The β€˜Team’ via Peggy Black: Your Personal Stargate

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The β€˜Team’ via Peggy Black: Your Personal Stargate

We are here, honored once again to connect in this manner. We offer you our gratitude as well as our acknowledgment for who you are, true multidimensional divine conscious beings embraced in a physical form.

We are aware that your physical form demands much of your attention; however, we continue to remind you of your unlimited ability to expand outside any limited beliefs.

You physical vehicle was designed, so to speak, to support a human dense existence and experience while being aware of yourself as conscious light and energy.

Many individuals are becoming aware of themselves as this conscious light and energy. This is the evolution taking place within the collective consciousness. People are awakening and realizing that they are much more than they ever imagined or were ever told.

More and more information is coming forth concerning aspects of the physical body that are key activators in expanded consciousness. Throughout time your mystics and sages have addressed these various activators within the structure of the body.

One very important gateway to higher awakened consciousness is the small mysterious pinecone shaped gland located in the center of your head. It is nestled between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, directly behind the center of your forehead between your eyes.

It is a part of your endocrine system. It regulates the neurochemicals responsible for wake/sleep patterns, reproduction, body temperature, various biorhythms as well as moods and states of wellbeing. This gland, called the pineal, is also responsible for the biological clock that determines your aging process.

Even though it is located in the depths of your brain, which is completely dark, it has rods and cones similar to the retina of your eye. You might wonder why your body created this gland with light detecting cells if there was no light to be detected. Perhaps the ancient ones, your sages, your mystics, knew the power of this gland when it was often spoken of as the third eye.

This small mysterious gland is the intermediary gate that bridges your physical and spiritual experiences here on earth. Mystics have often referred to it as the seat of the soul. Throughout your history, all cultures have connected this pineal gland with enlightenment and spiritual awareness, the link between the human and the divine.

For millennia, this has been hidden information. Ancient civilizations, secret societies and mystery schools were aware that this gland was responsible for spiritual enlightenment and visions during near-death, psychedelic and mystical experiences.

Most humans are totally unaware of the functions and abilities of this significant gland. This pinecone shaped gland has been expressed in sacred art and architecture around the world. Begin to investigate, for this information is available and will certainly expand your understanding of the importance of this personal stargate throughout the history of your planet.

All cultures have acknowledged this mysterious gateway to the higher realms of truth with the symbol of the pinecone representing the pineal gland and its sacred place in the history of your mystics, shamans, secret organizations and societies, as well as the religions throughout your world.

This information was hidden from humanity as a form of power and control by the elite. However, this is shifting as more and more individuals are awakening to their own understanding of who they really are, divine conscious beings who can connect to other divine beings, both physical and non-physical, as well as travel to other dimensions and realms.

Consider that this pineal gland is perhaps responsible for pictures internally seen when you imagine, or the dream images when you sleep, or even out-of-body or spiritual occurrences. Perhaps the pineal gland is responsible for the skill of remote viewing that allows someone to see images or events at a different location than where they are, or clairvoyance, which is the ability to see images and energy not visible to the human eye.

You might even say that when your pineal is fully functioning, it is like a satellite dish which connects you to the galaxy. It is the stargate that allows you to travel beyond this reality. It is the transducer of energy; it is the interface between your multidimensional divine self and your physical presence.

As you begin to become more aware of the history of this small gland hidden deep within the structure of your brain, you can begin to activate its true function. You can begin to spend some time focused on activating all of the awesome abilities it offers for your personal enlightenment, your multidimensional gifts and the doorway of your connection to the stars and the mysteries.

Unfortunately, this small gland can and does become calcified and sluggish. The calcification of the pineal gland happens as the human begins to age. This is usually due to lifestyle and the patterns within your collective consciousness.

Your society has grown accustomed to instant and processed foods. The fluoride in your drinking water as well as a diet laden with preservatives, chemicals and pesticides contributes to the calcification of this tiny gland. This calcification or sluggishness can be one of the factors of poor sleep, premature aging, biorhythms being out of sync, erratic mood swings or the inability to activate all your paranormal abilities.

So the effort of healthy eating and drinking water free of fluoride is certainly a beginning. Restoring your body to a more alkaline base rather than an acidic base will also be a positive factor. Make a point each day to be in the sunshine, without protective sunglasses, because sunlight stimulates this gland.

We know that when you begin your investigation regarding this powerful little stargate, you will discover many other suggestions of diets and herbs, as well as your seaweed, that will contribute to restoring your pineal gland to its rightful and effective role in your personal expansion.

Sound vibrations will also activate this gland. Chanting aloud is an excellent technique for opening and activating you pineal. Practice and play with the many tones, chants or sound vibrations that will stimulate, open and balance your third eye stargate.

You are very magnificent; remember this as you begin to focus on this small yet remarkable aspect of your physical form. Your pineal will begin to respond to your mindset, focus, attention and intention. It is time that this personal stargate, doorway, and portal is made available to you in your true awakening.

We are here to support that awakening process within you. We continue to remind you of who you are and how valuable you are as a representative of the stars. Call upon us as well as other beings of light and truth. the β€˜team’

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art Egyptian figures egypt

unknown artist

The ‘Team’ via Peggy Black: Your Personal Stargate



Galactic Brotherhood – Quan Yin – Energetic Upgrade has been Received. 1/7/15 ~ Jenny Schiltz



Galactic Brotherhood – Quan Yin – Energetic Upgrade has been Received.Β 1/7/15

The entire planet has received an energetic upgrade since the new year. Every man, woman, child, plant and animal has been affected. How each react to this upgrade and intensity of light coming for is completely individual. Some may feel a joyous euphoria, a lightning of their load. Others may feel like they have been tossed to the wind. It depends on where you are in your process and what is remaining that needs releasing.

For most experiencing this upgrade there are physical components. Some will experience illness as the body releases toxins. These can be seen in stomach upset and flulike symptoms. If this occurs take the opportunity to rest and consciously thank the process for helping you let go of the deep held toxins and programming. Some will feel pain in their chakras as the light codes expand and activate them. Others may feel pain in the head, sinuses and teeth, this is all programming being released. Most of you will experience a version of all the symptoms. Conscious awareness that these physical elements are not being done to you, but for you to help speed the process will help. Communicate with your guides and angels and ask them to help ease the symptoms if they are particularly intense. If it is in your highest good symptoms will be eased.

For some this energetic upgrade will add further stress and strain to shine a light on areas of your life that are no longer in your best interest. Understand that stress and uncomfortable feelings are not there to make you miserable but to call attention to a situation that needs changing. This could mean drastic life changes or simply reframing how you perceive the people and things around you. Acceptance of what you cannot change in these moments brings many a feeling of peace.

For those that are resisting change or acceptance, I would like to ask you: Why do you like suffering so? Has it become a part of your identity, part of your belief structure? Do you know that at any moment you can change the things in your life that stop you from being happy?

At any moment you can change how you view things in your life and by changing your perception you change the very thing you were fighting against. I’m not suggesting that all things can be fixed by reframing your mind. Somethings in your world require you to make complete and drastic changes. While painful, once the change and growth are completed you will find that your soul sings for your honoring your true essence.

Know that all things are happening in your absolute highest good. All are working to ensure that the lessons you came into earth to learn and your life purpose is realized. In order for this to happen, in order to unify with your highest source you must be willing to let go of all thoughts, behaviors, and actions that no longer serve your soul growth. Be aware of your life, what is causing you stress and strain so that you can make conscious decisions to change.

At this stage is important for the four runners, first waivers to not become entrenched in their physical symptoms. It is now the time to tell your self that you are indeed ascending. All pathways are open for your continued acceleration and growth. It is you who has the power to remain where you stand or to move forward with bravery and courage. You are completely supported and loved through this process, but it is your free will that determines the speed in which you obtain your goals. As the next wave awakens they will look to you for guidance and proof that indeed this can be done.

We honor your strength and bravery,

Quan Yin

quann yin 8.1.