Reflect upon Your Greater Image and Likeness – Tiara Kumara

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Reflect upon Your Greater Image and Likeness

This is an excerpt from Morphogenesis
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness

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You are made in the image and likeness of your Creator. It is very beneficial to get into the habit of reflecting often upon that from which you have been birthed.

Consider that God, as Prime Source, is a conscious, dynamic entity that exists now, has always existed and will forever exist. Presence is, in its natural state, the one observing in the flow of the eternal now.

You are made in this image and likeness. Your soul is eternal. You exist now. Can you free the mind from any conjuring reality that there is a past behind you and a future in front of you?

When we are liberated from the boundary of time, worry and stress drop away. We loosen the attachment to our worrisome personality and it’s long list of ‘to dos’. Many desires in the outer world dissolve because the single most important thing is what we are doing right now. Fear vanishes. There is nothing to fear right now.

Dare to go beyond your definitions about time. Shatter the illusion! You are a vast, infinite being that is part of an even more and incredibly vast whole. There are no limits aside from those that you impose upon yourself. Align as strongly as you can with being made in the image and likeness of your Creator, the Divine Presence that sustains you, fulfilling your every need.

Perceive and know yourself from this absolute alignment, your genuine totality of self. Know that all that is happening is occurring inside you, within your consciousness and the one point of ‘here and now’, the eternal creative moment. NOW is all there is, all there ever has been, and all there ever will be.

Life, as humongous as it is, always comes back to the self and the experience of the self as it is contained within the whole of existence. This experience of yourself will be seen and felt to be synonymous with the experience of oneness.


Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar


You are a Creator God in Training -Tiara Kumara

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You are a Creator God in Training


This is an excerpt from Morphogenesis
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness

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Imagine that your life in the matter dimension is a game of mastering the self. Your game token to help you skillfully maneuver through the matrix of projection is through the apparatus of your thoughts. Each frequency of your thought is coded to materialize in the visible realm.

In other words, your thoughts birth live energetic substance into motion. This stream of living light energy then responds back to you through a superimposed projection upon a reflective screen that appears right in front of you.

You, as the thinking game master, are then living out an experience from what is showing up on your personal life screen. Everything that you experience is the hologram of your thoughts and emotions. These trigger the creation of the reality all around you. Whatever you predominantly think about is creating the hologram of your existence, and that which you may think is solid and outside of you.

What you perceive are the sensory-based projections from your own mind. These mental perceptions attract to you circumstances, things, situations and people to play in the role as your game pieces. The reality that you perceive “around you” is actually created from you, whether consciously or unconsciously. Your thoughts control every single thing that happens in your own unique and individual hologram.

You may want to reflect further upon this idea and especially how your entire life has been created by how you believe and what you hold as truth for you.  Then, contemplate upon all of the times that you have changed your beliefs and, as a result, new outer reflections appeared. This can be oberved in all sorts of life navigation including your relationships, jobs, and projects. You have only been limited by how you have believed.

Physical reality reflects to you the strongest idea that you have of yourself. All realities lie within you. You do not exist in physical reality. It exists within you. Belief, emotion and thoughts form the ego structure that allows you to function as a physicalized representation of your vast consciousness.

Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar

Life is Made up from Projections of Consciousness – Tiara Kumara


Life is Made up from Projections of Consciousness

Consider the real possibility that Earth reality is merely a consciousness hologram and we, as the participants, are programmed to believe it is real. This might feel a little uncomfortable, yet it is an idea that garners a lot support from quantum physicists who continue to find clear evidence that the universe we inhabit is a giant holographic existence.

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divider2It is like we are living inside an encoded light projection, analogous to an IMAX movie theater and its animated screen. Depending upon the lens of the perceiver, material substance in a hologram can change its form depending upon the point at which it is being observed.

We exist inside a program that we believe is solid and real because our brains tell us it is. As the main viewer, we are essentially living out our own version of a virtual reality game. This experience is being played out within a matter bubble that is constantly reflecting our thought vibration back to us. Everything around us represents the thoughts that we have emanated into this creation field.

Within the grid-work of the hologram, all is connected. In the Seal of Coherence, the idea was presented that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm. You are both the part and the whole. This is your holographic self. As a hologram, the part and the whole are both one and the same. It is only in this earthly sojourn, that you are expressing the whole as a part.

You are really just a miniscule extension of your higher vibratory self, expressing itself in a slower vibrational state. The absolute truth is, you are merely a projection of consciousness. Have fun with this and see how far you can go with the highest thoughts that you can imagine.


This is an excerpt from MORPHOGENESIS:
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.



presented by Tiara Kumara
Spiritual Teacher

The Particle Convergence Transmission – Tiara Kumara

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The Particle Convergence Transmission

August 21st New Moon

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This empowerment initiates a complete rewrite of your own timelines to securely anchor you into the zero point ascension spiral. This is an immense initiation for all of us and is expected to give unprecedented access to a completely new holographic foundation, which supports the emergence of the multidimensional unity template.

The Facilitators and their entire Egypt expedition group of 50 are transmitting to you from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. This is after two weeks of initiation and traveling through the temple complexes of ancient Egypt.


The Significance of The Particle Convergence Transmission

Our 2017 Empowerment Program has been building momentum all year for this next session and we all are super excited to share it with you.

The “Particle Convergence” acknowledges the merging of dimensions and timelines that is currently happening as part of Earth’s immense vibrational upgrade. This synthesis is catalyzing a swift matrix shift for our planet and the emergence of a new morphogenetic field for the collective consciousness.

This new field is assisting to balance the highly polarized human nature and to provide a sustainable energetic platform for our collective shift into unity consciousness. This incoming energy of ‘convergence’ is reflecting as a complete re-write of all non-serving timelines to finally bring a firm close to the old system that we commonly call, ‘third dimension’.

To put it simply, Earth continues to evolve as a higher dimensional planetary body. Its electromagnetic pulse is climbing steadily, eventually to restul in what many people are envisioning as a planetary ‘Golden Age’, together with a new race genetic and expanded DNA template.

This gives great meaning to the immense level of purging we are now witnessing from the collective mainframe and mass consciousness field. All that is happening in the world of upheaval is on purpose and as result of Earth’s ascending vibration.

What this means from a metaphysical perspective, is an occurrence with monumental potential to propel and elevate our own timeline transition into the reality of our highest held preferences. Just like the Earth, our bodies are making way for the new energetic foundation and crystalline hubs to come online.

In this empowerment session, we are initiating a grand reset of our energy body so that all of who we are… body, mind and spirit… can come into highest vibrational resonance according to our soul plan and life purpose.

In other words… if you have had enough suffering, enough limitation in your life, then this moment is like an open door, inviting you to boldly step through while rewriting your life script and claiming a more empowered reality.

You can regard the Particle Convergence as an “energetic springboard”, boosting you firmly on to the life path of your highest held preferences.


Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar


Expanding your Magnetic Aura – Tiara Kumara – I AM Avatar & The Institute of Divine Potential

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Expanding your Magnetic Aura

This is an excerpt from Skillsets of Evolution
A 4 Month Training of Advanced Spiritual DevelopmentMore details here


Big acceleration can happen when you build your magnetism consciously. Your magnetic aura will continue to expand the more that you acknowledge and accept it as a very real, living part of you.

It is crucial to understand that your magnetic field is a reservoir of thought upon which you can rely upon to feed you information. Look at it as your spiritual library. You can build up this library by programming it with the constancy of your highest visions, intentions and inspiration to serve with the Divine.

Your intention very strongly and very profoundly affects your personal energy field, which then functions as the template for the physical reality that is reflected to you. Whenever you ‘will’ something to happen, a ray of energy goes out, projected by the power of your thought. That energy generates a magnetic forcefield that can attract to you the objects of your expectations.

In building your magnetism, you can invoke the higher range of divine impressions to fill your field and to encode it. You can program your field to serve all those who can positively benefit from it. Spoken affirmations can give tremendous assistance to program your field of intention and, therefore, help develop your ability to be magnetically attractive.

A strong magnetic aura around your body can prevent outside negative thoughts and circumstances and even disease from coming to you. Just like the Earth’s magnetosphere protects us from harmful solar rays, your magnetic field can be your own shield of invincibility. Once firmly established, this luminous, spherical field can short-circuit any disturbing energy entering into your personal space.

With strong personal magnetism, you can both command and emit highly transforming energy through your magnetic presence. You do not even have to be conscious of what it is that you are transferring to others. You are simply the backdrop for the divine impression to take hold and then to be unleashed.

As you build your magnetic radiation to affect a larger whole, it is absolutely essential to maintain an undisturbed state of harmonious expression and compassionate understanding towards all. The repercussion from the slightest imperfection upon the natural laws of harmony is much greater when your energy field is expanded to such a large extent, due to the influence that you can potentially have upon a large number of people and situations.

Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar & The Institute of Divine Potential