On My Own Authority – Suzanne Maresca

Artist ~ Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art


On My Own Authority

It’s been a long road and quite a journey to arrive where we are as a Collective. Many of us have been on The Path in one regard or another for years, decades and even multiple lifetimes.

Profound realizations occur on an individual level and when they do, in the Oneness of our Collective, we achieve a new consensus without even realizing it.  Bottom line is that we agree on a great deal more than we disagree, and we’ve already expanded our awareness beyond anything we might have contemplated, say, ten years ago.

In meditation, we learn volumes about ourselves and our place in this world. We establish our own Sacred Connection to Guidance, and we introduce the simple phrase, “In the name of the Light” to insure that the Beings we’re connecting with are in integrity and alignment with the Highest Good of All Concerned.

Lightworker blogs are often reached by people looking for something. It could be that the seeker has an idea in mind or a word to enter in a search bar to find answers, and sometimes it becomes a seemingly random entry into an alternate realm of possibility.

Once a seeker arrives at our main page and starts reading, an entire world of potential opens up. When I first started reading channeled messages, I was a recovering Catholic and actually rejected anything to do with saints and “heavenly figures.”  I stumbled onto this site back in 2012 when a friend shared an article on FaceBook. The messages at that time carried information that served as blessed relief that the suffering of this world had both purpose and the possibility of reconciliation.

It was comforting to take in the intel from the one called SaLuSa back then, knowing that we have loving partners in our Galactic Family. That Archangel Michael and The Company of Heaven would be present for Humanity at this critical juncture in our evolution felt right and proper. Ascended Masters apparently on call to assist, many with experience living among us on the surface…all brought peace to my heart.

Discovering that we have lots of help from The Folks in the Rafters was sweet elixir and balm to our stormy and troubled souls.

The majority of our readers have likely been coming to the site for at least six years, some even longer. We’ve all been taking in channeled messages that encourage us to make our own connections and do our own personal work to clear out false information about who we are. It’s been a time of embracing ourselves as Divine Beings.

We may then find it difficult to reconcile when a message comes in that runs counter to what we feel to be so. I wonder sometimes if so much contrary information is meant to serve as a catalyst, propelling us into establishing our own Divine Sovereignty and Intelligence.

We’re meant to grow up here and learn. Someone just arriving on the scene is going to have a different viewpoint than the ones who’ve been at this embracing our Divinity thing for a while.

Humans are mostly all on the same path. Our perceptions of that path and our place on it are what differs. There’s no skipping over the challenging parts, the clearing and personal work. It truly is the hardship that we experience that fosters compassion and expansion. It’s in our nature to want to save others from having to go through whatever grim thing that we, ourselves, have survived.

Personal work is taking action to re-write the stories that sit in our bones telling us that we’re “less than” in some way. That others know more than we do about what’s best for us. If we don’t address our wounding, we make ourselves vulnerable to those who wish to direct our thoughts and actions.

Why are we here? In order to reach our full Earthly potential and perform our various missions efficiently, don’t we need to embrace our sovereignty? Isn’t the goal to achieve and nurture our own connection to Source, to The Oneness?

I was having a conversation with my daughter about a woman who hosts a cable show called Slutever. Provocative title, yes. The thing about this show is that it explores Human sexuality un-apologetically. Karley is the name of the hostess, and she has a background of experience that brings her to be a fearless traveler, interviewing and in close proximity to people that may not always be a frequency match for her.  She gives an air of complete confidence that however different and unusual the folks that she interacts with are, she’s always “at home” and safe because of who she knows herself to be.

The discussion turned to what could be seen as the Ultimate Peace while here in form on Earth. If we were to fully take in that we’re here for a reason, that we’re Children Of God and carry the sparks of the Divine in our very DNA, that we enjoy the full power and protection of the Light because of who we are…well then, what situation or experience would be a danger to our being?

If we don’t cast a shadow, there’s nothing for a negative entity to latch onto…no affinity spots in our Luminous Architecture that make us vulnerable. Our Light and our Clarity make for some outstanding protection.

So, how long then will we be subject to upset by a channeled message? Can we embrace our own authority when we read something that doesn’t sit right in our bones? Can we accept channels as being Human, like us? Not always perfect and not always right on?

Can we relax a little about outcome and let go of the how? It’s okay that we’re all in different stages of evolution. What matters most here is that we use our own, internal discernment when reading or listening to anything. If we’re triggered into an upset reaction, are we able to track the upset? Does it speak to a fear?

If someone comes at us with an accusation, unless we have at least a niggling fear that it might be true, there’s no upset. A message from a “higher being” admonishing us for not being good enough at raising our vibe will mean very little to someone who is solid in their own guidance and actions. We have a choice to eat that apple or just leave it.

Trust in the Self is what the goal is, because inside each of us is where all the Truth resides.



Artist ~ Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art


Establishing a Beachhead of Understanding in a New Context – Steve Beckow



Establishing a Beachhead of Understanding in a New Context

Not only did Michael and the Mother’s call to raise our vibrations bring several strands together for me but it’s galvanized me into action.

I had never considered what our common contribution could be to all that’s going on, but now I see it: Our common contribution is exactly this, raising our vibration.

The very phrase has the ring of truth for me.

Earlier I said that “getting” this phrase was like knocking the billiard ball in a different direction. That’s in effect what it’s been for me.

I, a person who specialized in lowering the vibration by being a stick in the mud as a very young child (in order to be heard), am now confronted with the need to learn something new from square one: How does one raise one’s own and the collective vibration?

I know none of the skills.

I watched myself the other day about to say subtle things on my cellphone which were about control. That was the first time in my life I had seen myself trying to control another person. I docontrol. Amazing. So awareness is working.

I have to stay out of judgement of myself to make the process work.

OK, here is my beachhead of understanding in this new field.

I can contribute my time-tested knowledge of one principal: The truth will set me free. In the practice of awareness, the truth sets us free from muscular tension, cognitive dissonance, weakness of purpose, etc.

I now have one skill to use in raising my vibration: Telling the truth – harmlessly, of course.

OK, thank you for that. I now have a second skill in my moral inventory: I know that harmlessness comes before truthfulness. I can practice harmlessness, except where life and limb are threatened.

Alright, up comes a third principal.  My mind is popping like a popcorn machine.  In a civilized society, a crime in the past does not justify a crime in the future. There’s no justification for a moral person to avenge themselves on the basis of past crimes.

These are all skills and principals that will assist me to raise my vibration.

But rather than simply knowing them, I now need to act on them to have the desired result.

I’m now headed in a different direction with three arrows in my quiver.



And a refusal to avenge.

Not only did Michael and the Mother’s call to raise our vibrations bring several strands together for me but it’s galvanized me into action.

I had never considered what our common contribution could be to all that’s going on, but now I see it: Our common contribution is exactly this, raising our vibration.

The very phrase has the ring of truth for me.

Earlier I said that “getting” this phrase was like knocking the billiard ball in a different direction. That’s in effect what it’s been for me.

I, a person who specialized in lowering the vibration by being a stick in the mud as a very young child (in order to be heard), am now confronted with the need to learn something new from square one: How does one raise one’s own and the collective vibration?

I know none of the skills.

I watched myself the other day about to say subtle things on my cellphone which were about control. That was the first time in my life I had seen myself trying to control another person. I docontrol. Amazing. So awareness is working.

I have to stay out of judgement of myself to make the process work.

OK, here is my beachhead of understanding in this new field.

I can contribute my time-tested knowledge of one principal: The truth will set me free. In the practice of awareness, the truth sets us free from muscular tension, cognitive dissonance, weakness of purpose, etc.

I now have one skill to use in raising my vibration: Telling the truth – harmlessly, of course.

OK, thank you for that. I now have a second skill in my moral inventory: I know that harmlessness comes before truthfulness. I can practice harmlessness, except where life and limb are threatened.

Alright, up comes a third principal.  My mind is popping like a popcorn machine.  In a civilized society, a crime in the past does not justify a crime in the future. There’s no justification for a moral person to avenge themselves on the basis of past crimes.

These are all skills and principals that will assist me to raise my vibration.

But rather than simply knowing them, I now need to act on them to have the desired result.

I’m now headed in a different direction with three arrows in my quiver.



And a refusal to avenge.



Gratitude & thanks to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

Catch 22 or Accurate Statement? Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow

kuan yin - lotus - wings

Kuan Yin


Catch 22 or Accurate Statement? – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1)

The second thing I wanted to do was answer a lightworker’s question. He said the way he sees it we won’t have a Reval until we raise our consciousnesses and the way to raise our consciousnesses is to have a Reval.

Are we in a Catch 22? Or is this the Sphinx’s riddle?

No. We simply need to expand the sentence a little

Yes, the Company of Heaven insists that we do some of the work to bring in the Reval. They insist that we not only express our free-will determination to raise our frequency to a level where a safe and successful Reval can happen, but, if we haven’t already, take actual steps to raise it.

We saw yesterday how really crude some of us can get in the grips of our vasanas, bless our hearts. (1) Might we consider that the view of one end of the spectrum of currency holders?  Then there are lightworkers who are hard at work cleansing themselves of their vasanas, at the other end.

Either we inspire those whose vibrations are lower to raise them or we redouble our efforts in raising ours and some of the collective’s, besides. We know what needs to be done and we have the determination to do it.

When we say we must raise our vibrations to have a Reval and we must have a Reval to a raise our vibrations,  we’re comparing apples and oranges.

The first sentence relates to the Reval itself, but the second sentence relates to Ascension.

Number One.  We need to deepen a few notches in consciousness to have the Reval occur. Yes.

Number Two. The impact of the Reval on the poor and downtrodden will be to lift them up and prepare them for Ascension.  Yes again. Both are true.

And it’ll be us in the main (from the terrestrial side) who will make this all happen.

Does that clear up the seeming Catch 22? Comparatively small increase in vibes brings the Reval.  The Reval brings a comparatively great increase in vibes leading on to Ascension.

Nuff said for a while. I’ll return to the subject later.


(1) “A Case in Point, If You’ll Allow Me,” 



Kuan Yin

Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known.

Catch 22 or Accurate Statement? – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

Goddess Saraswati – BPN Gallery


Catch 22 or Accurate Statement? – Part 1/2

Your questions continue to come in.

I want to share a passage from a reading I forgot about, answer one last reader question here (in Part 2), and then leave the subject of raising our vibrations for a while.

First, I want to share a remarkable passage I came across from a reading with AA Michael in Dec. 2018 in which we discussed the very subject we’re looking at now. I completely forgot it existed.

But it establishes that the Company of Heaven regard us as having an unavoidable part to play in bringing in the Reval. They just expected that we’d do it naturally and evidently we haven’t.

We lightworker financial wayshowers have to be at a vibration compatible with a peaceful and productive redistribution of wealth for the planet

Steve: Given that the major events depend on vibration, what can I, the blog, and light workers in general do to raise the vibration?

I thought I was very clever to ask a question about “vibrations,” but I still did not fully appreciate the  significance of what he was saying. It took another month. The penny dropped in January.

Archangel Michael: Keep bringing [lightworkers] back to the love.

Hold up the mirror. As you express your own journey, what you are truly doing and part of the magnificent service, beloved one, that you offer is you are holding up the mirror and saying, “What about you? Where are you in this process? How are you proceeding? What are you doing to contribute to the Light?”

So, yes, it is all about vibration and it is about raising the individual and the collective vibration. But the collective vibration, as you well understand, does not get raised other than when we [i.e., the Company of Heaven] do a great deal of things.

But it also does not get raised unless the internal free-will mechanism to progress and rise is present.

Let’s stop the camera for a moment. It does not get raised “unless the internal free-will mechanism to progress and rise is present.”

The CoH will not force anything on us. We have to have the will, free of any coercion, to make the Reval work or they will not release it to us. That comes with life lived in a slightly higher frequency than we do right now. I know that because I’ve spent time in it. (1)

I’m not talking about Ascension. I’m talking about a higher life being lived here and now. I’m talking about  making the Reval work.

Think of what Michael is doing as shaking the bugs out of the carpet. The bugs are our vasanas, our issues.

Archangel Michael: So it is not something that is being given or activated entirely externally. It is also that internal mechanism.

And that is what you are addressing primarily on the blog: “Are you working with your internal free will and desire to raise the vibration? What are you doing? Are you looking externally for someone to do it for you.” (2)

Michael has been discussing this subject since perhaps 2014/15. That means that as of 2014/15, Michael was already concerned that we were not going to make the state of consciousness that would allow the Reval to flower. Since then, he’s been telling us again and again and we (OK, I) have not been willing to listen.

If what Michael says about the Reval were said about Disclosure, the statement would be regarded as non-controversial.  Here are the Pleiadians making such a statement:

“As we have previously informed you, we are waiting for the collective energy-levels to reach the stage needed for us to be able to comfortably be on your world with you dear souls, and we have withheld our ‘official’ contact with your world in a brazen manner that will help everyone to know the truth of our existence, because of the collective energy levels as they have stood for so very long.” (3)

Here is Ashira:

“We are not asking nor are we waiting for all of you to be saints, to be living completely in the Divine qualities. We are not waiting for Ascension, but there are certain vibrations that need to be compatible. And it’s a Love vibration. Now I don’t mean romantic love, or even familiar love. But there does need to be a vibration of Love that is high enough so that we can meet in the middle.” (4)

So we need to stop looking externally for someone to rescue us or wait on us. This is one we need to help make happen. And we do that by doing everything we can to raise our frequency.

That took way more time than I thought it would. Let me address the reader’s question about being in a Catch 22 in a separate post.

I’m sorry for discussing this so much with you but it has brought several strands together for me and I feel much clearer on a few scores. Some of which I’ll get to later.

I feel confident that we’ll get this sorted out, put in place what needs to be put in place, and see the Reval accomplished. I’m committed to doing that in the shortest possible time.

(Concluded in Part 2, below.)


(1) For almost a year after my heart opening in March 2015, I lived (in and out) of a state of higher-dimensional love and bliss.

That was not Ascension. It was a fourth-chakra experience, a temporary heart opening, which all of us are gradually experiencing at the present time. “Heart opening” means something specific. It’s an unmistakeable event that leaves a person in an Ocean of Love.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this is the state we’re headed for as a planet that will solve the dilemma of a gap in vibrational levels.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, Dec. 5, 2018.

(3) The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac, April 29, 2013 at http://aquariusparadigm.com.

(4) “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira with an Update,” channeled by Linda Dillon, March 11, 2014, athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/03/transcript-heavenly-blessings-commander-ashira-with-an-update-march-11-2014/.

He means transformative love!



Goddess Saraswati – BPN Gallery

A Soul Urge to Learn – Steve Beckow

Poławiaczka Pearls painting by Karol Bak


A Soul Urge to Learn

I continue to feel attracted to exploring the connection between (1) motivation and (2) feeling good.

The subject seems so obvious as to not be worth talking about. And yet it’s not. And, as an observable phenomenon, most of what it points to is buried in the subconscious, below our everyday awarenesss.

I’ve been watching myself and I observe that I like (and pursue) feeling happy/good/satisfied (I’m going to call it HGS, for brevity’s sake) and I dislike feeling unhappy/bad/dissatisfied.

I see that I do that which promises to have me feel HGS and avoid the opposite.

I observe myself being attracted to, I choose to have, I move towards that which has me feel HGS. I act to be, do, and have that which I think will induce me to feel HGS.

When someone said that we seek pleasure and avoid pain (perhaps Pavlov?), I think they expressed the deepest reason why people act, at the level of subconscious, habitual or automatic behavior. Not at the level of the conscious, which more likely reflects a soul urge. (1)

What do I find noteworthy about what seems obvious?

Well, I should acknowledge that, as a very young child and runt of the litter, I learned to survive, cope and prosper by taking exception to things, being a stick in the mud, throwing a spike in the wheel, etc. I was a walking “No!” and constant complainer. I was always right and always on about something.

I did not avoid pain, like the normal human being. I courted it. It was a red badge of courage.

Well, I reached the end of that road with the utter loss of any ability to love. So I know where it leads.

And now, more recently, having visited a higher state of consciousness that I call “transformative love,” which I’m told was at times Fifth-Dimensional and at other times Seventh Dimensional, I know now what I’ve been missing all my life.

I must have been a pretty dry intellectual to most people I was in relationship with. I apologize to those who had to bear with me. My behavior as a walking “No!” caused me to lead a loveless existence.

When I write about that higher love, I hear, in my mind, Jesus’ words: A man found a treasure buried in a field. He covered it up and went away.

Yes, I’ve had several experiences of the treasure buried in the field of the heart – either experiences of love itself, of the bliss it gives rise to, of peace, or of the innocence and purity of the Self that’s buried in “the seat of the soul”; that is, in the depths of the heart.

They were all impermanent and so the treasure could be said to have been covered up again.

I hear Jesus once more: The man went away and sold all he had and bought the field.

This is the view looking forward for me. We leave the experience behind, whatever it was, take what we learn from it, put aside all other desires (sell what we have), and follow the trail that leads to the realization of the Self and, beyond the Self, of the One (at which point we’ve bought the field). (2)

So I’m now going back to square one and asking myself, “What motivates me, then?”

And this is what I’ve found.

In my state of everyday consciousness, I’m motivated chiefly by a desire to feel happy/good/satisfied. If it reaches love and bliss, I’m ecstatic. But those days are largely now behind me. At the moment, as I reconstruct myself, I’m happy to simply feel HGS. Oh, and I should add, to mix a little more in society.

Just as we’re rebuilding Nova Earth, so I’m rebuilding myself. Just as we’re deconstructing what didn’t work for us, so I’m deconstructing what didn’t work for me – my automatic and habitual behavior. The foundation I’m pouring in – when I’m no longer automatic but awake – is happy/good/satisfied.

This is new territory for me. Einstein learned math late in life. I’m learning how to be a loving person late in life. I’m saying “Yes!” where until now I said “No!” I feel awkward, gawky.

I do understand that feeling HGS is only a waystation on the larger journey. Way after that is living in a permanent state of love and bliss while continuing to function in society.

That’s what I’m ultimately aiming for. That will be the ultimate skill to learn in reconstructing myself and playing a role in building Nova Earth.

What will allow me to live in a permanent state of love and bliss while remaining functional in society? That’s my question now.

What motivates my behavior at the conscious, rather than the subconscious, level is a soul urge. What is mine? An overwhelming and endless desire to learn.


(1) Notice that we have the situation seemingly backwards. We tend to think of the subconscious as being somehow deeper than the conscious. It is and it isn’t.

It does lie below our everyday consciousness. And it’s passed when we seek deeper levels of consciousness in the heart. It is shown to be just one layer, just one floor as we descend below it.

It’s a layer of habitual or automatic behavior, arising largely from vasanas. The vasana layer of consciousness, whose feature is automatic behavior, is in reality a superficial layer of consciousness that one encounters when diving deep into the heart with one’s imagination/awareness.

(2) I hear: No one comes to the Father except through me. No one reaches the One, except through the Self. No one can be a knower of God unless they are first a knower of the Self.



Poławiaczka Pearls painting by Karol Bak

Eternally, Permanently – Steve Beckow

face light grid


Eternally, Permanently


What about me is permanent, eternal, persistent? What about me is unchanging, firm, and stable?

Have I seen anything like that about myself? Or within myself? There must be some indication somewhere.

I’ve seen the eternal, but my glimpses themselves have been impermanent, transitory, passing.

My experience of the eternal must be unbroken and permanent for it to satisfy me.

Even the Self, the Christ, the Atman is not eternal. The Christ in the end bends the knee to God and turns over to him all that he was given. The Atman merges with the Paramatman. The Self is the penultimate Reality.  Only the One is real.

But, were I at that crossroads, none of these questions would arise for me, none of these distinctions. In the end, they’re enjoyable distractions, pastimes for the mind. Nothing but good can come from Love of the Self.

I pray that my experience of the eternal Self be made permanent.  It must be eternal and my experience of it must be permanent for me to rest.



Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known

Liberation is a Synonym for Ascension – Steve Beckow


Liberation is a Synonym for Ascension

What gives lightworkers as a movement focus is service to the Divine Mother in the matter of the planetary consciousness shift generally called “Ascension.”

What is this shift?

It’s one that will leave all individuals in a state that enlightened sages call moksha, mukti, or liberation from physical birth and death.  Liberation is a synonym for Ascension.

Individuals must have agreed to ascend and must have the necessary light quotient in their being that would allow them to exist in a more refined environment.

Life lived prematurely in a higher-vibrating realm would feel intolerable to them, as afterlife communicator T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) reports of the Astral Plane (or Fourth Dimension of the afterlife):

“Each group makes its own conditions and these are for the time being the only conditions in which its members can exist in comfort.

“Whatever our natural plane may be, to go down from it causes acute discomfort and even suffering; to go up before one is ready means an air too rarified and light too intense to be borne.

“So each must go to his own place and stay there until development draws him up into a higher sphere.” (1)

On this side of the veil, Sri Ramana Maharshi called the stage of enlightenment that is meant by Ascension, “Sahaja Samadhi.”

“The Sahaja Nirvikalpa [Samadhi] is permanent and in it lies liberation from rebirths.” (2)

Is this the end of he movie, the final reel?

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Even something as revolutionary to our being as Ascension, it turns out, is still just one among many stages of enlightenment.

Franklin Merrell Wolff, who achieved remarkable levels of enlightenment, once confided:

“A certain Sage…, speaking of unfolded Consciousness above the level of the highest human Adepts, said:

“‘We attain glimpses of Consciousness so Transcendent, rising level upon level, that the senses fairly reel before the awe-inspiring Grandeur.’

“Here, certainly, is space for evolution far beyond the highest possibility of man as man.” (3)

“Truly, within the Infinite there are Mysteries within Mysteries, Deeps beyond Deeps, Grandeurs beyond Grandeurs. … Mystery of Mysteries, reaching inward and outward, but ever Beyond!

“And from that Beyond ever there come new whisperings of other imponderable Glories. Ah! How little is this world at the beginning of the Trail, barely a point in a Space of unlimited dimensions!” (4)

On that long and blissful journey to “Deeps beyond Deeps,” we’re about to take what may be the one of the most significant steps – from the straitened circumstances of the dualistic, unbalanced Third/Fourth Dimension to abundant circumstances (abundant in love and joy) of the unitive, blissful Fifth.

Our vibrations will rise in refinement in much the same way as we go up an elevator. We’ll find ourselves on another floor of the building.

Jesus called Ascension “eternal life.” Buddha called it escaping the wheel of life and death.

Both of them had to shed the body to ascend. But not us. We ascend with our bodies, which is the predominant reason, I think, why Ascension has to be for the most part gradual.

Serving the Ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants is the common thread among lightworkers. Beyond that, some are building Nova Earth. Others are working with the collective grids and consciousness. Some are transmuting energy. Others are ensuring world peace. And so on the specialized tasks go.

But all is in preparation for and leads to the grand finale of Ascension.


(1) T.E. Lawrence through Jane Sherwood, medium, Post-Mortem Journal. Communications from T.E. Lawrence. London: Spearman, 1964, 58-9.

Afterlife communicator Mike Swain agrees: “The worlds above us are even richer in light and happiness. If I go up there (and I can) I find it too bright; the light hurts my eyes. And the vibrations are so refined that I can’t respond to them!

“So I reverse gear and return to this world – which suits me just fine!

“The planes below this one are denser, dimmer planes. If I go down to them, it becomes murkier and murkier until it is so creepy that I scoot back to where I belong!” (Mike Swain in Jasper Swain, From My World to Yours: A Young Man’s Account of the Afterlife. New York: Walker, 1977, 24.)

(2) Ramana Maharshi in S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 88.

(3) Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Pathways Through to Space. A Personal Record of Transformation in Consciousness. New York: Julian Press, 1973, 17. I think of “man beyond man” today as humanity beyond the Twelve Dimensions.

(4) Ibid., 115.



Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known

Days Off – Steve Beckow

Celestial Warrior Victoria ~ Carlos Quevedo


Days Off

Here’s something I need to share.

I don’t think I can go 24/7/365 any longer.

I end up feeling burned out, ready to drop.

I need a couple of days off a week to recharge my battery.

The Divine Mother told me on Oct. 26 that Xenia was intended partly “to re-fill [i,e., replenish yourself]. … It had to do with life force, physical energy, and physical presence upon the planet. Let me be very clear about that.” (1)

At the time that she said it, I didn’t know what she might be referring to. But now I do.

I burned out around Christmas time. I remember saying to myself, if I can only make it to Christmas….  It was a matter of life force, physical energy within me, as the Mother says. I’ve been resting since then.

A depletion of life force can take place when a person is a house divided against itself. That can take the form of needing to keep secrets vs. wanting to be transparent. Or it can take the form of wanting something and not giving it to myself.

Here I was needing a break and not giving it to myself. I was in inner conflict over feeling dragged out and flaming out as a result.

The correction for me, with your leave, is to offer myself a weekly two-day window of relaxation. (2)

I’ll be taking Mondays and Tuesdays off, those being the days of lowest readership. I won’t conduct business during that time. I’ll just relax.

I feel lighter already. I’ve ended the inner conflict and I’ve offered myself some relief.


(1) The Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.

(2) My Dad would call me a lazy, no-good good-for-nothing when he was displeased with me.  My whole life has been to show him that I’m not. Fifty books later…. This too is catching up with me.



What Lies at the Root of Human Conflict – Steve Beckow



What Lies at the Root of Human Conflict?

One would have to go deeply into human motivation and behavior to find the actual root of human conflict. I feel the need to inquire here whether I’m able to see to the root or not.

Humans Respond to Their Feelings

First of all, of all stimuli, human beings seem to respond the most to their feelings and feeling states (moods).

Certain lines of thinking, feeling, and behaving feel good, pleasant, or desirable and so we continue them, even though they may eventually lead to our loss or downfall.

Greed, lust, and ambition are examples of feeling states we enjoy that may lead to loss or downfall. They feel good. We consent to blind ourselves to their bad results and seek more and deeper experiences of them.

Sexuality becomes merchandised. Greed is played upon. We’re made to feel powerful by belonging to and praising a team, ourteam, the winning team – football heroes, superheroes, transformers, military units, masters of the universe, etc. Our team is made out to be powerful, attractive, and right. Their team is not.

Without a recognition of any life deeper than this, any kind of divine order, any knowledge that what we do unto others is done unto us in turn, we plunge ahead following where these feelings lead us.

Effect of Believing We are the Body

If we go deeper in our inquiry, we encounter the fact that our following these unproductive emotions is related to thinking of ourselves as only a body with a mind.

Our thoughts become a conceptual prison: we lose sight of a life more elevated than the life of the body and mind.

Thinking this way is a lot like thinking myself “old.” I tried on the concept a few months ago and started to become old within twenty minutes. My breathing became labored. I started to hunch over.

I immediately dropped it.

The concept that we are the body has the same effect on my consciousness. I shut down to Reality. I restrict myself to bodily feelings and sensations.

I come to value my own survival, safety, and success above everything else. I become isolated and separative. I become selfish, self-centered.

I attract others who are as selfish as myself and we, believing life to be limited, begin to compete for what we see as finite resources. Sometimes we’re on the same team; sometimes not. But the conflict between us over the ages becomes deep-rooted and endless.

We go on to develop belief systems to justify conflict as a way of life. Life now becomes seen as a struggle for existence in which only the strongest survive. The weakest go to the wall.

We fight each other, throughout time – Persia, Greece, Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Islam, Christianity, Russia, France, Germany, Britain, and America, on and on it goes.

This, I predict, is the model that operates in the world to produce conflict.

Who We Are: More Than the Body

I know I am more than the body. I saw that during an out-of-body experience I had in 1977. I was here; my body was there.

I am that which enlivens and directs the body – in large part, with my feelings, as it turns out. I am the director of the play … and more.

To act as if that’s not true places me in cognitive dissonance or inner conflict. And yet our society almost drags us into believing that it’s not true.   And into focusing on our next sexual experience, a new possession, an exciting trip.

What to Do?

I need to acknowledge the truth that I am more than this body and its mind. One notch above it, I am the spirit operating it. But even that is only the next casing in the Babushka doll of bodies.

I am not any of my casings. I am not even the Self, which is itself only the penultimate Reality.

I am – as you are and everything is – the ultimate Reality, the One.

I need to forgive myself for my ignorance and begin to let go of my mistaken and self-limiting concepts.

How does This Concretely Relate to Conflict?

Only when I let go of the mistaken notion that I am only my body and mind do I begin the inquiry into how the soul operates. Everything flows from that inquiry.

It begins a long road of recovery from all the beliefs attached to our competitive way of life that keep us confined and small and at each other’s throats.

We have to raise its precepts and correlates (looking out for number one, he who hesitates is lunch, etc.) to awareness and let go of each of them in turn.

And the work continues after that.

In my most mature opinion, these are the lines of thinking, feeling, and behaving of the human being that result in the rise of human conflict.



How Could I Have Missed It? – Steve Beckow


How Could I Have Missed It?

There seem to be steps to this process we’re all going through. I don’t think the steps are the same for everyone.

I just passed through what feels like a huge step for me. It’s hard to talk about it because I fear being misinterpreted.

I could be called a narcissist. But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m pretty sure I’m telling the truth. Here goes.

I’ve just fallen in love with myself, passionately. Passionately, I say. With abandon. As passionate as I’ve felt in relationships recently.

This evening, for as long as it lasts, I erased the obstacles within myself to loving myself completely. And oh, what I found.

Previously I’ve been the timid resident in a body with complaints, with an uncertain future, carrying a lot of responsibility. I didn’t love myself. And I didn’t know that I didn’t love myself.

When I began to love myself passionately, the sensation was as if I just came alive. It was almost as if my self said: “It’s about time you noticed me.”

It was like letting light into a room that had been dark for a century.

Never mind that it’s dualistic. Never mind that it’s using your imagination. Just do it. Love yourself, passionately.

How many teachers have said: Love thyself?

The Arcturian Group told us a few days ago to “learn to love yourselves.” (1) In another message they made the case for why that’s good advice.

“We wish to speak of Love as an energy, which is why it is so important for individuals to love themselves as well as others. Love in its purest form resonates on a very high level – it is pure Light. When a person does not love or honor themselves, they block the flow and integration of this energy.

“You cannot leave yourselves out of the picture if you are to learn and experience Love which is the foundation of all that exists. Remember, there is only ONE expressing Itself in infinite form and variety and therefore you could never be left out.

“Many have been falsely taught that it is spiritual to denigrate the Self. It is not, this belief is an insult to the Divine – your true nature.

“Love, the energy of ONE is infinitely present and flowing within ITSELF. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is ITSELF but interpreted according to the state of consciousness of the individual. Nothing or no one can ever be separate from ITSELF.” (2)

Another wonderful statement of the case came from Mary Magdalene:

“Do you understand deeply that YOU ARE LOVE?…

“Love makes up every particle of your Being. It saturates the smallest particle of you, and all of you, to the extent that you allow it. You are a walking, talking entity of Love, a carrier of Love, a perfect example of Love Manifest to all who are awakening. …

“Do you realize that this tool of Love can be wielded with utter power and abandon, knowing that with every swipe of it, you become more whole, more entrenched in your divine nature — more whole within all your aspects, and more capable of absorbing and integrating all parts and aspects of you, multidimensionally, as well as with all aspects of Christ Consciousness/God Consciousness? …

“Invite all your cells and every particle of them, invite all parts of your Being, to be drenched in Love and let Love glue together all parts of you in perfect Harmony as you walk, talk and live Love. …

“Magnify this dose of Divine Love I give you now and saturate your very Being with it, and then saturate all parts of you not in Love or Harmony and watch how you will feel more buoyant and in the Zone of Love — where it takes over all your thoughts and fuels your dreams, sculpts your dreams, and enables others to do the same.” (3)

We often take their advice to love ourselves casually. But it’s profoundly important.

The degree to which we love ourselves is, it seems to me, the degree to which we can (1) love others and, (2) as wayshowers, demonstrate love.

How many times have we heard it? Enlightenment is an inside job. The kingdom of God is within you. Seek God in the heart.

The ultimate nourishment we seek comes from within. It comes from loving ourselves.

The love we lavish on ourselves is like a restorative and a restorer of the peace. It’s our spiritual currency. It’s our best investment. It’s positively what’s been missing.

The love that comes from the heart has to be at least as strong as transformative love for it to produce results. Ordinary love is like striking a wet match.

Play music. Dance with yourself. Treat yourself to dinner. Whatever you do with yourself, do it for yourself as well. Fall in love with yourself all over again. And again. Every day.

Please don’t misinterpret me. I’m not saying become a narcissist, a navel-gazer. This form of Self-love energizes and is capable of being shared with others (in fact it has to be). In the hands of lightworkers, Self-love is safe and beneficial.

Ayeee! How could I have missed it all these years?


(1) The Arcturian Group, channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, Nov. 1, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/11/02/the-arcturian-group-via-marilyn-raffaele-november-1-2015/.

(2) The Arcturian Group, channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. September 6, 2015, at http://www.onenessofall.com/newest.html

(3) “Mary Magdalene: You Are Pure Divine Love,” channeled by Fran Zepeda, February 1, 2015, at https://franheal.wordpress.com/2015/02/01/mary-magdalene-you-are-pure-divine-love-channeled-by-fran-zepeda/.



Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known

An Account of Christmas on the Astral Planes – Steve Beckow

Art: Kusaba Kazuhisa


An Account of Christmas on the Astral Planes

Merry Christmas, everyone!

My understanding is that Christmas is a holiday celebrated only on Earth.

Therefore if we want to listen to higher-dimensional reports of Christmases elsewhere, we need to turn to commentators from those afterlife planes that are connected to the Earth plane.

Here, I’d like to post excerpts from Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson on the visitation of an exalted figure from the higher realms to bless the inhabitants of Earth’s Astral Plane at Christmastime.

Some years it could be Jesus, but on other occasions the Christ Consciousness takes other forms, as on the occasion Msgr Benson describes here, whose mere presence at Christmastime is a long-remembered benediction and encouragement.

It is at [times like Christmas and Easter] that we have visitants of the higher realms to see us, perfect beings, among whom is he [Jesus] of whose earthly birth we are celebrating.

And these beauteous souls have but to pass upon their way to fill us with such an ecstacy of spiritual exaltation as to remain with us for long after their return to their high estate. (1)

These transcendent beings make special visitations when the whole realm is celebrating a great occasion, such, for example, as the two major earth festivals of Christmas and Easter. (2)

To those who had already witnessed … visitations [such as the one we were about to witness], [the] arrival [of the lesser figures] was at once the indication of the coming of the high personage, and we all accordingly rose to our feet.

Then, before our eyes, there appeared first a light, which might almost be described as dazzling, but as we concentrated our gaze upon it we immediately became attuned to it and we felt no sensation of spiritual discomfort.

In point of fact – as I discovered later – the light really became attuned to us; that is to say, it was toned down to accord with ourselves and our realm. It grew in shade to a golden hue upon the extremities, gradually brightening towards the center. And in the center there slowly took shape the form of our visitant.

As it gained in density we could see that he was a man whose appearance was that of youth – spiritual youth – but we knew that he carried with him to an unimaginable degree the three comprehensive and all-sufficing attributes of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Purity.

His countenance shone with transcendental beauty; his hair was of gold, while round his head was a lustrous diadem. His raiment was of the most gossamer-like quality and it consisted of a pure white robe bordered with a deep band of gold, while from his shoulders there [descended] a mantle of the richest cerulean blue, which was fastened upon his breast with a great pink pearl.

His movements were majestic as he raised his arms and sent forth a blessing upon us all. We remained standing and silent while our thoughts ascended to Him Who sent us such a glorious being. We sent our thanks and we sent our petitions. …

It is not possible for me to convey to you one fraction of the exaltation of the spirit that I felt while in the presence, though distant, of this heavenly guest. But I do know that not for long could I have remained in that temple while he was there without undergoing the almost crushing consciousness that I was low, very, very low upon the scale of spiritual evolution and progression.

And yet I knew that he was sending out to me, as to us all, thoughts of encouragement, of good hope, of kindness in the very highest degree, that made me feel that I must never, never despair of attaining to the highest spiritual realm and that there was good and useful work ready for me to do in the service of man and that in the doing thereof I would have the whole of the spiritual realms behind me – as they are behind every single soul who works in the service of man.

With a final benediction upon us, this resplendent and truly regal being was gone from our sight. (3)

When we visited the temple in the city, and, from a distance, beheld the radiant visitor whom we had come to honor, he represented to the eye the appearance of perfect – and eternal – youth.

Yet the degree of knowledge and wisdom and spirituality which he diffused [sic], and which we could feel with our minds, was almost overpoweringly great. It is the same, in varying degrees, with all those who visit us from the higher realms. (4)


(1) Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, Life in the World Unseen. M.A.P., 1993, 57.

(2) Ibid. 55.{

(3) Ibid., 101.

(4) Ibid.,156.



Artist: Kusaba Kazuhisa

When Christmas Hurts – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Sarah Summers


When Christmas Hurts – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

The largest lesson I learned from this was that it validated for me the statement that our vasanas or core issues are being raised to the surface right now and that they can be and are being eliminated. That lesson I’ve now experienced. I have seen them rise, be experienced, and then be eliminated.

The second lesson I draw from this is that the Universal Laws really do seem to work. I’m a skeptic in this matter. I feel the need for proof to feel comfortable before I accept the things I’m seeing as a new reality.

And this is one instance of a strong proof having been presented.

This was not at all a pleasant vasana – feeling alone and isolated. If anything could make me feel suicidal it’d be having to deal with this cavernous heartache and finding no way out. Linda Dillon talked about core issues being things you’d rather die than experience. That’s pretty close to my experience.

A third lesson is to make sure everyone who feels miserable at Christmastime hears the good news: There is a way out; just (A) know that the vasana is coming up to be eliminated, (B) experience it as much as you feel you want to, and (C) then invoke Sanat Kumara and the Universal Law of Elimination to have it taken away. It works.

If not at this moment, I recommend you persevere. (2)

I now feel the same feeling of an aching heart come up in me. It used to be overwhelming but has very little force or impact now. It’s become a feeling of wistfulness – like I’m missing something that the Divine Plan wants me to be missing in my life right now – in this case, copious contact.

Let me search out any residue from – any remaining roots of – this vasana by shifting my perspective from that of victim to chooser.

If I can “choose” my lifestyle which, at this moment has me feel isolated and lonely, my feeling state should shift. That’s my hypothesis.

I choose my lifestyle exactly the way it is. I’ve never been so happy.

I have as much contact in my life as the conditions of my service allow and I’m reluctant to increase that small circle. If the result is periodic loneliness and isolation, I choose to endure it.

If I feel isolated and lonely at Christmastime, I have numerous options. If I don’t take advantage of them, I’m choosing to do that and to endure the consequences – a vasana-related aching heart.

I choose this lifestyle even at the price of the occasional seasonal pain.

That’s it then.

I’m restored to choice. I’ve successfully emerged from the hurt, the aching heart that Christmas often arouses in me.

An hour later…

I suddenly became aware of where this vasana originates. The picture flashed past my mind and I grabbed it, so to speak.

As a baby, I had excema on my arms. To prevent me from scratching and crying at night, my parents tied my hands to opposite sides of the crib and wheeled me into the kitchen where they left me no matter how long or loudly I cried.

I felt isolated and lonely. It broke my heart and my bond of trust. All my life I’ve dreaded being in that experience again.

Christmas raises those fears because I often find myself without somewhere to go on Christmas. By choice. But feeling isolated and lonely threatens to take me back to the experience in the crib. And I resist going there, to the point of wanting to check out.

Now I know where the vasana comes from, which contributes to its release. The truth will set you free.

An hour again later….

I erupted into laughter for five minutes in the middle of a phone call. I could not stop.  I felt it as a tremendous release. Something very deep has been released. Fortunately it fit in to what we were discussing. Afterwards I felt a great deal lighter.

The overall process set in motion never stops. Today it’s working my way through the Christmas blues, but that’s just the vasana of the day. Tomorrow another could go off. I’m told that the energies are high, driving our vasanas to the surface. This article has demonstrated how I deal with what results.


(1) This is only the second time I’ve made the invocation of universal law work. The first was invoking the Law of Give and Receive to open my arms to receive abundance. I forgot to say “physical abundance” and got instead an experience of the spaceof abundance. I was awestruck.

Around that same time, I had a related experience, though not by invoking the Universal Law.

Archangel Michael whispered in my ear, “Maestro.” What followed took a split second but I went through these steps.  I translated it. It meant “master.”

When I combined the experience of hearing him whisper it in my ear with knowing what it meant in my native language, the effect was an explosive realization. I found myself occupying the space of mastery, in the experience of it, for a short while. Again I was awestruck at the majesty of the experience.

All these experiences are transitory. I’m again back in everyday consciousness.  No apparent long-term effects except a gradual expansion, like everyone else.

Only Sahaja, only Ascension can be said to be mokshamukti, liberation from the constraints of Third/Fourth Dimensionality, such as birth and death.

Only Sahaja will eliminate all our vasanas and release us from the conditions the 3/4D body falls victim to (ageing, disease, hunger, thirst, heat and cold, sleeplessness, etc.).



Artist ~ Sarah Summers

When Christmas Hurts – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

Quilting Treasures – Woodland Dream by Sarah Summers @ Etsy


When Christmas Hurts – Part 1/2


Christmas can be a really difficult time of the year for me. I can fall into a deep depression, born of feeling isolated and lonely – even if I’m in a wonderful relationship.

I become what some growth-movement leaders would have called a “reaction machine.” I have what est would’ve termed a “stack attack.” My “records” are playing over and over again, my endless “Top Ten.”

Linda Dillon described my condition in discussing core issues on a recent PAO Webinar:

“When you know you have a core issues is when you have that gut reaction…. Somebody says something to you and you can’t even react without going into tears, or high anxiety, anger, being very reactive.

“People have great difficulty to name the core issues. It’s the feeling of the unknowable, the unthinkable. You really feel like you’re in the abyss. …

“We know they’re not the truth. But the feelings, the depth of that fear and terror, is still inside us.” (1)

I resonate with that description. In my case I was so depressed this morning that I didn’t want to get out of bed. I hate to feel that deep, yawning ache in my heart.

A little history. Christmas wasn’t really our family holiday, apart from having a tree and giving presents. It was fun but I was raised in a “non-denominational” household, which I thank my parents for.  It didn’t include or exclude anything unless I wanted it to.

It allowed me to grow up with no attachment to any religion. I was able to explore and a cross-cultural spirituality resulted.

But it also left me with no ties to other people’s denominational holidays.

And so when holidays arrive when people get together, I often feel … not left out exactly, because I’m leaving myself out … but isolated and lonely.

It hasn’t been as bad as it was. But today I awoke in the crippling grip of it.

Kathleen and Sitara assisted me to “crack the nut,” so to speak. After experiencing it for as long as I wanted to or felt I could endure, I followed Kathleen’s advice (2) by invoking Sanat Kumara and the Law of Elimination to take the whole vasana away.

Within half an hour, my experience shifted. I felt relieved of the whole kit and caboodle. Blessed event. Thank you to Sanat and whomever else was involved.

Not like it won’t come again…. But, I expect, when it does, it will be less impactful.

Every event is a learning experience. What did I learn from this event?

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) Linda Dillon on PAO Galactic Activation Webinar 10: Questions and Answers December 16, 2018, private Youtube video.

(1) Kathleen Mary Willis, “Eliminating Lack with Gratitude,” 



Quilting Treasures – Woodland Dream by Sarah Summers @ Etsy

What I Focus on Grows – Steve Beckow

Guan-Yin-Altair lotus flower

What I Focus on Grows

Some people get something when they’re told once; many more when they’re told a second time.

I’ve needed to hear the same message from many, many people before I got it. The message was on “lack consciousness” and I got it today, from Taryn Crimi’s latest channeling of the Angels.

“Though you have become consciously aware that you are the creators of your reality, most often humans find the absence of what they want to be their dominant focus.

“When you are focused upon lack while you yearn for abundance, you can only attract lack. We often say the Universe doesn’t respond to your wishes, dreams or greatest desires anymore so than a mirror does not show you what you wish to look like. A mirror can only reflect what you are right now and so it is with the Universe; it responds to one thing and that is your focus which in turn dictates your vibration.

“When you tune your vibration to any positive feeling, such as happiness, joy, optimism, excitement, exhilaration or love, the Universe responds with more feelings, circumstances, experiences that match the vibration you are pulsing out. It doesn’t matter why you feel these positive feelings.  All that matters is that you do. Use any excuse you can find to feel good.” (1)

Let me tell you some of the ways it resonates with me, besides the obvious one of a statement of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.

Another one is that it validates that our feelings are our chief motivators. She says:

“It doesn’t matter why you feel these positive feelings.  All that matters is that you do. Use any excuse you can find to feel good.”

I totally agree with that statement. If we go past feeling good to feeling blissful, then it dovetails with what Sri Ramakrishna would regularly say: Walk into the lake of bliss. Dive in. Get pushed in.  It doesn’t matter. Just get into the lake of bliss. I agree with that statement as well, having spent time in the lake of bliss.

Is it not significant that the summum bonum here – the highest good – is what we commonly think of as feelings – love, bliss, joy. Sages make a distinction between the divine qualities and our ordinary feelings.

But I find it useful to think of them as feeling states because most people will understand that rather than the more esoteric explanation.

Our highest good is feeling good, feeling blissful, feeling joyful, etc. Not owning a Lamborghini or being President of the United States. Feeling bliss. Feeling love.

Does that not also validate the hypothesis that feelings are our prime motivator?

It makes perfect sense that whatever I focus my attention on is what the universe gives me. Not what I wish or desire. I may desire abundance but focus on lack; the universe gives me back lack. It’s focus that’s important.

It puts a whole new light on what W.H. Murray said:

“Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

“All sorts of things occur to help one that would not otherwise have occured. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man would have dreamed would come his way.

“I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:

“’Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.’”  (W.H. Murray, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.)

“The moment one definitely commits oneself” – in other words, turns thoughts like wishes and desires into actions like focusing attention, then heaven moves.

“’Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it!” Again, action. What is the action taken? Whatever it is, the universe responds to it.

The universe is a willing servant.  If I focus on lack, it gives me lack. If I focus on abundance, it gives me abundance.  Whatever we have in our lives is what we asked the universe for through our focus, through our committed action.

And when the universe brings us bad feelings, consistent to whatever it is we’re up to, we’re not happy. We begin the work of moving from feeling unhappy to feeling happy, feeling good, feeling blissful.

I got it. I’ll focus on abundance.

I live in Vancouver, in the northern temperate rainforest. Everything here is green, green, green. I am abundant in greenness in nature.

I put together the largest collection of artifacts at the then-National Museum of Man in 1973-4. I had an abundance of consumer products, which either by themselves or because of what was on their labels, tell the story of our own civilization in that year. I feel an abundance of pride and love for the team, remembering those days. “Use any excuse you can find to feel good.”

I have an abundantly-large collection of cobalt-blue glass and Christmas lights, which delights me abundantly. In keeping with my museum days, many of the cobalt-blue objects are consumer products.

I have a rich abundance of insights and lessons learned on the awareness path. I am rich in memories of group experiences, workshops, adventurous travel, gurus studied under, sacred love.  I’ve been privileged to have been able to study sacred literature of my own choosing for most of my life.

I’m wealthy beyond belief in this steady flow of ideas that someone is pumping through me.

When I feel lack, I feel stressed, fatigued, and ungenerous. When I feel abundant, I feel happy, loving, and generous.

Even though many, many people have told me about it before, I now see that what I focus on grows – lack if I focus on lack and abundance if I focus on abundance. It’s up to realization – not a major one; just a minor one. But I have now realized the matter.


(1) “Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: How to Create Abundance,” November 19, 2018, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/11/19/angelic-guides-via-taryn-crimi-how-to-create-abundance/.


Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known.



The Heart is “the Seat of the Soul” – Steve Beckow

Artist: Carol Heyer


The Heart is “the Seat of the Soul”
December 17, 2018 By Steve Beckow

What is the heart? Is it an “organ”? Is it a “space”?

I asked the question of Archangel Michael recently and he had this to say:

Steve: What exactly is the heart?

Archangel Michael: It is the motor of your being. Not just the physical motor, but the motor that keeps you infinitely connected to the divine, to Source, to the One. So it is the way in which the fuel of love comes in and allows you to experience what truly is almost beyond human words and expressions. …

When you are in the love, you are literally all-knowing. You have experienced this. …

So being and experiencing love is truly accessing the heart, the mind, the existence of One. It is the place of complete union. …

Steve: The heart doesn’t exist on the physical, obviously. What dimension does the heart exist on or is it multidimensional?

AAM: It is multidimensional but, if you want to find a home for it, it would be in the seventh. (1)

For us, a full and permanent heart opening is what constitutes Ascension. Vedantists call that level of enlightenment “Sahaja [Natural] Samadhi.” Sri Ramana discusses it here:

“The yogis say that the current rising up to sahasrara [Seventh Chakra] ends there. That experience is not complete. For jnana [enlightened wisdom], they must come to the Heart.” (2)

“Heart is the seat of Jnanam as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point [i.e., the hridayam or heart aperture], which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi], [the hridayam] opens but shuts again after it. When Sahaja is attained it opens for good.” (3)

This full and permanent heart opening is moksha or liberation from the Third/Fourth Dimension and Ascension to the Fifth.

Sri Ramana says that the heart is “represented” by the hridayam. At Xenia, I went through the hridayam and into the heart. I didn’t ask AAM where the hridayam itself was located, but again I’d be hard-pressed to consider it a physical phenomenon either.

The Divine Mother confirms our assertions about Sahaja and reveals that the chakra system is impermanent:

Steve: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of with your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.

At Xenia Retreat Center, I dove deeply into my heart, in meditation, to find out what the origin was of the feeling of dismay I was experiencing. I thought I’d get to the original incident and experience it through to completion. Instead I went way past the level of the vasanas and kept on going.

I finally reached what resembled a tunnel and at the end of it was the Light of the Self. And in the presence of the Self I felt innocent and pure.

I had penetrated through the hridayam, the heart aperture, into the open heart and down, down, down to “the seat of the soul.” So I can vouch for the fact that the seat of the soul is in the heart. That no longer sounds like a far-fetched notion to me, but something I’ve experienced and realized.

That having been said, I confessed to AA Michael that I could find no words for love or for the heart:

Steve: The heart is another one of those things that is very difficult to define or understand or communicate.

Archangel Michael: But you will keep trying.

Steve: I know – I’ll write a thousand words – and keep trying.

AAM: Because it is the essential work. It is the essential message for humans to truly come to understand who they are. (5)

So impossible as it is to describe what the heart is, I (and we) keep trying. It’s not as difficult to assert that the heart is indeed the seat of the soul. That at least can be experienced.

It’s the realization of the Self or Soul, hidden in the depths of the heart, that will set us free from the wheel of birth and death associated with the Third Dimension.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec . 5, 2018. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

(2) Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Three Volumes in One. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanashram, 2010, 65-6.

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“For several nights I was awakened again and again with sharp lateral pains in my head. They felt like deep incisions in my skull and brain, as if I were undergoing an operation. During the day following the last of these experiences I realized a marvellous relief. I saw that what appeared as the Sahasrar, the terminal [Seventh] chakra and primary lotus in the head, had been severed.

“The Sahasrar had fallen off like a blossom. The Shakti [kundalini, Mother’s energy], which previously had appeared as a polarized energy that moved up and down through the various chakras or centers producing various effects, now was released [throughout] the chakra form.

“There was no more polarized force. Indeed, there was no form whatsoever, no up or down, no chakras. The chakra system had been revealed as unnecessary, an arbitrary rule or setting for the play of energy. The form beneath all of the bodies, gross or subtle, had revealed itself to be as unnecessary and conditional as the bodies themselves.” (Da Free John, The Knee of Listening. Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973. , Original Edition, 116-9.)

(5) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, ibid.



Artist: Carol Heyer

The Significance of Physical Ascension – Steve Beckow

Oracle of Self painting by Jennifer Michelle Long @ Fine Art America


The Significance of Physical Ascension

The Constant Companions remind us that:

“Your upliftment is a profound one. For it will take place while you still walk around inside of your physical body.” (1)

“You are not here to complete this prolonged process by simply allowing yourself to shed this physical vehicle, and return to that place you once came from before you started to manifest within such a corporeal existence as you have chosen to become a part of here on Earth.

“No, you are in actual fact to BE here in that physical vehicle, but to transcend BEYOND the ‘limits’ of that vehicle while still residing within it.

“Your role is to become the New human, the physical vehicle that may resemble the old one in many ways if you look at it from a superficial perspective, but who will turn out to be something so vastly different if you look at it from an energetic perspective.

“For you are here to become multidimensional beings yet again, but to do so while IN that physical vehicle. For only by being within that physical vehicle can you manage to manifest all of the changes that need to come into being in order to change the outward appearance of this entire planet.

“You will change this entire planet only by changing YOU, but you cannot change this planet if you do not understand the need to be PRESENT here in a very physical way. And yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word. As awakening literally means being fully present – within your body, within your mind and within your energy, at all times and in every way.” (2)

Archangel Michael adds his explanation:

“It is not that you are going to shed your physical body and just be in a light form. No. Your light form and your physical body basically become a unified grid.

“That is the miracle of Ascension. It is that melding in that infinite moment into your totality, and the shift that you have been making from carbon to crystalline is so that vibration, that frequency can actually be held, in light body, in physical body.

“You have never in physical form ― well, not since the beginning ― held such a high vibration on Gaia.” (3)

SaLuSa advises us that “you take your physical body with you. Not as your existing carbon based body, but one that has become crystalline and can function in the 5th. Dimension. One that has become lighter, and has moved into a near perfect expression of itself.” (4)

The process is intricate, delicate, and lengthy, according to the Council of Nine.

“If you were to change into a light body tomorrow upon waking, chances are you would no longer be embodied. Such was the pattern that existed for most initiates in ‘past’ eras when there occurred both individual and mass ascensions. The physical body was left behind and the light body disappeared into the unseen realms.

“Now what is occurring on GAIA is the beginning of physical ascension, bringing heaven to Earth by allowing the Higher Self to completely enter the physical vessel AND remain there, in charge of the lifestream’s mission here.

“This process is an intricate, delicate and lengthy one, especially for those who go first. They have, for the most part, prepared for such an occurrence, for life times and for decades in this lifetime.” (5)

“This experiment in transitioning to the higher dimensions while within the hue-man body is a new one that has never been accomplished before,” Source Creator tells us. “You are all the pioneers of this ascension experiment.”

“The more you can assimilate the higher frequencies into your brains and bodies, the more you will be in tune with these frequencies and begin to live your life from a multidimensional perspective.” (6)

In describing the experiment, Source Creator reveals the purpose of Ascension and enlightenment – that the One gets to experience itself through our enlightenment:

“This grand experiment in ascension while within your bodies is a very new and interesting experience for both you and Me, for how would I get to experience Myself if it were not for you?

“Before you there was just Me, before the earth and all the planets and star systems and galaxies and universes there was just Me and only Me. I needed to create. I needed to split apart and individuate so I could know Myself and see Myself and see all the wonders of creation. You are all ME! You are all creator beings just like Me.” (7)

Thus, we’re in the midst of a grand experiment of unifying our Higher Self and our everyday self in a new space and environment that will see us in a near-perfect form, living a life of unity and cooperation on the higher dimensions. Will it be quick? Not if it goes past the physical body’s tolerances. For the most part Ascension will be gradual with plenty of preparation and integration and some peaks, jumps, or ignitions.


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The entire book, “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment,” appears here: http://gaog.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Purpose-of-Life-is-Enlightenment.pdf   



Oracle of Self painting by Jennifer Michelle Long @ Fine Art America

My Life as a Learning Experience – Steve Beckow


My Life as a Learning Experience

I’m observing myself and, as I do, I notice one persistent and common thread.

That thread is that I view life as one learning experience after another. I’m constantly rewarded from an experience by what I’ve learned.

Here’s an example.

I’m a perpetual student and I’ve always seen my life as a workshop. I used to run experiments often. What did it feel like to do this? Where did I end up doing that?

In the past week, the big event I watched was me taking charge of myself. I recognized what being monarch in my own domain means. I took charge of my body and mind, heart and soul, and energy field. I took 100% responsibility for what comes next.

Taking full responsibility for myself and the Commander appearing does not have a shelf life. We have to keep doing it again and again and again. It lives for as long as we continue to take responsibility. The moment we cease being in that space, it no longer exists. It’s a constant creation or nothing.

No sooner did I do it then I found myself in a state of realization.  And I recognized the space. If I were at Cold Mountain right now, I’d say I just “arrived.” (1)

That which arrived is different from that which took command. All of them are different “I” states.

There is the Commander-in-Chief, the monarch, who took 100% responsibility for me, the actor.

There is the Spirit, the Presence that came into the Commander when it became clear and certain that I had taken 100% control of me. Not like I felt I had to take 100% control. It was an experiment.

I noticed I was “absent” from playing a commanding role in my life and I took charge of my life. Until then, I’d been on automatic pilot, cruising through life.

Having taken charge of my own domain, another “I” showed up. I got present. I arrived on the scene after a long absence.

The “I” that showed up was a higher Self than is normally present – that’s as specific as I can get.

It was the spirit motivator of behavior.  It’s what people are pointing at when they say “he found his voice” or “she is self-possessed.” Some new vista opened up. I awoke from the slumber I’d been in and took over the wheel again.

I offer this “work out” in the workshop that my life is as a typical learning experience. It’s the kind I see my life as being composed of. What did I learn?

I learned that I as a presence will only show up in a space of 100% personal responsibility.

Learning that is to me what making a massive profit on the stock market might be to some people. Or winning a two-week vacation in the Bahamas.

I feel enriched, expanded, and happy.


(1) Cold Mountain Institute, growth center in the Seventies, now called Hollyhock. I took a three-month encounter group there.

(2) In 1977 I woke up in a lucid dream, watching two men on the other side threaten a friend of mine. I could do nothing to intervene and I was wailing away.

To feel distress on any plane automatically pulls you to a lower plane. For me that lower plane was the sleeping body.

I the spirit slipped back into the body, wondered where I was, realized I was inside my body, slowly transferred my consciousness to the outside and clearly saw that I was not the body.

With that realization, the fear of death departed.




Archangel Michael: Part of Our Agreement is Being the Activators – Steve Beckow

Purple Flower of Life by Lilyas @ DeviantArt


Archangel Michael: Part of Our Agreement is Being the Activators

I’d like to post a discussion with Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon, from 2015.

On that occasion, he said that I was being used to illustrate what emotional clearing looks like. Then he acknowledged that all lightworkers were. It was part of our agreement with the Mother.

If the whole planet was to ascend – as we had asked of the Mother – then people are needed to serve as  activators; in this case, to model raising issues to the surface and watching them dissolve.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2015.

Steve Beckow: Am I being used, so to speak, to illustrate the need for lightworker clearing?

Archangel Michael:    Yes. Very.

SB:       Can you say a little more about that for my own comfort. And also for the readers of the blog. They need to know that lightworkers are often being used for this purpose.

AAM:    But they are being used and that is part of the soul agreement.  That is part of being the activators, the human activators for the growth and the ascension particularly now that you have decided to ascend as one together.

So if you do not have human activation, if you do not have the clearing coming forth that is necessary for the anchoring in physicality of the higher realm and vibration, then you do not make the transition as smoothly or as effectively or as rapidly as all of you are wanting.

So, yes, you are acting as catalysts, not only to each other, but especially to each other, but you are also doing it for others as well.  What you would think of as the main stream.

SB:      We know about being catalysts and we know about clearing for the collective. But to actually be used as a model, an example, an instance, to have some piece of our history or whatever reactivated so that people can see somebody going through this, is that also part of this?

AAM:    Yes it is.

SB :      There are other lightworkers out there who will say, “Oh my God,” is there anything you want to say to other lightworkers about this?

AAM:    What I am saying is, is that this is part of the service work you have volunteered for.  This is part of your expression of love for the Mother.
Do not be surprised, my dear friends, if things that you thought were ancient history are being revisited and they are coming up again for that activation and that clearing.

SB :      So we shouldn’t be ashamed of sharing about it?

AAM:    There is no room for shame.  That is outmoded.  We want you, all of you, to get to the point where you can laugh about clearing and say – here we go again – so that it is as smooth as running water.  Because that is what it is – it is running Light.



Mass Ascension is not the Norm – Steve Beckow

Artist Meganne Forbes


Mass Ascension is not the Norm

I’d like to burrow more deeply now into the two factors that make this Ascension unique – the fact that it’s a mass Ascension and a physical Ascension. Here we look at the mass nature of it.

In 2013, Jesus through John Smallman explained to us what differentiates this Ascension from all others on Earth:

“Your forthcoming human awakening or Ascension is different because it will be a mass awakening in which you retain your bodies, which are then restored to full vitality and perfection, with an age or physical appearance and abilities appropriate to it that suits your wishes.” (1)

SaLuSa informs us that, in this Ascension, “the whole of Humanity has been given [the] choice. [to ascend].” (2)

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us how it’s been up till now:

“In past ages, the Ascension process was available only to those who incarnated as initiates firmly on the path – as disciples whose mission was to anchor as much Divine Light and to bring forth as much cosmic wisdom as possible.” (3)

“Only those who came to Earth to be examples and wayshowers and who were spiritually advanced were allowed into the inner sanctums of the mystery schools. The secret doctrine was only given to those who were considered to be the strongest and most dedicated disciples.

“The lessons, tests and challenges were strenuous and many perished during the process or did not attain their goal for many lifetimes.”(4)

On another occasion he adds: “It is a time of mass ascension, for all the planets, solar systems and galaxies within this universe are actively involved in an ascension process.” (5) Apparently the Ascension process of others is to be heavily influenced by what happens here with us.

While the Hathors tell us that Ascension “in a collective manner … isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets,” (6) SaLuSa explains that the Galactic Federation has accomplished it before, but rarely:

“We of the Galactic Federation can say that we have done all this before and it means we know what we are talking about. Mass Ascension does not come up often, but even so we have helped others achieve it as we do for you now. It is such a wonderful occasion and we look forward to enjoying it every bit as much as you will.” (7

While mass ascension is rare and not the norm, physical Ascension – Ascension with the physical body; that is, without the need to die first – has not been tried before.

Tomorrow we’ll look at this second factor that makes this Ascension not only rare, but unique.


(1) Jesus via John Smallman, December 7, 2013, at http://johnsmallman2.wordpress.com.

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Artist Meganne Forbes

What is Happening Here is New and Unique – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow

What is Happening Here is New and Unique – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

Michael validates what Ela says, reminding us what our soul purpose as a body of lightworkers is:

“[Your] soul purpose in a variety of expressions has been to be present on Gaia during this time of the restoration of love, during this time of Ascension, in physical form, in what you think of as physical reality, because it hasn’t been done before.” (1)

The Angelic Guides inform us that, because our form of Ascension hasn’t happened before, many old souls have incarnated on Earth.

“It was well-known and understood that this incarnation would require a tremendous amount of resilience in order to manually release each limiting belief and elevate your consciousness step by step.

“This has not been done before. This is why there are so very many ‘old souls’ incarnated at this time. How do you release and completely replace each limiting belief consciously? This is a fascinating topic for many of us and of course you equally found it just as fascinating or you wouldn’t have offered your services to be a part of this grand lesson.” (2)

As I understand it, we’re an Ascension team that goes from one transition to another. It may be why the Arcturians say that “many of the members of the Planetary Ascension Team have had the experience of ascension in one or more of their parallel realities.”  (3)

It’s also implicit in Michael telling me that this is just a warm-up. I’ll have two hundred years off after this assignment and then we do it all again on the Seventh Dimension. (4)

According to SaLuSa, “there has never been such an important time such as now.” (5) He reminded us that its significance will not be lost on off-planet people:

“The Galactic Federation has had much experience in helping civilizations to pass through Ascension, although yours is a bigger challenge.

“Never before have both the people and the Earth ascended together, but there is absolute confidence that it will successfully take place.

“You should feel quite pleased to be the ones who are on Earth at such a wonderful occasion. The significance of it all will not be lost on anyone, as to have such an experience is quite unique.

“We shall be eagerly watching the whole process, ready to welcome the latest members of the Galactic Society.” (6)

We could afford to reflect on it too. We’ve talked about our services being in demand after Ascension, to discuss it with other civilizations going through an Ascension.

But we may see more clearly now how much those services may be in demand and exactly what for. We are going through a new form of spiritual evolution – mass, physical Ascension.  Our process has never happened before and is therefore unique. It will undoubtedly be of interest to all other planets who subsequently go through it.

Hopefully considering that may dispel any unconsciousness we may have on the subject and impel us to ponder, not what we can get from the situation, but what we can contribute.


(1) Archangel Michael: You’re Now Ready to Know Who is Here,” April 10, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/04/archangel-michael-youre-now-ready-to-know-who-is-here/.

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(4) Archangel Michael: When you complete this mission, you are allowed to have 200 years off. But what you do with that is up to you, dear one! (AAM, Dec. 18, 2012.)

Steve: The next assignment is in the Seventh Dimension?

AAM: You will have a choice of planetary systems. This is just the warm-up for Ascension. It is to bring a further rising of vibrations to those throughout the Universe. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 13, 2011.)

If we were looking for evidence that we go from Ascension to Ascension, look no further.

(5) SaLuSa, Oct. 23, 2015, at http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm.

(5) Ibid., Feb. 22, 2012.



Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known.

An Archangel Works with His Devotee – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Ballet Dancer looking in the mirror @ Ali. Express


An Archangel Works with His Devotee

When I have a reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, I frequently ask for my next assignment.

In this particular instance, on Dec. 5, 2018, it seems clear that Michael wished me to share his comments with everyone.

I often feel that my personal sharing will have people think me a narcissist so I welcomed his reassurance that the writings were valued.

He also freed me from commenting on the political scene, which I appreciated. I don’t find following current political events very satisfying and it turns out that it isn’t what he wants anyways.

I also post this because, for those who don’t have access to readings, I think it may be welcome to watch how an archangel works with his incarnated servant/devotee.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 5, 2018. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Where do you want me to go next, as a communicator?

Archangel Michael: We want you to step forward again in the discussion, yes, of truth, of course, my brother. That never varies. That is the purpose of our platform [the Golden Age of Gaia].

And it is the discussion and the sharing, as you know, of your Ascension process, which is in full unfoldment at this time. And so that discussion, rather than the external politics, shall we say, is where we want you to go in terms of your work.

Steve: I missed a part of that sentence, Lord.

AAM: The focus of your work continues to be the anchoring of the truth and the sharing of your Ascension process because it is in the sharing of your process that you, beloved one, are beaming out the light. (1)

So it is not so much talking about politics or the various takes on world situations. That falls into the purview of others who are very interested in that type of thing. That is not your focus. It is not my focus unless, again, it is the anchoring of the strongest peace within and therefore the strongest peace upon the planet.

How we see this, for example – because we are in this together – is not an anchoring of peace to decry or discredit or tear down what others put forward but it is always focusing on, is this anchoring a greater quotient of peace upon the planet? Is this anchoring a greater quotient of Light, of Love on the planet?

Or is it, in fact, creating distraction? Is it merely stirring the pot or is it truly validating to the human collective and the Ascension that you are all in the process of and that we are deeply committed to.

Steve: Given that the major events depend on vibration, what can I, the blog, and light workers in general do to raise the vibration?

AAM: Keep bringing [lightworkers] back to the love.

Hold up the mirror. As you express your own journey ,what you are truly doing and part of the magnificent service, beloved one, that you offer is you are holding up the mirror and saying, “What about you? Where are you in this process? How are you proceeding? What are you doing to contribute to the Light?”

So, yes, it is all about vibration and it is about raising the individual and the collective vibration. But the collective vibration, as you well understand, does not get raised other than when we do a great deal of things.

But it also does not get raised unless the internal free-will mechanism to progress and rise is present. So it is not something that is being given or activated entirely externally. It is also that internal mechanism.

And that is what you are addressing primarily on the blog: Are you working with your internal free will and desire to raise the vibration? What are you doing? Are you looking externally for someone to do it for you?


(1) We had just discussed Kathleen’s work in transmuting energy, which Michael had said was her way of “beaming out the light.”



Ballet Dancer looking in the mirror @ Ali. Express

What is Happening Here is New and Unique – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

What is Happening Here is New and Unique – Part 1/2


In 2013, Archangel Michael  observed:

“You are the masters who inhabit the planet of Gaia, who walk this beloved Earth in this period of miraculous change, and in a period of change that has never been experienced, on Gaia or elsewhere.” (1)

“You are the first who are going through this process,” St. Germaine informs us. (2) The process that’s new is: (1) we’re taking our bodies with us where before this was not possible before and (2) we’re doing it, not as individuals but as a whole planet.

If I understand the Plan correctly, we’ll actually be constructing the first environments in the new space – that everyone else who follows our Ascension process will arrive into.

Consequently, as the  Great Divine Director explains, humanity as a collective is “living together on a planet that has a special place in the Universe. “

“Together you are creating and building the first step for the entire Universe to step upon, as each level and dimension of being rises in level.” (3)

The Arcturians agree that our Ascension will have an impact that extends well beyond our borders.

“There will be a whole solar system [merging]. You were seeing the whole solar system ascending. And as the whole solar system ascends, the galaxy ascends. There is a flashpoint that goes on and on.

“And, Gaia, who has taken on this deep clarity and this great challenge of separation and limitation, is a key factor.” (4)

The newness of our Ascension makes us unique, as the Mother acknowledged:  “This is unique. It is a new creation. Can you imagine, my son, in all this expanse, that this is new?”

She offers one or two details:

“It is physical and it is spiritual. But it is not to the exclusion of – either/or.

“Now, will there be individuals particularly depending upon their, can we say, ancestry or roots or dimensionality that prefer the prayer and meditation route, that can receive the guidance and say, ‘This is what the blueprint looks like’? Yes.

“And are there those that are more comfortable picking up the hammer or the CAD drawings to construct Nova Earth or the cities of light? Of course.

“But it is the cooperation, it is the unity.” (5)

The unity comes from the fact that, ascended, we’ll be swimming in love and bliss. The Mother says: “Unity is love! Yes, I know, it is confusing. Love is everything, isn’t it!” (6)

In the Ocean of Love, where’s the place for disunity? Provocation? Who would provoke? And who would be provoked? Not the person in this loving, blissful state.

As for cooperation, there’s no reason to compete. We have everything we need already and can never lose it – love and bliss – with the added ability to manifest what we want and need. The desire to compete disappears.

Archangel Michael stresses how rare newness is in the cosmos:

“This glorious Ascension … that it is being done while maintaining the physical vessel, … is something that is brand new.

“Do you know, my family, how rare something new is throughout the multiverse? It is rare and it is precious.” (7)

Ela of Arcturus, one of SaLuSa’s group, reminds us that “it is not that the event itself is unusual, as all proceeds upwards in the cyclic nature of evolution.” (8)

“Within your Universe you are however about to experience Ascension in such a way, that it is correctly described as unique. You are privileged to be part of the process of Ascension, but more so as you will ascend with the higher expression of your physical body.

“It may not sound special to you taking part in it, but experience is what you seek all of the time. To be as it were, the pioneers of a special dispensation from the Creator, and to be on Earth at such a time is truly worthy of such fine souls as you are.” (9)

Tomorrow I’d like to look at what all this means for us.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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(8) Ela of Arcturus, Mar. 9, 2009, at http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm. Jacob’s Ladder of Consciousness or the Staircase to Heaven, as the evolutionary arc from God to God has been described, “proceeds upwards in the cyclic nature of evolution.”

It isn’t that.

(9) Loc. cit.



Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

Love Must Be Experienced, Not Defined – Steve Beckow

Gift of Love painting by Fizdi @ Sweetcouch


Love Must Be Experienced, Not Defined

I said a few days ago that if I were asked to define love, I’d decline the request.

I don’t know how to define love. I can’t think of a single word that would help me here.

Even if I could, I’d consider it counterproductive.

Love is experienced, not captured by the mind.

If you asked me to define gold I’d say “a yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued especially for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies.” (Google.)

But love cannot be defined that way – not meaningfully, anyways.

I look back over my life and think that during most of it I pretended to love. I faked it, hoping my efforts would satisfy. But they never did.  The reason why always eluded me. Now I see that no one who partnered with me experienced love coming from me.

When my heart opened in 2015, I discovered the nature of love by experiencing it. I was swept away by the inner tsunami of love – all trace of ego, all anxieties and concerns washed away for a time.

I was left drowned in an Ocean of Love that stretched as far as I could see in every direction.

Let’s take a moment to consult our sources and hear what they have to say about the importance of the center, the heart, from which my love flows.

The Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild referred to the experience of a heart opening here:

“For THOSE WHO CHOOSE … they shall find themselves in a wonderland that comes from the heart.” (1)

Yes, that was true. White Cloud through Tazjima elaborated:

“There is a secret space within your etheric body sometimes called the secret garden, the Holy of Holies, the secret chamber of the heart. Whatever title you give it, it is the seed that the Mother and Father gave to each of you, planted in your flesh, to grow and expand into self-mastery at the appropriate moment preordained by your Higher Self.” (2)

Lady Venus through Tazjima tells us that our opening the heart’s door helps many others.

“In opening the door to your heart, you have the potential to discover treasures, gifts and jewels of great value, not in the worldly sense, but for your development as an individual and co-creator with your fellow creatures.

“And if you are feeling guilty about so much focus on your own path, realize this: that every step you take on the spiral staircase, you clear the energies for another and another, those who will walk in your footsteps. Nothing that you do for yourself on the ascension path is selfish. There will be naysayers and we say to them: “Look to your own welfare and seek not to control or correct another, for someday, you will walk on the same or similar path.” (3)

I don’t think most of us believe that all the talk about the heart is true. I can say from experience and realization that it is.

There’s much to be gained not only for ourselves but for others as well in journeying to the center, to the secret depths of the heart.

What persisted from the opening for me was the continuing experience, at a lesser level, of what I call transformative love; others call it real love, true love, higher-dimensional love; the Mother said we should call it “the Mother’s Love.” Absolutely.

However, notice that none of the words “does it” for us. There’s no juice in words. There’s only juice in experience.

Since the angels oversee our enlightenment, (4) in my opinion, I’d recommend that everyone ask for a fourth-chakra heart opening. Ask and ye shall receive.

Drowning in love is the greatest blessing I can think of.  Archangel Michael said one factor in my heart opening was that I called out for it.

Intellectuality will help us have a full experience of love but oh so slowly – and only part of the way. Being willing to experience the new and unknown will help us far more. (5)

The final goal is realization of the nature of love, though we still may not be able to talk about it. (6)


(1) The Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild, Nov. 26, 2012.

(2) “White Cloud: On Seeking the Savior Within,” channeled by Eliza Ayres ((AKA Tazjima Amariah Kumara)), December 25, 2013 at http://bluedragonjournal.com.

(3) “Lady Venus: You are a Part of the Symphony of Life,” channeled through Tazjima, October 12, 2013 at http://bluedragonjournal.com.

(4) See “Angels – Angels enlighten, or participate in the enlightenment of, humans” at http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=A#Angels_-_Angels_enlighten.2C_or_participate_in_the_enlightenment_of.2C_humans

(4) The Arcturians maintain that an undue accent on intellectuality stands in the way of our development5

“The human condition, with its worship of the intellect, is in actuality the bottom rung of a very high-dimensional ladder.” (The Arcturian Group, May 7, 2017.)

(6) And write a thousand pages about it in the process. No other subject seems important beside this form of love – the Mother’s Love.



Gift of Love painting by Fizdi @ Sweetcouch

On the Middle Ground – Steve Beckow

On the Middle Ground

Beside the stark and austere reality of the Absolute – where all is One – is the middle ground of Life as it is, Life as it’s unfolding, here and now.

For me as a communicator, that middle ground is composed of morality, completion, and clarity. One word for all three is “integrity.”

Integrity brings with it an increasing experience of wholeness, which at some point becomes exponential, explosive, and we have a realization of who we are in the matter.

As well as being a communicator, I’ll also be a financial steward, so integrity as a path is an obvious choice.

In my line of work, morality, completion, and clarity seem desirable for me to experience and realize – to boost matters from simple intellectual understanding and move into experiencing and realizing them around these three values and the fourth overarching value (integrity).cccxc

Let me look at the three.

  • Morality is sila, dharma, duty, divine plan, service, mission, doing the Lord’s Will, as I discern it.
  • Completion is raising one’s vasanas, records, or sleeping volcanoes to awareness and being with what results until it is fully expressed and complete and the vasana leaves of its own volition.
    Vasanas are transitory memories of earlier trauma. They are not who we are. (1) It’s possible to dive underneath them with our awareness and find the Self. I have done this.
  • Clarity is using the most exact words possible in a pleasing manner, knowing that words cannot contain the Truth, to express the truth of the moment. We use our awareness and make distinctions, contemplate, listen to guidance, getting closer and closer to the truth until ever more precise words yield to direct experience.

I think it helps a great deal if we approach all this from inside the experience of love in our hearts.  It adds flavor and potency to our work.

Nearer and nearer we circle the situation and approximate the truth. We guide ourselves by whether we’re experiencing increasing relief and release or not.   The truth will set us free so, if we’re telling the truth, we should be feeling more and more release. If we’re not, we haven’t told the truth yet. Try again.

Ultimately we move from uncovering the truth of any one situation to discovering the Truth of who we are. The witness of everything we do, whom we constantly are, at last comes under the microscope of our awareness.

Realizing who we are fulfills the quest of all our lifetimes. So let’s stop here.

That’s the way things normally go.

BUT if I realized the Absolute fully I wouldn’t be able to serve.

I’ve seen that I can forget what I’m doing and wander off in the face of too much Light.  I can imagine that I wouldn’t want to go further with this line of service.

And that is not attending to the needs of my mission.

Meanwhile, the middle ground of morality, compassion, and clarity – or integrity – provides me with a strong foundation for what comes next.

Kathleen is looking at forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude. Comparing notes is like being at university again.

Non-dualistically, no one will be around to congratulate us when we merge back into the One. “We” will have disappeared.

But I’m very much here in the middle ground of dualism and relativity. And I’ll be here for the foreseeable future. I have no desire at the moment to return to wherever it was I came from, which is the same place you most likely came from.

The work of the middle ground for me answers my need to know what it is I’m doing. Buddha called it the “Middle Way.” Others have called it the Center or the way of the heart. It leads to wholeness and wholeness is what I need to accomplish what is coming down the pike.


(1) We say, “Joe got mad at me and I got to see who he really is.” No, we got to see his vasana. Joe as an essential being is found underneath the vasanas and is innocent and pure by nature.



Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

That Comes Next – Steve Beckow

Sahasrara Crown Chakra Art – by Gloria Gypsy


That Comes Next

This notion of “balance” is only slowly coming alive for me.

I think we think that the object moves to the middle line and stays there. Or two sides of the scale contain equal measures. That’s balance.

But I know from experience that it isn’t the whole story.  There’s more to the notion than just that.

If you grant that we really are talking about spiritual balance, unusual things happen as we approach the balance point, the center, the heart. These need to be taken note of as well.

Weird anomalies. For instance, our field of experience opens up inexplicably as we approach the center. Of this experience, I might say that the Present Moment was a portal into the Unknown. The Present Moment opens the doors of perception.

We lose sight of notions like “balance” and live in higher-dimensional space (1) for a while, with no ideas in particular entering our minds as we simply enjoy the life before us. “Sahaja” means “natural.”  We begin to live life from our Normal and Natural, Pure and Innocent Self.

Here’s how Archangel Michsael through Ronna Herman described the impact of settling into the center:

“Everything expands from the center outward, including all creation. The closer you are to the center, the more God Power and radiance you will possess. As you progress on the path of higher Self-awareness as a shining Being of Light, sacred Love, a joyful, serene demeanor, along with an intense desire to be of service to others will prevail.” (2)

Other anomalies happen. I find myself better able to assess a situation. Because I’m not coping or defending against anything, my stress level is down and that seems to allow me access to reaches of memory and knowledge that were not available before.

So it isn’t the case that we’re flying between point A and Point C passing over point B. It isn’t that all sights are the same. As the plane begins to slow down and reach the place of balance – the landing field – things that were closed to us previously become available again.

I write and ponder this because of the emphasis Kathleen puts on balance. She’s completed her vasanas, has charge of her process, and is slowing down on approach to the balance point.

Most of my experiences occurred because I was in the center, the heart – retreated into it or whirled around it. And, significantly, as I go forward into the forest of my unknowingness, I seem to keep working away in the heart – 2018 sight of the Self at Xenia, 2015 heart opening,  1991 Porteau Cove experience, (3) 1986 Flame in the Heart, (4) back and back in time. Always the same. Deeper and deeper into the center.

I have the balance point, the center, the heart up to the experiential level of knowledge. But I don’t have it up to realized knowledge yet. That comes next.


(1) I’m not sure what language to use to denote an experience which is higher than our normal state but not as high as a change of dimension – say, to the Fifth.

Subdimensional, perhaps, whereas Sahaja or Ascension is superdimensional.  I prefer not to use “technical” language.

(2) “Archangel Michael: Ritual of Passage into a Fifth Dimensional Reality,” channelled through Ronna Herman, January 1, 2014, at http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/latest.html.

(3) In the late 1980s, I had an experience while camping. There was so much noise that I retreated into my tent and meditated. I noticed there was a quiet place “in the center” and I retreated to it. As I did my consciousness did what felt like a back flip and I ended up in the Self.

(4) I experimented with burning my vasanas in the furnace of my heart. It worked so well that I popped through in consciousness again and again. I’m not sure why I stopped!



Sahasrara Crown Chakra Art – by Gloria Gypsy

Revisiting Self-Control, Self-Mastery – Steve Beckow

Art ~ Beyond The Veil


Revisiting Self-Control, Self-Mastery


The shortest way to mastering every thought and feeling (1) – in order to work with the galactics – is to take command of myself; that is, to practice self-mastery or self-control.

How would I normally accomplish the task? Go through each thought and feeling individually? It would take too long.

By assuming command of myself – self-mastery, self-control – I probably cut the time involved by an order of magnitude.

As the runt of the litter, I needed to get my message across somehow. I grew up specializing in menacing glances and resistant behavior. Self-control was never my strong suit.

So coming upon the need for self-mastery, self-control as an adult is a new approach for me.

In my growth-movement days, self-expression was preferred to self-control, creative expression to creative repression.

But the galactics – like the Arcturians here – often point out to us the need for self-control. The following quote is long but very germane.

Everything they say here mirrors my experience of taking charge of myself. Notice their reference to what I’ve called “I the watcher.” (2)

“As this shift continually accelerates your consciousness, you will gain a new perspective on your physical world. This higher viewpoint will enable you to perceive your 3D reality from ‘up above it’ rather than ‘stuck within it.’ In other words, you will be able observe your ego from your Higher SELF.

“Once your Multidimensional SELF is in charge, you will be able to make some important decisions that make YOU the creator of your life. You will also become aware of many of your higher dimensional, alternate or parallel realities. …

“As you regain a higher perspective of your life, many of your priorities will change. Your ego will no longer tell you to let go of your meditations and creative expression so that you can ‘get back to the business of your real life.’

“With your Higher SELF at the helm, you will realize that what you have perceived as ‘just your imagination’ is actually your real life. Then slowly, or quickly, you will want to ‘let go’ of many of our your lower frequency chores, responsibilities and jobs.

“In this manner, you can more easily remain in the unconditional light and love of the fifth dimension. Of course you will still ‘take care of 3D business,’ but your priorities will greatly alter as your consciousness expands into the higher dimensions.” (3)

Everything said about “your Multidimensional SELF … in charge” and “your Higher Self at the helm” mirrors my experience.

Many years ago, I’d never have entertained the advice that Peggy Black and the Team give us here. But now I do.

“When these thoughts of discouragement arise shake them off as quickly as possible.  We would like to invite you to practice feeling good for no reason. Look for ways to uplift your own personal energy field. This is one of the most important self-mastery skills that you can call forth. So no matter what is occurring in your personal life or the global arenas, find areas in which you can practice your gratitude. …

“The vibration and frequency of gratitude is truly a game changer. Your entire field of energy shifts even if it is just a microscopic shift and a fleeting sense of thankfulness.” (4)

Is mine an example of an outdated belief that needs to be dropped? Do I need to engage in patterns of behavior that I’d never have looked at after Cold Mountain like deflecting?  Changing the subject? Talking over top of an upset (discouragement)?

Apparently yes. The higher-dimensional vibrations allow us to shift our mood now whereas deep third-density vibrations did not.

Here, Hilarion discusses the disappearing need for “tedious and painstaking” processing:

At this point in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, the law of grace is in effect and humanity is being blessed by the neutralization of any repetitive thoughts that come unbidden from the very depths of their being.

“These core issues invariably have their roots in a previous existence as life was experienced through a physical incarnation. …

“Gone are the days of tedious and painstaking efforts to become filled with more light quotient, for this is now a moment-by-moment occurrence as more light fills the planet and the strides being made in the advancement of the Divine Plan are beyond our wildest expectations.

“Many underlying changes are taking place within the structures of the old paradigm and are quietly being replaced by new systems which allow the rights of all to come into consideration.” (5)

If our core issues are falling away as vibrations rise, why master every thought and feeling? There are many obvious reasons – getting along with the galactics, avoiding misunderstandings, participating appropriately in galactic discussions and decision-making, etc.

Let’s look at a few that are not as obvious.

The first is that the galactics are telepathic and can read our thoughts and see what we’re thinking and feeling.

You remember the famous cartoon Top Dog/Underdog, where a person is saying one thing and his inner state is depicted as saying something altogether different (usually depicted as a screaming baby)? The galactics would be able to see our insincerity instantly. So that’s a compelling non-obvious reason for self-mastery.

The second is a touchy subject – pun intended. Our emotional vibrations and levels of cleanliness can prove disturbing to them. One galactic even confided that he had to clean himself when he returned to ship after even a short visit to Earth.

“Each of us who does make short landings has to undergo a thorough cleansing process before we are allowed back on our mother ships where we reside, so as not to contaminate our own living quarters. We do not say these things to shame you, but to let you know that there remain some differences in our living environments that make it difficult for both sides to come together as one.” (6)

That may be a side of things that we haven’t thought about and may not wish to think about. But we can contribute to their comfort by at least mastering every negative thought and feeling.

I’ve noticed that whenever I feel victimized, whenever I have a poor-me thought, whenever I feel weak and beaten down, I’ve forgotten that I’m the master of my internal states.

I know the literature of the Sixties and Seventies objected to any form of external control. But I think in the process we lost sight of the necessity for internal control – self-control.

As we ponder working with the galactics to build Nova Earth, self-mastery, self-control, self command are becoming subjects, in my opinion, that we may need to revisit.


(1)  “You will be called upon to master EVERY thought and feeling. …

“Hence any thoughts or feelings that cause inner conflict of any form are best pulled into your conscious mind to be displayed as an experience. In fact, in 5D this will occur with your EVERY thought/emotion.

“Hence our leaders are having to totally hone this mastery of energy NOW.” (Loc. cit.)

And another:

“You must see yourself. You must be aware of what you are thinking, what you are saying, what you are doing and WHY. Why are you thinking that? Why are you saying that? Why are you doing that?” (“Message from the Arcturians: Walking The NOW,” channelled by Suzanne Lie. March 27, 2014, at http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/.)

For more on “Self-Mastery” see http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=The_New_Paradigm_is_the_Divine_Qualities#Self-Mastery.2FSelf-Control

(2) See “Len Satov: The Watcher: Loving, Non-Judgmental Awareness,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/06/30/len-satov-watcher-loving-non-judgmental-awareness/

(3) Sue Lie, “Being A Multidimensional Leader,” Aug. 2014, at http://www.multidimensions.com/multidimensional-leadership-school/.

(4) “The Team: Dedicated and Practiced Skill,” as received by Peggy Black, September 15, 2014 http://www.morningmessages.com. This is Kathleen’s advice as well, to practice, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude.

(5) Hilarion, February 2, 2014, at http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarionsweeklymessage.htm

(6) “The Council of Nine: True Change Starts From Within Self,” channeled by Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara), June 4, 2014 at bluedragonjournal.com.



Art ~ Beyond The Veil


‘Seeing’ the Sound of Music – Narendra Mishra

Music with in by Madan Lal, Expressionism Painting @ Mojarto


‘Seeing’ the Sound of Music

‘Seeing’ the Sound of Music

Awakening Spark, 28/11/2018 ~ website Link below.

I just had an amazing experience while driving. I was listening to an instrumental composition based in Raga Desh (one of the forms of Indian Classical Music) and suddenly in my mind I saw the colours of the music.

It appeared to me as cascading shades of blue – from light baby blue to dark indigo blue and everything in between.

I was astounded. Both at the fact that it was happening – I was actually seeing the colour of music – and by recognition of the fact that I always saw it unconsciously. I simply was not aware of it before.

I knew that I had always associated Raga Desh with the colour blue in my mind for some reason. Before this it was always subconscious. Now I was conscious of the experience.

I immediately thought of Jennifer’s recent channelling of the Divine Mother, who asserted that the Shift is here, now. (1) This for me was proof.

Awakening and Ascension are happening. Right now.


(1) Posted below this article.




My Own Personal Kali Yuga – Steve Beckow



My Own Personal Kali Yuga

It’s ironic that I should emerge from a lifetime of dissociation (1) and then willingly choose to partition my consciousness again as a growth strategy.

What do I mean by that?

The way I see my mind, it operates in parts, sometimes roles, sometimes voices, but always a multitude. And, often, an unruly mob.

Recently I so disliked the direction I was headed in that I the watcher came forward and assumed command of myself. And the “self” that I take command of … well, it’s all the other voices, really.

I can’t believe I’ve gone through my life leaving its direction in the reins of “sides” of myself that can often be misguided, inept, superficial, etc.

I have an angry mob inside my head and they’ve been running the show. At best they rises= to intellectual self-righteousness. At worst they’re headed in the wrong direction.

I the watcher have not played a role in my life since … before memory.  But somehow the origin of all this doesn’t seem to matter as much these days as it used to. It’s the presenting behavior that I the watcher needs to assume control over.

I know that I “made my living” as a very young child out of lacking self-control. I’d become a number one stick-in-the-mud. I was adept at slipping the stick into the bicycle wheel.  And I just got better as the years went by.

Then I studied karate and applied a fresh coat of varnish to my already-dead statue. Then I became REALLY justified as a Member of the IRB. (2) Dead-right, Werner would have called where I ended up.

Just as the world finds itself, at the end of the Kali Yuga or dark age, (3) ready to nuke each other and destroy the planet, so I find myself at the end of my own personal Kali Yuga in a dead end of self-righteousness. I the watcher surveys the state of my inner world left in the stewardship of voices other than me.

Everything about my situation in life makes it no longer valuable to roll downhill in life like a snowball gathering more mass.  Someone needed to take charge of this operation I call “myself.”

But I do see the irony in my solution to the puzzle.

Whereas the answer once lay in fusing myself back together after dissociation, the answer now lies in I the watcher identifying yet another part of the mind and ceding to it command over all other perceived or imagined parts of myself. For the sake of taking myself forward, I go further into voluntary or wilful dissociation.

No matter what I do, I the watcher remains aloof from it. Nevertheless, such is the infinite flexibility of the mind that I the watcher, who does not descend into action, can still deputize yet another area of the mind to rein in the rest, this time under the watchful eye of me, the eternal observer, the aware scrutineer.

It just shows the need for flexibility; what hampered us yesterday could come to our aid today.

I’m shifting my focus from the parts of me that nearly caused a trainwreck of self-righteousness to the heart-informed direction of I the watcher.

All of this to me – new to the field of self-control, as I am – shows up like an exercise in using the mind in a productive way.


(1) I dissociated after my Father yelled at me from just inches away from my face. I was around 7-10 at the time and didn’t completely fuse back together again (the Humpty Dimpty man I called myself) until age 58.

The symptoms were intellectuality, no deep experiencing, a lack of self-confidence, a lack of feeling grounded, shyness at public speaking, having to watch for zealotry, resentment, aggressiveness, etc.

(2) Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. I was tasked with making decisions on who was a U.N. Convention Refugee and who not.

(3) In Hindu cosmology, we’re leaving the Kali Yuga or Dark Age and entering the Sat Yuga, Age of Truth, or Golden Age.




Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

Impossible to Find Words for the Wordless – Steve Beckow

Ancient of Days ~ William Blake


Impossible to Find Words for the Wordless

I just realized today that I had difficulties around boundary management, but the reflection I fell into went far beyond that subject.

To begin with, I speculated that people raised in a climate of domestic violence, like myself, often have difficulties with boundary management.

Their own boundaries have been trampled on so often that they fail to develop a keen sense of where they begin and leave off.

I also noticed today that I was not making a distinction between two processes, which I think people with good boundary-management skills would regard as obvious and basic.

I’m failing to distinguish between engagement and my own energy field or bubble.

Energy field? Energy bubble? I was struck by those two terms. What did I know about an energy bubble and an energy field?

When I thought about those two terms, I fell into a much deeper realization.

Allow me to draw on my notes from here on:

“Energy fields” and “energy bubbles”are metaphors I use to describe something formless and wordless.

How is it that I’m glibly talking about them as if the words I use capture reality, when they don’t?

I think that we think that we can use words – and even develop a language  – to describe the wordless. And then we think that we can relate to the words as if the phenomena they point to have been captured by them, when it isn’t so.

It’s as if we’ve all agreed to keep it secret that we’re talking as if words are real, when they’re not. We all know they’re not, but we’ve all agreed to pretend they are, to make believe, because we like what results.

What results is that we get to pretend that we literally know what we’re talking about when. We get to feel pretty pleased with ourselves when, on closer inspection, we see that indeed we don’t know what we’re talking about.

Words do not capture the wordless. The wordless does not live in language. It cannot be shoehorned into words.

Any words we use are either metaphorical (God is a tree of life) or descriptions of what the wordless isn’t (neti, neti, neti – not this, not this, not this), or descriptions of our reactions to it (it left me awestruck, dumbfounded, amazed), or something else not necessarily helpful to know what the experience or realization actually is or was.

I can’t think of a word that could be used to describe, for instance, what my “boundary” is or means. Not really. Not without using metaphors; not directly and accurately.

At best our language is too primitive; at worst it cannot be done.

Every time I’ve ever spoken about a spiritual experience – the 1977 out-of-body experience, (1)  the 1987 vision, (2)  the 2015 heart opening (3) as examples – I’ve never found words to accurately reflect what I went through on any occasion – or, more to the point, make the experience or realization come alive.

From one experience (the 1987 vision), I came away with a single sentence: “The purpose of life is enlightenment.” From another (the Xenia experience), I came away with just two words: “Purity” and “innocence.”

What have these few words to say about the nature of the experience?

No spiritual experience I’ve ever had came with an explanatory letter, or with labels attached to it, or with a business card and a manual of operation.

Far from it. They share the common characteristic of being either wordless or else whatever words were spoken did not explain or help me understand the experience.

No identification. None of them said, “I am God the Father and next to me is….”

In one of them, I had an inner knowing and certainty about the identity of the actors that seemed caused by being drenched in bliss.  As Jesus said, the blissful Comforter brought all things to remembrance. I knew what I was looking at in the 1987 vision: The total journey of an individual soul, from God to God.

I can’t hold on to the actual experience or realization. As it’s happening, it doesn’t occur to me that I may want to find words later to describe it.

I don’t commit anything to memory on those grounds but also on the grounds that it would pull me out of the experience and into my head again.

Even if I did, I can’t think of any words that could commit to memory.

In the moment, I just relax into the experience and later enjoy the remembrance of it. But not in words. Usually in feeling states.

The impossibility of finding words to adequately describe the wordless can be easily verified. This is not mysterious.

Have an ice cream or a tropical fruit and describe the taste. Did you find words?

I cannot. I’d only describe it in terms of other tastes – mango, vanilla, cinnamon. But what it itself uniquely tastes like? I’d have no words for it. And it does not come with a “product description.”

A better pen than mine will have to develop a language to speak about these things. To the next generation, everything I say here will sound positively seventeenth-century.

But you get my point? The very best experiences we’ve had in life are extremely difficult to find words to describe. I don’t think we have a well-developed emotional language yet, never mind one for the wordless, the spiritual.

There’s so much work to be done, so much pioneering to do.  We haven’t scratched the surface yet.


(1) On that occasion, I awoke in the middle of a lucid dream or out-of-body experience in which I was on the other side and witnessing some boys be mean to a friend of mine. I began to cry, which meant that I needed to return to my body. I fell backwards through space and felt myself insert myself in something that felt like a wet suit.

It had the consistency of India rubber, like a lacrosse ball compared to the spirit that I was, which was lighter than a feather. When my consciousness transferred from inside the wet suit to outside it, the wailing became a whimper, which showed me how little of a conductor the body was.

The minute I distinguished between my body and myself, the fear of death disappeared and has not reappeared to this day.

(2) See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/

(3) See “Submerged in Love,” March 14, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/14/submerged-in-love/; “Activating the Wellspring – Part 1/2,” March 14, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/04/29/activating-the-wellspring-of-love-part-1-2/; and “Activating the Wellspring – Part 2/2” March 15, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2018/04/30/activating-the-wellspring-of-love-part-2-2/



Ancient of Days ~ William Blake


Expanding Awareness in a Gradual Ascension – Part 3/3 – Steve Beckow

Shakti ~ by Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America


Expanding Awareness in a Gradual Ascension – Part 3/3

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

With Brahmajnana, we leave the Third-Dimensional, seven-chakra system behind.

Here’s Da Free John describing his amazement at leaving watching his chakras fall away:

“For several nights I was awakened again and again with sharp lateral pains in my head. They felt like deep incisions in my skull and brain, as if I were undergoing an operation. During the day following the last of these experiences I realized a marvellous relief. I saw that what appeared as the sahasrar, the terminal chakra and primary lotus in the head, had been severed.

“The sahasrar had fallen off like a blossom. The Shakti [kundalini, Mother’s energy], which previously had appeared as a polarized energy that moved up and down through the various chakras or centers producing various effects, now was released through the chakra form.

“There was no more polarized force. Indeed, there was no form whatsoever, no up or down, no chakras. The chakra system had been revealed as unnecessary, an arbitrary rule or setting for the play of energy. The form beneath all of the bodies, gross or subtle, had revealed itself to be as unnecessary and conditional as the bodies themselves.

“Previously, all the universes seemed built and dependent upon that prior structure of ascending and descending energy, so that values were determined by the level of chakra on which consciousness functioned, and planetary bodies as well as space itself were fixed in a spherical or curved form. But now I saw that reality or real consciousness was not in the least determined by any kind of form apart from itself.

“Consciousness had shown its radical freedom [form] and priority [over] the chakra form. It had shown itself to be senior to that whole structure, dissociated from every kind of separate energy or Shakti. There was simply consciousness itself, prior to all forms, all dilemmas, every kind of seeking and necessity.” (1)

All forms were seen to be simple constructions in consciousness (or light or love).  But it’s the impermanence of the chakra system that I want to draw attention to.

On An Hour with an Angel, the Divine Mother confirmed that (1) Sahaja Samadhi is the culmination of our gradual-and-sudden Ascension and (2) it lies beyond the seven-chakra system.

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of [as] your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is [the] reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.   (2)

We enter the Fifth Dimension, I believe, upon seventh-chakra enlightenment. And we complete the Ascension process a few subplanes into 5D with Sahaja Samadhi.

However life will improve dramatically when even a planetary heart opening occurs. I know from personal experience that we don’t have to wait for full Ascension before the cheering can begin.

I regard these as factual matters. I’m not saying that Ascension is years away. Sahaja may be years away. But our lives will improve immeasurably at just the next bend in the road. And it’ll be accompanied by abundance, world peace, Disclosure, etc.

All we have to worry about is allowing the process we’re already fully involved in to help us go deeper, unfold, and expand.


The versions of the self or Self that we pass through are simply constructions in consciousness, each of which yields when seen and known.

We’re going deeper and deeper into who we are, passing through one layer after another – the self at many levels, the Self at many levels. We finally reach the No-Self, when the Self surrenders everything God gave it – last of all its own individuality – and merges with God to become One again.

That’s the end of the journey for the individual soul as I saw it in my vision. It left the domain of the Mother (mater, matter); its light returned to it again; and it streaked back to the great golden Sun and merged with it.

End of story.

Well, not, apparently. After merging with the Father we come out again at the call of the Mother and launch ourselves on another round of service.


If you follow my path of becoming increasingly aware of the ways of the self, then you cause one layer after another to disappear simply by becoming aware of it. Later we find that there are also levels that the Self lives on – dimensions and depths of experience.

The self/Self/No Self is like a Babushka doll. Another self within another self within another self.

Again, the Self can be compared to a crab that moults its skin every year as it feels the need to expand.

We’re constantly growing and expanding into a new version of self … until an experience of the Self causes us to leap up a level and live from a new understanding of ourselves.

And from here we repeat the process again and again, expanding our awareness, until at some point we liberate the inner tsunami of love, and open to the next lesson and the next.

The “self” of self-awareness keeps disappearing from our attention once we become aware of it. We therefore drill down through layer after layer of self with our awareness until we reach the Self – through nothing else but remaining conscious of ourselves, minute by minute, day after day.

Self-Realization fulfills the purpose of life. There’s no escaping reaching that destination, no matter what path you follow. It’s written into your life’s plan that you will eventually reach that Goal. Some will be fed in the morning, Sri Ramakrishna said; some in the afternoon; some in the evening, but all will be fed.

To call fulfilling life’s design “narcissism” by “the Me Generation” is utterly to miss the point.  Diving deeply into the self and keeping going forward, as Sri Ramakrishna urged, is fulfilling life’s purpose.

It’s right on target and yields glimpses of the higher planes and experiences that totally satisfy.

That’s my view of the gradual approach to Ascension for one who follows the path of awareness.


(1) Da Free John, The Knee of Listening. Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973. , Original Edition, 116-9.

(2) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/10/the-divine-mother-come-to-me-as-i-come-to-you-part-12/. 



Shakti ~ by Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America