Ring Pass Not ~ Man ~ Physical & Spiritual



Taken from Chapter : The Mind, the Organ of the Soul

The Four and Twenty Elders Casting their Crowns before the Divine Throne circa 1803-5 by William Blake 1757-1827

ART : ‘The Four and Twenty Elders Casting their Crowns before the Divine Throne’ ~ circa 1803-5 by William Blake


At a certain distance from the earth there is in the ether a great barrier. To some it is called an iron curtain.To those who come from the world of spirit it is the Ring-pass-not. Airmen who have journeyed far afield in the ethers of space will tell you that there is a point where etheric conditions change and they realise that they are hearing almost unhearable voices, seeing with spiritual vision, communicating with something which is outside their possible knowledge. It is the determination of every spiritually-thinking man, especially he who is anxious to unfold the consciousness in development of spiritual gifts, to understand what this great belt is.

new websitge Detail from the astronomincal ceiling ...

ART : Detail from the astronomical ceiling of the Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Hathor at Iunet,
second band east (the twelve Goddesses of the Hours of the Day and Their associated Gods):
“Nunut”, the Goddess of the First Hour of the Day, and Her associated God, Shu.


It is known to these young airmen as the Iron belt and they meet it as an obstacle in their course. To you it is the Ring-pass-not, and the only thing that can forge a way through that ring is the power of our Father-Mother God directed through channels whom you know as Guides towards the earth plane for the special work of the Aquarian age. Therefore, if you would receive the highest possible spiritual power through your mind, which is the organ of your soul-body, and pass it on through your brain, in order to guide your physical material life in the service of God, you must be able to send your soul beyond the Ring-pass-not into the realms of light, and you can only do this if you can so bring out the power of the spirit of God which is within you that your bodies become light, and that your aura is full of light and pulsating sound and colour, and that light draws towards you the attention of those who are sent as messengers and guides in the service of our Father-Mother God, and it is they and they alone who can forge that passage through the Ring-pass-not, because they are the light bearers.

new website egypt. scene.

For many, many years Michael, great Saint and Archangel, has been preparing this passageway for the children of men, and never has he been stronger than he is at this moment. Never have you, perhaps, felt so disconsolate in your development and so afraid that you are not going to be able to stay the course or hold your own. Grapple with your inner-self, that your soul with all the glory of its mind direct from God can unfold and strengthen you and teach you the way of life. For remember God will not let you off; you have come to earth with a great promise to fulfil a path in His service in which He has prepared a place for you to teach and to heal, and if you do not fill that place, not only will you yourself be empty and unable to go forward, but you will definitely prevent others from going forward beside you, and just as our Father-Mother God understands the soul of each one of us, He knows that to err is human, but where He will prompt a soul to err that it may learn its lessons, He will not prompt that soul to cause others to stumble through its erring ways.

new website Horus son of Osiris ...

ART : “Horus son of Osiris, Great God, King of the Gods” ~ making adorations to
“Osiris Who presides over Amente (Jmntt, the Netherworld), Lord of the Sky, Ruler of the infinite duration”;

Scene from the “House of Eternity” of Queen Tausert and King Setnakht, Valley of the Kings


So we picture the soul in all its glorious glowing mind ready and waiting to take from the etheric planes of light power and glory and to hold that power and glory until the personality calls out, until the personality shows just that light which will protect and hold the greater light. Then the soul will come closer and the mind will open out and expand, and things which have been dark, dreary and miserable, will suddenly hold meaning, The glory of that light is there for your illumination; for your illumination and for your preparation, and it will be directed towards the brain which is the organ of your physical body, till the brain becomes alive with light, full of power, full of strength, full of courage, and the soul no longer wavers, stumbles on the path, but has confidence, freedom, because he has found the way and goes forward with understanding. Light must come through the mind; first of all, through the super-conscious mind, which dwells in the plane to which you belong, for you, to pass down through the conscious mind into the brain of the physical body for the creative work of the eyes and the hands and the lips, and then deep down into the subconscious mind, carrying into the subconscious nothing but truth, purity, love, light.

new website egypt. Egyptian Gods Horus and Thoth coronate Pharaoh Seti I

ART : Egyptian Gods Horus and Thoth coronate Pharaoh Seti I


Do remember the power that you have, the possibilities that you have, if that glorious inner mind of yours is to unfold in the service of your Father-Mother God, that it can pour light towards you when you have prepared the way. But remember, you must prepare the way; you must be strong in the physical world; you must create work of value, otherwise there is no power to pierce the Ring-pass-not.

ring pass not man physical and spiritual 4 highpriest-Darius-G_____

ART : ‘High Priest Contemplating Eternity’~ Darius Gilmont



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