Inspirational Writing

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Ptah, the El Daoud of Atlantis
An original Painting of mine by an artist friend ~ (only part of which is shown)

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β€˜In Life’ – what will I find – as I endeavour to read The Books of Mankind


There were four of us in quantum formation – until Frank was called home which now leaves three – what exactly is the work of Irene, Pat and me – to what purpose, what duties, will be given us three?
We know we will help those who stayed behind, our fellow Dhumans who could not comprehend – how vast is our Love, how great our Praise, for The Father-King who Alone – doth Reign – yeah, Reign in our hearts – almighty and proud – to this end we will be counted – and loud in our Worship of Him Whom We Serve.
We are not the only ones who have heard His Voice – oh how we long for that Union where our hearts will rejoice, in the knowledge that somehow we struggle and do not care, if our Lives are as nothing if He does but care.
But stop – for one thing is surely certain – that way beyond that great Iron Curtain, lies recognition of each one of our Lives. So let us leave our β€˜Mark’ behind – and when we have finished with this Earthly body ~ make sure it pulsates with that Wonderful Grace, which alone means anything to the Children of The Great Beloved.
Yes, Him, to whom we owe our Earthly Lives – every Breath we take – every move we make – we do it all for Him – and so all we ask, oh so humbly, is that we are worthy of His Loving Grace, that each step that is climbed brings us nearer to His Face, so when at last our Lives β€˜glaze over’, our spirit rejoices in Him who sent us.
Oh how lucky we shall be – yeah, but even yet again we can say ~ Amen, Amen, Amen –
(one, two, three, – ?).
Copyright : Pauline Battell ~Β Shekinah El Daoud
3 March 1997

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‘The Book of Life’ ~ a sculpture by David Kracov