The Father King ~ Ptah the El Daoud


The Father King ~ Ptah the El Daoud

new website Deep Inside Painting Dorina Costras at Fine Art America

ART : ‘Deep Inside Painting’ ~Β Dorina CostrasΒ @ Fine Art America



AND in that day shall I, the Father-King of the whole Dhuman Adamic race, again come into my rightful position as your Father-King; and I shall again be visible unto you as I shall be to those who are my most sacred helpers, even before the bulk of my Adamic family shall have come to that stage when they too can cast off the cross of shame, and take up again that divine body of heaven, the coat of skin. For unto those who have worn it, and retain a memory, is the mortal sex-body a cross almost beyond endurance.

the father king 2


And remember, mine own, that the day shall dawn when the senses of man even when incarnate in the mortal sex-body shall again be awakened; and even as of old, before the time of these my Statutes unto you, shall they regain the psychic faculties which are the natural attributes of the Dhuman Adamic race, and also of those Yevahics who have progressed during their time of evolution on the material world called Earth, and in the schoolrooms thereof.


And also those Adamics and Yevahics who are incarnate at that time, and who have progressed towards things spiritual, shall again have the open vision. Yea, some shall see visions, others shall hear the voices of their loved ones, and yet others shall have the power of communication through the inspirational teachings of my third son, Osiruphu, who shall be most fitted as a teacher for Earth, even up to the great day of Aquarius, which has yet for to come.


ART :Β (Below) PTAH ~ by Angel Kuenka

the father king 3 Ptah by Angel Kuenka



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