Tareth – The Truth Is In You

She Who Sees art by Yarrow Summers.

ART : She Who Sees – by Yarrow Summers


The Truth is in you

Tareth is one of the leading teachers, healers and mystics of the present time. Tareth is a true source incarnation, teaching the unity and harmony of the new era that you will help to create. He brings the sign of all true source teachers the ability to manifest matter from spirit to show you that you are not alone. He teaches that you are the way and that your freedom to be your real self is the key to transformation. It is the time for old doctrines to give way to love and union of the spirit of the creation. There are no doctrines, all are welcome, this is a journey into your freedom.

โ€œMy life is given to showing you the miracles waiting within you. To help guide you, as Earth Angels into your infinite being of the Light Body. I am here to touch the heart of love and awaken the inner dream into reality. It is to you that I dedicate my work. You are the light; you are the temple that will help change humanity by your presence, now and in the future. I am a Guiding light of the Source, I bring the true Alchemy of transformation and with your help we can create the community of light to bring the living Earth and humanity in union and allow the Light body to evolve. The journey home is closer than ever, let your heart be a temple for a future of peace and harmony.โ€

Tareth brings the love and teachings of the masters of the Source and unifies the traditions and disciplines of the past into the present. He has unwritten knowledge which comes with love and reaches into the soul.

Waking up to the new Earth.

Tareth speaks about the ascension of Earth, the revealing of the secrets of magic that are your true right. He speaks about the true meaning of the past teachers of Ancient Egypt, of the temple of Buddha and Jesus and how their gifts are now coming into their true time, free from religion and doctrine. The return of the Goddess in men as well as women, and the real story of Angels, who they are, where they come from and how you are a part of their family

Source Messengers

The history of teachers of the Source is corrupted by doctrines that set up dehumanise and separate. Tareth is fully human as well as an incarnation of the Source and feels the joy and the pain as we all do. He is humorous and approachable in every way. The Source is about the equality of male and female, the God and the Goddess, in physical and spiritual life. โ€œWe are here to help each other and the planet equally and without prejudice.”


At the age of six Tareth’s heart stopped and he had a near death experience, after which he displayed ‘miraculous’ healing abilities and knowledge beyond his years. This was the beginning, in this this lifetime, as a messenger from the Source. His work has been featured in newspapers, radio, and television, including the BBC series Everyman. He is among the few healers who have been successfully tested by scientists. In 1987 he was able to heal poisoned seeds obtaining a 70% success rate.

These were tested under double blind conditions by Dr Tony Scofield and Dr Hodges at Wye College, part of London University.

The Source

The Source is the eternal consciousness that is at the root of all things and within all things. When we manifest it in its purest form we help to bring love, harmony and peace. This is the key to awakening

The Quest for the Grail

The Grail is the spiritual embodiment or blueprint of the wisdom that leads to enlightenment. There are physical objects, of this Earth, which have been encoded with this wisdom – energy that opens up spiritual doorways. The quest for the grail is the spiritual journey that can be taken by all who choose it. It embodies what you need to know in order to become realised. This is why it has been interpreted in all religions.

The Glastonbury Crystal

In the fourth century, one of the Grail crystals was energetically hidden in part of the power grid of Glastonbury, and in 1993, as a group we retrieved this crystal to be part of our present work. Although it is not necessary to see the Grail crystal in order to be able to understand the alchemy within, it does call to those who feel that they really wish to serve at a deeper level. This is not a secret occult society or privileged elite: contact with this crystal is open to anybody who truly seeks it.

The Grail is the name given to the path to becoming a Light Body the potential for which is within everyone. On this journey to the light, you discover your strengths, gifts, challenges and experience the joy of unconditional love. The light you manifest derives from the Source and in manifesting it, you benefit yourself, others and the future of humanity.

The Grail is to find the divine light within and manifest it in the world. The stories and legends of the Grail, although they have been re – written so many times, have an inner truth that stays constant. For example In Eschenbachโ€™s Parzival, the Grail is a magic stone that can create matter out of nothing. The story states that angels had left it on Earth and communicate through it. This is the legend of the Crystal Grail.

The Grail teachings say that every human being is an Earth Angel, on the road to becoming a Light being. The potential to ascend from the cycles of incarnating physically is a seed within you. The process of realizing this potential involves eventually bringing the divine love of the Source into everything โ€“ every challenge, difficulty, prejudice, every joy, every thought, until they become one. The quest is within until you experience unity and become one with the light.

This teaching has been my joy and privilege to bring over lifetimes. I work with a Soul โ€˜familyโ€™, dear friends who come with me and together we try to create an open heart of love where all can come, regardless of race or creed, and be helped to awaken more of their light. This work is contained in all our spiritual history, all our religions, have at their core this knowledge, but the true realisation must however come from the choices of individuals. Our work is to teach it and to keep the freedom of choice sacred for all.


Alchemy is a potent word whose meaning has changed in history. In much the same way the heart of great spiritual teachings have been turned into various religions and then further subdivided, often ending up bearing very little relation to what was originally meant.

There is a wisdom written into the fabric of mind. It has been hidden and denied to you. Alchemy is the teaching that releases it. The word Alchemy conjures up the mediaeval picture of people trying to turn lead or base metals into gold. This is only one aspect of a long history of understanding that alchemy is about the transformation of knowledge into wisdom.

Knowledge is lead compared with wisdom, which is gold. Wisdom can then be transformed into realisation. In effect, Alchemy is about the transformation of the mundane into the beautiful. We think of things as mundane because we view our world in a limited way, but ultimately alchemy is not really the supernatural act of changing matter. It is truthfully and deeply the ability to completely alter the way you see things. You see things as they really are and as they can become.

The magician, in the old sense of the meaning – the shaman, the magus – is able to see things in such a way that they become different. He or she can then transfer that capacity to other people. So there is a real change in the nature of matter; but the thing that matters is what goes on in the heart and the mind. When the Source manifests perfumed oil through me, I see the main purpose as touching the heart and the soul of those who receive it. In so doing, it changes something in them, which hopefully grows. Otherwise the event will just be a momentary spectacle, and if the magic does not go further than the moment, then it is lost.

About the Grail Crystal.

When a planet is born, Light beings become a part of its energy and serve to lovingly nurture the life of the planet, but without interfering with the choices made. When the Earth was born, nine Light beings chose to serve it. Nine represents time cycles the planet will go through. We are in the ninth now and although the end of the planet is a long way off, it is a vital time of spiritual awakening.

These Light beings made a connection with the crystalline nature of the planet and encoded their energy into nine crystals which would be a part of their interaction with humanity. The Crystals are effectively a direct doorway to the highest, Angelic minds.

The Grail Crystal I work with is one of these. Light beings send teachers to help and guide and remind us of the divine light within that transforms everyone who touches it. Human Beings eventually become Light Beings.

Through the Grail Crystal these Light Beings can transmit their loving gifts by manifesting the sounds of their presence and their wisdom.

This is a direct transmission to you, from these angels who have cared for the Earth since its birth and a unique opportunity to receive unconditional love, healing and to obtain the certainty that you are never alone and that you are the light.

Light beings (Angels) Tareth works with 10 Light beings or Angels. They are multidimensional and can be thought of as being both individual and one union of many minds. They evolved from many planets and some are the oldest beings in this universe. Therefore they have an understanding of all the processes you are going through. They are love unconditional and serve to help with gentle loving support and guidance to help you on your journey to the light.

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Miracles and Manifestation

Video of Tareth manifesting oil on the T.V. program

‘Desperately Seeking Something’



A sign of being a Source messenger has always been the ability to perform what are called miracles. A miracle is something that appears to contravene the normal laws of nature. With the blessing of the Source, I show show these signs when it is appropriate. During some meditations, perfumed oil appears on my hands and is shared. Crystals sometimes ‘sing’ and have even appeared, as if from nowhere.

These events are always surrendered to the Source. I do not seek them or expect them. They are capable of transforming peoples minds and bringing them very close to their own spiritual nature. They are not, however, the key to enlightenment, but rather a bridge that helps some people to overcome doubt. More than that, they are sign that we are never alone. Such a ‘miracle’ is Alchemy, therefore it is real magic. It is just a step. The real miracle is when the individual awakens to his or her power to transform perception. Any miracle that I perform – potentially you can also.

Even miracles have been fragmented and put into boxes by different theologies. Lets take a little story. A messenger from the Source comes into a society and starts to teach the idea of a Kingdom of Heaven within. The messenger heals people and even performs miracles. The messenger is an alchemist. Eventually this incarnation dies and those who are left behind have that wisdom for themselves and thus the opportunity to grow and to share it with others.

Over time however, some whose motive is more to do with secular power (which has often been wrapped in religious paper) start to put out the message that this messenger is the only true God and that all other ways are false. Therefore, if anyone from outside this belief demonstrates the power of miracles, it has, in some way to be painted as not from the true God. This can be done very simply with the use of language. So “Our God is the one true God and performed miracles. Your prophet is a magician, dabbling in the occult.” This is simply propaganda. It is all magic, all miraculous, and it belongs to everyone.

I once asked the Source why the most common miracle for me was perfumed oil. The answer was very simple – because it mostly disappears and cannot be kept, revered, worshipped or held onto.

I consider that my work for the Source must be first to serve the purpose of healing whenever I am called to do it. Healing is a true reflection of the nature of the Source if it is practised in the correct way, because ultimately, no matter the system of healing, it is an unconditional offering of yourself to be a vessel for the spiritual power that comes through you. Those who come for healing should be able to come free of any agenda or any need to understand what the healer is teaching. They don’t even need to believe it. If it is a person’s time to know, it will happen spontaneously.




She Who Sees art by Yarrow Summers.

ART : She Who Sees – by Yarrow Summers