Some Golden Gems @ Radiant Rose Academy

Some Golden Gems

In 2014 Akasha and Asun and others of the Ascended Host reviewed some of the Fundamentals of the Lost Knowledge, also known as the Ascended Master Teachings. We offer you here a glimpse of some of the Golden Gems that came forth during this review.

Golden Gem: Akasha

It is our desire to review the fundamentals of the Ascended Master Teachings from an expanded consciousness in a way that you’ve never heard them before.”


“We begin this review with a truth. If one is to be a channel for a miracle for another person, if one individual is going to be a conduit, is going to stand in for another person, that individual who is capable of producing miracles, even miracles to the point of calling back a person who has crossed over through the change called death, that individual must have the ability to see the appearance, must have the ability to see what has offended life, to see the appearance that confronts another, and at the same time to see the perfection. Only the Christ can do this. If you could be raised to live up in the higher dimensions of the Planetary Systems of Life you would see that they are in such a state of perfection and are unable to see any imperfection. They only know and see perfection. That is your future self.

A remarkable situation is on the Earth; the Earth requires healing. Divine Intervention has come to the people of Earth on December 21/22, 2012 initiating the Seventh Golden Age. This is the last and final opportunity for the people of Earth to return to being the spiritual beings they were created to be and to live a spiritual life and understand the interconnectiveness of all life. To be restored to the spiritual beings that you are requires you to step into a state of consciousness that is not relevant or familiar in other Systems of Worlds. I present this thought in a new way to you this evening that only the Christ Consciousness can yet see the illusion that is lack, limitation, disease, duality and all that is wrong. If you do not have a being who can see the illusion, you do not have a Being who can heal the illusion. And so this is a very peculiar kind of consciousness. It is a remedy and it is the answer to the people’s problem.

Living a spiritual life is a discovery of who you truly are, who created you, where you came from and why you are here. Rather than having lies told to you, the truth is given to you. As you apply that truth to your lives you soon start to once again become everything that we teach you that you have forgotten that you truly are.”


“Magnificent thoughts are starting to show up in leaders of mass consciousness. This is a group of individuals who are somewhat enlightened but are not touched enough by the Sleeping Splendor, the Spirit within them. They are enlightened by the hard cruel way of the past that leads their minds to think in a new way. For example, there are coaches and personal empowerment developers who will often come up with terminology. ‘We’ve got to think outside of the box.’ They have no idea of the great truth they are speaking. Is the world a dangerous place? Absolutely, in human terms it is. How does one become free of the concerns of the dangers? Understand the dangers in the world are a by-product of limited consciousness, the consciousness that’s ‘in’ the box. Whether you call them the Illuminati, the dark ones, the bank mobsters, whatever name you give them, the quickest way of ensuring you don’t have to be concerned about all their nonsense is don’t play in their box! Get out of their box of limited consciousness and live in the Higher Consciousness. Jesus called you the ‘Untouchables’ because if you don’t stay in their box of limited consciousness, they can’t touch you. If you stay up in the Higher Consciousness, they can’t touch you.” … (Golden Gem 0402 1 Akasha)



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Entering Into The Purifying Flames @ Radiant Rose Academy

Entering Into The Purifying Flames

Here is a Purification Mantra to speak to your Beloved Great God Presence, the Ascended, and Angelic Host. Try to remember you are calling upon your Presence and the Ascended Ones to blaze the great Purifying Flames and Rays through your outer self and speak the Sacred Mantra with as much love, feelings, and gratitude:

Mighty I AM God Presence and Great Ascended Host!

Transform and Perfect our physical bodies now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!
Transform and Perfect our physical brain now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!

Transform and Perfect our physical sight now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!
Transform and Perfect our physical hearing now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!

Transform and Perfect our cardiovascular health now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!
Transform and Perfect our physical heart now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!

Transform and Perfect our inner organs now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!
Transform and Perfect our bone structure now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!

Transform and Perfect our hair and skin now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!
Transform and Perfect our physical limbs now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!

Transform and Perfect our central nerve system now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!
Transform and Perfect our body metabolism now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!

Transform and Perfect our endocrine system now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!
Transform and Perfect our immune system now!
By the Power of Love and the Purifying Rays!

Almighty God I AM! (3)



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The Sacred Fire @ Radiant Rose Academy

The Sacred Fire

Of the Divine Spectrum of Cosmic Light and Sacred Fire, the Cosmic Blue Flame and Cosmic Blue Ray is the First Flame/Ray. It is sometimes referred to as the Flame and Ray of Power and Purity because of Its powerful ability to purify and transmute substance into a higher vibrational form.

The Sacred Flame/Rays are produced by The ‘Individualized Christ I AM Presence’, sometimes referred to as your Higher or Real Self, and is also produced by Angels, Ascended Masters, Great Cosmic Beings and of course The ‘Infinite Mighty I AM Presence’ Mother/Father God from out the Great Central Sun at the Centre of the Universe. The Masters advise us that by Cosmic Intervention we have now entered into the ‘Sacred Fire Age’ for the next 10,000 years ushering in the purity that will bring about the Seventh Golden Age upon our Beloved Earth.

The Beloved Ascended Master El Morya, Archangel Michael and Jesus the Christ, and others of the Ascended Host will project the Sacred Fire to the Earth when they are called upon to do so. The Mighty Elohim of Purity and the Mighty Elohim Hercules also project the Sacred Fire which takes on varying shades of Blue, Violet, Indigo, and Gold depending upon the Purification and Healing required and we can include them when we enter into our daily calls to the Sacred Fire. The great action of these Sacred Fire Purification and Healing Flames really is our Freedom. These Flames are the action of Love, Purity and Power as they pass through our feeling, mental, physical, and etheric bodies, our entire being, and consciousness. As we call upon the Purifying and Healing Flames to dissolve every mistake we have ever made, past, present, and future, this is the end of karmic conditions. These Flames when called into action can purify and erase the mistakes of the past, even past lifetimes, thus freeing us of the karmic law of balancing those mistakes through suffering or other means.

When we use the word Calls to the ‘Sacred Fire’ or entering into Sacred Fire Mantras we are really referring to a dynamic form of prayer where by your call, spoken out loud or inwardly, you are releasing a force of love to your Presence that compels your Presence and the Ascended and Angelic Host to respond to your call by projecting the various colours of the Purifying Flame in, through and around you and everywhere else you direct those Flames such as into your homes, loved ones, and your world. If there is an emotional or physical appearance in your life and world, you can call upon the Sacred Fire to enter right into those conditions to purify and heal them from your life.

We are invited by the Ascended Host to enter into the ‘Sacred Purifying Flames’ for 15 minutes every day. It is preferred that we stand however if you are not able to, sit with good posture. First, connect with the Great Flame of Divine Love that abides within your Heart, and pour your love there. Acknowledge your ‘Essential Real Self I AM’ that abides within you and above you and pour your love and gratitude for the Gift of Life. Then, through your Presence, greet the Great Ascended Beings of the Sacred Fire Flames and their Angels and call upon them to join your Presence in blazing the Purifying Flames in, through, and around you. Now be still for a moment and visualize a Great Pillar of the Sacred Fire around you and passing through you and above you. Imagine this Pillar extending three feet out from you in every direction in a perfect circle, and imagine the Pillar rising up 12 feet high. Visualize the Flames pouring up through your feet into your legs and up into your body. Visualize those Purifying Flames in your mind and brain, see them out in front of you, beside you, and behind you.

Call upon your ‘Mighty Christ I AM’ and the Masters and Angels to pour the greatest Concentration of the ‘Sacred Fire Flames’ through you and call upon these God Flames to purify your mind, feelings, body, being and world of all fear, negative emotion, and discord that has ever registered in your being and world. If you know of anything you specifically would like the Sacred Fire to purify, heal or remove, now is the time to call the Ascended Masters’ Flames into that condition. Now you are ready to enter into a Sacred Fire Mantra. The purpose of the Mantra is to keep you calling in the action of the Purifying Flame and to hold your attention on the Sacred Fire long enough for It to come in and do Its perfect work in you and your world. Finish with deep gratitude and adoration to the Sacred Flames of our Spiritual Hierarchy for all the Freedom Its Action offers you.

Ask your Higher Christ Consciousness to sustain the Action of the Purifying and Healing Flames through you and your world as you now go on about your day. You will find some of the Sacred Fire Mantras here on site for you to use and you can also refer to the Online Store to purchase the Sacred Fire Mantras Booklets. God Bless you!



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My Rose Pink Flames – Message From Beloved Akasha @ Radiant Rose Academy

My Rose Pink Flames

Message From Beloved Akasha

Asun and I have suggested you are Architects of Truth, and now, in order to bring forth the truth of your being, I urge you Precious hearts, open yourselves to the Love within your hearts and your true feelings. Hold yourselves open to the greater Light within your hearts and use your consciousness, use your mind to now invite Perfection’s Presence, the Eternal Presence of Love Divine into your lives. For this Love contains a Mystical Sacred Fire that can heal your mind, your bodies, and your emotions. It contains Celestial Sounds that can recode the atomics of your physical Temple into a finer energy that is of greater health and purity.

In your Prayer Calls and Decrees, call out to my Cherubim Angels of Healing and Illumination and invite Luminous Healing Rays of the Rose Pink Ray Angels to assist you in healing and illumining the limiting information in your mind and body cells, so that your body Temple can respond to the enlightened decisions you are making today.

I am suggesting that you are more enlightened now and have arrived at that place where you can set aside all struggle and begin to see your outer self, your Earthly Embodiments, as Divine Instruments through which you can now invite the Greatness and Perfection of your Being to express.

Why are Angels coming upon the Earth Plane in greater numbers now? Why are they coming in by the tens of thousands every day? They are here because there is a calling from within the hearts of humanity. There is an inner awareness growing within the human spirit, where human beings are realizing what has caused so much discord and destruction in this world. Human beings are inwardly beginning to understand, having those aha experiences as to what is the destroyer in this world. In their prayers, people are reaching up for help. Angels have always been in the great Realms of Inter-Dimensional Light, ready to assist humankind as long as your planet has been here; but sadly through disbelief, there are very few who would open the door of their own lives to these Precious Angels. The evolution on your planet has been slow in the past, but that is not the case now.

Angels can respond quickly to your Prayer Calls because the Heart and the Mind of an Angel are one with the Higher Intelligence Christ Mind of each of you. The moment your own Higher Intelligence registers a call for assistance from you, your call is responded to. Many times Angels are sent to you in response to your prayers and meditations. Please try to remember that Angels and Ascended Beings are God’s Great Messengers and Guardians of the Earth and all Peoples. Try to set aside all doubt and have greater Faith in your own God Presence and the Angels when they are called in to assist you.

When you know with your heart of hearts that you have a Higher Intelligence, and that its Presence is right here within your heart and you speak directly to that Inner Presence, then you are communicating directly with your own Divinity, your own Inner God Presence, and when you have no doubt about this, then those calls go directly up and out from your Higher Intelligence to your own ‘Individualized God Presence, I AM’, and the Angelic and Ascended Host who seek to assist you yet often they cannot do so without you using your own free will to invite their intervention through your Prayer Calls and Decrees.

In closing, I encourage each of you to call upon your ‘Mighty Christ I AM’, myself Akasha and my Angels to so charge your lives on Earth with the Cosmic Light and Miracle Love of the Sacred Fire, especially the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love from the Angelic and Ascended Host and the greater Realms of Cosmic Light. Because precious hearts that which is sinister in your world so dislikes the Sacred Fire and the Light and Love Rays, so the more the Sacred Fire you have around you and expressing out from you, will all discordant things just stay away from you. Then you will be in that place where the Light and Love of your own Divinity, and the Angelic and Ascended Host will guard you and look after you, so that as you seek to express the Perfection of your ‘Beloved I AM God Self’ into this world, you will have greater assistance in doing so.

It is not for me to guide you as to how that Perfection will express, whether you become future doctors, practitioners, financiers, whether you become future architects, nurses, musicians, movie directors, producers, you are all here on Earth by choice and you each have an inner passion and purpose for being here. As you say ‘Yes to Life’ and invite its Perfect Presence to express through you, it will express itself as that which is your highest aspirations. What I do know and can guide you on, is the destiny that stands before you, to become fully Resurrected and Free, an Untouchable Master Presence on Earth.

You each have been given keys not only to awaken yourselves, for the world of humanity is included in your ability to re-invent this world from a place of greater Compassion, Understanding, Peace, Love, Light, Healing, Power, and Transformation. There are many opportunities now to help each other in different situations, as many of the human race over the next three years will move into a place where the desire for Freedom is theirs in every experiential state of expression. In other words, whatever way you as a Conscious Being are choosing to express Freedom, Freedom of health in the body, Freedom of relationship, Freedom from every obstacle to your desired forms of manifestation, Freedom from every obstacle that is limiting your financial success, it is your right to have these things and is also the natural desire of Perfection’s Presence.

Remember to daily consciously choose to live within the Light, Love, Perfection and Protection of your ‘Mighty I AM God Presence’, Precious hearts. Each of you are capable of expressing the exquisite Wisdom of your Great God Selves, that exquisite Perfection that will inspire you with new desires and as these things well up and express through you, you may indeed connect and network with each other more successfully. Awakening humanity is being depended upon, to come together and strengthen each other. Then the Angels and Ascended Masters shall hold the great Cosmic Circle of Light and Sacred Fire Love around all of you on the Planet, and each of you shall then host the great Eternal Light into this world.

The rest of it will be sweet history as the dark forces just roll back. That is exactly what they will do, Precious ones. They will roll back. When the discord that has penetrated human consciousness rolls back, people will begin to experience a new state of Illumination and Love. The sinister force that has been in this world hypnotizing people into a place where they do not even know what their reason is for being in this world, that hypnotic spell will be withdrawn and people everywhere will wake up and remember once again. The great power of this Divine Plan will indeed come together and be Victorious as daily you enfold yourself in the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love.

Truly Precious Hearts, I mention this point often, that you must realize if you want Perfection in your lives, you must invite your ‘Mighty I AM Christ Presence’ to create it for you and express it through you. You must invite your Individualized God Self and the Angels and Ascended Host to purify your life on Earth, so you might once again be a vessel of Perfection’s Presence as was life’s true intention. Immortality in form, physical form…is one of the great reasons you are on the Earth. God Bless you. May my Rose Pink Flames Mantra and Decree Book help you to enfold yourself and your life in the Rose Pink Flames of my Love, Will, and Grace, I AM Akasha.



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I AM Individualized Consciousness @ Radiant Rose Academy

I AM Individualized Consciousness

The Individualized I AM, a Cosmic Activity of ‘I AM who I AM’

As we become more illumined to a kinder and more generous understanding of the Infinite Presence of our Universe that is the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, we come to understand they are the Source at the centre of the Universe that created all of us. They created Individualizations of themselves, Divine Replications, endowing each of us with the Divine Mind of the Father and the Sacred Heart of the Mother, sending us forth into this Universe as Individualized Creators.

Each of us are the Individualized Consciousness of I AM, however the self that we are presently experiencing is only a fraction of our true Divine Consciousness, Nature, and Self. Commonly referred to as our Higher Self, or more divinely referred to as our ‘Mighty Christ I AM’, we come to realize our Higher Consciousness Self lives in Higher Realms of Pure Light, and is the Source that provides life to us in our Earthly Embodiments. As we awaken to these great truths, we realize the journey before us is to once again begin to embody on Earth, the Perfection of ‘I AM’, our Individualized Presence of Source.

Image of our ‘Individualized God Presence’

The Ascended Masters have provided us with a Sacred Image of our outer self and our Higher Self Presence and Consciousness. The lower part of the picture represents our outer self; the upper part represents our Individualized Presence of Source, which is the Spiritual Light Body of our Higher Consciousness Self. It is our Higher Intelligence, Source of life to our body, and always stands ready to be a Source of Perfection in our life and world when we awaken once again to our True Self and enter into deep acceptance, acknowledgement, and begin to communicate with our ‘I AM, Individualized Consciousness’ that abides within and above us.

The Ray of Light which descends from the Heart of our Divine Self, down through the top of our head, anchoring within the heart of the physical body, is the very Life, Light, Substance, Energy, Intelligence, and Activity which animates our physical body, and is the Source of our Consciousness.

When our attention is turned to our Higher I AM Consciousness and Presence, this Ray of Life, Consciousness, and Energy begins to intensify and expand within our physical body, until the Point of Light within every cell of the physical garment responds. Then the process of removing the denser qualities of the physical body begins.

The Armour of Light around our outer self is a Gift of Protection from our Spiritual Self. The Sacred Fire passing in, through, and around our outer self cleanses, purifies, and heals our mind, feelings, and physical body when we begin to daily call forth the Sacred Fire Purifying Flames from our Presence and the Ascended and Angelic Host.

The Soul, Door To Everything @ Radiant Rose Academy


The Soul, Door To Everything

Our Spiritual Hierarchy advises us that few Spiritual Paths on the Earth really teach the nature of our Soul and what the Soul is. Akasha’s Dispensation through the Radiant Rose Academy, guided by the Ascended Host, does teach us the wondrous, magnificent, and beautiful nature of our Soul.

Beyond our Mind, waiting for each of us to embody through our continued awakening, is our Divine Consciousness of Higher Intelligence, All Knowingness. And, beyond our Hearts, waiting for our full return back into a State of Divine Love, is our Soul. Our Soul is the Door to Everything, everything being the Cosmic Light, Miracle Love, Perfection, and Genius of our God Nature that has long waited expression in our lives.

The Masters teach us that in our fall from Grace, by accepting the consciousness of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, instead of living our lives in accordance with the Consciousness of the Tree of Life that knows only Perfection, the human race closed the Door to their Soul. This happened millions of years ago.

Through our continued awakening, and the great re-union of our hearts and minds, one day the ‘Door to Everything’, our Soul, will open once again. When this happens, the Love and Genius of our Soul will express naturally through our daily lives. The teachings within the Academy reveal how we can prepare for and achieve this mighty restoration and accomplishment.

I AM, I Call To You @ Radiant Rose Academy

Goddess of Light – The Face of Egypt @ Art.Pal


I AM, I Call To You

“I Call unto Thee ‘Mighty Individualized I AM’ with the most intense love of my heart and ask Thee to blaze the Mightiest Concentration of the Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Presence in, through, and around my entire being and world; Send forth such a surge of this Almighty Perfection to every blessed heart around the world and those precious hearts that have discovered Mother Akasha’s Dispensation of the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love, Will, and Grace! Enfold them right now this instant and forever!

Great God Presence within every heart, awaken thy Glorious Splendor of Perfection into Cosmic Action through the physical Temples thou hast entered into and reveal the Mastery of Life upon this Earth as it is in the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Light! Blaze forth the Eternal Victory of the ‘I AM Infinite God Presence’ throughout all Creation and hold all in Perfect Divine Harmony and Balance forever!

Unto thine own ‘Presence’ all must bow in Loving Obedience for the Gift of Life, for every Blessing, for every so-called Miracle that is but the Natural Way of Life. May each one send forth endless waves of Adoration and Gratitude unto Thee Beloved ‘Mighty Christ I AM’! We shall never cease to Acknowledge, Accept, and Invite Your Almighty Invincible Presence, Power, and Intelligence into Action to the point where Thou art compelled to stand forth in Thy Visible, Tangible ‘Presence’ unto all! Raise each and every one of Thy Instruments into the Eternal Glory of the Light of God that Never Fails through the Resurrection and when the Divine Moment is at hand, into the Closing Experience of Earth’s Journey, The ASCENSION!”

I Excalibur, Bless Thee for Eternity, ‘Beloved I AM’!

A Prayer Call Of Adoration

“My ‘Beloved Majestic Presence, I AM’, my most dearest friend in all Existence, I greet Thee from out of the Love of mine own Hearts’ Flame with a Feeling of Gratitude indescribable, that Thou mayest Feel what Thou dost mean to me, and how I have yearned for this time to Remember Thee!

I live to Acknowledge Thee, to Accept Thee, and Invite Thee to Come Forth like Thou hast never come forth before! This IS Thy Temple. Come forth my ‘Individualized Presence, I AM’ and Thou Purify it, Thou Strengthen it, Thou Beautify it, Thou Maintain it, Thou Sustain it; Thou Protect it! For Ye are the One that Created it! I love you and adore you, Mighty I AM!

I return this Physical Temple back over to Thee, knowing Thou hast All Power, Thou art the Only Power! Come my Beloved Presence and Prove Thyself the Victory of the Light through this This Instrument, Right Now, this Instant and Forever! I Command and Demand it of Thee, in the Name, Love, Wisdom, Power, and Authority of God ‘I AM’! I love you, I bless you, and I thank you, my ‘My Sacred I AM Self’.”

PDF file: Communing With My-Presence

I AM Infinite Consciousness – Radiant Rose Academy

Virgin Annunciate tempura painting (1450-55) by Fra Angelico @ Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit, MI.


I AM Infinite Consciousness

The Infinite I AM, a Cosmic Activity of ‘I AM that I AM’

‘I AM THAT I AM’, long considered Mystical Words that many Spiritual Seekers and Initiates have sought to full comprehend, words that have led many to a Soul Journey, a Spiritual Path that required awakening to a Higher State of Consciousness, where illumination and revelation followed. The journey leads one to a realization that Perfection does exist in this Universe and the Starry Heavens are a daily reflection of the Divine Intelligence and Order that is evolving our Universe.

We discover there is an Infinite Higher Intelligence and Power creating the Universe, a Source of Cosmic Light and a Source of Divine Love. Indeed hidden within the words I AM THAT I AM, we discover God exists as God the Father, and God the Mother. How thrilling indeed, to discover God the Father, the Cosmic Light and the Divine Mind of our Universe; to discover God the Mother, the Divine Love and Sacred Heart of our Universe, yes Heavenly Creators of all Intelligent Beings that exist everywhere.

Infinite is their Presence, for we are made of them. Indeed, they abide within us, around us, above us, and below us. It is the Infinite Consciousness of Mother Father God that our own Consciousness is formed from.

I AM Is The Name Of God – Radiant Rose Academy

I AM Is The Name Of God

‘I AM’ is the name of God, ‘I AM’ is God-in-action and ‘I AM’ is the means given to you and everyone to identify their own existence. I AM here, I AM aware of myself, I AM a fully Conscious Being! ‘I AM’ is the means to draw forth into expression, experience, and manifestation all that you desire by what you place your attention upon after the words ‘I AM’ in thought, vision, feeling, words, actions, deed, for these are the principles of self expression.

“I AM here and I AM there!; I AM everywhere! Where God is, ‘I AM’ and where ‘I AM’, God is! There is no separation, and in truth there are no two powers, except that human beliefs seems to make it so. In the Higher Consciousness that I AM being raised back into, ‘I AM, God’ is the only Presence, Power, Intelligence that expresses from an Eternal Consciousness of Light and Love. The Truth waiting to be realized and actualized is that there is not even God and me, there is only ‘I AM’. The great journey that is before us is the journey of expressing and becoming once again, the full Activity of God in our lives on Earth.”

There is a splendor that has been unrecognized in every human heart, it is our God Nature, it is Light, it is Love; and all that it has ever required to become active is lots of loving acknowledgement, acceptance, and calling forth on our part for that beautiful God Nature to find expression in our minds, in our bodies, in our feelings. It is our ‘Individualized Presence of I AM Who I AM’, our true Self that lives within us and above us. The Presence ‘I AM’ speaks to us now…

‘I AM’ the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I have always been with you!”
For centuries I have guided you back to me through your gradual awakening. Now you are awake and you know me as your True Divine Self ‘I AM’. You have searched and you have found me. Since I AM One with the Infinite ‘I AM God Presence’ in the Great Central Sun, this makes you One with the Divine Mind and Heart of Creation. Now as you silently declare my Presence as the only Presence governing your mind and heart, you will come to know me as your True Beloved Divine Self. Soon this great declaration will become your reality experienced, and until then, speak my words into your mind on my behalf:

“Peace be Still and know I AM GOD. I have never left you, I have always loved you. By your willingness and attention upon my Presence in you and above you, will you come to know me as you. Peace be Still for my Grace knows the way.”

I AM your Resurrection back into the fullness of Life! I AM an Open Door which no man can shut!
I AM the Intelligence that directs you! I AM the Love that fulfills you!
I AM the Power that gives you all Freedom. I AM your Courage and Strength!
I AM the Presence that never fails to answer! I AM the Eternal Light and Love of Heaven and Earth!
I AM the Glory of Life which beautifies, perfects, and fills your body and mind with My Perfect Health. You will not lack for any good thing when your attention is upon me. I AM the Presence that comes forth in you when you speak my words with whole mind, heart, and comprehension:

“I AM THAT I AM! I AM Who I AM! I AM What I AM!”

I AM Impersonal Consciousness @ Radiant Rose Academy

Artist appreciation


 I AM Impersonal Consciousness

The Impersonal I AM, a Cosmic Activity of ‘I AM what I AM’

As we graduate our understanding of the ‘I AM Infinite Consciousness’, the ‘I AM Individualized Consciousness’, we are ready to discover the ‘I AM Impersonal Consciousness’. We can approach the understanding of the ‘Impersonal I AM’ in a way that Gurus, Buddha’s, Mystics, and Visionaries have glimpsed it: God is Everywhere!

This is the third Activity of ‘I AM’. The Buddha may suggest to you ‘God is everywhere’. The Buddhist may go as far in their own understanding to avoid walking on an insect because they see this as a sacred life form. So this idea has been around the world for some time. Let us glimpse an expanded understanding, that one day allows you to communicate with ‘God is everywhere, in everything,’ so the Impersonal Consciousness that is everywhere, begins to respond to you.

The ‘Impersonal I AM’ is not ‘personal’, as in your own Higher Intelligence or Consciousness that is personal to you and your Spiritual Nature. The ‘Impersonal I AM’ is incorporate within all Life, which is why it is Impersonal. It is everywhere. What is it? It is not so much a thinking consciousness, rather it is the responding consciousness, inherent within all substance and life.

It is the responding part of Source Consciousness that is everywhere in this Universe, in the very substance that makes up starry heavens, planets, star systems, elemental kingdoms, and so forth. It is the consciousness within every cell of your physical body; It is the responding consciousness within a rose, it is within the substance of a pebble, a stone, it is the consciousness within all Kingdoms of Life, including the Animal Kingdom; It is everywhere. It is the consciousness within the Powers of Nature, the Forces of the Elements, and Interstellar Space. Yes the ‘Impersonal I AM’ within all life that does respond to the ‘I AM Individualized Divine Self’. It is everywhere, and responds to the outer self when the outer self has become once again, a fully awakened and actualized Individualized Consciousness of Perfection, through the Process of Resurrection.

In this great journey of Resurrection that welcomes us now, let’s triangulate our understanding of ‘I AM’. The ‘I AM, Infinite Presence’ of Higher Consciousness created our ‘I AM, Individualized Consciousness’, so we could go forth as Conscious Creator Beings, the personal ‘Individualized I AM’ that is the truth of who we are. The ‘I AM, Infinite Presence’ of our Universe also created the ‘I AM Impersonal Consciousness’, the responding consciousness within the fabric of life itself, that responds to all that we desire and require once we are Resurrected back into our Higher Consciousness living in an absolute state of Perfection.

The Resurrection @ Radiant Rose Academy

The Resurrection

As individuals around the world continue to awaken and seek out Higher Knowledge and a Spiritual Path that fulfills Personal and Spiritual Enlightenment, inherent within each person is a Silent Force acting. That force is the Process and Power of Resurrection. Indeed this exists within every Path of Awakening, paths that guide us to becoming our true Spiritual Self on Earth, however this Power of Resurrection is not always recognized. Once recognized, the Resurrection Process is quickened.

The Radiant Rose Academy embraces Resurrection. Stated simply, it is a Power and Force that lifts and raises us up and out of a limiting state of consciousness that is creating problems in our lives. As we continue to awaken, making our selves instruments for greater Light and Love, Resurrection is the Power of Grace and the Force of Divine Will that lifts us into a Higher State of Consciousness where our lives become perfected and we are no longer touched by the discord and limitations of the outer world.

The Ascended Host teach us the Conscious Path of Resurrection, how to achieve it, to be raised above the discord and limitations of the outer world, and become untouched by those things. The Path of Resurrection fulfills prophecy of those who are on the Earth now, living great lives of awakening, those ones who have a Destiny waiting to be actualized, the Coming of the Untouchables. Are you one of them?

The Armour Of Light @ Radiant Rose Academy

The Armour Of Light

When you reach up to your own Individualized Presence of God, sometimes referred to as your Higher Self or your Mighty Christ, I AM, and each day you call upon your Presence to enfold you, to hold you, to protect you in Its great Cosmic Light, then your Presence projects a Shield or Armour of Cosmic Light down around you and below you. This Cosmic Light is made up of an Electronic Substance of which no atomic energy that is qualified with discord can pass through, therefore you become protected from all the discord that is upon our Planet and atmosphere, and protected from any discordant energy projected at you. Upon your call to your Presence, you become Insulated and no longer can the discord of the outer world touch you. With this Armour of Light around you, discordant energy can no longer see you, and you become untouched by all that is wrong in this world.

If everyday you enter into the Sacred Fire for 15 minutes, to maintain the purity, peace, and harmony required so that the Perfection of your Presence can express through you into your outer life, and you then seal yourself in your Cosmic Armour of Light, you are creating an environment both within you and around you that is ideal for your Higher Christ Consciousness to come forth through the life you have been given. Here is a lovely Decree Call to your Presence and when you include the Ascended Masters and Angels in your call, they can quickly intensify and help to maintain these Gifts of Divine Intervention in and around you.

“Oh Mighty ‘Christ I AM’ and Great Ascended Host, I call upon Thee to enfold me now in your Mighty Magical Armour of Ascended Masters’ Light Substance, drawn down and around me and below me; Seal me in thy Great Cosmic Armour of Light that makes me Invisible to the discord that yet exists in the outer world, an Armour of Light that makes us more sensitive to thy Golden Voice that speaks through my heart each day. I thank you.” Visualize and feel the Sacred Fire Flames and the Armour of Light enfolding you.

The Great Sacred Fire @ Radiant Rose Academy

The Great Sacred Fire @ Radiant Rose Academy

The Great Sacred Fire

Within the Hearts of the ‘I AM Infinite Presence’ of Mother Father God, and within the Heart of our own ‘I AM Individualized Presence’ of God, abides an Immortal and Eternal Sacred Fire Heart Flame. This Flame also abides within the Hearts of Angels, Ascended Masters, and Great Cosmic Beings. This Sacred Flame springs forth from the Super Electron of their Hearts.

Once our own great awakening begins to unfold, the Super Electron in our own Hearts transforms into a Sacred Heart Flame that becomes a Source of Light, Love, Purity, and Power. All manifestations of the Sacred Fire are sourced from the Heart Flames of Creation. From out of the Heart Flames, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Great Cosmic Beings can project an unlimited amount of Sacred Fire.

Depending upon the Intelligence, Power, and Quality the Master wishes to express through the outpouring of their Sacred Fire, does the Flames change colour and intensity. When the Flames take on the colours of Blue or Violet, those Flames become a powerful source of Purity, Healing, and Power. When the Sacred Fire takes on the colour of Gold, then Divine Illumination and Intelligence expresses through those Flames. If the Sacred Fire becomes Pink, those Flames are charged with the Qualities of Divine Love, Will, and Grace. And much, much more!

As we continue our awakening and becoming our ‘I AM Individualized God Presence’ on Earth, we too shall be able to project the Sacred Fire from our own Heart Flames to Perfect our lives and world. Until then, the Masters and and Angels will do this for us. They have provided us with hundreds of Decrees and Mantras for us to call to them to direct the Power of the Sacred Fire into out lives on Earth. The ongoing study and use of the Sacred Fire becomes our ultimate freedom from all discord and limitation.