Romance ~ Being in Love ~ Divine Love – L’aura Pleiadian

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Romance ~ Being in Love ~ Divine Love


Spontaneity, appreciation, gentleness and deep passionate love. May be expressed through Chivalry and romantic expressions of a passionate love, cherished  moment to moment, as a refined, beatific, and a Glorious expression of love.

There seems to be some confusion on the topic of romance. Especially in the spiritual community. As if it does not matter. And as if, getting down to the frequency merging is what it is all about. Or even work related, as Twin Flames.

EACH person is unique. To some romance is very important. To others, the practical is of the most valued aspect in a love relationship.

To those deeply immersed in the beauty of the moment, in child like wonder, expressing love, may be a deep art form. Where the one loved, is deeply cherished. Held as in this beatific Glory, in all moments.

This is a rare love. A love affair with life itself.  As the playing ground for the anointed love, that knows no limits, in its expression.

To be valued, to be loved, within ONESELF is where it all begins.

Yet, when two join as one, that love themselves and each other, as the EXPRESSION of this Highest of Highest Pure Loves. We have beauty.

Beauty is Love, Love is beauty and all moments are potential creative expressions of this Highly beatific love, filled with Divine Grace and Beauty.

Filled with true love for myself, then I am fully capable of offering all of myself to my Beloved. As the Gift of Love. All of my Being. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Faithfulness and fidelity, may be part of this beatific joining of this love. As love is pure, gives of itself, with no gesture or sacrifice, ever being too much, for the Beloved.

Spiritual worship, love that transcends everything, may be expressed in the true love relationship.

Whether Soul mate of Twin flame.

Love yourself with all of your Heart. And Love your Beloved with all of your Heart, body and Soul.

For it is in this Giving of ALL that one receives ALL.

There is no greater gift than to give all of yourself to your Beloved.

The return of Beatific Love and Romance.

For all those whose hearts attune to this, open your heart and receive.

In Love and Grace, forevermore.


Heavenly Love and Bliss!



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The Worlds of Consciousness, Form, Dimensions and Dreams – L’Aura Pleiadian

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The Worlds of Consciousness, Form, Dimensions and Dreams


You are in a body, then it seems you are no longer in a body on Planet Earth, to others, that is. What takes place? What is this crossing over, so to speak.

To those that do not experience memories or  have conscious access to these other worlds and states of consciousness, beyond the life on Planet Earth. It  may seem as though the other side is mystical, separate from this world here. Yet it is not.

The world of appearances exists in 3D consciousness.

In other dimensions your consciousness exists.
Being conscious in All ~
And first of All here
In the form that appears solid but is not. It is
a holographic projection ~
of the You that is a streaming Light in all dimension.
It is consciousness, it is Light.
It is what makes up any reality of yours.
It is that light that makes thought.
The Light is the You ~
simultaneously everywhere.

The “transcendence” of the five senses (beyond the physical) gives us access to all the dimensions, everywhere.

Although this may seem unimaginable to those attempting to have access. To those that do and walk in all worlds, timelines and dimensions. It is just as normal as here. Even more vivid and real than here.

The greater realness is the awareness of the freedom from lack or limitation, at these states of wholeness. Whether we call it 5th dimension, or higher.

Union and the access to all dimensions all at once, is not a label and a number of a dimension.

It is everything everywhere.

And that is the natural state of consciousness, you are returning TO.

The Original Light you.

Where all was CREATED all at once.

The levels of consciousness, is the level of access to these other worlds and timelines, NOW.

I have walked many over as they have crossed over. The freedom from attachment that most experience when they cross over, depending on the state of consciousness, is just as REAL, if not more real than here on Earth.

It is like dreaming awake.

I have met many in other worlds of consciousness that do not know where they are. In one case, a woman, was going through her television channels and did not know why she could no longer get certain channels. She was easing into the new reality and just noticing little changes.

Others I have been with when they crossed over, met immediately with Angels, and prepare themselves for a life review. They begin a higher learning program, which enables them to grow and expand, while experiencing, shifts and changes, within their consciousness.

Like walking into the form. those that are consciously aware of all levels, walk in all worlds simultaneously. There are no limits what may be experienced.

A House a garden. A School, meeting with other loved ones, those who were on Earth and those who were not.

LIKE the dream world, when you cross over, you are in the state of consciousness that ALWAYS DREAMS YOU.

Someone mentioned to me the other day, I enjoy here with the senses, feeling, touching, smelling.

JUST LIKE Dreams, the other side and other dimensions HAVE all that and more vividly, as it is in the present moment. Not distracted by the attachments in the form of 3D.

You taste, you smell, you feel in dreams, don’t you? Yet those excursions are not in the physical form, you know. Yet they feel VERY real.

IT is very vivid and very real when you cross over and when you visit parallel worlds, and different timelines and dimensions.

I used to say to my students, relax deeply, then open your eyes. That is crossing over. You do not escape the you as you know yourself to be.

YOU enter yourself more FULLY.

After all, like dreams, IT IS YOUR Consciousness that is the dreamer.

It is VERY Real.

After walking into the form I did not understand how most people in a form did not remember before arriving here on Earth.

I was clearly sent. And had the vivid memories of this. I was also aware that there was no difference between night-time sleep and day time consciousness.

When you live in all worlds and have free access to all timeliness CONSCIOUSLY you are just as conscious while you sleep as when you are awake.

You recognize that consciousness never sleeps. And you are that consciousness that is in a constant dream like state.

The so-called past and the so-called future exists all now.

At the moment when you began as a unique individuation of consciousness, all was created. There is a constant stream of Light existing in all dimensions all at once, of your consciousness.

You have access at the beginning and always, to the you as this Light. AT that level of consciousness.

Entering the MORE of You the expanded YOU, is becoming aware of EVERYTHING at the Highest Levels.

I have had people contact me that say, Oh so and so is at that dimension, 8th.

That is a limitation and a belief in 3D.

At those levels of total UNION you are all of them, you are not a number. BUT ALL. Everywhere and you know this.

Once in UNION always in Union.

Once WHOLE always whole.

ONCE a Divine Being ALWAYS.

YOU are all THAT, the one dreaming, the one reading this, the ONE in other worlds watching you reading this. ALL at once.

Open and receive. THE MORE of you.

It does not exist in the world of appearances.

It exists within you.

When you are ready you will receive.

The return to the Original YOU. The one that began, the One that is.

The Dreamer and the DREAM, all at Once. And so it is! ALL NOW as it has always been.


Eternal Heavenly Bliss!



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Inter Dimensional Beings of Light ~ An Activation – L’Aura Pleiadian

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Inter Dimensional Beings of Light ~ An Activation


This is an Activation for you, as the Inter Dimensional Portals of Light expand your awareness, as you integrate this activation, you will see clearly, how it is, that you have come to this experience of reality on Earth. Many of you live in other worlds and dimensions, even though you are also are in a form here on Planet Earth.

We are Light Beings that once existed on Atlantis, and we Ascended and existed as Beings of Light, holding the Codes of Light, Inter Dimensionally, to be activated, in the perfect moments, that may appear to you, as through time.

What you see now in front of you is the result of the past consciousness you existed as. What we are doing in this activation, is undoing some of your old programming, and downloading to You, Light codes, to be activated in your awareness, as levels unheard of before.

Feel us with you now, through the shift that you feel, as your energy is shifting, now,this moment.

AS the Past conditioning of the matrix of reality was appearing as predominantly in 3D, what is true now though, at the higher realms of existence, is that you exist in different worlds, now.

The converging of a Union, you may call your Heaven on Earth, is You meeting up with you as Being of Light, in your Advanced Levels of Conscious Awareness.

We met with many of you on Atlantis, and through the crystal matrix, of the programming through all moments, we set in place, these codes, to be activated now.

Although many of you, carry beliefs that Atlantis was not good. This is not the case, as the advanced levels, were ahead of their time, and the beings that contained the informational codes, ascended. And just as now, some may not understand this activation, those that had not consciously ascended, could not understand the frequencies, that were predominantly there (to be received) for all to Ascend.

And now, this time around, so to speak, all that was great and ahead of its time, is arriving now, as all things are, for those that are able and consciously aware, to receive.

We have a crystalline structure, that we are communicating this to your through, this is a bridge. There are no limitations in our transmission, as we encompass all levels of Being.

Receiving these downloads, adjusts your Blueprint with awakening the dormant codes, through your cells, acknowledging and transforming, through the agreements you personally made while on Atlantis. All was kept intact in the consciousness of those Beings that Ascended Consciously. We have held these codes for the moment, planned.

Receive, and as you transform through these downloads, know that we are here, all is ready, for you to step into the next levels of your Being. Your Ascended Being. All living in the multiverse of your own worlds of Light. The Dimensions all inside you. All That is, for you now, to awaken. In this Glorious “Majestic Light” we present our Being, as the Atlantean Inter Dimensional Beings of Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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An Upgrade in Frequency ~ Riding the Waves of Intensity – L’aura Pleiadian


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An Upgrade in Frequency ~ Riding the Waves of Intensity


Breathing in the Higher Frequencies of Light, even now, may feel like a never-ending  powerhouse of vibrating Light, pulsating through every cell of your body.

As this Light increases even now, the intensity may feel overwhelming. When this happens, rest, and ride the waves, showing your body great compassion, at it adjusts.

The energy upgrades are reaching unparalleled vibrational frequencies, from the Central Sun, the Pleiades, impacting the whole. All consciousness, everywhere.

Now, this activation as you read, engulfs your frequency, in pure love. In higher vibrational Light as purity, which naturally releases from your cellular consciousness, the frequencies of memories from your subconscious that are to be transmuted, into your Higher Self Light.

The form in which you live through, transforms, through your consciousness, as a frequency.

In 3D, your body (form) lived out, the disharmony, through its reactive state of stress. Of survival.

The dismantling of 3D, through the Higher Frequencies of Light, releases the cellular debris, so to speak, associated with those memories, from ALL incarnations, that you have carried over, from incarnation to incarnation.

These memories are held in your Blueprint.

You are playing out through  your Blueprint, Your Soul Plan for this incarnation.

ALL those on Earth in a form, although of varying frequencies, if here, are transforming, from these Energy Upgrades, through the Higher Light frequencies.

Even now, feel these higher frequencies. These vibrations you are receiving as you read, this. TO be aware more and feel more. Slow down and breathe. Be present in the moment. Being present will help you to become more aware, of what is going on inside you. Inside your cells.

Riding the waves of intensity, then become the process you enter more into the present moment. As you slow down. Drop the pace of 3D. Relax more. Reflect more. FEEL more, within you.

Then, riding the waves, through being present, facilitates even more, the conscious recognition of the higher frequencies you are receiving and the vibrational shifts within your cellular consciousness.

As you are more present, then the awareness of the releasing of old memories, will be something you will be highly aware. Which also will make the process easier. You will know, WOW these are the new downloads, my activations. And WOW, I am releasing now, which is still part of the RECEIVING of higher frequencies. This is just the releasing.

And by so doing, you CONSCIOUSLY integrate in harmony, the Higher Frequencies of Light, impacting you EVEN NOW as you are reading. This is a process of bringing the subconscious to the conscious awareness.

Which opens you, as the memories are released from your cellular consciousness, to ALL of your experiences throughout your many incarnation experiences. And to the you in parallel worlds. And the you as Your Divine Presence and Higher Self.

Riding the INTENSE waves, even now, is a surrender a letting go. As opposed to a “trying’ to make happen.

It is a going ~ Through.

An Allowing.

A Releasing.

A Receiving.

Activating also your FEELING Nature of consciousness, the feminine PRINCIPLE, even NOW.

Consciously more and more, as the NEW YOU emerges, as the Light Itself.

Receive all of this through Grace Now. As you enter and go through, all you are destined to go through. In harmony, love and peace, of the Now moment. In the Higher Vibrational frequencies of Light. Your Upgrades NOW. In the Eternal Light of the Central Sun. And so it is! Now.

Please see the links below, to consciously receive the hourly activations, the Divine Ascended Being Activation. Even now. In DIVINE Love, that is ALL That is!


Heaven on Earth ~ Within!



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The Rejoicing will be complete ~ As All the Angels are set Free – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Touching – Meganne forbes


The Rejoicing will be complete ~ As All the Angels are set Free


Is this the magic, in your heart, the one you have yearned for, and hoped would start.

Or is this the heaven, once dreamt of long ago, that lifts you up, and frees your Soul.

Are you dreaming, even now, amidst the turmoil, you left and vowed.

Would never happen, in the Light, who is the dreamer, you feel at night.

Is it the silence, or the past, or ancient wisdom, freeing you at last.

Who knows the difference, when things arise, who is in charge, throughout the day and night.

What flows through you, as you wake, the love of life, or is it hate.

The dream of Glory, do you know, is it a mystical journey, or a destined fate.

What lives and breathes, is it Divine, or a cycle, only playing out through time.

As consciousness moves, as if through space, will you discover, your true lineage and race.

Or will the hand of destiny, open the door, to what you never thought of, or dreamt before.

Is  that the magic, of the dream, the one you longed for, secretly.

Within your heart, did it awaken, to loves pure grace, or were you mistaken.

To think of love, as if a commodity, until you abandoned, all of your philosophy.

And surrendered deeply, to the Beloveds call, within your Soul, the one True love of all.

If eternity, is the dream, then open wide, and spread your wings.

For the Soul, is truly Light, the Light that dreams, within the night.

You are inside it, it holds you dear, let go of fear and then you will be close and near.

Held in the magic, you will see, in love and union, your soul forever is, eternity.

As the dream and as the light, you live and breathe, throughout the day and night.

Is that all there is, you might say, yet once you are free, you will lead the way.

As all there is, awakens now, through love and bliss, you have vowed.

To be the one, that always loves, it is a process, arising now.

And as your wings, begin to fly, love every moment, like the stars, in the sky.

Then the rejoicing, will be complete, as all the angels, are set free.

And all those watching, will begin to cry, with tears of joy, pouring from their eyes.

As sudden magic, fills the air, with miracles and joy, touching all hearts, everywhere.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Update ~ Mass Consciousness Shifting ~ The Release of the Old Program – L’Aura Pleiadian

unknown artist


Update ~ Mass Consciousness Shifting ~ The Release of the Old Program


As everything arises, the anger, the protests, that opposes WHAT is ~ is up for transformation.  Mass consciousness is in a constant activation and awakening mode, as the evolution, continues.

Moment to moment. Hour to hour you are receiving activations. ALL that is of a lower frequency within your cellular consciousness (your frequency) is releasing.

You are inside the entire process. Your consciousness is the process through which you are transforming.  This is taking place,e hether you are aware of this CONSCIOUSLY or Not.

Those that have made the choices and have dictated how 3D will continue, are in this process also. They have run things from behind the scenes, so to speak.

All of consciousness is within the consciousness shift.

Look and see the changes within you.

You will notice changes around you.

Those that were the leaders of the 3D program, are changing too.

Their consciousness is shift and this releases the old ways. Love does this.

The impact may appear subtle. BUT the dismantling is Profound.

The decisions behind the scenes are all impacted. The Old way is deeply being released and replaced with the new consciousness.

Look inside yourself to see.

See within yourself. Notice your own consciousness.

Are you filled with more love for yourself? Are you seeing things differently? Does the impact of the changes in the world and the stories you hear impact you deeply? How so? How do you react? How do you feel? Are you observing yourself?

Are you feeling harmony or disharmony within you?

What does arise is there to be cleared within YOU. It is part of the PLAN you know.

FOR everything of the old is to be released. As the New consciousness is you ORIGINAL Light. Your original consciousness. You know this well at the higher levels were you exist consciously, in higher dimensions.

You know, you are here to experience this great journey.

It is the journey of ALL journeys. 

It is a profound experience of consciousness that opens you to the miracles of the Divine God Self, within.

To Know the Presence of the miraculous Presence.

The magic of the Divine.

The Glory of the unfolding. The sacred moments. To which you exist within. Now you are awakening and noticing.

Turn the view with what you look at out there as the external to inside you now.

How is the weather within you? The Light within you? The harmony within You? How are you handling what arises?

Will you love yourself as things arise? Do you now?

Will you use the greatest power of your will through this?

That greatest power is your eternal love that expresses itself in gentleness, you know.

Love is gentle and it is within you.

Available to you and it is this power that transforms and is transforming all who function in the Earth consciousness program.

It is real and you are within it.

Go within and observe  the memories as they are released. The memories of the whole, the mass consciousness. To which you are inside.

The dreams and memories as aspects of consciousness that has not been brought to the light consciously, is being held in this light now.

The world stage is revealing this also. What arises is there for a reason. Hold the love and gentleness you have developed consciously for yourself as the lens with which you view the world. 

Let that world, the world of releasing, be the practise of your gentleness, where you recognize more deeply, is all within you. 

This is now and it is within. Whether appearing out there or inside you. It is within.

It is miraculous and it is transforming so deeply now.

3D is letting go.

This is a good thing. As this is the loosening of the grip of the subconscious program on the impact of mass consciousness. As now the love is moving deeply into all minds, all hearts, and it clears out, all that is not the love itself.

The Love you know. It is very real. It is 5th Dimensional consciousness.

It is Light. Original Light. It is love, eternal Love.

You are made of this and exist through this power. The Power of Divine Love.

All aspects of consciousness throughout all dimensions, throughout the Universe, move in harmony through this love.

You are within this. You are this Light.

Go within Beloved Angels and know you are this Light. This Love.

Let the signs you see out there, be part of your activation you observe, within yourself consciously. And watch the old program fade away to a distant memory.

All that is unfolding deep within you.

As you embody all aspects of being, your wholeness, the Union within. Your true nature arises, as that which  you are.

The Divine Original Light forevermore.

Once again consciously embodying this whole Original Beatific Light. As that which you eternally ARE.

Now here and forevermore. You have arrived.

In the Loving Glory that is the power of this transformation. I hold you in this as the Grace that activates within you, even now. Receive this love, now. And so it is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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11:11 Portal ~ The Unleashing of Your Destiny ~ The Overseers @ L’Aura Pleaiadian


Art : Moondance – Holly Sierra


11:11 Portal ~ The Unleashing of Your Destiny ~ The Overseers


You are inside consciousness. This vast holographic playing ground functions through Light as Consciousness. Immersed inside this 11:11 Portal ~ which activates within you, greater levels of your conscious Ascension.

This 11:11 portal Graces You with Higher Frequencies of Light, that you will receive within your DNA. Your Blueprint. Your unique life plan.

This Power of Divine Light will bathe your awareness with Higher Dimensional frequencies, and downloads.

Take time to consciously acknowledge this Presence, this Activation, as the 11:11 Portal activates, within you.

You have experienced many Shifts. There is more, that you are now ready for.

Parallel worlds are shifting also, all in Unison, with the Divine Plan. The Cosmic Plan. In which you are within.

The ever-present Divine Eternal Light, which is eternal Love, orchestrates the activations, through the Divine Council of Overseers, based on your unique Soul Plan and Destiny.

We are seeing many transformations come to the Light for all to see.

The anointing of this consciousness, is the Beatific Glory of All That is. Always present, living as the Living Light, that you are held within.

Receive, Acknowledge your Divinity. Your Presence. Your place in the grand Design of it all, as it continues to play out perfectly.

We the overseers are with you. As the Light that anoints. That shines through all experiences of consciousness. That lifts you up and holds you in Divine Love, within the plan. As the Divine connected Source of Light. That has always lived eternally within you and you within it.

Activate Fully your awareness within this 11:11 Portal.

Being the witness of all that takes place.

As all changes within you and all around you.

The manifestation of Divine Qualities and Virtues, poured upon the Earth.

Now ~ we enter the levels of consciousness that surpasses any previous held beliefs. That showers you with the Divine Blessings, of the Eternal Gods. Of the Overseers. Of the Ones that guide this Plan. The creators of the Design of consciousness.

In this 11:11 Portal. Your Ascension. Your awakening fully to your Divinity.

The UNLEASHING of the Light within. That Light you are held within. The Eternal Grace and Love that activates this 11: 11 Portal.

WE are with You. Awakened and Activated, as this profound shifts Grace you. Acknowledging your Divine Place, in this Divine Plan. And So it is. Beloved Ones. We are with You. All Now.


Eternal Heaven on Earth!



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Loving your Ego ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian

Beautiful art by Frank Wagtmans


Loving your Ego ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Unconditional Love is just that, UNCONDITIONAL Love.

Judging your ego when it arises is 3D consciousness. Your Transformation and your position in your Ascension is asking you to enter true unconditional love.

Your Higher Frequencies now being activated, as you receive these downloads, hourly and now. Is Beatific, Glorious. The Glorious Divine Higher Self you.

What happens though when your frequency drops?

When you experience fear. When you are angry. When THINGS Arise that are in the process of clearing through LOVE?

Are you upset with yourself? Do you want only the high vibrations and resist and judge your lower states of consciousness. Your Ego?

The ONLY way through this, is through this, and THAT WAY is unconditional love. You to You.  

This is a Practise from moment to moment. YOU are going through this ~ ALLOWING more and more. Makes this process easier and easier. As you Transform.

There is JOY living through the consciousness of unconditional Love.

There is NO joy in the Ego.

However, it ALL unfolds and arises as guided through your Blueprint. These are the  levels you are going through. Which activates and deactivates, based on your Life Plan and Destiny.

There is no bypassing the PROCESS. The process is a moment to moment experience.  In the letting go of ALL judgment, in perceiving things NOT as you desire them, YOURSELF not acting as you want to. THIS is there to be LOVED.

So you judged yourself, now you are upset for judging the ego, What do you do?

LOVE that too.

Enter the space within yourself where you have COMPLETELY let go.

And of course that is a process, so you love the lower frequency you.

You love the judgments.

YOU observe and you love YOURSELF as best you can ~ as you go along.

You remember, OVER AND OVER.

You do not judge yourself for forgetting.

YOU love and have compassion on your periods of being in your ego, YOU love and have compassion on judging yourself.

It is ONLY through this process that you enter 5th Dimensional Consciousness, through the application of LOVE YOU to YOU. That is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. In 5th Dimensional consciousness you go through the process of greater and greater clarity. Of mind, of heart and Soul. Here on Earth.

It is WITHIN and it is you to you.

As you transform through letting go, loving yourself, opening and receiving MORE AND MORE you transform not only your inner reality but are part of the entire transformation of the Collective. The first wave of Ascension.

IT REQUIRES self-love.

Love the fear within you.

You love the pain within you.

You love your ego.

This LOVE that is true is the UNION of Love, within you.

The Process is unfolding perfectly by your Higher Self. TRUST as much as possible, if you do not trust this process LOVE THAT ALSO.

The consciousness of your FORM, 3D. The consciousness of your Higher Self. The DIMENSIONS then UNIFY.

Your Consciousness then become the MARRIAGE of SPIRIT and MATTER = Your Ascension. Your Mastery. Your Ascended Master form on planet Earth. The New Earth.

The New Divine Humanity.

The FULLY Cycle and return to the BEGINNING.

And so it is, Love is the only answer and it is within you already.

I am holding you in this transformation NOW though this activation and every hour.

YOUR Ascension, your Abundance, Your Miracles, Your Alchemy.

Rejoicing now in the Beatific Glory of All That is ~ The Original Ancient Activations of the Elohim, existing on MU ~ as the Divine Human Species. here we Are. Unified and Glorified, through LOVE. True Love. PRESENT NOW.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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The Virtual Reality of your Blueprint and Consciousness as Divine Light – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Ichiro Tsuruta


The Virtual Reality of your Blueprint and Consciousness as Divine Light


The Benevolent Beings of Light, the Angels, of which you exist as already as your Original Light, orchestrate the playing out of Human Destiny, through the interplay of consciousness, of which all exist within.

Your consciousness and your experiences are playing out within this network of Light and consciousness, that triggers within you, levels of awareness, which mark your turning points, your transitions, your new beginnings and endings.

This design of your individuated consciousness at the deeper level of your subconscious is the “setting” of reality, that you are now programmed to.

As you may have noticed, one may attempt lots of changes and nothing occurs, then one day, suddenly everything changes, within you. You see things differently, you become aware of new ways of being.

This continues, as transformation and your evolution, is why you are here in a form.

Taking part of this mass experience, triggering your own enlightenment, as you flow through the moments, as if walking through a maze. One thing, leading you to the next.

This maze only appears as a maze of the consciousness connected to the form, that is, the thoughts and wants of the lower self. To the Higher Self this is a completely guided experience of consciousness, that frees the lower self, from all pain and sorrow, where it only exist as.

This may feel as if on autopilot, and on some levels, it is. That is the turning points, the moments of awareness, are the levels of consciousness, that you seem to reach, then new levels open up for you.

The letting go and allowing this moving and flowing through consciousness, not understanding what is next and why this and that, is the letting go of the wants and needs of the lower self. It is the surrender to your Blueprint, your design, and all the levels of consciousness you have agreed to attain, this time around, while in a form in planet earth.

The freedom is happiness of the moment. The child like joy of all moments.

Now this is not a trying to do thing. As you exist already as this in a different dimension.

You are here to embody this in your form. Allowing the full surrender of your ego self, the part of you connected to the memories and wants, based on good and bad experiences, of your form. To the Higher Dimensional you, that exists as your Original Light. You as your Higher Self, God Self.

This is the embodiment of Divine Qualities and Virtues.

You exist as this already. What you think of as your Future, is ONLY the expanded you already existing, that you are expanding into consciously.

This is the process of the transformation of your Form.

Into itself existing as the Eternal Light.

It is what animates your from even now.

This may begin to feel as if you are inside a virtual experience of consciousness. not controlled by you. The you that is in control of this is your Higher Self. Your Blueprint. Not the ego you, it only exists in conflict, and is what is letting go, in the field of your awareness. Making way, for the Fully Ascended you, to Live consciously merged as the ONLY one that you know yourself to Be.

You are at the higher levels. Inside this connecting consciousness of light. Experiencing varying levels of awareness, that appear as solid, or not. As the All of your reality experiences. That make up you, your uniqueness.

For now, let go more. Relax more. Let the Higher Self you, continue to allow all to arise, as what is next and best for you, in all moments.

The kicking and screaming part of you (your ego) can use a break so to speak, from its energetic hardship, as you use your will, to just let go.

Trusting that this holographic maze, this virtual field of Light that you are within, is the ONLY way through to your next levels. Made easier as you let go.

This opens you to GRACE and Mercy. That is the consciousness of Benevolent Divinity itself. Open to receive.

The design is perfect, the use of your will is required. I love you!


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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The Experience of Time and the Higher Self ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Sukhasiddhi with Climbing Roses – Lasha Mutual Fine Art & Illustration


The Experience of Time and the Higher Self ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The experience of time was created as a consciousness experience existing in different DIMENSIONS of consciousness experience  than the Higher Self experience.

This experience of time at the lower dimensions of consciousness ACTS as a measurement TOOL for CHANGE.

This change is the evolving consciousness, that is WITHIN you.

The experiences of CONSCIOUSNESS as it expands and EVOLVES enters different dimensions of awareness.

At the Highest levels of your consciousness NOW you exist in no time, experiencing the EXPANDED VIEW of all of your existence (incarnations) ALL AT ONCE.

Yes all at once it is going on.

In 3D consciousness the experience is one of a limited view of all the dimensions where you exist SIMULTANEOUSLY observing all of it.

Your ASCENSION is the YOU that already exists consciously in a more EXPANDED level of consciousness that exists in the 5th Dimension and Higher.

If you cannot imagine this and this feels beyond your grasp of awareness, go deep into your HEART as this is the access point of awareness within you, which is your alignment with your Higher Self.

The DIVINE GOD Self you, the Higher Self you.

Glimpses and experiences through a consciousness that includes the subconscious made conscious, includes varying experiences. One that appears as evil and Good. And the experience of everything as neutral in the observing state of awareness.

The consciousness of good and evil when there are memories not yet cleared in the subconscious is the experience of FEAR.

Quickly opening oneself before the subconscious is free from negative memories, creates fearful experiences. Even on of demons as being real. The demons are your fears and they are educational.

This fearful state of good and evil, exists through the memories of all experiences, held in ones blueprint. TO BE LOVED.

In these lower dimensions the experience of good and evil is educational.

When I say love I am not speak of wishy-washy feelings, that I hear about from those that write me with questions.

I AM SPEAKING of an EVOLVED level of consciousness that exists in the higher dimensions that exists ONLY AS THE state of consciousness, ETERNAL LOVE.

It observes, it is a frequency. It exists in a dimension beyond 3D.

Your process of ascension is taking the form that appears in time in 3D, and UNIFYING the Higher Dimensions into the subconscious and conscious minds, shifting your cellular consciousness, clearing you from past memories in lower frequency dimensions. Which then results in the ALCHEMY whereby you simultaneously enter not only a new timeline, but love as the expanded, evolved Divine Being, living as the eternal truth of you. Accessing the ALL of YOU all at once.

You then can view the experience of time, as it is, a consciousness that does exist in a lower dimension of awareness.

Letting go and entering the present moment and apply 5th dimensional consciousness to all of your experiences. Even though it may feel like hit and miss and not constant, is the very process of transformation that you are going through.

YOU Are allowing your form to transform into what it actually is NOW at the Higher Dimensions. It is a vehicle of light that only appears solid in lower dimensions of consciousness.

IT TOO is consciousness.

Your Cells are consciousness.

Time exists as a state of consciousness at the lower dimensions.

ETERNITY is a state of consciousness where you exist in your Original Light NOW.

The future only exists as an expanded YOU not yet accessed in a lower dimension.

Denying your experience is not the way through this. Acknowledging your true experience of consciousness allows you to develop qualities and virtues of the divine HIGHER Self. It is an application of your God Self.

Apply, remember, take time to go WITHIN.

It is all within.

Let go of the view of a reality that focuses only the external for its validation of being real or not.

ENTER the NOW and go WITHIN.

There is your Solace. Your Home, Your Divinity.

In the consciousness of no time ( that exists NOW) is the Vitality, Magic and WONDER of the Most magnificent Glorious YOU ~  waiting for your expansion of consciousness, to concretely EMBODY. The subconscious made conscious through the purifying of your memories at the lower dimensions.

This is what Ascension IS.

Then you as your Original LIGHT ~ enters it all.

The MASTER of your Divinity. Of your LIGHT.

A master of Form. The GOD You ~ that you have always been.

All NOW. Enter this through your Heart. I love you!


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Let GO of How you Want things to Be and Enter Eternity – L’Aura Pleiadian

Unknown Source


Let GO of How you Want things to Be and Enter Eternity


How DO you want things to BE?

Let go of how you WANT things to be and Enter Eternity. Eternity only exists in the present moment. Access to all timelines only exists in the present moment. Your Higher Self only exists in the present moment. Love exists in the present moment.

Love is Eternal. The Present moment lives in Eternity.

3D consciousness only exists in conflict with WHAT is NOW.

Wanting, desiring an OUTCOME in a specific WAY, not only is not being present in the moment, but also, is an expectation based on conflict within. A belief in right or wrong, good and evil, which only exists in 3D.

The Angels, Higher Ascended Beings of Light, live beyond good or evil.

Yet, evil, is educational in its appearance in 3D as it is a DISTORTION of consciousness, that exists in duality.

The cause of suffering is this up and down, wanting this, it comes (temporary false happiness) not getting this, a projected sadness of the future.

FREEING yourself from the repetitive desires of a future based on the past, is stepping into 5th dimensional consciousness. Where everything LITERALLY unfolds perfectly.

It is a different dimension.

Your consciousness can exist in that dimension and be embodied on EARTH.

YOU live in a different world then. Different than most. When you live as the ONE in the higher dimensions, that lives through you in the MOMENT on Earth.

This changes the Earth you live in.

It changes the timeline you live in.

It CHANGES everything.

And contrary to what the 3D ego believes and exists in (memories of a past) YOU live in JOY and BLISS in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is the Level where all miracles occur.

Funny how it works isn’t it?

When you let go of your 3D consciousness attempting to get what it wants. When you live in joy and bliss in the present moment. YOU END UP receiving and living in a world MUCH more magical than you can even imagine while in 3D.

You let go to TRULY Receive. It is perfect. Was created perfect. You agreed to be on this journey to learn this and evolve.

Now is the time, it has never been otherwise. Consciously set your intentions and receive the gifts of the present moment. That is truly living. That is truly freeing. That is the only truth where what is, exists. It is all now, and this now, exists within you.

Enter Now.

Let go of wants of the ego that exist as an outcome.

Let go and be FREE.

This present moment, is eternity, that is a frequency, where the UNION with your Higher Self exists. ALL NOW. I love you!

Let Go of How you want things to Be and Enter Eternity.

L’Aura Pleiadian


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Miracles ~ an Alignment with Eternal Truth ~ Your Higher Self – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Joan Doyle @ Fine Art America


Miracles ~ an Alignment with Eternal Truth ~ Your Higher Self


When all of your beliefs, memories and subconscious mind programming align with your true Heart Desires, miracles take place. The shift is within you, and then manifests externally as the reality you experience.

How do you know you are still playing out the memories of old scenarios that resulted in a distorted view of YOURSELF? Your true self, that is.

You begin by looking at what you really believe. How you really FEEL about yourself deep down in connection to your desires.

Are you desiring that perfect relationship, yet it does not manifest?

Deep down are you jealous and anxious that you are not smart enough, beautiful enough, to live an abundant, magical perfect life? Filled with miracles, wonder and joy.

If your predominant feelings are unworthiness, not good enough and you compare yourself to others, how they live, how you never get what you desire. Then LOOK more closely at your thoughts.

Your thoughts, feelings and powerful emotions from the past make up your current reality.

To simply try to control your thoughts and emotions, will not clear the subconscious programming within you, that tells you, you are not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough to be happy.

To clear the programming is to align with the truth of yourself at the eternal level of consciousness. You as your Higher Self, God Self.

This you that is your Original Light, is magnificent in Glory and Love.

It is aligned with the truth. The truth of YOU. Eternally.

Simply focus on this Divine You and take your thoughts of what you do not yet have away from the conditioning and programming of your subconscious mind and hand it all OVER to the Divine You.

This is letting go. This is Surrender. This is ALIGNMENT with the Divine Higher Self You.

Stepping into this new timeline, this new reality, requires the shift in your conscious to the more expanded TRUTH of you at the Divine Level of consciousness, Where the concept of duality does  not exist.

Aligning now with the Truth, shifts your consciousness.

Shifts your consciousness to the 5th Dimension.

To your Ascension.

To your abundance and fulfillment.

Surrendering to the Divine Self, is handing over the reigns and letting go of control. Of the ways you attempted to get what you want, through your distorted beliefs about yourself..

Now, let go and receive.

I now allow all memories to be dissolved that are not in UNION with the Divine Truth, I eternally exist AS.

I now open to all possibilities that exist for me at the Divine Levels, that allow me to step into a new timeline, where I live free from the distortions of past memories.

I live in abundance, truth, love and Divine Fulfillment, in complete Union with my Higher Self, where this reality NOW exists.

I now allow LOVE to be the only ANSWER for Me, as I observe everything in my life transform, into this Love that manifests itself as the Glory of the Divine. Embodied in Human Form.

Your Ascension, your Love, your Fulfillment, in alignment with the Eternal Divine You, All NOW. And so it is! I am with You!


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Rebirth in Divine Consciousness ~ The Light that You Are -L’aura Pleiadian

unknown artist


Rebirth in Divine Consciousness ~ The Light that You Are


Becoming, passing through from the old to the New. A death and rebirth. In the stillness, between breaths. The eternal moment, beyond breath. Beyond awareness. Beyond time. Deep in the Void.

Held in the Void of the Mother. Christos consciousness and Pistis Sophia, merged together As the ILLUMINATED consciousness. That you ARE.

Held in the womb. Held in the Void.

This eternal Holding place, the Void, is where all Creation Arises.

All Light. Formless. No birth. No death. You are.

Experiencing form, arising from the Void.

You as a Soul began.

Emanating from the void as your Soul Star Creation Matrix.

Through what may appear as separate filtering down existences, into various frequency dimensions, you experienced form, life.

Although they have felt like separate experiences. They were all created at once. Through the emanating and arising from the Void, into you, as your Soul. You are now expanding into this awareness. As your return now to your original innocence. Your Pure Soul, your God Self.

Your rebirth in consciousness, through the womb, held in the Void, may appear to be a backward process.

Entering the Great Void once again.

The Portal and threshold of ALL CONSCIOUSNESS.

As you return to your Original Light. As you travel now in consciousness through the Void, experiencing your rebirth, as your conscious awareness as this original light. In form. As embodiment. Your individuated God Self frequency. The God Self You. Your Soul. Feel this, in your Heart. Transmitting to you now, the eternal frequency of this. As you consciously experience your transformation. Therefore your very form. Deep within your cells. Deep within your heart. The mirror of this at the cellular level, is taking place. The universe within you. Your form as Original Light. Deep through the Void, your initiation.

As you now enter deeply this womb.

Rebirth. Birth. Held as God Light.

Held in the womb of the Illumination.

Breathe and feel this transmission.

Held as the Illumination of God.

Your Sojourn in consciousness as the rebirthed Ones. The Angelic Beings of Light. Shining the Light of Illumination. As your Original Soul Star Matrix birth. All Now. I hold you in this. Deep Void of Transformation. The Womb. The Love. The Heart. The Soul. The Beginning. The no beginning. All Light. Illumination. Heaven. Heaven on Earth. Feel this. Feel your body, your vehicle of Light. Breathe this in. Feel Heaven within, now. I love you. Children of Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th, 2016 ~ Heavens Gate ~ A Reset – L’Aura Pleiadian



New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th, 2016 ~ Heavens Gate ~ A Reset


Wow! With the intensity of the recent Eclipses (and the heavy effect of a powerful Square) we NOW have this most Beatific and powerful New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th, 2016 at 2:38 pm ADT we have a Heavens Gate Portal opening, auspicious Grace Blessing, for you. Time to enter your Heart Space and enter your inner Chamber ~ Heavens Gate and receive your Reset of Consciousness.

Halloween, Hallows Eve (Samhain) ~ is less than 24 hours after the New Moon, October 31st, from sunset on the 31st till sunset November 1st. This is a magical transformational opening, within your own consciousness, as the powerful effects of the New Moon in Scorpio will play out in its momentum, till the next New Moon.

What are you intentions? What are you Beliefs? Now is the time to change them through your inner awareness, that all of your thoughts, feelings and actions, flow through you as the result of your unique Blueprint and the memories you hold within your own consciousness computer.

The Cosmic Computer (Morphogenic Field) you are within, playing out those memories, till your inner computer programming (your consciousness) is RESET to the Original LIGHT YOU!

Free from distortions of consciousness that bring up for you, the results of your previous programming as memory.

Once again all NEW MOONS are NEW Beginnings.

This opening in consciousness, Heavens Gate Portal ~ Reset, is a profound initiation, with Pluto playing its powerful role in your inner transformation ~ THROUGH the Cosmic Computer, which you are inside of.

This field of consciousness is experiencing a profound in initiation process that is your Ascension. The Collective subconscious and its memories related to all fear based thought forms are arising to be released.  The Presidential Elections in the United States, is helping with this clearing of memories.

The impact of this New Moon lasting 4 weeks, with The Sun and Moon Conjunct Mercury,  will bless all those attuned willingly with this Cosmic Opening, to a New Level of Consciousness. Accessing within themselves, a Heavens Gate Portal and a personal and Collective Reset.

OPEN to this NOW, the impact may be felt now.

Consciously prepare yourself to get access to this Portal within your own Heart consciousness.

Set the intention.

Set time aside to receive.

Attune to the Cosmic Computer, to which you are inside, and allow this reset take place within your own inner world, as the Gift and Grace of God, at your own Heavens Gate.

This Portal is real. It is love and Grace.

It is your Heaven within you.

It is your Original State of Being.

It is profound and it is Divine.

You are a part of this Originally. As the Divine God self that you ARE.

You are Light and Divinity.

Open and Receive. All NOW.

I Open and Activate your Blueprint, in the Alignment of the Cosmic Divine Light, that you are held in consciousness within. And So it is Beloved Angels. All Now. I Am with you, I love you.


Eternal Love and Ecstasy!




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The Winds of Change ~ Feeling and Flowing Deep Within – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Incense Burner by Angela Ferreira


The Winds of Change ~ Feeling and Flowing Deep Within


Feeling the Powerful Frequencies? The New Moon and First Eclipse on September 1st (first of a series of eclipses) is swiftly increasing the momentum of CHANGE within all consciousness.

It has been a powerful ride, the winds of change, your transformation, your NEW Beginning.

With beginnings come endings.

A shift from the way it was.

All changes are changes WITHIN.

We make choices based on our inner frequency. Based on our memories. Illusions may be educational, yet painful.

Changes in lifestyle, in habits, first take place within ourselves.

The inner Sun and Moon. Joined as One.

The Inner and outer reflections of what is.

Your consciousness is transforming this moment. The impact of this, may feel as a gradual change, graced with sudden changes. The ego wants things when it wants them. The SOUL being in charge of the Life Plan, knows when you are ready to be initiated into the Next levels of awareness.

Feeling and flowing with your inner changes, helps to unite consciously and integrate all the changes that are taking place. Which includes the impact of the higher Frequencies of Light, that download into your cellular consciousness, which impacts your subconscious mind.

Feeling and flowing with life, rather than against it, can lessen the feeling of being uncomfortable in your body as it shifts and changes.

Making choices based on what feels best inside your body, is part of the NEW You loving yourself. You may be surprised at the choices you make. You may choose things that seem to go against your evolution. Remember, all experiences, are educational. Even choices made, that were not for your highest evolution.

Every moment the mind is working, attempting to figure things out. Calm the mind and the impact on the emotional body and physical body will diminish. As it is through harmony, that you are free from all suffering.

The Changes, the Initiations, the Shifts in consciousness are INCREASING in all moments.

The frequencies of the downloads are increasing.

The impact is deeper.

Feel this, and flow with it. Even NOW.

Updating your frequency is a constant process of receiving, releasing, integrating and beginning a new. This is constant.

Feel this transformation now, within your body as a VIBRATION. Receive the vibration and integrate it deeply as YOU FEEL it. Acknowledge it. Flow with it.

Your evolution, your Ascension is through this frequency change, within. Feeling uniting, all Higher Aspects of your Being, Into NOW. Receive Now.

The Central Sun and the impact from the 2012 Galactic Alignment, is the NOW CONSCIOUS evolutionary SHIFT. Experienced through the consciousness expansion and ascension, throughout the Universe.

This is what is taking place. Within you, as you continue to flow, with the Winds of Change. In love and in the Alignment as UNION with the Higher Beings of Light, that are the regulating team, since the beginning, for here NOW.


Eternal Love and Ecstasy!



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Art courtesy of Louis Dyer

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2016.

Meditation is a State of Consciousness ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Divine Feminine in Silk Red Dress – Talya Johnson @ Fine Art America


Meditation is a State of Consciousness ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Meditation a contemplation, a practise, a reflection.

A devotion, a way of living, a commitment to self-awareness, as the God Self.

A concentration, an intention and focus. Of the Inner observing as the DIVINE Self.

This inner awareness and observation, where the ONE focused inwardly, becomes the observer, the God Self, is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is a state of consciousness and this State of Consciousness as the Divine Observer, observes AS the embodiment of non attachment, itself.

This observing as the Divine God Self, through its PRESENCE, clears and dissolves the memories held in the Blueprint, that ARISE, though the Souls Plan, to be Loved.

Being the Witness and Observer is a state of consciousness that is Union with the Divine Self.  This state of consciousness through its awareness of non attachment, lives in neutrality, Love and Bliss.

The Higher levels of meditation known through the experience of Samadhi (Union with the Divine) is the NATURAL state of Being as fully merged, fully ONE with the Divine Self.

There is nothing to attain, only the letting go of attachments, through Being the Divine Self (observing) that opens you to the Fullness of the Eternal Light that you are. You ARE always in a state of Samadhi (your Divine Self) and exist as Divine Love, Bliss and Union, eternally.

This is your Original State of Being.

Your Ascension is the letting go of your attachments to memories (through self-love) in 3D (a state of consciousness known through attachments) WHICH allows your Divine Self to BE the ONE that you ARE. That is the ONE you are without attachments.

It is a frequency and an awareness that brings to LIGHT the awareness of Being Limitless, of Being the God Self. Higher Self. Eternal Self.

When we observe our thoughts, observe inside our body, observe our feelings, (with Love) and observe all that arises, including the reactions of the physical form. We become THE ONE who was always free, always Divine. Always Ascended.

You do not need to meditate in a cave (unless you want to) you can set time aside and being practising FOCUSING and Observing.

You may NOW through the intense HIGHER Frequencies through the Galactic Alignment with the Higher Source ~ Central Sun Divine Light, OPEN to be in the constant state of DIVINE Observing as your Divine Self.

This letting go of attachments, is the Freedom that is the true portal to the ONE that was always present, within you, throughout eternity.

The Inner Voice that is God.

That is Divine.

That is the Original LIGHT YOU.

That is PRESENT and is your DIVINE Presence that is animating your form. The reason you are HERE.

Dedicate your life to awareness. Self Awareness. Self Love. Being present. Observing within. Knowing yourself as the DIVINE ONE that observes 3D memories, 3D attachments, and which, through its OBSERVANCE (which is Divine Presence, which is LOVE)  is the LIGHT you become in UNION with and as.

Begin this moment.

That is all there is.

Breathe this in and know that if your mind thinks it has forgotten to observe, the ONE who observes within you, IS ALWAYS Observing.

Your Ascension is your UNION with your Divine Self that is your Original LIGHT and that HAS ALWAYS been with YOU.

Receive and it is done.

IN the Eternal Light which is LOVE in the Everlasting Presence of the Divine, I Am with You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Art courtesy of Louis Dyer

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2016.

Dimensions of Consciousness, The Earth Plane and Immortality – L’Aura Pleiadian

unknown artist


Dimensions of Consciousness, The Earth Plane and Immortality


The 3D mind has so many questions doesn’t it? The questions itself do not exist in the present moment. Have you noticed that?

The ego thrives in DISCORD with the present moment and functions through the fears of the past and the hopes of a future that never arrives, in its state of dissatisfaction consciousness.  It thrives in the state of disharmony, within.

The Earth plane is a holographic meeting place of consciousness. What appears as a solid physical body, is not. It is only experienced this way in 3D consciousness connected to the consciousness of the form experiencing itself on the Earth Plane.

The Higher Self, exists in a different dimension, independent of the fears of the ego (3D consciousness) and it is this MERGING of the consciousness dimensions that is YOUR ASCENSION.

The Body wants this or that, feels this or that INDEPENDENT of the HIGHER Self consciousness. The Ego lives in fear independent of the Higher Self KNOWING what is truth.

The HIGHER Self state of PURE Unconditional Love CONSCIOUSNESS existing in the higher Dimensions merges fully with the consciousness of  the FORM, as the State of consciousness ~ You as a Divine Ascended Being.

There are NOW many IMMORTALS living on the earth plane in a state of Ascended Being Consciousness. Their forms (bodies) did not go through the death process.

Their Form did not pass away as they went through the process of transforming their form into an ETERNAL State of consciousness existing in the Higher Dimensions as their Higher God Self. That exists AS AN IMMORTAL. This is LIGHT.

The Earth is LIGHT at the higher Dimensions.

The Form is not solid in the Higher Dimensions.

IT is the HOLOGRAPHIC image of Light Consciousness of YOUR HIGHER Self.

You are not randomly existing at the mercy and fears of 3D CONSCIOUSNESS.

YOU are filtering through your Blueprint (as Light) and when you are ready you too will KNOW and experience Immortality as a state of consciousness where you exist as your Higher God Self in any dimension and timeline WHERE NO limitations exist.

They do not EXIST NOW, it seems so only in the limited 3D EGO consciousness.

The concepts of the past, who lived and who died, exists only as the consciousness as a theory in 3D ~ that is, in ego limitation consciousness.

3D consciousness will very soon appear as a very archaic consciousness that only led to destruction consciousness existing in limitation.

The NEW Beings of LIGHT (the New Earth) is a state of CONSCIOUSNESS and those who live on earth and who WITHIN themselves have transformed their consciousness to the Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Light of their Higher Self ~ God Self, will live as Divine Immortal Beings.

These are the GODS. The Immortals, the Everlasting Higher Self Beings of consciousness fully actualized in all forms, in all dimensions.

The interplay of dimensional Consciousness, interacting in the holographic field of consciousness data, as if it is a holographic computer itself, will become the NEW norm on Earth.

All new creations built upon this everlasting consciousness, is harmonious, based on unconditional love and which exists ETERNALLY in all dimensions simultaneously.

Breathe this in as this is YOU the NEW You.

The ONE that always existed ~ which is NOW descending in the consciousness of your FORM and in 3D EGO to transform it all into the truth of what YOU ARE.

An Eternal Being of LIGHT.

That exists in NO LIMITATIONS, throughout all timelines and dimensions.

All NOW. TRULY ALL now. And so it is! The Divine TRUTH of consciousness, form and dimensions. HOW you exist in them NOW. Through the Everlasting LIGHT of Divine Consciousness, ALL NOW. I love you!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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The Secrets Held within the Heart of Hearts – L’Aura Pleiadian

Painting – Elohim


The Secrets Held within the Heart of Hearts



My Beloved, I Am ready for You, your heart against mine,

in the flesh, Immortal for All time.

The body anointed, ready, as a Bride,
on her wedding day.

The Heart, an Eternal fire, burns deep within, the Soul’s Passion,
immersed in endless breathtaking desire.

In our Sacred Chamber, the Love ~ all Lovers Dream of,
unites in Bliss, our vessels merge, as Divine Gods of Glory.

Walking Hand in Hand, as The Ancients of Long ago,
now in Form, joined once again.

The Secrets Held within the Heart of Hearts, reveals itself,
For All to See.

The Outpouring of Grace, the beatific Glory of Creation,
Our Union, My Beloved, now to Be.



In The Holiness of You My Beloved, I Am Forever Yours,
I Am Victoria Elohim!


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Changing the Time Space Continuum ~ Consciously Embodying Light – L’Aura Pleiadian

unknown artist


Changing the Time Space Continuum ~ Consciously Embodying Light

september17lauraYou as Light. Everything is Light. You are light. All that appears solid within you, is simply a network of interlacing Light particles, joined by loosely fitting threads of lights.

This Light is Source.

This Light is Eternal.

This Light is Divine.

This Light is Love.

Your consciousness inhabiting your form, emanates through your Light Body, into this time space continuum. This current time space continuum, appears to be limited by space and time.

The expansion of your consciousness into the conscious embodiment of Light, as Light, takes you out of this time space continuum. Out of perceived density and limitation.

The form you inhabit in 3D appears solid. The same form (your vehicle of consciousness) in higher frequency dimensions, appears only as Light.  You exist in all dimensions all at once.

Yet your consciousness, appears to be catching up, with the reality that occurs beyond time and space, yet lives also within it. As there is nowhere you do not exist. As Light, that is.

You consciously connected with the Light Body you in higher frequency forms, is the duplicate of what appears as you in a solid form. Consciously participating in your transformation of consciousness opens you up to all possibilities. Landing consciously, so to speak, in a different time space continuum, is an option.

Existing in a different time space continuum than the one you believe you are in now.

Understand every thought you have, impacts the whole.

Every feeling.

Every level of awareness you embody, IMPACTS all of you. This includes YOU in other worlds, universes, paralleled worlds, different time frames, and the many parallel versions of those different time frames.

The  new time space continuum that you may begin to embody consciously, may be a you in a parallel world. One similar to this.

It is through your Light Body that begin to visit these parallel worlds.

When you consciously inhabit your Light Body, and consciously travel to another time space continuum, whether perceived past (Atlantis as an example) or a future timeline, you change here.

I have visited consciously many parallel worlds and exist simultaneously in many, worlds, many existences, All At once.

When I consciously focus on fully being in a form in a parallel world, or different time space continuum, when I shift my awareness back to here (which appeared vanished while fully embodying another form in another world) things change here.Things  Shift here as a result of shifting the frequency there.

Your embodiment of your frequency, impacts all that you look upon, focus upon and is continuously signalling to the many versions of you, the information as Light that you are processing and functioning through as your frequency.

Focus on you as Light. Because you are. Focus on you and your form as Light. Focus on this Light being love, because it is.

Many of you I have met in parallel worlds and I have welcomes you into one or several of the Temples of Light I exist in.

Now the shift in your consciousness, is the expansion of your awareness. That takes place through the releasing of all of your stories, and attachments. Which allows you to connect more deeply with the Light You.

Which is your freedom to the worlds of Light within you. In which you as Light, embody. This Light is your Divine Light.

This Light is your Original Light.

This Light is Source.

This Light is Eternal.

This Light is Divine.

This Light is Unconditional Love.

In this Sacred Light I hold you. In the Hourly Activation “Divine Ascended Being” you are held in the Origin of All Light, that you are.

You receive frequencies of Light, that your DNA being to resonate with.  This Light is the eternal Light, the Divine Light. The Source Light, that you are. That you are beginning to consciously, VIBRATE AS.  That is the Divine You, The Eternal You and the Ascended You, Being. Fully embodying the Light that you are.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Divine Magical Metamorphosis ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian

Divine Magical Metamorphosis ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Entering and Activating the consciousness of the Divine, the Divine God Self, Your Higher Self, is the METAMORPHOSIS of consciousness as if by Magical Powers.

These Magical Powers are Divine Powers.

They exist as states of consciousness.

You change from one way of Being to a completely New Way of Being.

This is Ascension, Divine Ascended Being, this is YOU as your Original Divine Light.

These Divine Powers are present to be activated, in the Original Blueprint of ALL Human Beings.

These INNER Changes and states of consciousness, open the Door to Mastery.

This Mastery ~ transforms your consciousness to a New State of Consciousness. The Divine Ascended Being state of consciousness. Where you SEE, FEEL and KNOW all things through that state of consciousness.

When your inner world changes, the distortions of consciousness that made up your false beliefs, fall away. As if they were never really part of your consciousness. This is Divine Magic.

To KNOW and experience ALL is within YOU is the entry-level to states of consciousness that include ALL Pure Divine Powers.

The Alchemy of Distortions PURIFIED to Divine States of Consciousness, is the return to your Original Divine State of consciousness.

These memories spontaneously activate within your subconscious mind, TO BE LOVED.

To be brought to the DIVINE Light, within.

When you SEE circumstances that appear far from ideal to your mind. World events, political upheaval, recognize that they are states of consciousness.

When you observe distorted states of consciousness, APPLY 5th Dimensional consciousness to your observances. Your thoughts about these distortions.

It is very easy to get caught up in these distortions and become part of them in consciousness. Whether through anger, outrage, or the need to fix or change things in the outer world.

The Inner world within you, and how you respond and deal with your OWN INNER states of consciousness, is the process and preparation for your Divine Ascension and your metamorphosis.

Changing within, purifying your memories, is the process of ascension. Of returning to your Original Divine Light and State of Being. As the Divine.

This includes NATURALLY your Chakras, your Light Body and all bodies. Mental, Emotional, Physical and All Spiritual Bodies.

This is the You emanating from the Void, Through your Soul Star Matrix. The Purified LIGHT YOU. That has and always will exist.

Breathe into this, all that you have received while reading these words.

They are filled with the Light of Truth. The Activation embodies the memories you hold in your Blueprint, of the Original ~ DIVINE Light God Self.

This is for your Metamorphosis.

This is for your Ascension.

This is for the EMBODIMENT of the Master within You.

That you Are. That is concretely Manifesting itself through this Purification.

I Am with You as you enter your inner worlds.

Breathe into the Heart of your Soul and feel yourself being  held in the Eternal Light of the Divine. Now. Always, feel this eternal STATE of Consciousness. Within YOU. It is all within you Beloved Angels. Within, Look within. Go Within.

Your Metamorphosis is WITHIN.

All responds to the Inner Worlds.

I Am there with You.

All Within, your Divine Ascended Being. And So it is! Feel and receive, NOW. In Sacred Divine Love and the Beatific LIGHT of the Divine.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Full Moon in Aries October 15th/16th, 2016 ~ Riding the Intense Waves – L’Aura Pleiadian

unknown artist


Full Moon in Aries October 15th/16th, 2016 ~ Riding the Intense Waves


The Full Moon is in Aries and it is a powerful one. October 16th, 2016 at 1:23am ADT. Sun conjunct Moon, with the Harvest of what began on the New Moon on September 30th, which was a gateway for Transformation. Please relax and receive the Activation, that is beyond time and space, yet present HERE NOW.

What has taken place in your life since the September 30th New Moon? Looking deeply within and loving the emotions within you, all the parts within you, that are not aligned with your Joy and Bliss, is the process of completion. Of purification of your subconscious memories.

The Harvest of all that is within you.

The transformational energies at play with this Full Moon are powerful conduits of inner transformation. These changes may feel positive or negative. What takes place, is PART of your Transformation.

If these changes appears negative, it is for its release, for the letting go and purifying of memory. That is for your inner freedom, for your Ascension.

The Full Moon will be conjunct Uranus. Sun opposite Uranus. Mars conjunct Pluto. Mercury square Pluto and Mercury square Mars. Mercury sextile Saturn. This Mercury square Mars and Pluto. This may surface anger, violence and aggression, to BE HEALED and purified within you.

That is to say, all distortions of energies of the Divine You. Are being purified allowing your DIVINE God Self, to shine through you, more clearly and in a cohesive, flowing way.

What does this mean?

Be ready for some deep inner work, deep inner transformation.

That may feel like you are being swept by waves beyond your control.

This letting go and riding the waves that do show up within you, is the medicine of Eternal Love, your Higher Self  YOU, that is so eager to shine its Light within you and in all the circumstances that make up your reality.

This is the journey that is you.

This is the journey of letting go and allowing all to be purified within your consciousness.

Grace is always available and you may feel this as the Peace that is within you.

Your Higher Self God Presence, that is the Glory of You no matter what is going on around you externally.

Riding these INTENSE waves, through your conscious willingness to be the LIGHT for YOU, is the process in which you step into your Ascension. As it is this purified state of being that exists ALREADY, for you to get access to Now.

A Full Moon Blessing as you ride these waves.

Breathe and Receive FULLY as the Heart of your Consciousness is awaiting your full concrete activation as the Fully Initiated YOU, lives as the ONLY ONE you Are.

I Am Whole and receive the Initiation into BEING the ONE that rides the waves as the Steady Eternal LIGHT That I AM NOW.

My chakras and LIGHT BODY Align with this Eternal Light, and I AM FILLED with this Beatific Light, NOW.

My mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, HOLD this Presence with an intensity that EMITS this Light CONCRETELY as the Divine Being that I AM forever more.

I receive, I stay tuned in to my Divine Self, with the waves of ALL that is ready to rise to the surface in my consciousness NOW.

I Am the Love that purifies these memories as I RISE in my Ascension as the God Self That I AM forever NOW.

And so it is! I Am with YOU, in the Eternal Love and GRACE of All that is! NOW!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Communication and Projection ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian


ART : Kimberly Webber


Communication and Projection ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Things are not as they Seem…they really are not.

When we project on to others what we “think” is going on with them and assume they are this way or that, (not interested, uncaring, not in love, etc) it becomes a state of consciousness that is hard to recognize that is PROJECTION.

Its like there are many worlds people live in (and there are) and the communication between most people in relationships is the state of consciousness of projections.

The different worlds are the different levels of consciousness.

One cannot have a deep true level of intimacy, with someone who is projecting. As there is no real communication going on. Beliefs in APPEARANCES ~ and second guessing through the filter of ones fears. Is not intimacy. Or even anything REAL.

If there is a state of illusion, it is this. A state of consciousness where ONES deep level fears are so ingrained in consciousness, that the filter they see everything with, becomes to them, a WORLD where they see everything as the victim. Which has NOTHING to do with what is actually going on.

The friend, the lover. At some point (hopefully) one realizes and takes responsibility for ALL feelings that come up related to deep inner  insecurities. These insecurities  are at the core of the subconscious programming, we are here to clear. As we enter completely 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Project, expect and demand a certain life or a certain experience from life or with another, is the little self, rejecting the Higher Self through resistance.

The Higher Self YOU knows exactly what needs to be cleared, what needs to be changed, WITHIN YOU. That is why it is coming up. It is called ~ your “experience” like it or not.

Waking UP ~ Like a trained athlete that knows daily dedication, is a state of consciousness, where ONE lives to be awake. One lives to truly SEE how they are functioning and what they are functioning through.

Holding oneself accountable, is part of the process. Are we truly being authentic or projecting on to others our stuff?

How can you tell if the predominant way you live is through projecting? Are you the victim EVER? That is projecting.

At the level of 5th Dimensional Consciousness YOU OWN EVERYTHING.

That everything is YOUR FEELINGS.

We do not brush aside and deny and cover up how we feel to step deeper into freedom.

We feel, we own, we LOVE what arises, within ourselves.

There is no other way.

And like the trained athlete, it takes all. Focus, self-awareness, going through things even when we do not like it. To CONTINUOUSLY take part in our own Evolving  of consciousness. To wake up.

LOOK within! It is you! Everything you see, feel and experience is through the state of consciousness within yourself.

When you change inside. When you have a change of HEART, you see Everything differently. This may be a game this experience of life. If so, play the game full on, through being more attentive to what is going on within yourself.

Those feelings, those feelings you keep ignoring. Bring them up to the light of Day. Give them compassion and love, that is the only way you enter freedom.

True Freedom, true Love. Not out there, SEEKING everything externally. 3D is backwards is attempts to attain out there first. 5D is everything is a result of within, and the consciousness experiences itself through that.

The inner awareness, love, joy and bliss of taking responsibility for what is going on within. Then sharing loving relationships built on high levels of self-awareness.

Go Deep within and know yourself. Know the Universe within. Know the mastery of manifestation ~ WITHIN.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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You Are an Avatar ~ Receive the Sacred Divine Fire of Initiation – L’Aura Pleiadian


You Are an Avatar ~ Receive the Sacred Divine Fire of Initiation


In timelessness you were created.

As Light you emerged from the Void being birthed through the Sacred Fire of Creation, as your Soul Star Matrix.

In no time, you already exist in the fullest and HIGHEST of you as an Avatar Being.

You that descended into form as your Original Soul Star ~ God Self, Christ Self, Avatar Being. The God you that descended.

Let us take this Original Feminine Aspect of Creation, the Sacred Fire, and re activate once again, you as your Original Avatar, Holy Higher Self.

Within your Blueprint, in the Central Sun, is the Glorious aspect of your Original Light, waiting for your conscious return, to the God you the Ascended You living in the Golden Age.

The Avatar You.

The Holy Christ You, waiting only for its full activation once again, as you were created AS.

This is the return to you as the Divine Light of God that you Are already.

Let us breathe in this Divine Feminine Fire of Creation, the activation aspect of creation, that activates the Elohim Plan. The Original Creation for the Sacred Beings on Earth, that are the God Beings, that descended.

Let this Fire of Creation birth you again through your Soul Star Light purifying your memory and Blueprint, to your Beginning. Your Original Light.

Let us NOW Receive this Activation, as our conscious Participation, with all the Great Beings Present in this Activation, through the Central Sun. The Pleiades, the Pleiadian Council, and Council of Overseers and the Great Beings and Teachers of Love from Venus, here with us NOW.

The Original Fire Once Again, IS NOW Activating and Initiating at a deeper level, all beings on Earth, as the Angelic Consciousness of the First Wave of Ascension.

NOW preparing your Form, your cellular consciousness, to receive this Sacred Initiatory Fire as the FULL return to the GLORY of GOD ~ that descended, into your form.

Receive, Breathe in this Sacred Eternal Fire of the Divine Feminine, being activated at the Base of your Spine, spiralling up beyond your Soul Star Chakra, into your Original Soul Star Matrix, descending once again, as YOUR Pure Original Light, NOW consciously into your form.

As you breathe this Sacred Fire, feel the Flooding of your Consciousness return to the state of Consciousness of your AVATAR SELF.

Over the next few days, FEEL and KNOW yourself, as your God Self, The Avatar you, descended into form.

ALL the Beings and Councils are PRESENT, and with GRACE, pour out a magnitude of Blessings, not yet known on Earth.

Receive and Receive.

Breathe the Fire and Receive.

You ARE Avatar, YOU are God! Receive, and BE BLESSED! Now!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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A Life of Devotion ~ Being True to Your Higher Self – L’Aura Pleiadian



A Life of Devotion ~ Being True to Your Higher Self


We all experience unique experiences as part of our journey here on Planet Earth in form. Staying true to your Divine inner self, while living in a body in the world of external appearances, is living a life of Devotion, a life of Higher Purpose, a Life of Divinity.

Sometimes that road, that path, of Devotion, may be filled with what others would consider, not the easiest way to live. Those called to live in that Devotion, live set apart, so to speak, in that, they do what they do, they live how they live, not dependant on approval, of others.

Monetary gains, have no interest to a devout Initiate, even though they may be blessed with material abundance.

A House a home, is not on the top of the list, as the HOME is within, to a Divine Being. Although, a beautiful house, may also be part of the plan.

A relationship, may be withheld, until a Divine Being fully has completed their processes, and is Exalted completely within, then Drawing the Exalted, counterpart, to their side.

There are no half measures with the Divine Devotion.

It is ALL and only those called within themselves to live like this, will live like this. As it requires ALL to be truly Devoted.

Many religions have understood partly this Dedication and Devotion. Yet there is more to it. When ONE becomes completely enlightened and a FULL Divine Initiate and lives as this Light that is the Glory of Divinity, then ONE gains everything, including a relationship. If that is in ones Life Plan.

The people on Earth, 3D have lived by a Dog eat Dog mentality, which is shifting, as that living for only oneself to get ahead for the SAKE of APPEARANCES, has become more obvious as the meaningless path, that so many have attempted to attain happiness through. It does not work. Out with what does not work and in with what DOES.

We have seen many signs of this, even with celebrities, they look like they have it all. Then they commit suicide. OUTER gain has nothing to do with inner beauty, love, peace and devotion.

Those are the Divine Qualities and Virtues that bring to you the LIFE of your DREAMS.

NO longer seeking gain for selfish purposes. BUT seeking the GLORY of the Divine YOU in all moments.

Truly living Authentically as a Divine Being, that is Graced and adorned within, with the Glory of God, is the INNER Glory and Fulfillment, that brings lasting happiness, joy and Bliss, no matter what.

It is the foundation for Inner Transformation.

It is the foundation for the New Earth.

It is the foundation for Happiness and it cannot be bought or taken away once you have it.

First Beautify your inner world, the inner You with the Virtues of the Divine. Live in Devotion to this. To your inner transformation. Allow the landscape of your inner thoughts, be the Beatific Glory of that which you seek, within.

Allow your inner emotions, be the Heaven you desire to Live in, within.

Allow your actions, the way you live, what you choose to do with your time, be the MANTLE of Glory, that reigns upon you, all the Delights of Heaven, that becomes your overflowing BLISS and JOY that you gift the world with as your Divine PRESENCE.

Allow PATIENCE to settle in, as the food of Light you partake in, that fills you with the satisfaction and peace, of the Angels.

Allow Devotion, to be the way Grace pours through you in all Moments, and radiates the Highest of Highest Love, to all, you look upon.

Allow Trust, to be you inner Strength, that is your Rock, which all you do then, becomes imbued, with the Glory of Heaven on High, within you.

May you accept, time does not have the same meaning here on Earth as it does in Heaven. Focus your Attention on ALL that is eternal, as the crown that you wear, within, till you RECEIVE your crown of Divine Glory that blesses you. With your Divine Twin Flame by your side. As it is in Heaven.

May you know, this path is the path of the Greatest Divine Blessings. It is the way home, here on Earth, to the Divine YOU in all your Beatific Glory. In this, I do hold you.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Entering the Portal of Your Divinity ~ Exalting the Everyday Practical – L’Aura Pleiadian


unknown artist


Entering the Portal of Your Divinity ~ Exalting the Everyday Practical


Time exists within you as a state of consciousness that anticipates a separate future, based on the idea of separate experiences and memories of a past. There is what appears as a FUTURE timeline. Yet it exists already now.

This future timeline is taking place now, your consciousness is awaiting your expanded state of consciousness; your shift in consciousness, to CONSCIOUSLY experience it.

When we take the everyday ordinary TASKS and move them deeply WITHIN as a state of Divine Consciousness (5th Dimensional Consciousness) we shift our timeline to the NOW.

This is how your Divinity experiences ITSELF. It knows itself in UNION with all aspects of yourself, that occur simultaneously in many parallel worlds and timelines.

Accessing more of your conscious Divinity in form and waking yourself up to your multidimensional consciousness, occurs naturally as you evolve into the present moment, through your heart.

Consciously accelerating your conscious experience of the Divine You, involves your active intention, focus and ATTENTION to the Presence of your Divine Self, in all moments.

Which brings us to the purpose of this writing, activation.

IN all moments…We sit in silence, we listen to audio activations…we surrender, we receive. Then life takes place. The shopping, the cleaning, the chores.

Let us take the DIVINE Presence of our Divinity and PLACE it in an exalted valued and cherished PLACE in our Daily lives, through consciously making all of our daily tasks, DIVINE.

Let us make all things MYSTICAL. Let us make all things a DIVINE Ritual.

Let us step into the timeline where that is so! Where we consciously are aware of LIVING as that. Through the practise of this PRESENCE.

Through the mimicking (may feel like that at first) of a timeline, where ALL moments ARE Mystical, magical, and surreal beyond our imagination.

Let us put the magic back into, how life was created to be.

All changes are WITHIN.

Having the attitude, intention, attention and focus of this way of BEING within, is what LANDS you, so to speak, into the timeline, where that magical life is as natural as breathing.

Speaking of breathing, let us start there NOW.

Feel your heartbeat, WITHIN YOU. Feel your breath within YOU.



Now, let us start with a Sacred Intention, then let us practise this as a WAY of LIVING within US. That sparks the Divine Presence within us through all activities. That begins a new life WITHIN us. Which CHANGES everything.

This is a Game Changer.

I Sacredly Intend, to Live as the Divine Being that I Am already, in all moments. (really feel this in your Heart)

I Sacredly Intend, Focus, Commit, through the practise of my ATTENTION on my DIVINITY, to Become the Conscious Embodiment of my Divinity, Now.

I  OPEN to, all daily tasks, work, chores and the mundane, to become for me the A MAGICAL ritual, in which I sacredly honour my Divinity and Acknowledge its Presence within ME, with me, on ALL levels of my Being, NOW.

I receive this Divine Activation of this increased activated AWARENESS as the Divine DOORWAY and Portal to my experience of my EXALTED Timeline, where all moments are Divinely MAGICAL, now.

I live, breathe, think and feel as MY DIVINE self, my DIVINE EMBODIMENT of my Divine Ascended Being, in ALL moments NOW.

And IT is, as it already is! All NOW, through the Glorious Exaltation of Divine Presence. The Radiant Light of the Eternal, within. United in the Glorious Union, with all timelines, all Now. IN Divine Love and Glory! I love you!

5th Dimensional Consciousness

Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Divine States of Consciouness – Your Ascension -L’Aura Pleiadian

art-divine emanation-freydoon-rassouli

ART : Divine Emanation by Freydoon Rassouli


Divine States of Consciousness ~ Your Ascension


The upward flow of Divine Light is the expansive state of consciousness, that you are expanding into as part of your Ascension.

The downward flow of Divine Light is the receptive principle where you RECEIVE the Divine Attributes and Gifts, as you are ready.

Abundance is a state of consciousness. Beauty is a state of consciousness. Love is a state of consciousness. Prosperity is a state of consciousness.

You might at first think, oh I can attain any of those.

Going deeper into consciousness, the embodiment of these qualities as states of consciousness (that I am referring to) is the positive experience of the Divine attributes experienced Within.

Awakened and united within you, as part of your Original Divine Light. Your Higher Self, God Self.

Immersed in experiences, (which are experimentations) there are positive and negative attributes associated with the experiences of different states of consciousness. Let me explain, and then we will experience a powerful Activation, of Divine Qualities, Virtues and Gifts.

A person may have lots of money, yet be unhappy. They may appear outwardly as prosperous (the attribute appears to be present) yet within, may experience a negative experience.

Seeking through the external, strictly for a purpose of gain, brings about the negative aspects (opposite end of the frequency pole) of experience. Of  states of consciousness. This may be greed, sadness, loneliness, etc.

Developing and RECEIVING through Divine Grace, Divine Prosperity, we receive positive experiences of this state of consciousness. Bliss, happiness, humbleness, contentment and gratitude.

These Divine States of Consciousness are Divine Virtues and Gifts. When you receive them they also are a responsibility.

Beauty as a DIVINE Inner Quality and Virtue, is the Divine Beauty of your Higher Self, felt and experienced within. Beauty attained only through external means, again, is the negative end of the state of consciousness.

When received as your Original Divine Light (in wholeness) all Divine Attributes, are experienced as positive.

The Divine Feminine principle, is experienced through your INNER feelings and states of consciousness (Abundance, Prosperity, Beauty, Love) WITHIN.

The Divine Masculine, then materializes externally, in Divine Harmony and in Union, with the inner Divine Feminine.

This is how you experience this Union, that manifests itself, as YOUR states of Consciousness (Divine Attributes) that you experience. When experienced through this Divine Harmony, the experience is Love, Joy, Bliss and Harmony.

When attempts are through the masculine principle, alone, through the external only, then the experiences are more of the opposite end of the pole, of frequency. The enjoyment becomes empty, as it is NOT experienced through the WHOLENESS of the Original DIVINE LIGHT.

The Upper Flow and expansion of Divine Light (Divine Masculine) and the downward flow of Divine Light (the receptive Feminine principle) was created to flow in harmony with each other, within.

This is the flow of original Divine Light. In Harmony and in Union.

This perfectly balanced, Divine Light, is your Original Light.

Activating your Inner feeling of this Light, is a magical process of receiving your Divine States of Consciousness. Your Virtues, your Divine Qualities as states of consciousness.

Now, please relax and FEEL, this is the receiving principle of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine (receptive) and the Divine Masculine, expansive and materializing aspect, is your Original Divine Wholeness. 

I open and Receive Divine Prosperity now, I FEEL this Prosperity flood my consciousness, as the Original Whole Light of the Divine, Now. (feel this in your body)

I open and Receive Divine Love now. I feel my Heart Open and I feel the Union with my Twin Flame, within me now. I feel Loved, Cherished, Acknowledged, as DIVINE, within me NOW. (pause, breathe and fully FEEL this)  

I open and Receive through Grace now, Eternal Abundance, that floods my consciousness as my Original Divine Light. My Divine Higher Self. Now. (breathe and feel)

I open and Receive my Ascension NOW. I receive all the Light Codes now as fully activated in my Original Divine Blueprint and Light, in wholeness and in Union, that I already AM, NOW. (feel) 

Beloved Divine Souls of Original God Light, breathe in this Activation, opening and receiving. This wholeness then, is the Divine You. Where you exist already NOW. Fully activated within you as your Consciousness. And So it is! All Now. The Highest of Highest Divine Love and Miracles!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Full Moon in Pisces and Lunar Eclipse, September 16th, 2016 – L’Aura Pleiadian


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Full Moon in Pisces and Lunar Eclipse, September 16th, 2016


September 16th, 2016 at 4:05 pm ADT is the Full Moon in Pisces and a Lunar Eclipse.

This Lunar eclipse is closely connected to the September 1st, Solar Eclipse. New Moons are new beginnings and The Full Moon is a Culmination and completion, of that which began with the previous New Moon.

Sun Opposite Moon, with the added intensity of a Lunar eclipse.  Areas reflecting balance within you, or lack of balance, harmony or disharmony, may be experienced as a build up of emotions and a release.

If you are ready a clearing of memory and an opening to greater expansion of consciousness, is possible.

Karma is simply memory, stored as past energetic responses from past lives, held in your Blueprint and Subconscious mind waiting to be Purified. Released.

This accumulated energetic memory, when released (purified) opens you up to the experience of Expanded consciousness. Which is part of the initiation process, of Ascension.

This does not mean endless clearing is necessary as a primary focus.

Trust in your Soul, trust in your Life Plan, your Destiny and GRACE, is part of the SURRENDER to the Light of your Divinity.

This Surrender, calms the mind, attuning you to the vibrational frequency of gratefulness, of Harmony and of Peace. When you LET go and stop the 3D TRYING, Magic and miracles happen, on your Behalf.

Since when did 3D struggling every create the expansion of Consciousness.

LET GO, surrender, relax and FEEL.

FEELING activates your inner awareness of the Divine Feminine Principle, the downward flow of DIVINE LIGHT, which you OPEN to RECEIVE.

The Upward flowing Divine Light of the Masculine Principle is Expansion.

NOW your Ascension involves your Evolving into the Balance of the masculine and feminine within. SO yes Expansion NOW through the ALLOWANCE and surrender of RECEIVING.

You Receive through feeling, you OPEN your Heart, to receive.

You are no longer just trying anymore, you are surrendering, you are opening, so that you will receive through the GRACE of Divinity your Ascension, your Expansion and your Destiny.

Your Future Timeline (it is present now, you are expanding in consciousness to it) you are fully balanced, that is, the masculine and feminine within you.

Use this activation and experience of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, to awaken within you, your awareness of the Balance within you. The Masculine and Feminine. The Active and Receptive principles of Consciousness. Harmony and Disharmony.

Opening to greater surrender, therefore Greater Opening to RECEIVE the Grace.

As it is this Grace of receiving, that fully transforms you. Your Soul, your Divinity, Receive.

Breathe and FEEL (you go inwards when you feel within) in this NOW moment, receive.

I fully OPEN to receive the GRACE of the Eternal Light of my Beloved Soul and Twin Flame.

I fully OPEN to receive the Grace through which I Ascend. 

I fully Open to both the Masculine and Feminine within me, to Perfect Divine Balance. 

I fully Open to the miraculous Timeline, where I live my magical destiny, merged fully with my Divinity, that I RECEIVE NOW.

Breathe and Receive. Be conscious of the Receptive principle within you. Graciously receive, Graciously Transform and Ascend. And so it is Beloved Angels of Light, Divine Ascended Beings, I am with YOU, NOW and Forevermore!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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The Worlds of Energy and Light ~ Pleiadian Delegate


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The Worlds of Energy and Light

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As You open up to the Myriad of Choices that are always within you,
Recognize that you are in Union WITH whatever YOU ARE experiencing.

In the Worlds of Energy and Light, your experiences are ALWAYS a Vibratory match, to what already exists, within you. Understand this through Your Heart and be conscious of your Creations, Dear Souls.

There simply is no right or wrong, simply what you are focusing Upon.

There are many parallel worlds, where you are vibrating in Union with and to the experiences there.
There are worlds where you are exist in Harmony and experience your Limitlessness and there are parallel worlds that you are experiencing limitation.

Your FOCUS becomes YOUR vibratory frequency, and through your free will, you choose WHAT you are in Union WITH.

Union with Your Soul and Your Heart, is Union with your Eternal Self, Your Immortal Body of Light, which is Ecstasy and Eternal Bliss.

Union with EXTERNAL Problems, and people outside of you (appearances) creates the frequency that is in Union with Problems, Disharmony and limitation, which you are also experiencing in Parallel worlds.

The Questions is, THEN isn’t it, WHAT are you in UNION with through your Focus and Vibration?

Your Intention and the Use of your WILL determine WHERE you place your FOCUS.
What are you FOCUSING ON? Dear Souls?
A World of bliss and Freedom?
Or a World of Problems?

Know that you create your Reality through WHATEVER Focus you CHOOSE to have, this is your Free Will, after all.

FOCUS on your Heart and True Desires, Dear Souls, if you Desire to Experience the Endless Bliss of All That You Are, and the Eternal Freedom and Mastery, through the VICTORY that is ALREADY Yours!

I love you Dear Souls!! I Am the Victory that is for You! And That has Always Been Yours! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!


  Sep 7


Radiating Light ~ Consciously @ Pleiadian Delegate

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Radiating Light ~ Consciously

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Your Energy flows and interacts with all around you, whether you are conscious of this taking place or not.

You “Radiate Light” which is either a Light Frequency of Harmony, or a Light Frequency of Disharmony. Everything is Light and everything is Frequency.

Be conscious that all is not as it seems to be on Planet Earth. Be conscious of objects that appear solid, are not solid. Be conscious of all energy as Light of varying Frequencies. Everything is Light and interacts with your Light constantly. What Light frequency are you emitting Through your thoughts and feelings?

Feelings, thoughts, words are energy also, as you know. All Energy is Light. Solid objects, sound, feelings and thoughts are Light.

Practise being conscious of the Use of your own personal Energy, in all moments. This is Mastery of Duality.

Increase the power of your Focus and awaken within you, your conscious full Awareness. You as an eternal Being of Light, you as your Soul, you as your Immortal Body of Light.

Are you aware of your thoughts?
Are you aware of how your feelings impact your entire body and your day?
Do you pause often, and look deep into what is going on within you?
Do you breathe consciously?
Do you focus on the Love within your Heart?

Imagine if you would, walking around through your day, and seeing your thoughts and feelings as Light, interact with all energy everywhere. You are part of the Holographic Field, and just as all information is held in your Blueprint throughout all of your incarnations, so too, all of your interactions are held as a record and impact this Holographic Field.  Light impacting Light. Frequency interacting with All Frequency.

Just because you are not conscious of the Light waves that create the signal for the different channels of a radio, and TV, does not mean they are not signalling, as Light, constantly. The signals of Light Frequency they signal, are not dependant on your use of them, also. They simply vibrate at different frequencies of Light.

Are you conscious of how the internet works wirelessly? Your cell phone? And yet the internet and your cell phone is not dependant on your knowing or seeing, the Light that it signals, and its frequency, for you to experience the varying Light Frequencies.

All Light is Frequency. All objects, sound, thoughts and feelings are frequencies. As you become more aware, and live in the awareness of this interacting Light and Frequency that you are constantly emitting and receiving, know that as you awaken in your Full Mastery, you will consciously step into, the Higher Frequency of your Soul.

Increase the Power of your Focus.

Stay Present in your Heart Space.

Be conscious with each Breath of the Eternal Love that has always existed, and exists within You.

Emit and receive consciously, All interactions of Light within you, and with all Light Everywhere. This includes your thoughts, your feelings, your surrounding as well as the Desires of Your Eternal Soul, through Your Heart.

If you are in a state of Disharmony know that to awaken fully the awareness of Your Eternal Soul, vibrating in Harmony aligns you and all of your Bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual with all that is eternal, Your Soul, your Heart, within you. Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions on YouTube, daily, they will awaken the vibratory Light and Frequency of your Heart and eternal Soul and Align you with the unconditional Love, of All That is. Your Immortal Body of Light.

Radiate your Light ~ Consciously!!

Victory is Light and is a Frequency. Unconditional Love is a Vibrational Frequency of Light that is ever-present in All Eternal moments. Allow your Heart, your thoughts and Feelings Align completely with Eternity Now. Use your Free Will through the use of your Focus, to stay present within your Heart, and flow and function through the Light of Your Soul.

I am a Constant Stream of Eternal Living Light, the Frequency of Victory for you! I hold you in the Eternal Light of your Soul. All is ready to be birthed a New. Hold dearly the Sacredness of All that You Are. As All Arises within you, embrace the Light that it is, and the everlasting Light, of Creation. I love you Dear Souls! I am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I am Pistis Sophia! I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!


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Embracing the Mystical Alchemy @ Pleiadian Delegate, The Queen of Light

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ART : Albena Vatcheva


Embracing The Mystical Alchemy
Jul 29

Posted by Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

In days of Bliss, and timeless Moments,
the Heart wide open, and deeply Focused.

Flowing through time, as if in a Dream,
Immortal Body of Light, a Living Steam.

Reaches out, the past and the Future,
in the Now, the actor and Producer.

Of all moments, called Reality,
embracing, the mystical, Alchemy.

The Secrets of Living, are through the Heart,
steady your awareness, do not Depart.

From your True, Soul, Heart Desires,
awakening all of You, through Primal Fires.

Into the Mists, and the Other Worlds,
the Veil, removed, mixing and Swirled.

Your Presence as One, a Living Soul,
Being here now, there is no Goal.

Touching Light, through Angel Wings,
filled with Grace, an Upwelling, Spring.

Being Victory, and the Living, Glory, too,
merging, Masculine and Feminine, as on Mu.

Is the Chalice, that I Am, ~ Behold,
Receive through your Heart, and all will Unfold.

I Am The Victory that is for You! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!

NEW WEBSITE Albena Vatcheva