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Amethyst (above)


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ART : ‘Love Angel’ ~ Marija Schwarz @ Fine Art America


Healing has many facets to it and uses different modalities, all of which act to bring harmony, peace, equilibrium and balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Distant (remote) healing is not the same as prescriptive medicine or surgery carried out by qualified medical practitioners and surgeons. Distant healing, also known as absent healing or remote healing, works well in addition to medical treatment; if this is needed.

Healing given in person is called contact healing but here I am talking about remote healing.

Healing is about balancing the nerve centres

The natural law of the universe means that when vital energy in a sick person resumes its natural flow, then healing can occur.

Disharmony and negativity undermine health and wellbeing and lead to either physical illness or unease (disease / dis-ease) of the individual.

water lily or lotus

The mind in its various manifestations plays an important and vital role in the physical and mental health of the individual.

When thoughts transmitted to the physical brain are of an inharmonious or depressed vibration then, in the passage of time, the physical body will break down and can suffer many ills ~ both real and imaginary.

The mind must be strengthened through trial and error until there is an immediate recognition when those thought patterns crop up.

With distant healing the healer strengthens the link between the soul and the personality to create harmony.

The soul (the divine part of us) and the personality, are two separate parts. It is necessary for the soul to overcome the limitations of the personality.

Not only can healing be sent to someone who requests it, there are various practises that can be done alone.

For instance, the body has 7 chakras (or psychic centres) and the most important one for healing purposes is the solar plexus.

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The chakras balance the subtle or non-physical energy centres of the body. The solar plexus chakra (centre) is a large plexus of sympathetic nerves in the abdomen behind the stomach. The colour is Yellow.

Rays of colour and healing can be taken in through the solar plexus and will then find their way to the appropriate physical organs and body, through these etheric centres. There then occurs a rejuvenating and vitalising effect.

The subconscious mind plays an important role in health. Therefore positive, conscious thought ~ when strong enough ~ overcome the more negative feelings.

Thought, being an electrical impulse, is magnetic. All is cause and effect and the effects of wrong thinking produce the physical diseases; arising from the breakdown of cell tissues. Positive thoughts bring strength on every level.

What About Accidents?

The mind ~ as can be seen ~ participates in the physical health of the body. However, Accidents do have a mental cause which is rooted deep in our mental activity below the consciousness. We need to ask ourselves why we are angry or disappointed, or what other emotion is driving us, and use our insight to see the connection which exists.

There is always an underlying reason – nothing happens by chance.

Another aspect to accidents is that they are there for a reason, there is a lesson to be learned from them, however unpalatable this may be.

Often, there can be a pattern or patterns recurring in our life with some issue which we wish would just go away. We wonder why this keeps happening.

This is when it is useful to look at all areas of our life to see where there is an imbalance or a need for a change of outlook.

Nothing goes away, ultimately, until it has taught us what we need to know.

Anger, for instance ~ both with ourselves and others ~ most definitely has repercussions, as does being judgemental and unkind, together with various other negative human traits.

Everything is cause and effect … It works in our favour though, as by giving out good and happy vibrations coupled with love, these are returned to us in equal measure.

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Amethyst & Quartz (above)


I must add here though that a fatal accident, which leads to the end of a life, comes into a different category.

The soul, before incarnating ~ having rebirth into the earth world ~ has agreed beforehand with the Lords of Karma and his or her spiritual master, guides and teachers, a β€˜blueprint’ of the life which will best assist the evolutionary progress of his or her soul. This subject is covered more under reincarnation.

However, this does mean that there are lives cut short at any age, however young ~ or old. As a Spiritualist with an awareness of reincarnation, I know that this is always meant to be. The end of an incarnation comes at exactly the right time for that person, no matter the feelings of their loved ones left behind.

A point I would like to make here is that there are souls who choose to come into incarnation, and voluntarily take on the mantle of disability or ill-health at birth.

This is entirely voluntary, and no spiritual guide or teacher from the spiritual dimension forces the individual to do this.

However, much progress can be made in one lifetime by this means and the lessons learned, attributing to both the quality and progress of that soul.

As can be seen therefore the time or year of death is not in any way dependent upon the age of the soul. He or she has fulfilled their destiny in a particular life.

Much can be accomplished by remote healing then. It works on all the different levels of consciousness. It is non-invasive and perfectly safe for anyone; whatever their age or state of health.

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Even in cases where palliative care has started, the healing given provides comfort and peace to the soul concerned …


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