Escape from Adulthood: OK, That’s Enough of That – Steve Beckow

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Peace ~ Artist Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

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Escape from Adulthood: OK, That’s Enough of That

Clearly my personality survives intact in some way, shape or form. I don’t know what the road ahead holds. I can only report.

What I report now arises from my practice, on the path of awareness, of maintaining awareness of myself.

I detected a pattern. I was people-pleasing. I was complimenting someone on a coat and I made a distinction that was quite elegant.

Immediately in my own mind I made myself, I fancied myself a fashion expert.

And I looked at that. What is this impulse to want to receive validation?

I must feel invalidated at a very basic level.

I feel into it, exploring what arises.

I do feel invalidated, at such a basic level that my exterior almost melts when I get in touch with it. A primal wound. So many wounds. Primarily from my Father.

Just as I can ride a wisp of bliss to a full-blown experience of it, so here I can ride a wisp of woundedness to….

In my imagination, I’m in a place that is the antithesis of everything we consider pleasurable. It’s like a swamp. It smells. No, it stinks. It’s dark. It brings up in me the most horrible feelings – misery, regret, incomprehension.

No one is denying the validity of my allegations of being wounded. It’s just that the condition of seeing oneself as wounded, as a victim is not a high vibration.

It results in a yielding up of sovereignty, a disempowerment of the self, addiction, and a train of other unfortunate consequences.

The whole of them make for a dense, low vibration, symbolized by the swamp in my imagined vision.

That is graphic. That is as graphic as seeing the cost of my hostility was. (1) When I think of the decline that sets in when I agree to see myself as a victim, I get it! I don’t need to go into the metaphysical side of things.

I changed my vote. I used to enjoy being a victim. Now I don’t. Yes, that’s enough of that! Time to close one more door of escape from adulthood.


(1) See “From Hostility to Harmony,” Oct. 2, 2020, at

Escape from Adulthood: OK, That’s Enough of That


Peace ~ Artist Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

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The Whispers of the Heart – Steve Beckow

Angelic Flower of Life by Olga Kuczer


The Whispers of the Heart

In my last reading on Sept. 16, 2020, Michael said something that resonated with me. He said, “you listen to the whispers of your heart.”

Boy, how much is contained in a single sentence. I’ve been allowing myself to be guided by my inner impulses, yes. I hadn’t thought of that as listening to the whispers of my heart.

Not just “following your heart,” which is one thing, but “following the whispers of your heart.”

I once caught St. Germain in the act of whispering to me. Michael identified who it was at my next reading.

Annastara (my twin flame) and my other three guides plus Michael himself, and for all of us, always, the Mother are my whisperers.

So he’s really confirming that I’ve been following him/them by following my inner impulses and I needed that reassurance.  I don’t know whether I’m on the mark without feedback. I now feel more confident in following my inner guide than I have up till now.

*  *  *

We also established at our last reading our signals for “yes” and “no.” So this is an archangel working with his servant – behind the scenes.

But at the same time I also realized that it wouldn’t be wise to communicate what these signals are.

Why the emphasis on making that connection with Michael? How does it change anything?

I can give you two metaphors to explain why.  The first is training wheels on a bicycle. Michael’s shocks and pulls help me in the beginning see where he wants me to go with financial things. I want and need those training wheels in the beginning; later on I may not.

Here’s a second metaphor. The king of the Kingdom of the Golden Age has just reached out to a reclusive monk and asked him to serve as his steward.

That’s what it feels like for me participating in the Reval and wider abundance programs, in concert with Michael. Like I was just given this huge task and told to perform.

What does a monk know about financial affairs? Nothing, right?

Since age 17-8, I’ve always lived by a promise to God that I would do her work if she would look after my finances. And so it has been.

However I do know about the Mother and her Plan, how she wants the money spent, galactic civilizations and their role in building Nova Earth, what Michael wishes to see, etc. I’ve been studying that for years.

*  *  *

Lightworkers in general know the Divine Plan. They know what’s going on – Reval, Disclosure, Ascension, Golden Age, and so on. They know where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

This very knowledge is a big part of the skill they bring to their lightworker jobs. Michael said:

“If no [lightworker] steps forward into [leadership] then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

“So [when non-lightworkers] are assigned … or try to step up … to create and to take the leadership role, they do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable. … So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.” (1)

Non-lightworkers won’t know the things lightworkers do and may be inclined to stay within old paradigms (like empirical materialism) and dream small.  They’ll have to catch up over time – and they will. And it’ll probably fall to some of us to help them catch up.

*  *  *

What I want to do in the group of Michaelangelo companies is translate Michael’s vision – which in itself reflects the Mother’s Plan – into reality. In my view, that’s what I’m here for. I received my commission from the Mother:

“How we have constructed this is that you are employed, you are in joint venture, you are in sacred partnership with Michael, with Me-Ki-Al, and that is the way that you have chosen and that he has chosen and that I have chosen for you to proceed.” (2)

I’m honored to serve such a being and I’m 111% available.

I want to translate his vision into reality. I think of my financial role as being a translator of it, which for me is a tremendous privilege. When in human history were so many humans able to interact with the archangels?

So where we’re at right now – an archangel and his servant – is that I have signals for “yes” and “no.”  I can also follow my own inner signals and divine knowing, which I’m also getting practice in (another story).

I’ll work at setting out the vision for the group of companies. I won’t be an administrator.  And he’ll guide me in my decisions, which in the final analysis remain mine to make.

It’s getting quite enjoyable. Last night I was lying down, near to falling asleep and I had this wonderful insight into something, followed almost immediately by his signal for “yes.”  I smiled and fell asleep, feeling comforted, and totally … forgot … the … wonderful … idea.


(1) “Lead or Leave a Vacuum,” 

(2) “Divine Mother: Does God Recognize Service to a Fallen Teacher?” November 3, 2018, at

The Whispers of the Heart


Angelic Flower of Life by Olga Kuczer

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

I Feel Fully Self-Expressed – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Carol Heyer

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I Feel Fully Self-Expressed

September 29, 2020 by 

Would you allow me a personal reflection for a moment

I live in a paradoxical situation where my readers know more about me than most of my friends.

I don’t mean this as a criticism. It makes sense.

Local conversation might go like, “What did you do today?” And I reply with a litany of what I did.

None of it says anything about who I am in the matter.

In here I say who I am in the matter.  Is that a bad thing?

In here I can be myself. I have only me to report to for what I say. I can speak freely.

I don’t think we appreciate this aspect of the Internet. It’s communication we control, where we can be ourselves and speak freely. (1)

Some people use it to troll and harm others. Too bad. But that will go.

The attitudes below those kinds of actions will not equip the individuals to accept and integrate the higher energies. (2) I predict that the trolls and hackers will influence events less and less.


Meanwhile, when we return to peace and harmony, the Internet, this internal space, can be used to achieve full self-expression.

I can speak to that because I feel fully self-expressed as a result of writing.  And this level of connectivity available from the Internet makes this level of writing possible – and rewarding.

Feeling fully self-expressed is not about number of publications or whether it made the bestsellers list (I’ve never sold a single book).

From my vantage point, just like mastery and abundance, full self-expression is a space, a state of being. And, that being the case, it’s higher dimensional.

Realization is the usual doorway into it. Sometimes an experience can be powerful enough to catapult us in. But these days, for me, it’s becoming easier to breathe the space up from my heart.

When I breathe it up, I feel uplifted, satisfied, fulfilled. I recall Andrew Cohen saying it isn’t having the object of desire that proves satisfying and uplifting. It’s the momentary cessation of desire.

Yes. In me, it’s the cessation of the desire to seek “more” in order to reach a point I think of as “fulfilment.” I already feel fulfilled.

I’ve done enough in the service of my own agenda of proving my self-worth.  That doesn’t mean I won’t continue in service of the Mother. Of course I will. It just means that the other self-demeaning script is now out of the way.

How wonderfully liberating. I feel fully self-expressed. Is that not the object of the inner game of writing?

So we can add writing as another path to the same higher-dimensional space that we’ve already known as love, bliss, peace, mastery, and abundance. In this case we know it as full self-expression. Another door in.


This space is for me unlike the others – i.e., it has its own flavor – in this respect, that work-related vasanas have been a big part of my life.

My self-worth issues arose because my Dad used to call me a lazy, no-good good-for-nothing. Consequently I became a high-volume producer to prove him wrong.

Having reached the place of feeling fully self-expressed, all of those nagging issues and upsets (which make up the vasana) are now released.

I never even suspected their existence. (3)

I’ve satisfied myself that I’ve adequately disproven the allegation that I’m a lazy, no-good, good-for-nothing. I’ve done enough. I can now stop serving this unseen agenda and now with my full attention serve the agenda of the Mother.


(1) Of course what we say leaves a record that personnel officers can read in an employment-related search. It often becomes easier for retired folks to speak their minds in this environment.

(2) The structures of muscular tension in the body will prevent awareness from expanding; dark beliefs will prevent the seeing of what’s real; the burden of past perpetrations will weigh the will to good down.

(3) More proof that all upsets are coming up for release.  We’re being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste.

I Feel Fully Self-Expressed


Artist ~ Carol Heyer

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah   

Being Cooped Up in a Form – Steve Beckow


Metatron Sacred Geometry Merkaba

*  *  *

Being Cooped Up in a Form

While my awareness having expanded beyond the limits of my body is a landmark event, the actual experience itself is quite neutral, almost imperceptible.

It’s as if a storm has stopped and it’s the next morning. All is quiet and renewed.

I feel more relaxed.

I was describing my experience to a friend. I said that I felt confined in my body. Until now, I walked around endlessly with an almost-undetectable but ever-present note of irritation at being cooped up in a form. (1)

I feel ever so much lighter now. I used to be a human body with a spirit, known only as a point of awareness, hidden somewhere within it. Now I’m a bubble of consciousness and I’m the whole of the bubble rather than a point of awareness. All of this is known at the experiential – mainly the feeling – level.

I anticipate the bubble growing in size, but that’s just a guess.

The resistance, the grumbling, the entitlement that I used to feel – and that I despaired of ever being able to reach for cleansing – has now disappeared.

I’ve been invoking universal law to have my merkebah come online.  Is all of this happening as a result of that?

Constant comment gone, restriction within the body gone. I like where this is headed.

But I keep experiencing the fear that this will lead me to a place where I’ll look like a real flake.

Especially because it’s happening while the west coast is blanketed in fires, a pandemic “rages,” cities are rioting, an election approaches. And here I am going deeper and deeper into quietude. Am I out of touch with reality?

I might be if I were pursuing my own personal enlightenment. But I’m not pursuing that and I know that my remaining calm and quiet at a time like this IS a contribution, an act of service.

Yes, there is chaos, but the Alliance and the various galactic federations and the Company of Heaven have the matter in hand.

Apart from helping to build the new world that will literally rise from the ashes of the old, I think my best contribution may turn out to be to remain calm and not impede the process.


(1) The Arcturians told me that I had not been in a human body for some time and that I’d had to train for the occasion. I can now appreciate that comment more.

Being Cooped Up in a Form


Metatron Sacred Geometry Merkaba

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Insight Unfolds – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Meganne Forbes Visionary Artist

*  *  *

Insight Unfolds

This insight keeps on unfolding.

I’m trying to remake the world in my own image. (1)

Yes. I have preferences. I try to see that the world is as I’d prefer it to be. Definitely.

I certainly need to raise this one to awareness because very soon I’ll have ample money to impact a section of the world.  It wouldn’t be wise to be trying to force the rest of the world to live like me.

I think of myself as multicultural, but I’m really not. I associate with people who are like me and think of the world as populated by people like me.

All of this goes on at a level below awareness. It isn’t till someone like Da Free John shines the light that the critters are seen.

I am trying to rework the world at every level.  At some levels the self-serving bias operates. At other levels I make open recommendations all of which have as their common theme re-making the world more to my liking.

I feel increasing release as I say this. The truth is setting me free from whatever had me hide the truth. I feel a reduction of tension in my facial muscles. I interpret that as meaning I’m on the right track.

In my looking at filters, I overlooked the filter of filters. Narcissus organizes everything. In fact I know a certain quality of my voice that I’ve never been able to identify and the description “Narcissus” fits it.

One of its functions is to hide the fact that I’m really wanting to remake the world in my own image. This voice is what the truth is setting me free from.

It’s all a process of stripping away what doesn’t work and unveiling what does. One item at a time; one layer at a time. Some will go faster

I’ve known the natural Self underneath. If that’s our destination, all this other stuff has to go.


(1) See “The Death of Narcissus,” 

Insight Unfolds


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The Work Feelings like Humiliation Do – Steve Beckow

Multi-Merkaba & Flower of Life Art

* * *

The Work Feelings like Humiliation Do

September 15, 2020 by Steve Beckow

It seems that sometimes our experiences are more clearly understood with the passage of time.

The clearing of my “humiliation thread” or vasana (core issue) was super-painful. But more about it is becoming available several days later.

I now find that even the smallest infraction of the rules brings with it an experience of humiliation. Or maybe I’m more sensitive now than before. Whatever the case, the increase in the experience of humiliation when I break the rules was not something I’d have predicted earlier.

But it makes sense. If we’re going to handle large sums of money after the Reval on behalf of the people of Earth, I believe we’re going to need to be squeaky clean.

Today I violated the Covid rules of my neighborhood coffee shop in a very minor way – and was upbraided for it. I have a medical reason for the transgression and I’ll sort it out with the manager tomorrow.

But even that small transgression was enough to have me feel humiliated. At the same time, however, what I discovered as the “work” of humiliation was very educational.

I sat and sat with the feeling, gradually sorting out what I should have done (asked for permission beforehand) and what that says about my barge-ahead manner. How little that is going to work in the years ahead! So the incident was instructive from that angle.

I saw that even that minor an infraction was no longer OK with my inner guide. I either follow the (moral, ethical, and sound) rules or I don’t. Where I’ll be going, I’ll need to be reliable for following the (moral, ethical, and sound) rules, period, full stop. So, again, instructive.

And, yes, I know about fascism and dictatorship and the manipulation of the masses … I guess a little like what the deep state is attempting today. I’ve left several gurus who were guilty of misrepresentation and worse.

But I also feel certain that no bad can come from serving the Divine Mother.

Except I do need to serve her. If I don’t, in my case, I feel humiliated.

Put another way, I’m becoming aware of just how vigilant I’m going to need to be about my integrity. I thought I was before, but, if I don’t want to go through some hard bumps (humiliation) later, I’d better increase that vigilance.

I feel much clearer about things at this stage of our Ascension process. My memory is terrible but I feel clearer on what I need to do and what not.

I can’t say that I’m doing all that well in all my personal dealings. I’m inconsistent and, again, that’s not a good trait for the work I’ll be doing.

There will eventually be an elevation where everything will fall into place automatically; I know because I’ve spent time in that setting. When we’re safely in the Fifth Dimension, the problem will disappear, evaporate, cease to exist. In place of all the worry and concern will be love.

I notice that, when I see that I need to be squeaky clean to do this job, there’s more readiness and willingness on my part to agree and acquiesce these days. I’m not going, “Oh, gosh, heaven’s no. What did I get myself into?”

The agreement is much readier, smoother, and more genuine. I hope that’s an indication of progress, of energetic or vibrational uplift and shift.

You have to remember that you’re talking to a career complainer, who got attention when he was young by putting a stick in the spokes. No one – least of all me – thought I’d ever grow up.

Meanwhile, I did ask Michael to help me prepare for the Post-Reval work. I guess this is how he’s doing it!

Later that evening….

I notice that I’ve become super-sensitive to humiliation. A jolt of it operates on me similarly to an electric shock.

I also see that I have very thin skin. Not a great combination.

I noticed this evening that the slightest task left undone brought on a jolt of the feeling. It seemed like boot camp from an invisible instructor.

Things that would have been normal for me ten years ago are no longer possible or feasible. I do notice a greater lightness of vibration, mood, attitude, etc., but that’s what’s inviting me to stop doing whatever humiliates me (since in later life I’m now the one doing the humiliating).

I’m being required to look at every area of my life and bring it into integrity if it isn’t already. Or I get an electric shock, so to speak.

At some deep level, I’ve known that a day would come when I’d be required to get conscious. What did Isaiah say?

“Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain.” (Isaiah 40:4.)

Everything hid shall be made known. If this isn’t that day, it’s a dress rehearsal


Multi-Merkaba & Flower of Life Art

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Grounding is Next as I Prepare – Steve Beckow

sacred-heart-by-katia-honour-male-face (1)

Sacred Heart ~ Artist Katia Honour

* * *

Grounding is Next as I Prepare

The Company of Heaven are continually asking us to drop anchor in Gaia, to send an energetic cable down to Gaia’s heart and there fasten it to her – in other words, to ground ourselves.

Viewed from another perspective, I notice in myself that, when I allow my center of gravity to rise up as far as my head, I also observe myself entering the emotional extremes. High center of gravity and extreme emotion seem to go together.

On the other hand, when I deepen my sense of myself, when I lower my center of gravity, when I anchor my sense of myself in my hara or sacral chakra and drop anchor in Gaia, I, the eternal observer, seem to innoculate my everyday self against fear. It distinctly sounds like the peaceful warrior side of me emerging.

Looking back on my life, I believe one of the features of my dissociation (1) was living a lot from this highly-strung side of myself. What made me successful or not was that I excelled in making myself appear right, after the fact.  But it was an act, just to get by, to “pass” when I felt I had no firm sense of myself, no ground to stand on. (2) I don’t think I fooled anyone.

When the various sides of me came back together at age 58, I no longer felt afraid. But my habitual behavior pattern of unreasonable fear, (3) born of the shattering, persisted.

That did not pass away until the heart opening of March 13, 2015. And the Constant Comment born of the original shattering experience (4) did not disappear until Aug. 20th of this year.  That’s my recovery time from character disintegration at an early age due to physical abuse.

Each time something comes back together again, I have to learn how to behave in the new environment I find myself in. Discovering I was dissociated, at age 40; coming back together again at age 58; feeling love for the first time on March 13, 2015 – all of these left me in a new world and required adjustment.

Oh, look. Now I’m smiling at people. Now I’m talking to people. I never did that before.  I wonder what I should say? It’s as basic as that.

If I’m like a balloon, ungrounded and floating along on the breeze, well, I’m of no more use to Michael than if I were off meditating in a cave.

This lifetime is not about me. It’s about the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan. No one needs to agree with me, but that’s the way I feel it.

Coming from that conviction, I call forth the spiritual adult within and begin to reparent myself.

Grounded is good. Grounded is neither a bad nor a trivial thing. Given that you’ve restored yourself to singularity, the next place to go is grounding. Even before you make new friends in your haste to explore the new territory.

Grounding. Grounding is next.

That feels good. Just by conjuring up an imaginary adult, I’ve pulled myself out of an upset. I’m restored to Self again, restored to normality.

If I’m going to be running a large enterprise, I’m going to need to pull myself out of my own upsets so all technologies are welcome.  The better equipped I am to manage my self, the better prepared I’ll be for the challenges ahead.


(1) I shattered into a million pieces when my Dad yelled at me from inches from my face, at age 7. It took my fifty-one years to come back together again in the white heat of anger, thanks to my therapist brother Paul.

Until then I was the Humpty Dumpty Man.

(2) Having no firm sense of myself, no ground to stand on has always been the primary presenting symptom of my dissociation.  There was no you around to make decisions, defend yourself, etc.

The ironic thing is that I now use creative dissociation – to wit, the use of the Commander, my spiritual-adult side – to heal my upsets.

(3) My wife used to say I had a sacred-wolf look.

(4) Classically, Constant Comment started as a guardian and ended as a guard. It started as an internal conversation which I felt was needed before I made another move because, after the incident, I was so unsure of myself.

I could not feel myself. I could not sense myself. It was as if a nuclear bomb had been set off inside of me, everything else was destroyed, and I alone had survived.  I had no confidence in myself. I had to talk over every move with myself.

Grounding is Next as I Prepare


Sacred Heart ~ Artist Katia Honour


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

All of Life Follows a Divine Plan – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow

female face - far-sight-by-ina-wong-at-deviantart-

Far Sight ~ Artist Ina Wong @ DeviantArt

* * *

All of Life Follows a Divine Plan – Part 2/2

The Mother’s Divine Plan is always operative, but it’s never so visible as when events of tremendous magnitude and significance are happening, such as the fall of the cabal or our Ascension. Here’s the Divine Mother discussing that Plan in 2012.

The Divine Mother is not an ascended master or goddess. She and the Father are One Being. The difference is simply that she creates, preserves and transforms – that is, she is active – while he is transcendently still. Sri Ramakrishna explains:

“That which is Brahman [the Father] is also Kali, the Mother, the primal Energy. When inactive It is called Brahman. Again, when creating, preserving, and destroying, It is called Sakti. Still water is an illustration of Brahman. The same water, moving in waves, may be compared to Sakti, Kali. (1)nn

From “The Divine Mother on the Divine Plan (Repost)” channeled by Linda Dillon,

Steve Beckow: I’d like to seek more information from you now on what we know as the Divine Plan. Now, the Divine Plan for Ascension, the Divine Plan for life — there’s a Divine Plan for all of it. Can you, for our listeners who are unfamiliar with the notion of there being a Divine Plan, can you discuss this — perhaps the Divine Plan for this Ascension, please?

Divine Mother: I would be very happy and honored to discuss the Divine Plan. And yes, the Divine Plan for Ascension. And your Divine Plan.

And I do not simply mean you, Steve. I mean everyone who will ever listen to this broadcast. Because, my beloved children, it is important, essential, that you understand not just cognitively but deep within your core that not only are you part of the Divine Plan, but that you, within that, have your Divine Plan, that you are critical, and what you think of as worthy enough, important enough, and always have been, that you have a Divine Plan.

Now, so often upon this planet, this beautiful planet of Gaia, there have been so many varying opinions about the Divine Plan and your Divine Plan. And so, before I speak of Ascension, let me speak of this.

There are so many of you that rejected the notion of your Divine Plan and the Divine Plan, because you wanted to be in charge, that you did not want to think that you were simply a puppet in a pre-arranged theatre; that the free will and free choice was exclusive to you, and that you could vary and go as far as you wanted in terms of what you choose to do; that nothing was fated.

Well, you’ve tried that, haven’t you? And in so many situations it has caused war and mayhem, lack and separation. The Father and the Father through me have never dictated to you how you will unfold your plan. But make no mistake about this. You, in conjunction with All — and think of that — not only with your guides but with your grid, with your collective, with the universe and with us, have chosen your plan.

Now, even in the human realm it is beyond comprehension that you would not wish to align and to do this. And that is why your heart yearns and directs you to undertake certain actions, thoughts, behaviors, directions. And that is why when you are doing certain things and moving in certain directions you know your joy. You say, “I feel happy! I feel like I am on track!” It is because you are within the unfoldment of your plan, and your plan is magnificent! It is the full expression, particularly in this incarnation, of who you are, of your unique spark.

So, do not underestimate your plan within the grander plan.

Now, I cannot speak to you about the totality of the Divine Plan. You would think that I was speaking in an intergalactic language, and chances are that some of you would understand, but the majority of you would not. But I am most certainly pleased and honored to speak to you about the plan for Gaia, for the human collective and for Ascension at this time. And for that I bring you back. I bring you back to the beginning.

The Plan was for you to inhabit a form and to know and be love and joy, diverse, unique, flexible. The Plan was for you to be inter- and trans-dimensional. Did you wander and take some of those scenic by-ways, those detours that I have referred to this night? Yes. And that free will, with all the elements of what you think of as evil and darkness, drama, intrigue — you have excelled at this! And you are also very tired and sick of it, aren’t you?

So, now, you return to that alignment of beauty, of truth in form. And this is what is unique about this element of the Divine Plan, that you are holding on to these magnificent forms, what you think of as bodies. And part of that, beloved ones, is admiring and cherishing and loving your body, because you designed it, you chose it. Yes, you were part of the architectural team.

Is it transferring into a different molecular base? Yes. But your bodies, to take your bodies and be in the higher realms, where you have always belonged, and let go of those densities, that quagmire that you got stuck in — for a very long time! — now is the restoration of the Divine Plan. And it is for you to be the embodiment of love. It is you, each of you, bright angels, starseeds, gatekeepers, humans, Earth-keepers, to have a physical experience of being that embodiment of love.

This was part of the plan, the part that involved you and this planet and the ripple effect out to the multiverse of your star brothers and sisters. Why do you think they wish to participate, to witness? This is highly unique. The humans are going to be transdimensional in form, after all this time. They are going to embody love and the Divine Qualities. It is worth having a look at. It is worth participating in.

So, our [inaudible] to use a human word, our essence, to use my terminology, is being brought to bear upon this unfoldment of shift in the consciousness. This is not unconscious, this is not subconscious. So this is a conscious process, an event, if you choose, and it is also, at the same time, the consciousness, as you know, of the heart fully awakening, of the spirit fully awakening, of the soul fully awakening and anchoring in form.

Now, when I say I bring our focus to this, is it all of our focus — the Father and mine? Of course not. But the energies that are brought with what you think of as the Company of Heaven, the ascended ones, and the Father and I, is far beyond your comprehension. And it is certainly adequate to accomplishing this transition. And as this transition is completed, including the shift in your structures, then you will continue on.

This is the beginning, not the end. Each of you, each of you is infinite and eternal. Will the day come in terms of what you think of as time, when you will simply re-emerge? Yes. But even that is an instant.

So the Divine Plan, let me be very concrete with all of you, is to leave the old Third behind. You are making peace with this and therefore with yourself, your families, your community, your planet. Even as we speak it is leaving that behind as if you would leave a cloak or an old skin behind, activating as you do different markers of your DNA, becoming more capable of holding the higher frequencies — and most of you are well underway; some of you are completely done — new form, but still looking as you do, or how you choose to appear, because that is part of interdimensional reality.

As you activate different markers within your DNA, within your crystalline form, you may restore yourself to 22 or be 75 — it matters not. And in that form, you will be the embodiment of love.

Yes, this channel has joked about this transition from carbon to crystalline. (1) Why do you think we have been so emphatic with her about working with the diamond energy, asking each of you? It is part of this transformation. Does this answer your question?

SB: It certainly does, Mother. And again I have to tell listeners what a joy it is to work with you, because you answer my questions before I ask them. And it makes my job very easy.

I want to confess that I’m one of those people who have said I’m not going to be a puppet and follow a Divine Plan! I have my own free will in the matter. And then I have another thought, that I really am, at essence, the Father. So, this really is my plan!

DM: That is correct. And that is the wisdom emerging. It is the maturity of the soul to know. It is the immature — and we would say adolescent, but very often adolescents are far more mature than adults— but shall we say the spiritual young one who fights and thinks that there is a controlling authority. There is not! It is — and that is why I have put the emphasis. This is not just the Divine Plan. This is your plan.


(1) Linda had joked during our Hour with an Angel conference call a few days earlier that a diamond was a lump of coal that made good under pressure. We are that carbon base, which, under Ascension pressure, turned into a crystalline base.

This channeled material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, 2015, and is used with permission.

All of Life Follows a Divine Plan – Part 2/2

Far Sight ~ Artist Ina Wong @ DeviantArt

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Stopping and Summarizing – Steve Beckow

Stars Shine Bright by lila Violet at Fine Art America - female face light

Stars Shine Bright ~ Artist Lila Violet @ Fine Art America

* * *

Stopping and Summarizing

I’d like to stop here and summarize what it is I’m doing.

I’m writing an Ascension ethnography so that posterity (including people on other planets) can read and watch what a gradual Ascension in a Third/Fourth-Dimensional human body looked like.

I’m writing it to provide historians with an account by a cultural historian.

I’m writing it to provide you with a mirror to possibly see yourself here. If it helps to identify a process that someone else is going through and proves helpful, I’m happy.

I’m not using a sociological, anthropological, or historical approach.

I’m following the spiritual path of awareness, taking cognizance of a world that empirical materialism does not recognize as existing.

The particular conventions I’m following are western rather than eastern. The western Growth Movement of the Seventies took the awareness path as far as it was destined to go in its last incarnation in my part of the world. The workshops were thriving; growth centers like Esalen and Cold Mountain thrived; “circuit riders” went from one center to another.

And then the recession of the early Eighties with its jobless recovery wiped out most people’s ability to afford growth courses.

Our shared social customs come with lots of social conditioning, but when one turns the spotlight of awareness on him or herself, what one sees and learns is not fashionable or trendy, but timeless and productive.

That’s why spirituality is one of the few fields where we can cite authors from many different eras, know what it is they’re talking about, and validate their experiences.  We go through the same experiences. They don’t change over time, as so much else does.

However, take the study of astronomy or medicine and there’s a definite progression to the field.  People practicing four hundred years ago are looked upon as being less well informed.

But the same is not true of sages four hundred or two thousand years ago. The basics and events of enlightenment, though the Mother may change its form, timing, and other circumstances, remains fundamentally the same.

How many sages started their spiritual careers by seeing a light brighter than a thousand, million suns? Did seeing the Self ever go out of fashion? Did any earthly experience we’ve ever had eclipse it?

How many then saw the rise of their kundalini set off further, senior instances of enlightenment?  Perhaps all?

Does studying astronomy or medicine lead to bliss? Peace? Insight? Perhaps with a few.

My testable hypothesis on the awareness path is that the truth will set us free from our upsets and issues. And our upsets and issues are themselves the obstacle to enlightenment.

I offer my own experiences as data to test that hypothesis. So far, like all good graduate students, I have ransacked heaven and earth for support for my thesis. Naturally I’ve proved it correct. (What else would you expect?)

So that’s what I’m up to.

At some point along the way, the Reval will happen. At some point after that (a month or so for vacation), work will start in earnest. At some further point, the culmination of Ascension – sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi – will happen. We’ll be joined by our star family, who originally seeded our stock into the Earth.

I intend to expand to do this work and you’ll hear about that. I hope some day to be joined by other writers who also ply the awareness path.

Self-awareness leads to Self-knowledge and arriving at Self-knowledge is the purpose of life. (1) What more important work is there, in the vastness of time, than becoming aware of and realizing who we are?


(1)  See “What is the Purpose of Life?” February 24, 2020, at

Stopping and Summarizing


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Sharing vs Lending: The New Paradigm in Finance – Steve Beckow

Infinity Symbol

* * *

Sharing vs Lending: The New Paradigm in Finance  

I’d now like to turn our attention for one post to the key switch in the financial paradigm from accumulating profit to sharing.

I used to have trouble imagining how finances would work if we didn’t lend money. What would be the inducement for one person to give money to another?

But of course I was thinking from a Third-Dimensional point of view.

I haven’t lent money since probably 1980 when a friend ripped me off for $5,000, which he was going to pay me back by “Monday.” (Monday never arrived.)

He was not the first to renege on a debt. I resolved at that time to never lend money again. And I haven’t since.

If I have the money, I give it. If not, I don’t. To address the Third-Dimensional paradigm and question, why do I do that? What is the inducement to lend?

Honestly? Because in the act of giving, I experience love.

There seems to be no love in lending money and demanding interest. There’s love to be felt in the unencumbered act of giving.

A second reason for giving it is I haven’t lost any friendships from trying to get people to pay back their debts.  I’ve lost them for other reasons but not for that one.

A third reason is that, over time, giving erases the ego sense that the hoarding of money invites.

I saw this when my Visa went up as a result of helping someone buy medical equipment. I heard myself say, well, I’ll just pay it down over time.  Money in. Money out.  There was no conception of “me” and “mine.”

As for the expense involved, I had already developed a pattern in my financial dealings, I saw at that moment. I lent it and relied on Michael to bring in the money to pay it back. And it’s always worked to date. It may be a large part of why I’ll be working as a “flowthrough” or “pipeline.” (1)

Here’s a fourth: Having the focus on the other person serves as a kind of brake that stops us from leaping into excessive expenditure – châteaux, jet planes, etc.  We tend to be more moderate when we know that a portion of our funds is destined for others.

And a fifth: After a while, we really start to enjoy giving.  We enjoy the smiles on everyone’s face, the sigh of relief.  Isn’t that all wonderful?

What do you call what I was doing? I call it “sharing.” Sharing brings love. Generosity is a divine virtue. Giving rather than hoarding is consistent with the design of life. (2) As far as my experience goes, all divine states lead to and bring in love and even bliss.

I predict that the new economy will operate on the principle of sharing. Certainly the redistribution of cabal wealth is all about sharing. NESARA as well.

The inducement will be to experience the love that arises when we share. In the Fifth Dimension, everyone will have an unquenchable desire for more love and generosity will then be a natural state.


(1)  Michael revealed that the Company of Heaven had criteria. He identifies non-attachment as one of them here:

“We know that your desires do not tend towards the physical. And of course that is one of the reasons why you are perfect for flow through. You are not looking for planes and châteaux, as we have talked about before.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Aug. 2, 2017.)

(2) The nature of God is to give endlessly. In seeing things with compassion, in giving, in considering others, we approach godliness more closely. The natural laws help us along by rewarding kindness, charitableness, sharing and bringing to us the unfortunate results of hoarding. That’s why Jesus would say:

“Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust does corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.” (Matthew 19:21.)

Sharing vs Lending: The New Paradigm in Finance

Infinity Symbol

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All of Life Follows a Divine Plan – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

lotus-our-mother-by-AcidUsagi-at-deviantart-lotus violet

Lotus Our Mother ~ Artist AcidUsagi @ DeviantArt

* * *

All of Life Follows a Divine Plan – Part 1/2

I’d like to bring to the discussion of foundational values an appreciation of the Divine Plan, its architect, and its aims. Other discussions of it are to be found on this site. (1)

This is simply an introduction to the topic. I follow it, in Part 2, with a 2012 discussion with the Divine Mother on the subject of the Divine Plan.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self tells us:

“The period you are in is the final one following the end of the cycle in 2012 and is a matter of finalising the preparations for the end times. Then there is the inevitable parting of the ways when those who have raised their vibrations will ascend. The journey through many periods of time will have been well worth it if you finally reach the level that you have been working towards.

“The thought of life without the activities of the dark Ones who have followed a different path, is exciting as at last you can choose your next life within the higher dimensions. It will be so different to what you have been used to, the joy and freedom to go where your interests are best fulfilled, and you continue your evolution.” (2)

Do you ever get the feeling, oh, the slightest suspicion that there actually is a Divine Plan behind all this?

Let’s see. Finalizing the plans. Parting of the ways. Life within the higher dimensions. Go where your interests take you. All discussed ahead of time….

Hmmm…. Sounds like a plan.

Well, what is the Plan then? Does anyone come right out and say it?

Yes, I think they do. Of all the galactics, celestials, and other commentators who discuss it, I’d like to go directly to the Plan’s architect – the Divine Mother.

Who is she? (3) God has two aspects – passive and active, silent and sonic. The ancients called the passive and silent God the Father and the active and sonic God the Mother.

Lucky souls that we are, we’ve been able to speak with the Mother on the radio. In An Hour with an Angel, through Linda Dillon, she refers to the still and silent One as the Father, as here:

“The Father and the Father through me have never dictated to you how you will unfold your plan. …

“Now, when I say I bring our focus to this, is it all of our focus — the Father and mine? Of course not. But the energies that are brought with what you think of as the Company of Heaven, the ascended ones, and the Father and I are far beyond your comprehension.” (4)

Sages since Taoism (5) (probably since the Vedas) have also conventionally called those our parents and named the passive and silent One the Father and the active and sonic One the Mother. Let me cite Lao Tzu here, describing the Divine Pair.

“Nameless indeed is the source of creation
But things have a mother and she has a name.” (6)

The Mother has given birth to the world of matter (mater, Mother). The things or phenomena she has given birth to have form and name. She is all that can be known. The Father remains unknown and nameless.

Lao Tzu: From What-is [the Mother] all the world of things was born
But What-is sprang from What-is-not [the Father]. (7)

The Mother has given birth to all we see, hear, and touch.  But she herself was born of the Father.

The two of them are indivisible but distinct, Lao Tzu says:

“These two come paired but distinct
By their names.
Of all things profound,
Say that their pairing is deepest,
The gate to the root of the world.” (8)

They are One but we give them different names. When we hold our own divine male and female natures in equilibrium (androgyny, “their pairing”), it opens the gates of the heart to knowledge of the Self and, after that in stair steps, the Divine Pair.

Therefore, using the sages’ naming convention, the Divine Mother, being the active One of the Pair, is seen as the creator, preserver, and transformer of life. If she were to stop her creative vibration, Aum, from sounding in the world, all vibration would stop and everything would – not turn to dust but – disappear.

In another AHWAA, she revealed how the plan originates and depends on her.

“Control and abuse of power have been rampant. And that will not be the platform on which integration of the various galaxies takes place. That is not the plan.

“And I know very clearly, sweet one, as do you, if it is not my plan then it will not occur.” (9)

So no future of control and abuse. And if it isn’t in her Plan, it will not occur. Let’s start there, the architect of the Plan having identified herself and established her Plan and its limits.

In another broadcast, she talked openly and at length about her Plan. She begins:

“Never has there been a more important juncture to truly adhere to, practice, to embrace the Universal Laws, the rule of humankind that you are governed with – and it does not matter whether it is in Somalia or Venezuela or Canada or Russia. The rules of man based on the false paradigms are evaporating. And they need to. That is part of My Plan.” (10)

What is that Plan? She states it in a nutshell. In the footnote, I’ll offer other statements of it.

“You are on a journey of fulfillment. And you are on a journey back to me, back to the One. And this deep knowing configures – not merely influences – but configures your life, as we – and I speak for the entire Council of Love – as we proceed in the fulfillment of the Plan.” (11)

The Plan is for an individual soul to be born of the Father, clad in a body of the Mother’s making, and to be educated lifetime after lifetime in who it is, until it realizes “I am God.” At this moment God meets God in a moment of our enlightenment. That is the aim of the Plan.

When we realize there’s a Plan, the first question that comes to mind is: Does its existence override our free will?

“Now you say to me, ‘Mother, is this an override of our free will?’ And what I say to you – what I declare this day – is that it is an activation of the fullness of your free will. …

“In My Plan, every free will is a thread in my infinite tapestry. They’re not conflicting – they are essential – that interlocking, interweaving of the beauty of existence.” (12)

What we don’t understand is that, because we are God, God’s Plan turns out to be our plan as well, as the Mother acknowledges.

“My Plan? Yes, of course. There is but one Plan. But it is also your plan” (13)

It is our Plan in that we’re God.  It is also our plan in that there is room in it for our individual choices, all coordinated by means that we could not possibly fathom.

“There are millions of plans. Is it a job for a coordinator such as Gabrielle? Most certainly! But all is in correct, perfect Divine Unfoldment.” (14)

So that’s an introduction to the Divine Plan by its architect. I’d now like to reproduce the transcript of the radio show in which the Divine Mother discussed her Plan in welcome detail.

(For more on the Divine Plan for our Ascension, see “A Divine Plan Exists for This Ascension” at

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) “Mother/Father God’s Plan of Enlightenment,” May 31, 2020, at;  “Spiritual Evolution: The Divine Plan for Life (Reposted),” Dec. 4, 2014, at

(2) Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self, Aug. 28, 2020.

(3) Of course the Mother is divine and the Father is holy.  But please excuse me from needing to engage in constant discrimination over which beings merit a capital in their name and which do not.

(4) The Divine Mother in “Enter the Delegations – Part 2/3,” May 5, 2019, at

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For a book-length discussion of it, see The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment at

(12) Loc. cit.

(13) Loc. cit.

All of Life Follows a Divine Plan – Part 1/2

Lotus Our Mother ~ Artist AcidUsagi @ DeviantArt

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Archangel Michael: A Massive Difference Between Awareness and Worry – Steve Beckow

Archangel Michael by Shuangwen @ DeviantArt

* * *

Archangel Michael: A Massive Difference Between Awareness and Worry


I came across this passage from a 2017 reading today and found it so interesting for a number of reasons.

It’s part of what he’s said to me that had me actually stop worrying about finances.

It’s also an opportunity to watch an archangel at work with his servant. This relationship is open to anyone who asks for it, in my opinion.

Michael’s message to me: Stop worrying about finances. It adds nothing to the situation.

In the discussion after that, he points out that the Reval is really about spiritual currency, along with physical currency, which we still love.

For me, spiritual currency means the divine states, like love, generosity, compassion, etc. They’re higher dimensional and the real treasure of life.

I’ve actually had an experience of the divine state of abundance, as he mentions below; I know it as a state and can therefore vouch for what he calls the development of “spiritual currency,” like generosity and compassion, as being the true hoped-for outcome of the Reval. He’s looking for its uplifting influence to be a contribution to Ascension, in my opinion.

There’ll be several waves of abundance slated to sweep across the planet. The lightworker community, it’s hoped, will direct these funds to where they’re most needed for the public good.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2017.

Archangel Michael: Now before you even ask, I want to, I was going to say, suggest, but really I am telling you! I am sharing with you.

This whisper of concern about the practicality of what you think of as money, and your concern for others as well, is understood but it is not necessary.

Steve: How is that, Lord – not necessary?

AAM: There is a massive difference between awareness and diligence and even vigilance – and worry. Worry does not truly accomplish anything.

In fact, what it does, sweet one, is it distracts you from, can we say, the business at hand. And the business can be a delightful walk in the park, an afternoon movie, an intense conversation with a beloved or friend.

You don’t say to people, “Oh I can’t go out today, I have to stay at home and worry.” All human beings … understand that it really doesn’t do anything.

And yet rather than abandon that niggling, wiggling fear, what they do, rather than staying home and dealing with it, is they carry it around with them so, as if it is a precious treasure.

[They believe] that it is a treasure chest of gold and jewels that somehow is going to solve the problem when in fact what it does is push them away from the very thing that they desire. And that is true whether it is health or relationship or having a home or the practicality of money.

Now you know that I have spoken at length, and repeatedly, about spiritual currency being an integral, unavoidable part of this thing that you call the RV. What you call the RV, I call the re-evaluation of spiritual currency.

But inside of that, my dearest friend, I am not naïve. You do not fully remember everything and in that way we differ. In some ways I see your lack of memory as truly a gift.

But I remember. I know what the practicality of physical currency – what you think of as money, whether it is gold or salt or incense or frankincense – what this means.

We have an agreement and the agreement is not only that you are going to proceed with money to complete your various projects. Note, I say not “begin.” I say “complete.”

Now, is anything ever really completed? No, because the Mother’s Plan and Time and Creation are infinite. But I want you to know that I am talking to you in terms of completion. So it is not just getting over the hump; it is the fulfilment of part of your dream.

Now our agreement has been that you are a co-contributor, that I am a co-contributor to the writing, (1) to the stewardship, (2) to the fulfilment of these dreams.

So in terms of the practicality, of you having the financial wherewithal to proceed, including your RV, it is on your doorstep. Continue to envision, invoke, and work with the laws to bring this forth. (3)

Because it is also, not only the Mother’s Tsunami but the wave of human intent and action, the readiness [that matters]. Now you are past ready but you can do this with many, with millions so you are helping others to get in that “let’s go” mood.

Everything is in order. It is not a matter of this button or that program not working or failing or people trying to interfere. Everything is going forward. …

When I have said “spiritual currency,” you’ve had a glimpse of this in the knowing of mastery and abundance (4) and so you know it isn’t about money. It is about spiritual currency. And I say to you, “congratulations.”


(1) On the Golden Age of Gaia. Notice he said “writing” and not “administration.”

(2) Through Michaelangelo & Partners.

(3) I was invoking regularly for a long time and then I let the process slide. I will resume it. I understand the power of invocations better now than I did then.

(4) I’ve had brief experiences of mastery and abundance as divine states. Like all divine states, they were wonderful and I can’t find words to describe them.

Sri Ramakrishna tells a story that metaphorically illustrates the dilemma. A man scaled a high wall to see what was on the other side. When he looked, he gasped in awe and wonder and promptly jumped down onto the other side. Now who is there to tell you what he saw?  

By the same token, we (OK, I) don’t have words to describe higher-dimensional realities. My mind has jumped down onto the other side. But we have no language to communicate what was seen other than “Aaahhhhh!”

We haven’t established any conventions that I’m aware of that would allow us to communicate our experience of a divine state – only the results of that experience (I cried, I was aghast, I was in awe, etc.).

Any words I’d find would be superlatives but that just communicates the awe and wonder I feel upon being in the experience of them.

Paradoxically before experiencing a divine state, I might talk about it; after experiencing it, I no longer know how to talk about it. The ability to talk about it evaporates. It escapes me.

Archangel Michael: A Massive Difference Between Awareness and Worry

Archangel Michael by Shuangwen @ DeviantArt

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A World that Works for Everyone is a Synonym for the Fifth Dimension – Steve Beckow

Christ Pendant Power of the Christos by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

* * *

A World that Works for Everyone is a Synonym for the Fifth Dimension

I assert that a Fifth-Dimensional world is a world that works for everyone.

I assert that an ascended world is a world that works for everyone.

A world beyond mukti, moksha, or liberation is a world that works for everyone.

The dead are alive and the living are dead.  That proverb has so many levels of meaning. (1)

The one I like and that appeals to me is that those who live drowned (dead) in the Ocean of Love are more alive than those merely living in the body.

I’m not sure if what I say applies to the Fifth, but I know it applies to the Seventh, also known as the Plane of Christ Consciousness and the Plane of Love. (2)

In the Seventh is located the Ocean of Love, I’m told (there were no maps or traffic signs). I had to ask Michael for its location. (3)

Think of yourself as a car. Your owner has you rebuilt from top to bottom, cleaned you out, rebored your cylinders, reupholstered you, repainted you, and there you are.

That’s a fraction of how you’ll feel drowned in the Ocean of Love. Brand, spanking new and ready to go. Not a harmful thought in your head or hurtful feeling in your heart. Everything inside and outside you is loving.

That is a world that works for everyone. (4)


(1) Other levels: Those who are dead to the pleasures of the senses are alive in the spirit. Another level: Dwellers on the astral planes are more alive to life than people living in the body. Etc.

(2) “[When Gaia resides in] the seventh … the planetary system will reside in a level of higher consciousness, Christed consciousness as you think of it.” (The Lord Arcturus in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 12, 2019.)

“The seventh dimension is known as the dimension of the Christ Consciousness. This is the state of being the heart and knowing of Love. It is the growth opportunity for compassion, kindness, selflessness, honoring and Love. When you anchor in this place of consciousness you are fully capable of holding the vibrations, energies, lessons, understandings and growth of all of the 12 dimensions available to you on this planet. It is the gentle allowing state of being that permits expansion and incorporation of your entire original imprint, soul design – what you think of as your universal or higher self, your angelic self or your over-soul.” (“Albert Einstein – The Nature Of Life And Dimensions On Earth,” Feb. 15, 2015, at

(3) Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it? [The Ocean of Love is transformative love filling every inch of space.]

AAM: It is the Seventh Dimension. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.)

While this experience, above, was not truncated, another Seventh-Dimensional experience was:

Steve Beckow: I had an experience at a meditation workshop in which I felt regal. It was a partial experience [there was no bliss]. Can you tell me what that part of me was that I accessed.

Archangel Michael: … Your highest Self, your Oversoul, is very regal.

SB: So that was an experience of the Oversoul.

AAM: Yes.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 13, 2011.)

Arcturians: Seventh is your Oversoul. (Arcturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Sue Lie, March 17, 2013.)

“The seventh dimension is known as the dimension of the Christ Consciousness.  … It is … what you think of as your universal or higher self, your angelic self or your over-soul.” (“Albert Einstein – The Nature Of Life And Dimensions On Earth,” Feb. 15, 2015, at

(4) And, yes, that is unitive consciousness.

A World that Works for Everyone is a Synonym for the Fifth Dimension

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Christ Pendant Power of the Christos by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Never Forget the Destination, the One – Steve Beckow

Our Mother holding Matariki – Eyes of God ~ via Stephen Altair


Never Forget the Destination, the One

I was recovering from three days spent re-experiencing humiliation (1) and I lay on the couch and asked Michael: What was the most important thing for me to know after all that? What would ground me? Inspire me? Show me where to go next?

And I lay there. And eventually the words formed in my mind: Never forget the destination, the One.

It was followed by a jerking of my arm, which Michael and I have agreed is his sign for “Yes!” or “Pay attention!”  The total effect was impactful.

But to get why it was, you have to remember the vision I had in 1987. It was all about the destination. (2)

In it, a golden star (the Christ, the Atman) was born from a Golden Sun (the Father, Parabrahman, the One), then sojourned in a cloud of materiality (matter, mater, Mother, Shakti, Holy Spirit), before racing back to merge with the Father, the One, the destination, again.

So my vision was all about reaching the destination. It turns out there is no destination, no one to get to, etc. But that point is reached much farther down the road.

For me, in my everyday consciousness and to get to the next level rather than all the way, having a destination works fine.

I sit here nightly, gazing into the setting Sun because it resembles the One in my vision, the destination. And I imagine that I’m that golden star in my vision, longing to return Home again.

So that’s the background to why that sentence was so impactful for me.

If I remember the Father, the destination, the One, I automatically begin to think such thoughts as, what is the Father like?

And I get back the thoughts, peaceful, blissful, compassionate.

More thoughts tumble out: How did the One create the Mother? How did the Mother create the world?  For what purpose? My attention is focused on the destination.

I think that the path ahead, if it leads to the Father, must get better and better between here and there. The trend seems to be towards that, not towards worse and worse.  All the reports from pilgrims returning from the farther heights tell us it gets ever more wonderful. Franklin Merrell-Wolff, for instance.

“Truly, within the Infinite there are Mysteries within Mysteries, Deeps beyond Deeps, Grandeurs beyond Grandeurs. … Mystery of Mysteries, reaching inward and outward, but ever Beyond! And from that Beyond ever there come new whisperings of other imponderable Glories. Ah! How little is this world at the beginning of the Trail, barely a point in a Space of unlimited dimensions!” (3)

In the face of these reports, I brighten up. I feel more optimistic, more confident.

If the energy of love rises on the planet, I cannot see how the energy of oneness would not rise along with it. When one feels love, all one wants to do is share it.

Never forget the destination, the One. That is so fertile a statement for me. Definitely a mantra.

I’ll never forget the destination, the One. I’ll become more and more like the One day by day until final mergence comes.

A profound thank you to my guides.


(1) See “A Lifetime’s Humiliation Coming Up,” August 31, 2020, at

(2) That’s a thumbnail. I left out the enlightenment experiences. See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at

(3) Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Pathways Through to Space. A Personal Record of Transformation in Consciousness. New York: Julian Press, 1973, 115. See also The Philosophy of Consciousness without an Object. Reflections on the Nature of Transcendental Consciousness. New York: Julian Press, 1973.

Never Forget the Destination, the One

Our Mother holding Matariki – Eyes of God ~ via Stephen Altair

Embodiment: There Can Only Be One – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow

Manipura – Solar Plexus art by Jane Marin

* * *

Embodiment: There Can Only Be One – Part 2/2

(Concluded from yesterday.)

I decreed my oneness. I commanded that I be one from this moment onwards.

And I did become one. And no sooner had I done that, then another, higher part of myself returned to me like a Slinkey reassembling itself.

The one followed the other in rapid succession. These things never come with labels so I don’t know what higher version of me that was.

But it joined with me from my back, the same way I returned to my body in 1977.

I invited it to look through my eyes. When it did, we merged, just as I did in 1977 with my body.

I then constructed an imaginary titanium ball around the two of us, to keep us protected, all of this in meditation.

And I asked all my past lives and other aspects of myself to return. I invited each of them to look through my eyes and we merged.

I left off this process feeling stronger, more confident, more capable.

Michael is very definitely helping me get bigger.

I was very much surprised that, when my higher self (higher than me, anyways) merged with me, there wasn’t the equivalent of thunder and lightning as I expected.

Its presence was supremely subtle, gentle, soothing. Again, that was completely unanticipated.

This is not enlightenment. If I can borrow Adyashanti’s term, I call this embodiment.

My higher self and all my aspects have embodied in me the same way I did with my body in 1977.

I am one again.

The next day….

I return to my meditation where I left off.

It’s not lost on me that my birth plan would involve massive dissociation at age 7 and I’d spend the rest of my life trying to put Humpty together again.  Keep in mind the emphasis on achieving oneness.

And then consider the slingshot effect. A survivor of child sexual abuse leading the movement against child trafficking. Women survivors of sexual harassment and abuse confronting their abusers and cause an earthquake in places like Hollywood. Boys who were bullied as children becoming international judo masters.

The abuse is like a slingshot, pulling the stone further and further back with greater and greater force.

In my case, I was severely dissociated after my Dad yelled at me. The severity of it brings the slingshot effect into play.

Here I am with a life-puzzle of putting Humpty Dumpty together again.

The slingshot is pulled back with the target being achieving oneness.

Fracture into a million pieces and put yourself back together again. But when you have achieved that level of oneness (here comes the slingshot effect), why stop there? You’ve spent your whole life studying the process. Why not go for Oneness?

I’d love to but I’m in service. Achieving oneness suits my purposes. But achieving Oneness would be the end of the road for me vis-a-vis this Ascension. After that, hasta la vista, baby.

Nevertheless, I’ve reached a new level of oneness, of reassembly, of reintegration with myself and I actually do feel more confident, more capable, and stronger. And I can always explore Oneness from afar.

This is exactly the kind of work I need to do to get ready for ever-nearing events.


Manipura – Solar Plexus art by Jane Marin

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Embodiment: There Can Only Be One – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

Humpty Dumpty art by Tracy Sabin @ Artflakes

* * *

Embodiment: There Can Only Be One – Part 1/2


If you were the Humpty Dumpty man, had a great fall, and smashed into a million pieces, how would you put yourself back together again?

What mantra/affirmation would you use?

I am one?

Sixty-six years after dissociating in that way, I’m nearing the point of becoming one again. (1) I never want to say the process is complete because another aspect of it immediately appears.

When Constant Comment (2) disappeared recently, my ability to meditate was enhanced and my desire to meditate increased. I was able to really “get into” my meditation in a way I hadn’t previously.

Keep in mind that I asked Archangel Michael to help me expand, get bigger to handle the duties being asked of me. I consider the events that are happening are related to that request.

I should mention as well that Michael and I have a system of communicating. He gives me a jolt in the right arm that means “yes.” “No” is no response at all and a feeling of certainty that the answer is no.

What’s missing from the description of the meditation, below, are all the jolts Michael gave me confirming I was on the right path or to try this or go deeper with that.

Much of the description that follows has been rendered while events were happening. I consciously would leave the process to write down something I did not want to forget. (3)

I realize stopping to write while in the middle of an experience limits the depth I can reach.  But I’m first of all a pathfinder and only secondarily a seeker.

All of us have already ascended in other lifetimes. We’ll all enjoy that status again later. Meanwhile there’s brush to clear.

I’ve never been in a meditation before that unfolded as quickly as this one did.

The first thing that occurred for me was that “there can only be one of me” arose in my mind as a decree. “I am one” arose as an affirmation. And using them actually produced a pacifying effect on me, a very salutary effect.

A process culminating in reassembly then took place in response to my decree.

Being, as a meditation, for me means the relinquishing of all activity of the body, mind, and emotions, while allowing the activity of the Observer/Self to continue. It means surrendering all to the One.

As the meditation progressed, I discovered that beingness and surrender were the same thing.

To be = to surrender

Thinking of it as surrendering helped me become still and silent. Silent is especially hard for me because I keep having a thought and in an instant I’m writing an article in my head.

I notice how much easier it is however to “be” without Constant Comment.

At one point I had the intuition that something was about to happen.  I’ll pick up the thread tomorrow.

(To be concluded tomorrow.)


(1) I was severely dissociated after my Dad yelled at me from inches away from my face, when I was around 7. I shattered into a million pieces. The next fifty years were spent discovering that I was dissociated and then putting myself back together again.

(2) Constant Comment is the gaggle of carping critics that sit on one’s shoulder and spoil every thought, feeling, and action.  A dissociated person would be expected to have more of them.

See “I Feel Happy, Said the Troll Under the Bridge,” August 24, 2020, at

(3) I’m an Ascension ethnographer and journalist. While I’m interested in the process and the outcome, my first priority is to record what happens.


Humpty Dumpty Art Print by cristosalgad @ Society6

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The Cat is Out of the Bag – Steve Beckow

cat art cute

The Cat is Out of the Bag

For me, there are three levels of reality in our Third/Fourth Dimension (that’s where I seem to be).

The first is the intellectual. It includes our body, its emotions, the spirit, and everything else. It’s just that it attempts to know them and itself only from the standpoint of ideas. It goes no deeper than that.

That’s deep enough for many things, even for governments (especially for governments), but, besides being superficial, spiritually speaking, it’s not juicy.

It’s like eating raw oatmeal flakes.  Without milk.  There’s no real pleasure in it.

Heavenly pleasure, for me, begins at the experiential level, the second level of reality.

I well remember how six weeks into a three-month encounter group in 1975-6, I ran down the trails shouting at the top of my lungs something I’d just realized: “I’M OUT OF TOUCH WITH MY FEELINGS!” I shouted, enthusiastically. “I’M OUT OF TOUCH WITH MY FEELINGS!”

It’d taken me half the course to see that. I basked in my feelings after that.

All the juice was in my feelings. At that time, I had no idea of the existence of divine states. So I’d have cited the extreme pleasurableness of bliss, not knowing that it was larger than a feeling. (1)

I didn’t see then but I do see now how our feelings shape how we act and interact. If I feel happy, I carry out my action one way; if I feel sad, I carry out the same action quite another way. As an Ascension ethnographer, I’m interested to see the true function of each part of our makeup and I think I’m at last starting to see the role that the feelings play. (2)

A lot of the money we spend, I think, is distinctly in aid of us feeling good, better, best.

One of the things I’ve learned by studying the human condition over a lifespan is that we plan our activities as couples and families (less so as individuals) so as to feel what I call a “magic moment.”

We’re on the balcony in the moonlight, overlooking some warm Hawaiian shore. We paid thousands of dollars for this magic moment so nobody better spoil it.

Why I cite this example is that we don’t see that all the time we have the capacity to generate that feeling from our very own hearts – right now.

I’m sitting here at this moment drawing transformative love up from my heart and sending it out to the world. I get to experience the love as it passes through me. I don’t need to go to Hawaii to feel divine love. I feel it right now.

Feelings give way to divine states the purer we become (that is, the cleaner of our vasanas or core issues we become). And divine states are of course eminently and completely satisfying.

But there’s more.

The third level of reality to my way of thinking is the realizational level.  Remember that the purpose of life is to know ourselves as God. The purpose is for God to meet God in a moment of our enlightenment.

That operation is one that happens in knowledge.  We achieve that knowledge in a moment of realization.

Realizations are of two kinds.

I believe many lightworkers will experience the first kind so that they don’t leave divine service; these are the truncated experiences. The Divine Mother and our archangel are, behind the scenes, overseeing our enlightenment experiences so that we don’t simply get up and vamoose the ranch.

This might entail the full experience minus one ingredient – most often bliss. Bliss is what lifts us up and allows us to see things from a higher-dimensional level, which we call a “realization.” No bliss; no deep realization.

An example would be a Seventh-Chakra enlightenment experience, called Brahmajnana or God-Realization, in which I witnessed the kundalini flow over me like a golden river and enter into the Crown Chakra. But there was no bliss.

I may as well have been watching a movie. Without bliss, I found myself saying, that was all well and good, but what was the purpose of it?

Actually Michael and I discussed it and I believe the subject of some interest. Let me include that discussion in the footnotes. (3)

I think other lightworkers may have a similar experience of truncation because the Company of Heaven doesn’t want us trekking off to a cave in the Himalayas.

The second type of realization is the full-on experience, with blissful realization. An example here would be the heart opening I had on March 13, 2015.

At the height of that experience, Michael and the Arcturians tell me, I was in the Seventh Dimension. The love I was experiencing is beyond words. I’m searching my stock of superlatives. The one that fits is “unimaginable.”

To be sure, the heart opening itself was a Fourth-Chakra event, which is in the Third/Fourth Dimension. (4) But I think, in the course of the explosion of the inner tsunami of love and the later drowning in the Ocean of Love, I was given a glimpse of how things felt on the Seventh.

I was blessed with long spells of transformative love for the next six months. But only in these first few moments do I think I was in the Seventh Dimension.

I’m having to put the pieces together in this large jigsaw puzzle. Realization doesn’t come with a manual or a name card. I have to take a comment from here and match it to a comment from there. It’s detective work and I risk being wrong.

How far above experience realization is is implicit in what occurs. I am on the Third/Fourth Dimension having an experience. Suddenly a realization arises, boosting me either higher in that dimension or else to another dimension altogether.

On that new dimension, if we’re permitted to remain any length of time, we’ll have new experiences until they lead to a new realization; then we ascend again and on life goes to its pre-destined outcome.

The experiences happen on the dimension we’re on; they, unto themselves, don’t take us to a new dimension. Realization does that.  Experiences clear the deck for realizations.

An example of that would be a full breath release I had in a rebirthing workshop in February 1987. Before I was like a little Cessna breathing air in through small intakes; after I was like a jumbo-jet engine, sucking air back.

The experience itself didn’t lead to a realization. But it cleared the deck and less than a week later I had the vision of the purpose of life. (5)

When realizations raise us to a higher vibratory level or dimension, we then begin the experiential cycle again on that level. Life is characterized by spiritual evolution, all the way back to the One.

Experiences bring us closer to realization, but realization itself, as a class of events, is the real powerhouse. My firm belief is that realization lies in the hands of the Divine Mother and our archangel to administer.

We go through life working these three levels – getting an idea of something, experiencing it, and coming to a realization about it or something else. Then we repeat the cycle again and again.

As we mount Jacob’s dimensional ladder of consciousness, we come closer and closer to realizing that, finally, we don’t exist; that only the One does.

With that final realization, the cat is out of the bag.


(1) The difference is I experience a feeling as being within me and I usually associate it with a region of my body whereas I experience a divine state as being all around me, enveloping me, and saturating me throughout. I’m immersed in bliss, drowned in love.

(2) It took me longer than the Biblical lifespan of a man – three-score years and ten.

(3) Steve: [Emptiness of mind] was followed next by what appeared to be the kundalini completing its circuit at the seventh chakra. Is that in fact what happened?

AAM: Yes. Now it is part of the reset button. Think of it in this way. If you are installing, say, a new program, or you had an old program that kept stalling out three quarters of the way full and you were frustrated as all get out with it. And you are asking for the fullness of the program to come online so you turn off your computer and you restart it.

That is what you did.

Steve: Hmm, interesting! Ordinarily you would experience Brahmajnana at that point but I felt that it had been muted, toned down.

AAM: When you use the term “dramatic enlightenment experiences” [as I did earlier],  you are talking about Nirvana. You are talking about the unity of all with One.

It is not to say that you will not experience that, but you cannot (well, you can if you wish; it is a choice to) simply remain in that state of unity, of One, or be fully conscious, in service, in action….
So, it is a toning down, if anything. It really is the middle ground. …

You know that enlightenment is right there in front of you. It is yours to access. But if you are in service, you will not choose to live there. …

You can think of it as keeping two feet firmly on the ground. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2012.)

(4) Described here:

“Submerged in Love,” March 14, 2015, at

“Activating the Wellspring – Part 1/2,” March 14, 2015, at

“Activating the Wellspring – Part 2/2,” March 15, 2015, at

(5) For that, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at


cat and keyboard

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What Does Angelic Protection Mean? – Steve Beckow

PB Glastonbury Angel gate photo

* * *

What Does Angelic Protection Mean?

Again, doing research on an entirely-different topic, I came across this 2017 conversation with Michael where he discusses the human tendency not to fully trust the Mother and the celestials.

I can speak to the fear he points to here. Living almost entirely on donations can make one’s teeth chatter. Unless one has been told by an archangel, over and over again, to stop worrying.

Then one day I got it. He is looking after me. Just get to work.

I no longer fear for my future or worry about next month’s rent. I leave it entirely up to him.

As far as I know, he’s prepared to be a team with anyone who wants to work with him. Archangels can work with countless folks at one time.

If the thought of that doesn’t settle the mind, I don’t know what would.

So here he is on letting go of our fear and trusting our unseen guides.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 15, 2017.

Archangel Michael: This is something that many human beings do not understand and that you will share and write about over time and in the near time. When we declare that, whether it is a guardian angel or a guide (because they are interchangeable), an Archangel, a Seraphim, the Mother herself but particularly when I say, when we say or a guardian angel says that they are protecting you, what does this really mean?

It means that there is no need for fear, that this very old core issue/false grid can truly be thrown into the trash heap or the recycle bin to be given back to the light. Few people really believe this and it is curious because there is seldom a situation in which we do not begin and end by saying this.

So it is a basic wobbly leg in human/divine relationships because the relationship is starting with this aspect, based on old human experience, but it is based on this aspect of “I don’t really trust you so you better prove yourself and show me” rather than proceeding not only in the love but in the mantle of protection that is around you always.

So I am giving you this as food for thought, not so much even for your sacred self but as food for thought for how you discuss things with those who are our faithful readers.

And the desire for many, and when I say many I mean billions, of Gaians is to simply release this hesitancy to trust because it is also, of course, as you well know a hesitancy to trust oneself, to trust that in fact what you feel about yourself is trustworthy.

Particularly after the hollowing out from grief that I went through recently (2) I feel more ready to trust myself. For the first time ever, I feel able to handle the assignments being discussed.

To get to this place I had to see the futility of everything I was up to. But with the constructed self being dealt a wrecking-ball blow, all my fears and suspicions were out of the way. In their place I found self-trust.

How many times do I have to see it: We were not born in original sin. We were born in original innocence. What about ourselves is not to trust?


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 8, 2015.

(2) See “Can You Imagine?” June 28, 2020, at and “Hollowing Us Out,” June 29, 2020, at


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Out of Jail at Last – Steve Beckow

Bald Eagle Head by Tommy GK @ DeviantArt

* * *

Out of Jail at Last

I continue to observe the changes within me. Concurrent with feeling happiness for virtually the first time in my life – within memory – the other day, I also notice that I’m wandering around without something.

I was repositioning a picture and, having accomplished something, I found myself waiting for the spoilers to come along and criticize me. And, on top of noticing them in the first place, I also noticed that they didn’t start up on me.

The spoilers are the cacophony of critics, sitting on my shoulder and travelling with me wherever I go. Constant Comment is no longer there.

I feel like someone who wakes up one day to find that the war has ended. The shelling has stopped. Quiet reigns over the battlefield.

So I look deeper. I become aware of an inordinate amount of criticism as a child and the violence with which it was delivered.  That memory arises.

Another memory is of being constantly disappointed in something like going on a planned trip. Nope, cancelled at the last moment because Mom and Dad could not get along.

So here I am, the spoilers, the critical lot that travels with me, are not there. And even if I feel annoyed, they still are not triggered and do not return. Is it safe to hope that the whole lot of them have packed up and moved away? Dare I get my hopes up?

Now I notice that I feel tremendously tired of being disappointed. Bringing myself back to life in this area seems a mammoth undertaking. No, leave me alone over here. At least I have only myself to blame. I hear Kathleen saying: “How’s that working for you?”

Not at all.

I’m cautiously optimistic that my band of critics has departed. Not like I ever foresaw this happening. I’m as amazed as anyone else.

When the band of critics left, I felt the return of happiness. Interesting.

I’ll have to explore what it’s like to live life without my band of critics.

I’m ecstatic. I’m out of jail at last.

Combine this with the great honor I have of being able to practice happiness over this next, cloudless day. What an honor to be alive and have another day to create in.

Tomorrow I may practice optimism, positivism, the glass half full. Who knows? The sky’s the limit.
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Going with the Flow – Steve Beckow


Lotus art painting by John Lautermilch


Going with the Flow

Archangel Michael: You are anchored in what it truly means to be a Nova Being and this will just grow. We do not describe or prescribe it because it will be – and it has need to be – a journey of discovery, of knowing, a depth of knowing, of trust and expansion.  (1)

My way of thinking is shifting. And I submit that the shift is a reflection of the impact of the rising energies on a person, implicit in Michael’s words above.

The way I usually “be” is to act and use the language of action when discussing something. Step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, etc., follow each other as I march to my conclusion. Any intrusion of a feeling state is acknowledged but never explored. It never has the opportunity to open up into a divine state.

But now, influenced as I am by the expansive vibrations, I’m more aware of flow than I am of structure. Flow of course is the paradigm of the higher dimensions. When one is more aware of flow, one’s whole value system shifts.

I now value the very space that I dusted off before as simply a passing attraction, to be sampled and let go of.

I now choose to hang out in the space – and for no reason, except of course how pleasant it feels. Somewhere along the line I must have dropped my childhood accent on doing. (2)

I’m hanging out in happiness right now.  Never have I paid attention to happiness as a space. When I look at it, I see that I feel secure. I feel joyful. I have a hope-filled outlook on my future. I feel buoyant, friendly, welcoming. Happy.

What remains to be said?

No wonder I couldn’t find the experiential realm for looking. Valuing structure above flow, I wasn’t even in the domain I’d need to be in to experience anything.

This domain is not about action. Or if it is, it isn’t about unconscious action.  To someone on the awareness path, it’s about experiencing the flow and sharing one’s noticeings.

Being in the moment, the here and now. Letting go into the river. Going with the flow.

In my view, we go from intellectual knowledge to experiential knowledge, and thence to realized knowledge. Viewed from that angle, going from structure to going with the flow is a definite improvement.

Feeling the emotional states, and later their divine equivalents, is definitely more of what I’m looking for than merely understanding.

However much less to write about. What can one say about a smile?


(1) “Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts,” at

(2) When I was a child, my Dad used to call me a “lazy, no-good good-for-nothing,” which over time persuaded me to become an over-producer.


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I Have It Now – Steve Beckow

A Goodly Company of Spirits by Ethel Le Rossignol @ Cesnur

* * *

I Have It Now

I’d like to think of the higher form of love I rave on about as “heavenly” love.

Why “heavenly”? To the ancient Christians, “heaven” was what we’d today call the higher dimensions; specifically, the “Fifth Dimension.”

It was what followed what Jesus called Redemption, Resurrection, or Salvation, which we call Ascension.

In our present state, we’re Third/Fourth Dimensional beings. We go back and forth – birth, death, birth, death in the Third Dimension, then Fourth Dimension,  then Third Dimension, etc.

The next level up for us is the Fifth Dimension, which we’re said already to be in without realizing it.

In that dimension we no longer need to be born or die. That’s why Hindus call it moksha or liberation. Buddha called it nirvana and freedom from the wheel of birth and death.

The love that I experienced after my heart opening on March 13, 2015 Michael described as Seventh-Dimensional:

Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it?

Archangel Michael: It is the Seventh Dimension. (1)

The Seventh Dimension is the dimension of Christ Consciousness, the Ocean of Love, etc.

I’m in the space of it as we speak, although I was not when I first began to write this article and I cannot tell you when it came upon me. It was quiet and subtle. It’s what Rumi called “the unexpected visitor.” (2)

As I said a few articles back, when you’re in the space of this heavenly, transformative love, nothing else matters.  Transformative love is always breaking news with me.

Constantly, when I’m in this space, I’m faced with a choice to write and jeopardize my connection with the space or stay with it and let go of the writing. I’m a journalist. My choice is always to write. (3)

At a time like this, my lack of a short-term memory doesn’t weigh.  If anything, it makes it easier to melt into this space.

In this space, nothing is lacking. The flow of energy, which we call “love,” carries within it all other pleasurable energies. I can find within it a strand of gratitude, inspiration, bliss.

I become lost in an Ocean of Love again. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this.

One reason people burst out laughing at a moment like this is that they find what has been there all along. They were sitting on a box of gold, to use Eckhart’s metaphor, without knowing it. (4)

We just needed to dig down a bit. Underneath the vasanas, we’ll discover that we’re fine. Deep in the ocean, the hurricane is not felt.

And the deeper we go into the heart, the more peaceful we become, until we reach the end of the line, where shines the Self.

This is the first time I’ve been in the Ocean of Love (originally I was in it in 2015) since seeing the Self (at Xenia in 2018). Little did I know in setting out to look at heavenly love that I’d end up in it.

Jump in, dive in, fall in. Just get into the Ocean of Love, Sri Ramakrishna used to advise. (5)

Why do I need to go to the Fontainebleau in Miami? I have what that is all about right here.

What more can Kovalam Beach, Kerala, offer me than what I feel right now?

Is this not what magic moments, costing thousands of dollars, are all in search of? But I have it without all that.

And I have it now.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.

(2) The Guest House

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

— Jalaluddin Rumi, translation by Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi

(3) All lightworkers here to help with Ascension are already higher dimensional. Why would the Company of Heaven send unascended beings to help with an Ascension?

Apparently, we’ll return to our native settings when our work is done.  There’s no need to worry about achieving a level of enlightenment that we already have and will return to at contract’s end.

(4) A beggar had been sitting by the side of a road for over thirty years. One day a stranger walked by. “Spare some change?” mumbled the beggar, mechanically holding out his old baseball cap.

“I have nothing to give you,” said the stranger. Then he asked: “What’s that you are sitting on?”

“Nothing,” replied the beggar. “Just an old box. I have been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.”

“Ever looked inside?” asked the stranger.

“No,” said the beggar. “What’s the point? There’s nothing in there.”

“Have a look inside,” insisted the stranger.

The beggar managed to pry open the lid. With astonishment, disbelief, and elation, he saw that the box was filled with gold. (Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. Downloaded from

(5) “You see, the thing is somehow or other to get into the Lake of the Nectar of Immortality. Suppose one person gets into It by propitiating the Deity with hymns and worship, and you are pushed into It. The result will be the same. Both of you will certainly become immortal.” (Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Nikhilananda, Swami, trans. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 217.)

“The ‘Nectar Lake’ is the Lake of Immortality. A man sinking in It does not die, but becomes immortal. … God is the Lake of Nectar, the Ocean of Immortality. … Sinking in It, one does not die, but verily transcends death.” (Ibid., 108.)

Transcends death = Ascends from the Third Dimension, where death reigns, to the Fifth Dimension, where death no longer exists.


spirit-painter-and-medium-ethel-le-rossfemale-face-art-blue-colours (3)

Spirit Painter & Medium Ethel Le Rossignol ~ 1873-1970

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Collectively I Refer to It as “I” – Steve Beckow

Babushka via Dolls In Dolls

* * *

 Collectively I Refer to It as “I”

Everything I can control from my mental laptop, complete with radar, heat sensors, attitude detectors, intuition, etc., is part of that “field of awareness.” Collectively I refer to it as “I.”

Keep in mind that I’ve been outside my body in 1977 so I know my body is operated by a spirit, which, like everything else associated with me, I crudely designate as “I.” So I, the perennial observer, have more than one “I,” just as we have more than one set of clothes.

This spirit that I am literally looks out through these eyes. I watched myself transition from “me” inside my body to “me” outside. It took less than a second, as if I was sucked into position.

Like Jim Carrey in The Mask, once I had the body mask on I couldn’t get it off.

So here “I” am, walking around in a body and wanting to live a good life. What’s most important, now that we’ve gotten the mechanics out of the way?

The way I feel. The way I feel may not determine what I say, but it sure determines how I say it. So much of my day is spent responding to the way I feel, doing something to improve it or enjoy it. Or run from feelings that I don’t like. (1)

* * *

Earlier in the day, I heard in my inner ear: “You can’t become a knower of God until you become a knower of the Self.” This of course is an ancient proverb, common to a number of religions.

Meister Eckhart best captures the sense of us as Babushka dolls – bodies, spirit, soul, God:

“There is a spirit in the soul, untouched by time and flesh, flowing from the Spirit, remaining in the Spirit, itself wholly spiritual.

“In this principle is God, ever verdant, ever flowering in all the joy and glory of His actual Self. Sometimes I have called this principle the Tabernacle of the soul, sometimes a spiritual Light, anon I say it is a Spark.

“But now I say that it is more exalted over this and that than the heavens are exalted above the earth. … It is free of all names and void of all forms. It is one and simple, and no man can in any wise behold it.” (2)

No one can any wise behold the Father perhaps, but not the Self.

We have to burrow down, with our loving awareness, through all these layers of manifested consciousness to find it.

All of that which I described earlier – the environment, the field of awareness, the “I”  – is at its center what we’re looking for (Self, God) and at its peripheries (self), not at all what we’re looking for.

At the periphery, all is hubbub. The Self is refined. You can’t hear it or see it in the midst of chaos – well, not usually, anyways.

We have to journey past those surface layers of the busy “self” to know “the Self.” And then, I hypothesize, we have to burrow into that same Self, in the heart, in the center, to know God.

That’s my hypothesis, having travelled only a small distance on this route this lifetime. That portal is the next place to go for me.

Progressively-deeper Self-Disclosure, Self-Revelation. It’s that way with love as well: We go into deeper and deeper experiences of love.

The heart is in the center. The Self resides in the seat of the soul, the very deepest reach of the heart – also in the center.  We’re always directed (A) inwards and (B) into the center.

My next explorations will be to see if the Self is a portal.  (3)

I’d observe in passing that, for the ordinary, normal, average person (if there is one among this generation), consideration be paid to how to improve the emotional state. That seems to bring the biggest dividends.

But for the flat-out spiritual seeker, which I’m not this lifetime (and often wish I were), I highly recommend burrowing straight into the heart, into the center, and never stopping.

Everything I’ve seen about the discovery of the Self indicates movement from gross to subtle, from busy to still, from loud to silent, from worry to relief, from sorrow to joy. Every time we make that transition from one state to the other, I like to think we’re creating a new neural pathway in the journey to awaken the God within.


(1) OK, OK. I process the feelings I don’t like. See “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process,” December 29, 2018, at

(2) Meister Eckhart in Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy. New York, etc.: Harper and Row, 1970; c1944, 15-6.

(5) Kidding aside, I have to watch out that I don’t end up in a spiritual coma from seeing too much. Spiritual teacher is someone else’s job; spiritual reporter, with occasional visits and explorations, is mine. You, however!!!


Babushka via Dolls In Dolls

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An Incredibly Big Shift in the Human Experience? – Steve Beckow

angel gold orange wings

* * * *

An Incredibly Big Shift in the Human Experience?

Most lightworkers are angels. As such they hail from the Transcendental.

The Transcendental exists above the twelve dimensions, beyond human experience.

Even if they have a favorite dimension to hang out in when mingling with the human population in the twelve dimensions, they still live in the Transcendental.

Michael was telling me in my last reading that what is for us a lifetime is for them an in-breath.

Humans live in the Transcendental once they’ve finished their human experience. Ashtar once acknowledged to me that he did:

Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the fifth dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.

Steve Beckow: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (1)

Those of Sri Ramakrishna’s disciples he called evergreens were to be found – and were seen – in the Transcendental.

I once interviewed a well-known spiritual source, which included questions about the Transcendental. Before the show aired, they removed the part on the Transcendental. It isn’t a subject that many spiritual sources willingly discuss. Why I could only speculate.

We tend to think of this earthly plane, this physical plane or Third Dimension as the only “material” plane. But in fact all twelve dimensions are material planes. Only the Transcendental is not.

We tend to think of sixth-or seventh-chakra enlightenment as entering the Transcendental. In fact it isn’t even exiting the Third Dimension. We have nine more dimensions to go.

I remember thinking to myself that I had no idea what was seen in seventh-chakra enlightenment because what was seen was Transcendental.  Five dimensions later we’re just looking out upon the real Transcendental.

I don’t think people appreciate at least one of the changes in the way the world is and will be. It has always been that people in the astral world could not travel upwards save with special protection. But now, once ascended, we’ll be free to travel to all dimensions. If that is so, it’s an incredibly big shift in the human experience.


(1) “An Introduction to Enlightenment and the Trinity – Part 2/2,” May 14, 2012, at


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A Walk Down … Uhhh, Where Did Memory Lane Go? – Steve Beckow

Forget-me-not Flowers

* * *

A Walk Down … Uhhh, Where Did Memory Lane Go?

How many people are having memory problems? Raise your hands?

Everyone? Well, then you may be interested in hearing Archangel Michael address mine.

My memory has gotten so bad that I can forget what I was saying in the middle of a sentence, in the course of walking into the kitchen to get something, in the middle of shopping (what did I come here to get?).

How am I to do an interview or be interviewed? There’s no way I can.

Everyone I’ve spoken to is also having memory issues.

My difficulties have been going on since before 2012.  At last I had a detailed discussion with Michael as to what is happening with me.

There may be some differences for you. But you can see both the kinds of memory problems that arise and what the Company of Heaven does about them in the case of lightworkers who need to have and rely on their memories.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 5, 2020. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: I would like to discuss my memory problems in more detail than we usually do. What is behind them, Lord?

Archangel Michael: Well, it is not simply one thing. So we will get into the detail. Let us think of it in terms of three areas.

First of all, as I have said, you are an historian, ancient and current, (1) and there is a part of you that, while you love history in the biggest sense, is also sick and tired of history.

And there is also a part of you that thinks that this reflection, this rear-view mirror analysis of what has transpired is useless and meaningless.

Inside that, there is also part of you that doesn’t think that you particularly want to (and it is a quasi-decision point) that you would particularly want to be remembering everything that has transpired, whether it is 20 years ago or yesterday. So that is one area.

Now, biologically, there is also some, hmmm, shall we say, short-circuiting? Now understand your electrical neural pathways have been enormously increased over the past several years.

But those neural pathways are not always fully activated or completely working.

Now think of it in this way, when there is a fetus, an infant, what is happening is of course that those electrical systems, those neural pathways, the brain function is in development in utero.

What has been happening with you, and with many, is that the reconstruction of those electrical impulses (because that is what memory is; it is keying into current and past events, memories, feelings, emotions) is still in the upgrade process. So there is also biological functioning going on.

The other thing that is going on is that there is some residue of what you would think of as plaque in some of those areas (this is still the biological area) that has gathered in various cavities or crevices of your hemispheres and those are also being cleaned out. (2)

Now what is also happening biologically is that when some of those cleanouts are happening, literally memory is being ejected because it is being freshened up. So think of it as peeling away dead plaque or dead skin. There will be new skin underneath but the memory of that scab is gone. That is some of the biological that is happening.

Then there is what we would call electrical currents. Now, I am not, let me be very clear, suggesting that you attempt or try to turn down anything.

Steve: What does that mean, Lord? Do you mean to turn down an offer from somebody… Is that what you’re meaning?

AAM: No, I will explain. You have a million ideas and then some, running concurrently through your head.

Do not turn down anything! So sometimes you have thought… Well, maybe if I slowed it down a bit, maybe if I paid closer attention to the details of what the input… Because think of it as a constant stream. Think of a computer, a constant stream of input coming into your mechanism called the brain.

Do not turn it down because what you are doing in the upgrades is literally learning how to access what is important to you, what is meaningful to you and, yes, to the collective but we are talking about you at this moment.

And so you don’t want to start, consciously or unconsciously, editing the input into your brain. Now, your heart repair and oxygen flow [as a result of a triple bypass] is helping and has helped this biological issue enormously.

But part of you, as we have also said, and this is an agreement that we have, is that you have agreed and you are living very much in the moment.

One of the difficulties of humans is that they have a proclivity to either live in the past (and it can be recent past or ancient past) or to project themselves and live in the future.

It is a very curious malaise that most of the human race – yes, most of the human race – chooses not to live in the moment. So you are living in the moment. And you say, “Yes, Lord, I’m very willing to live in the moment but I would like to be able to access memories, recent events so that I don’t feel like a fool”

We hear you.

Steve:… Or lose my thought in the middle of a sentence or forget what I’m going into the kitchen for or, oh, it goes on and on… It’s crazy.

AAM: Now, think of the electric blue. Yes, the Porlana C that has been pouring into you. Let us increase it rather than decrease it. What we are doing and we are doing it even now as we are speaking, we are making all those synapses, all those electrical systems, all the upgrade a brilliant neon blue so that the entire brain, all hemispheres, functions will be more clearly firing.

Now the biggest impediment, and I know you, sweet one, the biggest impediment to this being fully effective is concern so let us do our job. You give me the worry and let us proceed with the completion of the upgrade. (3)


(1) My B.A. and M.A. are in History. I also worked as a Historian at Canada’s then-National Museum of Man, now the Canadian Museum of History.

(2) No, I don’t have Altzheimers. We all have some plaque in our brains by the time we hit our Seventies.

(3) So I’m not to worry about any of this. OK!!!!!
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A Time of Purification? – Steve Beckow

Lord Brahma via Getty Images - brahma hindu

Lord Brahma via Getty Images

* * *

A Time of Purification?

Triggers just seem to keep going off. I have to be supervigilant not to launch into extreme thoughts and behavior.

And not to then swing out onto the other extreme and super-protect myself from them, until the guardian again becomes the guard. (1)

How to stay in the middle and yet be strong, resolute, determined? This is truly Giacomond’s territory.

Part of my job is to give a running narrative, an ethnographic account of my passage through this territory and the others leading up to Ascension.

This stretch must be what Homer meant by picturing Odysseus strapped to the mast and letting him hear the siren’s song.

We’re all strapped to the mast and obliged to hear our siren’s song in this stretch of the passage. If you’re like me, our deeply-hidden issues and often-childish thinking are now arising to be seen and acknowledged.

Jesus tells us:

“There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” (2)

I think we’re in the time of self-revelation he spoke of, a time of purification for us. The criminal shall be stopped (this seems to be happening) (3) and the seeker shall be purified?

This time isn’t what St. John of the Cross meant by a “dark night of the soul.” (4) But it’s what we commonly mean by it – a really bad time, a time to hunker down and get through.

There’s very little chance I’m (or anyone else is) going to emerge from this looking good and sounding right, either in our eyes or in others’ eyes.

The desire to look good and sound right is a large part of what keeps a vasana in place. We have to be willing to look bad and sound wrong if we’re to get through this one.

When I look at the vasana that I just went through – or rather am still going through – I can focus on how right I was or how far I take things.

I can be highly principled and yet not acknowledge that the real issue is how far I’m taking matters.

As a justification, in my mind, I’ve taken my Dad’s anger issues and hooked them up with my past-life military background.

I justify my willingness to speak my mind anywhere as being fearlessness. It isn’t.  Except in my own mind. It’s simply bad manners in the eyes of 99.99% of others.

This is me reparenting myself on the matter of my “straight-talking” (another justification). I find reparenting necessary to counter the habitual tendencies. Vigilance without paranoia.

I have this lingering sense that this is not the last core issue that I’ll face. (5)  I’m reminded of Isaiah:

3The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way of the Lord;
Make straight in the desert
A highway for our God.
4Every valley shall be exalted
And every mountain and hill brought low;
The crooked places shall be made straight
And the rough places smooth;
5The glory of the Lord shall be revealed,
And all flesh shall see it together;
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” (6)

I think this is that very process. Increase the energies lifting us up and whatever wants to hold us back rises to protest. But every crooked place shall be made straight, whatever we say or don’t say about it.

My words of comfort are of course that, relieved of the burden of our dark side, we’ll feel radically better, as I did in 2015, basking in love.

This release of old baggage is en-lighten-ment. We’re rising to a new level of vibration both by the effect of the rising energies and by our ability to drop our limiting burdens.

But first they must be exposed to at least our own gaze.


(1) See “Sitting on My Inner Child,” Aug. 6,

(2) Jesus in Matthew 10:26.

(3) See  Trump & the Q Plan – From A to Z in “A Look at What Trump and the Q Team have (Actually) Accomplished,” July 24, 2020, at GAoG does not agree with all the views stated in the video but posts it to point to the series of meetings President Trump ids alleged to have had in 2017 and their purported outcome.

(4) He meant a time in the seeker’s life when all the senses go still, silent, unseeing, etc. One believes one has been abandoned by God.   See Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriguez, trans. Complete Works of St. John of the Cross. Washington: Institute of Carmelite Studies, 1973.

Bernadette Roberts gives a good, succinct description of it:

“In experience, the onset of this process (of God-realization) is the descent of the cloud of unknowing, which, because his former light has gone out and left him in darkness, the contemplative initially interprets as the divine gone into hiding.

“In modern terms, the descent of the cloud is actually the falling away of the ego-center, which leaves us looking into a dark hole, a void or empty space in ourselves. Without the veil of the ego-center, we do not recognize the divine; it is not as we thought if should be. …

“From here on we must feel our way in the dark, and the special eye that allows us to see in the dark opens up at this time.” (Bernadette Roberts, “The Path to No-Self” in Stephan Bodian, ed. Timeless Visions, Healing Voices. Freedom, CA: Crossing Press, 1991, 131.)

This stage being beyond Brahmajnana (seventh-chakra enlightenment), it has to be preliminary to Ascension.

However I don’t think this generation will be obliged to make such a difficult passage. All the rules have changed and our gradual ascent may make the rigors that St. John and Bernadette went through unnecessary.

(5) I already feel the next core issue in line is about shame, embarrassment, humiliation. It’s just waiting for me to be done with anger and fear.

(6) Isaiah 40:3-5.


Lord Brahma via Getty Images

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The Fear of Death Dies – Steve Beckow

-lotus-blossoms-lotus-flowers ART

* * *

The Fear of Death Dies

There has to be an end to fear.

The soul in my 1987 vision did not end up in a bad place but a good place. (1) There had to have been an end to fear for that to have happened.

The chief fear is the fear of death. The truth is that we always, already are immortal. We don’t have to do anything to earn it. It isn’t out ahead of us. Our immortality has always been the case.

So there’s nothing to fear about “death.” (2)

The first time we have a lucid dream or out-of-body experience and see our body as separate from “us,” the ever-present observer, the fear of death dies.

That’s the head vampire.

Now we’re not afraid to risk, gamble, take a chance – not foolishly. Foolishness is born of fear.

But we still have endless fears beyond this chief culprit.

As far as I can see, they mostly center around … loss.

They’re mostly based on the idea that I need something to live and thrive and that that something exists separate from me, outside of me.

None of this is ultimately true (3) and believing it is is what leads to the life we lead. Just look around us. As within, so without. As far as I know, this world we’ve created is the way it is because we believe in death and loss.

They’re revealed ultimately as illusions. They produce a world of high drama.

In my understanding, the truth is that we don’t need anything more than what we already are – love/light – to live and thrive. Proving this has cost some saints their lives. It’s a truth that transcends matter, transcends physical death. It’s an “ultimate” truth.

Merely reading the words has about as much effect as having breakfast. Fills an emptiness for a half hour.

The truth of the statement must be experienced and then realized, just as I realized recently that the 1987 vision I had was in fact the Divine Plan. (4)

So here too, the truth of the fact that there is no death for the soul must also be realized for the fear of death to disappear. But it can happen in an instant (and usually does).

The soul itself does not actually and eternally exist. (5) In the end, it merges in the One again. (6)

Every spiritual commentator has said this: The less we’re attached to, the less we feel fear.  That doesn’t mean we have to live like ascetics. We’re not giving up possessions.  We’re giving up attachments to them.

Several times I’ve faced the fear of losing the site, with all its articles and libraries and databases. It actually took me far less time than I thought it would to feel fine about it.

And the last dissipate-fear technique may as well be from the Almanac of 1853: When you feel fear, stamp your foot. If that’s not enough to send fear flying, stamp it again saying “No!”

Fear is an emotion and it does not stay – unless we keep feeding it. We can alter that emotion; many movies are about the moment of change from fear to courage. (7)

My hypothesis here is that fear ends. Since we know that Ascension will end fear forever, I think mine a pretty safe bet. I’m only advocating ending fear now, before Ascension.


(1) The manner of dying, perhaps. But even there we have instances of afterlife communicatoes telling us about spirit helpers that remove them from their bodies just before two cars collide, etc.

(2)  I watched an individual soul go from God to God in a sacred arc and spiritual spiral. For an account of that vision, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at

(3) It’s relatively true but not absolutely true. Breatharians demonstrate that we don’t need to eat food. The world around us has been built out of the thought energy of our beliefs. If we believe in death and loss, our beliefs will be mirrored in our surroundings.

(4) See “The Vision WAS the Divine Plan for Life,” 

(5) St. Paul describes the last moment of individuality of the person before it merges with God again:

“Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

“… And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son [Self, Christ, Atman] also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.” (St. Paul in I Corinthians 15:24 and 28.)

The drop returns to the Ocean.

(6) The Company of Heaven call this “coming Home” and “the Third Octave.” Conventional wisdom is that one does not return from mergence. But the CoH says, no, we re-emerge whenever there’s a need.

(7) Usually a penny drops. But we can also hasten it by stamping our foot.


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The Strongest of the Strong – Steve Beckow

Archangel Faith by Lily Moses - angel

Archangel Faith ~ Artist Lily Moses

* * *

The Strongest of the Strong

Time for a change, a walk in the park, so to speak.

There are many classic paths to enlightenment.

I’d like to divide them into two general types: (1) Those that involve going inward and (2) those that involve going outward.

Those that involve going inward include meditation proper, the awareness path (my chosen path), Zen, etc.

Those that involve going outward include bhakti yoga or devotion and karma yoga or service.

Devotion involves loving the Divine and getting immersed or lost in it so that separation ends. Karma yoga usually means serving the Divine and remaining present to the service.

However, there are no firm boundaries. Karma yogis can get lost in bliss and bhaktas can remain present to service.

The Company of Heaven reminds us that lightworkers have come at this present time to build  Nova Earth, from the ground up. (2)

Lightholders have agreed to enter into enlightenment, which is itself service, different from what lightworkers have signed on for but service notwithstanding.

If I take myself as an example of a servant, I’ve said for myself that heaven can wait. I don’t have to wail and moan about it. I know that heaven – the early Christian name for the Fifth Dimension, the place of “Salvation” – is there for me (and you) when my contract is done so there’s no sense of urgency.

Coming back to worldly matters, we’ll have help with what we do. This current Reval is not the only means by which abundance will be released to the planet. (3)

Apparently, those who prove to have integrity, compassion, and perseverance will receive greater responsibilities related to redistributing that wealth. (4)

They’ll have the opportunity of being part of bringing the starving millions of the planet out of want and neglect, of giving masses of people income security, healthcare benefits, educational access, old-age security, etc.

But the real point I want to make here is that, if you choose the path of service – and you don’t have to; you can rechoose at any moment – then it sets in motion another train of events regarding enlightenment.

The Divine Mother and your archangel will approach your enlightenment with your service agreement in mind.  How it manifests, the degree to which you feel bliss, when it occurs are all up to them and I assert that they will take your service requirements into consideration.

My own example is educational. I’ve had seventh-dimensional and seventh-chakra spiritual experiences but I don’t consider myself enlightened.

Why not? Because the experiences were truncated in order to (A) allow me to remain in sync with my readers, as per my service contract, and (B) not go off to the Himalayas and throw the whole thing over. The degree of my illumination was dictated by the requirements of my service contract.

Moreover, I have another service contract as a pillar. I and others like me have agreed to stay till the end and push the last stragglers onto the train. Does that mean that I don’t benefit from Ascension till the very last? No. I can visit but not stay. (5) These truncated experiences were the visits.

I’m a waiter at the banquet of Ascension. (6) I can nibble on the food as we go along. But after the guests have eaten is when we waiters really get to eat. (I will never escape waiting till … the end.)

No longing is as intense as the longing for enlightenment. But we can moderate that intensity through knowledge. If I know that I’ve agreed to certain service provisions that mean no enlightenment before the invited guests, my longing quiets down and I’m able to carry on.

Blossom’s Federation often calls us lightworkers “the strongest of the strong.” (5) To put aside the deepest longings of our soul, to serve, if I may be permitted to say it, I think you’d have to be among the strongest of the strong.


(1)  Divine Mother: I am bringing you together, I have already brought you together in this sacred circle for the transformation of Gaia, for the transformation of what it means to be Gaian, and for the fulfillment of My Plan. (“The Divine Mother ~ I Have Called You,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2019, at

Jesus: Each of you are the implementers of the Mother’s Plan.

You have been given the insight, the understanding, the tools, the mechanisms, and the will to bring forth your plan within the Mother’s Plan and they are in alignment. Your heart and mind are in the alignment of love.

Now we reignite yet again the will because this is an essential part of the missing piece. It is the will to bring into physicality that which you desire. And how do you express will? It is not through intention, it is through action. (“Jesus’s Call To Action!,” August 6, 2016, at

Archangel Michael: You are our partners. You are the implementers of Nova Earth, the physical builders of Nova Earth embodying, very beautifully, Nova Being. …  You are creating and co-creating with us Nova Earth, new Cities of Light, new centers of peace. (Archangel Michael, “Persistence, Fortitude and Valor Being,” Sept. 17, 2016, channeled by Linda Dillon, Council of Love Saturday Conference Call.)

AAM: So are there new institutions to be built, that reflect love and equality, integrity, and knowing? Yes. But do not forget, you are in the full business of co-creation with us. So this is not arduous, this is not tedious, this is not difficult. (Archangel Michael on the Containment of the Cabal, July 3, 2012, at

(2) Archangel Michael: That is why we have also said, (this is an aside) there will be several waves of abundance. So we give you the allowance and we see how you do. (“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on the Source of Power and Authority, AHWAA, March 9, 2017,” at

AAM: This plan has been an unfoldment for far too long for money to simply be washed down the drain by decisions that are not beneficial either for yourself or for others and for those who will benefit from the abundance programs, plural. (AAM, Aug. 6, 2013.)

AAM: There will be other sources of funding. (Archangel Michael in a personal  reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 27, 2013. Hereafter AAM.)

(3) AAM: Those who are in a position of stewardship, of beginning projects that lead the way to the building and the re-creation of what Nova Earth is truly about … become the spokesbeings for many.  (AAM, May 27, 2016.)

(4) AAM:   It is very simple: Visit; don’t stay. (AAM, May 6, 2013.)

(5) “Starseeds: Waiters at the Banquet of Ascension,” 


NOW … WHAT YOU MUST DO … IS RECALL THIS KNOWING. (Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 11, 2020, at


Archangel Faith ~ Artist Lily Moses

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The Next Step for Me – Steve Beckow

butterfly hp

The Next Step for Me

I seem to be in a process of emergence. As I move forward in it, I bump into major roadblocks again and again.

I’m bumping into one now.

I’m not surprised that it’s come up. The minute one takes a position, up comes the opposition.

I’ve taken a position, “no more global small talk – Big talk, big action.” Up comes the opposition: “How do you get off saying that? What makes you so [fill in the blanks],” etc.

I see now that this basic negativity is always around as doubt, disappointment, dejection, distress. I  only sense it vaguely but it’s there and it’s the seedbed for numerous weeds.

So I’d better deal with the opposition that’s come up before taking another step. This is an Ascension ethnography so clearing obstacles is a relevant activity and topic.

This blockage is what Linda Dillon would call a “core issue” and me a “root vasana.” I can’t seem to get at it, dislodge it, experience it through to completion using regular means.

My working hypothesis is that it’s bottled-up rage at the treatment my Dad meted out to me. But I have very little information on it or recall of it.

It’s as if a meteorite hit Earth and buried itself 300 miles under. It’s down there and I know it is but all my efforts to get at it and re-experience it are unsuccessful.

Without getting at it, I pay the following costs.

I don’t feel compassion as deeply as I wish I did.

I’m really hard to convince of the success of something. But when convinced, I’m all for it. (Mood swings.)

My temper is as volatile as my Dad’s was.

Thin soil; no deep roots. Just like my Dad. And his Dad. Intergenerational transfer.

At first I said to myself that I’d “source” (complete) the core issue online. But it’s deeper than that. I’m going to need to meditate to get at it, I think. (1)

Jesus described my situation in Matthew 7:

“A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.” (2)

A “good tree” is a sound tree; it’s also a pure tree. It cannot bear bad fruit. “Fruit” are the thoughts and the feelings and actions the thoughts lead to. A good tree can only have good thoughts, etc.

An aside: In the Fifth Dimension we’ll all be sound, pure, “good” trees (vibrating higher-dimensionally), which is why we won’t do harmful things – or even have harmful thoughts. This is when the world will work for everyone (if not before).

I hope that I’m a reasonably sound and pure tree. Reasonably.  I can still bring forth bad fruit. (And I do, regularly. Which is what bothers me and has me seek the source of it.)

How does a tree become diseased and go bad? Vasanas. Core issues. Resentments.

The “bad” tree is thrown into the fire of death and rebirth.

The way out is to cut down the vasanas (not the whole tree) and” throw them into the fire” of awareness. They have to be seen, named, identified, and re-experienced. Then we become again like children, able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (or ascend).

This that I’m looking at is a root vasana or core issue – buried very deep, almost unnoticed in the background of obviousness.

I need now to un-distract, un-routinize, and un-schedule myself and do some deep looking as the next step.


(1) Until I can access the feelings and thoughts, at which point I can use the Upset Clearing Process on it.

See “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process,” December 29, 2018, at
. I will use the upset clearing process on it as soon as I can access the vasana.

(2) Matthew 7: 18-20.


Love is the Way, the Truth, and the Life – Steve Beckow

female face lotus violet

* * *

Love is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

I’ve just come across notes I made in the middle of a powerful spiritual experience.

Finding myself in an Ocean of Love was an event that occurred sometime after a heart opening I had on Mar. 13, 2015.

I found the notes the other day in the course of research on a different subject.

Love is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

I’ve just had a spiritual experience that I made notes of as it happened. Thank heavens I did. Had I not, I’m not sure that I’d have remembered it.

Do I know how long it will remain with me? No, I don’t. Every spiritual experience short of Sahaja Samadhi is temporary so this one quite likely will leave. So I’d best leave a record.

I was lying down reading when I suddenly found myself in a blue setting like a room, the Mother’s sky blue, when suddenly the blue wall burst and love flowed everywhere.

This was ambrosia. It was nectar. It was the living waters.

Was this a part of the tsunami of love? I think it’s a safe bet to say yes. One version of it, I’m sure.

Let me pick up where I began making notes:

At this moment, I’m seeing love everywhere. I’m immersed in an Ocean of Love, drowned and come alive!

I see that love is everything and love has become everything.

And I am a part of that everything and so I must be love as well.

At this moment I recognize love. I’m aware of it. I experience it.

My essence is love. For however long the moment lasts, I know that I am love.

Love is everything of value. Everything that exists. Every reward we could ever want or would ever ask for. It satisfies completely.

Love is the way, the truth, and the life.

I am love. Everything is love. Love has become everything.

Love is Everything

I’m still blown away, hours later.

I could marry love. Since love is everything, I’d still leave plenty for everyone else.

I surrender to love. Genderless love, as all love is. Universal love, overflowing love, endless love.

I let go of everything old, all remnants of my personality.

Every boyfriend or girlfriend, partner or spouse we’ve ever had? We were only ever seeking love.

And sometimes chemistry happened and it was there. And sometimes not.

Every taste of love is an invitation, not to open to the other person, as great as that is, as much as to open to love.

I’ve seen that love is everything and I’ll never forget it.

I am love and I am everything.

How could it be otherwise? And how could it be otherwise for you?

Love is all we could ever possibly want. Love is all we could ever possibly be.

How much truth can we stand?

Love is the truth. Love has become everything.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

The Self: Summer Salad or Crazy Salad? – Steve Beckow

light wings angel

* * *

The Self: Summer Salad or Crazy Salad?

The Self resides in the deepest place of the heart, the seat of the soul. 

Notice that one spiritual experience has a person talking about it for years.

I used to say to myself that one spiritual experience a decade would keep me going.

I found myself muttering to myself this morning: “The Self can be said to ‘reside’ at the far end of the cul de sac that the heart is.” I was pacing my apartment, lost in thought.

But picking up that train of thought, when we can go forward in the heart no longer, we come upon what our sources called “the seat of the soul.” That’s where the Self “resides.”

Matthew Ward, in 2017, quoted the God of this universe:

“In one of God’s talks with my mother, He told her, ‘The heart is the seat of the soul.’ The composition of the soul is the energy of love and it is in the heart area where the love sensation is felt.” (1)

Looking at matters from the standpoint of the Self, taking its seat in the throneroom of the heart (these are all metaphors), there’s no problem at all for it. It’s all-knowing, all-enlightened, blissful, One with Source, etc.

Now take the microscope back somewhat, coming out of the tunnel and the heart. Bringing back into view the spirit consciousness acting through this dense physical body. At this level of density and consciousness, none of the Self is apparent.

As we navigate the streets and shop for dinner, not a thought occurs to us of the Self. We’re focused on social distancing and not forgetting what we came to get.

We’re vibrating at too slow or dense a level to bring into the consciousness of the spirit in the body the awareness native to the Self. But listen to what I just said: The Self, the spirit in the body, the body.

Add to these the Oversoul or Higher Self, the intermediate Seventh-Dimensional Self and the eternal Observer, beyond the Self, and we have a real summer salad.

Or is it a crazy salad? How confusing can it get! Will the real me please stand up?

How many selves do we have?

All organizations of the One Consciousness (selves) reside at different vibratory levels of existence.

The spirit operating the body, which itself is usually native to the Fourth Dimension or Astral Plane, is in a Third-Dimensional body, thinking about the Self, which is above dimensions, all the while being seen by the Observer, which is to say, the “I” of awareness, the No-Self beyond the Self, the One.

It all straightens out when we realize that all of these are who we are on different dimensions (or beyond dimensions) due to our bodies’ different vibrations. Together they constitute our multidimensional Self.

All are real on the dimension or transcendent plane they exist on. All are illusory in terms of the Absolute.

Designing things this way reflects the purpose of life: The task facing each of us is to realize who we are at essence, at which point God meets God.  No, we are not any of our bodies, but we have to realize the truth of this statement.

For that ultimate meeting in which God meets God was all of this – the dimensions, selves, worlds upon worlds – created.


(1) Matthew’s Message, April 2, 2017.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah