AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT through your own PURITY and Love…. naturally inspiring all around you to also CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES by embracing their own inner-guidance/knowing too, because you see how capable they are when supported, uplifted and inspired to do this like we all do and that feeling of simplicity and pride they have when they accomplish this themselves…

It’s beyond beautiful to SEE you all uniting, sharing, working together, supporting and having a blast, living your PURE JOY and PEACE while LIGHTING PATHS and Opening Gateways/Vortexes for all to walk through too…..

Passageways are important, as they are how each comes out on the “other side”…. as each exercises their own free-will (Conscious Choice) as to which version of Earth to Invest in, Experience and Live, by what each consciously contributes to, supports, aligns with, creates and allows….

It’s so beautiful to see so many stop saying programmed statements like “I/they don’t have a choice” through realizing that EVERYONE HAS INFINITE CHOICES, and that each’s hearts and minds just have to be completely open, ready and willing to utilize them, instead of hanging onto the “old ways” as safe…

So, today and every day, I hold you in pure love, gratitude and appreciation in my Heart-Soul for every one of you HOLDING THE FOUNDATION and Platforms for NEW Earth REALities in place and working to establish NEW SYSTEMS that replace the old ones that were operating from within a corrupted timeline…

Yes, it takes us all…. As all created old earth… allowed old earth, unconsciously supported Old Earth and participated in BEing OLD Earth until that HUGE GAME CHANGING MOMENT where NEW EARTH awoke/was birthed/became visible from within…. and EVERYTHING INSIDE SHIFTED/CHANGED….. and each of our own LIGHT emerged so softly, beautifully, peacefully and profoundly through simplicity and purity too.

For all LIVING FROM NEW EARTH fully from deep within, creating all aligned on a Soul/Cosmic Level …. my “hat is off to you” for being COURAGEOUS in no longer conforming to “the old norm” of the fear-based, constricting, limiting, imprisoning ways of fixed/linear/suppression mentalities/beliefs… and for BUSTING OUT and FORGING A PATH THROUGH and for HOLDING NEW EARTH CORE VALUES IN PLACE… no matter what, because you see/understand/realize how important all is…. for every one of us.

I look forward to all uniting more, as entire collectives break through/out and join us to CREATE/BUILD/ACCOMPLISH NEW Earth REALities for everyone to inJOY fully too! ☼

Keep initiating and reconnecting through our ♦ Crystalline Gridding Systems ♦ and ♫ Plasma Networks ♫ too!

Thank you for bringing more PURE LOVE through you for our planet, humanity and all ready to live NEW EARTH FULLY too! ♥

In utter and complete gratitude for you, your service, your sharing and your immense contributions too!
With the Utmost Respect, Love, Appreciation and and Reverence for all,


God-Goddess Stone Wall Panel @ The House of Artusa, London

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


May’s Reality Shifting Quantum/Consciousness Codes Thus Far – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Alice in Wonderland via Pinterest

Alice in Wonderland via Pinterest


May’s Reality Shifting Quantum/Consciousness Codes Thus Far: Down the Rabbit Hole, Justice, Reverberation, Ancestral Clearings and more …


Aloha LOVE family,

We have a LOT of POWERFUL Codes that have enumerated our cellular bodies/fields/planet this month…. continually increasing and changing the frequency/geometrics of all.

It’s important to realize that there are Cosmic Frequencies running all day every day that dictate/change everything… and that which each experiences/sees is relative to a massive vibrational alignment process, a massive restructuring process, a massive re-everything process and all that occurs is a part of this.

The sacred and powerful LIGHT CODES that have activated on a Quantum Level “work” to bring all into/restore balance, “right the wrongs” (playing in duality for this part to explain) and clear immense karmic/unconscious programming that was hidden deep within each.

I have a few new writings to post/share, yet the codes have to be broken down and decoded/transcribed into geometrics that provide the dynamic/spectrum of each. These are not “simple codes” (they are, yet not how we have to explain them), as Quantum Photonic Light Codes are a multitude of many frequencies and immense information in data-streams that have to be broken down and then put into a constructed sharing for each to be able to easily and fully utilize, activate to, integrate and then apply to “life” for shifting/encompassing/living with greater ease.

While all of these codes are so completely flooding through 24/7, there are specific ones that affect individually in certain ways and collectively in other ways… and depending on where each currently functions from, the “how” is different for each.

For now, I’ll share these few and expand upon them more in another writing/live event/sharing for all. ♥

  • May 1st began “What goes around comes around” energies… increasing the “return” of what all hold and consciously/unconsciously transmit out….
  • May 11th: Crimes against Humanity — this one we’ve all “known”, yet when the actual code comes through, this means it’s activated to start to filter through densities in actual realities in all new ways. This one is not only as each would “think”… yet, yes… this one is exactly as it says.
  • May 11th: Justice Codes: This one was like WOW. The absolute strongest and most powerful I’ve observed/heard/seen/felt thus far. Instead of a few minutes, it pummeled through for over a 1/2 and hour. This one means for all to “get just inside” and is an extension of the “Crimes against humanity” codes that came through earlier in the day….
  • All of May: Ancestral clearings that are inner-twined through each in various ways. These will correlate to every reality where there is hurt and wounds still not “healed” (unresolved within).
  • May 8th: “Down the Rabbit Hole” we all go…. for all to be brought fully into the Light. Yes, the next phase of this has just now begun….

Now…. many things may “appear” to get worse before they get better. There’s a lot coming that needs to be reconciled and cleared within each. Still too many not wanting to hear/see/listen and place blame “outside” and see the battle, yet are unable to see the full picture, which is a part of the greater whole …. while others stepping up huge to fulfill higher service roles more…. bringing peace, balance and holding the new in place as all are ready to transition over to unite/join together and work together as Love.

We have every polarity occurring, as photonic Light “distorts on purpose”, so all can see….so those buried feelings, suppressed emotions, old stories and de-valuing, dis-empowering beliefs and externally focused misplaced trust and blind loyalty can dissipate and clear.

I’ve been observing (for years) masses unaware that they perceive “the Light” as a threat. This program gets “twisted” and reflects back the opposing polarity. I’m finishing an article to assist with dismantling this program for those who desire to consciously shift this…. I’ll work to post it within the next day or so as well.

This is a HUGE TIME for all. Many move into their “throat chakra/vortex” of speaking out, standing up and no longer playing out those submissive roles of hiding their power and light like before. Unity in numbers as the WE grows, as Light grows and as Light SHOWS what all didn’t want to admit/see before…. as well as infinite new options/possibilities through heart expansion and the application of Light. ☼

While not all is as all perceives and everything is multi-dimensional and often opposites, the one way for all to understand is to go deep within and reconnect with their own Divine Guidance and Sacred Knowing and learn to listen to and honor this fully, in order to bring all into alignment consciously and through the Purity of Love here.

Many now starting to realize the magnitude of all… deep hurt, betrayal and earth-shattering realizations shake many to their core, in order to awaken and shift to a whole new timeline/reality from deep within. There is always so much more than each can see, so it’s important to see all as new awareness for empowerment and not to get fixed to anything that creates the “loop cycle” again….

LIGHT IS WHERE EACH’S HOPE IS… and it’s also where all answers/solutions are. So tune in, open up and listen to your own Universal/Cosmic Heart and Higher mind intelligence and then ACT from this place/space and hold yourself/your energy in an expanded state until your entire reality is fully vibrationally aligned……

I love you and hang in there if you find yourself challenged. To understand separation is important, as the “how” changes as we do. This is the time of different choices, diving deep into the immense inner work necessary to facilitate an entire reality shift and also shifting your allegiances, as what each vibrationally align with, becomes reality/experiences here.
Everything is relative to dimensions/different densities and frequency bandwidths and the application of unlocked codes….

With love and the utmost respect,
Lisa ☼

p.s. I have a really long article on the “ugly part of awakening” that may assist with transitions as well. This is a part of the breakdown/breakthrough processes/phases that many are in right now. I’ll work to get all out in a flow that supports these next collective shifts entering into these phases now… ♥


Alice in Wonderland via Pinterest

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Heavenly NEW Earth Consciousness & Focus – Lisa Transcendence Brown

white roses in pot via pinterest -- flowers

May’s Light Letter:
Heavenly NEW Earth Consciousness & Focus is “How”…

♦ Taking Responsibility for yourself, your energy and what you create/allow…
♦ Applying Unlocked NEW EARTH CODES
♦ Re-Designing your whole life vibrationally aligned with these

Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

I transmit out love to accompany you through your every moment of consciously creating more new, anchoring the codes for NEW EARTH fully and living beautiful dream realities too! ♥

Moments of deep observation, commUNION and reflection are our norm… observing the ENERGY of all and seeing from Infinite Dimensions/Levels of Consciousness… so vastly that every moment is vibrationally re-coded and re-aligned just through Pure Presence, BEing and Pure Sacred Connection held deep deep deep within….

I can speak to the unraveling, the immense distortions and craziness that is occurring in 3D/4D frequency bandwidths or I can speak to the beauty, magnificence and pure JOY available to all fully living 5D-12D from deep deep deep within… and how HOLDING OUR HIGHEST STATES IS WHAT SHIFTS ALL to a whole new reality, tons of them, and what’s actually available, what’s truly possible and what’s just waiting for all to embrace, grab ahold of and bring forth as their whole new reality here too.

There are always options, there are always choices and there are always alternatives…. and how easily we see, how easily we shift, how easily we Tune our Consciousness (and Crystals that make up our Crystalline LightBodies) is determined by how open our hearts/minds/energy/whole body/being is….. Plasma gives each the ability to re-shape/re-form entire realities, as well as play in a field of cohesion and experience some “trippy stuff” for awhile, until our Plasma LightBody is completely online, forgo accelerating more LightBody phases as we return to 12D with our whole body/being.

Do you SPEND your moments creating all new realities to experience as your whole life here? Do you INVEST all of you and all that you have/are/do into ALL NEW that looks nothing like the old use to? DO you truly CARE to UNITE and work together and share? Or are you still holding on to “the old ways of living/doing things” because of what you were told/learned (programmed) to believe? (It’s important to Resolve all victim mentalities here… as all of this was individually Soul-determined prior to each’s incarnation)…

Do you awaken every day, excited and ready to rock out awesomeness or do you spend all of your “time” (energy) focused on what’s going on “out there”? There are ways to “see”, without it “dictating” y/our reality or getting “caught up in any of it”. Through heart/mind/consciousness expansion we are able to see from multiple perspectives and various levels of everything. These expanded perceptions/awarenesses/understandings are utilized in teaching/re-educating/guiding/assisting and shifting all to much higher timelines/realities at-will.

Do you govern yourself fully and hold deep sacred respect for all? Do you observe yourself and all in your own reality and REALIZE that you are the one that makes a difference? The expanded realization that you are the one that CREATED THAT WHOLE REALITY/EXPERIENCE by the programming your cellular body holds, what you listened to, participated in, supported, believed, allowed and actually did or didn’t do are a part of how you/we all come into y/our power here. These realizations are flooding forth for many right now and increasing for more as we go.

Do you bring forth programming, separation, duality, fears and lack or do you shift to a completely different place/space inside and UNITE ALL THROUGH LOVE? Are you still playing out the old distorted illusions because of ignited stories fueled by heightened/suppressed emotions or are you LIVING YOUR MOST MAGNIFICENT REALITY fully….. by BEING LIGHT in form… fully and encouraging all to be/do/live this fully too?

Where your focus is, what you “do”, what you allow, what you spend your time/energy on… this is what “manifests” (materializes) in your reality as an “experience/form”….

First, akashes and karmic timelines must fully be cleared. We do this by doing the OPPOSITE of what the ego aspect wants…. This activates each’s Merkaba to start to construct/build over much linear time for physical body ascension to occur. Through consciously dissolving our own inner-separation, a unification of “all bodies” occurs….


NEW EARTH IS A REALITY/EXPERIENCE that each are able to LIVE fully… as each INTENTIONALLY/CONSCIOUSLY HOLDS NEW EARTH TEMPLATES and CODES IN PLACE…. with their whole body/being/presence — ACTS & ACTIONS….

NEW EARTH is vibrant, more colorful and starts out so “sur-REAL”…. soft, fuzzy and dreamy and SO VERY PURE…. occurring as each lets completely go of the old everything and CONSCIOUSLY ALLOWS their whole body/being to raise it’s whole overall vibration fully… where each’s heart is fully connected, where each’s mind has completely relaxed and whole body surrendered to PURE PRESENCE and PEACE… where each’s body is truly happy and SO FULL OF LOVE that it naturally bursts out, naturally RAYdiates and emanates out…. from every cell. ♥

Nature speaks energetically, birds sing symphonies, butterflies and dragonflies flitter about. Conversations and exchanges are kind, loving, soft and pure…. and “realities” are CREATED through full consciousness, sharing, uniting and working together to support, uplift and inspire all…. ourselves, each other and all of humanity… AS ALL ARE ONE AND THE SAME….

It starts at “home” (inside)… in your whole life and “how you live” energetically and physically too. How you behave, treat yourselves/each other and where you function from matters…. as this is what creates the FLOW OF ENERGY and the DIRECTION OF CODES…. that “tells” the Quantum Field/Unified Field how to respond to/for you…. especially when we get into full Embodiment and organically transmitting LIGHT CODES out that are COORDINATES for multi-dimensional realities/experiences….

When you breathe, you transmit. When you BE you transmit. When you speak, you transmit, when you sit, when you think, when you inner-act, when you create, when you “do” anything… you transmit the COORDINATES OUT FOR THE DIMENSION you OCCUPY and EXPERIENCE as a vibrational RESULT of this….

Your EVERY nano-second/moment you are transmitting, receiving and generating CODES…. Quantum Geometric Equational Codes that constantly take new form, constantly re-shape, constantly inner-acting with a Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Field and COMMUNICATES on an ENERGETIC LEVEL …. where through your own full consciousness you are able to ENERGETICALLY DIRECT…

As you experience these MASSIVE PLANETARY, COLLECTIVE AND INDIVIDUAL SHIFTS from Old Earth to NEW, from the old corrupted Databases/Codes/Foundations/Programs/Systems/Platforms/Databanks to completely “new” ones…. you are “leaving” separation, leaving duality, leaving lack, leaving survival mode, leaving fear-based beliefs/realities to TRANSITION OVER to a whole new REALITY that’s FREE, PURE and A NEW DREAM…. built on a FOUNDATION of PURE LOVE, UNIVERSAL/COSMIC TRUTHS/WAYS/CODES….

We are exactly where is important for shifting the whole planet to Living FROM a much higher State of Consciousness than before. One where each holds themselves accountable AS a Soul-Star-LIGHT BEing and sees what they didn’t want to before. First, each has to open up to ACCEPT what they didn’t want to admit, see or “deal with”, because it was “uncomfortable” or “made them choose/do” something different… yet this is NECESSARY to assist each in stopping unconscious acceptance of “any of that” as an ACTual “reality” and start to unite with those who Serve Humanity as a greater whole…. and CREATE/ACCOMPLISH TOGETHER that which comes forth through INNER-VISION (NEW Earth Visionaries), PURE HEART and by APPLYING NEW EARTH CODES to how we all live our lives here……

Until each ACTUALLY SEE what was actually going on, what was “hidden” and deeply veiled…. and admit that which didn’t care about or support humanity, our planet and all…. each won’t open up to listen with their heart, open up to re-learning all a-new and fully embrace all new different realities instead…..

WE NEED ALL TO SEE, we need all to truly “get it” and also dedicate themselves, their gifts/skills/abilities, their own reSOURCEs and time/love/energy to NEW EARTH fully too. This is “how” we do this…. together…. and so while “ALL COMING INTO LIGHT” is not “pretty”, it is an important part of the Awakening Process…. because without this part, no one would “choose” to “leave” the old ways of unconsciousness, separation, duality and “give my power away to that which is outside of me”…. in order to UNITE/CREATE/BUILD all new realities (NEW EARTH) through Divine Harmony, cohesiveness, love, purity, kindness, caring, support and sharing….

As long as “the old ways” are believed to be “protection/safe”, then humanity is unable to shift. So, each will be presented with SEEing that’s not true (it never was… just an illusion of this). Each will constantly be presented with CHOICES and the energy each holds/transmits out will “tell” the external what to “do”.

This immense process is one of re-learning everything all over again, deeeeeeeeep de-programming, deeeeeeeeep cellular purification/cleanses of heavy duty (hidden/invisible) purging (at first) and FILLING THAT SPACE INSIDE with PURE LIGHT.

This is a DNA “battle/war” to “control” Consciousness… yet Pure Consciousness can’t be controlled. This is, and has always been, the HOLY GRAIL… and the “Keys” to all are held deep within each one of us here. ♥ It’s also a culmination of all timelines/existences rolled up into “this one here”. Each will REMEMBER and MERGE (through the clearing of immense inner-distortions) their Galactic, Atlantean, LeMUrian, Sacred and Divine Aspects, as each realizes that “all of those” are not “another time” like once thought.

This is where your LightBody repairs your own degraded/damaged/destroyed DNA, which was a part of the role played by 3D everything. You/We/Each just have to learn to re-prioritize all to fully support and honor this…. as it does mean “y/our whole life” here. Literally and on every level….

As each’s LIGHTBODY is “allowed” to come fully online INSIDE….. This IS THE PURE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL LITERALLY “taking over your body” (not an entity or anything to “fear”), while your bio-electrical system is activated to awaken your body’s consciousness so that Electrical Photonic Light can work through body density and fill your every cell to create a sacred gridwork/networking system INSIDE that communicates and transmits out multi-dimensional codes with your every breath…. and where YOU are someone completely different than “before”….

This is the dissolving of the separation of “time”, the linearity/density/fixed mentalities of ego separation programming…

This is the re-merging of all into/as ONE inside….. so that “outside” can become this too….

This is where the “battle” inside finally goes (as it was all of your aspects/versions fighting your higher/future/purest Source SELF through games of separation)…. forgo “the battle out there” will go too and you won’t be “fighting” anyone/anything anymore, as you shift to 5D where there are no battles… Instead there is Unity, Love and Pure Consciousness that dictates all and THIS is where NEW EARTH emanates from…… and you just have to HOLD THIS FULLY… as your whole NEW reality here….

Every moment CAN BE PEACE, CAN BE HEAVEN…. when this is where you LIVE from INSIDE…. for when you breathe, you breathe love. When you breathe, you breathe light. When you breathe, you breathe peace and this is what emanates out to BEcome your Unified Quantum Field Experience….

Yes, you will always be clearing old programming, yet it’s no “big deal” after awhile, as it’s just a cellular thing that doesn’t inhibit or infringe on “how” you ACTually LIVE here…..

EVERY TIME we get a MASSIVE BLAST OF PHOTONIC LIGHT (which is 24/7), your whole body/being/reality is going to be reworked/realigned to all new “codes”……

This is a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Existence… where nothing is fixed and everything shifts constantly….. yet it takes a while to relearn how to function in all new ways…. and an immense amount of openness, readiness, patience, presence and CONSCIOUSNESS… to do this with great ease and grace. Yet, the JOY, the beauty, the magnificence is what all “receive” as an ACTual experience….. and this can be shared/transmitted/united through our vibratory fields…. where CREATING is so much fun, so awesome and simple….. because CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS is where we all live/function from…. where everything is OUR CREATION…. so we take GREAT CARE in everything…. because it is “this important” and it “does affect” everyone and everything and every reality on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Level….

SO LIVE YOUR LIGHT…. Live your JOY…. Live Your Purity and LOVE fully… and observe the distortions…. all of them…. as this gives you the POWER to see, dissolve and shift, tune and re-align all yourself!

InJOY listening to the Cosmic Frequencies encoded and constantly re-tuning all…. InJOY the Softness, the Silence, the Purity, the Simplicity and Peace… (available to all from deep within), so that when you “move” your body/field, that this energy/vibration” is what you bring forth, share and emanate out.

Joy, magic and immense beauty and abundance are a natural by-product of this…. ♫

I love you and what’s coming next will be even more mind-blowing for those still awakening …. while exciting realities prepare to come forth for all fully embracing ALL NEW…. as 12D dictates this planet now… the rest is the dismantling, unraveling, restructuring and re-setting/re-balancing processes and bringing ALL INTO THE LIGHT FULLY so that ALL IS VISIBLE… to allow for greater shifts to occur.

Are you Living Out Victim Mentalities or Holding an Empowering ENERGY….? Do you continually convince yourself that you don’t have a choice or do you truly open up to SEE and EMBRACE all that’s available and possible when your heart/mind are open fully and you live from Sacred Trust and Divine Union inside? This makes a difference in what your actual experiences will be going forth. ♥

Yes, there will be great division…. as the “Split between Old Earth and New” occurs for/within each… yet this will eventually dissolve too…. AS all becomes ONE AGAIN…. as all is re-birthed from within and each LIVES NEW EARTH fully…. and as Pure Love here. ☼

Unity Consciousness Prevails… as the old is no longer (on a Quantum Level) and only plays out where this is still held within by each).

Get ready… as we’ve only just begun…. there’s SO VERY MUCH MORE still to come! We are shifting an entire planet… one by one… group by group…. collective by collective… until everything is transitioned through 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes and the application/implementation of various/infinite Source Codes too.

12D NEW EARTH TEMPLATES continue to accelerate and rework everything…. continue to replace the old… continue to dismantle/dissolve and bring NEW BALANCE in ways not understood/visible/perceived before…. These codes are within each one of us and are constantly being activated through the barrage/floods of Light Codes and Photonic Light/Plasma Energies increasing/accelerating 24/7 every day.

Ultra-High Frequency Photonics sing Cosmic Harmonics constantly and it’s the most beautiful song ever felt/experienced/heard… ♫♫♫ Everyday is Massive Stargates/Gateways opening/re-synchronizing/re-aligning, one after the other and another and another…. so massively that constantly integrating, stabilizing and shifting is a natural state too…. ♫

Your NEW EARTH REALITIES will take all of you, all of your energy and everything you have/are/do… just like old earth did… yet these realities are built on Purity, Unity, Love, Freedom Codes and your own HUMANITY…. and all get to IN-JOY these fully and with the utmost simplicity, care, respect and ease too! ♥
Immense Love, Respect and Reverence for all,


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


Your NEW Earth Experience/Life – Lisa Transcendence Brown

circle spirals violet blue light


Your NEW Earth Experience/Life is THROUGH YOUR CONSTANTLY EVOLVING Physical LightBody/DNA and Merged Unified Field of Expanded Quantum/Super Consciousness

Your LightBody is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this entire process, as it’s HOW you achieve all as PURE LIGHT.

Your LightBody gives you access to all on a multi-dimensional level and does everything FOR YOU, yet what it REQUIRES FROM YOU will be more than your human ego aspect will want to “do”.

Your LightBody is your NEW EARTH BODY… it’s your Soul Body, your Energy Body… INTEGRATED within your physical body form. It repairs, rewrites and recodes your DNA/Genetics on a level that your human aspect is not capable of….


Your LightBody emanates, RAYdiates, vibrates and transmits OUT various frequencies and codes that TELL THE EXTERNAL “REALITY” HOW to respond (and deliver) all new realities/experiences to/for you…..

Your LightBody is YOU/YOUR SOUL/YOU AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS/LIGHT and every one of your MUCH HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ASPECTS that you open up access to, have to learn to HOLD/LIVE AS, while completely re-configuring, recreating, reconstructing and accomplishing all as PURE SACRED SOFT KIND POWERFUL LOVE here……

Your LIGHTBody is constantly Evolving, constantly Re-tuning, constantly Reconfiguring, constantly Anchoring, constantly Activating, and constantly Releasing all new INFORMATION and MUCH HIGHER INTELLIGENCE than that of your human aspect. In order to BE/HOLD THIS, you BECOME your HIGHEST VERSION/ASPECTS OF YOURSELF and you HOLD/EMBODY/LIVE THIS FULLY, for NEW EARTH TO BE your ACTual Entire Experience/REALity here….

There is no separation within anything… all is visible, available and possible. UNIFICATION brings Pure Peace, Ease and BEauty, Softness, Kindness and Deep Sacred Care, as well as the POWER to accomplish anything, without the distortions of the old anymore…..

There is no competition or selfishness, there is softness, caring and love, there is simplicity and sharing, presence and supporting, inspiration and contribution to a much higher dimensional reality where all new are timelines FREE FROM limits, boxes and excuses/dis-empowerment that each once held within……

THERE IS A BEAUTY IN INNER-FREEDOM and the LOVE OF CREATION, the LOVE OF INSPIRATION, THE LOVE OF UNITY AND DIVINE FLOW….. There is an ease that transcends all of the struggle that the ego aspect use to hold as “reality/necessity” before…..

There is BEAUTY in SIMPLICITY, zero complicating, zero excuses, zero waste, zero entitlement, zero lack that EMANATES from ZERO POINT FIELD/RANGE….

There is BEAUTY in SILENCE (as it’s not silent), BEAUTY in Deep Sacred Connection, BEAUTY in Nature, BEAUTY in PURE PRESENCE…. where all is perfectly IN-TUNE, in PURE HARMONY and touches/uplifts/awakens your whole BEing through PURITY, where distortions are the way of the old…..

There is PURE PEACE where SACRED INNER UNION EXISTS, where external does not dictate anything…. and the inner creates “that”….. where all that each DREAMS through Sacred Presence becomes ACTual “reality”/Experiences here…..

There is a magnificence and magic available through our innocent and playful, kind loving hearts….. and POTENTIALS become REALITY because each HOLDS THIS AS REALITY FULLY from within…..


There is BEAUTY where all allow this, by completely and totally opening their whole BEING/HEART/MIND/SELF to LIVE THEIR OWN HIGHEST fully here and EMBODY all of the NEW EARTH CODES (and Templates) in every aspect of their own lives too…..

NEW EARTH IS US…. WE HOLD IT IN PLACE and WE EXPERIENCE THAT WHICH WE HOLD… Our Every Experience a VIBRATIONAL/ENERGETIC REFLECTION BACK to that which we “tell” our Morphogenic/Holographic/Unified Field to CREATE AS A RETURN…. through PURE PRESENCE and everything ENERGETIC….

NEW Earth is our EXPERIENCE where we each function from a State of Consciousness that allows NEW EARTH to BE our every experience here…. In order to achieve this, our SOULBODY/LIGHTBODY must fully integrate WITHIN OUR FORM and reconfigure our whole physical body make-up for immense LIGHT to RUN OUR BODIES/SYSTEMS and OUR ENERGY THAT CREATES/SUPPORTS all…..

Our LightBodies are ENERGETIC and CONSTANTLY building up through the activation and integration of immense Photonic LIGHT (atomic/cellular/molecular level/every level) DEEP within, so that our entire physical reality is supported, our entire life is highest aligned, our whole field works cohesively and through Divine Alignment. Full Integration and Embodiment is UNIFICATION and MASTERY within itself…..

To build/hold/embody PURE LIGHT and hold this at all times…. to HOLD THIS FULLY and no longer compromise ON A SOUL LEVEL is required by each….

TO LIVE a SIMPLE EXISTENCE where Service/Light/Unity/Pure Consciousness/Love/Kindness/Inner-Power and Unifying all through LOVE is our organic and natural way…. means that each has consciously chosen to RELEASE THE INNER STRUGGLE/FIGHT and CONSCIOUSLY SHIFTS FROM DEEP INSIDE TO REALITIES that are UNIFIED ON EVERY LEVEL. SHIFT INSIDE to “it’s not complicated”, as NEW EARTH CODES ARE SIMPLE… they just don’t conform to old earth ways, because those are corrupted/constricting and “go against” UNITY/PURITY/CONSCIOUSNESS… which is the opposite of how the human ego sees….

FULL CONSCIOUSNESS “APPEARS” to “go against”, yet it’s actually the other way around… Full Consciousness lifts all up/higher, empowers through unity/love/purity and holds LOVE as a WAY OF BEING/LIVING/EXISTING… which includes EVERYONE. It’s the E-Go aspect that destroys, is selfish and doesn’t actually care, lives from survival mode/protection mechanisms, judges/justifies/rationalizes “behavior” according to EGO BELIEFS/MENTALITIES/STRUCTURES/CONSTRUCTS/SYSTEMS/WAYS…. which is the “opposite” of PURITY, KINDNESS, SHARING AND UNITY….

The human ego aspect is the one “trying” to comply with rigid, fixed rules… the one trying so hard to hang onto the “old ways” learned/told/embedded/believed before….

The human ego aspect is the one that functions from a place of separation within and fears EVERYTHING that challenges that which they perceive “reality” to be…

The human ego aspect is the one that fights, defends and plays in duality within still….

The human ego aspect is the one that cannot receive love, pushes it away or seeks outside of itself….

The human ego aspect is the one “dependent” on realities that keep them in a box, prison and “fixed”, because of distorted perceptions of “control” and the distorted mentality/belief that those “fixed” limits are “safe”, when everything is ACTUALLY quite the opposite of this.

The human ego aspect is the one that loves to play in the “I’m not RESPONSIBLE” and “it’s all them/theirs” game….. totally unaware that the “matrix” is inside of their whole body and the dismantling process is “done” by their own SOUL/LIGHTBODY activating inside of their own body and re-configuring/vibrationally realigning their entire reality FOR THEM…. because they will not yet fully surrender for EASE to be the way that this occurs, as well as making the HIGHEST VIBRATIONALLY ALIGNED CHOICES/DECISIONS NECESSARY TO SHIFT ALL TO A MUCH HIGHER VIBRATION/LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM WITHIN……….. so “something” has to occur to assist with this PROCESS….. of continually breaking down the “EGO HOLD” within….

SOUL/COSMIC ALIGNMENT “appears” to GO AGAINST everything the human ego lives for/believes/built… yet it’s actually the OPPOSITE. The human ego reality is what “goes against” COSMIC/SOUL/UNIVERSALLY ALIGNED REALITIES and this is what’s being aligned VIBRATIONALLY on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional/Cosmic Level from within every moment now………….

The human ego aspect is unaware of all, because of limited, fixed and conditioned mind constructs that bind each to a VERSION OF REALITY that’s not highest aligned. There are infinite “reasons” for this, at which are too vast to cover with this writing here. In order to EXPAND INTO much higher states of Consciousness, one must LET GO OF ALL OF THAT, dissolve the old programming held within and BE WILLING to explore all new ways, incorporate all new ways that LOOK NOTHING LIKE BEFORE….

Each must be WILLING to go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside/within to observe their own PROGRAMMING and learn to open up to LISTEN, HONOR AND FEEL/SEE that which perceives to CHALLENGE everything ONCE BELIEVED… and “held” as “real”ity…..

A shift in perception can shift one’s entire currently reality. Many shifts in perceptions will open up a whole new experience not previously available because each was NOT WILLING to actually see and expand their own awareness beyond their own current limits held inside……

AS each starts to TRULY COMPREHEND that “reality” is perception, reality is subjective, reality is “just a belief”…. then each will CHOOSE TO OBSERVE ALL to see the DISTORTIONS, to SEE through their own PURE HEARTS/SOUL and CHOOSE TO IMPLEMENT ALL NEW WAYS that aligned on a Soul Level, rather than the conformity and compliant ones of “before”.

AS EACH’S PURE HEART OPENS FULLY, then a whole new reality starts to become VISIBLE as an ACTUAL REALITY for EACH… this “whole new reality” or “world” is what we refer to as NEW EARTH, because it IS AVAILABLE TO ALL who truly EMBRACE THIS FULLY and start to live by the UNIVERSAL and COSMIC CODES embedded in their own DNA….

EVERYTHING is a SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS…. and everything is available and already EXISTS, yet everything is also MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, so each RECEIVES THE REALITY/EXPERIENCE each holds as REAL, which is constantly transmitting out from each’s own “Zero Point” on a cellular level continuing OUT through their whole Quantum/Energetic Field to instruct the external how to reply/return a “value” relative to a multi-dimensional experience, rather than a linear one. ♥

One of the “first” things all must do, is observe, challenge and SHIFT that which they PERCEIVE AS REALITY…. and completely shift PRIORITIES through understanding “how” all is truly created and comes to BE through each’s own mentalities, beliefs, dimension occupied and FLOW of VIBRATIONAL ENERGY.

NEW EARTH is a “new” VERSION of all that replaces all of the “old” VERSIONS that all once held in place “as reality” from deep within. What each “hold as reality” determines this and FULLY Conscious Multi-Dimensionality opens up everything to everyone again. NEW Earth becomes each’s EXPERIENCE as the CODES FOR NEW EARTH are ALLOWED to fully integrate and each embraces their own HIGHER/HIGHEST States of Consciousness fully and HOLDS THIS FULLY above all. More love, more purity, more kindness, more generosity, more Divine/Sacred Experiences, more connection, more abundance, more bliss, more magic, more EVERYTHING no longer limited by the old programs/conditioning/mindsets that “stopped” all of this BEing everyone’s full experience here! EVERYTHING that “stopped” all was each’s own inner matrix and as each opens up fully, their inner matrix re-works itself, becoming the Energetic/Crystalline/Plasma Matrix System (Inner-active Holographic and Morphogenic Field that Quantum Existences allow).

“Higher Dimensional Existence” replaces “lower”…. yet through constant merging/dissolving/shifting and tuning processes accomplished through the integration of HIGH FREQUENCY PHOTONIC LIGHT through each’s physical body form and applied to each’s WHOLE LIFE where everything becomes ONE.



I deeply love, appreciate and honor you and all you are living, breathing, being and doing as Pure Light Consciousness here (Love) too! ♥

With the utmost respect and care,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah



Getting In-Tune with YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES – Lisa Transcendence Brown

female face chakras colour rainbows


Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Newsletter Update: Getting In-Tune with YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES

♥ Supporting Complete Heart Expansion…
♦ Heart and Mind Wide-Open…
♫ Multi-Dimensional/NEW Earth Experiences and Living…

Aloha Star-Light Family!

Your Soul-Light-Body Requires an entire Shift in Priorities, as well as how/what you support/engage/allow within your own reality/Field of Consciousness… (The Ego Aspect does not like this part, so it’s up to each to recognize and constantly choose to shift this/all from deeper within.)…
Living from a place of deep Sacred Connection, utter and complete appreciation, feeling so beyond blessed and in love with pure presence…. Living Heaven will be through SIMPLIFYING, as it’s the opposite of complicated and living from our heads.

A huge part of the process is disconnecting from the external and going deep inside to connect and working through anything not highest vibrationally aligned that we/each were still holding deep within. This disconnecting allows us to get really clear inside while also clearing our energy and our field and start to connect up to the Crystalline Grids of NEW Earth, with our Energy and Bodies…. in order to open up access to that which was not previously visible before.


Through Pure Presence and BEing, A NEW DREAM will become visible and new feelings will start to emerge….
Then comes the part of anchoring and integrating the codes fully and then applying them (our own higher guidance/knowledge/wisdom) to our own every day lives, creating all new realities that honor all on a Soul Level and shifting everything in our lives to a much higher “timeline”.

Cultivating, nurturing and holding this Sacred Divine Connection brings clarity, peace and an inner knowing that all is not only okay, it’s already done… and now in the “physical” we get up each day and we accomplish/”do” that which we see already exists…. Which is “how” all materializes into/through form and becoming a new physical realty/experience here….

As each take their power back and return to LOVE fully from within, literally “reality” gets soft, fuzzy and dreamy, surreal as we shift from one illusion/dream to the next.

Yes it’s “an illusion”, yet it’s y/our illusion, which means that all each has to do is completely shift where they function from…. and embrace that which is not yet tangible, yet IS A REALITY…. and the way to call it forth, is to LIVE IT FULLY, with our entire/whole BEing, so that your own Morphogenic Field can deliver a new vibrational REALITY match for/to you. (Note that early stages are “disillusionment phases”, so be patient and observe through your own expanded awareness/presence, so that you can shift to a whole different timeline/reality fully from within you).

So, go deeper inside to find your own inspiration and “utilize” outside to support this. Go inside to find you own inner drive to anchor much higher dimensional realities into/through your physical body, therefore your external reality/experience too.

Consciously Inner-acting with your own
Holographic and Morphogenic Field

Portals open from deep within your heart and on a cellular level too. Every time your heart fully expands… “outside” becomes a reflection back of this. Yes, we can capture portals and vortexes and walk through them too. Yes we travel passageways “to the other side” throughout each day, as well as in our sleep state too.

Looking at your external from/on a multi-dimensional and vibrational level, shows you what dimension your body occupies, so that you can shift this/all yourself. Tune into the vibration and use this information to LEARN and SEE, rather than “judge”… it’s a part of Mastery/Alchemy and learning to “tune” everything to a much higher state of consciousness from within yourself. By doing so, you/we each can BRING ALL into a much higher state of awareness and LOVE…

It’s not complicated, yet all does require full presence and ACTually truly CARING from that deep sacred connection of REMEMBRANCE as to why we are all here, what our roles are and the difference that living from our absolute highest states can affect.

Through the years I came to understand that LIVING THIS meant BEING THIS FULLY and shining, showing, sharing all that supported others in LIVING THIS FULLY TOO….

The FIRST STEP is opening our hearts all of the way
So that our human ego mind will dissolve/fall away
and a “new space” will open up INSIDE
Where a whole new EXPERIENCE OCCURS
from DEEP Within
and has nothing to do with the external anymore….

Every bit of it….
Yet in order to access ALL
WE must go (and stay) deep deep deep within…
as we move, as we breathe, as we function/exist
in every moment of every day….
So that the “external” can become a NEW VIBRATIONAL MATCH
from this Vibrational Now…


As all take the “blinders off” and truly start to LOOK at the external as a vibrational match, then everything changes… as each starts to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own ENERGY and what they are transmitting out to RECEIVE as an ACTUAL EXPERIENCE ….

As each goes deeper and truly realizes that EVERY REALITY is the RESULT of what all ALLOW, then each stops allowing that which is no longer highest aligned. It is this simple….

As each starts to truly REALize and COMPREHEND that “reality” is not what all “thought” and that it’s subjective, perception and each’s MENTALITY and that only the human ego affixes to fixed linear mindsets/structures (3D) and these are what are being dismantled (each’s Merkaba) and re-worked with all new Geometrics/Equations relative to Star-Soul-Light Codes that each holds deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep within.


By fulfilling our highest Soul Purposes in service to all of humanity, we simultaneously are creating Heaven on Earth in our own reality and with all who are contributing/participating in our reality too….

This is your Morphogenic Experience (reality). “It” vibrationally listens to your transmissions, reads your frequencies (on a cellular and Energetic (Quantum Level) and DELIVERS a vibrational response/reality TO/FOR YOU….

Your POWER is through your own deep sacred inner-connection with “it” and living in Unison with this magnificent Unified Field of Living and Breathing Consciousness….

As you HOLD YOUR HIGHEST, YOUR MOST PURE AND EXPANDED STATE… you dictate and call forth that which is highest aligned, because you “don’t go back” to the old ways anymore….

You honor your Physical Light Body’s clearings, re-calibrations, re-tuning and re-coding processes and the electro-magnetic re-balancing of your own body/field, so that your whole body/being can complete the tuning/reconfiguration processes necessary to call forth a much higher dimensional/vibrational reality EASILY, because you are not getting in the way anymore….

This is where full mind/emotional/physical/energy body ego surrender comes in, as the massive re-calibration processes work to rewire, remap and reconfigure the whole physical body/energy/field to work at a much higher vibrational (oscillatory spin rate/cycle) than it was.

When these processes complete, then you will be able to get up and “do” differently and from a much different place/space than before, as well as utilize/focus your energy easier in order to accomplish that which is also highest aligned and in service to all as LIGHT. ♥

All of these are service (as Light) oriented and support HUmanity/Gaia as a greater whole. They are by EACH HOLDING their own highest everything and constantly stepping up and into all new roles….

You won’t be able to apply the same parameters, measurements, values or “rules” that were “old earth” ways, as these are completely different/”new”. That which is highest aligned through full consciousness looks nothing like the old did… and nothing will work those ways anymore either, so you will have to shift and see from a completely different place/space to understand through your own Universal/Sacred Heart. ♥

The “new” respects all of humanity and our planet. Plasma is “non-conforming”. We are Plasma Light BEings (in a form). NEW Earth is a plasma and crystalline reality, that becomes accessible to all as each’s DNA completely rewrites and each’s physical Lightbody completes each upgrade/reconfiguration phase.

At first, we focus on us, our vibration, our energy and getting ourselves to a point where we can hold, sustain, maintain and affect reality (Mastery) as LOVE. We utilize everything to support, so that we can in-turn support. We do not take one thing for-granted. We understand the importance of this…

At first, we start small and work our way up….


What environment energetically/physically/vibrationally supports you creating, anchoring and accomplishing your own service work/role fulfillment as Love?
What supports you CREATING, SHARING, INSPIRING, UPLIFTING and being the WAYShower, as well as a Contributing Partner in building/creating NEW EARTH REALITIES TOGETHER AS ONE?

As all realize that the space our bodies occupy determines our ability to be/do all…. then we start choosing different places/spaces and moving our bodies to those places/spaces that vibrationally support, shifting our priorities to constantly opening/expanding our own hearts, deepening our own connections, so that it’s “easy” to fulfill, create and show up as the Change-makers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Guardians, Councils and Frequency Holders/Stabilizers and Anchor/Grid Points here…..

Your “office”, or wherever you create from, is wherever supports EXPANSION, beauty, connection, inspiration and expansion on a heart-energy level too…. It can be anywhere and it changes, based upon whatever phases we are currently in (as well as the service roles we fulfill).

Mine have been many through the years… a bench in nature, under trees, by the water or even in my bed where I’m comfy, in “Heaven” and able to support globally, while my LightBody re-configures/builds until the entire process is complete so that I can get up and slam out various many other realities in-service, while always honoring what the NOW moment/energy presents… Over the years, as I became the portal, then it became wherever I was, so I turned every room into a place to accomplish/create, as well as anywhere I go is an opportUNITY for awesome, magical and beautiful connections and exchanges and ways to make a difference as LOVE too.

Since WE are the Cosmic Portals/Gatekeepers/Gateways, then we bring all through us and emanate all out into the entire world (Quantum Field), as well as our communities and every exchange. Everything becomes an opportunity to bring/evolve/shift all into a much higher state of consciousness, so everything can be simple/easy for all…. (Our Plasma Light-Bodies give us the ability to do this with great ease).

So, continue to GET CREATIVE and figure out where inspires you and supports expansion, connection, ease, flow and accomplishing more as LOVE in a multitude of ways too! ♥

It’s fun to explore, play and just BE and let all flow out of you as LOVE… ♥



Everyone “learns” all new ways, in order to set-up, implement and establish all new foundations, infrastructures, systems and programs that support all new ways…

New Earth “looks” nothing like “old”…
Everyone has many roles to fulfill in order to accomplish this.
This is why we use the words “building a whole new world”.
We literally are all building it as we live it and unite to share, support, accomplish much bigger/important roles/realities together as LOVE here.

First our own individual realities is what we accomplish an entire revamping/overhaul process to bring all into much higher alignment than ever before…

For each person (Soul-Star-Light BEing) and phase, this all will be different, which is why it’s so important not to judge or get caught up in “others” realities… and focus on you/yours, what opens your heart through purity, beauty, kindness and simplicity and how you unite/come together with others who are already doing this too/as well. ♥ “How and what” supports is different with each dimension/phase. Respect where you are, where all are and focus your energy on what’s highest aligned for you/all and honor this fully, so that the NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE CAN BE YOUR ENTIRE REALITY TOO! ♥

Your/the human aspect loves “excuses”, so listen every time you make an excuse (tell a story) for “why” you can’t and start “doing” something that shifts this to “how you can”.

Every story you tell creates. Every word, every act… What you “tell yourself” matters, as it shapes your reality and the limits/constructs that you hold in place inside. As you shift to openness, possibilities, exploration, excitement and creation, these shift too. All of a “sudden” you have more energy and “find/see” more options/potentials because you are not shutting doors (portals) with your closed/rigid/fixed/limited/conditioned/programmed mentalities/beliefs anymore….

Your ENTIRE REALITY/EXPERIENCE is literally dependent on your own deep Sacred Connection/LightBody, Energy/Consciousness, what you HOLD FULLY FROM WITHIN (EMBODY) and “do” with all. ♥
REMEMBER, we are all Star Family, Light Family and Soul Family in-body-form here. Each’s NEW Earth EXPERIENCE is relative to each’s ability to LIVE AS NEW EARTH LIGHT BEINGS… occupying a form that’s constantly re-configuring to hold even more LIGHT than before. These Cosmic Frequencies continue to increase to evolve the whole planet and all into much higher states than before. Returning to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS is why all are here. “HOW” that plays out is up to each’s Cosmic SOUL/Star Codes, current level of consciousness each functions from and unresolved unconscious (karmic) programming each still holds in separation as “reality” still. Full presence allows each the opportUNITY to observe/see and then consciously shift to a whole different place/space with their whole body/being from deep within. ♥

NEW EARTH REALITIES: WE COME TOGETHER (UNITY)… which means we work, live, co-exist through purity, love, kindness, caring, deep sacred respect and we HOLD Unity from our own Core Presence and Divine Essence….

We don’t focus on Old Earth. We see it, we understand it and how all dismantles and is restructured according to Quantum Geometrics and Codes. Holding the new in place, creating our new, accomplishing entire realities takes our entire commitment and love for us all. As more transition over, there are more of us to unite, work together, create together and accomplish with greater ease too! ♥ This is for ALL…. ♦ We are creating, building and contributing to NEW EARTH REALITIES with our presence, every act and breath…. ♫
Live Your Light ♥ Live Your Love
Immense Love, Appreciation and Deep Sacred Respect,



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth REALities: Physical LightBodies – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Sight ~ Artist Kimberly Webber


Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth REALities: Physical LightBodies and Fields Always TUNING Whole Body/BEing/Everything to a Much Higher Frequency than Before…

As Cosmic Frequencies continue to powerfully increase daily, in order to raise/bring all into much higher states of Consciousness than before, the importance of each coming to honor the many processes of tuning, re-calibrating, anchoring, clearing and holding much higher states from within also grow more prevalent for all.

Understanding “how” each’s Lightbody works (from within the physical body form), understanding how much it takes to anchor, hold, embody and consciously/effortlessly transmit out NEW EARTH FREQUENCIES/TONES through the/our Living and Constantly Shifting/Changing/Moving Quantum Field is also beyond important, as we have to constantly restructure our entire lives to honor this…. (for all).

To “loosen” our schedules, to live in full Quantum/Divine/Sacred/Vibrational/Energetic alignment and flow is an adjustment at first within itself…. Yet, so beyond important, as the “how” all occurs changes, “how” realities take form (materialization) changes and “how” easily or complicated each process is will be relative to each’s CORE VALUE SYSTEM and whether one is still trying to “do” the old ways, or surrendering/honoring “all new ways” that won’t conform to linearity at all….

COSMIC GATEWAYS CONTINUE TO INCREASE in frequency and are much “bigger”, stronger and activating more powerfully than ever before…

The “bigger a gateway opening”, the more powerful and “in abundance” NEW EARTH CODES are. These gateways filter through densities at different rates, so some may be unaware as to “how” these work on a density level, cellular/molecular level, and body/field level, which in-turn restructures “reality” for each. These NEW EARTH LIGHT CODES are important for all, as they raise Consciousness, expand awareness and shift all “out of” old densities and “fixed” realities. We often refer to this as 3D to have a term to describe a “level of consciousness” that “created realities”, especially when we are speaking to “vibrationally/energetically/harmonically aligned” (vs.) that which was of separation/unconscious programming/linearity and a deep state of amnesia before.

GATEKEEPERS: Every Gateway (Gatekeepers monitor these on various levels and “bring through” the information, codes and knowledge that assists humanity with shifting/evolving with greater ease, where this is consciously respected and integrated by each). The “filter” that each deliver through is “themselves”, so each receiving has to “learn” to listen with their pure hearts and feel the codes that activate/speak on a Soul/DNA Level to determine what resonates/feels appropriate for each. It’s an important part of the process as well. Since everyone functions at different oscillatory rates, then this will constantly shift/change/evolve as each grows/expands/evolves into higher states from within themselves and what resonates will constantly change along the way too. Embodied Gatekeepers hold access to entire StarGate Systems within and are able to experience these through simultaneity as all opens/becomes available/occurs/exists….

GRIDKEEPERS serve in different capacities as well. Monitoring and working with the various Gridding Systems (within Gaia and Universally/Galactically/Cosmically too), how this is done will vary with each different phase/stage. Gridkeepers and Gatekeepers use their own bodies to do the work necessary to accomplish various tasks serving our planet and humanity as well.

EMBODIED GATEKEEPERS & GRIDKEEPERS: The key to understanding is realizing this takes each’s WHOLE BODY/BEING and FIELD. Embodiment is each’s “whole reality”, not pieces and parts like before. Embodiment is through PURITY…. deep heart/soul connection and living this purity on every level as well. Each will undergo a massive transformation within, in order to accomplish this… as HOLDING NEW EARTH TEMPLATES AND CODES IN PLACE is a whole body/being/field experience, so that every person/thing within your field is able to experience the BEAUTY, SIMPLICITY AND EASE of this….

​Let’s talk “distortions” for a moment…
Each HOLDS IMMENSE DISTORTIONS WITHIN, yet for a long while, the full comprehension of this is not there. To “exit” and “transit” to a much higher dimensional state of consciousness/reality, each will be presented with EVERY DISTORTION to observe/see/feel/experience UNTIL each has fully and completely resolved EVERY ONE OF THESE FULLY FROM WITHIN, at which point, the body will finally be allowed to clear this from each’s WHOLE BODY TEMPLATE and where these were held/housed on a cellular level deep within. This is a vast topic within itself, as it encompasses so very much. The ego aspect LOVES to play in/out distortions, while the higher aspect version will observe these and Consciously CHOOSE what an appropriate vibrational response is, relative to Quantum Dynamics/Equations/Mechanics and a Quantum Value System taking all energetically/geometrically and vibrationally into account. ♥ Transcending immense distortions that “used to be” how all worked is an immense process that occurs WITHIN EACH and completely changes how each actually lives their lives here/now….

These are ACTUAL Embodied Light BEings… occupying physical form here. A massive part of this DNA EVOLUTION PROCESS is each’s whole being evolving INTO higher/highest self aspects (without separation/ego) and holding this fully, to support, uplift, inspire and guide all to achieve this within themselves too. To hold the immense KNOWLEDGE and CODES to a much HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY is a “feat” within itself, as well as the MATURATION PROCESS of “growing up” from a Star-seed/New-born Newly-birthed Soul having to re-learn everything all over again (REMEMBERING) and restructure their whole reality/lives in accordance with “Cosmic Laws” as well….. Guardians and Councils guide and advise (as is appropriate), yet do not intervene or intrude on any “realities”, because of how Soul Experiences occur, as well as imposing on “free will”. Guardians/Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers/Councils open portals/gateways and hold these open for each to “step through” (choose) on their own. They provide templates/guidelines, yet honor each’s ability to exercise Conscious Choice. Guardians and Council Members can SEE multi-dimensionally, entire collectives, various dimensions/realities and OBSERVE…. Often called “the Watchers”, WHEN TO STEP IN and assist/support is relative to VIBRATIONAL/ENERGETIC CODES not visible by the human-ego aspect due to heart-mind closed and fixed-linear-structured realities creating separation from this….

are FULFILLING various ROLES for a higher consciousness humanity and the transition from old earth to New….. It’s a “full time job” to anchor, hold and transmit the codes out that uplift, inspire and re-code…. It’s immense dedication, love and care for ALL AS ONE and these service roles are held as DEEP SACRED RESPECT AND HONOR by each full-filling various roles here. These are not playing out “saving roles” (distortion of Christed Consciousness each must fully clear from their own body template), yet instead making available that which will support each truly ready to embrace the importance of “all of this”. WE present opportunities for each to also choose, just like we all had to…. as NEW EARTH IS A CONSCIOUS CHOICE where each “receive” based upon their own INVESTING of themselves and their “things”, which don’t conform to “old human ego ways” of “what’s comfortable” at first…. (4D will present with continual “tests” (choice points), for each to constantly CHOOSE……. until NEW EARTH REALITIES/HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS has been chosen “every time” and one does not “go back” to “old ways” anymore from fear/survival/self-preservation modes deeply entrenched within each’s inner matrix/template). Each CHOICE point establishes a new “choice point” (Zero Point) and every time one CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSES from a much higher state, then the body template will clear the old naturally and organically through a tuning process that includes physical body density clearings as well as vibrational realignment processes of “how one lives” their own every-moment-day life.

TRANSITIONING ONE’S WHOLE LIFE over is a massive process within itself. This takes years and years and years, so be patient, loving, kind to yourself and each other and dissolve any judgment still held within about “how” all is, as none of this will conform to anything the human aspect can comprehend/think. Honor your own immense process while honoring/respecting others too. Each is doing EXACTLY AS IS ALIGNED ON A SOUL LEVEL, no matter how much the ego aspect wants to be a victim, it’s not. It’s just a mindset, due to being “challenged” and having to CHANGE everything from FIXED-LINEAR to Quantum/ENERGETIC and the ego aspect does not like this part. Shifting to a higher state within, opening one’s heart-mind fully to expand OUT OF ALL OF THAT is KEY, as how one feels/sees will completely change, which is an important part of the process for each to learn “how” to do this constantly, continually and EVERY TIME, until EASE and full vibrational alignment have been fully achieved with each new TUNING PROCESS (moment/day/week/month/year).

HERE, WE function from a Unified State of Consciousness, where all IS ONE …. not just words, but ACTUALIZED REALITY… and the way we live. Here, WE respect all as Light, holding our own realities in place fully and allowing for connecting with all others truly living this too. Our ability to enhance and unify through Merging Processes are by way of our cohesive, unified, Quantum Fields… There is no entanglement, dependency, lack or separation like before, because each is fully RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ENERGY and how they show up, contribute and participate ENERGETICALLY. WE recognize ourselves and each other as Soul/Light/Star Families and we treat each other with the utmost love and respect, while not accepting less, because everyone IS CAPABLE OF THIS, if their hearts are truly wide open and each truly ACTually cares from the depth/core of their whole being as well…..

OUR REALITIES are not complicated. They are SIMPLE, because we all function from a WHOLE NEW/DIFFERENT VALUE SYSTEM than previous dimensions/realities did. WE’ve established ALL NEW WAYS and we all live this way….. A COHESIVE, COHERENT AND UNIFIED EXISTENCE where Pure Love is the foundation of all. Yes it is possible to be POWERFUL, hold the new in place and create/live all new realities AS PURE LIGHT, because it’s our inherent frequencies and because WE CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE this as our ONLY REALITY…. which all will also have to do in order to “achieve” the vibrational frequency to materialize into a higher dimensional frequency bandwidth with their bodies and LIVE NEW EARTH FREQUENCY BANDWIDTH REALITIES FULLY too…

Learning to activate these through a wide open heart, beauty, simplicity, nature, kindness, generosity and the integration of PHOTONIC LIGHT CODES is THE PROCESS that each undergoes as a part of their own “transit/return” here. There are many/infinite ways to consciously do this, which can negate the “need for a karmic experience” like before. The human ego actually “needs” an actual EXPERIENCE to open their heart and mind fully, because the soft/simple/easy ways “won’t work” yet. Until each truly COMPREHENDS that there are MUCH EASIER WAYS TO DO THIS, then harsh/rough/devastating is the way that fixed rigid mentalities and structures crumble/collapse/dissolve/come down until each surrenders to allow a softer, kinder and much easier transitional experience.

It’s important to note that 3D/4D, hearts break open, whereas 5D Hearts burst open through softness, kindness, beauty and love.
3D is a level of Consciousness with a Physical/Vibrational Reality to match
4D is a level of Consciousness with a Physical/Vibrational Reality to match
5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 11D, 12D…. all of these are too. All is what each are “tuned to” with their consciousness, focus, energy and whole body….
Each’s LightBody is their Quantum State and literally VIBRATES the body in/out of different dimensions for actual “experience” and holographic/morphogenic access/abilities as well.
Each’s Lightbody activates from inside and continually “grows”, expands, contracts, merges, integrates and completely reconfigures, re-writes, recodes, restructures and recalibrates each’s whole body and field continuously and increasing with each Cosmic Light Ray Blast.

Human physical bodies go through a continual rigorous upgrade process that increases continually as all continue/go/evolve. Evolving from a carbon-based atomic body to a Crystalline/Plasma Physical Lightbody … well, immense is an understatement. None of this will conform to any belief or mentality of before, because it’s “never been done” in this “timeline”/existence yet… so everything one “thought they knew” goes out the window…. as trying to ‘do’ anything the old ways or fit this into any old ways/boxes will cause each to undergo challenges/suffering not actually necessary, yet necessary to dissolve the ego aspect that keeps trying to live/think/do this way…..

The old ways, beliefs, systems… nothing will work. For each to go deeper inside and get “new multi-dimensional answers” is KEY. Yes, those who have done these parts can provide information/knowledge to assist with greater ease, yet until each truly accepts that this is nothing like before, anything provided/shared will be dismissed/judged/rationalized and fall on closed hearts/minds (deaf ears). Normally something has to happen/occur to get hearts open before one is ready/open to listening to that which does not fit into the old ways and offers something that challenges the ego aspect to evolve instead of catering to the old ways anymore….

Many “lump” awakening and ascension into the same pot, yet they are not the same thing at all. One can be semi-awake their whole life, yet there will be a deeper awakening process that will occur to break loose those fixed linear constructs held within so that each can shift/move into their own INDIVIDUAL ASCENSION PROCESSES, where each pulls completely away and goes deeper inward to connect on a much deeper level in order re-connect and REMEMBER through their own PURE HEARTS FULLY and transcend any “head” stuff still left….

ASCENSION IS ONE’S RETURN/BECOMING A CHRISTED LIGHT BEING IN FORM, not as an actual “character”, yet as Consciousness/ENERGY that is PURE LIGHT, PURE LOVE, SOFT, KIND AND TEACHES all HOW to BE this through Divine Presence too. Each will experience immense “death and rebirth cycles” on every level to accomplish this and because the process is SO VERY PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL (ENERGETIC), it’s broken down over much “linear time”, so that the body doesn’t actually fully die. It will feel like death, as it is in a way… it’s an EGO DEATH and where it was housed through-out the entire physical body in every way. An entire 3D template that held “hell” as a version of reality, and with each “death” process, there is more new re-birth of each’s higher dimensional aspects, opening up 5D/NEW Earth visibility/access, yet this is just the beginning of a massive process as well……… forgo anchoring and embodiment to achieve much higher dimensional frequencies than the human body functioned from before… basically clearing out all of the programming/density binding each to “those lower vibrational realities” of before….

These continually increase as all go. The body has to ACHIEVE ALL FULLY and clear the density within, the structures within, the fixed linear ways within and literally, on a cellular level, vibrate at Gamma/Cosmic Ray/Light Frequencies where every CELL ZOOMS ZOOMS ZOOMS AND EMITS a ridiculous amount of radio-active LIGHT, which is just a small part of “how” we Quantum Jump. (The vastness of how is relative to an entire process as well…). Learning “ego surrender” is beyond important, as the ego aspect is sooooooooo deeply inner-woven/embedded within each’s physical body form, that IT IS THE THING that inner-fears/gets in each’s way (the human aspects calls this blocks), when in essence, full surrender on every level supports a much easier transit and Soul/Light Integration for each to vibrationally “arrive” in NEW EARTH FREQUENCIES EASIER, because the ego is not involved/running the show/creating disruptions like before. Each’s physical body needs total surrender to accomplish the immensity of all of “this” (multi-dimensional re-wiring, cellular break-down and restructuring processes that support NEW EARTH REALITIES here).

Challenges are important, because they are how each works through Ego Separation and deep programming held within. All of these fixed mentalities and linear beliefs (energies) have to be “reworked” and fully processed by each from deep within. The Ego Aspect attempts/tries to hold onto old ways, others/things and realities constructed from “outdated” programs/ways/beliefs…
This is Heart-Closed (so the mind is closed). The human aspect “thinks” it’s heart is open, yet if there are any protection mechanisms, safety mechanisms or fears still present, then the mind is still in control, forgo the heart is not completely open as “thought”.

Your/Our Soul is PURE. It is FREE and OBSERVES ALL AS LOVE… and SEES from a very different place/perspectives than the human ego aspect does. When each’s SOUL is truly PRESENT, it’s beyond BEAUTIFUL and there are no distortions playing out like before… YOUR SOUL IS YOU, OPERATING FROM THE 5TH-12TH DIMENSIONS (each physical dimension serves different purposes/roles). It LITERALLY LIVES IN HEAVEN ON EARTH, IS PURE HEAVEN AND EXPERIENCES HEAVEN AS ACTUAL REALITY, recognizing the ego aspect as a little child, unconscious and a version of “hell”. This is where each CHOOSES which reality to ALLOW as an ACTUAL EXPERIENCE… To Consciously CHOOSE HEAVEN, MEANS TO RELINQUISH ALL EGO GAMES AND LIVE FROM PURITY INSIDE…. And allow your body to clear the “hell template” (will share more on this later).

HIGHER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS is through our PURE HEARTS AND OPEN PINEAL GLANDS (HOLOGRAPHIC ACCESS) where we can SEE/Observe through Quantum Mechanics/Dynamics “HOW” all works on a Quantum/Energetic Level, providing the ability to shift/change all vibrationally in order to bring all into full consciousness and alignment ourselves. This is where each “learns” how all works and “learns” how to “do” completely differently, in accordance with higher dimensional codes in order to “re-work” and “realign” their entire own reality themselves. All will be through Unity Consciousness, Purity and a deep sacred respect and care for all, yet will not cater to the old anymore, so ego aspects are offended/resistant/judgmental and still trying to fit “reality” into old boxes/ways, and the two don’t fit into the same space (geometrically). The reworking of all is through a “new” Quantum Logic that takes all pieces and parts as a greater whole and literally “reworks” realities into all new ones that support 5D-12D New Earth Existence and assisting with the transit from Old Earth to NEW.

As long as there are human aspects, there will be teachers and guides, yet there is no hierarchy like humans play in… it’s a family, a support system and a way to assist with expansion through full heart-mind consciousness and NEW EARTH EMBODIMENT processes that support all of humanity as LIGHT. When everyone is fully awake, aware, embodied and LIVING AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT, then all are experiencing and living through DIVINE PARTNERSHIP, where all contribute, share and create together, as Pure Love Consciousness. As each come through/return to being their own Soul fully, they no longer “need” or seek “teaching/learning” anymore… This does not mean each isn’t still “learning” all new ways, creating all new ways, it just means that their inner-connection is so solid/deep/strong that they get their own answers from deep within and do not seek outside anymore…. This is where it’s “easy” to come together, as each has fully connected within themselves on a Soul Level and the ability to UNITE REALITIES are easy BECAUSE OF THIS…

Inner Vision is through feeling at first and then as each learns to FEEL their own higher truth and listen to their own higher/inner guidance (GPS if you will), then vision will start to come more along the way too. With the Crystalline Lightbody (and then Plasma Lightbody), the crystals in the body/brain/pineal actually “tune” all to different/higher frequency bandwidths and “switch” each’s vision (source) from human eyes to pineal gland merged with human eyes, so that there is a “blending” of seeing multi-dimensionally and also externally, yet completely different than before.

In each’s dream state and daydream state (sleeping/waking states flip/merge/change with this). Each will see what’s possible and then will “do” that which is currently higher/highest aligned in order to accomplish this. It’s a REVERSAL of how “reality works”. We go inward, BE and learn to observe, be wide open, see and then “do” that which has already been done (exists on a higher dimensional plane, if you will), so that with each “doing” from this highest place, the “act” calls for the materialization of “that” into physical form here. This is a part of REVERSE ENGINEERING, if you will, where you SEE first, achieve the vibrational frequency through the integration of CODES and then “do” that which already exists in what others perceive as a “future”. For us, it’s just a vibrational reality waiting to come into form/appear here. ♥

First we must activate and fully anchor the codes within, hold these fully and apply all to our whole life here. Empty words won’t work. Each must HOLD THE ENERGY fully, and on every level, for the entire reality to come forth as an actual reality here. We LITERALLY do pull realities out of “thin air”… as a part of a visible holographic existence and “bring them into fruition” here. ♥

Out of the old and into the “new”. Each person will experience this exactly as is highest aligned for them, as Soul Contracts/Agreements and Karmic Timelines play into this as well. All is a culmination of every existence, not just the visible human one. Each’s energy dictates, each’s choices dictate and the consciousness one functions from dictates as well.

Just like the 3rd Dimension, the 4th Dimension, 5th Dimension, 6th Dimension, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Dimension all have physical realities that are vibrational matches correlating to each’s current level of Consciousness Embodied/held. The 5th Dimension and higher, is Embodied Souls with ACTual realities that exist and anyone truly ready to join/transition is welcomed with open hearts/arms. As each expands into (and holds) much higher dimensional States of Consciousness, it’s the holding of these States of Consciousness that “pulls” the body into a higher frequency bandwidth/dimension too. During this process (which can take years), each’s DNA is being re-written, as well as the entire body template too. Consciousness occurs first, then the body comes through when the density has cleared and as a multitude of DNA/Template re-writes are completed to allow for this. When we re-UNITE it’s a recognition, a celebration, even a party, because we’ve worked hard to get here and reconnect with each other as LOVE again. Being a Cosmic/Galactic/Soul Family is pure, beautiful and simple too. It’s exciting and WE LOVE CREATING, exploring and fulfilling service roles together as Light too!

3D is completely going …. as it was a LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS that did not honor/support HUMANITY or our Planet. It’s purpose was separation, building human-ego-aligned realities to then awaken to the separation/distortions as a part of shifting to a much higher state of consciousness, which is an important part of each’s awakening/ascension processes here. This occurs in infinite varying states of Consciousness, on an individual level and for all belonging to “that collective” at that time. Each collective transitions out of 4D to 5D when it is their time (when they make the conscious choice). Those who are not “ready” (their codes are not activated yet, because they are still completing their own Soul’s pre-determined human experience), will prepare for their own transition when it’s their time. Hold respect and know there is a higher version of everyone in a different dimension and that when/as you/each shift to a higher dimension, the “version” of them that you get can be this higher version too! ♥ When the Ascension Gateways opened in 2012, the first collective came through, with various new waves coming through at different intervals all along the way. These are scattered about, visible/not visible and geometrically placed to create an Energetic/Crystalline/Plasma Gridding system that inner-links with our beloved Gaia’s systems, as well as Comic Gateways/Systems too.

Many are observing an accelerated “collapse” as a part of a Planetary Shift in Consciousness that’s beyond important for the greater whole. The “how” is viewable from higher dimensions of awareness/consciousness (Quantum), only limited by each’s own linearity/density/separation still held within. This “collapse” opens all up to transiting over to all new (NEW EARTH) and 5th Dimensional Living that honors all as LOVE. Because the ego aspect fights this whole process, they will “fight” the external until all of this energy is gone…. This too is an important part of the breaking down of old systems/structures that is still held in place from within, as each were the ones holding all of “that in place”.
3D/4D holds onto the “old ways” and won’t let go/shift without “force”.
4D is where all live while learning to shift consciously and while undergoing DNA Repair to achieve the 5th Dimension with their physical body as their Lightbody activates to clear deep rooted fears, traumas and repair DNA “damage” done to the body while living a 3D life….
5D is of Unity, Love and Peace…. anything “less” is the old and still held deep within each.
6D-11D is the “climb” (processes) back to 12D (Original state of Pure Consciousness), with each dimension being Energetically birthed/built/constructed/held in place fully by each. This will equate to the restructuring of each’s whole life (reality) to be fully reconfigured and re-aligned vibrationally to each level of Consciousness.

You are not done until you are done… (with the old). A huge part of early phases are getting fed up and done. This cycle continues until each is truly completely fed up and done, in order to complete the cellular body and whole template reconfiguration processes where these programs were held to start with (deep within). Once one recognizes these cycles, then each can make the conscious choice to completely let go/move on or resolve/transmute/transform all through your own higher/highest states of consciousness yourself. Some things you’ll let go of, because you are tired/done with the games, fighting to hang on or “force” change… rather than just respect where all is fully and focus on what you came here to be/do and bring all into highest alignment within yourself, giving you the capability to do this in your own reality as well. Until YOU ARE COMPLETELY DONE, you will keep re-creating these experiences over and over and over again until you are………… ♥ It is that simple. ♥

Trust, know, have faith and honor all as Light:
Live your highest version of you, your purest version of you, your kindest version of you and your most beautiful energetic version of you. Hold Your Light, BE Your Light and honor all others as LOVE too. Yes you will observe everything, you will SEE everything, yet you will get to CHOOSE what you desire as an actual experience and you will have the cap-ability to bring all into a much higher state of consciousness yourself. As you hold yourself to your own highest, you will start to do this with others too. You won’t see them as incapable, like the ego aspect loves to do. You will uplift, inspire, provide the information that will support/guide/show them where to go inside and find their own Power as Love too…. and you will respect their journey, because you will look at your own and see what it took for you to experience/understand and make your own conscious choices for yourself as well….. and you will truly understand “why” it’s so important to allow all to do this for themselves too.

BE your kindness, purest and most powerful aspect as PURE LOVE. At first, the human ego has fear, so each must go deeper inside to connect to find their own courage, be bold and hold their own light above all. It’s a part of the process for everyone…. You be the example of what PURE LOVE IS… as there are many who’ve never experienced this to understand that it even exists. YOU SHOW THE WAY, through your presence, you Light the way and focus on creating, holding, building the NEW that you see and UNITE with others doing this too…. ♥

YOU/WE hold the foundation for all in place. WE hold the Quantum/Unified Field in place. WE hold the constructs and all in place with our whole body/field/presence, which is why we don’t have “time” to play out the old, as it takes way too much energy and it will “cost” each their “new earth realities” (literally)…. so each do have to choose, otherwise each receives whatever they get, which will always be relative to the current level of consciousness….

We call 5th Dimension (and Higher) “New Earth”….
We call 3D/4D Old Earth, because it represents an old version, an outdated operating system and obsolete programs built on separation that no longer serves the planet or it’s inhabitants as a greater whole. While the human experience was necessary, this all will phase out more as we go. Once one gains access to 5D and higher, then 3D/4D are the unconscious realms fulfilling karmic timelines and playing out ego programs of separation still.

Our Galactic-Soul sees in Dimensions, which is why we break things down the way we do. Galactics see in “missions”. Souls see in “purposes”, when in essence they are the same, yet different vibrationally, as missions are stronger, while purposes are softer… both are important to create balance, with the fulfillment of “Roles” being how we in human form accomplish all. When we refer to different dimensions, we are speaking of different vibrations, frequency bandwidths and levels of Consciousness….

Only to the human aspect is this all “etheric” or a concept. To us it’s all ‘real’ and visible and a part of our normal, every day life here. Living a Quantum Reality, within a Morphogenic/Holographic field, a Unified Field of Consciousness is the only way that we know… it’s natural and the old way is not possible anymore….

There’s no linear time, our physical LightBodies work differently and the physical reality works differently too. Our body has to constantly re-calibrate and adjust, as does our vision, as seeing and living from a multitude of infinite dimensions/realities all running simultaneously is a bit of an adjustment within itself. Having a “field” that responds to us is way cool, as we get to inner-act and choose, instead of play out unconscious karmic realities/timelines still…. and being able to tell what’s real, while flipping in and out of different illusions takes a bit to acclimate to as well. Constantly learning how to function in all new ways, as our various Light-bodies (Gamma/Crystalline/Plasma +) constantly undergo “tuning processes” to achieve much higher frequencies than before. Because the entire external responds to what we hold, the codes that we transmit out and the amount of Photonic/Cosmic Light that we EMBODY, full integration every day is KEY. The phase that each is currently in will dictate how this works for each.

REMEMBER TO OBSERVE all from/on a multi-dimensional level. Learn to see what’s 3D, 4D, 5D + and then choose the one you desire to experience as your own reality fully here. If you hold any judgment at all, you will not be able to do this, as judgment alone will bind you to your own 3D experience again.

Always go DEEPER INSIDE… as the deeper you go, the more expansion you can invite in/experience…. Yes, at first, you will have uncomfortable feelings, as those were the things that stopped you before, yet through consciousness you can clear these programs yourself. Gain the SELF-MASTERY tools however is highest aligned for you and USE THEM, all of them, as once you master yourself fully, you’ll then start to master your external as well (as love, not ego).

Yes, people can hit a high state of consciousness, then contract back down and be in their ego. It’s a part of the process of working through separation within, sometimes lasting years. When one is in their ego, they are unaware of this. It’s not for each to judge. It’s for each to see, understand then make a conscious choice as to what is appropriate for your own individual journey/experience. It’s a part of dissolving duality within/with “out” and shifting to a different place inside too. You will have to learn/decide and figure this part out for yourself as a part of the process as well. Every one of us that were in the 4th Dimension did this too. We all had to recognize that we were still in our own ego and come to resolve/dissolve this within ourselves in order to complete “Soul Union” deep within in order to merge into ONENESS. We then are able to observe the ego anytime it appears in our reality in order to evolve/bring all into a higher state of consciousness our selves. Everyone reverts back to their ego along the way, until each completes their own Ascension/Descension/Embodiment processes fully, which is also encoded in each’s individual DNA.

As you all know, I could go on and on forever and never finish writing, sharing, providing information that supports…. so for now I will close and transmit love to all as you each transition into/through higher states of consciousness too! ♥

p.s. For awhile, there will be extremes of “highs and lows” or “expansion/contraction”, until all of the extremes are gone. This is a part of balancing polarity within and the re-unification of all into ONENESS AND PURITY as well. Be patient, kind and respect yourself/all… as your body can be clearing and you can hit bliss states too, or you can go through a rough time emotionally, yet be totally fine… the process gets “easier” with doing multiple experiences simultaneously as we all go. Eventually, you have chosen enough, aligned enough and embodied/held/created enough that Heaven is your new HOME FULLY, because this is where you live fully from within. Even if a “moment occurs”, you can shift this and deal however is appropriate without ever losing your peace, without compromising on a Soul Level or accepting the old as reality ever again. ♥

p.p.s. For those struggling/challenged, see where you are functioning from. Your head or your wide open heart/mind. You can shift to appreciation and connection instead of separation. It might take a bit of effort, yet this is a part of the process of learning to do this naturally, organically and consciously at will, so that you never separate off/go back to sleep/re-enter the unconscious realms of amnesia inside ever again. ♥

I love and appreciate you all for your own Heart-Soul dedication and living service as Light too! Keep on shining bright ☼ and BEING NEW EARTH FULLY too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


female face art called The Sight by Kimberly Webber

The Sight ~ Artist Kimberly Webber

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Artist ~ Stephen Mackey




We have a massive Cosmic Timeline Convergence underway…..

Basically, everything from the last few months, all the frequencies/codes and clearings… all led up to “this now”.

We have Gateways opening yesterday and today, huge ones, shifting all to a whole new place/space… a new foundational nexus point, where more shifts to support each’s next phase, as well as service-role fulfillment, for those consciously living this.

The Cosmic/Multi-Dimensional Energies that dictate all, have amped up/ramped up and continue to do so… for the rest of our forever now…


Understanding Cosmic Alignments and how these correlate to our individual and collective realities here, means tuning into the ENERGY of all, on every level, and learning all new ways of “seeing” and understanding everything too……

Our entire planet (and everything/one on it) is in a massive continual Cosmic Alignment Process….. where all is continually being brought into much higher states of consciousness than before…. This includes the “reworking” of every reality, on every level, to align on a multi-dimensional level, rather than a linear one.

Each “completion phase” occur when full alignment on every level occurs. This is what we often refer to as a collapse/convergence point. For the human aspect it’s viewed as a collapse, because of “how” all occurs, where as from our highest/purest/cosmically aligned place/space/consciousness (within), this is a convergence point, where all prepares to “finally” come forth, arrives, materializes within each’s actual experience….

The higher the frequencies, the deeper within each must go. The more each must work through their own programming/beliefs, see distortions and resolve all fully from within. Because this is about continually going deeper on every level, then there will always be “more” to see, more to feel, more to shift, yet the “how” is very different with each density and phase, as the “how and what” shift substantially too.

As each gains the ability to constantly, and fully, bring their own entire reality into a much higher vibrationally/energetically aligned and conscious place, Unity, Love, Kindness and Simplicity replace struggle, challenges and complicated, yet there are transition phases with every new reality, where new energetic foundations, systems and structures are created/built, requiring constant observation, seeing and shifting all to new platforms that support all new ways that support humanity as a whole. With every “point” being a part of the much greater whole, this will include everything….

Because our physical LightBodies function very different than our carbon-based human bodies did…. then everything is relative to QUANTUM/CONSCIOUSNESS/ENERGY, which breaks down to everything….

Because Quantum “Time” is non-linear and it’s completely vibrational/energetic, then every “thing” changes too…. Quantum is always from within this NOW… so everything that’s occurring is on a Quantum Level, which correlates on a multi-dimensional level, and occurs by way of what “appears” as different “times”, yet instead occurs relative to codes/density/light. Because density and light dictate the “when”, then a Quantum NOW can mean someone’s next week or 2 years from now, as linear time equates differently here. I refer to this as Quantum Linear, as the constructs and parameters are very different…. The “time delay” is relative to density, linearity and various programs that were “in the way”. As each resolves/dissolves/unifies all fully into/through Purity/Love/Consciousness from deep within, then the “delay” for RECEIVING is diminished, as the “barriers” before were within each’s own “self”. ♥

The “Point of Inception/Conception/Creation/Convergence” I refer to as Zero Point…. which is a Quantum Reference Point. Through full consciousness, all is created, experience and culminates from within this NOW. Rather than existing in separate times, we exist in different vibrations, therefore once we fully integrate the barrage of Quantum/Photonic/Cosmic/Universal/SOULar-Star Light Codes in-fluxing/activating and recoding all 24/7 of of every linear moment/day, we will naturally/organically clear all that was “in the way” from within us on a cellular/body/field level, so that a “lock-in” point can occur. We are in one of those right now…. yet still in the “wobbly phase”, so there’s still a bit to go….

Moving an entire planet from fixed, habit, rigid and linear to vibrational/energetic and Quantum/completely non-linear, means that everything done “the old way” won’t work anymore, because it’s not supposed to because of what it supported before, is no longer aligned with our NEW EARTH REALITIES/WAYS….. It means that all “new ways” are meant to replace all of those… For this to occur, it’s up to each to go deep deep deep inside, soul-search (if you will), to hear/see/feel what’s highest aligned (through Unity Consciousness), in order to bring this forth within their own reality/life, as well supporting/assisting others ready/open to this too….

Everything is from a deep sacred respect and love. Even when it doesn’t appear this way to the human ego aspect…. because of how one “views” all, perceptions and mentalities either resembling embracing all new or attempting to hang on to the old ways still….

Everything happens in stages and phases, so this too is just a part of the next and the next and the next…..

Some may notice some “wobbling” …. as the energies shift, as the foundations shift, as the structures shift/change and the infrastructures/systems for all continue to go through a massive overhaul, as a part of a much bigger picture for us all here.

Before the new realities can stabilize, they must be fully anchored within each’s body fully and held from deep within, and then the “new” Multi-Dimensional/Consciousness/Quantum Information/energy applied to the current now reality, evolving the whole reality itself…..

Moving from the old ways over to all new ways can be challenging for a bit, because of how the new has to be established, synchronized, harmonized and vibrationally/energetically aligned, as well as seeing how the “runs” and works, and what it takes for each to fulfill various multi-dimensional roles on every level too.  ​

This has been an important “time” for all committed to anchoring/holding/embodying the templates and codes for a much Higher Consciousness Humanity, in conjunction with Gaia/Universally/Cosmically as well. As we each restructure our own lives and realities according to these new codes, we also work to support/assist in various ways and through the fulfillment of various multi-dimensional roles through our own actual realities and service/services too. Many are coming together and going apart as a part of the new vibrational alignment templates now in place. There’s a massive energetic alignment process that takes place for this to occur…..

All over the planet there are vast changes occurring as a part of all of this, yet because all is multi-dimensional and Quantum, nothing is just “one linear thing/way” and is ALL a part of a VAST Multi-Dimensional Quantum Equation if you will….. Seeing and understanding this is done through each’s own inner-expansion/Expanded Consciousness from beyond that space/place/level and into a whole new one that provides a wealth of knowledge and information that supports shifting with greater ease, when done through purity, unity and love for all as ONE here. Observing all the moving pieces and parts is a part of expansion/full consciousness too, where nothing is as one perceives, yet is exactly as all perceive…. which is why it’s so important to stop, come into full alignment/peace/unity inside and observe without judgment, see without the need to inner-fear/save/convince, while opening portals of opportunity for all through being the Cosmic Gateway/Portal here.

Light Keepers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Code Keepers, Multi-Dimensional (NEW Earth) Template Holders and more…. fulfilling your roles as Light (which IS LOVE) means embracing/loving/respecting/honoring yourself fully, your own reality fully, each other/all fully, and your service roles fully, shifting constantly, anchoring/holding/stabilizing constantly/fully, while also doing your own journey/life/experience fully, while supporting, sharing, showing, shining and emitting the tones, frequencies, chords that transmit out the encodements for unlocking all within the field….. This can be higher consciousness/Source Code Knowledge, Light Intelligence (all through LOVE), through things, exchanges and sharing in every capacity (what’s appropriate will be different every time, because the energy dictates this). This is done in many ways…. Full presence is “how”, energy is “how” and love is “how”… the rest is relative to each’s personal journey/pre-chosen path and the “how” will correlate to each’s current energy/level of consciousness/now.

Observe from deep within, what needs to/is ready to shift and honor from your own highest place, as your purest version/aspect that which you see through your own (Higher) HEART and Mind….. and shift this yourself. There will be so very much that all let go of/release that no longer serves…. and it’s up to each to see this for themselves and then “do” as is highest vibrationally aligned too. Always Love, which includes your inner power and saying “no” to tons… as it’s the only way to “reverse polarity” and bring all into a new vibrational space so that all can vibrationally align easier…. as what “arrives” as an actual experience is a result of this. ♥

Hold LOVE from your Core…. inJOY fully and as Love… honor on a Soul Level and respect all as is most appropriate too. ♥

With respect, care and kindness,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Artist ~ Stephen Mackey

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

UNLEASH THE (LIGHT) GENIE WITHIN – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Buddha Painting ~ Artist Melissa Bordeaux @ DeviantArt





Aloha BE-LOVED Soul-Star-Light Family,By now, there is every experience occurring, on every Quantum/Multi-Dimensional (Cosmic/Earthly plane) level, as a very important integral part of a much bigger picture that was set forth prior to all of our incarnation/birthing into form/merging into ONE for that which we refer to as “the human/beyond human experience” …

Just as 3D Consciousness Illusions/Dreams/Realities were a deeply intricate webbing and inner-twined programs, deeply buried/hidden, deeply twisted, deeply maneuvered gridding system to HOLD ALL IN PLACE… therefore is 5D-12D, with the ability to “see all” through immense geometrics, intricate codes/encodements and vibrationally/energetically, is just as deeply intricate, deeply relative to moving pieces and parts, deeply relative to QUANTUM ENERGETICS, Dynamics and a different kind of “logic”, where all is vibrationally and energetically ALIGNED with all new parameters, geometric equations and gridding/nodal points visible holographically and through varying “levels” of continually Expanding Pure Heart-Soul/Higher-Mind Consciousness…

Every “experience” necessary to shift all to a whole new place. Every scenario, every possibility, every perception…… relative to everything….

These are REALities that each creates, brings forth, consciously transmits out and holds the foundation/blueprints/schematics for from deep within. These are Soul Aligned, much higher vibrationally aligned than everyone’s “before”, these are “for all”, as it’s not a “verses” like “before”….

These are ACTual REALities that each creates, holds the codes for an applies to every aspect of their own lives….. for it’s in the HOLDING that all is SOLIDIFIED through the EMBODIMENT of PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT.

To the human aspect, this all sounds “froo-frooey”… which is totally fine. It does not make logical sense to be able to ACTUALLY LIVE A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE/LIFE….

It does not make “logical sense”… that ALL NEW REALITIES can completely replace the old….

It does not make “logical sense” to LEAVE THE OLD REALITIES COMPLETELY, when you’ve spent your whole life chasing, working, trying, building “those”…..

Yet…. this is how all works…. whether the ego aspect “likes it or not”…..

What each is MOVING ON FROM is the old way, the fixed, rigid, linear/dense ones that conformed to “old parameters” that were created to inhibit rather than uplift, expand and inspire HEART CONNECTED LIVING, through sharing, unity, generosity, kindness and LOVE.

What each is MOVING ON FROM are the old ways… the ones where you were told/learned according to limited, conditioned and fixed/rigid/constraining ways…. that didn’t support your SOUL, your own inner-Light, your own INNER-BEAUTY, DIVINE ESSENCE, PURITY and ACTual ABUNDANCE for all….

What each is MOVING ON FROM is a limited reality, an illusion of “more” and a belief that you must be “told” how to think, act or show up in the world…. and instead, you going deeper inward to hear/see/feel what’s highest aligned for you/all, most appropriate for you/all in ANY GIVEN MOMENT….

What each is MOVING ON FROM is an entire belief system, created to conform to a 3D LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS….

What each is transitioning over to, MOVING OVER TO, is a UNITY – LOVE BASED REALity relative to the foundation, codes, constructs and energies of Cosmic/Quantum/Soul/OverSoul/Avatar Consciousness which once activated on various different levels, all become one in the same (Source Energy/Consciousness). Just as all realities have many pieces and parts, so do these…. with the biggest difference being nothing is linear, nothing is fixed and all is ENERGETIC and relative to each’s current level of consciousness held….

Each’s programming will become more visible, the deep states of conditioning held, the realization that all must change, which requires that each go deeper inward to connect/find their own answers, learning to listen/honor/see that which was not yet visible before…. and then working through any separation left within, any duality/struggle/challenges to ARRIVE at a NEW PLACE…. and all new REALizations…. that will either instantly (or eventually) completely replace “the old”.

While the human ego aspect (the separated off version/aspect of each) plays in a game of control, fear, manipulation, deceit and self-only focus… the rest of the “world” is creating, living and exploring the magic and beauty of infinite possibilities, infinite creation, infinite JOY, pure bliss and that which the human aspect “calls abundance”, which is just “things” that support the fulfillment of higher consciousness humanitarian roles here…..

This CREATION and IMPLEMENTATION of ALL NEW WAYS support a whole new life/way of living, where all RECEIVE and are FULLY SUPPORTED, forgo “no lack” on any level any more….

These NEW SYSTEMS SUPPORT EVERYONE …. yet they also require everyone, so where one excludes themselves because “they are not sure/ready” and continue to “hold out/back”, then the full gambit of what’s available is also “closed off”, as all is relative to each’s openness, actual contribution on a HEART-SOUL LEVEL and by fulfilling varying “pieces and parts” of a much GREATER WHOLE…..

These NEW SYSTEMS are CREATED to ENHANCE and Unify all as Light. They are created by each fulfilling various service roles as Love Consciousness and INCLUDE EVERYONE…. it’s only the human aspect that separates itself off….

THESE NEW SYSTEMS, PROGRAMS AND TEMPLATES are available to all…. through the fulfillment of DIVINE ARCHITECT and Alchemy Roles….

12D is the Sacred Templates of the 144. It’s the WHOLE SHOOTING SHEBANG…. every template and code for HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY EXISTENCE and “how” all “gets done”. It decodes the old easily, effortlessly and recodes according to “all new” interpretations, all new ways, all new levels of consciousness that allow all to shift/transition with great/ease….

5D is where all are re-birthed through/to. It’s the end of the old earth cycles and beginning of ALL NEW. It’s where all return to innocence and then “learn” everything anew… and LIVE their NEW DREAMS INTO ACTUAL REALITIES…. MATERIALIZING into/through form and completely “out of thin air” (it wold seem, yet this is holographic/virtual, if you will). The ABILITY to LIVE from an EXPANDED STATE fully and call forth/pull through ALL OF THOSE OTHER REALITIES that are already “real”, yet only visible through PURE HEART CONNECTION and HIGHER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS (the constructs/structures/infrastructure/foundational codes for BUILDING ALL NEW) are activated/released with each full integration process each “completes”. This is where BEING LOVE THROUGH PRESENCE and Emitting Light take precedence over “trying” to “do” anything at all….. as the next phases bring “doing” forth, yet from a very different place/space than ever before. (Because it’s from a DEEP UNIFIED STATE, then there’s no duality/struggle and Energy/Consciousness can be focused to create/accomplish with greater ease and in various directions too).

6D starts the Building Process …. of each’s whole/own/entire reality in accordance with “much higher” frequencies and multi-dimensional access as to “how” all needs to be done in order to accomplish the immensity of SOUL-STAR-LIGHT BEing Role Fulfillment/Sacred Agreements as a part of an immense PLANETARY EVOLUTION into something completely different than “before”.

6-D to 12D you can call the “building blocks”, with every completion opening up the next…. where DIVINE INTELLIGENCE/SOURCE CODES ARE UNLOCKED/UNSEALED/OPEN UP and “provide” that which SUPPORTS “the next phase” for each/all as a part of the Greater Whole….

MOVING ON means you are done with those old mindsets, limiting, constrictive and fixed/linear realities. You are not leaving anyone “behind”. (That’s ego perception too). You are instead, SHIFTING TO A WHOLE NEW PLACE INSIDE OF YOU, where you are consciously choosing your own reality, where you are ready to let go of your attachment, lack, need and you are TRULY READY for all new to take it’s place. It’s YOU SHIFTING to a place of deep sacred respect for yourself and all others, respect you/your own journey and respecting “theirs”, because you finally understand that everyone is doing this relative to their own pre-determined experience and that “their journey” is not yours and yours is not theirs….. it’s YOU embracing what’s possible, available and not apologizing for living the most magnificent DREAM here… because you CHOSE and dedicated yourself to LOVE, dedicated yourself to SERVICE and you are fulfilling this FULLY on every level, while constantly vibrationally/energetically re-aligning all through your own highest State of Consciousness… which is you taking ENERGETIC RESPONSIBILITY for yourself, your energy and you entire everything AS CONSCIOUSNESS here….

You become the WayShower (the one that shows the way), through your energy, actions and by making available the codes that you’ve integrated and apply too. You HOLD (EMBODY) YOUR ABSOLUTE HIGHEST ASPECTS AND VERSIONS AS ONE…. and you don’t “go back” by separating off inside anymore… THIS IS HOW YOU TEACH/SHOW THE WAY… you BE IT FULLY and honor/respect all to “do” the same…. when/as they are “ready”, as not everyone is always in the same place/space, as we are VIBRATIONAL and literally vibrating in and out of different dimensions constantly until we each “anchor” into a new one and start to build all new realities, holding the CONSTRUCTS in place with our ENERGY….

The reality each experiences is relative to the dimension(s) visible, available, experienced, observable and HELD as a “whole reality”. Each Dimension must be anchored and held fully (Embodiment) with each’s whole form. Each’s DNA must be recoded, body systems be re-worked for functioning differently and expansion/field harmonized/vibrationally aligned fully too. There is an immense energetic/vibrational re-tuning/recalibration/recoding/realignment process that each must “undergo” constantly in order to achieve this. Every perception one once had… goes out the window as “new ones” come forth with each heart expansion and Light Integration process (24/7/daily acceleration). We each do this ourselves through our own presence, connection, awareness and consciousness…..

This will determine each’s own experience here. The ability to fully surrender the ego on every level (emotional, mental, physical, energetic), so that one’s heart can open fully and expand, so that one’s overall vibration can naturally and organically RAISE BACK and the physical body can actually “leave” the old reality, means you are literally going to HOLD A HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND PULL YOUR BODY THROUGH…. into a much higher dimensional reality, dropping/clearing immense density as you do. As you integrate PHOTONIC LIGHT and with your whole body/being/field clear all of the immense distortions once held (cellular level), you will feel LIGHT’r, FREE’r and SIMPLICITY/EASE will replace struggle and strife like before. It was EACH’S OWN EGO/SEPARATION creating “all of those realities” and NOW you have a Consciousness Choice as to your entire whole actual reality because you ALLOW YOURSELF THIS EXPERIENCE fully………….. which can’t compare, be explained or fit into “human words”. All we can do is attempt to describe a process/experience, yet each must HAVE THE EXPERIENCE themselves.

That which you truly desire to experience… from the depths of the core of your entire BEing, without the distortions… as PURITY is HOW you bring all forth here. ♥

NOTHING IS LINEAR… it’s all vibrational, energetic and Quantum….
The more your human mind tries to hold onto the old ways, the more confusing it will get. This is the inner battle between your own heart and your head. The MOMENT YOU SURRENDER your EGO and completely TUNE IN with your whole heart, the moment everything calms, the moment everything dissipates/gets easy/falls away and the moment you open up to all new too….

YOUR PURE-HEART-SOUL is Quantum. Your human brain/mind is linear. Your higher mind consciousness comes online as you LIVE FULLY FROM YOUR PURE HEART. Yes, it is a very physical experience, the opening up and reconfiguration of NEW NEURAL PATHWAYS/NEURAL NETWORKING SYSTEMS, the release of immense suppression and deep emotional hurt/beliefs, yet that is what anchored each in “lower levels” and as your body raises it’s vibration IT WILL START TO RECONFIGURE how it needs to function and how it needs so that it can “get into”/achieve a lighter density/dimension/frequency bandwidth as an actual existence… not just something visible in a sleep/waking dream state…. Processing everything out opens up for all new processes… and a whole new way of processing LIGHT INTELLIGENCE (DNA LEVEL) too.

and honor your physical Lightbody as it works hard/does everything for you….. ♥

As we anchor/hold these new templates and codes fully… everything is completely different. Be wide open and ready…. as it’s not going to “look like anything your human ego aspect thought” and it will challenge every bit of you until you have learned all new ways that replace the old ways. Observe your own judgments, criticism, rationalizing, discounting or deflecting… as these will show you what you could not see before. Dissolve ALL INTO/THROUGH PURE LOVE and allow yourself these amazing realities, as it’s not “hard”… that was ego-matrix-programming too. ♥

I love you from the depths of my Pure Divine Essence/Soul-Star BEing/Presence. Keep honoring each moment as it presents for you…. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Service Role Fulfillment: 12D NEW EARTH Template Holder and Code Keeper & Cosmic-Earth Data Recoder & Recorder
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Buddha Painting ~ Artist Melissa Bordeaux @ DeviantArt



An Energetic “Big Deal.” Everything’s Going On – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Creatrix – art by A. Andrew Gonzalez


January’s Newsletter

An Energetic “Big Deal”: Everything’s Going On…

Collective Cosmic Re-Birthing of HUmanity in Progress:
Planetary Consciousness
Aloha Divine Star-Light Family,

We’ve reached “that time” where the pavement meets the curb, where this is what shows what everyone is currently made of…. This is “that moment” collectively and all over our ENTIRE PLANET that what each DECIDE determines what comes forth “next”.

While it’s always been this way, the awareness might not have been there for each, yet this is substantially changing, with the continually accelerating “reality altering consciousness” codes increasing every day to move all out of the old 3rd Dimensional realities and over into much higher consciousness states. Never before in the “history” of this existence has it been a more pivotal “time” of REALITY Re-alignment processes through Vibrational SHIFTING, Electromagnetic Re-Balancing and everything coming into “play”…

Increasing Cosmic Frequencies, a barrage and pure LIGHT SHOW that LIGHT’S ALL UP, brings into visibility and shifts perspectives at an ASTRONOMICAL RATE….

This is a “game changer” for HUMANITY, our planet and all…. THIS IS THE SHIFTING OF THE POWER STRUCTURES AND GEOMETRIC GRIDS that hold all in place…. the systems, the structures, that which each based their ENTIRE REALITY ON…. substantially changes in absolutely every way….

It’s exciting, beautiful and what all who have been “doing the work” all of these years, some their whole life, this is “that time”…..

On the “flip side”, there is much upheaval going on, much being aligned vibrationally and energetically that’s devastating to those going through these actual experiences of being moved/shifted to a whole new reality in accordance with Cosmic Codes that look nothing like “the old”. A massive re-set, a massive clearing, purging, cleansing of the physical body, physical reality for individuals and our beloved planet Earth-Gaia-Terra Nova…..

Thing are being balanced, things are “righting the wrongs”, things are shifting everyone and eveyrthing to a whole new reality, where the “what” and “how” are very different than the whole human existence was….

This is where each sees, this is where each has their own experiences to open their hearts and minds fully, this is where an entire SHIFT occurs and yes, this is “that moment”…..

This is “where” we are….

That determining factor, that “moment in energetic time”, that which decides and affects every experience/life….

This is where each observes, reflects and goes deeper within, to FEEL THEIR WHOLE REALITY and learns to live a whole new way…

One where their own/all of our HUMANITY PREVAILS, one where everything is VISIBLE on an energetic level… how we treat ourselves, how we treat each other, whether we truly actually care, whether we are there for each other and let the “old ways completely go” or whether we repeat a karmic cycle/unconscious loop over and over and over again…. until imminent collapse occurs, which is not only necessary, it’s important in shifting all to a whole new foundation, with all new constructs, with all new ways, systems and parameters that HONORS all as LOVE, where everyone matters equally, where POWER IS RESTORED as each holds this fully from within and UNITE THROUGH UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS AND PURE LOVE. ♥

This is “that moment”, now “how all plays out” will always be relative to this vibration, this energy, this choice, this act, this thought, this feeling, this decision from this ZERO POINT CREATION MOMENT RIGHT NOW….

I’m holding all in Pure Light and emanating out the most beautiful, loving, kind, compassionate, caring energy to support all in anchoring their version of Heaven through their whole body/being and affecting the lives of all through pure presence, respect, care, love, kindness, generosity, softness and excitement, joy through intentional conscious creation of all of our NEW too.

♦ BE THE CHANGE in your own life
♦ AFFECT REALITY through your own Consciousness, Pure Hearts and Love
♦ Make a difference and a STATEMENT through your own acts of kindness, coming together (unifying) and LIVING AS NEW EARTH LIGHT BEINGS in a physical form here….
♦ SHOW ALL how easy and simple all is when all truly come together inside and care
♦ SHOW UP in your own reality FOR YOU and EACH OTHER
… by REMEMBERING through your own sacred connected heart space that you can. ♥

This is where y/our own Sacred honor, integrity and respect as a Soul/Star/Light BEing are beyond important and require each to hold this as a part of fulfilling the highest level of Soul/Cosmic Agreements here. ♥

This is where we HOLD ALL AS LOVE above all…. This is where it matters. ♥

This is where the whole planet (global consciousness) decides and moves into fulfilling and living as HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY, through Unified State of Consciousness, working together, uniting and making a much bigger, gigantic impact on what “happens next”.

This is where our NEW EARTH COLLECTIVE EMERGES as the GREATER WHOLE, where actualizing IS THROUGH through each’s FORM, PRESENCE, ENERGY and ACT (and every moment/day LIFE), because each has chosen/made THAT PIVOTAL AND GROUND SHAKING DECISION as to “what EXPERIENCE each now ACTUALLY lives” relative to CONSCIOUSNESS here.

Have a most beautiful 1:11 Gateway Completion/Transit into the “next, Eclipse re-set, 1/12 Cosmic Alignment “kick-off” that promises to shake things up more, align all on a Cosmic Level stronger/faster and support all fully embracing and living through Unity, Purity, Full Heart-Mind-Connected Consciousness from Deep within too.
Every moment new, every day a-new, every one an opportUNITY to fully embrace all as Light and BE this fully too. ☼


The Creatrix – art by A. Andrew Gonzalez

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

2020 Quantum Energy Overview – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Cosmic Enflowerment - by Keith Allen Kay at Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala - colours light

Cosmic Enflowerment ~ Artist Keith Allen Kay @ Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala


2020 Quantum Energy Overview: Cosmic Alignment, Planetary Liberation, a new 10-Year Era, Multi-Dimensional Realities replace Linear ones & Living an Ascended/Unified Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Experience


In December I wrote up a massive Energy Review for January & 2020, yet it never felt appropriate to finish it/put it out…. and then we rolled/flowed over into this “now”, and the “what & the how” shifted a bit, forgo a whole new writing/sharing relative to “this now”. The reasons are many, which I’ll share as I flow/go/share with you/all who utilize these to support/assist with continual expansion and for anchoring/living a NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE as your own WHOLE REALITY here….

First, the vastness of all…. everything is just “too much to write”/share in one article or video or conversation…. and so as I do each year, I will break this down and share in subsequent “reports/updates” as I accomplish this/is appropriate. Everything I share is an integral part of our greater whole.

(You can download a printable format/PDF to re-read/refer back to/share/keep. Yes, it’s 51 pages. I just had to do this and then move on to all the other things… so here you go! Available here on the Dedicated 2020 Annual Quantum Energy Forecast/Reports/OverView Page.)

In order to explain, I will share a bit of my own personal experience inner-woven, at the end (with more later and as is highest aligned), yet for this now, it’s not important in the scope of all things, as LIVING ALL FULLY is the WHOLE point. In order to HOLD THE NEW in place, in order to SHARE THE AMAZINGNESS, in order for all to be REAL, we have to live it fully, with our ENTIRE BEING, through our PRESENCE and with every ACT too. This means deepening our own personal experiences and being willing to “do the work” and fulfill higher service roles, which constantly shift/change/take new form with every template re-write that we go through as we continually anchor new codes within. ♥

In order to do this, we have to HONOR OURSELVES, OUR LIGHTBODIES AND OUR OWN REALITIES FULLY, from our own highest place/space of PURE DIVINE LOVE and by Living this way, IN FULL DIVINE UNION within ourselves, in order to have the capability to “do” this with others, just by BEing this, transmitting out the tones/codes/frequencies and SHOWING THE WAY in every now moment of every NEW EARTH day. WE HOLD THE FOUNDATION for all in place from within us. We HOLD the entire Quantum/Unified Field IN PLACE from within us and we then can UNITE our fields/realities to expand this even more, to create even more to share/provide even more…. ONCE WE ARE THIS FULLY…. Then it’s organic, natural and simple, as it’s “just who/what we are” and “how we live” our everything here. ♥

Flow with me as I ‘break’ this down vibrationally (only using linear references as marker points):
We have individual, collective and planetary awakenings, as well as individual, collective and planetary “dark night” of the ego/death/rebirth cycles, as well as individual, collective and planetary ascension processes, as well as individual, collective and planetary evolutionary processes, with each occurring in infinite different phases and processes for each. 2012 we had Gaia’s Ascension (when the Gateways opened to allow for this), and each individually “doing” their own individual/personal ascension process, with “forerunners” “going first”, then the next group/wave/collective, then the next group/wave/collective… and so on…. to “create” a huge “collective” all leading up to a separate “next” Collective Ascension (where we are now/7 linear years later) and Planetary Liberation/Ascension (the next phase), with “waves” of individuals strategically located/placed all over the planet (physical body has coordinates/codes that determine this/all), in different locations/roles all fulfilling differently based upon their own personal ascension process and infinite service for humanity roles here. (It’s important not to get in your head about “service”, as this is non-traditional, non-defined and all accomplished through Pure Presence and acts of love, kindness, support, unity, respect and care).


It’s beyond important to understand that the entire 4th Dimension is going through their “literal hell” and to hold compassion, care, love and respect and offer whatever kindness, support is relative, important and brings Unity, softness and honors the heavy duty emotional/physical cleansing/clearing processes that are an important part of dissolving separation/ego death. There are going to be massive things occur that “push people together”, to “force” a SHIFT, to strip away the separation each held with not being able to come together, truly care, support and share before…. Which is a part of “how” these realities “have to occur”, as the ego aspect will not do many of these parts necessary on their own. Every one of us who went through our own ego death, the immensity of purging/clearing our own “hell” within, had to go through this, to do our own Ascension Process, yet standing in judgment, rubbing “happiness” in the face of those suffering is not the kind thing to do. Telling people that “it’s a part of the process” when they’ve just lost everything or gone through their most horrific experience is not the kind and compassionate thing, and it’s an ego act too. Treating all with the utmost respect and love, while holding a supportive energy without catering to old mentalities is an art/Mastery within itself. It’s where each learns how to BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER, share resources, share homes, share vehicles, and use what each has to make a difference/support more, instead of everyone “needing their own” and the planet having “too much stuff”.

As a part of a 12D/NEW Earth Sustainability Program, all is combined, and through Unity/CommUNITY, there’s no need for “duplicates” and multiples…. Where each moves beyond the “this is mine”/that’s theirs” mentality of separation and acquiring “things” became an individual thing from a place of consumerism, ignorance, need and lack. Light Families/Star Families/Communities/homes are restructured to support HIGHER PURPOSES/ROLES for HUMANITY, instead of individual ones. The entire “reality” is constructed to support a living breathing workable system that’s cohesive, coherent and where all live pure JOY, ease and abundance through a commUNITY/HOME SHARING SYSTEM that flourishes because all receive all that they “need” to support, uplift, inspire and create more/anchor more Heaven on Earth (and Galactic Civilizations) here. Living Consciousness Communities are restructured to optimize sharing and ENERGETIC COMPATIBILITY (which is a whole massive process within itself).

Many will be “pushed” together to share homes, use one vehicle for many, share money/resources, as it’s a part of the process as well. Human Ego Aspects don’t share, support, come together and put each other and our planet “first”. They are attached to who’s what is who’s, things and who “owns” what, who has what, entitlement of “I worked for this, I paid for this”, when in essence, who cares? It’s a “thing” and that is separation within itself. As each understand “why we have things” and “how we are to utilize everything” then the dynamics of everything changes. We take from one place and we use it where it’s needed. We RE-DISTRIBUTE things in accordance with 12D guidelines/templates/codes…. If one thing has more and one has none, then we “take” from that which has “too much” and we “put it” where something doesn’t.


On a COSMIC LEVEL this is a part of the re-balancing of “things” and how actual physical abundance works. 5D and above, we invest all/everything and we “own” nothing, yet we lack for nothing at all and live fully abundant on every level, because we share and understand “how the physical works” as well…. The only time this is the “opposite” is when someone has an EXPECTATION to receive (Entitlement Energy) and “expects” without offering/supporting or contributing of themselves, then those realities are not shared, because the energy is childish, selfishness and separation within itself and we do not feed that energy, we instead empower and “hold out” until “they are ready” to actually step forth/up to do their part, as none of us are incapable, yet the ego aspect loves to tell itself and others this… When all truly care, everything is easy… yet when they don’t, then it’s not. All we need is our wide open caring, considerate and sharing hearts… the rest is organic, natural and combines skills, resources, abilities and “things” to create even more FOR EVERYONE … it’s the opposite of selfishness and greed. It’s a reciprocal, balancing and generosity reality that creates more from love and doesn’t need as much, because everyone shares on every level, transcending every lack program once held.

From I/Me/Mine to WE/Ours:
New Earth Realities are very different than old Earth Realities were. Where we each function from is very different, so realities HAVE to be different too. We all move from an “I/Me/Mine” mentality to a WE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ONE (Oneness) and everything is about sharing, supporting and receiving as a part of a much greater whole. Separation within creates a reality/experience emanating from “not-enough”, hoarding and selfishness, whereas Unity within utilizes everything to support the WHOLE. Balance is ENERGETIC, ALIGNMENT is ENERGETIC and “things” are viewed differently. Nothing is for “one” individual anymore. “How” this works is a part of the 12D Template, so we must function from here to see, understand and apply all new parameters to “the equation”, which is how every Quantum Reality works now.

Old Earth was “little children” Ego energy (the body/age doesn’t matter), drama, owning/status/attachment/cords, finger pointing, compromise on a Soul Level, zero energetic responsibility and selfishness, with “putting everything on everyone else” and a refusal/resistant energy to COME TOGETHER AS PURE LOVE to live together, work together, share. New Earth is the OPPOSITE and this reality now prevails.

THERE IS A WAY TO DO THIS WITHOUT THE EGO INVOLVED… and this what each’s journey is, is to learn this and live this way here. Self-Mastery leads to WHOLE REALITY MASTERY which is an Ascended NEW Earth Multi-Dimensional Experience/Life and our Higher Consciousness HUmanity/Quantum Existence as well.

Accessing Heaven (Ascension) inside means that “hell” starts to emerge, and everything that was suppressed, oppressed, deeply buried inside on a cellular level is coming up to FEEL and then EACH learning to consciously CHOOSE which reality/experience they will accept and then “doing” that which is highest aligned to honor/support/create this. Each’s LIGHTBODY is the CENTER OF ALL and the most important thing there is, as it’s HOW each returns to full consciousness, embodies their SOUL in order to live Heaven on Earth, by anchoring all of the codes within, holding/integrating the higher knowledge/wisdom/guidance and applying it/implementing it within every aspect of “life”…. The ego doesn’t want to “choose” this, so a “breaking down” process ensues to assist with this. It’s cellular, which means the “body” needs a ridiculous amount of nature, love, quiet, alone time, respect and care, so that it can BUILD YOUR LIGHTBODY from the inside out and reconstruct your entire FIELD/reality for walking/living/breathing/experiencing your most exquisite dream as your every moment here. Each must do this for themselves, it can’t be done by anyone/anything outside… The external can be a tool or a guide, yet everything is INSIDE and this is where we each have to go, as every dimension, possibility, potential and answer is “in there”, and at first, buried deep…yet eventually, no longer buried…. Always there, simple, easy and such JOY, because each CHOSE through full Consciousness and held this AS THEIR WHOLE REALITY for full vibrational tuning/alignment/harmonization/synchronization to occur.

Each will ANCHOR Heaven through themselves, hold this (full integration) and create/build/hold the FOUNDATION FOR THIS FULLY, building a whole new reality “from scratch” (Zero Point). These realities are “solid”, yet they take much linear time and focused energy/effort/attention to accomplish/hold and expand wayyyyyyyyy out. The “solidity” of each’s reality NOW is relative to their ENERGY, ability to stabilize all of these “higher dimensional frequencies/cosmic codes” and hold them fully in order to APPLY to every aspect of their own lives. As this occurs, once this occurs, THEN each will EXPERIENCE the bliss, magic, purity, simplicity, ease and immense abundance available to/for all/each. ♥

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS/REALITY CREATION AND LIVING NEW EARTH IS EXCITING, exhilarating, deeply sacred, pure and so much fun. It’s also a lot of “work”, as you are accomplishing huge realities in service for humanity, each other, our planet, all. It takes total openness, willingness and an energy that CONTRIBUTES in every way. It’s supportive, inspiring and expands our hearts in the most profound, simple, beautiful, mind-blowing, soft, powerful and amazing ways. Only the ego aspect fears any of this, as this literally is ALL HEAVENLY/SOUL DESIRES fulfilled, yet having nothing to do with an individual or a thing, those are just bonuses and an added benefit, as sharing in the creation, maintaining and sustaining of NEW EARTH REALITIES is an honor and joy within itself. As Light BEings, as Pure Souls, as Galactic Teams – we unite to experience, share, fulfil together and everyone is supported, receives abundantly as a result. By uniting, we can make all “easier” for everyone, and everyone can experience the blessings, gifts, magic and joy. All have to be “ready”, open and willing to always step up/forth to fulfill much higher aligned soul purposes/roles/missions here, yet it’s not complicated, it’s simple and as easy as each will allow it to be. All in Divine Alignment and Flow, we don’t bring distortions in. We see them, yet we dissolve/resolve them ourselves and offer our highest everything for the benefit of all as a WE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ONE – Heart-Love Here. It’s beautiful…. Graceful, eloquent and sometimes we have to put our big pants on and get our hands dirty, do the “jobs” that no one else wants, because it supports the greater whole and who cares what we do when we have the possibility/reality of LIVING PURE DREAMS as actual realities here?

Money, sex and anything “status” or identity related carry distortions, separation, manipulation and power games when functioning as a human (3D), yet all of these things are very different 5D and above. There is an awareness of each, yet the programming and separation is visible, so it doesn’t come into play. Instead the purpose of each (energy) is understood and recalculated/redefined in accordance with Purity Consciousness and Cosmic Rules/Laws and everything is “reworked” to abide by “highest aligned” relative to current parameters of what templates are still operating on an individual and collective level as well. Each will redesign their whole reality to take all into “account” and reformulate a new equational output based upon Quantum Dynamics/Algorithms/Codes to create a RETURN that honors Sacredness, while observing all the moving pieces and parts and computing a new Equation relative to the greater whole. Transitioning entire collectives and realities over to a completely different and “new” 12D way is a massive process within itself. Nothing is as thought, perceived and once believed, so re-working all constantly to take everything into account, while holding honor, integrity and love on a SOUL LEVEL takes finesse, patience and releasing all judgment about everything, as the “old” no longer applies and until each gains FULL ACCESS to EVERYTHING, then the “view”/perspective is still fractals and only a “part” of the much bigger picture, which becomes visible with each purification stage/process of RETURNING TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS again.

Currently, our Earth Gaia is running 12 different frequency bandwidths/densities (12 Strand DNA/12D as the baseline now), all with very different realities. This means that our EARTH/Planet/Star/Ship IS MULTI-DIMENSIONAL/Quantum and that EVERYTHING “follows” Quantum “Processes and Rules” now. She is accelerating her own EVOLUTION as a Star Planet/Terra Nova (which means a Living LeMUria and other “ancient” existences as a part of this as well), where 5D is the baseline for existence, which means that anything of 3D “goes” at an accelerated rate and this applies to EVERYTHING relative to 3D Consciousness/DNA, yet the “how” is not linear, so even this takes an understanding/observation/discussion/expansion of consciousness from a much higher state (Soul/OverSoul/Source Consciousness/Love).

COUNTERBALANCING PROCESSES AND PHASES: In order to bring all into “new balance”, establish all new systems (the old are obsolete), establish a whole new civilization that doesn’t carry duality and all of the polarity/polarization, then COUNTERBALANCING is occurring at an exponential rate. For each standing/living from their own highest state of consciousness, then each will do this themselves. This is a part of utilizing ELECTROMAGNETICS to shift/reverse/tune everything to not only “do the opposite” of 3D, yet to also REVERSE POLARITY on a Quantum Level so that an opposite rotational field spin can be created “faster” for counterbalancing to naturally occur. This is relative to atomic spin/oscillation rates that dictate how Quantum Realities work. Our planet is now enacting VERY STRONG COUNTERBALANCING MEASURES (on a Quantum Level) to bring all into “new balance” on our planet, returning all to full consciousness, which means “whatever it takes to get every heart open” so that our planet can unite, so as you can see, it’s a massive process within itself, so you will be able to see “the amount of energetic force” that has been activated to accomplish Cosmic Alignment on a planetary level now. For those individuals accomplishing this within their own lives, experiences will be vastly different than those that have not achieved this fully within themselves and their entire lives, and because it’s “geometric” and “energetic”. Emerging “from nowhere” will be an influx of STAR-LIGHT BEINGS that become visible when each tune into the FREQUENCY and ENERGY and connect on a whole-heart-wide-open consciousness level instead of a critical, resistant, judgmental, closed hearted non-trusting human ego one.

Planetary Evolution and Higher Consciousness starts to take a forefront as we continue on. Those things not previously accepted or understood now become more prevalent and important, because of how each’s lives are touched/affected now. Used to be it was the “select few” and now it’s the WHOLE PLANET, yet this is multi-dimensional too, so each density/dimension experiences relative to their own personal/overall/whole vibration/energy/physical body density and where each is “located” is by collective and strategic to “individual soul signature and galactic energy signatures”, relative to encodings and how these correlate to an actual “location” is energetic/vibrational/encoded as well. (There will be a lot of “moving around” as new codes are activated, old soul contracts are cleared, dimensional shifting increases and the Grids/Stargate systems in each’s body need to be activated at an accelerated rate, while “letting go” of “old realities” increases and each’s physical body goes offline from “old earth” and comes online with “new earth”, which is a massive process as the “crystals” in each’s body are activated/formed/developed. When these crystals “cycle off”, then each’s physical body “is back” in an old earth reality and when these crystals tune, complete various re-tuning processes, activate, start shaking and Quantum Cellular activity increases, then the physical body starts vibrating/shaking (as does Gaia’s) to vibrate into a different dimensional version of reality and the “how” this works increases/changes with each new LightBody/Embodiment phase. Placement on this planet is geometric and energetic, according to CODES AND ROLES…. And will “change” as all evolves/shifts, which is a massive geometric equation within itself. Placement as far as the Dynamic of “the whole picture” is Quantum/Energetic/Role specific too, so as each fulfills much higher purposes/roles, then “reality placement” changes substantially too. Once each’s entire Crystalline Structure and Plasma Networking systems and Energetic Quantum Field have completed various “construction phases” and completely come online, then NEW EARTH REALITIES are “the new normal” and natural/present “all of the time”. This is relative to each’s 12 Strand DNA, full embodiment processes and fulfillment of various “higher consciousness roles” and a complete “rebuild” of each’s whole life on a consciousness level, through conscious creation, unification processes and moving from a linear reality to a fully quantum one. Our hearts/universal hearts/universal minds and whole body have to be wide open and how we live our lives must be this way too. Full Mastery and Sovereignty on an Energetic Level is necessary, as souls are not “little children” giving their power away and blaming everyone else, living in judgment or trying to hold onto the old ways of “before”. Embodiment is a maturation process, a development process, and evolution process of LIVING COMPLETELY FROM OUR HEARTS in EVERY WAY and our entire Species is Evolving, our whole planet is evolving and TRANSITIONING OVER to a whole new civilization that was pre-determined for/by each one of us prior to incarnation/walking in here. Everything is a part of a MUCH BIGGER PROCESS/PICTURE, “plan” if you will, and until each can REMEMBER FULLY, there will be confusion, which is what 2020 accelerates… HEART OPENING and expansion and “unfortunately” suffering and devastation are early phases of busting our hearts wide open and “removing the barriers” that the ego aspect used to be able to use to stay disconnected/asleep/separated… and those way are not acceptable anymore.

There are so many “ways” to awaken, yet density/linearity/external focus/resistance “bind” human egos to the harsh/rough/challenging/tough/devastating/shattering ways. IF ONE IS TRULY READY TO AWAKEN THROUGH SOFTNESS, KINDNESS, BENEVOLENCE AND LOVE, then each must CHOOSE this as their own way and dissolve their own ego resistance themselves. Various moments/stages of awakening and later stages of awakening are kind, loving and soft. Consciousness CHOOSES soft, ego aspects unconsciously choose “harsh/rough”, because the experience/energy has to be “stronger” than the ego is… to break through those walls of armor/protection/doubt/fears/beliefs…. Once these walls/protection/survival mechanisms/self-preservation energies “are gone”, then the process is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier. We have to understand the whole process if we are going to shift/choose a “different journey/path” and choose the beautiful experiences instead of the rough ones. Awakening is “harsh” because of the amount of EGO Programming each still holds. Awakening is rough because of the resistance each still holds. Awakening is devastating when the heart is closed (with no awareness of this though). Awakening IS THE PROCESS OF OPENING EACH’S HEART/UNIVERSAL HEART fully, so that Ascension can begin, which presents “different” challenges of moving from “one matrix” to a different one, which was all held in each’s own physical body and each’s entire energy field.

For those who have “accomplished this” within their own lives, then softness, kindness and ease is how we do every reality and how we support, guide, assist all we connect with in accomplishing this for themselves (therefore all as ONE) too. We become Cosmic Portals/Gateways and can evolve/elevate and assist all who are truly ready with “coming through too”.

These are the Gatekeepers / Gridkeepers / Light Keepers / Frequency Holders / WayShowers / Ancients / Guardians / Embodiers who HOLD THIS FULLY and transmit this out energetically, naturally, organically and with great ease. Zero Ego equals Full Consciousness…. And for those who ARE the foundation, who have created the foundation and hold the foundation and constructs in place, then this emanates out through the UNIFIED QUANTUM FIELD and it can be FELT/recognized energetically by those who are completely open and ready for this. Each here becomes a beacon, a Light, a Guide and technically doesn’t have to “do anything” other than HOLD THIS FULLY…. As what we “do” is above and beyond and relative to our own individual Soul Agreements that we each honor fully as love for all of HUmanity/Our Planet and each other as Pure Love here. ♥

Gaia/Universe/Cosmic: Earth’s STAR CODES have been activated/“turned on”
These Star Codes dictate how this planet is structured and how she is now evolving into something “completely different” than before. These NEW Codes and templates dictate all. When one/all exist in unison and AS this, everything is fully vibrationally and energetically aligned on these levels, meaning all exists and is maintained in Divine Cosmic Flow. By maintaining separation, there is confusion, struggle and challenges, because the string/union/connection necessary for ease/remembering is not there…. And it’s up to each of us to go deep inside and place our bodies wherever supports accomplishing this. This means making the conscious choice to constantly clear our field of any external stimuli/density that does not FULLY SUPPORT our ability to hold/achieve/maintain/sustain full expansion and our own highest vibrational frequency overall and from deep within. In the beginning, this is challenging, yet this too is a part of the process of exercising “Divine Free Will/Conscious Choice” and making that decision, putting forth the effort and surrendering that which bound us to that reality/dimension/experience before. This is a re-prioritizing and reversal process at first, which breaks down/dissolves ego/resistance/excuses/programs held deep within, so that each can shift into a whole new reality/dimension/experience here.

Each’s energy/mentalities and own conditioning/programming is what binds each to their own reality. Observing/shifting this, allows one to shift to a whole new space within, therefore “triggering”/telling the external how to vibrationally re-align to support/honor/match this.

THIS YEAR HAS OPENED UP COSMIC ALIGNMENT ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL….. IT’S THE FOCAL POINT for our whole planet/SOULar system; bringing everything “on the planet” into a much higher/lighter density by clearing out all that “is not”. This is done through powerful recoding, reconfiguration, recalibration and realignment processes dictated by Cosmic Codes being activated at increasingly accelerated rates 24/7 and continuing as we go. Integration and acclimation are key. These activate Soul Codes/Star Codes/Light Codes held and “pre-seeded” (starseeds/star codes) prior to this physical incarnation and including every existence, not just the “human” one previously perceived.

A/The “way” that each gains access/achieves/receives/lives these different dimensions as ACTUAL REALITIES is through each’s overall “level” of consciousness first, holding this so that their body can break-down on a cellular/molecular level to integrate the codes that re-code on atomic/DNA/Genetic level, clearing the density of all “lower dimensions” held within the body’s cellular body, so that it can literally vibrate (at the speed of Light, i.e. Quantum Jumping) into a “higher”/LIGHTer Density as an ACTual Experience. The way that one “achieves these dimensions” as their own ACTual REALity, is to hold the consciousness fully until a massive template re-writing and re-gridding process is complete. (This part takes years, yet occurs constantly all along the way) and restructuring their entire lives according to all of this.

The 5th Dimension is pure heart based everything, soul aligned and walking in a “dream state” much of the time, as “anchoring” light codes within the body shifts “how” the physical works. It’s playful, pure peace, fun, resilient and so exciting and beautiful (literally new colors, sounds, feelings and more). This process “begins” in 4D and the transition by way of “each experience” can take years, as it’s all vibrational/non-linear and dictated how long it takes to get one’s body clean and restore their DNA from all the damage done through their “human experience”.

5D-12D are higher levels of Purity, Consciousness, Energetic Responsibility, honoring Soul Agreements, fulfilling higher purposes/missions/roles and shifting entire realities to all NEW Earth ones. Foggy/groggy is normal with every LIGHT CODE BLAST, as the body dissolves “veils of amnesia”, clears its own density/linearity and anchors ridiculous amounts of LIGHT within the physical form where integration and “application” are key.

This is a RETURNING process through deep Heart REMEMBERING, so linear human memories start to fade/dissolve as each’s body is “brought on-line” with a NEW Earth Gridding & Networking System (housed in each’s spine, musculature system, neural pathways, blood, bones, skin, organs and whole body and inner-linked with various layers of their whole energy field).

Basically, we ascend back “up” to 12D through our own constant heart-expansion/consciousness, while “pulling”/descending “the higher realms” “down” into and through our own form and holding this fully until all is completely integrated within us (Embodiment), for our bodies to accomplish the “density changing” processes to physically change dimensions/experiences and then each re-aligning every aspect of their own LIFE to these new codes/ways. (Simplified version).

The 3rd Dimension was held in place by fixed linear (egoic) mentalities, beliefs, programs and constructs based upon an “old illusion” that no longer “applies” (or works). This “whole dimension” is being transitioned to a whole new timeline/density, as all is up-shifted to a higher/lighter density where the baseline for all is 5D. Those souls that chose not to continue on in form pre-chose to “exit” form and re-join the Unified Field of Consciousness as ONE SOURCE ENERGY. When a whole timeline “goes”, then everyone in that timeline can too. This is a part of “mass exodus” as a part of our planetary evolution here. For the human aspect that only has access to a 3D perception/experience, then the version of understanding is just this. As more start to truly comprehend that each’s individual and collective EXPERIENCE is REFLECTIVE of a dimension/density occupied, then more will consciously CHOOSE TO SHIFT where they function from and CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE and entirely different/new experience and actually start to LIVE THIS FULLY, shifting entire timelines on a Quantum Level as each does. ♥

Right now, we have an entire planet of beautiful Light BEings/Code Holders/Souls doing this, therefore consciously, constantly and intentionally shifting entire timelines/realites on a much greater scale for all. The magnitude of these shifts are more powerful and a result of the increasing POWER of NEW EARTH GRIDDING SYSTEMS held within Gaia/Each one of us. As these BODY-FIELD energetic grids LIGHT UP, shake, quicken and activate all new vibrational geometric lattices, star-codes, coordinates and encoded holographic realities, that become “real” as each LIVES THEM, as a part of a HUGE re-distribution/re-balancing/re-alignment of our entire planet and inhabitants. ♥

This is about EVOLVING, so all must Evolve to maintain/remain on this planet, yet at each’s own “pace”, so it’s important to RESPECT each’s individual/personal journey, focus on your own and then become the example/share/support all who are truly ready to embrace their own experience, just like we all have to here. Everyone’s BODY is coded/encoded for each of “those moments” that their hearts open fully to transmit OUT immense electromagnetic energy to expand out into their own field in order for a UNIFICATION process to occur. Lightbody/field tuning is necessary for this, so plenty of alone time/space and nature is necessary until each “retuning/recalibration/synchronization” process is complete.

Cellular Photonic Light Code DNA Activation & Re-Coding occurs in infinite ways:
Cosmic influxes daily (means we don’t have to “do” anything but surrender/honor/integrate/respect/allow)
Through exposure, connecting and merging fields
Through direct experience
Through intentional activations and various “tools”
Anything that opens our hearts fully will do this naturally and organically, which is why many of us choose to do this consciously ourselves, creating an experience that’s beautiful, soft, kind and with greater ease.
“When” is not a time. It’s non-linear, vibrational/energetic and relative to each’s own SOUL determining this.
​Yes, we can all “activate”, provide, assist, yet we are not to impose, force or “need” others to do this “our way”. That’s each’s ego and playing in the unconscious realms/games.

AS LOVE, WE CREATE OPPORTUNITIES and then it’s up to each…. as we have PLENTY TO DO and we stay focused on accomplishing that which supports the greater whole and individually as highest aligned too. Anyone judging is in their ego/disconnected state. It’s no one’s place to judge/do this. ♥

Conscious and alive Gaia is RE-EVOLVING as a Star Planet (Terra Nova) and is restructuring according to Cosmic Earth-Star Light/DNA Codes that she holds from where we “seeded” this planet long before “now”, and by way of traveling through the photon belt, continues to accelerate a de-evolving/evolving process through the activation of an entirely “new” Crystalline Gridding System, Photonic Light Networking System and increasing Plasma Energies too. SHE is “dropping density” and clearing immense multi-dimensional/multi-existence karmic timelines/realities and restoring our beloved planet to a pristine “Sacred HOME” for us all. Through the evolution of our Star DNA, we all are evolving the planet/our into a Galactic Civilization and we all have many roles to fulfill to accomplish this through Peace, Grace and Ease. This is what our 2020 timeline accelerates, as we have pre-determined “timelines” for accomplishing an immense amount of “work” as the NEW EARTH HUMANS “preparing for so much more”, which will be shared/provided as we continue to go. Gaia is clearing heavy duty akashes that were held in her dense gridding systems as she changes density, ones that previously “bound the entire planet” to a certain place. She is clearing on a cellular/atomic/molecular level as well and SHE is “righting” everything through a massive re-harmonizing, reconfiguration, re-balancing of electromagnetics and unification processes and asking each here to unite, work together as Light, honor, respect, love and do the same. (At first she will “ask” and then she will demand/require, as refusing to listen/honor/respect is 3D and she will override and align herself, forgo much of what you see occurring. She “took over” in 2015 and said “I’ve got this”, which allowed many of us to shift our focus to other things….). Yes each person is RESPONSIBLE for their own individual ACTS, how they treat our Sacred HOME/Planet and contribute to the greater whole. Yes, 3D is playing out everything “not okay”, the metaphoric battle of Armageddon, battle of the “dark and the light”, the Galactic Wars (Orion/galaxies), yet that is a dimensional experience relative to a level of consciousness that plays itself out while “those” who have gone on to create all new realities, form the new systems, programs and realities that support a much higher consciousness humanity/existence actually EXPERIENCE a completely different reality aligned with Unity/Love, where all are working together, care about each other/our planet and do whatever it takes to fulfill the highest aligned roles/purposes/missions where “those” things are literally not playing out at all. They are barely visible, unless one stops to “go check and see”, as dimensions are broken down by frequency bandwidths and a 5-12th Dimensional Crystalline Plasma Light BEing in form is experiencing their correlating dimensional experience, based upon the vibration that the whole body/being vibrates at overall. Lightbodies actually vibrate in and out of realities, like materializing/de-materializing out of the “movies”, this is literally what occurs on a multi-dimensional level and the ability to “teleport” is a “higher dimensional” capability that is natural, organic and “how each lives”, so there’s “no trying to do this”. It just “is”. This is a whole different topic that we can touch on more later, yet I’ve written of these experiences/abilities for years. 3D is a “binding” reality where physical body density can’t vibrate out of that dimension, other than occasionally, yet there’s no sustainability/ability to maintain this as one’s WHOLE REALITY until all of the linearity/physical density has physically been cleared.♥

We are in the middle of a massive natural Terra-forming process relative to Earth-Star evolution accelerating as we continue to go. All “earthly bodies” must “drop the density” (rebalance/reconfigure/restructure) according to a whole new energetic gridding and Stargate system located within Gaia and her atmosphere/field and each one of us here.

As a NEW Earth Planetary System, we are literally returning to/through becoming a Star Nation here/again. The completion of these 12D Templates is a game changer, as it ends “all Ascension Timelines” (done personally by each) and moves each into fulfilling much higher Star Nation/Galactic Council Roles by way of fulfilling/honoring various Soul Agreements and living Divine Partnerships/Unions through our own individual lives and working together as LOVE for our Planet and all of HUmanity here.

Awakening is a “first” part of this process, if you will. It can take our whole life to awaken until we “hit that moment” where a massive Ascension process begins, which moves everyone into a whole different phase. Instead of this being by “years”, we shift all to vibrational frequencies/energy/dimensions, to comprehend “how” all occurs/works on a multi-dimensional level, instead of an outdated/obsolete linear one.

When I refer to various things, I will mention/choose a “starting point”/reference point, which is vibrational/energetic, not linear in any way. It’s not bound by dates, age, body, race or any gender identification or roles/statuses like human aspects identify things. This is broken down into vast phases/processes too. This WHOLE THING IS ABOUT GETTING EACH’S HEART/MIND/ENERGY SO COMPLETELY WIDE OPEN… no matter what it takes. Pre-ascension this occurs differently than POST-Physical-Body-Ascension does. We get into “pole flips” and “polarity” and “reversal processes”, as well as the “stripping away” and deconstruction phases relative to “ego-based”/created realities and “transition phases” from Head to Heart, as well as “out there”/outer worlds/realities vs. inner worlds and then inner-to outer and the correlation of “connection vs. disconnection/separation as well….

We can/do awaken through feeling beauty, love, softness, kindness and pure peace that will bring forth such powerful emotions, tears of presence/bliss/appreciation and remembrance, yet early phases our human anatomy/aspects/density don’t fully “allow” for this, therefore what is “perceived” (and experienced) as “devastating, harsh, rough, intense and completely cruel” can occur, to unanchor/knock loose/shake and jolt each out of fixed linear mindsets, complacency/compliance, selfishness and our hearts/minds being closed/shut off/walled away and protecting out of fear/give our power away. There is also a massive shifting of priorities and changing our entire value system from an old earth one to a new earth one, which doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an immense process of moving all to their hearts where linear mindsets can COMPLETELY dissolve/fall away and move over to a geometric/Quantum/Energetic Reality that changes how we all live/co-exist and function here. What many are unaware of is, this is each’s Merkaba (Universal Ascension Vehicle) trying to “move” (geometrics) and “recreate” each’s reality, yet the “person” within the field/bubble/universe is hanging on so tight that their Merkaba will actually SHAKE and completely deconstruct the constructs of each’s reality WHEN IT’S TIME to awaken from the old illusions of separation held deep within (and played out in that “reality” as a result of this).

One can awaken years before the rest of a specific collective does. It’s not a race. It’s an honor, pure JOY and immense amount of RESPONSIBILITY on a Soul Level here. When we have many awake, we have a collective. When we have many asleep, we have a collective. When we have many ascended, we have another collective and how we “look at these” is different based upon what we are trying to explain in order to teach/guide/assist with dissolving/resolving confusion regarding “all of this”….

Old Earth we refer to realities based upon mentalities/energies of individualism and separation, where as NEW Earth we refer to Unity-based, Teams, Light Family and Love…. and where each “functions from” dictates one’s actual MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE… that which is referred to as “reality” substantially changes with each phase of awakening and individual ascension/embodiment processes…. As our actual physical realities completely change in response to this as well, as EVERYTHING SERVES much higher/different purposes than before. It’s no longer about any one individual, yet a geometric of “how” all fits into a much greater picture and as integral parts of a much greater whole/all.

Everyone is important, everyone matters, yet no one “more” than another… everyone is “equal” and has the same access/opportunities, yet all must go deep inward to open up access and bring this forth from their own deep sacred connection from within. Everyone is cared for, treated with the utmost respect, loved and deserving, yet the parameters for all is different, as everyone is also RESPONSIBLE and when we have 3D, no one wants to take responsibility or actually “do” what makes the different, whereas 5D-12D, we take complete responsibility for our ENERGY, our current ACTions, our behaviour and how we show up in every reality, how we contribute, how we share, how we uplift, inspire and unite all through love here. We also “do the work” on every level, as we understand the importance of this. We can unite these amazing realities to create/bring forth more, yet it takes EVERYONE fully doing the same. It’s a REVERSAL of the old ways/days. We don’t show up with our hand out, asking for anything. We do our own inner work, build/create/accomplish our own realities as highest aligned and we co-join/unite these to enhance/expand and anchor more DREAM/HEAVEN ON EARTH realities for all of us here. The only one’s not experiencing this, are the one who are just entering these phases of “learning” everything all over again, clearing karmic/unconscious programmed timelines and getting their physical body’s vibration high enough so that their Soul can fully integrate and recode their entire reality with grace too.

2020 VISION:
This entire process is one of INNER-VISION, INNER-CLARITY and inner-knowing, feeling and deciphering a holographic reality through various physical/energetic symbols, signs and messages at first. As each “learns” to “read” the field, decipher/decode messages/meanings and start to choose to re-program, re-align and bring forth all new from within. 2020 opens an entire ERA of CLEAR VISION/CLARITY that will support/assist with Earth’s Transition out of 3rd/4th Density “finally”, by dismantling and “switching off” the codes/templates that held 3D in place. As each becomes a Visionary, the ability to create/bring forth “our new” is easier, as we are all able to see and unite these VISIONS to support and accelerate with greater ease. ♥

NEW EARTH BECOMES VISIBLE AND IS BIRTHED/born/comes forth from DEEEEEEEEP within each’s DEEP Sacred Soul Connection/Physical LightBody-Field and immense “higher consciousness knowledge/wisdom” (light codes/”higher” intelligence” than before), that provide access to “how to create” all new realities that are SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS aligned, Soul Aligned, Highest Vibrationally aligned, forgo the “creation” of NEW EARTH realities and experiences “replacing” old earth ones….

These SOURCE CODES are CREATION CODES…. re-design, re-create, re-structure and re-align all with Universal/Cosmic Laws/Rules (Quantum/Consciousness) replacing everything each once called “reality” before…..

Part of 4D Moves into Overwhelm and Prepare to MOVE BEYOND Comfort Zones:
Many will start going off the “deep end”, feeling completely overwhelmed and like all is “too much”. This is an important part of the process, so understanding from a “much higher” place is important for moving through/honoring/supporting/experiencing the INTENSITY of SEPARATION and one’s LightBody starting to come further online. Some will travel, activating the grids of their own bodies, while activating, clearing and “swapping” various codes with every location change/experience and moving into various Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper Roles important for 5D+ Ascension Timelines and more. Deep, heavy emotions and feelings emerge in these. Confusion increases, yet clarity is available through nature, connection, solitude, field clearing and deepening our inner connection to experience peace. As the Lightbody starts rewiring/reconfiguring the central nervous systems, waking body parts up, heart opening/mind opening, relaxing and shifting from an external focus to an inner focus, other body systems start immense processes as well. Your physical Light/Soul/Energy Body is asking you to support it, honor it, love it, respect it so that it can do the work necessary to support you in achieving anchoring your own NEW Earth Realities/Experiences here. Dreams turn lucid, experiences do too. Pineal gland activates, DMT release begins, changing the “output” and chemical processes of your glands/organs, your whole body requires your attention, kindness, love and care.

Moving beyond Comfort Zones: The Human Aspect lived in “comfort zones” that GO when it’s time for each’s individual Ascension Process to begin. Because the human aspect likes “safe”, fixed and “secure”, even if it goes completely against their own SOUL, they will “stay here” because it’s “easier” than the “challenges” of stepping up, saying no, not accepting “status quo” and having “fixed” ways “feels” better than “not knowing up front/prior to and being able to “control” it all…. The way the human ego “wants things”, which is not how this works. Because the human aspect will not budge, has sooooo much resistance to change, so much armor around their hearts, cannot share their “things”, doesn’t “truly care” about our planet/each other to “do whatever it takes”, then REALITIES have to CHANGE. Unbeknownst to each human aspect, when it’s time for this to occur, their Merkaba will “kick in” and start restructuring their entire reality FOR THEM…. And that the “matrix” program/systems are located in their own BODY, deep within their cells, muscles, organs, limbs, bones and that in order to “transition over” from a 3D reality to a 5D reality+, they will go through an individual “pole flip” that appears to “turn their reality upside down”, unanchoring emotions, fears, survival mechanism and separation that held them to that unconscious dimension before, playing out “realities” that were a “solid hologram” based upon their own beliefs, mentalities and deep conditioning/programming held deeeeeep within and only visible through much higher states of Consciousness. The “external” is a “feedback loop” if you will, a vibrational return to what each holds/embodies/believes and when the EGO is what is embodied, then the external reality is a direct response/experience resulting from this. 5D those “comfort zones” are no longer “needed”, as everything is completely different, soft, beautiful and abundance is shared, so there’s no lack or doing without, as that was 3D/4D programming/conditioning/beliefs that “manifested/materialized” as a “physical reality” too.

Breaking free from/pulling away from “the old”, learning to PLAY, have fun, dance and just BE allows for a RE-SET to occur, that is necessary for many reasons prior to moving into much “higher dimensional” realities/roles here. If it does not support you, LET IT GO! Start to “see” from inside your own heart, feel with your heart/being and listen with your whole heart/being too. It’s beyond important for the transition from 3D to 5D, which is intense even with the greatest understanding for awhile. 4D is also where Ego Death on every level occurs, as the “entrance” through/to 5D (Gates of Heaven/Ascension timelines) means leaving all that separation, judgment, lack, limits as “reality” and moving into new ones where you see this, yet it no longer rules and you can consciously Master/Break all down/re-program through Love yourself. ♥


LIGHT carries information and is encoded/encrypted Data that we “read” and translate into whatever language/words/acts/energies that transmit the tones/codes/frequencies “OUT” for all to read/absorb/integrate/process/receive. They are actual coordinates, literally, so all is “delivering” the actual codes for “changing dimensions”, re-configuring and re-coding entire “real”ities and creating “all new ones” aligned through Pure Love here. Light is Pure Love. Light is Pure. Anything not is of the ego aspect and it’s up to each to figure this out for themselves. Learn to FEEL YOUR REALITIES, FEEL AND LISTEN TO THIS, instead of trying to decipher with your head.

Part of my roles for years, has been to RECORD LIGHT DATA through decrypting COSMIC LIGHT CODES and TRANSLATING THEM in various ways. I’ve spent hours and hours and hours of dedicated service every day for years, observing/listening to and transcribing COSMIC CODES/RAYS/FREQUENCIES AND QUANTUM LIGHT CODES (and how this affects all), preparing/sharing this to support HUmanity through massive evolutionary processes relative to every level of existence here. There are days that I do this from the time I wake up to the time I sleep, yet because it’s all Quantum/Geometric/Algorithms/Equations and SO deeply intricate to explain, I actually only share a small fraction of that which I bring through me/my own access/abilities, as I would not be able to accomplish the immensity of our daily service work and live my own life fully and highest aligned with JOY here. There was a huge chunk of “my life” that I put everything aside and did only this, yet once the LIVING LIBRARIES were established/released/available, it was time for me to shift to all new roles here. As it feels appropriate, as realities support, as we all come together to accomplish greater service roles, we are able to “do more” for everyone in a much greater capacity as LOVE here. Right now as I type this, the frequency bandwidths and codes are “releasing” what I refer to as “Q-Bits” (Quantum Data Bits/Bytes) packed full of Quantum Information/data to support, reconfigure and assist with these important individual and global transitions, as we move further, deeper and more powerfully through a Galactic Photonic Light & Plasma Corridor and Passageway, broken up into different “smaller ones” as a part of a greater Cosmic whole. For me, I personally match up the codes/frequencies/weather/Earth Changes/Shifts, Physical LightBody re-codings and various dimensional experiences occurring all simultaneously, to provide expanded awareness of “how” all occurs on a Cosmic/Quantum Level here. Integrating these “gives us” access to Quantum Dynamics, Equations and “NEW Ways” that are simpler, easier and highest aligned for all of us as Love/Divine Star-Light BEings here. ♥

WISDOM CODES/PORTALS/GRIDS: As each “learns” to open their heart fully to connect from deep inside and listen to their own “higher” guidance/wisdom/codes, and “restructure” their lives according to this, their individual EXPERIENCE becomes NEW EARTH ONES…. beautiful, magical, loving, kind and so very pure…. and their “body” actually vibrates at a different frequency, changing density levels and literally “moving” into a different dimension to live/experience, literally “leaving the old” as their own reality, which then gives each the ability to then support/guide/assist and RAYdiate out the frequencies/tones to support/guide/assist others with feeling/experiencing/living/doing this for themselves as well. As Cosmic Portals, Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers/Guardians (and more) each have the ability to consciously work with our planetary Gridding Systems (through our own bodies/fields) and open portals/gateways and hold them open for all who decide to also enter/come through. Because this is quantum, it’s not bound by linear time/space and instead is by way of proximity, virtually and on a multi-dimensional level too. In order to “cross over” “to the other side”, move through the wormholes and vortexes with ease, full presence and surrender of all resistance/linearity inside. ♥

First, ASCENSION IS A DEEPLY SACRED PERSONAL EXPERIENCE…. it’s never about others or anything outside. In order to BE and “do” that which is highest aligned, we go deeper within ourselves and this is where we LIVE FROM, this is where we SHARE FROM, this is where we do everything from and “how” the external “fits into this” is different with each physical/LightBody phase, each density/dimensional/frequency bandwidth and “level”/space of consciousness we occupy/live from deep within…..

First, if each is not “seeing”/observing from a multi-dimensional level, without judgment, lack or “need”, then everything will be personal, confusing and dramatic and filled with “old earth” energies of survival, safety, finger pointing/blame, fear, lack, separation/division and every crazy scenario creating 4D drama/chaos to “act out” “real”ities from a place of separation still held deep within “the self”.

For the human (ego) aspect, “the little inflated/deflated self” is separate from “the whole”, which means each’s ACT’S, way of thinking/mentalities and how they live their lives are all ACTS of SEPARATION too. This is a pre-ascension “timeline” if you will…. where one has not fully REMEMBERED all as PURE LOVE and SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS here….

In order to fully comprehend/understand, each must go SOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEEP INWARD that everything falls away and NOTHING and EVERYTHING exist within ONE SPACE, where ONENESS is a REMEMBERED STATE and then it’s up to EACH TO LEARN TO LIVE THIS FULLY, with every aspect of their own lives….. which is the JOURNEY OF RETURNING/ASCENDING that each goes through to RETURN TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS here…

In order to fully comprehend/understand, each must DO THIS THEMSELVES…. no “one” can “do” this “for us”, it’s a deeply personal journey into the DEPTHS OF EVERYTHING that was not visible before. Every experience, every occurrence, EVERY ACT is to get each’s heart wide open so that it never closes/separates off again…. and every “act” will continue strong and stronger and stronger, until this has been accomplished fully within/by each…. so that UNITY/LOVE/PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS is where EACH FULLY LIVE FROM, on every level, in every way…. which means shifting everything OVER to a whole new reality that looks NOTHING LIKE it did before and doesn’t work like “before”, because “before” was unconscious and not highest aligned for each and all of HUMANITY here….. our planet, each other….

It changes everything and “removes/shifts” the POWER from the ego to “the SOUL”, to the HEART, to LOVE, to UNITY, to SHARING, to deeply truly CARING, to UNITING, to WORKING TOGETHER, to SUPPORTING, to UPLIFTING, to INSPIRING and to CREATING ALL NEW REALITIES that are of the absolute highest vibrational alignment FOR EVERYONE, while no longer catering to anything of the old, of the distorted, of the selfish, of the greedy, of survival/separation/lack that dictated/ruled what each called “reality” before….

FULL CONSCIOUSNESS RETURNS ALL TO LOVE and UNITY, returns/restores all to PEACE, brings all into UNITY THROUGH LOVE, deeps sacred respect and INCLUDES EVERYONE truly ready to BE A PART OF THIS….. it recognizes what is not vibrationally aligned, has the ability to shift this fully, unless there are such deeply rooted/fixed/rigid programs/conditioning still held that “refuses” to be open to listening, learning and shifting into a “whole new reality” instead….

In order to see/understand, we “break things down” to explain, then we put all back together as ONE…. yet in a “different way”, as the geometrics for “reality” are not linear, they are Quantum/Energetic, so we have to all shift HOW WE SEE EVERYTHING, otherwise we are “stuck” within ourselves, we are holding on to “old ways” within ourselves, operating from old unconscious beliefs/mentalities that “rule” our inner reality, therefore binding us to an “external reality” that of limits, conditions and constructs that will no longer “hold” or be able to be maintained/sustained, because that was “old earth” and NEW EARTH MUST COME FORTH FOR ALL…. as Earth’s Ascension and Planetary RETURN is necessary/required now…

I will share on our Planetary Return to/as a Star Nation more later, as this is beyond vast as well. It’s a part of Cosmic Remembrance and what’s occurring within/on Gaia/Terra Nova on a DNA/Evolutionary process relative to our placement in “the galaxy”/Galaxies, current “status/location” through the passageway of the PHOTON BELT and how Earth’s Liberation out of the “Unconscious Realms” and DEEP STATE of Amnesia correlates as well.

For the sake of this sharing, I’m breaking down a few things and as we continue, I’ll share as is appropriate for all/each:

3rd Dimension/Density/Frequency Bandwidth/Consciousness/Experience: Full on collapse, for the sake of shifting/moving/transitioning all to the 4th Dimension, where each’s heart starts to open, where each is “pushed inward” to start to make a connection within the physical body and “learn” to live from their hearts, which is a massive passageway of reversing everything KARMIC within itself. Those who chose not to continue on will “exit” this dimension, which is how “human body death” occurs, which is also a part of a much bigger picture, where Soul’s don’t die, they just “return” to a/the Unified Field of Consciousness as ENERGY, not separate from anything, where Source Consciousness is ONE. It’s only the human ego aspect that sees all separately and “thinks” all is separate, thinks there is “suffering”, “thinks” there is pain and other stuff as a projection from within the fractaled/fractured self. “Collapse” is of the “constructs” that held the old in place, which is held within each on a cellular level and each’s individual field. Technically it’s a “movement” from one reality to another that’s not understood and is resisted, because it “goes against” everything unconscious, therefore “breaking all down”, so that shifting can occur on every level. This is where the ego aspect fights all, holds on so strongly and “tries” to refuse/resist/control, without any awareness that “it doesn’t have a choice”, because “it’s not the one in charge” (anymore).

4th Dimension/Density/Frequency Bandwidth/Consciousness/Experience: This is where an acceleration of “timelines” begins, things “speed up, get faster, become overwhelming and immense emotions, fears, separation and “fight to hold on” exacerbate and where ‘inner drama’ is externalized as each “fights” to reclaim their power, “struggles” with self-love and all becomes “more confusing” as one starts to FEEL EVERYTHING, yet the “how’s and why’s” are not yet there, because all is Quantum/non-linear and only visible from various levels of 5D – 12D, depending on where each functions from in their own personal journey… This is where each is “pushed” deep within, where ONE STEPS INTO A KARMIC TIMELINE and has to learn to go deeper inward to find answers, breaks away from “that out there” and all of the “external stimuli” that “used to stimulate”, yet no longer does, yet there’s no “new earth reality in place yet”, so every fear, every ounce of lack, every program surfaces to assist each with “moving” out of “old mindset” realities “over” to a heart-based reality instead. This is a beyond challenging one, because it requires each establish a whole new RELATIONSHIP with their own “higher selves”/soul and “learn” to live from here instead of the “old ways of before”. This is where DNA repair begins, where each starts to RETURN TO CONSCIOUSNESS (by whatever path that Soul pre-chose) and where each is “faced” with every CHOICE UNTIL they’ve chosen their own SOUL over their human ego reality. This is where each reclaims every fractal, transitions out of separation and merges their own higher/future self and their human into ONE, MOVING THEM into the “5th Dimension”….. Each will wish for, hope for and start to “dream” of a new reality, one that is simple and easy, yet the “complicated” realities of the ego constructs still have to be worked through and transitioned by each within. This is where each “enters” into their own Ascension, shifting from “Awakening” (chaos/drama/suffering/survival/dependency/lack) to REMEMBERING realities that only come forth as each goes deeper continually and “brings these forth” to be created/built, forgo entering the “5th Dimension”, where all new realities start to become visible, yet obtaining/achieving these is a massive multi-dimensional journey/experience as well…. This is where the sleep state/dream start to flip and merge and where “anchoring” phases begin as each’s Merkaba is constructed/starts to come online for physical body ascension to occur (over years/months/weeks) as well….

5th Dimension/Density/Frequency Bandwidth/Consciousness/Experience: First each must HOLD THIS CONSCIOUSNESS long enough for the physical to completely break down/restructure and vibrationally be aligned to support a NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE, which occurs over years. It’s not linear, it’s vibrational… which means every “decision”, every “act” is too….. This is where NEW EARTH becomes each’s priority and “building”/creating all new realities begins from ZERO POINT and through Divine Soul Alignment, and where the “growing up process” begins. This is where each realizes that as an ego aspect they knew nothing, had no clue, understood nothing and that “now” everything has to be “relearned” all over again and in order to “do this” with ease and grace, full ego-surrender is necessary and aligning all on a Soul Level takes precedence instead. This is where each moves to a place/state of humility, humbleness and deep sacred respect, yet the next phases will require immense POWER to fully consciously “break down” all that’s not highest aligned and a “restructuring” of every reality constantly begins. This is where each RETURNS TO THE INNOCENCE of their own heart/soul and starts to live this fully, realigning all through Universal Love in their own “personal reality”, their own “bubble” (universe) and expanding this out to affect/touch/support “others” through their own presence/energy/field, yet the process of “building all new realities” has just begun. This is the “climb” (Stairway to Heaven/Ascent) that leads into vast phases/processes and a whole new “revamping of every reality” on a Soul Level, through each’s physical body form and an immense Photonic Light DNA reconfiguration/recalibration process that accelerates constantly for each to become fully Quantum, where each’s LightBody “takes over” and the physical everything has to be “redone”/reconfigured to support this….. This is where all are “little children”, playing, excited and all becomes magical, rainbows, unicorns again…. yet this is just the beginning as well….. This is where all “learn” to JUST BE, to “transmit Light Consciously” and where “doing” completely changes from “the head” to the “heart” and so where one “functions from” changes, which means creating a new “Zero Point”/anchor point “in/from” the “5th Dimension” instead of 3 or 4.

6th Dimension/Density/Frequency Bandwidth/Consciousness/Experience: It’s “time” to “grow up” (as a Soul) and LIVE THIS FULLY and start to align everything on a whole new level. This is where the “service work” from pure LOVE and JOY “takes over” and “it’s time” to BE THE EXAMPLE AS LOVE in a whole new way…. This is where 12D becomes visible, yet still is not understood, as “visibility” is from “deep inside” and relative to where each functions from. 6D can see 5D and “below”. Can “see” what needs to be done/accomplished as a part of SERVICE to HUMANITY/ALL, yet each dimension now is about “accomplishing” that which we all “agreed” to fulfill on a Soul Level and through every aspect of our lives here. Because there’s no “dependency” or “relying” on anyone/thing “outside”, this is a complete shifting process as well, where “receiving” is relative to “output” and what each “allows” in their own “field”, so each must become “picker”, as everything is now ENERGY and DENSITY or Light and how the “physical” comes to be is relative to what each is holding, transmitting, allowing, creating and how each “shows up” and “comes through”, so the “parameters” for what is acceptable changes. Compromise (on a Soul Level) is no longer an option, because that was unconscious and each now gets to totally “choose” what reality they are going to LIVE FULLY and each decision/act dictates this….. forgo “growing up” and holding each accountable for their energy, as this is what “dictates” and determines each’s experience here……….. Realities also move to CONTRIBUTORY, working together, unity, yet because until we each fully return to 12D, there are still vibrational mis-matches and “learning” about ENERGETIC COMPATIBILITY, which is VERY DIFFERENT than all previous realities and how we can co-exist within the “same space” changes quite substantially. One “shift” in consciousness/energy, can “shift” an entire “timeline”, which means that total conscious awareness BY EACH IS NECESSARY, otherwise “collapse” is faster/stronger too…. Each becomes RESPONSIBLE FOR HOLDING THE HIGHEST AT ALL TIME, and anything less will collapse, yet because linear “time” is different, “how this works” is different as well…………….. This is the part the human aspect “avoids”, because it means “total responsible for each’s own self and each must grow up, take responsibility for their own BEHAVIOR FULLY, from the present moment, letting all previous everything fall away, realizing “the future” is energetic and comes forth relative to what each is LIVING/HOLDING, forgo “Embodiment” and the “beginning” of the “Descent” of all “higher selves” through the body, down the spine, throughout every cell and radiating out through each’s FIELD…. naturally, organically… as an energy signature, an essence and a presence…. and where “words” are only for “teaching”/evolving all into a much higher state and communicating that which is not “readable” energetically yet.

I will break 6D-12D down differently “later” and all along the way. I will only “touch” on various parts for the sake of this writing/sharing to support/guide/assist to what is relative to this….

I share “my own personal” experience (extremely simplified), only to “explain”, as it’s “important” in the “how/why” and “where we are” on a “whole level” and “where we are “going next”….

12D is the COMPLETION OF ALL ASCENSION TIMELINES…. where EVERYTHING ON AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL IS TRULY DONE for our own Personal Journey, and it’s “time” to unite to accomplish the “much bigger realities for HUMANITY”, through the APPLICATION OF 12 TEMPLATES and Codes, living/working as a COHESIVE UNIT/TEAM and “partnering” up to share/contribute/do our parts/fulfill various humanitarian/service roles, through an ENERGETIC SHARING/SUPPORT/COMBINED RESOURCE system that supports the greater whole/all on EVERY LEVEL, while taking everything into “account” and creating a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM that supports our planet/humanity to thrive, flourish and live in UNITY AS ONE. (I’ll release the 12D Quantum Template Program when it’s finished/ready, as we have to teach/re-educate/guide/assist and continue to Expand/Evolve all through Quantum States of Consciousness, while implementing and constantly evolving the projects too, in order to increase the functionality, stability and succession of all for all too). All of this is only understood as we each DO IT FULLY from within ourselves…. Then we “go beyond 12D” which is “where we are now”.

In conjunction with Gaia/Cosmically/Galactically/physically/energetically, the “new” ZERO POINT for Galactic Gaia (Terra Nova) is now 12D. “How” this correlates is different based upon DENSITY and Light ratios (Dimensions), so each’s ACTUAL EXPERIENCE will be just as different as well. To simplify, the easiest way for me to explain is that each dimension has a “different zero point” and for each to shift to a whole new/different dimension, each must “anchor” their whole being and consciousness “in that dimension” and “hold all as reality” from this place/space inside and “allow” all to be completely vibrationally re-aligned to “this”, and by way of CONSCIOUS PARTICIPATION, aligning all through Full Consciousness/Love fully themselves…. This will INCLUDE EVERY ASPECT of one’s entire being/whole life… as all is a part of the GREATER WHOLE and not “separate” as “before” (3D/4D). It’s important to note/realize that the physical body/reality will go through IMMENSE CHANGES, immense re-coding, immense re-calibration, immense shifts on every level as everything is COMPLETELY REWRITTEN constantly and at increasing rate of “acceleration” that correlate ‘differently’ based upon the dimension and oscillatory spin rate/cycles (atomic codes) and what each has been able to “accomplish”/acclimate to/embody/hold fully from within themselves, which means a ridiculous amount of “down time” as the physical LightBody re-works all for each…..

For the sake of “explaining”, the “higher” the level of consciousness, the “less” physical all is… “inside”, yet “how” the “physical” correlates then changes, as the physical is a vibrational and energetic response, then the higher the “level” of consciousness, the less “effort” it takes to call forth “physical realities” to support each’s NEW EARTH REALITIES here…. yet in order for EVERY REALITY to be a RESULT OF FULL CONSCIOUSNESS with great ease, simplicity and EFFORTLESS, then the physical body must undergo immense re-writes continually to constantly shift where each functions from, creating different “zero points” along the way, that have a vaster reach with greater ease.

For the 5D-11D experience, then it’s identifying what’s “higher and lower” and constantly shifting all to “higher” consciously, which is a part of each’s own EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS here…. and “higher/lower” is not a judgment, it’s an observation of frequencies/energies for the sake of shifting all to a DIFFERENT STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which is all of our “responsibility” here.

5D-11D is each “returning” and “growing up processes” through every EXPERIENCE…. this whole thing is about each’s ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, it’s just that where each functions on a “consciousness level” is different, therefore the experiences are as well… These dimensions are CREATING AND BUILDING ALL NEW REALITIES in accordance with the highest levels of consciousness/unity/love, more purity, kindness, generosity, caring, deep sacred respect and love, so that “every reality” IS THIS…. forgo the “return” to 12D REALITIES that each “gets to live fully” as they hold this fully from within themselves…..

12D is the completion of ALL personal ascension timelines for each, where the “climb” “back up” through 5D to 12D was a massive process within itself. The immensity of this whole process is too vast to share here, so I’ll do this in subsequent sharings/exchanges as is appropriate. Every role is full service, yet “how” each presented was different, as each’s “reality” shifts from being “physical” to ENERGETIC and the “Level of Consciousness” dictated the physical more and more, each “rung” (D: Dimension/Density) “easier” than the one before…. This is an INNER TO OUTER personal evolution where every aspect of ourselves and entire reality/lives have been completely aligned by each one of us individually from deep within ourselves. It’s “visible” energetically and ways not visible to the human aspect, as the “how” is inconceivable, unless one is directly exposed to/fully experiences this within themselves. This is not an “ego accomplishment” as many will perceive. This is a holy, sacred, pure Divine Union on every level that is SO Pure, that every experience, every reality, every moment is this, a cohesive unified field where everything works/flows/exists as ONE on every level, including the “weather”, the “people” and the purposes we fulfill….. Where all is UNITY, LOVE and so completely highest aligned that every moment supports LIVING HEAVEN FULLY and then “how” we come together to accomplish huge roles/next phases is done through Divine Union and Partnership with each other, where each fulfills their roles fully as PURE LOVE too. It’s beyond BEAUTIFUL, yet it takes us all… living this fully, as our own reality is our creation and we totally/completely understand this, so it means being so completely RESPONSIBLE for every breath, every act, every transmission, every exchange, every everything, that what we RECEIVE/EXPERIENCE is a direct correlation to this. ♥

In order to teach/guide/support/assist, we each “use” our own Personal Journeys/Lives for this. It’s how it works. It removes the “ego” from it all, the judgment from all and is how we BECOME WAYSHOWERS as we are all SHOWING HOW THIS IS DONE through our own ACTUAL experiences as we live them fully and open up to share, without the duality of before. We can observe duality/polarity, yet we are not “living it”, we are using it to teach/guide/support/assist, so “others” can utilize this in their own journey, so all can be EASIER for all…. consciously “choosing”, utilizing and understanding this…. We do not “have” to share every minute detail and aspect of our lives, except as is appropriate and each “dimension” this is different too. When we are moving out of “hiding” within ourselves and learning to openly share, then each moves into “transparency”, which is a part of the embodiment process and Cosmic Rays that create a transparency, glow and emit out tones and frequencies that release the old “hiding” and “agendas” that 3D/4D lived from…..

5D-12D is openness, caring, consideration, deep sacred respect and support, sharing, yet the “how” is different with each one, because of the “purpose” of each one is different, so “how” all occurs/is done is relative to the codes/rules of that “dimension/level of consciousness” as well…..

For me personally, the whole linear year of 2019 was dedicated to living/holding/integrating all of the 12D Templates and Codes fully with my own body/field/reality, which meant everything that did not support this “had to go” so that I could “accomplish”/honor what I agreed to fulfill on a Galactic/Cosmic/Soul/Source Code Level here… Because the templates are “that vast” it took a whole year, that once the codes had been released/opened/accessed over the previous linear years and completion phases then my own journey required that I complete this fully within myself, so that I can honor/support/assist/unite/bring forth/continue to guide/assist and come together with others truly anchoring NEW EARTH/HEAVEN ON EARTH/OUR GALACTIC CIVILIZATIONS as actual physical realities/experiences here. The “implementation” of all of this/these takes us all, yet we each must hold this in order to BE/DO this, and it’s no longer about any “individual”, so we let everything go that does not support, as everything is about the “greater whole/all” as ONE HUMANITY, where we each LIVE THIS FULLY from deep within ourselves and we Unite to COMBINE our amazing realities to create “more” awesome ones for everyone to inJOY, participate in and fulfill their roles from their “highest place” as well….

12D is a Re-Distribution/Re-Allocation Template (on EVERY Level), a deeply Sacred one and it DICTATES everything on our planet in every way now. It is a HUMANITARIAN TEMPLATE where all of humanity is INCLUDED, yet all of HUMANITY has to CHOOSE to participate, choose to fulfill their part too… and for this to “happen”, those who “hold this” and “live this fully” will unite to support/guide/assist and LEAD/SHOW THE WAY for “how” everything “is done” on a Quantum/Cosmic Level…. It’s the “adult souls” and Galactic Star People/Light Beings… having a “form”, yet PLASMA ENERGY changes everything, as do the Diamond/Crystalline Templates and Codes that must be integrated fully for “application” and “incorporation” to occur….

Plasma is a “non-conforming”, malleable, form-able and re-shape-able ENERGY, where we as PLASMA LIGHT BEINGS are able to easily reshape, reform, reconfigure and recode entire realities through our own Consciousness…. with little or no effort at all. As the physical body evolves on a DNA/Light Code/Genetic/Atomic Level through all new codes, the “body” doesn’t “work” like it did before, because it’s not meant to… so it takes immense patience, love, care, respect, kindness and full surrender to honor an immense reconfiguration process that has to occur for everyone’s “reality” to be easier, simpler and highest vibrationally aligned here….

12D is effortless…. it’s is soooooooooooo vibrationally aligned, fluid and in flow, there are no words to even explain this part. We just have to allow/go through it to experience/understand it and then “try” to put words to all, and in one way, it’s not important, as it’s OUR ENERGY that matters, so we just “show” through our own……

12D is PURE PRESENCE…. I spent much of the “time” as “just pure presence”, observing, honoring, listening, allowing and “doing” that which was the absolute highest aligned, which meant not focusing on everyone else, not “doing” for others, which was the polar opposite of all of these years of 5D to 11D where our service is about what we are creating/building/doing on a Soul Level. A few years ago, when I entered into 12D with my whole body/being/reality, those phases ended and I “moved” into all new roles, that required every ounce of me dedicated to integrating/embodying all of the codes and templates relative to “beyond 12D” and where we “go next” in fulfilling our various roles as Light Beings/Love/Unity/Purity Consciousness here…. I still “did” every day, yet “how” and “how much” had to completely change until the completion of my own processes in conjunction with Gaia/Cosmic Consciousness, so that I could hold this fully with great ease (Embodiment/Entire Reality).

On 12/18 I awoke to “complete” my own personal WHOLE ASCENSION TIMELINE, which included ascension into 5D, descent/descension of all higher selves, integration/embodiment of all aspects/versions and holding this for years…. through Sacred Presence, Existence and various Service Roles here…. everyday I was “reminded” that I was done…. and then re-mapped my own process that I will share later to support/assist those “who care” and to support each embracing “doing” this within themselves too…. This was the completion of my own 10 year awakening cycle, and 7 year personal ascension cycle too. It was “broken down” into various phases/cycles that I’ve shared the entire time as I “did it” …. which I’ll recap and restructure differently at some point to further assist with these next phases that various collectives/individuals move into/through too…….

NOW …. WE as a planet move into “beyond 12D” and what this means is different for each. I only share this here, as it’s a part of “how I explain” the rest of it, as all is relative and a part of “the whole thing”………………..

We’ve entered a powerful phase/era where planetary liberation is a necessity for accomplishing/completing what we all came here (as Star-Light Beings) to BE and DO.

I have not yet shared from several linear years back, all of the information on how GAIA (and we each on a physical level) are accelerating TERRA-FORMING AND REVERSE TERRA-FORMING processes, yet it’s becoming more important to do so, so I will do this in the upcoming months as my own energy/reality supports this as well….. The last many linear years we’ve increased the influx of STAR CODES that activate/re-write and completely CHANGE everything for us all. These STAR Codes are a part of all of us and our beloved evolving planet RETURNING to “take our rightful place” in the SOULar System and Galaxies as a Conscious Planet, exiting the Quarantine and Prison Planet “phase” of 3D. The easiest way for me to “explain” is that AS our planet continues to travel “back” through the PHOTON BELT, the evolutionary processes substantially increase/accelerate to EVOLVE each individual and the whole planet “back” through Quantum everything. Quantum Dynamics, Quantum Existence, Quantum Algorithms/Physics, Quantum Evolution and Abilities not accessible “before”. Even “how” we “move” THROUGH SPACE and “time” is totally different than “before”. We are “jumping” and “traveling” constantly and as our actual physical bodies evolve, we gain the capability to JUMP with our bodies to/from/into entirely “new” realities… completely multi-dimensional ones that are our “actual experiences” where all exists/coexists/functions as ONE.

Therefore multi-dimensionality and Quantum does as well. This changes everything on every level. Our roles are to lead/teach/guide/assist/support in every way that’s highest aligned/appropriate on a Soul Level, as the STAR PEOPLE and COUNCILS step to the forefront and “waves” are merged too.

WAVE 1, WAVE 2 AND WAVE 3 all MERGE into ONE WAVE and become “the new” WAVE 1. These will start to unite, find each other, work together to be the BUILDERS/GUIDES AND COUNCIL MEMBERS for the upcoming phases as a Star Planet and Cosmic Family “in form” here…..

A “new” WAVE 2 has been activated with this “new era”/template, which will awaken/emerge through continual waves…. (then these will merge and a new wave/era will begin with 2030, yet I’m not going there yet)…..

3D ENTITLEMENT/EXPECTATION, ARROGANCE, BULLYING, Narcissism and distorted/unconscious POWER-Play/Control/Manipulation Programs, Systems and Ways accelerate collapse, dissolution and “stripping away”. Greed, self-inflation/deflation, separation from each other and our planet/Star System are all under an entire “redistribution” template now…. This is a redistribution of “how” Power and “all” was utilized before…. and “how much each has” is relative to NEW guidelines that “change” the dynamics of all…. “How this plays out” will not be as any ego aspect “thought” and the whole planet is now under a massive “shifting” of everything “from one vibrational place” to another… as all is vibrational and energetic and relative to COSMIC LAW(S).

The ENTIRE PLANET and all of its “inhabitants” have been being “moved”/transitioned in phases and stages relative to different “levels” of consciousness, awakening processes, ascension processes and evolutionary processes that take place on a Cosmic/Quantum Level (not a linear one). This process now substantially accelerates to “complete”/accomplish the next “phase” of THE ROLE OF OUR PLANET IN THE STAR SYSTEM, which are immense and will continually evolve as Galactic Gaia (Terra Nova) “clears” and “takes care of” all herself….. I will share more as we continue/go, as this is beyond vast within itself and continues to evolve/become visible/available as we all continue our own personal journeys of fulfilling much higher purposes/roles/missions individually and together as LOVE here.

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS WILL PREVAIL in every situation, yet each will “go through” whatever is necessary to fully accomplish this……….. For those LIVING THIS FULLY, then realities that support fully are what comes forth, so that each can fulfill “easier” for all of humanity here. ♥

SHIFT YOUR OWN FOCUS/PRIORITIES/ENERGY: To have the expanded awareness that each density/dimension is playing out “different roles” in planetary ascension/evolution processes that are ALL an important part of the “greater whole”. It’s important to respect your own journey/process and respect each other’s as well. Focus on your roles, your own connection, and hold respect for all. If you are truly fulfilling yours as love, you won’t be “worrying about” judging “others” (which is each’s own separation within as well and a space of dis-empowerment). Respect, honor, support, uplift, inspire, EMPOWER and create opportunities, options, alternative and respect each’s ability to make a conscious choice when they are ready/it’s aligned for them. You do “you” and “be there”, show up, support and fulfill your own ROLES AS PURE DIVINE LIGHT when these opportunities present for you. Bringing all together, being LOVE and uniting all, creating/forming new community/unity-based realities…. As it takes us all DOING/LIVING THIS here. This is how you make a difference and enable all others to choose this way too. REMEMBERING is through our deeply connected sacred universal/cosmic/higher heart and requires infinite experiences to accomplish this from deep within. ♥

Everything that happens in your OWN REALITY is YOURS:
Inside, outside… all of it. It’s up to you to LEARN and start to open up to truly understand/comprehend the magnitude of all of this and stop looking to others, blaming others, waiting on others… you are the Wayshower in your reality (not an ego thing), you are the one that CREATES your ENTIRE REALITY that you live in/experience here. You are the ONE that is RESPONSIBLE for every thought, act and belief and what you contribute to, allow, support is completely relative to this. Your energy, your limitations, your conditioning/conditions, your mentalities, your vibration, your density, your linearity, your everything DICTATES EVERYTHING… and the process of going deeper inside, sitting with things and working through them yourself, observing to learn without having judgment/attachment to anything at all, what influences what, what affects what, what you HOLD IN PLACE with your energy/beliefs… this is EXACTLY WHAT WE EACH EXPERIENCE and learn to shift vibrationally/energetically/through Consciousness ourselves…..

The moment we each truly get this, on every level and in every way, is the moment everything changes and each “takes their power back fully” again. Everything in “your bubble/your Merkaba/your Field” is yours… and the frequencies/codes/energy your body is transmitting out is encoded and telling “the field” what to “return to you” as an ACTual EXPERIENCE here. It’s also important to realize it’s not “just the human experience”, it’s ALL EXISTENCES, yet from “Zero Point Creation/Presence”, all is PRESENT/Simultaneous from the “this same space”, so shifting/tuning/reversing/changing is up to you, as it’s within you/your field and you are the ONLY ONE who can. If your ego is in charged and you are functioning from a place of separation/refusal to listen/honor this, then your own higher-self-you/Universe You/Cosmic/Source Self you will ‘take over’ and “do it for you” to shift you out of that place/space, to dissolve your ego so that you can come together/merge/unify inside and every time your heart closes, you go back to sleep again, you forget again, so “something else” will “occur” again to get it open again. The amount of “force” required is relative to how stubborn/strong your ego is. Every ounce of this journey is relative to you/yours and where you FUNCTION FROM FULLY… your Universal heart-mind or your closed heart/head. ♥

ALL of this is for you to MASTER AS LOVE, through Purity and re-learn everything all over again to exist as your Soul fully in order to activate/access/open up/anchor/live your Heaven through you and “onto” the Earthly Plane. It’s the ONLY WAY that NEW EARTH COMES FORTH. You literally birth it through/with your whole body/being and you bring it forth from within. (Universe/Merkaba/StarGate System/Toroid/Tube Torus/Electromagnetic/Morphogenic Field).

5D-12D Replaces 3D: Consciousness is a repeated and continual thing. Not one time, every time. Not once, repeatedly. Not a temporary fix or a 3 day or one week practice then “go back”/revert to “old ways again”. This is a complete overhaul and revamping of each entire life and every aspect of it as HIGHEST ALIGNED. Until every old construct has been deconstructed and reconstructed according to Quantum Logistics/Dynamics and full heart consciousness prevails fully, it’s a process of continually breaking through/down the old until the old has been replaced with “all new”/higher dimensional realms.

The “Reasons” Everything is happening/happens is Completely Quantum/Multi-Dimensional:
Nothing is linear, yet to fully see/understand, then inner connection, inner listening, inner observation and full heart/mind expansion must occur. Vision to “see” from a vast multi-dimensional place/space and OVERSEE/OVERVIEW ALL from a place of MASSIVE EXPANSION is relative to the “access” each has achieved through varying levels of PURITY and DNA/Body evolution too. Our heart consciousness, pineal gland and whole body are involved in the processing of a ridiculous amount of LIGHT (Light intelligence/encodements/knowledge) without any attachment or ego “need”/influence at all. The realization that no matter how much each “thought they knew” that there is always “so much more” and that the human ego aspect is not in charge, that we are always learning/understanding/realizing/seeing more than we could before (and this is how it works, means not getting fixated/fixed to an specific truth/way and realizing that everything is going to completely constantly and quite substantially shift/change (and that it’s supposed to). Learning to maneuver, flow and always be in-tune, always moving/flowing energetically with everything that presents, learning to restructure your entire life to allow for constant/shift/flow and holding/maintaining your own deep connection to listen/honor/shift AS THIS OCCURS is fully Mastery and Divine Alignment within itself. All gets easier as we all do, as our own inner resistance/fight goes then we “fall in-line” with how everything actually works, which is nothing like “before”. We are not here to “fix anything back”. We are here to EMBRACE ALL NEW and to re-create all new realities in full/highest vibrational alignment with “this”.

12D is Pure Presence, Deeply Sacred and Pure, Full Unity/Humanitarian Templates/Codes, Divine Alignment, Divine Flow and Effortless in BEing/Doing/Accomplishing everything we came here to be/do together as a UNIT, in Partnership as LOVE. It’s the Grown Up Souls/the Councils, Guardians and the ability to accomplish anything. It’s each having completed their own Ascension/Descension/Embodiment processes and realignment of their own whole life/energy/field and bringing “this together” to create/hold/accomplish more together, as the Star-Light-Cosmic Family that we are. For those functioning/working from a 5D-11D Templates/Realities, then “how” we fulfill together is based upon energetics/role fulfillment and an energetic equation relative to the “current reality and purposes” we are all here to fulfill. Supportive roles are established to support all in different ways. When/As all start to realize that this can be “easier” together, yet each has to fully fulfill their roles in order to receive, then the energy shifts, as it’s no longer “hand out/what’s in it for me” energy, it’s “how may I serve” (not from over-under/hierarchy, yet instead as a TEAM and Cohesive Unit and moves, lives, breathes as ONE, yet individually as well). This is through CONSCIOUSNESS, with zero lack or need. Everyone contributes (relative to the greater whole) and everyone receives, that which is beneficial/aligned, not as the human “ego” wants….

12D is the entire set of templates for how we all live/coexist/work in unity as Love and receive too. It’s a re-distribution/re-allocation template where we “take” surplus/abundance and we re-distribute it, we share all that supports the greater whole, instead of “one individual” like “before. We actually IMPLEMENT the new systems that have been created/accomplished/work on an individual level within our whole lives, as WE accomplish this within our own realities/lives and we “teach” it to others, open up opportunities for “others” to be a part as well. It’s beyond beautiful, simple and EASY, because everyone is INCLUDED in the whole thing and no one is “left out”, yet it does require each’s HEART BE WIDE OPEN AND READY to be an important PART of something much bigger than themselves…. Where everything comes forth to support, for greater ease and full grace, because we all actually truly from the depths of the CORE OF OUR BEING and on EVERY LEVEL —– CARE.

This is a whole new CORE VALUE SYSTEM that replaces the old, yet for this to “work” for each, each must shift to this place inside. Until then, each will disclude themselves. No one is “left out” unless this is the only reality they will allow. ♥

We don’t “wait” until the ego aspect is ready, we DO THIS fully ourselves. We open portals, transverse the Multi-Dimensional/Quantum passageways and create/live NEW EARTH REALITIES FULLY until each has “gone through enough” to be ready to come forth/step up/step forth and BE A PART OF OUR NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE too. This is how it works for us all…. Until we’ve had enough, until we “get fed up and completely done”, we are not done, which means we will keep playing out/in/creating/allowing/calling forth the old until we are. The immensity of the experiences that each must have to dissolve the entire old template in their own bodies in order to be ready to shift is beyond human comprehension, because of “how all of this works” on a Soul/Universal/Galactic/Consciousness level. We LIGHT THE WAY, lead the way, share the information/codes/knowledge/how to and we allow all to make consciousness choices when/as they are ready. Meanwhile, those who do “live this way”, are ready, not fighting, not playing out any ego games, are uniting, coming together and building/creating/living the most amazing realities aligned on a SOUL Level (Heaven on Earth) within their own realities, UNTIL each is truly ready to do this from deep within themselves too. Because realities are literally “divided” based upon frequency bandwidths, oscillatory rates/atomic spin rates, vibrational fields, density and levels of consciousness, many dimensions will never inner-act because vibrationally they do not occupy the same vibrational space to vibrate/in out or maintain for very long/extended periods, which is why realities/relationships/things don’t “last as long” now, end faster and “fall apart/dissolve” “faster” or can’t maintain/sustain/last as long as “before”, because of the ENERGETICS and how all has to fully align, be synchronized constantly and brought into higher states of consciousness constantly, and if each is not shifting/awakening/evolving at the “same rate” together, then the reality will dissolve/end, so each can go a “different direction” to play those realities out, due to separation still held within and the path that each must take to fully awaken so that coexistence is possible through a COHESIVE UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS where everyone is conscious, working together, supporting each other/themselves and creating/anchoring/accomplishing that which is currently highest aligned with/for all.

5D/6D-12D is Soul Purpose/Service/Higher aligned:
So “purposes” change, realities change and priorities change and how we live completely changes too. These realities look nothing like 3D-4D did…. These are not “defined” by what human realities were. These serve much higher purposes and do not conform to anything like before…. So coming together serves a much higher purpose too. What we “have” does as well and we combine/share instead of separating off into primal instincts and self-preservation/me mode like humans do. We take care of ourselves, we honor our Lightbody/fields above all, we take full responsibility for our ENERGY in every moment and we utilize all differently to support Purpose/Role fulfillment, because we understand the importance of what we agreed to come here to be/do/live and this takes priority for all of us as Pure Love here. We can fulfill roles easier when we re-priorities, cut out BS, distractions and chaotic/disruptive energy that can’t stay focused because of separation within.

We utilize our Quantum Abilities/Consciousness to shift entire realities, rewrite, recode and reconfigure all. Because everything is the “opposite” of 3D, then we dictate realities through our consciousness, which means the physical is a vibrational response to this. Even physical abundance is nothing like human aspects “think”. “Things” are not abundance, yet that’s a part of it “later”, after each comes back to ZERO POINT and goes through their own “personal re-set” where “things” do not matter anymore. What matters is completely different and things support this. What matters is Soul Union, Remembering, Ascended/Higher Consciousness Earth and Unity/Love and “things” are re-distributed as a result of this. From Zero Point, all can be called forth, things and “others” being MATERIALIZED into/through FORM. Because everything is from a deep sense of union, appreciation and a gift, completely respected and understood, then there is no “waste” or “hoarding”, there is sharing, openness, appreciation/gratitude and supporting each other/realities instead of the old ways of destruction/tearing others down, trying to make someone “look bad” (narcissistic) or judging anything outside…..There is zero Entitlement, like human aspects hold, there is humility and humbleness and care/consideration for all… WITHOUT compromise on a Soul Level like “before”. The more unified we are inside, the more in-tune, the more we evolve our own consciousness and “return”, then “things” come back in to support this/all, yet in a very different way than human aspects “think”. None of this will “conform” to the old ways and grasping all isn’t possible until each is fully exposed to the “new” and learns to live this “whole new way” as Unity/Love/Purity/Source Consciousness here/too. “Things” support, therefore when we dedicate ourselves fully and completely “change/shift” how we understand/comprehend/see, then things are no longer and “issue”, which means whatever each “needs” to support higher purposes/role fulfillment will materialize/come forth/come through as each achieves this overall vibration fully and holds this/lives this as reality fully, fulfilling their own supportive roles for all of humanity too. Physical things are vibrational/energetic and just a form…. As each understands how ALL is ENERGETIC, VIBRATIONAL AND QUANTUM, then what each “has” will be understood too. Zero Point of 5th dimension brings all down to “minimal” (for a reason) and then what we have/get is relative to the roles we fulfill here. We never do without, always have enough and any surplus is understood “how” it’s to be utilized to support the greater whole. If our roles require certain things to fulfill, then those things will come forth to support role fulfillment…. If our roles are to live in a tree, then this is what we have. If our roles are to teach/lead entire collectives/humanity “through”, then what we have will support this. If our roles are to use skills, talents and gifts, then this will be supported. If (When) our roles are to unite through Unity/commUNITY, then we have what we need for this. If our roles are to “just be Light” to hug, bring a smile and uplift, then we have the ENERGY and everything we need for this… If our roles are to be the Star Councils here and guide all of humanity in various ways, we will have what supports this. What we have SUPPORTS what we came here to be and do….. And as all start to understand it’s not about “things”, it’s what we do/how we utilize/share/support, then what everyone “has” will completely change….. As a part of the redistribution templates and restoring balance through/to all…. Where there was waste, abuse, selfishness, hoarding and “at the cost of others/our planet”, then this is being “taken care of” naturally/organically and through much higher states of consciousness …. Be patient, step back, observe and realize HOW YOU UTILIZE/SUPPORT/SHOW UP/FULFILL will determine what you “have” in any given moment here. Fulfilling much higher roles/purposes require different things. I had to learn everything all over again, as well as everyone on this planet. It’s how all works here. It’s up to each to “designate” what they “have” or “need” if they truly desire to receive “more” abundantly in order to fulfill much greater/higher roles/purposes/missions here. The more we share, the more we receive. The more we support, the more we are supported. Vibrational match creates vibrational a match. These are cyclical energies… that come back around energetically, with or without form, as they are the same.

Limits are your own. You set these. You hold these. You determine these/all. As you/each’s heart/mind/energy/body completely surrenders every ounce of Ego constructs that held the old 3D in place, each is able to start to open up to realize/see/understand this, the realization that each is their own limit by way of the stories they tell themselves/each other, the conditioning/programming each holds “as real”, then each will start to see that shifting all of this is KEY. As each starts to tell themselves a different story, changes the “program” and chooses differently, they are able to shift all of this themselves. Human aspects LOVE to put this on someone/everyone else, ask someone else “what to do” or “fight” an “imaginary” anything in order to hold onto what appears safe/known, without realizing they are giving their power away as well as waiting/looking for someone else to blame as (in the beginning) it’s “harder” to take full responsibility for our actions/energy/behaviour/self and STOP DOING ALL OF THAT and bring our own reality into full vibrational alignment on a Soul Level, which is one reason why 4D is drama, chaos and little children playing out ego games instead of stepping completely away and saying “no more”…. Which is a part of the process for all of us as well. As long as the human aspect can deflect and try to ignore/pretend, then it “thinks” it’s getting away with something, yet having no realization that they created the whole mess and in order to “uncreate it”, they must truly open up to look at it all and then shift where they function from inside, which will then shift their ACTions and behavior from unconscious/programmed to conscious and intentional and vibrationally aligned, creating a Quantum Shift in “reality”, yet the effects are different, as to humans this is not visible fully yet. Ripple effects, and whole geometrics, puzzle pieces and part of a Quantum Equation are not visible at first. Only once full access has been gained can each truly “see” how all works. And then, the vibration will shift/change and that will change too!

Heart Open ALL OF THE WAY means our mind is open and observing and able to learn/see/shift. Heart closed, mind is closed and ego is back in “control” (separation/duality)… this is not vibrationally aligned with NEW Earth… This is old earth and binds each to those realities until something “occurs” to wake/shake/shatter/jolt/bring each back INTO their heart space fully again. Human density/linearity dictates how long/strong this is and how often/when this has to occur to get each’s heart open again. Observe yourself, keep your heart open all of the way and shift where you function from to your heart instead of your head. In the beginning or in tough times this is challenging/hard, so more presence/awareness/observation (without judgment) is required. Just BE and learn to hold this place/space inside. Go deeper, make that inner connection and hold this above all… allowing all to fully shift for you as you do. You will FEEL IT…. breathe this peace, love and joy through you full and exhale all that’s ready to be released energetically on a cellular level from inside of you. (Then your body will start doing things to recalibrate, purify, cleanse clear, so understanding “clearing density/dropping density” is key as well.

When you are in your ego, you are your “lower self”, your small self (or inflated self) and you will have a “higher self”. When you are your higher self/Soul, you have an ego, you observe it, see it, yet it has no power anymore. If you shift to your ego, you separate off from the greater whole, which calls forth an experience to bring you back into connection/consciousness again. If you can recognize this prior to creating an unconscious reality to have to actually experience, you can shift to a whole new/different timeline and let that fall away. Your ability to do this becomes easier and easier with every experience/observation until you never separate off anymore, you don’t let your heart close anymore and you no longer let your ego have a say so in anything and you can MAINTAIN/SUSTAIN fully as your own higher self/soul. Because all is ENERGETIC AND VIBRATIONAL, you have to be completely present, in-tune and paying attention so that you can tell the difference and make the Conscious Choice to shift/hold yourself to your highest everything constantly and every time now. Maintaining an Ascended State of Consciousness is a quiet, silent and soft presence and has zero ego involved. It’s only when the human ego gets involved that the whole thing gets convoluted and becomes an ego game of judgment/hierarchy, which is a 3rd Dimensional Level of Consciousness again. When you are functioning as your Higher/Highest Self, you need not “tell others”, as it’s apparent, visible through your energy, presence and how you speak, transmit, act and are. Human ego aspects will be unaware of this, because they have not learned how to read energetically or “the field”. Souls read energy, light codes, signature and feel this within themselves. There’s nothing to decipher or decode, if you will, as the energy itself holds all, the rest is just a bonus. ♥

As you do this, your Light/Codes/DNA starts a re-coding process important for clearing out density/programming so that your physical Lightbody can vibrate at that consciousness fully too. This means that your entire reality is going to shift/change, that a whole new foundation will be established as well as a new Zero Point Field/Range. Your ability to HOLD THESE HIGHER/HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS AS LONG AS YOU CAN, will be relative to also being able to birth/create/build/live your NEW EARTH REALITIES here.

Pre-Ascension there are “highs” and “lows”. The “high” is our ascended state, yet chaotic at first and a bit crazy looking too, as the stability/balance inside is not there, there for the “low” will come to clear out density, so that the “high” can become our natural state, yet it then correlates differently as we are not “high” anymore, we function from a much higher frequency with our whole being and the foundation for our reality is different too.

Heart open = Expanded State
Heart closed = Contracted State
YOUR E-GO disconnects this cohesive, coherent field and drops you back into a 3D experience again….

Our body changes sizes, foods, needs, density and weights (these are not the same thing) as we embody higher states of consciousness and clear density within us…. And how “GRAVITY” presents itself changes too. We float, fly and expand… inside and outside, when we walk and in our dream states too. We actually “pull our bodies through” by holding the higher states, allowing all dense/not highest aligned to clear/dissolve/fall away. We literally “pull our bodies” as we HOLD…. And as we embody, the “pulling stops” and we literally walk in a different dimension, on a different version of Earth where the colors are different, the atmosphere is different, the breathable air is different, sounds and electromagnetics are different, the people are a different version too…. And then “later” we re-integrate, if you will, so that we can walk in any/every dimension, yet the one that sustains us is relative to a geometrically/energetically gridded area that when our bodies “walk into” them, they super charge our Physical LightBody Systems and we are able to maintain a super expanded state easier within ‘THIS FIELD”. These areas are “vortexed”, Light Ships and Re-Generation Pods, supercharging and holding the frequencies of HOME, yet in order to maintain/sustain, all has to contribute to enhancing this energy/field/area. Even the weather/atmosphere’s in these areas is different and correlates to each’s own density as well. We each have the ability to create/build/hold these massive geometric realities in place. I’ll be sharing on the Unified/Holographic Field of Consciousness more later, as we just moved into a whole new phase of this, offering all of much more than was available before. ♥

Your LightBody Supports you and is EVERYTHING:
Which means you supporting, honoring, respecting, understanding and re-prioritizing to accomplish this is key. It will dictate how you support yourself, what you receive, how your whole life goes and ability to call forth/live your most beautiful, magical and amazing “dreams” as actual realities as you fulfill your highest Soul Purposes/Missions/Roles here. ♥

Your whole life will become ENERGY AS YOU DO:
As everything is “just energy”, then everything will become Energy and how all correlates will be relative to this. How you function, what’s important and everything you are/do is too. ♥

Your Ego vs. Your Soul:
It’s not a vs. thing, except in the “beginning” it is. This is not about what your ego wants, as that is separation too. Technically, your Higher Selves/Soul could not care less what your ego aspect wants, as that will be the thing that always “gets in your way” and keeps you separate from the whole. Your Soul LOVES you so completely, yet IT RUNS THE SHOW. It will give you leeway for awhile, because you are gaining human ego realities/experiences necessary for your own awakening/ascension processes here. Yet there will come “that moment” that everything will change and it will take over, giving you the opportUNITY to surrender, listen, open up to learn and “do” that which is highest aligned or it will do this for you, to assist you with transitioning over to NEW EARTH REALITIES, which is why you are actually here. The magnitude is beyond any massive conversations, teachings or limited beliefs…. Which means that our hearts must be wide open to DISSOlVE OUR EGO AND MERGE IT WITHIN US into ONENESS/WHOLENESS so that we are not continuing to play out separation games/duality inside. The journey/experience is SO MUCH EASIER, when we are fully merged/aligned on a Soul Level inside and consciously choosing to listen, honor, be and do that which is highest vibrationally aligned too, no matter what our little human aspect wants.

Pre-Ascension it’s a battle inside and out. Duality and ego vs. soul, good vs. bad/evil, heaven or hell, galactic wars and pure Armageddon inside, yet once we all surrender our ego fully to merge all into one/oneness then this completely changes and our whole life get soooooo much easier too. Then we begin the process of physical body ascension and descending all higher selves, embodiment and DNA Evolution where we no longer will compromise on any level, no longer taint our own DNA and we fully embrace all NEW with the EXCITEMENT AND SPLENDOR that’s available as we do.

Which is a MASSIVE process within itself. Pelvis expansion, belly expansion/contract, brain expansion/contraction, neural pathway reconfiguration, nervous system re-writes/re-calibrations, immune system overhauls, pineal gland opening (vision going), electromagnetic field vision/hearing, heart expansion/flutters/chest blowing wide open, birthing pains/contractions/breathing and breathable air changing as your body becomes self-regulatory/self-sustaining, using foods/things to support it in a massive bio-electrical, bio-chemical, bio-kinetic reconfiguration process where your Photonic Lightbody actually changes your DNA/Genetic make-up, molecular structures and atomic codes to evolve you into something completely different than you were “before”. As this occurs, your whole reality changes too, so it takes an immense amount of dedication, commitment, care, love, patience, presence and support by you to do this with greater ease than the other way (ego resistance/suffering/harsh/rough), which is how we choose to do this until we come into enough consciousness to actually comprehend/understand this ourselves.

Your body is a sacred, holy vessel that holds your entire Soul, OverSoul/Monad and every aspect of who you truly are as pure source consciousness here. Treating it with the utmost respect, love and care, means you won’t be compromising this ever again. Your Crystalline LightBody is purification of all things “compromise” and tainted/distorted/not clean or pure. Your Plasma Lightbody is a new neural networking system that emits plasma energy, exacerbating distortions, releasing DMT and allowing you to literally walk in a Lucid Dream Reality, a Virtual Holographic Physical Reality that’s inner-active and a bit trippy at first. As you/each adjusts to transiting through wormholes, vortexes and passageways, by way of opening portals through each’s universal heart/mind, syncing up body’s bio-rhythms with our beloved Gaia and Universally too, then linearity goes, time goes and what replaces this is the ability to consciously create entire realities in the most exquisite, magical, fun and simple ways!

Your ego/head will bind you to 3D Experiences
Your wide open heart will open up access to 5D Realities/Experiences
Your dedication/commitment and ability to maintain an expanded state all of the time will allow you to fully anchor and live much higher dimensional realities, while fulfilling your higher/highest Soul purposes/Galactic Missions and NEW Earth HUman Roles as Pure Love and Light Beings here. The dimension you occupy/experience is the one that your whole body/being operates at. Shift where you function from and shift the dimensional experience you are having… from present moment. Right here. Right now. It can be that simple, if we allow it to be. Only the human ego complicates it all. That’s separation/the old way. We don’t have to live there/that way anymore.

Human’s love to judge and try to fit “this” into the parameters of what they perceive reality as, when in essence, it can’t be done. They get mad, angry, jealous, project and spew out their own hurt, hate, separation, pain in an attempt to “pull everyone” into their vibration/dimension/reality, as in the old adage “misery loves company”. You can understand this and not feel guilty for living your highest aligned, not worry or concern yourself with limited perceptions/judgements and be the WayShower that you are. You can Light the way, lead the path, open the gateways and leave them open for others/all too…. You are the Living Testament/Proof and you can’t BE this if you keep “going back” and playing in unconscious dimensions/realities/energies again. Yet you will until all of this energy is “gone” and then you’ll choose not to ever again. Tis how we roll here. BE the EXAMPLE for what is possible and HOW this is…. SHOW OTHERS BY LIVING AS LIGHT FULLY and accomplishing that which makes a difference for everyone AS LOVE here. Only your ego will consider less, allow less and play in less. That was old earth realities… which will dwindle, collapse and die away. We came here to transition over to a whole NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE and live our most amazing everything!

The dimension your body/consciousness occupies is the dimension/density you create and actually experience here. ♥


Old relationships serving ego purposes will dismantle, end/dissolve as new ones are birthed, born and built. There is this beautiful bond that we all share as Pure Light BEings here. The depths and levels that we care from is so completely pure, yet there’s no compromise or ego games involved. Our relationships are us as Star Family, us as Light Family and we REMEMBER ALL AS LOVE. How we show up is different, the roles we fulfill/play are different and the family unit is built on a whole new foundation of SHARED RESPONSIBILITY, SHARED ABUNDANCE, SHARED VISION, SHARED ….. There’s complete openness and ease. There’s no struggle, no BS, no anything that creates a disruption within the field. There’s pure harmony, beauty and simplicity, yet in order to co-exist we each have to fully honor ourselves and each other, taking plenty of “time”/space to honor LightBody tuning/recalibration/integration processes and coming together as it’s appropriate to unite realities, combine realities and accomplish realities with great ease.

Old human (ego) realities came together out of lack and need. These are the opposite. These support fully, each fulling much higher purposes/roles and everyone contributes, therefore everyone receives.

No one is incapable or needs anything “special”, the only requirement is total responsibility for each’s own energy, behavior and what they bring to the table/reality is offered as a gift, bonus, benefit to further create/expand on a much greater level than any one individual could do before. 12D we’ve accomplished our entire personal reality, completed all ascension timelines and now we can come together with “completed” realities and combine these through continual synchronization processes, open honest communication (vibrational alignment) and through anchoring more dreams through our own physical bodies/vessels and field. 5D – 11D is experiencing everything “not this”, everything “not highest aligned”, yet from a place of consciousness and fulfilling much higher soul purposes/agreements as we do. We do as Love, we fulfill, yet varying frequency bandwidths operate at different oscillatory spin cycle rates, making it more challenging to co-exist/create/accomplish within the same space. It is doable and can be done if everyone is on-board, truly cares and putting forth the effort/energy/work to do this as a loving Light Family here. One ounce of Ego disrupts the Unified/Cohesive/Quantum Field, then “creating” the need for “stopping” to bring all into highest alignment again. We can evolve all through our own consciousness and live the most amazing realities too, yet it takes everyone and any energetic imbalances have to be balanced out and where there are different levels of consciousness operating within the same vibrational/energetic space, then what it takes from everyone is “more” to counter balance and bring all into highest vibrational alignment/balance constantly/again. If every moment is spent “trying to align”, then there are huge distortions and all your creative energy goes out the window and your realities “suffer” due to this. Acknowledging that things are not able to align, is not a judgment, yet instead a realization so that each/all can decide what is most appropriate and then “do” that. :Relationship Karma” is the “hardest” one to clear. We have “Abundance Karma” that we don’t know is there until we clear it completely, Twin Karma (precedes Divine Soul Unions WITHIN) which evolves us all into “Partners” in every relationship, yet it’s not “romantic” as humans “think”/seek. These are beyond PURE and as “Partners” we come together in balance where we “do our own part”. I do my part, you do your part and the whole reality gets done easily, because nothing falls on “one part”, as a part of a greater whole. It took me until the completion of these 12D Templates to clear Relationship Karma, which when I stepped into that phase 2-3 linear years ago, the words were that this would be the “hardest”, because of what it requires from each one of us to be in these highest aligned realities together separately without separation and as ONE. We know when to pull away, honor ourselves and come together in full balance and Divine Alignment as well.

(Note when I use the word Karma, it’s relative to unconscious programming and all existences/timelines, not a linear one. We have UNITY KARMA that creates/brings forth the most beautiful realities to live/experience, yet because so many identify with this word, I use it as a description only to get a point across. Sometimes we have to use certain words to make a point. Karma is one of those. There are many. I use it in a vibrational sense, rather than a linear one. Human egos get caught up in the words, whereas we use words to teach/shift/assist with mindsets, energy, beliefs).

Forming those sacred bonds, building relationships that are completely PURE, holding up our end, coming through and investing our time, love, energy, things is completely different that anything we lived when we were unconscious, separate, human/ego, asleep, unaware. These are beautiful relationships, where we all truly do completely care, yet we are not sacrificing ourselves, trying to save anyone or take up the “slack” for anyone’s disconnection/lack programming. There’s no pulling/sucking/leaching energy, inner-twined ooey-gooey energy, parasitic/manipulation/narcissism or intrusion/imposing/bullying or higher/lower hierarchy games going on. There’s no taking on responsibility for others energy, behaviors and how one acts. That’s full-on 3D Ego Energy that SCREAMS unconsciousness THROUGH THE FIELD and how we deal with that is through full consciousness too. Instead, we are uniting through beautiful softness, uniting to create, uniting to co-exist, accomplish and LIVE THE MOST PURE realities that can be as effortless as we allow them to be.

Every relationship comes into question, every relationship is to evolve, every relationship is about energetics and vibrational alignment/matches, so when the energy changes, as each embody higher/new aspects, the old realities don’t resonate/are not aligned anymore. It’s important to RESPECT THIS and each other in absolutely every way. It’s how we learn, fine-tune, clear out karmic timelines/realities and the codes we held inside that called that forth to start with. Every relationship with everyone and every “thing” comes under scrutiny when each are expanding, growing, learning and opening their hearts to love and respect themselves completely on every level now. Unconscious realities represented unconscious programs, yet it’s not to judge, it’s to understand, clear/dissolve/resolve and either bring the whole thing into higher alignment, or close it out from your absolute highest place and open up to all new realities much more awesome and aligned than before. This is how all works.

REMEMBERING that we are family, that we are ONE, that we are perfect, special and amazing and beautiful, yet not always vibrationally aligned or energetically compatible is important. REMEMBERING ourselves as PURE LOVE, REMEMBERING ALL AS LOVE, gives us the capability to see this in others too and to love them fully, without needing to be in the same reality, unless it’s highest aligned and “how long” this lasts will be relative to so much more than the human aspect can understand. HOLD HONOR, INTEGRITY AND LOVE from your CORE, hold DEEP SACRED RESPECT for all from the DEPTHS OF WHO YOU ARE, hold PURITY and Kindness, Compassion and Care and REMEMBER that what you are transmitting out is what you are calling forth vibrationally/energetically as your own experience here. ♥

Treat all with the utmost kindness, generosity and respect, which includes you, your physical Lightbody and your own reality and honor/allow all to be aligned naturally, organically, while aligning all that requires your attention, because you called forth something that was not. ♥

Collectively and Planetary-wise, the planet has entered into “Maturation Phases” (which I wrote about years ago and all along the way). This is when it’s “time to grow up” as a Soul. Since our EXPERIENCES TEACH US EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW and how all works, then for those who are choosing “not to” for any reason, then “realities”/experiences will assist with the “growing up” process of taking RESPONSIBILITY ON A SOUL LEVEL. This is very different than human realities were, so the “rules” are very different and “look” nothing like before. If each is still trying to “gauge” reality by the old, they are going to be very confused and playing out loop cycles until each goes deeper inward to “get different answers” and start to apply these to their own lives and how they live here. We are past the “little children” phase, where egos get to continually blame and lay everyone on “someone else” and give their power away, refuse to take responsibility for PRESENT MOMENT ENERGY/ACTS… This isn’t about what was “done before” (this gets worked through/out in 4D), this is about what you are holding/doing/BEing NOW ….. So looking at another “moment” is a distraction, ego game, separation within itself. That’s just “knowledge” and how we all “learn”, what to do/not to do and we utilize this for how we ACT/LIVE in this NOW. All of those systems and structures that were aligned with 3D Consciousness go…. So it’s important for each to re-anchor their consciousness (and body) in 5D, start creating, supporting, fulfilling THESE ROLES, so that when they do, the “affect” each experiences isn’t a big deal. All of the “new systems”, programs and realities are created/built by all of us, implemented by all of us and replace the old ones that everyone got used to, believed and lived by before. So in order to LIVE THESE, WE ACTUALLY HAVE TO LIVE THESE… it is that SIMPLE, if we allow it to be.

Additional Zero Point/Linear Time Convergence Update:
In December we established a new Zero Point/Anchor Point for the entire planet emanating from 12D. Once completed, the “next level” of “past/present/future” all did a “new merging” which was “way cool”. Even though we “live” from full presence/present moment/zero point, through SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS we can “see” linear time as something to “maneuver” vs. being a constraint/limit or even “real”. We observe it, so that we can accomplish certain things, yet that’s about it. With this merging, all pasts, all futures were observable as this now, yet very aware that from this “future” we did this in the “past” and we are here in “this now” LIVING IT…. which is way cool to experience within itself.

Believe it or not, there is sooooooooooooooooooo very much more, yet I will conclude this for now and return to share more as appropriate and relative to various processes and phases important for us all here. I may go back in the next week or two and get the “other book”/writing that I did a few weeks ago and publish that to support those who desire to read/integrate this to support their own TRANSIT phases into all new realities with greater ease, grace, peace, love and joy here. We will just have to see. ♥

REMEMBER: We share LIVING NEW EARTH CODES, COSMIC RECORDS, LIBRARIES AND Quantum Dynamics for “how” as all are truly ready to utilize this for evolving their own reality from deep within…… Everything we share is multi-dimensional/Quantum/non-linear, so it’s not relative to a “time”, other than this ever emerging/evolving now…. It’s a Recorded Living Library, which means it will always apply on “some level”, which is dependent on where each “currently is”, which changes, shifts and “repeats” along the way. It will always apply, until it doesn’t anymore, and each has moved completely through those phases into all new ones within themselves.
CONSCIOUSNESS is alive, breathing, inner-connected, ever changing, constantly communicating, re-configuring and recalculating all…. constantly evolving, expanding and shifting all…. and constantly creating/recreating “all new realities” that obliterate/replace the “old ones” of “before”….. Embrace your LIGHT FULLY and LIVE IT FULLY…. TO BE THE EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS NOT ALREADY POSSIBLE, YET ALREADY EXISTS AND “IS”…………. from this ‘vibrational now’. (Zero Point from full Presence).

NOW WE GO BEYOND 12D: I’ll be sharing more on “beyond 12D” and where we are “going” from here, as is appropriate and my own realities support for me to do this too. The barrage/influx of ⭐ Star Codes ⭐ are brilliant, exciting and shift everything for everyone here. ⭐ Believe it or not, this is just a tiny fraction of all and it took me a whole week to put this together, so I had to “let a lot go” and will share later as all occurs in Divine Aligned Flow. ♫

Additionally, we’ve naturally/organically activated a new Holographic Virtual Reality Version 2.0 (Morphogenic Field) (what it called itself), that is way cool as it’s much more interactive, like walking in a multi-dimensional reality/video game, yet as the one with the controller telling the field what to do, while also being the one in the reality doing the doing, with all occurring simultaneously too. The ability for our morphogenic/holographic/physical reality experience have merged together in a whole new way, so all is “one reality” instead of the holographic one being separate and “distant” like before. Some expansion experiences we are full-on in, yet then when we are up and doing, they’d be more distant and take days/weeks/months/years to materialize into form “here”. With this, the distance/“time lapse” is less. Preceding this in my own reality, the entire solar system appeared right outside my head and then integrated and then all was ONE REALITY, instead of a separate holographic and a separate physical one. “That distance/separation” is gone. The holographic reality can be inner-acted with, which before we could “see” and call all forth, yet what we had to accomplish/do took more energy/effort and this cuts down on the “time-frame”/”gap” considerably, allowing holographic realities to materialize into/through form soooooo much “faster” (Quantum) than ever before.It’s like a “2 way experience” instead of a “one way” experience like before. Stay tuned as it’s getting even more fun and interesting than ever before! Sharing more as we continue to flow, expand, go. This is a part of Plasma Reality Upgrades and 12D Templates/Abilities that are now available for all to raise their own overall vibration through expansion, anchoring new template codes and integrating/implementing all fully too. This is a game changer for all, as it allows us to anchor/activate/live new realities easier/faster (Quantum) than ever before. Remember, you/we are PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and we activate through PURE PRESENCE from deep within and then living this fully, with our every conscious act and breath. This is a part of NEW VISION AND 2020. Injoy your full-on multi-dimensional experience fully and as pure love too. ♥

I love you immensely and send love out to all. ♥ From the deepest place and space of sacred respect, care, kindness, appreciation and consideration,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

For those desire to read, I’m now sharing on a “Personal Note”, a “TINY” SYNOPSIS of my own Personal Experience:

On December 30-31 (2019) when my/Earth’s 12D Template Embodiment Re-Gridding Process was “complete” (after 3 years dedicated to this), I felt my LightBody Cells “having a party” and the words were “cellular celebration” and there was this “new level” of excitement (and body/field functionality finally returned like “ascension” had never occurred). I had my “body” back, which I’ve been working with all year, as the last 10 years of “full on” Embodiment requires everything we have and are and our whole body/field too.

Since December 18th, 2019, every day/night I’ve been “reminded” that with the completion of these 12D Templates with Gaia (after 3 years dedicated to this), I was completely done with all ascension timelines on a personal level and “how” all of this worked, by observing my own whole journey/experience and breaking it down into dimensions/phases/processes and more, so that I can then explain this for others who are also going through this in their own personal reality too. It’s like the whole Ascension/Descension experience “never occurred” and is just now a “blip”. There are days that I “remember” it, so it’s been a bit “strange and cool” having a “whole chunk of my life” completely dissolve and then come back in as a “faded memory”, barely visible and unless I’m to “go there” to explain/support/guide/assist/teach, the whole thing is done/gone and now we move into a whole new phase of Unity/Service, which I’ll share as we go. I’ve completely shifted (we are supposed to), to a whole new place inside of me, and every day am completely different, which is way cool too. It’s like wrapping up my entire previously reality in a “bow” and utilizing it as the GIFT that it was/is and moving completely on into all new realities in accordance with Star Nations/12D Template Implementation and ACTually InJOYing the whole experience on a whole new level of fun, excitement and purity, while uniting, creating and sharing all new ways again. The same thing occurred with my “human experience” when I fully merged my “Universal Self” December 2012, then REMEMBERED ALL AGAIN a couple months later, by-way of re-experiencing the “fall from consciousness”, which was devastating within me, triggering an immense and DEEP physical body/reality separation clearing, making way for then merging my “future self” a couple months later, where EVERYTHING CHANGED and all this “Higher”/Ancient/Quantum KNOWLEDGE came flowing/pouring out of me, to then completing my Merkaba build that had been occurring naturally and organically as I “reversed all” from human to Soul within me and how I showed up in everyday “life”. Upon these “graduation/completion” cycles and processes for Physical Body Ascension to occur, I then naturally went on to begin the “climb” “the Ascension Ladder” of infinite levels of Higher Selves/Consciousness, by opening up access to all the other dimensions on a consciousness level, to fully integrate and embody where we are Quantum Jumping through realities at a ridiculous rate, living these fully and consciously shifting our whole reality to a “higher one” constantly, while anchoring through us and evolving at “record speed”. I had to be “faced” with everything “not highest aligned”, so that I could align it myself. It’s a part of merging polarities, resolving polarity and bringing all into full UNITY within ourselves. By stepping/moving into a 5D reality, both internally and externally, my whole life and every inner-action transitioned to loving, kind, supporting full-service, on every level, within my home, communities, globally… in every way. Every action, every exchange was service, so my whole life had to change to support all of these “new ways”. Being a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper and Frequency Holder, we gain the ability to accomplish vastly from our deep a Soul Level, consciously honoring Sacred Soul Agreements that become more prevalent with every “new dimension/level of consciousness”, as we understand the importance of this. This meant “how” I fulfilled and “how I lived” all had to constantly shift and change to continue to increasingly support this. Uniting with Soul-Star family on various levels (in the physical/ and virtually), sharing codes and fulfilling various roles, forming/building relationships and those BONDS, while observing/clearing distortions requires everything from us, which is an important part of the NEW EARTH Template building processes as well. As we evolve as Star Family, Soul Family, we literally become a new family here. A deeply sacred, respectful, kind, loving, supportive and beautiful relationship that is unified, not separated/fractured like “before”. There is not one ounce of “lack” involved. It’s PURE love, unity, openness and readiness to create/live/accomplish together and this “new unit” cannot be measured by any human experience, as they just can’t compare, as they do not resemble our earthly perception of how anything works or is here. I had to do this on every level, in my home, every exchange, in local/online communities and globally too. Teaching/guiding/assisting and learning together as we all go. This CAN BE AS BEAUTIFUL (or as dysfunctional) as we allow. We choose pure peace, beauty, kindness, soft, flowing, brilliant ones instead, just because we can and we don’t have to “settle” for anything less when we hold our highest everything on every level, at all times, from deep within and RAYdiate this out to affect/recode naturally within “the Quantum Field” …. All through BEING PURE PRESENCE AND HOLDING THIS FULLY – AS OUR ONLY REALITY here. Since all occurs in intervals and “spans out” across all dimensions that can correlate to linear hours/days/months/years, a “completion” occurs when a specific and overall vibrational/energetic convergence occurs within the NOW EXPERIENCE.

On December 30-31, 2019, the words for “me” were: DREAM YOUR REALITIES THROUGH YOU… and then my WAKE/SLEEP STATE, “whole reality/experience”, went full on “dreamy state”, without the foggy/groggy/any density at all, full on cohesive plasma field and THROUGH OUR CONSCIOUSNESS/EXPERIENCE we were LIVING “the future” realities fully from “this reality/experience” here. And by doing this, we were “pulling those realities” into this one through our excitement, creating, having a blast and coming together to accomplish “the bigger realities” through a “new” shared reality/experience, where each is honoring/fulfilling SOUL AGREEMENTS as LOVE, working together in Divine Partnership, Presence, Joy and Excitement…. Where all is fully balanced, easy and just organically/naturally flows into the next reality and the next one …. Effortlessly… which is the Template of 12D when/as all is fully energetically in balance/aligned/held fully from deep within ourselves. (See the section regarding the Holographic Virtual Reality 2.0/Morphogenic Field, as this was the “first full experience of that”, yet every day has been that since, just in different ways, as we “do” realities. Some driving down the road or out and about connecting with others or at home, creating/BEing…. This is like a “full-on” virtual reality experience that is so like wearing 3D goggles and having the actual experience through holographic imaging… it’s hard to explain, yet way cool, so I’m hoping to create the “visual” through my sharing experience here).

In Previous “Years” on each January 1st, I would wake up and the whole year’s templates/codes would become visible for “what we were to accomplish” over the next year and it would take me days to decode and then write the encodements to share/support all through that year’s Quantum Energy Report. I would always have my personal ones and then collective ones as well and I’d share these for others, depending on the “avenue” and whatever exchanges supported/provided for this. This “year” was completely different. I started writing the January/2020 Energy Report mid-December, yet never put it out. I “thought” I’d wake up on 1/1 and finish it, yet my reality went a whole different direction, so I honored this and through FULL PRESENCE in my own experience observed all and “how all played out”.

On 12/31 a fellow soul-siStar on island called, and while I had set aside the evening and next day to finish writing the 2020 Energy Overview/Report, the energies said differently. In that moment, the answer was “yes, come on over”. While I had all of these “things” that I “needed” to do, her coming over was what was highest aligned. She came over and the experience took on this beautiful energy which carried us through all night and late into the next morning. I was already going on 2-3 solid days of getting tons done with very little sleep, yet fully energized and ready to keep rocking it. She and I went till like 6am, laughed and I gave her one of the rooms to sleep in/crash. We both slept like 3-4 hours and were up and ready to “go again”, fully energized, ready to create/accomplish and LIVE THE NEW REALITIES THROUGH. (Plasma realities allow us to do this).

The night before, she said “Do you want to stop and go write your energy report”? The answer inside was “NO. Don’t Stop Doing this, to “go do that”. Stay in this, live it fully, keep creating, anchoring and bringing this forth, as it’s much more important right now”. So I’m like “nope, this is more important right now”…..

The next morning, we were up and at it again. Sun-charging, discussing and looking at all of the possibilities, ideas and non-linear “hows” and geometric pieces and parts of the Quantum Equation. We did this for 3 days straight, up till 6-7 am, sleeping a couple/few hours, then back at it again. After the 3rd day, it was time to go apart, to do our own separate realities, clear our space, recalibrate separately then come back together again when the energies/our schedules supported this. It was only 2 days, and we did for one night/day and in a few days we will do it again for however many days are vibrationally/energetically aligned for this.
This “point” was to have this entire massive Inner-Active Quantum Field Experience “open completely up” FOR US/BY US and to BE IN THE ACTUAL EXPERIENCE FULLY, which was what “created” all to come forth, cutting down on the “gap” of it taking the whole linear year to build /accomplish/do…. Now we just “hold it” and continue to do our parts, together and separately, and while we do, the entire reality will materialize/come forth.

3 linear “days” fluidly just flowed and merged into one, increasing chunks of linear “time” by 3x as “fast”, so 3 months in linear is ONE MONTH and ONE YEAR is now 3-4 months “time”, if this helps “explain” how linear time is “collapsing/converging/merging” on a Quantum Level (faster rate is human words, yet it’s actually slower, easier and from pure Zero Point Peace and Ease). When we fully live from Zero Point/Present moment, there is no time, so the whole reality is this now… and then “how” linearity plays into this, is very different… which is how it’s been since 2012, yet each phase is different, as our own LightBody-Field in conjunction with Gaia/Universally/Cosmically and WHERE WE ACTUALLY VIBRATIONALLY FUNCTION from determines all.

WE and our whole ENERGETIC HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTUM FIELD went through a “whole reality pole flip” and we watched the whole thing “turn upside down” (this flips human realities upside down into chaos) and then again as we “slid” right into the whole “new” reality, effortlessly, having a blast and excited at all available to support/accomplish together (and with others co-joining to expand fulfillment of much higher purposes/roles fully too).


During the 3 Day Creation/Living the Dream Through” Experience, the words were: THIS IS YOUR NEW NOW.

Cool…. So by both of us doing this, we amplified the Quantum Effect of the Unified Creation Field, we had an absolute blast, it was beautiful, we created higher service realities literally “out of thin air”…. I think we “slept” a whole 8 hours in 3 days, FULLY ENERGIZED and only laying down to shift clear/shift/anchor and “enter” into “the next”. The easiest way I have to “equate it” is that we “did” a 24-hour linear day in a few hours, laid down to clear/anchor/activate the next, got up and did the next “24-hour day” in a few hours then laid down, did the same, then got up a couple hours later to “do the next 24-hour day” and by the end of the day, we’d “done” 3 whole days and still were not tired, so we did it again the next day… “working/creating/flowing” into the next morning till like 7am, laid down a few hours, then up and did it again. We did this for like 2-3 days until the ENERGY of the Whole Thing was complete, then we went our separate ways, then a couple days later, came back together again… and picked all right back up and did this again for 1 day, then went apart and will come back together in a few days… as we are merging realities, while still maintaining our own separately… so there is nothing like “the old”…. Completely “separate” realities, until it serves a purpose for us to merge these fully (if it does), so we can increase Divine Flow and accomplish more together (and with others) than either one of us could do separately before.

So I am sharing with all that this might assist… Did you forget to Dream? DREAM YOUR NEW REALITIES THROUGH YOU AND LIVE THEM FULLY NOW TOO! ♥

When it comes to working together, coexisting together, creating entire realities together, we spend a lot of “time” (ENERGY) getting to know each other, seeing if there is ENERGETIC COMPATIBILITY, where we “can’t”/are not able to come together yet, due to any separation/old mentality/linear constructs/current realities in place and then the next time we feel to come together (can be a week/month/year), we do, we build a relationship, we go apart for a few weeks/month, then when it’s aligned, we come back together… This is creating a foundation and a BUILDING PROCESS through patience, investing in the relationship/reality building process, supporting each other and the entire reality, and since full-vibrational-alignment takes “time”, we also have to see if we have a SHARED VISION, otherwise the reality “won’t work”. Each person in my life, we’ve been doing this over “time”. One has taken 3 years, another almost a year, so it’s not an overnight process and everyone has to truly deeply care, be ready to be in humbled full-service and to truly willing and ready to come together to fulfill higher service roles together, and separately as well. We are building Soul Level Relationships, based upon a foundation of Sacred Trust, Honor, Integrity, Love, Unity, Peace, Contribution, Sharing and mutually beneficial support. We are all “proving ourselves” (that we won’t “go human” (ego) and separate off from the greater whole), that we will show up and come through, that we will always be pure in every way and that we truly do actually care about ourselves, each other and humanity too, otherwise there’s no reality together and unless there’s a purpose/point to an actual exchange, there is no purpose/point, as we don’t “just waste time/energy/hang”. We love our alone time, our solitude, our peace, our ability to create and live beautiful magical realities, so “others” have to bring something to the table that we can’t already do/accomplish ourselves. Other “types of exchanges” are short and brief, and serve a barrage of different purposes, that aren’t important for this sharing here.
Because we do not have that separation, those ego barriers/excuses, and the “I can’t see beyond myself” programs going on, we are able to come together without that conditioning/programming/separation coming into play. We realize how this works, and we both/all have to be wide open and willing to do our part. It’s “that easy” and everyone receives/gets to inJOY the most amazing, beautiful realities as a result while supporting fulfilling much higher purposes/roles through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and for HUMANITY and for all of us here.
Pay attention to how complicated you make things, the disruptions you allow, when you are separated/struggling inside, what “stories you are telling”, your mindsets/energy and and shift all to pure peace/harmonization/ease/readiness/openness within yourself. ♥
PRINTABLE FORMAT: I will make this available in a printable PDF/Ebook format for those who desire to print this off (as I know many of you do), in order to continually activate and absorb in increments and refer back to “later” to activate/process/integrate through various acceleration processes as each continues into “next vibrational/energetic phases” as we continue to increase acceleration on COSMIC RECODING and DNA EVOLUTION on every level. Feel free to share this with any that will utilize/appreciate and find this relative to supporting their own personal journey as well. ♥


Cosmic Enflowerment ~ Artist Keith Allen Kay @ Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or additional information, please contact me, Shekinah

BE the Example through your ENERGY and Every ACT – Lisa Transcendence Brown

dreaming-angel-michal-kwarciak at fine art america - angel

Dreaming Angel ~ Michal Kwarciak @ Fine Art America


BE the Example through your ENERGY and Every ACT…. ♫

Aloha Love Family,

The installation of 12D Templates have taken this entire year and we continue to honor the sacredness and importance of integration and completion cycles, while also pulling/holding/allowing much higher dimensional/vibrational holographics to fully anchor in through each one of us, in conjunction with various Crystalline & Plasma Gridding Platforms and Systems which shift/change the basis of every “reality”/experience here……

These beautifully increasing energies and high frequency bandwidths open up immense opportUNITY and possibilities for all….. Where each’s heart/mind/energy is wide open fully, then the DNA/density rewrites/recalibrations through the introduction of “new codes” (Universal/Cosmic/Quantum) are able to do the “work” necessary to realign all through ease, grace, peace and understanding the importance of all…..

Challenges presented have an important purpose as well…. to show each where there are conditions/conditioning, programs, limits, distorted perceptions and anything of the “old” still playing out within each…… Utilizing the external as a “mirror” affect, allows us to see what we would not otherwise be open to see, because our own egos were in the way and we existed from fixed, linear, judgmental, dis-empowering states before…. because that was 3D (Consciousness) and 4D (Consciousness) which deliver unconscious/karmic/unresolved experiences as a result of what we each hold inside… because “the matrix” we live by is held within our bodies and visible by what “appears” outside……

Awakening isn’t pretty, it’s not supposed to be. Ascension is a whole new/different part of the process, that each will complete as well…..

12D is the final completion of all ascension timelines, where everything is “done”….. and where we all function from is very different than before…. 5D – 11D (Consciousness with realities to vibrationally match) are NEW EARTH BUILDING TEMPLATES, while clearing various levels of akashes, as well as accomplishing on an individual level LIVING HEAVEN ON EARTH within our own realities fully…. in every way…. sharing and working with all ready to live this too, preparing to fulfill much higher roles when/as all of these Gateways open and StarGates within us synchronize the codes to open up all new to come forth based upon that which we consistently hold as our only realty here…..

12D is a myriad of UNITY-BASED LIVING templates all co-joined and stacked on top of each other, while also working independently, each “piece” is a part of a much greater whole. Each “pivot point” constantly moves as the energy changes, as new codes are activated/applied/incorporated through every aspect of our lives…..

Nothing is fixed, which we “learn” as we come through/return to 5D Consciousness and re-learn everything all over again… which is a “growing up process” as well, yet it’s no longer as a human, it’s as an Embodied Soul and all of our Higher Selves merged into one, as each is activated and integrated fully into the OVERSOUL SELVES……

Personally, as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper/Guardian/Guide, I’ve stepped way back this year to honor the importance of all of this, as it takes every ounce of energy that we have, just to hold/maintain/sustain, while honoring that which presents each day for us to accomplish/do/hold…… THROUGH FULL PRESENCE…… and I continue to honor this until these processes are complete…. through the end of this linear year and into a MASSIVE COSMIC ALIGNMENT PHASE that kicks off with the 1•1•2020 Gateway opening and only gets stronger as we all continue/go.

Until each gains access to fully see, the entire much bigger picture and how everything plays out as a part of the greater whole, how each dimension exists, the purposes and all of the “hows”, then there will be confusion, there will be chaos, there will be finger pointing/blame and giving power away, because each is still playing out their own Matrix program, held in place within their whole body…..

The “transition” processes and phases to accomplish the immensity of the physical body/physical reality part….. is a never-ending, continually increasing one, meaning each must acclimate to new/higher frequency bandwidths, where gravity is different, breathable “air” is different (crystalline & plasma atmospheres mean our bodies have to go through a massive reconfiguration process constantly, as well as body-field tuning and re-alignment processes) ….. which means our priorities have to change in order to be able to “keep up” and gain traction to be able to manage all as Light……

Every part of our ego is challenged, so that limits and constructs can dissolve….. as where we function from on a SOUL LEVEL is a whole new CORE VALUE SYSTEM that looks nothing like before….. as our Ego dissolves/integrates fully into the ONENESS that we are….. then how we live our lives completely changes, which means everything of the “old” has to dissolve/fall away as well, unless it’s ready to “come through” and reconfigure fully too.

THROUGH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS everything can be recoded, reconfigured and realigned through PURITY, UNITY and LOVE. Where there is resistance to this, then what’s appropriate is different each time. Sometimes that resistance can be dissolved through open, caring and considerate conversations and sometimes taking completely separate paths to have experiences to ‘LEARN’/understand are the most appropriate ways to honor…. each is perfect and serves a multitude of purposes of breaking down all of those constructs that were too strong before…..

AS ALL UNDERSTAND and fully comprehend that every experience is a multi-dimensional one. Every moment is a huge opportUNITY and everything is always available, yet we each must be so completely and fully open and living from our hearts so that we can fully see.

There is no wrong way to do any of this. That is of the ego too. There is what’s highest aligned and what’s dictated by our ego choices or our own Soul that emerges from within us to live fully a reality that’s highest aligned vibrationally and energetically….

For all playing out the God Complex of Judgment… this is an ego distortion too. Judgment is the last to go for passage through the Ascension Gates for TRANSCENDENCE of Separation within…..

For all LIVING UNITY AND FULL PRESENCE through JOY, PEACE, BLISS, MAGIC AND LOVE…. this is a conscious choice where each decides what is acceptable and most important as an actual experience here. Shifting priorities and what’s important means that JOY and PEACE and working together, living together, co-existing on this planet, within a commUNITY and versions of homes is a beautiful experience created out of generosity, caring and deep sacred respect…..

HOLDING LOVE AS YOUR CORE…. holding PURITY and no longer compromising in any way…. because you understand the consequences of your choices and how “realities” play out when/you do…… and how that was the “old way” before…. When it is no longer, then LIVING GRACE-fully is possible, because you are HOLDING YOUR ENTIRE REALITY/FIELD IN PLACE through your own Divine Presence/Essence and taking responsibility for your own ENERGY, BEHAVIOR, how you show up and contribute to the greater whole by way of sharing you and all that you have that supports fully too.

LIVING AS LOVE does not mean being reliant, ignoring what you need inside and doing without. It’s the opposite of that. It means making CONSCIOUS DECISIONS and sticking to them, understanding that the ‘NEW REALITIES” YOU SEE and know to be… can’t come forth if you do not hold the geometrics in place so that they can take actual form ……..

3D was children energy in all shapes & sizes and different looking “bodies”/forms….. giving power away to “outside” to tell them what to do and how to conform…. where everything else was the “parent” without a clue this was occurring at all. Just because our body grew up, didn’t mean we did…

UNTIL 4D activates inside of our bodies…

4D is a massive awakening frequency bandwidth where every one stays with their physical body until CONSCIOUS CHOICE and a “new relationship” with each’s own higher selves/soul has been created/formed for each’s Ascension Timeline to become visible…. where the old no longer resonates, yet the “new” seems just out of reach…. where immense physical body density must be cleared, which correlates to the entire human experience (experiment is Galactic word)….it’s where each takes their power back and stops blaming everyone else and learns how to UNIFY all through learning to observe as a Higher Self….
We gain access to see 3D (Heavily distorted), yet 5D is only visible in dream/sleep state … as we sleep and dream ourselves awake. Our bed, nature, alone time and that which brings us peace, ease, happy, joy is our Heaven and the rest represents our hell…. for us to transcend fully, filled with fears, survival mode and the occasional dream “vacation” from our lives to show us what peace, timelessness, freedom and pure happiness is…. so we can FEEL it… and start to consciously bring this forth into our whole lives here….

5D is our Conscious choices… choosing this “over” the old…..

5D is Soul Union… inside of our bodies… and we are SOOOOO very different and completely born/re-born anew….. it’s the BEGINNING of everything and all new phases/processes begin, way to vast to re-address here…. birthed as a newborn, an innocent and pure, now it’s time to learn how to live/exist from a Quantum State of Consciousness rather than a linear one like before. Everything has to be “redone”….. as living from Zero Point is Mastery within itself, one where there is no more “past/future” like before, because they all have converged into ONE MOMENT…. now learning to live from here, create from here…. that which already exists on a much higher dimensional plane, if you will….. calling forth/bringing forth all through HOLOGRAPHIC ACCESS… there’s no seeking, lack or need anymore… now it’s doing “the work” for materialization to occur where all arrives/takes form vibrationally to what you’ve/each has been holding and fulfilling as SOUL AGREEMENTS here. THIS IS THE MERGING OF OUR HEAVEN AND EARTH….

Learning to BE completely is first, then learning to BE and CREATE, learning to BE/SEE and accomplish is a whole new ballgame within itself….

Activating a reality that is not karmic or unconscious means that you are holding your absolute highest in every moment, with every act and all comes from PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS and Creation to support the greater whole, to guide, to assist, to activate, to uplift, to inspire, to unite and that you understand the difference and take RESPONSIBILITY for yourself, your energy and every word, thought, ACTion, exchange…. taking great care to always hold deep sacred respect for yourself and each other…. while no longer allowing the old to play out…. you can “see it”, yet you hold the ability/power to shift all instantly yourself… and bring all into full consciousness…. as PURE LOVE…. which is soft, kind, generous, respectful and has no need for fanfare or attention, because “why” you do things is because you truly actually care…..

YOU CAN SEE DISTORTIONS…. yet have no need to jump in and play. Photonic Light gives each the ability to see and choose a different reality by releasing the “need” for those realities anymore…. No longer stories, no longer holding any energy…. they are no longer important as you understand what is…. from the depth of the core of your own being…. where your own LIGHT EMANATES FROM and RAYdiates out to impact, touch and reconfigure all through your own MORPHOGENIC FIELD.

Yes, you can change/shift any and every reality to one of unity and love when you live from this place fully inside and access your natural abilities which are simple, easy and part of an organic and soft existence here….

Where you created a rigid, harsh, tough, strong reality from your own unconscious programs before, it will take more energy to break these down inside and say no, not anymore…. and hold this until “reality” can take new shape/form as a vibrational response to what you hold fully as your REALITY….. it can be that simple… if you allow it to be.

RESPECTING EACH’S REALITY and consciously choosing your own, respecting theirs and yours, just not having to co-mingle them anymore…. respecting each other’s everything, without the need to impose, judge or concern yourself with “other’s” realities means you are FREE TO FOCUS ON YOUR OWN……………. and live your own life as your BEAUTIFUL AND MAGNIFICENT SOUL….. inJOYing the beauty, in JOYing the magic, inJOYing the peace available through Deep Sacred Connection within….. smelling the flowers, floating in the surreality of a living, walking dream…. as there is an entire frequency bandwidth dedicated to this… available to each choosing this….

From LIVING THIS BEAUTIFUL Divine Presence and Essence, you will then start to see and experience all through your heart and all that you have to offer, all that’s available, all that’s possible when you live from this profoundly simple place/space all of the time…. and you’ve gotten a “taste”… and now it’s time for more…. and all of it…. yet now, you take it day by day, moment by moment…. honoring what you hear/feel/see/know…. as HIGHER DIMENSIONS GUIDE YOU to living a dream that’s soft, kind and peaceful as long as you live this way yourself.

3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 11D, 12D
All illusions, dreams and actual realities experienced based upon the consciousness each lives from inside….. All different frequency bandwidths, with vastly different realities only visible/possible through each’s pure heart.

12D is the completion of all of these…… there are no words to describe…. yet it’s what we all came to accomplish fully, live fully and hold fully, so that everyone can do this with as much ease and grace as they will allow too…..

12D template are what are being completed now…. which sets the stage for VAST COSMIC ALIGNMENTS to accelerate on a Quantum Level and start to shift the entire planet into a whole next-level phase, the next 10 year cycle, where all exists within “one moment”….. beyond anything we’ve experienced before. The convergence of all into ONE…. means that linear realities must also dissolve, as Geometrics and Quantum replace all old ways, which means learning to live a whole new way…. that looks nothing like before….

Be patient with yourself, kind to yourself and with each other too. Hold Sacred Respect and Zero Compromise (on a Soul Level), for establishing your new ZERO POINT, which was established with Gaia this month….

Realities are “moving geometrics” and Quantum and Energetic and relative to our own Consciousness here. Our experiences are a culmination of all existences, which can be “cleared” through each’s full consciousness and pure heart/actions, as well as then having to clear where all was held/housed within the body on a cellular/atomic level… (which 12D has a different atomic spin rate and are the TEMPLATES for where Gaia now functions from…. inner-linked with Cosmic Geometrics) which now “rule” over all….

As Overseers, we have the ability to “see” all as it occurs. The vastness of everything occurring simultaneously, every moment is completely “filled”….

Maintain your own deep sacred connection, pure joy and presence by honoring what supports you in living and fulfilling your own highest Soul-Star Agreements as Love…. feel the purity emanate from within you…. touching the hearts of all as you do.

Allow the “old” to dissolve while you maintain your focus on LIVING what’s highest aligned from deep within you. This activates the encodements you hold inside and “tell” the “external” what to “do”….. (how to geometrically align as a vibrational response). Your ENERGY DOES THIS FOR YOU… all you have to do is HOLD THIS FULLY….. while honoring what asks to be released fully from deep within you too. ♥

Live your generosity, live your kindness, live fully and uplift, support, inspire with every beautiful breath…. and pull away to honor you in anchoring and deeply integrating all of these COSMIC CODES as you feel you need…. It’s beyond important, so that when you have every opportUNITY to share as love, to beam your light simply and naturally, that it’s easy, because this is just who/what you are…… Divine Presence and Love. ♥

I love you. Keep embracing your ‘new’…… fully…. as this supports everyone when you fulfill as Love just by being your Purest and most exquisite YOU!

With respect and kindness,
Lisa ☼

p.s. BEing a Cosmic Portal, means that we hold the ENTIRE FIELD IN PLACE and everything within this Field of Consciousness is a part of this beyond beautiful experience as well. Open up to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE YOUR EVERY EXPERIENCE through FULL PRESENCE and SHARE this as highest aligned….. your ENERGY/FIELD speaks on a Quantum/Universal/Cosmic Level long before you do and your words are not what transmits…. the codes, vibrations, tones and hues you hold/transmit out speak for you (communicate to/through the entire field)… words are used to communicate, yet the message “embedded” or encoded will be the energy that each holds….. this is what we learn to hear/see/feel/read, through the Living and Breathing Unified Field… as the words don’t actually matter. The ENERGY and ACTions do. Everything is visible on an Energetic Holographic Level…. When we release all judgment and just EXIST THROUGH FULL PRESENCE, everything is JUST ENERGY, which we each have the capability to Master, shift, align ourselves as Love. ♫


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Dreaming Angel ~ Michal Kwarciak @ Fine Art America

Clarion Call: The Return of the “Star People” – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Clarion Call: The Return of the “Star People”


An etheric (Quantum) Cosmic Clarion Call has gone out to the “Star People” here on our planet … occupying a physical form, yet here to support/usher in NEW HUMANITY through the fulfillment of certain roles.

For the last few weeks, Earth-Star and Soul-Star Codes within each’s body/fields have been activating stronger and stronger as we go.

This Activation is what I will sometimes refer to as Cosmic Shaman Energies, of ancient Star Lineages incarnated/walked-in/teleported/activated through your Photonic DNA into a physical body form and living amongst all as LOVE.


These are the Light BEings evolving on a DNA Level and all of those who do not identify with “the old” as “reality”, rather an illusion of one no longer resonant as an acceptable existence here.

These are the ONES, Pure in Heart, Deeply connected “from the Stars and various Star Systems” in REMEMBRANCE and understanding the importance of what we all are BEing/DOing through integration processes of STAR-CODES, SUN-CODES and various Gaia/Galactic/Cosmic Codes held deep within our DNA “waiting” for “that time”…. now here.

You will know, you will FEEL it within you…. through your own Gridding System and connection with Gaia’s Consciousness too. What this means to each will be relative to each’s own Divine Guidance as to “how” this correlates to where you are in your own Multi-Dimensional Journey/Processes here.

This is y/our call-out in written form, in case you were not sure or didn’t receive the message clearly…. (part of what we do here). ♥

This 11•11 Gateway opens up a huge transitory corridor for all. Prepare for a barrage of new Soul-Star/Earth-Star Codes to be activated for full integration/embodiment/application/living. Embrace fully and honor that which you hear/see/feel/know inside, as y/our new roles/next phases are just beginning… ♥

Anchoring/holding/embodying Unity Consciousness through Purity, Kindness, Generosity, Caring and Love. The old is no longer…. bring the “new/ancient wisdom” existences forth and offer it/share as highest guided as a part of your Contributory Service to NEW Earth HUmanity here.

As more work/co-exist in Beautiful Divine Harmonized Union, the “ring” gets stronger, the networking (lattice) gridding systems strengthen to create a new ENERGETIC fabric/foundation for realities to be built upon. Everything is a result of this. ♥

This is the Birth of a NEW Civilization where Unity/Love Consciousness prevails. ♦

Anchor/Integrate/Apply these new codes to how you live your entire life. ♫

With love and the deepest sacred appreciation and respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. Resolve every ounce of ego programming still held and bring forth your purest aspects in everything you are/do. ♥


Gratitude to artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

October Newsletter & (Mini) Updates: Lisa Transcendence Brown

Raphsody On An Iris painting by Pamela McCabe


October Newsletter & (Mini) Updates:

Gateways of Possibilities
Transitions Out of Fixed/Linear Ways
Vibrational Alignment
Letting Your Pure Heart Lead the Way

Y/our Universal/Divine Heart Connection Opens up Access to your Divine Heart Intelligence and Portals of Possibilities that you’d otherwise not see/listen to/acknowledge/dismiss…
Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL Divine Light Family,

Energetic passageways open up all new possibilities, potentials and new realities to be discovered and explored….

The linearity of all was each’s limits before. The re-birth of humanity and a whole new existence comes with each “old” that dissolves, “dies” and falls away, with the dismantling of that which all perceived to be “reality”, in order to make way for all new…. and each’s access to all is DEEP INSIDE……..

The “old way” was to hold onto fixed mentalities and beliefs (as well as that which was constructed from these) and that which was perceived as “safe”, because of each’s control mechanisms that represented the belief that control was the way to live. With each new awareness, each sees and understands that control is a limit, even a prison, that stifles and stagnates the breath limitless possibilities, beautiful creativity and the ENERGY OF possibility and of dreams… With each presentation of a new possibility, at first there will be excitement and fear all wrapped up in one… yet as we all embrace the excitement fully, a new reality is birthed/born/seeded and then nurtured, raised, grown into an “adult” reality, one that evolved through love, care and kindness and an immense amount of energy to “raise” the project/reality/idea into fruition, in order to bear fruit and create a vibrational return (at some point/as is vibrationally/highest aligned)….

Birthing entire realities is a massive process. They take dedication, focus, patience and commitment to follow-through…. This is a part of how NEW EARTH REALITIES come to “be”, as your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY literally births these “new” (multi-dimensional) ideas, which in essence are already realities that exist. The passageway is your traveling to get there, all that you do to anchor the LIGHT CODES, activate them and then apply them to how you “do” your days/life…. this DIVINE GUIDING LIGHT AND CHILD are born out of your old you’s death/dissolution processes that limited you/held you in the limiting realities of before….

I keep hearing/seeing so many focused on “the future”, without the awareness of being focused on “that time” is separation within itself. Time is an illusion, a framework, a limit placed to create disruption in Divine Flow…. and a massive part of this entire transition over to NEW EARTH REALITIES is transcending the illusory separation of time. “Time” measurements (age/dates/comparisons/more) were held by our own linearity, in our bodies templates of 3D/4D. As each’s body achieves a 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency fully, “time” becomes ENERGY and the parameters are very different than before. You FEEL the speed of all as all slows down (even to a halt/zero point) or speeds up to the “speed of light” and moves faster, and a part of y/our Universal Body Template (5D Lightbody) is learning to move in UNISON, in Divine Harmony and Flow… which means learning to maneuver and function in all new ways, as well as learning “new equations”, like how much ENERGY IT TAKES to accomplish something, how much ENERGY you INVEST in “that”, how much ENERGY IT TAKES to maintain/sustain/support, as well as produce/accomplish that which is highest aligned and a part of your service roles/new life too….

Time becomes ENERGY and your Physical LightBody runs on LIGHT ENERGY… your own Soul’s Light, which is what fuels (and supports) your body and all of your realities too. There are different phases where you have people around and you don’t, because of the LIGHTBODY Phase you currently are in, which can change constantly (and will). You will become choosier in what you FEED YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE LIGHT ENERGY into, that which you create to experience, that which you allow in your own reality/world/field…. as if it is not supporting, inspiring and a part of the creative processes, it will drain your LIFE FORCE, your Light Force, your Creative Breath that births new realities forth…… and it will also correlate to what is perceived as “abundance” too.

Your Light is what fuels your Lightbody, this is the Light of your own Soul… It’s also activated by way of Photonic Light, which become the same thing after awhile. Your consciousness and your ability to create/maintain/sustain will be dependent on YOUR ENERGY and what you “do” with it…. as this also will be how you support your physical body and all of your physical realities too…. Your Precious Light is what activates EVERYTHING…. it’s what touches the hearts of all others, it’s what opens portals/doors, it’s what can affect every reality just through presence… without “trying” to “do” anything at all…. Your LIGHT is your Source Consciousness… the SOURCE of all CREATION and defines all of your experiences here….. Your deep sacred connection is what opens up all and what you “do” is then what activates new timelines/holographic geometrics and realities to come forth/arrive/unfold/materialize for you…..

Our REALities are not realities that we “think”. They are ones we FEEL/KNOW AND OBSERVE… so pay attention to when you say “I think” and shift this to “I feel” or “I realize” or “I see” or “the energy says” or something other than “I think” (3D)…. and see if your own perception/awareness changes/shifts to a different one…. Listen to your feelings, they are important. Learning to decipher them is KEY. Learning to honor your feelings and not judge, to FEEL them fully without getting caught in “stories” (these created realities and held them in place before)… is important as well.

Entire collectives are shifting to all new perceptions, awarenesses and understandings… Distortions screaming so each can “see” and work through the deep programming held within that allowed those realities to exist…. There are phases where everything has to be untangled/untwisted and then re-twisted into something completely new. This is how distorted all was in 3D consciousness… twisted into reality and accepted/believed and when this unwinding/untwisting process begins, it can be mind-blowing to say the least. This is important to open neural pathways and create Universal Corridors/connections in the brain and body and through photonic light activating to work through and open up all…..

4D was getting each’s heart open to FEEL…. (and it’s not pretty at first when those deep feelings that were ignored, suppressed and held deep within start to surface, yet it is a necessary and important part of the process of transitioning to a different phase where those no longer bind each to the realities of before…..

5D is FEELING and a deep inner-connection within. The transition out of duality/dualistic realities into a Holy Trinity and Unity Consciousness as a way of Living, yet we don’t stop there… we go so far beyond “just 5D”, because then the fun/work starts… as each is shown what’s possible and available, then it’s up to each to “get it done”… (Divine Masculine Energy within each one of us). This is where it gets a bit “tricky” at first, as you are a newborn innocent child, just birthed (raw) and anew, in an adults body, walking around “creating” realities out of thin air (Quantum) and learning everything from scratch, all over again, because the “rules” (Cosmic Laws) are different here…. You are an adult, responsible for your ENERGY, a child CREATOR and a Divine Feminine all rolled up into ONE. The LOVE OF A MOTHER SO PURE, with the rearing of your own innocent creative playful inner child, with the Mastery to observe and Master yourself. This merging/union makes it easier, as the “battle” inside goes… you are no longer in a “fight” (ego), as your higher self lives within your body and “from the future”, giving you the ability to create/call forth/bring forth that which has already occurred …. as well as “seeing” how all works on a Quantum/Energetic Level, instead of a linear one……

6D is where you start building all anew…. 4D was the “destruction/dismantling”, 5D is learning to BE, BEing fully connected again and awakening to everything anew, a REMEMBERED REALITY that comes forth from deep within you to live/experience here….

Now it’s every aspect of your life that you “work on”, if you will… clearing out old timelines/realities on a cellular level, yet focused on CREATION, sharing what others perceive as gifts, that are just your natural abilities that come forth through each unification process and activation of new/higher dimensional DNA Strands….

Realities are Quantum: Energy, Vibrational, Frequencies and then form… and because you are always integrating new Light Codes, Geometrics and applying new parameters to all, ever changing as well. One shift in vibrational frequency, the whole reality can shift, dissolve or explode into more awesomeness …. Because you are ever shifting, then that which you call forth is too. Others represent aspects of you, both old and new, as well as presenting opportunities as your Universe/Vibrational-Quantum Field responds to you…. Form is a representation of energy, which is a whole new ballgame within itself…. Even solidity is different….

The Earth, our beloved Gaia/Planet is multi-dimensional, housing a multitude of dimensions all within the same space. Because visibility, solidity and inner-dimensional experiences are vibrational, as each oscillates in and out of various vibrational frequencies, they are vibrating in and out of different dimensions, without leaving the current “location”, yet that’s only one version of how all occurs too. Technically, you vibrate out of the whole reality into a whole new one and the previous one ceases to exist, yet if you still hold those coordinates within you, then you can vibrate back in as long as you do. Same goes for other dimensions. The moment you complete the integration of all new codes, sequences and coordinates, then all new “realities” are “dialed”…. which is a small portion of how Stargates work…. as you can see, we could be here forever playing with the coolness of multi-dimensional “travel” and how if you occupy lets say the 9th Dimension, you’d never experience 3D in your actual reality, yet you can see it exists elsewhere, holographically, virtually and that there are entire collectives living in that frequency bandwidth… the same goes for 4D, 5D, 6D, 12D….. except 3D can’t see 5D or 12D…. as access to see all previous dimensions comes forth when each achieves the “next one” fully and clears the programming on a cellular level and with their entire body/field…..

Now, yes there can still be 3D/4D programs in the body that are “dormant” and each time we hit a “pocket” and Gaia releases massive 3D programming (emotions) from the grids, then each’s body will also experience this release, yet the awareness and how this plays out will be determined by how connected/conscious/aware each is. If you are aware that your physical EARTHLY COSMIC BODY is releasing a discordant frequency/energy/tone that was intentionally “triggered” by a comic blast of light so that you can vibrate higher, you’ll honor the process and allow it to surface/clear, without getting caught up in the story and be really excited that that finally is going, so that all new portals of possibilities can come forth as your heart unifies and opens even more!

p.s. This is an important vibrational alignment process and we’re always entering onto very important “next pivotal phase” and this whole linear year and ever since the 2012 Gateways opened we’ve been “working” towards this NOW….The 10/10 brought through immense new codes to be integrated, which took like a whole week, with every day so much occurring on a Quantum Level, and how this “plays out” in each one of our realities is relative to each’s current phase of Embodiment/DNA Evolution… Everyone experiencing their own unique journey differently, with all exactly perfect as it is….

Self-Mastery gives each the ability to come into full vibrational alignment and union inside, merging all into ONE and then holding this highest vibration in order to gain the capability to vibrationally align their own experience through Love … which is what each used to refer as “reality”, we’ve changed the words to “experience”, because everyone conscious can shift every experience with ease and through simplicity, without the “old” getting in the way. As each realizes that the old can only “play out” if one allows it, then we all just stop allowing it. It is that simple…. ♥

Zero Judgment ♦ Full Presence and Conscious Choice Applied – in order to create and return a different vibrational/energetic outcome. This is a part of how Quantum Equations work…. ♫

Shift, tune, align and then allow the “new” to come forth as you HOLD your highest everything fully and you allow the old to dissolve/fall away/merge into oneness within yourself….. ♫
Pure Simple Love is FUEL for your LightBody! Yes, we do live on LOVE, emit love and receive as LOVE too. It’s a beautiful ENERGY REALITY to experience… a magical one and is available to each totally ready to live this fully too…. There are no attachments… it’s freeing, uplifting, inspiring and REALITY… when we each all live it, be it and express it without needing anything at all. It’s a sharing of our own Light…. a blessing and gift. Pure Heart wide open means you are naturally emitting and transmitting this…. ♥

My Cosmic Heart and Soul to yours…


Raphsody On An Iris painting by Pamela McCabe

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


New Solidarity Codes Received – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Light of Mercy by Minjae Lee @ DeviantArt


New Solidarity Codes Received for Activation, Integration and Application/Incorporation by Each


As the foundation for 3D Levels of Consciousness Realities continue to collapse (for restructuring), the foundation for 5D+ becomes more and more solid the higher the dimensional timeline each embraces, holds, embodies and in-acts within their every now moment life.

Because the foundations for each reality are vastly different, based upon where all function(ed) from, 3D was built/constructed upon a foundation of Separation, where as 5D+ is built up/construction from a whole new foundation…. Unity/Purity/Love.

This is a complete reworking of every aspect of each’s life and a physical/alchemical process that occurs within the physical body simultaneously too.

Light Codes are activated on a Cosmic Level when it’s vibrationally “time” for each. Those “not preferring to wait” for “one day”, can consciously choose to activate these through various ways and means. These Light (Soul-Star) Codes change reality, which the human aspect doesn’t like/resists/avoids/fears, yet those actions only exacerbate the experience when it “has to occur” (Soul determined/not human ego). Soul determined realities follow a different equational path. “Time” and “how difficult” all is for the resistant/refusing/avoiding human ego aspect is irrelevant, because it doesn’t dictate reality, each’s Soul/Divine Blueprint does….

Inner Soul Union allows for each to choose a path that is Divinely/Higher/Highest aligned, based upon the consciousness each currently holds/occupies/functions from. Going unconscious “drops” each back into an old timeline/denser reality until that programming/conditioning is resolved/dissolved/dissipated/cleared on a cellular level…. “Temporary fixes” only yield “temporary timelines”, therefore when the vibration shifts, the reality will as well…. and one will find themselves back in a place/space to actually “deal” with what was avoided before…. When all of these excuses/negating behaviors are no longer acceptable according to the blueprint, a template rewriting process will ensue and the reality will appear to collapse, because it was never highest aligned to begin with…. it was ego aligned (3D).

Cosmic/Divine Alignment rewrites all realities constantly within each now. This continues to accelerate ever since Earth entered full-on Ascension timelines….

Fast forward to these new Solidarity Codes….. which are relative to how “solid” a reality is. Because all realities are holographic/energetic first, then all things created out of Unity, Love and Purity emanate out a pure frequency that creates solidarity for all contributing/participating/fulfilling their roles in accomplishing these realities (for all of HUMANITY) as love. The only way that these will not, is if the participants are not fully invested on a Soul Level (every level) and “fail” to come through. This is why it’s so important to build all new relationships as highest aligned vs. entering into any relationship the “old ways”, where each has not shown/proven their level of trust, integrity, care, respect, openness, willingness to fulfill and ability to support and receive without limiting conditions in the way still….. Distortions within relationships must be dealt with up front and all brought into full consciousness where each holds this fully themselves, without reliance on others to “do anything for them”, which was the old way as well. Full Sovereignty, full responsibility, full accountability are a part of NEW Earth REALities… for each’s energy and what they bring to the table, pulling their own weight and being a part of a NEW EARTH LIGHT FAMILY working/co-existing/living/creating through Unity and a cohesive field of unison, harmony and peace.

SOLIDARITY = the energy of the word feels beautiful doesn’t it? Breathe it through you and see how you can implement these new codes into your own reality/life/relationships/exchanges for the benefit of all as ONE too! ♥

With kindness, love, appreciation and respect,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Solidarity | Definition of Solidarity by Merriam-Webster
Solidarity is – unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards.

Solidarity – Wikipedia
​Solidarity is an awareness of shared interests, objectives, standards, and sympathies creating a psychological sense of unity of groups or classes. It refers to the ties in a society that bind people together as one.


The Light of Mercy by Minjae Lee @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


12D Source Code Atomic LightBody & Field: – Lisa Transcendence Brown

female lotus flowers water green face

12D Source Code Atomic LightBody & Field: Developing ALL NEW WAYS Relating to Support, Communication, Connection, Your Environment, Occupying Space & HOW Every Aspect of Your Life “Works”


I write when I accomplish/complete a phase/cycle/embodiment and can share the codes relative to this. This entire year (in addition to everything we do), has been dedicated to completing 12D Embodiment Templates in phases and stages (which is how all works for all). Yesterday was the next set of Codes for this 12D Level LightBody, with the first set becoming available on 1/1/19 (after 12D Embodiment completion phase, so the Lightbody/Field Building process can begin). Then every month, a barrage of new codes and template integrations/completion cycles, with many overlapping all at the same time and rolling right into the next set, then the next set. With every timeline clearing and new awareness applied, more becomes available for all. September brought through such huge template codes, it took until yesterday to complete. Because all codes are through Uniting/Unity, there have been more people in my reality this year as we all work together to accomplish tons in-service, in addition to our own mega-realities, with Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper roles always our first priority so that we can fulfill our highest roles/purposes for all of us here. I’ll be recapping throughout this entire sharing, to bring many “pieces and parts” together in order to expand all out in various directions, as well as deliver activations as most appropriate on a multi-dimensional level for all receiving/utilizing this…. ♥

Gotta love it. 1010 Divine Alignment Codes: (One Version) Binary Codes of Unification, Harmonization and Synchronization:
“0” = Zero Point
“1” = Oneness
Functioning from within these spaces fully, these two together Consciously Create…

P.S. I only use dimensional references to break things down for explaining/understanding for the vastness of this natural and organic Evolutionary Process all are a part of. It’s important not to go “linear”, and to utilize this (and all that I share) to expand into the vastness available to us all. Part of my role is to teach Quantum Logistics, Mechanics, Dynamics, Algorithms and Schematics, as they are important for “where all are going/what is occurring” on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum/Cosmic Level. Ego/separation plays in “higher/lower”, comparison, better/worse than, etc. We do not. Functioning from our purest/highest creates a NEW FOUNDATION FOR REALITY and holds this in place, so that all can live/accomplish/inJOY easier, simpler and through Divine Alignment as ONE. Here, we are all equal, because our wide open, caring, loving, respectful hearts UNITE. Only the ego aspect separates off from this and creates the games to play. Here we do not play these. It serves no purpose at all. Ego criticizes, rationalizes, attacks and rips each other apart. It separates and divides. Light is Energy that Unites through Love. 3D is in the process of massive continual collapse and implosion. 4D is where all figure this out, create deeper inner connections and start to choose/move back into higher states of Consciousness from within. 5D all are ONE, yet Mastery on every level begins and is a “learning” process as all re-build, re-align and re-create all new realities through Physical Body and Field Integration Processes. All have to “get out of their head” and shift to DEEP inside in order to REMEMBER, let go of the struggle and fight inside and start to EMBRACE all new ways that are simpler and highest aligned. 12D, in one way there’s no reason to share on this, because it can’t be linearly understood. It can only be experienced and embodied … yet I do, because if I didn’t, we would not know it is possible and an actualized part of our processes here. ♥

This is going to be a long one……. 🙂 as it takes many “words” to encapsulate “whole pictures” that are still a very minute/small part of a our massive processes and actual remembrance/experiences…. Other times, we need no words… as we prefer simple and just BEing fully….. inJOYing the pure bliss, magic, beauty and peace that’s available through our own Inner Divine Union/Connection/Existence here. ♥

p.p.s. I did my best to purchase photos for reflecting/creating visuals. I could not find exactly what I was looking for, so visualize as you read/activate and see if you can “see” on an atomic, body/field, molecular and cellular level how all correlates and is constructed/built…. ☼ If you do this with all that I write/share, you’ll be able to see beyond what was visible linearly before too. ♥

Visualization Using the Video Below:

Check out Lisa’s website for Video Link (End of post)


As your Cellular LightBody and Field activate and “build” Energetically, your LightBody cells start emitting photonic Light. See your every cell as this, occupying/increasing constantly inside your body, yet also see it as your entire QUANTUM FIELD THAT YOU PRODUCE, emit, build, hold… as you EMBODY higher Light Quotients of Ultra-High Frequency Photonic Light. Every cell, particle and part of your body has to be “re-worked” for this. So immense “down time” is required in order to accomplish this. Each phase, sleep & waking states are different, food is different, energy levels are different, as well as purposes, what’s in our lives and what we “have” is different too… EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE to each’s own Lightbody and how expanded/huge/vast your field is… Shifting from your head to your heart comes first, then higher mind consciousness opens up, then the spine becomes the center operating system as every cell Light’s up and communicates on a Quantum Level, which is a small part of “how” Quantum Jumping occurs….. See YOU inside this Atomic Field/Structure… this is what your SOURCE CREATIONAL FIELD WILL LOOK LIKE as you hold ZERO POINT SOURCE CREATION GENERATING from your every atomic cell and very core… ♥ (Click on the button for the video to play). ♥ ↓


LightBodies and Fields create and hold QUANTUM ENERGETIC CONSTRUCTS FOR REALITIES. Each one has a different purpose, vibrates/spins at different dimensional oscillatory rates, functions completely different than the others and are built/constructed as each holds/Embodies more Photonic Light. While every LightBody is a part of this ONE, Lightbodies/Merkabas/Stargate Systems are all constructed and built through immense organic integration processes that occur for us as we honor, support, surrender, respect and allow fully, while “doing” as we see/are shown/gain access to from deep within, with each integration and birthing process that occurs. An example is 3D LightBodies goes nuclear (anger), 4D does too in a different way (powerful emotions), 5D’s is Quantum Expansion that begins cellular nuclear/nucleus evolution on a subatomic molecular DNA/Genetic Level, that is different than the previous phases. Each D after (6D/7D/8D/9D/10D/11D) are different depths and Quantum abilities/access and densities, so how the physical “fits” into all changes with each LightBody/Field Completion process as well.

Because all is progressional and occurs over many many many linear years (DNA Evolution is not instant. Various Expansions of Consciousness are, yet the entire process takes years, as the expansion just begins new processes of template building that encompass every aspect of our entire lives.

While I’m not going into actual atomic codes in this writing (too in-depth to cover all), evolving from Carbon-Based atoms to Crystalline to Plasma with our whole physical body is a massive Atomic re-everything process. The codes that came through for my personal current process/phase/template completion, I share with you/all as a part of the “writing the manuals” that we all are doing as we actually experience/accomplish, to assist/support HUmanity with their own individual processes too.

NEW Completion Codes were to complete this phase of the 12D/144 Source Creator Codes: NEXT EXPANDED LEVEL OF ZERO POINT CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS TEMPLATE
This increases and expands our abilities and reach for Pure Creation and how all emanates from our own Consciousness/LightBody/Field “out” …. which then “tells” the Quantum Field “how” to deliver a return. (“When” is vibrational/Quantum/non-linear and occurs when the overall vibration has been achieved, as well as the “new timeline/reality/illusion/dream coordinates” lock in.

It’s important to understand that the higher we go/anchor in/embody, the more energetic all is, where all things are “done” through our Consciousness and we then “do” that which needs to be done each day through highest vibrational alignment for all. We begin this process in/from 5D and continue it through each Dimensional Embodiment/Return. Each dimension beyond 5D has a whole new set of templates that build upon the previous ones, with 5D being the FOUNDATIONAL ONE. ♥

Now, every dimension has a Zero Point Creation, it’s more how “simple” all is through Purity, as the vibrational return is not tainted with distortions and confusing signals of programming that disrupts the field’s “clarity”.

3D was Separatism and functioned very differently than 5D – 12D realities/templates do. 4D is a transitional phase “over” (back) to 5D, yet 5D is where everything begins…. a whole new chapter, a whole new “life”, a whole new way of BEing and living…. looking nothing like anything of the “old”. (I have another post to write that is a different breakdown of phases simplifying in a different way to support/assist with overviews for seeing from additional overview perspective that will assist many with shifting easier too).

One of the most challenging parts for the human aspect is rapidly accelerating “changes” and accepting all new ways that challenge their belief systems/structures and don’t fit into/adhere to the old ways (because they are not meant to)…. as well as how deep programming is when it comes to each working through their own inner/outer matrix held deep within. The ego doesn’t easily surrender, forgo the “power” it often takes to induce/create a surrendered state. We each have to choose to surrender our own ego, shifting to observation in order to actually see it, so that we can shift to function from beyond this place/space inside, so that we can dissolve the resistance inside in order to shift easier and resolve all through purity and love within ourselves. It’s as “easy” as we allow it to be… or as hard as we each make it on ourselves. The transition from 4D to 5D…. No, it’s not easy at times, it’s ugly, messy and beyond uncomfortable when we are going through the beginning phases of delving into our own abyss (which is a passageway as well)…. and for early phases, strong separation/programming/distortions/emotions take all “nuclear”, where we become combustible, implode/explode and then unify inside…. as deep emotions/hurt/hate are a part our own ego separation dissolving…. This too is a part of the “atomic” recalibrating, recoding, restructuring process to assist with clearing out heavy duty separation programming from deep within.

(October 1st the words were: Prepare for 3D to implode upon itself). Remember, 3D was realities built upon separation. This makes way for more new to come through for each/all. ♥)

11/11/11: A gateway began to open in preparation for the December 2012 Gates of Heaven and StarGate openings, synchronizations and vibrational/high frequency Soul/Cosmic alignments that began with the reconfiguration of that which all call “reality”…. It was a game-changer on every level, yet not in the way most “thought”. It took everyone deeper inside, yet in waves, stages and through deep inner and alchemical processes that are vibrational/non-linear. This non-linear process equates to Quantum, yet even this part is misunderstood until it’s actually experienced for the “how to’s” to come forth and all new values applied.

2012 presented a “NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE” rare opportUNITY; Individual and planetary Ascension and the DEEP EVOLUTION of our planet and HUMANKIND. Our Planet entered a Quantum State, opening up multiple dimensions of EXISTENCE, as each’s codes activate within their bodies on a cellular level, beginning a massive non-linear acceleration process “out of the old and into all new”, where every moment continues to accelerate this process as we move deeper through a photonic belt/passageway experience…

How our human aspect sees and how our higher aspect sees, how our Soul Sees, how we see as Pure Source Consciousness, these are different aspects and very different views…. that become available as our hearts open, our minds open, our energy relaxes and our pineal gland opens up, our crystals activate, our ability to see and understand shifts to a much different place/way…. where we OBSERVE and SEE all through our own EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS….

Our human aspect functioned linearly… which becomes more obsolete by the moment and is replaced with Quantum, a whole new geometric, a whole new metric/measuring system, a whole new dynamic, a whole new way, where everything is completely different than the ways of 3D/4D…..

As each’s LightBody continues to activate and bring each “online”, the old ways/systems stop working/won’t work… because they are aligned with 3D Consciousness/Programs/Operating Systems…. and all functioned from a place of Separation/Separatism/the Little Self that was separate and small. This means that EACH will have to DEVELOP all new ways of functioning, on EVERY LEVEL… physical body, physical reality and how they support (themselves/each other/entire realities)…. completely changes as well.

The human aspect is not used to sharing on every level, supporting on every level, uplifting on every level, inspiring on every level and being WIDE OPEN in every way. It’s natural was was not to take all into consideration and then make a decision for the greater whole and all as ONE… It didn’t know how to work together as LOVE, to play together freely and to UNITE instead of separating off….. This is what all will “learn” (remember), how to co-exist and live from a deep sacred SENSE of care, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, respect….


This is not gender specific, as that is human too. Each “body” will go through this process as our SOUL/Light is not specified by gender which served 3D realities and human experiences that all will come to transcend as Soul/OverSoul Embodiment occurs.

5D: We refer to as “NEW Earth”, because it’s a version of an Earthly/Heavenly Experience that is softer, kinder, more caring and where all is pure peace, magical, alive and emanates from our SOUL. Here we are reborn/rebirthed/rise from the ashes “anew”, wide-eyed full of wonder at a whole new reality that was always available and waiting for us to OPEN UP SO COMPLETELY that we could actualize it/actually experience it. As we INTEGRATE FULLY, we re-birth through CREATION, bringing all forth/calling all forth from deep within. We understand how all is to live/work together in a way that compliments, contributes and supports. It’s a REALITY/EXPERIENCE where all truly are heart-connected and treat each other and themselves with the respect, consideration and care. We stay here for a bit (the “time” varies from years to a month” depending on each’s own path and what’s occurred up to this point, as certain phases must be completed and then 6D opens up, which is where each’s Divine Masculine starts to come through and all new roles do too….

4D is where all remain as they “learn” to CHOOSE to LIVE THIS WAY… and undergo a massive process of BECOMING their SOUL from within their human body form… instead of a human like before…. It’s where Karmic Timelines start to play out/become visible, which creates anger/confusion and heightened emotions. Starting to contract down to Zero Point is uncomfortable, because there is no conscious understanding for “why” these beyond uncomfortable things are occurring. 3D Consciousness Realities represents constriction, “no way out”, hopelessness and the appearance that everything is collapsing, going haywire … because in one way it is. All is being “moved” to new realities that look nothing like those… Yet the passageway can be quite/beyond intense where mindsets are still closed/fixed/holding on and fighting the entire REVERSAL PROCESS that pushes each deeper inward to start to create/make important connections (correlates to neural pathways and the entire neural networking system of the body, organs, glands, heart, brain, memory, emotions and more).

4D is where realities are restructured (physical body/energetically/external physical) slowly and over much linear time…. it’s where awareness begins, yet full consciousness is still a “practice”, due to physical density and vibrational spin rates on an atomic level…. (within each’s cellular body).

5D is a word we use to describe density and Light Ratios…. 4D, 12D, 3D, 7D, 9D… these are just descriptives used to refer to different frequency bandwidths and Density/Light ratios that correlate to an external reality/experience as a vibrational response to varying levels of Consciousness, determined by expansion/embodiment processes that occur over much linear time, because of how linearity works relative to density on a carbon atom scale.

For each to truly understand (easier), it’s important to realize this is a complete alchemical process that occurs on every level and in every way and affects every aspect of all life…. It’s a non-linear process that doesn’t adhere to linear time as the human mind (3D/4D Linearity sees). Linearity is one of the very important process that is “broken down” along the way. I will expand a bit here to support/assist with greater understanding for those desiring/utilizing this.

BREAKING DOWN LINEARITY (and moving/shifting to Entire Geometric Vibrational Energetic Ones)

This applies to everything. From 3D to 12D… each “D” holds less linearity and the “higher” we go (and function from), the less linear, the more Quantum all is. Moving from 3D “fixed/external focused” realities to 5D fluid and energetic realities is a vast process within itself. This is why 4D “stasis” appears to take so long and why the “climb” from 5D to 12D does too….

The early phases/dimensions were linear. 2012 changed all of this. The Star-gates/Systems/Gateways all opened for a transition to a non-linear (Quantum) existence, yet the “codes” held in each’s DNA activate when/how they were encoded to do so, not when the human aspect “thinks”. These codes are activated vibrationally and through frequencies/tones and actual experiences that assist with the DENSITY CHANGING PROCESS…. The transition process was set forth for all PRIOR TO INCARNATION/TAKING PHYSICAL FORM… and occurs exactly as that “SOUL/SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS” determined….

The “rise” in consciousness is referred to as Awakening (from a deep state of amnesia/illusory dream) and into all new realities that come forth/are birthed from within and through each’s own CONSCIOUSNESS as each reconnects deep inside and holds this deep sacred connection so that the “physical” can restructure itself, so that electromagnetics can constantly be reconfigured and so that perceptions can completely change and each can RETURN to existences forgotten and not fully accessible/available while living beneath the veils of amnesia (which was all inside).

Ascension is a completely different part of the journey/process that shifts everyone to a whole new place. This takes each deeper inside to do the “deep inner work” and sift through the “mess”, sift through the deep heavy programming, sift through the confusion and distortions and AS THIS OCCURS, new CONNECTIONS ARE FORMED. While it may appear that one connects with the Divine, their Soul, Spirit, Source and every other word one uses to describe, this is only a very small part of what’s actually “going on”. Each time one CONNECTS, new pathways are created/forged. NEW NEURAL networks, pathways and systems are created/accessed to open up access to Universal and Cosmic Consciousness, forgo and IMMENSE RE-WRITING PROCESS on a molecular, cellular, genetic and atomic level…. The deeper we all go, the more Light is activate, which increases the amount of LIGHT FLOW within the physical body. This LIGHT is encoded, which means it recodes each’s body to all new parameters, schematics and a whole new operating system…. which COMPLETELY CHANGES HOW ALL FUNCTION ON EVERY LEVEL HERE.

This “process” is inevitable and beyond important for all. This LIGHT, is photonic light, the Light of Each’s Soul, Source Consciousness and so very much more. This Light changes form constantly and works to develop the crystals in each’s body, detoxing, de-calcifying, deconstructing linearity so that the body can work differently…. MUCH DIFFERENTLY and it cannot be “treated” or “fixed back” or controlled….

These processes must be RESPECTED, SUPPORTED and understood as beyond important for all. These processes were pre-determined and are occurring in conjunction with Universal/Cosmic/SOULar frequencies and activations to EVOLVE ALL LIFE FORMS ON THIS PLANET into a much HIGHER DIMENSIONAL/LIGHTER DENSITY EARTH that is multi-dimensional ALREADY…. currently with 12 Dimensions (Frequency Bandwidths) that correspond with different levels of DENSITY/LIGHT….

EVERY PERSON/THING ON THIS PLANET is involved in this massive process (project is our Galactic word). Every aspect of your body, your life is a part of “off of this” and constantly accelerates, yet not linearly…..

ACCELERATION IS QUANTUM and geometric and relative to LIGHT CODES AND COORDINATES held within each’s cellular/atomic bodies…. and every nano-second that a barrage of Cosmic Frequencies are activating and oscillating, these CODES are being “instructed” to activate and recode….. which CHANGES the COORDINATES for each’s REALITY…..

Plasma energies increase daily…. which make WORKING THROUGH/WITH full consciousness EASIER, because we can completely re-shape every reality with greater ease. Plasma makes all permeable, pliable and malleable, mold-able and re-shape-able, so that all can be re-created through higher/new/purer levels of consciousness. This is where all is re-woven, bends and contorts, untwisted, re-twisted (and more). This is also where the old can be obliterated, as well as re-constructed with great ease.

We can break down the old and recreate all new instantly, transmitting out ALL NEW CODES “telling” our extension as/through Quantum Field how to respond, creating a VIBRATIONAL RETURN to the CONSCIOUSNESS that we all hold (Embodiment). Plasma though is not “out there” … our bodies function on Plasma energies, which is Quantum, which means our whole body has to go through rigorous re-configurations in order to process the immensity and fluidity of this ENERGY that is our own Consciousness…. (Our spine and brain and bodies go to “mush” when this process increases, so we have to “learn” how to function completely differently, constantly, restructuring our whole life to honor Quantum Evolutionary Processes that dictate how we live/do all here…..

LINEARITY LINEAR TIME TEMPLATES held 3D metrics and constructs created to imprison/bind each to linear measurement realities, yet it was held in each’s template and dictated “life” before. As each reverse and increase their rotational spin rates to match new atomic levels, then linearity falls away and SPACE is what we “occupy” and move through, both within and “out there” too…. We expand our CONSCIOUSNESS across all dimensions naturally. Being able to maintain/sustain/hold this is a part of the stabilization and Embodiment processes that occur every day that each honors the process of INTEGRATING LIGHT FULLY and then creating all new ways of FUNCTIONING… which takes an immense amount of focus and energy at first, which the human aspect “doesn’t like”, resists and complains about, because “it’s so hard” and “is so much work”, when in essence it’s not, it’s just “new to the human aspect” and requires complete dedication to something that doesn’t fit into the linear boxes of “what’s normal” yet…. Yet this part is a part of the PROCESSING LIGHT with the physical body, which takes a lot of effort for awhile, as DENSITY is felt, can be heavy and heavy duty veils dissolve within each’s form…..

DROPPING INTO DENSITY… observing from Source Consciousness, then 12D down to 3D, “how far” we all “dropped” in consciousness to inhabit dense physical bodies (mentalities and ways), is massive and takes eons/years to reverse this process to RETURN TO LIGHT WITH PHYSICAL FORMS……

LINEAR TIME ceases to exist as one increases LIGHT QUOTIENTS (which takes each UP) ….. the higher the frequency oscillation, the faster the rotational spin, the slower all moves inside and therefore “out there”……. The slower we all go, the more we can observe/see, the more we can SYNCHRONIZE our bodies and fields to move through SPACE AND TIME non-linearly….. our “direction” is different….. as it’s no longer a past or future like linear was… it’s vibrational/energetic and relative to A WHOLE FIELD that we are deeply connected too, communicate/inner-act with and hold in place with our bodies… which is immense within itself. Our bodies/field BUILD huge and vast STRUCTURES, a beautiful architecture that constantly breathes/moves/communicates BACK. Linear time was held in our body templates. Increased Lightbody functions dissolve linearity naturally and organically, yet the human mind finds this challenging for awhile until acclimation has occurred.

THIS FIELD…. our Cohesive Field… the Unified Field of Pure Consciousness is OUR FIELD and everything in it takes on new meaning, purpose and “why” it’s there…. Some call it the toroidal field, some refer to this as the magnetosphere, others call it the electromagnetic field… (the words don’t matter, it’s the comprehension of “how” all is GENERATED FROM WITHIN US OUT and affect “real”ity as all perceive it to be. (There are other words. You combine them). ♥

THIS/OUR ELECTROMAGNETIC, TOROIDAL, PLASMA, UNIFIED, COHESIVE FIELD changes as we all embody more PHOTONIC LIGHT within our form and transmit this out to “create” reality, a vibrational RESPONSE to what we are BEing, Living, Holding and DOing…. Our Light Body is our Soul Body, our OverSoul Body, Our Energy Body, Our Universal/Cosmic Body and so very much more. WE GENERATE LIGHT from within us, as our cells become Quantum and an entire nuclear/quantum/photonic process occurs within our bodies every nano-second of every linear now/day.

THIS FIELD is held in place by our PHYSICAL LIGHTBODIES, which take every OUNCE OF ENERGY WE HAVE to build, construct and hold in PLACE, as these CONSTRUCT and and ALL NEW WAYS OF PROCESSING LIGHT DATA/PACKETS, PROCESSING LIGHT INTELLIGENCE through our FORMS is an immense process that requires every ounce of our BEing at first. It does get much easier, as we all acclimate and RESTRUCTURE OUR WHOLE LIFE to support a whole new way of functioning/existing…. and every “thing” in our reality/field is beyond important too, as all is ENERGETIC/VIBRATIONAL and has a FLOW…. so the FLOW OF ENERGY is beyond important, as it AFFECTS THE FIELD we occupy, which makes US RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING IN OUR FIELDS….

5D/NEW EARTH and UP…. these dimensions do not function like the previous linear ones…. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY …. and “form” is a materialization of “something”….. WE use “form” to show respect, to support, inspire and fulfill much higher purposes as a part of our Service (Love) for humanity….. Form is a way of communicating, making a difference, when ENERGY is not yet the UNDERSTOOD EXCHANGE yet……

As entire collectives are MOVED/transition to 5D+ ==== Everything will become about ENERGY, because ENERGY, vibrations and varying frequencies are how we function, see, communicate and exist…. and the form takes on new purpose, meaning and the roles it plays too.

5D – 12D is my reference point for this article, because it’s the dimensions we can currently occupy/experience with form thus far now…. all having very vastly different realities, yet all working in cohesion, in varying ways that contribute to a much bigger picture and serve all as Light here. There are many mis-perceptions until one can see and live from Pure Source Consciousness and then “apply”/implement “higher states of consciousness” to HOW ALL IS. I only use “higher” when explaining/separating out vibrational frequency bandwidths, therefore the words are used as reference points as well).


This is a Quantum Process where our Physical LightBodies become the CENTER of all. (This is where each becomes the center of their own Universe to become ONE and then expands from there).

In 3D/4D, the human body used emotions for fuel, used things and had dependency and attachment, which “supported” their physical bodies and realities. 5D this is different. Your body becomes self-sustaining and you detach those cords, detach from the old and re-anchor your entire body/BEing completely to a whole different dimension (therefore experience), with/using your CONSCIOUSNESS…. and each begins a whole new process of building/creating and living all new realities that are birthed/brought forth and expanded out from within. These go out “into the field” to “call forth” vibrational responses to conscious transmissions, if you will. By each HOLDING THEIR OWN FIELD IN PLACE AS LOVE.. reality gets “rewritten”…..

5-D to 12D is many things. They all live/exist beyond the limitations, conditioning and programming of 3D/4D, yet all “previous” dimensions become visible, yet disappear at the same time. The ENERGY that binded all to those constricting/constrained realities is released by each.

THE ENERGY that FUELED the human carbon-based bodies, with a different atomic code, were anger, blame, shame, guilt, the ability to manipulate/be manipulated, greed, selfishness, complacency, compliancy, separation/individualism, competition and “against”. These had a push/pull energy and sucked energy or imposed upon and “stepped out of each’s field” over into “others”, which the body’s energy does, whether the aspect is aware of this or not. There was no respect or care for each other that was PURE. This energy transmits out lack and separation, which then calls forth all that responds to this energy for an energetic exchange to occur. These realities supported distortions and imbalances within each’s/the field. 4D is where each becomes aware in order to start to consciously choose and shift all of this energy themselves.

THE ULTRA HIGH COSMIC FREQUENCY PHOTONICS/ENERGIES THAT FUEL AND HARMONIZE OUR PHYSICAL LIGHTBODIES are a barrage of different Light Frequencies, tonal cords, coordinates, information/technology and codes. They work through our immune and nervous systems constantly, re-tuning our whole entire body/being/field. Each “higher” frequency bandwidth is much more refined than the previous ones, purer, softer, yet very powerful…. which is why it takes awhile to understand. The human ego aspect is not in-tune on an energetic level and tries to understand with it’s head, which is the part that creates the disconnect to start with (yet it’s cellular, so the head is just where 3D/4D processes from). 4D is where each start to transition to where they process from (their heart). 5D lives fully from HIGHER HEART area, where all hearts are activated (there are several) and then the whole body becomes a huge multi-dimensional HEART GRID that lights up every cell as a VORTEX that then activates multi-dimensional vortexes to open up all new realities (inside and out). This start with the individual chakra system and then those spin so big and huge that they collapse/merge into one, opening the 8th chakra/energy vortex to then activate other multi-dimensional vortexes that become each’s internal Stargate(s) Systems that bring each through to much higher dimensional gateways and realities, as each’s consciousness expands and the whole body goes through the reconfiguration processes to clear linearity, rewrite using new geometrics correlating to different Stargates, which is where a whole new phase/processes on every level accelerates….

5D-12D+ Energies are soft, powerful, beautiful and reconnect all with all as ONE. WE function from a WE CONSCIOUSNESS where PURITY and LOVE, where Unity and Oneness are our Core. These are not words for us. They are a way of BEing, living and co-existing within a cohesive field that works in unison as LIGHT.

4D is just a reference word to describe processes occurring in this level of density/light. This is where all establish/open up to INNER CONNECTIONS and learn to TRUST in their own higher self/selves, Universe and Divine Guidance for MERGING INTO ONE OVER LINEAR TIME, as this is what is going to support you/each fully, which is a process of re-learning everything all over again and a whole new way of functioning, which is beyond different than “before”. Because all trust has been lost, because “faith” is weak/was gone, because the focus was on the external/physical/everything else, this is where focus moves inward and a new RELATIONSHIP IS FORMED…. It’s also where each’s Ascension process begins, where ego separation is exacerbated and where each delved deep into the perceived abyss/unknown in order to “come out on the other side”, that RAINBOW BRIDGE opening up access to NEW EARTH. (Two earths become visible from inside). This is where lucid dreaming, astral traveling and bi-locating and the “spirit realm” become a part of each’s experience for dissolving separation and accessing “other dimensions” from deep inside as well….. Each’s senses are enhance, gifts and abilities start to come forth, over-stimulation of the external becomes more pronounced as the LIGHTBODY ACTIVATES INSIDE MORE and what’s in each’s field can be heard/felt stronger …. moving each further into an “ENERGETIC REALITY” to start to transition out of a “physically focused one”.

NEW EARTH’S COHESIVE FIELDS are beautiful, more colorful, vibrant, electrical and alive. Everything is inner-active and communicates on a cellular level, with every sense enhanced. What humans refer to as gifts and abilities, super human, super natural or advanced, are just our normal way of living, existing, BEing and functioning here…. so perceptions are very different as well. Magic is “normal”, because we live from magical places inside, where Quantum is INSTANT, so the moment we achieve that vibration, the moment those geometrics/codes are fully integrated and LOCK IN, the moment NEW COORDINATES are transmitted out…. all new things “appear” (materialize into form) as a vibrational response to what we’ve been holding for a really long time….. Portals open up and Gateways do too… for all new “realities” to come through as our actual experiences here…..

WE LIVE AND WORK from within a COHESIVE FIELD (Unity Consciousness/Unified Field, which means we live, respect, take great care in how we show up and what we bring to the table (our wide open contributory/sharing hearts and ENERGY, as well as our physical too). It takes awhile to bring all into the Same Vibrational Frequency/Consciousness so we all can function independently and together as Light too. It takes total awareness and presence on all’s part and a great love for what we are creating/doing/being as LIGHT BEINGS here.

SHARING NEW EARTH REALITIES…. means we all can LIVE OUR DREAMS and share them with each other, support each other and celebrate, play, uplift, inspire, while taking care of ourselves and not compromising in any way. It means that all HEARTS ARE ON-DECK/ON-BOARD (and whole body/BEing is too). PLASMA ENERGY GIVES US THE CAPABILITY TO LIVE WITHIN A COHESIVE FIELD EASILY, when all are truly ready for this and understand the roles they are playing/fulfilling within the reality/partnership/relationship/family, without distortions like the old.

GREAT RESPECT is a necessity when occupying the same SPACE. Each has to be completely consciously aware of themselves, their energy, transmissions (humans project, we do not) and what they are bringing/contributing to THE FIELD…..

We are no longer on OLD Earth where imposing, giving our power away, relying on others or not being responsible for EVERY OUNCE OF OUR ENERGY is acceptable behavior like 3D was. 5D is each being accountable for their ENERGY, on every level…. so that when we come together, there is balance, respect, care and we can create, uplift, inspire and yes, on occasion work through any programming that presents individually too. We can do this together and break down/through easier, if all are open to this, yet it cannot dominate the whole reality, otherwise it’s a karmic timeline still. Starting to understand our ROLES and what we all agreed to fulfill/do is beyond important, yet it’s not linear…. it’s ENERGETIC and it’s relative to SOUL/OVERSOUL EMBODIMENT.

When you go inward, realize there are many/infinite dimensions inside that correlate to infinite dimensional experiences available to all who are fully embracing, honoring and truly ready to live this fully now. YOU can CHOOSE, as we all can/do…. WHICH VERSION OF EARTH you desire to experience…. At first there’s just one Earth, then there are 2, then there are 3, then there are 12… which then expands into infinite ones broken down into frequency bandwidths.

There are multiple versions and aspects of YOU and as you detach from all identities, you become all and nothing all at the same time, within the same space…. which then begins a whole new reconfiguration process within itself. The entire external reality and what it means to you will completely change. Priorities completely change as what matters is very different in each frequency bandwidth as well.

The entire FOUNDATION OF YOUR WHOLE REALITY will constantly shift and change. Our now existences, multi-dimensionality, is one where all is vibrationally reconstructed constantly and realigns constantly as well. If the vibration or energy changes (which it continually does), the whole reality shifts/changes and a whole new geometric construct occurs…. Your ability to HOLD ALL OF THESE ENERGETIC realities in place, (holographic ones that have already occurred), will take all of your focus/energy and your physical body is what supports/accomplishes all of this. The continual integration of LIGHT within your form to reconfigure your realities constantly is an IMMENSE PROCESS, which means you/we all have to cut out all that does not support, as your ENERGY BODY will deplete/shut down/short out if you are not completely aware and honoring this immense process that NEEDS TO OCCUR, so that your NEW REALITIES can reconfigure/materialize EASIER for you/all…………

The perceptions of “reality” completely constantly change. Where your human will try to rationalize and hold on to old ways/limits/constraints out of fear and separation, if you go DEEPER AND SIT IN THIS DEPTH, the DEPTH OF YOUR INNER CONNECTION, you will find peace and see what you could not see before. This then gives you the ability to consciously choose to END THE LOOP CYCLE of re-creating that for your own experience/in your own reality/world.

​For awhile, when transitioning out of 3D, you will be “going against” all you once knew, because it’s the opposite… which is a vibrational/rotational field spin reversal that must occur for your MERKABA to build (occurs on a cellular level and simultaneously with your field over much linear time, with each experience a part of a whole process for physical body ascension to occur). (See my 2013 writings page for years of my own experiences shared to support/assist collectives experiencing now/in different phases as we continue globally with acceleration processes. Use the toolbar down the right side of that page to scroll through a Living Library of timeless articles, as are all we write/share as support).

Many will start to realize the importance of ENERGETIC SUPPORT more and more as we go. How you support yourself, your realities, and each other becomes more important and very different than before. All of this correlates differently to each level of Lightbody. 5D/NEW Earth opens up working together, uniting, supporting, sharing and contributing to a GREATER WHOLE. Pre-5D, if you will (pre-ascension), where all function from is different and it’s more challenging, because of the lack of inner connection, and default ego separation responses/programming, therefore the connection with our planet/each other is distorted/non-existence/lacking as well. 5D each has reconnected Universally and with Gaia from inside and brings this deep inner connection forth for connecting with each other as LIGHT.

12D is a Pure HUmanitarian Template and ALL IS IN DIVINE FLOW, DIVINE ALIGNMENT, DIVINE TIMING and occurs exactly as each agreed to, transmits out and holds. Everything is cohesive, shared, supports and is completely PURE. WE REMEMBER OURSELVES/ALL/EACH OTHER FULLY and we unite as love to anchor, create, uplift, inspire and bring forth more for all.

There is a massive RE-DISTRIBUTION PROCESS UNDERWAY, that occurs on a multi-dimensional Quantum Level, which is multi-tiered, multi-faceted and includes every aspect of each’s whole life. It’s up to EACH to expand their heart consciousness so vastly that they can see and then to DO AS IS HIGHEST ALIGNED in their own reality. As each DOES THIS, this is how our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM STRENGTHENS AND GROWS…. as WE are NEW EARTH and how we show up matters, how we co-exist matters, how we behave/respect/treat each other/all matters… and it dictates our own experiences here.

THE/OUR EARTH IS MULTI-DIMENSIONAL and it moves each further into SHARING AND UNITY, by way of each’s experience that “works” to resolve/dissolve separation programming each still holds onto as the way they live. Everything functions on a Quantum Level, a sub-atomic level, a cellular level, and an ENERGETIC LEVEL…. where the reality each experiences is a vibrational response to what all hold deep inside, so being aware of your own sub-consciousness requires SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and awareness of your entire vibrational/energetic field as well. ♥

The old ways are gone… make way for all NEW… as it’s not “new” (except to y/our human aspect), it’s already occurred and allows each one of us to materialize all into form using our highest/original states of Consciousness to “organize” matter into form (materialization process), which is just one of all of our natural abilities as Pure LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS here. ♥

p.s. After Physical Body Ascension, each’s Merkaba will ‘start changing it’s geometrics to add all new more intricate ones in with each substantial embodiment phase. These start a new rebuilding process as StarGate Systems, activating new atomic codes all along the way as well. This is an even more vast process that encompasses all dimensions beyond 5D. 5D is Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers increasing fulfillment of a vast amount of roles. Yes this is you/all of us, as it will be a priority for every one “coming through”. You will resonate with the word, yet the comprehension only occurs as you start to “see” and fulfill yours. WayShowers, Guardians, Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers hold great responsibility and every thing is SERVICE as it’s 24/7 and encompasses every aspect of our lives. Your physical body being the conduit/vessel and HOW YOU FULFILL, therefore our priorities completely change so that we can honor this part of our Service to HUmanity here. These bridgers serve as stabilizers and anchor points in a vast system that’s connected to the Stargates within our beLOVEd Gaia/Earth, Universally, Galactically, Cosmically from within our physical bodies and with our entire fields too. We open portals, bring through the new realities, codes, information and accomplish that which supports humanity on every level too. It takes all of our ENERGY to do this, in addition to everything else…. which is why uniting will be important, because the REALLY BIG REALITIES that make a bigger impact require all of us to work together and the codes we’ve been integrating all this year (and years prior) are UNITY CODES that are activated when we unite/come together to create/accomplish/support/contribute as a UNIT/TEAM/LIGHT FAMILY here. This requires distortions be dissolved and DNA Repair to be accomplished by each. This whole thing is about our DNA and GENETICS constantly being rewritten, activated and reconfigured, by infusing our galactic DNA, Angelic DNA, Christed DNA, God Source Codes and more into “one”. Plasma and photonic light distorts, amplifies, exacerbates and collapses all into ONE. The physical body goes through immense re-everything constantly to accomplish the vastness of this alchemical process that re-evolves humanity back and out of the “dark ages” of 3D. As more start to understand (and appreciate) the importance of these roles and supporting information that we share, all will gain/receive the support necessary to further assist humanity on greater scales together as LOVE here. Keep shining, sharing, uplifting, uniting, supporting… it’s important for us all as Love. ♥

Holding Light, Integrating Light, Processing Light, Generating Light, Building Your Light, Sharing Your Light, Living Your Light (therefore a beautiful visceral dream)…. this becomes our whole existence here. ♥

p.s. NEW Earth REALities offer the ability for dedicated contributors and participants to Co-Join and Criss-Cross Soul Aligned REALities in Harmony to “grow” and expand even more for all, through the Energetic and Crystalline Gridding System that’s already in place. ♫ It’s beyond beautiful and pure JOY to create and share in these pristine and magical experiences too! Plasma is a whole different system that offers more for all as well. ♦

With deep love, gratitude for you/your dedication/service and care too,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

I will share more as we go, on how each is walking through their own individual PHOTON BELT (passageways and vortexes) and how this correlates to each’s experience, distortions and Physical LightBody DNA Evolution as well. ​​​​
Note: I HIT PUBLISH BEFORE I WAS DONE. I WROTE FOR 3 DAYS… please excuse certain things, as I’m tired and done re-reading this to make sure it’s “perfect”. I’ll get someone else to do this and make updates once I do. 🙂 ♥


female face pastels

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Buddha black circles colour

Aloha beLOVEd Star-Light-Soul family,

We are on day 3 of PURE pure pure frequencies… Universal Cosmic love so pure…. flooding forth and RAYdiating out through our Divine Essence, presence and breath…

Allow yourself the brilliance, bliss, serenity, stillness and exquisiteness of experience….
Pure heart connection
Such a stimulation of every cell and senses
So pristine

Touching all as kindness, softness and caring
Through every energetic exchange….
Pure Beauty to be shared….
And experienced fully….

Open your whole BEING
Every aspect of you
Wide open

Whatever words you use to describe
It’s the feeling
The experience
Not the words……

(This is a short update for now, as I’ve been offline fulfilling a multitude of all that’s highest aligned in service for us all. Gatekeeper and Gridkeepers function and flow differently, Embodiers stabilize, hold and implement accordingly to that which is highest aligned for all… respecting from the purest place of Love and honoring this same way, fulfilling purposes/roles with our every act/exchange and in a multitude of ways)…

As soon as my own reality opens up space to be online/or post a bit, I’ll make a bit available.

The 1010 Divine Alignment Gateway POURED OPEN 3 days ago and continues to flood forth powerfully, strongly, beautifully….

From all of my hearts to yours…. keep anchoring and integrating the vastness of these magnificent harmonizing and unifying frequencies (and continuing to release/transform/dissolve/align all that presents within you/your reality/illusion/dream that’s not)….

Keep uniting, keep creating, keep uplifting, shifting, supporting, expanding, sharing and loving/respecting you/all as love…..

Bringing more NEW Earth Realities into fruition as you do.

Immense love and gifted blessings,

P.s. such pure gratitude and recognition to all embracing and living this, sharing this, holding this…. as its beyond important for humanity and your service is beyond appreciated and recognized and visible… keep shining, while honoring what you need, as building your Light, holding your Light, Sharing and supporting and connecting as Light won’t “look like” what anyone “thought”. You will see/know/understand…. which is all that matters. The rest is a bonus.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Equinox Blessings – Lisa Transcendence Brown

female face autumn - art by Pam Hawkes

Art by Pam Hawkes


September Newsletter & (Mini) Updates:

Equinox Blessings


LIVING SOUL-FULL-filling REALities, Inspiration, Focus and Heart-Connected Everything…
Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL Divine Light Family,

As always, Today I send/transmit out the most exquisite and beautiful frequencies of Pure Divine Love to all….. holding each of you and our beloved planet in my own Unified heart, having immense gratitude and appreciation for each living and fulfilling their own current roles in every capacity as Pure Source Light too. It doesn’t matter “how” we each do this…. as every ONE is a part of the greater whole and because all is multi-dimensional, the “how” is however we see, however we are highest guided, however our purest form of love emanates out from deep within and however we understand this is to be experienced for all as Pure Love here….

Vibrational alignment is very different than previous linear realities were. This is a whole new ballgame, where our hearts-souls-purposes unite us…. Where PURE inner JOY, Peace, Innocence and Deep Sacred Respect and Care are our guiding Light here…

I’ve been offline much these last few months, just because actual experience is so FULL and PURE, where moments of silence and deep connection need for nothing at all, so that when we do come together (for various reasons/purposes), our exchanges are highest aligned and pure as well. These are simple, fun, easy… because our pure hearts connect us … so that what we birth/create is simple, pure and supports all of humanity as well. For me personally, my August was non-stop. Uniting with others, connecting, creating, sharing, laughing, uplifting and inspiring in every way. Rolling over into September, full on plasma increased substantially and the amount of Light/Source Codes released to integrate were off the charts too. Because this is a Gatekeeper’s and Embodier’s priority, we have to restructure and re-prioritize our lives to honor these immense integration processes, so that we can continually fulfill our highest everything here….

EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS TOGETHER, uniting, creating, working together as a unit/team/commUNITY/partners to co-join/share REALities to activate collective Unity Consciousness codes we all hold within, is done on a multi-dimensional level as well. There are sooooo many ways that we do this. It’s beyond beautiful as well. The more we unite, the more of an impact we all make here. It’s been such a pleasure to connect with so many in these various ways and an honor to fulfill service roles together too. An important part of connecting our NEW Earth Crystalline & Plasma Grids & Systems is how we connect up and share. ♥

These increasing plasma bursts, blasts, influxes are powerful and support HUMANITY’S Evolution on every level, enhancing each’s natural “super human” abilities a bazillion fold too. Transcending separation on every level and shifting/moving to a ONENESS and UNITY BASED REALity benefits everyone in every way. It’s each’s gift through Pure Presence and the most fulfilling experience too.

Full Processing and Deep Integration first…. then apply those “new” understandings and realization to how you live your own lives here (part of template building)…. vibrationally aligning every reality through Purity and Deep Sacred Connection is what makes a difference for all of us here. Live your lives as LOVE, touching the hearts of everyone that you come into contact with/touch, go the extra mile, do/show/live kindness in every way and unite all through your own energy/actions/presence…. is beyond INSPIRING and benefits on so many levels in every way. Show you CARE, open completely UP, observe yourself, any “mirrors/reflections back” and see your own programs/programming/conditioning/limits and work with resolving/dissolving/unifying all within, realizing that the reality you experience is the one you HOLD FULLY from within…. It’s beyond beautiful to witness the vastness of this occurring everywhere!

p.s. I’ve not been writing or doing interviews like before, as my whole entire reality has shifted on every level as well. It’s been more about BEing, connecting and uniting globally (Collective Unity) with various Change-makers through Divine Harmony/Alignment in order to further assist/support on very personal levels, as well as with those in positions to make a huge impact/difference too. We are still “doing” in a multitude of ways, it’s just not publicly/as visible, because our roles continue to evolve/change as we connect/unite with more, fulfill more, create more and anchor more together through Divine Partnerships and building deeper relationships through Purity and Unity Consciousness here. I’m not one to take many personal photos, yet we’ve done a few along the way. I’ll share some in fun later. For now, I’m in gratitude for each of you living your highest, most beautiful and divine sacred Union here too. I’m excited for all of the new timelines available vibrationally for each to activate and incorporate into what we call “reality” here…… ♥ Keep shining bright and letting go/dissolving/resolving/release all that is “now” no longer currently aligned for your highest everything here too! This is always an important passageway that catapults us all into the next…. ♥

Sending you bountiful blessings to accompany you through these powerful passageways/gateways too!


Art by Pam Hawkes

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Full On Physical LightBody/Reality Upgrades Commence – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Artist ~ Frank Howell


Cosmic Harmonics: Ultra-High Frequency Photonic Symphonics (WE/Gateways are Wide Open)… Full On Physical LightBody/Reality Upgrades Commence


Up Up and Away…
Higher and higher and higher we go….
Off the charts Ultra High Frequency Cosmic Harmonics, Photonics and Symphonics….
Gateways are Wide open and continuing to open wide….
Plasma Crystalline Physical LightBodies Super charging, rewiring, reconfiguring, recalibrating, recoding… re-everything as a part of DNA HARMONIZATION, as well as clearing distortions from within……Photonics accelerate, polarize, unify… provide the ability for each to integrate activated Light Codes fully, for those who are consciously honoring this and not trying to inner-fear with the process (doesn’t fit into old structured/boxes/beliefs).

Photonic activity “rearranges” your molecules, change the atomic structure of your DNA…..

Photonic Light expands your field, collapses anything no longer currently highest aligned for each and restructures all according to “new codes/ways”…………..

Photonic Light activates your Soul Body (LightBody)… from WITHIN YOUR BODY and shuts your human aspect down (when it’s ultra high and there’s any density to clear).

Photonic Light activate “new” (Multi-Dimensional) Information and accelerates the immense evolutionary processes we are powerfully in….

Photonic Light harmonizes from the inside out (and shows each where harmony is “not” fully inside…. by showing up in your external/body/field for you to see and work through, resolve, release, shift, vibrationally align yourself)…

Photonic Light upgrades your carbon-based body vehicle by activating your Gamma Lightbody, Crystalline LightBody, Plasma LightBody (and way so much more)….

Photonic Light decalcifies, decodes and recodes all for each one of us…. making dysfunction/distortions/old illusions visible for each to consciously shift/choose easier…. without the discomfort of separation like before…. yet where there is separation programs/energy still inside, this will become visible more….

Photonic Light is (y/our) SOURCE Consciousness activated, returned and REMEMBERED through our physical form….

Photonic Light creates a plasma experience, a lucid dreamy affect, things move, bend, breathe (sometimes for awhile) and all things reconnect and become visible….. a psychedelic experience for awhile, when moving through the Plasma Corridors/Tunnel/Vortex and “warping” through the Speed of Light…… (this will subside eventually as all “arrive” in new realities)…..

Photonic Light will feel like you are drugged at times, got run over by a Mack Truck and work through your every muscle (grids of your body) and more….

Photonic Light assists all with seeing in illusions (disillusionment is a part of the early processes for awhile), as well as clears heavy inner veils of amnesia……….

Photonic Light makes distortions LOUD… in every way, so these can be seen/heard/recognized…. within each’s own holographic illusion/reality (then what’s next is each’s)….

Photonic Light creates the most electric, magnetic and magical experiences, where all are open, in-tune and allowing/choosing this………………… (Full Presence required for full-on awesomeness)….

Photonic Light amplifies everything…. for each.

Photonic Light…. there is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so much more. Opens neural pathways, decalcifies and stimulates pineal glands and various parts of the body to clear distortions and wake up…. tingly sensations, zapping and zoom zoom zoom through the brain/heart… blood/oxygen… every cell emitting, transmitting and RAYdiating in all new ways……….

Photonic Light goes straight for density, changes oxygen levels for breathing (blood carrying transmissions/transmitters too)….

Crystals pop, break out, become visible from under the skin on and off for years as each’s purification process increases considerably (I used to call these invisible bug bites)… these are also in every organ, the bones…. eyes….. everywhere… as the whole body undergoes a massive continual detox/clearing/purification process with each mega-blast of High Frequency Light…..

Photonic Light creates the floating affect, as well as gravity lifting/going, heart expansion and linearity goes, as many things occur for vibrational re-balancing of magnetics and multi-dimensional shifting occurs………. It also makes all of YOUR DENSITY heavy so you can feel it, clear it and recognize it. Vibrational tuning is massive during high frequency blasts so that all can FEEL everything (many reasons for this)…..

Photonic Light is how each REMEMBER as all is fully integrated, stabilized and held from within…..

Quantum States of Consciousness and Realities replace old linear/fixed ones…. as each transform, transition and complete immense DNA recoding on every level from deep within………

Open way up, honor your Quantum Lightbody as it does immense work FOR YOU…. your perceptions are important, as this is not something you fix…. It’s more intelligent than your human aspect of you………………… Merging is key here. Separation creates suffering. Control does too. Relax, breathe, listen, honor and allow yourself to “do” this process with great ease too. ♥

p.s. ♫ Photonic Light is beyond POWERFUL, it’s your FREEdom Codes, Cosmic Consciousness, Diamond Light Codes, Crystalline Light, Star Codes and so very much more. It requires your respect….. and “how” you experience these massive upgrades will be determined by how you view/honor/support your physical body as it does all this work for you……………. ♦

Mega Love from me to you!

Lisa Transcendence Brown


Artist ~ Frank Howell

Gratitude to artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Increasing Plasma/Photonic Light – Lisa Transcendence Brown

study__171_by_trungbui42_at deviantArt - female face gold

Study 171 by Trungbui 42 @ DeviantArt


Mid-August Newsletter & (Mini) Updates:

Increasing Plasma/Photonic Light + Additional Sharings

Clarion Call for Embodiers
Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL Light Family,

We’ve passed through an immense Gateway (and entered a whole new one). Some may still may be feeling the affects of the massiveness of these increasing influxes of Plasma Energy and high Photonic Upgrades that are accelerating and non-stop every way/every day…..

Many (entire collectives) are now starting to experience the MAGNITUDE and IMMENSITY of anchoring Light and clearing/releasing density from their own physical bodies/realities too, working through distortions and starting to realize this is a “full time” job/experience, which requires a massive shift in priorities and what’s important quite substantially changes as well. Holding on is no longer desirable, as it becomes what anchors/weights each/binds/holds each to the old…..(and “the new” is soooooooooooo much more awesome and exciting!)

The most important thing is to go DEEPer inward and experience all from this depth and honor the importance of all of these processes…. (and LET GO of all judgment or expectation of “how” you thought everything was)…

Days and days of increasing high frequency photonics/harmonics, off the charts (is normal), so being able to integrate/stabilize and shift WITH ALL is beyond important….. Full presence is required to do this.

Photonic Light/Quantum Consciousness
More expansion, new realizations, new awareness…. means shifting is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier and vibrational alignment “can be” too (if we will embrace and honor from inside) and do as we see is highest aligned….

The passageway leading up to the Lions’ Gate was preparation for the completion cycle of “after” (portals don’t close like we would think, yet they can only be consciously activated through continual heart consciousness expansion)…

Once Cosmic/Universal Codes are “released” to become available, they are available to all. Yet “how” these are activated are vibrational and each EXPANDS their own Consciousness to be able to activate them and then “learn”/understand/see “how” to “apply” them to their own lives….

This is a whole new way of living and functioning….

August 12th: I awoke to seeing how the Whole Earth Shifted into a whole new vibrational level and each began their next phase of their “illusion”. I saw where many will not realize this, because it can be soooo subtle and take “time” for many to start to really see/understand … so it’s important to pay attention to the subtleties and keep tuning in through your own highest state and be open to nuances and subtle differences to show you that things are “different”….

We do this from deep within, through Pure Presence and our own Deep Sacred Connection with all… We observe through the inner EYE of our heart (Pineal) and listen with our hearts, experience through our pure hearts…. honoring silence where higher frequencies can be heard and assimilated with greater ease……. Be patient and just observe, with your whole being…….. allow yourself to FEEL the softness available, the beauty, the simplicity and the ease when your whole being expands fully….. (which means your head will no longer be “in the way”…

August 15th: Awoke to a Clarion Call going out across “the ethers” (through each’s/collective consciousness). These can vary depending on the phase each is currently in and the roles each fulfills here. We’ve had these regularly through the “years”, every time it’s time for each to step up more/step further into their next roles here…. This one was “WE NEED EMBODIERS” and then observing how so many are still playing out ego-separation in their lives in many ways. Embodiment is LIVING THIS, without the distortions, purity and by BEing your highest aspect(s) fully and not playing in the games of the “old”. Clarion Calls are “Soul”. “New Missions” are how Galactics receive…. They are the same, just different frequency waves of receiving “new purposes/roles” to fulfill….

You see what you see/feel/received. I only speak this as when I mentioned it to another, she heard the “Clarion Call” too, yet didn’t fully realize…

It’s funny, because there is SO MUCH and “nothing” all at the same time. To recap it all would take forever…. so I just share on a few points that are a blanket collective, rather than breaking down all the individual ones on a multi-dimensional level here.

Expanded sharings will be posted when completed for all.


Study 171 by Trungbui 42 @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & thanks to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Activation: EmBODYing the Ethers (Etheric Realms) – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Activation: EmBODYing the Ethers (Etheric Realms)



Your Lightbody
IN Your Body
Your Light, Your Soul, Your Pure Source Consciousness and Love
Bringing all out from deep within
Living your absolute highest everything
With a physical form here
Yet it’s more than that
Remembering is the FEELing
Yes, the “memories” vibrationally, energetically and holographically
Yet, it’s also the memory through FEELing the ENERGY and encapsulating that as y/our way to BE
In every moment
In every exchange
With every thought and e-motion
With every breath…..
BEing this fully…. instead of what you “thought”
BEing what you know and remember…
Bringing “that” forth to share
and touch the hearts/lives of all others
by BEing “that” fully here…..
You will expand and contract
Expand and contract
Remember and then have to vibrationally align and sometime “deal”
You’ll expand to become the whole Universe, the Heavenly Realms, Galaxies/Galactics
and then learn/remember HOW to live this, be this, transmit this fully here
You’ll have to learn how to BE this Divine Presence
This Essence of Purity and Love
This Caring, this deep sacred respect
Teach/remind others
and REQUIRE this as your own reality/experience — fully and completely
You’ll have to “earn it”
By Living it
By BEing it fully
As YOUR ENERGY and your ACTions (not your words)
These Transmit (SPEAK) for you
The words are just so that you explain the geometrics, the frequencies and the tones
in a human form
So that others can who are open and ready to REMEMBER can see/feel/understand too
in order to also fully expand
and be this again here…..
Your highest state of Consciousness
Ultra Sonic which are above the “hearing” of human aspects
Yet are felt when one’s heart is open
and they are in-tune, present too…..Uniting as LOVE
Light Beings in form
It’s not a human thing
Energetically……It’s a pureness
a Wholeness
A Love SO Pure
There are no words
This purity, this love, this profound subtleness
Fills your every cell
and activates your entire field
to awaken to so much more….

Only your human ego aspect will distort this
and try to make it a human thing
Your Angelic, Christed, Galactic, God Source You
Holds a purity and power that was latent and asleep deep within you

Hidden and waiting
for the vibrational moment
that you were ready to expand
and hold this magnificent LIGHT FULLY
and LIVE IT FULLY here

No more hiding or dimming your Light
No more pretending to be less
No more giving yourself away
and magnetize all to you
with your own Sacred Breath
Now it’s for your HEARTS to reconnect
Your whole BEing to FEEL this LOVE
Your whole You…. returned within this form…

Now you have to “learn”
How to live, be and do… everything all over again
Because you forgot “how” all is….
Because you agreed to go to sleep
and awaken from beneath heavy duty veils of amnesia
Yet that SLEEP constantly ends….

Every moment of every day
You awaken more
Through your deeply connected heart/soul
You feel all so deeply
There’s no denying this immense force…..

Now, you hold all
In deep respect here
Now you treat all with the utmost kindness, compassion and care
Now you SHOW all
That they are beautiful, magnificent, important and amazing too
BEcause you hold this
It’s a REFLECTION BACK to them
By how you live, act and all that you hold, are, say and do…..
Your behavior
Your treatment
You are the mirror of what heaven is
You are the mirror of how our NEW Earth and our Cosmic Civilizations live
You are the vibrational return to all who are ready to live and be this too
Not through words
Through presence
and BEing…
It is this SIMPLE
and Fully Conscious Choice
for what you are truly ready to experience
as your own reality here

Every moment… your energy dictates
Your Consciousness dictates
The dimension your body occupies
as an actual state…..

Spread your wings
Remember the magic
Alchemize with your breath
Live your highest
Yes you are capable
Only your ego says your not
That the part of you that used to run the show
That you let be in charge
Now you get to choose
Which aspect occupies your body
Your highest or your unconscious
Heart open or heart closed
Sacred or Scared
Connected or disconnected
Knowing or Pretending
Light or dimly lit
Radiating or hiding
Brilliant or preferring ignorance by hanging onto the old
Divinity or Separated
Your purest you or the one playing out distortions….
Your inner reality and outer reality are the same
as the physical responds to you….
and the aspect that shows up….
Which aspect are you ALLOWING
Yourself to be in every NOW?

You get to reflect this back to all ready to live this and be this fully too
You get to CHOOSE which mirror you are…. and what you show others they truly are too… and have the capability to live and be here with others who live this fully and reflect this back fully too. ♥

Be your most brilliant light
Shine PURE Divine Light on all
Bring all into full consciousness
Through Purity
Let the old dissolve
So that the “new” can materialize
into your reality
Where Heaven is your inner experience
Which becomes your “outer experience” too….

WE are the Company of Heaven
Incarnated through our form here…
Living from a fully REMEMBERED STATE
Where our eternal matches our internal
Because it’s our WHOLE VIBRATION
Body, mind, energy – field….
We hold the field in place….
So all can experience, remember and live this fully too….♥

Divine Presence
Everything is vibrational
From the inside out…..
Fully and deeply connected/felt. ♥

Divine Alignment
When all else falls away
And all that we are and do become ONE
In fully unison
No more separation or distortions within the/our field

Divine Timing
All comes forth as a vibrational response
There is no “trying”
There’s BEing
and Allowing….
and “DOing” is from this Sacred place/space too….
It is that SIMPLE
as our only reality here….. ♥

Diving Flow
All is in full vibrational alignment
One ♥

Purity is required
Otherwise distortions create a disruption
and transmit out a distorted vibrational frequency
creating a distortion as a vibrational match/return….

Y/our every reality is vibrational
It TUNES constantly
through our own Light….
Through Light Encodements “embedded” in our photonic exchange
That “tell” the external what to “do”…..

When we are fully conscious, connected, one and in-tune
Portals are wide open
and Amazing REALities are able to come through…. ♥

Remember your power(s)
Remember your gifts
Remember your natural abilities
When you are living your absolute highest
As Purity Love Consciousness here…. ♥

With the deepest respect and love,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude & thanks to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Multi-Dimensional Energy Focus: Self Care is Sacred as we move further into Quantum Acceleration – Lisa Transcendence Brown

White Lady by Seventh Fairy @ DeviantArt


Multi-Dimensional Energy Focus: Self Care is Sacred as we move further into Quantum Acceleration, Increasing LightBody Upgrades and “Fast Tracking” Phases…


It takes immense energy, focus, dedication, presence, honoring, and vibrational tuning to anchor and stabilize all of these frequencies, codes and entire templates for NEW EARTH/Heaven on Earth and hold all fully from within us, as well as going the “extra mile” (using human terms for what’s a natural way of living/existing), to then fulfill our highest aligned purposes/roles here. It takes great love, care, deep sacred respect and honoring the importance of all, for us all…

Depending on where each is in their own Multi-Dimensional DNA/Embodiment Journey/processes here, each’s Lightbody “reacts”/shows up differently, as each phase is different too. It’s important not to get hung up on “which phase”. It’s more important to truly comprehend how your physical body works in conjunction with HIGH FREQUENCY PHOTONIC LIGHT working through you to recode, tune, re-calibrate and reconfigure your entire reality for you……

Embodiment is a massive process of anchoring and holding a ridiculous amount of ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY LIGHT and honoring your physical body as it does a ridiculous amount of “work” on every level, cellularly and multi-dimensionally too.

It’s the merging, blending and integration of all your higher self/aspects/versions…. all “trying” to fit into one little form that wasn’t built for this before… (in addition to all the degraded DNA that has to first be repaired for Soul Union to occur), which then moves everyone into a much vaster process that continues to accelerate, yet from zero point, because there is no linear time, it’s not linear, it’s all ENERGETIC and time doesn’t matter, as we don’t adhere to linear time anymore (in the ways we once did…. it’s very different…. ) SO, while I was going to call this August’s Energy Report, I decided to make it an “every moment” Energy Focus, because it’s BEYOND that important for us all…..

I’m going to hop around and play a bit, to bring expanded perspectives in, so more can “see” “easier” and honor this SACRED PROCESS of EMBODIMENT … which is how our NEW EARTH is also born/birthed (yet this is just a huge small part too).

YOU ARE BECOMING LIGHT…. ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY TRANSMITTERS OF ALL NEW REALITIES that are not new, just to our human aspect… as to us, we are ANCHORING HEAVEN through our physical body vessels and living Heaven as our own/collective realities here…. ​

YOU (WE all) are from the Stars, the Heavens, all Galaxies and our beloved Gaia Earth too… we are particles that took form…. a conglomerate of “EVERYTHING”…. ALL rolled up into ONE.

We change roles all along the way as we rebirth, as we grow as we expand and hold our highest everything here…. and rebuild all of our realities through Divine Alignment here…. In order to do this, we have to take care of US…. LOVE ourselves SO fully, that we can “fill our cups completely up to overflowing……” and in order to keep them full, these GOLDEN and CRYSTAL CHALICES of Pure Love, we must replenish, pamper and love ourselves fully… to bring forth that BEAUTY and share it with “the world”….. We must BUILD OUR ENERGY continuously, so depletion occurs if we are “over doing” in any way. We have to “learn” not to over-do and to take plenty of “time” (space) for ourselves… so that our physical Lighbody’s can charge up and become GENERATORS and TRANSMITTERS, and the crystals in our bodies “grow”/evolve as we do this, making our light more pristine as we go…. yet if we are allowing the OVERSTIMULATING FREQUENCIES that supercharge our systems to overload, with too much external stimuli, not enough nature/alone/integration “ME/WE/BE” time, then our physical Lightbodies literally SHORT OUT…..

We are bio-electrical energy bodies and systems… high high voltage energy that has to be managed, respected and integrated fully, so that our bodies systems can function properly, which is all new, because our physical lightbodies don’t work like our old bodies did. They LITERALLY RUN ON LIGHT…. high frequency photonic quantum light….. and every cell of our bodies has to go through an immense process…. which requires a ridiculous amount of “downtime” that changes as we go.

There are times that we are to be with others, sharing, building, creating, anchoring and expanding the UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS in a vast arrays of ways…. and then there are others when we must pull away and do absolutely NOTHING but honor our body-field re-calibrations that dictate all of our realities here…. ​

Quantum Jumping occurs more often/easier/constantly the more light our cellular bodies hold. When our Quantum cells charge up, we literally “jump timelines”, because of how “convergence” occurs, as well as portals, stargates and photonic light not having the barriers between dimensional realms. Speed of Light is literal….

Our Photonic Crystalline Lightbodies “do all the work” for us…. both in our sleep and waking state, as these blend and merge to become one as well….. The “work” we do each day, is our agreed service roles for HUmaNITY and we do these from the highest place of honor within ourselves for all of us here as love too. ♥

For this writing, I’m in Angel mode lately, so today we are going to be an Angel…. Mermaid and Fairy, because these three came up when I started looking for photos to “show” …..

For some we are Guardian Angels, as the Guardians for NEW Earth, our planet and each other here…. which takes an immense amount of energy to “look after”/over everyone on a Quantum Level and support/uplift/assist each in ways that matter here…. For many in our actual realities, we play these roles too, as the Guides and Gatekeepers…. on many different levels…. so to make a point… ANGELS NEED REST and to REJUVENATE and REGENERATE so they/we all can continue to be ANGELS when our actually reality calls for this (which is every moment)…..

We are mermaids (merfamily, so male/female doesn’t matter as that’s human separation games too). WE NEED WATER…. bathtub, ocean, streams, waterfalls… doesn’t matter….

We are fairies (elementals), we NEED NATURE (and magic too!!!!). We need to lay and play and create and dance and just LIVE FULLY…..

Which means…. to support our Galactic / Elemental / Angelic / LeMUrian/Atlantean Soul bodies…. we need water, nature, rest, relaxation and play…. We need to pamper ourselves for all the work we do, so that when our bodies have completed the integration process we can show up in every way that’s highest aligned and most appropriate/beneficial to us all….

Light Codes will overstimulate (on purpose, yet when fully integration it’s not over stimulating like before)….. these rewire and re-calibrate each’s nervous systems to handle more high frequencies light and clear out distortions/density/programming that was “in the way” before…. These “fine tuning frequencies” do so very much…. (too much to write out here)…… ​

​So pamper, take lots of breaks, nurture, love, respect and care for you…. it’s not only necessary, it’s beyond important for you and us all here…..

Get a massage, energy work, get out in nature, surround yourself with crystals, take lots of baths (saltz baths at times for awhile to assist with detoxing), relaxing baths, go swimming, put on some music and dance and sing or just sit and BE in nature… whichever speaks to your SOUL…. as the other part of the ENERGY UPDATE is to FEED YOUR SOUL… and all of these things do this…. as well as many other things…. which you will have to go inside, listen to your body and SEE WHAT THIS IS FOR YOU…. then stop making excuses (if you do this) and go do it! ♥

This process requires continual self care to get your physical body’s vibration high enough so that you can do this with ease and grace. Starving your Soul (food is a part of this too), closing your heart, shutting down, protection mechanisms… these all deplete your LIGHT … OH YEAH, SUNSHINE… SOULar support/activations… beyond important for CHARGING the crystals in your body…. (itching and other stuff can result when these are activating, as well as “emotions” coming up to clear out suppression that needs to be FELT for our bodies to re-awaken and come into full consciousness too).

​So, get CREATIVE… let go and go play, rest, relax, inJOY simplicity………. and learn to just BE fully…. you honor, embrace, activate and ignite more of your Light for shining, sharing and transmitting out naturally and organically as you do…. and everything else will birth/come from t/here…. ♥

Have a most magical and amazing everything. Go deeper and find your light and bring it forth by just allowing yourself the freedom that comes through unification and pure love here. ♥

With love and deep sacred respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude & thanks to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

Image result for mermaid painting

Mermaid Art by Nancy Quiaoit Studio ~ Etsy

Understanding Consciousness and DNA in a “whole new way” – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Holly Sierra Madre Natura


Understanding Consciousness and DNA in a “whole new way” as well as the Template(s) for each’s Multi-Dimensional Experience


When you start to truly see and understand DNA through Consciousness, you understand the IMPORTANCE of this….

Your DNA is completely relative to your consciousness, yet not in the “way” most would “think”. Our DNA dictates the dimension we occupy and actually physically experience as reality here. Our DNA is our “Gold” and directly affects everything… which is where our LightBodies come in. ♦

On a Soul Level, we see in frequency bandwidths and dimensions, which is why I break things down the way I do. It’s not to separate “against”, quite the opposite. It’s to explain/understand and unify/bring all back together in one place/space (zero point), where we all have the capability to observe, see, feel, know, understand, consciously choose and shift). Different dimensions is KNOWLEDGE, not a judgment, completion or hierarchy (ego matrix) thing. Therefore, I will break this down by dimensions, to bring expanded awareness through, for when you/we can see the much bigger picture (in Quantum Geometrics/non-linear), then perceptions and understandings are very different.

Let’s “play” with 3D for a moment….. as we have to “visit” various “pieces and parts” and bring them all together, within the same space…. to grasp the magnitude of all…. as it “truly” is.

Each Dimension is a reality (including the physical) that’s relative to a vibrational frequency bandwidth and LEVEL(S) of CONSCIOUSNESS relative to where each “functions from” and the “operating system” in place.

​3D: Degraded DNA…. how did it get this way? Why? These are just two questions that lead through an immense “rabbit hole” (multi-dimensional vortex)…

First, the human form/body you chose pre-incarnation, was because it held the DNA for your human experience, which “comes to a conclusion” when your personal Ascension Journey moves into “acceleration phases” of taking you deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep within, for a whole new reality/experience to transition through for LIVING YOUR MOST MAGNIFICENT HEAVENLY DREAMS here.

Then you take into account, everything you’ve ever eaten, breathed, put in/on your body and subjected yourself to, all the chemicals and non-natural things, additives and everything you ingested (including emotions suppressed)… and you’ll start to understand how everything “changed” your DNA, mutated it so far beyond and that coming into consciousness is REVERSING all of that damage, which is an immense process within itself. Total body detox (continually), cleansing, a ridiculous amount of self care and supporting/loving your body while it does this immense cellular work for you.

​You can tell “vibrationally” which dimension you are in/experiencing, based on the descriptive words you use…. i.e. I’m in “hell” (3D) or I feel like I’m “stuck” (4D) or “This is Pure Heaven” (5D+). Yes, this is just a small way we start to understand, which eventually moves each into a place of CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING WHICH REALITY they desire to experience as their WHOLE REALITY here. Choosing Heaven will require many things that “go against” the old ways. This is because you are reversing polarity (field spin) and rebalancing the magnetics of massive distortions you didn’t realize existed before… until your heart opens ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE WAY for you to gain access/see through presence, observing and your connected heart.

3D, the whole dimension is a “Corrupt(ed) one”. The more each awakens, the more they see/experience this, yet the full understanding is not yet there…. 3D only starts to become VISIBLE in the 4th Dimension, more and more when the 5th Dimension “starts to become visible” or randomly (it seems) to be experienced, yet the vibrational frequency can’t yet be fully maintained in every way…..

4D is a TRANSITORY dimension, yet one we all stay in for a long time. It’s a vast process of TRANSITIONING from a “physical/external focus” to an “inner” focus where each moves into “learning how to trust, listen and “do”. It’s the dimension where “gifts” start to become visible, yet the ego is still present too. It’s where duality gets huge, where world turn upside down, go sideways and the physical body’s role starts to change too. It’s where “happy” starts to take precedence over “things” and a deeper connection is sought….. It’s not a comfortable dimension, because so much goes on here…. as each’s higher self/awareness starts to “awaken” and the ego become visible (finally), which begins a massive process, before the 5th Dimension can become REALITY…. as each’s ego starts to dissolve.

The 5th Dimension is PURE PEACE, BLISS, MAGIC AND HAPPINESS…. FREEDOM from the old human mentalities, beliefs and constraints, yet this dimension is only “temporary” too… as each’s whole life has completely changed. What’s important is very different, what matters is too. It’s no longer about what we “thought”, it’s what we came here to truly experience, live, BE and DO… on a Soul Level….

4D is where all of our DNA “repair” occurs. It’s where what the human calls “healing” takes place, so it’s not pretty and everything wounded, hurt, suppressed, ugly and deeply hidden/suppressed is coming up. 4D is where our Lightbody (Soul) activates inside, a little more each time. Our LIGHTBODY is photonic energy, electromagnetic, bio-electrical and is NEW CODE(S). These “new codes” start working through our bodies, on a deep cellular level, a sub-atomic level, a molecular and genetic level…. “looking for distortions”, with the intention of PURIFICATION. The INTENTION (Purpose) is to break down the linear constructs and “put all back together” a “different way”. BECAUSE EACH’S DNA correlates to the external reality experienced, this AFFECTS EVERYTHING IN EVERY WAY…..

Each’s DIMENSIONAL BODY has a different template, based upon each’s current “phase”. This template is the blueprint for each’s WHOLE LIFE/EXPERIENCE here….

When it’s time to move into the STRONGER and MORE ACCELERATED/POWERFUL phases of Awakening (then ascension) and Multi-Dimensionality, “new codes” will activate vibrationally, as each’s physical body is pre-programmed for “how/when” all occurs. It’s in each one of our BODIES…. these “codes” are “just waiting” for “that moment” that specific COSMIC FREQUENCIES (inside) activate these codes, telling the body what to do and transmitting OUT every experience to have here.

The human aspect is unaware that it’s never been in control. In an attempt to “control” everything, it works “against” an inevitable process of RETURNING TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS and a massive Evolutionary Process THROUGH OUR DNA….

The human aspect does not RESPECT it’s body or understand the role that it plays in ALL. Because “life” was lived by programs, conditioning and DNA IS DEGRADED, which “destroyed” the body, or minimally “kept it out of tune” and functioning through discord…. and “storing the vibrational frequency” of every human experience, the physical body became a container of hurt, pain, judgment and protection mechanisms….. where the external reality was “feared” and something to “adhere to” “or beat/win”…. and the internal reality became something to hide from, avoid, suppress, ignore…. until it’s REALLY TIME TO WAKE UP…. and those “tactics” won’t work anymore….

The PHYSICAL BODY REACHES A VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY (hitting the 4th or 5th dimension), which triggers everything of a “lower vibrational frequency” to present/come forth….. The 4th Dimension is bi-polar (literally, polarity/duality/bebopping between “ups” (Ascended Blissful State) and “downs” (hopelessness, dismal, unhappiness, even “hell”). For the BODY to achieve a vibrational frequency HIGH ENOUGH to leave/maintain “happy”, simple, freedom and peace all of the time, then an entire process ensues…. where each has to “learn” (gain the ability) to maintain without suppressing, which means releasing those “lower vibrational frequency feelings and thoughts” without resisting/judging them anymore….

Another phase is to learn to MASTER ALL FROM WITHIN…. first this is feelings and thoughts… re-actions…. believes and learning to RECOGNIZE THE EGO when it presents…. consciously choosing a “different action” than the unconscious response/programmed one of before. Sometimes it’s to “create a delay” to allow for “processing” to occur, sometimes it’s to TRANSMUTE, others it’s to TRANSFORM (alchemy) completely into a totally different RESPONSE. This is a part of “learning to shift vibrationally”, out of one and into another…. which begins the amazing process of multi-dimensionality (yet it’s sooooooooooooooooo much bigger than this).

The 4th Dimension is a vibrational frequency of LEARNING TO CHOOSE. LEARNING TO LISTEN, honor and trust, as the human ego doesn’t trust anything/anyone at all…. yet it’s unaware of this, so “self awareness” becomes a part of this “equation”…. this is also where each starts to REALIZE where they give their power away, where they don’t love themselves, everything they’ve held onto and how to “let go”, as well as start cutting cords of attachment, releasing identities to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING… so that FREEDOM can EXPERIENCED FULLY… and “all of that” was the baggage that kept each bound to 3D/4D. Every memory will start to go… as each prepare to “enter” 5D…..

5D…. nothing like any of us “thought”. It’s a full experience, full presence and learning everything all over again…. a new-born child, innocent and pure, yet programming still exists (on a cellular level) and the templates for 5D/6D/7D/8D/9D/10D/11D/12D now all have to be completely built. This is “done” in a multitude of ways…. It will take many linear years…. and full dedication/commitment/presence on each’s part to accomplish the immensity of this…

TEMPLATES are the Light Encoded geometric quantum maps, the blueprints, the basis for the OPERATING SYSTEM for each’s physical Lightbody, which then correlates to the external physical reality and how it MATERIALIZES INTO FORM…..

TEMPLATES APPLY TO EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES… what we do, how we support ourselves, everyone and every “thing” in our lives…. all of our relationships, the reality we currently experience in every way…. all DICTATED BY TEMPLATES… and the TEMPLATES FOR EACH DIMENSION are multi-dimensional as well….

THESE TEMPLATES are comprised of immense CODING…. and these CODES are activated in infinite ways. These CODES are photonic…. and THEY RECONSTRUCT our DNA, they tell our bodies (and realities) what to “do”, they constantly have to be upgraded to incorporate all NEW CODES….  ​​

​THE “REASON” why things “seem” to be accelerating, seem to be chaotic, seem to be bizarre, seem to be “all over the place”, is because ALL NEW TEMPLATE CODES are activating 24/7 in a magnitude like “never before”. The AMOUNT OF PHOTONIC LIGHT and COSMIC ACTIVITY increases continually, accelerates continually… BECAUSE OF THE PHASES OF QUANTUM EVOLUTION WE ARE ALL NOW IN….. a “pre-chosen”/”pre-agreed/pre-determined” process that now amplifies and intensifies to evolve our entire planet/solar system and every “individual” occupying our Earth….. (in addition to the codes and templates for 3D are obsolete, an old outdated operating/system that is no longer supported as an acceptable reality anymore). The continual increasing harmonics (DNA harmonizing frequencies) create a continual “convergence” process, where multiple dimensions all merge into ONE (they are already this way, yet the more separation/disconnection within and physical body density/linearity, the more each lived separately, therefore experiencing everything separately before as well). The higher the vibration, the faster the oscillatory spin rate, to where all gets “so fast” that it blends/merges into ONE and separate ceases to exist, therefore allowing for multiple dimensions to be experienced all from within the same space (time to the human aspect). Zero Point is where all exists “at once” and where we function from through our own Quantum States of Consciousness, so when we function from zero point, then all is in Divine Quantum flow and we move in that same fluid, organic, vibrationally aligned flow…. where “no time” exists at all. ♥

Our entire planet has ENTERED INTO A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL VORTEX… For the sake of this writing, I will call it the “photon belt passageway”, yet there’s more than that “involved”. Through this photon belt/photonic passageway, everyone’s DNA is involved. The DNA of our planet is as well. Because Gaia, the Universe/Cosmos and Galaxies are all merging constantly and moving and morphing constantly and “how” photonic light works…. everything in our galaxy/cosmos, moves “in and out” of different dimensions and alternate realities, constantly…. and everything occurs “INSIDE” of each one of us…. with the external as something “to watch”, observe and where vibrationally aligned, inner-act with to fulfill whatever vibrational frequencies we each hold….

Photonic Light teleports (our) consciousness, as well as how we teleport/transfer/travel our consciousness, with the conscious ability to co-exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously and all at once. It’s how we “project” our consciousness into “other realities” (the perception is that we are, yet it’s more than this as well. It also distorts, bends, polarizes, collapses and amplifies…. it RE-CODES everything… Our human body has DNA. Our Soul/Source Consciousness/OverSoul Aspects all have CODES…. The INTEGRATION PROCESS is a blending, a merging and re-structuring, an IMMENSE and CONTINUAL re-coding, a re-calibration and re-everything according to THESE HIGH HIGH HIGH FREQUENCY QUANTUM COSMIC CODES. These codes CHANGE every reality and they are intelligent and inner-linked. So, when I/WE integrate a code and hold it as REALITY, I/WE do this for all of us, because these highest dimensional/vibrational frequency codes then transmit “reality” OUT…. “changing” the vibrational frequency of the realities we all experience here. These CODES change the dynamics, change how we function … in every way. ALL NEW ways have to be created/built/learned, all NEW (OPERATING) SYSTEMS…. through the THE TEMPLATE BUILDING PROCESS, which occurs as we HOLD/EMBODY all as Pure Source Consciousness Light through the Purity of our own Soul/Love…..

RETURNING TO FULL (PURE SOURCE) CONSCIOUSNESS is an immense process that has to do with linearity, density and “how human” we went/are. The more linear, the more polarity, duality and density…. the more programming we have to break down/through within ourselves….

Our physical bodies and physical realities go through an immense OVERHAUL…. constantly, where everything is RE-ALIGNED VIBRATIONALLY on a Cosmic/Soul/Source Code Level, to our absolute highest state of consciousness that there is. ONENESS is just one of these things. Human aspects don’t live this way… so everything has to be “reworked” to accomplish this, on every level, in every aspect of our lives and in every way. Our bodies… the CENTER of it all… (the Center of the/our Universe) and while we all “work” to “reverse polarity” and unify all back into LOVE from deep within, reconnecting with all that is pure and sacred within ourselves, we are able to then reconnect with all as this…..

Each dimension has different TEMPLATES… these templates are the basis for each’s ENTIRE REALITY…. once/as each “arrives” in 5D within themselves, their physical body (physical density matter takes longer to restructure, therefore each’s consciousness “returns” first…. then every aspect of our lives is then vibrationally re-aligned, along with our physical bodies going through an immense alchemical process of INTEGRATION OF HIGH FREQUENCY PHOTONIC LIGHT (5th Dimension is Higher Self and Lower Self Union = Soul…. it’s FREE, playful, fun, magical, simple and mastering “JUST BEING” fully, so that everything else can start to be accessed to be birthed/brought forth/re-built/created anew, from deep within….

Every dimension beyond that is templates and codes, templates and codes, physical reality reconstruction and all new ways, constantly…. It’s gaining holographic access to see everything on a multi-dimensional level, both eyes closed, waking and sleep states. All becomes “inner-changeable” and ONE…. there’s no different between these states, just “how” we function changes to accommodate simplicity, ease, peace and service to humanity in every way.

5th Dimension, we “leave” old realities behind and everything is “anew”. What we “do” for “jobs” (service roles) constantly expands, shifts and changes too. Yes, “on New Earth” we have “jobs”, yet it’s completely different than before. Everything is fulfilling service roles, honoring Soul Agreements and completing Galactic Missions (trinity is all simultaneously). Everything exists/comes forth within this “now”, so “time” is different too. Linear time ceases to exist and Divine Flow, Divine Alignment and Divine Timing replace all. Infinite possibilities, potentials, possibilities…. everything available and “already exists”. Everything “arrives” as a vibrational response to what we see/hold/be/are/do….. which means that we see what we are to do and we get up each day and we do it. We don’t make excuses, argue, procrastinate or bring judgment into the picture in any way. Lack is of the old, which is a part of how abundance is not longer an issue, because we are SO fully and DEEPLY connected, we don’t take anything for-granted, we don’t rely on “others” or put our responsibility on others in any way. We live from the DEPTHS OF OUR SOULS, which means we hold deep/great sacred respect for ourselves, our planet, each other and we treat each other with the utmost kindness, respect and care too. The only difference is we don’t “play” in any ego realities. We have the capability to bring all into ONENESS and full consciousness and if “out there” isn’t ready/doesn’t want this/has resistance, then we READ THIS ENERGY and we respect it and we allow all realities not highest aligned to dissolve/fall away….. We are able to cut out distractions, see distortions and live from our SIMPLE and PURE PLACE… we don’t compromise this in any way… as this would be compromising/suppressing our own Soul…. and 5D+ realities don’t align this way…………….

6D-11D are all anchoring Heaven on Earth THROUGH you, Living and Serving “from” Pure Heaven inside (You are Your Soul fully), Mastering the entire physical reality in every way, constantly fulfilling a multitude of “higher” service roles, continual embodiment processes, anchoring higher/highest dimensional realities in the physical FOR LIVING FULLY and constant LightBody DNA/Code Integration as Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers here. It’s a complete re-building/restructuring of EVERY REALITY, on every level. Every “new” level requires everything be vibrationally re-aligned…which the higher we all go, becomes constantly, yet also with great ease, because all is Quantum/Energetic/Vibrational, and the physical reality is a vibrational response to this…. These dimensions are increasing service roles, clearing out various karmic akashes, yet through consciousness, so it’s not that big of a deal. Karmic cycles up to 5D are very physical, emotional and mentally challenging, because of how “attached” all are and how “opposite all is” (Ego is the opposite of our Soul, which is where duality comes in). 5D is the collapsing of this duality, the convergence/merging/union of higher and lower selves to become ONE/WHOLE again… which is a feeling beyond words within itself. PURE PEACE, FREEDOM, SILENCE, JOY, BLISS AND MAGIC and LOVE FOR ALL AS ONE are the foundational energies we function from and build upon as we anchor all the other “higher” dimensional codes within ourselves and RAYdiate/transmit this out….. ​

​OVERSOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is MUCHHHHHHHH more vast. The codes and templates “open up” for activating one we “achieve” a 5th dimensional consciousness within ourselves… yet 6D-11D/12D is all CREATION, BUILDING AND FORMING…. bringing into form all of our NEW EARTH REALITIES for us all to experience here. Everything is “highest” aligned and each dimension is a higher/deeper level of purity too. Lightbodies move from Gamma (5th Dimension) to Crystalline then Plasma … bebopping between all of these constantly, yet the “degree” is different based upon integration processes, Light Quotients, ability to HOLD/EMBODY/LIVE FULLY, without ego distortions in the way…..

Understanding that there is a level of consciousness AND a physical reality to vibrationally match, stability is key….. and it’s a massive physical process to endure, accomplish and learn how to function, maneuver and live….

Up to 12D is fulfilling every role through purity, holding the highest in every way, learning to vibrationally align all and keep all fully aligned, as well as Quantum Jumping through realities at a ridiculous rate, with the ability to “clear” unconscious (karmic) timelines through consciousness and access holographically, basically without missing a beat. Full consciousness means you can do this through intentional conscious service/unity consciousness/while you sleep. 12D is the 144 Sacred Collective Templates (Entire Akash)… which the codes will have become available along the way, YET the application is required, the living them fully is required… in every capacity, taking years and years and years to complete, because of “how” templates are built within our physical LightBodies and fields. It’s a LIVING HUmanitarian template, it’s a collective Unity Consciousness Template, it applies to every aspect of our lives. 12D “everything as an “individual SOUL is done” and full vibrational alignment has been “LIVED” long enough for every dimension/every reality/every aspect to UNIFY and function as ONE with great ease. A 3rd LIFE CYCLE begins. 5D is the 2nd one. 12D is the 3rd within this form. Here it’s all about holding within our own form the templates and Source Codes for all of HUmanity here. These are the schematics for “how” everything is “done”, for when everyone is truly ready to unite and begin fulfilling COUNCIL ROLES together here. Every individual role has been accomplished (for a long time), so it’s just maintaining through simplicity and accomplishing templates daily … 12D is EXPERIENCING EVERY REALITY on a Quantum Level. Divine Sacredness, Divine Alignment, Divine Timing, Divine Flow…. SIMPLICITY takes on a whole new meaning here.

These are not just “words” we use. These are realities we actually live. We use words to try to explain that which is not linear in any way, which always is limited, because all has to be experienced to truly understand….. It’s actually EASIER to do through full presence and feeling, yet each has to be wide open to even start to feel/get it/see/understand. One ounce of ego = resistance and that closes out the ability/opportUNITY to experience the magic, peace and purity of our NEW EARTH EXISTENCES here……

Yes, each will see/experience in dream states (which is just a way to stretch the mind, clear distortions, open up and activate “other”/higher dimensional realities). As we hold photonic light and function on a quantum level, realities become dreams in the physical and every state becomes one that is conscious…..

These NEW EARTH DIVINE TEMPLATES are what is being “installed” (activated) constantly for full integration within Gaia/our physical bodies/all. These templates hold the codes for all and they are within each one of us, available when we are truly ready to fully embrace through purity and love. These templates REPLACE 3D/4D realities…. completely…. and every new template means old systems fall away, old constructs fall away, all not fully in current highest alignment falls away/gets reworked. NEW EARTH IS NEW SYSTEMS and your LightBody “takes care of this” for you/all. Your Lightbody won’t function the old ways anymore, wherefore “all new” must be learned. Your Lightbody is your Energy Body, the Light of Your Soul (and then expands from here). It will shut (you) down if you “try to go back”, if you “try” to leave present moment or re-enact anything not highest aligned. It will deplete if you “use too much energy” and you’ll “revert back” to a human body, that struggles and has a hard time functioning…. even “appears to get sick”, because your vibration dropped and your body is struggling to “vibrate out of a lower dimension again”. Your physical body HOLDS THE VIBRATION of the dimensional experience you have. 3D was degraded DNA, so it’s “stuck” there…. 4D is a massive purification process to get each’s physical body’s vibration up high enough so that your SOUL can literally fit in your body, live in your body, “take over” and do all the repair/recoding for you…… yet your ego aspect has to get out of the way for this to occur. Forgo all the sleeping to clear density, sleeping to raise vibration, sleeping to clear timelines, sleeping to awaken from one illusion into a multitude of illusions that are as real as you allow….

It’s important not to get in your head about any of this stuff. It’s information provided to assist with understanding that the higher we go vibrationally/dimensionally, the more all changes, yet the more awesome everything is. Let go of the resistance inside and do whatever it takes to connect deep within and “learn to fully listen/honor/trust”. Make your own LightBody your priority, as your whole everything will shift once you do. The “work” gets done for you, yet full surrender on an ego level is necessary, as even the “easiest” upgrades at first are beyond immense (intense at first, then lessens to become simple, easy, no big deal and in flow with all as Love). (p.s. we consciously experience every dimension simultaneously. We just break them down so we can explain that which is not “logical linear” in any way).

​Live from your heart fully. Live a SOUL fulfilling life. Live that which supports, inspires, brings forth more magic and honor your physical Lightbody/you fully too. InJOY all that Soul freedom offers…. and remember that limits are of your human aspect…. and that this is completely “all new” in the current dimension, yet not “new” … and as we live this fully, we anchor that which is highest aligned to actually experience as “real”ity here.  ♥

With gratitude for your heart presence and respect for all of our service as Love,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

​*** If this article/light encoded sharing went in circles, repeated itself or whatever. I was in-between appointments/sessions and accidentally hit the “publish” button before I was done. It had to wait until the next day to finish it/fix a couple things and just let it go as it was. Otherwise I would not have put it out for anyone, if I wait until my schedule/energies allow for me to sit and re-read/fix… ♥


Holly Sierra Madre Natura art

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Humanity’s Humanity, Collective Shifts, Accelerating Photonic Light Influxes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Sisterhood painting by Pamela Matthews @ Grail Visionary Art


Multi-Dimensional Energy Update: Humanity’s Humanity, Collective Shifts, Accelerating Photonic Light Influxes…


I’ve remained offline much of the last couple of months (mostly FB), as I focus on the completion of these immense template integrations that we are “doing” every month this year as a priority for all of us (gatekeepers/gridkeepers/Light & Frequency holders/stabilizers, etc.) It’s actually been pure JOY, with these ultra-high frequencies supporting all of our NEW EARTH REALITIES and upheaving/dissolving/bringing into visibility that which each needs to see/experience in order to fully awaken from the illusory dream of the old………..

Many experiencing the immensity of these photonic frequencies (how they affect each is difference based upon density/programming and disconnected/connected within). This is a beyond important part of this huge transition phase of each rebirthing/birthing NEW EARTH from within and REMEMBERING on a whole new level, through pure heart consciousness…..

June/July were both powerful energetically in different ways. August increases this as PHOTONIC LIGHT influxes accelerate even more, so INTEGRATION and stabilizing/holding is key….. while observing and consciously choosing to release/let go/resolve/dissolve all not currently highest aligned within each. ↓↓↓
If you will notice, everything is about RESPECT. It’s about living from our HEARTS and bringing our own humanity forth from within. We are seeing HUMANITY’S HUMANITY emerging out of the realization that things are not okay (old earth), through collectives experiencing their own ascension in different phases, where the heaviness of distortions clear and and that it’s up to EACH TO NOW HOLD THEMSELVES to a much higher standard of SELF CARE and caring about each other here.

It means loving our planet AS SACRED, each other as SACRED and uniting as what is acceptable behaviour… as the constructs, infrastructures and grids/templates of all realities are reconfigured to all new codes activated/delivered through photonic light.

I’ve been writing articles while I continue to work/connect/be & do (offline) and have posted them monthly on my Upcoming Events page of the website for all who utilize the light encodements of these…..

These energies are beautiful for all who are open to experiencing the immense PEACE, JOY and MAGIC available when all’s hearts are wide open to receive, integrate and LIVE this fully with every conscious breath…..

This is an important “time” for all of humanity, emerging from the “unconscious realms”, through the integration and LIVING these PHOTONIC FREEDOM CODES that require consciousness to activate fully and integration in order to be able to apply/incorporate as a “new way of living” for all truly embracing LOVE AND UNITY through our Pure Hearts/Consciousness here.

I’m working on more, posting another new article in the next day or so…. my “absence” only means that I am focusing my own energy/consciousness on that which is most important for us all here and uniting with those doing the same.

LIVE YOUR LIGHT and BE the difference – connecting through your hearts fully and as the anchor point/grid point for our NEW Earth realities that materialize more and more and more every day! ☼

With love, kindness and great respect,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ♥
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Sisterhood painting by Pamela Matthews @ Grail Visionary Art