Most Issues are not about Money – Steve Beckow


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Most Issues are not about Money

On May 6, 2016, Archangel Michael told me in a reading:

“Most issues, beloved, are not about money; they are about self-worth, taking responsibility, sharing responsibility, leadership, sharing leadership, knowing when to lead and went to follow, and stepping up in ways that are creative.

“What money is used for is so that a person, a group, an individual, an institution, an entire community, an entire planet can step forward without worry, without that fear which is so pervasive upon your planet, to create!

“So think of it as money as a creation tool. And if it is not creating, if it is simply being thrown down the drain or being maintained in a way that is not creative, then it is not doing its job.” (1)

I find that a profound help towards changing my thinking about money.

My family had a troubled history with money. It was used as a tool of control and left a very bad taste in my mouth. I swore I would not use it that way.

But he says that most issues are not about that. He goes on to describe the proper function of money: To allow us to “step forward without worry, without that fear which is so pervasive upon your planet, to create!”

And since the Company of Heaven have plans to release abundance that go well past just the Reval, (2) the creators are to be “an individual, an institution, an entire community, an entire planet.”

All of us occupy our days creating. You go into the office, another goes into the field, someone else into space and creates, creates, creates.

But, when we perceive that we’re without money, we do it from a place of fear. If we were abundant, we’d still have those days to live and create in. But I think we’d be far more creative, we could let our hearts and souls roam more, without the fear of want and lack. (3)

So, he asks us to think of “money as a creation tool.” It allows us the resources and the opportunity to create.

I’ve been working for the last couple of weeks on doing a book for myself on what my financial role requires. (4) There won’t be time to look things up after the Reval. I want it all in one place.

I’ve been working for years (since the matter was first raised in 2011) to “live into” that role. I went through stages where I was awkward with (imagined) wealth. At other points I was playing small. Now my creative process inside is fluid and unrestrained.

I can play with whole programs (like universal basic incomes or universal medicare) and work with them like chess pieces. I’m beginning to be able to think financially, in a number of directions.

When I was a child, I used to build dioramas. I had dioramas with dinosaurs and toy soldiers. And then I built my pièce de resistance – a model airport – in my bedroom.  The sense of building large environments was immensely attractive to me. (Perhaps I should have been an architect.)

I made large brushstrokes as a child model builder. I wasn’t worried about money.

And I’ve reached a point now in my living into my own financial role where my willingness and lack of worry allow me again to start making bold brush strokes. It’s been a journey for a person with the proclivities of a monk.

So I see the creativity that can be involved in working with the large sums of money we’ll be managing after the Reval.

But there’ll be a limbering up process – after we take our vacations. At first we may wonder how we’ll ever be able to work with money … well, I did. But now the fears are subsiding and the reality is beginning to register with me.

Building Nova Earth after the Reval can be such fun, so creative, so satisfying. (It’s up to us.) The Mother has been saying that if what we’re doing (after the Reval) isn’t bringing us joy, don’t do it.

“Does it bring joy to your heart? Does it ignite that wonderful smile in your tummy? Does it make your feet tap, wanting to get going? Does it feel like love? Does it feel that you could take this project, whatever it is, and show it to me in full confidence and pride that this is something that you are offering yourself, each other, and the multiverse, the omniverse.

“Now, if it does not give you that feeling, then set it aside. Go on to the next idea. Because the inspiration that you are being flooded with — and I mean each and every one of you – [means] you are not in a lull. You are overwhelmed with ideas. So go to the next one, and say, all right, is this the one that makes my heart sing? And it may be a multitude of steps.

“Do what feels like unbridled joy. That is how you create Nova Earth. That is how you say, as a human, as a creator race, this is how I work with the elementals, with the kingdoms, with the devas, with the planet, with my guides, with my star brothers and sisters, with the Company of Heaven.” (5)

What more reassurance do we need?

It’s already becoming so for me as I study more and more what Michael has said about how to participate in a world-embracing way after the flow of abundance starts.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.

(2) Archangel Michael: That is why we have also said (this is an aside), there will be several waves of abundance. (Ibid., March 10, 2017.)

Steve: Will [my prosperity package] be delivered by FedEx or will it show up as increased digits on my bank account?

AAM: It will be both, actually.

Steve: How is that possible?

AAM: Because it is more than one payment. (AAM, Sept. 2, 2016.)

(3) I know I can’t write when I don’t know how I’ll pay the rent. But at the same time I really have heard Michael enough times on the subject that I’ve given up worrying about money.

(4)  I’ve been working on this for years now, since the days of “Pre-NESARA funds” and the Bridge Fund, starting in 2011.

(5) “The Divine Mother Blesses Nova Earth Day, Feb. 14, 2013,” at


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Filled with Gratitude – Steve Beckow

Gratitude painting by Nanne Nyander @ Fine Art America


Filled with Gratitude

I’m grateful to the Divine Mother for allowing me to serve in the capacities assigned to me.

I’m grateful to Gaia for hosting us all so patiently and bounteously.

I’m grateful to Michael – and to his channel, Linda Dillon – for mentoring me.

I’m grateful to Suzi, Kathleen, Sitara, Karen, and Casey for producing this blog each day, mutually supporting each other to reach the Reval finish line, and having fun doing it.

Here we are on Love Day, Feb. 14, a day we’ve set aside to look at gratitude. And I find I’m a babe in the woods on gratitude.

I thrash around looking for a self-serving explanation of why I’m so superficial. I can’t find one.

When I look deeper I see that my situation with gratitude goes a long way back, to being a complainer as a young child. “No one listened to me” so I used complaints to be heard.

A complainer pathologically takes an adversarial position. There ain’t much room for gratitude there.

Let me get back to the place of innocence and purity that lives in the seat of the soul. From that place, I’m so filled with gratitude to all my friends. From this place I feel gratitude deeply.

Experiencing this state from this perspective reveals it to be another higher-dimensional space, like abundance, mastery, peace, and bliss.

Of course. Gratitude is a divine quality, a divine state. What did I expect? Why have I denied myself this pleasure, all these years?

Vasanas. Conditioning. Programming.

Gratitude is an immensely satisfying space.  I’m at peace feeling grateful. I notice a flow of love going out towards the person I’m grateful to. All spaces and states seem to lead back to love.

Gratitude is another road in to love.  Gratitude and love are their own rewards.

I’m grateful for all the kindnesses you’ve extended to me. I’m grateful for all the kind words you’ve written in.  I’m grateful to be alive today and participating with you in what we’re commonly about – building a whole new world of prosperity, peace, and happiness.


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The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 5/5 – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Annelie Solis


The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 5/5

January 23, 2020 by Steve Beckow

(Concluded from Part 4, yesterday.)

The subject of the ladder of consciousness is basic to my own spiritual practice.

Frankly, I think it may be basic to anyone’s. Let me discuss how it surfaces in my own practice.

Manifestation doesn’t come from intellectual or even experiential knowledge

As I said yesterday, if I were focused entirely on enlightenment as the object of life, I wouldn’t mention the siddhis or psychic powers, such as manifestation. They’re regarded by the dedicated seeker after enlightenment as being a distraction.

But we’re lightworkers and interested in alleviating poverty and hunger in the world. Manifesting either using devices like the replicator or our own psychic abilities has an importance to us that it doesn’t have to the dedicated seeker.

We’re not here for our personal enlightenment. We’ve been enlightened in other lifetimes or we wouldn’t be here, helping with an Ascension. We’re here for service.

Though many may disagree with me, I find dualism a more useful philosophy to lightworkers than non-dualism. We talk to the Divine Mother, as the dualist would; we don’t dismiss our talks as illusion, as the non-dualist might.

With this in mind, let’s look at this most-useful power of manifestation, as it ties in with realization.

A mistake we’re said to make is to expect the benefits that come from realization to come from intellectual or experiential knowledge; apparently they don’t, the Arcturian Group informs us:

“Many in their spiritual enthusiasm, have made the mistake of trying to live the absolute before attaining the consciousness of it. Attaining a consciousness of absolute truth is the evolutionary journey. … Truth begins as intellectual knowledge, but can never manifest into expression until realized.” (1)

“As with every aspect of spiritual evolution, intellectual knowledge of a truth is only the first step. You cannot sit in the absolute waiting for a bag of money to drop from the sky (although this could happen if you had the consciousness of it).

“Know the truth and then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take, be it employment or assistance of some sort. Let your actions be what resonates with you, and not what others may be telling you to do for their guidance – as well meaning as it may be – is representative of their state of consciousness and not yours.” (2)

When, in the process of ascending, we become capable of tasting the spaces in the higher realms, our full reward will come, Diane of Sirius tells us. It will sweep away all thoughts of discord.

“Your full rewards will come to you as you begin to ascend, and a peace that knows no equal will settle upon you. No longer will you experience the discord and disharmony that is upon Earth, as in rising up you will sever your links with the lower vibrations. They will no longer serve you, and your vision will pull you towards the levels of Light that pervade the higher levels. You will find that you are at ‘home’ within them, and the realization will dawn upon you that you have simply reawakened to what you already knew.” (3)

St. Germaine says that realization realigns the energies more fully to the Creator. I believe he’s talking about a deeper sort of realization than a mere “Aha!”

“A simple realization will create a powerful and magnificent transformation which would realign their energies more fully to the Creator and divine flow of the Universe, allowing a freedom which will be a release and a completion of the lessons of numerous past lifetimes.

“These souls will then feel the energy and essence of transformation and the freedom of the Creator pulsating throughout their being guiding them to support others in doing the same.” (4)

I can speak to that: Realizing higher-dimensional love, a person wants only to communicate it and have others share in it, “guiding them to support others in doing the same.” I know that from experience – and realization.

The Arcturian Group inform us that:

“Where there is an attained consciousness (not intellectual knowledge) of oneness[,] with Divine completeness, there is abundance, for the door has been opened. New and better ideas begin to flow effortlessly to all aspects of life, and those things necessary seem to somehow be there when needed.” (5)

So, if we’re lightworkers wondering when we’ll be able to manifest, the Arcturian Group has just told us. The door will be opened when we have attained and are complete with oneness. Time to use all we know to help us realize oneness.

They go on to explain:

“Every spiritual idea of Divine Consciousness is embodied within every soul – abundance, joy, peace, wholeness, harmony, completeness etc. etc. The realization (not simply intellectual knowledge) of this is then translated by mind into forms that are understandable and personal to the individual.

“Example; A conscious realization of abundance as being an omnipresent quality of Source will manifest in the forms needed by an individual, forms he can relate to.” (6)

The realization of abundance will bring abundance. I’d assume the realization of peace would bring peace, and so on. That’s when we lightworkers will begin to manifest, as far as I can see. (7)

Again, if we were seekers after enlightenment, this discussion would be irrelevant. But as people who’ll be building a new Earth, the ability to see our desires for the highest good manifest comes to have more significance.

To summarize, consciousness resembles a ladder in that intellectuality only provides some satisfaction and occupies a lower vibration than the other two; experience – the next step up – provides more satisfaction and is a higher vibration; and realization provides more satisfaction than we can probably imagine and is the highest vibration of the three.

In this series, our sources have discussed the relative merits of each and described what realization is and what the deeper forms of it bring in their train.

Seeing spiritual practice as movement up this ladder is not only useful to people seeking enlightenment or Self-Realization. It’s useful to anyone serving the Divine Mother, any lightworker as well.

Knowing about this three-level ladder of consciousness is useful to us spiritually and practically. Since there are levels of realization, its study is just a door in to a much wider field.


(1) The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele, January 10, 2016, at

(2) Ibid., March 20, 2016, at

(3) Diane of Sirius, Feb. 2, 2009, at at

(4) “St. Germain: Are You a Member of the Team of Transformation in Embodiment?” Channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 11, 2016, at

(5) Arcturian Group, May 7, 2017, at

(6) Ibid., March 12, 2017, at

(7) I emphasize this because many times I’ve been asked when we’ll be able to manifest. After the realization of oneness, which I’d imagine corresponds to Ascension. Just a guess. Until then we pool and share.


Artist ~ Annelie Solis

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The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 4/5 – Steve Beckow


The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 4/5

The subject of the ladder of consciousness is basic to my own spiritual practice.

Frankly, I think it may be basic to anyone’s. Let me discuss how it surfaces in my own practice.

Archangel Michael’s discussion of the ladder of consciousness

Archangel Michael and I discussed the three levels of consciousness on An Hour with an Angel in 2017:

Steve Beckow: Well, you talked about ‘truly knowing’ and I just wonder if we don’t need to clarify something here…, that when you say truly knowing you’re not talking about intellectual knowledge, not even talking about having a feeling or an intuition or a sense of something. You’re talking about something much deeper than that, right [i.e., realized knowledge]?

Archangel Michael: That is exactly what I am talking about. It is about the true, true knowing, wisdom. It has, well, I would say, nothing, but I will adjust that and say very little to do with emotionality or intellect or the mental body [i.e., experience or intellectuality]. It is heart-and-soul knowing, what you call realization, what we might even hint at in terms [like] enlightenment, or illumination. (1)

The true knowing will filter through to your feelings and to your intellect and to your beautiful mental body, and reassure the ego and delightful personality that you are [OK]. It is a heart-and-soul knowing. …

Truly knowing comes from the deepest and the highest part of yourself. It is where the union of your universal self, your higher self, your what you may think of as human self in your soul center comes together to inform you, if you wish to think of it as that, of truth. (2)

He’s saying what it is by saying what it’s not. I wouldn’t even attempt to talk about realization itself. I couldn’t speak a word about it because I don’t know how to describe it.

I despaired of getting my mind around some of his teachings and shared my feelings with Michael.

Steve: How are we going to understand these things? They are so much higher than we can get our heads around.

Archangel Michael: There has been this slow dawning that has been underway for some time. You’ve had this experience. There is this slow dawning so that expansion, expansion, expansion, expansion [occurs] and then you reach the point of that expansion – that’s stretching – but then you [become] capable of having that “aha” moment. And that “aha” moment is what many have referred to as “turning on the switch.”

Steve: Yes, realized knowledge….

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Self-Realization is just a bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger realization but these “aha” moments are still realization, are they not?

AAM: That is correct. (2)

So far, Michael has confirmed the ladder of consciousness – Intellectuality, Experience, and Realization – and has shared that realization itself spans the range from the ordinary “Aha!” moment to merger with the One.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the relationship between realization and manifestation.

If we were students of the Advaita Vedanta, the non-dual, we’d never look at such a subject.  But we’re what Indians would regard as householder servants of the Divine. We use manifestation in building Nova Earth.  Hence we look at a subject that we’ll probably draw on years from now.

(Concluded in Part 5, tomorrow.)


(1) Just as I’ve been saying that transformative love has little to do with emotions that we associate with our ordinary states of love, Michael is here saying that realization has little to do with emotions or intellectuality. It exists in a higher domain of reality.

(1) Archangel Michael in “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 23, 2016.


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Who’s Serving Whom? or, How Have I Been Blessed – Steve Beckow

essence-art by shadowlea-is at Fine Art America - female face colour

Essence art ~ Artist Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America


Who’s Serving Whom? or, How Have I Been Blessed

From time to time, it’s suggested that I’m following Archangel Michael’s advice unquestioningly.

There’s the implication of slavishness on my part or surrendering my discernment, my thinking, even my freedom.

I think both he and I would contest that description. I’ve never let go of the necessity to use my own discernment.

Slavishness implies a degree of robot-like behavior. Decisions have always remained mine in the last analysis. And I’ve always been at choice with and aware of that.

An example would be my request not to be required to write appeals. If I write appeals, sooner or later my writing becomes affected by it, if even in subtle ways. Michael has acceded to my request.

There may have been one or two decisions that he impressed upon me. There have been decisions going on in the background, such as my Higher Self’s agreement that I be kept in the hospital by incurring a (treatable) superbug. (1) It added two weeks onto the time I had to stay in a hospital bed. Which was its purpose – to have me rest.

The superbug decision falls under my invitation to him long ago to “manage” me. Because I refuse to remain idle for any great length of time, hospital stays seem periodically necessary. I don’t think I’m capable of vacationing.  I’m staying at the Hotel St. Paul’s.

There have been things he’s said I don’t agree with. I take what I like and leave the rest.

There are also matters on which he and Matthew Ward differ. I have to remain open to either interpretation being proven true because I surely don’t know.

Nevertheless his reasoning and compassion is as far above mine as a plane flying high overhead is to me.

Keep in mind that I’ve asked the Divine Mother, if I worshipped a false guru, would God still accept my service? And she replied that God would. (2)

So, no matter who it is I’m speaking to on the other end of the line, I’m serving Archangel Michael. That’s why I don’t ultimately fear serving him. Even if this contact turns out to be a facade, I’m still serving Michael.

Why would I not? Steve, I have a job here that might suit you. It’s to run a joint venture with an archangel – Michael, to be exact. The joint venture is an Internet blog, a mouthpiece among many mouthpieces for the Company of Heaven.

Are you interested?

Am I interested? Who would not be? Of course I’m interested.

And serving him? Yes. He’s satisfied my tests many times over.

Have you ever wondered how the heck the people running this blog keep going month after month?

The Company of Heaven want humans to begin being charitable and giving.  So, as I understand it, our team volunteered to be on the receiving end, down in the trenches. (3) After all the Company of Heaven is in possession of limitless wealth. It’s not like they couldn’t slip us a prosperity package.

But they want to awaken the generosity impulse in lightworkers and our team volunteered to be the spark in the generosity explosion.

However he, you and others do it, every month we’re able to pay the rent and put food on the table.

But, again, that’s just one of many ways in which he’s proven to me that this really is a co-creative partnership and aren’t I the luckiest man in the world?

So why would I not serve him?

I could go on. (4) What journalist would not welcome this collaboration?

And even if it ended tomorrow, how have I been blessed.  This has been better than any Hollywood dreamscape. I’ve never been so lovingly challenged in all my life. And I’ve never been so generously and warmly cared for and nurtured.

Who’s serving whom?


(1) Steve: Did you bring on that onset of MSSA to have me relax and just spend some time in the hospital?

Archangel Michael: Yes.

Steve: I thought you did! Oh boy. That is so funny!

AAM: There is a part of you, even when we suggested to you that timeout was required, that doesn’t know what that means.

Steve: Yes, that’s right. That’s why you called me “wildcard” to XXX, right?

AAM: Yes. And your Higher Self, your Universal Self has given permission for these overrides. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 26, 2019.)

No need to. I gave him permission long ago.

(2) Steve Beckow: I’m operating on the principle – and please correct me if I’m mistaken here – that I serve Archangel Michael, period.

If I were to go to another medium and she was not channeling Archangel Michael and I were to do what was being said, and it turns out to be a colossal error, I’m still serving Archangel Michael.

Am I correct in continuing to say to myself, “The source is not what they say they are but it doesn’t matter. I’m still serving Archangel Michael.”

Divine Mother: You have reached this place of clarity. Now, dearest heart, this is exactly what I am talking about in terms of your divine knowing. And nothing is swaying you from that balanced center of knowing.

So it does not matter whether somebody says they are channeling Hilarion or Mickey Mouse. You know that you are serving my beloved Michael and I would like to suggest to you, Sweet One, not to distract you, but you are also serving me.

Steve: I so much know that, Mother.

DM: You always have. And so, yes, how we have constructed this is that you are employed, you are in joint venture, you are in sacred partnership with Michael, with Me-Ki-Al, and that is the way that you have chosen and that he has chosen and that I have chosen for you to proceed.

Steve: Yes, Mother. Thank you for confirming that.

DM:  Let us give you further insight into this. So, if you were channeling with somebody and they said it was Hilarion, and in fact it was Hilarion, understand on our side the conjoining is so much stronger [with Michael] that Michael would simply funnel through Hilarion what needs to be said.

Steve: Interesting! (Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.)

(3)  Archangel Michael: Part of you (and this is not the sole explanation) has agreed to be in the trenches. (Ibid.,  Jan. 18, 2020.)

Steve: This poverty that we are having to endure just doesn’t seem necessary.

Divine Mother: You have agreed that you are on, can we say, the receiving end.

Steve: So our being [poor] is used as a means to get people to open up?

Divine Mother: To express gratitude, generosity, unity and to express what is valuable to them.

Steve: So that is what the spiritual meaning of this is. That we serve that purpose of igniting people’s generosity or inspiring it.

Divine Mother: That is correct. You are the catalysts.

Steve: That is what I needed to know. (Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 7, 2015.)

(4) Building Nova Earth. How could I do it without friends in high places?  Finding out how to rid the world of its conditions through collective meditations. Finding out what’s really going on behind the scenes. Confirming my suspicions.


Essence art ~ Artist Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America

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The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 3/5 – Steve Beckow

art-signs-of-christ-by-nicholas-roerich-male face

Signs of Christ ~ Artist Nicholas Roerich


The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 3/5

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

The subject of the ladder of consciousness is basic to my own spiritual practice.

Frankly, I think it may be basic to anyone’s. Let me discuss how it surfaces in my own practice.

What is the awakening from intellectuality like?

Saul describes a person awakening from mere intellectuality to a trusting of the gut feeling; that is, from the intellectual to the experiential. I’ve italicized the change in the conversation, to feeling:

“These … are the first signs of an awakening – an awakening to the realization that their lives truly have a meaning and purpose beyond everyday reality. They are beginning to feel a deep longing for much, much more than life on Earth offers, and yet this makes no sense to them. They are confused and lonely and lack a trustworthy listener or guide.

But their intuition or gut feeling pushes them forward, insisting that something of great moment is happening, and they want to know what it is. As they search for answers they stumble upon books, blogs, web sites, and magazine articles covering these issues and with which they resonate.

“They meditate and pray, which may well be a new experience for them, and their sense that their existence does indeed have a meaning strengthens and intensifies, encouraging them to continue gathering information. As they do so they start to trust their gut feelings, their intuition, their inner knowing, which they find does not mislead them.” (1)

Some may not have meditated and prayed; they may have done something else, but chances are they’ll now be feeling a sense of awakening, in this case, to experience.

What is Realization itself like?

What then is realization?

I can offer you my opinion.

As a mere novice in the area, I consider realization to be a radical discontinuity in experience combined with a usually-temporary immersion in a divine state such as peace, love, or bliss and an explosive expansion in knowing.

What does it feel like?

I can only describe the first step. Let’s listen to folks farther down the road.

The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak: “This experience [of realization] involves raising a feeling inside yourself and then, one day, at one moment, in one afternoon, having an overwhelming sense of knowing: having a composition a thousand pages long come alive in five seconds of divine ecstacy.” (2)

Absolutely. She uses a knowledge-based metaphor to make her point.

The Arcturian Group: “There comes a time in everyone’s (teacher and student) evolutionary journey when he shifts into a realization of oneness. This may come in an instant after lifetimes of spiritual seeking, or it may be a slow and gradual process.

“This is ascension, the attainment of that state of consciousness that realizes everything Real is perfect and held in place by Divine law and that the ONE is ever manifesting ITSELF… ‘What you see is what you get’ as the saying goes… Your state of consciousness is interpreting for you the divine ideas embodied within the One.” (3)

So notice: Not an explosion of bliss; not a profound awareness of love, although both of these may come with it, but “a realization of oneness,” a knowing.

An inner knowing and a majestic certainty, for as long as it lasts.

Archangel Michael: “It is the feeling, the experience – and might I even say the knowing, the deep knowing – that you are not stuck, you are not limited, you are not confined by what previously has been informationally identified as time and space. You leave that behind and you enter into the flow of the universe, which is how we operate.” (4)

Again, with the knowing, the realization that we are not limited or confined comes our entry into the flow of the universe.

I emphasize this because so many superficial treatments of the topic of enlightenment emphasize other aspects of the experience but they don’t get across that enlightenment itself is an event that happens in the domain of knowledge, of certain, inner knowing. We realize the Truth.

We’ll look at Archangel Michael’s in-depth discussion of “true knowing” tomorrow.

(Continued in Part 4, tomorrow.)


(1) Saul, July 5, 2009, at at

(2) The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians. Bear & Company, Santa Fe, 1992, 49.

(3) The Arcturian Group, Feb. 10, 2013, at

(4) “Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts,” Oct. 20, 2016 at Michael here identifies flow as the paradigm of the higher dimensions.


Signs of Christ ~ Artist Nicholas Roerich

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The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 2/5 – Steve Beckow

Goddess Nataraj ~ Artist Annelie Solis


The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 2/5

(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

The subject of the ladder of consciousness is basic to my own spiritual practice.

Frankly, I think it may be basic to anyone’s. Let me discuss how it surfaces in my own practice.

Intellectual knowledge is just a first step (continued)

Matthew Ward calls intellectual knowledge “beliefs” and realized knowledge” real knowing”:

“Beliefs are formed when the same information is repeated by one or more external sources—parents, peers, teachers, religious leaders, scientists, government officials, mainstream media—and, when you learn that information is not complete or accurate, your beliefs change accordingly.

“Knowing is within, a constant, pervasive, unquestioned ‘rightness’—the merging of soul-level truth and your consciousness.” (1)

I think most if not all of us have had some experience of this certain inner knowing.  It’s much stronger than our beliefs.

St. Germaine also lays out the difference between the two. He calls realization “spiritual” knowingness of truth.

“A spiritual knowingness of truth is very different to an intellectual knowingness of truth. It may often seem as if you are weak if you admit that you do not understand the truth and will of the Creator but this is a beautiful space that you can enter into, accessing a deep stream of freedom from within your being that offers tremendous expansion and connection with the Creator.

“In many ways it is as if you are letting go of any form of control that you may have upon the world, your reality or being, entering into a space that truly allows you to experience the truth of the Creator.” (2)

I believe St. Germaine is referring here to a very high space that Werner Erhard called “Not Knowing.” Others have called it “the Cloud of Unknowing.”

In it, we’re moved to drop all pretense to knowing what’s going on and genuinely relax into not knowing. The answer (the realization) has then the space to show up. Werner called the space of realization, “Natural Knowing.” Different names but all pointing to the same thing; in this case, the dynamics of realization.

The Arcturian Group called intellectual knowledge a first step out of the maze we’re in:

“An intellectual knowledge of truth is the first step out of this maze, but it must evolve deeper and become an attained state of consciousness. The ego or personal sense of self regardless of how educated or intellectually aware is only able to create change at that level. …

“Only through one’s conscious alignment with truth, spirit, and the Divine Self can that sacred portal within open and allow the flow of Light that dissolves the dark.” (3)

Intellectual knowledge only has enough power to it to take us so far. Experience and realization lie beyond it.

The “flow of Light that dissolves the dark” is itself realization.

We cannot substitute pretense for realization and hope to get away with it, the Arcturian Group tells us:

“Completeness and wholeness [are] the birthright of every soul, but must become the state of consciousness in order to be experienced. This is the evolutionary journey. To pretend wholeness and completeness without having attained a consciousness of it is to stick one’s head in the sand…

“Evolving into a consciousness of completeness is the evolutionary journey.” (4)

I’ve always found that I cannot fake a higher state of consciousness than I’ve experienced. And I assume the same can generally be said of others. To pretend to be somewhere other than where I am is to ignore how reality works.

Through the whole discussion runs the thread that realization is the goal of life – a realization of our Oneness with God. Realization is the mechanism and the destination and the reward.

Intellectuality is a first step towards it but not a place at which to stop. As it turns out, the fulfillment of life’s purpose impels us to move from intellectuality through experience to realization.

(Continued in Part 3, tomorrow.)


(1) Matthew’s Message, May 30, 2017, at

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Goddess Nataraj ~ Artist Annelie Solis

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YES, WE Keep Focusing on LOVE! – Steve Beckow

Wings of Love Painting by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Artmajeur


YES, We Keep Focusing on LOVE!

In 2014, Saul said something that was deeply true for me.

“Dwelling on the injustices that you have experienced, or that loved ones or other innocents have undergone, only provides energy to maintain the illusion.  Your aim is to dissolve it; and Love is doing that through you when you choose to be loving.

“Remember, there is only NOW!  Past and future are figments of the illusion that seem very real because you are very powerful beings and you built a very convincing illusion.

“Now is the time, the moment to allow it to dissolve.  To be momentarily humorous, try ‘Loving it to death’! Love will dissolve it and bring you all to awakening, your human destiny.

“YES, we keep on focusing on LOVE!  And you know why.  It is all that exists.  You are all caught up in It, embraced by It, enfolded within It – It is unavoidable; although It can be denied or ignored.  Now is the perfect moment to re-engage with It so that you can find your way lovingly Home.  You can delay as long as you choose; and to be unloving is to choose to delay.” (1)

I came across the passage in researching another subject.

And here I face a continuing dilemma.

I totally know what Saul is referring to but I despair of finding words for it.

The love he’s pointing at is not love as we know it. Yet what he’s pointing at remains a mystery until experienced. What to do?

I could say, “imagine you won a $50 million lottery. Feel the way you’d feel at that time.” And most of us have had the experience of exhilaration at winning something.

But the love that Saul is pointing at is beyond any winnings. It’s a realm apart from that. (2) It isn’t anything most of us have experienced in this lifetime (although I’d expect lightworkers to have experienced it the most).

It was certainly beyond my imagining. I was so impacted by it that you see me continuing to share about it as if it happened yesterday, (3) over and over again. What could induce such a strong desire to share?

He may be saying, love in whatever way you can until you experience higher-dimensional love. If that’s the case, that’d be fine.

I have no idea whether loving in that way would lead to it. But I’m open.

But for a deeper understanding of what he’s saying, we have to … well, I guess just accept that there is a love that washes away all sense or remembrance of injustice. There is a love that so nourishes and sustains us that our lives before and after it are discontinuous. It’s as if a mountain range suddenly extruded itself from the Earth, jutted up, and we find ourselves on top of it. Aha! This is what it’s like.

In fact, “on top of the world” must have been invented by someone who knew this transformative kind of love.

If I draw it up from my heart, where it resides, “love will dissolve” whatever troubles me. Ordinary love will not do this. Ordinary love is chased away by our troubles. “Your aim is to dissolve [them]; and Love is doing that through you.”

I keep returning to the matter because I can’t think of another that’s more important or redemptive.  It is just as our sources say:

“YES, we keep on focusing on LOVE!  And you know why.  It is all that exists.  You are all caught up in It, embraced by It, enfolded within It – It is unavoidable; although It can be denied or ignored.  Now is the perfect moment to re-engage with It so that you can find your way lovingly Home.”

I agree. On a higher dimension, we all of us exist in an Ocean of Love.


(1) “Saul via John Smallman: Let Go of Any Sense of Guilt or Shame,” November 19, 2014, at

(2) What I called a realm we call a dimension. Transformative love spans the higher-dimensional ladder from the Fifth to the Seventh. Here’s Michael on that:

Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it?

Archangel Michael: It is the seventh dimension.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.)

I personally have no knowledge or insight into its dimensionality. I just know it’s a world away from us. And burn to get back there.

(3) I refer to the explosive heart opening I had on March 13, 2015, followed by being swept away in an inner Tsunami of Love and drowned in the Ocean of Love.

See “Submerged in Love,” March 14, 2015, at
, written a day after.

Steve, 2020: I don’t know why I didn’t record that it felt like an obstacle the size of a basketball was explosively ejected from my heart. Or that I was swept away by an inner Tsunami of Love and found myself in an Ocean of Love, because all happened.

I think I was too amazed at finding myself in this space and didn’t reflect on how it happened or on anything else but it. The only thing I really wanted to report on was it.


Wings of Love Painting by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Artmajeur

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The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow

Jacob’s Ladder Jacob’s Dream ~ Artist Svitoza Nenyuk @ Fine Art America


The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 1/5

While events in other parts of the globe command our attention, I still feel the need to follow my own agenda of building a literature that will be helpful to lightworkers later on.

The subject of the ladder of consciousness is basic to my own spiritual practice. I think the subject is both universal and profitably known. I now delve into that subject.

“Dear ones, you intellectually understand, but must actually accept that you are so much more than you have been led to believe.” (1)

This comment in the Arcturian Group’s latest message nudged me to write a series on the difference in impact between intellectual, experiential, and realized knowledge, states of being which form a ladder of consciousness.

Intellectual Knowledge Lacks Motivating Power

I read somewhere – and cannot find the quote – that we make very little progress in any one lifetime in learning the lessons that karma brings us.

If that’s so, one of the reasons may be that mere intellectual knowledge lacks the power, the kick, the juice, or motivating power to move us to realize that changes are necessary and to make them.

We have to boost our knowledge from the merely intellectual to the experiential, which, in my opinion, is the first level strong enough to induce us to change and thence to the realizational, which makes change easier and more likely than otherwise.

We say we’re “moved to tears” or “won over” by a smile. We’re hardwired, I think, to respond to the way we feel. Therefore I assert that the experiential has more power to motivate, than the merely intellectual.

Intellectual knowledge is just a first step; Realization the last

The purpose of life is itself a realization: The realization of our Oneness with God. That is what all this pleasure and pain is building up to, as SaLuSa reminds us.

“Many souls are beginning to understand the purpose of life. It is the realization that you are more than your body, and that life is infinite and that you have your being in the energy that is God.” (2)

Our purpose lies in realizing that we are God. I am that I AM.

If life is about knowing ourselves as God, it’s not about just having intellectual knowledge of it but of having realized knowledge.

Many of our sources have either referred to this in passing or made it explicit. Let’s spend a moment listening to them make the case.

“Truth begins as intellectual knowledge, but can never manifest into expression until realized,” the Arcturian Group tell us. (3)

On another occasion, they inform us: “Some continue to understand ONEness as a mental concept or intellectual information, never allowing it to become their attained state of consciousness.” (4)

Elsewhere they add that “knowing a truth intellectually is only the first step toward attaining the consciousness of it.” (5) Realization, as they said, makes it their “attained state of consciousness.”

Tomorrow we’ll continue our look at the case they make.

(To be continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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Jacob’s Ladder Jacob’s Dream ~ Artist Svitoza Nenyuk @ Fine Art America

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The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine – Part 4/4 – Steve Beckow

Image via Pinterest


The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine – Part 4/4

(Concluded from Part 3, yesterday.)

Free study of the Divine Mother and her Plan for the Golden Age, attached below.

How the Two Work Together

How do the Divine Feminine and Masculine work together in the balanced, androgynous person?

Archangel Michael tells us that the stillness that the Divine Masculine fuels the movement of love that the Divine Feminine is.

“When you speak to the masculine, to the Divine Masculine, you are speaking about the force and the power — not just the stillness, but the power – of that stillness that fuels the energy behind the movement.” (1)

The Divine Mother tells us that the Divine Feminine calls the Divine Masculine forth:

“To be truly masculine is extraordinarily beautiful. … It is the holding of energy, the ability of action, to protect, but what the masculine forgot, both personally and globally, is that they had need to feed the goddess within and without. Now that has been reawakened.

“As you reawaken the Divine Feminine, the Divine Feminine informs and demands of the Divine Masculine within to step forward so the old illusions and false paradigms of what the masculine are simply falls away.” (2)

So the reawakened Divine Feminine summons the Divine Masculine to take over from the male-dominant constructed self. She awakens the Divine Male. Gentlemen, take note.

A new stillpoint is being found, Tazjima’s sources advise us, which will lead us to wholeness. I imagine the subtlety of it is beyond words.

“As the threads of the energies of the divine feminine and the golden Christic light are now being interwoven into the tapestry of life upon the planet and into the heart centers of every living being, a new center point, a still point, is being sought out. In coming to still point, the energies of dark and light, female and male, flexibility and strength, will discover their need for each other in order to reemerge into wholeness.” (3)

Androgyny is the goal, that perfect balance of energy in which love and light are to be found, Matthew says.

“A civilization evolves by integrating aspects of both energies and advancing toward androgyny—balanced energy wherein love-light abides. The power of love-light is what motivates a third density civilization to end the control of their world by individuals whose energy is anchored in darkness, the absence of love-light. Helping the peoples succeed in transforming their world, dear lightworkers, is why you volunteered for this Earth journey.” (4)

The Divine Mother, who sets the agenda, sees the situation as reaching its balance. Whatever she can see or dream manifests:

“At the same time as you are shifting and ascending, the male population is finally embracing their Divine Feminine in the same way that many of the women are saying ‘I will have to embrace my Divine Masculine and move into action in new and different ways.’ It is reaching the balance.” (5)

Females and males are invited to balance their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  We call that state androgyny.

This era will see the resurgence of the Divine Feminine on two levels. In the world, women are claiming equal place with men in all important fields and venues. Women are also taking the lead in areas where they may not have before. And they’re breaking new ground.

In the internal world, the male-dominant constructed self in the man is giving way to a balance of the inner Divine Feminine and Masculine. In the female, a flowering of both love and power is taking place.


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(5) The Divine Mother, “Mother Mary Discusses the Divine Quality of Hope,” ibid.

Free download of The Divine Mother and Her Plan for the Golden Age, here:


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The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine – Part 3/4 – Steve Beckow

Analogy ~ Artist Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America


The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine – Part 3/4

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

Ascendancy Must Go

Let’s return now to the discussion of the end of male dominance. Matthew Ward says that male ascendancy (or patriarchy) must go and this is not an insult to men:

“The high vibrations of feminine energy coming in are ending long ages of masculine energy’s dominance on the planet.

“Please understand that in no way is this maligning masculine energy, and neither it nor feminine energy has anything to do with gender or sexual orientation.

“Actually, all energy is neutral until it is given force and direction by the vibrations in thoughts, feelings and actions, and those associated with masculine energy manifest as physical strength, the drive to succeed, combative competitiveness, innovation, sternness, and determination to control all situations.

“The gentle but equally strong facets of feminine energy include nurturing, compassion, sensitivity, cooperation, artistic expression, and living harmoniously with Nature.” (1)

Archangel Michael assures us that the resurgence of the Divine Feminine is not about a new “power over” relationship:

“The plan for the restoration of love upon the planet is about the restoration, the ascendancy of the Divine Feminine, because you are in a creation phase. But as you advance, it is not, and never has been, the ascendancy of the Divine Feminine over the Masculine. It is standing in that perfect balance, both within your sacred self and in action upon the planet.”  (2)

As the love of the divine feminine increases on the planet, there’ll be no place for the deceptive to hide, Hilarion advises us:

“As the loving energies of the divine feminine flowing onto the planet deepens in intensity, that which is not in alignment with love will stand out in glaring contrast. There really is no place to hide shadow activity any longer. When each person’s heart is filled with love, they have the ability to sense and feel deception in another.” (3)

For a time, we may see chaos, Tazjima’s sources tell us.

“The rigidity of the structures of extreme duality and control are giving way to a new flow, as the energies of the Divine Feminine permeate the world. For a time there will be chaos as the feminine energy flows through and around the borders of the old rigid masculine structures, breaking them down like water wearing away at a stone wall.

“Balance will be restored, but for a time outer events will appear out of control. It is for this reason the beings of light and love have advised those who would listen to seek the calm that reigns within the sacred heart, within their own center.” (4)

But the Mother has declared that male dominance end:

“Violence against women has been the anathema of your planet, beginning with Gaia who has been terribly abused. So yes, sexual violence, predatory violence, physical violence, you cannot have love or intact communities, productive communities, productive families, loving families, and have women that are being suppressed, mutilated, killed, beaten, because they are women.

“What this speaks to is the fundamental male fear of losing power. They know the creative power of the feminine and they have worked to suppress this through various forms of imprisonment and violence for thousands of years. Now, as the Shift occurs, as the awakening occurs, it occurs not only in men but in women saying ‘No more.’

“This was a declaration and it will be [made] many, many billion more [times] before we are done. Do not think that I do not move in each of these gatherings and crowds because I do and I encourage my women, my girls, my children to declare who they are and that they will not permit such violence against them.” (5)

The Divine Mother gives the example of western women (in answer to a question from Suzi about them) standing up to western men and saying that a male-dominated social order is not acceptable.

“Now I do not say this to the exclusion of the male population. … [In this case] it is western women saying, particularly to western men, being in a male-dominated society and culture is not acceptable. What you have created economically, financially, politically, culturally is not loving. It is not reflective of the Divine Qualities. It does not take into account the potential and the sanctity of each life.” (6)

The Mother has spoken and as she reminded me: “I know very clearly, sweet one, as do you, if it is not [in] my Plan, then it will not occur.” (7)

A continuance of male dominance is not in the Mother’s Plan and it will not occur.

(Concluded tomorrow in Part 4.)


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Analogy ~ Artist Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America

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The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine – Part 2/4 – Steve Beckow

Shiva Shakti ~ Artist Kalibhakt @ DeviantArt


The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine – Part 2/4

(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

The Use of the Gender Metaphor

Before we go further, let’s look at the use of the gender metaphor to describe levels of Reality far beyond gender.

The formless God is not a man and God in form is not a woman. So why use a gender metaphor to represent them?

It’s a metaphor adopted by sages long ago. Here’s Lao-Tzu using it for instance:

“Nameless indeed is the source of creation
But things have a mother and she has a name.” (1)

The Father is the nameless and formless Source of creation; the Mother is the Creator of things; operating in the world of forms, where her children use names, she has a name.

Sri Ramakrishna takes us closer to the deeper meaning of the gender metaphor when he distinguishes between movement and stillness:

“That which is Brahman [the Father] is also Kali, the Mother, the primal Energy. When inactive It is called Brahman. Again, when creating, preserving, and destroying, It is called Sakti. Still water is an illustration of Brahman. The same water, moving in waves, may be compared to Sakti, Kali.” (2)

Archangel Gabrielle uses it in the same way:

“You are all birthed — the universe is birthed — through the movement of the Divine Mother. It’s an active, physical, mental, emotional — however you conceive of – movement. …

“But, dear heart, you are not simply of the Mother. You are of the whole [i.e., the Father]. So of course you are of the stillness, of that energy that moves only through the Mother. It is part and parcel of who you are. Now you see, as you come to this time of Ascension, to this conjunction of energies, it’s not either/or, masculine or feminine, stillness or movement. It’s both.” (3)

Let’s stop the camera here.

It isn’t any kind of movement that’s being focused on here. It’s the movement best known as Aum/Amen, the Word of God, what Sri Ramakrishna called the force “creating, preserving, and destroying” worlds and universes. (4)

And the stillness is not the kind you’d find in a nature park on a Sunday. It’s a transcendental cessation of all material movement; without movement, the material world vanishes; it disappears. Consequently, this stillness would appear to us like a Void.

I had a conversation with Archangel Michael about the derivation of the gender metaphor and he said it came from the Mind of One:

Steve Beckow:  Where does the distinction of the two [Divine Feminine and Masculine] stem from?

AAM: It has come from the mind of One to assist those to understand the differentiation [between the Father as stillness and the Mother as movement], and that both are necessary and present in all, all energy and all energy forms. …

It is never meant to be gender-restrictive!…

You see, that knowing innately of the differentiation came to be so abused, misunderstood, so that, if you look to the Old Testament of your Bible, for example, you see the patriarch, the autocrat, the unmoving father figure that is demanding in many ways and must be adhered to, and then you see the female figures in servitude — it was never intended this way! (5)

“To assist those to understand the differentiation” between the Father as stillness and the Mother as movement. So the metaphor is a teaching device, to help people differentiate among the two high aspects of God – the material and the transcendental.

We’ve arrived last with the Divine Mother, who explains that her energy “is not gender based.” (6) She explains why she uses the gender metaphor:

“Consider with me for a moment what the Mother Energy is.  There are reasons why you have this paradigm, this archetype [the gender metaphor].

“It is the Mother Nurturer. It is the Mother Disciplinarian. It is the Mother who ‘course corrects’ you as you grow. It is the Mother who sees you grow into the truth of fulfillment, the evolution of your maturity on every level. …

“I am not a thundering, punishing Mother – nor is the Father for that matter!” (7)

OK, it helps us orient to God wearing the mask of the Mother or of the Father. It provides a step up as we endeavor to realize God at one level after another.

She gave a lengthy and authoritative discussion of the relationship between her and the Father on An Hour with an Angel in 2012:

Steve Beckow: Mother, you are the Father as well as the Mother. Can you, if at all possible, explain to our listeners what the difference is between your aspects as the Mother and the Father?

Divine Mother: Yes, because, as I have said, I am All. I am One. … When I am Father, there is a stillness, complete.

So she has just validated the distinction between movement (the Mother) and stillness (the Father).

This is something that the human race is simply learning now. It is the union and conjoining of stillness with movement, and how that is the balance of everything. When I am in the Father, I do not require that movement, for that is not the way that I have created the Father.  So, they are the two halves of the whole. …

In many traditions, I am considered the Mother of All; in some traditions, the Mother of God, Source, One. Now, what does this mean? It means exactly what it says: I am the beginning and I am the completion, the end.  Each of you — and I have strongly encouraged you not only to discover but to find the masculine aspect of yourself, and the feminine, the stillness and the movement — you cannot have creation of any kind without both. …

You say, ‘Mother, how can you do both?’ It is who I am. (8)

She once said to me, “my being is bigger than you can fathom, dear one. … It is simply larger than any of you can imagine, particularly at this point. (9)

So the gender metaphor is a teaching device to help us to distinguish at the deepest possible level between this cosmic movement and transcendent stillness. (10) In this lifetime, we’re required to work with both because both are necessary for creation.

But behind all that and everything else is the purpose of life: To realize ourselves as God. The gender metaphopr helps us distinguish between two aspects of God – the active and the inactive.

What the Divine Mother said in another connection applies here:

Divine Mother: It is a way of connection, and it is a way of understanding and entering into a higher vibration of being. So it helps the emergence into my energy.

Steve Beckow: Sort of like stair steps?

DM: That is correct. (11)

Thus the teaching device that the gender metaphor is provides useful and manageable steps up in a ladder of realizations. In the seven-chakra system, the realization of the Mother occurs when the kundalini reaches the sixth chakra and is called savikalpa samadhi (samadhi with form or movement).

The realization of the Father happens at the seventh-chakra and is known as nirvikalpa samadhi (samadhi without form or movement). We use our understandings gained from the gender metaphor to distinguish out the goals of realization and understand them when realization happens.

Very much further down the road, beyond the twelve dimensions, we end our journey in complete knowledge of our identity with God, resulting in our return to God. (12) For that purpose and consummation did the Mother make all the worlds and universes.

(Continued in Part 3, tomorrow.)


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(4) The three phases of creation, preservation, and transformation are known to Hindus as the gunas or cosmic forces, which make up Aum.

In my view, creation, preservation, and transformation = rajas, thamas, and sattwa (gunas) = Akar, Ukar, and Makar (Aum) = Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (the Trimurthy).

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The Mother said she was much bigger than just Shakti: “I am the clasp between the Father and the universe and your world. And Shakti has been experienced — yes, inter-dimensionally for eons as you well know – but she is not the totality of my being.”  (“The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012 at

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(12) In spirituality, this is known as a dualistic approach. I regard it as appropriate for people who are in service to the Divine.


Shiva Shakti ~ Artist Kalibhakt @ DeviantArt

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The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine – Part 1/4 – Steve Beckow

female face wings butterflies - art by Josephine Wall Art Gallery

Artist ~ Josephine Wall


The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine – Part 1/4

Male Dominance Ending

I feel awkward turning to a male to describe the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. Please excuse me for doing so.

Matthew Ward asserts that the culture of male dominance is ending:

“The feminine, or goddess energy that is pouring in to balance the masculine energy that dominated Earth’s residents for millennia is giving women everywhere inner strength, courage, confidence and determination to rise above their former status of inferiority or as possessions, a status imposed by those cultures and lands where males are considered superior.

“We do not mean that you will become a female-dominated society – you won’t – or that the goddess energy is not affecting men too – indeed it is; otherwise, this energy in-pouring would only provoke conflict between the sexes instead of accomplishing a balance of the two energies within the peoples.

“However, it is the change in women’s self-perception – from acceptance of subjugation to recognition of self-worth and the growing awareness that their combined power is a force for love, peace and harmony – that is entering the collective consciousness and moving your world ever closer to the Golden Age.

“We hasten to add that this does not mean that females cannot have the warrior ruthlessness aspect of male energy or cannot succumb to the depths of dark motives and actions! Some women are working to achieve Illuminati objectives with the same fierce dedication as men in the ranks; and other women, contrary to their soul contract choices, are harming others in families, neighborhoods and communities.

“Again, this is third density duality in motion, and its time in your world is fast dwindling.”  (1)

That having been said, we live in an era of the resurgence, reawakening, or renaissance of the Divine Feminine.

At the level of the individual, what’s causing the shift in gender relations? Matthew suggests:

“This is happening in response to the feminine energy pouring in to balance the masculine energy from which all forms of oppression and bellicosity have risen.

“In no way are we demeaning masculine energy or exalting feminine energy. Both have strong qualities, and when the two are in balance, they complement each other and produce the high vibrations that enable a civilization to evolve.

“Now that the energies are coming into balance on Earth, the vast majority of the population is inspired to make the far better world they want, a world where no base aspects of humankind’s nature exist.” (2)

Archangel Gabrielle tells us that “the collective consciousness will take a quantum leap into Love as the pure feminine energy expands throughout the world.” (3)

When the anchoring of the Divine Feminine is spoken of, Archangel Michael tells us, he means it to refer to the anchoring of love on the planet:

“When we speak of the anchoring of the Divine Feminine, we are talking about the creative force of love, the ability to bring into form love. It is the movement of love — throughout the species, throughout the kingdoms, throughout the entire galaxies and the multiverse.

“So, you can think of the Divine Feminine in terms of that movement.” (4)

What does the Divine-Feminine vibration hold? The Goddess Isis through Natalie Glasson explains what it holds and how the vibration will affect the person who embraces it.

“The divine feminine vibration holds such sacred wisdom, truth, guidance, and Creator acknowledgement. It is akin to receiving a mammoth book of secrets which seems so familiar to you as you read each word, and yet, you have never heard such words upon the Earth. It is a powerful time to embrace, love, and give birth to your divine feminine aspect, whether you have previously connected or not. …

“With this embrace of a new aspect of your divine feminine, you have the opportunity to connect with the sacred wisdom of the divine feminine, bringing its truth into your being, thus allowing the divine feminine to rise returning its truth to the consciousness of all.” (5)

This transition is underway and can be seen in the outer world in female leadership of many movements – against sexual harassment and rape, forced marriage, pedophilia, violence, and war, and for world peace, climate change, gender equality, etc.

(To be continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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Artist ~ Josephine Wall

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Education on Nova Earth – PART 5/5 – Steve Beckow



Education on Nova Earth – Part 5/5

(Concluded from Part 4)

Temples of Learning

Ethel Mclean describes the structure and workings of a temple of learning – the Lodge of the Golden Lotus –  as distinct from a more formal university such as Tesla attended. Let me cite her description at some length:

“There is one particularly beautiful temple where we frequently attend lectures, which are conducted by very advanced beings from a higher sphere. I use the word ‘lectures,’ yet there is no vocal delivery, as you would understand it. I will try to give you an account of what actually takes place.

“It is, as you have guessed, the Lodge of the Golden Lotus, where Donald spends so much of his time, and this temple is, we are told, a reflection from the Spheres of Light. It has been created in meditation by those in this sphere who are attuned to the Brotherhood of Light.

“Its great golden dome dominates the landscape and, when power is being poured down to it from the higher spheres, its surrounding courtyard and beautiful gardens appear to have been dipped in pure gold. The cherished ‘temple flowers’ have a golden hue, as Donald has often told you, and give off an exquisite perfume.

“There are no organized meetings or services in this temple, as there are in the orthodox churches here. Anyone is at liberty to seek its sanctuary for meditation at any time and it is never empty; in fact, whenever we go, it is packed to capacity.

“The earnest thoughts of those who seek enlightenment attract the attention of the Masters who come to give their aid and encouragement. These visitors are not always visible to the congregation, though they are, sometimes, seen by some and not by others. But their presence is invariably felt by all.

“These teachers have the ability to contact the individual thoughts of the seekers and, from them, build up a theme of instruction which brings enlightenment to the whole audience. … This temple is also a great power-house for directing enlightenment to the earth.” (1)

“There are many centres of radiation on your earth that are sustained by the power from this beautiful temple of pure thought; their influence is gradually spreading, as more and more people open their minds to the outpouring of Divine Wisdom.” (2)

The possibilities in the higher planes are endless, Ethel says:

“There are many here who devote their entire energies to learning. There are so many fascinating branches of study to which one’s time can be devoted and we are taught that our efforts here open up new fields of progress for the earth as well.” (3)

Furthermore, as her daughter, Phyllis McLean, notes, “education is not the tedious affair it is on earth. Knowledge is absorbed without undue effort. The mind retains the impression it has received.” (4) This is very different than on Earth where much is forgotten the moment one leaves the lecture hall.

By the time one reaches the Seventh Dimension or Christ Sphere, angels and archangels begin to appear as teachers, according to John  Heslop, a resident of the Seventh.

“The angels and archangels who minister directly to God through eternity have attributes and powers quite beyond finite understanding. To them are committed the behests of the Divine Father. These behests are then passed down from one High Intelligence to another, till they reach us in the Christ Sphere. By us they are communicated to various unfolded worlds.

“Angels from more exalted spheres frequently visit the Holy Temple [in the Christ Sphere] to instruct us.” (5)

I could go on. But my purpose is just to whet the appetite to learn more of education in these miraculous settings so that we can know where to seek inspiration from in our own endeavors to discover new educational approaches for Nova Earth.


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Education on Nova Earth – Part 4/5 – Steve Beckow

Spiritual Awakening ~ The Temple ~ unknown artist


Education on Nova Earth – Part 4/5

(Continued from Part 3)

Astral Museums

Astral museums are very, very different from earthly museums, Mgr Benson suggests.

“Earthly museums are rather cheerless places. They have an aroma of mustiness and chemical preservatives, since their exhibits have to be protected from deterioration and decay. And they have to be protected from man, too, by uninspiring glass cases. But here there are no restrictions.

“All things within these halls are free and open for all to see and hold in the two hands. There is no mustiness, but all the beauty of the objects themselves sends out many subtle perfumes, while the light of heaven streams in from all quarters to enhance the glories of man’s handicrafts.

“No, these are no museums; very far from it. They are temples, rather, in which we spirit people are conscious of the eternal thanks that we owe to the Great Father for giving us such unbounded happiness in a land of which so many upon earth deny the reality.” (1)

I was always fascinated with the description, from G. Vale Owen’s mother, of the way a globe of the Earth could almost come alive. And even historical scenes would come into view.

Let me cite that description at some length:

“The globe slowly left the pedestal, or pivot, or whatever it rested on and began to float out from the wall.

“As it approached the centre of the space it entered the blue mist and immediately on contact began to enlarge until it became a great sphere glowing with its own light and floating in the blue space. It was exceedingly beautiful. Slowly, very slowly, it revolved on its own axis, evidently in the same way the earth does and we were able to see the oceans and continents. These were flat patterns, like those on the terrestrial globes used on earth. But as it revolved they began to assume a different aspect.

“The mountains and hills began to stand out and the waters to sway and ripple: and presently we saw minute models of the cities, and even details of the buildings. And still more detailed grew the model of the earth till we could see the people themselves, first the crowds and then the individuals.

“This will be hard for you to understand, that on a globe of some perhaps eighty to a hundred feet in diameter we are able to see individual men and animals. But that is part of the science of this institution – the enabling of these details being seen individually.

“Still more distinct grew these wonderful scenes, and, as the globe revolved, we saw men hurrying about the cities and working in the fields. We saw the wide spaces of prairie and desert and forest and the animals roaming in them. And as the globe slowly circled we saw the oceans and the seas, some placid and the others tossing and roaring, and here and there a ship. And all the life of Earth passed before our eyes….

“Soon the scenes began to change on the revolving sphere and we were taken back thousands of years of the life of the Earth and the generations of men and animals and plant life which had been from the present to the ages when men were just emerging from the forest to settle in colonies on the plains. …

“When we had satisfied our eyes for a while, the globe gradually became smaller and smaller and floated back to the niche in the wall and then the light faded out from it and it looked like an alabaster carving, just as we had seen it at first, set there as an ornament.” (2)

Moreover, displays of animals could “come alive:” and even become transparent, accordi9ng to her.

“The animals about the walls were also used for a like purpose. One would be vivified by these powerful rays and brought into the centre of the hall. When so treated it could walk of itself like a live animal, which it was temporarily and in a certain restricted way.

“When it had ascended a platform in the centre space, then it was treated with the enlarging rays – as I may call them, not knowing their scientific name – and then with others which rendered it transparent and all the internal [organs] of the animal became plainly visible to the students assembled.

“Then it was possible to bring over the living model a change so that it began to evolve backwards- or should I say ‘involve’? – towards its simpler and primal state as a mammal, and so on. The whole structural history of the animal was shown in that life-like process. …

“Also it was possible for any student to take charge and continue the development according to his own idea and this not of the animals alone, but of the heavenly bodies and also of nations and peoples, which are dealt with in another hall, however, specially adapted to that study.” (3)

Tomorrow let’s look at the so-called temples of learning

(Concluded in Part 5, tomorrow.)


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Spiritual Awakening ~ The Temple ~ unknown artist

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Education on Nova Earth – Part 3/5 – Steve Beckow

Cat Naps – Old Books Oil Painting by Linda Apple @ Pixels


Education on Nova Earth – Part 3/5

(Continued from Part 2)

Astral Books

What constitutes a book on the higher astral plane?

“There are books,” an anonymous communicator  reveals, “but of quite different kind from yours.” (1)

Mary Bosworth explains the difference between an earthly and an astral book:

“We have books, or the spirit counterpart of books. They are composed of etheric substance, but can be read by spirit sight, and enjoyed by the students and teachers here. They are not quite as Earth books are, but are still something within the touch and sight of spirit, and can be read at any time.

“How could we store up the histories of worlds or the progress of other planet life if we only saw the present? Our teachers of history are wonderful in their learning and their memory, but they prepare the lessons given to others from the books that are within the reach of all in the libraries here.” (2)

These books are constructed by creative thought and without labor, as medium Charlotte Dresser’s father describes:

“It is all so intangible to your way of expression, I do not know that I can describe it. But … if you can think of thought expressing itself almost simultaneously, flashing itself on pages, perhaps you can get an idea of the way books are formed.

“There are such great minds here, and the greatest of earth’s writers find their powers so exalted and so easily expressed, that books may appear without labor.” (3)

Monsignor Benson describes the the mental process of creating a book:

“The method of reproduction here is wholly a process of the mind, as with all else, and author and printer work together in complete harmony. The books that result from this close cooperation are works of art, they are beautiful creations which, apart altogether from their literary contents, are lovely to look upon. …

“The books thus produced are not dead things that require a concentration of the whole mind upon them. They live just as much as the paintings we saw were living. To pick up a book and begin reading it meant also to perceive with the mind, in a way not possible on Earth, the whole story as it was being told, whether it be history or science, or the arts.

“The book, once taken in hand by the reader, instantly responds, in very much the same way as the flowers respond when one approaches close to them.” (4)

The books on the astral plane, however, are not the self-serving accounts of people trying to ensure their place in history. They are what Mgr Benson called “the blunt naked truth”:

“I have made another discovery that for the first time left me astounded. I found that side by side with the statements of pure fact of every act by persons of historical note, by statesmen in whose hands was the government of their countries, by kings who were at the head of some of those countries, side by side with such statements was the blunt naked truth of each and every motive governing or underlying their numerous acts – the truth beyond disputation.

“Many of such motives were elevated; many, many of them were utterly base; many were misconstrued; many distorted. Written indelibly upon these spirit annals were the true narratives of thousands upon thousands of human beings, who, whilst upon their earthly journey, had been active participants in the affairs of their country. Some were victims to others’ treachery and baseness. None was spared, none omitted. It was all there for all to see – the truth, with nothing extenuated, nothing suppressed.

“These records had no respect for persons, whether it be king or commoner, churchman or layman. The writers had just set down the veridical story as it was. It required no adornment, no commentary. It spoke for itself. And I was profoundly thankful for one thing – that this truth had been kept from us until such time as we stood where we were now standing, when our minds would, in some measure, be prepared for revelations such as were here at hand.” (5)

Not telling the truth on the astral pLane is impossible and therefore useless, he tells us.

“Who … writes the book of truth in spirit? The author of the earthly volume writes it – when he comes into the spirit world. And he is glad to do it. It becomes his work, and by such he can gain the progress of his soul. He will have no difficulty with the facts, for they are here for him to record, and he records them – but the truth this time! There is no need to dissemble – in fact, it would be useless.” (6)

Tomorrow let’s take a stroll to a higher-dimensional “museum” and travel back in time….

(Continued in Part 4, tomorrow.)


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Cat Naps – Old Books Oil Painting by Linda Apple @ Pixels

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The Nature of Energy Streamers – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Harsh Malik


The Nature of Energy Streamers

I’m going to walk through the Company of Heaven’s discussions of the subject. I hope it proves of interest to you.

I’d like to start with the nature of energy steamers, mostly according to Matthew Ward. I apologize that I may need to repeat a passage from an earlier article.

If we attract people to us by the Law of Attraction, how does that law actually operate? It operates by energy streamers.

Energy itself, Matthew tells us, is neutral.

“Energy is neutral, but streams of energy can be directed by their attachments of thought forms. The forms are actual substances, albeit invisible to your vision, and they are created by every thought, feeling and action of every life in existence. Thus the attachments are either positive or negative in nature, and this universe is teeming with both. (1)

The closer one gets to any movement of energy, the more profoundly we are affected by it, he explains. (2)

Our world is “awash with duality’s negative components—fear, warring, divisiveness, rage, greed, deception, corruption, poverty and random violence—you are at the epicenter of dynamic quaking and shaking.” (3)

These energy streamers of negativity operate according to the Law of Attraction, which explains the great turmoil in the world:

“Through the physics that governs life in this universe, energy generated anywhere shoots out into space, attracts and attaches itself to the nearest similar energy and, like a boomerang, returns with that reinforcement.

“Because Earth’s streamers at duality’s negative end are being sent out in abundance, they are attracting and bringing back exactly what they sent out. This immutable law of attraction is why your world is still steeped in turmoil.” (4)

So we’re awash in a sea of negativity, just in terms of energy, never mind pollution, brushfires, starvation, and crime.

Moreover, to think, negatively, of what we don’t want, and even to fear it, simply prolongs the time the condition hangs around. “This is why we have urged you to focus on what you want in your lives and your world!” (5)

We’re being asked to think, dream, and create positively, rather than lingering on the negative, putting out and attracting back to us negative energy streamers.

How likely something is to happen is determined by the intensity of the energy streamers, Matthew tells us:

“Energy streamers influencing a situation may have strengthened and turned a possible outcome into a probable outcome. A situation that was developing into a probability may have reverted to a possibility because its streamers weakened.

“A surge of energy may have entered an area where movement had been barely perceptible. The intensifying momentum behind what had appeared to be a highly likely outcome may have fizzled completely because a strong burst of energy sideswiped it.

“Absolute certainties—predestined outcomes—are extremely rare, and Earth’s ascension out of third density and continuing to her destination in fifth is among the very few exceptions to energy’s vagaries.” (6)

“Yes, energy itself is neutral,” Matthew tells us, “but it carries tentacles, or attachments, of light (positive) or darkness (negative) in accordance with the initiators’ motives.” (7)

So it’s our motives or intent that determines whether a streamer is positive or negative. SaLuSa agrees.

“It is your intent that is so important, because as soon as you send out that energy, it attracts similar energy, and strengthens yours….

“[Therefore] it is about raising your vibration by bringing more Light into your life, and sharing it through positive thoughts and actions.” (8)

When we dwelt in negativity, we didn’t care what happened to others. But here, in a domain of higher-dimensional positivity, we’re called upon to watch our intentions or motivations.

That’s a level of awareness deeper than I’ve been operating at so far.


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Artist ~ Harsh Malik

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Education on Nova Earth – Part 2/5 – Steve Beckow

Earth ~ Artist Svetlana Tikhonova


Education on Nova Earth – Part 2/5

(Continued from Part 1)

Children on the higher astral planes are not forced into a numbing conformity or a path that fulfills their parents’ wishes for them, Phyllis McLean tells us:

“[Children] are not influenced by the selfish desires of others to force them onto an uncongenial path, as so often happens on earth, when parents or guardians often  endeavour to fulfil their own ambitions or retrieve lost opportunities through the lives of others.

“Here, the individuality of the soul is recognized and children are encouraged to make their own decisions. In this way, they achieve fuller development because they open their minds to the forces of inspiration without becoming clouded, of confused by the conflicting desires and emotions of others.” (1)

Consequently education is not tedious, as it can be on our plane of existence.

“Education is not the tedious affair it is on Earth. Knowledge is absorbed without undue effort. The mind retains the impression it has received. You would be amazed at the extent of the knowledge of quite small children on this sphere. Yet they are in no way precocious. Laughter and happiness are the keynote of this life for the children are one with the spiritual forces of nature, which they know and understand. (2)

The young often surpass the old in mental agility and creativeness, she tells us.

“Their creative ability far surpasses that of adults for they have the necessary faith in their creations and require very little help or direction in their moulding of spiritual matter. The result may not always be perfect, according to architectural standards, but it is certainly picturesque and colourful. Towers and turrets are popular on houses. These are often placed at precarious angles, but that does nothing to detract from their beauty.” (3)

Centers of Higher Learning

We’ve looked at elementary education. What does higher learning look like on the astral plane? Betthy Bethards’ source tells us:

“There are enormous libraries, universities, every type of creative outlet or knowledge all throughout history. Anything which the soul seeks to know, it can learn. All one has to have is the desire to learn and the belief that he can accomplish this.” (4)

Mike Swain provides more details:

“When you want to study the law and learn how it operates, you go to the Hall of Logic. There are many Halls of Knowledge and Wisdom here. You can go to any university you choose, though the lectures are all very informal; you discuss the subject with the lecturer, face to face. You can stay all day if you like; except that that could be forever, because we have no day or night here!” (5)

Teachers are always readily available, Judge David P. Hartch reports:

“There are teachers here who stand ready to help anyone who wishes their help in making real and deep studies in the mysteries of life – the life here, the life there, and in the remote past.” (6)

Study is unregimented and individualized, Mgr Robert Hugh Benson informs us:

“The school was very comfortably arranged; there was, of course, no hint of regimentation. Each student followed his own course of study independently of anyone else.

“He seated himself comfortably, or he went into the lovely gardens without. He began when he wanted, and he finished when he wanted, and the more he dipped into his studies the more interested and fascinated he became. I can speak from personal experience of the latter, since there is much that I have studied in the great library since my introduction to it.” (7)

These teachers, Claude Kelway-Bamber tells us, often come down from higher dimensions to teach, much like the Company of Heaven is doing with us (but in form).

“I know these things definitely; they are not my ideas, or ‘impressions,’ for I am taught them by teachers and guides from the higher spheres.” (8)

The higher colleges are not only open to those who’ve departed the Earth. Incarnated students also attend them at night. Nicola Tesla is an example:

“Every night for a long period of time I would leave my body while I was asleep and go to classes on the inner planes. I would participate in actual experiments in actual laboratories, attend lectures which would add to my understanding of the phenomena and principles of electricity, and then come back to Earth and wake up.

“I often did not have an immediate recollection of what I had done, but I knew even then that I had an enriched ability to make sense of problems. I had answers to questions that had been on my mind the previous day. I had new perspectives, new solutions, and new projects to work on.” (9)

Moreover, after his transition, he himself became a teacher in one such university, teaching electricity to   incarnated students at night:

“I teach in a sort of Electrical College on the inner planes. I instruct many people while they are out of their bodies at night. They do not remember this instruction consciously, but the information is placed in their minds and, at the right time, they are able to use it.” (10)

Tomorrow let’s look at some of the teaching aids on this higher plane. What constitutes a book on the astral plane, for instance? What might we find in a museum?

(Continued in Part 3, tomorrow.)


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Earth ~ Artist Svetlana Tikhonova

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Understanding the Constructed Self – Steve Beckow

Heart In Hand Milagro Canvas Print by Sabina Espinet


Understanding the Constructed Self

The “download” link has been fixed. Thanks go to Audrey.

Please accept  a combined Christmas and New Years gift from us to you – a new book on the constructed self.

What’s the importance of knowing about the constructed self?

The constructed self is the view of ourselves – also called a mask, act, or self-image – we try to sell to others. When we win their “acceptance,” we could say that others “bought our act.”

It’s part of the way we manage our affairs on the Third and Fourth Dimensions. It bears no resemblance to how things are handled in the higher dimensions.

This book goes into the subject in detail, including the cost we pay by buying into our own act, so to speak.

We hope you enjoy it. We hope it helps to understand the subject and emerge from the constructed self.

Introduction to Understanding the Constructed Self

What is the “constructed self”?

It’s a construction in thought, preserved in memory, that we allow to define ourselves and influence our response to matters.

The concept of a constructed self covers much the same territory as notions like personality, identity, self-concept, self-image, etc.

The only difference is that I’m emphasizing that it’s something we ourselves construct and at times deconstruct and reconstruct.

It’s not a static phenomenon, but a dynamic. It changes as our thoughts decide. If we have a committed thought such as “I’m never going to do that again,” it alters the constructed self, removing an element of its construction or putting up a “No Access” sign.

We’re constantly altering our constructed self. And indeed we’re being asked to alter it by letting go of our negative ways of being that we’ve “sold” to ourselves and others and embracing the higher-dimensionally positive or divine qualities.

Let me focus for a moment on the “self” we construct.

It seems to me that a chord is struck whenever we focus on either the self, the Self, or the No-Self.

Anything that turns our attention to us is felt keenly. It’s as if someone is wanting to wake us up to the desirability of turning our attention inwards. Not in a lethargic way but in a very attentive way.

Krishnamurti once said that liberation came from observation of the ways of the self. I think he meant the small-s self. I hope this book helps with your observation.

Some elements of our constructed self are shared across our culture or subculture and others are not. An example of a culture-wide behavior pattern is the survival-oriented way we see ourselves.

As long as we operate within 3/4D, we tend to represent ourselves as separate-seeming selves competing for scarce resources with other separate-seeming selves. It’s up to us to ensure our own survival and it’s survival of the fittest.

In this environment, we feel a need to sell ourselves to others – or at least an image of ourselves, a mask we wear or a way we act – in order to win friends, influence people, and garner allies.

To do this, we construct a self – or rather a self-image – a view of ourselves, which we sell to others.

We represent ourselves in the best possible light. What we call “acceptance,” one could think of as “buying our act” or “not exposing our mask.”

Those who buy our act become our friends. Those who don’t are not.

I watch myself carve out an image of myself as generous. My father and grandfather had issues with money which I address by being the opposite. I’m busily crafting for myself the identity, mask, or constructed self of a generous person.

My hope is that you buy seeing me that way.

All of these actions take place within the Third and Fourth Dimensions. The constructed self is not a part of the higher dimensions.

It isn’t part because the love that’s felt there drowns all thoughts of harm or conflict. We experience abundance, feel our oneness in love, and have none but harmonious thoughts.

What that means for us is that, if we want to experience the higher dimensions, we may want to drop our mask, self-image, or constructed self.

Any construction added to our unstructured Self is overburden, an obstacle to our realization of it that would later need to be removed.

The pure and innocent Self lies deeper than the level of consciousness of the constructed self. Way beneath it.

Transparency, honesty, awareness – again, the divine qualities – are what will solve any discomfort we feel from dropping this way of being.

I hope these essays pinpoint for you what the constructed self is and how to recognize it. I hope they raise the subject to awareness and make it comprehensible.

And I hope they help you then let go of yours after experiencing it to your satisfaction. I hope they help me to let go of mine as well.

Or not. Everyone has free will.

But the constructed self will be up to awareness.

A centipede, when its hundred legs are raised to awareness, can no longer walk. It trips over itself.

We, when a behaviour pattern is raised to awareness, can no longer run it outside our awareness. It now must run within our awareness, which makes it ripe for alteration.

Download here:


Education on Nova Earth – Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow

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Peace Painting by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America


Education on Nova Earth – Part 1/5

As we contemplate building Nova Earth, we look to higher-dimensional planes to guide us on possible directions to pursue.

I’ve already given one suggested educational curriculum taken from an ascended source. (1)

I’d now like to take some pointers on education from a rather unusual source – the afterlife literature of education on the Fourth Dimension or astral plane – in particular the Higher Summerlands – and higher.

Some might say, well, I thought we were in the Fourth Dimension. Yes and no. We’re in the Fourth Dimension but with a physical body. The afterlife folks are in the Fourth Dimension without a physical body.

What difference does that make? Well, from my own astral travel, (2) I know that wearing this physical body is like living inside a rubber tire – like the Michelin Man. It doesn’t conduct feelings or sensations in the way that the astral body does and that makes a world of difference, pun intended.

Moving around in this body is like walking through mud up to our hips. These children are like nature sprites compared to us and their activities reflect this lack of density.

If we keep this difference in mind, then let’s look at some aspects of their educational setting.

Centers of Elementary Education

Let’s look first at their educational methods. Phyllis McLean tells us that:

“The education of children [here] is conducted on lines of self-expression and service. If this method were to be used on Earth, there would be far fewer cases of maladjustment.

“Your problem of juvenile delinquency would fall away. It is important to establish the knowledge that each soul is an individual idea of the Great Spirit of Creation; one who has been granted the gift of self-expression in his service and thus has a responsibility to God and his entire creation which can only be completed by the individual.

“This is achieved with greater rapidity on this sphere, as children are not restricted by hampering endeavours of their teachers to make them conform to a pattern, as unfortunately is the case in your schools.” (3)

The idea that education is about self-expression may sound revolutionary to us. In our world, according to Archangel Michael, “the education systems are doing their best to try to shut [children] down.” (4)

The teaching aids available are quite remarkable. G. Vale Owen’s mother wanders over the schoolgrounds and draws attention to some of them.

“One especially engaged my attention. It was a large globe of glass, about six or seven feet in diameter. It stood at the crossing of two paths, and reflected them. But as you looked into the globe you could see not only the flowers and trees and plants which grew there, but also the different orders from which they had been derived in time past.

“It was very much like a lesson in progressive botany, such as might be given on earth and deduced from the fossil plants of geology. But here we saw the same plants alive and growing, and all the species of them from the original parent down to the present representative of the same family.” (5)

Was the globe simply a static display, so to speak? No, the children were encouraged to project their knowledge of the plant’s development into the future. The results can be amusing.

“We learned that the task set for the children was: to consider this progression up to this particular plant or tree or flower actually growing in that garden and reflected in the globe, and then to try to construct in their minds the further and future development of that same species.

“This is excellent training for their mental faculties, but the results are usually amusing. It is the same study which full-grown students are also at work upon in other departments here, and is put by them to a practical end. One of them thought it would be a useful method to help the children to use their own minds, and so constructed the ball for their especial use.

“When they have thought out their conclusion, they have to make a model of the plant as it will appear after another period of evolution, and fearful and wonderful some of those models are, and as impossible as they are strange.” (6)

Children build through the creative power of thought. They’re encouraged to create their own homes and gardens.

The children … are encouraged to develop their individuality and take great pride in the creation of their own little houses and gardens. These remain in being just as long as they give satisfaction.

“But they are constantly replaced or altered, according to the desire of their creators. Thus we have an ever-shifting scene of kaleidoscopic colour for children quickly tire of their creations and are eager to replaced them with others.

“Just as on earth, children are eager to imitate the ideas of others, so for a time it may become the craze to live in wigwams and smoke pipes of peace. Accordingly the children devise appropriate costumes and head-dresses and games in pursuit of this idea, the woods being dotted with little Red Indian settlements and whooping bands.” (7)

Let’s continue our look at elementary education and then go on to examine centers of higher learning.


(1) “What will Education be Like on Nova Earth?” 

(2) An out-of-body experience in 1977.

(3) Phyllis McLean in Lesley May, med., Letters from Mother. A Family Biography in Two Worlds. Ed. Edmund Bentley. London: Psychic Press, 1964, 89-90.

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon.

(5) G. Vale Owen’s mother in Owen, medium, The Life Beyond the Veil. Book I: The Lowlands of Heaven. New York, 1921. , 92-3.

(6) Ibid., p. 93.

(7) Phyllis McLean, ibid., 88.


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 Peace Painting by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

Christmas on the Inner Planes – Steve Beckow

Light painting created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame by Jason Page 💜 via Instagram


Christmas on the Inner Planes

What is Christmas like on the inner planes of life – the Astral Plane (Fourth Dimension) and the Mental Plane (Fifth Dimension)?

Let’s listen to our informants, who’ve traversed the divide between physical and non-physical life….

Christmas on the Astral Planes

In plain words, there are other realms immeasurably more beautiful than that in which we were now happily living; realms of unsurpassing beauty into which we cannot penetrate until such time as we have earned the right to enter, either as visitors or as inhabitants.

But though we may not pass into them, the glorious souls who dwell in them can come into realms of less celestial rarity, and can visit us here. … Indeed, they constantly make visitations to consult and converse with the dwellers here, to give advice and help, to give rewards and commendations. (Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, Life in the World Unseen. M.A.P., 1993. , 55.)

At certain times, too, these transcendent beings make special visitations when the whole realm is celebrating a great occasion, such, for example, as the two major earth festivals of Christmas and Easter. (Ibid., 55.)

It is at [times like Christmas and Easter] that we have visitants of the higher realms to see us, perfect beings, among whom is he of whose earthly birth we are celebrating. And these beauteous souls have but to pass upon their way to fill us with such an ecstacy of spiritual exaltation as to remain with us for long after their return to their high estate. (Ibid., 57.)

To those who had already witnessed … visitations [such as the one we were about to witness], [the] arrival [of the lesser figures] was at once the indication of the coming of the high personage, and we all accordingly rose to our feet.

Then, before our eyes, there appeared first a light, which might almost be described as dazzling, but as we concentrated our gaze upon it we immediately became attuned to it and we felt no sensation of spiritual discomfort. In point of fact – as I discovered later – the light really became attuned to us; that is to say, it was toned down to accord with ourselves and our realm. It grew in shade to a golden hue upon the extremities, gradually brightening towards the center. And in the center there slowly took shape the form of our visitant.

As it gained in density we could see that he was a man whose appearance was that of youth – spiritual youth – but we knew that he carried with him to an unimaginable degree the three comprehensive and all-sufficing attributes of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Purity. His countenance shone with transcendental beauty; his hair was of gold, while round his head was a lustrous diadem.

His raiment was of the most gossamer-like quality and it consisted of a pure white robe bordered with a deep band of gold, while from his shoulders there [descended] a mantle of the richest cerulean blue, which was fastened upon his breast with a great pink pearl. His movements were majestic as he raised his arms and sent forth a blessing upon us all. We remained standing and silent while our thoughts ascended to Him Who sent us such a glorious being. We sent our thanks and we sent our petitions. …

It is not possible for me to convey to you one fraction of the exaltation of the spirit that I felt while in the presence, though distant, of this heavenly guest. But I do know that not for long could I have remained in that temple while he was there without undergoing the almost crushing consciousness that I was low, very, very low upon the scale of spiritual evolution and progression.

And yet I knew that he was sending out to me, as to us all, thoughts of encouragement, of good hope, of kindness in the very highest degree, that made me feel that I must never, never despair of attaining to the highest spiritual realm and that there was good and useful work ready for me to do in the service of man and that in the doing thereof I would have the whole of the spiritual realms behind me – as they are behind every single soul who works in the service of man.

With a final benediction upon us, this resplendent and truly regal being was gone from our sight. (Ibid., 101.)

When we visited the temple in the city, and, from a distance, beheld the radiant visitor whom we had come to honor, he represented to the eye the appearance of perfect – and eternal – youth. Yet the degree of knowledge and wisdom and spirituality which he diffused [sic], and which we could feel with our minds, was almost overpoweringly great. It is the same, in varying degrees, with all those who visit us from the higher realms. (Ibid., 156.)

I have been to the heavens of Christ, and know their beauty. (Judge David P. Hatch in Elsa Barker, medium, Letters from a Living Dead Man. Mitchell Kennerly, 1914, Letter XLVIII.)

I have met the Master from Galilee, and have held communion with him. There was a man – and a god! The world has need of Him now. (Ibid., Letter XXVI.)

Last night [Christmas Eve], after visiting various places upon the earth, I went to one of the highest Christian heavens. Perhaps I could not have gone so easily at any other time; for my heart was full of love for all men and my mind was full of the Christ idea.

Often have I seen Him who is called the Saviour of men, and last night I saw Him in all His beauty. (Ibid., Letter XLVIII.)

So you want to hear more about angels. … They do not penetrate the lower etheric atmosphere excepting at Christmas and I think Easter, to some extent. But Christmas is the feast of Earth – Easter, that of heaven.

On the Eve of Christmas, angels can be seen almost everywhere in the holy places – Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s, Iona, Glastonbury, and so on. (Arthur, Lord Sandys in Cynthia Sandys and Rosamund Lehmann, The Awakening Letters. Jersey: Neville Spearman, 1978, 37.)

Christmas on the Mental Plane

Christmas is the holiest of festivals because then the figure “Jesus” beheld the Earth for the first time. This was the preparation for all the majestic events to come.

“Christ” was present there.

He Himself received the little Babe in order to assay whether it was really pure enough for His later great and difficult mission, imprisoned as He would be in matter, amidst imperfect humanity. He blessed the little child, knowing the same would become His own flesh and blood.

All the phenomena that took place at the birth of the Jesus child resulted from the lofty Spirit “Christ Jesus,” who approached the child. The nature of the birth was not the miracle, no. The delivery was like any other, except that the mother was a perfect virgin, pure in body and spirit: but the nearness of the Son of God, the highest of all beings, caused the wondrous happenings in nature.

This is the event we celebrate: the approach of Christ.

You all, who have celebrated this appearance with me so often, now only do I recognize the importance of it! You are so right in celebrating this day. We also honor it here but the date is different.

Oh, this magnificent festival, this indescribable solemnity! We kneel in spirit and pray, while above the most glorious songs sound simultaneously from the regions that are unknown to us. But we may hear them today.

The whole celestial regions are permeated by them, down to the beings of the deepest spheres. These, too, are granted to sense it in their often doubting hearts. Many become believers, and for everyone of those, it will also be a festival of birth, the birth of their faith. (Sigwart, in Joseph Wetzl, trans., The Bridge Over the River. Communications from the Life After Death of a Young Artist Who Died in World War One. Spring Valley: Anthroposophic Press, 1974, 95-6.)

Last night [Christmas Eve], after visiting various places upon the earth, I went to one of the highest Christian heavens. Perhaps I could not have gone so easily at any other time; for my heart was full of love for all men and my mind was full of the Christ idea.

Often have I seen Him who is called the Saviour of men, and last night I saw Him in all His beauty. He, too, came down to the world for a time.

I wonder if I can make you understand? The love of Christ is always present in the world, because there are always hearts that keep it alight. If the idea of Christ as a redeemer should ever grow faint in the world, He would probably go back there and relight the flame in human hearts; but whatever the writers of statistics may say, that idea was never more real than at present. It may have been more talked about. …

Jesus of Nazareth is a reality. As a spiritual body, as Jesus who dwelt in Galilee, He exists in space and time; as the Christ, the paradigm of the spiritual man, He exists in the hearts of all men and women who awaken that idea in themselves. He is a light which is reflected in many pools.

I wrote the other day about Adepts and Masters. Jesus is a type of the greatest Master. He is revered in all the heavens. He grasped the Law and dared to live it, to exemplify it. And when He said, “The Father and I are one,” He pointed the way by which other men may realise mastership in themselves. (Judge David P. Hatch in Elsa Barker, medium, Letters from a Living Dead Man. Mitchell Kennerly, 1914, Letter XLVIII.)

How do I know that it is Christmas day? Because I have been looking in at houses which I used to frequent, and have seen trees laden with tinsel and gifts. Do you wonder that I could see them? If so, you forget that we light our own place. When we know how to look, we can see behind the veil. (Ibid.,  Letter XLVIII.)


Light painting created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame by Jason Page via Instagram

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

Where are We at with Ascension? – Steve Beckow


Warrior Prince Divine ~ Artist Jane Marin @ Jaaneman Art


Where are We at with Ascension?

I’d heard that Ascension was related to a solar event and asked Archangel Michael about the subject in my last reading:

Steve: Is Ascension, like some people say, going to be a solar event? Is there going to be something happening from the sun?

AAM: No, it is not related to the sun. It is only related to the sun within you. (1)

That set me to looking and I came across the following discussion from midsummer 2019 on the progress and mechanics of Ascension, which I offer for your enjoyment:

Steve: My suspicion is that as a global society we’re not yet ready for Sahaja Samadhi. (2) Is that correct?

Archangel Michael: You are not quite there. That is correct.

Steve: Is it possible to talk about where the collective kundalini is?

AAM: Once we have talked about the collective unconscious and how that has determined much of the progression, and how it is accessed and how it is not accessed, how the collective consciousness also, has grown and shifted and varied.

So when we speak of this, it is important that people understand it, not just you, beloved one….

Because the difficulty arises when we speak of such things that people will often translate as them applicable to their own personal situation. And while that has implications for the personal situation, it does not necessarily speak to the individual. So we give that proviso.

The collective kundalini has been worked on, as you well know, quite literally, for thousands and thousands of years. So to say that it is a slow process would be a dramatic understatement.

Understand if you look particularly towards the east and all the work that has been done but not only in India but Tibet and in the mystery schools of ancient times, much of this was always about raising the life force, the kundalini, though awareness to travel completely not only up the spine but throughout the body and outward.

And much of the individual work, small pockets of work that were done by [tantra], for example, was again part of the work that was done on the collective kundalini.

Right now the focus of the collective kundalini is in the sacral (that does not mean it does not oscillate up and down) because the focus of the kundalini at this time is in the sacral and in the solar plexus, in the hara.

So that the beginning, the remembering and the bringing forth of creation energy can truly be in the forefront. This is the biggest shift that the human collective is experiencing.

Steve: Are you waiting until the collective kundalini reaches a certain point before you pull a switch, say in this case, of the heart opening but in other cases, ascension itself?

AAM: Yes and no. Understand also (you are having a yes-and-no day, are you not?) So think of the kundalini as an old-fashioned mercury thermometer.

And so there are periods of time during the day when the thermometer will go very high and it is anchored therefore in the heart chakra. And that is where the focus of the awakened being is.

But that also means on the travel upward that it activates fully the awareness, the desire and the actual physical ability to create and co-create. So does everybody (the collective) need to be in the heart chakra or higher, even in the high heart? That would be preferable.

But there is a tipping point at which it is sufficient to pull the switch. (3)

Say What?

And, by the way, if you were looking for a scientific definition of Ascension, well, here you go. I won’t give a citation for it, to avoid a light war.

“Ascension is the charge radiance which results when the DNA is recursively braid-imploded with coherence bliss phonon EKG/EEG. That phase-coherent embedding adds superposed axes of spin symmetry, ‘the next dimension.’”

You don’t say? Hmmmm….


(1) The sun within us is the Self, Christ, Atman, pearl of great price. Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 26, 2019.

(2) “Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi” is a full and permanent heart opening. It’s an experience that lies beyond the Third-Dimensional chakra system and ushers in passage from the Third/Fourth Dimension to the Fifth.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Aug. 2, 2019.


Warrior Prince Divine ~ Artist Jane Marin @ Jaaneman Art

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Out from Under Scrooge – Steve Beckow

Funky Pigeon Christmas Card

Funky Pigeon Christmas Card image


Out from Under Scrooge

Today, out of “being with” the vasana (or core issue) overnight, I refined the name of the emotion I feel. I now see it as dismay. (1)

A vasana (2) is a complex of thoughts, feelings, and behavior, usually born of an original traumatic incident, which becomes triggered in the present moment when memories of the past are unconsciously awakened.

It took me until today to see why I felt that way. Often it can take me days to complete a vasana so this was not unusual. But until I’m aware of the exact nature of the feeling, I can’t move forward in “processing” the vasana.

I like to “source” (or complete) my vasanas publicly for the educational value the exercise brings so let me relate how I unwound what turned out to be a complex vasana.

This is the alternative to remaining in it and projecting my miserable feelings onto others.

I followed the upset clearing process (3) and asked my mind to throw up to me the original incident that was acorn to this great oak of an upset.

I saw various Christmases that had gone off the rails. But, if I’d found the original incident, the upset should have lifted. And this one didn’t.

Then I noticed that it wasn’t so much an original incident that I needed to find as it was a habit formed over long years.

I didn’t like going Christmas shopping. I didn’t like navigating the crowds or waiting in lines.

It didn’t matter if I was alone or with someone; I grumbled and groaned over the prospect of going Christmas shopping.

I created “bah humbug” habits and a Scrooge-like personality over time. Mahatma Gandhi once described the process:

“Your thoughts become your words. … Your words become your behavior. … Your behavior becomes your habits. … Your habits become your values. … Your values become your destiny.” (4)

That was in fact what was happening.

But even this discovery did not prove to be the full story or cause the vasana to lift so I remained in observation until the penny dropped.

What was at the nexus of my misery was that, as a spiritual being, I felt dissonance. I did not like myself behaving like Scrooge. It didn’t fit my pictures of myself. And when I saw myself behaving that way, I judged myself for it. I felt … you guessed it … dismay.

So there were actually two of me inside, warring with each other. There was the Scrooge who said “Bah humbug!” to Christmas and there was the spiritual being who felt dismayed that I should respond to Christmas that way. I expected more of myself and reacted with dismay.

The result wasn’t just one simple thing; it was a complex of the two discordant ways of being.

However, not only were there two discordant voices, but the worst aspect of the vasana (dismay) was associated with the second voice – which was hidden from view and hearing.

I had to see the whole enchilada before it would lift.

When I saw the dynamic, my black cloud lifted. I’d experienced the vasana through to completion. I was no longer a prisoner of it.

Now I’d like to amend my original concept of a vasana:

A vasana is a complex of thoughts, feelings, and behavior, usually born of an original traumatic incident or a habit of behavior, which becomes triggered in the present moment when memories of the past are unconsciously awakened.

In this case I created a habit of behavior of not liking Christmas shopping, becoming a Scrooge when Christmas approached, and responding to myself with dismay.

Now a word from our sponsor: What I just did (process my vasana) is what I recommend folks do instead of blowing up at each other, usually for flimsy, unrelated reasons.

As my brother Paul says, we’re seldom mad at each other for the reasons we think we are. And it’s seldom the person standing in front of us that we’re actually mad at. It’s usually someone or something from a distant past.

Instead of projecting our vasana onto others – instead of blasting other people – I recommend that we acknowledge that a vasana has been triggered and get to the root of it.

Luckily I didn’t beat anyone else up. Instead, I beat myself up.  I didn’t project my vasana; I introjected it.

Now the vasana has lifted. I may even have a genuinely merry Christmas this year for the first time in recorded history. (5)

If I did, it’d certainly be heartily welcomed.


(1) “The Really Difficult Issues in Life,” 

For a book on vasanas [VAH-sa-nas], see (and download) Preparing For Ascension by Clearing Old Issues at

(2) The term vasana has been borrowed from Hinduism. I use it rather than “core issue” in order to link the notion up with the advanced concepts of Advaita or non-dualism.

See, for instance, Ramana Maharshi: “All the age-long vasanas (impressions) carry the mind outwards and turn it to external objects. All such thoughts have to be given up and the mind turned inward. For that, effort is necessary, for most people.” (Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Gems from Bhagavan. Comp. A. Devaraja Mudaliar. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1985, chapter 8.)

“In the ‘Talks’ [Sri Ramana Maharshi] explains how egos are reborn into a succession of bodies; so long as the individual idea persists there must be some form for it to take until the individual ceases to exist, and this continued individualization consists in a constant change of form. For as one set of Vasanas is worn away another takes its place.” (Sadhu Arunachala [A.W. Chadwick], A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1961, 40.)

(3) “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process,” December 29, 2018, at

(4) Mahatma Gandhi at

(5) I awoke this morning for the first time this Christmas season without feeling dismay.


Funky Pigeon Christmas Card image

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Really Difficult Issues in Life – Steve Beckow

Noble Spirit Lion ~ Artist Andrew A. Gonzalez


Really Difficult Issues in Life

I can almost hear someone say: OK, judgmentalness. That’s all fine and dandy, but is he willing to tackle the really difficult issues in life?

Like loneliness at Christmastime?

Yes, I am.

I had a friend text me the other day: Hermit 1 to Hermit 2. That’s about it.

Christmas is a time I can feel a lot of regret for the vocation I’ve chosen in life. Being a writer and researcher means taking a lot of time to one’s self, guarding against relationships that are simply about avoiding loneliness by frantically running from one engagement to the other, etc.

One really does end up a hermit … and there’s no time that that choice does not make itself felt more than at Christmastime.

Many people are running around shopping, putting up Christmas lights, going to parties.

And this hermit sits here avoiding it all, continuing to work, and feeling emotions that seem at times positively corrosive.

I remember Christmas as a hotel clerk way back when, making myself a steak in the hotel’s kitchen and feeling immensely sorry for myself. And a good friend dropped by because he knew I’d be alone. I was so grateful.

I remember another Christmas at Starbucks with the rest of the Christmas orphans – and still I played the hermit!

This Christmas I broke down and arranged to spend it with my family in Victoria – and Hermit 1. But, still, listening to others work their Christmas lists and hang their lights, I hurt.

I once spent six months feeling into loneliness before it lifted. I refused to go out onto the street and seek companionship and distraction.  And now here I am back in the soup again.

Loneliness must be one of the most difficult experiences to endure – just behind humiliation.

I feel it, deeply experience it, make friends with it, and then let it go.

I listen to music and that lifts me.

And I start a new project, supremely challenging myself. That also chases away the Christmas blues.

And then I remember.

I remember to draw up love from my heart. And that does banish the pain of feeling alone.

And I think to myself: How ironic that I, like you, come from a higher-dimensional place and yet must go through these really difficult feelings.  Did I know that this was what I’d have to endure before I came here?

How ordinary, to be unstrung by such a mundane and common condition. What a contrast it is to all the lofty subjects that also present themselves at this time of Ascension.

And what a relief to finally find the way through, back into the waiting arms of love.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Judging and Fearing Being Judged – Steve Beckow

Guan Yin Statue


Judging and Fearing Being Judged

Never mind forgiving Illuminati and deep-state militarists. I’m having trouble forgiving myself.

I watched myself the other day judging one person after another for things like being overweight, poorly dressed, unsmiling, etc. (I’m making it up; I actually don’t remember my judgments.)

And I can’t say I was feeling grumpy. This was just ordinary me.

And then I watched myself shrinking from real change out of fear of being, myself, judged by others. (As within, so without.)

It’s insidious.

I feared judgment because I’ve taken to reading Gandhi for inspiration on how to be inclusive and love universally.

I feared that the mere act of reading or repeating Gandhi invited the charge of me being a hypocrite because I don’t live my life as Gandhi did.

Well, no, I don’t live my life as Gandhi did. Not to the slightest extent. Even as I’m reading Gandhi, I’m judging this person and that.

And yes, my actions don’t fit my words. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And it’ll probably be some time before they do. My habits still spring forward and they, to a greater or lesser extent, are often aggressive and egoistic.

My usual practice would be to abandon the reading out of shame and fear.

If I stop myself from making significant changes in my personality out of fear of being judged, how can I blame others who might do the same?

And how would I reform those elements of my character which can’t go forward with me into the New Age if I’m too scared to make the attempt?

If I abandon character reform, how much more must an Illuminati or militarist fear reforming?

Where is the fulcrum that will allow me the leverage I need to reform myself.

When I inquire into that, I see the Mother as the fulcrum of support and validation.

Right now I’m turning to people and other people around me may be as prone to judge and fear being judged as I am. We may all of us be in the same quandary.

The only one I know I can rely on to not be judgmental is the Mother (and the Company of Heaven, of course).

Jack Nicholson is quoted a saying, what makes you think I give a damn about what you think of me? Well, that’s going a bit far.

But if I’m going to tackle character reformation in a deep enough fashion to equip me to break out of judgement and the fear of being judged, I’ll have to let go of my fear of what others think of me.

And for that I need an unimpeachable ally … and the Mother is that for me.

The minute I say that, up comes a fear of being judged for turning to the Mother. The fear never ends.

Nonetheless so much depends on me breaking through to universal love – in the absence of a permanently-open heart – that I must persevere.

I invoke the Divine Mother and the Laws of Intent, Sacred Purpose, and Grace to show me the way through judgment and fearing being judged and the courage to take that path.


Guan Yin Statue

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Which “Transcendental” are We Referring to? – Steve Beckow

- samadhi - image art via Crystalinks - light faces

Image via Crystalinks


Which “Transcendental” are We Referring to?

Let me make a brief note here about the difficulties that that presents.

I studied life after “death” in the composition of the database, New Maps of Heaven. At the time, I thought of myself as an “afterlife cartographer.”

I gave an interview to Michael Tims in which I expressed my frustration that there was really no agreement among people on what names to call the various “planes” or experiences:

“Different spirit communicators use words like the ‘borderlands,’ ‘Hades,’ ‘purgatory,’ ‘Kamaloka,’ the ‘misty region,’ or the ‘grey world’ for what we can only hope is the same region. …

“Some say ‘the Christ sphere’ and others ‘the God plane,’ but are they identical? Do they signify plane or subplane? Spirit researchers usually do not specify. Establishing residency and equating descriptions takes pain-staking research. (There must be a better way.)” (1)

Nowhere was this more confusing than in the discussion of the Transcendental.  To look at that, let’s now change our focus from afterlife commentators to classical enlightenment sages and scholars.

If we keep in mind that the seven-chakra system is strictly a feature of Third/Fourth Dimensionality, here’s Swami Prabhavananda calling a sixth-chakra experience (or savikalpa samadhi) a transcendental one:

“[Savikalpa samadhi is] the first stage of transcendental consciousness, in which the distinction between subject and object persists. In this state the spiritual aspirant may have a mystic vision of the Personal God, with or without form.” (2)

By “transcendental” here, he probably means “formless” and “beyond conscious knowing.”

Here’s Brahmacharini Usha defining a seventh-chakra experience (also called Brahmajnana or nirvikalpa samadhi) as “the supreme transcendental state of consciousness.”

“Nirvikalpa samadhi. The supreme transcendental state of consciousness in which the spiritual aspirant becomes completely absorbed in Brahman [i.e., the Father] so that all sense of duality is obliterated.” (3)

It’s in no way supreme. It’s not even outside our present Third-Dimensional reality.

Only a later experience of sahaja samadhi is beyond the seven-chakra system. It lifts us out of this dimension and into Fifth. But even the Fifth Dimension is far removed from the Transcendental, which is beyond the Twelfth.

Now let’s leave afterlife commentators and classical scholars and turn to our own sources in the Company of Heaven.

After my heart opening in 2015, which was a fourth-chakra experience, I had lengthy tastes of higher-dimensional love and bliss and brief experiences of ecstacy and exaltation. I asked Archangel Michael what dimensions these were associated with:

Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it?

Archangel Michael: It is the Seventh Dimension.

Steve: Then what dimension is bliss?

AAM: It is between Eighth and Ninth.

Steve: And ecstasy?

AAM: Twelfth.

Steve: And what about exaltation?

AAM: Then you have moved beyond.

Steve: What is beyond? How many dimensions are there Lord?

AAM: Twelve. (4)

Well, of course, what lies beyond the Twelfth Dimension is … you guessed it … the Transcendental, in which most lightworkers, being angels, have their beings anchored, whether or not they also enjoy spending time on a planet in various of the dimensional environments.

While classical sages describe an enlightenment experience that is still within Third Dimensionality as “transcendental,” Michael reserves the term for experiences that are altogether beyond the dimensional ladder.

Entirely-different meanings are being given to things and events by afterlife commentators, classical sages, and the Company of Heaven.

This reveals the crying need for standardization in ways of referring to both the dimensions themselves and our experiences of them. If we’re to have a truly cross-cultural spirituality, the first task at hand is to standardize our use of terms.

After the Reval, I plan to fund research to standardize our spiritual language (just as Shakespeare was subsidized to standardize English). (5)

If we’re to be able to compare descriptions of dimensions and experiences in our Nova-Earth spirituality, the first thing we’ll need is standard terms that allow us to understand what our informants are talking about.


(1) “New Maps of Heaven,” Oct. 2, 2011, at  Originally published in The Searchlight, a publication for the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies.

Among the names given to the Fifth Dimension by residents of the afterlife worlds are Heaven, the Celestial Plane, the Creative Sphere, the Devachan, the Fourth Plane, Eidos, and the Plane of Color.

(2) Swami Prabhavananda, The Eternal Companion. Brahmananda. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1970; c1944, 299.

(3) Brahmacharini Usha, A Ramakrishna-Vedanta Wordbook. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1971; c1962, 52.

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.

(5) Shakespeare: “It was part of my work – and I must say that I was encouraged a bit by patronage – to standardize spelling and grammar. That’s why you can recognize it now. … Almost every civilized country has had to ‘appoint’ someone to do this particular piece of work.

“After all, in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, language was in a state of chaos…. Had it not been for people such as me in English letters, it would be very difficult for an English-speaking scientist to write a technical paper about a scientific event. …

“It was thought best to do my work in a theatrical form  -so it would help standarize the pronunciation. Now, this was not an effort that I was alone in – there were many people working on it.” (“Shakespeare Returns” in Robert R. Leichtman, M.D, From Heaven to Earth: The Dynamics of Creativity. Atlanta, GA: Ariel Press, 1998; c1978, 19.)


Image via Crystalinks

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Seeking Love Internally – Steve Beckow

the art of love by amanda cass - female face feather

The Art of Love by Amanda Cass


Seeking Love Internally

(1) I lived, off and on, in a state of transformative love from March 13, 2015 until Sept. 28, 2015.

(2) As a result, I do know what transformative love is.

(3) Nonetheless, like all spiritual experiences short of Ascension, that space gradually disappeared. Consequently I no longer live in that state and haven’t for a few years now. I can access wisps of it when I breathe it up from my heart but nowhere near the intensity of it in 2015. That does not mean however that I’ve forgotten what transformative love is.

One of the chief mistakes we make is that we seek love externally, chiefly, from another person, when the heart is the chief source of it for us.

Archangel Michael tells us that love exists everywhere, but its chief place to be found is within our own hearts.

“The love that you think anchors in your heart … in fact anchors in your entire being, but the heart is a good place to think of it.” (1)

He asks us to:

“Stop seeking [love] externally. It is interesting, is it not, that so often we witness you human beings seeking love externally, when in fact all the love [you need] is within thee.” (2)

Archangel Uriel calls it “an illusion – a nightmare in many ways – seeking home, seeking fulfilment, when in fact it was all there, present within you.”  (3)

I agree. It’s a nightmare to seek love and never find it because we looked for it where it largely was not: outside ourselves.

The Arcturian Group counsels us along the same lines:

“You seek desperately without for what can only be found within – Love – and there you will find It in abundance. Within there is no shortage or scarcity, there is only and always abundance.” (4)

When my heart opened explosively in 2015, the kundalini having reached the fourth chakra, I was astounded to find myself in an inner tsunami of love, which flowed endlessly and copiously. It never stopped, as if I had tapped into an endless artesian well.

Eckhart Tolle tells a story to get the message across:

“A beggar had been sitting by the side of a road for over thirty years. One day a stranger walked by. ‘Spare some change?’ mumbled the beggar, mechanically holding out his old baseball cap.

“’I have nothing to give you,’ said the stranger. Then he asked: ‘What’s that you are sitting on?’

“’Nothing,’ replied the beggar. ‘Just an old box. I have been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.’

“’Ever looked inside?’ asked the stranger.

“’No,’ said the beggar. ‘What’s the point? There’s nothing in there.’

“’Have a look inside,’ insisted the stranger.

“The beggar managed to pry open the lid. With astonishment, disbelief, and elation, he saw that the box was filled with gold.” (3)

The love that lies inside is the gold in that box.

The treasure buried in a field is the love that lies unknown in the field of our hearts. The pearl of great price, the Self, the Christ, which is the source of our love, is also to be found in the depths of our hearts.

And, when the energies rise such that the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra, we’ll all find, know, and enjoy that treasure – for a time.

When they rise such that we leave the Third-Dimensional chakra system altogether and ascend to the Fifth, we’ll all live immersed in that love forever.


(1) “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Understand the Divine Gift of Will, AHWAA, September 22, 2016,” at

Matthew Ward once made the same point but I no longer have that quote.

(2) Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, “I am Protecting You – Archangel Michael Channeling,” Oct. 16, 2017, at

(3) “Transcript ~ Archangel Uriel On Divine Authority, May 16, 2017,” via Linda Dillon, at

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(5) Eckhart Tolle,The Power of Now. Downloaded from

The Art of Love by Amanda Cass

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The Divine Mother: All of It is my Love – Steve Beckow


The Divine Mother: All of It is My Love

In 2015, I asked the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel to explain how love could be everything – building block, glue, and solvent.

Her reply merits reposting in its entirety.

“Transcript of the Divine Mother: Density is Unloving Emotion; Love is Lightness of Being,” March 6, 2015

Steve Beckow: You said that everything is created from love, that love is the only essence, substance, fiber there is. So love is the building blocks of the universe. But others, like SaLuSa and the Arcturian Group, have also called it the glue of the Universe, and others say love is the solvent – love dissolves various things and plunges them back into voidness.

We here have a great deal of difficulty in thinking of something doing such seemingly different functions. How can love both build, preserve and dissolve? What is it about love that allows it to do so?

Divine Mother: It is a multipurpose tool. It is a multipurpose energy that can be whatever is required. So there are times when it is the dissolver. There are times when it is the building block. There are times when it is the glue.

There are so many expressions, or what you would think of as elements, of the love, the joy, the sweetness, the nurturing. All of the divine qualities – hope, purity, chastity, charity – all of this is unified in the love.

And you say, “Well wait a minute. What is love? Is it the joy? Is it the nurturing? Is it the creation?” Now, each civilization – and I mean upon Gaia and far beyond; you have mentioned the Arcturians for example. Do I stop and correct them? Of course not! Does this matter? Is this a critical element? Not as long as they are using and being the love.

But let us be very basic. My essence is love. The Father and I are conjoined as One, [in] our love. And it is from this union that all is born. This is part of what Sanat Kumara has been teaching you:  The transmutation of that essence, of my being, can be a building block, can be a glue, can be a skin, can be a heart, can be a limb, can be a building, can be whatever is required. And what I do – and this is the heart of the discussion that we have this day – I give you again and again and again and again my essence. I am part of you. Inseparable.

My essence is love.

Now, in many cultures and civilizations, they call that love by many names. That does not matter because the knowing, the feeling, the experience, the energy does not change. I am a part of thee, each and every one of you – and this has been reinforced by my Tsunami of Love.

But, beloveds, you are also a part of me, of us, of One. And that is the piece that oftentimes is forgotten. And that is why I say there is no separation.

So think of it in this way – if you are an energy healer, a healer of the Violet Flame, one of St. Germaine’s best friends, you send the love from your heart, from your hands, and you flood the person with healing energy, and it is a flow of color and richness, seen and unseen.

And what would St. Germaine say to you? You are sending the love – his expression, Archangel Raphael’s expression, Lao Tzu’s expression, Sanat Kumara’s expression. So you would have variations of that healing energy. But if you scratch the surface, it is the wondrous expressions of love.

Now, if you are a wordsmith, then your tool and what you choose to create are words, sentences, paragraphs, and space between the letters and words. And it is brilliant, and it is challenging, and it is insightful.

But what is it? It is a transmission of love. Whether it is from Gabrielle or Michael, it is love. It is the substance. It is the form. It is the energy. And it is the message. So which part of it is the love? I suggest to you, all of it.

If you are a bricklayer, and you are building a home for your beloved family, is it the brick or the stone, the mortar or the foundation that is the love? Or is it the energy that the bricklayer puts into them? It is all of the above.

So the answer to your question – and I am pleased to address this – is that all of it is my love. And I can take a billion forms, and I have just begun. So do not take your time, my sweet beloveds, trying to count the number of angels on the head of a pin, because they are all expressions of love just like you.

Does this make sense to thee?


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Up and Down Jacob’s Ladder – Steve Beckow

Jacob’s Dream art print by Svitozar Nenyuk @ Fine Art America


Up and Down Jacob’s Ladder

I’d like to continue the discussion of dimensionality, looking particular at the idea of descent rather than ascent.

Terrestrial sages did not discuss it. Michael once said:

“Now [in olden times] that sense of bringing others along wasn’t defined by dimensions. It was more a teacher/student, sage/novitiate relationship. So the framework was very different.” (1)

When Jacob dreamt his dream of angels on a ladder that went to heaven, he saw them descending as well as ascending.

There are many examples of such a descent.

An avatar such as Sri Ramakrishna or Lord Krishna is a descent of the Divine into matter.

Lightworkers are for the most part angels and we’ve descended from our native dimensions (or in some cases from beyond the twelve dimensions, in the Transcendental, for those who may not have been living in the dimensional universe) to participate in Gaia’s Ascension.

St. Germaine, whom Michael told me ascended not after his lifetime as Sir Francis Bacon as is popularly assumed, but in Atlantis, (2) descended into matter and lived for hundreds of years before leaving this dimension and returning to his own.

Ashtar once said to me that he would descend from his place, which was beyond the Twelfth Dimension, as far as the Fifth to communicate with us and no lower:

Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the fifth dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.

Steve Beckow: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (3)

So a descent down Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness doesn’t necessarily mean a devolution of consciousness. It could be – as in the case of lightworkers – an act of service to others.

Now I’d like to focus on Oneness and the descent into the lower dimensions.

At this dense dimension of physicality into which we lightworkrs have descended, we remain One and yet are different. It’s not an easy topic to discuss until we introduce the notion of dimensions into the equation.

We are One at our essence. Our essence eternally exists at a level beyond the dimensions, beyond matter (mater, Mother), beyond the power of words to discuss.

Sri Ramakrisha described, through his metaphor of the salt doll wanting to measure the ocean, the difficulty of talking about things at that level of existence.

“The nature of Brahman [God, the Infinite] cannot be described. About it one remains silent. Who can explain the Infinite in words? … Once a salt doll went to the ocean to measure its depth. But it could not come back to give a report.” (4)

“No sooner did it get into the water than it melted. Now who was there to report the ocean’s depth?” (5)

In a second metaphor, he compared the situation to a man who scales a wall and sees a wondrous sight:

“Once four friends, in the course of a walk, saw a place enclosed by a wall. The wall was very high. They all became eager to know what was inside. One of them climbed to the top of the wall. What he saw on looking inside made him speechless with wonder.

“He only cried, ‘Ah! Ah!’ and dropped in. He could not give any information on what he saw. The others, too, climbed the wall, uttered the same cry, ‘Ah! Ah!,’ and jumped in. Now who could tell what was inside?” (6)

Similarly if we merge again with the Father, as the small golden star in my 1987 vision did with the large Golden Sun, (6) who is left to report on the experience? The golden star is gone.

As we descend into matter, not only does our consciousness vibrate at lower and lower rates, but we don a different body with each level to allow us to act and interact with others.

On the Third Dimension we don what we think of as a “physical” body. Hindus call it annamayakosha – the food body.

But when we leave the Earth plane after “death,” we first find ourselves in an etheric body and then in an astral or Fourth-Dimensional body.

We leave this at some point for a mental or Fifth-Dimensional body (i.e., ascend) and continue on up Jacob’s Ladder, eventually reaching formless dimensions.

One could say that the differences among us at the lower-dimensional levels are quite obvious but that they get less and less obvious as we mount Jacob’s ladder.

Thus our differences become more and more pronounced as we descend into density or dimensionality and less and less pronounced as we ascend. While it’s hard to see how we are One at a Third/Fourth-Dimensional level of density, it would be plain as day at the highest levels.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 17, 2017.

(2) Steve Beckow: When did St. Germaine ascend?

Archangel Michael: You mean WHICH time?

SB: The first time.

AAM: He ascended during the time of Atlantis.

SB: So, it’s not true to say that Francis Bacon was his time of Ascension.

AAM: No, he came back, did it again and came back and did it again. This one is QUITE the revolving door. That is why he says he is NEVER coming back. But we know differently! (Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Jan. 23, 2015.)

(3) “An Introduction to Enlightenment and the Trinity – Part 2/2,” May 14, 2012, at

(4) Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Swami Nikhilananda, trans., The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 218. Sri Ramakrishna was speaking only of Brahmajnana or seventh-chakra enlightenment but the same situation applies to complete merger with the One.

(5) Ibid., 102-3.

(6) Ibid., 268.

(7) See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at


Jacob’s Dream art print by Svitozar Nenyuk @ Fine Art America

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A Time will Come – Steve Beckow

Sri Ramanuja - male hindu deity

Sri Ramanuja


A Time will Come

I’ve been working with Michael on a matter that involved drawing the love up from my heart and sending it out to the world. I’d neglected this practice in recent times.

After months of dryness, I was again feeling higher-dimensional, transformative, real love.

No sooner was I doing so than I again feel impelled to sing its praises. There’s nothing like transformative love in Third Dimensionality. There are no words for it.

The Hindu sage Ramanuja must have been feeling it when he risked hellfire to help others experience and realize it.

The story goes that his guru had told him that if he shared the mantra he’d given him with anyone else, he’d go to hell.

Ramanuja used the mantra to achieve Self-realization and, when he had, he mounted the steps of the temple and sang his mantra out to all and sundry.

Aside from seeing through his guru’s injunction, I think Ramanuja was under the spell of this higher form of love.

I say that because, at this moment, I’m under its spell as well.

All concerns melt away. All is well in my world. Where before I felt stress, all is now sublime.  My only desire, like Ramanuja’s, is to share what I feel with all and sundry.

One cannot say, “Make your love universal.” Show me real love that isn’t universal. Show me real love that doesn’t flow out from the heart to everyone, without exception.

Try to make it exclusive and it disappears.

Increase its flow and it becomes bliss. One loses track of everything else but it. I lose all desire to do anything else than simply sit here enjoying it. Not good for one who needs to work! Even less so for one who wants to participate in building a new world.  I lose myself in bliss and get no further!

If I were to increase the volume and frequency, as I did in late 2015, I’d be in ecstacy; further and I’d be in exaltation. (1) But I’d no longer be writing for you. I’d be gone.

So, back to Earth and back to work. A time will come to enjoy these sublime states of being. For now I’m given little snacks to sustain and inspire me.

Be a glutton and I’ll remove myself from the game.  And that is not the plan.


(1) I discussed the dimensionality of these experiences in 2016 with AAM:

Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it?

Archangel Michael: It is the seventh dimension.

Steve: Then what dimension is bliss?

AAM: It is between eight and nine.

Steve: And ecstasy?

AAM: Twelfth.

Steve: And what about exaltation?

AAM: Then you have moved beyond.

Steve: What is beyond? How many dimensions are there, Lord?

AAM: Twelve. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.)


Sri Ramanuja

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